KRUPS BW720D Performa Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle : Three Stars

No more forgetting that the tea has boiled for half an hour.

Good product, even it might be a little slower than described.

KRUPS BW720D Performa Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Silver

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  • Automatic opening lid and 360-degree rotational base
  • 2 visible water level indicators; on/off switch
  • Removable anti-scale filter ensures excellent-tasting results and improved product longevity
  • Auto shut off when water boils or if kettle is empty
  • 1.7-Liter/57-Ounce Electric kettle with unique design of brushed and chrome stainless steel

It heats up water quickly and seems to be a quality product. . But then we’ve only been using it daily for a month.

Excellent machine and it’s reliable and simple to use.

Will not fit a childproof electrical outlet. Had to change the outlet to non-childproof.

KRUPS BW720D Performa Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Silver :

This kettle leaks water from the bottom, when it is filled close to three-quarter’s full, in my experience.

This a simple no nonsense electric kettle. The water has no odor or taste added by the kettle. Construction and finish are superior. The kettle is used pretty much exclusively used for boiling water to make tea. I have no need of buttons and programs. This just has an on/off switch which is the only control i need on a kettle.

I like this electric kettle. I got it because after years of faithful service, our previous krups kettle finally wore out. This kettle heats quickly and is attractive. I like that there is a water level window on both sides of the kettle and i like the lever that turns it on. The only reason i gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is that it is a little noisy, much more so than our previous kettle.

Heats quickly and looks nice. I wasn’t sure about the separate base but ended up really liking that feature.

After our last (much used) krups kettle died on us, i was worried i would not find one i liked as much. I like this one even better. It heats quickly, the open spout is nice and the filter is placed so that it will never fall out when pouring. The only drawbacks i can see arethat if you remove it from the base before it turns off, it will still be on when you replace it. Not a big issue, as it turns off it once it boils- or you can flip the lever off yourself – also the top opens by pressing a button but you have to close it by hand. Again, not a big issue, but your hand will leave prints which have to be cleaned off. I just use a dishtowel to push the lid shut. Would be nice to be able to close with a button as well, especially since it is a bit hot. Overall a great buy and i would purchase again.

I bought this as a christmas gift and am glad to say that it was a big hit.

Here’s the deal – electric tea pots are not going to last forever. A crappy one, you’ll never see two years. A good one, like this, you’ll get about five or six years out of. Something is going to happen – it’s going to leak, or stop working entirely. I estimate any way you slice it, you’re going to be spending roughly $20 a year on electric tea kettles. In this case, because it’s $100, assume you’ll get five years out of it. Aside from all that, it’s a well-made unit, with quality stainless steel inside. And yes, it’s made in china. The only complaint, is that the switch for opening the lid is a little funky, and doesn’t feel quite as solid as the rest of it. They last longer than other brands.

KRUPS KT600 Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker : Beautiful Coffee Pot

I have owned krups coffeemakers over the years and truly consider them to be the best of the best–easy to use, great coffee, always good-looking. This coffeemaker is upfront (literally) with water measurement, on/off switch, coffee compartment, and separate water container.

We are very satisified with our new krups coffee brewer. Some of the other reviewers were on the money concerning this product. It brews coffee very efficiently and very quickly also. The coffee does not stay hot as long as our other krups did. Coffee would stay hot for as long as nine hours sometimes. That one lasted over 15 years with hard use. There is always that “little bit” of coffee left in the pot in this new brewer that cannot be poured out without tipping it almost upside down. If you are not affected by this or don’t want to hold your coffee hot for hours, then this pot will serve you well. I would definitely recommend it even with the “shortcomings” i have mentioned.

Really not worth the price, looks good on our counter but that’s about it. I am not impressed with the coffee it makes at all, not nearly as good as my old coffee maker. Does not come with a coffee strainer which you think it would for the price they charge. If i had it to do over, i would not buy this coffee maker.

Our last maker lasted for years. This one looks great but i have to say, it doenst keep coffee hot. I know all that stuff about ‘burnt’ coffee and heating. But you cant keep coffee hot in a themal pot. Unless you want to heat the pot with hot water and waste time ( and water). Like the silvera bit awkward filling it. But we use the pull out faucent from our sink.

  • Makes great coffee
  • I purchased this coffeemaker in February 2013 for $150, and it has ‘issues’ – won’t pay $550!
  • Great Coffee – Challenging Design

KRUPS KT600 Silver Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker with Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver

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  • Coffee maker with exclusive design of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics
  • 10-cup thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for hours
  • Pause and serve feature and illuminated on/off switch for ease of use; automatic shut off for safety
  • Water level indicator windows on either side to know when it needs to be refilled
  • 1000 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty. For Trouble Shooting steps refer to the user manual page 10 available in the catalog.

Construction: since you probably won’t be able to put you hands on this machine without paying for it: here is the lowdown on what the hell this is made of. *the only chrome steel is on the carafe body, the very top of the machine (the water and basket lids on hinges) and the inside portion of the body where the carafe sits. You can tell because these last two spots are actually brushed steel and not chrome shiny. *the lid and handle are chrome finished plastic; as well as the upper and lower body. *the “wood” is a matte finish decal on top of plastic. >>>>>check my uploaded photos. I would rather have this type of hard “chrome” plastic than what all other machine are made of as far as quality is concerned. Bottom line: this is not a metal and wood machine.

We have one at home, one at our home in florida and one in our cabin in the north. Now, my daughter-in-law bought one, too. I bought matching toasters, and in one location the waffle iron.

There are so many verbose reviews of this coffee maker so here’s a cliff notes version for you. It makes coffee, which is decent. The caraffe is chromed, the rest of it is silver-painted plastic (which is surprising and disappointing given the cost). You have to tilt the caraffe way forward to get the last cup or so. I’ve had this coffee maker for about a year now and it still works. No clock or audible alarm when brew is done. If you really need another shiny thing on your counter this is the coffee maker for you. If you already have too many shiny things on your counter, same some money and buy a different coffee maker.

Reviews are pretty much all over the chart on this krups coffee maker. We took the chance and ordered it. Found some of the negative comments are true but can be resolved with a little care. Yes, it is somewhat awkward to pour and does have to be turned just about upside down to get out the last drop. Made this way to maintain hot coffee. Since the outside of the pot is not even warm, you can grasp the handle with one hand and support the pot with the other; makes pouring easier and less heavy. When preparing the pot, make sure the lid is properly closed and locked into place. Before pouring the first drop, depress the pour tab once or twice while the pot sits flat. This allows coffee trapped in lid to run back into pot and will prevent premature drippage. The machine is beautiful and sturdy.

This is the very best coffee maker ever.

I bought this for my husband who makes tea every morning. I got tired of hearing the teapot whistle blowing. When the water is boiled, the pot shuts off automatically. Boils water twice as fast as stovetop. This is the best looking item in our kitchen.

I wish i could rate this better because i do love how it looks in my kitchen but there is a real issue with how it pours, especially after first cup or so. The lip inside the pot keeps the coffee from pouring easily into the spout. It also makes it tricky to use the pot for filling the water reservoir. I am surprised this got by the krups engineers.

Love this krups coffee maker.

It looks great on the counter, and it makes great coffee. There are no frills, which i like as making good coffee reliably is my goal. It does not keep coffee hot for long. I have several thermos cups that keep coffee warm much, much longer. After 3 years, the switch has broken. When i plug it in, it starts. After the coffee is brewed, the heater stays on. I now unplug it as soon as it is done brewing. I will be looking for a replacement, as i cannot be certain that i will not forget to unplug it, and it *may* be a fire hazard when not unplugged. I like it enough i may actually buy another, even if it only lasted 3 years.

I purchased this coffeemaker in february 2013 for $150 (plus tax). I had similar problems as other reviewers, such as coffee dribbling while pouring. A few months ago, we had to hit the start button repeatedly to get it to brew a full pot, which became very annoying. I ran a few cycles thru with water and vinegar (per the manual) hoping that mineral deposits might have been a cause. But that only caused a problem in the carafe and water then permeated the thermal layer. I bought this particular coffeemaker because of the beautiful chrome design, and that it was short enough to fit under my upper cabinets (some are too tall). It is beautiful, that’s for sure. It seems like all coffeemakers now (and other kitchen appliances) are primarily black, instead of white/silver/chrome, and i don’t want black. Hopefully this will change in the future, as i will not spend $550 for a replacement.

I loved my black thermal krups coffee maker but it started to clog at the filter even after i thoroughly cleaned it so ordered the new stainless steel one. I received it quickly in good condition and i like it after figuring out how to work the lid of the pot. The only thing i have noticed is the pour is slightly slow and it’s hard to empty pot but it doesn’t leak at all like so many have written in other reviews. The look is slick and modern and matches my stainless steel appliances. Wish it was a 12-cup though.

Rather basic machine however it is beautiful and looks great on my counter. I am a sucker for good design, what can i say?. It has a heated plate so the coffee stays warm. You can actually make as little as two cups easily which fits my lifestyle. I would definitely recommend.

I got the coffee maker in large part because it goes with our krups electric tea kettle and because it received such good reviews. And on the whole, i am glad i bought it simply because it makes great coffee, is very easy to use (i am extremely technologically challenged and i ‘get’ this coffee maker), and it looks great. I mean, this is a 10-cup coffee maker that is more compact than many an 8-cup one. It has a simple, elegant design and is very simple to use. This is a ‘pure’ coffee maker; all it does it make coffee. As a result, it goes great with our 50’s kitchen. Having said that, this coffee maker does have a few quirks. When it arrived it had a bit of a chemical-just-out-of-the-factory smell. Just run water through it a few times and that will get rid of it.

I have had this pot for over 6 months now and i just love it. Some of the reviews said it was too hard to use, but i have not found that to be the case. You do have to get the lid on properly, and there are arrows showing you where to line it up. Then you have to have the pot sitting exactly right on the base when the coffee begins to drip, and again, read the directions and learn how it feels when it’s in the correct spot and then it’s a no brainer. I love the rich look and get many compliments. It goes great with the sink and my appliances. I would, and have, recommended this to my friends.

Do not think you are purchasing a metals based coffee maker container. It is all shiny plastic made to look like chrome. Hope the plastic does not leach into my boiling water and cause me to die of cancer in ten years.

Love the way it looks and keeps the coffee warm.

First let me say that the krups kt600 makes very good coffee. The brewing is apparently done at the proper temperature, the brewed coffee is properly strong, hot and aromatic when this machine finishes its brewing cycle. So far, this sounds pretty good, right?. Well, as they say on infomercials, ‘but wait, there’s more’the bad things about this coffee maker are primarily concerned with convenience rather than performance. First, the carafe is not easy to clean. The lid of the carafe appears to be made primarily of chrome-plated plastic. It is hollow, probably to add to its insulating properties, but the hollow spaces in the lid somehow get filled with brewed coffee during the brewing cycle. When you clean the carafe after making a pot of coffee, make sure you are standing over your sink when you remove the lid: the coffee trapped in the lid will pour out. In addition, the stainless steel liner of the carafe picks up coffee stains quickly, and the stains are not easy to remove. Second, this is not a programmable coffee maker.

This coffee maker has a few quirks. But overall makes a great cup of coffee. It holds the coffee hot for several hours. You must remember to set the pot on the counter, not on the coffee maker after it brews so that the lid is sealed and holds the coffee hot. Otherwise the lid is in the open position so the coffee can drip in and it doesn’t stay hot as long. The lid screws on the pot sort of hard each time. But maybe that is just holding it hotter longer. Also the lid has a strange design where coffee runs out of a small hole in the back of the lid when cleaning. . However there is no way to access that part of the lid to ever clean it. That is not a good design in my opinion.

KRUPS XP160050 Coffee Maker and Stainless Espresso Machine Combination, I suppose for the price it’s not bad if it lasts a couple of years

I advise this coffee maker/ espresso machine combination for all those casual coffee drinkers who make coffee additional often for 1-2 folks every day, and espresso at times for one-two men and women. So if this is your crowd, then four/five stars is my assessment. If you are a coffee connoisseurs, why are you even on this web site?. )i elevated up the score from three to four stars, due to the fact immediately after two yrs, we nevertheless haven’t ditched this coffeemaker. I have a mixed-gen house: my dad makes his common, plain cup o’ joe, and when i sense like it, i make a caffè latte. It has manufactured coffee for us and our friends. I can make caffè lates, but it is more durable to do for a number of individuals, which for me isn’t going to happen adequate. **two 12 months update**last but not least following two years, i have to search up the manual to glimpse up how to thoroughly clean the nozzle. The guidance produced it seem to be like there are two parts to the nozzle, but it is really just a person piece. I failed to see any threads like explained in the guidelines.

We did a great deal of investigation in advance of obtaining this coffee maker & espresso machine. It tends to make espresso pretty considerably like any espresso machine, so the understanding curve was tiny. The coffee maker component, however, could be enhanced. One issue we wish it had was a drinking water degree indicator on the facet of the drinking water reservoir. We might experienced a machine for so extensive that had one, we didn’t even think the new one wouldn’t have one particular. It does have a carafe that has markings, but they are really hard to see when you happen to be filling it up, so it usually takes a couple of begins and stops to get it where you want it. And, for some cause we can not seem to pinpoint, there is an challenge with the coffee filters folding more than and grounds receiving in the pot. We have attempted to be seriously thorough about how we put them in, urgent them down well. We’ve even tried using chopping a modest quantity off of the best of the filters, but about fifty% of the time the filter folds about.

Really like the principle of a dual machine as espresso is created day by day and the just one purchased was to exchange an older design that stopped operating. Read directions many moments but they were a bit confusing. The coffee maker is a lot more fragile that the preceding design. The is carafe thinner as is the connected deal with. The espresso carafe has a pretty weighty tackle. The filter basket is also slim and looks a bit fragile. After that coffee maker is on there is a ton of condensation that drips on the warming plate. Plenty of condensation is in the coffee filter. It does make fantastic coffee and works rapidly.

Key specs for Krups XP160050 Coffee Maker and Stainless Espresso Machine Combination, Black:

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  • 2 in 1: coffee maker and espresso machine with convenient steam nozzle for frothing milk
  • Coffee maker: 10-cup capacity; programmability for coffee strengh and clock to set the daily start time
  • Keep warm function keeps coffee hot for 2 hours; pause and serve feature lets you remove carafe at any time to serve
  • Espresso machine: 4-cup capacity, 4-bar steam system makes espresso and cappuccino quicly and easily
  • 1600 watts; measuring spoon included; 2 year worldwide warranty

Comments from buyers

“Good value in a combo coffee machine, A year of solid use and going strong!, Great Dual Coffee Espresso Maker”

I use this coffee maker all the time but actually i want i experienced shopped all over far more right before purchasing this. I under no circumstances use the espresso section – it doesn’t get the job done the way i believed it would, and even however i have experienced this point for like three years, i nonetheless have nevertheless to carry out acquiring the programmer matter to do the job.

I read through all the opinions prior to obtaining and i am happy i acquired it. I ran drinking water by both sides two times-like the instructions recomend -so i experienced no plastic smell. I don’t like how its calculated ‘4-6’ or ‘8-12’ on the carafe so it can be challenging to evaluate grounds (i like more robust coffee so i set 4 t for 4 cups). Espresso appears functions excellent and tends to make a wonderful cappuccino.

Ordered this one to change an older design that ultimately gave out immediately after about 15 a long time. This more recent model works very good. The very little clock window is quite dim and incredibly tricky to study. Experienced it about a month, use it each and every day, doing the job superior. The coffee & espresso are sizzling and smooth, with a nice sleek taste. It even feels clean when you pour it. I requires to be about 3 inches from the wall in buy to fill with drinking water and incorporate coffee grounds. It usually takes about 5 to six minutes to brew a whole pot of coffee and about the exact same to brew an espresso. General, i am quite pleased with this coffee makers.

I had one particular of the unique kinds of this dimension for above fifteen many years. So, when it broke, i determined to obtain the newer version. In an effort to manage a decrease value a variety of the metal elements in the espresso facet have been changed by plastic pieces. As you can expect, the espresso facet no for a longer time heats up adequately for my style. Most of us that like espresso like it quite incredibly hot nevertheless, this is not the case with this merchandise.

Working with the steam vent to froth milk is tough – the solenoid that controls it is challenging to swap whilst running vs the outdated fashioned mechanical valve. The style and design of the deal with of the main coffee pot traps water for the duration of washing, which drains on to the very hot plate all through the upcoming use & can make sound and leaves residual. I was in a position to correct this by drilling drain holes in the tackle, but i didn’t consider that was my task. As opposed to my former krupps duo, the main coffee filter holder does not stand on your own in the course of insertion of the #four filter & addition of the ground coffee. I use a grinder to process total beans so it is a lot much more convenient for me to convey the filter to the grinder than to bring the floor coffee to the machine. All over again, i can adapt to this by inserting the plastic holder in a bowl to maintain it upright. But that’s an further action which wasn’t required with the outdated unit (which had to be changed because it was worn out from a 10 years of use). The completed solution is great, the machine just will take some having-utilised-to.

Could not determine out how to switch on the coffee maker. Pressing the coffee button simply turns on a red mild. The handbook does not demonstrate the ability button. You have to press the electric power button two times to really commence producing coffee. As opposed to the delonghi, it needs paper filterswhich is a little bit of a mess to clean up up. Also does not have a environment to make just a several cups of coffee like the delonghi. It is smaller sized and much more compact than the delonghi. Note that the ability wire seems shorter, but it is coiled beneath the unit. Just uncoil what you need to have. When compared to the delonghi, the carafe does not leak coffee everywhere when pouring it into a cup. Have not however tried out the expresso.

I was hesitant to obtain this coffee maker centered on some of the assessments. We have experienced this coffee maker for a few months now and we love it. We use the coffee maker each working day and the espresso maker the moment in awhile. I remarkably propose this solution who would like a nice compact combination maker.

It worked actually well for the to start with couple of several years (if that) of possession. We cleaned this religiously but a person day the espresso element determined to not dispense the water. The lights would come on and you could hear it heating, but no liquid would drop. I suppose for the value it really is not lousy if it lasts a couple of several years, but our mates even now have theirs that lasted four-five a long time more time and they paid out not even $one hundred more. I guess you get what you paid for. We ended up donating this as the coffee maker portion nonetheless is effective.

Right after 20 several years, my old krups rocker electricity swith unsuccessful. I tried using to find a new one without having achievements. After serioius investigation, i at some point resolved that krups would be the just one i would invest in. Shipment from provider was particularly fast. The coffee is really fantastic equal to my previous unit. There are some points that genuinely want to be included to make it a far better solution. There are no led’s to indicate that the unit is on, and no way to flip it off from what i can see in the manual, which is far for excellent. It does not have enough information for the regular person to obtain challenges. They have to have to increase much more verbiage on how to switch the device on with out the automated function. I had to phone the factory to come across out this info.

I had it a 7 days when i hit the handle of the expresso carafe and it went flying throughout the home, smashing on my tiled ground. Somebody requires to produce a much better handle it does not require to be so extended. In addition the size of it will make it aspect weighty and awkward. Why?other than that, the coffee and expresso both style great. It took a few cleanings and a couple variations on the quantity of coffee, but i am quite pleased with the style of the coffee. Even nevertheless the equipment is produced largely of plastic, it seems to be properly manufactured tho not as solid as my outdated cuisinart. If you slice just a small little bit off the prime of the #four filters, they in shape far better and will never fold above through coffee-creating. My #four gold filters — i have 2 — do not match. The pot is a wonderful measurement for me and it can be the only pot i have at any time had that won’t spill when you pour a cup.

I am particularly satisfied with my krups xp 1600 coffee & espresso maker. I only experienced to wash the machine areas once and did not have any challenges with a plastic flavor. The value is quite equivalent, the high-quality of the merchandise is outstanding. The machine is pretty quick to use, the directions are very clear. The machine seems fantastic in my office environment and i am in a position to give fantastic coffee and espresso to my clients.

I purchased this a calendar year in the past and it has endured regular use ever because. I can say this is a reliable 3-star solution. It performs admirably looking at the value point. It can make a first rate espresso. The approach is a minimal cumbersome at 1st, but when you understand it, it really is not so bad. It is a issue of adding the appropriate quantity of h2o and then hurriedly switching over to steam environment with your milk at the completely ready. I do wish the steam nozzle was just a tad bit lengthier. The coffee maker is my major gripe. It does its straightforward task, but additional generally than not, the severe temperature change in the drinking water through brewing causes a ton of condensation which leaks out all about the counter.

This is a quite great decision among the limited combo espresso-coffee machines. I have used mine almost day by day for the past sixteen months, and it is working very well. I drink primarily espresso, while some others in my residence choose the coffee. It will take a handful of tries to get the espresso tamping and h2o ratios correct for this small-force unit, but the moment you adjust to your own choices it will make a extremely good, dependable cup. The steam wand is effective properly, and there is lots of capability in the boiler for steam and a lot of espresso. It is really awesome that there is also the ability for 4 pictures, if you have guests or if you are just additional sleepy. The coffe is a regular drip maker, and helps make a fantastic cup with a good deal of capacity and a massive pot. It does without a doubt prevent circulation when you remove the pot, and it keeps the coffee warm till i automated shut-off. I deducted a single star for two factors: 1) the regulate panel label is glued on, and with steam from the machine it at some point arrived off. I tried replacing it but it held detaching, so last but not least i made use of a label maker to mark the buttons.

I purchased it predominantly for espresso but i like that the coffee maker is correct there also. It would make greater espresso than the regional downtown coffee shop. It is very effortless to use, uncomplicated to clear and compact for tight kitchen spaces. Be sure to abide by the recommendations on the other hand. There is a great deal of steam tension right here that you have to have to be informed of. One particular matter i would like to see them insert to the subsequent product would be rubber gripping toes on the bottom to hold it from sliding about.

Not definitely thrilled with this machine. I have experienced it in operation for about a month now. I am not thrilled with the poor high-quality plastic this machine is manufactured of. I very question it will past for far more than a 12 months or two. This is 1 of these things that if i had touched it and viewed it in particular person to start with i would not have bought it. Each the coffee maker and the latte maker are functioning and feel simple adequate. I bought it to choose two machines off my counter to lessen litter and only have just one on the counter. But if i experienced to do it yet again i would have shopped all over and tried some out right before buy, and i most likely would have used additional and bought a higher top quality machine.

Expresso facet would seem to get the job done well when i realized the rotating dial desires to be on expresso environment in addition to the expresso button being turned on. The brewed coffee aspect smelled extremely strongly of fairly toxic plastic and proceed for a selection of h2o flushes but finally would seem to be dissipating. Would seem to be great price and compact fitting in each elements. Not been that powerful for steaming milk but that may well be my procedure/milk because the steam appears to arrive out correctly for this perform.

I a short while ago obtained this product in an effort and hard work to replace a the primary design which was accessible in/all around 1998/99. It is not made with the same high-quality as the first. But it truly is not awful and i am going to hold it. I have had it for around four weeks. I observed, as other customers have commented, the odor of melting plastic which is having superior as time goes on. I am not confident why there is a odor since there is nothing at all melting or getting hot on the outside of the machine, however the tiny faceplate has fallen off. I am considering that the plastic scent may have actually been the glue that held the faceplate to the entrance of the machine. To sum it up, it is a great price for what i paid out. I do not think there is a coffee maker out there that has a common coffee maker and expresso maker in the same device for underneath $one hundred, i paid out $95.

There appears to be a lot of undue detest about this machine, or maybe i just acquired really fortunate and have a machine that i have made use of constantly for a 12 months and have not experienced any troubles come up. My spouse and i brew coffee each day, and possibly a couple instances a 7 days we brew espresso, and use the steam nozzle a handful of moments a thirty day period as a address. There have been a whole lot of issues about a leaking machine, and i have not seen this difficulty with mine. Which is shocking with how numerous grievances there are and i’ve been employing this machine each individual day, often numerous instances a day for a whole year now with out related concerns. So to deal with some of the recurrent problems, of course, a good deal of the system of this machine is made from molded plastic. That currently being the hinge lid at the top for including h2o, the swing basket for the coffee grounds, the lid for the espresso tank, and the change dial on the aspect for the steam and espresso maker. All designed from plastic, which indicates the need to have to use care with the machine. Knowing this, i’ve by no means broken just about anything on the machine. Now some factors to make, the change dial for the steam/espresso maker feels affordable, and simple to split. It hasn’t happened to me nevertheless, but i am always acutely aware of how sensitive it feels to turn and have often predicted it to break on me 1 working day.

This machine as a lot of excellent attributes. The coffee pot, compared with my prior a person of a different brand, isn’t going to spill. So that was a fantastic improvement in itself. Coffee pots really should pour devoid of missing the pot so the comparison brand set a small bar. The coffee maker offers a rapid brew – it’s possible a minor much too quickly as the coffee sometimes appears a minimal weak. May perhaps will need to use far more generous evaluate. Also the filter doorway won’t really snap shut making use of my reusable filter. Need to see if there is a more compact dimensions i can get. The espresso maker is a incredibly pleasant surprise.

Wonderful product and excellent price tag. Mattress, tub and beyond does not carry this for the reason that they are unable to make a massive plenty of earnings. This machine does both of those units flawlessly. Split that up into two products and the retail store can make extra dollars. I would buy one yet again promptly.

KRUPS BW3990 Prelude Electric Kettle : I love it. The kettle really meets my expectations

Product arrived in a timely manner and very securely packaged. Stainless steel construction, combined with the blue water level indicator, makes it very aesthetically pleasing to look at, while in operation. The 1500-watt element means that the contents comes to boil very quickly.

I just hit the button, do some chores/check email/put away dishes, and then “pop” it’s done and the water is hot and ready to make coffee in my aeropress. No need to worry about burning down the house with the auto-shutoff function.

We have a lot of tea at home. And i mean a lot, like 4, 5 times a day. We had the kettle for a couple of months now, and we love it. It boils the water fast, it looks absolutely gorgeous and i have to admit, i think the blue light is one of the coolest things i’ve seen. We are very happy with the purchase, and i hope this kettle can be with us for a long and happy life :).

Favorite features:light makes it easy to see when it is on / how much water is in it, even from a distance. Large view screen makes it easy to see how much water is in it, even from a distance. Classy exterior (brushed finish). Button on handle to open lid makes easy filling. Inside stayed clean, did not need to de-scale once in over 2. Boil seems speedy, shut-off is efficient. Bought this kettle in august 2010 and loved it until april 2013, when the pivoting lid stopped latching closed. It is hinged in the middle of the top opening and you push it shut at the back with one finger, but now it won’t stay shut so it hangs vertical and the steam pours out on both sides, so the kettle never switches off. I have to weight it closed with a metal 1/4 cup measure (which sometimes falls off noisily if boiling a lot of water generates a lot of steam pressure).

  • Years of heavy use, zero problems
  • Quality electric kettle.
  • One month and two days

KRUPS BW3990 Prelude Electric Kettle with Light Water Level Indicator and Stainless Steel Housing, Silver

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 1.7-liter/57-ounce stainless steel electric kettle
  • Automatic opening lid and 360-degree rotational base
  • Water level indicators with blue lightening; illuminated on/off switch
  • Auto shut off when water boils or if kettle is empty
  • Anti-scale filter; 1500 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty

My best friend has had one of these for a while now. I finally broke down and bought one when i got tired of boiling water on the stove for tea. I love how fast the water boils. About two minutes after you add the water – it is donei also like the blue light, that is a great addition.

I have waited more than 3 months to review this tea kettle because i have bought so many in the past and written a rave review after just a couple weeks, only to have it break on me shortly thereafter. In fact, i’m still a bit afraid that if i write this review i will jinx my good luck with this tea kettle. I bought the krups kettle because of it’s name, because i’ve heard that krups products are good quality. It was a bit more expensive than other tea kettles out there, but after having bought 3 cheap ones in the past couple years that have broken down on me, i decided it was worth it to spend a bit more. The design of the krups kettle is pretty slick and it works very well. I’ve had problems in the past with the pop-up lid breaking, but this one has a nice smooth design that seems impossible to break. You can see the water levels through the semi-transparent blue and it has a nice swivel base. The water boils quickly, just as one would hope. The only negative about this tea kettle is that you can only lift it by the handle after it has boiled because the metal part gets very hot. It took some getting used to for me because in the past, with my plastic kettles, i would sometimes pick it up with two hands, one on the handle and one on the kettle itself, so the first few times i used this one i burned myself.

I am english, a tea kettle is an essential of life. Krups is/was the best name in europe for such and i have always purchased krups kettles. My last (before the bw3990) lasted for six years if not more in daily use, several times a day, so when it finally died i buried it with dignity and purchased one of it’s siblings as an obvious replacement. I read the current reviews sept 2010 and saw that several people had concerns that the kettle rusted out. I chose to ignore that concern and purchased the bw3990. It has been an excellent appliance for all of 18 months; but now true to the warnings i chose to ignore, the casing has rusted out, the lid no longer closes properly and the “sealed” base shows rust. This kettle, though otherwise fully functioning, leaks from both top and bottom. My quandry now is – with what do i replace it?.

The very make of this machine, krups, stands for excellence. This is one of the best devices we have ever had. It far outweighs waiting for your standard teapot to boil over the stove although i am not against that old fashioned method. Either way, the krups boils quick and is easy to move,(and take with you on trips, etc) easy to fill and fun to watch through the ‘cobalt blue window as it bubbles away; also it is stainless steel. You will not be disappointed with this really nice little machine, i highly recommend it.

The best electric kettle i’ve owned. I went through three others cheaper ones of different brands that blew within a few days or a few weeks and returned ’em all. The krups has now held up for several years without a problem and i bought another for my daughter away at college. Best price/value proposition i’ve found.

I boil a full pot of water (nearly two quarts) every morning to make tea. At first there was a mild “burning plastic” smell, but this was not wires melting or anything of the sort. Otherwise, my kettle would have broken down or started on fire by now. It must have been a few volatile substances left over in manufacturing, or possibly a cleanser, because the smell has been gone for more than 18 months and never reappeared. There has been no rust, no reduction in efficiency, no problems of any kind. It’s costly compared to a few other kettles, but oh my, have i gotten my money’s worth out of it. I use only distilled water for tea, but have boiled a few pots with tap water from time to time, for flushing out drains as well. I recently boiled a little vinegar and the bits of spots of build-up are gone again. I’m a very satisfied customer. Note added in september 2013: make that four years of heavy use, zero problemsnote added in december 2015: make that six years of heavy use, zero problemsnote added in may 2016: look.

The kettle really meets my expectations : it’s very chic, boils the water quickly, has a very good seize and looks very wellon my kitchen counter. All my friends loved it too and they ordered the same kettle. Thank you krups for a great product .

It’s a very nice product but of a questionable reliability/longevity. I owned this model since aprlil 2011 and in less than 2 years it started leaking; also the lid locking mechanism doesn’t work any longer. Because my previous three cordless electric kettles, all different makes and models, all had broken down one way or another, i gave up and accepted that i would have to buy a new kettle every 2-3 years if not sooner. And this model at least looks great.So i decided to buy it again, to replace the old one. The price was good and the delivery (free shipping) reasonable quick. It boils quickly, water level is easy to seen, looks beautifully. By and large it is a very nice product when it works. Just don’t count that it would work for long.

I was hoping to get a bit more time out of this kettle, but it only lasted for 2 years with use equivalent to 3 times per day. It’s now leaking water around the base, as other buyers have also noted. It’s simple and looked nice in our kitchen. However, i do think that in looking for a new kettle, we’ll be changing brands to see if another brand will last longer.

This is a really good product to heat (boil) up to 57 oz of water. It is fast and better than wasting energy on the stove or using a microwave and maybe getting burned and having those emfs too. I really like this brand and model a lot more than others we have had in the past.

We ordered our krups kettle a couple of weeks ago, and so far, no problems with rusting, etc. Overall we’re quite happy with our kettle. Who fans, we’re more than a little amused by the kettle’s resemblence to a dalek. (thankfully – so far at least – it has not rolled around screeching, “exterminate. Exterminate”)we like the roll-up lid — it’s handy for airing out the kettle between uses. Water heats quickly and the auto shutoff works flawlessly. I usually hate stainless-steel appliances, but i’m willing to concede that this one has a coolness factor. (is anyone from krups reading this?. I hope so)- more prominent blue light. We’re very happy that the kettle has a light, period; that was a major factor in our decision to buy the product to begin with. The current blue light is certainly pretty, but we do wish that it was brighter. A brighter light would help absent-minded people like my husband remember to turn the kettle on. For inspiration on how prominent this light should be, watch a dr. Who episode featuring the daleks ;)- sound effects (as well as the ability to disable same). I’d like a beep that goes off a few times to alert me that i’m done boiling my water and would i please go over there to get it before it cools?.Other users, of course, might prefer a beepless kettle, so you need to think about them, too.

We have the kettle for just several days, it looks nice and boils water fast. I read multiple reviews about lid latches break down and leakage at the bottom, i guess it might start leaking if damaged at the bottom where the plastic bottom is inserted in the metal housing but to damage that seal you need to hit and dent it. Just be careful handling it. Our old kalorik kettle also had the lid latch broken, i installed stainless steel cabinet knob on the lid to get it closed under the knob weight and we used that kettle for several more years until it finally burned. The new krups bw3990 is a nice product (though i cannot tell anything yet about its reliability and durability).

Obtained the krups bw3990 electric kettle 16-months back. It appears fantastic and was extremely delighted right up until it begun to leak water at the bottom where the stainless steel satisfies the plastic underside. It only leaks immediately after the water has boiled. The manufacturer’s internet webpage states that the kettle has a 2-yr guarantee but amazon gives it only 1-yr. Seems to be like i will have to start off a new research for a excellent kettle.

This electric tea pot is actually great. It heats up the water as rapid as a microwave little bit will get it filtered and thus the tea preferences superior. I preferred it so considerably i purchased one particular for my daughter and mom as very well.

After seeking a variety of espresso makers (self grinding, pods, thermal carafes, sizzling plates, etcetera. ) more than the several years we acquired the krups electric kettle, a nissan 51 oz thermos and a melitta filter holder. The krups heats really quickly, and the nissan thermos keeps the espresso hot all early morning long. The espresso is greater than from a machine (no funky the espresso maker requirements to be cleaned taste) and it won’t acquire any more time to make or to clean up up. In addition one for previous university espresso.

So far the krups electric kettle has been fantastic. I read through all the assessments before acquiring, so was informed not to place my fingers on the stainless section of the device even though it was warm. I would have to say at this point, i appreciate it.

Wonderful for scorching water immediately but i have found rust within (thus the losss of a star). Contacted krups about removing rust and they gave me the canned answer for simply just cleansing it, not how to cleanse rust. They obviously did not browse my e mail.

I acquired this pot in november 2011. I recognized that the within bottom of the pot is rusting right after all these decades so i guess i will replace it. I love this pot for numerous reasons. To start with, the flip major is great. Another detail i like is that you can see the water on equally sides of the pot. This is excellent simply because my partner is still left-handed. The on/off change is easy to use. It boils water very speedily. Lastly, i adore the way it lights up blue when it is on.

KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine : Now, my girlfriend is a cappuccino addict

It makes very good espresso and is incredibly easy to use. The milk foamer is also incredibly simple to use. Several pieces that get soiled effortless appear aside creating cleanse up easy. I had to return this package deal once simply because the filter was forgotten. My only other criticism is it does not come with a tamper or dimension for tamper (51mm if you are pondering).

I like the products, mainly because it is comparatively compact and it performs. I owned the much older design ahead of it finally broke (the aid valve in the cap broke absent), and i preferred it simply because it was even smaller sized, far more rectangular (which i like improved), and had a toggle switch for the electric power. The rotary switch on this newer device is a little bit hard to change, for the reason that it turns power on/off and it opens/closes a steam valve at the similar time. Some individuals devoid of a potent finger grip would discover it quite not comfortable to use. Continue to, the simplicity of the machine (it is a incredibly cost-effective, basic, guide espresso maker) is what i desired. The new attribute of turning off the steam as effectively as the energy does imply that drips end faster, but the residual steam force in the boiler demands to be unveiled ahead of making yet another cup. That calls for venting by turning the switch to the milk froth maker, possibly after it has cooled off, or by pulling the plug and venting so that the boiler does not appear on yet again. I commonly pull the plug and vent. I you should not believe that the additional sophistication is well worth it, considering the fact that i never froth milk.

KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Easy to operate and very compact 4-bar steam espresso machine
  • 3 way switch knob and convenient steam nozzle to froth milk easily
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Safety valve in cap
  • 4-cup glass carafe; measuring spoon included; 750 watts; 2-year worlwide warranty

I experienced yet another model that was better but i had to leave it at a remote area. The leading platform is convenient for environment components on when completed. The top cap is great and huge so it presents great leverage when opening and sealing. The pitcher is properly crafted and its major snaps into position and stays in area when pouring the espresso. Bad: coffee filter is not keyed with slot. So it arrives with the flimsey plastic retainer flip to hold the filter in put when dumping the really very hot espresso grounds. The plastic flip has come off a number of situations. Likely their designers just under no circumstances as opposed or regarded as this.

The krups xp100 steam espresso machine is an fantastic espresso machine for the rate. I shopped and when compared several different manufacturers on line and in retail outlets. Soon after looking at the critiques below on amazon for this machine was bought. Right after getting and working with i can see why this machine experienced these kinds of superior opinions. This machine functions and will make espresso comparable to a lot much larger and bigger priced espresso equipment. This was procured for my school aged daughter as a xmas reward. The machine is quite compact in dimensions and is wonderful for those with scaled-down kitchens or restricted counter place. She’s in a incredibly small new york apartment and this in good shape into her petite sized kitchen area just perfectly. She reviews it makes top notch espresso and is equivalent in top quality to what a bigger priced machine would make. She performs as a barista in a identified coffee retailer and is aware fantastic coffee.

Wonderful valuewas my backup device. . 1st krups (designed in switzerland) lasted ten yrs. 2nd (mexico) five yrs3rd (china) tbd.

KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black : I love, love this espresso machine. So far i went and bought it disregarding all those bad reviews, but my machine has been working very well. As for the steaming part, i read that it’s best you steam your milk first and then brew your coffee. One only complaint that i have is that it uses up too much coffee and i have wasted pretty fast compared to brewing in my keurig machine.

This will be my third krups espresso maker that i invest in. I dwell in miami and we consume a whole lot of espresso. Below we simply call it cuban coffee. There are a large amount of distinct espresso makers readily available to us at all different selling prices. I have located that the krups is effective just as nicely if not improved than considerably a lot more expensive espresso machines. I appreciate it and i really endorse it. They do tend to have a problem with the on and off button soon after a handful of a long time. But then again, they are so economical that i just obtain a new just one considering that i would not aspiration of not acquiring just one.

For the price tag, you seriously do get a top quality solution. It is extremely effortless to use, cleanse, and retailer. Matches beautifully on any sized counter, and the 3 stage knob permits you to change involving brewing espresso and frothing milk. It is not the finest espresso i’ve at any time had. It truly is like extremely sturdy, concentrated espresso. The creamy consistency you would come across in a better conclusion machine is one thing a real aficionado would recognize is lacking but for us, it is a fantastic commence to each individual early morning. No mechanical concerns, made use of two times a day for about a thirty day period now.

I like the development of this and functions properly. But the knob that you change to change it on is hard to transform. Helps make a wonderful cup of espresso and i essentially use it to make myself a cup of espresso. The steamer will work perfectly but your timing in employing it is significant. The brewing employs the boiling sizzling water but if you let it go too extensive you will have very little or no steam to froth your cream. You you acquired to be on top rated of your brewing system. All in all i like it and advocate it to many others. The value is very sensible for the product or service you get.

Purchased to switch a krups that commenced acquiring noisy. It is a minor frustrating to have the frother wand so shut to the device- perhaps some working day i will not hold hitting my mug when frothing. Operates properly, love my day by day cappuccino. Get oneself a awesome coffee bean grinder and tamper and you are all established.

I resolved to take time to update and give this great espresso machine the review it deserves, in return for the hundreds of cups of ‘hi -rev java joy’ it has provided to me as a bachelor. I have utilised the two designs of this machine for lots of decades. The xp1000 espresso machine is my devoted ‘morning companion’ day-to-day and i rely on it. To get a single large ideal cup of espresso i do the next: one. Grind unique coffee beans to a semi-dust consistency. Fill the filter holder practically totally entire of grind and tamp it down ‘semi-firm’ just down below the leading, insert it into the machine and tighten it firmly. Fill the carafe virtually entire of fantastic chilly drinking water and pour it into the heating tank, then tighten the lid incredibly tightly. For cappuccino, creamy latte or mochas convert the the valve knob to steam just after about 90 seconds and froth the chilly milk in a deep more than enough cup to steer clear of splatter, then return the knob to espresso to end brewing. For rapid espresso simply just flip the knob to espresso and in 4 minutes the ‘magic medicine’ is prepared. I depart the machine on for a several minutes immediately after brewing is completed, allowing the made use of espresso ‘puck’ to harden, as it will arrive correct out in a person piece with a mild faucet. The straightforward to thoroughly clean lessen tray is terrific. The xp1000 is effective a great deal superior than the more mature design 1020 that exploded and blew coffee grounds all about the property because of a defective pressure reduction valve.

This was acquired as a gift for an individual who noticed the a person we have and just experienced to have a single. She is solitary and just beginning out, so i thought this would be a wonderful gift to get her going in the morining. So significantly, it has finished very well for her – no complaints.

Good tiny machine total. I requested it forward of touring and experienced it despatched to my spot. I have owned an more mature variation of this for over 20 several years. They are designed to very last and make a excellent cup of espresso or cappuccino. My only beef is the steaming attachment. All those are useless and i discarded it just after seeking it after. Very little beats recognizing how to froth milk straight from the nozzle, but so several folks know how or even check out and master the talent. On the previous working day of my stay (immediately after owning espresso, of course) i packed and delivered the krups to my upcoming journey place. It is now there waiting for me. By the time i am completed with it it will be a properly-traveled little espresso machine.

To be obvious, this is my very first espresso machine. For years i have toiled out substantially difficult attained revenue for that savory sweet espresso from espresso outlets but always assumed the mystical system was somehow outside of my reckoning. Thanks to the higher education where by i operate having put in a starbucks a short while ago, i suddenly found myself expending also significantly there and figured that i would give it a go. Finding out an espresso machine leaves you with tiny in between, there are forty-100$ array styles, and then you commence finding fancy and expensive exponentially brief from there. As this was an experiment, i preferred a thing in the under 100 class and eventually settled on this product following searching the range. We have experienced the machine for a minimal under a week but it has currently attained its preserve here is my views. Pros: inexpensive, basic, wonderful searching, straightforward to thoroughly clean, efficient, swift. For the value, this machine is excellent, genuinely. It normally takes a little bit of follow to get the complete method down, but after about three or 4 uses i had it quite a great deal figured out. Now, soon after possessing built about a dozen beverages with it, from begin to complete its usually takes under 10 minutes to make the drink and do a essential cleanse up.

This is the finest little espresso machine that i personal (and i very own many). Whilst it only can make just one cup at a time, you can make that cup as potent as you like due to the fact of the generously sized grounds reservoir. This device blows absent our high-priced pump design and style starbucks branded machine. The coffee is considerably hotter (although it does kick out a very good bit of steam) and it is substantially more robust. Also i feel cleanse up is less difficult. For folks that need to have to make much more than a single cup at a time, this is not the machine for you.

The krups espresso maker/latte maker is doing work quite perfectly. I have tried out changing the coffee, h2o, steam amounts and have arrived at the very best answer for this altitude, 9000ft. At $thirty & absolutely free shipping and delivery it was a fantastic offer. Improved but when it completes a brew cycle there is no drinking water in the heat cavity. My past one particular didn’t evacuate the h2o, it froze and went to espresso maker hell. It was a delonghi and a great machine, it just cant winter about in its have. Frothing/foaming the milk is difficult but mainly mainly because of the 9000 ft higher than sea degree challenge. So, if you want to enter the home espresso arena, this krups is tough to conquer. In time you may possibly want some thing mo’ fancy and you could go up to an altar to espresso if your kitchen is significant enough for something just small of a starbucks machine.

A much-belated replacement for the above-applied 50 percent of the krups caffe duomo that lasted twelve years. Identical carafe, a bit unique filter basket. This machine is definitely faster than the old one. No complaints about the filler cap currently being difficult to remove business hand-tightness is ample. The frothing nozzle does require to be cleaned (wiped off) after use, otherwise it will clog. You would not comprehend you are not able to froth right up until it truly is too late. Then, you happen to be trapped with an espresso with chilly milk, and which is just not as tasty. I essentially use it devoid of the black, plastic protector around the nozzle, just so i can be positive there’s no obstruction. Phrase to the wise: skim milk appears to be to froth much better for me than full milk.

Straightforward to use but not my detail – it doesn’t keep warm like a coffee pot would my poor for not knowing – if you have the tolerance to steam milk get it but if not never – i ended up dropping the glass thing but just went back to a espresso mate.

I you should not fully grasp the lure and the level of popularity of the premade little kuerig or nespresso premade thingies. I am a true coffee connoissuer and these small cups are as much as you get from authentic imo. I imply it is such a convert-off, there is no discovering it truly. Mainly because it is quickly and no mess?. Straightforward way out is the inexpensive way out. I need to have a superior tasting cup of coffee or espresso and if i you should not get it, my morning is not finish and i will go to excellent lengths to achieve it. I have on extra than a person situation strike a coffee dwelling only to dump the coffee and uncover one more. Getting far too old, but a good cup of espresso or espresso is worthy of the hunt, imo.

Following a person that was specified to me inevitably broke. I went out and acquired a delongi espresso machine and took it back again. I appeared just about everywhere for a smaller straightforward machine like the one i had. Right after searching everywhere i uncovered the equivalent tiny just one i experienced here. However this tiny male would make more than that a day mainly because we are coffee drinkers in this house. We you should not use the steamer on the facet. It does get the job done simply because i use it to release the tension.

This machine helps make a delicious cup of cappuccino or cafe latte, but it does leave some grounds in the bottom of the carafe. So i often leave the previous handful of drops of coffee in the carafe and not pour it into my milk. It will take a even though to get made use of to possessing only just one knob for equally the steaming and the coffee brewing and you have to move by the off setting to go among them. Still, there is a warning in the recommendations not to end at the off placing whilst the machine is very hot and below tension. What exclusively will materialize. But nonetheless i am really very careful to twist the know immediately in between the steaming location, past the off location, to the brew placing, but it is a very little unnerving. As well as, it will not have an on and off button, so the only way to be reminded that it is on, is if the very small mild in the entrance at the best of the machine is purple. I failed to see it a person day, left for get the job done, and still left it on all working day. Now i test to normally recall that i have to unplug it each time i use it. Otherwise, it was a great cost for an expresso machine.

Employed two-3x daily for eighteen+ months just before any troubles. By no means actually received a very good créma out of it, however. Now, it is effective the right way each individual 3rd or 4th try, but normally loses very a bit of espresso/h2o as just steam. Troubleshot it, cleaned it various times and distinct methods, tamped the coffee equally more and a lot less (numerous situations each) to determine what causes it. ninety five, i’m not exactly dissatisfied, but it really is a far cry from the $two hundred krups pump machine this replaced. That sucker lasted additional than a ten years.

KRUPS KH754 Art Collection 2-Slice Toaster – Very good choice

Stunning, compact, would make fantastic toast. I was apprehensive that it would not be realistic due to the fact it only toast two slices at a time, nonetheless, when working with it, i realized that we almost never toast a lot more than two slices at a time and, when we will need additional, this toaster is rapid.

Appears to be great sitting out on the counter and will work excellent.

We cherished this toaster so substantially we bought 1 for our summer time household.

  • toasting the morning away
  • Absolutely Stunning
  • Looks nice but has its faults

This is the next krups in this style that i have purchased.

No far more digging the toast out with a fork.

Features of KRUPS KH754 Silver Art Collection 2-Slice Toaster with Bun Warmer and Stainless Steel Housing, Silver

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Exclusive design of stainless steel, chrome and wood optics
  • Functions: Toast, Defrost, Reheat and Bagel
  • 8 level adjustable browning control
  • High lift lever for easy removal of the toasts and removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Warming rack included to display rolls, muffins and more on the table; 1100 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

Not fairly as ‘top end’ in the end as it appears. The silver appears to be like very good, feels good, but the wooden finish is a low cost plastic wood look. Solution functions as marketed, but for the rate, i seriously hoped the end would be truly over the major.

I particularly preferred a toaster that you could heat a roll on the prime as i experienced applied in europe. This was the closest to what i have made use of in germany. Possessing only utilized a toaster oven to toast and warm up everything for the very last 35 several years and almost burned the house down, i decided probably we require a essential toaster. This not only appears tremendous interesting but it operates super nicely.The toasts appear out fantastic and evenly toasted. The slots are massive ample for bagels and have a bagel placing so that the inside of slash toasts and the exterior crust gets warm.

I lived in germany for two 1/2 yrs. I cherished quite a few of the appliances. This toaster reminds me of my toaster i experienced. It has the wire-best factor where by you can warm buns or pastries.

It is fast, the outside is toasted although the inside of the bread is however delicate. These germans know how to make a top quality product.

It’s challenging to uncover a really very good toaster. This one particular if fantastic until you fall a piece of toast. It is, by significantly, the worst style for retrieving a piece of toast mainly because there is no obtain via the base.

I bought this to match my krups silver art h2o kettle. It’s a wonderful hunting toaster, but i was let down to discover that the end doesn’t match the kettle (it is not as shiny). The toasting is also sporadic, i’m never ever pretty confident what the benefits will be.

After nearly 20 yrs of trustworthy provider the lever on my old toaster broke. All i genuinely desired to switch it was a decent on the lookout toaster that toasts evenly. No bells and whistles, no fancy electronics, no vibrant lights, and no buzzers to let me know the toast is accomplished (you should) just toast a piece of bread. It also couldn’t be large, for the reason that it has to suit in the cabinet where the aged one was. I liked the appears of this one, and it suits the monthly bill, even though it has a inclination to burn specified parts of the toast. However, i think it was in all probability the best alternative out there, and maybe a tiny bit of carbon is fantastic for you. Toasters are easy appliances, so it truly is regrettable that the modern day kinds you should not get the job done as well as the ones we acquired twenty several years ago.

Picked this toaster off of the warehouse web-site and so significantly is doing work just good. I read through all the opinions of many of the major toaters and non obtain tremendous remarks, so settled with this 1. Occasionally part of the bread is under toasted but in general it is performing just fantastic after our rowenta model died.

We moved from the united kingdom so had to acquire new electrical appliances. I was tearing my hair out as it appeared that all toasters (which includes dualit and cuisinart) received these types of awful reviews. I then stumbled throughout the krups silver range and noticed that the toaster acquired excellent reviews. I adore the aesthetics but decided to go with the assortment on the back of these good evaluations. The toaster seems sleek and sophisticated. It is quiet ( as is the kettle) and toasts evenly. We have tried bagels in it but experienced to do them twice. This may perhaps be down to me not working out the warmth settings appropriately for bagels. It would have been good if there was a four slice variant but alas, a single can not have it all.

Elegant and does what it is designed for. Although you need to not use the rack for toasting i am undertaking it and it functions great. Especially for larger frozen bread.

Pricey but beautiful and built to past. The toast is even and quite fast. I really like the bun warming alternative which was crucial to me but there looks to be no cancel button. The reheat perform is also a huge additionally. I have loved good efficiency from krups products and this is no exception.

The rate is significant for this item. Toast is uneven and you have to toast twice (transform toast) if you want it toasted on both equally sides. Other than that it is a great but not great solution.

Initial of all, this factor is gi-freaking-gantic. The footprint is tremendous like a yetti. Other than that, it tends to make bread sizzling & brown. The ‘bun warmer’ apparatus was tossed in the trash poste haste, because i experienced no far more storage after i moved this beast into my wee kitchen area, but eh. It toasts bread & matches my coffee maker. (also the silver collection, and also a thing i reported ‘eh’ about.

I have been quite pleased with the toaster. I have been working with it about four weeks now. I realized quite promptly that except i want some thing burned, to put it on the reduce settings for bread and croissants. I do have to use it two periods in a row to do waffles. My only grievance about the toaster is that it cooks the inside of of your food stuff product more than it does the inside–so it may well be a bit uneven. I have even had it burn up the within a few of situations & turned it down to the environment that was decrease than i needed in order to steer clear of that. I browse that others who purchased have skilled the exact points. Otherwise, i enjoy it and consider it appears amazing on my counter.

Experienced this toaster for about a month now, and am pretty delighted with it. Consistently toasts to a pleasant even coloration. Would have appreciated it extra if it were a small extra ‘brushed’ and a minor a lot less shiny, but the high quality of the toast is a winner. Crisp on the outdoors and nevertheless gentle on the within. Put in a ton of time wanting a toaster testimonials on line, and would endorse this a person.

Hardly ever wrote a critique just before. We loved this toaster, the look, the functionality, anything. (we have the matching kettle too- it can be excellent too) this morning the handle on the toaster broke off. We are not really hard on appliances, we have owned it much less than a 12 months- so we are so dissatisfied. Looking at the damaged manage in our hands we could see how the structure would make it prone to this. Krups actually requires to review their design as this aspect is the 1 that is most seriously applied, so getting a millimeter sized joint to the system is severely insufficient. If you personal one particular or are pondering of receiving a person, take treatment when employing it. I could not give it just one or two stars, as we definitely loved it whilst it lasted.

Acquired three silver art products at once. Fits bread and bagels and has a fast cancel button. Toast warmer exciting but do not use it (odd that it can keep more toast than produced at a person go).

This toaster toasts evenly every time i use it. I have recommended it to my family.

KRUPS F654 Belgian Waffle Maker – waffle maker possibilities and this one came out the best based on user recommendations

Let down with the style. I like the dimensions and possibilities of this waffle maker, but chose to return it for two motives:1) it arrived with a dent in the chrome encompass, which is not the fault of krups. two) much more importantly, i plugged it in to melt away the new ‘plastic’ odor off. Immediately after i had plugged it in i discovered the dent, but i also found that the chrome surround is created to be in immediate speak to with the waffle iron plates. The deficiency of insulation between the plates and the steel encompass, suggests that the encompass heats up to all around the very same temperature as the plates, them selves. Yikessince i was returning the item in any case, i elected to go with a different iron and steer clear of any probable for burns from contact with surround.

Finest belgian waffles with deep pockets. . Specifically what i was looking for. Makes the most effective belgian waffles with deep pockets. I had owned this very same model for 11 decades when suddenly it stopped doing work. I loved it so significantly i purchased a new 1. This is the finest belgian waffle maker.

Initially purchased for a long time and it was nonetheless doing work good. We gave it to our daughter and her. We had employed the a person we originally acquired for several years and it was nevertheless functioning terrific. We gave it to our daughter and her family members so they could make waffles , so we investigated on line and went purchasing at numerous stores and decided that this device was nevertheless the greatest waffle maker for the dollars. Amazon also had the greatest value. It came swiftly and was well packed. It looks the identical apart from for the lights on best. It does not search or sense like it is as excellent a quality as our original ( that is the rationale for the 4 stars rather of five ) but it even now is effective as very good as our old 1. We would undoubtedly propose that you test this krups unit out for your selves.Here are the specifications for the KRUPS F654 Belgian Waffle Maker:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • High quality waffle maker makes four thick Belgian waffles in just minutes
  • Non stick interior for easy removal of waffles and fast clean up
  • Permanently installed plates ensure even browning
  • Ready light signals when waffle maker is preheated and ready to bake
  • Cool touch handles; latch allows upright storage; 1400 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

The finest waffle maker in it is really class. I had a krups waffle maker for the past 11 yrs that just stopped heating. In advance of acquiring this one i attempted two other folks that did not even appear close. This just one cooks just as superior as the first one. Excellent waffles in four minutes.

This is my second krupp waffle maker. . Picked up a more cost-effective one to swap it ,big oversight. Employed it two instances and was not pleased at all with it. Located this onethat is just like you previous a person.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wonderful little gem
  • EXCELLENT Waffles; You’ll Need a Timer, but That’s No Big Deal–Crispy Waffles, Non-Stick Surface A++
  • THIS is the waffle maker I’ve been looking for!

Footprint is not far too huge and the device itself is durable. Extremely easy to use and can make a fantastic, flawlessly cooked belgian waffle.

I purchased this for myself for christmas and i absolutely love it. I have by no means created a waffle before. A close friend gave me a recipe and this waffle iron designed them incredibly. I failed to know how whole to make them, so i designed a massive mess, but i am going to great it with extra use, lol. I am so happy i purchased this and i adore even additional that it tends to make 4 at a time and really promptly, so i’m not standing in the kitchen area for good attempting to make waffles for my spouse and children of five.

Another person complained that it was hard to clean. Use your imagination like i did and use a new toothbrush. Just pour liquid cleaning soap right into every single portion and scrub away. About drying, i inverted the device on a towel. I guess if you’re in a hurry, use a hair dryer.See images of waffles, waffle maker immediately after taking them out as effectively as shots of cleaning suggestions.

Lastly, belgian waffles at dwelling. Quick and great waffles every time. Have to be watchful, from time to time the latch does not ‘latch’ when you near the machine so the prime section of the waffles really don’t cook. Just assure that you have shut the waffle equipment and there will be no difficulties.

Has grow to be a loved ones kitchen area merchandise, as each individual child has graduated and moved together, they have ask for a single. It is a product that performs, withstands the rigors of occupied kitchen and has become a section of our traditions.

Thick belgian waffles like the ones you get at eating places. Exactly what i was wanting for. Cooks large, thick belgian waffles like the kinds you get at places to eat. My only criticism would be the plates are not detachable for washing so it can be an practical experience cleaning it.

Waffle maker opportunities and this one particular arrived out the most effective dependent on user suggestions. I carefully investigated waffle maker choices and this 1 came out the greatest based on person suggestions. I was not disappointed in any way. We use it typically for waffles, panninis and so forth. Moderately price ranges for the high quality.

Good waffle maker — but know how to use it. The krups belgian waffle maker is a fantastic appliance, make no question about it. Don’t pay much heed to the assessment that are 8 several years previous. They ought to have improved the products because then simply because it’s is not a issue in 2009. Before to start with use, use a pastry brush and unfold on a layer of shortening. Right after heating, hit it with a coating of spray cooking oil and your first waffle might just launch. There is constantly a hazard of the really very first waffle sticking. Spray it the moment ahead of each and every use (each individual batch, not each and every waffle) and it ought to be sleek sailing. That will just make it sticky again. Waffle irons are like solid iron cookware. Wipe off any batter with a dishrag when it is cooled off and if the extra oil bothers you, wipe it down with a paper towel. As lengthy as you are applying it about when a thirty day period, it will be fantastic.

I replaced it with the identical 1 and we continue to really like it. We make cinnamon waffles for our little ones. We have owned this exact model for in excess of ten a long time and it fell off the counter and broke. I changed it with the exact 1 and we however like it.We make cinnamon waffles for our young ones from cinnamon rolls that are pre-designed in the tubes and it is excellent for our requires. A suffering to cleanse at times, but i steam it with h2o and paper towels then rinse it clean.

Finest belgian waffles with deep pockets. . Specifically what i was looking for. Makes the most effective belgian waffles with deep pockets. I had owned this very same model for 11 decades when suddenly it stopped doing work. I loved it so significantly i purchased a new 1. This is the finest belgian waffle maker.

Initially purchased for a long time and it was nonetheless doing work good. We gave it to our daughter and her. We had employed the a person we originally acquired for several years and it was nevertheless functioning terrific. We gave it to our daughter and her family members so they could make waffles , so we investigated on line and went purchasing at numerous stores and decided that this device was nevertheless the greatest waffle maker for the dollars. Amazon also had the greatest value. It came swiftly and was well packed. It looks the identical apart from for the lights on best. It does not search or sense like it is as excellent a quality as our original ( that is the rationale for the 4 stars rather of five ) but it even now is effective as very good as our old 1. We would undoubtedly propose that you test this krups unit out for your selves.

I slapped with each other a generic waffle recipe located in an more mature cookbook to give this waffle-maker a consider. At initially, it was a little odd, simply because the grooves are incredibly deep. I am used to the flatter waffles, so i was not filling the grooves in plenty of. Usually, the waffles came out great. Wonderful and crispy, and evenly cooked. The only matter i assume could be improved, would be a bigged ridge or edge all over the waffle mold, for above-spill. You have to fill the unit up almost right until spilling to get more than enough batter in there to fill the prime half of the mould.

Not as terrific as our past krups maker. We acquired this 1 to change a similar product that we experienced for 10+ many years. I was amazed to locate that the cord is significantly shorter than our old waffle maker which was basically the actual similar design. Why would krups make your mind up to make a shorter wire?. Also, the clamp that retains the handles alongside one another for storage arrives off all the time. This never occurred with the previous one. Will make fantastic waffles, but i would return it if i could. A person of the good reasons we caught with the same kind is simply because we considered we would get the exact good quality and so on.

This waffle maker can make large waffles. The transform out completely just about every time too. I’ve had mine for about 4 several years now and use at the very least when a thirty day period (essentially more like each and every weekend) the only thing that i you should not like about this waffle maker is that it isn’t going to have a on/off switch so once it can be plugged in, it is on. Not definitely that big of a deal as long as you make sure to unplug when you end up.

This is the waffle maker i have been looking for. The krups 654-75 waffle chef can make genuine, deep-pocket belgian waffles in batches of four. And they are definitely thick two or a few of a batch of 4 with a tiny topping — some good berries or fruit, maybe a minor yogurt — will feed the normal person four is pushing it. The waffles emerge crisp and uniformly browned. Our prior waffle maker was a cuisinart. Waffles from that had been marginally wider but not almost as thick the krups make waffles effortlessly twice as thick. What’s more, the cuisinart weighed a ton so it was a bear to thoroughly clean, and that annoying and wholly ineffective beep drove us nutsthe krups suffers from none of those shortcomings. It is blissfully silent (the lights are additional than sufficient as status indicators), light-weight (so it is straightforward to elevate and clear) however steady on the operating floor, and — not like the cuisinart — shops nicely on end or on its side.

This will make substantial crispy belgian waffles. Heats up nicely and cooks evenly.