Gourmia GDF450 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Stainless Steel 4 – Horrible instructions

I bought this for my son and he loves it the food looks and taste delicious and clean up is easy.

I like using this deep fryer. Although it comes with three baskets, i only use the large basket. It takes about 15 minutes to heat up to 375 degrees and then it’s ready to fry. I keep it sitting on the counter beside my stove. The bottom of the fryer gets very hot, i suggest you put something fireproof under the fryer to keep your cabinet top safe. I use a wooden cutting board about two inches thick, then a large metal trivet on top of the cutting board (a metal trivet that is a little larger than the bottom of the fryer). I think a large rectangular or square pizza stone might also work, as long as it is about an inch thick. Just be sure and ‘don’t’ put the fryer directly on your counter top, even if your counter top is stone, the heat might crack it.

   this triple basket deep fryer is perfect for anyone who loves deep frying foods at home. I deep fry a lot and have wanted a multiple basket fryer for awhile. This one comes with 3 basket, 2 small and 1 large. You can use the 2 small together at the same time to deep fry 2 different things or else use the large for larger quantities or bigger pieces of food. You get the 3 baskets, 2 basket handles, instruction booklet and an extra filter with this. There is a minimum and a maximum fill line you can see on the inside of the liner where you put the oil. Fill with oil and then insert the heating element piece which attaches by sliding it into the grooves on the back of the frame. The cord is a 2 prong for your outlet and the part that connects to the fryer is actually magnetic insertion. Turn the power button on, select your temperature and then set your timer. The indicator light will be red while the oil is getting up to temperature and turn green when it’s ready. Here are the specifications for the Gourmia GDF450 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Stainless Steel 4:

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  • DIVERSIFY FRYING- ever wanted to fry multiple kinds of food at once well it is now available with our state of the art multi fry single/double basket design
  • HUGE CAPACITY- with a spacious 4.2 liter capacity you can fry much more food easy to use digital control panel for comfortable use
  • TASTE ENHANCING- incorporates revolutionary lock and block flavor technology maximum tastiness and full yumminess, don’t compromise on your standards.
  • ODOR FREE- dynamic odor reduction system with activated carbon fry filter for minimal odor and maximum tastiness, clean and delicious
  • EASY TO CLEAN- don’t worry about cleaning another dish, with our removable enamel fry tank; stainless steel exterior it’s easy to clean, Dimensions: 15.5 x 14.625 x 8.75

Works awesome and easy clean up, i like that i can take it apart.

For such a compact sized unit, three baskets is a real treat. Since getting this fryer, i absolutely use it all the time. I personally found it so easy to operate, after replacing an older model that had way too many parts to mention. The one part i didn’t have before, but am delighted to add now are the 3 baskets. For such a compact sized unit, three baskets is a real treat. I got to do protein, starch, vegetable, all in the fryer at the same time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • For such a compact sized unit, three baskets is a real treat.
  • Exceeded my expectations!
  • Really awesome product

No more oil spills, no more burns, comes out perfectly. I am so happy i got this deep fryer. I can bring to our events and make things fresh. I can just use it efficiently at home and the oil maintains the temperature and i don’t burn things.

Perfect for family fish fry. We have large propane cookers but it’s hard to control the temperature when cooking for family gatherings. This product makes the time with family fun and easy. Temperature holds where we set.

Used it for the first time last night, 11/27/2018. Made deep-fried chicken breast and french fries in it. Was able to fit, 4 good size breasts at a time and at least half the 5lb bag of fries. So, had to cook 3 times for chicken and twice for fries. . Best, was that everyone said it was a great meal.

My boyfriend wanted this for christmas and i thought he was nuts but we use it all the time. We do use it out in the garage because i don’t like the ‘fry’ smell in the house but other then that, we love it.

Bigger and better than the description. Was searching high and low for a great deep fryer that works really well for the family and especially when having parties. Have had various companies over the past few years and haven’t been too pleased. This one exceeds all my expectations. The baskets are perfect size for everyday use. Heats up fast and just right. Fried food came out perfect. And for the price, its worth much much more.

Used the fryer for the first time today and was really impressed. The only aspect of the unit that leaves something to be desired is the control panel. Time remaining rather than temperature displayed throughout the frying process — would like to see both, or at least be able to toggle between the two. The indicator lights (warming and ready) worked perfectly. As other reviewers have stated, the instruction manual is incomplete and of not too much help. Had no problems with maintaining temperature. No problems with heat from the unit. Love the fact most of the fryer components are dishwasher safe. Aside from the thermostat control feature, that’s why i bought this particular unit.

As far as the construction, design and easy clean-up are concerned, i give this five stars. However, the ‘owner’s manual’ doesn’t provide adequate information. I had to find more information via the internet. You can download the company’s ‘owner’ manual’ pdf from their website, but don’t bother. It’s the same little 4 page ‘booklet. ‘ that the fryer comes with. I messed up my first tries because i had no idea the secret start procedure. It quickly becomes a frustrating nightmare to unravel. Plug the device in and hit the power button turn it on.

I purchased this last week, and have used it 3 times so far. I am really impressed with how the machine maintained a consistent temperature. Doughnuts cooked thru and browned nicely. Fries from the bag got a crispy exterior and soft center. Looking forward to using this fryer for many years.

I have tried several deep fat fryer and each one has let me down. So i went to customer reports. Based on their recommendation, i purchased the gourmia gdf500. It heats up quickly, keeps a consent temperature even with frozen foods. You don’t have that fried smell when using the product. The option of teonsize baskets is a plus. I strongly recommend this product.

My kids love fried chicken but i hate the frying pan. The chicken comes out super crispy and delicious. There are separate baskets which is great because i can throw some fries in at the same time for a quick easy dinner. Product was easy to set up and use right away.

The large basket has enough room for a full batch of fries. Easy to pour the oil out into gallon jug for storage. (wait until the oil cools of course).

The stainless steal frame is a frame so the oil container comes out completely and is really easy to clean. Temperature control seemed very reliable.

Best thing since sliced bread. You have to get use to the right temperature. Once i got it figured out, i’ve been frying away. Imo, frying chicken have it set on 275 degrees.

Got this because everything i make is deep fried. It’s very simple to use, and works great. Food comes out beautifully crispy- just the way i like it.

Just received my gourmia deep fryer. After i found out that it’s healthier to deep fry rather than pan fry i decided to go for it. It has been a wonderful an easy piece of equipment to use. Convenience coupled with really nice design makes this a wonderful deep fryer. The baskets are my favorite part. Different sizes for different things and you can fry two at a time. Overall, totally worth the buy.

I received this deep fryer yesterday. This deep fryer works great. It is so simple to use for a quick supper that the kids (and adults) love. Super easy and simple directions and food comes out delicious. I specially like this product because it does not splash and is so neat and keeps counter and surroundings so clean. If your looking to buy a deep fryer then buy this one, its worth it and you wont regret this purchase because it will make your life simpler and more tasty. As i have a hard time with cooking because i burn my foods, this product came in so handy.

HomeLife Solutions 28 Oz Personal Blender : Great,& inexpensive.

This blender is a awesome replacement for my magic bullet which has been retired for some months now. I’ve only used it to make shakes and smoothies so far and everything turns out great. Easy to use, easy to clean, and small enough for a nyc apartment. So i’d say it hit every point on my checklist. I received a discount on this product with the promise to review it for home life solutions and provide them with valuable feedback.

I received this product and it worked great only once. After i pulled the item out to use again, the motor was dead. I contacted homelife and they stated a replacement would be sent. Will update at a later time.

HomeLife Solutions 28 Oz Personal Blender with Two To-Go Mugs

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  • Enjoy our Easy to use Personal Sized Blender today! Whether you’re on the way to the gym or off to work, this quick use blender is perfect for the task. Heavy duty blades and a powerful 300 watt motor will easily chop ice and frozen fruits.
  • Our Blender includes two 28 oz bottles with lids. One for you and one for them or one for now and one for later! BPA Free and Dishwasher safe!
  • More Power Options! Finally the pulse option on a personal size, affordable blender! Choose the right power setting for your blended mixture, Low- High- Pulse
  • Your favorite Healthy Beverage will be ready in minutes. Don’t feel like being healthy today? Put in your favorite Margarita mix and ice, blend, and head to the pool!
  • BPA Free

Smoothies and milkshakes at home is always a plus. It is easy to use and clean up. The cups are great to create and run out the door. The blender itself takes up very little room and tucks out of the way. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

I purchased this product at a discount for my honest opinion. I fill up the cup the night before with everything i need for my morning smoothie, pop the cup on in the morning and go.

Amazing blender, perfect for early morning protein shakes. The blades are sharp and hold up to everything i throw at them.

HomeLife Solutions 28 Oz Personal Blender with Two To-Go Mugs : My family and i love this personal blender. We had been looking around for a simpler option for making smoothies and when we found this we knew we had to give it a shot. We use it multiple times a week and are just as satisfied with it now as we were when we first bought it. The ‘pulse’ option has been so helpful and the 2 different speed options have enough of a difference in what they do power wise, it’s a very good buy. I recently found myself in a situation that i had to grind up flax seed. If you’ve ever tried to do it in a full size blender, you know that you’ll end up pulling your hair out before you notice anything happening to the flax seed. I pulled out our personal blender and filled one of the cups half full with flax, put the cover on, put it on the base, turned it on and hoped for the best. I had to stop the blender, take the cup off and shake it around a couple of times (*i’ve never had to do this when making a smoothie*), but my gosh i had ground flax seed finally. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a personal blender*i have received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I have had this product for almost 2 months and use it twice a day without any issues. The blades are strong and have stood up well to blending frozen fruits and protein together. I was hesitant at first when i saw some other pictures and reviews but after owning and using this product i do not understand how some people managed to completely destroy a blender?. Anywho, i now realize those pics and reviews are likely trolls and this product works not only well but exceedingly well. Also, the cups are also large shaker cups with drinkable tops, huge savings on buying those too.

It stopped working after a couple of days. It’s affordable but i wouldn’t recommend it because of the poor quality.

This little blender is awesome. The cups with the lids are so convenient and i love how easy everything is to clean. I make my daughter milkshakes with protein powder and it’s perfect. Doesn’t take up much space on our counter either which is a big plus.

The blade piece has a rubber seal disk around the outside that easily becomes dislodged while blending, causing the device to abruptly halt and spew its innards. While this mechanism is ineffective for chopping, dicing, and blending, it serves well for other purposes, such as convincing your husband to remodel the kitchen.

Very high quality product at a fraction of the price of its competition. I’ve had a few different small blenders and i usually end up disappointed in the quality of the chopping and blending of food product but this blender from homelife solutions is a step above the rest. My smoothies don’t have any lumps and the lids make for an easy on-the-go breakfast in the morning. I’ll definitely look to try products from homelife in the future.

Keep it at the office and does what is needed of it. Great for smoothiesdisclosure: i received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

I loved this product at first. Shortly after about 3 users the o ring became detached and i couldn’t get it back in correctly so when i blended a drink it would become tangled up in the blade and eventually broke. Now when blending the cup leaks and the top is very hard to get a loose.

This little blender was great for about 6 months then one day after i used it, the blade would not release from the base. I had to turn the entire base over onto the cup to unscrew the blade off of the cup. My smoothie was fine, but i could not get the blade to release. I am currently hoping that their customer service will correspond to me and help me with this problem or replace the whole thing.

Ive had it for about three years now and has been a great blender for frozen fruits and ice. Doesnt take space at all, perfect for small kitchens and daily use.

My only caution in that one dares not use more ice than 1/3 of the cup or it will soon create a problem. My husband is very mechanical minded, so was able to repair this great little personal blender. We even travel with this, making protien shakes for breakfast.

This blender is advertised as one powerful enough to chop ice and frozen fruits. I have bigger more powerful blenders for ice, so i opt to use this one for mixing milk and protein powders and fresh fruit and spinach or kale. It does leave blueberries, nuts, and kale in fairly large bits though. Others have commented on the ring or gasket getting chewed up by the blades. My third day i placed the gasket on thinking it would tighten with the blades when i screwed the top on. I used the pulse button and it immediately seized. The food grade silicone gasket was wrapped 4-5 times around the blades. It is a well made gasket as it did not break or stretch and was not damaged. I carefully removed it and put it in place. Tip #1 you must push down the outside perimeter of the gasket and it will gently snap in place.

Agree with the ring inside slipping into the blade area and getting stretched out. Need a few extra rings if this is going to be the case. Other wise i love this blender.