Select Brands Mickey Waffle Maker : Makes Great Wafflesor Pancakes.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my son who loves pancakes and it was a hit throughout the whole household. I bought teh pancaked mix that you just add water to and shake. If you follow the instructions in the instruction booklet your pancakes will come out perfectly golden mickey mouses. The mickey waffles in disney world are a little thicker. But this is about as close as you can get to having the real deal.

My dear daughter adores these mickey waffles. My only complaint is it’s very hard to clean because of the well around the product, but i’d rather have the well and have a difficult cleaning time than have batter all over the house. First waffle iron i’ve battled cleaning, though. It’s stood up well for a lot of use.

Mickey Waffle Maker

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  • Disney Mickey Mouse Non-Stick Electric Waffle Maker, Red and Black

The waffles turn out great but it’s not like the others that beep. Takes about 5min to heat up and then just time it 3min and it will be finished.

Bought the mickey waffle maker for my daughter for christmas, mostly for my grandchildren. They love the waffles from the maker.

This fine – but they are more like pancakes then waffles. Also, it’s small and it only makes one at a time (compared to our old 4 mickey waffle villa ware one, this is disappointing).

Mickey Waffle Maker : This is so cute, easy to use and clean and makes great waffles. Yes the consistency is a little more pancake like but they taste great anyway .

Works very quickly and easy to use. My son is obsessed with mickey and is now always asking me to make mickey waffles.

Got it for a trip to disney so that we could make breakfast in our room, wasn’t expecting such great waffles to come out of it. I fill each area almost all the way full and set a timer for three minutes. The waffles come out perfectly done and crisp on the outside. It does just as well as my belgian waffle maker that turns. I make my own pancake mix, but its about 2 cups of batter total and i get five waffles out of it.

This was a gift and the recipient loved it. It was easy to use and she loves micky mouse.

I’ve read some reviews that say they turn out more like pancakes than waffles, and i would have to agree. My six year old pointed that out himself. But it’s easy to use, and the kids don’t really care if they’re eating a pancake or waffle if it looks like mickey mouse.

Bought this for a gift and she loved it.

This was the perfect gift for my granddaughter after our return from disneyworld. Of course, she wants to return to disney but the mickey waffles make her happy.

I just made waffles on my new mickey waffle iron. The product is really easy to use and produces waffles very similar to the ones in the park. The size is just a little bit smaller than a regular waffle but it is just right for a child and even for an adult who doesn’t want to overstuff.

My grandson loves making them.

I gave it as a wedding gift to disney fans. They say they like it, but i don’t know how well it cooks waffles.

They make the perfect mickey waffles.

Just amazing and super easy to use. Literally had it out of the box and waffles on the plate within 10mins.

Works very well, however the end result is really more like pancakes instead of waffles. We’ve used this several times now and worked perfectly every time. If you’re looking for a true waffle maker though, you probably should get an actual waffle maker. My son will one day enjoy is mickey pancakes with this product.

This waffle iron works perfectly and is incredibly easy to clean. I have also used it to make pressed sandwiches (grilled cheese or ham & cheese) in the hopes that my toddler would eat them. It didn’t work to get the picky toddler to eat; however, it does put a smile on my face when i have waffles in the morning. It should be noted, however, that the consistency of the ‘waffles’ more closely resembles that of pancakes. So, it is not going to give you identical waffles to those found in disney world. Nevertheless, it is a great purchase for a mickey or disney lover.

Excellent waffle iron, easy to use and clean up is a breeze. The recipes that comes with the waffle iron are easy to make and taste great, just finished eating the pumpkin waffles.

This is a great little machine for the price. Not sure if the heat indicator is worth bothering with, just keep an eye on it about 7 mins. It does make flatter (but great looking) waffles than in pro machines in the disney world area, but, if you use belgian waffle mix, flip it half way through, and make sure it is not undercooked, it is pretty awesome. I make extra, then freeze them and pop them in the toaster later.So far it has been non stick for me, but if not a little spray oil or butter would help with that.

Ninja Ultima 1500-Watt 2 : BL800 is like a nutribullet on steroids.

You have to use the tall insert with blades in order to do any type of smoothie with ice, though — the ice cubes won’t get totally crushed with just the standard setup.

Excellent on smoothies, looking forward to making iced drinks to see it’s capabilities.

Ninja Ultima 1500-Watt 2.5 HP Professional Blender (Refurbished) | BL800-RB

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  • Certified Refurbished Ninja Ultima Blender BL800 1500 Watts 2.5 HP Professional Blender
  • 2400RPM 1500W, 2.5 HP 120 V 60Hz
  • Dual-stage blending
  • Total crushing technology crushes ice, frozen fruits and vegetables in seconds
  • High-speed cyclonic technology purees ingredients into a smooth, grit-free consistency

It’s as close as you can get to a vitamix if you don’t have $400.

Engineered well and built well. I have used a lot of blenders in my life but this one really blends whatever you toss into it. If the lid is not secured properly it will not start (nice feature).Lots of power = lots of noise. Also, this lower blade is integrated into the pitcher, unlike the other models that screw into the bottom of the pitcher and eventually leak. Suction cups on the bottom really stick this blender into the counter keeping it from moving. Nice touchso why not five stars????not only does this blender not work with any of the ninja single blending cup accessories it is not advertised as such. A call to ninja confirmed this.

After previously owning the ninja bl600, which let me down majorly. The other ninja wasn’t the best with ice(had to open it and stir often). And over time plastic parts ended up in my drinks. I switched to a black and decker one. I debated on this one for days. I bought it refurbrised on woot with shipping for $150. Mainly use for blended drinks and crushing the ice is key. Instantly it blended the ice within 20 secs only on level 4.

Ninja Ultima 1500-Watt 2.5 HP Professional Blender (Refurbished) | BL800-RB : Same as most, i got to make smoothies and didn’t want to pay the vitamix price. Made my first one this morning and it was perfect .

Increadibly, high quality and you will not be able to go back after you start using it.

Use it everyday love our smoothies, with real kale.

This is a top of the line kitchen machine at an incredibly good price. It does not come with any accessories, but these are easily purchased at reasonable prices, elsewhere.

I use this blender every day and it will pulverize anything you throw at it quickly. Good solid build quality,very powerful and easy to clean. If your in the market for a blender, buy the bl800.

A bit noisy but makes great smoothies. Its very easy to clean and easy to store. Could be a little shorter but other than that a good buy.

I love this powerful blender. It’s everything i wanted and hoped for. Very pleased with the ninja ultima blender.

I purchased this blender about a year ago. I make a ton of smoothies, with lots of ice cubes, several times a day. Recently it’s been taking longer and longer to blend my drinks. The time required has quadrupled, and the pausing and waiting and restarting has gotten ridiculous. Over the last week it started making grinding noises too, and after significant blending i’d still have whole ice cubes left in my drink. I know ice is hard on blenders, but i spent a lot of money on this blender. I looked at replacing the blades, but that costs a quarter of the price for the whole thing.So i gave up and purchased a blendtec total blender for about the same price being charged for this, and i’m confident it’s going to last longer.

Takes around a lot, not a soothe sound at all. Reminds me if when a pump gets unbalanced.

I didn’t know i could love a blender until i used this one. And it’s even refurbished, which is always a gamble. Our fruit and vegetable smoothies come out so perfectly pureed it’s unreal. I would recommend this blender and this seller to anyone.

Just got one of the best customer service ever. I called the 1-877 number included with the instructions at 8:30pm on a wednesday and it only took me only a few minutes to speak to a representative who was very nice and who will have a replacement part delivered to me in a few days. Of course, i had kept my original receipt with the date of purchase which is still under the 1 year warranty. For me, after purchase service is as important as the product itself. We are also super pleased with the product and we use it on a daily basis. This blender works great and is really powerful. A really pleased customer all the way. You made it really easy for me to love you. I will recommend ninja products to everyone i know.

Another viewer used the word ‘pulverized’ her veggies to make smoothies. That’s what i’m looking for’this machine is incredible. I am 54 years old and have never ever been so impressed with a kitchen appliance in my entire lifemy daughter is nursing her newborn and i’m determined to make sure that she has lots of vitamins in her diet. I have been making her fruit smoothies with this machine (indeed it is a machine) and they are totally awesome. This blender is so powerful that it almost lifts off the counter. Pretty impressivei would recommend this for anyone who wants to make smoothies.

This ninja blender is a godzilla that can handle anything. Using daily for morning meal replacement shakes. My used nutribullet is up for resale on ebay (hitesmites).

I have never had a blender this effective and i have had several. There are few blenders in this category which cam out perform this blender.

This thing will blend gravel into sand.

Awesome… and, cheaper than vitamix with the same power.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/ : Looks just like the wine coolers that cost twice as much

Fits perfectly where my trash compactor was.

Nice blue light, gets nice and cold ( i like why whites extra chilled). Shelves a bit flimsy when pulling out, but it does the trick overall and for the price.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black

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  • Normal Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 4 bottles per full size shelf; Reverse Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 5 bottles “reverse racked” per full size shelf
  • Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Built-in carbon filter
  • Black dotted door tinting; Blue interior LED lighting; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Rubber bushing absorbs vibration and noise from compressor
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR262DZ

I had an identical unit for about 3 years and the compressor died. It was going to cost as much to fix it as replace it. I couldn’t find a unit as good at this price. The unit is well made, is quiet and holds the temperature well. It works well as a built in-unit and i like the look. I’m hoping whatever the issue was with the compressor has been fixed and this one lasts much longer.

I gave it five stars because it does what it’s supposed to, and looks nice. One complaint is that at times it is quite loud.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black : Works but the gap from the countertop to the cooler is very noticeable.

It is perfect under our counter.

This wine fridge was easy to install and is working perfectly. I have no complaints and am very happy with the purchase.

The perfect size for the space we have and easy to install.

My only dislike is the shelves are too close together. Standard cab bottles barely fit. Stop using bordeaux bottles for measurements. I would rather hold 25 bottles with some room to maneuver than hold 32 bottles of bordeaux that needs to age for 20 years.

Expensive for the size, but this seems common to this smaller sizeruns well and no problems over the past couple of yearsnot as quiet as we’d like, but does not loud enough to interfere with conversation, etc.

This wine cooler works great. Could only get 25 bottles to fit, because i have most reds. It looks great and for the price, i would recommend it.

Although it is early to really rate this product so far so good. Product was double boxed well. Came with no scratches or dents. Size is consistent throughout build. 7/8 inches wide and that is what it was exactly. It went into a 15 inch slot exactly. Product cools quickly and temp is within 2 degrees as per manual. I simply set it at 53 to obtain a temp of 55. As with other coolers, these are designed for a 450 ml bottle or smaller. The litter size will take up more space and you will not get 30 bottles into the unit. If you use 350 ml bottles no problem. Unit noise level is minimal as expected. It replaced a wine enthusiast unit that was defunct in 8 months. This is a built in wine cooler with the venting in the front. Any unit with no venting up front is not a built in or under counter regardless of what they say. It would be free standing and will overheat and blow if under the counter. Small wine coolers cannot be dual zoned adequately. There is only one compressor and the difference in temp is regulated by a larger fan in the colder section.

The product was sold at a competitive price. It’s specifications met our requirements and it arrived on schedule and in good condition.

I wish it had a light in it.

Reasonably good wine cooler for the price. Leveling features easy to use. Would have liked to seen an auto on/auto off feature for the light to avoid having to manually activate.

Only time will tell how it lasts. I am waiting a few weeks to make sure before putting my good wine in it.

Though i have only had it for a couple of weeks, i judge it to be a fine wine cooler. Appearance and functioning are fine. My only critical observation, not a complaint, is that the racks are narrow. A bit of wiggling is occasionally needed to slide the rack back when a bottle has a slightly-larger-than- average diameter.

After reading several reviews i purchased this wine cooler. It is quiet and keeps wine at correct temp. I would recommend not plugging in for 24hours after delivery, just in case delivery service has turned on its side during transport.

As advertised, quiet, runs as it should. Easy to unpack and install, well packaged.

We tried this in a trial basis but the kitchen extension into which it is to be placed is to be built this week, so the real proof of the pudding.

A little tight to fit in the bottles, but well worth the money.

Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender – Professional quality machine

Does a fantastic job on smoothies – have not applied it for considerably elsei guess its quieter – the puppy isn’t going to bark at it as substantially.

Works great and the shield greatly reduces noise. The jug, however, is a bit smaller than a regular sized blender.

This is an awesome blender and i have now employed it for a yr. I have utilized it just about every day to make my smoothies and they appear out really clean. It is sturdy and durable and uncomplicated to sustain. The purpose i gave it a 4 star in its place of a 5 is that the jar is plastic and with day to day use it has turn into uninteresting and used up. I would like to substitute the plastic jar but appears like an high-priced proposition. I desire they would make glass jars.

Have this blender given that december and i am tremendous happy with it. Pretty quiet, when compared to my previous ninja. Heaps of ability for blending shakes and smoothies which i like to do.

When earning smoothies the liquid leaks from the base triggering it to spill out. I have to continuously tighten it with an allen wrench for it not to spill. When it is tightened it functions like a beast. Im not really satisfied with it but i havent identified the time to return it.

My wife loves this new blender. It performs significantly better than our previous cuisinart that was recalled because of to the blade breaking. The quiet shield performs properly but allow me tell you, this factor is loud no matter. That is the only purpose i gave it 4 stars. If not, smoothies come out great.

  • Higher Power, Lower Price
  • It works much better than our old Cuisinart that was recalled due to
  • Not great noise or blending, hard to clean and get replacement parts

This is a million greenback blender. Potent, and not outsized.

I really imagined this was likely to be a excellent substitute for my nutri ninja auto iq that not too long ago burnt up. I was hunting for some thing unique because the ninja is sooooo loud. This hamilton beach blender is definetely fairly quiter but i would not propose it for generating smoothies. It has to be operate by way of numerous periods and does not blend to the regularity of the ninja. I will be relegating this blender to the again shelf and ordering an additional ninja. I seriously wished to like the hamilton beach but it just will not do a good task (particularly for smoothies).

Even now noisy, but it turns off by itself, so you can just depart the room right until it is really finished, which is a fantastic aid.

This is a incredibly functional professional machine for property use. Helps make smoothies and shakes with manual and vehicle controls and you can increase things though mixing.

I’m in enjoy with this blender😍.

Features of Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz BPA-free Jar & 4 Programs, Silver (58870)

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  • CRUSHES ICE AND FROZEN INGREDIENTS FAST. Powerful 1500 Watt/ 2.0 peak HP and hardened, stainless steel blades works through hard ingredients in seconds.
  • REMOVABLE QUIET SHIELD. Dampens noise during the blending process.
  • 4 PROGRAM SETTINGS. Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup. Variable speed dial provides control.
  • 32 OZ. SHATTERPROOF JAR. BPA-free jar. Included tamper fits through lid to help bled dense ingredients.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE PARTS. The blender jar, lid and tamper are all dishwasher safe as well.

From the manufacturer

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Hamilton Beach Professional

Inspired by our 100 years of experience designing products used in commercial kitchens, Hamilton Beach Professional is a line of countertop kitchen appliances with professional-level components designed to deliver exceptional performance and superior durability for the serious home cook. Thoughtful features like precise speed control, convenient pre-programmed settings, and powerful motors to push through any job will make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender

Powerful blending with less noise

Increase your blending power while reducing noise with the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender. The 2.0 peak horsepower motor powers stainless steel blades to speeds over 105 mph to blast through ice, frozen fruit, and other tough ingredients in just seconds. With rubber-mounted components, a motor designed with optimal airflow and a removable shield, this blender is engineered to reduce noise during blending. The quiet shield can also be used as a serving pitcher.

Effortlessly create perfectly blended smoothies, juice whole fruits and vegetables, puree hot soups, emulsify dressings and grind spreads. With a variable speed dial, you control the blending to achieve restaurant quality results every time. Or choose pre-programmed smoothie, ice crush or puree settings for one-touch convenience. A tamper is included to help blend thick or frozen mixtures. The clean setting makes washing your jar a breeze, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Powerful 1500 Watt / 2.0 peak HP motor crushes ice and frozen ingredients in seconds
  • Easily removable quiet shield dampens noise during the blending process
  • Hardened, stainless steel blades rotate at speeds over 105 mph to blast through tough ingredients
  • 4 program settings: Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup
  • Variable speed dial provides effortless blending control for restaurant-quality results
  • Shatterproof, 32 oz. jar is BPA free
  • Includes tamper to help blend thick, dense ingredients
  • One touch auto clean program and dishwasher-safe parts makes cleaning easy
  • 5 year limited warranty

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Quieter Blending

Keep your conversation going regardless of what you’re blending. The quiet shield reduces the amount of noise from your blender when placed over the jar, plus it doubles as a serving pitcher. It’s also perfect for carrying ice from the freezer to the blender. Air flow around the motor and rubber-mounted components also helps to dampen noise during blending.

Powerful Performance

Get the power the pros have – with a commanding 1500 watts of power and a 2.0 peak horsepower motor, the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender delivers the performance you need for restaurant-quality results. Hardened stainless-steel blades rotate 105 mph to power through ice and tough ingredients in seconds.

Ultimate Control

Whether you’re whipping cream or chopping up ingredients for a fresh salsa, the variable speed dial gives you ultimate control over the blending process. The pulse function can be used at any speed for mixing and chopping without over processing to achieve the ideal texture.

Pre-Programmed for Easy Blending

Four pre-programed settings eliminate guesswork and offer one-touch convenience. For smoothie, ice crush and puree, simply add ingredients; choose the program by turning the dial, and press start. Use the clean setting for a quick wash. The blender automatically stops at the end of the program.

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Tamper Included

A tamper is included to help you blend frozen or thick mixtures, like nut butter, to the perfect consistency.

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Easy to Clean

Add warm water, dish detergent to blender jar and use the pre-programmed clean setting for a quick clean. The blender jar, lid and tamper are all dishwasher safe as well.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender’s exceptional performance and superior durability is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

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It is really a great deal quieter than my preceding variations and however i am absolutely sure all the elements had been probably built in the exact place as each other blender i have owned, this a single just feels like it’s greater top quality. It’s uncomplicated to thoroughly clean and so much, continue to going sturdy.

Tremendous quiet, surely a phase up from the college or university margarita mixer.

This blender is just alright, we purchased it in 2016. It can be a bit less noisy with the ‘pitcher’ shield on it, but not definitely plenty of to warrant acquiring a new blender. It can be okay a earning smoothies and if that’s all you are accomplishing it almost certainly good. It does not assess with a vitamix, blendtec or ninja for power. I have been pissed off by numerous recipes its not able to take care of. Nut butter, neglect it, my coffee grinder did a considerably far better career. Ice and dates usually break up badly with significant chunks still left around. We bought a blendtec off of the treasure truck (equivalent cost assortment) a few days back and i am so much happier with the output, together with smoothies. The worst portion of this blender (i should really most likely give it 2 stars for this), is soon after substantially use the ingredients start out seeping by means of the base and get cake to the facet of the jar in the compartment under the blade. I looked at acquiring a new jar but i can only find it at hamilton beach for $ninety, at two/3 the price of a new unit after shipping and delivery i decided to move on to one more blender. Thankfully for hamilton beach they possess blendtec as perfectly.

It does a good career as a smoothie maker. But the sounds is just not low as claimed. You can lessen it a tiny if you maintain holding the ‘shield’ (a square jar put upside down covering-up the blender jar). If it equipped more tightly, the sounds really should be reduced. The blender jar fitting in the base is also to some degree loose, raising the sounds. These unwell patterns seem very simple to accurate the dilemma is: why hamilton beach haven’t taken care oi it nevertheless?.

I have experienced two-3 blenders ahead of this one particular and they have been absolutely no match for this a person. It will work specifically as you would assume. I make smoothies for breakfast just about everyday and it meets my every single need.

The smoothie perform worked excellent. Had my smoothie concluded in significantly less than a moment utilizing frozen bananas, strawberries and peaches with apple juice. It says it is quiet, which as opposed to my aged blender it is, but it is nevertheless loud. Have only utilised it two times so far. The clear functionality labored as envisioned and rinsed simply. Total excellent product, i would recommend this blender.


It will work definitely perfectly for the selling price. Its not as superior as a vitamix, but its about half the rate. Not very as quiet as i envisioned nevertheless.

Initially time i applied it was sppoky it started in the smoothie cycle all by alone well it was established in that location much too 2minutes and i had the greatest smoothie i have at any time experienced. Cleaning cycle went boob da-da-bing and it was thoroughly clean now i am going to update this in 6 months but it has a steel generate and receiver. It did not odor like it burnt just about anything i determine spend the funds and get the best.

Quite happy with the acquire. Never ever experienced one prior to but i new i required one that had some energy and reduced sound. Utilized it two times in past three weeks and am joyful.

Terrific blender for the price, it would have been a 5 star but it is loud even with the quiet shield on. Would make good smoothies and i use it a large amount to puree foods for my aged mother and it works excellent.

I have owned a vitamix in the previous – of class it was great. But this underneath $one hundred fifty device (in fact $119) is really near and does what we have to have it for. Just received it and it does appear to do the position. We created gazpacho and some ice smoothies. No challenges with electrical power and the quiet ‘shield’ really does help slash down on the noise. I want it had a big pitcher much too for generating greater quantities, but the 32 oz. Will perform for most of what we want to do with it. The draw back is that the leading is not easy to take off and is created of a extra rigid plastic – not a offer breaker, but i miss that rubber that i had on the vitamix (but for preserving $400, i can live with that). Also, there is no tackle on the pitcher – the one particular you see in the picture is on the sounds shield, so much it does not seem to be a major offer, but i anticipated just one and it is really not there.

I use the blender most days to make smoothies out of semi frozen food items like blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, and often spinach. I use the preset puree pace for this, and it appears to be to do the job nicely. I definitely like the clear setting – it does a good career, and it’s pleasant not to have to thoroughly clean the blender following just about every use by hand. I bought the blender utilized, but could not notify by the search or efficiency of the device. This blender is quieter than my affordable previous $40 blender, but it is really not whisper quiet. I was contemplating a a lot more high-priced blender like a vitamix, but am joyful i chose this a person. It looks durable – hopefully it will final.


Save your funds and buy this blender. It’s eye-catching, and it blends ice and fruit without lumps to make a best smoothie. No want to acquire a five hundred dollar blender. My only very small gripe is that the blender only blends modest amounts at a time, so if i needed to make a pitcher full of margaritas i would have to do it in a several batches.

For my property this is incredibly quiet. Mixes perfectly and is simple to cleanse.

Definitely quieter than other’s i have made use of in the earlier. Fantastic in general blender purchase.

I really like this blender, i use it primarily for smoothies. It is capable to chop up kale and frozen fruit conveniently. The sounds shield which doubles as a serving pitcher if necessary is excellent.

Smoothie carried out in 60 seconds and didn’t wake up my spouse. But it is really such an enhancement about my crappy cuisinart. Does any just one recall again when cuisinart was really quiet. Oh that’s when it was produced in the usa nevermind. But in any case this is terrific quality for the price pretty delighted with it. Have gone through several noisy blenders. This is the very best at this selling price.

One particular of the best blenders i ha e had in 6 years. I only want it was a minimal bigger that is my only complaint.

Jar shattered while blending frozen fruit.

4 PROGRAM SETTINGS. Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup.


Fresh World Kitchen Vacuum Sealing System Vacuum Sealer, Good vacuum sealer, good price

This unit actually works quite well. I would give it 5 stars if the instructions were less confusing. I’m deducting a star because of the poorly written instruction manual, which was evidently put together by someone who’s first language is not english. What this manual needed was a clear ‘get started’ page up front for basic operation. Instead there were a number of confusing references and diagrams to wade through long before anything useful or easily understandable was encountered. I don’t have the manual in front of me, but somewhere in the middle was the quick reference instruction page i was hoping for. Even that could have been a little more clear, but it turns out the device is actually quite easy to use. The manual made it seem daunting at first. Good sealer, poor instruction manual.

This is a pretty good vacuum sealer, although it doesn’t seem as powerful as other ones i have tried. You really have to pay attention to what you are doing, or you might not get a full seal. I don’t think it is vacuuming as much air out of the bag either, but it is certainly much better than not using one at all. It is fairly compact and a pretty good price. It doesn’t have some of the fancy bells-n-whistles of the more expensive ones, like a vacuum hose attachment. It did come with a few re-usable bags.

Key specs for Kitchen Vacuum Sealing System Vacuum Sealer for Foods Preservation:

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  • Save money & keep food fresh
  • Preserve food as simply as…1, 2, 3
  • Easy bag alignment with extra-wide vacuum chamber
  • Locks air out to keep freshness in
  • Prevents freezer burn

Comments from buyers

“Great little vacuum sealer., Good vacuum sealer, good price, Works like a charm!!!”

This works so much better than brand x that everybody knows. I had three of them and they all failed quickly. So far this is holding nice and doing the job. I wish the end snaps were easier to push down and release. Seems like they might break easily.

This works very well with the included bags. It allows me to make the perfect vacuum seal so my food does not ‘float’ at the top of my sous vide water bath.

This is my first food sealer. Works like a charm straight out of the box. Would recommend to family and friends in a heart beat.

I purchased this to vacuum seal cookies over the holidays, it didn’t always vacuum, very long time to vacuum a bag of 4 cookies, disappointed.

As you can see, i orginally rated this product a 5 str and then rated it one star because the product did not work. The company sent me a new one and it works great and i am very pleased with it. Now i have changed the rating back to 5 stars. I think the problem may have been with the packing/shipping because the new one was packed far more secure that the first one. At any rate, i am very pleased with the new vacuum sealer.

Excellent vacuum for the price.

I had a hard time making sense of the instructions. Evidently they were not translated well from chinese. I waited for my husband to come home from a trip. He too had trouble with the instructions. He found it interesting that if you have a problem, you have to call china. Anyway, we missed the part that you should only fill the bag 3/4 full, so it sucked chicken blood into the machine. Then it stopped working for a while. We got that cleaned up and used bigger bags. We did have a lot of problems, because the instruction book lacks a lot of information. He had a hard time getting the machine to lock.

T-fal Avante Icon 2-Slice Toaster : the quality of the toaster was good, but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as

My family is all about food and design. We all agree: this toaster is the very best. Provides easy access to the toasted bread since the toaster is angled and easily accessible, even when located on a counter under a kitchen cabinet (as is often the case in modern kitchens. )function: flawless — speedy heating, accurate controls, pops finished toast up well above the frame so you can easily access without danger of burning yourself.

Awesome toaster, have used for over a year. The bottom tray is easy to pull out and clean. The stainless steel looks great too but can be hard to keep clean, lol. Only issue i had so far is the nob that you push down to turn on the toaster came off the lever.

It does toast quickly which is awesome. You can put a single piece of toast in either side. I use it exclusively to toast gluten free bread. My only complaint is that the middle of the bread does not toast as nicely as the outer edges. However, that could be the nature of the g/f bread. When i broil g/f bread in the oven the edges burn and the middle stays pale. This t-fal high speed toaster is a far better alternative to broiling and much faster. I have the same toaster in the 4 slice style for regular bread which is what prompted me to buy this one for gluten free toast.

Tonight the plastic lever broke. Thinking about replacing it with a new 1.

  • the quality of the toaster was good, but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as
  • Not quite as good as old toaster
  • Works Great! And its 1200-watts!

T-fal Avante Icon 2-Slice Toaster (Brushed Stainless Steel body)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full brushed stainless steel body toaster
  • 900 watts, high speed toaster
  • 6 browning levels, bagel, reheat, stop
  • High lift lever, Crumb tray
  • 1 year limited warranty

It came very quickly and i was pleasantly surprised that it is so nice looking. I like the speed and general overall toast quality of this t-fal 2-slice high speed toaster. The toast was evenly toasted on both sides. All-in-all i’m very happy.

For the price, i did some research. In the end with many options in the $40-$60 range i liked the look of this one best. Its speed was definitely impressive. And you will quickly find the range of doneness you preferonly downside is there is no “defrost” button. I didn’t even notice this when i was comparing, or overlooked it. But i used to use this feature on my previous toaster to toast frozen store bought waffles. Since there is no defrost button, i have to toast it 1-1/2 times to get it just right. Very sleek toaster, looks great.

So far so good it is wonderful brand love it.

This toaster looks and works as advertised. Very sturdy brushed stainless steel with easy to understand controls. I especially like the “bagel” button that you push so that the cut side “toasts” while the outer side just warms nicely. Someone else noted in their review that it launches the toast when popping up. We have not experienced this noting that their are internal metal brackets that lightly cradel the toast as it is pulled down inside, then gently releses the toast as it pops up.

It toasts bread nicely, looks nice, and is light (i store it in cabinent) but it flings the toast/english muffins out so far they often land on the floor. Even when i turn it lengthwise to the wall, they fly out onto the floor.

Due to the sloped top, which the t-fal customer service person told me would not be a problem, only a portion of a slice of bread goes into the toaster; toast one side and then the other. I wouldn’t buy this item again.

Generally, it toasts well, but there is a tendency for the toast to come out lighter on the outside sides and darker on the interior sides. It does sometimes propel the toast across the counter when it pops. It looks great among my other stainless appliances and it’s shape is unique.

I thought i was ordering the digital one kinda bummed.

This toaster looks sleek and modern, but it doesn’t toast all that great. If you put it on a 4 setting, it pops up in 20 seconds and isn’t toasted. You have to max it on 8 and then watch it doesn’t burn. Also doesn’t toast evenly on both sides.

This is my second t-fal toaster both the same kind, i like it very much :-).

This toaster looked great on paper, but in practice it tended to toast very unevenly. The outside of the case also got very hot during toasting. It was hot enough that i’d worry about small children touching it during the toasting cycle. We ended up returning this toaster.

This toaster does an excellent job of toasting if you use the correct setting. The ‘stop’ pop up feature allows you to toast a bit longer and stop whenever you like. The style and look is excellent and the extra wide slots are perfect for larger foods like bagels and thick sliced bread. Also, the price is excellent and i would recommend this to anyone.

We have had it 6-years and it has gotten regular use. I am talking like, used more than one thousand times now. I am only docking one star because it doesn’t hold crumbs well; even with regular emptying of the tray, crumbs do seep out somehow and get on the counter. I wish i could deduct just have a star for this though as this toaster really is pretty dang amazing. It’s also a nice compact size and fits perfect in a smaller kitchen.

She had this model of toaster for many years and when it died after many years of use. She would not settle for another brand or style.

I purchased this toaster after much shopping around. The stainless is not lightweight, it has a nice feel and looks great on my new countertop. Stainless with a little black accent. Not to mention it makes great toast. I turn it up between 5 & 6 to get the results i want. Toasted a bagel the other day and turned out just great. I would definitely recommend this toaster.

The quality of the toaster was good , but sometime it doesn’t toast as well as it should for the quality i expected out of t-fal toaster, the first t-fal toaster i got , i had for over 10 years, no problem. At times it didn’t toast as well as it should an even times not at all, but most of the time it does toast good an even , but i have to say i am disapointed. Its well made an nice to look at.

Toasters come in all sort of prices and a lot just never seem to do what you want. It looks stylish and good and isn’t hard to keep clean. A little experimenting and i found the perfect setting.

Max Burton 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop – This thing ROCKS!

As the title states, this is my initially induction unit. I will not use a regular variety or cooktop in my apartment and as an alternative use a solitary burner to do my cooking. Properly on occasion getting just just one burner has grow to be a minimal much too limiting and so i decided to decide on up a next. I have been working with a waring professional sb30 1300-watt burner for properly in excess of a 12 months now and have been pretty satisfied with it. My prepare was to get a 2nd waring but i noticed the induction models and my desire bought peaked. That is how this tale starts, with the obtain of my very very own max burton 6000 induction cooktop. I examined all my cookware ahead of purchasing and all my emeril stainless cookware makes use of magnetic stainless bottom plates, as does my calphalon stock pot. In actuality only my calphalon day-to-day stainless non-adhere skillet is not appropriate. When the max burton 6000 showed, i immediately gave it a attempt. I began by putting my 10in skillet on the burner with about 1/4in of h2o in the base and turned it on.

Prior to finding this device, i had questioned if my fagor 10 quart stainless metal stress cooker would perform on it. The solution is yes – and the two labored quite nicely collectively. (the pressure cooker has a foundation that is ideal for induction cooking. )the cooker got up to stress a great deal a lot quicker than on my electric powered stove’s burners. I experienced nervous about the pounds of the cooker – i should not have, mainly because the cooktop’s manual reveals a weight restrict of fifty lbs .. Typical cooking:prior to getting this device, i imagined that i would be making use of rather large ability configurations. Not so: i a short while ago boiled five potatoes in about three quarts of drinking water (protected) with a energy placing of three. The chart in the manual shows setting three is ‘low’ and 800 watts. When i was to start with looking at this device, i was pondering i might be applying energy amount ten a good deal, and that perhaps the 1800 watts would be tripping circuit breakers often. I doubt if i ever use amount ten – the optimum degree i have utilized is seven. I feel the purpose for that is that the induction device is so effective. A single suggestion: i experienced gotten accustomed to making use of only the power stage configurations – but there were periods i preferred less warmth than placing #one. So then i change to the temperature manner and pick out a location of one hundred or one hundred fifty. I am most impressed with this cooktop.

Before you update an existing electrical or gas cooktop, contemplate this inexpensive way to attempt out induction cooking. I invested some time with the max burton 6000 1800-watt portable induction cooktop and ultimately ended up working with it practically solely around my aging gas range. Whilst this hob is limited by a 4′ element, it is continue to multipurpose and performs nicely. Confident, i finally manufactured the plunge and changed the gas range with a ge profile induction cooktop, which has a lot more electric power and larger sized aspects. I will not regret it at all (though the max burton actually has a lot more features, like the capability to set the temperature and timed cooking). I still have the hob, which is useful for warming or an impromptu stirfry on the patio. As for the max burton alone, a greater aspect and finer increments for setting the temperature are about the only enhancements i required. Some pans of layered design are inclined to emit whiny noises that bothered the relaxation of my family members, but are only a small annoyance.Here are the specifications for the Max Burton 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1800-watt portable single-burner induction cooktop heats instantly
  • 10 Power levels; adjustable heat levels range from 140 to 450 degrees F
  • Cookware detection and overheat sensors prevent scorching and injury
  • 180-minute timer; push-button control panel with LED display
  • Measures approximately 14 by 12-3/5 by 2-1/2 inches

I assume the max burton 6000 is a person of the most effective buys i have ever created. My first batch of soup was boiling in incredibly small time. Yet when i lessened the heat location to 2, it simmered gently and steadily with the lid on. The modest enthusiast sounds does not hassle me, nor does the annunciator. On the other hand my daughters inform me the device will make a quite substantial pitched seem at highest electric power. Seems like that used to bother me far too, till a friend threw a blasting cap in my general route. Now i am blissfully ignorant of twenty five khz. It could be that cookware tends to make or breaks the induction cooktop. If so, i bought blessed on the initially check out by obtaining a 5 piece induction-completely ready stainless steel cookware set at ikea (two lids, 3 pans) for 10 bucks. They perform flawlessly with the max burton 6000 nonetheless they are even significantly less high-priced that sheet metal enamelware.

Executive summary: very good for discovering out if you want to get a full inductive stove leading and also fantastic for creating what is vital in these types of a stove best. In distinct, a temperature placing that is more compatible with force cooking. First off, this is a definitely neat gadget. It heats pots and pans to temperature in a hurry and is really responsive. The total pan base will get evenly incredibly hot. Heating is incredibly responsive to the controls as well. Scrub with soapy h2o if wanted.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Induction Cooking 101
  • Differences between model 6000 and 6200:
  • 3 hour automatic shut off is a bummer

I ordered an outdated vogue coil portable range that would scarcely boil water after 15 minutes of heating. Then just after thorough inspection of the owner’s handbook it suggests that a sluggish boil is all you can get. How am i likely to sear a good steak with that?my lookup commenced on amazon to uncover some thing that is portable and has plenty of ooom pah pah to sear a steak on the patio and i stumbled on induction prepare dinner tops. It seemed so alien, in no way heard of this technologies. I immediately jumped on youtube and viewed some demos and i was impressed. Next my career was to uncover a excellent entry stage portable induction cooker and what swayed me on this device was the cost. Introduced my fridge magnet to the community excellent will and value villiage and scored some great induction cookware for beneath ten bucks a pop. Bought a cast iron grill and a metal wok. This product heats h2o to a boil pretty rapidly.

I had examine evaluations on induction cooktops and it appeared to me that price was not akin to general performance, so i ordered a max burton 6000 induction cooktop. My array is a frigidaire experienced collection glass best that i come across normally takes also very long to heat and way too extended to interesting, ensuing in boil overs and lots of cleanup. Wow, i identified that temperature handle on max burton to be the finest factor due to the fact sliced bread. Virtually prompt heat up and quick heat down. I liked it so significantly that i had to hurry and invest in a next a person, since all through the lengthy course of my existence i discovered that items that i actually preferred were ordinarily discontinued. The pots i use are meyer 18/10 stainless and function good. I did however, buy a set of de customer steel fry pans that are just great and are so large that you also get your training by utilizing them. My two induction cooktops now occupy the front burner house on the glasstop selection.

We at first purchased this for asian sizzling pot, or shabu shabu, dinners exactly where absolutely everyone gathers all over a boiling pot of soup and cooks raw meats and greens in the soup. Needless to say, the initially thing that i learned was that i could get the solid iron pans from my camping gear out of the garage and into the kitchen. This unit now does extra get the job done than my gasoline variety, and has taken around most of the cooking. Actual command more than the warmth, and a timer, are significant unless you want to guess how scorching the range is and just estimate how extended you’ve been cooking. One of the best points is this unit’s portability. We can run extension cords out to the property so that we can cook dinner outdoor. So you will not have to deep fry chicken wings and french fries with all that oil and smoke trapped in your kitchen area. With a major plenty of pot, you can deep fry turkeys and full chickens. No doubt that this device will also get the job done fantastic for people back lawn lobster boils and crab boils.

I’ve had this device about a thirty day period now and so considerably i can say that will work pretty nicely. You can cook dinner both by setting a ability level (one-9) or by setting a sought after cooking temperature which was a aspect i didn’t anticipate. The first time i made use of it, i wasn’t really familiar with the ability settings and i managed to burn off some butter i was making an attempt to brown in the pan. I usually cook on a gas stove and brown butter at medium heat, so if just about anything, medium heat on this induction unit is much hotter than what i’m utilised to. At ability degree nine it would most likely melt my cookware or char regardless of what was cooking. On 2nd assumed, i will in all probability hardly ever use it at that level. The a person purpose i gave it 4 stars as an alternative of five is the change in power degrees is just a tiny far too significant for my flavor. Power amount 1 is a pretty reduced simmer in which the device cycles on and off to achieve a pretty very low power output. The difficulty is that ability amount 1 are unable to offer a regular very low simmer – which would be pretty valuable for cooking points like rice or a stock. Electric power stage two is as well large of a action up to seriously be handy for the exact kinds of foods.

I was so mad at nuwave for providing theirs at $99, then forcing you to obtain a second just one so that you will not get absent without shelling out $200. The max burton 6000 was $seventy eight, is better looking, and operationally similar. Ok, i would have most popular a stainless steel variation instead of the low-priced seeking plastic management edges, but who’s complaining at $78?.I will gift this to a relative and upgrade to a stainless steel model later on. Takes a although to get the dangle of the extremely fast heat and cooking instances (i burned up a pair of stainless metal pans in the commencing), but i cleaned them up, dusted them off and began all over again until i got it. Now, you can find no much more burnt scrambled eggs, grilling is a snap, and the controlled temperatures are a god-deliver. The best issue is that only the pan receives warm, so there is no burner or stovetop cleanup at all. The only detail on my wish list (are you listening max?) is an induction cooking cookbook.

I desired an induction cooktop for the main purpose of generating bone broth which necessitates becoming on for 24-forty eight several hours on simmer. The max burton turns off just after three several hours, earning it so i have to continue to keep resetting it for another three hrs. This is really inconvenient at night or in the course of the day when i won’t be able to attend to it. I stay in earthquake state and wanted to experience at ease with leaving my pot simmering and not anxiety that a gas fire could possibly happen throughout a quake. It is amazingly productive and i will use it but i required the flexibility of making use of my possess larger sized pots to make a big quantity of broth opposed to employing a crockpot which doesn’t evaluate in terms of quantity. I wished there was a way to override the timer. Also, the instruction booklet isn’t really extremely valuable.

The device functions incredibly well, i use equally ci and ss cookware. I uncovered a pleasant set of ss cookware at bed bathtub and beyond for only $70. 7 parts, but that’s plenty of for me since i have loads of ci cookware. The trouble i have identified is that using the temp handle is not significantly more quickly that a standard electric powered hotpot. I was led to feel it was a great deal more quickly. This is corrected by applying the electric power regulate 1st and then shifting over to the temp control when you get to the wished-for temp you want to cook dinner at. I have tried boiling cold h2o (two cups) and with the temp management, it can take around forty one/2 to five min. Employing the ability command at lv six it can take approx. I also experimented with deep fats frying.

I was curious about induction engineering on cooktops and immediately after days investigating and viewing solutions evaluations, i made the decision to buy this design, and i wished to hold my enjoyment for at least a 7 days but couldn’t resist to create an early merchandise review, soon after two days of use. It can be shorten to this: does particularly what manufacter says. Extensive version, manufacter claims it goes up to one,800 watts of ability (on better environment) but this does not signifies that it will take in all that electric power, it is dependent on the size of the prepare dinner wear, so the energy use is directly proportional to the sizing of the cook use, i know this due to the fact i have a energy meter device for household use, ‘kill-a-watt’ p3 worldwide p4400 get rid of a watt energy usage watch. I commonly use force cooker (presto 8-quart stainless steel strain cooker) to help save on fuel when i cook dinner beans, rice or vegetables, picture my amaze when i slice in fifty percent the time it calls for for the pressure cooker to the plateu or large pressure condition, not only i help save on propane gasoline, but also on time. So, if you are wanting for an intro on induction cooking, begin with this, for the price tag, it exceeds my espectations. I will check out to arrive back to update this evaluation if needed. Update 2012-eleven-05there’s appears to be some limitations with this device, i imagined it was defective right until i study number of assessments complaining about the similar point, it is really the outer ring. I observe right now when frying eggs with a 9′ base solid iron skillet, when pouring the egg in the center, part of the egg white sloped to the edge of the skillet and discover it took extended to cook than in the center, i had to maintain the egg together in the heart to cook dinner it evenly. I took down 1 star for that.

As an professional cook with quite a few a long time of cooking with induction beneath my belt, i would like to share my practical experience, and clear up a great deal of terrible details propagated by some properly that means, but thoroughly unqualified persons who have submitted feedback about the max burton 6000 induction cooker. I am also an electronics & mechanical engineer, providing me supplemental perception into some of the challenges being reviewed. Initially off, this induction cooker is a remarkable discount, comparing favorably with products and solutions quite a few occasions its charge. It is actually an 1800 watt (enter) induction cooker. Induction cookers are not able to be compared in any way to straightforward hotplates that use a resistive heating aspect. Electric hotplates, very similar to traditional fuel and electrical burners are at ideal all over fifty% successful. The squandered warmth only goes into heating your kitchen area and can make your stove and cookware handles scorching sizzling. Induction cooking is ordinarily 80-90% productive. Don’t forget that even however the max burton 6000 is a good benefit, it is however a light-weight obligation, ‘entry level’ induction cooker (not for constant commercial cooking use). If it is utilized thoroughly, it should give many years of responsible assistance.

I have a jenn-aire stove with solid iron burners set into the cartridge. However these burners are pretty sluggish to heat and ultra gradual to interesting down which would make cooking sure issues a challenge. I read through a fantastic review of the max burton in ‘cooks illustrated’ and assumed i would check out it. Component of the rationale was to experiment with induction cooking in advance of purchashing a new stove. On to start with use i hardly had time to walk to the other aspect of the kitchen prior to the water was boiling. With experimentation i obtain it is really better for boiling, stewing, gradual cooking, than frying. There is a round warm place that tends to fry or brown inconsistently. But the controls let you to carry the pot from entire boil down to a extremely small ‘keep warm’ placing inside seconds. Some of my all-clad pans operate and other individuals do not. The kinds that are all stainless do the job fine, the types with the dark exterior do not. All in all i feel it was a terrific order. I imagine it may occur in handy as perfectly in the course of the vacations as an more burner to retain food warm. You do have to be thorough not to plug it into an outlet with a lot of other factors managing as it attracts very a bit of electricity.

I have had this for about eight months now. I check out to use it for as considerably of my cooking as i can. I have had none of the troubles outlined in other reviews about plastic melting or whatnot. It is quite rapid to heat (sizzling in seconds) and incredibly successful. I use it with a strain cooker and solid iron cookware (acquired following i bought this. Most of my older cookware does not do the job, but that is not the fault of this product or service)disadvantages:it is really real that it heats mostly a 5 inch circle in the middle, but i am able to deal with it. Occasionally which is a aspect like if you want to transfer cooked food items off to the side and focus on meals you place in the middle. Yet another technique is to transfer the pan all-around as you cook. I doubt if any of the other counter top rated units are any diverse.

I acquired this with the plan of potentially putting in an induction prepare dinner top rated if i preferred the technologies. Just after significantly experimentation this is what i’ve uncovered:one. With selected cookware the hob will from time to time squeal. It can be a increased pitch than i can hear but my daughter can and it truly is irritating. Tried out the ross pans and located they never warmth evenly. Following one particular use the teflon coated sauce pan was discolored in one particular location. It seems the pan would overheat quickly in that 1 region of the pan. Purchased circulan pans that are built for induction cooking. In some cases the squeal was extremely loud. I read in a site that it could transpire simply because the circulan emblem on the bottom center of every pot and pan is recessed, thus not making immediate get hold of with the surface area. When working with my forged iron dutch oven, no squeal, not even the clicking i usually listen to with the other pans. Tried an experiment tonight with the cast iron pot, circulan and update (purchased from a industrial chef’s warehouse). They are all close to the same measurement, each and every with 1 cup of water. The circulan failed to squeal (you should not know why) but created clicking appears, etc. Forged iron worked wonderful without clicks and the update produced the clicking but no squealing appears and the drinking water boiled the fastest in this. After all this, i nevertheless have to come to a decision if it’s the cook dinner major that has to transform or the pots.

I purchased it, received it promptly and in perfect affliction. To start with matter i did was choose it up and present it off to my domestic. I embarrassed myself by displaying off how neat and quick it was, but it built a awful noise continuously and my thoughts of employing it for slow cooking broths and chili soups flew away. I boxed it up and bought a return label, etc. Fortunately, it could not go out right up until monday, and i gave it a further opportunity when i was alone and could consider issues out with a quantity of pans. I grabbed our little solid iron pan and built a fried egg, had to transform it way down to 3 and hey, no sounds. Then i took a significant stainless metal flat bottom bowl and boiled a quart of drinking water, silent apart from for the sound of scorching effervescent rolling boil (and enthusiast).

I agree with some of the reviewers who commented about a hot location in the centre. On mine it is a circle about six inches throughout. I mostly see it when frying bacon. But that is straightforward to accommodate by shifting the strips all around when i turn them. And i have fried a good deal of bacon with this unit. I use a twelve one//2 inch all clad stainless frypan, so not a chintzy pan. I you should not detect a warm location with other foodstuff. It is a mild, responsive small burner and spilled food and grease really don’t burn off on it. If you want to prepare dinner a little something messy, set a piece of parchment paper between the glass plate of the unit and the fry pan. It will continue to keep the device clean.

I was utilizing a tatung tict-1500w cooktop for additional than a 12 months and genuinely preferred it. Temperature changes are gasoline burner like with instant reaction and heating up the pot is extremely speedy. Rapid ahead to the max burton unit. I will never repeat other remarks who gave electric power readings. I did like the max burton for the further electricity (indeed, very recognizable) as opposed to the tatung device. It has ten electricity amount configurations in its place of five, shutoff timing in minute as a substitute of ten moment increments and temperature configurations compared to none for the tatung. Not that the tatung was poor, just that the max burton 6000 was better. They each have troubles with large warmth stir frying for the reason that the in excess of temperature protection shutdown will turn off the device just when the oil receives using tobacco and i’m all set to dump the meals into the pot. I’ve figured out to tilt the pot a bit so that the pot isn’t going to pretty contact the middle of the induction major so the cooktop stays cool.

I was a little bit skeptical to begin with about getting this thanks to the number of reviewers complaining about obtaining broken models or acquiring them die after only a several uses. Happily i can report this has not been the case. I have experienced the device for two months now and use it day by day, normally numerous periods. It did need me to receive new cookware. I ended up acquiring a bit of lodge cast iron, as perfectly as a several pieces of triply stainless from cuisinart. Both of those have labored out great on this cooktop. As i am making an attempt to transfer away from coated cookware it was just the incentive i necessary. I like the ten temperature configurations on this device, as perfectly as the truth that you set the time increments in minutes. I desire it had extra temperature environment in the decrease ranges, for retaining points heat. At the a hundred and eighty diploma environment it will nonetheless simmer what at any time you are cooking.

VACMASTER 30754 4-Mil Chamber Pouches – Great vaccum bags

I obtained these for use with my vacmaster chamber vacuum sealer. The four ply make these really durable and strong. My spouse states this vacuum sealer is so substantially simpler to use than the previous foods saver that we experienced. These ended up costing about $. What a deal and what a item.

Wonderful sizing for one servings. Will also get some of the bigger sized with next order.Here are the specifications for the VACMASTER 30754 4-Mil Chamber Pouches:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heavy-duty 4 mil thick material provides a superior pouch for optimum freshness and reliable seal
  • Keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer; eliminates freezer burn and dehydration
  • Pouches can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled, or cooked sous vide
  • Nylon/Poly construction for high puncture and abrasion resistance
  • BPA-Free and FDA approved; compatible with chamber vacuum sealers

The 4 millimeter pouches do the job a great deal far better for the sous vide cooking. I have been vacuum sealing newborn back again ribs and 2 times the bones penetrated the 3 mill pouches. I have not experienced any difficulties with the four mill. The three mill are excellent for normal vacuum packing.

4-mil design tends to make them quite hefty responsibility for storing things in the freezer or transporting frozen products. I will not likely hesitate purchasing a different batch of when i run out.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Highly recommended for any chamber vacuum
  • Sealing up the perfect sizes!
  • The extra thickness of the 4-mil

I have acquired these luggage a number of times in the earlier.

I use them with my chamber vacuum sealer and they function superb. Much thicker than the garbage i used with my meals saver. Glad i invested in a chamber vac.

I ordered the luggage and they arrived a few days early. Grateful that i can get the luggage by way of the mail and not have to track down a butcher shop. Feeling well prepared for winter.

Nice, weighty responsibility, properly packaged bags😊.

Baggage are significant high-quality at a affordable rate.

00 but you help save hundreds of dollars in wasted foodlets say you have only $one. 00 truly worth of foodstuff in each individual bag x’s 1000 bags is minimal $1000 in price savings. 00 in food stuff and $5000 in food stuff personal savings and so onbasically its freevacmaster 215 for the get.

Great prices and great supply.

6′ is undoubtedly a little smaller than i imagined and variety of tricky to fold again so i can place meals in the bag and not get the seal spot dirty. But i acquired applied to it the additional i utilised it and we fit best person steaks in it and seal them or one pound of hamburger (could likely get 1 1/two kilos in the bag), also awesome parts of strawberries, peaches or nut go wonderful in this sizing. We are loving our new vacmaster vp215 and accidentally ordered the vp210 that would not acquire oil initial, so we despatched it again and received this one and are sealing up steaks, hamburger, strawberries, home produced path combine, property produced beef jerky appropriate and remaining. Incredibly great and we like these baggage for the reason that they are thicker for extended preservation and to be boiled, whilst you can boil the three mil bags far too, but i haven’t attempted boiling possibly just one of them nevertheless. We have some 3 mil bags with the machine and ordered far more 3 mil and 4 mil for diverse purposes. It really is quite a pricey expense at first, but the bags must last a while and get us through hunting period this 12 months and all the product sales on our favorite steak or other meat. Now that the boys are developed, it truly is actually awesome to seal up more compact parts. This would have been really wonderful when we experienced a bigger family as well, but in no way could manage it, it appeared.

Effortless to use, i will obtain them again.

Excellent for my household sealing.

I’m owenr operater of a fishing lodge in alaska tha yakutat steelhead inn these four mill baggage do the trick ( bullet evidence) we put up hundreds of lbs of fish of all kinds moreover what at any time great products quite pleased.

Good product or service and shipped rapid.

A great deal more compact than i expected. So i will get the greater baggage following time.

. Jerky could nevertheless puncture four mil. For most food stuff three mil would in all probability do.

We typically use the 3 mil luggage but considered we would try the 4 mil. Though they are only one mil thicker, they feel a large amount heavier. Should be much less chance of puncturing the luggage.

If you have ever dropped a frozen pouch(s) of meat or fish, on the ground with a 3-mil bag, its likely that the luggage made leaks. The 4-mil chamber pouches definitely assistance to secure frozen filets all through air freight cargo. The incremental expense of the thicker luggage is smaller when as opposed with the charge getting rid of filets due to pouch abrasion or punctures. Go with the extra thickness, you would not be dissatisfied.

Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine – As a replacement

This is not as very well developed and built as the more mature model.

I bought a person of these in black for use in my store and 1 in white as a gift for my mom. The a single that i am utilizing daily has a little defect that may well show to be a quirk of the a person i gained or a broader defect that you may perhaps encounter. The dispensing valve will allow a tiny amount of money of water to leak out of the tank. The base of the unit then only makes it possible for the drinking water to operate off and on to what ever it is sitting down on. I solved this by simply just laying a rag around the base. The water evaporates from the rag quicker than the leak. The only other difficulty is that the base is not open up like it really is predecessor. This does not permit for the filling of taller mugs or some soup bowl ready meals. All and all, it functions the way in need to have and is priced reasonable for what you get.

I have experienced 3 of these hot photographs. Two were wonderful but the very last a person, the best would not remain on exposing the wires. We experimented with pushing it down but it wouldn’t remain. I was scared i would get a shock. I like it but i guess it was just a bad pot. Requested another just one so i will definitely appear it more than this time.Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heats water from room temperature to steam point in 1 minute, 20 seconds
  • Holds up to 16 ounces of water
  • Ideal for making instant soups, tea, and hot chocolate
  • Compact design features cord storage in base
  • Auto shutoff and signal light add safety

I appeared in a number of different destinations in amarillo, simply because they are constantly asking us to purchase locally. I squandered my fuel and my time. 1 of my nieces experienced this item and i had employed it at her household and just loved it. It heated up the h2o so a great deal quicker than the microwave and seemed to continue to be hotter for a longer time. She claimed, just buy it from amazon. It arrived a lot quicker than anticipated and was just what i wished. I really don’t know how i did without it.

I have had a sunbeam hot shot in my kitchen for many years and supplied several of them for gifts. All it does is warmth a mugful of water to boiling. We use it for quick coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate mixes, spiced cider, immediate oatmeal, ramen noodle soups and just about anything else that all you have to do is all hot h2o to. We have worn out various but they do previous for several years. This is a person of our most used appliances and an excellent gift.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 100% satisfied with this company
  • Great item and fast service.
  • No more burnt kettles

A mate of ours had a issue boiling h2o for her cup o’ tea. She burned the kettle and i imagined what a great thought to have a hot shot. It shuts off without the need of burning the kettle. Fantastic gift for persons that fail to remember tgeir kettles are on.

I acquired this to heat water rapidly (to heat up bottles of frozen breastmilk) and it will work as advertised. The h2o undoubtedly finishes boiling about sixteen oz of drinking water in beneath 90 seconds. Pros: very simple, very rapidly, terrific price tag, can take up tiny counterspace. Disadvantages: brief wire, a minimal complicated to drain totally, the dispenser button does not feel long lasting more than enough, reservoir could be a bit larger (to maintain more drinking water). I have experienced it for about 4 times now, so it really is far too before long to inform if it will be resilient, but since the elements look to be straightforward, there should not be an operational breakdown unless of course a section breaks. Soon after dispensing what i can, i just depart the best open up so the rest of the h2o can evaporate.

It is really compact so not taking up as well substantially room. My most favored part is it really is so functional. You can make tea, soup, something, not just espresso. I hold dry soups and tea in my workplace. The only hiccup is that i can appear to obtain it in any outlets only in this article on amazon.

I got this in 2006 and i nevertheless use it almost day-to-day. It can be incredibly handy to make tea because it heats the h2o extremely promptly and the water is at the proper temperature (not so hot that you have to hold out a while for it to awesome). I also use it at any time i need hot h2o, like for making instantaneous mash potatoes. The only con is that it from time to time leaks if you leave h2o in it. It really is not truly an problem considering that i only warmth up what i require.

I have experienced a past hot shot for probably 15 many years with no difficulties in anyway but it was wanting old so i made the decision to get a new just one. I genuinely like this just one so shiny brilliant but am upset that the dispenser leaves drinking water in the chamber and i have to turn it upside down to get all the drinking water out. Maybe if the dispenser was closer to the side of the chamber it would be less complicated to reduce the water.

This is a terrific little appliance. I bought it for my elderly aunt and uncle as they like to use instantaneous espresso. They had a teapot that they utilized and when i took this to them, they were overjoyed. They have now worn out two and are on they are third.I utilized it at operate for hot cocoa and it is a genuinely good equipment.

Our water high-quality at work sucks, so i drink bottled h2o. For tea, i did not want to mess all-around with the microwave, so this issue matches the bill correctly. nine oz bottle fits completely in the fill space. Only issue i would want unique is possibly a type of spout so that i could fill a large mug immediately from the hot shot. Appropriate now i just use a modest styrofoam cup and pour that into my significant mug.

We’ve owned a much before (it’s possible early ’90s) edition of the sunbeam hot shot, and it has served us well. In point, the outdated machine nevertheless will work we just desired to get a new 1. Evidently, there had been some troubles with individuals unintentionally turning the outdated models on with no water in them. The existing product avoids that issue. It is just as speedy at heating up water than the typical product, if not a lot quicker, and the opening into which you pour the cold h2o is far more conveniently shaped and sized. Curiously, we have seemed for these at quite a few stores at which we ended up absolutely sure we’d uncover a single. Just out of curiosity i did an amazon. Com search and discovered that many affiliate marketers experienced a number of diverse variations of the hot shot obtainable, in stock, and all set for shipping and delivery. We acquired ours within a couple of times right after placing an purchase and could not be happier with the products or the company.

This is an amzing product that i now can’t stay with no. It will make producing just one cup of tea unbelievably uncomplicated, but it’s also hassle-free for generating far more cups as very well. I’m a large tea freak, and i like to give tea to every person that will come more than, now it can be so much less complicated for the reason that i really don’t have to wait around for a big kettle to boil, i can just warmth the h2o immediately for every cup in the hot shot. My mates like it way too, and i think quite a few are planning on getting a single of their possess. By the way, i didn’t detect any of the taste challenges that other folks have mentiond either, and i am very sensitive to flavor. I only use filtered or spring drinking water to make tea, while, so that may be the change.

The sunbeam hot shot is the absolute greatest when it arrives to immediately boiling h2o for hot chocolate, top rated ramen, espresso and tea. A cup of drinking water boils in 45 seconds. Compared with boiling water in a microwave, the cup would not warmth up and there is no threat of the cup exploding owing to the microwaves rigorous heating of h2o. Furthermore, it doesn’t consider up any space and you can retail outlet it when not in use. This would make a fantastic gift for the school pupil in the dorm or the office environment jockey who is much too hectic to go away his or her desk to make a brief cup of anything at all.

I ordered this for a senior shopper to exchange one particular she had for years. You drive the on button, the drinking water heats up, you force the button to release the h2o in your cup, presto. Tea is readyi instructed her she could warmth water in her microwave but she did not believe that would perform.Loli am shifting my assessment 3 months afterwards simply because this has stopped operating wholly. My client is very upset and would not know how she will make her tea now as she cannot use her stove. She is not in a position to use a microwave both. I requested to return it for a replacement and i am hoping this can materialize. I am up to date this evaluate for the third time due to the fact this corporation promptly despatched out a substitution machine for my client. My customer was in tears as she did not think a company could be so superb in present-day world.

I requested the hot pot and acquired it while it was not a new machine, it was a return that was repaired and sent out as new. I gave it a few stars simply because it is performing fine and i use it every single working day. Having said that, when i received my machine, it didn’t have a cup, bowl or any kind of dish with it like the ad indicated. How about sending me the cup?.

I recall teasing my mom when i very first noticed this pretty specialized appliance getting up room on her countertop. Now i have a single, and i like making use of it, and truly appreciate employing it. Way greater and quicker than placing a teapot on the stove or utilizing the microwave when you want hot h2o. Toss away all your kettles and get this little guythe only way to enhance it would be to slick up the style and design a small bit so it appears much better on your counter, and make a small latch that will hold the lid open up so the unit can dry off in between takes advantage of. Following use, i prop it open up with a table knife till dry to retain the basin cleanse. I never ever have to clear it outside of performing that.

I procured this for my daughter as a present. It has changed the tea kettle and is utilised by many household users. The h2o is heated incredibly promptly and is boiling hot. The time it saves ready for the kettle is wonderful. If you figure the time cost savings for every day you are offering your self an excess forty five minutes a week. You only heat what you will need. No explanation to invest in just about anything else.

I have accumulated 4 of these (some for perform and some for household). The oldest is about twenty several years aged, and i did last but not least regulate to dress in out the lid hinge (not a issue because the lid can just sit on major) and the dispenser button immediately after about fifteen a long time of each day use. It however heats h2o to boiling, and i nonetheless use it now and then. I will echo what other reviewers have claimed: this appliance does one particular thing and does it extremely well. The only complaint i have is that i want it could accommodate a taller mug or teapot. (the pfalzgraff tea for one particular teapot does in good shape.

I choose the initial design mainly because you cannot in good shape a more substantial or scaled-down measurement teacup below the spigot.

Glacial Maximum Stainless Self Cleaning Base Load Water Cooler – but this water dispenser is working great. About a year ago I went with the

This is the ideal water cooler we have at any time experienced. The water continues to flavor refreshing down to the last drop and it drains it to the past fall. With other coolers we have had it never emptied to the base so you would have to vacant it into a container and refrigerate it for later use. The hot water is excellent for tea.

Received the cooler rapidly, with superior, protected packaging. So much i am extremely pleased with the cooler. The cold is good and cold, and the hot water is the excellent temperature for tea. I do not obtain that it is noisy, with it only earning a noticeable sounds straight away adhering to dispensing water, as it refills the cooling reservoir. Other than that, it only can make a incredibly minimal hum. I had read through some evaluations stating that it was very loud – i do not uncover this at all, no vibration or rattling either. Yes, the led lights stay on all the time, but contemplating they are led (really don’t get heat or eat substantially power) and no a single is generally sleeping in my kitchen, they are not bothersome at all. The only matter that makes me marginally dissatisfied is the finish of the ‘chrome’ accented parts. Touching any of these spots leaves a discoloration (fingerprints, wiping, and so on. In get for it to glance excellent it does involve it to be buffed with a fabric. Probably would have been better to make the whole unit out of the stainless metal. Total, i am really pleased with the overall look and perform of this water cooler.

Works and seems to be fantastic but is loud. Normally takes a when to get use to it and of course i recremend it.Here are the specifications for the Glacial Maximum Stainless Self Cleaning Base Load Water Cooler:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • All stainless steel exterior with chrome-nickel plated trim. A showpiece in any kitchen or office. High end look like professional espresso machines.
  • Self cleans several times a day using reactive oxygen technology. The unstable oxygen rips bacteria apart and keeps the cooler clean from biofilm, and murky off tastes.
  • Glacial Chill technology uses a ring of ice to keep water at a steady temperature just above freezing, making a refreshingly chilly glass of water. Produces 1.6 gallons of icy cold water per hour.
  • HotBoost technology injects preheated water into the hot tank, maintaining a very high average temperature. Produces 1.4 gallons of piping hot water per hour.
  • Professional Grade compressor technology turns on about 30 times less than the average commercial grade cooler; which often starts failing after a year or two of use.

I have just had this for a thirty day period but so much its been carrying out its career, it pours pretty cold water and hot water also, not like some other dispensers that just pour neat water. I was in question about acquiring it at very first just after i go through some bad opinions, but i decided to check out it in any case, it is form of noisy when you dispense water, you can hear the compressor operating only for a small when, and every at the time in a when you can listen to the compressor commence and operate, for quick periods. The sounds is bearable to me, when it runs out of water is when the compressor commences and considering the fact that the bottle is empty it doesnt load up on water, so i just open up the door and the sounds stops. I generate about this since some men and women wrote terrible critiques about the sounds, so if you are sensitive you migth want to remain away from it. A different negative assessment was about the water tasting like oil, it plainly states on the box to sit it upright position for 24 hrs if the device was flat on its sides, even though it states do not depart on it sides, my ups carrier left it on its facet, so make confident and just go away it upright 24 hrs to avoid undesirable flavors. Im really content with the device, its pretty classy and has cold water like we like it. The only cause i gave it 4 stars is for the reason that i wish the led mild would be automatic, and not with a change, and if they could locate a compressor that would operate quieter it be superior, then i would definitely provide this one and buy the newer product. All round it is a superior dispenser with nice appears.

Cold and hot water on desire. Exchanging the 5 gallon bottle is easy. Appears to be excellent in stainless metal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Cold water and hot with good looks
  • but this water dispenser is working great. About a year ago I went with the
  • This is the best water cooler we have ever had

Have experienced this product or service about 8 months now. It was pricey as opposed to what appeared to be comparable items. I took the guidance of other reviewers and purchased it anyway. The most amazing factor about it is the volume of water remaining in the bottom of the bottle when it is time to adjust it out. I use 3 gallon bottles mostly (if you use 5 gallon bottles make positive you modify the ‘straw’) but it routinely leaves about 2 tablespoons of water in the bottom of my bottle. I agree it seems like i am building this up, but that is what i see. Would advise and would order again.

I like the physical appearance of this water cooler. The stainless steel is extremely modern-day, and i prefer the base load to the top load for simplicity of changing. The cold water is extremely cold, and the hot water is warm plenty of for hot tea. The instructions to at first established up the cooler are quite puzzling and improperly published, but at the time i figured it out, there have been no troubles. When i opened the box, the again of the cooler had a dent in it, but all the things works adequately, and as soon as it is in opposition to the wall, you do not even recognize the dent. The biggest concern in my intellect is how loud the unit is. It is louder than our refrigerator and dishwasher, particularly when going through the cleaning cycles. I have had the cooler for a several months now, and if not for the noise, i possibly would have specified it a five-star score (even with the other minor challenges).

It has not been a thirty day period however, but this water dispenser is doing the job wonderful. About a calendar year in the past i went with the stainless metal kitchen area. My sore spot was the previous white water cooler. Now with this dispenser my kitchen appears finish. Arrived on time, set up was only.

Appears to be a minimal low-priced, most likely, but will work good so much.

I gave this as a present but my sister tells me it is great. I know some of the other assessments reviewed the noise of unit but when i visited it was not terrible at all.

Right after owning a primo water tower, and changing it two times, we finally went with this glacial max water tower, and following possessing it for over 2 several years with no issues i am now shopping for an additional for the business. It is a lil little bit loud, but i seem past that.

A wonderful base-load water cooler. The water dispenses at a good constant level (no sputtering like my previous base-load cooler). It appears to be like fantastic, and is also tranquil (not silent, but not loud by any evaluate). The cold water is extremely cold, and the hot water is a perfect temperature for brewing tea or espresso with. It utilizes virtually all of the water in the bottle (not even half of a tiny coffee mug’s worth of water remaining when vacant). Has two small led night lights wherever the water dispenses that are the ideal brightness to discover the way to a late night time glass of water with out being as well bright. Am pretty joyful with this acquire (actual identical design from property depot, saved $thirty and even now free shipping).

Easy to set up, pleasant appears to be very peaceful my only ideas is to insert leveling toes and to incorporate possibly an on off swap or mild sensor to the usually on ‘night lights’.

Pretty simple to set up, will work good. Noise is no far more than a normal fridge. Quick to trade water, no weighty lifting. Only a really modest amout still left in an vacant bottle.

Very best looking by far, and i love the base loader. The cold water is incredibly cold and the hot is unbelievably hot. But it is loud when it is cooling. Fortunately, it only goes ‘on’ for a when and then is silent.