Yonanas 901 Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker Bundle : OK, if this isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, I don’t know what is.

This machine is effective as marketed. It is gentle weight, uncomplicated to pull out of the cabinet, swift cleanse up and simple to shop again in the cupboard. The papers that arrive with it even mention to peal the bananas right before freezing. Logical, of course, but when i purchased it, i hadn’t go through the products and was so hunting ahead to obtaining the unit that i just threw some bananas in the freezer without having contemplating to peel them to start with – can’t peal a frozen banana. The other trick is to choose the banana out of the freezer about 5-10 minutes prior to you want to make the yonana mainly because it’s as well frozen and turns much more into shaved ice. The effects are creamy and taste wonderful. It will come with a colourful recipe ebook, tons of yummy tips. I bought 1 device for my niece and a person for myself for christmas, and use it each week, frequently various situations in a week. It’s quick and straightforward cleanup, and a guilt cost-free dessert.

I acquired this a pair years in the past and still use it normally. It breaks down into just a couple pieces that clean up very easily in the sink or dishwasher. I obtain the bags of frozen strawberries, mixed berries and/or pineapple from costco and blend with bananas for a one hundred% fruit treat that myself, my wife and our 3 young children like. The consistency is pretty comparable to frozen yogurt. I have in all probability applied it 25 situations with no difficulties. It still operates like the very first time i employed it.

Yonanas 901 Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker Bundle, Silver [Discontinued]

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  • Yonanas instantly turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious and healthy soft-serve treat.
  • The unit instantly churns the ingredients to produce a treat with the texture of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream
  • The chute easily accepts berries, sliced mango, or cantaloupe along with frozen banana to incorporate the fruit into a silky-smooth confection
  • Deluxe model 901 Includes a recipe booklet with over 130 recipes. Plugs into AC 110/120v. 14″ H x 7 1/2″ W x 6″ D.
  • Designed for use in United States and Canada only. Warranty does not apply elsewhere

We are no/lower carb eaters for the reason that of diabetes and by selection. I only miss out on a handful of foodstuff and a person of them remaining ice cream. I found the yonanas although researching its higher value (x2) competitor and, of program, the yonanas was the very best price tag on amazon. I read all of the rave assessments and experienced to check out it. I does just what it suggests. Makes delicate serve fruit ‘ice cream’. It would not occur as fantastically as pictured (at least mine didn’t), but it was a awesome regularity. I tried using loads of distinct fruit (just purchased a bag of fresh frozen fruit chunks) along with the bananas i froze and they all labored (even frozen stable) they say depart the banana out for 15 minutes but i consider it will make it too gentle. I would say leave the fruit out maybe five-six minutes at the most. I extra sugar cost-free vanilla and chocolate liquid flavoring after in the bowl and it is good.

This item is a superior selection for people who cannot have ice cream. It’s a healthy, frozen treat i get pleasure from now and then. The way the item arrives out, you have a tendency to eat much more of the yonanas than you would the common amount, so you require to be watchful (e. You would not consume 3 bananas in a row, but you could possibly if it really is yonanas. ) refreezing the added sum is not as good as when it initial comes out. Notice that when making use of berries, the seeds will be prevalent in the yonanas. You want to move your bowl about as the products comes out or else it piles up and stops the equipment. It does take time to clean up, and not all the product or service comes out when you happen to be carried out (there’s a pretty truthful total left in the device). When disassembling, you can use a spatula to scrape the rest out of the person areas.

Definitely you have to at the very least like bananas in get to like what you are going to get from this equipment, though there are some recipes in the ebook that comes with it that do not include bananas but i have not tried using any of them yet. I would believe although they would be additional like a sorbet than ice cream in texture. I like to use bananas and cherries and incorporate a modest quantity of chocolate and the device will crack up the chocolate into the mixture. After the fruit and chocolate have been by means of the equipment i like to insert yogurt and peanut butter which helps make it seriously loaded and creamy and tones down the banana taste. My daughter likes the gentle provide texture, which i do too, but i definitely like to freeze for a day so that it can be really hard like a frozen yogurt. Either way, it tastes good and given that we appreciate ice cream this has been a much healthier alternative. The device is loud like a blender or juicer. I’ve had it about four months and use it at about after a week and so significantly it is continue to operating good. Whilst the final time i used it i did see that some of the combination was coming out of one particular of the seams of the machine, but i was in a hurry and hadn’t enable the fruit defrost very long so that could have been the reason. Am hoping this will not happen all over again if i thaw the fruit for the encouraged 10-fifteen minutes ahead of putting it in the equipment.

Yonanas 901 Deluxe Ice Cream Treat Maker Bundle, Silver [Discontinued] : We now have healthy ice cream or sorbet. You can make soft serve ice cream with just bananas or you can mix frozen fruit with it (yummy too). You can also just make sorbet without using the bananas and just the frozen fruit. Try all sorts of combinations. Simply take black spotted bananas, peel, cut in half and put in a baggie to freeze. Freeze your berries or fruit, or to make it easier, buy bags of frozen fruit. Take fruit out of freezer about 7-10 minutes before making the desert. They need to be frozen but not solid. Put fruit in shoot and use plunger and out comes soft server or sorbet.

It is made well however lighter than it appears to be like. The only portion that appears to be like it might crack are the tabs that maintain the unit in the lock posture. That has not happened however that i know of,i consume bananas from time to time. Bananas are not my most loved fruit b any suggests. Yet i have been ingesting a good deal much more of them because of to this products. I have attempted other fruit as the staple but none occur out as creamy as bananas. I have located that quite a few items go effectively with the bananas that i never ever believed would. My beloved so much is chocolate chip cookie dough, for me putting a quarter of a banana in then a very little of what am mixing it with and then yet another quarter of banana, then a lot more of what i am mixing then 50 percent a banana at a time is effective best for me. Items like cookie dough and vanilla seem to choose the banana style pretty much wholly away.

It tends to make clean, mouth watering, tender-serve ice cream out of around-ripe frozen bananas.

I experienced held off having this for a few a long time now. It failed to look possible to get anything out of frozen bananas that i wasn’t presently getting from just freezing them. I can not have sweets, and have missed ice cream for so lengthy. This preferences precisely like gentle provide ice cream. It is also effortless to wash and set absent. Even my grand youngsters, who are utilised to the authentic deal, love this even a lot more. I haven’t even extra extra frozen fruits like you can. I am making the most of just the bananas.

Our full family members enjoys the yonanas, especially as a healthy different to ice cream. Just freeze ripened (even in excess of ripened) fruit, or acquire currently frozen. Easy to make, simple to clear machine, and freeze leftovers. Frozen yo yo can be defrosted under jogging water for a pair of minutes, or in microwave, when even now in container. Pour in a glass, stir, and eat. In particular for diabetics or everyone on specific meal plans. Excellent for your cherished ones, when they are sick and you are unable to get them to take in. Will work every single time at our home.

I am on paleo and this makes it possible for be to feel i am eating ice cream when in simple fact it’s just frozen fruit that preferences and appears like ice cream without all the synthetic additives. I remarkably suggest this product.

Compact measurement and durable development together with a mouth watering product. Also comes with storage container for both freezing the bananas or the finished product, and a yonana pop maker (can make four frozen pops for savoring later). It was a very good cost, much better than that of its competitiveness, and it is really extremely easy to dismantle for cleansing. Comes with an easy to recognize person guideline and recipe booklet, as well.

I truly acquired a employed one particular to present to my nephews as a christmas current, so i pulled it out to make guaranteed it worked just before wrapping it up. Of system i had to try out it out initial considering that it was pre-owned.I’ve by no means experienced frozen bananas and i’m not a big banana lover, but this factor can consider bananas, strawberries, and other frozen issues. Considering that i’m such a coffee fanatic, i basically froze minor shots of espresso and set these in it with the bananas. The frozen espresso won’t keep an ice-cream like texture without the bananas, but i was stunned how fantastic all the things was with bananas. I in fact experienced to obtain a person for myself as welland the children appreciate it much too by the way. My sister in regulation claims they keep a huge zip-lock bag of bananas and frozen fruit in the freezer through the summer time to toss in here whenever the youngsters want a snack. It can be considerably healthier than ice cream and the youngsters imagine it is tremendous neat.

Ok i know that this is meant to make a healthful alternate to icecream but quickly soon after i purchased this and commenced building a hundred% fruit froyo i experienced the vibrant strategy to increase icecream to it & it worked brilliantly. Vanilla icecream & whatever fruit i could get my palms on grew to become 1 of my favored recipes. Finally i discovered a harmony among the two and would do the all fruit recipes for brunch on my lazy days. I recommend hoping out pineapple and mango :).

We adore like adore our yonanas equipment is tremendous simple to use and you get your products in minutes. The consistency is terrific and you are unable to beat the fact that is just fruit. No excess sugar, no additives, nothingi have been telling all my buddies about it since its a genius invention. If you like ice cream you are going to really like this equipment. We have yonanas just about every night time utilizing bananas, apples, strawberries, blackberries, oranges and blueberries and any blend comes out tasting greatyou wont regret investing your money on this, is entirely really worth it :).

It is a superior different to ice-cream particularly if dairy goods make you fart. The items you need to know usually are not in the box, but below goes:wait on your banana’s to flip leopard skinned, then reduce them into 1 inch ‘coins’ and lay them on to a cookie sheet protected with wax paper. When they are solid, vacuum seal or ziplock them up. Figure on one massive or 2 medium banana’s for each man or woman for each part. Don’t forget, you will be employing frozen strawberries, peaches, and pineapples (and other fruits). The bulk of the treats we make are about sixty five% banana, 35% other stuff. I want banana and pineapple. Ahead of you grind these into ‘ice cream’, take them and your other frozen fruits from the freezer and set them on the counter right until they are a little bit soft. You should not enable them thaw entirely, or else your treats will turn into a mixture of semi cold goo which closely resembles the puke stains found on taxi floors. Stick a bowl under the mouth of the machine to catch the product or service. Do not attempt to catch it into an ice cream cone. You will look dumb for even hoping.

We bought this for my mom-in-regulation (mother). While i am careful about points like this, my wife did some research and uncovered this to be the very best for functionality and price – of training course you can’t open an ice-cream cone store with it, but for dwelling use, a exclusive desert manufactured with genuine fruit and some stevia sweetener, properly, think me, you can make some definitely excellent and exclusive ice cream. And if you like carob, with raw honey. . Omg, i am heading for the kitchen and will see you later. A fantastic solution, a great price, and make that ice-cream you have generally needed but won’t be able to uncover and make it with wholesome high-quality meals.

I required to wait around a little bit right before composing a evaluation, as i’m skeptical about these merchandise until eventually i have made use of them a bit. Fully life up to the hoopla. Very first, the end final result: loaded, creamy gentle-provide variety dessert produced with only what you set in (in our circumstance bananas from the yard mixed with frozen fruits from the grocery retailer. No sugars or other ingredients, and it can be altered to your whim. Second, the clean up-up: effortless and brief. No figuring out what goes where, it is brief to clean up and the blade attachment is not like a foodstuff processor blade (untouchable by human arms). On the yonanas, the bladed attachment is not too sharp and can be conveniently soaped and rinsed clean without threat of cuts. We are employing it often, and we really like it.

It might be a lot more worth investing in an genuine superior food stuff processor. As others have claimed this point is loud, but i located it also easily shuts off. I do thaw the fruit a bit ahead of using, but it generally gets hung up on standard use. Cleanup isn’t really hard, but considering that a several elements have groves, it isn’t a snap possibly. With all that claimed, the desserts are a good regularity and very enjoyable.

If you like fruit and do not want to try to eat ice cream at all or all the time this is a perfect substitute, just make certain you let the fruit soften a minor like the guidance say so it can be not so challenging to thrust by means of the tube. I do find myself including a little chocolate syrup to make it a little sweeter, but that just me. Just one you end just just take aside and dump in into a bowl of very hot sudsy drinking water and following your concluded eating all you have to do is rinse it out.

This machine is super simple to use and thoroughly clean. What’s so fantastic about it. . Is by just using speckled ripe peeled frozen bananas together or with your most loved other washed frozen fruit, you get a delectable, nutritious, non-fats dessert similar to delicate provide calorie prosperous ice cream. This is a dieter’s respond to to guilt-free of charge dessert. The popsicle molds make for a good cooling off treat. . And ditto from the receiver. Recipients say it truly is one of the finest gifts they’ve ever been given.

Well first – if you you should not like bananas then this could possibly not be for you, as it would seem all the recipes need at minimum some frozen bananas in get to give you the creamy texture. I tried to use just frozen strawberries and it arrived out more like chopped ice then cream – but you may well like that. I have tried out it with bananas and strawberries, combined berries, peaches and mango and they are all amazing. Pretty creamy with fantastic fruit taste.A usual bowl will be one medium banana with four oz of frozen strawberries – that gives you a whole bowl of frozen treat. Especially the banana mango. You can acquire just about any variety of frozen fruit at the shop now for one/2 the price of ice cream oz for oz. Some people converse about how you can do the same issue with a fork or a hand mixer, but i attempted it and it is so much easier with the yonanas maker – i burned out a hand mixer attempting – spouse just about killed me. Clean up up is a breeze – the detail will come apart and breaks down to 4 pieces that are serious uncomplicated to cleanse.

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