KitchenAid KMT2203OB Onyx 2-Slice Pro Line Toaster – Worth the high price!

Yea, it can be a toaster and no it doesn’t carefully caress your toast and sing to you for 300$. Like a person else claimed can a 30$ device do the identical – yep, rather a lot. Aesthetically, i enjoy its visual appeal and it fits beautifully out on the counter best. I have an understanding of that for some the design alone doesn’t justify it, and accurate as this probably for some, when i am up and about in the few minutes to myself in the morning, i like how it matches in with the kitchen area. I will have to say i do like the automated lowering / mechanical carry, and that elevator ding seem that it will make as it lowers and raises the toast. From grate to grate it is 1 one/four an inch thick so if you plan on shoving down a tremendous fat bagel, it may perhaps get caught but since i will not toast bagels in it, i am very okay with the thickness it permits. The moment your toast is accomplished it will give it forty five seconds right after it pops up. Then it will reduced and operate a ongoing warming cycle for up to 3 minutes. So when you return to the toaster, you can strike terminate any time to get your toast and it will nevertheless be heat. And if you are somewhat distracted like me even soon after a several cycles the outer floor stays cool to contact so you wont be unintentionally burning you in the morning.

Price is absolutely unreasonable.

I would hardly ever invest in these types of an high-priced toaster with my individual money – let’s be distinct about that. It was bought with amex factors as a substitute. But we all like the toaster and it seriously does get the job done properly. We are a kitchenaid loved ones so acquiring the toaster in the model of the mixer head is incredible.Also – remember to observe that this is a instead large merchandise. When sitting down on the kitchen area counter the footprint is bigger than a conventional toaster. In actuality, it is greater than a kitchenaid mixer head. Of system the toaster itself performs incredibly effectively, that’s a provided getting a kitchenaid. If you can get it on the low cost, do it.Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid KMT2203OB Onyx 2-Slice Pro Line Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Timeless design inherited from the iconic 1937 stand mixer.
  • Keep Warm functions activates after 45 seconds up to 3 minutes.
  • Dual Extra–Wide 1.5 inch slots.

This toaster is a function of art. It is major duty and built to very last.

I agonized above purchasing this toaster given the price. I last but not least gave in and i do not regret it. It seems to be wonderful on my counter and it toasts fantastic. I adore the automated raise/lower. No far more leaping toast to scare me just a soft ding and the toast rises.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth every penny
  • Like someone else said can a 30$ machine do the
  • I love my fancy schmancy toaster!

Appreciate the kitchen assist toaster it would make the ideal toast . Thank you for a great solution and pretty quick shipping and price tag.

Lastly a toaster that will work. Seriously like the hold heat functionality.

This is all gloss and design and style. This doesn’t toast any much better than other toasters. It is variety of like having a limousine as a substitute of a taxi both way you will get to the airport your just gonna look additional posh in the back again of a extend than a taxi. That is how i sum up this product. Eye candy for your kitchen area, if aesthetics matter for you then the price is worthy of it. If you just want some toast no require to commit $300. I personally appreciate this product. But then once again i like very matters.

Pricey little toaster, daughter in regulation required this a single and she’s pretty happydoes all sorts of handy items with your toast. But does it the exact every single time. Gotta ponder if the a lot less expensive design with the exact same functions would have labored as effectively, we will under no circumstances know. But i’m sure my toast is substantially superior to the less highly-priced model’s toast.

Definitely enjoy this toaster. Breads and bagels prepare dinner evenly.

This toaster is worthy of the dollars. The a single i recieved experienced an difficulty with heading up and down when no bread was in the toaster. I referred to as kitchen area support and a alternative was sent in a few days. This toaster, established just less than the middle environment, toasts bread completely even. My wife had the candy apple red mixer, and she liked the color, so i bought her the pro-line tea kettle and it labored so very well and she loved the color, so i requested this. The multi cooker with the stirring tower has been delivered and she gets that tomorrow.

Beautiful candy apple pink toaster. Sits wonderfully on my kitchen counter. Performs pretty effectively and quietly.

Not only lovely, but a smart toaster as well. It senses when slices of bread are inserted and it mechanically lowers the contents to begin toasting. If you never retrieve the toast appropriate away, it retains it heat until eventually you do. It also has a placing for frozen bread, bagels, waffles, and many others. I enjoy the retro appear, the pearl white is just beautiful. Complements the relaxation of my white kitchenaid appliances.

Wow is is the most effective toaster i have ever owned a should have if you like operate and design and style.

You would assume that toast is toast, but it can be so substantially far better when carried out in the kitchenaid pro.

The complete higher close, luxury kitchenaid pro line appliance you showcase on your kitchen counter. The most effective portion is it proves the ‘function follows form’ analogy.

This is the most effective toaster i have at any time owned and the vehicle down is my all time beloved function.

This was an highly-priced toaster and i was on agony meds when i bought it. I have a kitchenaide mixer that is around twenty years aged that nonetheless seems and is effective like it was new. We have been replacing the low cost toasters about each year. If your toast pops up and you’re chaotic it goes back again down to retain heat. I have also made use of it to warmth freezer pastries and it functions properly.

I have by no means experienced a better toaster. This is high-quality all the way. Will be acquiring an additional as a marriage ceremony present.

Pros : wonderful, pleasant instructions, pleasant mechanismscons : not highly effective enough (some periods wants to place it twice) , the toast stays also lower (difficult to get it when done).

KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster : OMG This toaster is so AWESOME! Put the bread in and it automatically pops

It’s beautiful and you get your toast exactly as you wish.

After a couple months we are very happy. Pricy- but delivers what it is advertised.

We owned a different kitchenaid model for a few years, (https://www. Com/kitchenaid-toaster-manual-high-lift-empire/dp/b00a6z6u30/ref=sr_1_3?ie=utf8&qid=1464806507&sr=8-3&keywords=kitchen+aid+4+slice+toaster) but the black push down pieces kept breaking off the arm and we had to replace them and then after about six months of use, it wasn’t toasting one side of the bread dark enough. We researched option, and despite the cost of this one, it had everything we wanted in a toaster. The color is perfect, the toast comes out perfectly toasted, no levers to push, lots of setting options to get your perfect toastedness 🙂 it makes a sound (kinda sounds like a soft elevator tone to me) to let you know when the toast is ready. First, you can’t “stage” your toast in the slots because the bread goes down as soon you put it in the slots. Therefore, if you want hot toast with your eggs make sure you time when you put your toast in. Second, if you don’t pull your toast out after it pops up the first time, the toast will automatically go back down for another round.

I bought this toaster for my girlfriend and we both quite like it. I can kind of wish simply putting the bread into the slot didn’t cause it to descend and toast – i prefer to have the option of more complete control over my machinery, as opposed to autonomous machinery that does what *it* wants to – and like many others, i do find it kind of odd that it just won’t make toast as dark at one go as will most other toasters. But otherwise i like it, and my girlfriend seems to as well (though i think she feels it was kind of an unnecessary upgrade to her old bare-bones toaster that sent the toast flying when it was done). Oh, i also appreciate the weight of this machine. I grew up in the ’60s, when things were well- and heavily made, and it’s nice to find a toaster you can operate without having to hold it in place with your other hand to prevent it from skittering away from you or flipping over onto its side or doing whatever other unseemly things a typical modern toaster might do were one to try to operate it with one hand. If you like fancy gadgets and/or elegant operation, you’ll probably appreciate this.

  • So far I still love it! Tastes great!
  • Excellent product!
  • Elegantand about the size and weight of a Mini Cooper

KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple Red 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Candy apple red
  • Automatically keeps toast warm
  • Automatic lift and lower
  • Seven shade settings
  • Bagel and frozen functions

Now this is the cadillac of toasters. Works so smooth, easy to set and has a pleasant sound when the toast is done. I like the feature where it goes back down for a while to keep it warm if you can’t get to it right away.

By far the best toaster i have ever used in my 65 years on earth. I love the fancy way it automatically pulls down the toast. Every piece i make is perfectly browned. Love love love the extra time button. I guess those who wrote bad reviews got a bad one. Love the toastworth every penny.

Omg this toaster is so awesome. Put the bread in and it automatically pops down and when it is done it beeps and the toast pops up. If it is toasted but you want it a little darker just hit the “a little longer” button. If you don’t take the toast out within 45 seconds it pops back down and keeps warm up to 3 minutes. Love that it has the crumb trays to make clean up a breeze.

My last toaster was a dualit which i purchased in the uk in 1999 (still works but uk voltage required, so it is in storage at the moment). Loved the dualit, but after reading reviews on both, i decided to buy the kitchenaid. I am very happy with that decision. It is an awesome toaster, looks great, and more functionality than the dualit.

Huge splurge, but totally worth it.

This toaster toasts as good as any toaster we have ever had. Every function works as well. I am not sure about other reviews that complain about the loud chime. The chime on this unit is very pleasant and a good level of sound. You can barely here it unless you are in the kitchen with the toaster. The slots are plenty wide for bagels.

I like this toaster for a few practical reasons, in spite of its apparent impracticality. The automatic toasting also means automatically popping up; i’ve put thick rolls, bagels, and slices of italian bread in there, and never had anything stuck2. At first, it seemed too much. Then i found there was really a nice range of toasting compared to the settings on a cheap toaster. The frozen setting is pretty intuitive. The drawback: when your toast is ready, it comes up on the motorized cradle. If you don’t retrieve it fast enough, like if you’re busy cooking, it retracts and toasts it again.

This toaster is phenomenal it is big and heavy so it you do not have a large kitchen it may be overwhelming. I needed color in my kitchen. I have a large wolf stove with red knobs and this toaster added much more bang then the wolf toaster would have. I research most everything i buy and this toaster has received wonderful reviews. I also like the functions of the toaster as well as how it toasts the bread. I keep all my bread frozen and this toaster works well for my husband and me. I eat thin small slices of bread while my husband eats larger thicker slices. Because the toaster has two controls it meets our different needs simultaneously. A bit expensive but worth it.

Beautiful piece of equipment. It chimes when it is finished and if you can’t get right to it the toaster will keep it warm for a short time. It does take up a lot of space, but it is beautiful.

With 3 kids and busy breakfast times the keep warm option is great.

We have not had this toaster long. We were looking for a high quality 4-slice toaster to augment our 2-slice. This is my first kitchenaid appliance but after researching many toasters we landed on this one and have not been disappointed. If the toaster continues to perform as it has out-of-the-box it will be amazing. First, lets start with the finished product, the toast. The toast comes out of this thing so precisely toasted that it’s hard to understand how the heat can be so even. The toast is consistently perfect and i do mean perfect. In addition, the toast lowers and raises itself automatically and provides a gentle alarm to notify you when it has completed toasting. But, if you should neglect the finished toast the toaster will automatically lower the toast and hold it on a warming cycle until you again raise it. Wonderful product that performs even better than it looks and it looks great.

Works so beautifully and is jewelry for the kitchen.

This toaster is fantastic,it toast everything completely. I don’t know why some shoppers are stating this toaster toasts bread etcetera inconsistently or it really is much too slow, i have not skilled that at all this toaster is effective and toast bread,bagels and frozen waffles completely,i love the retain heat characteristic,i would absolutely recommend getting this toaster,it truly is a minor high priced,but well really worth it.

Highly-priced merchandise, but truly worth every penny. Uncomplicated to use and toasts beautifully. Several highly developed functions make this a good toaster. It does just take up a whole lot of counter area if you are small on counter room, you could want to look at a different toaster.

If you don’t mind the rate tag, this is a excellent toaster.

second update: 2/five/18: i manufactured some ‘white bread’ in my bread maker. Precisely a raisin bread. Even tho it is not complete wheat, it is however considerably healthier than what you invest in in the shop. Mouth watering, mild, and visibly toasted. It backs up my premise in the 1st update, that various bread densities will toast in another way. This toasts with incredibly mild toast marks when set at about five. Also, it leaves the bread pleasant and light in the centre. I cannot cease eatingupdate: 2/three/eighteen: i identified anything that may perhaps reveal why some reviewers believe it toasts very well, and other say it isn’t going to toast at all.

This is an brilliant toaster, quite nicely built (as it should really be for the rate). two issues, one particular minor, when you place bread or a bagel in it it dings, which sounds very similar to our door bell, which sets my canines barking, not good at 5:thirty in the early morning, and i are unable to figure how to transform of the dinger. The other criticism, i like my toast dark and if i am toasting a moist complete grain bread, even the darkest location is just not sufficient. Or else it really is fantastic, i in particular like the keep heat function, and the capability to toast 2 different breads at diverse options at the same time.

And the extra features like ‘keep warm’ and ‘a minor longer’ are great. The only negative is that i like my toast quite darkish and it requires at the very least two periods to toast it sufficient.

KitchenAid KFP 13SC Accessory Storage Case, FITS 13 CUP Capacity s – not 7cup, not 9 cup

This fits 13 cup processor, get in touch with kitchenaid consumer assistance, they do make other sizes, i just acquired a single for a 9 or 11 cup processor immediately from them.

I bought this to retailer all the blades that arrived with the nine cup processor. It failed to perform the way it was meant to but i made it function. Kitchenaid have to have to keep in mind the nine cup processor. Positive would enjoy to have the dicer.

This is specifically as explained.

Key specs for KitchenAid KFP 13SC Accessory Storage Case for 13 Cup Food Processor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • White and translucent exterior with gray insert
  • Fits model KFP1333 and KFP1344
  • Insert holds blades and adapters, while discs fit in base
  • Protect blades and discs
  • Storage case only

Comments from buyers

“FITS 13 CUP Capacity KitchenAids – not 7cup, not 9 cup, Good to keep accessories dust free, Sure would love to have the dicer”

A container for arranging all my food processor accessories.

Was a wonderful product did not suit my kitchen support objects.

Wonderful to preserve all the blades, very well developed, strong.

Practically nothing incorrect with this item. Just did not match my accessories.

This is great appreciate it thank you janet.

This is way even larger than it demands to be and has more places in it i dont have pieces for.

I purchased this as a xmas present.

Did not suit my kitchen area aid item.

Good machine, but improper for me.

I necessary a storage case for my kitchen aid, and this was the only 1 i could obtain. It does not in good shape any of my blades or add-ons, but if i get out the leading, i can suit all the parts inside of. So, it is really better than obtaining my blades and pieces in a brown bag.

I wanted to tackle some of the reviewers problems, individuals who stated ‘it isn’t going to suit my kitchenaid components’. The ’13’ in kfp13sc, signifies the cup potential of kitchenaids (amazon, do you want to incorporate a caution to your item description?) whose accessories will healthy the kfp13sc. The slicing/shredding/grating discs differ in diameter, increasing as the kithcenaid’s cup potential does, so the discs with the 7 and nine cup potential would rattle about given that they are more compact. The chopping blade varies in measurement, far too, escalating as the cup capability raises. This storage case has a cutout in shape for the ‘s’ shaped chopping blade of the 13 cup kitchenaid: the chopping blade for the seven cup and nine cup kitchenaid’s,remaining lesser, would not healthy the cutout in the kfp13sc (attract a massive s, then, utilizing it really is heart, draw a smaller s: you can expect to have an understanding of what i indicate). For any person looking for the proper storage case for any dimensions other than the 13 cup kitchenaid, go to kitchenaid’s website, research for your kitchenaid model, and then glimpse at the tab ‘accessories for your kitchenaid’. If there is a storage case for your kitchenaid attachments, you will come across the section variety and can search amazon.

KitchenAid KCO222OB Countertop Oven – Love love love this oven

I use my counter leading oven far more than my stove, i adore this oven, quick to use and clear.

This oven has worked great for me. Just wish the knobs ended up black with white creating, as the silver just glares in the mild. Oven is excellent, helps make the very best biscuits and brownies. Barbecue chops and rooster are baked to perfection.

Purchased it for my bro and spouse for their engagement gift. Have just one at the home myself. Have to have to save some power. Nuggets, taquitos, ,corn dogs, you title it. Lol mom enjoys to tilapia, baked fish.

  • Better than my full sized oven!
  • It’s big and it can perform.
  • OK for the price

Hope it lasts longer than the past just one which experienced a swap difficulty.

All round i like this toaster oven a great deal nevertheless i hate the knob timer on this toaster oven. The way they work is good but, while its running you hear the tick-tick-tick-tick of it and that variety of drives me nuts.

Features of KitchenAid KCO222OB Countertop Oven, Onyx Black [Discontinued]

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Use your countertop oven to bake pizza, broil a side dish, keep an already cooked dish warm or toast bread.
  • Bake a pie, side dish and more with great results, broil the top of baked pasta until it’s perfectly browned, keep cooked food warm or toast up to four slices of bread at once.
  • 12″ Capacity offers enough room to cook 2-12″ pizzas, or cornish hens. The oven cavity also features a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.
  • 60-Minute Timer can be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most recipes.
  • Model KCO222 Includes two stainless steel racks, an easy-to-clean stainless steel broil pan with grill that’s great for baking, broiling and warming and a stainless steel crumb tray that removes for easy cleaning.

The name kitchenaid states it all. I have baked in it 2 times now, and it operates fantastically. It is a tiny pricier than some of the other makes, but kitchenaid is reputable and stands up to its name.

This products will get every day use alternatively of a comprehensive oven. Yes, not getting a light is a large downside for viewing doneness.

Superior merchandise, but located a person seriously has to enjoy in which they place it to use as it can get heat to warm on the exterior. The completed items we baked so far were being finished really well. Clear up is a snap, incredibly pleased.

Operates wonderful – baked a rooster to perfection (3 pounder but could have fit five lbs), pizza, cookies and of course toast. This a single was lacking instrux but twenty seconds on google bought them printed right up. Also, mine was pre-owned but hardly ever utilised.

It really is a excellent whole size toaster oven. It is really large and we can toast a great deal of bread for those people weekend breakfasts when we want to soak up the yolk from our eggs. I also like the fact that we can heat up pizza for the entire loved ones at at the time. It was the best up grade to our previous and small toaster oven. It does just take for a longer period to toast bread because the point is big. You can put in a entire size hen in there with no problem. I also desired an oven that would act as a again up to the other two ovens we have in the kitchen due to the fact for the duration of the holidays it gets fairly hectic at our household so it will come in useful as an extra oven.

Enjoy the oven, just have a issue reading through the options on the knobs, particularly at night time when trying to bake, warmth or warm an product.

Also very effortless to continue to keep clean.

This is a very good products, we use it everyday & obtain a new a single just about every couple years as it does wear out. This a person arrived in the unique box that experienced been beforehand opened. There ended up 2 dents in the merchandise, but it did not influence the usability. I did not return it mainly because of the inconvenience but feel the business that sold it knew it was not in new situation.

Guess i acquired a superior just one mainly because it truly is functioning just good. The small gap in the door, which at 1st alarmed me, leaks no heat whatsoever. In actuality, the temperature configurations show up amazingly precise. You can see every thing that is happening within. The timer is conveniently handy even when you’re not occupied. This oven is massive, and a massive improvement more than the tiny toaster oven i utilized for quite a few a long time in the ‘summer kitchen’. Now i can bake devoid of all the things burning on leading. The only improvement i would inquire of kitchenaid would be to make the temperature dial a little less complicated to browse. The silvery track record reflects too a lot gentle that the numbers tricky to study.

Gave to my son and daughter in regulation and they appreciate it. They have been applying it tomake full meals. It seems great in the counter top also.

My sister has been bugging me to acquire her a countertop oven as she finds employing her standard oven also bothersome. I gave this oven to her and she just adores it fully. Actually happy she preferred it and how its portability will not hinder an amazing efficiency. Two-thumbs up for this fantastic appliance.

Kitchenaid kco222ob countertop oven, onyx black my son has this counter-prime oven and i was amazed what he was equipped to do with it. It certainly is a mini-oven and performs with no around heating the kitchen area. Just after viewing how satisfied he was with his, i purchased just one for myself. It is quite quick to use to bake, broil,toast and keep foodstuff warm. It has a temperature placing up to 450 levels. It appears to be like specifically as portrayed in the photograph. For my son, this is his only oven. He cooks every thing that you can envision. I have a whole sized oven that i seldom use simply because this 1 does just about nearly anything i will need. The only thing that may possibly not get the job done in it would be a substantial turkey.

This was procured to change our not so aged multi-use toaster oven. This is variety of a foundation design which is what we required because in the 4 a long time we experienced the other a single we in no way made use of the bun hotter, rotisserie, or fifty percent the other capabilities. This is not the most highly effective toaster oven even though. It does consider more time to cook items which has taken some acquiring utilized to.

It can be made use of in so numerous means. Solitary rack, double tack, bake or broil, loads of room.

I have two of these and they perform great. One particular is for melting plastic, and the other is for cooking.

More substantial than envisioned and i have issue how substantially electrical energy is made use of to toast. It isn’t going to give instructions on toasting, but we uncovered it is on bake. I was searching for a significant toaster oven, not the dimensions i acquired. I consider i require a toaster now.

My previous cuisinart toaster-oven died and i requested this to switch it since of the model name and visual appearance. It truly is much larger than my previous one particular but i discovered it to be nicely-manufactured and the heating aspects are coated. It does a good task toasting and baking/broiling. The only factor i found improper was that with the toaster location, i have to go ‘dark’ if i want it toasted ‘medium. ‘ the guidelines say it ought to be pre-heated. It truly is a insignificant matter and i am really pleased with my kitchen support all round.

KitchenAid KMT222QG 2-Slice Toaster – The toaster works perfectly. Both my wife and myself

Have only utilized a few of moments but toast will come out like we like it.

Incredibly nicely created for the cost.

Just after reading through all the very poor opinions for the other toasters, i shelled out extra income for this. I obtained a good perfectly created toaster. It has a 38 inch chord with a wrap close to at the foundation for the slack. The device sets about the chord so place of it seriously isn’t going to issue. The chord has a grounded 3 prong plug. The toast darkness options are ideal to me. All bread is distinctive when it will come to toasting. At degree three day-to-day total wheat bread comes out properly toasted. If i acquired comfortable white bread, i would in all probability have to have amount two or one. It is critical to me that it performs with the heavier much healthier breads.Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid KMT222QG 2-Slice Toaster:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • LCD display with digital progress bar
  • All-metal construction
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Reheat buttons
  • Extra-wide 1 1/2-inch slots
  • High-lift lever for easy access

Adore this merchandise legitimate to photo.

Brown bread even on equally sides. Straightforward to use and good good quality.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the best toaster we’ve ever had (and we don’t buy cheap
  • The toaster works perfectly. Both my wife and myself
  • Toast to Perfection!

Extremely great – performs good, appears pleasant.

We have had various diverse toasters above the many years and this is, fingers down, the ideal toaster we have at any time experienced (and we do not acquire cheap toasters). We love the digital countdown exhibiting when your toast will be carried out and no other toaster we’ve owned does such a good occupation on toast and bagels. We acquired 1 for our house and preferred it so much that we a short while ago bought another a single for our family vacation property.

Sleek toaster, straightforward to use and read. Con– i like lighter shades of toast, shade one in some cases can be darker than i’d like, and i never ever go passed shade 2. There are at the very least 6 shades. I wished there had been shades lighter than dimension one– i don’t need the shades 3 and up ordinarily.

Quite delighted with the toaster. Development indicator is a nice function.

The toaster is effective beautifully. Each my spouse and myself are able to toast our differing things to our finish fulfillment.

Looks terrific in my kitchen and is effective fantastic on toast and bagels.

Ideal alternative for my past kitchenaid toaster that lasted likely fifteen a long time and it moved correct into the past slot as if designed for it it has several variants for modifying to every single whim on how a single likes one’s toast, is basic to function, simple to clear and toast is evenly browned from best to base. Immediately after hunting for toast tongs for some decades, i last but not least acquired them for xmas lastyear only to retire them this year as this toaster has a lifter to continue to keep one’s fingers from ‘ouch’. I hope they are even now making this model fifteen yrs.

KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set : Works great, especially if you have two mixers to use.

Always wanted to try fresh pasta so when we saw a demonstration using these attachments i had to give it a try. They fit my kitchenaid stand mixer perfectly as i thought they would. We have oly used them once at this point and it worked pretty well. We did have to separate ever other strand of spaghetti. We used the recipe for regular pasta that was in the owners manual that came with the attachments and it was not the best. When we made the dough it wasn’t even close to being good at first. We ended up putting about another 1/4 cup of water before it came together. I’m thinking this is why the strands of spaghetti didn’t cut correctly. I checked many other recipes online and found they all had more water than the one in the manual.

I used the pasta roller for a couple of years to make ravioli and lasagna noodles. I had it for long time before i had the desire to make spaghetti and fettuccini. The cutters must not align correctly because it scores the dough, but doesn’t actually cut clean through. I’ve tried different thicknesses of pasta dough, but have never gotten a clean cut. I called kitchenaid and, because of the time i had it, they couldn’t do anything for me. I understand, but i paid a lot of money for a pasta roller. I do love it and use it a few times per month to roll out pasta. I would suggest that you try each attachment out during the warranty period. I take part of the blame for that, but since i can only positively rate one of the three attachments, i give it 3 stars.

We love this rack and its self-contained wand. When i ordered this rack, i chose it because of the reviews and kitchenaid’s reputation for quality. Solid decision on both counts. What i didn’t know, and what is my favorite feature, is the pasta wand that stores in the top of the rack. This wand is so unbelievably helpful and handy. As the pasta comes off the cutter (kitchenaid kpra pasta set) instead of grabbing it by hand, i use the wand to lift the pasta. Due to the shape of the wand, i can slide it right onto an arm of the drying rack. Once the pasta is exactly where i want it on the rack, a quick quarter-turn of the wand places it on the rack with extreme ease and precision. The pasta does not bunch up as it used to prior to using the wand.

I have had the kitchen aid pasta attachment set for almost 2 years. It is fast and efficient – i can start cooking and serve homemade pasta within 40 minutes. I do not use the ravioli attachment – it is more time consuming and requires more precision in rolling noodles the right size maximize pasta and minimize mess – i may consider trying the ravioli attachment again in the future – but would recommend the 3-piece past set over the 5 or 6 piece set. There is not much difference between the two thinner noodle attachments or the two wider noodle attachments – so the 3 piece set is probably sufficient. I also have the pasta-extruder which is my preferred tool for spaghetti (further making the 5-6 piece pasta set overkill). The pasta extruder is great because you can do other things while the pasta is churning (2 hands not required). I find the extruder slower overall (but usually make 2 sets of noodles at a time). A pasta drying rack definitely helps. I use slightly different pasta recipes for the press and extruder. Unless your dead set on a ravioli maker, you can do just about everything with the 3 piece set and extruder (and save money).

  • Like many other reviewers
  • Not a bad unit but a lot work
  • Great Product — Nearly Identical to the Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack but Cheaper

KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set with 6 Different Attachments [Discontinued]

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Compatible with any KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  • Attaches to multipurpose power hub
  • All-metal housing
  • 6 different attachments – pasta roller, cappellini cutter, lasagnette cutter, fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter and ravioli maker
  • Includes filling scoop and cleaning brush; 1-year warranty
  • Includes Pasta Sheet Roller and Cutter Set (KPRA), Pasta Cutter Companion Set (KPCA), and Ravioli Maker (KRAV) attachments.
  • Chrome-plated, durable attachments fit the hub of any KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  • Made in Italy
  • Easy clean up of pasta attachments with included brushes.
  • Includes 1 year Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty through KitchenAid

I was skeptical about how these would work after a disappointing ice cream freezer attachment, but they are worth every penny. I used to roll pasta either by hand or hand crank machine and couldn’t imagine these would be much different. They work so well i bought all the kitchenaid pasta attachments. The dough comes out leathery smooth and elastic with perfectly consistent results every time. This has taken my home chef pasta making to a whole other level. I even bought semolina flour because i felt my regular bread flour just wasn’t on par with the professional quality of this equipment. As i am not the most coordinated person, it also takes about 1/4 the time required to use the hand crank version. Fresh homemade pasta is now a weeknight dinner instead of an all day art project in my house. You have just got to try these to appreciate the efficiency and quality.

Oh, how easy to make pasta for ravolli just follow the instructions, especially the first time you use it. Don’t be dismayed when you put the dough through the first time, just keep folding into thirds, then re-rolling. Depending on your dough, you may have to do the rolling/folding 4-6 times on the widest setting, before the dough looks like pics in ads, and is ready to be moved to next thickness. From there you should only need to go to put dough in once before going to thinner setting. Fun to try different pasta recipes using different flours.

First, let me say that i have been making home made ravioli every new years of my adult life. First with my grandmother, then i personally took over the tradition about 20 years ago. I normally have eager (hungry) family and friends around waiting to jump in and help me prepare the new years eve meal. Well, with my grandmother in her 90’s, my parents not medically capable of standing on their feet for hours at a time now, i was facing new years eve meal preparation alone.The thought of doing all of that alone, struck fear in my heart. I did some research and found this attachment was available for the kitchenaid. So, a professional 600 series kitchenaid was ordered along with this attachment. Thank you amazon for your same day delivery service. Let me start out by saying that this review could have gone either way. Like many other reviewers, i was ready to throw this attachment in the garbage about halfway through my first attempted use.

So this is sort of a work in progress. Like many others here i lost about a half a batch of dough to metal flakes and oil rubbing off. As soon as i got through that the roller started making a huge screeching sound. Maybe it is not lubricated now – but this is loud enough that everyone in the house came by at least once to ask “should it be making that noise?”. It seems like there is also some “etching” on the rollers, so maybe that is where the metal flakes came from. Anyway, contacting the company. Other than that however, watch some videos on youtube on what the dough should look like and stuff, that solved most of my problems. Also something on how to properly measure flour :)second night, doing the dough right worked like a charm with the roller and the cutter – aside from the squeeking it went really really well. If i can get an exchange i think i would end up being pretty happy.

There simply is no better way to make ravioli. It makes it so simple, you feel like you are cheating. I made from scratch ravioli my first time for 12 people from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. Personally, i found it easier to use without the attached feeder, but my friends like the feeder. Either way, it’s super easy. The ravioli maker is not turned automatically. You twist the crank by hand or control.

Ok so fat kids like pasta, right?. I’m not fat but i’m channeling my inner fatty. Wanted to make my own venison ravioli and after rolling a set out by hand i wanted to go to mcdonalds (ok not really) but rolling them by hand really sucked. (thank your grandmas kids for all the hard work they used to do). I picked a recipe, spinach pasta, kitchen aid mixed it in seconds(again. Thanks grandma for always doing that by hand). Grabbed the whole ball and jammed it in there. Which brings us to the next point.

I’ve looked at the various pasta attachments for my kitchen aid mixer for years and finally broke down and purchased them from amazon. Great price and they are well made. The order arrived quickly and i immediately put them to use. They are great attachments, i’m sorry i didn’t buy them years ago. The attachments are fun to use. The attachment to roll the pasta has various settings which seem just perfect for whatever thickness required. The fettucine maker and the spaghetti maker work perfectly. I used the recipe which i found in the booklet included with the attachments and it was quite good.

I bought the kitchenaid pasta roller and cutter set early in our gluten free adventure. Like most kids, mine loved pasta and the premade pastas at the time, not only tasted bad, but were expensive. So i thought i would try to make my own. Over the years, i have made gluten free pasta using this set and i absolutely love it. Both rolling and cutting my dough is so easy. I love that the roller and cutters attach right to my kitchenaid mixer because i don’t have to worry about turning a handle as i try to process my pasta dough. These tools are heavy duty and designed to last and last. Even though i live in a very humid and corrosive environment (close to the sea) i have never found any rust or corrosion on my equipment. Even after the mixing portion of my kitchenaid mixer fell apart, i kept the mixer unit so i could continue to use my pasta rollers. I love this set and am so glad i own it.

Just arrived and i have already made 5 dozen ravioli in less than 2 hours and by myself. I have tortured friends a few times over the years into making home made ravioli with my family recipes. It took hours and we would have barely have enough for a large meal. After donating a home made italian dinner to a charity raffle, i spent along with two others over 8 hours preparing the recipes including turning the crank on the pasta machine which refused to stay fastened to the granite counter top. It was clear that it was time to break down and purchase one of these if i ever wanted butternut squash ravioli again. It arrived last week, was simple to use and i could work independently. I have a basic classic kitchenaid mixer and was fearful that the motor would bog down, but there were no problems. Since i paid a dollar a piece for ravioli last year, it has almost paid for itself already. Cleaning was a breeze and if a person can operate the crank pasta machine, this will be a breeze.

I love making as many foods from scratch as i can, controlling the quality of ingredients, but homemade pasta used to be something that i just needed to be in the right mood for to do. For years, i have a hand-crank unit that attaches to my countertop with a clamp and found making pasta to be so time-consuming (not to mention how aggravating it is when the crank arm falls out time after time). I made pasta maybe 2-3 times a year with that unit. A buck a box for store-bought pasta was worth it to me not to have the crank hassle. Now with the kitchenaid roller i can make pasta 7 days a week if i want and whip it up in less than an hour (including resting time for dough). It is so easy and fun, i have already way surpassed the number of pasta batches i’ve made all previous years with a crank model (in just 3 months). Ravioli, lasagna, egg noodles, linguine (i even got adventurous one day & decided to make tortellini – well half the dough went for tortellini, the other half became ravioli – if you’ve ever made tortellini then you know why). But all have been wonderful and so easy. The taste is so much better than store-bought and it’s so cool that if i want pasta for dinner and don’t have the noodles i can make them so quickly. My roller works great and i have not had any issues with cleaning like some other reviewers mentioned.

Kitchenaid kpra pasta cutter reviewsatisfaction4u’s customer service is among the best i have ever received – the kitchenaid kpra is a total winneri cannot more fully endorse satisfaction4u and kitchenaid’s kpra pasta cutter set. Satisfaction4u’s customer service is among the best i have ever received. Com for the kitchenaid kpra pasta cutter set said it included a linguini fini cutter. The box i received said “spaghetti” cutter. I was totally disappointed because i really, really, wanted a linguini fini not a spaghetti cutter. I contacted satisfaction4u and described my problem. They went thru extraordinary means to satisfy me, but the problem was that all the new kpra sets were only shipped with spaghetti cutters. After several emails and phone calls with satisfaction4u, i am totally satisfied they did everything in their power to get me what i wanted. Unfortunately, kitchenaid changed what they are currently shipping/manufacturing to spaghetti cutters.

I used it again just tonight. I used to use a hand roller. It took two people to operate. One to turn the handle and another to feed and catch the dough. This device goes on my kitchenaid stand mixer and i make the noodles by my self, with less muss and fuss. I also use it for pot sticker skins, perogis and egg roll skins. I just brush it out with a stiff, dry brush when i am done with it.

I have to side with the other 5 star testimonials, it truly is just a make any difference of using it effectively. I just applied it for the very first time final night time and the only challenge i had was adding much too a lot stuffing and possessing it ooze out at the end (you need much fewer than you feel you do), and that was just me refusing to learn my lesson. To be clear, i’m surely no qualified on earning pasta possibly. I’ve created common pasta a handful of moments, and i’ve produced raviolis a couple of periods making use of the norpro ravioli mould. I also failed to follow the involved dough recipe (guide schmanual). I just threw in eggs, flour, semolina, olive oil and salt into the mixing bowl until it was crumbly, which appeared to be the well known regularity in the youtube movies (ok, i am inclined to observe recommendations). Also for any one that has the marcato pasta maker, i rolled the dough out to the level 5 thickness (most recommendations convey to you what to do with the kitchenaid roller, which i you should not have). I believe the biggest critical is that you are not able to get absent with stretchy dough like you can when just earning pasta. If your dough is the appropriate consistency, this attachment operates great. I produced most likely one hundred or so raviolis in somewhat quick time, and i could have quickly manufactured 500 but my friend confirmed up with wine and debauchery won out.

I have never ever been disappointed with kitchenaid. My husband and i are enjoying our empty nest a long time, and are cooking a lot more and far more alongside one another. This pasta maker was a excellent addition to our kitchen. It truly is conveniently connected to the kitchenaid mixer. The directions are uncomplicated to abide by. Cleansing up it’s basic: just permit the dough dry, and then flake off. There’s no will need for cleaning soap and h2o. I would undoubtedly advocate this products.

Cherished this ideal out of the box. Yrs again i bought a clamp-fashion pasta maker with roller and attachments. The major device attaches to my granite countertop. I even acquired a motor some time back to make it ‘easier’ and quicker to make pasta. However, i hardly ever could get into pasta-earning to the extent i preferred producing breads or pizza. Even getting a motor device for my countertop product, i observed it far too much of a trouble. When i just lately bought a k-support standmixer, i bought the extruder first and discovered it enjoyment to make shapes with dough and then this roller was following on my record–not since i didn’t have one previously, but just simply because. It is so much less complicated than the motorized clamp-design i have, like evening and day. So i’m in this article to say, if you are debating which one particular to obtain, and you currently individual a k-help mixer, no contest. The sheets roll out beautifully, promptly, and quickly. I like generating greater, vast ‘noodles’ considering the fact that that is uncomplicated to lower by hand w/o any attachments. I even took out my ravioli cutter w/rippled edges and manufactured the edges of the noodles scalloped as i slash the long strips. They were so tender and fragile by the way.I want to make cannelloni ‘wrappers’ upcoming and fill them up and roll them–then lasagna, then ravioli.

I’ve been creating homemade pasta a few to four situations each and every 7 days since i gained these tools. I am even now stunned at how effortless it is to make pasta. (i really should have started out accomplishing this several years back. ) it will take me about five minutes to make the dough employing my kitchenaid paddle and dough hook attachments, and then about 5 minutes much more to make the noodles making use of my new rollers. This is what i do:components (can make about 13 oz. Of pasta):one cup semolina flour3/4 cup pastry flour (i use bob’s pink mill complete wheat pastry flour)2 eggs (additional big)1 tablespoon wateri sift the flours together into my kitchenaid bowl. Then i add the eggs and drinking water. Applying the paddle, i combine the elements on velocity two for thirty-forty five seconds, until the dough cleans the bowl. I replace the paddle with the dough hook and knead on pace 2 for two minutes. I then knead the dough by hand on a lightly (flippantly) floured surface for two minutes additional.

I a short while ago started producing my very own refreshing pasta. I have a hand-crank pasta equipment, and i am satisfied with it — but it is form of cumbersome to get the job done the crank, feed the pasta in, and then get the pasta out devoid of it all having tangled and knotted. The pasta roller and cutter for the kitchenaid is just the issue for that. I can make the pasta with the mixer, and then place on the roller attachment and get it all rolled out, change to the cutter, and it can be a breeze to feed with one hand, and do the out-feed with the otherthe motive it’s not 5 stars?. When i can get a handbook pasta device that does exactly the very same issue for $30. 00 or less, it appears a little bit too much for these to be far more than 5 moments that selling price. If i hadn’t experienced some gift funds i could use, i would not have obtained it. If you are producing fresh new pasta on a weekly basis, then this may possibly nicely be value the price tag. If you (like me) only make fresh pasta from time to time — effectively, i will not know if it is worth the cash.

I obtained this today, and excitedly made my first batch of spinach pasta. Nothing at all caught to the equipment and it was so straightforward to get started the dough in the one aspect and catch it as it came out the other side. The kitchenaid mixer did all the perform.I have in no way tried using creating pasta before and debated about getting a handbook crank desk design but couldn’t see how i could switch it with just one hand and catch the pasta with the other. There are only two recipies in the enclosed booklet, but there are various wonderful publications on amazon for generating pasta. I consider i am heading to get the ‘how to make artisan pasta’ ebook. The wheel at the facet of the attachment establishes the thickness of the dough and is easy to regulate. I also make flat breads a whole lot and wanted this to prevent countless several hours of hand rolling. This attachment rolls out dough just as very easily for naan and tortillas as it does for pasta.

KitchenAid Commercial 8 Qt – Bowl used with KA 7qt ProLine Mixer

I feel like this bowl is a necessary evil. The 5 quart bowl has a much better handle. With this one, it feels like your wrist is breaking as you attempt to pour out batter if you’re making double or triple batches. I searched high and low for a better option, but there weren’t any.

This bowl works wonderfully in my kitchenaid. I purchased this to mix bath bombs and salts without worrying about the essential oils sticking around to contaminate my food, but i liked this one so much i decided to keep this for my usual food prep and relegated the original bowl to bath duty.

All you expect from it is there, good quality style funcionality its hefty designed like a tank, search no additional, recomended.

  • Nice to have extra, wish handle was stronger
  • Bowl used with KA 7qt ProLine Mixer
  • I feel like this bowl is a necessary evil

Ideal for my 7 qt kitchenaid mixer. I like the brushed stainless steel finish.

Matches my 8 quart mixer properly to enable me to make more compact batches .

Features of KitchenAid Commercial 8 Qt. Bowl, Stainless Steel – NSF

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Model #: KSMC8QBOWL
  • Polished finish
  • J‐hook handle; designed for stacking & hanging
  • Fits KitchenAid KSM7990 and KSM8990 models
  • Model #: KSMC8QBOWL

Wonderful sound squared-off j-hook, high-quality design and suits perfectly in the 7qt mixer.

I obtained this bowl to go with my ka proline 7qt mixer a minor more than a year back. This is my go-to dimensions for daily use (the 7qt is employed for significant prep). It is a excellent healthy for the 7qt mixer. I’m incredibly content with this bowl.

This bowl seems to be a bit off in contrast to the initial that came with the mixer. Most likely lousy qa on kitchenaid’s component.

This is a awesome top quality bowl in a more compact volume for use with the 7 quart mixer. The large kitchenaid is a quite pleasant mixer but there are at times you just you should not have to have to mix a enormous volume – enter the 5 quart bowl. It matches and will work good with the mixer.

The 7 quart bowl is difficult to snap on the mixer and the edges close to the bowl are not beveled. Hey are sharp and need a towel or pot holders to put it on. The take care of on the aspect of the bowl is awkward.

Requested this for the new mixer for my wife. It is nice as it offers alternatives for generating even larger pots of mashed potatoes. The organization that supplies it for amazon took pretty a even though to get it to us however (more than a thirty day period).

Fantastic size bowl for medium to tiny batches when full 8 qt bowl is not needed, great suit, comfortable cope with, excellent addition to my nsf mixer.

Superb for my nsf 8 quart kitchenaid.

Good high-quality and suits in my 6 quart expert mixer without the need of getting to improve the mixer blade location or peak.

Pleasant to have a lesser bowl for selected things.

Workes on our 6 quart elevate bowl mixer.

I bought it to replace the substantial 7 qt. Bowl on our new kitchenaid mixer. It fits properly and is substantially less complicated to handle when i need to have the lesser size. The take care of is just about best. The only down aspect is that the edge is flared in its place of rolled like the unique seven qt. When i desire the flared edge it will not accept the mixing shield that arrived with the mixer.

I ordered this to have it on hand as a 2nd bowl. I despise acquiring to quit my assignments to wash my bowl and beater. It truly is strong and will last my life time. I love my commercial grade mixer and excess bowl and beater.It is a aspiration come correct to very own these goods.

I am applying the 8 qt bowl in a mixer that arrived with a 5. All attachments perform as perfectly.

Just as envisioned, a kitchenaid products with top quality.

I am extremely happy that i acquired a next bowl for my mixer. My only situation is that the take care of just isn’t sturdy adequate to accommodate the excess weight the bowl can have in it. I discovered it starting off to bend with about fifty percent a bowl of cake batter so i grabbed the base side together with the handle. Now i really don’t be expecting it to be capable to hold a ton of excess weight, so i’m not upset about it, but i do imagine kitchenaid need to have created the deal with much better on an 8 quart bowl.

Suits flawlessly with mixer (of study course) and can make it simple to end just one recipe with the 1st bowl – then use this bowl for the next recipe.

Appreciate the handle and constantly will need a 2nd bowl.

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq : Love this Blender!

Greatest blender i have ever owned. Gentle several years forward of the low-priced things i have owned in the previous. Will work good, blends just about anything i put in it.

Have not tried out it but but it is magnificent.

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq , Aqua Sky Color.

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • The Soft Start® Feature starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade then quickly increases to the selected speed setting.
  • Control Panel with White LED Lights The Clean-Touch Control Panel wipes clean easily.
  • The 60-oz. BPA-Free patented Diamond Pitcher design is shatter-, scratch- and stain-resistant and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler provides direct, efficient power transfer from the motor directly to the blade for robust blending. The coupler is coated for quiet operation.
  • The Die Cast Metal Base is sturdy.

I acquired this blender to shift into the realm of juices and smoothies. This is a uncomplicated and strong blender. A must have for those seeking to crush ice and mix. The button action took a little acquiring use to, electrical power on then push. My problem will be over time the challenging rubber on the gear tooth assembly. The blender is quite quiet since of this function so i will wait on examining it. I hope this blender to be about for some time.

It is the most effective blender i’ve ever utilised, and i love the coloration much too.

KitchenAid Blender ksb1575aq , Aqua Sky Color. : I bought this to replace a cheap blender that i had that was having a very hard time handling all the frozen fruit i was shoving into it to make smoothies for my kids. I do like this blender (it’s certainly cute), but wish it obliterated the fruit in the way i expected it to. It does eventually manage to tackle even a full receptacle of frozen fruit, but it does take a little stopping and stirring action, which i was hoping to get rid of by buying this pricey blender. Overall, i do like this, but kind of wish i had gotten one of the other brands that maybe wouldn’t require so much effort.

Effective, quiet, straightforward to clear. Just what you assume from kitchenaid. I also have the significant elevate bowl mixer and a food processor from kitchenaid.

I have only utilised it as soon as so far. I used frozen fruit and it clogged up and i experienced to prevent the blender and stir it. Like many others i identified it tough to get the jar off the base. If you twist it counter clockwise it comes off conveniently. Then you twist it clockwise to lock it into spot when to set it again on the foundation. I like that the jar and blending areas are all a single piece and does not occur apart. Just be absolutely sure to wash it proper absent right before food stuff dries on.

We just obtained this awesome blender as our to start with wedding ceremony present off of our amazon registry. I have to say kitchenaid brand name is by much the most large quality of any kitchen area equipment i have ever owned or examined. This blender is the most great shade of aqua, and suits pretty nicely into our mid-century-contemporary / retro-themed residence. We analyzed it right away on receiving it. The merchandise came incredibly securely packaged, and incredibly nicely reward-wrapped. The appliance by itself is very significant-duty, and nicely-made. The blender delivers an array of options/speeds for all of your mixing requirements. We really relished the fact that the lid, and take care of of the lid are equipped to detach from 1 a further for washing needs, and then be securely re-assembled. Over-all this looks like the most properly-designed blender i have ever seen, and most surely the finest most higher high quality one particular i have ever owned. I am so happy with this product, and i would highly advocate this precise blender to any individual.

It seamed like fantastic blender, but the blender cup heated and thinned out on bottom. Does not have good grip, thus not working appropriately.

Only fault is that it could come with the 24oz culinary jar also provided.

Really will blend up the ice product to make a nice sleek milkshake. However, does seem slightly overpriced for a blender. Really large solution and created from great top quality materials while.

My aspiration blender is a vitamix. I have utilized them and just swoon, on the other hand, i don’t want to invest that substantially on a blender correct now. So, i investigated blenders and scoured the assessments. I have had quite a few blenders in the final 10 a long time and know what i would like. I chosen a glass container, but basically this plastic container is strong, thick, and possibly most sensible. The glimpse of the blender device is wonderful. The blender is not loud, in my feeling. It is a blender, and i count on some noise. It truly is quieter and doesn’t have that shearing audio my last 3 blenders experienced.

The most strong blender i have ever had.

These charming blender likely labored great but i returned it mainly because it was enormous. Measure ahead of you purchase is the lesson acquired in this article.

Simple to run and quick to clean up. Appears to be good and is creating wonderful margaritaslast blender was high priced but once the primary gaskets wore out it was up coming to worthless. Replacements ended up tough to locate and never ever labored properly. This diamond blender is auch improved design.

This is a superior excellent, highly effective, good seeking blender. Everyone loves it and compliments it. I manufactured frozen margaritas with no problem. Ir effortlessly crushes ice with a pulse crusher. Only down side is my girlfriend wishes all new kitchenaid appliances immediately after receiving this, so be ready to get addicted.

I really like my new blender in my beloved color.

A great deal quieter than my cousin artwork which at last quit. The only issue is my dishwasher warped the lid a little- hand wash or top rated rack that man. Seems to be lovely on the counter.

KitchenAid KMT422ER 4-Slice Toaster, A Little advice for Kitchen Aid

Toaster will work great – we purchased it with amazon factors. The coloration is to die for if you like the kitchenaid red. I never see what really the hub bub is that would make it additional costly than other toasters but it has held up effectively and we use it day by day.

This has been the greatest toaster we have ever experienced, bar none. It does everything we want it to, everytime. The numerical configurations for toastiness is a good program. The toast or bagle is toasted all around. There are no gaps in the toasting and it just functions wonderful. You wil not be dissappointed.

A tiny suggestions for kitchen support. The toaster does every single point you ask of it quite perfectly. But, if coloration is of significance to you, beware of this in empire red. It is red alright, but not the very same red as my ka mixer. I am intrigued in paying for a ka blender, but will be incredibly cautious of this coloration. In addition, this criticism will not affect a lot of individuals, but if you have small vision issues, the labeling of the toaster capabilities are not readable. Ka would do some of us a favor if they would darken the letters.

Key specs for KitchenAid KMT422ER 4-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever and Digital Display – Empire Red:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 4 Extra-Wide Slots
  • Digital Display with Countdown Timer
  • Bagel, Defrost, Reheat, Toast/Cancel Buttons
  • All-Metal Construction
  • Under Base Cord Storage

Comments from buyers

“I love toast and red, Great toaster for reasonable price, Updated after returning possible defective unit”

I essentially enjoy this retro toaster. It seems magnificent sitting down on a counter and just after four decades of use, it is really nevertheless likely sturdy. We have not experienced a one issue with it and it toasts every little thing beautifully. I might absolutely purchase it once again.

Lastly a toaster that toasts each sides of the bread in all 4 slots. Wished i could have viewed it initial in retail store but am not upset. Greater than my other toaster but suits wonderful in identical place.

Great ample to leave out on the counter. Options are simple to determine out. Great to have 4 slots to get the occupation accomplished rapidly for breakfast. Slots are wide plenty of for bagels and it has a bagel location. The only shortcoming is that the toast isn’t going to pop up definitely significant when carried out, so the tackle requires to be held up to get more obtain to the toast. Also the toaster tends to make a seem when it is completed, so if you don’t want your appliances chatting to you, then will not get this one particular. I have had this for six months with no difficulties noted.

Works terrific with everyday or a lot more use. . 1 piece of toast – checktwo items of toast – checkthree pieces of toast – checkfour parts of toast – checkthis toaster will have you bases included. Operates excellent and completes the toasting course of action in a acceptable quantity of time. Even toasting in my belief. I like the design and style and it seems to be perfectly developed. This will get utilised everyday and have had it for about a few months now with no issues.

This unit is greater than i expected — my wife phone calls it ‘the spaceship’. It can be a nice looking equipment, pretty modern-day. Overall performance is superb as effectively. For a mid-range toaster, i’m pretty joyful with the invest in. Sure, i most likely could have gotten absent with a further $fifteen unit, in which i will pry bagels out with a knife every so frequently. But this is genuinely great, and we’re pleased with the spaceship.

I purchased this toaster for my son about 4 weeks back as his old toaster was getting ages to brown the bread. We have been using it each working day considering that for bread and bagels and it functions just high-quality. You can set the degree for toasting and it beeps when the bread is prepared. It was undoubtedly a terrific buy and i,ve told my son that it may be much better if i acquire it with me when i return to england.

My dilemma is that a person side of. I will not typically shell out this significantly on a toaster, but this is a excellent one particular. My dilemma is that 1 facet of the toaster will work better than the other. The superior facet tends to make the toast incredibly evenly and i like the ‘crunch’ on the exterior of the toast. I also appreciate that hubby and i can each have our individual placing and we never have to adjust them every time we use it. The suitable aspect of the toaster, for some rationale, does not toast both equally sides of the toast evenly. One side is browner than the other. I have not returned it mainly because i bought it several months prior to i necessary it – we were being transforming the kitchen making use of lots of red shade and i acquired the red toaster way before the kitchen was done. So it was numerous months previous right before i bought to use it.

Toasts evenly on both of those sides of the bread which looks to be a challenge for some toasters. The digital display with development indicator is a genuine in addition.

I’ve gone through a few returns as a result of kitchenaid. All three toasters will not likely toast evenly. I have even done a burn in on both equally sides where i’ve turned the settings up to max and just let it run numerous times. It would seem like it is really constantly in bagel manner for the reason that the inside of components on the two sides toast additional than the outside the house. On location three a person side will come out medium brown and the other aspect has no colour. Normal great functions like bagel and defrost modes3. Uncomplicated to clean up with detachable trayscons:one. It doesn’t toast evenlykitchenaid was uncomplicated to function with concerning returns. I never want to give it one particular star due to the fact all the things else about it is fantastic. On the other hand, it really is not fantastic at it really is main position: which is toasting.

Fantastic toaster for affordable rate. The last toaster we had was a t-fal which we bought when we had been married some 25 years in the past. Our needs, as a lot of slices as achievable (we have 6 young ones), runs on one hundred ten (not 240 or three phase electricity like professional toasters), and falls in the sweet place of charge for excellent. Whilst this toaster was a tiny bit more high priced than i experienced budgeted for, it has lived up to the billing. Goods are toasted quite evenly, and reliably. The digital display will make it quick to see development. Bar count down for minutes in will make it easy to operate with. Even with both of those sides heading at identical time. See image for graphic of timer. Only modifications i would make would be to make the timer all digital for rely down in its place of the bars. Also, the knobs on the entrance really don’t have any distinct mark on them to convey to you exactly where you are at for timing. It is really quite considerably free flowing switch and you have to place merchandise down to prepare dinner in toaster in advance of you can change time alternatively of just leaving it at a particular place. All-in-all although, a very good obtain.

It seems to be good on my counter, even however it’s big in contrast with my aged a single. My outdated toaster was a sunbeam and the beams failed to final extended, and the thing hardly ever toasted just about anything evenly. I have never ever had a toaster that does bagels like this a single they are best crunchy on the cut facet and soft and heat on the outsides. We have made use of it for cheapo bread, dense sourdough, english muffins, and bagels it does them all, and does a excellent career at it. If there is any drawback to this toaster it may possibly be that it is a great deal slower than other toasters i have had. However, my toasters that ended up more quickly still left the toast soggy in the center and extremely crispy on the outside. There may well be a pretty superior purpose for the slow-toasting of this kitchen assist as the toast is not soggy in the middle. A hundred bucks is a great deal of dollars for a toaster, but then again, you truly do get what you shell out for. I’ve now had this a minor below 6 months, paid $100 for it, and it has troubles. The small metal screens that occur up to maintain the toast in the middle began failing on just one slot right after two months, times past the guarantee.

This toaster has a lot likely for it but also a few of troubles. The red versus the stainless is stylish and i depart it on my counter all the time. I genuinely like the fine adjustments i can do to get just the proper sum of browning. Some have complained about toasting time but i have no concern with it. I can only see a little bit of glowing from the within but it toasts anything evenly. Shortcomings consist of slots not remaining very long adequate for vast slices of bread. Also it is really deep on the counter. In general i am pleased with the glimpse and fuction of this toaster.

I like this toaster, it appears to be interesting, has digital display but seems to be like a traditional. The only matter is it does acquire lengthier to toast than the old just one but it is a lot more of a uniform darkening of the yeast-ed concoctionthat has been dropped into it. In general, i would propose it.

Kitchenaid four slice toaster functions terrific . I had been hunting all more than for a four slice toaster to switch our outdated, less expensive a person that at last gave out after ten a long time. I study all the opinions and searched a lot of merchants online. I lastly settled on this a person. I have to say the toasting is best no make any difference which setting you put it on. It also tastes wonderful for the reason that whatsoever you are toasting is flawlessly carried out. The only trouble – albeit a slight just one, is that the toast or bagel won’t arrive all the way up when it is really performed. But to me, that is a small factor. I just decide on it up with my fingers and it is fine. Excellent toasting and price tag was ok.

Has been doing work really properly for me and like the lift to get the toast out. It can deal with the bagels very very well and the 1 facet toasting will work. I am joyful with this and would endorse.

Helps make excellent toast (go effortless on the lever). I get perfect toast out of this point each individual time. The end high-quality is good, pleasant brushed steel and incredibly eye-catching bright red. I dinged a star mainly because the motion of the toast depressor lever is just not engineered to the similar stage as everything else on the toaster. It catches at the bottom just wonderful but the resistance to capture the latch at the bottom is quite stiff and prospects to making use of far too a great deal pressure if you usually are not paying attention. If you push much too tricky it plainly could crack (this has been pointed out by numerous other reviewers). Once you get made use of to it there is no issue but you unquestionably have to have to educate your brain or you’ll just crush the lever into oblivion though 50 percent awake in the morning trying to make toast. Did i mention that it will make perfect toast, toaster waffles, bagles, pop tarts: it is an superb toaster, just have to get utilized to the lever. I can hugely recommend this toaster, just never hulk out on the lever.

Toasts excellent, will take a prolonged time though. It browns evenly and seems terrific on the counter. Just one drawback is that it would seem to acquire forever to toast. I have gotten utilized to it by now, but when we very first bought it home, the toasting time seemed ridiculously extensive. In my kitchen area of all stainless steel, the red presents a wonderful little bit of necessary color.

Get this toaster, you will not regret it. We have made use of it for all kinds of breads/bagels and it functions flawlessly each time. It appears to be like super sharp on my counter and i have received tons of compliments on it.I find the #three setting to be the ideal for my liking when toasting bread. The wonderful detail is it truly is memory mechanically remembers what your final placing was. I assume potentially my most loved aspect (aside from how sharp it appears to be) is the defrost function. It is effective completely completely. This was truly worth just about every final penny.

Current soon after returning possible faulty unit. I have tried out on all the options to toast evenly but even on #one setting, my bread is burnt. It should be a defective unit based mostly on the others’ reviews but this is going back after one 7 days of aggravation. Needless to say, the price tag will not warrant me holding it if it burns the toast every day. On #4, the waffles are past toasted from the freezer. Regrettably, i have to return this as toast in our property is a necessity. Update nine/three/13:effectively, i despise to say it but i never like this toaster as significantly as i love my mother’s black and decker. I’ve supplied it a number of weeks’ use and nonetheless won’t be able to figure out how not to burn up the toast. It appears that #3 is far too light and #four is far too dark but there is no way to seriously go in amongst. Our children have burned just about every one toaster strudel and pop tart that they’ve manufactured and the waffles from the freezer just never come out fairly right.

Toasts evenly for the most part. One particular side is quite slightly darker than the other, but not a lot. I like the heavyweight sense. The handles are straightforward up and down. It looks much more costly than it is. And it can be kitchenaid, so you know it’s a high-quality merchandise.

Absolutely everyone who has frequented and tried it has beloved it. Last but not least i resolved to obtain a toaster that wasn’t an eventual throwaway. This is the cadillac of toasters. The segment bars let you know how extended you have to hold out, and this toaster does make you hold out.The temperature ranges are huge and the slots for the lift handles go earlier mentioned the loading placement so that you can thrust the finished solution up greater to seize it. Everybody who has visited and attempted it has beloved it.

KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle – Candy Apple Pro Line Electric Kettle – Amazingly Beautiful! You’ll love to look at this thing on your counter!

It was a reward to my mother, she in appreciate with it thank you.

Exceptionally happy with my new kitchenaid kettle. Incredibly quike to boil and definitely beautiful to appear at.

Kettle lives up to it can be price tag. Though pricey this kettle has characteristics that make it exceptional. The temperature environment allows you to quit the kettle at any sought after temperature not just boiling which is critical for some sensitive teas and saves needless use of strength to often boil water. The simple fact that the kettle is insulated and shows the real drinking water temperature signifies you will not normally have to reheat the h2o when you’ve overlooked that you turned the kettle on. The pop up lid helps make it uncomplicated to fill. The appears speak for themselves. The only disadvantages are that it is a bit significant so likely not perfect for these with weak arms and the h2o stage gauge is guiding the tackle so impossible to see when you are holding the kettle to fill it.Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid KEK1522CA Kettle – Candy Apple Pro Line Electric Kettle:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 1440–Watt quickly and quietly heats water.
  • Dual Wall construction keeps temperature longer.
  • Temperature Control & Gauge achieve precise results.

I make quite a few types of green and white tea which require distinct temperatures. This would make it simple to select good temperature. Kettle is perfectly well balanced and the red is beautiful in kitchen area around mixer of exact shade.

It is so tremendous silent and the drinking water stays sizzling for a longer period. It is really also substantially quicker than my aged cheepo kettle.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • cleaning much better then cheaper units for the same manufacturer or other
  • Amazingly Beautiful! You’ll love to look at this thing on your counter!
  • Fits the decor, works like a charm

I like is excellent , the colour , and how is effective.

Looks charming and boils rapidly even when fullbut. . The degree gauge is in the even worse spot attainable. Less than the take care of and entirely unreadable if you’re holding the point beneath the faucet to fill it.

It’s great for our assortment tea range.

Ideal kettle, i understood that i can trust kitchenaid for that merchandise.

This kettle appears to be like a luxurious yacht. I am a tea supporter, who has made use of electric kettles via-out my lifestyle, that usually left me wanting for more. That is not the situation with this appliance. This kettle appears to be like like a luxury yacht, easy as a rolls-royce, and with no exaggerations this kettle has impeccable manners. The natural metallic seem when you place on its stand, the slow and sleek manners in which the lid opens, the clicking sound of the buttons (head you, it has only two, my granny even enjoys it). And the ideal portion when your tea is complete, appreciate that stylish seem it can make that sends you excitedly wanting to start off filling your tea cups. Some one complained that the seem is too low, i personally disagree, i truly feel absolutely sure the architect for this kettle deliberately intended it to be this kind of. This kettle is a privilege to possess, i dont do critiques, but i experience i ought to do this below.

And have located this kettle to be accurate and easy. I have been employing this for 10 months and have uncovered this kettle to be accurate and quick. While the indicator does, as many others have pointed out, contain condensation that obscures the h2o height, earning this function worthless, the in general success overrides this difficulty. I am an iced tea drinker and brew up thirty ounces on most days. This kettle helps me to brew the tea at the proper temperature making a far more crisp, apparent taste to the tea. I in fact did a take a look at with a mate who brewed the exact same tea by making use of the classic stovetop approach of boiling drinking water though i made use of the kitchenaid kettle. Even he admitted that the flavor was outstanding by getting a much more specific temperature to brew the tea.

It appears to be so fashionable that i go away it out on my counter even when it truly is not in use. Also, it really is so handy getting capable to regulate the h2o temperature.

Matches the decor, operates like a charm. As a dyed-in-the-wool tea drinker, the lookup for the ‘perfect’ tea kettle has been long and arduous … right after melting the enamel coating of two stove leading kettles onto the selection, i bought clever and made a decision to investigate electric tea kettles. I tried using kettles by oster, hamilton seaside, and cuisinart, to name a number of, but always ran into a single difficulty or a different. – some worked great to begin with, then stopped heating h2o to temperature within a couple months, other folks unsuccessful right after inadvertently getting allowed to boil-dry, some were hard to fill, even though others leaked when poured into the cup. I was hesitant at very first about going with this kitchenaid product simply because of the price tag tag, but i was won more than by the plan that i could established the temperature manually (and very easily) for various beverages or soups. Just after employing it for a couple of months, even so, i can say that i under no circumstances produced a better obtain. It actually is fairly easy to use, and the temperature and h2o-stage indicators are simple to browse. It heats water constantly and rapidly, and truly, isn’t really that the full place?. I have not had any problems with this product, and the extra reward, of training course, is that it looks fantastic on my kitchen area counter, adding a splash of colour to my decor. It can be a significant-top quality products, effectively-value the cost.

It works terrific and is quite desirable.

Appreciate my kitchenaid pro line. This kettle boils water super rapidly and i use it at minimum four moments a working day. Threw out the keurig and now just do basic pour-around coffee that rivals the artisanal espresso stores, good tea, boiling water to rapidly sanitize dishes and i even use it to jumpstart a pot of boiling drinking water for our pasta or steamer basket. The seem is modest nevertheless pertinent and the style is generally impeccable. I wish the pro line was less complicated in my pockets, but i don’t at any time foresee a difficulty.

Superb electric pro amount kettle from kitchenaid. Value the added $$ for the pro design of this kettle with greater insulation. Temperature is exact (calculated with superior high quality probe). Fat of kettle crammed with water is nicely well balanced and simple pouring.

Durable, hefty responsibility, beautiful and performs fantastically.

Fantastically built, just a tad on the significant aspect. Slight plastic odor if scorching water is remaining in the kettle with the lid shut. Hopefully that will dissipate around time. Very substantial sense, and eye-catching on the countertop.

I have owned this kettle considering the fact that june, and this is by far the very best kettle i have at any time owned. It was a bit expensive but worth every penny. I use this kettle three-5 times for every day so it receives a lot of useit is extremely peaceful when the drinking water is boiling, which is the primary feature i was wanting for. It appears terrific on the counter, and has a stunning thermometer on the side so you know the temperature of the water. I seriously really like that i can change the kettle to give up when it reaches a particular temperature, which is great when getting ready most inexperienced teas. When the drinking water is carried out, it has a good chime. That was a bit confusing for a number of months, simply because it appears accurately like our door bell. On 1st use, there is a weird smell, but that goes absent just after the 1st couple utilizes. I suggest boiling various pots of drinking water and throwing it absent.

Bought this for my spouse and she loves it. . Obtained this for my wife and she loves it. (though she seldom uses the several temperature solution – which is why i purchased this unique product) it is quick to warmth up, and it retains the water warm for a extended time.

You may like to glance at this point on your counter. I bought a used a single from an great vendor. This electric kettle is a detail of natural beauty.You can set your temp variety and see the inner h2o temp. To achieve a total boil it usually takes about one-four minutes relying on the starting off drinking water temp. The manual allows you know what temp configurations to choose for different factors. There are a number of factors it truly is lacking that could make it greater:1) there is no timer or delay-get started possibility.