Tatung – TAC-6G, I recommend this to people who are health conscious

Finest rice cooker, tatung helps make the ideal rice cookers.

Really like, love, really like this rice cooker. I use it for just about anything – lentils, quinoa, oatmeal. The hotter attribute is fantastic too.

Superior than other electric rice cooker. It really is a lot superior than other electric powered rice cooker. It is really simple to use & clean, can be used to steam other food stuff.

Key specs for Tatung – TAC-6G (SF) – 6 Cup Multi-Functional Rice Cooker – White:

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  • A multi-functional rice cooker and steamer that is great for preparing hot fluffy rice, steaming veggies and seafood, and a variety of other dishes.
  • This easy-to-use one step rice cooker makes up to 6 cups of uncooked rice (12 cups cooked rice).
  • Durable 18/8 (food grade 304) stainless steel inner pot and outer pot, it’s easy to clean and retains its luster over time. The indirect heating technology heats and steams the entire pot, so dishes are tastier and are cooked evenly.
  • The cooker features a “Keep Warm On/Off” switch. With the keep warm switch ON, your dish will automatically keep warm after the cooker finishes cooking. Accessories include steam plate, inner pot lid, rice spatula, and measuring cup.
  • Cooked has four distinct modes. Braise mode which is ideal for lightly frying food. Steam Mode which is made possible by the outer pot that you can fill with water. You can also use this pot feature for cooking rice as well. The fourth mode is the stew mode. The stew mode is great for preparing soups and stew during cold weather months.

Comments from buyers

“Making quinoa or rice the super simple way, great customer service, good product with minor problems., It is a must for me for my life style as I don’t like to use microwave so I rely on this steamer “

And the best for steam cooked rice. Solid rice cooker, and the best for steam cooked rice. It the design is improved by glass cover with steam controlled hole, i’ll give a.

Great excellent and does what it is expceted.

It is a will have to for me for my lifetime style as i really don’t like to use microwave so i count on this steamer. It is a ought to for me for my lifestyle fashion as i really don’t like to use microwave so i depend on this steamer solely. Just have to plan forward and have food items warmth up ten-fifteen min.

Immediately after listening to about how it is not superior to prepare dinner rice in an aluminum rice cooker, we were looking for a stainless steel model. We’ve been working with an similar one to this a single for five-6 years and it has held up in best situation even after pretty much each day utilization. I also usually place the rice pot in the refrigerator because i make a full pot and then we take in leftovers for a several days. You can get this in chinatowns or asian grocery outlets for normally a much less expensive price than on amazon.

Building quinoa or rice the tremendous very simple way. To start with off, the buy arrived ideal on time in fantastic order. I ordered this for a good friend due to the fact i’ve been working with tatung rice cooker for several years due to the fact it is so straightforward to use. I do it my way which i feel is even easier. I place one cup of h2o in the outer pot, 1 cup of rice or quinoa in the interior s/s pot collectively with one cup of filtered h2o and 1 cup of hen broth. I place the interior lid on the s/s pot, place the large out lid on best and press the lever. twenty minutes later i have a excellent pot of rice/quinoa and by no means fret about rice sticking to the base. The out pot is produced of aluminum and does accumulate some scale deposits in excess of time so i need to have to use a tablespoon of de-scaler, like applied in h2o distillers, and it arrives out flawlessly clean and sparkly. I do this for aesthetics considering the fact that i hardly ever cook dinner meals in the out pot.

Rice does not stick in the base – steam layer is fantastic and it is significantly less messy – really like it.

Effortless to use and healthier than electric powered cooker. This is suitable for cooking rice and any beans/lentils. Easy to use and much healthier than electric powered cooker.

The most loved of the kitchen. The fundamental rice cooker that doubles as a steamer or reheater. I use this for anything – cooking rice, porridge, steaming or reheating. By no means contact the microwave once again.

Keeps coming back to this one. Looks basically the same as what i had 30 yrs ago. . The versatility is just unmatched with the newer versions. Is it even checked to see if it is more efficient?.

I had been utilised the tatung rice cooker for 40years. It can cook rice, steam food items and cook dinner soup. My mother has two which is over 10years a single for cook rice one for steam food items or cook soup. This just one i purchase for my daughter she’s went to faculty and this is extremely effortless to use.

They never imply a conventional mesuring cup in the directions. When they say ‘cup’ they mean the exclusive cup, not a typical cup evaluate. Replace ‘cup’ in the directions with ‘included plastic cup.

It’s fairly standard as much as working with it, but much from typical in the final results. The mixture of the rice absorbing h2o and remaining steamed at the exact time provides a fluffy, gentle rice. The stainless steel bowl signifies that the lining will never use off above time — which is why i acquired this cooker: to exchange a single whose ‘non-stick’ lining experienced worn off.

A very good traditional rice cooker. The design has been the same for the last sixty years when it was first created. The unique inner pot design is versatile, it is not only cooking better rice, but has other uses as well. It is well made and substantial, it will last a long time, from what previous users have commented. The cons: the six-person model is made of aluminum, it left obvious stained marks all over the inner pot as well as the cooking pot, right after the second use. The ten-person model is made of steel, they said it won’t have the same drawback. Either for the ten-person or the six-person model, the cost is more expensive than other american brands.

There are a million rice cookers on the current market, and plenty of them boast all kinds of state-of-the-art features, have keypad-like buttons, and/or electronic readouts. If you might be a tech gadget junkie then probably you might be into all individuals bells and whistles, but i have a tendency to go for the extra basic, time-analyzed products and solutions that have as several additional functions as possible. It is my considering that the extra factors a product or service has to do, the much more that can go completely wrong with it. And i am a bigger believer in the concept that the best goods are streamlined to do 1 detail genuinely very well and never even trouble tacking on a bunch of attributes that raise the cost tag but do not automatically improve on the major function. That staying said, this tatung 6 cup rice cooker suits the bill of what i seem for in kitchen appliances: easy structure, effectively-produced, straightforward to use, and moderately priced. It can be not the lowest priced, but certainly not the most expensive. I’ve experienced almost nothing but good ordeals employing this rice cooker, and all of the beneficial opinions listed on amazon have tested correct. The oblique heating is fantastic, and i’ve not however encountered any burned-to-the-bottom rice (i do generally increase a nominal volume of oil, about a teaspoon, or a tiny little bit of butter right before introducing the rice and drinking water). An additional thing that was a selecting issue in my acquire was that this rice cooker has a stainless steel lid and bowl (in which the rice actually cooks).

Purchased this about one particular month back just after plenty of exploration. It works as predicted so far: all staiinless metal, oblique heating which i definitely like. My rice has never ever trapped to the base of the bowl so no waste at all. The device auto shuts off right after the drinking water in the outer pot runs out.

This is a nice simple to use rice cooker. Its easy to clean and maintain. We have had other cookers in the past that were difficult if not impossible to clean. Simple is the best way to go.

Great client company, good solution with minor challenges. . I bought the rice cooker mainly because most my mate has 1, and also my tiger rice cooker commenced to have challenges. When i bought it, the inner pot has big h2o stain(appears to be like staying applied), so i wrote to vendor, he was quite handy and inclined to support me get replacement. I know they are just have this merchandise, not responsible for the high quality, but i was glad that seller choose responsibility to assistance me. I bought my replacement from tatung united states organization, they are really friendly too. I haven’t use the pot until finally my tiger cooker completely broken which is practically 2 thirty day period later, observed out the on and off switch is not doing the job, it’s always on, but it cooks alright, i can make soup and cook dinner rice, operates just good. I still wrote email to seller advised him that swap is not functioning, failed to be expecting will get reply, just remind him that gonna observe out the product or service. Astonishingly, he did wrote back again to me subsequent working day and mentioned will aid me with this problem. I will phone tatung myself, but i would advise this vendor. In general, i like this pot,but should test sooner.

Even nowadays there are all types of extravagant rice cookers this however stands out as tremendous easy model to use. And we know it will last at the very least thirty yrs.

I advocate this to people who are wellbeing conscious. This is my 3rd tatung rice cooker, i own ten cups & 3 cups & i nonetheless have them, i bought this dimensions since of my household dimensions,it can be stainless, extra much healthier to prepare dinner rice, it will past extended. I advocate this to persons who are wellbeing conscious.

Ideal multipurpose rice cooker and steamer.