Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator : A recommended add to your wine collection!

This is the perfect small space wine cooler. I’m not sure what others were saying about noise, but it maybe has a little purr, but nothing offensive. Fits all of our bottles including pinot noir and holds the temps we set. Such a joy to be able to just pull the bottle we want and still have my regular fridg with room for food.

No issues with delivery or quality of product so far. Dual zones seem to work well. We don’t have the unit in a main area where people normally are but if we did it might be a problem. You should consider that when purchasing.

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp)

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  • A thermoelectric, energy-efficient, CFC-free wine cooler. ETL approved.
  • Two zones: top holds 10 bottles, bottom holds 8. 7 pull-out chrome shelves. Exterior digital touchscreen with temperature display
  • Touch Screen Top Zone adjustable temperature range of 54-66°F provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites
  • Touch Screen Bottom Zone adjustable temperature range of 46-66°F provides ideal storing conditions for reds and whites, and optimum serving conditions for most whites Exterior digital touchscreen with temperature display
  • 18-bottle capacity***Note: Shelving is meant to hold standard Bordeaux size bottles, using larger size bottles may limit the capacity. If you would like to store larger bottles you can easily remove any of the shelves. This will also prevent scraping the labels on the larger bottles.

Very we’ll built feels and looks sturdy. Works great , looks very clean line. Looks better in person (not so black a bit more mirrored or glass like.

I love this dual control wine chiller.

Having read some of the negative comments about the noise coming from the fridge, i was a little hesitant to make this purchase. I have had this for 5 days now and it is so quiet that i don’t notice anything different from before. Living in a studio, my bed is about 15 feet from this fridge and it has not bothered me at all. The only thing to note (and i may have missed reading this) is that there are spots for 10 bottles that will be kept at a lower temperature for white wines, and a space for 8 for reds. If you are a red wine drinker and drink a few whites, you might want to consider getting a different fridge.

Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Slimline – 2-Temp) : I risked trying this out as i’ve used wine enthusiast coolers in the past. The reviews were not wrong, it is certainly not silent and i’d go as far to say it’s not even quiet. I placed this in my living room which is close to my kitchen and it’s as loud or louder than my regular fridge. I think if you can get past the constant hum it would be perfectly fine. It’s just not what i want from a wine fridge.

I still rent, so i did want something that would increase useable counter space as well as keeping resale value if i move. It is super quiet and slick with an 18 bottle capacity, which is not too many nor few. I looked at 6/12 or then 24/36, so this is a nice in between.

I bought this in november 2013. The bottom is still chilling, but the upper compartment stopped chilling. It did the job well until it failed. It has a nice look – pretty much inconspicuous in the corner of the dining room. I never really used the pull out feature of the shelves. I just pulled the bottle right out. I might have had a couple of instances where the bottle was a bit too big, but not so much that it really stuck in my mind. If you do not mind having to replace it every 4 years or so, it is a good choice. At least it wasn’t one of the $800 models.

Just like the last few reviews, i spent hours researching this little bugger last december. I did let it stand upright over night before plugging in too. The boyfriend was extremely happy when he opened this on christmas and he has had it stocked ever since. No problem with the temperature controls and we live in phoenix. So happy i picked this model and we still get compliments all the time. It is set up in the man cave next to the beer fridge and we never hear any noises from it.

I have had it for about a year and it is holding up great. The summer was very trying for this little fridge as we do not keep the ac on during the day when we are not home and it gets very hot (high 80s and 90s easily). When the ambient temp is so hot, the fridge works constantly but cant keep up – which was expected. In the instructions (yes, i read those cover to cover :)) they state that it cannot keep temps lower then 30 degrees below the ambient, i. If its 90 in the room the coolest the fridge can theoretically get is 60. Anyways, i am overall happy with it. The one down side is that the fan is very loud. It is in a 25×14 area, i sit about 10′ from it, the tv is on and it is still noticeable if you pay attention. It will not drown out the tv but it will be in the background. I clean it regularly, so thats not a problem. I guess its just the way it is. I can tolerate it but i live on a very busy street, in nyc metro, so i am used to a lot of background noise. In fact, i can’t even fall sleep if its too quiet :d.

I read that others were having issues with noise and temperature control for this unit. I have had mine about 2 weeks now and it is holding a steady temp in both compartments and i have had no noise whatsoever, it runs very quietly. I have it placed in my dining room where i eat my meals so i would have noticed any noise. The manufacturer may have taken the noise complaints to heart and improved the product. Be aware that there is a new unit that ships with a new shelving system that allows a few opened bottles to be stood upright. I don’t have this newest model so cannot comment on it. I use a vacuum sealer so laying open bottles in the racks has not been an issue. I am very pleased with this unit. Shipping was superfast as well under prime.

Size, appearance and functionality are good but i would have liked instructions regarding wine temperatures for the unit.

I have received a lot of positive comments about this product from friends. I did have one concern with it upon removing it from the box. There is a significant sized dent on the back corner. There was no sign of damage to the box, so i’m assuming it happened before the product was packaged. Fortunately, the dented corner is out of sight because that corner of the fridge is facing a corner of the room. Other reviews commented that this wine fridge is ‘loud’. There is a low hum when it is running, but it’s hardly noticeable if you’re not paying attention. If you really want something that is silent, this might not be the product for you.

I bought this over a year ago and everything works great. You have to remember to clean out dust filters on the back, or it will start making noise. The only reason it did not get 5 stars was that i can never remember which temperature display is for the top and which one is for the bottom. There should be some type of marking.

Mine just died after 3 years & 4 months. It certainly looked nice but i would have been happier with it if it was able to ever achieve its coldest setting in either top or bottom zone. Now that i’m shopping to replace it, i won’t be reordering this.

But really can’t do the job in summer time, unless your ac is on in the hot days. But i still like to give high marks. It look nice, very low noise, and it operates as advertised. Almost a year past by, no problem yet.

So far it is keeping temperatures exactly as set. It is not silent, but very quiet- much quieter than a refrigerator. It came well protected and nicely packed. Pros: attractive exterior design quiet accurate temperature regulationcons: champagne bottles do not fit well, as they have larger diameter than wine bottles separate doors for top and bottom would have been nice.

I looked at a lot of wine fridges on line but at the end i really felt like none were perfect. We bought this one because of its shape and it fit nicely next to our large desk. When we first got it it made a not-so-quiet humming sound. Then the sound went away and we were happy about that. But then the humming sound returned and remains to this day. When it’s the only thing on we definitely hear it. Since we are at work during the day and the morning is rushed we put it on a timer so that it shuts off between 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm – during dinner and tv time (or if we just want to read in peace and quiet). We don’t open the door when it’s off and the temperature doesn’t rise inside the fridge much at all. It sucks when we are home during the day or on weekends though.

I absolutely love this refrigerator. It looks sleek and very modern, it was a great addition to my living room. Some people were complaining about the noise, which is correct, there is a constant humming noise you can hear, but it doesn’t bother me, since it’s very quiet. I don’t think there is a wine refrigerator out there that’s completely silent. It’s sold by netrush, and i have to give them props. Their customer service is amazing. I got the order very quickly, it was less than a week. However, the shelf system was different from what i was told. I called netrush, they apologized and informed me that the maker, wine enthusiast gave them incorrect information. It was really just an honest misunderstanding, no big deal.

Well made, hope it works, i gave it as a gift.

This is exactly what i was looking for. Two temperature compartments – very slim and affordable. The product arrived on time and is very good looking. There are little blue led lights inside you can turn on at night and it looks very cool. We have it in our cabin where room is limited but it would look good in any setting- even ‘posh’. The front has a mirrored look except if the interior lights are turned on at night. The bottom half remains dark even with the lights on. The legs are adjustable for leveling. The touchscreen temperature control is easy to use and is illuminated.

After reading the reviews, i decided to order it. It fits in tight spaces, its quiet and 18 bottles is plenty. Even for the wine maker himself.