Weston 2-pack 8″x50′ Rolls Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags 3mil Vacuum Seal Rolls : Love the product

I had been using the food saver bags and was hesitant about buying these as i wasn’t sure about the thickness. These bags were the same thickness and gave me a much better buy for my money.

The bags are high quality, i won’t be getting foodsaver bags anymore. . I’ve made about 15-20 packages with these bags and they are equivalent to the food saver in thickness imo. Time will tell if i get more failures due to abbrasion in the freezer but so far there have been no issues. I won’t be going back to food saver.

Great value, fast shipping, and good results. We have been using weston bags with our food saver for a number of years w/o trouble.

  • Excellent Substitute for Foodsaver Bags
  • Bought after issues with name brand bags
  • It is a good idea to put something behind the roll so it

2-pack Weston 8″x50′ Rolls Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags 3mil Vacuum Seal Rolls

Works like the original food saver rolls.

Good price for good product. . Good price for two rolls this size. Works well in foodsaver brand.

I am a long time user of weston bags. This price was great but the others i have more mils. Just froze some chicken so i will know in 6 months.

Works on my machine – what more do i need to say?.

Wonderful product, and thanks to those who answered my questions. I used this product as the directed, no problems, no failures. I have reused a few bags, no problems, no failures. Will be purchasing this product again.

Very good quality and works great with my foodsaver vacuum sealer .

Bought after issues with name brand bags. I had high failure rate issues with bags made from 8″ foodsaver roll. I suspected the grooved side of the material wasn’t sufficient to stand up during the vacuum process. They would cause the vacuum to think the air was removed and seal the bag even though it still had most or all of the air. I bought these and they work perfectly with my foodsaver. Notice, i say “with” and not “in” my foodsaver. The only negative is the 50′ roll won’t fit in the foodsaver roll compartment. Other than that, the bags made with these rolls have been perfect with zero failures. These would be perfect if they would wrap them around a smaller tube. Or maybe sell 3 x 33′ rolls so they would fit in the foodsaver. Even so, i won’t hesitate to buy these again.

These rolls are great you can make you bags as long as you want.

Excellent substitute for foodsaver bags. I have two foodsaver’s (one for household use and one for fish camp) and go thru a lot of bags. I do a lot of internet shopping to find the best pricing, none of which is cheap. I discovered these bags six months ago and tried one roll. Worked great – no issues with vacuum, sealing, durability (i. Strength of the bag), resealing or performance. The majority of the bags i use are for dividing and freezing larger portions to meal sizes, such as buying 6lbs of ground beef at costco and sealing into 1lb packages for freezing or buying st. Louis ribs on sale to divide and freeze or freezing fresh caught fish immediately after cleaning. I also seal unused and leftover perishable meats (e.

Been using these since september 2015.

It is a good idea to put something behind the roll so it. For chicken breasts i seal one per package. For brisket i seal 8 oz per package. For pulled pork i do 4 oz per package (good amount for a sandwich). For jerky i do a few ounces per pack. After sealing i freeze the meat. So far the product has worked very well in my foodsaver machine. I think it performs as well as the higher priced rolls. The only down side is also a plus as far as i am concerned.

Using with a food saver food vacuum. Great purchase much cheaper than the food saver bags.

Excellent for defending matters like dishes and electronics when transferring. Not poor for the selling price but could be a very little broader. It is what it is, plastic with bubbles.

Very joyful with this solution it operates quite very well in our. Really pleased with this products it works quite nicely in our vacuum sealer. The price tag is about 1/two what i have expended in retail suppliers and the excellent is as excellent if not improved than the products obtained regionally.

The excellent dimension when producing a massive batch of brats or. The best dimensions when producing a massive batch of brats or italian sausage.

I have utilized these and they operate just as fantastic as the foodsaver brand. The materials does truly feel a small thinner but i have not experienced any issues. We procedure a whole lot of our very own backyard veggies and venison and this has worked superior for both. A excellent deal when evaluating selling prices. I will absolutely be paying for these yet again when i operate out.

Finest bags on the world and a full great deal more affordable than the foodsaver model.

‘works as perfectly as food items saver rolls, but less costly. The exact is real for the 11’ rolls.

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2-pack Weston 8"x50' Rolls Commercial Grade Vacuum Bags 3mil Vacuum Seal Rolls
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