BUNN Oster OGG61403 1-2/5-Cubic-Feet Microwave Oven, Moving tray inside extremely noisy and plastic ring of poor quality.

For the price this is an awesome microwave. It is high powered and gets things cooked quick. I would buy it again if i needed another one.

Like this microwave , solid and sturdy. Works well has a lot of features. It is a very large unit had to rearrange kitchen to find a good spot for placement.

I love this microwavepros: very powerful, tons of settings, easy to operate, looks great, & large. Cons: absalutly noneupdate 8 years in and just as powerful as the day i got it, although the light just burned out.

Key specs for Oster OGG61403 1-2/5-Cubic-Feet Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel:

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  • 1200-Watt of total cooking power

Comments from buyers

“Excellent product with equally good prospects
, Very happy with the microwave
, Noisy.

Purchased july of 2013, died march of 2016pros:- pretty cheap- worked well enoughcons:- died too quickly- really annoying beeps that don’t stop when you open door. Would not buy again, but it was fine for what it was.

I purchased the oster microwave after my ge numbers pad quit working after one year. I have had the oster for one month and so far have nothing but praise for this unit. I would recommend this to friends.

Found the perfect microwave.

So far it is working and seems to cook evenly. It got top ratings and i took a chance since i never had this brand in a microwave. The light in the microwave is low but in a normal kitchen it is not a problem, i just use it sometimes in the dark.

Use it on my counter top in the kitchen.

We bought a top-of-the-line panasonic a little over a year ago to replace the same model that had given us many years of faithful service. The new one was different in one important regard: they’d replaced the steel door latches with plastic. They lasted just beyond the warrantee, a fate several other web reviewers are now reporting as well. When i went through a couple of large appliance retailers, i discovered that everyone has switched to plastic. So why did we buy this oster?. Simple: it takes less than 10% the pressure to latch/unlatch the oster vs. The panasonic, and about 20% of the pressure of the next best brand. Oster’s door latches should easily last beyond the lifetime of the oven. They are also rated very highly in the consumer rating magazine that doesn’t like people reporting on their ratings.

This microwave is perfect size for our office. It is very efficient and has a nic appearance. We purchased a different brand from somewhere else and it quit working on day 2. I have been very pleased with this product.

After a few months,, the turntable made a grinding noise when the microwave oven was in operation. We tried making adjustments by turning the ring that supports the glass tray around to see if it was meant to be placed just one way, but it made no difference.

This is a nice microwave , my only complaint is and its not that big of a deal when the timer goes off even if you open the door it continues to beep for 4 beeps.

I thought i was buying a much smaller microwave, and was very surprised at how large this one was. I paid attention to all the reviews and price point, finally deciding that this was a good buy. It is a bit noisy (you know it’s working), but it cooks my food much more evenly and much more quickly thank my old microwave.

I’ve only had it for about a week, though. Since so many microwave oven reviews complain about the short life, i bought the amazon 4-year protection plan, especially since the whirlpool i bought 3 years ago just failed. The amana radar range i had before that lasted over 30 years.

I had been looking for a microwave, came across this one (excellent price on amazon, also had good reviews) with free s & h. Ordered it a week or so before christmas, i did not think it would arrive in time but it did (very pleased with the fast shipping). Microwave buttons are self explanatory, easy to operate. I essentially only use it to warm/heat food (it’s great for those steam/cook in the bag vegetables and microwave popcorn). Have had it a little over a month and absolutely love it.

I works fine; however, its larger than my old one and it uses more power. It shorted the circuit until i moved it to another (less convenient) part of the kitchen. It was too much hassle to return it. It’s working fine in the new location. I caution you to consider energy capacity if your current microwave is smaller than this one.

Moving tray inside extremely noisy and plastic ring of poor quality.

I got this microwave because my previous oster microwave was looking kind of shabby (there was nothing wrong with it). I like my new one, but it’s buttons are different than my previous one, so i had to refer to the instruction manual to figure out how to use the power button, potato button etc. So far it meets my expectations, and i use it every day.

Came on time, right product. Makes food magically delicious.

It cooks really fast and you can barely hear it. It’s very sleek looking as well.

Overall the microwave looks great and has worked perfectly so far. I think that some of the buttons are arranged a bit counter-intuitively, but maybe i was just really used to my old microwave.

I like that it is 1200 watts of power and a lot of features on it.

Delivered promptly in good shape. Good size for everything i want to do.

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine : Starbucks No More

I keep expecting the machine to die and it just keeps going. We do almost no maintenance on it, one of our employees broke the door so we gerry-rigged a hinge. Other than that, we have done nothing. We are now on 11,000 cups ($0. Even with high-quality coffee (we use lavazza super crema) it is less than half the cost of the single-serve coffee, avoids the k-cup environmental disaster, and the coffee quality is excellent. It is sensitive to the bean you use. High oil beans like starbucks will clog the grinder trap door after ~200-400 cups. This is not a problem to fix, you just need to go onto you tube and watch the very good step-by-step instructions for cleaning the grinder. This takes a bit of mechanical aptitude and about 30 minutes. So if you just have to drink high oil beans just be ready to do this cleaning every few months. If you use low oil beans it will go a year between major cleanings. Of course, ymmv but we are extremely happy with how this has performed.

I have had this machine for seven months now, and i know i can’t have a kitchen without it. I have experience using four different espresso models before this one. This is my first fully automatic, and because it is so easy to use, it has become the main coffee machine in the house. I keep lavazza pienaroma in the coffee bean reservoir and use two different lavazza pre-ground decaf coffees in the bypass doser, depending on what i can order in from my location in the sticks. The machine has three programmed buttons for making coffee. I use two of them for espresso and the third for my husband’s more american style coffee. It is very simple to reprogram the buttons. There is a digital screen that gives written messages to let you know when:it is ready to brew,to empty the dreg drawer,to refill the water reservoir,to initiate the cleaning cycle,energy saving mode is enteredbeans need to be refilled,and when steam or hot water is ready for use. Personally i do not care for the fancy optional contraption (cappuchinatore) that helps you make better foam. I finally tried it after a few months of using the machine, and frankly, i prefer making my own.

The package had the inside packing damaged and a slight dent in the front of the machine. There seemed to be no mechanical damage so i kept it. Gaggia 90500 titanium super automatic espresso machine, silver.

I read the reviews and the only concern i had (other than the price tag) was that i would get the dreaded “ventilate” message. Setting up the machine was relatively easy. The only pesky issue (and this still remains) is getting the front panel on. For some reason, it’s a struggle to get it back on. (the only i reason i take it off is to empty the grinded coffee box. )my first latte was so good. It is a loud machine when it makes coffee so i can’t use early in the morning because it would wake the wife and kids. I purchsed the lavazza coffee beans with it, and that is one smooth creamy cup of joe.

  • Starbucks No More
  • 11,000 Cups and Still Going Strong
  • Makes Satisfactory Espresso – Like all in price range, Proven Durable

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic espresso machine
  • A stainless steel lined brewing boiler and additional steaming boiler; 15 bar pump
  • 60-ounce water reservoir; built-in conical burr grinder; 18 adjustable grind settings
  • Frothing wand; rapid steam for froth with no wait time; 8-1/2-ounce bean hopper; cup warmer
  • Measures 11 by 15-3/8 by 15-1/6 inches

The machine pictured everywhere is not what it looks like complete. The dredge pan and the water overflow is never pictured. That means it adds another 6″ to the total hight. Consequently it would not fit on any counter top that had cupboards above. Still is a great machine and makes excellent coffee.

Have had the gaggia 90500 now for almost 2 years. Over 1,200 coffees brewed with no issues. (it keeps track of the number of coffees brewed) i used to go to starbucks for espressos and lattes at $4 each. This machine has already more than paid for itself. I do not use the steamer, it works ok, but for me it is simpler to microwave the milk and use an electric (batter powered) frothier. (less mess)i would purchase another one today if needed.

The machine works real well. We enjoy the flavor of the coffee and lattes in the evening. Our grown kids compare them to starbucks, real good.

Absolutely love this espresso machine. While i didn’t purchase it from amazon (bought mine from costco – limited time offer) i wanted to give a quick review of a long time happy user. No – this is not an inexpensive machine, but it is an investment that will pay back. You might even find friends coming over more often to enjoy it too. I make about 10 shots a day for the household and steam a good sized pitcher of milk. While the steam can be a little sluggish right after making a shot, it only take a few moments for full power. Be sure to clean the steam wand after each milk use to help. I regularly use starbucks espresso beans from costco which are quite oily and sometimes they get stuck and won’t go down the grinder shoot – but a quick tousle of the beans and that’s that. Good beans will be oily and sticky.

We went into the search for an espresso machine because we determined we were spending way too much money at starbucks. Also, being the fairly lazy people we are, we wanted to minimize the amount of skill and effort we put into making espressos. Therefore, the super automatic was the logical choice. After a fair amount of research, we settled on the gaggia 90500. We have not been disappointed. We have now had this machine for over 60 days with extensive use and are fully satisfied. It creates wonderful coffee, great espresso, and enables us to indulge in truly excellent latte’s. Given our usage and the amount of money we were spending on starbucks, the machine has now paid for itself and we are in “bonus land”. Time will tell if it holds up for months and years, but we have really used it heavily (12 – 15 cups per day) and it has worked great. Update 12/26/2012 – it has now been 9 months that we’ve been using the gaggia 90500 and it is still going great.

Don’t have to stop off in the mornings and buy coffee at the shop any longer. Had to get a second one for my family.

I;ve had this model for about 5 years. My brother stayed with us while house hunting. He wanted one too for his new house, so that speaks volumes.

Will buy another for my home up north.

Makes a great cup of coffee. . We have one for our home in canada and just had to have one for florida.

After i sold my coffeehouse i really wanted to get a serious but not crazy expensive espresso machine for home use. Home machines cannot compare to professional machines, so don’t get your hopes up. We were a busy, award-winning shop and took espresso seriously, just so you know where i’m coming from. I’ve had this machine for 4 years now and still love it. If it weren’t temperamental, i’d give it 5 stars. So as long as you take care of it, it will take care of you. I see some people complain that it leaks. It leaked for me, but i took the front end out and cleaned it up and played around with all the parts to make sure it was operating smoothly. For whatever reason, it stopped leaking. I do, however, set the pre-rinse for every cup so maybe that helps. Sometimes it just needs a little jiggling. I can get decent foam with the steam wand without using the cappuccino attachment – i have never run out of steam for my milk. Oh, and that’s the one thing i really dislike about this machine – the steam knob – it’s too smooth for good traction on that knob.

Have not had a problem since i got it. Replaced gaggia synchrony logic rs.

I bought my first expensive espresso machine to restore fiscal sanity to our household. Although the delonghi was expensive, it paid for itself in a matter of months because my wife was a $tarbucks $neaker. I’ve bought two delonghi espresso makers since then. I liked the coffee, but they were made cheaply and needed frequent repairs. So i bought the gaggia 90500 this time. Although it takes a little time to familiarize oneself with the unit controls, it is much quieter and quicker than the delonghi. The gaggia titanium is easier to use than the delonghi, and appears to be at least as well made, but only time will tell. Most of the brew unit is hard plastic, just like the delonghi, so i doubt it will last forever. But it’s easy enough to use that my wife has started making her own espresso.– which is a big victory for me.

Amazing and easy, should have bought it a long time ago2 things that aren’t great. Grinder get’s stuck and its a bit loud but since the coffee is amazing i can deal with it.

Update: worried about durability when i bought it. It’s been a year of fairly heavy use (about 6 double shots/day) and it has never missed a beat. Best of several such machines i have owned. Really like being able to get two true double shots with by tapping a button twicemy espresso-brewing journey has taken me from the mostly manual capresso 121 to the fully automatic solis palazzo then to the largely comparable delonghi magnifica. Now, it is the gaggia titanium. Still looking for a fully automatic that lasts more than 18 months. (what should one expect for close to $1,000?. – the inexpensive capresso still goes strong while the leaking delonghi and solis clutter a back shelf in my garage. )will it be the gaggia that lasts more than a year and a half?.

Only thing i do not like is the milk froather, to low and so difficult to use. It does not extend much outside so not very functional.

BELLA (13506) 8-inch Quesadilla Maker, Red – Love it! Arrived on time and worth the price

Good device for a quick lunch making, no power button, just plug and go. Came with no manual inside as for cleaning or operation. Just make sure you don’t plug it in and walk away. Heats up pretty good for what i need it for.

This will make quesadillas so good it will make you wanna smack yo momma.

We were guests at our son and daughter-in-law’s house and they made quesadillas for us on their maker. There were so good we came home and ordered our own and have used it every week. Very easy to clean, especially if you wipe it off with a dry paper towel when it’s hot and the cheese is still liquid.

Inside chipped off when cleaning the first time.

This was a gift, so all i know is the recipient was pleased to receive it and it works as well as their previous one.

I love my quesadilla baker so much, it’s in constant use. Easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect to make a quick lunch.

  • Just “ok”
  • Great little machine that makes excellent quesadillas but the lid
  • Love it! Arrived on time and worth the price

Works great,non stick latch could improve not sure how robust it is.

Arrived on time and worth the price.

I am always a little sceptical of kitchen gadgets. Most things can be done with normal appliances for no extra cost. I received this as a christmas gift. I took it out along with a pan. I wanted to compare this gadget with cooking on the stove top. The description says 4-5 minutes for a quesadilla. I can do that on the stove top with the same results. It only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to cook a quesadilla that is perfect. It cooks to a nice crispy tortilla without burning it.

Bought for a wedding gift but looks awesome.

This is the perfect size for my quesadillas.

Features of BELLA (13506) 8-inch Quesadilla Maker, Red

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    by entering your model number.
  • Non stick plates
  • Built-in drip reservoir
  • Power light on/off and ready light
  • Includes El Paso Chile recipes

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I bought one of these years ago and used it up until the day it finally gave out–and then promptly bought a new one. It’s not fancy, but it works great for the casual home cook.

We really like this quesadilla maker. I broke my fiancé’s and had to replace it and the reviews for this one were good. It melts the cheese perfectly and can take a good amount of ingredients and still close. It seems kind of flimsy, especially the latch, but it works really well.

I love the quesadilla maker. Another one i had didn’t have a rim around it to catch the drippings. I would have to clean the crevices with a straw. I highly recommend this one.

Bakes well, but plastic clip that secures the lid to bottom snapped off the first time it was used.

The kids really enjoy making quesadillas with all their favorite ingredients, and it is a super-easy and fast dinner idea for the days when i am working late and can’t be home in time to make something. We are going to have to keep more tortillas, black olives and sour cream on hand, so the young ones don’t run out.

It’s quick to warm up, easy to clean up. This machine is a great addition to the many cooking gadget/machines we have.

Non stick plates

This thing is great and so easy to use and clean. After very frequent use for almost a year the nonstick surface is still holding up. Just be sure that you do not use metal forks or spatulas and it should last a long time. Perfect for a meal in a hurry when you don’t want a boring sandwich.

Great addition to the kitchen.

Easy for my kids to use and easy to clean. I would recommend to anyone that loves quesadillas.

The latch on this product is not well designed imo. I’ve had it inadvertently pop open and it also disconnected from its hinge. I fixed that problem but i’m still not happy with that. The unit has no on/off switch so it must be unplugged when not in use or it remains hot. It is a deep pocketed cooker but there’s not a lot of room to stuff ingredients. Just an ‘ok’ unit and quite frankly i expected more from the brand name. Thatvsaid, it will cook and seal a skinny quesadea in a few minutes.

This is a great little electronic device. Makes great quesadillas and i also use it to make individual servings of fruit pies.

Built-in drip reservoir

This quesadilla maker is quick set up, quick cook, and quick clean. There’s no science to it for those of us who are challenged in the kitchen and there’s minimal time for those who don’t want to be in the kitchen. Comes ready to use, minimal learning curve.

This is literally my most used product in my kitchen (sad i know). But seriously, i used to make a lot of quesadillas for lunch in college on a pan on the stove and you know i used a butt load of butter, but after i bought this there was no dish washing, no long oil/butter heat up, just delicious cheese pockets. And last but not least, this thing has been working for me for over 6 years.

I never knew how to make a quesadilla before i bought this. I literally couldn’t make a quesadilla (i was 18 at the time it was given to me). However i think i broke it after running some water over it and i was too scared to see if it worked again. But overall it’s a great q-maker. It makes the most perrrrfect quesadillas. I haven’t been able to make a quesadilla as perfectly since. I plan on ordering another one since it was so easy to use.

You may not need a quesadilla maker to make quesadillas at home but it is so fun and easy that we use it all the time. My teenagers and their friends make quesadillas as snacks where they never would ‘break out a pan’ and make them. It toasts both sides and perforates for easy cutting. It heats up quickly and is easy to clean. If you think you might like this, then you will probably use and love it.

What a neat idea for drop in company for making snacks. Very useful for just us too. I love mexican type food and this perfect better than trying to put something together and serve fast tooenjoy this item a lot.

The unit heats up quickly and makes great quesadillas – it just does what you bought it for. I bought mine in a brick and mortar store (not here) but am completely happy with what i got.

Great little machine that makes excellent quesadillas but the lid latch is puny. When i do a thick, well filled quesadilla, i hold the lid down with a pot holder. Even with that inconvenience, this is still a useful product.

Power light on/off and ready light

At first we used this q-maker every day. Perhaps that’s why it fell apart. It still works but the handle is extremely temperamental when my young adult sons overfill the shells. The plastic around the hinge has cracked off but it still works. The drip drawer handle cracked off as well. It’s better with a plate under it now. We received this as a gift in april 2011. I’m in the market for a better one.

Includes El Paso Chile recipes

George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill, Withdrawal from “George”

I can only attest the use of cooking hamburgers on the george foreman grill, as it is the only use the grill sees. The cleaning isn’t that easy, but this is coming from someone who usually leaves dishes in the sink overnight. I find that sprinkling water on the grill after cooking (i. , while it is still warm) helps loosen any food; laying a moist paper towel and closing the grill while you finish eating helps ease cleaning later, as well. I don’t enjoy cleaning the drip container either, though lately, i’ve come up with a solution: place a layer of paper towel in the container, so that when it comes time to empty it, you can just throw out the paper towels, and rinse the container out. Paper towels have many uses. )aside from the cleaning aspect, there are a couple other downsides. I used the bun warmer before, but found that it doesn’t warm the buns that much, given the temperature that is used to cook the burgers itself.

I received this grill as a re-gift from someone who doesn’t know how to cook anything besides biscuits and gravy. An indoor grill wasn’t something this person would even know what to do with. And what a lucky break for me. I have used it to cook everything.I have grilled ocean scallops to perfection. They were tender and perfectly carmelized on the top and bottom. I have made marinated shish-ke-bob using filet mignon, and they came out better than any steak i have ever cooked. Tender, juicy and cooked just the way we like them (medium-rare). I have grilled chicken breast. I have grilled vegetables: onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and even butternut squash slices. I even grilled plums, which i later topped with blue cheese crumbles for a special dinner we had. I have also made an assortment of terrific panninis with it as well–perfect grill marks, perfect crunch to the bread, perfect ooze to any cheese on the bread. Everytime, things come out perfectly. My husband raves about any dish that i serve that is made on this grill.

I heartily agree with the positive assessments below. It cooks fast, evenly, and thoroughly without charring (read the cooking instructions and use quality meats,for god’s sake–it can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear). I only cook for my husband and myself, so the size is perfect, and the easy clean-up is great (i really hate the kitchen :.1)opening and closing the bun warmer while cooking the meat can be a little tricky– using a potholder is too clumsy to flip the latch, so you have to be very careful not to touch the top of the grill plate when you do it. (2) lift the lid gently– it’s well-balanced, but if you flip it up too hard or too fast it rocks back (i don’t think it would tip over backwards,but. (3) large, flat patties cook up better than fat patties, but you can only cook one of these at a time. I can’t wait to start ‘experimenting’.

Key specs for George Foreman GR10ABWI Champ Grill with Bun Warmer, Indigo:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Great for grilling burgers, fish, vegetables
  • Includes dishwasher-safe plastic drip tray and spatula
  • Also includes bun warmer
  • Patented grill grooves let oil run off while food is cooking
  • Interior wipes clean easily

Comments from buyers

“Beautiful but small
, all in one machine
, Beware what you ask for

This is an absolutely fantastic product. It has totally revolutionized how i cook. I make everything from sandwiches to fajitas on this. It cooks vegetables, meat, you name it. Not only does it reduce fat and grease, it cooks well. Cooking times are shortened. Even if it weren’t for the obvious health benefits, i would use this.

Love the foreman grill the larger the better.

I can cook, but i don’t approach the task of cooking meat easily. I’m always afraid i’ll undercook it, or leave out a step in the process – preserving the salmonella and killing my friends and family somehow. (usually, as a result of my fear, i always overcooked meat, leaving it tough and unappetizing, though not deadly. )when i received the george foreman grill this christmas, i issued myself a challenge. I’d learn to cook meat without being afraid. I started with turkey burgers, unseasoned. The no-stick surface was easy to clean. The instructions even specified how long to cook particular pieces of meat, turkey burgers, vegetables, hamburgers at four and eight ounces, etc. Everything on the list is fast, too.

This grill works best with hamburgers and pre-cooked hot dogs. I seldom used the bun warmer though. The only drawback was the grill plates could not be removed to facilitate eassier cleanups. This eventually made me dread cooking on it because it was such a tedious task to degrease and rinse. The next one i buy will definitely be the one with removable plates.

Alone and hungry with only a microwave to guide me, i decided to go out on a limb and pick up the george foreman grill with bun warmer. I, like many other people, had been wary of it at first because of its infomercial roots, but once i found one with its wonderful indigo coloration to liven up my kitchen, the road to health was once again on track. Now, i’m not certain if my appetite would revert back to its more meager, less george oriented, fast food beginnings. Believe me when i saw that this item is some sort of modern technological miracle, making food taste like food and cleanup easy for even the most unmotivated of souls. Add to that the fact that food preparation 101 isn’t required, something good for a person who survives without cooking but needs more than a drive-thru menu, and you have the perfect compliment for any ‘chef. ‘ i simply spray a little butter into the beast’s maw, keeping anything from sticking to it while it drains away unspeakably greasy things that i’m glad it rids my food of, and then i finish cleaning it off after my cooking is done by taking a wet papertowel and throwing it into the still warm (unplugged) machine. After a few minutes everything comes off in a snap, keeping my belly from needing to burden itself after a feeding frenzy. Add to that the fact that this precious commodity also heats up hotdog/hamburger buns, and you have yourself a child worthy of adoption.

This grill is great for cooking single portions. If you are trying to cook a family dinner i would go with a larger model. Overall this is a great product. Cleaning is a pain which i hear is better with the new models that have a removable plate. If you have stuff stuck on i recommend plugging it in for a few seconds then wiping it down with a paper towel. Be careful not to burn yourself. I think the only two other problems i have with this product is the lack of an on/off switch and the flimsiness of the bun warmer. After a few uses the warmer lid will flap around due to the poor manufacturing of the switch. Overall though for the price it is a great deal. If i were to buy one again i would get a slightly larger model with the removable plate.

This grill is the best thing that has happened to my kitchen. Being a single college student and not having lots of time like most of us. This grill has prefected for me cooking (grilling) that is faster and better then mom’s. Everything you cook on this grill has to be so much healthly then old fashion grilling. George patented design for this grill let you see what you use to eat with your meat. Now you can enjoy your meats without the extra stuff. I love this grill so much that i brought 2 of my friends a grill.

Don’t get me wrong, i really like my george foreman. I just think that they tend to be a little overrated. I do love how the grease drips off because i don’t like greasy, oily foods. I think that i will appreciate this item even more when i have to cook all of the meals. If they were to make an improvement on this item, maybe they could add a little section when you could warm vegetables or something.

I love the idea of the grill & it really does work; however i am giving it only 3 stars. The product itself is wonderful & would be good for winter days or those of us w/ small apartments, etc. And it does cut down cooking time by about 1/2 or more. If you are a big ‘fish’ person, i would not suggest using this grill. My husband & i received it as a gift & everything was great until we used it for salmon. We cleaned it extremely well, as usual, but the next time we used it for something else, the salmon smell seeped into our kitchen & food; also had the salmon taste. The grills are pourous, so if you plan on cooking a lot of different items, i would reccommend the grill w/ the removable plates so you can soak them. Not sure if anyone else had this trouble, but trust me, we cleaned it.

I don’t know when i got this little grill. I put it on the shelf and left it. I had a larger black & decker grill & used it. ’till it didn’t get hot enough any more. So i decided to give this a try. I had a ham & grilled cheese sandwich cooked on this little grill for lunch today. Some of the cheese oozed out onto the grill and stuck. While it was still hot (but unplugged) i soaked paper towel and laid on the grill a few minutes.

In terms of taste and convenience, i have to give this item5 stars – – it cooks quickly and evenly and the food comes out immersed in flavor – – i happen to be a master at either over or undercooking almost anything i make. Not a single thing i cooked came out burnt or raw in the middle. – – and get this – – we cooked a delicious chicken breast (with the bone) using nothing more than a bit of salt and pepper. And it came out just perfect. Nice, juicy and flavorful – – and the whole meal took less than 5 minutes to cook – – and even less to clean up. . The non-stick surface let’s you wipe the schmaltz away in seconds, and before you know it you can store it away. Another amazing point is that its smoke free – – though i love the smell of roasted garlic and fried onions, it was nice for to be able to make them without smelling or smoking up the house. Only two things you should be aware of – – first i happen to a professional jazz organist, and the grill (especially the lid part) seemed like something that might be too easy to get burned on, especially when you’re using that spatula it comes with(grilled chicken yes – – grilled hand – – no no – – bad one’s next gig or boxing match ) and the other thing is that it doesn’t have an on/off switch. It heats up almost instantly when you plug it in. I’d hate to find out what would happen though if you forgot to take the plug out – – so you definitely need to remind yourself to pull the plug when you’re finished .

The gf grill with bun warmer is perfect for the small family 2-3. You can cook meat or poultry in minutes and the bun warmer is key to hamburgers of grilled chicken sandwich. I recommend cleaning using a scotchbite pad. The grime comes off in just a few strokes without damageing the non-stick surface.

This grill is quick and easy to use and clean, but will only accommodate 1 sandwich or piece of meat (besides hot dogs) without making a mess. It would be ok for one person, but if you’re cooking for 2 you should look for a larger george foreman such as the george foreman gr19bwbc contemporary design grill with bun warmer, black which we recently upgraded to. It seems like the bun warmer lids on most gf grills break off easily, and ours was done for a long time ago. The bun warmer almost works better without the lid, though. Even if you’re just cooking for 1, i’d recommend going with a gf grill that’s a little bigger and nicer.

I bought mine recently and love it. I’m a single person who normally eats out of the microwave and get impatient when it takes more than 5 minutes for some dishes. But i do love to cook but ran out of time with my job nowadays and this does the perfect job of allowing me to cook quickly and clean up just as quickly. Of note, some people are bothered by the small size. It’s just me so it’s perfect and possibly perfect for 2 people. Get a bigger size if you cook for a lot of people.

This little unit does its job perfectly. It’s compact, convenient, simple to use and easy to clean. The only downside is the size — even when cooking one meal for one person, this unit can too small for the job.You have to do them separately or break one in half. Definitely get and use the foreman grill. But give serious thought to a larger size.

I just wanted to say how i love this thing. Being a college student in a shared dorm, this works when i don’t want to eat soup. I can just take out a boneless, skinless chicken breast, a steak, or even some hot dogs and cook these items in less than 10 minutes well done. I even put my vegetables and spices on the grill with my food as well for an extra flavor. To me, its funny how the fat just come right off the meat and drip into the tray. It is so versatile as a warmer and a grill and i dont have to have any additional accessories. I got rid of my microwave because all i ever do is use this thing. Thank you george forman for making something for students. (and everyone else too, of course) the color even accents my room :).

I must admit, i was not a fan of the george foreman grill when it was introduced. The concept seemed ludicrous, like those old hot dog cookers that ‘electrocuted’ the dogs to cook them. Or the snackmaster, which claimed you could make fresh pies in minutes with two slices of bread and a can of filling (all you really got was a hot, gooey mess). I couldn’t believe george’s ‘wundergrill’ would be any better. In fact, i figured it had to be worse. The george foreman grill delivers everything it promises, and then some. It cooks foods fast, with relatively low mess, and the taste is wonderful. The heat sears the outside, creating those delicious, carmelized grill marks. But the cooking is so quick, the insides don’t get dried out or tough.

This is a great grilling system. It will palin take out most of the fat of all your favortie foods like burgers, hot dogs, fish, and steak. This even has a upper section to let you grill your buns and make them nice and crisp for your eating pleasure. This also cook your food within five minutes which can be very convienate if you need something quick. The fat from the food goes into a little tray for an easy cleanup. This comes small so you can fit it anywhere i would have preferd it a little bigger for more grilling in less time. So to sum up this thing is awsome i reccomend that you get one especially if you want to lose a few pounds.

This has to be the best grill ever made. I love my george foreman champ grill so much i bought a second one, and one for the kids. We all love our george foreman electric grill.It’s not a traditional charcoal grill. It could be useful in smaller spaces like porches, easy to use, easy to clean, cuts fat (never hurts, right?), and a good back-up grill or a quick solution to throwing mini-bbqs. All without the hassle of buying, lighting, dumping coal, the smell of lighter fluid fumes and smoke. The only thing that really bugs me.

My wife received this as a gift from my mother for her birthday. I didn’t even know that my wife wanted one of these things–besides as i learned awhile back, i try to steer clear of any type of kitchen appliance as a birthday gift–no matter how practical the gift, it is not received with much appreciation ;)so far she has used it to cook perfect burgers in 5 min. , moist porkchops, and grilled tuna melt sandwhiches. Each item has come out great. The only downside has been that when gilling the sandwhich it squished the sandwhich a bit. This is because items must be 1′ thick to fit in between the two halves. The bread was perfectly toasted and it was fully heated throughout. It also cleans up quickly and easily. Just a quick wipe with a paper towel. It’s small size makes it easy to store.

I must admit, this is an excellent grill. The food i made with it was delicious, and the idea of a bun warrmer is mindblowing. But i found one of the major drawbacks of the grill is that, when provoked, it will attack and seriously wound anything that comes near it. We recently lost the family dog to a grill attack, and my wife was forced to get stiches on her right arm after atttemtping to heat up a sandwich. While these setbacks did bring about some hesitation in my decision to keep the grill, we just can’t let this baby go. Its too effective, almost in a hypnotic way. The george foreman grill may be a sometimes dangerous alternative to conventional cookery, but nothing that makes food this delicious can be pure evil, at least in my book.

Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle : Tea time!

I am very happy with the item, it was what i expected.

The whistle sound it makes is kind of strange but that just makes this teapot unique. A little smaller than i thought it was going to be, but it holds just enough water for our evening ‘tea time’.

Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle, Gas Electric Induction SS, 1.3 Liter Mirror-finish

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • CONTEMPORARY-CLASSIC KETTLE – Alpine Cuisine’s capsule base teakettle teapot fashions a contemporary-classic striking style and lends with a variety of appreciate features.
  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – The kettle is constructed of quality heavy-gauge tempered stainless steel.
  • CONVENIENT & SAFE TO USE – The kettle’s side resting ergonomic cool touch handle provides comfortable handling and provides a steady controlled pour with its contour gooseneck spout.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE – Helpful during boiling, includes a spray preventing spout lid, harmonic whistle from the top lid and compatibility with electric, gas and induction heat sources.
  • DIMENSIONS – Diameter (base) – 5 3/4 Inches, diameter (top opening) – 3 1/2 Inches, length – 8 1/4 Inches, height (handle at side rest) – 6 Inches, height (handle erect) – 8 1/4 Inches, volume – 1.3 Liter

I was looking for something stainless, not a porcelain enamel type and one that whistled. When viewing this online, i liked the aesthetic shape and the high finish. While there were some low ratings, i was really persuaded by the complimentary comments. The only thing i was undecided about was which size to choose. I eventually chose and ordered the 1. 5 liter, and i am very happy with it. Because i am the only tea drinker in the family, the smaller size was plenty for me. However, if a prospective buyer typically heats larger amounts, it would be best to consider the 2. 3 liter or larger for purchase.

Beautiful, practical, and can hear it without having to be in the kitchen.

The tea kettle whistle however is rather unpleasant sounding, not what i was expecting. Works great with induction cook top.

Alpine Cuisine Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea kettle, Gas Electric Induction SS, 1.3 Liter Mirror-finish : Its suppose to whistle, but no whistle.

Have had this teapot for about 10 months. Bought it because it’s small. Just wanted for a single or two cups of tea. It’s a perfect size, looks nice on the stove, works great with induction, no rust on inside but. The handle has a little prong that prevents it from twisting over when pouring. On my kettle it’s not even so if you’re pouring with your left hand it can collapse completely over and you’ll get a burn. Sometimes happen when pouring right handed if you’re trying to get the last bit of water out.

I like the classic look of this kettle and it makes a pleasant noise when the water is ready. We use it for tea every night.

Very simple, exactly as i wanted it to be. I looked around on amazon for awhile before deciding on this one– a lot of reviews on other teapots say they have problems with plastic parts melting. This one has very few plastic parts (the handle is plastic so it doesn’t get too hot and burn your hand). You fill it with water and put it on the stove. It’s a very easy way to get boiling hot water. The only thing that i *don’t* like is that the ‘whistle’ sound when it’s ready is more like a weather siren from some kind of deranged horror movie. It’s actually kind of disturbing, but you get used to it.

I first ordered the smaller one liter capacity and it just looked too much like a child’s toy, very small. It is still small still, but a little bit better looking, size wise.

I bought this teapot for my mom for christmas and it works on her brand new induction stove top perfectly. I would say it’s a little smaller than i thought but looks great and works great. Also the whistle is more of a harmonica sound, not as alarming, it’s nice .

I too looked high and low for the perfect tea pot. This one was my second try at ordering one- the first was very nice but ended up being way too big when i got it. This little pot is beautiful in shape/design, heavy, flat bottomed, heats quickly, and as others have said, makes a very unique sound when it reaches boil- pleasant, not harsh. Some have mentioned that the whistle didn’t work/stopped working. This happened to me also after about two weeks, but a slight tightening of the phillips screw under the lid is the fix- the whistle sound comes through the lid, not the spout. Also, i used tap water for awhile but quickly got white reside in the pot. Cleared that right up with a soak in vinegar, and started using filtered water and it is staying clean and shiny now. Would give 5 stars but not until i see how the inside seam (which holds the bottom to the rest of the pot) holds up against rust, leaks, etc. Over time, since with this kind of product and price point, i expect it to last a very long time. Edit: ok, i have been -again- struggling to make the thing whistle on a consistant basis.

This kettle is nice and heavy. Feels like something that will last a lifetime. The whistle is a bit odd the first time you hear it, but i rather like it as it doesn’t scream, but instead has a humming sound. Just make sure the pour spout flapper is pushed down. It has a spring so it doesn’t fit tight to allow for the escaping steam and makes the hum whistle. The pour is nice and the handle is comfortable. I am pleased with this kettle.

Whistles when it is in the mood.

It gives off a good sounding whistle too.

Fits nicely on the stovetop. I love the musical ‘johnny one note’ sound it makes to call me when the water is ready.

I bought this to use on our induction hot plate mainly because it heats up so quickly. It replaces a cordless one which just quit working less than a year after purchasing. I did have a problem removing the lid once it was seated all the way. I took a pliers and flattened one of the tabs a bit so that it would not fit quite as snugly. Since i usually only want to heat up about 12 oz. Of water, i was concerned that the whistle would not work, but it did and boy is it loud–which is a good thing considering how quickly it comes to a boil.

Does have the sound of train far down the tracks. I prefer it because it’s not really loud or high pitched. At first, i was wondering what the sound was. Glad i had read about it in one of the reviews. Don’t fill over the opening of the spout in the kettle. When it boils, water will shoot out of the spout. For the price, it’s an ok item.

Got this for my 82 year old who’s hard of hearing and sometimes, unfortunately, forgetful but it works great. The whistle is loud and she is very happy.

It works perfectly with my nuwave pic. Kettle whistle sound is very different and it’s loud so i can hear it no matter where i am in my home. Kettle is solid and very well made. Love that the lid is firmly in place so no chance of falling off while pouring. Love that the pour spout lids opens and closes on its own. The tilting handle is excellent when filling the kettle or cleaning. I highly recommend and would buy again.

Like it small but perfect for making tea.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Henckels 32525-261 ZWILLING Accessories Diamond Sharpening Steel, Ouch!! That’s Sharp

Very effective in keeping knives sharp. I uses the lansky product to sharpen the knives and then this diamond sharpening steel to keep the fine edge.

This sharpening ‘steel’ has embedded diamond fine grit in its oval-shaped surface. If you are careful to keep the correct knife angle while sharpening, it does a nice job putting a fresh edge on a used knife with little effort. It’s much quicker than hauling out the chef’s choice for a quick edge tuneup, and much better than a simple steel, which only works a few times on a blade before an abrasive sharpening is required. This sharpening steel fits into the upper-left ‘steel’ square hole of our henckels wood block, which came with our four-star knife set 25 years ago.

The diamond coating is tough and lasting. Have had mine for close to 20 years.

Key specs for Henckels 32525-261 ZWILLING Accessories Diamond Sharpening Steel, 10″, Black/Stainless:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A diamond-coated steel will work quickly to produce a very sharp edge. The flat surface provides more contact with edge to achieve the same results as a traditional rod shape but with fewer strokes.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension:16″ x 4.5″ x 1.75″
  • Traditional rod shape but with fewer strokes
  • No assembly required

Comments from buyers

“Exactly the right tool to tune-up your fine knives
, Ouch!! That’s Sharp
, Great Product!

Many generic diamond rod sharpeners are a too ‘fine’ out of the box, and once broken in they cannot restore a mildly dulled edge. This one sharpens and then some. It feels like 400 grit out of the box and is very heavy, rock solid. Not the light hollow tubes like the others. It really needs worn down/broken in to sharpen finely. It will definitely remove metal fast if you want it to. I support the tip on a table which gives consistency versus freehand. Best result is with medium pressure to start, then lighten pressure as you go, down to a butterfly touch for 10 to 20 finish strokes.

Has good bite, but not too much. I follow up with a ceramic to finish.

This tool bears the zwilling trademark (which means ‘twins’), which is one of the oldest trademarks in the world. Its superb quality is every bit the equal to the reknowned knives it is designed to service. A sharpening ‘steel’ just rolls the wire edge to align it between sharpenings. This tool is technically not a steel, it is a diamond hone. The fine diamond particles which coat the surface actually do grind the knife’s edge with every use, removing a very small amount of metal. This hone has exactly the right design to optimize the process. Holding the knife at the correct angle, and applying some pressure, a few stokes across the hone for each side of the cutting edge will quickly make your knife exquisitely sharp. Carefully wipe the knife afterward to remove the metal dust created by honing.

Has kept my knives darn sharp. I haven’t had to break out the sharpening blocks since this arrived in the mail. My only issue is with the oblong shape. I know the extra surface area will make the steel last longer, but i am used to the rounds.

Couldn’t ask for a better sharpening rod.

I use this as a conventional steel, i pull the knife toward me instead of pushing away as per instructions. Sharpened a purposely dulled knife and with a few strokes on both sides i had a very impressive and sharp edge. This is by far and away the very best diamond steel for my money.

Keeps a really sharp edge on kitchen knives. Good quality that should last for years. This was a gift for my husband who is very satisfied.

Keeps my knifes very sharp, great design.

My husband stated he has never found a more useful, user friendly sharpener. It seems every time i turn around – he is using it.

Very well made and of high quality.

Wow – this really made the difference. My thanks to the reviewer who explained the difference. Made my 30 yearold well-beloved henckel knife set as sharp as new.

Finally a decent sharpening steel – it stays sharp, does not get gunked up with stainless filings, lets me sharpen pairing knives bec. . Much better than the crappy round ones i bought from zwilling with the knife-block years ago.

Beautiful steel, an excellent addition to my knife case.

After about 10 years of using it 2-4 times a week, i wore it smooth. For the price, the natural replacement was to get another one.

Have one that i’ve used with great success for years.

We have had ours for 6 years now andperfect condition.

After having slaved away with my old steel from catering school and tried a variety of oil-stones to keep my knives with a decent edge i was really getting frustrated. While visitng family in the uk i found a ‘diamond’ steel in a kitchen cupboard and it pretty well ripped through the job of putting an edge back on one of their knives. I resolved to get one for myself at the next opportunity. The first time that i put my regular 10′ chef’s knife to the steel it felt as if the blade was being ‘grabbed’ by the steel. A few runs along the steel was all that was needed to transform my embarrassingly dull knife into one that made short work of a tomato. The only ‘issue’ that i have with the design of the steel is that, to my mind, the hand guard is set 90′ off where it ought to be. However, if one holds the steel properly (with the face of the thumb blocking the fingers) it’s not such a big deal.

Like all henckels products, great addition to the family and a good reminder on the sharpening technique to hone the blade.

Excellent product, the best that i’ve used.

A relatively short sharpening steel with a decent heft and excellent sharpening capacity. Its reasonably price and flattened diamond embedded steel make this an excellent choice.

Does a very nice job keeping a sharp edge on my 10 inch j.

Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt – Easiest Ice Cream Machine Ever

Have used this product multiple times and when i make the frozen food base correctly it consistently produces a good product. This product so far has worked as described each time that i have used it.

Great way to reduce sugar and fat in your diet n control what goes into your body.

It worked great, i had ice cream in 20 minutes. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Double insulated freezer bowl holds up to 2 quarts of frozen dessert
  • Brushed stainless steel housing with embossed logo
  • Fully automatic
  • Heavy-duty motor makes frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 25 minutes
  • Large ingredient spout for adding mix-ins

I chose the larger size, to have more and make it less often. The only thing that might make it better would be to make the agitator sturdier. As the ice cream freezes, it doesn’t scrape the sides of the bucket and leaves a layer that is frozen much harder than the rest of it.

This device was bought because i wanted to try my own homemade ice cream and it got great reviews. Coupled with the ben and jerry’s recipe book, you can’t go wrong. All you really need is the base ice cream ingredients, and add anything you want to it. The device does make the ice cream in about 20-25 minutes. The bowl stays frozen throughout the duration and well after. It is quite noisy, getting noisier as the ice cream begins to solidify. I liked it so much i bought my parents one as well, and they love it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Definitely a keeper!
  • After using this, dad will never go back to a hand or electric crank!
  • Just what I was looking for.

It arrived on time and works very well. I bought this to make sugar free ice cream. So far haven’t figured out how to keep from freezing hard as rock. Tried vodka and next will try glycerine. Excited to find my favorite ice cream.

I bought this upon a recommedation by my sister-in-law. Simple to use and makes great ice cream without the mess of a traditional ice cream freezer.

Great product to make healthy ice cream and frozen yogurt.

I’ve always wanted to make my own homemade ice cream. Just made my first batch, and it tasted better than vanilla bean ice cream.

I read 100’s of reviews on many different makes and models of ice cream makers. This one always came out on top. Then i asked my son what one he uses and. It performs as described and i have had no issues with it. I read the instructions thoroughly and taking advice from some of the reviews i read, i’ve had perfect ice cream every time.

The first one they shipped didn’t work. Either bad switch or dead spot in motor.

Very easy and good for empty nesters.

This maker makes it so easy to have ice cream year round. With only 2 in the household, the 2 quart is a plenty. I have made too much cream and did a 2nd batch immediately after the 1st and it was fine.

I wish someone would make one with a timer :).

I cooked my custard first and it was still warm when i started freezing it in the machine and in 30 min. No rock salt, no churning, no grinding noise. The only problem is now i can have homemade ice cream any time i want.

I bought this for my wife and i to make ice cream at home and we love it. It is a huge hit with our friends and the flavor possibilities are endless. It comes with some very good receipts that are easily custom tailored to your own. It is not too large so it makes for easy storage.

It’s great and saves a trip to the fro-yo place. The kids love coming up with some very interesting combinations.

Making ice cream with this automatic ice-cream machine is a dream come true for this family. Now, where’s the treadmill?.

I just love this ice cream maker. Since i live in sunny socal, i can use it all year long.

My family loves it and loves ice cream. Who needs a store when you have this?.

Used twice, works great so far. Love not having to mess with ice and salt.

Keurig 2700 Vue V700 Single serve coffee system : Excellent product. After much research

Bought this because the price was so much lower than all the others we saw online. Well the old saying too good to be true applies here. It stated that is was new but in actuality is was used for demonstrations because we got it. It was not in the original box. It was wet and had coffee grounds inside the packaging. So they obviously we not able to get the water out of the reservoir because packaging it. It took a little cleaning up before we could use it but seems to be working fine.

Service was fast and the product was in excellent condition. I am loving the fast, fresh coffee without having to make a pot that will sit for a long period before being finished.

I returned the v500, since i got the v700 cheaper on amazon than the v500 in the department store. Pros:1) great tasting, like traditionally-brewed, coffee. 2) coffee strength and volume are adjustable. 3) temperature is adjustable, and can be very very hot if desired (ouch). 4) great-looking brewercons:1) can not fit travel mug under spout. Keep in mind that most mugs can hold 14-16 oz, and if you get a giant mug, you can hold the full 18 oz. 2) limited availability of vue cups, but they are worth it, since the coffee quality is better than k-cups. (keep buying this model, and the availability will increase).

I bought this for my wife for christmas and she uses it every single day. So far we have not experience a single problem with the unit. She loves the convenience of making quick easy single cups.

  • Good machine, too bad it’s discontinued
  • I’ve seen the VUE!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent product. After much research

Keurig 2700 Keurig Vue V700 Single serve coffee system, 1, Black/silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Keurig Vue V700 Single Serve Brewing System Black
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Dimensions: 12.52″H x 10.07″W x 11.8″D
  • Choice of eight different cup sizes
  • Programmable Touchscreen for Strength & Temperature control
  • Keurig Vue V700 Single Serve Brewing System Black
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Dimensions: 12.52andNo.34;H x 10.07andNo.34;W x 11.8andNo.34;D
  • Choice of eight different cup sizes
  • Programmable Touchscreen for Strength and Temperature control

Except the internet and bath and body works.

I bought the vue 2700 after i discovered they make a reusable solofill gold filter. I was a scoffer until we got an earlier model in our break room that a customer returned (i work in a big box store) and they had some expired coffee pods in there too so i gave it a try. A great idea, but i still wasn’t going to buy one because the pods were so darn expensive. After further research i settled on the vue 2700 because of the temp control feature except it doesn’t let you have much of a choice in temp, it’s a window between 187 degrees and 197 degrees f, both of which are really darn hot. But since i like lattes this is ok, i just make the milk as warm as i like and the coffee’s temp diffuses in the cup. I didn’t want to use the milk pods in this thing after reading a review stating you had to clean the machine out every time afterwards and, eww, powdered milk. It has a color touch screen with a very easy to follow menu on it, very nice. I got the capital products keurig milk frother, a battery-powered hand held wisk that froths up the milk excellently after being preheated in the microwave. I use my favorite coffee in the solofill cup v1 gold refillable filter cup for keurig v600/v700 brewers that i bought in bed bath and beyond for 19. 99 because here on amazon it is about 35.

Today, 11/30/13 , the pump mechanism quit working. I have been doing the regular cleaning of the brew head, and it has not been long enough to descale, as the booklet says do it every 3-4 months or so. For the money i spent, i would have hoped for a machine that did not poop out after one and 1/2 months of regular use. Waiting to hear from manufacturer as to what to do now. Sad, because i have been very happy with the coffee it produces. 12/3/13:company was contacted. They are replacing my defective machine.

Resisted buying a single serve coffee maker for a very long time. Thought i could not survive without my 12 cup machine. A visit twith my son who had a keurig k cup machine convinced me i needed to invest in my own keurig. The keurig is everything i hoped it would be and a whole lot more. I don’t know how i would get along without it now.

As the system itself is concerned, i have not experienced any issues. It brews a nice hot cup of coffee/tea and is very user friendly. It is certainly less noisy than the old keurig k-cup design that i used to have. It seems a bit faster at initially warming up the water as well. I love the strong brew option because i always felt that the old k-cup model results tasted a bit watered down. Honestly the only issue i have with this brewer is that it is next to impossible to find the vue cups at my local stores. I have tried sams club, walmart, winn dixie, and publix with no success. I find k-cups at all of these stores, but no vue cups. I know that i can order them online, but i don’t understand why keurig can manage to get the k-cups to these stores but not their vue-cups.

I bought this for my mom as a birthday present and i was astonished at how amazing this machine is. I have an older version of the regular keurig and now i wish i had waited to get this for myself too. My mom loves it and enjoys her coffee every morning even when she is in a hurry to get to work. For those who are afraid to buy a vue because it doesn’t use regular k cups and the vue cups are more expensive, look on youtube on how to use a k cup in a vue and it shows that you can do it as long as you keep a travel size vue cup. I really recommend for anyone who enjoys any kind of beverage, iced tea, iced coffee, hot coffee, strong coffee, hot chocolate, lattes and much more.

I purchased it to replace the one i received as a gift many years ago. It is a wonderful coffee maker.

My wife was looking for a option that was somewhat automatic and would make lattes. We looked at the tassimo machines but the coffee is not widely available so we decided to go with the keurig because it did everything and we can find the cups everywhere. The machine has been everything she has wanted and more we even found a reusable cup at bed bath and beyond that allows you to use your own coffee grounds which makes things nice. Everything the machine makes it makes well i highly recommend it.

Great producti like the design and being able to adjust temperature controli like the fact that i can choose what size cup i wanti purchased the kcup at bed bath and beyond to use my own coffee.

Glad they finally made a machine that makes hot milk drinks. Hands down after having 3 keurig models the best one ever. Machine is a little louder than the previous ones, but only enough to notice it. If you like to make hot coffee drinks at home, this is beyond awesomethe only drawbacks. You can’t do more than 4 ounces for the milk. And 4 or 6 ounces for the coffee. For a combination of either eight or 10 ounces total for milk based coffee drinks. If you want a larger one you can just make 2.

After a crazy start with this machine i have to say i was pretty pleased with it. When i bought it it was brand-new on the market- for the most part. The one thing i did not like about it was that it was pretty noisy when it was brewing. I still have this machine by the way. Sorry for talking in past tense. It seems like this machine is pretty much discontinued and the pods are incredibly hard to find unless you buy them online. I remedy that situation by buying a pod adapter and just using coffee grounds or normal pods. I love the lcd color screen that lets me choose how cold or hot or big or small i want my drinks to be. I can see why this machine was discontinued after such a short amount of time on the market. It never really took off, did it?.

I was out of a coffee maker for 7 days drinking instant coffee. This is the 2nd keurig vue i have purchased and was so happy to get it. I am spoiled to single cup coffeemakers.

I’ve had this machine for about three weeks and yesterday the injection needle (the one that pumps hot water into the coffee packet) clogged. Evidently this is a common problem since it took me 10 seconds to retrieve several thousand hits on google. I have used a combination of the “v” and “k” cups (with keurig accessories) and evidently the “k” cups cause it problems (or so the collective thinking is online). I managed to clear the clog without disassembly, but i had a set of dental picks and someone to hold a flashlight. Beware of the youtube videos that tell you have to field strip the machine to get at the components that clog. When it’s working, it’s great. When it’s not … well you know. I will try to remember to run a 4 oz. Cup of hot water through it to clean things out and see if i can get some decent level of reliability out of the machine. In the meantime, the keurig folks should either design for maintainability or redesign for reliability.

After much research, i confirmed that this model is the best among the keurig line and other brands like it. I think this deluxe model used better component parts and with a 3rd party adapter, takes your own grind or 3rd party pods with no bar code blocking by later model keurig model software. We use italian roast pods from big lots that cost about 40 cents each. Touch screen is nice to look at and is very responsive. Removal of base cup holder allows use of larger 20 ounce foam cups. After four months of continuous use, have not yet used carafe or foaming options but expect no problems. Check your physical dimensions; i was able to clear an upper cabinet with the receiver open nicely–rather compact for its capacity.

If you like or even need the jolt from a cup of coffee to get you going, but wouldn’t drink a pot, then the single serve machine is for you. The vue 700 specifically is a great machine. The touch screen for your chosen settings such as, time on, time off, temp settings, is easy to use and clear in its directions. I used to think that the single serve machines would only brew enough for a standard coffee mug, but this vue will brew all the way up to 18oz so it is perfect for even somewhat larger travel mugs (i recommend the travel mug sized vue cups if you are going to do that). Also, i recommend buying a variety pack to help you choose your fave blends and then sign up for a coffee club that will send you regular (you decide how often) shipments at substantially discounted prices. I found the green mountain coffees to be my favorites, but i will pick up the occasional vue packs from online retailers of other flavors. Bottom line – the vue is a quality machine that brews delicious coffee.

The recipient is very happy with the product.

I had an earlier design of the keurig and really liked it a lot. However, the ability to select cup size by description and quantity, rather than guessing from a picture and being able to choose a setting for how strong you want your coffee, how hot you want your drink and selection between making tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or other drinks is fantastic. This new design is a great improvement over an already super product.

Frustrating that keurig even sells this product when it is so difficult to buy the vue pods. The machine works well but it is disappointing to not be able to just go to any store and get a gazillion flavors like you can with the k-cups. Personally i think keurig owes us a rebate for this product.

Sharp R-1405 950-Watt 1-2/5-Cubic-Foot Over-the-Range Microwave, I like Microwaves

For the price i don’t think you can beat this sharp microwave. I just wanted a basic microwave that did the job. I was replacing a countertop micro that was rated at 1200 watts and i was concerned that the rated 950 watts of the sharp would be inadequate. My fears were groundless as the sharp functions every bit as fast the older one. I like the sleek appearance without a protruding door handle. They recommend two people to mount this oven, however since i didn’t have help available i was able to easily mount it myself with a little thought. If i were to rate it down for anything it would be that the mounting instructions are confusing in a couple of areas, mainly in the venting info.

The microwave is light on features but works very well for the functions it provides. It’s a very simple micowave that does it’s core job well which is exactly what i wanted. I didn’t need all of the advanced features, cooking presets and auto-options that the more expensive microwaves come with. I installed the microwave in a couple hours removing the old one that didn’t work anymore and had a bag of popcorn right after.

My mother had one for 40 years and i have had one for 30 years before both required repair. My microwave needed a new magnetron and fuse which i fixed for $125. My mother’s microwave had to be replaced as we could not find all of the replacement parts we needed. Hence, i purchased the one above- almost an exact replacement. It works very well and is easy to use, but i am not happy with the outward appearance. Too much black and it looks cheap compared to her original one.

Key specs for Sharp R-1405 950-Watt 1-2/5-Cubic-Foot Over-the-Range Microwave, Black:

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  • Space-saving, over-the-range microwave with convenient Minute Plus feature
  • Auto-touch controls; precise programming with a 5-digit, 2-color lighted display
  • Cook center and reheat center; defrost center; 10 variable power levels
  • 3 convenient venting options: horizontal, vertical, or recirculating
  • Measures 29-15/16 by 16-1/4 by 15-9/16 inches

Comments from buyers

“Ok, but some options are limited and the instructions are somewhat obtuse.
, Highly recommended.
, Basic Microwave

Purchased the microwave 3 months ago – no problems, so far. Microwave is easy to install – it’s heavy, though, so you’ll need 2 people for the install. One thing it did not come standard with that most over-the-range units do is the filter for recirculating air. (if your home is not vented for the over the range microwave, you will need this filter. ) you can buy it for $6 from sharp on-line. The keypad is not as ‘pretty’ as some of the other more expensive units, but that’s something i could look past for the $200 in savings. Other than that, no complaints with the microwave. This unit was an excellent price, and has out preformed my last microwave.

We picked this microwave primarily for its dimensions (we needed one with a short height). We are very pleased with this model since it is easy to use, works well and is very quiet. It’s not loaded with features but has been a pleasure use over the last few months that we’ve owned it.

I ordered two of these based on other reviews, one for my mother-in-law and one for our home. We were given a range of dates for delivery and received both on the first day of the range. So far i have only installed the one in our home and we are thrilled. That wasn’t true of the removal of the old microwave. Will update this after a month or so of use.

After finally installing the unit, it seems to work as well as its deceased predecessor. The old one had a nice mounting system and was made in the usa, which is why i purchased this model. Of course, they changed the mounting system, necessitating drilling more mounting holes, making the backboard resemble swiss cheese. The input panel isn’t as positive or smooth as the old one, either. Made in thailand, not the usa. Maybe the last sharp microwave product i will buy.

We purchased and installed this over the range microwave as a replacement for a 25 year old one. This is sharp is just perfect. We required one with the recirculating feature because we have no way to vent it, and this type is not easy to find.

Bought this model to replace the one bought thru amazon 6 years ago. It just died abruptly, thought it was a fuse but if there was one couldn’t locate it. Buying the same model made installation a snap. Just hope this one lasts longer.

This is the second sharp r-1405, over the range microwave i have owned. The first one lasted 8 years and gave me excellent service. So i was thrilled when i found the same model still being produced. I snatched it up and easily installed it because the same install hardware was required and 90% of the mounting hardware was already installed in the wall above the stove. The price was about $200 or $300 less than comparable over the range microwaves. An excellent product that gets the job done.

I bought this microwave to replace my previous sharp r-1449. This one is deeper, more plastic, and slightly more powerful. It seems reliable (only have had it 6 weeks), has a good vent and good stove lights. I wish it had a night light and a switch to stop turntable rotation though one can get around it by removing the turntable. My biggest disappointment was that it utilizes a different mounting plate than my previous sharp microwave. I gave it four stars b/c it does the job and it was inexpensive compared to other manufacturers. Incidentally, mounting instructions were very good.

I have had this microwave three years. The only problem i ever have with it is that the door sticks sometimes. I just have to tug on it every once in a while. The oven works consistently and does everything it should. The defrost stops intermittently to tell you to turn things over or separate them or whatever. That is sometimes helpful and sometimes not — if i have just one chicken breast in there to defrost i have to hit the button to resume defrost about three or four times. I do respond by turning the chicken over one of those times. I defintely recommend the microwave.

This thing works better then the old one. They packed this huge box up nicely two.

I bought this for parents to replace very old ge microwave. They are very happy with it and like the simple function buttons. Installation instructions could be a bit better especially when installing for top-venting configuration. When rotating the blower motor for top-venting, be sure that the power cable is positioned away from the top panel or you risk putting a screw through it when the panel is reinstalled. A warning message to position the power cable correctly and more accurate drawings showing the holes in the housing and panels should be provided. In use, the unit operates well and quietly and is a good value.

I bought this on amazon to replace a sharp microwave, which has served me well for several years. Based on the price, compared to other with similar features, this unit is the least expensive. I was also impressed with the comprehensive directions for installation. I am closer to being tim (the toolman) taylor than a professional at home improvements, so i followed the instructions with precision. The results were outstanding. Not only does it look great where my old stove hood used to be, it passed my ‘popcorn’ test, of which, i am particular. No scotching, full bag, satisfying and an extra plus, while i am beaming over my accomplishment, the beep sounds indicating the popcorn was finished, the display read ‘enjoy’. I have in my ‘digital locker’,courtesy of amazon, my own. What a great investment in money for the microwave and the time for installation of the unit. Solidly built, looks great, came with lightbulbs for range light installed. No cons, but could have used some help with installing, as the manual recommends 2 people install, but i did manage nicely by myself. I would suggest an additional set of hands for final insertion, once preparations are complete. I have only owned this for a day, but, i wanted to tell my tale to give others an incentive, if they are on the edge, to jump at this opprotunity to snazz up the kitchen in a big way and for little out of pocket.

Measured spot, questioned users to be sure there would be no problem (thank you to those that answered) and this fit in perfectly. If you’re accustomed to a counter top microwave with less watts – be very careful. One thing i do not like at all – the door hinge only lets this open to a 45degree to the oven and it bounces back when you open it. The first few times i almost lost an eye because i opened quickly and went to reach in – the door ‘bounced’ from the hinge and came back at my face. In addition, with the door opening only to this point, it doesn’t allow much space to reach in on the left side. I wish it opened wider and stayed there. On a personal note and for those just thinking about an ‘above the stove’ microwave — keep these points in mind:reaching above the stove to pull out hot dishes is awkward when the stove is off but even worse when you’re cooking things on the stove top. Every time i use the microwave, i worry i’m going to drop the hot dish and smash both that dish and crack the stove.

When the microwave is on, it interferes with my wireless signal. Laptop, wii, ipad, etc stop working. Fortunately i don’t use the microwave that often. My old whirlpool microwave never did this. Installation was fairly easy.

Sharp r-1405 microwave oveni recently replaced a whirlpool velos convection/microwave oven in our rv with this sharp r-1405 unit. I’m very happy with the results. Our previous oven would not operate properly on our on-board generator, even though the onan technician checked all the power parameters from the generator and said they were fine. Later the old oven started acting up even on shore power (plugged into a receptacle). We had a sharp convection/microwave oven in a previous rv and liked it so i didn’t hesitate to order this unit as a replacement. We don’t need the convection capability so we saved some money (and probably some weight) by getting just the microwave. This unit has been in our rv about three weeks and has been on one extended two-week trip. It works fine on both shore power and the generator. The first time i melted some cheese in it i noticed that it has more power than our previous unit, maybe even more than the microwave in our house. My wife appreciates the fact that this oven doesn’t stick out as far as our old one did which enables her to see items on the range top better than before. It also doesn’t extend down the wall as far as the old one did so there’s more room above the range as well. I liked the fact that this unit is lighter in weight than the old one so it was easier to install it than it was to remove the old unit. The range light works at least as well as the old unit’s and the fan is set up to vent out the rear through the same exterior vent that the old unit used. The oven comes with a short piece of foam weatherstripping to seal around the vent.

The install was easy for one person, it would have been easier for two people, but if you are handy and able to put other things together, this should be no problem. The light under the microwave is a great plus, we use it as much as the microwave when we are cooking on the stove. The only issue we have with this is the fan. It happens to be pretty loud. We are not sure if this has to do with the fact that we have it on re-circulation mode as opposed to external exhuast, but that is the one thing we would change. Other than that we are very happy with itwe use the defrost option almost every night for meat and it is great-also pluses for two different popcorn options depending on the size you are cooking.

Works fine, but somewhat lacking in some features. The defrost selection begins at 1/2 lbs. In a single person household, i often need to defrost smaller amounts. I buy packages of pork chops, vegetables, etc. And split them up into small packages and freeze them. Also, my previous microwave had a 30 second time add feature which i used more often than the 1 minute add feature on this microwave. One minute is often longer than i need and if 30 seconds is too short, i could always push it more than once. That microwave also had several fan speeds and light options. The lower fan speeds were useful when i didn’t need the higher speed and reduced the rather irritating high speed fan noise. These restrictions are mostly just somewhat irritating and, overall, i’m not dissatisfied with the unit.

What can you say about a microwave ??. It does the job looks nice , i am happy with it and the big plus it was delivered right to my door. No hunting around , carrying it in and out of auto.

Arrived in two days instead of the week as reported, this was a great plus. It fit into the same spot as old sharp, another plus. The mounting brackets were in a different location & constructed less sturdy than the old ones. The medal was cheaply made & much thinner. Overall i am happy with purchase.

It’s a cheap microwave, and you get what you pay for. That said it’s been working fine for me. The door didn’t open smoothly at first, but it seems to be getting a little better the more that i use it. I’m not sure buying a microwave from amazon is the best idea, i don’t think i’d do it again. The box arrived pretty beat up, and the microwave was poorly protected. The mount for the exhaust fan was partially broken when i received it (i installed it anyway instead of dealing with the return process).

Took less than an hour to install. Was a little overwhelmed with instructions, but was easier to install than originally thought. Looks great in my kitchen and has opened up so much space in my small kitchen. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker : Won’t work for making bone broth

I am a terrible cook, i can ruin boxed mac and cheese. This crock pot has changed my life. I have made some delicious dishes with minimal effort. A friend suggested that i spray the vessel with pam to prevent sticking and to help make cleaning easier. I haven’t tried that yet but plan to soon.

This cooker is a bit smaller than our last but perfect to go with a small 3 quart. Cooking for two is not the easiest thing to do. Using this machine a couple of times a week and found no problems. Looks good, cooks good and is a ittle lighter to put away.

It’s the perfect size for my little family. I loved it so much i bought a second one to cook my sides or desserts in while i’m cooking dinner in the other one.

I really like this cooker but when i read the instruction booklet, i discovered that it will shut down after 14hrs. I bought it to make bone broth, which requires at least 24hrs. Looks like i will have to purchase a manual cooker instead. It seemed very sturdy and well built when i took it out of the box.

  • Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker (33453) [Do
  • Very pleased
  • Great cooker!

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker (33453), Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • HB 5 Qt. Slow Cooker

Bought as christmas gift for a relative. They called me and indicated thatthey had used it and was very happy with the product.

My last one (another brand) boiled wildly on low setting, and was impossible on high setting. I’ve used the hamilton beach several times, and the settings are reliable and accurate.

My old crock pot finally broke so i purchased this hamilton beach programmable slow cooker. It’s really nice and it comes with a rubber band that you can put across the lid and over the handles when you need to take it somewhere full of food. It heats up quickly and the removable pot is very easy to clean (even after chilli was made in it). I have no complaints about it at all.

It really appeared smaller than i expected. The top doesn’t fit secure it is really lose. It cooked really fast meat got done before the vegetables which was only carrots. 5 hours which it should of taken alot longer. I had a rival before so i think the next crock pot would be the rival the top fit perfect it was huge and cooked everything evenly at the same time and not has quick.

Great unit for single family meal — we don’t usually have leftovers when using this 5 quart unless its a soup or chili. I have had no issues with program settings or timers – everything works as it should.

Does what it says, makes delicious food.

Cooks a bit hot, so adjust cooking ,.

I use it 1 to 2 times a week nod it never dissapoints.

I bought to give as a gift and the recipient loves it.

Light weight and cooks evenly.