Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven : Great Kitchen Addition!

I would recommend this to any kitchen. The first meal that was cooked was a roasting chicken, that was moist and full of flavor. The vegetables are full of flavor. I look forward to baking goodies in it.

I am so glad i finally purchased this oven. It is beautiful and works just like wolfgang puck promised in his commercial. I read the reviews and am glad i didn’t listen to the negative. A small electric oven will be hot to the touch same as your big oven is hot. It wasn’t overly hot like i got the impressions with some reviews. It also is a counter toaster type oven. It isn’t built like a small version of a stove oven. It wouldn’t be very portable. The pressure feature is marvelous.

I really like this, though the box was dented when it arrived. The door seems to open with difficulty, i think the door might have been a little off balance, but the oven is awesome. Love that i don’t have to turn on the big oven and heat up the house. Hint: a peach upside down cake took about half the suggested baking time, but it came out perfect.

This pressure oven is amazing. However, we’ve had 2 now that have failed. The timer is faulty and will turn the oven on when you don’t want it to. Current one we now have to unplug when it’s not in use. Learned the hard way about the warranty. Because we purchased this from amazon, the manufacturer (wolfgang puck) will not honor the one year warranty. During a 4 way call, having amazon, square trade, myself, and wolfgang puck customer service on the phone. We were emphatically told by wolfgang puck customer service that the only approved seller of this product is hsn. They will not honor the 1 year manufacturer warranty unless the oven was purchased from hsn. Our oven is only 8 months old and has failed. They refused to honor the warranty. And so square trade (extended warranty that isn’t supposed to kick in until after the manufacturer warranty expires) stepped up and honored their warranty in full. I received a check from them immediately.

  • Still one of my best purchases ever!
  • Updated Review (purchased it in 2014) Daily use for 3 years
  • Great product when it works as it should, but BEWARE of the 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

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  • The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven features brand new technology for FASTER, JUICER, MORE FLAVORFUL cooking. The first and only pressure oven.
  • Cooks up to 70% faster!
  • 5-function versatility: bakes, roasts, broils, toasts, and warms. This model does not have the rotisserie feature.
  • Pressurized and moisture-sealed like a pressure cooker to concentrate flavors and make it virtually impossible to dry out or ruin meals.
  • One-year warranty included.

I use it at a condo that is at 10,000 feet and it has made cooking almost everything much better and quicker. If you have ever tried to bake at high altitude you know how nearly everything you bake tastes terrible. Granted, i only bake pizza, burritos etc but it works for me. It has a little cap like a pressure cooker pot has and i set a couple coins on it to increase the pressure just a bit more.

I ordered the wolfgang puck pressure oven in canada. “the essential” arrived. I did not know there was a smaller version of puck’s oven. We really liked it and kept it to replace our toaster oven. But i really wanted to pressure cook a turkey for christmas. . The manual says it will cook a 10 pound turkey. Besides, there are no turkeys that small around here. The original pressure oven was hard to find and very expensive in canada. I saved a lot of money ordering it from ny select through amazon.

I purchased this for $50 more at the wolfganf puck site. One of the first things i cooked was a ham. A friend bought it and i cooked it. He got spiral cut those are usually dry but it was so moist and delicious about fell apart. Scallop potatoes take a fraction of the time.

Unfortunately, the pans included were for another oven. Not enough to go through the hassle of getting the right ones, but annoying.

I have several wolfgang puck products, so it was an easy choice to give this one a try. It has replaced my stove, except for boiling pasta. I have enjoyed short ribs, steaks, chops, veggies effortlessly with minimal cleanup.

I have his cookware, which is fantastic, so i took a chance on this and was not disappointed. It does exactly what it says it will do and the pressure cooking aspect decreases cooking time by close to 50%. The product is worth every penny, especially if two people work in the household and time is a bb it tight when trying to carve out (no pun intended) time to prep and cook.

This product only gets a fair rating from me, because the metal rack that comes with the unit is flimsy and won’t hold up to a simple generic store-bought frozen pie, the pressure cooker part struggles to cook a frozen 1-inch steak, according to the instruction manual.

This is the second puck oven we bought because the first one stopped working.

Was very apprehensive at first, because of the price, but i am so happy that i decided to take the plunge. I have been using it almost daily. I made ribs in about an hour, and they were fantastic.I have also roasted a whole oven roaster chicken, a pork shoulder, salmon, mac & cheese, and i also used it to re-heat pizza. Currently, i’m just waiting to see the effects on my electric bill. But, overall, i highly recommend this product. Furthermore, it looks great on the counter top.

Ok, first i bought a refurbished unit and it came severely damaged- like beat up with a baseball bat by an orangutan and thrown under a bus which stopped on the train track and was hit by the train and then got struck by lightening right before the flood. However i contacted the seller who immediately shipped out another unit less beat up. Its a pressre cooker , great for roasting, also toating and baking. It cooks quickly when you choose to use the pressure feature. It comes with several different pans and you can fit a pretty large bird in there.

Nice used it once cooks fast that is cool ,, but will someone help me with the instructions i just wanted to cook some chicken thighs easy but not reading and understanding some of the cooking instructions with adding water to two trays ?????.

A very nice piece of kitchen equipment. It’s advertised to greatly reduce cooking time, but the physics aren’t there. It does reduce cooking time by about 10-20%, and definitely produces a more tender meat.

This is my third a person of these- they are very cheep- they seem to be to blow circuits. I just obtain a further 1, after that commences.

I seriously like this very little oven. I use it solely as a substitute of heating up the household. It is a learning curve due to the fact the common baking function cooks hotter than a huge oven so i have to minimize back on the temperature and view it extra closely. So truly worth it listed here in the texas warmth.

My 1st time working with the oven was good, the hen appeared moist and tender whilst it took a minor extended than the directions said, likely because of me. With time and apply it really should be good. The only down side is getting the door ajar when you prepare dinner on the regular placing. That is not what i anticipated nor want because of the additional warmth and cost of operating the oven. Normally it appears like it will be a winner.

I adore this minimal oven though it is my next in two many years. But whilst it operates it does an outstanding task. We have roasted a chicken, heated frozen hen nuggets, thawed frozen veggies, produced popcorn. It is a toaster oven as perfectly as a broiler and oven.

I did a large amount of study and browse all the reviews ahead of i acquired this and i am delighted with it. We took out an historic double wall oven and remodeled my kitchen area into a wonderful place to get ready meals.

We bought this in may possibly of 2014. Everyday use of at minimum 2x a day. Have turned on my major oven only for holidays. . Each individual perform, each individual use. Do read through the directions numerous times, yes there is a little bit of a discovering curve. When utilizing the pressure perform ‘it only operates if you observe the instructions’.

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