VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender : TIME/LIFE SAVER PRODUCT !

Just tried it for the first time for broccoli soup. Naturally, it was a bit over the max level and beeped but not till it was finished. My sister raved about hers and is losing weight by making healthy fresh foods and staying away for processed foods. This is a well made product.

My first 2 attempts were failures need more practice with soup maker.

VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender with 56-Oz Capacity

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Create your own fresh & healthy homemade soup & smoothies
  • and control what goes into your food^The VonShef Soup Maker will automatically blend and cook your veg into soup to your chosen consistency in just 25 minutes^Make Chunky & Smooth soups
  • as well as blend
  • boil
  • simmer
  • make smoothies
  • cocktails
  • crush ice & more^Built in safety controls: Over-spill & anti-dry^Capacity: 56-Oz (Serves up to 6)

Very happy with purchase, just put all ingredients into pot and push the button. In 20-30 minutes, soup is cooked, blended and ready to eat. For multi taskers or people in a rush this is the way to go, i can even get everything ready in pot and cook at work to have homemade soup.

Makes perfect soup in a minute.

VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender with 56-Oz Capacity : This little thing works just like it advertises. Just enough for several bowls but not so much that you’ll be eating it for days. I’m really happy with my purchase. Go to youtube and see many recipes for this product. In the uk it goes under the brand morphy richards and owners have posted lots of videos.

I love making fresh, hot soup in such a short amount of time. I also have relatives in ireland who have a soup maker that looks very similar to the von chef and works the very same.

Amazing, i cannot stop making soups. One more delicious than the other and all in 25min.

When it’s working, the con you can’t see inside while it’s cooking, the pro : easy to use.

The soup maker seems to work well but the instruction book is useless. Eg it tells you to add olive oil and then says do not open the soup maker , even a ventriloquist couldn’t acheive this.

A visitor from the uk told us about this soup maker so we did a search to see if it was sold in the us. Fortunately, we found the unit (but with us power, of course) sold by designer habitat on the amazon marketplace. We’ve already run about six soup recipes through it in a week and a half and it does a fantastic job.

This has become my favorite kitchen utensil. I love itso amazed by the quality of soup in just 20//25 mins. You can literally throw anything into it and you’ll love the end result.

We bought this as a gift and it was well received. Works great and was a great price.

I wish it had more capacity. But it does what it says it do.

Now this one works perfectly.

Clever device that does exactly what it should. The built in blender blade makes it perfectly easy to quickly thicken soup at end of cooking. Makes two large bowl servings. These days with fresh produce so easily had , it only makes sense to cook up one’s own soup , light or hearty , mild or spicy ; ).

Used it two (2) times and it made creamy, smooth and hot soup. Look forward to using the chunky setting.

This is the best soup makermakes the best healthy soups in just 20minit is so easy to clean and so very easy to make.

Makes my life easier, i make puree for my baby, healthy soups for myself and even some jam .

I have made at least one soup a week since i got it and a few weeks i’ve made 2 soups in a week. It is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet and it is great fun playing with recipes. I have found that i enjoy the smooth soups the most and for some reason they make me feel fuller and last longer. I think it is just because my brain thinks i am getting some lush wonderful cream soup when all it is is veggies and broth blended up. My current favorites are a pea soup with ham made using frozen petite peas, and a basic tomato that i decide when i have a serving if i want it plain or if i want to add some hot sauce (or chipotle) to kick it up, or leftover rice, or a little blue cheese. Also a butternut squash is on my normal rotation, i’ve also played with things like a play on a chicken fajita flavored soup using onions and peppers, a clove of garlic, a few baby carrots and a celery stalk (those are just because i love them in soup) a tsp of fajita or taco seasoning, a chicken gel pot and water set to smooth. . When it was done i diced a chicken breast i had poached into it and it was a great cold day soup. I also have on my list to try a cauliflower or broccoli and cheese soup , a beet, a sweet potato and parsnip, a potato and leek. So many to tryand it is so easy to clean.

The product arrived in good shape and days earlier than expected. I know the soup maker from europe; it was great to find one at amazon here in the us and at such a reasonable priceliterally 35 minutes after i unpacked and cleaned the machine, we had a delicious fresh soup on the table. Just cut up some vegetables, onion, tomato, etc. (recipe booklet included), add about 2 – 2 1/2 cups of water, salt, pepper, etc, 1 or 2 bouillon cubes (and a teaspoon of flour if you like to thicken the soup a bit), choose one of two programs and push the button. 25 minutes later, the soup is all ready to be served.

We have been using this soup maker daily for one year and a half, it still works well. In the afternoon i put the veggies i have in the fridge, plus a little lentils or buckwheat or rice. I choose the smooth or cook-only program and half an hour later diner is ready. We are 2 adults and one 2 year old and we usually finish it.

DeLonghi EO1251 6-Slice 1/2-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven : Great ’til it died suddenly after 2 years

Would have given this 5 stars except for one thing–there is no light in the oven. My old delonghi lit up as soon as you turned it on. Would have searched for another oven if i had realized that. Also the toaster takes forever but does toast well. And i like the convection oven which i had never used before. It does not shorten the bake time by much, however. Some baked foods come out much better w/convection. All in all a very good oven & delonghi is the best.

I’ve been trying to get my family to stop using the microwave. I got this and it’s amazeballs. Want to heat something just a little?.

DeLonghi EO1251 6-Slice 1/2-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven, Black and Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non-stick interior makes cleanups quick and effortless
  • Large interior that is large enough to cook an entire 12-inch pizza, bake an entree or side dish
  • Safe handling with cool touch sides.
  • Circulates air for fast and consistent results while cooking 40% faster
  • Includes one cookie sheet, aluminum bake pan and aluminum broil tray

The toaster oven itself is great, but the shipper took no care in packing the product. It came with a few broken plastic pieces, which is unfortunate.

This is the second delonghi toaster oven i have owned. I can’t remember when i bought the first one but it’s been a very long time. The one i have is an old self cleaning model. Most of the time the problem is that some people don’t know how to use the appliance. I just turn the dial to the left (not the right) for toast. I turn it to the right when i want to bake or broil. The handle on the door doesn’t get hot like some other toasters. Don’t allow others to use it unless they know how to use it.

DeLonghi EO1251 6-Slice 1/2-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven, Black and Stainless Steel : I have never used to so i don’t actually know how it is but my mom uses it all the time and loves it.

This would have been my third delonghi toaster oven. Love the features, the two trays(hard to find in many other brands nowadays), deep enough for a pizza tray. But it arrived with a broken door. The packaging was poor with no support for the glass door, thus one side of it had dislodged from its fittings and there was no way to correct this, so we returned it. Wasn’t sure if this issue would be resolved so we decided not to order it again.

Previously, we had one of the much more expensive delonghi convection ovens. It not only did basic toasting, but ended up serving as another smaller oven for our cooking chores. This delonghi can do more than toast, and does toasting very well. We are very pleased for the price (appox $45 on sale), but miss having another oven to supplement the cooking on big projects.

I wish it was all black like my previous one.

Spacious, deep interior fits large items or multiple pieces of bread easily. Heats quickly and consistently. In fact, heats so fast, we use on lower settings. Also attractive and easy to clean.

Fyi: the height is 9 inches and the width is 17, but it’s *not* eleven inches deep — more like 14.

I did a lot of research into the best toaster oven. * if you want to use this as a small oven as well (saves on some electricity since you are not heating an entire oven) the best one out there is the breville oven which i found at william sonoma. At about $300 it is a pricey investment, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. * all the reviews i have read, said that the toaster oven really doesn’t do good toast. Also, that not much has changed in the design of these appliances except that the price and size has gone up tremendously. *after looking at the selection in a local store, i would have to agree. The lower-end ovens felt like cheap imitations of the toaster oven i knew and loved as a kid. Some of them are bigger now – hence the ‘oven’ function – but the price has gone up as well. * i bought the breville, took it home and tried it out.

Worked well until the power supply failed suddenly. Although under warranty, the cost and time involved in getting it repaired, doesn’t make a trip worthwhile for a $55 item.

Ours arrived broken in shipment. Amazon took care of it promptly. We bought another exact model and it works great. My wife only likes this brand.

I’m not sure the life span of your average toaster oven, but this one hung in there for 5. It reheated pizza well and cooked things like frozen french fries & chicken tenders a bit quicker than the regular oven. I wish it had lasted a bit longer, but while it lived, it did its job well.

We had another delonghi toaster oven that we bought 7 years ago it worked great so we were happy when we found this onethank you.

I am not crazy about combination of silver and black. I used to have one before, it burned, but it was black color all around.

The eo1251 is particularly useful for 1-2 person households, as it is a terrific little oven and an adequate toaster. I can’t give it 5 stars until the designers improve the setting knobs, which are stiff and provide too small a finger grip for turning, and add a second rack to provide more placement options. To get the most reliable toast results, one needs first to warmed up the toaster settings. While the cuisinart convection oven gets the higher ratings, some users i know have complained of the need to vet the equipment thoroughly, as it gives off an unpleasant chemical smell on initial usages. Fortunately, the delonghi has no such drawback. I also appreciate the simplicity of its settings; it’s easier just to turn a knob in the morning than have to face the cuisinart’s digital pad.

Good product – would buy again.

The previous model was better, with nicer knobs and an overall silver finish that was more together. Also, it had a light inside and the grill slid out automatically when you opened the door (not such a great idea actually). But they don’t make that one anymore. If you want the best toaster oven that money can buy these days, this is probably it. And it’s still much cheaper than it should be. I wish that delonghi would make one with better heating elements, an overall black finish, the nice knobs, and just charge $200 for it, like it should be.

We’ve had a delonghi toaster for 12 years and it was just about done. So we decided to get another one. But maybe the company was bought by someone new in the past 12 years. The quality is cheaper and just doesn’t work as well.

Just what i needed and just what i ordered.

Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster, This toaster is awesome. My husband loved the “keep warm” feature

Excellent product, best toaster ever.

This is an excellent toaster if you have the counter space. It allows you to choose a lower setting for the white bread since it burns faster than the dark bread. The toasting doesn’t take a long time at all (as others complained), i’m glad i didn’t believe it. This is a reputable company which delivers excellence in its products. Although it’s an expensive item, it’s made sturdy, looks good on the kitchen counter, doesn’t leave a mess due to the trays underneath. I expect to have it for many years. We toast bread daily, we are very happy with this toaster, it’s done well.

One of the best features is that it will keep your bread or bagel or muffin warm while you wait for your eggs to finish cooking.So many times i’ve had to try and mostly toast the bread and then try to finish it to time with the eggs, etc. Can’t tell you how many times i’ve over-toasted and ruined the bread, delayed the breakfast and when you’re cooking for others, that’s stressful. Lives up to the wolf brand name.

Key specs for Wolf Gourmet 4 Slice Toaster (WGTR104S) (Red):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-wide bread slots fit a variety of bread types, thicknesses, and shapes. After toasting, bread is automatically raised to the ideal height for easy access
  • Self-centering bread guides – toast the thinnest to the thickest breads with confidence. Each slice is held perfectly upright and centered to ensure even browning
  • Two slide-out crumb trays
  • Keep warm setting
  • Bagel settings – toast the inside of bagels and warm the outside

Comments from buyers

“We had a very nice Cuisineart that had reached end of life, We love our new toaster, Crumb trays are awesome. One of the best features is that it “

Heavy materials make this toaster a gift to pass on through the family. Although slow, bagels are toasted to perfection.

Wolf branded but made by hamilton beach.

I love my new toaster and it goes great with my new wolf range. I love the size of the slots for bagels.

Expensive yesit’s still a toaster.

Perfect color, even toasting.

Love it and use it every day.

Handles all thickness breads well and evenly toasted my muffin once set on the properly high temperature. Looks as good as my wolf range and works as well.

Always wanted this toaster but oh the price. I had been using a british make for years and didn’t have the quality over the years. We love this professional performance.

Works well, looks great along side other wolf appliances.

Made in china but very well-made you can tell that it’s top-of-the-line frozen bread and bagel toast evenly one of the best toasters i ever had i bought the two slicer.

Many reviewers expressed dismay that this toaster, and other wolf products, are made in china, because the feeling is that chinese products are ipso facto inferior. Iphone glass is made in china, for example. The problem is not that chinese factories can’t make quality products. It’s that american and european manufacturers don’t want to spend the money for the good stuff. That’s why wolf products are worth their high prices. If you want to buy a chinese-made toaster for a fraction of the price, expect to get a fraction of the quality. That’s on the manufacturer, not on the chinese.

This toaster exceeded my expectations. I had been searching for a toaster that had features i wanted and also one from a company i trusted to build a quality product. When i saw this toaster i knew i had found what i had been seeking. Having a wolf range and a sub zero refrigerator i was familiar with the quality of products from the manufactuer.

I am very happy with this toaster. It does an excellent job of toasting evenly and even has a warming setting. It’s attractive and very sturdy.

This toaster stands head and shoulders above all that i have used. We had a very nice cuisineart that had reached end of life. When i did my research for a replacement, the wolf 4-slice stood out. I was concerned about the price (it is expensive) but the performance and features are well worth the price. The warm function is a great addition and the toaster’s ability to toast frozen bagels all the way through is much better than any other unit i have used. I hightly recommend this toaster to you.

It looks fabulous in our kitchen with the wolf cook top. It toasts any type of bread perfectly and quickly and is great at keeping it warm until ready to use. We read some reviews that we totally would disagree with now that we own our own wolf toaster. One was that the wide slots (that are wonderful for bagels, thick sliced bread, etc. ) did not hold thin bread well (that the bread fell through somehow). We toast very thin diet bread with no difficulties frequently. Another customer felt that the cord and plug in was big and bulky and they needed an extension cord. This toaster has a normal plug and cord-nothing out of the ordinary. This toaster is beautiful, worth every penny, and makes the kitchen experience easier.

My husband loved the ‘keep warm’ feature. The first time i ordered the toaster it came damaged. Amazon was quick to resolve the issue. Now that we have a new one that is not damaged we are happy. The only reason i gave it 4 stars was due to the price.

Given the $400 price tag, i expected this toaster to do everything except butter my toast. Instead it doesn’t toast evenly across the slice and when i tried the warm function – it burned the crap out of the slice. I love a good piece of toast and had high expectations of this unit. Frankly i am disappointed given the price.

We remodeled our kitchen with wolf stove, double oven, sub zero fridge. When we needed a toaster i read many reviews of toasters. I was hoping, like other wolf products the toaster was made in the usa but alas, it’s not, right on the bottom it says jade in china. We have been using the toaster for only a week and so far really like it. Time will tell if it us worth the money. We really like the look and so far performance.