Euro Cuisine 2qt Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker, Amazing results!

I have learned never to use greek yogurt for mystarter, because you need the live cultures in the whey that are missing fromgreek yogurt. After that initial lesson (i called euro cuisine, and they were veryhelpful) i have had good success with regular yogurt as my starter, even with skim milk. Making one large batch saves a time and effort compared to the little plasticcontainers that i previously filled and emptied out with every batch.

I am saving so much money with this yogurt maker. I wanted a big container maker rather than the small individual cup kind since i use a lot of yogurt and wanted to strain it for greek-style. I ended up also buying a replacement glass jar so i can start the next batch while still eating from the other. This is easy to use and clean. My only small quibble is that it doesn’t have an automatic off and i’ve forgotten it for an hour or 2 longer than it needed to incubate. I just need to remember to set a timer.

I just wanted to add that i tried this the other day with a smaller jar. I used a standard quart mason jar. At first it didn’t regulate temperature. There was too much space around the sides for good heat transfer but then i added about a cup of water to the bottom and the temp came right up to 110 and regulated well overnight.

Key specs for Euro Cuisine 2qt Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker with Glass Jar (Red):

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  • Unit comes with 2qt Glass Jar
  • Makes up to 2 Quarts yogurt at one time, BPA Free
  • Make homemade yogurt with any kind of milk, even soy Milk
  • Timer on the Side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking
  • Includes 1 Stainless Steel thermometer, and 1 Cotton Bag for making Greek Yogurt

Comments from buyers

“Easy to use. Very happy with product.
, Easy and excellent (review includes Yogurt 101)
, Glass Jar with Essential Accessories. Cant beat it.

Making good yogurt is the easiest thing on the planet. It requires three simple steps:1. Boiling the milk to kill off all the bacteria therein so there’s nothing in it to compete with the yogurt culture you’ll use (strangely, this key element of the process is rarely explained);2. Adding a dollop of existing yogurt to the milk to start the process;3. Keeping the milk + yogurt culture mixture warm for around 8 hours while it turns into yogurt. This machine does nothing more than the third step, but it does it well, and with its glass (not plastic) jar and good design it’s a pleasure to use. It also comes with a strainer bag to make greek yogurt – which is basically the yogurt you make with this machine hung up to drain so that it becomes concentrated. The yogurt maker is easy to set up and use, though it doesn’t have a timer feature so you have to remember to turn it off (if you leave the yogurt too long it will become tangy). But there’s a simple solution to this problem: buy a cheap electrical timer – the kind you use to turn lights on and off when you’re away – and plug the machine into the timer so that it automatically shuts off whenever you tell it to. Much easier than trying to remember, or having to time your yogurt production for when you’re definitely going to be in the house (or awake).

I infuse herbal massage oils and needed something with a lower temp than a crockpot, which would scorch my oils. This is a good size for infusing two 8-ounce oil bottles with the dry herb material.

I love this euro cuisine yogurt maker. This yogurt maker has turned out nice yogurt for me every time. The 2 qt jar that comes with it is glass and decorative with a bright red lid. This euro cuisine looks very stylish on my counter along side other appliances, the bright color perks things up. The yogurt maker comes with a thermometer so you don’t have to guess. Just heat the milk to the mark on the thermometer. Let the milk cool to the lower mark on the thermometer. Pour it into the yogurt maker and add your starter. Be sure not to move it around after you start the yogurt.

A great yogurt maker, we love it so much. Successfully made scd yogurt and it’s delicious. Love the glass jar and the thermometer.

I’ve been using this yogurt maker for over a year. At first i was intimidated about making yogurt. Warming milk to precisely the right temp, cooling to exactly 110°, adding my yogurt starter, timing the yogurt maker stage. Now i’ve learned that great, creamy, greek yogurt amazingness is absolutely base level simple. I’ve tried raw milk and whole milk. Raw milk isn’t raw once i’ve heated it to 180° for yogurt making. So i’ve quit using raw milk. Regular whole milk isn’t organic. So i’ve come to use store bought ultra pasteurized whole milk.

I was looking for a yogurt maker made of glass to avoid the plastic + food + heat combination (the base is made of plastic, but it doesn’t touch the food).

Have made two batches of yogurt from raw cow milk and they were the the best plain yogurt i have ever tasted. I started my first batch with a cup of organic stoneyfield whole milk yogurt and the second batch was started with leftover from the first batch. I love the large glass container as i stay away from as much plastic as possible and i can spoon out whatever amount of yogurt i want and not have to deal with a bunch of small containers. It took about 8 hours to get the thick consistency i want. Some reviewers mentioned their yogurt turned out runny and it might have been because the yogurt maker was moved during incubation. There is just one small reference in the directions not to disturb the container while incubating so you have to resist the urge to take a peek. I also like the fact that a qt size mason jar will fit in the heater but i have not yet tried using it in place of the container provided. I reviewed a lot of yogurt makers before finding this one and almost gave up as i couldn’t find the features i wanted until i came across this item.

Keeps the temp at a steady 110 which is important in yogurt making. It does make a slight noise when the heating element cycles on, but not enough of a bother to return.

Afraid to boil plastic lid and seamed glass jar (chose this model believing i could sanitize), but really like only having to deal with one 2 qt jar. Incubates yogurt at steady, very low temp, heating up to shoulders of jar. After 9 hours incubation and 6 hours frig, made a delicious fresh-tasting batch, thick like old-fashioned dannon at top and thinner like yoplait in middle. Tipped to drain separated whey off top, plan to use paper towels or coffee filters and mesh strainer to drain liquid from rest of jar. Like the idea of included cotton draining bag i’ve not tried yet. Since i can’t sanitize, i’m only going to use fresh, unopened milk and starter as well as thorough wash/dry after and immediately before every use. Very satisfied with outcome, like appliance’s compact size and large 2 qt capacity.

12 may 2017 update1) the plastic like insert in the lid is not glued in, it actually comes right out. So just remove it and throw it in the trash where it belongs. 2) i’ve made a few batches and checked the temp, and it consistently regulates at 105 degrees, as i reported before. This makes perfect yogurt3) the thermometer that comes with it seems to be consistently off a bit, but it is close enough to make great yogurt. ** note ** the quality of your yogurt depends on the quality of your milk and the quality of your culture. Look at the yogurt you are using for a culture. How many active cultures does it have in it?. If i use non-fat milk and yogurt with just two different cultures (for example wal-mart greek yogurt – it’s great yogurt, no artificial ingredients, but only has two different cultures), i get grainy yogurt. If i use 2% or whole milk and a yogurt with five or six different types of cultures in it, i get creamy smooth yogurtdon’t blame this machine if you are using non-fat milk and limited or dead cultures. Use 2% or whole milk, and 4 or more different cultures.

I heat my whole milk to 185 and hold it there for 10 min. Ice water bath to cool it quickly. Pour milk into glass jar and add culture between 112-114 degrees. Stir well, incubate for 10 hrs. Immediately put into fridge to cool. The type of culture makes a difference on tanginess or sweetness of yogurt. My culture is from new england cheese making company, yogurt culture y5. I do pour off the whey as i like it thicker.

It is very easy to use and really like the yogurt starter that came with the unit. So nice to make yogurt from milk from a nearby dairy that comes in glass returnable jars and no more plastic waste from store purchased containers. Plus the yogurt we make tastes better than any organic brand i have tasted–and i’ve tasted all of them in the states. I did have an issue with the unit shorting out (light not working and not warming as it should) after only 4 months of use, but the manufacturer is taking care of me. Products for health, whom i purchased through on amazon didn’t bother to reply to both of my emails about how to go about a warranty. Fortunately, euro cuisine has been very responsive in fixing the issue. I would purchase again but will avoid products for health in the future.

The yogurt maker is just fine for making yogurt. However the straining bag that comes with it is not something i would put food in. It has too many raveled threads. Just a piece of cloth to put into a colander would have been better. Printed instructions are not very clear. I watched some youtube videos on making greek yogurt and learned from those. The yogurt maker itself is really just a convenient place to keep the milk warm after it has been heated and inoculated with the active bacteria. The included thermometer is very helpful.

I’ve made yogurt from coconut milk, 2% and whole grass fed cow’s milk so far and all have turned out great. I used both cultures for health and yogourmet powdered yogurt starter cultures and both work well although we feel yogourmet yields a more traditional flavor like dannon while cultures for health (traditional flavor) is more like buttermilk. Both are great for cereal, smoothies, salad dressing or just plain with a little salt and pepper. Next time i use coconut milk, i’ll probably let it culture overnight as the flavor was very mild compared to our cow’s milk results. Oh, i did have to buy another thermometer: the one that came with the yogurt maker wasn’t accurate at all, but that’s a minor detail. The maker itself works beautifully and i’m glad we sprung for the glass jar insert. It’s easy-peasy and much more cost effective than buying pre-made.

I have owned this item for a few months and i have used it on a weekly basis. I like this yogurt maker for its consistent results in producing a good quality yogurt. Washing the item is very easy since it does not contain many parts it is quick to clean. The size of the jar is adequate for most but i could benefit from a larger size machine if one were made available.

This has been an easy fix for moving away from where i can buy my favorite brand of russian yogurt. My only complaint is i spent an extra $20 to get the glass jar rather than plastic. For $20 extra they should provide a better lid. The lid is flimsy and there is a styrofoam inner liner i am not sure what to do with. I wanted something i could sterilize and put in the dishwasher (including lid). It might be ok, but since i can’t put the styrofoam liner in the dishwasher, that’s kind of pointless anyway. I have been making decent yogurt with this after experimenting with fermentation times, ratios of starter. I am taking some yogurt out each time and saving for the next, since i want to use a culture from brand of yogurt i like but is not available where i currently live (otherwise, i would be happy just to buy it – i don’t see a huge savings $-wise in making yogurt). . Yogurt maker suggests you buy their starter each time you make yogurt. . Again, i am not sure of the cost savings here. By the time you buy the culture, decent milk and spend a hour cleaning jar, scalding milk and stirring in the yogurt, not sure what the benefit of making your own is. If there is a yogurt maker with individual glass jars i would possibly recommend you get that one.

Perhaps, it has to do with my understanding of what it was supposed to do,but while it makes a very tasty yogurt, it doesn’t havethe consistency of the commercial greek yogurt that’s available in markets, which looks and tastes more like conventional sour cream. This isn’t as smooth or creamy in texture. But it’s good in a different way. It takes some experimentation to get the texture that you want. I found that about an hour and a half of straining was best.

I buy organic milk and one chobani cup for each batch. We have tried a variety f flavors and with the setting on 8 hours, the yogurt has come out thick and delicious each time. I transfer the yogurt after it has cooled to smaller jars to prevent breaking the ‘cooking’ one. Would definitely encourage purchase of this maker.

Had a different brand and it didn’t work ever.

Have found this to work very well with no issues at all. Particularly like that it has a glass container to both make the yogurt in & then use to refrigerate.

Instructions were very easy to follow and the yogurts turned out in perfect texture. I ended up purchasing a digital food thermometer though, as it was easier to monitor the temperature this way.

Ninja Nutri Auto IQ Pro Complete Blender System : loud but blissful

I had high hopes for this blender, and unfortunately it just didn’t live up to them. I didn’t expect it to be able to finely puree things like seeds or stalks, but i did expect it to blend basic smoothie ingredients like frozen strawberries, spinach, dates, etc. Sadly, i’ve found that i need to run this blender two or three times in order to get a smooth, chunk-free smoothie, and that is just not what i want to see out of a blender at this price point. I do really like that i can press a button and walk away to fix the rest of my breakfast and that i have multiple jars so i don’t have to do as much washing. Because of that i decided to keep this, but i anticipate wanting to upgrade in the next couple years, which makes me wish i had just gone with a blentec or vitamix that would last me much longer.

We had another make previously, however have to admit that this is by far better. Even my children love and ask if i can make them smoothies as well.

I have had a breville blender for years, and let’s just say that it’s been, at best, counter decoration. The nutri ninja, however, is the complete opposite. We are making smoothies, hummus, and soups. And, when i say we are making those things, the recipes are actually coming from the free recipe booklet included with the unit. I have had so many compliments on the hummus recipe – my 10 year old daughter is probably the biggest fan. I can honestly say that this was an awesome investment.

Only used this a few times so far but it does make great smoothies and crushes ice with ease. I didn’t give it 5 stars because because when using the 48 oz. Pitcher you can not add ingredients unless you take off the pitcher turn it upside down and remove the blade base. There is only one opening and it is on the bottom?.

  • Not as wonderful as I expected but pretty good.
  • Awesome Investment!
  • Great Blender!

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Pro Complete Blender System

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 24-oz. Stainless Steel Nutri Ninja Cup
  • Two 24-oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups
  • 48-oz. XL Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja Blender
  • Pro Extractor Blades

This thing is a beast of a blender. It will pretty much liquefy anything you throw in there. My family uses it about 2-4 times a day. It does a great job getting everything mixed together.

It replaced my blender and my shake machine. It has suction cups on the bottom so it doesn’t move around. Making smoothies and soaps are a breeze.

Took forever to chop up my kale and it is not smooth like claimed. I have a hamilton beach with spigot that did just as well (though couldnt get the ice. ) i threw the hb away when the seal broke. Not thrilled but will continue new techniques. My friends magic bullet is superior.

I use it several times a day.

Only had it a month, not really used it yet.

I had the nutri bullet and it really did nothing. Couldn’t handle ice or other produce used to make. So i ordered the nutri ninja auto pro iq and wow what a difference.I can make my shakes in no time and it chops everything you want i love this machine.

I own a fancy omega juicer and a blendtec that can blend this blender into dust. However this is just easier and faster to use and clean, so i find myself using it more. You must carefully load the ingredients or they will get stuck and not blend. But, once you discover your favorite recipes, they come out perfectly to your liking. This particular model allows you to select the level of smoothness, which is really cool. You can make the exact same recipe like a store bought consistency, or even smoother and creamy. I received mine for “free” with the purchase of the ninja coffe bar.

I don’t have too much to compare this to. I have an older ninja and decided i would like the convenience of a single serve & go cup. The lids are terrible in my opinion. The opening is small and oddly angled which doesn’t work well. Even with thinner smoothies i find it inadequate. I did purchase some large smoothie straws which seem to have solved that issue. I like the removable rubber seals on the lids. That makes for very easy cleaning. I love how nearly all of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Works great, its a bit loud.

I have tried nearly everything in this and it rocks. The only thing i think i would have liked would be a removable locking lid on the blender piece. Cannot make sauces in it that have to have oil drizzled in- but that is the only down side i have found. I owned the original bullet for years and this is more like a blender but better.

Pulverizes ice, veggies, etc. I would give five stars but it is way too loud.

Mas power, and as a kit so versatile. You can use the cups or the larger thingy whatever. We got the medium grade since we already had a ninja with the same size motor. We like to make smoothies, and i have never heard either ninja groan or strain. Serious torque in these things.

Ninja is an excellent blender and this one really blew my mind. I love making smoothies and the stopping then starting that the blender does, allows my smoothie to be smooth and delicious, no more fruit chunks. Before i’d have to remove it and shake it and still end up with fruit chunks when i had the magic bullet, this product eliminated that problem. The only thing its really loud, so my toddler is afraid of said ninja. Also sometimes it leaks and that was a hassle. Other than that i’m very satisfied with this product.

Bought this so i could start making health smoothies.