Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker : Used it for the first time this morning and I

Nothing on this earth is expected to be as one expects it to be granted. Therefore, granted, this is an excellent product for it’s price. The waffles take a little longer to get browner than when the ready light comes on, however one must consider what is ready for each of us, when we perceive what we see, as based on what we think. If one wants it to be browner when ready light comes on, than wattage should be their concern. Nothing is built to last when it comes to elements, you can ask your light bulbs on wattages, elements, and burnouts😉😎😲😜.

My rating for this would be good to okay. It does a job and i don’t feel i wasted my money on it. This would get more stars from me if the indicating light works properly and shuts/locls a little more completely. Not that difficult to clean but i wish it was easier or could be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker, Green (CKSTWFBF10WG-TECO)

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  • Flip waffle maker with titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick coating lasts 8x longer than standard nonstick coatings
  • Natural, PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic coating won’t flake or peel and cleans easily
  • Cooks up to 30% faster, saving time and energy
  • Simple flip operation for evenly cooked waffles
  • Adjustable temperature control for light and fluffy or crispy waffles

It cooks fast +1it doesn’t take up much space +1simple to use +1it doesn’t lock very well, which keeps the waffle maker slightly open when pressing -1it is not simple to clean it -13/5 – it’s okay. Next time, i am going to buy one that locks well and easier to wash. You have to use a towel to wipe it, which takes up too much time. I’ve tried washing it with like a dish w/out getting the plug involved and it was still difficult. You can remove the screws, which removes the white colored area of the waffle maker and wash it thoroughly, but that takes up too much time out of your hands. Photo indicates that it does not lock very well*view my other reviews to see i’m real. Not just a manufacturer or employee reviewer.

Suggestion for your batter, whip egg white then fold into batter add a lil constarch for crispier waffle. Works well non stick i never use spray. Krusteaz waffle mix recipe with my addonsyield : 2-3 wafflesingredients2-3 waffles1 1/2 cups krusteaz waffle mix1 1/2 teaspoons corn starch*1/2 teaspoon sugar*1/2 teaspoon vanilla*1 egg3 tablespoons vegetable oil2/3 cup waterrecipe preparationseparate egg white and yolkmix egg yolk with all ingredientsbeat with wiskonce smooth, let sit for 2 minutes*beat egg white until fluffy with hand mixer for 60 seconds**fold in half the egg whites into mix and then the rest*pour batter into waffle maker and wait 10 seconds then flip leave in 1 min past green light for crisper waffles.

So far im happy with this waffle maker. I was a little disappointed that it had a few scuffs in the outside finish, but was glad the inside ceramic didnt, i know that stuff can chip, but mine was finealso was a little cautious about the cord not being wrapped up, but still had the twist ties on it, my first thought was it might be a refurbished unit. If it is, it didnt state so prior to buying it, and if it is, it works just fine4 stars for scuffs. Products works 5 starts though. Looking forward to making pizza pockets, hash browns, french toast, and all the fun stuff u can make in a waffle maker.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker, Green (CKSTWFBF10WG-TECO) : I’ve tried three different recipes and two turned out well, the light indicator doesn’t really tell you when the waffle is done but clean up is easy. Even though it’s non stick definitely recommend spraying it before putting batter in.

Real fine maker if you like belgian style thick waffles.

I wanted to love it because there just aren’t that many options for an affordable non-toxic waffle maker. But it’s pretty bad quality. The handle is especially flimsy. The ceramic coating was scratched when i got it.

We’ve used it probably ten times and the same things are consistent. The handle is not very sturdy – it folds for easy storage which is great but it doesn’t lock when you’re cooking. The timer always shows that the waffles are ready before they actually are, even with the highest setting. Sometimes the ready light comes on just after you close it. We have to use trial and error to get to the doneness we’d prefer. If you are looking for a crispy waffle, you are not going to get it. It seems like the ceramic seals in the moisture so we can never get a crispy waffle.

My husband and i love this product and use it daily. Super quick and delicious waffles, watch out though because you may get addicted. Wonderful with blueberries and chocolate mixed in. Best purchase i’ve made on amazon in the past year.

My family is switching to wheat alternatives (oat flour, coconut flour, etc) and they tended to stick on our old teflon-coated waffle iron. We also recognize that the teflon may be harmful, especially once it gets scratched or starts to flake off. This ceramic coating is amazing, and our stickiest batters are popping right out without issues. We are having to leave the waffles in a little longer to get them ‘done’ to our liking, but once we got the timing figured out, we’ve really enjoyed cooking and eating waffles.

We have been making waffles nonstop since we got it a couple of days ago and they are delicious and perfect every time. As others have mentioned, turn the heat up to high and follow the light indicators on the waffle maker – foolproof. We do no use any oil or butter on the ceramic plates and they are naturally nonstick. Best of all no teflon to achieve this.

Works really well and it’s truly non-stick. You can get that waffle nice and crispy on high. One star off because everything around the waffle irons is made out of solo cup plastic. Just be really careful with it.

I have not had any problems whatsoever with sticking. I do not grease the iron at all and have made waffles with both regular flour and gluten free flour, all vegan. Excited to try more recipes.

I was looking for a waffle maker that was free of ptfe & pfoa chemicals. I have birds in my home and most cookware fumes can kill them. This product allowed me to safely make waffles that tasted amazing with no worry. It came well packaged, a fast wipe down and it was ready to go. Followed the basic instructions to make big golden waffles.

This is a great item for a family that makes lots of wafflesfirst, the non stick surface is great, easy to keep clean and smooth. Clean up is usually a hassle when making waffles, the surface makes cleaning it easy. I usually still wipe a little oil on it when i am finished. Second, it cooks quickly and waffles are even and look good. The only thing that i found odd about it was there were no instructions. So it took me a few tries before i figured out that you had to turn and bend the handle for it to work.

Had wanted one for a while so researched these and this one seemed to be the best fit. Very happy worth this economical purchase. Evenly cooks waffles on its nonstick surface. Could not be happier with the product. Use it weekly and no problems work consistency.

When we first got this, we were going to return it because it felt flimsy and cheap compared to our old broken one. We decided to give it a try though and glad we did. We make waffles 1-2/week and feel good that we’re not get positioned by a tephlan coating. It’s true it just wipes clean each time.

Updating to say it is holding up great to the fanatic waffling it icontinues to inspire. After nine months of battering (so to speak), the coating and everything abput it is like new. Every few days, i crank it up, stuff nearly anything in it with lots of grated chedar or parmesian, press on the top (not the handle, ignore the light, flip around a few times, poke at it with chop sticks, and it transforms blah leftovers into heavenly crisp treats. Most nonstick coatings will emit fumes that kill parrots and other pet birds, and probably are not good for pet humans. I got this for the bird-friendly ceramic coating. Given how that wears out on expensive cookware pretty fast, i was not expecting much from this inexpensive waffle iron. It’s cute and space-saving, though, and i thought i’d use it quite rarely, so i gave it a try. It turns out i was born to waffle. I’m using it way more than i ever imagined and it is holding up great. Handle, hinge, swivel, and ceramic coating are all way sturdier than i expected.

This is a very nice waffle maker. We purchased it as a health-friendly replacement for a teflon waffle maker. This one is just as easy to use as the previous waffle maker and over-all appears to be better quality. We were so happy to find an affordable one like this, made with duraceramic.

It works just like the ones i use at the hotels. My kids love it since it easy to use and make great waffles would recommend to all my family and friends. Great product for the right price.

It is frustrating to clean though. Can’t remove the waffle plates.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer : The best. Why go for expensive mixer

Once you have it on hand, you can tell it is high quality mixer, and material. It is a gift for the price that is sold. I highly recommend this product.

This is a great mixer – would have given it 5 stars but (as with most consumer products in today’s market) the build quality has obviously gone down to accommodate higher profits.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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  • Efficient Mixing with 225 Watts of Power and 6 Speed Control
  • Includes Stainless Steel Bowl with Lid for Mixing and Storage
  • Full Size Chrome Beaters Included
  • Ergonomically Designed for comfortable mixing
  • One Touch Beater Eject Button

I am delighted with the hand mixer. It fits snuggly in the mixing bowl, making it easy to store. It works real well and feels sturdy. I had second thoughts about purchasing it because someone commented the speeds were too high, but the speeds seem okay for me. I will admit the low speed is not very slow. You certainly get more than what you paid for with this item.

Gift for my son and his girlfriend setting up new apt. This looked like a great solution for now rather than spend a small fortune for a large mixer, when this was such a good value. Oater is a brand i’ve used for years so no issues there, and the fact that you had the convenience of the stainless mixing bowl/storage bowl w/ lid made it an even more practical purchase for them.

I don’t actually use this little hand mixer, but my wife does and she loves it. It’s been going strong for about a year so far.

Oster FPST2574CRBW 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl : Happy with the power of the machine. The beaters were hard to ejectat first, but they seem to be getting easier.

A very nice mixer that has awesome power.I love bakingdes moines, iowa.

It works great and is incredibly powerful. I think it could probably mix cement.

When this does the great job for you.

It works perfectly and actually has 6 speeds as advertised. My only reservation in giving 5 stars is that the cord just hangs there which makes it hard to store. I wrap it around the body of the mixer but it just falls off and without a solid handle you cannot wrap the cord around the handle to store it. I’m spoiled – my other hand mixer had an automatic cord reel which stored the cord within the body of the mixer and out of the way.

I was worried because the beaters were a little rusted. Not enough to send it back bit the quality wasn’t what i had hoped for.

I have not had any issues with this mixer. The settings are a little fast but that’s not really an issue for me.

It works well and storing in it’s own bowl is a big plus. Very powerful with a heavy-duty cooling fan. Other commenters are correct about not having a slow speed but that doesn’t seem to bother my lady.

It’s simple to operate, and the speeds are just right. Having the bowl to store it in is a plus. I have a kitchen aid stand mixer but haven’t needed to drag it out for anything so far. The oster has more than enough power.

I like the stainless mixing bowl. Great for storage and is a good size. Very glad i made this purchase.

I use all the time when i bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes.

I read reviews and thought i might not like this mixer because everyone said it started off too fast. I did not find that to be an issue. Has enough power to work through thick batters and i don’t have any problem with thin batters. I guess the only down side for me is it seems a little front heavy so it tips over easily when you rest the mixer.

Just wish it had more power. If you need one that can handle something thicker than cake batter, spend more money and get a different one.

Mixer, comes with a really nice metal bowl, mixer and beaters all fit in the bowl with a lid.

I use my new mixer quite a bit, and fine that it works quite well. Am very pleased with how it works.

It’s lowest setting is pretty fast, but once you get used to it then it’s not a problem. The mixing bowl it comes with is pretty good as well and serves as a nice storage container for the mixer and beaters.

Great mixer,very attractive and is great to have a bowl for use and storage. I just used it and i really love having so many speeds. Making some candy for the holidays really needs a great mixer. You can tell it is great quality. I hope it lasts as long has my other hand mixer. I like the ease of the hand mixer,and i don’t like all those gadgets the come with the big mixers. Keep it simple to use and simple to store. I also feel the price was great. Thanks amazon and the seller.

Oster FPSTJE31570 400-watt Compact Juice Extractor – Great & Easy Juicer to operate for newbies

This juicer works just as well as the brevelle i had and cost 1/3 the price. You do have to cut larger food in smaller chunks, but i don’t mind. I’m happy with the covered pulp catch and over all pleased with the performance. I bought one for my sister and she is happy as well.

Motor starting burning out after a month.

For only having 400 watts of power, it does an amazing job. I have used the item with different fruits and vegetables, and it extracts their juices effortlessly and in seconds. My family loves the fresh juices that i make with it. It’s compact size is great for my small kitchen. All parts can easily be dismantled to be washed. Cleaning the stainless steel filter with a regular sponge resulted to be time consuming and with little results. I got the idea to use a soft baby bottle bristle brush on it, and it came of in seconds. I can wash and clean all parts in under two minutes, so it isn’t complicated. However, i do recommend to wash the item right away, i can imagine dry pulp on the filter to be hard to clean. Overall, i am very pleased and recommend this product to anyone, since it is so easy to use and clean.

The juicer is average, it feels very cheap and plasticy. It is fairly easy to clean but after juicing out couple of carrots the inside container turned orange and the color didn’t want to come out. Also, it was spiting out the juice everywhere, not very clean or easy to collect the juice once it is being processed.

You cans rip through fresh fruit and veggies all day long if you want. I’d give it a 5*, but removing the screen in the middle is a bit tight. Other than that i have had a great time juicing what ever i want, except wheat grass.

I’ve had two juicers before this that were a big job to clean and therefore discouraged me from juicing. This juicer is very easy to clean. The motor is surprisingly high quality and impressive, clearly made with excellent components. When you shut it off the basket keeps spinning for a while, which is a mark of a top-notch mechanism, very smooth operation and not overly noisy. It juices extremely quickly with little pushing effort when i feed in vegetables and fruit. I’ve juiced carrots, beets, apple, ginger, and fennel, including the hairy tops. I will be trying celery stalks next. The only criticism i could make is that when i was juicing a beet some drops of red juice sprayed out. I will have to figure out where that came from and see if i can readjust something.

  • Work horse used daily
  • Get what you pay for
  • Good price and efficient

Purchased this item on june 28, 2014, and reviewing it after a full year and a half of daily use and it is still going strong. It is very easy to clean as it all just snaps apart to be run under water and the metal spin thing is cleaned fast and easy with a toothbrush.

I bought it as a mother’s day present for my mom and i used it more than she does. It’s a bit of a hassle when you have to clean it bc you have to take it all apart but it’s worth it. We’ve tried making orange juice and it came out perfect, pulp free.Great how all the unwanted junk is separated. Deff recommend this product.

I agonized over this purchase a bit, and even left it sitting in the box in the garage a few weeks before i opened it. I am not the type to cheap out on appliances so i wasn’t sure if i should return it and spring for one of the higher end products. I had spent $200+ on one about 9 years ago and found the thing to big and awkward to lug around or leave sitting on the counter. It was also a mess to clean. I ended up selling it for $50 a few years later. I’ve been hearing so much about the benefits of juicing lately. I am a 30 something, working mom and always looking for ways to be healthier and increase energy. I also have a toddler who hardly eats but loves juice and i thought juicing might give me a chance to get some nutrients in her rather than empty clarifies and sugar. So i became really interested in juicing again. I just didn’t want to spend a small fortune not knowing if the habit would stick this time.

Features of Oster FPSTJE31570 400-watt Compact Juice Extractor, 20-Ounce

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  • Compact and powerful design for easy storage-space saving
  • Dual-safety lock system
  • Stainless Steel blade disc
  • Powerful 400 Watt motor
  • Large capacity jar conveniently holds up to 20oz of juice

Make sure this fits
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Compact and powerful design for easy storage-space saving

Dual-safety lock system

Stainless Steel blade disc

Powerful 400 Watt motor

Oster 5711 Electronic 2-Tier 6, Solid food steamer

I have tried out other steamers in the past but they have often wound up on a shelf in a cupboard and i’ve neglected they were being there. This 1 is on my counter and i use it virtually each individual day. The baskets are more substantial than the round steamers. It makes excellent hard boiled eggs nevertheless i did want to increase the time from what they propose in the manual, but i have under no circumstances experienced so numerous eggs peel so properly. It will make greens that are cooked through yet business. I am finding i substantially desire to reheat leftovers in it as perfectly. They appear out just as warm as a microwave but they are not dried out, overcooked, or flavorless rewarming food in the steamer.

I had this exact steamer for quite a number of several years and utilised it in all probability 4 times a 7 days. My initial just one last but not least gave out so i acquired a copy on the internet. It arrived to me immediately, as it was stated in the description, and it operates like a appeal.I have employed it as a rice cooker, a double steamer, and (ordinarily) just as a single steamer. I am looking ahead to numerous additional decades of use from this steamer.

This steamer cooks greens and rice beautifully in just a number of (six-14) minutes and i can just put the cooking trays straight to the dishwaher. I use it practically each evening for all my veggies. The double tray is great for two vegetables that cook dinner at distinctive costs for the reason that i can begin the slower cooking veges and just fall on the second tray a few minutes later to have them the two concluded together. The only grievance is that the timer environment can’t be manually shortened after it is established.

Key specs for Oster 5711 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer, White:

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  • Generates steam in less than a minute, letting cooking start immediately
  • Double-tiered 6.1-quart capacity holds a variety of foods
  • 75-minute timer, auto shut-off setting for safety
  • See-through external reservoir helps to ensure steady steaming
  • 3-4/5-Quart and 2-3/10-quart steaming bowls, collapsible steaming trays; includes 8 egg holders

Comments from buyers

“Wonder appliance!, Excellent for Steaming Vegetables, A better way to cook veggies”

We have used this oster 5711 mechanical steamer for a number of years but the aged one remaining the dwelling with my housemate of twelve yrs so i got a new a person. Steamers really don’t occur any far better than this 1 — i have tried using some others. Fill it up with your most loved slice up veggies, fill the steamer pot beneath the veggie bowl, established the timer and you should not stress about it until eventually the dinger dings. It makes cooked veggies straightforward. Oh, and the price tag is great.

We switched back again to this dial-operated steamer right after two digital kinds stopped operating on us. Doing the job wonderful so significantly, even though we have only experienced for a month. What is actually disappointing about this design is that the holes are too huge–if we are steaming veggies, corn/peas/carrots frequently slide by, as do bits of broccoli.

I have been shopping for this model steamer for about 10 many years. It is really one of the major potential steamers, and currently being equipped to do two vegetables or a protein and a vegetable at the moment in two individual baskets has proved invaluable in my hectic daily life. I use distilled water, but commonly right after about two decades both the heating device is very effectively crusted and requirements replacement, or the plastic bowls last but not least start cracking. 00 this is just one of the most frugal however prolonged long lasting resources in my kitchen area.

Heaps of us like to steam our corn on the grate of the steamer, but in the circumstance of this steamer, the openings in the grate are so significant the corn falls through. Not pleasing and extremely fixable. Correct it and i will be amid the 1st to stand in line to buy however yet another new a person.

I have to say that obtaining this steamer has resulted in my spouse and children feeding on more veggies. I normally cook carrots, brussels sprouts, and asparagus all at same time stacked in a crisscross fashion. The only criticism i can imagine off is that the tiny plastic reservoir on entrance, applied to show you water degree, occasionally get filthy or moldy inside since it is really extremely hard to get anything in there to scrub. But this could be my fault considering the fact that i from time to time do not rinse it instantly just after working with. Possibly way i am not that apprehensive about it given that the steam really a great deal kills most all the things.

I have applied this steamer on the normal 4 times a week, each individual 7 days since i bought it. I have presently gotten my cash out of it. I have tried out diverse can make and versions around the years but oster is a single of the improved makers. Its a superior solid merchandise that will give you a lot of service and you will not be let down with the cooking results.

We purchased this to switch our historical steamer. My 92 12 months aged mom needs issues the similar, i want the most effortless and we equally demand from customers durability. I steam rice, ground turkey and miso soup to feed my greyhounds. This is carried out 3 situations weekly minimal, then in involving, i steam veggies, hen and nutritious stuff for us. The h2o window is new, but i like that i can make confident that mother has not forgotten to set h2o in the foundation. I haven’t applied the egg tray still or steamed two amounts but will quickly. Pretty like our outdated machine but with new tricks and can do anything i want, not just rice.

Very simple to use and it truly is wonderful that it has a timer. You should not have to worry about it remaining on if i’m not obtainable when it is really completely ready.

I actually have not opened the box since i am still utilizing my outdated just one, exact same brand and product. Just before the just one i am using, i experienced two many others they last about a 12 months or so but i use it each solitary working day so i guess undertaking that, they do put on out. The 2nd one i had was digital and i much prefer the mechanical. I wished to invest in a different a single considering that my aged a single is getting previous and approaching a yr and a 50 percent old i don’t want to be without a person if it fails to do the job. I really like this steamer–it is so straightforward to steam veggies,potatoes, rice and hard ‘boil’ eggs.

Purchased this to substitute the pile of crap that is the rival model of this merchandise. Common difficulty uncovered with their item and business was unwilling to stand powering product or substitute. Hardly ever buy a rivalthis one is user helpful, demonstrates large window indicating water stage, heats up unbelievably rapidly, areas appear to be sturdy. Overall i am ecstatic with it. Would definately obtain once again and advise.

This oster is effective excellent- simple instructions, effortless use. What can i say- and it can be affordable way too. It took without end to look for as a result of all the steamers and come across it, though… why was it so challenging to discover a replacement for my fantastic ol’ rice steamer from twenty decades ago??. Is rice more challenging to cook dinner or are we just picky about it?.Ah well, this is a superior 1, except you want a thing extravagant.

Right now i’m purchasing my next steamer like this. I experienced my 1st oster steamer 5711 for in excess of 14 years and had gotten it no cost with a bread maker. Guess which just one receives additional use???.I assume that speaks for by itself. It give up working on thanksgiving morning and i had to boil my potatoes. So i am not only ordering just one for myself, but also acquiring a single for 2 of my ladies for xmas. It can be been on their wish listing a few years now. I was going to order the 5712, an up-to-date one. But resolved versus it as there is certainly just much more bells and whistles. This 1 proved alone and i’m sticking with it.

How did i even cook dinner ahead of i owned this miracle system?. It is super simple to use, steams a ton of food at once, and is straightforward to clear up. I do food prepping (cooking all your food on a person working day a week) and this factor is a lifesaver. I understand steam cooking, regardless of what instrument you use, is based on the exact same notion (incredibly hot steam cooks your food), but for regardless of what motive, the layout of this equipment cooks the food so a lot a lot more evenly than a stovetop basket steamer. I have cooked about each individual form of vegetable in it and every thing has been ideal. The cooking instances are often a little a lot more or significantly less than what is indicated in the guide, so there is some demo and mistake concerned, but when you discover the proper time for the type of food you are cooking, you will strike the jackpot. I also steam eggs in it — they come out way greater than really hard boiling. Less complicated to peel and far more evenly cooked. I have cooked meat in it as nicely, while i located it really hard to period the meat so i haven’t employed it quite a few situations for that goal.

Nothing could be a lot easier than cooking with a food steamer for vegetables and rice. Cleanse up is simple – just common dish cleaning soap and water. This solution would be 5 star in my feeling if it had a take care of on best of the lid to elevate it off since it is effortless to get a steam burn off making use of the side handles. I constantly seize a dish towel very first to safeguard my hand from the steam launch. Or else, really delighted with oster’s food steamer.

We have been steaming for several years, the trick is getting a good trusted unit. I have experienced no luck with digitals so i normally adhere to the mechanical timer kinds. We bought the spherical oster some time back again it formulated a crack by the heating ingredient so turned unsafe. Just recieved this new a person, operates excellent has place for numerous points and a number of cooking selections. I did a large acorn squash, a total onion and then some fish. Just to press the limit i experimented with thai sticky rice. It didnt skip a defeat all the food turned out best. The thai sticky rice you soak for four hours then pour the water off and cook dinner for seventy five minutes in the tiny rice bowl ( two cups worth) just remarkable that it did it given that its a more challenging rice to cook dinner. I was not absolutely sure it would do it, the concluded product or service was perfect. If you like steaming as we do i consider you will locate this unit worth owning.

Happy i picked the manual timer, rather than the digital – guide makes management quick and uncomplicated when good tuning your foods. The steamer is wonderful for steaming numerous items. The only cavat – it goes get sizzling. Containers must not be set on desk tops, use a sizzling pad or include.

I now have 1 of these digital styles and i had a mechanical design earlier to working with the electronic a single. I prefer the mechanical 1, but it is for relieve of looking at the remaining cooking time. Both of those kinds of device perform the exact. This is terrific if you want to cook some meat and vegetables or if you want to make rice. You can cook it all at the identical time. You need to have to season points even though because the grease drains off. The machines look to hold up very effectively below repeated use.

On my initial one, immediately after probably 10+ years the substantial dish wore out and it was nearly as expensive to just get a new equipment than exchange the 1 bowl. I really like this steamer and use it consistently for veggies and rice. I have to say that the double-stacking steam characteristic never ever worked for me. The bowls never suit snugly and steam escapes all about the spot.

My black and decker steamer eventually stopped functioning. I might had it for about 10 a long time and acquired my dollars out of it. Tried out to come across it once again with no luck. This is the closest product or service that i located. It really is a very little more substantial than what i would like. I’ve employed it about a dozen occasions with no probs. If it lasts half the decades my b&d i am going to be happy.

This is the very best steamer out there. It does veggies perfectly and even will do the most fantastic tricky boiled eggs. I really like this steamer and even bought a single for my mom and dad who also now enjoy theirs.

I have had an oster steamer in the previous and favored it but they are now producing the tops about 50 % as thick as in the earlier and i never consider they will previous pretty prolonged. I believe they will not keep up quite prolonged without the need of cracking and this is disapointing since their products was always top rated of the line in the earlier.

Oster Designed, Product is nicely designed and the controls are easy

Our old a person died off so we desired to get a new a single went to walmart and checked out the various solutions and chose this just one. I acquired it by means of amazon (walmart retailer was out of stock) and gained in a 7 days. It really is fantastic if you don’t overload it. Wonderful for toast, baking compact batches of my cheese bread and defrosting.

Pay attention to the toaster – toasts speedy. But once you figure out the options and what is effective best for you – it is really good. Oven is this sort of a time saver in normal but specifically on scorching days – no require to convert on the oven and warmth up the kitchen area when this very little detail does the identical point a lot quicker and without heating the kitchen area up.

Really delighted with the toaster oven.

Key specs for Oster Designed for Life 6-Slice Toaster Oven, Silver:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Dimensions: 16.65″L x 14.29″W x 9.80″H, Weight: 10.36lb.
  • Cord length: 29″
  • Watts: 1400W

Comments from buyers

“Great item to have in the kitchen , An Excellent Toaster, Excellent little toaster oven”

The toaster satisfied our need: sizable for two individuals for toasting, broiling and from time to time baking. The equipment appears clear (stainless steel) and not quite sizzling exterior.

Surprised it came from walmart and experienced no instructions for convection element.

I just purchased this for my mom,it’s actually very good for the buck.

Manufactured in china and marketed by sunbeam products underneath the oster identify, this is an attractive, brushed stainless front counter-leading toaster/broiling/baking oven that is large adequate to warmth a medium pizza or uniformly toast four slices of bread. According to the appliance label, it consumes 1,four hundred watts. With a twist of a entrance selector knob, it can broil, toast or bake and can operated as either a conventional or convection oven. I have located the thermostat and timer to be fairly correct. It will uniformly heat and bake a frozen pizza, developing a great, crisp crust. The flexibility and dimension of this counter-major equipment reduces our will need to use the much more substantial, power-hungry oven in our electric selection. When we eliminate utility electric power our standby generator has enough ability to effortlessly run this oven but definitely strains to ability the one particular in our electrical variety. This equipment has a impressive five-calendar year gratification assurance from the producer. The gleaming stainless entrance handle knobs have a good feel and are simple to set and this equipment has an in general strong really feel to it. We include the slide-out tray in the bottom of our oster toaster oven with aluminum foil, which makes it straightforward to cleanse.

I seemed up this products on consumer’s guideline you can’t beat it for the funds. The toaster component functions seriously good to. My other toaster oven designed my toast taste like it was dehydrated.

This is a fantastic toaster oven that seems a lot more expensive than it is. I only would like there was a pre-heat environment but i figured out how to make do. It’s solidly crafted and has numerous possibilities, not just for toast or baking. I nonetheless use my toaster for toasting bread and bagels but a pal employs hers for all the things.

I had an older edition of this product. It lasted for about five many years of everyday use as a result of various moves and tough dealing with. It continue to labored, but it was having lengthier and extended to cook dinner the food stuff. This is a terrific toaster oven. I in fact favor the dials to the electronic, simply because it appears to be there is much less to go erroneous. This design is nicer than what i had, mainly because it will come with a sheet tray to capture crumbs and a pan that will cling from the rack for broiling if you like. It appears a little bit sturdier way too, and the heating aspects are not protected which is excellent for cleaning. I just cooked frozen fish and chips in it for meal, and it worked like a attraction. The lover is silent on turbo (convection).

This is major more than enough to just take my entire sizing bundt cake pan, for the reason that of the rounded-out back again part. I measured and it is 11 inches from the again of the rounded-out element to the door of the oven. This implies my nine-1/2′ pie plates will in shape, and most of my round pans will match, even though sq. pans are not able to take gain of the rounded-out again. The ‘turbo’ oven placing means it will bake evenly for the reason that of warm air flowing all all-around, which i what i utilised to bake a bundt cake, as properly as bake frozen french fries. I’ve broiled a mixture of sliced green peppers and onions on the ‘broil’ setting in the integrated flat pan i have employed the ‘warm’ environment to rise yeast dough, and i’ve made best toast employing the ‘toast’ setting at 450f. This toaster oven is quite adaptable. I am truly glad i bought it.

(i obtained this at w*l**t on jan three, 2016). The convection fan is located on the facet the place all the controls are, probably due to the fact it is more cost-effective to make this way. As a result, muffin tops stop up looking ‘blown’ to a single side. Equally ‘bake’ settings heat both major and base things. Investigate suggests that most toaster ovens run this way, which is contrary to how large ovens operate (the place bake only heats the base ingredient). So my muffins ended up with extremely-browned tops even though nonetheless not accomplished in the center. This was with the rack on the incredibly bottom-most placement. The bundle called for 425 levels.

Roomy interior and unbelievably swift browning situations (when evenly browning courtesy of the silent interior supporter) indicates a high quality products. If something burns you happen to be almost certainly not preserving a near ample eye on the food stuff or location the timer improperly. So considerably i am a large fan of this toaster oven and with any luck , it has the longevity to match its high-quality.

This toaster oven changed a person that was above 10 a long time aged and was employed day-to-day. The new a single is so substantially far better in style and design and operate. It cooks and cleans great. I hope it lasts ten years far too.

Product is properly designed and the controls are straightforward. However it takes for a longer time to warmth up compared to my old more cost-effective toaster oven. A further attract back is an off switch. When the timer is set to 15 minutes and the food is finished sooner, you will have to switch the knob to off which can be a problem for kids. Overall the solution is ok, dependent on the challenges i have observed.

I adore like appreciate this minimal device. I considered long and tricky about sacrificing beneficial kitchen counter room for a toaster oven and questioned if it would be really worth it. I have to say it was properly well worth it. This tiny man is a tough performing convection oven and it would make everything flavor good. It cooks items completely, arrives up to temp rapidly and cleans up conveniently. I rarely crank up the big oven any a lot more, this is an power preserving system that also cooks superior than my big electric oven, and more rapidly, in all probability since it is convection. I can envision a kitchen remodel with a cooktop only, and my minor ‘easy bake’ oven as we contact it ha ha. The only time i use the significant oven is for additional-substantial papa murphy’s pizzas which regrettably do not in shape in this oven.

Going from a 10 yr aged device to this is excellent.

Love this very little toaster oven functions superb.

I totally exploration factors ahead of i obtain, and this appears to be a high-quality solution at a deal rate (whilst i did not obtain it in this article, got it for much less than $35 w/ free of charge delivery from ‘wmart’. ) it is a nice looking metal device, no inexpensive plastic knobs to crack (like my past one), and it manufactured great even toast right out of the box. Haven’t applied the oven nevertheless, but am searching forward to possessing convection all over again, which i experienced yrs ago and was normally delighted with for even cooking. And it really is acquired a 5 yr fulfillment warranty, so can’t go completely wrong with that, i adore that the maker has that considerably religion in its products. The route booklet is effortless to comprehend but sparse (not even a pair recipes, but at this value you can invest in a tiny cookbook for $ten as i did), but the controls are pretty quick to read and use, i like that they are in english, not silly tiny photos that i have no notion what they imply. The only rationale this is not a 5 star critique is i wish it experienced a nicer non-adhere pan and its just a tad way too modest to use the a person i saved (enamel) from a preceding oven, but it does in good shape my 8×8 pyrex (w/handles) and other assorted ovenware i presently have. This is a perfect dimension for a college or university dorm, modest condominium, singles or partners, or any person not wanting to heat up the kitchen area with the massive stove, just be knowledgeable that it will not match a massive pizza, a turkey, or evening meal for a hungry household of 4, and you is not going to be unhappy.

What can i say it is really a toaster oven with convection characteristic is a pleasant detail. I like the boxy design and style and entrance door. I’ve been employing it now for months and so significantly no issues. It does search great and very evenly with the convection function.

Oster Expressbake Bread Maker – Great Machine So Far

Will work perfectly but you can see where the mixing fin rubs in opposition to the bottom after only generating 2 loafs.

Straightforward to use and will make great bread. On the other hand, the digital display screen is way too tiny and has no gentle. Also the glass viewing window is incredibly slim.

Recieved my equipment soon after the very first 1 was sent to the completely wrong deal with. Amazon was terrific despatched me out a further more than night at no added cost. So much i have produced light rye and cranberry wheat bread. So pleasant to know what is in your bread. Subsequent venture is bagel dough and pizza dough. I am sure it will get the job done just good. I would recommend this bread maker and it is afforable.Here are the specifications for the Oster Expressbake Bread Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 650W bread maker with up to a 2-pound loaf capacity is ideal for larger families
  • 13 settings for making a variety of breads, dough, jams–even gluten-free bread
  • 3 crust color selection options: light, medium, and dark
  • ExpressBake setting bakes bread in under an hour
  • 13-hour programmable baking timer for fresh bread anytime
  • 2-pound loaf capacity, ideal for larger families
  • 13 settings for variety of breads, dough, jams and to prepare gluten free bread
  • Crust color selection: light, medium and dark
  • Express bake setting bakes bread in under an hour
  • 13-hour programmable baking timer allows for fresh breads anytime

You just have to make absolutely sure you use the precise measurements. I misinterpret the guidance for bread and extra a minimal little bit less water than what it questioned for. When the bread was accomplished, not only it seemed unusual but when it cooled off, it was rock reliable. When adhering to guidelines effectively, you will close up with a warm and delicious loaf of bread. All you need to have after that is some butter and a cup of coffee.

I think this is a good bread maker for the money. If you’re just getting into bread making and don’t want to throw down $150 plus for a machine then this is the one for you. I have made both wheat and french bread and they came out very nice. One thing that bugs me though is that the timings in the manual are different than what the machine actually does. Another thing that bugs me is that there are no conversions for 1 pound loafs. Most of the recipes in the manual are for 1. 5-2 pound loafs which are larger than a store bought loaf. The whole reason i bought this machine was to make store size loafs without all the extra crap. It would be nice if panasonic would have included recipes for some of the more common breads in 1, 1. 5, and 2 lb along with some nice conversion charts for volume to weight.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Breadmaker
  • Great variety of settings to make all types of bread
  • Great for a non-baker and non-cook

Helps make good bread, i use the dough perform and bake in loaf pan. The provided pan is like most bread makers and is just to tall for sandwich bread.

. Easy to make pizza dough and bread with great success.

I am extremely pleased w/ this bread maker. I haven’t attempted any of the other settings in addition to the essential for the bread we make, but it does a great occupation baking my bread. I am searching ahead to hoping the recipes that are included in the manual. The controls are straightforward to go through & recognize.

I examine soooo numerous critiques right before i resolved to buy this product and i am incredibly content with it. Only trouble is the to start with time i employed it i ‘placed the container’ into the bread maker as instructed and the matter designed so much sounds i believed the neighbors would phone the police. Partner summoned and he pushed the pan into spot–problem solved. So if you acquire this design, make absolutely sure you firmly force the inside container in spot before beginning.Other than that no complaints.

For the rate, this is a excellent bread maker. Slight mastering curve if introducing herb, raisins, and so on for specialty bread. Does make an excellent french bread.

I gave it a 4, for the reason that when i opened the package and took it out of the box it had a couple very little scratches on it. Currently being model new just out of the box, ought to be in fantastic ailment. As considerably as the top quality, i like the oster brand name. Have employed it a few situations and like how the bread turns out.

Produced my gluten free lifetime so a great deal less complicated.

Machine has worked like a charm, quiet, and very efficiently. It does everything it promised with no problems. It has the features of several more expensive bread machines, without the brand premium price. I would definitely recommend this machine to friends and family.

I use it nearly each individual day to make dough, it just acquire 1:30 hrs. It really is straightforward to use, straightforward to clean and there is certainly so lots of unique matters that you can do.

Easy way to make gluten absolutely free bread. I’ve utilised equally the basic and the gluten free options with very good outcomes. Would not have a enormous footprint which is very good for constrained counter room.

This breadmaker is pretty superior but in this article is why i gave it only 3 stars:1. When you figure out that the pan inside of ought to be snapped into position to ‘lock’ (you will listen to a click on), then figure out how to use it (you can phone the firm – their purchaser service is rather wonderful and useful, though they did not know that this model’s pan ought to be clicked and locked into location), it does an straightforward (quite silent) occupation of kneading dough (that is all i have utilised it for so considerably). Here is the caveat: this is my third time utilizing it and currently, when i went to wipe absent flour dust and humidity from the outdoors, the directive words just ‘wiped off’. Erased and deleted and eradicated permanently – with no clue as to what they said. I referred to as the producer and they are changing my bread machine – if. It is however within a one-12 months guarantee – which it is – (which is brilliant) but i will continue to have the very same difficulty. I may endeavor to put clear tape about the words and phrases to ‘protect them’ but do not know if that will function. So, if you do not treatment about the terms disappearing (there is nevertheless a digital menu so these directions will continue to be, i think). Then this would get five stars.

This is our to start with bread maker and are extremely contented total. There are various options based mostly on the variety of bread you want to make. So considerably, we have only applied the convey bake (one hour) with superior results. I like the bread we’ve created with this device it will get the task performed perfectly. It truly is very little fancy, but it life up to its purpose.

I obtained this device simply because gluten no cost bread is so pricey, the gluten no cost setting is excellent, the bread is delicious and accomplished in no time. I have saved a lot of income building my own bread, in addition it tends to make the household scent very good.

We purchased this factor to bake gluten totally free breads. As a result, we ended up specially impressed to see a setting expressly devoted to that form of bread. Perfectly, the first bread came out searching like a submit-nuclear holocaust disaster. And it was so dense, it could be utilized as a deadly weapon if thrown or introduced at an enemy. We went on line to find that chopping the amount of salt and sugar would render the bread considerably less dense. Next attemt: a trifle much better, although nonetheless loads dense. We will hold hoping, but it is really not as quick and fool evidence as we’d hoped.

Have discovered to use all liquid elements at space temperature. This rationale getting when we set it all collectively & into the machine it preheats. Therefore if your h2o or milk is incredibly hot it could make your bread slide. At the very least that’s what transpired to me.

I have to make gluten free of charge bread mainly because of gluten intolerance. This maker on the gluten cost-free bread setting tends to make the most effective gluten totally free bread that i have eaten.

Oster FPSTHB6600-GRY 3-in-1 Twisting Handheld Mixer, GREAT product; designed just like the B&D Gizmo Twist

Excellent item modest battery longevity. . This is the next just one of these i have purchased. They are made effectively and have several valuable attachments. It is handy for mixing a thing on the stove without the need of a twine. The twisting tackle is a awesome characteristic. When new the demand lasts a long time. After a couple of yr the batteries weaken and the charge does not past. The solution would be greater if the battery was replaceable. I close up discarding a handy mixer since the battery are not able to be replaced. But i appreciated it sufficient to buy a further just like it.

I like this form of item, and i had a black and decker useful mixer for many years but it wore out. I tried using to obtain a useful mixer (now called the gizmo) and they ended up possibly fairly priced with affordable postage and unavailable (walmart and others) outrageously priced with absolutely free or realistic postage (amazon and other individuals) or moderately priced with outrageous postage (sears). Both way, they had been immensely overpriced when offered. Hence, i purchased this oster just one instead. I like it, it is quite significantly like the b&d one particular i had for several years and works as perfectly. It is less costly emotion than the previous 1, but every little thing is these days. I don’t like that it doesn’t have a wonderful situation that you can hang on the wall to keep the mixer and attachments and hide the electrical power twine to cost it, like the b&d 1 does, but that is not a deal breaker. It is effective effectively and is unquestionably a first rate substitute for my beloved b&d twist handy mixer. Surprisingly plenty of, it was named the three in one mixer, but it came with four attachments, a beater, a consume mixer, and two different whisks, so yeah, a lot more than stated oster fpsthb6600-gry 3-in-1 twisting handheld mixer, grey.

Opposite to other posts, this does stand up by alone, and is effective just fine thank you. I would propose it to anyone looking for this kind of mixer. The only genuine dilemma i have with it is that there is no way to hold it on the wall as my previous a person did, and it is really a ache to pull out of the drawer every single time i need it.

Key specs for Oster FPSTHB6600-GRY 3-in-1 Twisting Handheld Mixer, Grey:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 3-in-1 rechargeable cordless mixer with convenient heel rest
  • 3 attachments comprising of a standard beater, whisk and drink mixer
  • Soft touch handle
  • Two power settings lets you mix, stir, beat or blend
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments

Comments from buyers

“oster mixer review, Works very well at low/high settings, and beats all the other single wand handheld mixers so far!, Great for those with arthritis or disability, Great buy”

I have cherished this and it is really worked good for basic factors. It is really high-quality is three star but everything else is wonderful delivers it to four star. It can be tremendous mild, straightforward to use, effortless to store and would make it effortless to do speedy things without having finding the complete big stuff out for the weighty lifting. It doesn’t stand up very well, but hasn’t been a issue for me but. I have experienced it for about a yr and continue to kicking like new.

I use this product almost day-to-day. It is effortless to take care of, does not need to be charged usually (cannot don’t forget when was the previous time i recharged it) and is really easy to clean up. The only factor i wish it could do is ‘grind/puree’ foods. I have an more mature comparable product that’s really difficult to clean but it has blades that come in helpful when you want to puree soups etcetera.

Fantastic for cooking or for crafts. This is the 2nd a single i purchased for the reason that i adore it. I use 1 to combine plaster of paris for making crafts working with molds and 1that i use for cooking/baking. The demand last for a extended time. It can be cordless so they do not get in the way. It has a rapid and slower pace, which is awesome and it is quieter than plug in mixers. The cause i rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has a awesome stand but if you plug it in to charge it (on the base underneath the stand) the plug insert is to massive so you can not stand this up and charge at the same time -like the pict. You will have to lay it down to cost it. That was the only point i did not seriously like.

This handles the occupation properly. . I use it for whipping product because i really don’t have a stand mixer and the hand mixer i have otherwise is as well strong on even the lower placing. Product demands to be whipped lower and slow to build steady peaks. This handles the task properly.

Philosophically talking if you are not shifting ahead you are not progressing so when things spin counterclockwise it annoys me. With that mentioned:it does stand only with a thing in the socket, so what, lay it down. Don’t fret about charging and discharging batteries just do it correct. When you get it (if) turn it on and permit it die. Demand it the fifteen several hours or so like it states, then turn it on and adhere it in which you dont have to listen to it and allow it die yet again. Cost it for the twelve hours immediately after that and it will very last. I have not billed it given that my initial 2nd demand back again in the starting of february and can get it at any specified time to combine something andthatsaboutit. The attachments are pleasant, and when it is thoroughly billed it will rather a lot eliminate an egg.

I purchased this mixer predominantly to make shakes. Having said that, you cannot just throw ice cream in a glass and mix. I place in the milk, increase a few scoops of ice cream, and use the mixer to first mash up the scoops of ice cream a little. I turn the mixer on large and if it bogs down, i mash a little extra. Would not consider much, just providing a pleasant warning mot to anticipate it to tackle a large chunk of ice cream. I then combine right until the shake is creamy and mouth watering. I recommend this products, but never hope it to blend major responsibility goods. It is really just really handy to have around.

Useful but the battery lifestyle?. I acquired this given that i desired a modest hand mixer that i didn’t have to have to maintain a button down like most adhere blenders. I have significant joint concerns and occasionally have issues holding points. This has been good in the truth that it is definitely gentle fat and easily transfers between mixer and blender stick. The only concern i’ve experienced is that the battery won’t previous as extensive as i might like and it won’t run with the charger plugged in. Which is why i give it four stars as a substitute of five. I do not know if the battery existence is just in mine and it truly is much too late to ship it back. It is really alright, but but wants to be recharged at the very least after each individual 3 months if it sits in the drawer. Failing that, it is really been a truly handy mixer/blender and i adore the light excess weight. All 3 of the attachments it arrives with are great and useful as well.

My breakfast is composed of protein powder and peanut butter powder blended in soy milk or drinking water. I have a vitamix but you should not want to soiled it for this kind of a tiny quantity. I use a tall glass and my combination is about 3/four liquid and one/4 powder. It comes with several attachments. I use the a person for mixing drinks, not the one particular demonstrated in image. I don’t even twist it, just keep it as you would a hand held mixer. This mixes it up nicely and speedily.

My mother experienced a similar handheld mixer manufactured by black and decker (the helpful mixer). She handed it on to me and i loved it. When it died i started wanting for a substitution and was sad to learn that they failed to make that one particular any extra. This oster is pleasant and seems to maintain a demand effectively. A first rate substitute for what is no for a longer period accessible. Only draw back is that the useful mixer had greater attachments. Continue to a superior worth for the price tag.

This is about as fantastic as it gets cost/efficiency clever as significantly as i. There isn’t really a lot of alternative for cordless mixers. This is about as fantastic as it receives rate/efficiency sensible as far as i can convey to. Downside is that there is extremely little torque and you will not have substantially luck making an attempt to product potatoes or even thicker batters. Also, it can not be positioned on its crafted in stand whilst it is charging. The battery is out of date, so you seriously have to cycle it or drop it. And it would not get the job done at all when the charger is in. I guess that appears really damning. But nonetheless three stars for current at all supplied there are number of alternate options. I am obtaining great use from it.

I never do hefty mixing and use it mainly for creating pancake batter or whipping a handful of beverages. Employing it 3 situations a 7 days (5 minutes for every use). I only recharge it just about every 3 – four months. Mine arrived in a circumstance, so that’s pleasant to have for trying to keep all the things with each other. I concur with other people it would be nice to have the unit stand up without the need of a beater put in. I can see in which many others might be disappointed if they are seeking to use it for significant duty mixing. I have an electrical mixer for that use. This operates fantastic for medium to mild mixing.

Not as impressive as i considered it would be, and the demand won’t maintain really prolonged. It ought to also have a gauge that tells you when it desires charging and when it truly is done charging.

Works extremely well at lower/high settings, and beats all the other solitary wand handheld mixers so much. I am so happy that i took the risk and ordered this one wand handheld mixer. I utilised it a couple of instances so far, and built: cupcakes, cookies, and frosting. When the batter receives thicker, i swap from small pace to medium speed. It’s so great, and i won’t be able to believe that the one i acquired works perfectly. Let’s hope it retains working effectively for much more than 2 several years. What i like most about this item is that it comes with four various varieties of wands, and a storage boxthe mixer alone is light-weight and extremely consumer-friendlyimmediately following i obtained it, i billed it for a few hours. And it was good to go right after that. The only point i would include to this mixer is to insert a launch button for the wand.

Astounding very little mixer/blender/whipper. Wow, were being we stunned with this acquire. First of all, it came quickly. 2nd, upon opening the box, we were surprised to uncover it encased in a good plastic scenario with the outlines of in which all the items go. We charged the mixer and made use of it and ended up rather glad. It is not for ‘heavy-duty’ mixing, but it absolutely does the position. We liked the way we could rotate the prime portion to be applied straight or bent as revealed in the photograph. This was a reward for my daughter and she certainly loves it. I would endorse it and would buy it once more if i had to.

Good product created just like the b&d gizmo twist. Excellent product built just like the b&d gizmo twist, but with greater speed and battery lifetime. and its charging unit has typical ac to dc functions so can get substitute even if business no extended sells it — the b&d experienced a higher ac to really reduced ac conversion listing which designed it unachievable to change from conventional merchandise.

I was hoping to get a little additional electrical power. So far i have just employed it to froth my bulletproof coffee (coffee, coconut oil and grass-fed butter). It mixes okay, but will not occur out creamy seeking like it does in the blender. It’s a good deal less difficult to clean than the blender, however. Some of you ended up asking about a scenario. Mine arrived with a case, but it really is rather big, so i am heading to be throwing the circumstance absent. I will be hanging it with a hook from the ‘base’.

Superior merchandise, questionable quality. I purchased this product or service final calendar year, december 2012, to change my b&d gizmo. I appreciate the usefulness and overall flexibility this solution gives. Unfortunately, the high-quality of the design has a good deal to be ideal. The twisting functionality malfunctioned within a couple of uses and the housing has turn into significantly unstable. The manage part and the mixer head are separating. I have to maintain the device in the vicinity of the front in buy to use it. I savored the b&d gizmo with no troubles for more than five a long time before the battery lastly died.

Could not find everything like this in wal-mart. Could not uncover something like this in wal-mart, k-mart or the shopping mall. And certainly not for the value. Wished anything simple and easy to use and to ‘get to’. I have arthritis and in some cases it is just to significantly trouble to haul out the huge beaters and bowls. Light-weight, compact and effortless to store on the countertop.

Almost nothing like my black & decker. I experienced a black & decker rechargeable mixer for in excess of twenty several years & beloved it, but it at last gave out. I couldn’t see shelling out the rate for the exact brand name so i found this oster & decided to give it a try out, nevertheless, i am not seriously that pleased with it. I do not like the stand for it as it recommendations about extremely simply. I really don’t like the truth that the guidance propose in get to make the battery last longer permit it wholly drain before recharging it. Getting to do that you in no way know when it will just prevent doing the job since the battery desires to be recharged. My black & decker hung on the wall & was not only up off the counter, but it immediately would charge when it was needed & simply because of that it hardly ever gave out on me in the middle of employing it. I come across that i really don’t use the oster as routinely as i did my black & decker because i in no way know when it will just end doing the job. The one particular merchandise i do like about the oster is the twisting element. Being aware of what i know now i would surely place out the revenue & get the black & decker model.

Terrific kitchen assistant for breakfast. Gets the career carried out with pancakes, waffles, and eggs. We make a lot of pancakes, waffles, and eggs, and this mixer has ample power to do the position nicely.We have (around 24 yrs) owned two black and decker spacesaver hand mixers and were being delighted with them, but could no more time locate the alternative once the 2nd one particular died. I am delighted to report that this one truly would seem a lot more powerful. Thank you for a terrific products.

Great product, wow lots of ability also. I made use of to have a gizmo wall mixer and experienced it for five years far too. It was okay but lacked electricity and the mixer was way too significant for the device to really operate very well. It finally would not maintain electric power anymore so , in the trash. Properly, we have a large mixer for the huge jobs, but this tiny 1 are not able to be conquer for simplicity of use and clean up far too. This one is a keeper and glad we bought it insted of a gizmo. Its like the distinction among a spoon and a shovel, this one particular remaining the shovel.

Oster FPSTPP7310WM-NP Professional Popcorn Maker : Used 1st time for 2015 Super Bowl. Made 2 batches & what a game!

Immediately after getting previously a broken popper, i was happy to get this 1. We use it when we acquire to enjoy football and baseball. Pops great popcorn and is simple to clear.

Seems to be great and pops superior popcorn. A minor much larger than some equally priced poppers. Seems to be excellent and pops excellent popcorn.

Oster FPSTPP7310WM-NP Professional Popcorn Maker

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Enjoy theater style popcorn in the convenience of your own home
  • Traditional hot oil popcorn popper includes a hinged lid, double Hun suspended kettle design
  • Stainless steel kettle has a motorized stirring mechanism which requires less oil and thoroughly coats kernels
  • Pops up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch
  • Kernels keep moving so more get popped

I love the flavor this popcorn popper offers the corn. I bought a good northern greater popcorn popper but the taste is lacking. The tray that pulls out cracked , but does not result the popcorn.

Best sizing for modest families who are weary of obtaining. Ideal size for tiny households who are weary of obtaining luggage of popcorn from the retailer. Note: lights are far more for seems to be relatively than basically trying to keep the popcorn warm so take in it brief if you want it warm.

Oster FPSTPP7310WM-NP Professional Popcorn Maker : Used 1st time for 2015 super bowl. Made 2 batches & what a game. Great popcorn with your own ingredients. Works great and easy to put together, just a few pieces.

Great the aspect are plastic as a substitute of glass but its. Good the aspect are plastic instead of glass but its alright. It will take for a longer period than the route say to warm up and commence popping popcorn.

The initially issue i require to say about this popcorn popper is that it is not a ‘professional’ corn popper. It is a novelty device for residence use. A quantity of reviewers have commented on the compact potential of the popping bowl by itself. I see no dilemma with this considering that capacity is a trade off among dimension and becoming able to pop the corn with out burning it. To enhance ability without burning the corn, you would have to have to double the width of the popping product. I have an air popping machine that has twice the capacity to pop corn as this device and the heating place is a few periods as massive as this popping component. I never know about you but i do not have any kitchen area region huge ample to hold a equipment with a popping aspect three occasions the size of this and would have the look of an aged fashioned device like i made use of to see at the motion picture theaters as a kid. On the positive side immediately after the original 4-five minute warm up interval you can pop subsequent batches in significantly less than three minutes so you can conveniently feed a bunch of people looking at videos or a soccer game in less than fifteen minutes with almost no clear up to be finished. That is what i glance for in a popping machine, fast popping with low oil information and simple thoroughly clean up.

Excellent loved ones popcorn maker (update). (see update at the conclusion of the assessment. ) our 4 little ones all like our outdated stir outrageous popcorn maker, but this a single tops it. The young ones ended up excited as we opened it (it is packaged effectively) and couldn’t hold out to make the very first batch. The machine is easy to set up, easy to use, and relatively easy to clean up. I would have no problem permitting my ten 12 months old make a batch of popcorn. The only thing that will get really very hot is the silver bowl inside (which won’t be able to be touched except the doorway is opened). So it is fantastic if your youngsters like to look at it pop – not way too perilous. As yet another reviewer reported, it doesn’t in shape underneath most countertops, so it is just not effortless to keep. The wire could be lengthier, but it did not bother me as well much.

Excelente la compre desde colombia y me llego bien.

I eat it practically each day, and it truly is extremely challenging to uncover a bagged edition at the grocery retail store that in fact tastes fresh new and buttery and good. I have tried various house poppers with reduced good results fees – air poppers shot kernels all more than the kitchen and the stir outrageous was genuinely actually tough to clear. The only microwave popcorn i seriously liked was pop top secret homestyle, but when i identified out it experienced so quite a few trans-fat i was really unhappy. Not that the stuff i eat by the bucket at the theater is any better for me, but ignorance is blissi like the search of this countertop popper, it will make motion picture night added festive. Of course, it is much too tall for underneath most counter tops, but i am not guaranteed why other reviewers are deducting stars for this when the measurements are very crystal clear in the description. It is significant, but not astonishingly so. I retain it tucked absent in a corner when i am not making use of it, and then transfer it to the middle of the kitchen counter (close to a plug, the twine is quite shorter) when i want to use it.

It assyembled easly and was just as straightforward to use. The heat up time proir to use is not much too bad. Would have preferred it to pop a much larger quantity just about every time.

I like it really nicely and supply was on time.

This was a present for my daughter and she liked it. It was a strike and it is effective effectively.

Initial 1 nevertheless likely but we bought this for our daughter to go to school with. Tends to make just the correct quantity of popcorn and keeps her from possessing to take in microwavable popcorn with all the chemicals. She utilizes it at the house all the time alongside with my two other kids.

Nice machine, functions just like i imagined and my. Pleasant device, functions just like i imagined and my son loves it. We have mastered motion picture theatre popcorn at home :).

Produced a hit as a christmas present. We were being popping corn on xmas morning. Tried out 3 unique popping corns. Was a strike as a reward for sons’ household.

Make guaranteed to clear after just about every use. Make certain to clear following each use, usually it receives icky.

??❤️❤️i love my popcorn maker❤️❤️??.

All about a film knowledge. This was for my 8 yr aged who preferred a movie theater popcorn machine. It has been a strike at our dwelling and her instructor borrowed it for a party. A lot easier to clear than i imagined it would be.

Great tends to make popcorn like the theaters do.

Likely the ideal you happen to be going to get in this price selection. It boggles my thoughts just how lots of of these retro popcorn devices are so undesirable. Right here it is 2015 and no one particular can make a great strong, desirable seeking popcorn device for below $50 that will past?. We’ve tried using a pair less costly kinds, some of which ended up smashed or damaged prior to we even obtained them out of the box. Inexpensive plastic and stamped tin development – reminds me of the old saying, ‘any work which is truly worth executing is worthy of executing right’. Evidently though, most other suppliers have not read that a single. In any case, this oster nostalgia design is actually good. It’s crafted well and works terrific. But there is certainly however no way you are likely to get a ‘professional’ equipment at this cost, so you improved assume someplace close to six or seven moments the price if you want to enter ‘working professional’ territory. But this oster’s about the very best in its class (desk-top property/kitchen area).

Oster Rapid Blend 300 Plus 8-Speed 6-Cup 450 Watt Blender w/Boroclass Glass Jar – Works nice, blue base looks cheap, short cord

Gets the position completed for the $.

For a quantity of explanations, my daughter was so content with this reward that she was crying. She didn’t assume it and i failed to count on these kinds of a large quality product at this sort of a fair rate.Here are the specifications for the Oster Rapid Blend 300 Plus 8-Speed 6-Cup 450 Watt Blender w/Boroclass Glass Jar:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Oster BCCG08 Accurate Blend 450 Watt 8-Speed 6-Cup Blender, Metal and Glass Jar
  • 450 blending watts
  • Crush Pro 4 Blade – Stainless steel, 4-point design pulverizes and chops with precision
  • All Metal Drive – Durable metal-to-metal connection allows you to blend up to 10,000 smoothies
  • 14 Speeds – Different ways to make it fresh from PULSE to PUREE

I like the measurement and that it has a glass jar. I like the size and that it has a glass jar on the other hand, it is incredibly noisy and it does not appear to do an productive position when generating smoothies with frozen fruit. The motor does have a burning odor from time to time when it is on higher. Not guaranteed if that is normal or not. Will update evaluate when i have had the prospect to use it a lot more.

Functions good, blue foundation looks low cost, small twine. Just acquired, savoring so far for juices and smoothies, soups and sauces. I intend to also blend nuts, so hopefully it is effective well for that. I purchased this merchandise mainly because it has a glass jar and the dimensions was bigger than i predicted which is just wonderful. Effortless to clear and disassemble, would seem like a good quality merchandise other than aesthetically, the ‘electric blue’ plastic base is ‘cheap’ on the lookout in my viewpoint. Possibly it is really the coloration of the plastic which appeared superior on the net. I also desire i would’ve observed the specification on the wire length before buying, it is a short 24′, so i have to shift the device next to a nearby electrical outlet everytime. A minor inconvenience, but for the price tag, this blender does what it is supposed for.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very nice blender
  • Does what its supposed to do and does it well!
  • I am very happy with this blender

Does what its intended to do and does it very well. This is our second a single – we broke the jar on the 1st one particular. Regrettably the cost of the glass jar alone is rather large. But, we were being so delighted with the initially unit, that we acquired an equivalent 2nd unit. Does what its meant to do and does it very well.

Upgraded the blade soon right after order.

Let’s see how very long it lasts. . 2016-06-09:i just got just one in and its literature states practically nothing about staying 700w. Even the underside of the unit states 450w max. The oster website does point out 700 electrical power watts, but this appears to be to be a worthless spec as compared to mixing watts givenon most other blender models. I’ll update this review as i use the blender. My before 500w cusinart blenders lasted only two a long time. 2016-06-14 i use this blender day by day and, so much, i am amazed with its mixing electric power. 2017-02-04 this blender is holding up to smoothies. It has an all steel blade assembly which appears to endure the torque more than the plastic blade assemblies i have experienced in prior blenders.

I imagine when you purchase anything from then organization these kinds of as this, you count on to get a brand name new a single now discontinued from anot her retailer with a dazzling red sticker expressing the price tag is $twenty less than what you paid out. It is wonderful but i’m concerned why and exactly where it came from.

It blends it chops it does smoothies. It blends it chops it does smoothies. Con- buttons shake all through use, just a observation when staring at it in use.

Fantastic blender, helps make wonderful smoothies.

This operates really effectively and is simple to clean up up. I am extremely content with this acquire thus considerably. The previous blender i had lasted only six months, and i know this is not going to be the scenario with this oster.

It really is purposeful, but pretty weak if you like thick shakes with a ton of ice. I’m fearful the motor will burn off out. Upcoming time i am going to spend a lot more money for a much more highly effective blender.

Truthfully, i’ve only applied it to make mango margaritas. But it crushed the ice properly and done flawlessly.

Worthy of purchasing and great selling price. This small blender is awesome – super speedy and powerful. Like that the rubber o-ring is flat and not ribbed – considerably less complicated to cleanse and keep cleanse. Glass is good due to the fact it is risk-free and super for incredibly hot or chilly.

Great electricity for a excellent rate.

Really good, straight-ahead blender. I’ve had blenders with additional buttons but i never employed two thirds of them. If you want to make milkshakes in your blender, invest in the oster milkshake blade.

Motor starts off smelling like it really is in excess of-heating. It is will work okay, but lacks energy. You’ll need to have to stop and stir smoothie elements two or a few moments right before it in fact receives all blended. Motor begins smelling like it is really around-heating.

Wonderful establish top quality, but with a little bit suspect assembly. This blender has some great create high-quality, but is not without the need of challenges. When it arrived, the jar was entirely assembled. After washing and commencing up a milkshake i found that it was leaking. Turns out that the sealing ring was not utilized appropriately when it was assembled at the plant. It was an easy fix, but is possibly anything that need to have been completed accurately throughout assembly. Other than that, the blender is fantastic. I genuinely like possessing a glass jar rather of plastic.

I am really pleased with this blender. Okay, i’ve been working with this for a thirty day period or two now. I am really content with this blender. I freeze fruit, like strawberries, bananas and blueberries, to make wholesome shakes. I have no problems with this blender, milk shakes are ideal. I in no way chopped ice but i you should not assume there would be a issue using ice in this blender. The container is glass, not plastic (quite nice). It’s as loud as any blender. Shade is a issue of choice. The cost is extremely realistic.

My son takes advantage of it for his electrical power shakes.

Oster Blender 14 Speed : I love this blender

This blender is better than you would think. I could not love this blender more. I use it each morning to make green smoothies. That means, in addition to fruit, i blend spinach and/or kale and other veggies into a healthy drink. As long as there is adequate liquid in the ratio, there are no issues with blending. I was going to spend several hundreds of dollars to buy a big name extractor and am glad i didn’t. This blender works just fine. The capacity is large and it is easy to clean. The glass jar makes for a durable container. I have had this for several years and hope to have it for several more.

Pretty good, but the motor is weaker than previous models.

For the price, this blender works great. Completely met my expectations. Its first task was to liquify a bunch of ghost and jalapeno peppers to make hot sauce. It replaced a much more expensive blender that i had to repair twice and the drive connection failed a 3rd time.

Am extremely pleased with it. I cannot say enough about this blender, am extremely pleased with it. Wonderful speed options and a very generous glass jar that looks attractive when sitting in the fridge. Bonus was the glass jar from my old oster can still be use don this one.

  • am extremely pleased with it
  • great brand and crushes ice well
  • I love this blender

Oster Blender 14 Speed with Glass Jar 6694 White

Fits and replaces the blender jar which was broken. . Fits and replaces the blender jar which was broken. Presumably it will operate as the last one did, but without breaking.

I received it broke, so i had to go to wall-mart and spend a lot of time change it for a good one.

Great brand and crushes ice well. Great brand and crushes ice well. Doesn’t require fruits and veggies to be chopped too pieces before blending. It is not too loud when being used.

The best blender for most uses. A great blender, oster 14 speed works when others fail. I bought this one to replace it for the main reason i have several nice glass jars and sets of blades and they’re only good with the oster. And they’re too expensive to just let set. But, in a pinch, i went to a local store and bought another brand. It was more or less ok but it did not blend all my fruit. For example, the prunes stayed unblended. So, when i got this one, everything blends great again and i can use all my jars and other oster accessories. Now this is not a vitamix or top drawer blender with a ton of power.

Nice blender but was on sale cheaper at walmart.

It’s as noisy as the next blender but has a larger than average jar (6 cups versus 4 or 5) and i love that the jar is glass. The lid is extra sturdy with a nice large lip to take it off easily from the jar. It handles all sorts of jobs from malts, smoothies, veggie blends and ice crushing. I love that it is white too. Great price and came really fast to my mailbox.

Exact replacement of my original blender. I owned an oster blender for at least 8 years & put it through some very rough tasks such as blending ice into smoothie type drinks. It always worked until recently when the motor started to slow down & smelled of burning. So i ordered the same model as i had. It changed slightly in base style & with a better design glass pitcher with a pouring lip & the same 14 speed choices. Works perfectly & should last for at least another 8 or so years like the last one. Thanks oster for a great product.

It does a better job of liquefying frozen fruit than the more expensive. Many years ago my kids got me into making smoothies for breakfast. I burned up 2 more expensive units before buying this one for half the price. Thinking it wouldn’t last very long grinding up frozen fruit, i actually wrote the date i bought it on the bottom of it. I conservatively estimate that i’ve made over 1,500 smoothies with it. I did have to change the blades once. Oh yeah, the date on the bottom, february 11, 2010 (almost 7 years). It does a better job of liquefying frozen fruit than the more expensive blenders.

Smoothies take about 10-15 minutes. Smoothies take about 10-15 minutes. But that’s on par with the overpriced $300+ blenders for a lot less money. The drive system is solid–no cheap pot metal coated plastic gears here–the drive screw is the old reliable square solid steel dowel that fits into an inverted metal cog. So, what’s all the complaining about stripped gears and leaks?. The trick to using a blender–any blender–is you should hold it by the lid so you’re holding the container firmly down on the unit. Even the pricey ones will vibrate or can lose hold of the pitcher.