1.7 cuft Superconduction Refrigerator, Works great. Very quite and does a nice job of

Love the refrigerator, quiet, perfect size, love light inside. Upon receiving it big dent in the back corner. Needed for that week so i kept it, other wise i would have sent it back. I read other reviews with the same issue, i wonder it these are dented to begin with and they send them out. The company knows what a hassle it would be to return them. Needs better quality control.

This refrigerator gets the job done, and the interior space is nearly completely empty. This device really seems to make the peltier coolers work. I needed to dismantle mine to change out the fans for something much less noisy. The packaging for this device is far deficient. If the delivery people do not take excellent care of your package, your device will arrive damaged. I would be completely willing to spend a extra $50 on this thing to get better fans and packaging.

The refrigerator is perfect but i still don’t have a papers for the warranty,i paid.

Key specs for 1.7 cuft Superconduction Refrigerator:

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  • 1.7 CU. FT. CAPACITY
  • High Efficiency
  • Solid State Components of Superior Reliability
  • No Vibration
  • Unique State-of-the-Art Thermoelectric Technology

Comments from buyers

“peltier solid state
, It’s not bad, but it’s not that quiet
, I love this fridge

Have used it next to my desk for a few months. It’s quiet & perfect for keeping my lunch & drinks in.

The little refrigerator is quiet and cools satisfactorily at medium setting. Since i have very little space on my sailboat, i keep in the forward cabin next to my bed, so being whisper-quiet is its best feature.

I bought this refrigerator for my office almost a year ago and am very happy with it. It keeps my drinks very cold. No space wasted on unneeded freezer compartment. Easily holds 24 cans of soda.

Works better and quieter than the old one did and that one lasted for over ten years.

First one arrived with damage, but was replaced with no hassle. Has since run continuously for three years, keeps things colder than my refrigerator at home, and is very quiet.

Very quite and does a nice job of cooling everything i put in it.

Quiet, cold, and i never had problems with frost or uneven cooling. The downside: i have bought two of these, and they both just stopped working after 2-2.

It works as it should, keeps a very stable temperature. And most important is really quiet. I work as a recording engineer, and this fridge is so quiet i can actually keep it in my studio control room without anybody noticing it’s there. If you open the fridge, it will run for a little while to cool down again, and while that does make some noise, it doesn’t just randomly start that up unexpectedly. The room i work in is kept at about 70 degrees through the building’s a/c. They shipped me the fridge in a box within a box, so there was no corner damage, as i have seen others mention.

I bought this based on the quiet operation reviews. I was looking for a completely silent small drinks refrigerator. It’s not bad, but it’s not that quiet, either. It’s about the same sound level as a mac pro or other workstation-class computer, so it’s easily audible at the other end of my 32-ft long room. And, the character of the sound is about the same too — you are hearing a whirring fan. I had high hopes for the low sound level based on the other recording engineer’s review, but this is not suitable for use in a tracking or recording room, in my opinion. The noise floor in my room when the unit is running comes up from about 29db to nearly 40. If you are in an ordinary office situation, i think you will be pleased. If you are looking for silent operation, this is far from it.

I really recommend this refrigerator i bought five one for me and the other for my friends. We are very happy with the product.

I don’t use the refrigerator myself. I bought that for our superintendent’s office. It fits in his office and works well.

I am very happy with this purchase. Bought it for my boss’s office. Very quiet, small enough to fit the room and big enough to keep all snacks he wants.

This is a small quiet refrigerator and great for offices. It is able to keep my food cool, but not cold enough for freezing. However, we have yet to see how long this cooling system will last before it fails. I recommend it at least for now.