Zippy Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper : Amazing Stovetop Popcorn Maker! INDUCTION READY!!!!!

Solid construction and perfect popcorn every time. Solid construction and perfect popcorn every time. We’ve tried a couple of these sort of poppers and the aluminium ones were too light and prone to burning. This one is steel with large sturdy blades for spinning the popcorn and the glass lid ensures you can see when the popcorn is done without splattering yourself with oil by having to lift a lid to look.

Just made four batches of homemade caramel corn–and it really did bring the whole family together.I used the simple recipe that came with the zippy pop, and it was delicious. The hardest part was allowing the popcorn time to cool so as to achieve that perfect caramel crunch. The kids devoured most of it before then, though. We also made regular salted popcorn, and that was gobbled up. I used a scant 1/2 cup white popcorn kernels, 2 tbs. I then added 1/3 cup caramel for a lightly sweet coating. Use 1/2 cup caramel for a sweeter treat. Regarding the popper, the only caution is that the holes allow for steam, an occasional oil splatter, and even a rogue kernel to pop out, so i wear a silicon oven mitt while popping the corn, just to be safe. My hubby wasn’t sure about spending the extra money to get this nicer model, but he was so impressed with the results that i have been vindicated.

Very nice and pretty solid popcorn pot. We got the stainless steel model because we wanted a popcorn popper that would work on an induction burner — and this one does. At least, it did work on the max burton 6400 digital we also picked up recently. We’re still working out the proper temperature to do it on (400f seems to have been just a touch too high, so i’ll back off to 375f next time). The turning paddle didn’t take much effort at all, and the blades are high enough off the bottom of the pot, they don’t push the kernels around (which you actually don’t want to have happen). Given the glass top on the induction burner, we needed to move away from the shake-shake of the normal stovetop method (where our stove is propane, and we’re trying to reduce the use of that as much as possible until we can replace it with an electric range). Anyway, it worked well, no burnt popcorn, and very few unpopped kernels. On edit: oh, and the reason i deducted one star?.The rubber cap that goes over the large hole just sits there.

I’ve just had this popper for a few days, but my initial impression is very good. I wanted steel as aluminum is not healthy next to food. However they sandwiched aluminum in the bottom for even heating – and it is even. I popped my first batch the same day that it arrived. It turned out very nice – even tho i used “old” popcorn (because that is what i happened to have) which they don’t recommend. There were a few kernels that didn’t pop, so after i buy some fresh popcorn, i may come back and update my review – as to whether the fresher popcorn actually works better. I wanted the glass top (which most of the manual poppers do not have), so that i could see how it was doing in there. Granted you can always “hear” when the popping slows down but to look and see quite a few left, or not much left to pop, was useful. My favorite thing was being able to add “just a little” butter thru the hole in the lid covered by the silicone plug. Just as they said, it distributed the butter evenly on the corn – not big globs in one place and none elsewhere. I’m going to like not having to dirty a second pan to melt the butter.

  • All the reviews are true, but it is still the perfect stovetop popper
  • My first attempt at making Kettle Corn with this popper wasn’t so great because the paddles of the stirring mechanism aren’t as
  • ALMOST Perfect!! Zippy Pop Stainless Steel Stovetop Popcorn Maker Review

Zippy Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Glass Lid, 5-1/2 Quart Capacity, Stainless Steel

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  • Zippy Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Glass Lid, 5-1/2 Quart Capacity, Stainless Steel
  • SIZE: 5.5 Quart
  • COLOR: Stainless Steel

Better than the old aluminum pop corn maker pots. Heavy, well made stainless steel pot and it works great on all cook tops including induction, plus it makes great popcorn. Shipping was fast and the item was well packed.

My first attempt at making kettle corn with this popper wasn’t so great because the paddles of the stirring mechanism aren’t as. I’d owned a different kind of stove top popcorn popper before purchasing this. While it was stainless steel, it just didn’t seem to be as heavy a gauge as this one. This one is very well constructed and has the heft of a high quality stainless steel saucepan. With the previous popper, even though the flame of my gas stove was right on medium, the oil would smoke before it was hot enough to pop the corn. With this popper i set the flame on medium, use my canola oil and it’s never produced any smoke. I do wish that the lid fit a bit more firmly. However, i’ve noticed that pressing down slightly while turning the knob prevents any slipping of the lid. My first attempt at making kettle corn with this popper wasn’t so great because the paddles of the stirring mechanism aren’t as close to the bottom of the pan as the previous popper.

Best popper ever, i’be had a couple including great northern, this thing is made to last.

We love popcorn and a movie at home with our limited. We love popcorn and a movie at home with our limited downtime. I was looking for a replacement for a cheaper aluminum/plastic popcorn set we had used for years; it did a good job while it lasted. I searched for an upgrade and found this product; thought it was extravagant in price but this set is now my husband’s favorite tool in the kitchen. I find the set versatile because i can use the pot for other cooking as well. High price, but we were not disappointed.

Refined coconut oil and zippy–great popcorn. We love this 🙂 pops all the kernels to their full size, and quickly. One of the oils the manufacturer recommends is coconut oil. Here is a secret: use only refined coconut oil (not unrefined coconut oil). Refined coconut oil can be heated to a higher temperature without causing the oil to smoke. Even if you are following the manufacturer’s directions and using only moderate heat, you will have great luck with the refined, not so with the other. All coconut oils come in a jar and look like they are a solid (they are); they are monosaturated. People who are vegan (we are not) think it is a great substitute for butter in baking recipes.

Amazing stovetop popcorn maker. I wanted a stovetop popcorn popper, so i could make popcorn like grew up eating. I only had one problem and that is i use induction cooking. This was the only one that i found that in response to a question mentioned that the ss was magnetic. I do believe there was another one that in the description mentioned induction ready. I liked the glass cover/lid on this one a took a chance based on the correct answer and wow it is great. Also want to mention that the quality is very good too. Once the first kernel pops it is only a matter of seconds before the batch is ready. Popcorn is popcorn because it has water droplets inside each kernel. Therefore water vapor is released and fogs up the glass. End result is excellent popcorn.

Awesome popped corn where ever you go. . Bought as a birthday gift to a family member. Was supposed to be for camp stove but it got immediate and everyday use on the home stove. Wonderful double thick bottom on pan so no scorching and hole in top allows addition of seasonings after popping. I will order one for myself.

Well worth the investment if you love popcorn. Stainless steel popping is the safest and healthiest way to go with popping corn, and this item would otherwise have been hard to find in a store. Nearly every kernel popped, and not any burning following directions. I used ghee – not butter, which is very different. It has recipes for other snack mixes as well. Plan on a storage area for it, as it is deserving of a handy space for frequent use.

Zippy pop popcorn maker is a keeper. I have a new induction cooktop and was looking for a compatible popcorn pot with a stirring mechanism. Your product filled the bill and holds more popcorn than my old one.

This is a serious piece of cookware, not like the thin black metal popcorn twirly poppers of old. The spinner does not move the unpopped kernels, floating above them, but it keeps the popped ones moving. It took some practice to get the heat just right. Too high and the popcorn is tough. Too low, and it takes too long. It takes more oil than the cuisinart electric popper it is replacing (2 tbs instead of 1) per 1/3 cup of corn. But this is not fussy, can be washed in the dishwasher, and will last a lifetime. Overall, i am very satisfied.

Zippy pop stovetop popcorn popper with glass lid. . Surprised at how easy it is to use and makes perfect popcorn. Easy turn and clear glass top make it even better.

Zippy pop stainless steel stovetop popcorn maker review. I love making homemade popcorn, and eat it at least 3 or 4 times a week. I had owned a stainless steel popcorn maker and loved how easy it was to use and clean, but the clips holding the lid to the pot finally gave way and after attempting to repair it a couple of times, i finally gave up on it because the two clips with a tiny screw just wouldn’t hold any longer. I didn’t want to purchase the same type as before because over the last year, the arthritis has become worse in my hands and i could no longer press down (using silicone potholders) on the 2 spring clips to keep the lid from popping up while cooking and simultaneously turning the handle. What i like about it is that it is a solidly built stainless steel pot with a handle that never gets hot to the touch, and it could easily be used for other purposes, with or without the lid. The turning mechanism is much simpler than my old popper with a direct drive that needs no gears – so hopefully, there are fewer parts to break.

It is effectively manufactured and i like how it’s created. The stainless steel pot is significant duty. I’m glad it truly is produced of stainless steel somewhat than alzcheimer causing aluminum.

Enjoy it – the greatest popcorn maker i’ve utilized to day.

All the reviews are accurate, but it is continue to the fantastic stovetop popper. I read through so lots of testimonials right before acquiring the pop and roast stainless steel stovetop popcorn popper. I went with the stainless steal vs. Aluminum due to health issues. Some of the opinions frightened me: the paddles ended up so substantial that they did not transfer the kernels at the base of the pan the paddles failed to prolong out considerably adequate to get to the popcorn at the edges you will need 3 hands to twist the crank, maintain the pot, and put in the flavorings the lid steams up so you can’t seriously see what is happening all that effectively, and so forth. These are all real statements, but surprisingly, it doesn’t subject. The point is that this unit would make excellent popcorn each time with very tiny unpopped kernels. The flavor much surpasses microwave popcorn, and the device is versatile. So far i’ve produced classic popcorn (many instances) and kettle corn (incredibly excellent but i like traditional). I get started by placing in 2 heaping tablespoons of natural and organic coconut oil into the pan and convert my gas stove to medium-large warmth.

Good merchandise, want i experienced bought this zippy pop. Great solution, wish i had acquired this zippy pop the initially time, instead of an additional junk which i could not get the prime off to clear.

Great and quality popcorn pan. Gave this to my sister for her birthday. We grew up eating mom’s popcorn on friday or saturday evenings. Mom experienced an old force cooker pan with out the lid so she employed that for popcorn. Considering that all 4 of us couldn’t share the pan soon after mom’s passing, only just one of us obtained it. We a few had to discover an different popcorn pan.

Wish i had acquired this faster. Have applied it over six moments and really like it. Followed the instructions and has carried out completely. It does expense much more than the lighter weight aluminum versions but the weighty steel base is what gives a much more even heating of the kernels. Extremely advised this popper to anyone who likes to make popcorn. As with any popper, make sure you use clean or properly stored kernels. Do not squander your time with aged popcorn you uncover in the again of the pantry that has been there for a couple of several years.