KitchenAid KSB580NK Custom Metallic 5-Speed Blender – This blender does all the things a blender should do and is rather attractive as well.

I was not the least dissappointed. My diet/fibre mixes require ice. I love the way it pulses the ice. Ive never seen that option before. I really like the fact that the blades don’t come out. It cleas up easily and takes up little space on my counter. I never put it away like i did with my previous blender. My only dislike (minor) is that it is very noisy, but because it does such a good job i have learned to overlook the noisiness. Great product that i highly endorse and recommend.

I have used the ksb580nk for a month for making protein or fruit smoothies, two to three times a day. It performs well, and is more enjoyable than previous blenders in my experience. Compared to my last blender, an oster ‘beehive’, it is more powerful, has a quieter motor, is easier to clean, and easier to remove the contents of the jar. The noise level is only very high for the first few seconds when blending ice, due to the ice cubes hitting the jar. The jar is well designed, capacious, and light weight. The lid seats and removes easily. As i had hoped, the convenience of having a one piece assembly, and not having to remove the blades for cleaning, is wonderful. Generally a stream of water from the faucet cleans the jar fine. I have no real negative remarks. The intelli-speed is not as useful as i had hoped.

Purchase blender 2/12/12 amazon prime. Replace jar 3/26 then whole unit 8/13, jar 9/12, another jar 11/16, whole unit 12/11. The blender is a great unit for blending when it works, jar is worthless plastic. But with warranty you get new units and restart of 1-year warranty each time at no $ cost. Looks like can keep going forever with replacements at this rate. Just buy another low cost blender with glass and metal drive as backup, while you wait for replacements. I use 6 days a week blending one full jar of fruit smoothie. One thing seems to help the jar last fews weeks more, use pulse mode to break up chunks 1st and add ice slowly. Thank you kitchenaid, but a design change would make good business sense.

If this keeps up, only kitchenaid will have a place in our very large kitchen. Replaced a cuisinart that went south(hecho in china, don’t you know) this is a most solid appliance. . Almost too strong, butwe are learning to tame it. As yet we have found not a single job it hasn’t handled with ease. We have had thewhole genre over the years and this is the first one that is close to one of our commercial blenders in restaurants. Plus, one can buy several for the price of one vitamix.

I have put off buying a new blender for 4 years. I have been waiting for the ‘perfect’ blender, and i’ve considered those fancy, $400, make soup blenders. In the meantime, i had been using a series of cruddy, outdated, clearance, on-sale blenders, so i’ve seen every problem you could ever face with a blender. The reviews for this blender were not magnificent. I read about the noise, about the gasket that leaks. Until my blender died, and i needed to buy something, and fast. Background, i make a lot of blended things.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bought this instead of the expensive vitamix or blendtec
  • Works great. When it works Expensive replacement parts.
  • Nice but flaws

This is my second review for this item. It was a gift and i though that, since i have a similar blender, it would work fine. It didn’t, which i only found out days before the warranty ran out. I’m giving it three stars because kitchenaid was absolutely awesome in their customer service. They are currently sending a replacement for the upper (pitcher) part of the blender (which appears to fit incorrectly over the lower section). Their policy is to replace the entire product for any reason within one year of purchase. This is several months later – but i want to add that the replacement part works perfectly and the owner is 5 star happy with her blender now.

Who knew ice could be so loud. But this blender will actually make snowyes now you can make your own snowconeswe don’t but it’s nice to know it can do it. My wife and i had a mini snowball fight in july, how cool is thatwe bought this to make smoothies and we use fruit that we buy locally andfreeze ourselves. If you grind up just the fruit is will make it into a frozen powder. Frozen strawberries are really tough to blend usually, but not with this blendersure we’ve only had it a week but it cleans up super easy, just rinse then 1/3 ofthe jar filled with water and 4 drops of detergent. Then rinse and reblend water. No foam and you’re good to go. Lots of reviews say this is loud, and it is. The ice sounds like gravel in there. But out comes snow from the ice after 20 secondsthick stuff like yogurt tends to create a vaccuum where it will stop blending.

This is our second exact same one that we reordered. My husband makes shake for us every morning. The first one lasted for 5 years of daily use. So good we reordered this same one which is perfect and theonly size that fits on cabinet and slides under the overhead cabinets.

I have used this blender for about a year and a half now. You have to be patient with it if you want to do anything more than blend already fairly liquid ingredients. Specifically, for ice i find it struggled and sometimes seized completely. If your needs for a blender are more for cooking such as liquifying soups, this is a great blender. If you’re thinking more of using it for milkshakes and ice based smoothies, i would not recommend this particular model.

We bought this after our old cheapie blender, literally caught on fire trying to whip up an herbal life smoothie. We had been using herbal life for less than a week when the old one tanked on us. I got on amazon and after hours of reading reviews from the low to high end products, i kept coming back to this blender. I am a huge kitchenaid fan and have many of their other products. I read a few reviews on this model that stated they had some troubles, but also noticed that kitchenaid had fixed those issues and sent them either replacement pieces or replaced the whole blender. In either case they were satisfied after the fact, so i went ahead with my purchase, knowing that if there was a problem amazon would make it right, as they always have in the past. We have had it for over a year now, and use it all the time for everything from smoothies to margaritas. It is still going strong and we have not experienced a single issue. Once again kitchenaid has proven its worth to me.

I have had this blender for 15 months. It looks great on my countertop and cleans easily. It does crush ice, but not as well as the blender on my bosch universal. It is great for large amount blending, like blending soups, which come out perfectly smooth. The jar is very broad at the bottom so if you want to make a small thing, like a single, 1 – 2 cup drink, it doesn’t work too well. This is especially true of powdered drinks – no matter how you put in the ingredients or how you start, a good portion of the powder will be all over the lid and upper part of the jar. My blade broke in half yesterday.

I give it 5 star not because it works better than vitamix/blendtec but because it works great for the price. I bought this blender because i wasn’t sure if this kitchen appliance had staying power. I have dozens of kitchen appliances that just sits pretty on my counter and was afraid this may turn into one of those and not willing to shell out $400 for the fancy blenders. After a year of use, i am proud to say this one is not one of them.I found it impossible to get enough servings of fruits and veggies into my family’s diet and this blender solved that problem. I use it about 3-4 times a week to make green smoothies for my family. Having a good blender in your home can literally change your life/health. For those who want vitamix/blendtec consistency to your green smoothies, blend the greens (ie spinach or kale) first then add your fruit and finish the blend. Regarding leakage, as several reviewers have noted, there is minimal amount that collects at the base but never a pouring leak, just some collection of whatever i’m blending. This never bothered me or affected my smoothies or soups.

I am pleased with the blender however i am concerned about the hard plastic drive shaft. I have blown out three blenders this year making morning smoothies. The motor on this one seems heavy duty but the hard plastic shaft troubles me since i am now seeing shavings of it left behind when i remove the pitcher. I am not sure how long it will last but i do have the warranty to fall back on. Its too bad they don’t make some thing without all these plastic parts.

Kitchenaid ksb580nk 5 speed blender is the best blender i have owned. It makes the best frozen drinks and smoothies. I use the ‘crushed ice’ mode first and then ‘pulse’ on high to finish the drink. The really nifty ‘crushed ice’ mode is really an auto-pulse mode, alternating ‘on’ for awhile, then ‘off’ and then back ‘on’. And the light weight, plastic pitcher is very easy to clean. In the bottom rack of the dishwasher. . No taking apart the blade assembly first. In the past two years, i burnt out my last oster and braun blenders. My kitchenaid blender joins my kitchenaid mixer on my kitchen counter top and looks great. Never before have i left a blender on the counter.

I am very happy with this purchase. My blender broke making margaritas. This blender is so much more powerful. I had a top of the line kitchen aid before. This blender far surpasses it. It can blend larger amounts. And, the blender bowl doesn’t weigh a ton when it is full, because the bowl is a heavy duty plastic. I thought that i might not like the plastic.

I have put this blender to moderate use for the four years i’ve owned it. Having prepared everything from smoothies to soup to bread crumbs and more, i’m in a great position to give you a good idea of the abilities and shortfalls of this blender. First, the positive:*it is a real mule when it comes to breaking down ice. We made the smoothest smoothies and finest grained blender ice drinks in it. *it has a fairly large capacity for a blender carafe. Now, the negative:*the blender carafe has a tendency to leak. *my blender popped up out of its seating while pulsing some ice last week and stripped the couplers on both the carafe and the base. The cost to fix this will be about 3/4 of the original price of the blender. $50ish for the carafe (because you can’t simply replace the coupler/gear assembly.

I purchased this blender on kitchenaid’s reputation of quality. While it did a good job i expect my appliances to last more then a couple years, especially when they come with a hefty price tag as this. I should add i purchased this based on a cooks illustrated magazine rating of ‘highly recommended’ at the time. When this one died i went back to cooks illustrated and they have now moved this blender to ‘not recommended’ and sited all the customer problems with it. Kitchenaid typically makes great products, unfortunately when something goes wrong their customer service is horrible.

Holy crap, this blender is noisy. I have worked in places with the commercial vita-mix blenders which are the bentley of blenders, but are crazy loud. The kitchen aid rivals any vita-mix in noise production. I actually thought maybe something was wrong with it, it makes the lights flicker in my house and sounds like it could explode. I bought it because cook’s illustrated recommended it, and it does blend well; i’ve made a giant batch of hummus that came out perfectly smooth. Fruit smoothies and other blended drinks (i’ve made margaritas) come out pretty good, i’ve only noticed one or two chunks of ice or frozen fruit in my drink. You are not going to get the perfectly smooth iciness that a vita-mix can produce, unless you break up your ice before you blend drinks in the kitchen aid, and even then it’s not exactly the same. Restaurants/bars/coffee shops use fresh ice machine ice that’s small, lightly frozen, and usually hollow cubes or flat chips which are stored in a bin that only insulates, rather than continues to freeze it, so ice blends easier and more uniformly than the super dense, rock hard chunks that most people have at home. Even the bags of ice you buy at the store are bigger chunks and are frozen harder than restaurant ice. So it helps to use smaller pieces of ice, and slightly defrosted frozen fruit for the best smoothies at home.

For the price – you can’t beat this thing. It’s loud – but it’s powerful. I thought the one-piece construction would be a pain in the a** but it’s very convenient. The lid makes a good seal and the polycarb pitcher is lightweight and easy to handle. Great for making baby foodpros:great finishing (brushed nickel finish)powerfuleasy to clean – seriously, just put it in the dishwasher. Cons:very loud – i added a dampening base to alleviate some of the sound it makes.

Our key aim in getting a new blender was making smoothies, and if possible, enough from one batch to serve a family of four. I don’t know the big deal about crushing ice, which many promos discuss, or why someone would add ice to a homemade smoothie. (perhaps i need to do more to embrace an inner jimmy buffet. ) we make a variety of smoothies that generally consist of some variation of frozen fruit (e. , bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc), fruit juice, yogurt, and fresh fruit. I suppose crushing ice has some relationship to making such smoothies, but generally we wanted a blender that can handle a lot of frozen fruit without bogging down. Our last two blenders, both in the $40-60 range, have lasted about 2 years each and eventually starting overheating when put to the effort. We’d have to resort to small, double batches in order to get our smoothie fix. So far (3 months) our kitchenaid ksb580nk (at a little more than twice the cost of our previous purchases) has been amazing. Following the owners manual suggestions, it handles more quantity and higher ratio of frozen fruit, resulting in well-blended, thick smoothies. It does this tough job much quicker and much more efficiently than our other blenders. The only draw back is that it is very loud, but i wouldn’t say it is appreciably louder than our previous blenders. If you are primarily looking to make the kind of smoothies i indicate above, this is a great blender. You can get it more cheaply, if you aren’t wanting the brushed nickel finish we chose, in order to match existing counter appliances.

My biggest problem with blenders has been that the seal between the container and the motor mount is never really sealed. You blend fruits, peaches, or tomatoes, and you always get liquid leaking from the container over the base. With the kitchen aid ksb580nk no more messy leaks, clean-up is a breeze. The container and the housing that fits over the motor mount is a continuously molded piece. The motor is especially strong and when you ‘puree’ tomatoes, the blender really purees them. The shape of the container’s top also allows for easy pouring without the dribble over the lip and down the side of the container.

EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and – Pros: Product is well constructed and attractive. It

Love the look and size, but as mentioned, many shelves are just a tad too small, meaning those shelves have to be forced/dragged open with wear and tear on labels. It also lowers number of bottles we can store. It is difficult to reach bottles in the back because shelves are not too sturdy. Both temps are holding steady, though, so we will put up with the less-than-perfect shelves.

I have to disclose upfront that i sent my unit back due to some controls issues however; having said that, it was a beautiful unit and would have been perfect if not for the controls issues.

Purchased this unit about a year ago, back to report. After much review reading, i decided this would be the safest choice, and i was right with a couple exceptions:pros: the unit is indeed quiet (we sleep in the same room as it) and reliable, and arrived in perfect shape. Cons: keeping one zone on the coldest setting for my whites resulted in a gigantic condensation ice block in the back of the machine. That said, it was easy to take the interior rear panel off with a screwdriver, and melt the block down using a blowdryer. Bumping the temp up to 45 degrees has fixed the ice problem completely. Also, the rumors are true, the shelves are very close together making it difficult to store champagne and bordeaux bottles. Here are the specifications for the EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Upper Zone: 41 – 54 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity; Lower Zone: 54 – 64 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity
  • 110 wine bottle capacity; Two (2) independently controlled zones; Stainless steel trimmed slide-out wood shelves; Digital temperature controls w/ LED display
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Blue interior LED lighting; Tinted glass door
  • For a single zone version of this model please see CWR1211SZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

I bought this about 1 1/2 years ago because it was one of the lower cost wine refrigerators for the amount of bottles it held. It had several positive reviews. My experience was good, until now. The temperature controls stopped working about a month ago. I had the refrigerator set to 54 and 58 degrees for the two zones. The temperature is now sitting at 68 for both zones. Just found out it’s the compressor. Still cheaper than the alternative of buying a new one, but knowing this, i would have rather spent $1,500 on a better product up front.

It keeps our wine at the proper temperature, since we are amateur wine makers and bottle our own wine, the issue of various bottle shapes isn’t a concern for us.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Almost perfect
  • Pros: Product is well constructed and attractive. It
  • Very nice but slightly flawed product

Nice and exactly what we wanted.

It keeps temperature well and locks. It is simple and well constructed. On the con side: it is not super quiet so it is more suited to a kitchen than a living room. The racks are also too tight for some specialty bottles or champagne bottles. They can also be tight enough to rub the labels on more ordinary bottles, so you need to be careful about delicate labels.

Posted measurements were off by an inch which had implications for a pre-built kitchen this was sliding into.

Pros: product is well constructed and attractive. It is also very quiet and maintains temps within 1 degree of setting. Cons: space between shelves is not sufficient for high-end cab bottles (the type of bottle that tapers from top to bottom). Needs about 1/8′ of extra space. Bottles (labels) get scraped and you have to force the shelve in or out as the bottles rub the shelf above.

It only fits wider bottles on top shelves. Doesn’t have wide range of temperatures in either zone.

Arrived when promised, very well packaged, maintains temperature very close to setting, attractive design. Larger diameter bottles drag on the shelf just above them, but workable.

Nice looking & works well so far.

Dual-zone operation, modern design, built-in or free-standing use, two individual temperature ranges for red and white wine, digital controls, and holds 110 bottles (or so) depending on the diameter of the bottles. It’s quiet, looks great and holds more than enough to party with.

Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill – Very happy with the purchase

I’ve owned this product for over 6 months and it is my favorite kitchen appliance. There truly is no other way to cook most meats. Only warning is if you are in a small apartment make sure your exhaust fan works. Otherwise the place will smell like you were grilling. So far its pretty much as described by other reviewers in terms of quality of grilling achievable. Mostly i grill poultry, lamb and goat meat and all have come out great. Unfortunately i haven’t had much success with fish, not because of the grill, but rather my skills at grilling fish leaves something to be desired. Update: i bought this item on december 9, 2014. Used it at least once a week for a year. Unfortunately in just less than the year mark my grill suffered from an electrical issue. While plugged into the electric outlet it did not come on. I contacted livart and they seem to know the problem and offered to replace it if still under warranty or sell me another one at a discount. I will take them at their offer because the livart grill is my favorite kitchen appliance. Btw watch your electrical bill, mine spiked dramatically.

Was looking for a good electric indoor grill w/out teflon.

I have cooked vegies, meat and fish the results are excellent. But the electric resistance does not have enough power to grill thick pieces of meat and needs a lot of time. I have improved the performance putting a small oven tray on top of the food in order to cook faster the food. On the other hand the cleaning process is very easy, you can put the grill and the water tray into dishwasher i’ve been doing that for long time and i didn’t find rust so far. It is small so you can store it easily into any kitchen cabinet. It is a great grill if you live in an apartment or you want to grill inside during winter time. I would suggest the following improvements for future versions:power selector. Increase electric resistance power. Here are the specifications for the Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Great for Yakitori-style cooking : You can cook skewers with the best taste, and tomatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables next to skewers will be a really good meal.
  • Simple to use : Easy to use- one touch operation, no assembly required, -Easy to Clean: Adjustable stainless steel grill and removable drip tray to catch excess fat and oil.
  • Flame grilling method: It is made by grilling method, so smoke and smell are greatly improved and quickly separates the fat oil from grilling. A variety of dishes are available, including corn, sweet potatoes and skewers.
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Grill :Stainless steel grill which is easily separated for cleaning. Durable and light weight.
  • Bottom tray collect dripping fat, grease, and oil from meats while cooking. Output: 1450W.

Had the smaller orange grill and loved it. We accidentally dropped it and it broke so while looking online for replacement i found they now have a larger grill. It’s not tons more grilling space but now it’s perfect 2-3 good size meats. I still like that it’s not so big i can’t leave on my counter as we use it every other day. It’s great for steak, pork, hot dogs, hamburgers and vegetables and more. I can honestly say it’s the best kitchen small appliance i have ever bought.

We’ve cooked steaks, burgers, dogs, etc on it. I have found with thicker steaks i need to put a piece of foil over the top to hold in the heat so i can get it to medium as my husband likes instead of medium rare. There is a pan in the bottom that you place water in to help keep smoke from drippings to a minimum. It’s important to have good ventilation as i have found that i can set off smoke detectors in my apartment even when i have placed water in the bottom and i don’t notice smoke.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best appliance I’ve ever purchased!
  • After a Year of Use
  • Love this grill, very convenient!!!!

We were skeptical as we are slaves to our outdoor grill. We have been pleasantly surprised at the way it ‘grills’ our food. I love the quick way it cooks steaks, chicken is nice and juicy. We love this product for those nights we get home late and don’t have time to get the charcoal grill prepared. We are in the south so we really don’t have cold winters but when it rains, this a good alternative.

Been looking for an easy-to-use/clean indoor korean/japanese grill for a long time. Mainly to grill delicate seafood, like squid tentacles. Just don’t go anywhere when it’s on.

Item arrived quickly and working as described. Very happy with the purchase.

Works good and is nice to be able to ‘grill’ inside the house. Just make sure that you always keep water in that tray.

Years ago i had a grill similar to this, but had a porcelain base. But it costs almost four times the amount of this one. So due to the huge price difference, i bought this one instead. Make it a little larger to easily fit one more chicken thigh or hamburger patty easily 2. Have two temperature settings, as opposed to just one.

Stinks up the house even when we are running the exhaust fan. If you are looking for george foreman speed, look elsewhere. Helps a bit if you ‘tent’ it with aluminum foil.

I had my doubts about this before i ordered but omg it is the best. So easy and food tasted like it was grilled outside over coals without the mess.

I cooked kalbi on it tonight. It tasted great but there was smoke throughout the living room. Also while cooking it suddenly had flames coming out of it. Just have to be careful and used outside if cooking with soy marinade. Cleaning the grill was hard but worth it. Next time i would use aluminum foil for the bottom pan. Water just evaporated and left a mess to clean.

The metal rods that keep the tray in place broke through the sides. Cooks food easily and quickly. Can’t cook anything too flimsy like broccoli on it, but fish, meat, and veggies cook well. Runs through the dishwasher. Good way to cook food without using a massive oven if you’re not cooking as much of a portion.

This was a christmas gift for my son.

There’s almost no smoke from it, very surprising. Some things i wasn’t expecting, there’s no way to adjust the heat and you have to fill the bottom pan with water with every use. Probably to prevent it from making grease fires or smoking. Other than that, i love this thing.

This is really nice and compact grill, if this is big size then i wonder how much smaller the non deluxe version is. Anyways here is my review after using it 1-2 times. Very easy to setup, very little to no smoke, decent heat (not super hot, wish it was little it hotter), the heating element is on 3/4 part of the grill so there are spots which are not so hot, which may be desirable to move cooked food to that area. Cleaning was easy, have to put the still grid in hot water for 15 minutes and with light scrubbing everything came out. One small note is that if you are cooking for longer time, please remember to keep pouring more water in the bottom pan. I grilled chicken, mushrooms, tofu. All came out really nice and juicy. My daughter had a few skewers (who does not eat much) so that is a good sign.

Good for indoor grilling (salmon, thin slice steak and veggies).

I use it quite a bit with good results when we can’t grill outside.

Many years ago i had a great counter-top broiler. I got the livart broiler and have been thoroughly satisfied with it’s performance. It cooks meat in approximately the same time as if i were using a charcoal barbecue, which would be my ideal (but i can’t have it where i live). The unit does a particularly good job and i would recommend it to anyone.