Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor : Very Very Nice Food Processor

First one came broken but amazon made sure it was replaced by hamilton beach which i am happy for. It’s been a while since my last food processor broke but this one seems different and yes they wee different brands. This one has the 4 cup bowl which is super cool so that’s a plus. My other one has a plastic blade for making puddings etc. This one only has the multi use shredder slicer and the chopped blade. I like to make halva which requires a food processor (bullet, ninja, and my blender not wide enough to handle what’s needed). My kitcheaide won’t work either and i’ve always used my food processor. I think i am used to more controls than what this one has too. Overall, i’m not sure that this really will be useful to me.

I’m on my second hamilton beach food processor this summer. The bowl of the first one hit the floor with a bang and broke. The hamilton beach website shows this bowl to be about $10, but was out of stock. In fact, all of the separate parts for this food processor seemed to be out-of-stock. So it seems that a new food processor was needed, and i liked this one so well that i replaced it with the same food processor. I was recently told by my doctor that i needed to eat more salads for health reasons. This thing makes enough salad to last me for a couple of days. I haven’t gotten around to using the small bowl yet. The large slicing wheel works great with the large bowl, but the slicing wheel will only work with the large bowl. The chopping/mixing blade works with either bowl.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor, with Additional 4-Cup Bowl & Big Mouth Feed Tube (70580)

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  • Fits whole foods
  • Includes 12 cup bowl & 4 cup bowl for large and small amounts
  • Big mouth Feed tube reduces need to pre-cut food
  • 12 & 4 cup bowls Perfect for processing different amounts & Nest for compact storage
  • Powerful 500 watt motor, touchpad with 2 speeds & pulse
  • Slices, Shreds, chops, purees & mixes
  • Dishwasher safe bowls, lid & blades
  • Reversible slice/shred disk
  • Chopping s-blade
  • Easy-to-clean touchpad controls with off/ low/ hi/ pulse

Love the hamilton beach food processor,small cup also helps with small processing jobs.

The only thing i struggled with was locking the top on to get it to work.

I broke it trying to make a guacamole with frozen avocados. I can still mix with it but can no longer shred or slice. I hope the ninja smoothie maker works better.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor, with Additional 4-Cup Bowl & Big Mouth Feed Tube (70580) : Very good food processor for your money’s worth. One tricky spot to clean on lid. Sometimes need to fiddle with to get everything locked. Worth it not to slice my fingers thoughi would recommend.

I find the smaller bowl not very useful so far, as it tends to leak into the big bowl while i’m using it. I wish it had a slower speed. All speeds seem to be so fast that they throw the material up onto the walls of the bowl, so i have to scrape them down constantly. Much easier to put together than my old cuisinart, which had so many ‘safety’ features that i was hardly able to use it.

My previous processor had broken trying to make cashew butter and i replaced it with this model it did an awesome job. Made super creamy cashew butter and very quickly.

Excellent product, i feel like it should have cost more. My son bought one for his grandma, she liked it so much we bought one for ourselves. We use it multiple times per week to process fruit for homemade fruit leather.

Purchased this for my daughter whose food processor was no longer functioning. She picked this out because of the wide mouth. She is happy with its performance.

I got one for my daughter and then she bought me one for my birthday. It is loud but for the cost works wonderful. I use to make date balls and shred many veggies. Great addition to my plant based eating journey.

This was a gift for my daughter’s birthday. She absolutely loves it and how useful it is for food prep. She sent me a pic of a skillet full of onions that she had sliced in the hamilton beach duo food processor. It was great to see what could be done with the processor and it’s many uses. Makes a very nice gift for wedding shower and birthday for any householder.

Comes with a large and small bowl. Very handy for large and small jobs. Have even used it to grind meats.

Definitely not for your typical smoothies lol.

Very nice strong product and good price like it.

I’ve never owned a food processor so i really did some homework before choosing hamilton beach. I feel i received a great product and the cost was reasonable. The suction feet hold the appliance in place. I primarily (95%) use this processor to make ground chicken. The ground chicken is used to make healthy chicken jerky for our spoiled (and healthy) dogs.

Works great and i love having an extra smaller container.

My daughter loved her gift and very easy to use.

Hamilton beach usually delivers good products at very good prices.

Very good choice for a quickie.

Kenmore Elite 2 : So far, so good.

Use the number buttons to start minutes automatically and the start button to add 30 second increments automatically. . Saw another review with this problem on the sears. Com page for this microwave; now it is deleted. This is how sears handles bad pressworked fine for 2 1/2 years, but it started running by itself when the door is closed, and with no one touching it. The only way to stop it is by opening the door; this is not safe. Did troubleshooting and door switches are good, so was told need to replace control board. This microwave is made by haier and very few parts are available besides the glass tray parts and rubber feet.

Very pleased with the microwave. It is nice and large, sturdy, quality microwave and it gets the job donephl sk.

I purchased this on the 28th and it came on the 30th. I have an overhead microwave shelf built into my kitchen cabinets. The unit just fits on the shelf. The bottom of the front feet is millimeters away from the edge of the shelf. We had to secure the microwave because it does move a bit when you pull the door open and we don’t want the microwave, or it’s contents, to fall off the shelf onto someone. **also, the power cord is kind of short (maybe 3 feet long). The cord comes out on the top right side of the machine. It wouldn’t reach my outlet so i had to buy a heavy duty extension cord. That said, so far i am happy with the machine.

It has a very large inside which makes it great for doing allot more than simply reheating a plate. The only downside as far as i am concerned is that it is hard to figure out. The times are on the inside part of the inner door but you have to hit a button sometimes 7 plus times to set it for a certain heating time. You have to hit the cc button 5 times i believe it was. I just hit the one minute and the heck with it. It has an easy clean inside too.

  • So far, so good.
  • GREAT microwave!
  • It’s very easy to operate and we were shocked at the quietness

Kenmore Elite 2.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave w/ Extra-Large Capacity Black 74229

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  • The Kenmore 74229 countertop microwave has a roomy 2.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • With 1200 watts and 10 power levels, this Kenmore microwave allows you to cook and reheat quickly
  • Sensor reheat takes the guesswork out of warming leftovers
  • The blue LED display makes it easy to see the numbers when you set cook times and power levels
  • The 16.5-in. diameter turntable accommodates long cookware

I have had this microwave about a year and already it is failing. Something electrical is burning/melting when we use it and it smells awful. For the money i paid for this appliance, i expected it to last much longer. This may be just one of those lemons (meaning only mine is faulty, but the majority works fine), but when i went online to do some research about what we were smelling, i could see that i want the only one with a.

Met performance expectations.

Great microwave–but, agree with other reviewers about clock/power indicator light being blue. Difficult to see plus it is not very big. Also agree that keypad print is small in addition to not being bright white. Previously had a kenmore elite microwave from 2009, interior color was ivory so it was easy to see food. This one is almost black inside and light is not very bright.

Great customer support, works well, good cooking power, good noise level.

This the biggest microwave we have ever seen in our life & we just love it & its so big & roomy.

Excellent product – works very well – shipping time was outstanding.

I purchased this microwave via the sears website and it was on sale for $135. After taking it out of the box i could tell it was lighter than my old panasonic inverter which was also 2. The first thing i cooked was a tv dinner, stouffer’s lasagna with meat sauce. Cooked it on full power for 6 minutes 15 seconds then on 50% power for the same amount of time. I was surprised at how quiet this unit is. My old panasonic was very loud. The label on the front of the unit is written in small characters so if you are in older person with poor eye sight you might want to keep a magnifying glass handy when you start punching those buttons. Also the default cooking power is level 10. If you want to cook something at 50% power you have to press the power button, the number 10 will appear, then you keep pressing power until it says 5. Again, this is one quiet microwave.

First of all this is a big microwave. Make sure you have the counter space. Having said that, i find it very intuitive, it is weirdly quiet, and cooks food perfectly. My husband and i bought this for one of our christmas gifts to each other and i have zero regrets. The only thing is, i put my food in it then keep checking to make sure i turned it on because it is so quiet. Oh, i guess the one negative thing is the ring that the turntable goes on is really flimsy, but we haven’t had any issues with it, but it does worry me a bit. Not sure what all the complaints are regarding the reminder beep – it is just doing it’s job and letting you know it is time to chow.

We received it before the time that it was supposed to be delivered. It’s very easy to operate and we were shocked at the quietness while running. I like that the door is easy to open. I purchased it based on the other reviews that i read. I’m very happy for the other reviews, since we enjoy our new microwave.

It’s quiet and large enough for all of our needs. Only 1 think i dislike is that it continues a series of beeps if you don’t get to it immediately.

So far it has been everything we expected.

So far great microwave, this replaces a 20 yr old sharp that finally bit the dust. Very large capacity and can fit large bowls and dishes for heating, heats fast on highest setting. Have not used all the features yet, but seem well built and the handle seems sturdy. For us the blue display is easy to read and see, only draw back is the inside light when the door is open is not very bright. Seems dim when looking at food.

Very large, actually just a bit larger than i expected.

We upgraded from a 1993 one so maybe all microwaves would be awesome to us, but this thing is so big inside. I can microwave two dinner plates. Also, the presets are awesome and convenient.

Yes, i read the reviews and this is a monster size microwave but we got the huge square dishes, so round hole, square peg situation. There is plenty of room in this food zapper for most anything to turn with plenty of room. Just make sure you have tons of room on your counter for a trunk. Ours is not as quiet as most folks stated. Maybe we need to sit it on something softer than the granite.

This microwave has been great and i cooks food very quick and evenly no problems so far.

Works great, spacious interior. Family found it easy to use right out of the box.

Purchased as a gift, recipient likes the microwave weight and power. Be sure space is no problem, this microwave is large.

West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Extra Deep Fast and Easy 180 Degree Rotation Adjustable Temperature Control For Fluffy Crisp Waffles – Ok but not great. I’ve struggled with some mixes but no I

This waffle iron worked as advertised. Heat settings were fine, you can go from soft to crispy with the dial settings on this machine. The directions don’t say anything about using cooking spray but i used some on my first waffle but not on the rest and nothing stuck to iron. Keeping my iron level was not a problem as some reviews have said. The book says to use 1/3 cup of waffle batter but you really need a little more, just pour until the iron is almost covered. All batters are different so you will have to experiment a little with the amounts and cooking times but that is no different from any other appliance you use. I would difinitely buy this product again or give as a gift.

This is a great waffle maker at a great price – easy to use. The light setting works best for waffles. Unfortunately, the casing is plastic and i dropped it. (it actually fell off the top of our refrigerator when the door was opened) and the connection with the wiring housing broke. My husband glued it with loctite superglue and it’s holding and working just fine, but i’ll be purchasing a new one.

. I like it and the price was very good. I’ve only used it twice, so far, so i haven’t mastered it yet. I set the temperature dial about half way on the first usage, and that wasn’t enough – the waffles weren’t crisp enough. The second time, i advanced the temperature to about three quarters, and that still wasn’t enough. So next time i’ll go to the limit to see if that yields a crisp waffle. Additionally, the waffles tended to stick, but i think that’s the fault of my batter. The machine seems to be very well built, and i anticipate that it’ll hold up well. And the folding handle allows it to be stored in a relatively small space. Here are the specifications for the West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Extra Deep Fast and Easy 180 Degree Rotation Adjustable Temperature Control For Fluffy Crisp Waffles:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Nonstick Coated plates
  • Drip tray also included for quick clean up
  • Adjustable controls include “power” and “ready” indicator lights, also includes light to dark browning control
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Easy fold away compact storage and smaller packaging

Getting waffles perfect is really tied to the feature of being able to flip the iron over after closing it. Often waffle irons with this feature are very expensive and it’s difficult to spend a lot of money on a small appliance for specialized and occasional use. This waffle iron does a great job with one con, the setting for light to dark is not very accurate. If you like your waffles crispy you have to set the knob to maximum and then leave the waffle in the iron for at least a minute after it says it’s finished to get the desired affect. I suppose this is really a matter of opinion but both myself and my wife found the waffles much to tender and soft at the maximum setting so others will probably find this to be true as well. The iron will still do the job as the iron doesn’t shut off when it says it’s finished, it simply stops getting hotter, but this seems to be a bit of an oversight.

I like the size (it stores easy without taking up a lot of space). And i love the waffles i make with it. I’m a firm believer in reading the directions firstthat’s what i did, then i made the waffles (lots of waffle mix out there – just add egg and water – no need to make from scratch).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • She loves it!!! YUM, so do I.
  • Super simple, delicious waffles, reasonable price
  • Yummy yummy for the tummy ! (updated)

I was a little skeptical about the quality of this iron before buying it, but was encouraged by previous positive reviews. I gotta say i am very happy with this device. It has little to no leakage (a tiny amount is to be expected with all w. Irons) and it even comes with a little plate to pick up any batter that falls. The waffles come out fluffy or crispy based on a dial you select, and best of all, they don’t stick to the pan. I used a bisquick recipe for waffles and it included a bit of oil. I tried cooking the waffles with and without spray, and i found that they came off just as easily without spray. Lastly it comes with a booklet that has several waffle recipes i will certainly be trying over the next few weeks. Very nice product, i definitely recommend it.

I had about 3-4 waffle makers i was considering, and had a hard time deciding. I am soooo glad i went with this one. It makes absolutely perfect waffles, its very easy to clean, very easy to use, and its not too big to store with my other small appliances. In the past, i’ve only had the kind where you lift the lid and pour the batter, never one that you turn the maker for it to cook. So i was a little unsure of that too. Wasn’t sure if that would make more of a mess, or would be more work to make waffles, but honestly, this waffle maker is so simple to use. I love the pan underneath to catch any spillover, but i haven’t had any spillover yet. Can’t say that’s ever happened before, so i’m happy about that too. My other favorite thing is the adjustable dial so that it will time cooking to however you like your waffles, from soft/fluffy to more crispy. With other waffle makers i’ve used, you just had to learn how long to cook them before taking them out.

I am thrilled with the west bend 6201 rotary waffle maker that i recently purchased. Pared with the golden malted pancake flour that i purchased through amazon, the waffles i am now making are a hit with my family and taste very much like the delicious waffles served in the breakfast buffets of popular hotels. The pan does tend to sometimes tilt a tiny bit during cooking, but not enough to affect the outcome of the waffle. The product still deserves a 5 star rating because the price and ease of operating make it a genuine bargain. I’m also amazed at how quickly the waffles can be cooked. My grandkids are now begging for ‘waffles’ whenever they have a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house,.

And she loves it, i just eat the waffles with the kids, and they are great, you can go from soft waffles to crunchy ones, machine is very easy to use and i find it cheap. 2013 six months into it, we love it so much that my wife takes it to the beach on weekends, after a few backs and forths we bought a second one to leave it at the beach; needless to say, great.

It worked perfectly from the first waffle i made. After reading other reviews, i made sure to use nonstick spray and set it on the highest setting and got golden brown, delicious waffles, every time. I did notice the slight tilt of the machine when sitting in the upright position but it didn’t affect the actual running of the machine at all.

I searched some stores and could not find a good belgian waffle maker. I went online and found the west bend 6201 and also liked the reviews. I used it the sunday after receiving it. Well, i used the krusteaz waffle mix and the waffles came out great. The 6201 has a nice dial to select your temp. So you can have the waffle come out the way you prefer. I recommend this to everyone. I love it and plan to have waffles every sunday morning.

It makes good waffles, but has trouble staying on one of the flips sides or the other. It’s loose and wants to just be sideways all the time. I have to prop something under the handle to keep it flipped.

I love my morning waffles but as a bachelor i usually just buy frozen waffles which are generally poor in flavor, texture and nutrition unless you buy the most expensive whole grain brands. My first and only use thus far was to make a large batch of a dozen waffles and i’m very pleased. I was able to use a healthy whole grain batter to which i added raw wheat germ, flax meal, omega 3 oil, liquid egg whites and a generous quantity of chopped walnuts. You can’t buy frozen waffles this nutritious.Addition of a little vanilla extract adds a mouth watering aroma that will fill your kitchen. I also added whole blueberries to some of the waffles but i prefer fresh berries on top. You have to use a measuring cup and experiment a bit to pour just the right amount to fill the molds without spillover during cooking. The one spillover i had was not bad since there is a ring channel around the mold to reduce mess and a plastic drip dish is included with the product. Cooking time was a bit faster than the last cheap waffle iron i had and that one made smaller waffles. I froze 8 waffles with a sheet of wax paper in between to prevent cooking.

This is the real deal, and it doesn’t cost $60. A trip to a good breakfast buffet made me have to have a real waffle maker. I wanted one that rotates but is simple and doesn’t take up a lot of room. I settled on this and couldn’t be happier. It heats up quickly and only takes a few minutes and a single flip to have evenly cooked waffles. You can easily adjust the temperature on it, but there is no indication of the exact temperature. I wasted a couple waffles getting it set right, but now perfect waffles come out every time. Clean up is easy (as long as you use cooking spray before each use and don’t let it sit for too long after), and it hardly takes up any of my (small) kitchen space at all. This makes great waffles without any hasslebonus: turn up the temperature a bit and this waffle maker can help with any late night brownie cravings.

The product works great and even accurately tells us when a waffle is ready. However, i bought a used on and mine came with food still stuck onto it from a previous owner, which i wasn’t too pleased with. After 5 minutes of cleaning and polishing it looked good as new, but i much rather would have received it pre-cleaned.

Love this waffle maker, leaves the waffles just the way i like it. I’ve figured that if i pour 3/4 of a cup the batters doesn’t spill over but its enough to make a fluffy waffle. The only thing is that you do have to put the dial almost all the way to dark to get the perfect waffle but thats a small thing to overlook for the price and features it comes with. The waffle maker has a green ready button on the top where the dial is and another one on the bottom for when you flip the waffle over you can see when its done. The handle folds for easy storage. The plates don’t come off so it takes a little bit longer to clean but very well worth it.

Good waffle maker, makes consistent waffles (among other things like quesadillas). It does a good job of telling you when the waffles are done based on your desired final consistency. My only complaint is that a non-crunchy waffle is impossible to remove from the unit unless you use cooking spray, which does impart some flavor on the waffle. It is easy to clean and very easy to use, i would recommend.

It takes me forever to choose a product online and i spend hours/days researching and reading amazon reviews (always starting with the 1 stars), and i rarely write my own. When i first pulled i t from the box i thought i’d made a mistake. It was light-weight and seemed like flimsy plastic casing. One of the things i dislike about waffles is how long it takes before they are all done and we can sit down together for breakfast. This is a really very fast and even cooking waffle maker. It comes with recipes, but i recommend this one:http://www. Com/recipes/40-a-day/waffle-of-insane-greatness-recipe/index. Htmland i don’t use buttermilk, but instead saco buttermilk powder (http://www. Com/saco-powdered-buttermilk-12-ounce-can/dp/b004axzew2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1368917789&sr=8-1&keywords=saco+buttermilk+powder)i like all the features from the light-to-dark selection, the rotary handle, all the way to the drip tray.

We wanted something that everyone in the family could use with ease, and this certainly did. First of all, it does not pick up space on your kitchen counter, it can slid in anywhere. Next this is not a heavy waffle maker, it is not too light but not heavy as the industrial or fancy size ones either. Everyone in my family now enjoys making fresh waffles, because of the ease of this waffle maker. We have gotten creative with our batters, by making them with nuts, dry fruit, candy (only on special occasion) and even a savory waffle with chopped bacon into the batter and then sprinkled on top when finished, with maple syrup.

Very cheaply made was disappointed although it does make waffles just doesn’t get hot enough and does not lock into place correctly do not recommend.

No issues with the unit itself. It makes wonderful golden waffles. They are a little cakey to be, i like them to be a little crispier, but it could just be my batter or that i’m not cooking them long enough–still have to play with it a little more. It’s easy to use and heats up fast. My only issue is that it’s pretty hard to clean. There are so many small crevices, especially because it turns that it’s really hard to get in there and clean properly. Also, i don’t like that the handle and the rotation mechanism is all made of plastic. It hasn’t caused any issues yet, but we’ll see how long it all lasts.