Wabash Valley Farms Open Fire Pop Popcorn Popper – We love this camping

Need to buy much larger quantities because our large family loved the taste of it.

This is my second one in five years. They take a lot of use on a roaring campfire:).

We originally got this popper to have popcorn while we go camping, but we loved the taste of this popcorn so much that it replaced our air popper. Works just as well on a gas or electric burner. The telescopic handle does not feel very secure, but there is an aluminum tab holding it in place. The clean-up isn’t too difficult, unless you burn the oil. The theater popcorn that comes with it didn’t taste very good. Very much like theater popcorn. But, i just poured < 1/2 cup popcorn (you can also add just 3 kernels of corn, wait for them to pop, then add the rest of the corn) and about 1/4 cup of corn oil (soy oil causes it to be rubbery) with a dash of lawry's right into the bucket. While you shake the popper over the fire, it mixes perfectly and evenly. No need for butter with the healthier oil. My popcorn isn't as crisp as air popped, but it is sooooo much tastier. Here are the specifications for the Wabash Valley Farms Open Fire Pop Popcorn Popper:

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  • Lightweight
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  • Fast and Easy cleanup
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The kids love popcorn, and making it over the fire during the spring and fall has replaced marshmallow roasts.

A great family item for open fire popcorn making. Nothing better than fresh popped popcorn.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A fine piece of equipment for camp.
  • Don’t wait. Best camping purchase in years.
  • the handle is fine and the popcorn was really good

Feels a little flimsy but it works well. Everyone thinks it makes the best popcorn.

I received this popper in a few days, i am completely happy with it, it is much better then the crank poppers, just have to shake a little. It can be used at home or on an open fire while camping. The handle on the popper i received is telescopic, not like the one shown in the picture, it works great. The only thing i noticed is the vents are not large enough to vent all the moisture, which is what makes the pop corn rubbery. I will be putting a couple more vents in mine.

Used in our fireplace this winter and it was excellent popcorn.

I was leary of buying this because of the negative reviews. However, the positive review (and tips) won out and we found nothing wrong with this popper. The lid stayed on, the handle is fine and the popcorn was really good. I appreciated one reviewer’s tip of shaking in the direction of the handle, not against it. Good popper for a good price.

My son kept asking to make popcorn in the backyard fire pit. I kept telling him it wouldn’t work and we would ruin his mother’s pots. He was persistent enough to go online and google up this item. Surprise, dad, there is a waywe bought it and gave it a try. Nice distance from the fire and the lid design allows moisture to escape so you don’t have that ‘soft’ popcorn result. Also makes it easy to pour into a bowl. Can’t wait for using this camping and during backyard bonfires for years to come.

First time i used it, i didn’t use enough oil and it was a burnt mess. I cleaned pot as best i could but surface didn’t lend itself to getting very clean. Second batch i used lots more oil and it was much better but greasy so i really have to get amount of oil correct. On the positive side the kids loved it, hence 4 stars. We used our indoor fireplace and the handle was long enough and supportive of the pot.

We made lots of popcorn and it was al tasty and fun to make. Use a glove if the fire is hot as the hand isn’t all that long.

We really like the telescoping, removable handle on this popper. Our popper came with one packet of ‘theater popcorn’ with corn, oil and seasoning so we used that and got very crisp popcorn. Next time we used our own popcorn and regular cooking oil. The popcorn was more ‘rubbery’ as another reviewer stated. Because we had such great luck the first time around, i knew it probably wasn’t the lack of vents causing this. I tried coconut oil in place of cooking oil (it’s tasteless and odorless if you’ve never used it before) and we had great popcorn – without a single ‘old maid’we love how fast this is and how easy the popper is to clean up afterward. Great addition to our camping gear.

The shaft connecting to the pan seemed a little flimsy; however it functioned fine. It is very easy to burn the popcorn when using this over a camp fire. And clean up is not so easy with burnt popcorn.

All i can say is, hot popcorn made over an open campfire is one of those things that you should put on your bucket list.

We use it when camping and at home. If you have a good set of hot coals it pops the corn really fast. Way faster than any other method i’ve used for popping corn. Shake it (forward and back) non-stop constantly or it will burn. It’s at the top of our camping list now.

This popcorn popper is so much fun. We enjoy it very much when we are camping. The children enjoy it because it allowed them to get closer to the fire so they can pop it themselves. The top of the popper opens when you tilt it and the popcorn comes out easy.

Popper was received damaged with dents around the top lip of the pot. Popper works fine otherwise once i figured out the optimal combination of corn and oil.

Used this over the weekend for an impromptu campout. The popcorn that came with it was actually delicious. Just don’t forget to bring scissors or something to open it. Over the open flame it took about 5 minute to pop. The kids really loved helping to shake it up too but make sure you have a grown up near by to help.

We love to sit around the campfire at night. Add delicious, easy-to-make popcorn and a cup of fresh hot cocoa, and life just doesn’t get much betterwe think this popcorn popper is very well designed. It’s easy to use and easy to clean, and we love the collapsible handle. Best of all, the popcorn it makes is absolutely delicious.The popped kernels are big and crisp and just yummy. Of course, anything cooked over a campfire seems to taste better, but this popper really does make great popcornsome tips, from our experience: we made the mistake of adding a little more than the recommended amount of popcorn kernels, in hopes of getting more popcorn in the batch. When we did that, the steam of the popping corn gets trapped as the popper fills with popped corn. The batch came out a bit soggy and tough. When we stick with the recommended amount of popcorn kernels (or even slightly less), the popped corn is delightfully crisp. Now we pop two batches, if we have a group, rather than try to get by with one big batch.

The quality, size, and design of this item is functional for popping popcorn over a campfire. Not liking ‘unitask’ cookware in my own kitchen, much less when camping, it has done well heating beans, boiling water, etc. When used on a grate over the fire. The extending handle is a nice, and often necessary, feature when using it for popcorn. I have had no issues with the lid staying on, and it is just heavy enough to keep the popcorn from popping out. I have often used it dry and it works just fine, and it works even better when i am so decadent as to use a mix of butter and oil. The interior is fairly cheap nonstick, so don’t use it for anything that might burn on and require scrubbing.