Dexter-Russell (1227-14) – 14″ Butcher Steel – Dexter-Russell : The real deal

It is the exact steel i used one for 40 yrs. I ordered it and am giving to my daughter and son in law for christmas.

Replacement gift for my dad’s 40 year old steel. Will last him another 40 years.

As a former retail meat cutter, this is the real deal. High quality, full size and an excellent piece of equipment. This should last anyone a lifetime.

Passed around the #3 culinary facility in the country, cornell dining, this steel goes from knife to knife and produces a lasting edge that will glide through a 1mm tomato slice. And when you consider that it’s not handling any basic stainless steel. Vg-10, vg-max damascus, vg12 high carbon/blue steel damascus. This steel is a workehorse, and will serve your home or career proficiently.

  • This is a great Butchers Steel!
  • Butcher Steel
  • This thing is heavy duty and will take some steel

Dexter-Russell (1227-14) – 14″ Butcher Steel – Dexter-Russell

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  • Ship Weight: 1.08 lbs.
  • Blade Length: 14″
  • Coarseness: Medium
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Sharpener Material: Magnetized Steel

I have had one of these for years and it has been warn out for a long time. This one seems to be even better than the first one that i had.

I’m giving this dexter-russell butchers steel a five star rating because it deserves it. I worked as teenager in my dads grocery store meat market in the 1950’s. In the fall, farmers slaughtered their hogs, brought them to our walk-in cooler to be butchered and packaged. We did a lot of meat cutting so you had to have good knives, a good stone and most of all you had to have a real good steel. I have been looking for a good steel for years and now i’ve found one. This dexter-russell is a near spitting image of the one dad had and that one was made, if i remember correctly, in the 1930’s. I love the heft and feel of this steel. I played with it for a bit using some of my wife’s cheap-o kitchen knives and in short time it all began coming back to me. I went to work on her good knives, first a little stone work, then to the steel. What a pleasure to have an edge that quickly slices through a crusty smoked brisket, and it’s still sharp as ever when you finish.

My boyfriend uses it to sharpen every knife he has. Great price and shipped fast.

Works great and sharpens our knives perfectly and with ease.

This is the nicest steel i’ve ever used. I first used a friend of mines dexter-russell but i didn’t know the brand, when i saw this i had to purchase. The steel is just the right hardness and puts an outstanding hone on the blade. The only drawback is the 14″ seems a little long for my needs and that’s not a real issue.

I cut meat for 10 years and this is the exact steel i used. My gf moved in and thought it was part of an old rotisserie and tossed it.

This thing is heavy duty and will take some steel off your blades. Use this on less expensive knives for commercial work or this to get your fancy knives sharp and then hone with ceramic.

Maintains knives extremely well.

I will buy another one for my second home. I have a victorinox that i bought just prior to this one. I have bought both victorinox and dexter-russell butcher knives. In my opinion dexter-russell is by far the better product.

Different surface than others & better.

I have an old one that belonged to my first ex-wifes meat cutter step dad. It’s about seventy years old and getting pretty smooth. I still use it after the new one once in awhile.

At my age this is probably the last steel that i will ever need. It does a great job and i am very pleased with the quality.

This is a great product that works. This is something you buy for life.

This butcher steel is the right texture to sharpen your everyday knives. This is a long steel, but works really well.

I like this one best of all them. You will not be disappointed if you get one of these.

I always wanted a real steel, now i got one. This is not your moma’s ten dollar kitchen drawer model.

The handle is of nice quality wood and the steel length is nice, a little longer for you kitchen knives. Ali’s has nice guard in the bottom which also keeps it from rolling on the counter if you put it down. Also has nice ring on the end for hanging when not in use. Used it to sharpen my pocket knife and with about three or four swipes on each side and it sharpened the blade very nicely.

New Age Living BL1500 3 HP Commercial Smoothie Blender | Blends Frozen Fruits, Efficient Blender

It was taller than expected, but it is a workhorse and crushes frozen fruit and ice quickly.

It is larger than i anticipated. Looks like it should be sitting on a launch pad in houston. . But it does the job nicely.

It has defiently made my life so much easier. I make a vegetable mix and now with this it takes me literaly seconds. Before i use to be chopping peppers cilantro onions and garlic like for hours, with this blender i get things done 1 2 3.

Key specs for New Age Living BL1500 3 HP Commercial Smoothie Blender | Blends Frozen Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, even Ice | Make Pro Quality Shakes & Soups | ETL Rated With 5 Year Warranty:

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  • POWERFUL: A 3HP peak motor shreds through the toughest fresh or frozen ingredients.
  • SAFE: The blending jar uses nearly indestructable baby bottle grade BPA free Tritan plastic.
  • BEST TASTE: Blades spin up to 35,000 RPM to blend the finest seeds, creating the smoothest flavors.
  • HEALTHY: Breaks down cell walls & releasing more precious phytonutrients in fruits & vegetables than department store blenders.
  • ETL RATING & 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Complete ETL electrical rating for safe use in the USA along with full warranty.

Comments from buyers

“Cut my hours in seconds
, Five Stars
, Looks like it should be sitting on a launch pad in

Just got this blender so i can’t really speak about long term use, but can tell you after playing with it (making several popular recipes) for the last couple hours, it’s a beast. Have been researching for a while and decided on new age living for its power and price but primarily the service. After reading the review here about the rusted bearing, i messaged the vender to inquire if the problem was resolved and received a response from john within minutes, here was his reply:’yes, the issue in the review regarding the rusted bearing was addressed. This has been a one off issue where we believe the bearing in that particular container missed it’s corrosion treatment before leaving the factory. The review mentions the bearingnot being made from stainless steel but stainless can not be used for that part. It needs to be bearing steel for strength which means corrosion treatment needs to be applied after assembly. We have not experienced this issue since. ‘this blender has a great 5 year warranty but it’s useless unless it comes from a company that cares and stands behind their marketing buzz words. The quick response from john and his ability to address my concerns face on with clarity swayed me to make the purchase, and i’m glad i did. Love my new power blendercheers.

We own a coffee shop and use our blender all day long it is more then we can ask for , for the cost. We own a vitamix and it is of the same quality only better because its half the cost.

Used for several months now making smoothies and juices. No issues with anything such as the container, rusting or over heating. Saved me a lot of money and gave me everything i wanted. I would definitely but this again. Sound can be rather loud so if you plan on buying a sound proofing case make sure where the hole for the corded it placed. Since this is more of a commercial, more powerful blender, the cord it round and thick not flat and thin. It is a bit on the bulky side but not too heavy.

Just got this blender today and it is everything i hoped for and more. I have spent a long time researching blenders. I really wanted a vitamix but just couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a blender. I received this within 3 business days of ordering it. This blender is commercial quality, heavy duty. We first made a smoothly with frozen fruits a nd a raw apple. I made cashew cheese and it came out perfect.When i put it on the high setting it got the sauce steaming hot so i know it will be great to make hot soup with.

Was a gift for my daughter she loves it.

An integral part of my kitchen now.Does what it says it will and keeps working.

Blender was delivered quickly and was what i expected. Performs much better than a regular blended at chopping up ice quickly.

Very very glad i bought so far so good.

I’m hooked on smoothies and this machine makes them in seconds. I don’t know what i would do without it.

DELLA Commercial 1200W 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Nut Durable Fruit Sausage Jerky Dryer : Big but worth it.

My della is now over a year old and still going strong. I’ve done everything from drying fruits and vegetable to making jerkey.

I have used this for about a month and at first i loved it and it worked great , easy to clean , not to loud , looks like a commercial one. After a month the heating unit just stopped working after i had just cut up fruits and filled the trays and after 8 hours no change at all to the fruit. I went over and over the directions to make sure i was doing the right things and i was. I am so disappointed as i was looking forward to doing all the summer fruits and vegetables. I just sent a message in and hopefully they will help me out with this. I am very disappointed i have written to the seller of this and told them that i am having problems with this and they have not answered any of my emails don’t know what to do now. I really miss using this when it worked it was great and the problem seems to be with heating component. Thank you and if anyone knows of something i can do please let me know.

Della Commercial 1200W 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Nut Durable Fruit Sausage Jerky Dryer, Stainless Steel

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  • Great for large families, gardeners, and sportsmen. Etc… voltage: 120 Volts – 60Hz | heating power: 1200 watt
  • It comes with digital LCD display timer and digital thermostat for setting adaptable processing time and temperature to reserve the best flavor of drying food
  • Multiple trays so you can keep different foods separated and organized
  • Temperature control dial: 95af-155af | trays material: Stainless Steel
  • Size of Trays: 14-1/4″(W) x 16″(L) | Certificate: UL Listed | Overall Dimension: 20-1/4″(L) x 17-1/4″(W) x 16-3/4″(H)

You can do so much at once with it. Timer works great and it is easy to start. Cleans well (racks are too big for my sing so i bought a plastic tub that i can use to wash them) no complaints.

I bought this for a new business venture. . Must say it is a good buy. Some people may have a little trouble assembling it. For the price it cant be beat.

Fun for the whole family from making trail mix to making pet treats. Easy to use and temperature control set your time and walk away. I still check on things throughout but very easy.

Della Commercial 1200W 10-Tray Food Dehydrator Nut Durable Fruit Sausage Jerky Dryer, Stainless Steel : This unit works good and i can’tell think of how it could be better except by adding expense by making it of unnecessarily more heavy duty parts. I expect it will work for us for many years.

I use this for drying cookies that are decorated with royal icing and it works beautifully. It’s perfect for setting small areas that might crater if drying at room temperature (eyes, small details, etc. I just put it on the lowest setting and leave it on for a while, while taking trays in/out to add the next layer of details. One tray sticks a little and is harder to remove, but that’s my only complaint.

My only complaint is that the drawers don’t seal like other dehydrators i’ve used in the past. Other than that, no problems or issues.

The only issue i see with it is the way the fan attaches to the unit. It is held on by little tabs which could bend easily. They need to fix that about it. I would buy another one and would recommend you try it out.

We advanced to this dehydrator from a small plastic one. The quality of this one is great. We can make lots of jerky at one time. Racks are a little hard to clean without a protective sheet. But just took a little elbow grease.

I know this is late in coming, however this l hope will be helpful. I am stilling using this at least 2 times a months.

It is great that the heater/van unit is separable, the shelves are sturdy and large. I like it more than the excalibur i used to have.

I was torn between buying this one or an excalibur. I used to own an excalibur and liked it. I would have bought another one but there has been a lot of bad reviews lately complaining of the malfunctioning fan and/or heating unit so i decided to go with this one. The price was a lot less in comparison and it even has a shut off timer. I’ve only used it once so far. I dehydrated two trays of cooked lentils using separately purchased teflon sheets. Half way through the drying process i noticed the lentils closer to the back of the dehydrator were dryer than the ones towards the front. Since one side of the trays actually make up the front wall of the unit there is no way to turn the entire tray around for even drying like in the excalibur. To remedy this i just turned the teflon sheets around to get them to dry evenly.

We have used several times and it works nicely. If using to dehydrate fruits, we would recommend a light coating of non-stick spray on the trays as we found that some of the fruits would stick. Cleans easily and works great.

Works awesome and so glad we purchased this item. We have used it to make our own veggie chips and our own beef jerky. If you are looking for a good dehydrator then this is a great choice you will not be disappointed.

The trays are fragile if you drop them on a hard floor. I shattered one dropping it accidentally about 3 feet onto a tile floor. Fortunately, there are 10 trays, so it didnt really hurt to lose one.

If i had known how much i was going to end up using it i would have opted to get the 10-tray model. I opted for the 6-tray fearing that the 10-tray would take up even more space. This is bulky, but that’s what you get with any and all dehydrators. I bought this dehydrator with the intention of making me own dehydrated meals for backpacking trips, instead of mres and mountain house meals which are filled with preservatives and i don’t think they taste very good. I usually feel like crap by the second day of eating them. They slide in and out without issue and they lock in place from a small groove in the back when they are fully inserted. The temperature setting is easy to adjust and the timer is as well. I use globalis- superior 9 pack super non-stick, dupont teflon re-usable food dehydrator sheets for excalibur 2500, 2900, 3500, 3900 or 3926t.

I love that it came with 10 racks (plastic). The size is perfect, the temp control works great, as does the power button. I really appreciate that the rack will come off the side easily and can be soaked, and washed. The more i use at once, the longer it takes to dehydrate, which is fine as i knew that would happen.

I bought this dehydrator because my smaller nesco died. For the price and functions of this model you can’t go wrong. You be disappointed if you choose this dehydrator.

Very nice high quality dehydrator. I looked at dehydrators for a long time and almost talked myself out of buying another reading all the reviews. I have went through so many of the round cheaper models making jerky i have lost track. The timer makes it very nice to dehydrate jerky overnight without worrying about it getting overdone. With the design of this model you are pushing warm air out of the back instead of up. It should last longer since there isnt anything dripping into the motor of fan. So far i have been very impressed and have made quite a bit of jerky with it. People tell me i should sell my jerky. It is much larger than the small round ones. For the price i paid i was impressed with quality of the machine.

I love the additional space the 10-tray model has. I can’t imagine what i’d have done it i would have actually gone with one of the round models you see in wally-world. My only complaint is that the trays dry a tad bit quicker towards the rear, which is to be expected since that’s where the heat source is. Overall, this thing is an awesome value. Basically a plastic excalibur.

I bought it so i could speed dry my royal icing cookies (which gives them a nice shine instead of a matt finish). The fact i could slide trays in and out without opening the door was the reason della was purchased. It even worked with some of the trays removed; i doubt one would want to do this if dehydrating fruits or meat, but for my needs it was perfect.