West Bend 82310 Stir Crazy Corn Popper : Stir Crazy is the best!

My wife and i love this popcorn maker. We prefer a popper that uses hot oil to pop the corn. We use a variety of oils to customize the flavor. This unit was an improvement from the older design. The pan under the clear bowl where you put the popcorn is removable. This makes clean up much easier. It also helps with flipping over the bowl so you can add salt or butter or cheese. It also has an on/off switch – the old one did not. My only complaint is that the hub that holds the mixing wire isn’t removable. This leads to a build up of oil under the hub, especially on the underside of the pan.

I loved this popcorn pooper. Had the older model long ago. This is even better with the removable hot plate to eat out of the top or dump into a bowl and make another batch. Nice to add some color as well.

Popcorn, who doesn’t love the stuff. This popper stirs the seeds and helps make sure that almost all kernels are popped. Makes very good popcorn with little effort.

We have had a stir crazy popper for nearly 15 years. This is the second one that we have purchased, and we purchased it as a wedding gift. They love it and use it regularly. This is a great product and a must have if you like popcorn.

  • Another great Stir Crazy popper
  • Awesome Popcorn Maker
  • WellTHAT was disappointing.

West Bend 82310 Stir Crazy Corn Popper, Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 6 qt. vented cover doubles as a serving bowl, includes snap on lid
  • Removable heating plate is non-stick coated and dishwasher safe
  • Motorized, reversing stir rod for improved popping
  • Heat resistant handles and base
  • On/off switch, 1000 watts, 1 year warranty

I love this newer version with the removable element. It makes it so much easier to clean and i think it pops even faster. ( maybe it was the orville reddenbocker popcorn, though) my only gripe about this is that the plastic cover eventually cracks. But i’d say 3 poppers in 45 years is pretty good.

I have always owned a stir crazy popcorn maker. They are the best popcorn makers. The only thing i didn’t like was cleaning the heating unit. I always got water into the electrical part of the popper and it had to dry out until i could use it again. The popcorn makers endured this abuse and worked great. My niece found this popper after she tried popcorn popped in our old stir crazy and loved it. She told us about it and we bought it. I really like the detachable bottom of the popper. Now i can take the popper tray off, clean it and not worry about getting water inside of the popper. It makes great popcorn, but when you stop hearing the pop of the corn in the popper, turn it off or it will burn quickly.

We had another stir crazy for years. It actually still works, but the bowl had some cracks around the top so we bought this new one. The popcorn is a great as ever. The removable bottom that allows for easy cleaning is fabulous. I am sure we will have years of great popcorn all over again.

Don’t be fooled by the imitators, the original and now the sequel to the stir crazy, are the best at-home popcorn poppers for their price and size. Plus now they come in colors so i could nab one in husker red, thanks west bend.

Gave this to our son for a gift and have heard nothing but praise. I purchased one sometime ago and have really been very happy with mine. Works well and makes delicious popcorn. So much better tasting than the microwave corn and so much better for you.

Can make large or smaller batches and it works wonderfully. Gave this particular one as a gift to my daughter-in-law.

It looks very nice but it is a christmas present.

I had the older version of the stir crazy for many years until the cover cracked. I looked at other brands and models of popcorn makers but eventually settled on this one even though the product had some bad reviews. After making popcorn a few times with this machine i have to admit that i quite pleased with it. Maybe i am just not that picky about my popcorn. Overall i am thrilled that the machine does come apart so i can put it in the dishwasher. My only complaint with this machine – as with my previous stir crazy – is that i find the hole on top for melting butter over the popcorn just aren’t great. Given the way they are shaped the butter just sticks on top of the cover rather then dripping in. So i just put the butter in at the end which is fine. Otherwise, i am very happy with this product.

I like this better than mine. Like that it separates for cleaning. Now if mine would just crap out so i can upgrade mne.

A good idea but it comes up short. It burns the corn even if you do exactly as the instructions say for you to do, this i blame on the fact that it gives you no way to regulate the speed of the stirrer (too slow). It needs a better way to distribute the butter onto the popcorn than just laying the cold butter in the lid groove and letting it melt through the indention holes, this makes a big mess even after you put on the snap lid. It also does not pop all the corn on every batch i’ve made do far (6 times), wasting perfectly good corn.

I had a older version west bend stir crazy. And overtime washing of the bottom part (i did not submerse this in water) water still would end up inside the unit. This caused water to get on the electrical parts and it stopped working. I love the fact the the “hot plate” will lift off the electric unit (i always use hot pads to avoid burning my hands), so no worry’s on getting water inside of the unit. Popcorn tastes much better, and it pops almost every kernel. Would recommend this to future buyers.

Makes a good amount of popcorn for 2-3 people in a short amount of time. Old school oil popped popcorn tastes way better imo vs the hot air pop or chemical laden microwave popcorn. The cleanup is not bad at all, bowl goes in the dishwasher and the cooking surface wipes clean with a wet paper towel. Make sure it is very cooled off first though, we are talking surface of the sun hot during cooking. Kids and adults alike will be amused by the violent popping action during cooking.

Its a little flimsier than the initial, but it labored truly properly, until finally the on/off switch malfunctioned. Then it would not shut off with no unplugging, and i identified this out the hard way just after popping some corn. Hit the off sew, lifted off the bowl and foundation and the *very scorching* and nevertheless on heating component burned my arm. Could not unplug it appropriate away because i experienced my arms entire of scorching popcorn bowl and foundation. Properly, very first (while it was amazon and not dwelling clever) sent me 2 models. Only billed me for 1, but sent two. Probably the second was a spare due to the fact these things are inclined to break?.

You will by no means discover a far better brand for popcorn poppers. We have been using these for at minimum 25 decades and we make a ton of popcorn. This is a good quality product and the price is fair for what you get. We have worn a pair out and dropped a couple and this is the manufacturer we occur back again to yet again and yet again. You will not regret obtaining this popper.

I experienced the earlier edition of this popper and cherished it. It heats superior than the earlier edition – additional regular. It really is extremely easy to use and clean. There’s practically nothing greater than some refreshing popped popcorn.

As described in other testimonials, it does have a inclination to scorch the popcorn if not stopped right away when popping slows. So significantly i have not had anything extra than slight scorching, the popcorn was however edible. Nevertheless, this is why i only gave it 4 stars. The past designs of stir crazy you could go away functioning for fairly a whilst immediately after the popping stopped with out any scorching. On the other hand, compared with the modern design of stir crazy, this model does a quite very good occupation of popping most of the corn. Also, being equipped to take out the bottom plate will allow me to clear oil that seeps down the facet in advance of it receives into the inner workings, a problem that has been killing my stir crazy poppers right after about a calendar year because the design transformed. The oil in the will work would trigger the heating aspect to change off also soon, leaving most of the popcorn unpopped. It seems to be like this will not be an difficulty with the stir crazy 2i like possessing the energy switch in the front, but i overlook being able to get rid of the electricity wire for storage. When not excellent, i am incredibly pleased with the stir crazy 2, and i expect it will very last appreciably longer than the recent stir crazy (1) design. Commonly i’m employing this well known after a week, when i’m building popcorn for a large crowd.

Challenging to clean popped corn and kernels from underneath the heating coils. Its even better when i set the popped corn into a big steel bowl and warmth at 400 levels, in my oven, for 5 minutes.

It does drip right until heater below and that can not be cleaned up. Does not pop as perfectly as my stir crazy first which is not dish washer secure like this one particular. I would not get yet another having said that. Stir crazy original just pops speedier and almost all is popped.

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