SilverStone Grill Heritage stn – masala dosa

I got both grill and the dome cover.

When i turned it on to heat up there was a lot of cracking noises. Have not made lefsa on it as yet, but will be doing that shortly, we will see if it holds up to the test.

I would recommend to anyone looking for an electric lefse grill. It seems true to the temperature settings.

I purchased one of these about 2-3 years ago. The temp is more even than most cheapo electric griddles. The thermometer lasted about 2 years and needed to be replaced, but at least you can get replacements. It also has nice weight to it which make sit more temp stable than paper-thin aluminum griddles. However, the teflon coating is crap. Within a year it bubbled in the middle. Right now about 1/3 of it has flaked off. This is definitely not a hard anodized type coating but a thin soft coating that is not well adhered. Also since the griddle goes to over 450 degrees it is very capable of off-gassing ptfe which is toxic and can ruin the coating without even touching it.

Too pricy for what it is i could have bought some cheaper brand that would do the same it does have its own electric connection so i don’t have to use my kitchen top and that is a good thing.

The amazon listing says this is ‘by silverstone’, but silverstone is the name of the non-stick coating. The manufacturer is bethany housewares (listed correctly for the aluminum model). I use this as a ‘mitad’ for making injera, the ethiopian flatbread made from the nutritious grain t’ef, and it works very well. There is a nice lid for this available directly from bethany housewares for about twenty bucks. I’m sure any generic lightweight 16′ lid would work just fine, but you’ll need some sort of lid if you want to make injera. Several websites recommended the non-stick model for injera (over and against the aluminum) and having made injera several times now, i think that was good advice. (you make injera on very high heat, covered, until the bread starts curling away from the grill, so maybe under those conditions the surface doesn’t really matter, but i like how easily the bread slides off the grill on the silverstone, having no actual experience with the other model.

  • Just as good as the original
  • worked like a charm
  • Great product but confusing .

Looks good, however has not been used for operational service yet ,therefore heating uniformity has not been tested. However it looks like we expected.

Excellent for indian cooking. We love to make dosas and this serves the purpose of making thin crispy masala dosa to my liking.

I have used my grill for about 12 years and it is the most used cooking tool in our kitchen. I use it for many foods, both scandinavian and amercian. I just prepared our breakfast of pancakes and eggs on the grill. We often warm tortillas on the grill – did so this week. I set it at about 450 f and the tortillas heat quickly. I have found that the dome cover is very useful in reducing heat loss. I was on the website today, because i am purchasing a grill for a norwegian friend.

I’ve used my griddle for over 20 yrs for lefse, bacon, swedish pancakes and whatever else i wanted to make. Its just starting to go and i put a new one on my wish list for this christmas. I love it and would never buy a rectangular griddle again. Its amazing how much you can fit on a round griddle.

I use this for dosa and it is the best. Also i use it for the grill cheese sandwiches and it turns out pretty good also. This is a very good product.

Features of Grill Heritage Silverstn

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    by entering your model number.
  • 16″ nonstick grill
  • Adjustable temp to 500°
  • Overflow spout and raised rim prevent spills/splatter
  • Heat-resistant legs and hardwood handles
  • Easy to clean

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Product does what it’s supposed to do. It heats up fast, it’s light, easy to clean, and has a even heated surface.

We’re very happy with our bethany grill. Exactly what we were looking for.

This grill cleans up easily. It produces good steady heat. The size is perfect to work with.

Fantastic grill; the dosas (indian crepes) come out very well on itif you want a simple and clean electric grill, this is a good buy.

Our old bethany grill did a good job making lease for the family at christmas time for many years. This new one with a non stick surface is a great improvement; we all are impressed and delighted.

I got my bethany housewares heritage grill with teflon finish for making lefse. I’ve used it 5 or 6 times for that and it works great. Better yet, it is the best grill i’ve ever had for frying eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, pancakes, or cooking just about anything else that’s grilled. The non-stick finish means it’s not necessary to use more than a light brush of oil to fry eggs, hash browns or other food that contain little grease of their own. And the teflon seems indestructible. My grill has been used almost daily for a year and a half, often by family members who are not as protective of the finish as i am, and it’s still pristine. Come to think of it, i’ll have to take back the bit about me being the most careful one using my grill. Just the other day, i left it on with a turner on top–a turner that melted into a liquid plastic pool on the beautiful non-stick surface. But everything wiped right off once the hot plastic cooled enough for me to do the wiping. Did i mention the surface seems indestructible?the only drawback, i suppose, is the late sixties look.

16″ nonstick grill

We made lefts a on the grill at christmas and it was great. It is substantial and heats very well.

I’ve been using the same bethany round aluminum griddle (not non-stick) since 1974. I’ve replaced the temperature control twice, and it’s been well worth it. I use the griddle for fried aggs, bacon, omelettes, pancakes, wiener schnitzel, quesadillas, and more. It’s well-seasoned and i rarely have sticking problems. 37 years sort of speaks for itself.

I had owned my original heritage lefse grill for three decades and decided that it was time to replace it. To my pleased surprise, this replacement is the identical high quality grill as that original. I really thought that a ‘new’ grill would not be as sturdy or as heavy as is true with so many other products. But, this grill exceeded my expectations. Now i know i can look forward to another three decades of homemade lefse (not to mention its almost weekly use for pancakes). Thank you, manufacturer, for not cheapening your product.

Received my grill and put it to use right away making lefse for christmas. I was a bit disappointed in the amount of time it took to get it delivered, but the grill itself is fabulous. This is the second one we have purchased. Now we can be a lefse making machine with 2 great grills.

Works great, if it had a lid then it would be perfect. When making injera you kinda need a lid.

Works but doesn’t come with a cover. I also have a ceramic/clay one i got from back home. Meaning no teflon in my injera. This one is a back up when i get lazy. This is the 3rd one i have bought i wish they made this in iron/brass instead of coated teflon aluminum. But it works great and delivery was fast.

Adjustable temp to 500°

It is a wonderful item and a must have for all lefse bakers.

Only grill big enough to make the 16′ crepes for daughter’s wedding cake.

I was looking for a griddle that got hot enough for making indian masala dosas and this was it.

I’ve had my grill for about 5 years and use it every holiday season for lefse. It works like a charm, beautiful even cooking for my lefse recipe.

We have owned this same model for several years and would highly recommend this product to anyone. We did eventually have to replace the temperature/power probe but has stood up very well considering its higher temperature surface and cooking lefse for 2 or 3 hours at a go. It gets regular use for pancakes and grilled cheeze sandwiches and does a great job of both. This is why we purchased two additional grills for christmas presents for family members as they have always coveted our grill.

I have owned a silverstone grill for years and love it, so much so that i ordered one for a gift recently. It is definitely useful for making more than just lefse. One word of caution: make sure that the specifications/description matches what you want, not just going by the picture. The amazon site was confusing in that it actually had 3 pictures of the bethany grills, but bethany only makes 2 grills. When the grill arrived, we realized that we had ordered the wrong one. We had wanted the non-stick version, but had actually accidently ordered the aluminum ‘satin’ one instead. (my attempt at making lefse on a bethany aluminum grill resulted in my lefse sticking to the grill, a problem i have never had with my silverstone non-stick finish. ) customer service was very helpful, however, and the ‘wrong’ grill was picked up and replaced with the correct one, all free of charge.

I use it for lefse and it is wonderful. It heats evenly and browns very nicely, i am very pleased with it.

Overflow spout and raised rim prevent spills/splatter

It is very nice i love it my wife was so happy.

I got this grill last year (in 2008) and am very pleased with it. I have used it regularly and use it for making dosas, the indian crepe. I can also cook 2 or 3 rotis on it at a time and it speeds up the process. It heats up beautifully and maintains consistent temperatures. It is very easy to clean as the probe style electric wire comes off. I usually wash it by hand but my son threw it in the dishwasher once and we saw no adverse effect. Update after 4 years – you do get what you pay for is very true in this case. Really excellent quality that has held up well. Present this is the only non stick pan i own – and still love it.

I bought this for my mother to make ethiopian injera. It works great for about a year until it started to burn her injera. So, we repurchased it because it really does work great. The product does not come with a top which is a shame.

I got this grill and iam very pleased with it. I use it for making huge dosas. Also got this for lower priced marked.

Heat-resistant legs and hardwood handles

MIDEA My-cs6002w 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Power Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel – I love it.

Makes cooking so easy, love it.

Beautiful good price and good product.

I didn’t buy this cooker from amazon, but i decided to write a review here. There isn’t many reviews out there, so i thought i could put in a few words. Overall, the cooker does what it supposed to. It is just lacking controls to let me cook accurately. The most disappointing feature is that i cannot set a specific cook time in minutes. I can set the cooker for time of ‘shorter’, ‘standard’ or ‘longer’ using the ‘taste’ button, but the cooker gets to choose the cook time in the end. I cooked a whole chicken today with the chicken button with ‘standard’ time. It resulted in a power level of 3 out 7 and a cook time of 25 minutes. The chicken was a bit over cooked and soggy at 25 minutes.

Love, love, love this pressure cooker. Gave it just 4 stars, because the instructions are only slightly helpful. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to learn some of the features & a couple still remain a mystery. (however, the most commonly used features, like rice, beans, ribs, etc. Are as simply as pressing one button. ) would still have given it 5 stars if it included a manual cycle. Chose this model over one of the major brand based on price and customer reviews. Was not sure how often i’d end up using it. Well, i use it a lot, like 4-5 times a week. Some days it gets used multiple times.

This was absolutely wonderful for 5 weeks. I tried to contact the manufacturer to see how to resolve this issue, but never heard anything back from them. Please, please, take your money and spend it on another electric pressure cooker. At least make sure you spend the extra $4. 00 to get the warranty through amazon so that they can send you another one (that will probably break also. But that way you can have two years worth of use even if they keep breaking every month or so :-} ). Update on this: they did contact me back and told me that i could have it repaired. Of course, in the meantime, i had bought another one – but that was my doing.

I have to say this one is the best. My friends and i have them for long time.

  • Love, love
  • good and love so many functions
  • I love my pressure cooker

Life is easier with the pressure cooker.

I didn’t buy this pressure cooker from amazon but i want to write review because i love it so much. It is very good pressure cooker take less time to reach the pressure around 6 minutes except if loaded by maximum, it will take more. I used it for rice, steaming eggs, chicken, potato and the quality of the food is very good. I tried cake and it is very good and better quality more than every oven i made in. The only problem i face with this pressure cooker that it doesn’t have more information online to know how to use it but i found that all instant pot recipes work with this pressure cooker. The pressure cooker has 7 levels of pressure which means 7 levels of temperatures (rounded numbers)level 1:10 kpa = 216 flevel 2:20 kpa = 220 flevel 3:30 kpa = 223 flevel 4:40 kpa = 228 flevel 5:50 kpa = 230 flevel 6:60 kpa = 238 flevel 7:70 kpa = 240 fthis link contain the time required for each program[. the only problem that it doesn’t have manual changing for the time but you can select different pressure levels and stop the program at the time required or repeat the program to increase some time. ]

Until now, this product works pretty good. It is not that hard to learn how to use it. And i am so impressive that with this price, i could use so many function. I have already tried the function of beans, rice, soup, haven’t tried any other functions. And then give review on the rest of it. Overall, this is really a product if you want to buy one thing and get many functions.

I do wish they had included a small cook book with it so that i knew how to make things without having to go to the internet. There should be a guide for all the settings.

The only thing i want to complain is that there is no congee option.

Features of Midea My-cs6002w 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Power Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel, 6Qt/1000W

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms.Made of Media, the most famous manufacturer in China.
  • Inner removable non-stick liner and stainless steel exterior clean quickly.
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Make your lives more convenience.
  • 14 programable menus of Rice,Soup,Meat/Rib,Chicken/Duck,Beans/Chili,Fish/Shrimps,Cake,Steam,Bake,Stew,Saute,Yogurt.
  • It can be used as a multi-Functional Cooker–Pressure Cooker,Rice Cooker,Saute/Browning,Yogurt Maker,Steamer & Warmer.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Well i haven’t use an electronic pressure cooker before but i used a regular over the stove but i need one that cooks rice perfectly and fast. I only tested this once to make my sushi rice and i am happy. I liked the heavy gauge stainless steel pot. I like how its different looking and its not very expensive in comparison to other brand, well i got mine from ebay and it arrived as fast as prime loli will update this when i try other recipe.

What didn’t mean my expections was the fact that there was a large dent on the side. Besides having a huge dent in the side this pressure cooker lived up to its name. I noticed people commenting about not having english instructions or manual. Well, since receiving on saturday, i got a pamphet and manual in english. The complimentary recipe book is not in engish but seriously who needs that when you have pinterest ?i don’t think i will ever use my stove top again.

Very convenient to use, makes good foods.

I am using a pressure cooker for the first time, and trying to use this cooker with other recipes is very difficult. It doesn’t have standard settings, and you have to wade through several charts to determine how this cooker will work for the different presets. I wanted to adjust the time, but all you can choose is shorter or longer, and then check the chart to see what the times are. I just put my first stew in the pot, and according to the chart it is supposed to be done in 40 minutes, even though my recipe calls for 15 minutes. I guess i will see how it turns out. The inner pot is a very heavy gauge stainless steel, which i really like. There is a weird plastic accessory that i cannot figure out, in addition to a plastic measuring cup and two heavy plastic ladles. Also, my display has a plastic cover over the buttons, presumably to make them more waterproof–but it’s loose and has air bubbles under it. It doesn’t appear to come off, and it really annoys me that it looks so flawed.

This was a gift for my mother, so i am not using it myself, but its the one she wanted. She has complained about how hard it has been to learn to use, and doesn’t seem particularly happy. She ended up buying an instant pot instead (i would have bought that for her from the get go, i have one and love it, but thought there was a particular reason she wanted this one.

UL and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms.Made of Media, the most famous manufacturer in China.

I bought this cooker especially for chinese porridge. 5l gives me more choice to prepare any stew meal. I don’t really like the yellow-ish outside color. But anyway, the cooking function rocks.

Good dinner maker, make me dinner, while i’m on my way home.

Update 9/7/2016: almost a year in with the pot. I use it for cooking rice sometimes too. The cooking time is less than a rice cooker and the texture is better. It uses less water then a rice cooker. If you use it to cook a small portion of rice you don’t have to worry about burning at the bottom like a rice cooker would do. Update 4/22/2016: i have revised my rating for this pressure cooker from 3 stars to 4 stars. I use this cooker frequently, for yogurt making, stew meat, soup, etc. The only reason i won’t give it 5 stars is still mostly because it’s not user friendly. Also, as you use the cooker, you will find that the groove around the top is difficult to clean.

Inner removable non-stick liner and stainless steel exterior clean quickly.

24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Make your lives more convenience.

14 programable menus of Rice,Soup,Meat/Rib,Chicken/Duck,Beans/Chili,Fish/Shrimps,Cake,Steam,Bake,Stew,Saute,Yogurt.

TERA PUMP Dolphin 5 Gallon Water Bottle Dispenser Cooler Stand Storage Rack – Awesome!

Looks very stylish in the kitchen and i love the way it holds the water jugs.

I would highly recommend this stand. The bottle fits perfectly but not too snug. The best positive i liked is i gained more counter space. While i could have easily put it on the floor, it is far more convenient to be higher so i can pump the water. Pair this with a wealers manual drinking pump, not the battery or usb kind, the pump kind doesn’t break down and provides more water volume. With this stand and the pump you will be very happy.

Makes the pump height perfect for filling pots, pans, and cups.

The only bad thing was that it was suppose to come with 6 screws to hold it together but it only came with five.

It’s strong it now hold a 5 gallon glass carboy. Plus the the little extra shelf is handy. Only problem is it can only hold up to 5 gallons bottles. Would be nice if it could adjust to 7 gallon bottle.

This is a good looking and durable stand. It is small and occupies less space in my kitchen. Overall, i am very happy with my amazon orders. Amazon shipped this very fast without any damages.

  • Get the water off the floor.
  • Sturdy, handy table
  • Awesome!

Love the idea of not having to juggle with a five gallon bottle water to get it in a cooler spilling water all over no matter what you do. Also love the convenience of just putting the bottle in this strong stand and pumping the water from there. I was a little skeptical about the look, maybe not matching with my furniture, i don’t have anything blue in my house, but it blends in with everything and it doesn’t stands out in a negative way. I wish there where more colors to choose, but it is what it is. Easy install and convenient.

Have a water cooler but it is slow and cold in filling up dog dishes so bought a 5 gallon container (screw top) and placed on table with a terra pump. Well now we have some kind of water rushing out to fill water bowls for two large dogs. Table sturdy to hold a 5 gallon water bottle and fits in a corner out of the way easily. Vet’s orders that our pets drink purified water because of health reasons of water in area. Something worthwhile, but inexpensive to solve the problem.

Features of Dolphin 5 Gallon Water Bottle Dispenser Cooler Stand Storage Rack

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All 3 / 5 / 6 Gallon Bottles will fit on top rack
  • Very sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Bottom rack for cups and other accessories
  • Pairs well with the Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump
cooler stand cooler stand
Dolphin 5 Gallon Water Bottle Dispenser Cooler Stand Storage Rack 2PK | Dolphin 5 Gallon Water Bottle Dispenser Cooler Stand Storage Rack
For 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Gallon Jugs 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Gallon Jugs
Features Very sturdy and easy to assemble Very sturdy and easy to assemble

5 gallon bottle stand 6 gallon bottle stand 5 gallon jug stand

5 gallon bottle stand 6 gallon bottle stand 5 gallon jug stand

All 3 / 5 / 6 Gallon Bottles will fit on top rack

Do you need a place to store your 5 gallon water jug? Our DOLSTND will conveniently holds water dispenser 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 gallon jugs and compliments the Dolphin Water Pump.

  • The DOLSTND stand is great for indoor and outdoor events such as parties, picnics or camping. Use the portable water cooler as an office water dispenser and for the home.
  • Conveniently take the water jug stand and valve along on camping and hiking trips, to school and sport events, parties, or have one in the office in place of a water cooler. This stand is effortless and simple to use by anyone!

5 gallon bottle stand 6 gallon bottle stand 5 gallon jug stand

Easy to Assemble

  • Durable, all-plastic design is easy to set up. Rust,peel or corrode resistant
  • Water bottles not included
  • Easily organize and store bulky 5 gallon water bottles

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

All 3 / 5 / 6 Gallon Bottles will fit on top rack

Very sturdy and easy to assemble

Bottom rack for cups and other accessories

Pairs well with the Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump

McGowan FS1902 Fixed Blade – buy this one

Appears to be a good sharpener for the price.

Gave this one to a friend, because we love ours.

Easy to use and seems to do the job. Here are the specifications for the McGowan FS1902 Fixed Blade:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in United States

This sharpener puts a great quick edge on knives. Some things to remember 1) try just one pass first and see if that is good enough. This sharpener really sharpens quickly and one could oversharpen and remove too much metal very easily. 2) it leaves a slightly ‘toothy’ edge, which is better for a lot of actual cutting (tomatoes, bread, etc. ), but this might be a turn off for some. 3) on point 2, one can turn off the machine and lightly use the stones for somewhat better edge or use a steel for a final edge. I like this better than the chef’schoice models because they leave marks on the sides of the blades (yes, this doesn’t hurt the function, but i’m just fussy). Better than the worksharp sharpener because the flexibility of the belts allow too much variation. The mcgowan gives the closest to a factory edge i’ve found from an electric sharpener.

My knives have never been sharper, even when brand new. This sharpener is so easy to work but if you are not careful, you will shave off too much of the blade. It is important to read and understand the instructions.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mcgowan Firestone Electric Sharpener, White/Black
  • Tried and True
  • Second one

Works great and a few passes and the knives are sharp.

Once you get a good edge on the knife (which is easy) then it only takes a draw or two to restore a razor sharp edge.

Good machine and i use my household knives daily. The first machine i received had a strange motor sound and smell when it started. Easy fix no hassle return and reordered the same one a++ keeps a good edge on my knifes. Don’t use on pen knifes if you value the blade they are to small, but for kitchen & butchering knifes with wider blades this thing works as described well worth the money in my opinion. Keep in mind this not a 700 dollars commercial grinder type butcher knife sharpener with 1/2 horse motor. Its a house hold sharpener, but works great on butcher knifes providing you don’t put to much pressure on it and work it nice and easy, after the new edge has taken place every month touch ups keep my 11 blades super sharp with a few runs on a steel.

I got so tired of putting up with my dull knifes and finally made the decision to buy a good knife sharpener. Did some research and decided to buy this one because of the good ratings it received from other users. Received and started to sharpen. My knifes were so dull that each one took about 10 pulls through the machine to get a good edge. Received about a month ago and knifes still have their edge. What a difference a sharp knife makes.

Great item and super easy to use. I can’t believe we spent all those years sharpening knives by hand.

I sharpened all of my knives in not time. The quality of the appliance leads me to believe that i’ll have it forever.

Does a great job on sharpening a variety of knives. It’s quick and easy and my knives are as sharp as new.

This is a great knife sharpener,easy to use and does a great job.

This is the one i was looking for long time ago. The machine works precisely for sharpening knives.

I own a deli and they would keep buying new knives and fight over the one or two newest ones that were sharp. I sharpened all of them, and make a clean easy swipe or two on the blades every couple of weeks. The employees love their knives now.

My folks gave us first one years ago that has had no issues and happy to find it is still available so bought second unit for our bed and barn now i do not have share ours.

Used it the first day i received it. I had 10 knives razor sharp in less than 10 minutes. Warning, do not run cerrated knives over the sharpener more than one or to times max.

I think this is where consumer reviews help. I have been using sharpening stones to keep my knives in good working order. Subsequently, i also used those ceramic sharpeners. None of them is satisfactory until i try this electric knife sharpener. It is easy to use and works extremely well. All my knives are very sharp now with two to three passes. Some reviewers said it took off too much metal from the knife. I got around this by pressing very lightly at first. If not i will increase the pressing while making the passes until it sharpens so n o escessive metal loss.

Very easy to use, sharpens quickly.

I wish i hadn’t waited until now to order this sharpener. I wish i had ordered it 20 years ago. All of these years of dull knives and fumbling with whetstones and knife steels in vain. Also, i like that this is made in usa.

I agree with the other positive reviews. The mcgowan firestone sharpener does a very good job at putting a quality edge on my knives. I own quality german knives, and i was able to give each a sharp edge. This sharpener for the money is hard to beat.

Nostalgia BSC15 3-Station 1 : Perfect for entertaining

I use it every morning when i prepare breakfast for my family. The item was also delivered well ahead of estimate date, which made it that much better.

It’s perfect for a nice med size get together. Going to use it for my super bowlparty. Used it for my christmas and new years party and loved it enough to buy another for a christmas present for my bf.

The mini buffet is just perfect for small to med gatherings use for sauce or condiments, for the price you can not do better.

Maintains warmth for 2+ hours well worth 20.

  • Good enough
  • Just the right temp
  • Great product.

Nostalgia BSC15 3-Station 1.5-Quart Buffet Server Warming Tray Copper

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 (1.5 quart) stainless steel trays
  • Buffet-style base doubles as a warming tray
  • Stylish Copper accents
  • Adjustable heat control dial
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Stay-cool side handles for easy portability
  • Heat resistant Lids with Spoon slots for less countertop mess

Good concept, the 3 bucket design is great to warm different types of dips, topping, or finger foods.

This product works excellent for my purpose. It keeps my elderly cat’s food warm and she is able to smell it an therefore she will eat.

I am conflicted on how to rate this product. The problem is it arrived the day before thanksgiving. It was obviously a returned item they sold to me as a new item. The box was open, “safety” seal was broken. Half the protective plastic was off the metal parts. I started to take off the rest of the protective plastic and discovered the issue. I would have returned it, but needed it for thanksgiving. So spent the next 3 hours slowly removing the material from 2 sides of the product. But at the point i was invested more in time then money. It still shows where the wrapping was. I hope it slowly wears off in time. I guess i have more of an issue with the supplier then the produce itself.

It is nice warming tray to have in the house for dinner party or very day meal in the winter season. I am also using it to heat up my food. It takes about 45 minutes to heat my food from +4oc and the taste is much better than microwave oven heating. I also like the removable frame so i could use it chinese tea warming. It is a kind of luxury piece for every family but the price made it possible to own one or more.

This was super for christmas eve. Everything was nice an warm.

Lightweight and heats nicely. I would recommend for small side dishes as the trays are small. I would recommend also for keeping appetizers warm.

I’ve used this to warm things for two parties. I also read other reviews before buying and didn’t find some of the heating problems others had.

Handle it carefully or it will not last long.

I used it yesterday for the first time and didn’t realize when i order it how small the containers were. It works well however, it does not hold enough for 10 serving.

Used this for the first time at thanksgiving and it worked out great. For the first time in years, i got to have a hot dinner. All the veggies stayed nice and hot while i carved the turkey and the prime rib.

Great for banquets and large get togethers.

I use this smaller version with the larger one. Great way to keep food warm.

Used it to keep the hotdogs warm at a party and to keep the cheese for the nachos warm. My grandma loved it so much she asked me to order one for her so i did.

This was perfect for a variety of parties we had. For one, we used just the flat warmning tray and put bruchetta on it. It was a large size and held lots of apps. The other parties, we used the compartment feature and put separate appetizers in them. Kept fhe food warm without burning it. I’m planning to order another one.

Item was just what o needed to host a breakfast. Worked great at keeping food warm.

Cracking apart with light use.

Amazon got these 2 mini buffets to us in good order. They were triple boxed, super. Hooked them up and put 1 cup of tap water in each bin and set them on high. And checked the water temp in each bin. Bin at control knob read 140 deg. Bin at opposite end read 135 deg. Both buffets read roughly the same. Not so great in that aspect, but they’ll keep the food hot/warm.

Russell Hobbs KE9000R Electric Kettle, Great teakettle; read the directions first

Excellent replacement for my 30 year old russell hobbs which finally gave up the ghost. Sleek, contemporary,large water capacity, boils a mean kettle of water and switches itself off.

I have been through a few kettles since living in the us and this seems the best so far.

I have had it for about 2 weeks and it works awesome. You fill it to the max fill line and place it on its stand and press a button and thats it. It automatically shuts off at the right temperature. I would recommend this to whomever is looking for a tea kettle.

Key specs for Russell Hobbs KE9000R Electric Kettle, Red:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Removable Washable Filter
  • 360-Degree Swivel Base
  • Water Window with Level Markings
  • Built-in Cord Storage

Comments from buyers

“Great teakettle; read the directions first
, A Top Pot
, Not it’s usual quality.

A little over a year after purchase, the lid has quit. My mother’s russell hobbs lasted twenty years of daily use. ?????i think the guarantees are spent, and wish i could get a refund and get a different russell hobbs. Cannot find seller after so long, so it’s my problem this time.

Arrived in perfect condition. We’ve had several kettles before. This one is a little noisier and the wide base does consume more counter space. The handle does interfere with filling the kettle, depending on your faucet. On the positive side, it does the job it’s supposed to do and is economically a good buy.

It automatically shuts off when boiling.

I researched for a long time before deciding to purchase this kettle (to the point of, as someone else said somewhere, quite humorously, practically poking my eyes out). There are so many problems with electric teakettles, including the fact that they just don’t seem to last long – my last one was a farberware coffeepot that i used without the filter just to boil water for tea. It died after 5 years, and it was only the little electric switch that died, a cheap part that you can’t buy by itself. Anyway, i’m really happy with this russell hobbs kettle. It’s a nice size, a great color, and best of all it boils water very quickly with no trouble. There is a plastic filter inside and a plastic water level indicator, but you can’t taste the plastic in the boiled water. If you remove the filter, it won’t shut off by itself. The water level indicator does fog up a little, but there’s no way around that and it doesn’t affect how well you can see the water level (you can see it just fine). The apparent discoloring on the bottom of the pot isn’t rust and is explained in the directions, which you should read and follow when you first use the pot. It is a fully stainless steel kettle inside.

It worked the way it was supposed to. Nothing else can be said about a tea kettle.

When i first got the kettle it seemed to be leaking. There was water all around on the counter top. However, after doing the vinegar curing, it seems to be all ok now. Use it several times a day for endless cups of tea.

This kettle looks pretty good, the price was great and it hold lots of water. The drawbacks are that it doesn’t click firmly on base, it’s really loud, and the logo is ridiculously large.

I ordered the russell hobbs electric kettle for my 85 year old father who is visually impared. He has had a number of other brand electric kettles in the past and he finds this one to be the easiest to use. The shape, size and handle are perfect for him to fill and operate on his own.

I have been using a russell hobbs kettle for the last 15 years and would rate it 5 stars. The current kettle that i bought has 2 features that i do not like. 1) the opening is such that you cannot clean the inside of the kettle by hand; 2) the water level indicator stays permanently fogged up and is totally useless. I wish that they did not change a product that was the best in the market.

I have had electric kettles for decades, in the usa and moreso abroad, including the original russell hobbs. The most striking two things about this version are the very surprising light overall weight, and secondly, an on-off switch that seems too light and flimsy. It’s a world away from the robust older models. But until it fails, i won’t say the company is misguided. It just isn’t very reassuring.

When buying a kettle the main thing i did not want was hot water that tastes like coffee pot water. It did a great job in that area. Followed the directions for first time use. Boils a full kettle in 7-8 minutes. Can’t speak about longevity. The kettle died after less than a year and a half. 6-17-15 received replacement unit for free. 6-9-17 unit still working fine.

Bought this after using the same kettle in our rental in london. Heats water quickly and looks great in my kitchen.

I left my second with a friend. They are it for me just a good product. Small problem is the short, short cord. I own an extension cord so i’m good.

This kettle serves very well in all respects but its greatest advantage is its reliability to shut off when the water has boiled. It is also is an elegant item in the kitchen.

This is a sturdy, good looking kettle, with a clear window so you can see how full it is. I love the color and the finish, as well as the design.

Still going strong 2 yrs and 3 months later. Love the shad of red – not too bright, very rich.

The cord is too short to reach the electric outlets in my kitchen — and the instructions say not to use an extension cord. Placing the kettle and its base on something to raise them up so they can reach an outlet doesn’t seem safe. A connecting cord just 3′ longer would turn this into a 5 star review.

Had to look all over for a kettle. Do people not drink tea???went to many stores, but finally found the perfect one on amazon. Excellent british quality,would buy more of their range,.

Like the interior all in one piece and in stainless steel. The boiling takes longer than i thought. The swivel base is a good idea but it’s too easy to turn the pot. Ended up return this item for a traditional japanese air pot.

We’re using it right this minute. Works well, nice design, attractive color. Our old russell hobbs kettle was made in belgium and had a slightly different shape, and is still going strong after 8 years. This new one looks just as well made; time will tell as to its durability. It’s fast and quiet, and the plate / cord design is ideal.

Bought this to replace a worn out russell hobbs we’ve had for years. It’s very easy to use, boils water quickly, and has been trouble free. If it lasts as long as out last one, we’ll be very pleased. I do wish the power cord were a bit longer, but that’s about the only nit i can think of to pick.

LINKYO Knife Sharpener, Five Stars

I love the size and looks of this thing. I have very little counter space and this fits on the counter without taking up a lot of room. The looks are pretty neat, like something captain kirk might use to zap an aggressive alien. I never sharpened my knives before, my husband always did and he had this super duper thing that seemed to require the removal of a thumb to make it work. The linkyo sharpener works very well. My knives had gotten very dull and i used this on all my knives. Took a very short time and it worked.

This little knife sharpener is simple to use and works well. With just a few strokes, i sharpened several seriously dull knives that hadn’t been sharpened in years. The three step process takes only a few minutes for each knife. I’ve owned other knife sharpeners that don’t do a thing. This one made my old knives usable again.

I bought this three stage sharpener after buying a similar, two stage one for two dollars less. Both seem to work very well. The cheaper model says you can saw the knife back and forth but i don’t see how that is all that much of a selling point. To get the tip part of a knife sharp, it seems to be a good idea to draw the knife from the heel to the tip which is what this product recommends. It works very well and it will also sharpen, it says, ceramic knives, of which i have only one. Serrated knives are actually rather easy to sharpen with a diamond or ceramic sharpening rod. The secret is to only sharpen the non serrated, back of the edge. Scissors, once you know the secret, are dirt simple to sharpen using a rod or any stone (though not this tool). The secret to sharpening shears is to never sharpen the inside faces, the ones that rub against each other. Hold the shear nearly vertically on the stone leaning slightly away from the inside parts that rub together.

Key specs for LINKYO Knife Sharpener (3 Stage Knife Sharpening System, Stainless Steel, Features Diamond Abrasives):

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  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE – stainless steel design fits into the décor of any kitchen and makes the perfect gift
  • FEATURES – 100% Diamond abrasives for shaping and & sharpening, Zerconia ceramic abrasives for honing & finishing
  • 3-STAGE SYSTEM – Quickly and safely sharpens dull or damaged knives, then easily maintains the edges to keep knives sharp longer
  • THE PERFECT EDGE – Preset angles ensure precise sharpening every time
  • Buy with Confidence – Backed by our 100% lifetime warranty after product registration

Comments from buyers

“Stan the Man Reviews: three stage knife sharpener by Linkyo
, Great value for a great little sharpener
, Brings life to old, dull knives!

Well, now that i used this product i can slice a tomato effortlessly.

Very nice design and appears to be very high quality for the price. Very stable and safe to use on a solid surface such as a counter top. My wife has a henkels branded sharpener that goes with her henkels knife set. It cost more than double what we paid for the linkyo, and it doesn’t work any better, and the henkels doesn’t even have the ceramic sharpening feature. My one recommendation for improvement would be to label each of the stages/slots of the sharpener to identify their respective uses. Even a label on the underside of the device that illustrates which slot serves which purpose would be helpful. Bottom line: well worth the price, and i would buy this again.

We have no concerns or complains. The products was as described. It’s nice and compact and looks elegant enough that we just leave it on the counter. All 3 stages of sharpening work according to their purpose. The product was shipped promptly and was packaged well. It arrived within a very reasonable time frame.

I have all these expensive knives that were essentially useless except for spread butter. Now they work and work well. This is easy, compact and does the job.

I have mixed feelings as to the quality. It works, but i don’t see the improved sharpness i think i should be seeing. I’ll continue to use but i don’t think i can recommend it.

I got this today and started using it instantly. This sharpener is so easy to use and actually works. It fits in my kitchen drawers. My first thought on this was that it wouldn’t work , but it does and i am truly amazed. 10 stars is needed for the linkyo knife sharpener.

We have expensive knives but after years, i had never got them sharpened. I realized they were dull, but still cut, so never took the time to get them sharpened. I happened upon this knife sharpener during one of amazon’s ‘deal of the day’. I purchased it and can’t believe how a simple tool can sharpen our knives quickly, easily and back to the original sharpness.I have only used it for one round of sharpening (maybe 25 knives), and now plan to use it once a month. It seems like it is made with materials that will hold up and work for a long time.

Having sharpened knives for over 60 years, i can attest to the quality of the linkyo knife sharpener. It met my acid test, peeling tomato’s, superbly. I have no idea how they produce this sharpener so inexpensively.

A little larger than i was expecting but easy to use and makes my knives sharper.

This has to be probably the best knife sharpener i have owned i just love it.

I’m no chef but it sharpened my knife just fine.

I purchased 2 of these, one for my mom and one for myself. It got great reviews on here and i am so glad i made the purchase. I had some old knives that i’ve held on to for years and they were so dull i really had to put some elbow grease into cutting up chicken and things. The knives were so dull that i was almost sweating, just cutting up chicken. The linkyo knife sharpener is so easy to use and made my knives so sharp, the blades will slice through anything now with no problem. All you do is hold on to it with one hand and with the other hand, slide your knife through the sharpener slot a couple of times and you’re good to go. There’s a slot on the sharpener for serrated knives too but i haven’t used that one yet because i don’t own a serrated knife. My mom loves her sharpener and we’re both pleased with this product.

Not bad, but not doing what i wanted. Maybe my technique needs adjustment. My hunting knives too thick for sharpener.

Bought because info said sharpens ceramic knives. As long as you follow directions works excellent. Works great for all other knives also.

I got this for my stepdad for christmas and he really likes it and says that it works extremely well. I need one myself, so i’ll be ordering one shortly to have for my own.

Looks good, doesn’t take much space, sharpens well. Make sure to read the instructions that come with it.

I used it to re sharpen all our knives. After following the included instructions my knives are sharper now than when i first purchased them.

The fine edge slot doesn’t seem to create the sharp edge that i was hoping for.

Overall good job for kitchen knives.

They were solicitous for a review and i had to admit i broke my ceramic knife in it first thing.

Baby Cakes The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker : Great product! Lots of fun.

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my neice; she doesn’t live close so i don’t know how well it works.

So very easy to use, clean and store. I actually made one of the recipes from the little guidebook and it was delicious.

The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bake 6 Pops in 4 Minutes or Less
  • Nonstick coated
  • 750 Watt/120V/60Hz
  • Accessories Included: 25 Pie Pop Treat Sticks, Pie Pop Stand, Stainless Steel Crust Cutter

Got this for my little sisters bake sale campaign and she was ecstatic. Worked well but they probably will never look like the picture which is okay because they are awesome to give out as samplers for her pies as they do not affect the taste of a regular pie. Negative: don’t use the recipes in the book, terrible haha.

I bought one of these babycakes pie pop makers elsewhere and took it back, thinking it was too small and i didn’t care for all the pie dough. Then, i saw a couple of ideas with pics on the net, and regretted my decision. I bought another one and i am pleasantly surprised with my results. Tips: try rolling out bread/brush exterior sides with a little butter -instead of pie dough- and then fill with whatever you like. Little grill cheeses, tiny barbq disks (cooked ground beef with your fav. Sauce), cheese and smoked turkey have all turned out well. Don’t overfill, and take out if/when they start to ooze or it will get messy fast–by then the filling has melted and is hot/warm. I used arnold’s sourdough bread and rolled it out completely, and i pressed down on the unit to make sure the seal was as good as possible. I will be trying pie filling next in the bread and think it will taste great.Also want to try puff pastry.

I’ve seen these in the stores so many times, but they sell out quickly. I was relieved when i found it online. Great price, and quick shipping. I have so much fun using it for gatherings.

The Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker with Included Accessories : Delivered very quickly, and i have some very happy kids, and some amazing treats.

Excellent products to impress everybody. I prepare a lot of pies pops and is something different.

This was a great christmas present for my daughter. Arrived in a timely fashion and works just like it’s supposed to.

These goody makers are so much fun and this is one of many i own. One of the great things about this maker is you don’t have to use the sticks. They make a perfect finger food. There are seriously no limits what you could put into these and are easy grab and go breakfast bites for the kids. You can make them ahead of time also and just pop into a toaster over, nuwave, or the oven for a few minutes to crisp upalso super easy for even young kids to use.

It’s really fun and it has no problems at all. Came earlier then they said which was perfect.

Was very pleased with the product. Was easy to use and cleanup was simple and easy as well.

Like 1 cherry from a can can make it explode so basically lots of dough with not much filling. I’m probably going to yardsale it.

I like the product and the idea for pie pops. Its a cute little baker that works pretty well. This thing is most definitely not the easiest thing to clean. Since it’s all one big connecting electronic piece, you cannot get it too wet or submerge it in water. I’m still trying to get burnt pie filling off (and yes i read the very short and limited cleaning instructions. Maybe a re design where the pie tray detaches for cleaning?.

Made pie pop for my daughters wedding.

I bought the waffle stick maker and the donut maker and was surprised by the quality of the baked goods that these appliances turned out. The included recipes are delicious. So when i bought the pie pop maker, i wasn’t surprised at the yumminess of the pops and the clear instructions.

It was shipped without a box, which was off-putting. The actual pies aren’t terrible, but they’re much tinier than i thought they’d be – barely any filling. It does work with your own pie crust, but it also smooshes out quite a bit, making the pops a bit messy.

These are perfect for table decorations and mini gifts. The pies are quick and easy to make and they are just the right size. I am sooo excited because my baby cake collection is now complete. I love them all 🙂 (pie pop, cake pop, and heart waffle maker).

If you bought this expecting for your kids to be able to do it, that’s your own fault. Obviously the thing’s going to get hot. How else would it cook your food?. Cleanup is really easy, and this is so much fun to use. I love to use it to make grilled cheese.

These pie pops are very small and flat, around the size of silver dollar pancakes maybe?. They cook quickly but also burn easily so you have to watch out. Thin, runny fillings are likely to spill over the edges of the bottom crusts by the time you get the top crusts arranged properly, and chunky fillings with large pieces don’t fit very well either. On the plus side, they pop right out of the non-stick interior when done. The accessories included a metal cookie-cutter type thing for making the crusts the right size easily, a tube for the filling, a stand for holding the pops by their sticks, and a pack of lollipop sticks to start off with. Overall, i’m satisfied with this purchase, although i do wish it would hold more fillings.

Waring Pro Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker : Easy to use

I love it so much, i bought one for my sister for her birthdaytips: don’t fill the cup to the top, or it will spill over and seep out. Use a tad more oil so they don’t stick at all. Personally, i like the krusteaz belgian waffle mix, but i’ve used bisquick too and it was almost as good.

However, i have to rate this only 3 stars to warn others of a big flaw: the cord is way too short. I can’t use it easily because our outlets in our kitchen are under cabinet and the cord is so short you can really open the thing without hitting the cabinets. Seriously, the cord is about 2 feet long. It’s the shortest cord of all the kitchen appliances we own. It’s the shortest cord i’ve ever seen on any electrical device. There’s some bs in the owner’s manual about how this is a safety feature. Is it safer if typical users need an extension cord in their kitchens when using this thing?. I would recommend you look at if the short cord is going to be an issue for you before buying this device.

Easy to use makes great waffles.

Works so well my wife expects me to cook, quick and easy.

  • “.In the morning, I’m making WAFFLES.”-Donkey
  • This is the best waffle maker ever

Waring Pro Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Spray some oil on the plates after pre-heating. Mine is set on ” 5 ” extra crispy.

Two is always better than one.

I received this as a wedding gift.

Made the best waffles ever using a recipe from king arthur flour. Would definitely recommend this product.

It makes perfect waffles and it’s great to be able to cook two waffles at the same time. Shipping was faster than anticipated.

Works perfectly, and making two waffles at once makes breakfast for two or more a pleasure. With thanks to another amazon reviewer to included his/her “best ever” recipe for waffles, i include that recipe here, plus the recipe converted to gluten free. Not to be immodest, but these are the best waffles i ever had – crispy, light, flavorful. Fabulous with maple syrup, yogurt and fruit. Hope you enjoy your waffles, either waybest waffles ever: regular or gfthese are the most wonderful waffles. Makes 7-8 belgian style waffles, enough for 3-4 people. Regular:1 and 3/4 cups flour2 teaspoons baking powder3 tablespoons sugar1/2 teaspoon salt3 beaten egg yolks1 and 3/4 cups milk1/2 cup vegetable oil1 tsp vanilla3 egg whites – beaten stifflymix all dry ingredients. Stir in oil & vanilla and mix. Gently fold in beaten egg whites, do not over mix. Gluten free:mix in a medium bowl:1 cup gf flour mix (bob’s baking)¾ cup almond flour (make by processing raw almonds)3 table tablespoons sugar or 1 ½ tablespoons truvia½ tsp. Cinnamon½ teaspoon baking powderwhisk together in a small bowl:3 egg yolks1 cup coconut almond or other non-dairy milk¾ cup half and halfin another small bowl, whisk together:½ cup vegetable oil1 tsp. Vanilla extractin a dry, clean bowl, whip to stiff peaks:3 egg whitespreheat waffle iron. I set my waring iron on 5 1/2. Make sure your waffles are golden brown and crispy. Whisk the egg yolk mixture into the dry mixture.

My husband likes to have a good waffle every day. Once a week i use my waring belgain wafflemake to make waffles which i freeze for him to heat up in the toaster oven.

I got this as a christmas present for my son since he is a waffle lover. He loved it so much, he was making 2-4 waffles twice a day, so i had to start rationing out his mix.

This is the best waffle maker ever. We now make waffles on a relatively regular basis. You can make the waffles crispy or soft, just use the dial. This was a great investment.

It met my expectation very well.

KRUPS KT600 Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker : Beautiful Coffee Pot

I have owned krups coffeemakers over the years and truly consider them to be the best of the best–easy to use, great coffee, always good-looking. This coffeemaker is upfront (literally) with water measurement, on/off switch, coffee compartment, and separate water container.

We are very satisified with our new krups coffee brewer. Some of the other reviewers were on the money concerning this product. It brews coffee very efficiently and very quickly also. The coffee does not stay hot as long as our other krups did. Coffee would stay hot for as long as nine hours sometimes. That one lasted over 15 years with hard use. There is always that “little bit” of coffee left in the pot in this new brewer that cannot be poured out without tipping it almost upside down. If you are not affected by this or don’t want to hold your coffee hot for hours, then this pot will serve you well. I would definitely recommend it even with the “shortcomings” i have mentioned.

Really not worth the price, looks good on our counter but that’s about it. I am not impressed with the coffee it makes at all, not nearly as good as my old coffee maker. Does not come with a coffee strainer which you think it would for the price they charge. If i had it to do over, i would not buy this coffee maker.

Our last maker lasted for years. This one looks great but i have to say, it doenst keep coffee hot. I know all that stuff about ‘burnt’ coffee and heating. But you cant keep coffee hot in a themal pot. Unless you want to heat the pot with hot water and waste time ( and water). Like the silvera bit awkward filling it. But we use the pull out faucent from our sink.

  • Makes great coffee
  • I purchased this coffeemaker in February 2013 for $150, and it has ‘issues’ – won’t pay $550!
  • Great Coffee – Challenging Design

KRUPS KT600 Silver Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker with Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Coffee maker with exclusive design of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics
  • 10-cup thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for hours
  • Pause and serve feature and illuminated on/off switch for ease of use; automatic shut off for safety
  • Water level indicator windows on either side to know when it needs to be refilled
  • 1000 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty. For Trouble Shooting steps refer to the user manual page 10 available in the catalog.

Construction: since you probably won’t be able to put you hands on this machine without paying for it: here is the lowdown on what the hell this is made of. *the only chrome steel is on the carafe body, the very top of the machine (the water and basket lids on hinges) and the inside portion of the body where the carafe sits. You can tell because these last two spots are actually brushed steel and not chrome shiny. *the lid and handle are chrome finished plastic; as well as the upper and lower body. *the “wood” is a matte finish decal on top of plastic. >>>>>check my uploaded photos. I would rather have this type of hard “chrome” plastic than what all other machine are made of as far as quality is concerned. Bottom line: this is not a metal and wood machine.

We have one at home, one at our home in florida and one in our cabin in the north. Now, my daughter-in-law bought one, too. I bought matching toasters, and in one location the waffle iron.

There are so many verbose reviews of this coffee maker so here’s a cliff notes version for you. It makes coffee, which is decent. The caraffe is chromed, the rest of it is silver-painted plastic (which is surprising and disappointing given the cost). You have to tilt the caraffe way forward to get the last cup or so. I’ve had this coffee maker for about a year now and it still works. No clock or audible alarm when brew is done. If you really need another shiny thing on your counter this is the coffee maker for you. If you already have too many shiny things on your counter, same some money and buy a different coffee maker.

Reviews are pretty much all over the chart on this krups coffee maker. We took the chance and ordered it. Found some of the negative comments are true but can be resolved with a little care. Yes, it is somewhat awkward to pour and does have to be turned just about upside down to get out the last drop. Made this way to maintain hot coffee. Since the outside of the pot is not even warm, you can grasp the handle with one hand and support the pot with the other; makes pouring easier and less heavy. When preparing the pot, make sure the lid is properly closed and locked into place. Before pouring the first drop, depress the pour tab once or twice while the pot sits flat. This allows coffee trapped in lid to run back into pot and will prevent premature drippage. The machine is beautiful and sturdy.

This is the very best coffee maker ever.

I bought this for my husband who makes tea every morning. I got tired of hearing the teapot whistle blowing. When the water is boiled, the pot shuts off automatically. Boils water twice as fast as stovetop. This is the best looking item in our kitchen.

I wish i could rate this better because i do love how it looks in my kitchen but there is a real issue with how it pours, especially after first cup or so. The lip inside the pot keeps the coffee from pouring easily into the spout. It also makes it tricky to use the pot for filling the water reservoir. I am surprised this got by the krups engineers.

Love this krups coffee maker.

It looks great on the counter, and it makes great coffee. There are no frills, which i like as making good coffee reliably is my goal. It does not keep coffee hot for long. I have several thermos cups that keep coffee warm much, much longer. After 3 years, the switch has broken. When i plug it in, it starts. After the coffee is brewed, the heater stays on. I now unplug it as soon as it is done brewing. I will be looking for a replacement, as i cannot be certain that i will not forget to unplug it, and it *may* be a fire hazard when not unplugged. I like it enough i may actually buy another, even if it only lasted 3 years.

I purchased this coffeemaker in february 2013 for $150 (plus tax). I had similar problems as other reviewers, such as coffee dribbling while pouring. A few months ago, we had to hit the start button repeatedly to get it to brew a full pot, which became very annoying. I ran a few cycles thru with water and vinegar (per the manual) hoping that mineral deposits might have been a cause. But that only caused a problem in the carafe and water then permeated the thermal layer. I bought this particular coffeemaker because of the beautiful chrome design, and that it was short enough to fit under my upper cabinets (some are too tall). It is beautiful, that’s for sure. It seems like all coffeemakers now (and other kitchen appliances) are primarily black, instead of white/silver/chrome, and i don’t want black. Hopefully this will change in the future, as i will not spend $550 for a replacement.

I loved my black thermal krups coffee maker but it started to clog at the filter even after i thoroughly cleaned it so ordered the new stainless steel one. I received it quickly in good condition and i like it after figuring out how to work the lid of the pot. The only thing i have noticed is the pour is slightly slow and it’s hard to empty pot but it doesn’t leak at all like so many have written in other reviews. The look is slick and modern and matches my stainless steel appliances. Wish it was a 12-cup though.

Rather basic machine however it is beautiful and looks great on my counter. I am a sucker for good design, what can i say?. It has a heated plate so the coffee stays warm. You can actually make as little as two cups easily which fits my lifestyle. I would definitely recommend.

I got the coffee maker in large part because it goes with our krups electric tea kettle and because it received such good reviews. And on the whole, i am glad i bought it simply because it makes great coffee, is very easy to use (i am extremely technologically challenged and i ‘get’ this coffee maker), and it looks great. I mean, this is a 10-cup coffee maker that is more compact than many an 8-cup one. It has a simple, elegant design and is very simple to use. This is a ‘pure’ coffee maker; all it does it make coffee. As a result, it goes great with our 50’s kitchen. Having said that, this coffee maker does have a few quirks. When it arrived it had a bit of a chemical-just-out-of-the-factory smell. Just run water through it a few times and that will get rid of it.

I have had this pot for over 6 months now and i just love it. Some of the reviews said it was too hard to use, but i have not found that to be the case. You do have to get the lid on properly, and there are arrows showing you where to line it up. Then you have to have the pot sitting exactly right on the base when the coffee begins to drip, and again, read the directions and learn how it feels when it’s in the correct spot and then it’s a no brainer. I love the rich look and get many compliments. It goes great with the sink and my appliances. I would, and have, recommended this to my friends.

Do not think you are purchasing a metals based coffee maker container. It is all shiny plastic made to look like chrome. Hope the plastic does not leach into my boiling water and cause me to die of cancer in ten years.

Love the way it looks and keeps the coffee warm.

First let me say that the krups kt600 makes very good coffee. The brewing is apparently done at the proper temperature, the brewed coffee is properly strong, hot and aromatic when this machine finishes its brewing cycle. So far, this sounds pretty good, right?. Well, as they say on infomercials, ‘but wait, there’s more’the bad things about this coffee maker are primarily concerned with convenience rather than performance. First, the carafe is not easy to clean. The lid of the carafe appears to be made primarily of chrome-plated plastic. It is hollow, probably to add to its insulating properties, but the hollow spaces in the lid somehow get filled with brewed coffee during the brewing cycle. When you clean the carafe after making a pot of coffee, make sure you are standing over your sink when you remove the lid: the coffee trapped in the lid will pour out. In addition, the stainless steel liner of the carafe picks up coffee stains quickly, and the stains are not easy to remove. Second, this is not a programmable coffee maker.

This coffee maker has a few quirks. But overall makes a great cup of coffee. It holds the coffee hot for several hours. You must remember to set the pot on the counter, not on the coffee maker after it brews so that the lid is sealed and holds the coffee hot. Otherwise the lid is in the open position so the coffee can drip in and it doesn’t stay hot as long. The lid screws on the pot sort of hard each time. But maybe that is just holding it hotter longer. Also the lid has a strange design where coffee runs out of a small hole in the back of the lid when cleaning. . However there is no way to access that part of the lid to ever clean it. That is not a good design in my opinion.