KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender, Amazing value for a blender tough enough to blend kale!

Kitchenaid products have a typically solid reputation as a top quality brand, but i was a little disappointed with this blender. I had read others reviews warning about the leaky jar, and at first no leaks, but over the last 2 years has become progressively leaky around the blade bearing. Ironically one of the features that drew me to this model was the sealed controls that do make it easy to clean – just didn’t know it was going to be such a self-inflicted mess.Another downside is the noise level this thing makes. It’s not deafening, but expect to wake light sleepers up when whipping up an early morning protein shake. On the other hand the 56 oz. Carafe is large and easy to clean, the motor has plenty of torque to crush ice and blend frozen fruits to nearly a pulp free consistency. One more thing that irritated me are the large rubber feet that make it impossible to slide on a counter top – i solved this by using some self-adhesive felt furniture pads on the rubber pads – also helped to decouple the motor noise from the counter top. This thing is heavy enough to stay put while running – but still don’t leave it unattended as it will ‘walk’ some depending on the speed and what you are blending.

We wanted a blender that blended, made smoothies and when the crush ice button was used to crush ice, we was not left with half a blender full of whole cubes. The base of the jug is wide so everything gets sucked down into the blades. The design of the base motor and the jug just make one handed, putting it together so simple. There are cheaper blenders on the market that should not called blenders. Its powerful, and quiet and a great investment as this is our 4th try at buying and trying, save some time. Unless you want to spend 400 + $ stick right here and put this in your wishlist or cart, this was the cheapest supplier, maybe its the color, there are other colors avl at higher cost if blues not for you, happy blending.

We have had the blender for just over a year, and it started leaking. Since the warranty is only for one year, i thought i would be out of luck. Much to my surprise i’m getting a replacement pitcher for the blender after a five minute phone call to kitchenaid. (google ‘kitchenaid support’ for the number). It would have been four minutes from start to finish if i hadn’t taken the time to express my gratitude. She asked for my serial number and if ‘i happened to remember where i bought it’. There were no questions asked about my purchase date. I’m really glad that we can keep using this blender because it’s awesome compared to others i’ve used in the past. I love the all-in-one design of the pitcher, which makes cleanup easy. It’s far more powerful than our last blender, and the design makes blending more efficient.

Key specs for KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Made in USA
  • Polished metal (nickel)
  • Very powerful
  • if you have stainless steel kitchen this will be the one that looks great with it

Comments from buyers

“Perfeck a dream machine
, Amazing value for a blender tough enough to blend kale!
, Very solid performance, but needs a few refinements

I first bought this blender back in 2010 and i haven’t bought another blender since. Every time i go to buy a new blender, i seriously consider purchasing a more expensive one, like vitamix or blendtec. Yet, when i look at reviews and performance tests, the kitchenaid 5-speed blender performs just as well as the blenders 2 – 3 times its price. I’ve had my latest kitchenaid blender for over 3 years now and i use it every day to blend green smoothies. It handles blending kale with ease, unlike most blenders in its price range. Maybe one day i’ll give vitamix a try, but for now i’m very content with my kitchenaid 5-speed.

George Foreman RC0010B Smart Kitchen 30-Cup Digital Multicooker, Love the Multi-cooker

I like the fact that you can saute in this cooker but the settings do not allow for any slow cooking, lowest setting is almost like it is off, luke warm, next one has what i am cooking boiling fast. The rest are just higher settings. It’s ok, i am using it for soups but disappointed that it doesn’t slow cook.

The only complaint i have is the directions seemed really complicated. To make the rice you just need to follow the directions on the rice bag, don’t bother with the little cup included.

We have been fans of the george foreman products since his original grill. This cooker is just great for soups and stews. We use it at least once a week and have done so in the year since we bought it. The coating is still good and all still works fine.

Key specs for George Foreman RC0010B Smart Kitchen 30-Cup Digital Multicooker with Sear Setting:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 30-Cup (5-1/2-quart) capacity lets you cook whole meals for big family gatherings and more, with our George Tough nonstick coating for oil-free cooking and easy cleaning
  • Intelli-probe digital controls feature specific settings for different types of rice and steam, variable temperature settings and a one-touch sear button that makes searing meat for stews easy
  • Stainless steel steaming basket and tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent makes it easy to get the results you want on a variety of your steamed favorites
  • Elegant pan removes easily from the control probe to offer easy serving without any extra dishes
  • Measures 11.6 by 13.6 by 10.6-inch; 3-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

, I like the fact that you can saute in this cooker
, Love this cooler!

I would recommend buying this for your home.

This is the best multi cooker for the value. Second one i purchase due the my husband breaking the first one. Used the at my work place almost everyday, heats up fast and easy to clean and store.

It’s ideal for rice, steaming meats, fish and vegetables.

Just the right size, easy to use and seems to be in constant use since we bought it.

I got this george foreman rc0010b steamer cooker for my mother-in-law because i already have one myself and she loves it. I love how easy it is to use to cook rice and veggies.

Sent it back not good for a crock pot, but good for deep frying.

Already had one but likes it so much i bought another. Nice to have two in the summer.

It’s multitaskful, the price is wonderful.

5qts and 2 cups is only 22 cups. I must admit i didn’t see the 5 quart written on the advert i saw the 30 cup and went for it . There is nothing wrong with the product — just the miss representation about its capacity.

I have had this for a few years and it is still by far my favorite tool in my kitchen. I love to make chili and all types of stews in it, rice, brown meat, steamed veggies, etc. It’s also really easy to transport. Plus, it has been a total godsend since my normal stove broke.

We really like this cooker – we bought it for a burrito party but now we use it at home at least once per week. It makes rice perfectly every time. We just wish it came with more recipes.

This is my second (i took the finish off with a hand blender) my bad, i use this every week, week after week for 4 years now. It cooks rice, grains perfectly, steams veggies, cooks big batch chilli, you name it.

I love mine i cook with it all the time my husband’s favorite on it is the warm button. He works all day and i always goto bed before him it’s good to know i can leave the food on warm so when he eats its still hot. This is my second george foreman pot the first one i’ve had for about 10 years and the heating element just startedacting up but i’m still using it. They are totally water safe i wash them in my dishwasher the plugs on the side are sealed and water safe i cook everythingin this that is small like stews, soup, homemade chili i cook so much in this to much to write. I love george foreman cookware and grills and i know you will to with this pot if you decide to buy it.

I got my multicooker on saturday and used it for dinner. I found that it reaches the set temperature quickly so you need to be prepared for that. Other electric cookers i have used take longer to reach operating temperature. The meal came out fine and the multicooker cleaned up easily. I got this product because my cuisinart rice cooker is annoying to use and difficult to do other things than just cook rice. This product has a much larger steam basket than the cuisinart. It is also more versatile than my presto multicooker. That has a terrible steaming option and can’t cook rice. Some people complain about the lack of instructions. The booklet that comes in the box is shorter than the pdf version which is found on the product’s home page.

Seriously the best rice cooker i have ever found. Bought one for my mother and my mother in law, they agree. Have not used it much as a slow cooker but as a steamer it is great.

Holds plenty, good range of heat and time selections. Good for soups, chillies, roasts, chanko. Anything else you might wanna cook up.

Rice is always perfect cooked in this gf cooker.

This is a great pot; you can make anything in it. Anything that you cook on the top of the stove can be cooked in this. I especially like that i can take prepared foods to family gatherings and keep the soup, casserole, etc. Warm without using their stove or oven.

I’ve ised it for slow cooker recipes and it works great. Easy to clean and easy to use.

I was looking for a product that heated foods quickly & a larger quantity than other similar products. The labeling is wrong however-30 cups is 7 1/2qts. I was scared to order it fearing it was a 5 1/2 qt but was pleasantly surprised.The original price was too expensive for me also, but once it was lowered quite a bit, i jumped on it. It heats very quickly & i love the settings & the way the control panel operates. You do need to stir foods heating frequently if it’s set very high if you’re not trying to brown something or it does try to stick a little.

I honestly love this appliance and use it several days a week. It has a large steam basket and boils very quickly. They different temperature functions make cooking just about anything easy and quick. I have also made rice in it several times and it always comes out great. I thought cleaning was going to be a pain but once again pleasantly surprised. The only reason i gave this 4 stars is that only after a few weeks the handles feel like they are separating. They are 2 pieces that seem to be getting loose. All in all definitely recommend.

P&J Health P & J Health – Anti Snoring Solution, Love my Belgian Waffle Maker

I read a lot of reviews on a number of brands of the flip waffle makers. As with any product there are often mixed reviews, but this one seemed to have the better positive ones. Even though more expensive, i did purchase it. It seems to be solidly built, but is not overly heavy. I have used it several times. I have used a couple of mixes, including the krusteaz belgian mix, and they work fine. Be sure to follow the instructions about brushing on or spraying oil when the unit had heated. They clearly state this on an included instruction sheet. Waffles are wonderful and did not stick.

This waffle baker is fabulous. It allows me to make waffles as individually as our family members wish. It took me a few times to figure out the right timing for our individuals. Once i did, though, we decided this is absolutely perfect. The instructions were easy to understand and follow. The cleanup is almost unnecessary. It is somewhat heavy duty and appears to be sturdy and will hold up for a long time. This is a perfect addition to our kitchen. We use it at our cabin, and i would certainly buy another just like it when our home waffle baker retires.

Bought this about 6 weeks ago and have only made waffles in it three times. Not that anything is wrong with it but its just my husband and myself and we only eat breakfast together on sundays. The waffle iron heats up fast and cooks the waffle fast too. I havent experienced any problems at all, but like i said i only used it 3 times. The waffles were cooked evenly, and crisp on the outside. It turns with out any problem at all. I used 2 different mixes that i purchased on amazon ‘golden malted pancake and waffle mix’ and ‘heartland malted vanilla belgian waffle mix’ the golden mix needs eggs, milk and butter, while the heartland uses only water. I found them both to be very good ans well as similar. For ease if use i will stick to the heartland.

Key specs for P & J Health – Anti Snoring Solution, , advanced Nose Vents To Ease Breathing and Snoring(Set of 8):

  • Stop Snoring Naturally and Instantly: P&J health Nose Vents has been scientifically designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage and can cease snoring immediately.
  • Safe & No Side Effect: Made with soft medical grade silicone. Odor free and BPA free.
  • Easy to Use: Insert gently into nose and it will work. No need for long list of directions.
  • Comfortable to Wear & Fit Perfectly: P&J Health Nose Vents includes a set of 2 different sized nose vents for a perfect fit! The soft and enhanced silicone gives comfortable feeling
  • Hygiene Case Included: Packaged in a reusable plastic case to keep the nose vents clean and free of dust. Also perfect to use as a travel case Thank you”

Comments from buyers

“It rocks!
, Not Built Like Earlier Version
, Perfect waffles every time

My wife and i saw this and another waring waffle maker in bed bath and beyond (for $10-20 more, mind you) so i decided to look it up on here. We decided to go with this one since we don’t really need to be able to do 2 waffles at once. We made waffles the day after it arrived, and boy was i impressed. This thing heats up really quickly. Well, i turned it on right before i made the batter. I had just added the wet ingredients and reached for my whisk when the timer went off that it was ready. Incrediblethe waffle came out easily and was evenly cooked all around. I look forward to many more waffles in the future.

I bought this appliance to replace an older version that gave use years of service before the rotate mechanism failed. I immediately noticed the overall quality of construction has gone backwards. The original was much heavy and the base was completely covered in seamless metal. There was also a metal spill tray, which was needed. The cord was heavier duty and the measure cup was clear with fill marks. However, the handle was long and took more space but never got hot, and the beep time went off too soon for proper doneness. This version lacks the spill tray and most of base is plastic with a metal disc too small for spills and a seam between metal and plastic. Hope it makes good waffles and lasts. Would have preferred another of original. We use golden malt waffle mix, which many hotels use in the self serve breakfast bar.

I received my waffle maker on time and it makes a perfect belgian waffle that is cooked evenly throughout and that everyone in our family enjoys. You just pour the batter in the middle, rotate the handle, set the cooking level and it beeps to let you know when it is done. It’s also so easy to clean, basically just wipe and your done. I would recommend this merchant and product.

I am very pleased with this purchase and i recommend this waffle maker to anyone considering buying one. As automatic as it gets, all one has to do is fill it and close it. It even beeps when it’s done and can be adjusted for individual preference. I like mine a little more crispy. This model was recommended to me by a college student who raved about one they had in the dorm.

Using either home made or packaged mixes, seems to work great. Waffles cook very well (use a 4. 5 setting) and the measuring cup provided was absolutely perfect when used with classic fare pre-mix. No overflows or under fills. Like most non-stick units, these work best if you use them at least once a week, do not wash the grids, simply oil the hot grids prior to use and wipe out with a soft cloth/paper towel after use. Very happy with the performance.

This waffle iron cooks faster than most, pumping out a fresh crispy waffle every two minutes or so – whether u flip it or not. That’s right, puts out great waffles even if u forget to flip it. Don’t forget to add oil to the batter for waffles, or you’ll get real chewy waffles – so with ‘complete’ pancake mix, add just water for pancakes, and oil & water for waffles. 5 and that produces a nicely brown (not too dark) waffle. If you don’t flip the waffle right away, it wll not let u flip it. We also love the five beeps that say the waffle iron is ready for the first waffle, and the three beeps that say the waffle is done. Also, this waffle iron has an on/off switch (most do not) so we can select a corner for waffle making and leave it plugged in. So convenient, since we eat waffles a lot.And, we always have complete pancake mix in the pantry because it is so handy krusteaz buttermilk pancake mix, 10-pound.

If one of the highlights of going on a trip is having the waffles at the motel-as it is for me-this is your unit; it works exactly the same way. You can even buy whole-wheat waffle mix if you are health nut like i am; or make your own-very simple recipe. Btw, pancake mix and waffle mix are the same thing-some people just put more oil and egg in their waffles-just so you don’t pay twice the price for ‘belgian waffle mix’.

No, not really, but i don’t use it every day like some reviewers; however, it certainly gets used a couple of times a month. The only thing i’d say to watch out for is after the irons get hot and it beeps that it’s ready and then you spray some pam on them to keep the waffles from sticking, the spray might cool the iron down so that the green light goes off. If you don’t watch for this, then the timer doesn’t work because it’s no longer ‘ready. ‘ we ran into this a couple of times. Just wait for the green light to come on and then pour your batter. The whole family of five love these. Now if only it made waffles divided into 1/5s rather than quarters :).

I make whole wheat sweet potato waffles every week and am so glad to have my waring waffle maker.

Exactly what i had hoped for. I’ve made waffles with and without other items in there like fruit and chocolate chips, clean up is very easy either way. My 18 year old son took to trying out different recipes with this so it got a lot of use pretty fast and it never gave him problems. At work i noticed that they have this same exact waffle maker model in our cafeteria and i know that thing gets a ton of use. I asked the chefs about it there and they all loved it and were shocked that i could buy this for well under a hundred dollars, they all figured it had to have been over $250 for how great it works and how much of a beating it takes. There’s over 1,400 people in my building and while not everyone runs down to the caf every day to get a waffle. . You can still imagine that it gets a lot of use. Worth spending a few extra dollars to get something you know is going to last you a long time.

The beeps are very convenient because you don’t have to be standing right there looking at the ‘ready’ light. I found that some waffle mix brands stick badly to it. I use the carbon brand and it works great even with any non – stick spray. I am very happy with this product.

After working with professional belgian waffle irons, i must say this product is an affordable comparable version. Notes:bell sounds when waffle is complete (loud enough to hear if you stray from the kitchen)it does take a few waffles to get the knack of itmeasuring cup is included (don’t exceed the recommended amount or it will make a mess)easy to cleanafter its initial use, i haven’t needed to oil the plates (buy a misto)booklet included contains easy to follow instructions and some recipes. Regular non yeast waffles work wellelectrical cord is of decent length (32′)let’s hope this lasts as i’ve only used for about 2 months.

Got the mix at grocery store. I spend a lot of time at hampton inn s and i think this is what they use. Fill cup to fill line with batter, poor in middle, close, flip wait for beep. Even did a dinner waffle with peppers, onions, sun dried tomatoes for a twist- great with grilled or fried chicken. I’m into presentations so you can split these into 4 perfect wedges for just the right amount. Liked it enough bought my daughter one.

I previously purchased the presto flip waffle maker due to the numerous positive reviews and the lower price. However, i found the waffles too thick for my liking. I found out that my favorite local crepe place uses a waring pro waffle maker very similar to this model (if not the exact same model) so i had to have it for myself.The waffles i’ve been making are so delicious, just like the waffles i get at the restaurant 🙂 it took some experimenting to get the heat settings just right for the batter i was using so that the waffle is nice and crispy on the outside but i finally found a happy place at 4. I love my waffle maker and enjoy sharing the waffles with my roommates. I actually found myself bragging to people about how i just bought this awesome waffle maker that is the same one that the crepe place uses. I said that if i made just 10 waffles the machine would have paid for itself and it has :dit’s easy to use, easy to clean, and produces great waffles. I would highly recommend this waffle maker to everyone.

Every once in a while i need a real waffle. Even going to ihop isn’t going to work. You need to make a batter that rises. (see ‘joy of cooking’ for a basic recipe. ) the other thing that you need is a good waffle maker. There are quite a few out there.

I’ve used the waffle iron several times now, with great results. I don’t always agree with the timer, though. When there is little to no steam coming out, then the waffle is done. Also, if you have a little bit of melted butter in your waffle batter, the waffles will never stick. The waffle iron is easy to use, and easy to clean. I had bought a bella belgian waffle maker before this one. I took the bella one back to the store because it was such poor quality. I hope the waring pro lasts for a long time.

This makes the most amazing waffles. Tastes equally as good as the ones at my favorite resturant. I use the krusteaz light and crispy belgian waffle mix and love it. The smallest batch makes 3 waffles with a little batter left over. I can’t eat all three so, i cook them up and then after cooled, put them in a zip lock bag and reheat on the waffle maker the next morning. Like other reviewers stated, i set it between 4 and 4. When i reheat the next day, i set it at 3 and it crisps the outside nicely while keeping the inside moist. At under $2 bucks a box, one waffle at my favorite place is $4 so that is quite some savings over time.I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good waffle .

Our son moved and took our original waring waffle maker so we had to buy a new one. This one is a little smaller, but works as well as our original one that we loved. Because it has a different type of lever, i get confused which way to turn it, but it’s no biggie.

This was my third waffle maker and so far, it has been the best. The first one made by b & d produced small, rubbery waffles. The second, a bella, made crisp, standard waffles but the handle would lock every time. This waffle w pro maker is consistent and perfect for my small family. The waffles aren’t super crispy but my husband doesn’t like them that way, anyway. In addition to waffles, i make grilled cheese, biscuits, quesadillas and garlic toast. I’ve only had it a month or so but use it several times a week. The easiest way i’ve discovered to catch my drips from overfilling the waffle maker is to simply slide a paper plate under the heating unit and discard after use.

Great machine, perfect waffles, if you make the correct waffle batter. I would give it five stars; however, a known inherit fault with these machines, the screws from the hinges that hold the top plale & bottom plate, will eventually pop out, due to pressure of the waffles use over time. My first waring waffle maker lasted about six years, then the screws popped out, this is why i got this one. I would not buy another waffle maker, unless the screws pop out sooner on this model. Other than the batter, the secret to perfect waffles is high heat. And this model pumps out 1200 watts. Crispy outside, soft & tender inside, and all around delicious.

I have used different mixes in this iron and it produces good waffles. However, there are two things i don’t like about it. First, the iron does not always flip well. Sometimes, it gets stuck and you have to try a few times. Second, i wish the design allows a better way to clean it. I am hesitant to rinse it under the water because it is an electric product.