Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer : Does two things, neither of them all that well

The hamilton beach jave blend coffee brewer is a great option for anyone who likes blended coffee drinks or is looking for a way to save counter-space by combining a personal (one cup) coffee maker with a blender. This could ideal for someone living in an apartment or dorm roomnotes– the cup/mug that came with the unit is very nice- the unit can only make one cup of coffee at a time- the coffees is very hot – which is great. But it can make it a bit more difficult to make ice coffee :o)- the blender top is a bit too loose- the blender does an ok (but not great job) in blending ice- it probably goes without saying, but the blender can be used as a standalone blenderfinal verdict – the hamilton beach java blend is a pretty cool product. . It is perfect for a person who loves blended coffee or for someone who is looking for a two-in-one unit in order to save counter space.

This is the best way to stop yourself from spending nearly $6 a day at starbucks for a caremel frappucino. However, the blender is kind of weak. Maybe i just add in too much ice. But for some reason the ice is either too thick or too fine. I havent figured that part out yet and the direction manual doesnt seem to direct the user to that point. I never realized how important the ice size is to making a frappucino until i made it too big/too small with this. But hey, i’ll figure it out.

I never thought i needed a combination coffee maker slash blender. I still don’t think i need one. But if i had to have one, i guess this does the job?. It’s a strange beast: big enough to take up a massive amount of your counter space, yet can only make one mug of coffee at a time, with a similarly sized blender-for-one. The entire setup is extremely basic, and i’m not sure it’s worth the price. No timers, different settings, anything like that. Just your standard cheapo drop coffee maker married to a basic blender, and then everything somehow got marked up in price. Everything works fine, it’s just not really worth the inflated price.

I use this product everyday for not only coffee but my smoothies. The only part i don’t like is that it takes the old style filters but they are only a dollar for a half years’ worth so its not that bad.

  • I’m so in love with it’s awesomeness
  • I love it! I only drink cold/iced coffee so the
  • Love this thing. Condense two appliances into one!

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer (Discontinued)

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  • Satisfy all your coffee cravings with one countertop appliance!
  • Brew 16 oz. of hot coffee into travel mug with lid (travel mug included)
  • Blend 32 oz. of frozen coffee smoothie
  • Wave Action System designed to pull the mixture down into the blades for smooth results and no ice chunks!
  • 2 speed blender with pulse for optimal control

Nice, love the attatched blender.

Coming away from using a keuring i was a little concerned but i have loved it so much so far, and it has been a few months. I have used the blender a handful of times and i made an excellent iced coffee. I just don’t have a lot of time to use it more. But i brew coffee every morning and have 0 issues. Saved a lot of money not using k-cups too.

Hamilton beach will grow on you. It’ll warm you up with its sleek shape and cool design. It will shake you up with its agility and swiftness, and it will imprint on your mind with a great tasting coffee (both cool and hot). I highly recommend it to all coffee connoisseurs.

I wasn’t super impressed with this coffee maker / blender combo. I found that the coffee brewer functionality works well-enough; approximate to any other small, coffee brewer. Not bad, but nothing particularly special about it. The blender doesn’t work that well. It’s no replacement for my magic bullet. It has trouble blending ice and gets stuck when trying to make a smoothy. Two-for-one units offer space savings but at the expense of functionality. I do like the ability to quickly brew a single cup of coffee, but you can’t really use any other cup but the one provided. A standard mug sits too low and the coffee splashes all over the place. That means that you either needs a really tall mug, or you have to use the one provided by hamilton beach.

I kind of wish i hadn’t gotten a keurig last year after trying the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. It takes up about the same amount of counter space, but it does double duty with the built in blender. Plus i’d forgotten how nice it was to be able to brew a jumbo size mug of coffee at one time instead of having to use two pods to get the same amount. I do have a great blender, but more often than not, i don’t feel like dragging it out from the cabinet to use, clean, then put away. This one is right on hand at all times and small enough to easily toss in the seemingly always full dishwasher. And it’s a powerful blender too. I packed it full of ice cubes (cubes, not crushed ice) and it chewed them up in seconds. I’ve never been one to make any kind of fancy coffee drinks, but it was so easy using the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. I’ll definitely be making more in the future, in addition to fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

The cover attachment arrived broken but the product makes coffee and does a decent job of blending.

Got it for my daughter and it’s fantastic. Going to purchase one for myself :-).

Bought this as a nice multipurpose item for the kitchen and love it. The coffee maker works perfectly and the blender works great too. It doesn’t really work for the whole “brew coffee and pour it over ice in blender to make smoothie” feature because lets face it, coffee melts the ice immediately so you have to let the coffee cool almost completely first. Tried doing the straight from coffee to smoothie and had to keep putting more and more ice until it was very bland. Let the coffee cool first and add some cream and sugar to is before it cools and works great.

I’ve been using this coffee maker every day for almost a year. I only drink cold/iced coffee so the blender is a must. I also use the blender for margaritas and stuff. It is very easy to clean and looks nice on the counter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the market for a coffee maker and not looking to spend an arm and a leg. It would be a great gift as well. I got a warranty, but i haven’t had any issues with it. A lot of the time i will make coffee at night, put it in the refrigerator, and it’s ready to blend with ice cream, chocolate and ice in the morning. This has probably saved me hundreds verses going to a coffee shop every morning.

Didn’t think i would love it, but i am so pleasantly surprised. What really won me over is the size of the basket for the coffee grounds. It’s just as big as the basket in my 5 cup pot that it replaced. I like my coffee like tar and this enables me to make it stout enough to get my heart beating in just one cup. Hate the cup that came with it, well the cup is ok, the lid to the cup is awful. It has a lip sticking up where you drink from. Feels like a demented sippy cup. But i have found bunches of cups that i do like that fit perfect. And now i can have iced coffee the way i like it.

Perfect single serve and i can still make iced coffees and blended drinks.

The blender does a good job of crunching the ice for my frappes. I love that most parts i can throw in the dishwasher. I’m still working out the right serving size ingredient combos for me but that is on me. The machine itself is brilliant.

Work well but the blender is a little weaker than i want it to be.

I am so impressed with this coffee pot. The box was heavily damaged, but the product was fine. It works wonders and my friends with keurigs give compliments and wished theirs had these features. It’s easy to use and demonstrates the good name of hamilton beach. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I am enjoying my coffee maker. I can make one cup of coffee hot or cold. The one thing i don’t like it doesn’t have an adjustable shelf for my fovorite ceramic cup. I have to flip a bowl to use my cup instead of the computer cup.

I got this as a bedside coffee maker. The kitchen is too far without caffeine. Works great, and i love that i can get a quick smoothie without digging out another appliance.

Best coffee maker in a whilecold and hotnice.

Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Mixer 64699, Everything is great about this for the money except one thing

Its ok for the price, but not made very well.

Everything is great about this for the money except one thing. The beaters don’t really mix anything on the bottom of bowl. Seems like i have to scrap it up all the time to get everything mixed well.

This is 2nd mixer i’ve ordered. 1st one was gift to daughter & she loved it. Now other daughter needed one.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Mixer 64699 (1, Red):

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  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Comments from buyers

“Much better than our old handheld for about $5 more
, Must have for a kitchen
, Everything is great about this for the money except one thing

Not as great as i thought it would be but it works and looks great.

Makes great pizza dough that’s what i mainly use it for.

Is a very sturdy product big bowl and can even make bread dough, well worth the price comes with attachments.

Only lasted 6 month, though.

Im a very satisfied customer. Now it’s easier to make my cheese cakes.

This mixer is fully functional. My first impression was that it appears to be mish and all break easily, but after using it for several months, i have become quite happy with it. The bowl is easy to turn and manipulate. We and is very easy to clean.

Bought as christmas gift for my wife.

Was a great help making christmas cookies.

I was impressed with looks of this mixer,bought as christmas gift.

Wonderful mixer, works great, powerful too .

I gave this as a christmas gift to a friend who wanted to replace his heavy kitchen aid mixer. This was a good choice because it is lighter, but had the whisk, dough-hooks and regular beaters as attachments which are also included with the kitchen aid. I’m pleased with this purchase and i hope to hear good comments from my friend as well.

The price was great, the shipping speed was great & it looks nice enough to keep out on the counter.

It works well for new comers who is starting to bake.

Just exactly what i was looking for. . Made someone very happy, of decent quality.

My mother says it works well – was a christmas gift.

It is amazing the colour is also lovely.

I bought this a couple of years ago when i realized i was never going to be able to afford a kitchen aid, lol. And i have never been disappointed. I bake a lot, especially through the holidays, a dozen loaves of bread and 15 dozen cookies each christmas for my gift trays is par for the course. Those are baked over a period of 3 days and this handy mixer has never let me down. The bowl is heavy as has been mentioned in other reviews and is sometimes difficult for my old hands but that is not a bad trade off for security, i have dropped it several times and it is really really sturdy, i don’t fear it breaking as i would a flimsier bowl, metal might be nice, but i rather like the clear glass as i can see when all the flour is incorporated better.

I bought this mixer on another site 2 years ago. I used it to make mashed potatoes for thanksgiving giving both years. The potatoes were too much for it and this year it stopped working. But i loved it for everything else. Cake batter, bread & pretzel dough. Especially loved the clear glass bowl. Just stay away from overloading it. 20 lbs of potatoes each year was too much.

Easy to handle and did what i expected and wanted.

It works just as i would expect a good mixer to function. The only negative is you have to use your other hand to press the button on the side of the base in order to tilt up the mixer and beaters. I think it would be handier if the button for that was within reach of the index finger or thumb of the hand that holds the mixer. It makes for a little bit of awkward handling. Other than that, it works well. It looks nice on the counter top, too.

This is a great and handy mixer. Useful and very adaptable for any type of job.

Hamilton Beach 31230 Set & Forget Toaster Oven : I recommend this model to everyone!

At first i was skeptical about a counter top, multi-function, oven. This oven does, bake, convection, broil, toast. Warm, with a ‘probe’ that fits nicely in a ‘little compartment’ in the front of the oven. Also, listed on the front door are food products and the temperatures needed to be fully cooked. The directions are easy to follow unlike the ones given for a microwave i once bought that made. Just press the function button you need,the temperature you want, press timer or just go directly to, ‘start’. It doesn’t get easier than this. The price is right for this oven. The size is just right for a counter top. My very large stoneware 9 inch pie dish easily fits in the oven. Cooking is fast and efficient.

Have only used it for toast, sandwiches, and pita bread pizzas. Convection feature is useful for a small oven. Checked the temperature with an oven thermometer. When i pulled the probe out of its storage slot while setting everything up and cleaning it down before its first use, the probe seemed to be covered with a dark graphited grease or something. Easy to clean off, but i think there’s still residual grease in the storage slot. Not sure why it’s there – maybe a mistake during mfg. For what i use the oven for, i couldn’t justify a $250+ breville. I’d recommend this toaster oven.

Hamilton Beach 31230 Set & Forget Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking

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    by entering your model number.
  • Serve perfectly cooked meat every time with built-in probe
  • Fast and even convection cooking
  • Temperature probe cooks meat to safe food temperatures without overcooking
  • Cooks food the traditional way when probe or convection settings are not needed
  • Can shift to warm when time or temperature is reached in any mode
  • Fits six toast slices, a 12 inch pizza or a 7 lb. chicken

Does everything it claims to. Great product for the price. Only two issues are:- items like the broiler pan are a little ‘cheap’ in materials and this makes them difficult to clean easily. – if you try to use the 450f setting the poor thing has to work so hard that the heating elements have to stay on all the time and things get a little browner than you would like. But, all in all, well worth the money.

We were looking to replace our dead black and decker toaster oven. We did research on ovens and were just about to buy the top rated breville oven but admittedly were not looking forward to $249 for a toaster oven. This oven was the #2 rated oven by americas test kitchen so we thought we’d try it since it’s significantly cheaper. We have been totally happy with our purchase. This thing makes absolutely perfect toast and we have used it about 5 times to cook chicken breasts and a small pork roast. The meat came out perfect and whats even better is we didn’t have to heat up our entire kitchen. We have not yet used the temperature probe to cook but if it is as good quality as everything else so far, i think it will be fine. This is our 3rd or 4th toaster oven and to date it is absolutely the very best.

I recently read studies about the hazards of microwaving foods to human health, so we put ours away and looked for alternatives. Convection ovens were the closest thing and my research led me to this one. The hamilton beach is priced right, has many useful and convenient features, such as digital, timer, pre heat cycle, etc. It is quiet and does not get too hot–there’s a written warning about the top getting hot, so don’t touch it when unit is on and heated upthis weekend we first used the probe and it worked great for a boneless leg of lamb. I highly recommend this oven for all its intended uses, especially if price is a concern.

Hamilton Beach 31230 Set & Forget Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking : I love it ,it is very well made. It can do everything my maytag gemini range does. I was looking for a new toaster when i came across the “toaster ovens”. After going through 2 in 2 years i decided to go with this because it was high recommended by american test kitchens. Amazon had it a great price. I have tried out all it’s features and even my husband said the convection feature was easy to use. It has a timer and will shut off if left on after 30 minutes. It takes up very little counter space and is very roomy inside.

I’m a big time foodie and love to cook, so i tend to have high expectations whether it’s the quality of my ingredients, my cookware or my appliances. I’m a single guy and cook for myself from scratch every night, so i was mostly looking for a small oven to replace my regular oven to bake, roast or broil whatever protein i’m cooking that evening. I’ve only had it 2-3 weeks now, but so far, no complaints. The size is goldilocks for my counter top, but obviously, this all depends on your layout. The controls are very intuitive and after reading through the easy to understand manual, i was up and running within a few minutes. Although at this point in my life i’m pretty good at not overcooking food, i have to say that the probe is pretty awesome. I’ve cooked pork tenderloin, boneless/skinless chicken breasts and salmon, setting all to the desired temp and the results were pretty impressive. I haven’t taken the time to compare the final food temp with my pricey and super-accurate thermopen, but my guess is that you could probably nail it perfectly by setting the desired food temp five degrees below what you actually want it to be. I don’t toast very often, but i ran a quick test on one english muffin set to medium+ setting and it came out exactly like i wanted it to. I was considering the very expensive $250 breville recommended by cook’s illustrated, but i just couldn’t justify the cost.

After toasting my first mini pizza, the entire digital panel is peeling off. It looks like the glue used was really cheap and the heat from the toaster just loosens it up. I took pictures (can see the wiring behind it). I’ve been purchasing a lot of stuff recently and unfortunately returning lots of stuff too, so i choose not to send this back. I am just going to superglue the panel like another reviewer mentioned. The actual heating/other-features of the toaster are top-notch though (been using for a week). Pre-heating is done in a minute or two (barely enough time to walk away) and cookies, pizza, bread (dough made in bread machine), and everything turns out great. Accurate, fast, even cooking.

I have never owned a toaster oven before, though i have used one on occasion. This has become a staple appliance in our kitchen. It is so easy to use, even for someone who can have trouble figuring out fancier microwaves. We haven’t used it for many of its advanced features yet, but it makes a fine hot sandwich, nachos, toast, bagels, etc.

I have wanted an toaster oven for years and after searching for a while, selected this one and am very happy. I like the extra features and use toast, broil, bake, and like the thermometer very much. I use it mostly for reheating instead of using the microwave. Things taste so much better heated by oven (brisket gets crispy edges instead of rubbery, leftover lasagna is as delicious as it first was). I was surprised at the large interior. This oven heats up so quickly, but beware that things left on top will melt. It’s just right for a couple or small family. Update march 2015: still enjoying this little oven. I’ve used it often for cooking smaller dishes, roasting veggies, and broiling, as well as reheating leftovers.

I’ve had the set and forget for a month now and, overall, it works pretty much as advertised. Toast settings are accurate and produce perfect toast, although it takes a while. Baking works well as long as you are mindful that the temperature settings are up to 25 degrees low across the range, particularly on the lower rack position. This can be corrected of course by raising the temperature, or by using convection mode which more evenly distributes the heat (don’t look for 450 degrees). I have not tried roasting a chicken, and probably never will. Baking a 12 inch pizza works fine, but takes longer than expected. The warm setting is a nice feature. Broiling works fine, but for some reason the instuctions don’t mention keeping the door in the detent open position for broiling. Speaking of the instructions, at one point they recommend not placing the toaster-oven inside a full size oven. But i must say that really got me thinking. The exterior quality is a little cheesy. It was probably made in china,(ha ha). I only hope that the heating elements don’t become distorted as on my old delonghi.

I’ve only been using the oven and toaster feature but so far i like how easy it is to use. The toaster has a couple of settings so you can accurately toast the bread. You would think the oven was complicated to use because of the variety of uses it offers but the prompts on the screen guide you through all the steps. . Even my husband was able to navigate the toast feature without asking me for help. So i highly recommend this oven.

The set and forget function is great. Bake automatically put it into convection mode. The readout is clear and operation is straightforward. If this is for a sight impaired person there are function markings that are small but suitability depends on how sight impaired the user is. Cooking is even and it’s easy to clean.

Works exactly as described in product description. I was concerned because a review i read that said this ‘dries out’ bread more than toast it, not so. This makes toast more evenly than my former (expensive) dedicated toaster. It bakes perfectly at the recipe temperature, and will bake a little faster than normal on the convection setting. I’ve made cookies, toast, chicken, roasted vegetables and more. I researched toaster ovens for 2 months before i selected this one. I had this on the top of my possibilities list when a cooking show rated this toaster oven a close second to an oven that costs 2-1/2 times as much. When preparing large or small meals, this toaster oven is great assistance.

Have had it for a month now and we are both extremely happy with our purchase. Bought it because we need an oven. Our expensive name brand full size gas convection doesn’t work and it will be very expensive to repair. This counter top oven is great for 2 people, can’t roast a 20 lb turkey but 9′ pie or a small meat loaf comes out great.

I wanted to give the oven a 5 star rating, but held back only because i couldn’t afford the oven i really wanted that would absolutely get the 5 star – the breville. Is the breville worth the $150. just not in my budget right now. Having said that – i’m a avid follower of america’s test kitchen on pbs stations. They did give the breville the higher rating, but said the hamilton beach is a very close second and well worth the price with terrific qualities. I was extremely disappointed in the control panel – it’s extremely flimsey. It’s my biggest worry that it will quickly break down. I love the safety feature that the oven shuts off when the times goes off or the probe reaches it’s desired temperature.

I don’t use the full-size oven in my home, so i get a lot of use out of my toaster ovens. This one has proven to exceed my initial expectations even if it is a bit pricy for what it is. I did not think i would really use the built-in temp probe, but i have cooked a few pork roasts using it and it’s nice to be able to program the oven to beep and shut off when the food reaches a specific internal temp. I gave up on making toast in these things a long time ago, but this one actually does a decent, even, job and it does not take forever. The broil setting does not mess around, don’t turn your back on it for a minute unless you like burned food. The construction materials are thin and only as thick as necessary to withstand gravity. You don’t want to touch this thing anywhere if it’s been running, it gets quite hot, and the owner’s manual even states you should unplug it every time after you use it. The door hinge is ‘interesting’ and can bind-up and potentially bend if you are not paying attention when closing it. You have to set a baking time unless you are making toast.

It works as advertised, but the push-button approach really sours when the printed letters on the thin plastic covering the buttons fades and wears off, leaving you to hope you remember which button does what. The timed cooking works fine, as does using the temperature probe.

I’ve had this unit for about 8 months and i love it. I use it everyday for all kinds of things from making toast to baking salmon and quiche. The convection cooks things a bit quicker with a nice finish. I love that i can set the timer and the unit shuts off when done. Also the probe is way cool for making roasts. When the desired temp of the meat is reached the unit shuts off. Only downside is toast takes a bit longer to make and crumbs tends to collect in the door hinge.

The best toaster oven i’ve ever had. That may not be a high standard, but still i’m really enjoying this. Love the space, that i can bake small items without having to heat a large oven, the temperature gauge and pre-heat indicator, etc.

This is the best toaster oven we have owned yet. I found out about it because cook’s magazine rated it their best buy. We’ve only had it a few weeks, but so far it seems to be living up to its hype. It toasts well, evenly and quickly. Lots of settings, so everyone is happy. Have used the bake feature a few times and it seems to heat well and evenly. The only negatives are the crumb tray which seems a bit small and drops crumbs into the bottom of the unit whenever i tilt it to take it out, and the unit is smaller than many others we’ve owned. However, as we are working with a smaller kitchen just now, it suits.

That’s really all i ask: to be able to put a two dollar frozen pizza in a toaster oven, set the temperature and time, walk away, and when i hear the buzzer pull it out evenly cooked so i can split it in half and feed each of my kids dinner for a buck and then let them go back to ‘screen time’. This toaster oven does the job. It’s the fourth one our family has owned. I just hope it keeps working for a year or two. Nice going hamilton beach division of chinese small appliance manufacturing inc.

Hamilton Beach 31511 Stainless Steel 6-Slice Toaster Oven, Disappointed with some features

Toasts bread and muffins well once you get the setting figured out. Baked potatoes and other items are done well and fairly quickly. Would get 5 stars if the control knob was easier to turn. It is smooth chrome and your fingers slide as you try to turn it. I put an elastic band around it and it provides the grip needed to make it turn easily. It also has an incised line as an indicator which is difficult to see as it is chromed and offers no contrast from the rest of the dial. Some reviewers complained the outside got hot. It’s an oven and embossed on the top it states , ‘caution hot surface’. Had a cuisinart before this and it had a push button start. With that, once you got a toaster setting you just pushed the button each time. I chose to purchase another brand because the cuisinart wore out in about 18 months. The heater coils warped first then it began to take forever to toast anything.

Arrived in great condition (no marks on the stainless steel). I love that it has both a rack and a tray, as well as a crumb tray for the bottom that makes cleaning easy. Everything i’ve cooked has come out perfect so far, including an 8-9′ pizza that fit just right. My only complaint so far is that for toast, you’re supposed to go to 10minues and then dial back to the selected ‘doneness’ but i rarely do and it seems to work just fine. I love that it has a normal ‘dinging bell’ and not some tragically scary fire-alarm style buzzer that many other toasters do.

Waited to write this review until we’d used it. Bake cookies, toast bagels, melt cheese for nachos. Temperature is fairly accurate (checked with thermocouple). It fluctuates about 15-20 degrees when the element is cycling, which is comparable to our conventional oven. The top gets quite warm during use, and will burn a hand. I use it at night, so i wish you could turn off the ‘ding’. An 8′ x 8′ glass pyrex baking dish fits in here perfectly.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31511 Stainless Steel 6-Slice Toaster Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Second oven convenience
  • Uses up to 74% less energy and is 27% faster than a typical kitchen oven when reheating precooked frozen chicken nuggets
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9 inch pizza
  • Bake, broil and toast settings. Removable crumb tray
  • 30 minute timer with auto shutoff and ready bell

Comments from buyers

“Used almost everyday since we bought it
, Stainless Steel
, Just Beachie

Yes, some of the other reviews may seem critical of this not holding six slices of bread – i think that totally depends on your types of slices (i use my large homemade bread – so six do not fit). And so what if the timer ticks – that is not a big deal. This is an accessory – it does not take the place of my regular large oven. However, i’m finding i use this so much more for the small projects. Yes, it does get warm on the outside – again, not a big deal. I absolutely love this appliance – how did i ever manage before?.

The oven feature failed to reach and maintain temperature after 27 months of use. There is a one year warranty. I have come to like this toaster oven when it is working properly. It makes good toast, and it is great for cooking frozen dinners and re-heating leftovers. I guess the old adage ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ applies here. This does not reflect well on hamilton beach. However, like any disposable appliance today, i accept this decline in american?. Believe it or not, i just ordered another chinese hamilton beach 31511. Yes, a glutten for punishment.

And the problem is that the twist knobs are nice shiny smooth, slick metal. They should have roughed them up a bit because if your fingers are wet or slightly greasy (as are any cook’s in a kitchen) you will have to stop everything, go wipe your hands and then turn the knobs. Yes, this may seem like a petty little point, but you will soon know what i mean if you like moving fast in a kitchen, and especially if you don’t have an iron fist. Other than that it really deserves five stars.

As the other reviewers have said, the knobs really need to reshaped so that turning them makes it easier. The real problem is the timer knob, which is very difficult to turn to ‘stay on’ which i use more often. It works well and is big enough for our needs. You can put six pieces of toast in there – just look at the pictures to see how they do it. It can be done and we have done it. I’ve been very happy with my purchase.

Got this toaster oven after my traditional toaster broke and i thought i could use it for cooking small frozen item instead of lighting up the old gas o’keefe and merrit and heating the entire house every time my kid wants a french bread pizza. It works well, i still have to keep a close eye on food because the cooking times and rack placement suggestions in the manual don’t seem to work perfectly (i keep burning stuff), but with any new cooking appliance there always seems to be a bit of trial and error. It looks great, kind of old timey and retro and works well in my 100 year old kitchen without being kitschy.

While it is a nice looking toaster oven, i bought it for one primary purpose and there it fails miserably when compared to an old black and decker that i had for years, and if they had not discontinued the space saver model that mounted under an upper cabinet i would have bought another. My wife and i used it almost exclusively every morning to toast english muffins, bagels or just plain toast. Once you had the light/dark setting fixed all you had to do was put your choice in and push the ‘on’ switch. With this model you have to set two other dials to ‘toast’ and then turn the bottom dial right past 10 and then back to the setting for toast that you want. I should have read the reviews more carefully because many complaints were registered about how hard the knob turns. If it was knurled or had a couple wing protrusions it would be much easier. I may come to like it but wish now i had bought another b & d. You have to go through the last procedure every morning when just looking to quickly toast your muffins or bagels or toast. And the dial settings are not that easy to read as a final complaint.

Pros:cooks well enoughinexpensivelooks nice on the countercons:timer dial ticking is very loudone use of the included baking tray without aluminum foil liner left it stained, and unable to get it to look like new again.

It’s your average toaster oven. It gets three stars due solely to its two foot long power cord. And if the outlet is on the left side, you only have less than a foot of cord to reach it. I would gladly have paid the extra fifty cents for an additional foot of cord.

I love love love this unit – it cooks good , but it would probably not cook 6 slices of bread but it’s great for what does fit in it. I would not try a chicken, but chicken pieces would probably fit. It has automatic timer that shuts it off and it will only cook for 30 minutes without setting the timer again.

I’ve had a number of toaster ovens through the years, and they all did the job pretty well. So far, i like this one better than the others because:it is stainless steel, which i consider to be a real plus. It heats more evenly — no hot spots that tend to burn part of the food. The controls are clear and easy to use. The cost from amazon is very good.

We have had this for 2 years and 1 month and are now searching for a new toaster oven. We only paid $45 on amazon then. The toast feature does not toast top and bottom evenly on ours. I like the convenience of having the oven for quick reheats as we do not use a microwave. Over the last 3 months the door has slowly moved away from closing flush. There is no obvious answer to fix this that we have found so that is why we are in the market for a new one.

I’m so glad i made this purchase. I had my doubts but my husband really wanted one. I can heat up and cook frozen stuff for my 6 kids very quickly. It heats up fast so all you have to wait for is actual cooking times. Definitely saves me the preheating time of the big oven and the energy it uses, not to mention how hot the house would get. It does get very hot around the outside so i keep it away from my little one’s reach. The timer knob is a bit difficult to turn but i just turn it to the ‘stay on’ position and keep an eye on my toast. Which is wayy faster than a traditional toaster. For the price this is an awesome toaster oven and i have gained a lot of confidence in hamilton beach’s products. As for the size, i think its really decent, i was able to fit 6 corn dogs, 3 baked potatoes and 2 small filets of fish in there at the same time.

I read the reviews and was encouraged to purchase this appliance. It is smaller than i expected (which is good because i live in an apartment and counterspace is limited) and very sharp looking. I don’t have a problem with leaning over a bit to read the temperature dial and, after reading the instructions, no problem with working the timer. I bought a set of pans from chicago (?) and they are a perfect fit. It sure beats heating up my full-sized oven to heat something up. I am very happy with toaster oven.

When you first start using the toaster oven, try different settings and timings and discover which work best for you. Remember its easier to heat/toast longer than to scrape off the over done. The criticism that the timer knob is hard to turn back is accurate. Make sure your hand and the knob are dry and its not too bad. Also the clicking sound of the countdown timer can be a little annoying. The oven reaches its set temperature quickly (which was a key reason for me to buy the toaster oven versus using the regular oven), but i wish there was a bell to indicate the requested temperature has been reached.

I brought this oven despite the reviews i read. They said the timer was to loud & to hard to turn,i found it to be neither. I have cooked just about everything in this oven, and all came out perfect. It also looks super nice & stylish. I can’t even start to tell you how glad i am to have brought this oven. So much less electric to use, very smart buy.

(update: 01/25/15 this oven continues to perform flawlessly for almost two years now. It is used everyday two or three times a day for baking, heating, toasting etc. And everything comes out perfect) this oven performs as advertised and with style. It looks good on the counter without hogging up a ton of room. It heats fast and evenly and makes great evenly browned toast. Yes you’ll probably have to use the smaller loaves to fit a full six slices on the grill but for our household that is not a problem, four good slices at a time is ok with us. Things like frozen chicken patties come out great, just like in the big stove oven but a lot faster and with less energy use and heat generation. We found the controls easy to use in contrast to what some others have posted. It is easy to clean and a very satisfying product to use. (update august 25) this product is used multiple times daily and has performed flawlessly since purchased april 2013.

When i was searching for a toaster over, there were very mixed reviews for this toaster oven. I looked at all the complaints and compliments and decided to take a chance on it. I’m glad i did because i love this toaster oven. It is nice and big – but not too big. It has a great crumb and trip tray at the bottom so you can actually keep it neat inside. It comes with a small pan that fits inside. And it has all the features one would expect for a toaster oven. The most confused i was was the complaints that the dial is hard to turn. I did not find this the case as mine turns as easily as you would expect a spring-timer knob to turn. It looks nice on my counter and i would recommend it to others.

We’ve been using it for about 5 months now with no problems. The timer knob is a bit hard to turn because it has no serrations to assist with gripping. I put a piece of grip tape around it and problem solved. My wife has arthritis in her hands and the tape helps. If you have normal hands, it probably won’t be an issue.

I kept my old one for several weeks to make sure i wanted to keep this one, but it’s really very good. There’s a removable rack and a roasting pan for it. The roasting pan fits inside the toaster oven the same way as the removable rack – you slide it into the slots. I found out you have to remove the roasting pan if you are toasting something, or it won’t toast very good, but other than that, it’s good.

I particularly like to bake coconut-flour banana bread. I don’t use the toaster oven to make toast. (when i want toast, i turn to my cast-iron skillet and toast bread on the stove. ) this is a decent-size toaster oven, and it can accommodate larger pans than most toaster ovens. Yet it doesn’t take up an extraordinary amount of space. That’s probably because it doesn’t have plastic around it to act as insulation. Hence, it gets very hot when in use, but it doesn’t take too long to cool down. The pull-out tray at the bottom makes it easy to clean. I am pleased with my purchase.

For the most part i am pleased with how it looks and how it works. My only complaint is that the wire rack, which is supposed to hold 6 slices of bread, does not come to the sides of the oven. 5 inches of dead space on either side. You are losing a full 3 inches of rack usage. If you are using smaller slices of bread, such as for garlic bread or bruschetta, there is nothing to hold the bread in place at the edges. It might hold 6 slices of soft white bread but the slices closest to the oven wall will droop down. And it won’t properly hold 6 slices of oval shaped rye or pumpernickel. I specifically purchased this unit because it was supposed to be for 6 slices. If i had bought it at a store where i could see it first i probably wouldn’t have bought it because of that.

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster – Updated design takes 2 stars off what was once a 5 star toaster

Hamilton beach classic chrome is a nice little toaster at a good price. Works nice and is compact in size. Bagel setting toasts one side, the flat sides of bagel. In front of the slots, there is a picture that shows which way the bagel should be placed. Toast setting has many settings and toasts just right. Crumb tray is large and easy to access. The hamilton beach toaster is replacing a very expensive name brand toaster that worked for only a few years with very light usage and it burned everything. No matter the setting, so for such s small price i am very pleased.

My way-too-large toaster oven died, may it rip. I used the oven maybe 10 times a year and debated if that was enough to warrant the size of the footprint. I opted to go with a toaster – and was overwhelmed at the number of and prices of toasters. Jeez – i just want crispy bread with some convenience. You could easily spend $80-$120 for a toaster – it really was more than i expected. I decided to narrow it down to amazonprime and under $60. It was down to this one and two others. I just liked the look of this one and it had the features that i wanted. It came super-fast (as always) and it looks very retro. Nice, shiny chrome and good design on the knobs.

I had the previous version of this toaster. When it finally gave up the ghost, we looked at other toasters and quickly came back to the ‘tried and true’ for what we saw as the best build quality for the money. What we didn’t realize is that hamilton beach has tweaked the design of this toaster. The cord is shorter and starts in the middle of the toaster’s underside. There are cord guides to take up excess cord and to make it easier (i suppose) to have the cord come out the back, side, or front according to user preference. I don’t like cord clutter any more than the next person, but we had to move the toaster closer to the outlet so that it would reach. The other design change is more of a hassle: the crumb tray that used to pull out from the front of the toaster, now only pulls out from the rear. Emptying the crumb tray is no longer effortless – our toaster lives on a tiny counter that doesn’t have a lot of space for maneuvering it so that we can turn the toaster around (and wait for the it to cool off first, if we’ve just used it), in order to extract the crumb tray. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lifts slices higher with toast boost
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Auto shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Toast boost

Received this hamilton beach toaster yesterday. Last toaster was also a hamilton beach, which we had for many years and is still working, but not all the heating wires are glowing red hot, so it doesn’t toast evenly. This new one also has heating wires that aren’t lighting up red and it’s brand new. That worried me, so i tried a couple pieces of bread to see if it toasted better than our old one. The toast does look fairly evenly toasted, even though a few of the heating wires don’t light up red. I could return it, but another one would probably do the same or worse. This is made in mexico like most everything else, so i wasn’t expecting the best toaster for $19. This toaster some what (this is shiny stainless steel and no part is brushed stainless steel like it kind of looks in this picture) matches our kitchen appliances, where the other white plastic hb toaster didn’t. The old white plastic toaster didn’t get hot. This toaster does get very hot on every part of the toaster except the black plastic parts and amazon says the stainless steel doesn’t get hot on the sides. If you have young kids keep them away from this toaster when it’s hot.I think every metal toaster does get hot as it would have to be very well insulated not to get hot.

This is an awesome toaster and works exactly as it states in the description. I had no problem browning my toast to golden perfection on both sides of my toast. Be aware there are bagel slots which will toast one side and warm the other, as that’s how bagels are toasted. The biggest issue i had was the price. Toasters should not cost $35 but it seems all good toasters are running about that price these days.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Made in Mexico and their quality control isn’t very good, as I found out with this new stainless steel toaster!
  • Updated design takes 2 stars off what was once a 5 star toaster
  • Nice little toaster!

I had gotten this same toaster as a christmas gift 15 years ago and one side finally gave out. I was super sad because i loved this toaster, so i hopped on amazon to search to see if they still made them and they do. My only complaint is the crumb drawers are now on the back instead of the front. I think the front was better because it was more convenient.

Hamilton Beach 33138 Slow Cooker : Just okay

Out of all five of my slow cookers this one is by far my favorite. And not just because of the cute design 🙂 i have various different size slow cookers for different purposes. This one is my go-to when i want to make a smaller quantity of something, a side dish or drinks like homemade pumpkin spice lattes, homemade apple cider, etc. It’s the perfect size for a smaller family. There are some dishes that i want to make smaller quantities for like soups, chili, bbq pulled chicken, etc. And with my larger slow cookers it’s nice to make larger quantities and freeze the leftovers, but some certain meals don’t freeze well and i just don’t need to make as much so this one is perfect to make one to three servings of something. I have used it almost every day since i received it and it works amazingly well. It’s also great for side dishes. I’ve used it on low and high and had great results with both. Overall i definitely recommend this and give it 5 stars :).

However, this cooker holds 2. 5 quarts when filled to the brim at the very best.

Hamilton Beach 33138 Slow Cooker, 3-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Low, High and Keep Warm Settings
  • Perfect Size for 3lb. Chicken or 2lb. Roast
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware and Lid
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Essential for cooking hot, delicious meals

My other crock was round, but i am really enjoying this oval shape – roasts fit better, for one thing. Size is perfect for my husband and me, even has enough room for food for 4 people. Design is whimsical and colorful, looks cute on the counter. Cooking heat levels seem appropriate, and the ‘keep warm’ setting is a nice touch. Other reviews mentioned some issues with the lid not sitting evenly – mine is perfect. For those concerned about the ‘hole’ in the lid, it does not let out much, if any, steam. Meals i’ve made are super moist. Cleanup is easy – especially when i spray with pam before adding food.:-)i would definitely recommend this crock pot – and would buy it again.

This is the 1st time i’ve ever used one, and have devoured every dish i’ve made in it to date. Being that there’s only 3 people in my household and most of the time there’s only 1 to 2 people eating the dishes i make, i decided to get this 3 quart sized cooker. I still is little large for my needs, but the leftovers aren’t so bad. 1st day i got this in the mail, it was washed and put to use. I cooked 2lbs of boneless beef steaks, along with cut potatoes, carrots, greenbeans and seasoning. I cooked it on low setting for 9 hrs and the meat was soooooo tender, flaked with my spoon. It fed 3 people that night, with a little leftover -to give a general idea on serving sizes provided. I have used it every couple days since and loving every dish made with it -primarily some sort of meat. The ceramic bowl insert is easy enough to clean, which i prefer over the non-stick coating type.

Spending the summer in the mountains of north carolina. Our large slow cooker is in storage, so i bought this one. Works great and is a good size for two or three people. The bowl and lid are small enough that you can marinate in them in the fridge and then put in the cooker saving washing a bowl and eliminating a step or two.

Hamilton Beach 33138 Slow Cooker, 3-Quart : First use for mulled wine at a christmas gathering.

Perfect size for someone living alone. I can cook enough chili or stew to freeze several single portions for myself at a later date or i can cook enough of any dish to serve generous portions for four or less-generous portions for six. The cooker is handsome enough to leave on the counter and small enough to put on a shelf if that is the choice. It arrived well-packaged and in a timely manner and i’m extremely pleased with my purchase.

Perfect for making dishes for 2 people with a perhaps enough left for a third helping of most dishes. I have a very large one for dishes that i need more quantity or if i want plenty of left overs. Really like that is has a warm setting as well as the low setting for slow cooking and the high.

I ordered a second one, which had a problem & the company took care of it right away.

This is my second one of this model so i can tell you that it’s a good one. The first one lasted many many years.

Works just fine for two people. The ceramic bowl is much easier to handle then the larger versions that we used to use. My wife loves to cook sweet potatoes in this cooker. Just wash them off and place them in the cooker and six hours later they are perfect. Slow cooked pork chops come out beautifully and very tender.

Does not burn my food and/or boil it. I had to return 3 other makers’ slow cookers because they cooked too hot and ruined my food. 5 qt proctor silex too and it cooks just as good as this one. Glad somebody makes a product that works right.

When i ordered this slow cooker, the listing was labeled as proctor silex, and the model that arrived was, indeed, made by proctor silex and not hamilton beach. In any case, this works very well. It doesn’t run too hot and burn food, as i’ve heard that other recently manufactured cookers do. It’s the perfect size for two people (with leftovers to spare). It’s incredibly easy to use and very convenient for busy work days. It’s great to have a healthy meal ready by the end of the day. I use it for soup, beans, lentils, stews, and even (smallish) whole chickens.

I just ordered a replacement as mine was caught in a gravitational incident. )for starters, it’s the perfect size for two people. Smaller cookers are adequate, but just barely. 3 quarts are just right for two with a bit left over for lunches. I like the oval design as opposed to a circular design as i can put a small chicken or a roast in it. I find the heat control works fine, but it takes a bit of practice depending on what you’re cooking. I never tested it, but it may have a continuous rheostat, which means you could adjust the heat without being locked into the settings provided. I never did and i’ll experiment with the replacement and offer an update.

The top of the pot that the lid sits on allows the lid to move around and rattle when pressure builds up. What on earth were they thinking ?. Capacity is about 2-1/2 quarts actual.

Only room for a 1 1/2 lb roast. A trivet would be handy since the bottom gets hot, though i haven’t had any problems.

Perfect size for doing smaller dishes. And i like that it has the warmer setting, another slow cooker i bought did not. So far has worked great, cooks and keeps food warm as slow cooker should.

This is a great little slow cooker. I was looking for something small as i hated using a full size cooker for just two of us. Mmit’s a little challenging altering recipes to fit, but it has been really worth it. Can leave for golf and come home to a complete meal without a weeks worth of leftovers the hubby won’t eat anyway. The little hole in the lid does a great job dissipating the condensation so the lid barely drips once you remove it, but it doesn’t seem to release much through evaporation.

This is a great little crock pot. Just right for meals for one or two people. The ‘warm’ setting makes it really nice to keep things hot without burning or scorching them around the edges. I use this for all my favorite crockpot recipes. Just cut them in half and they fit perfectly.

I purchased this nifty little slow cooker over four years ago in order to make homemade yogurt. Admittedly, this means i haven’t used it for other uses much and thus my review can only be very narrow in scope. But it is still working a charm for me now. I don’t think the capacity is quite a full 3 quarts.

This slow cooker makes about 4 moderate size servings of soup or stew. That’s just the right amount for the two of us to have a meal on the day i make the soup, and more the next day. A couple of our favorites are chicken stew, and green beans and potatoes with ham. I usually use the high heat setting since we eat our main meal at noon. If i start the food at 8:30, it’s ready by 12:30. I don’t have much experience with slow cooking, but our meals are turning out so well that i’m going to experiment with making things like dried beans, brown rice, and whole grain breakfast cereals. This cooker is expanding my cooking horizons as well as freeing me up to run errands in the morning.

Perfect size and works well. . Like the range of temps and the small hole in the lid keeps it from bubbling over like our old one did.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor : Very Very Nice Food Processor

First one came broken but amazon made sure it was replaced by hamilton beach which i am happy for. It’s been a while since my last food processor broke but this one seems different and yes they wee different brands. This one has the 4 cup bowl which is super cool so that’s a plus. My other one has a plastic blade for making puddings etc. This one only has the multi use shredder slicer and the chopped blade. I like to make halva which requires a food processor (bullet, ninja, and my blender not wide enough to handle what’s needed). My kitcheaide won’t work either and i’ve always used my food processor. I think i am used to more controls than what this one has too. Overall, i’m not sure that this really will be useful to me.

I’m on my second hamilton beach food processor this summer. The bowl of the first one hit the floor with a bang and broke. The hamilton beach website shows this bowl to be about $10, but was out of stock. In fact, all of the separate parts for this food processor seemed to be out-of-stock. So it seems that a new food processor was needed, and i liked this one so well that i replaced it with the same food processor. I was recently told by my doctor that i needed to eat more salads for health reasons. This thing makes enough salad to last me for a couple of days. I haven’t gotten around to using the small bowl yet. The large slicing wheel works great with the large bowl, but the slicing wheel will only work with the large bowl. The chopping/mixing blade works with either bowl.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor, with Additional 4-Cup Bowl & Big Mouth Feed Tube (70580)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fits whole foods
  • Includes 12 cup bowl & 4 cup bowl for large and small amounts
  • Big mouth Feed tube reduces need to pre-cut food
  • 12 & 4 cup bowls Perfect for processing different amounts & Nest for compact storage
  • Powerful 500 watt motor, touchpad with 2 speeds & pulse
  • Slices, Shreds, chops, purees & mixes
  • Dishwasher safe bowls, lid & blades
  • Reversible slice/shred disk
  • Chopping s-blade
  • Easy-to-clean touchpad controls with off/ low/ hi/ pulse

Love the hamilton beach food processor,small cup also helps with small processing jobs.

The only thing i struggled with was locking the top on to get it to work.

I broke it trying to make a guacamole with frozen avocados. I can still mix with it but can no longer shred or slice. I hope the ninja smoothie maker works better.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor, with Additional 4-Cup Bowl & Big Mouth Feed Tube (70580) : Very good food processor for your money’s worth. One tricky spot to clean on lid. Sometimes need to fiddle with to get everything locked. Worth it not to slice my fingers thoughi would recommend.

I find the smaller bowl not very useful so far, as it tends to leak into the big bowl while i’m using it. I wish it had a slower speed. All speeds seem to be so fast that they throw the material up onto the walls of the bowl, so i have to scrape them down constantly. Much easier to put together than my old cuisinart, which had so many ‘safety’ features that i was hardly able to use it.

My previous processor had broken trying to make cashew butter and i replaced it with this model it did an awesome job. Made super creamy cashew butter and very quickly.

Excellent product, i feel like it should have cost more. My son bought one for his grandma, she liked it so much we bought one for ourselves. We use it multiple times per week to process fruit for homemade fruit leather.

Purchased this for my daughter whose food processor was no longer functioning. She picked this out because of the wide mouth. She is happy with its performance.

I got one for my daughter and then she bought me one for my birthday. It is loud but for the cost works wonderful. I use to make date balls and shred many veggies. Great addition to my plant based eating journey.

This was a gift for my daughter’s birthday. She absolutely loves it and how useful it is for food prep. She sent me a pic of a skillet full of onions that she had sliced in the hamilton beach duo food processor. It was great to see what could be done with the processor and it’s many uses. Makes a very nice gift for wedding shower and birthday for any householder.

Comes with a large and small bowl. Very handy for large and small jobs. Have even used it to grind meats.

Definitely not for your typical smoothies lol.

Very nice strong product and good price like it.

I’ve never owned a food processor so i really did some homework before choosing hamilton beach. I feel i received a great product and the cost was reasonable. The suction feet hold the appliance in place. I primarily (95%) use this processor to make ground chicken. The ground chicken is used to make healthy chicken jerky for our spoiled (and healthy) dogs.

Works great and i love having an extra smaller container.

My daughter loved her gift and very easy to use.

Hamilton beach usually delivers good products at very good prices.

Very good choice for a quickie.

Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender – Professional quality machine

Does a fantastic job on smoothies – have not applied it for considerably elsei guess its quieter – the puppy isn’t going to bark at it as substantially.

Works great and the shield greatly reduces noise. The jug, however, is a bit smaller than a regular sized blender.

This is an awesome blender and i have now employed it for a yr. I have utilized it just about every day to make my smoothies and they appear out really clean. It is sturdy and durable and uncomplicated to sustain. The purpose i gave it a 4 star in its place of a 5 is that the jar is plastic and with day to day use it has turn into uninteresting and used up. I would like to substitute the plastic jar but appears like an high-priced proposition. I desire they would make glass jars.

Have this blender given that december and i am tremendous happy with it. Pretty quiet, when compared to my previous ninja. Heaps of ability for blending shakes and smoothies which i like to do.

When earning smoothies the liquid leaks from the base triggering it to spill out. I have to continuously tighten it with an allen wrench for it not to spill. When it is tightened it functions like a beast. Im not really satisfied with it but i havent identified the time to return it.

My wife loves this new blender. It performs significantly better than our previous cuisinart that was recalled because of to the blade breaking. The quiet shield performs properly but allow me tell you, this factor is loud no matter. That is the only purpose i gave it 4 stars. If not, smoothies come out great.

  • Higher Power, Lower Price
  • It works much better than our old Cuisinart that was recalled due to
  • Not great noise or blending, hard to clean and get replacement parts

This is a million greenback blender. Potent, and not outsized.

I really imagined this was likely to be a excellent substitute for my nutri ninja auto iq that not too long ago burnt up. I was hunting for some thing unique because the ninja is sooooo loud. This hamilton beach blender is definetely fairly quiter but i would not propose it for generating smoothies. It has to be operate by way of numerous periods and does not blend to the regularity of the ninja. I will be relegating this blender to the again shelf and ordering an additional ninja. I seriously wished to like the hamilton beach but it just will not do a good task (particularly for smoothies).

Even now noisy, but it turns off by itself, so you can just depart the room right until it is really finished, which is a fantastic aid.

This is a incredibly functional professional machine for property use. Helps make smoothies and shakes with manual and vehicle controls and you can increase things though mixing.

I’m in enjoy with this blender😍.

Features of Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz BPA-free Jar & 4 Programs, Silver (58870)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • CRUSHES ICE AND FROZEN INGREDIENTS FAST. Powerful 1500 Watt/ 2.0 peak HP and hardened, stainless steel blades works through hard ingredients in seconds.
  • REMOVABLE QUIET SHIELD. Dampens noise during the blending process.
  • 4 PROGRAM SETTINGS. Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup. Variable speed dial provides control.
  • 32 OZ. SHATTERPROOF JAR. BPA-free jar. Included tamper fits through lid to help bled dense ingredients.
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE PARTS. The blender jar, lid and tamper are all dishwasher safe as well.

From the manufacturer

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Hamilton Beach Professional

Inspired by our 100 years of experience designing products used in commercial kitchens, Hamilton Beach Professional is a line of countertop kitchen appliances with professional-level components designed to deliver exceptional performance and superior durability for the serious home cook. Thoughtful features like precise speed control, convenient pre-programmed settings, and powerful motors to push through any job will make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender

Powerful blending with less noise

Increase your blending power while reducing noise with the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender. The 2.0 peak horsepower motor powers stainless steel blades to speeds over 105 mph to blast through ice, frozen fruit, and other tough ingredients in just seconds. With rubber-mounted components, a motor designed with optimal airflow and a removable shield, this blender is engineered to reduce noise during blending. The quiet shield can also be used as a serving pitcher.

Effortlessly create perfectly blended smoothies, juice whole fruits and vegetables, puree hot soups, emulsify dressings and grind spreads. With a variable speed dial, you control the blending to achieve restaurant quality results every time. Or choose pre-programmed smoothie, ice crush or puree settings for one-touch convenience. A tamper is included to help blend thick or frozen mixtures. The clean setting makes washing your jar a breeze, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Powerful 1500 Watt / 2.0 peak HP motor crushes ice and frozen ingredients in seconds
  • Easily removable quiet shield dampens noise during the blending process
  • Hardened, stainless steel blades rotate at speeds over 105 mph to blast through tough ingredients
  • 4 program settings: Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup
  • Variable speed dial provides effortless blending control for restaurant-quality results
  • Shatterproof, 32 oz. jar is BPA free
  • Includes tamper to help blend thick, dense ingredients
  • One touch auto clean program and dishwasher-safe parts makes cleaning easy
  • 5 year limited warranty

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Quieter Blending

Keep your conversation going regardless of what you’re blending. The quiet shield reduces the amount of noise from your blender when placed over the jar, plus it doubles as a serving pitcher. It’s also perfect for carrying ice from the freezer to the blender. Air flow around the motor and rubber-mounted components also helps to dampen noise during blending.

Powerful Performance

Get the power the pros have – with a commanding 1500 watts of power and a 2.0 peak horsepower motor, the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender delivers the performance you need for restaurant-quality results. Hardened stainless-steel blades rotate 105 mph to power through ice and tough ingredients in seconds.

Ultimate Control

Whether you’re whipping cream or chopping up ingredients for a fresh salsa, the variable speed dial gives you ultimate control over the blending process. The pulse function can be used at any speed for mixing and chopping without over processing to achieve the ideal texture.

Pre-Programmed for Easy Blending

Four pre-programed settings eliminate guesswork and offer one-touch convenience. For smoothie, ice crush and puree, simply add ingredients; choose the program by turning the dial, and press start. Use the clean setting for a quick wash. The blender automatically stops at the end of the program.

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Tamper Included

A tamper is included to help you blend frozen or thick mixtures, like nut butter, to the perfect consistency.

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Easy to Clean

Add warm water, dish detergent to blender jar and use the pre-programmed clean setting for a quick clean. The blender jar, lid and tamper are all dishwasher safe as well.

5 Year Limited Warranty

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender’s exceptional performance and superior durability is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It is really a great deal quieter than my preceding variations and however i am absolutely sure all the elements had been probably built in the exact place as each other blender i have owned, this a single just feels like it’s greater top quality. It’s uncomplicated to thoroughly clean and so much, continue to going sturdy.

Tremendous quiet, surely a phase up from the college or university margarita mixer.

This blender is just alright, we purchased it in 2016. It can be a bit less noisy with the ‘pitcher’ shield on it, but not definitely plenty of to warrant acquiring a new blender. It can be okay a earning smoothies and if that’s all you are accomplishing it almost certainly good. It does not assess with a vitamix, blendtec or ninja for power. I have been pissed off by numerous recipes its not able to take care of. Nut butter, neglect it, my coffee grinder did a considerably far better career. Ice and dates usually break up badly with significant chunks still left around. We bought a blendtec off of the treasure truck (equivalent cost assortment) a few days back and i am so much happier with the output, together with smoothies. The worst portion of this blender (i should really most likely give it 2 stars for this), is soon after substantially use the ingredients start out seeping by means of the base and get cake to the facet of the jar in the compartment under the blade. I looked at acquiring a new jar but i can only find it at hamilton beach for $ninety, at two/3 the price of a new unit after shipping and delivery i decided to move on to one more blender. Thankfully for hamilton beach they possess blendtec as perfectly.

It does a good career as a smoothie maker. But the sounds is just not low as claimed. You can lessen it a tiny if you maintain holding the ‘shield’ (a square jar put upside down covering-up the blender jar). If it equipped more tightly, the sounds really should be reduced. The blender jar fitting in the base is also to some degree loose, raising the sounds. These unwell patterns seem very simple to accurate the dilemma is: why hamilton beach haven’t taken care oi it nevertheless?.

I have experienced two-3 blenders ahead of this one particular and they have been absolutely no match for this a person. It will work specifically as you would assume. I make smoothies for breakfast just about everyday and it meets my every single need.

The smoothie perform worked excellent. Had my smoothie concluded in significantly less than a moment utilizing frozen bananas, strawberries and peaches with apple juice. It says it is quiet, which as opposed to my aged blender it is, but it is nevertheless loud. Have only utilised it two times so far. The clear functionality labored as envisioned and rinsed simply. Total excellent product, i would recommend this blender.


It will work definitely perfectly for the selling price. Its not as superior as a vitamix, but its about half the rate. Not very as quiet as i envisioned nevertheless.

Initially time i applied it was sppoky it started in the smoothie cycle all by alone well it was established in that location much too 2minutes and i had the greatest smoothie i have at any time experienced. Cleaning cycle went boob da-da-bing and it was thoroughly clean now i am going to update this in 6 months but it has a steel generate and receiver. It did not odor like it burnt just about anything i determine spend the funds and get the best.

Quite happy with the acquire. Never ever experienced one prior to but i new i required one that had some energy and reduced sound. Utilized it two times in past three weeks and am joyful.

Terrific blender for the price, it would have been a 5 star but it is loud even with the quiet shield on. Would make good smoothies and i use it a large amount to puree foods for my aged mother and it works excellent.

I have owned a vitamix in the previous – of class it was great. But this underneath $one hundred fifty device (in fact $119) is really near and does what we have to have it for. Just received it and it does appear to do the position. We created gazpacho and some ice smoothies. No challenges with electrical power and the quiet ‘shield’ really does help slash down on the noise. I want it had a big pitcher much too for generating greater quantities, but the 32 oz. Will perform for most of what we want to do with it. The draw back is that the leading is not easy to take off and is created of a extra rigid plastic – not a offer breaker, but i miss that rubber that i had on the vitamix (but for preserving $400, i can live with that). Also, there is no tackle on the pitcher – the one particular you see in the picture is on the sounds shield, so much it does not seem to be a major offer, but i anticipated just one and it is really not there.

I use the blender most days to make smoothies out of semi frozen food items like blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, and often spinach. I use the preset puree pace for this, and it appears to be to do the job nicely. I definitely like the clear setting – it does a good career, and it’s pleasant not to have to thoroughly clean the blender following just about every use by hand. I bought the blender utilized, but could not notify by the search or efficiency of the device. This blender is quieter than my affordable previous $40 blender, but it is really not whisper quiet. I was contemplating a a lot more high-priced blender like a vitamix, but am joyful i chose this a person. It looks durable – hopefully it will final.


Save your funds and buy this blender. It’s eye-catching, and it blends ice and fruit without lumps to make a best smoothie. No want to acquire a five hundred dollar blender. My only very small gripe is that the blender only blends modest amounts at a time, so if i needed to make a pitcher full of margaritas i would have to do it in a several batches.

For my property this is incredibly quiet. Mixes perfectly and is simple to cleanse.

Definitely quieter than other’s i have made use of in the earlier. Fantastic in general blender purchase.

I really like this blender, i use it primarily for smoothies. It is capable to chop up kale and frozen fruit conveniently. The sounds shield which doubles as a serving pitcher if necessary is excellent.

Smoothie carried out in 60 seconds and didn’t wake up my spouse. But it is really such an enhancement about my crappy cuisinart. Does any just one recall again when cuisinart was really quiet. Oh that’s when it was produced in the usa nevermind. But in any case this is terrific quality for the price pretty delighted with it. Have gone through several noisy blenders. This is the very best at this selling price.

One particular of the best blenders i ha e had in 6 years. I only want it was a minimal bigger that is my only complaint.

Jar shattered while blending frozen fruit.

4 PROGRAM SETTINGS. Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup.


Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine : Great value awesome tasting espresso

I had bought one about two years ago at a local super market with origins in the south ;). I trout the thing was giving out on me, turns out it needed nothing more then running some vinegar through it to get some calcium out. In the meantime i had ordered my replacement but since the original one still works i will keep it as a backup up. I use mine every day to make one cup and has been working fine, compared to units that run you several hundred dollars i would give this a solid review with no complaints from my side, i make my cup of mocha for around 50 cents as opposed to five dollars so i have gotten my investment back many times over. I have seen poor reviews from other people. All i can say is: do not let the reservoir run empty while brewing coffee, it will ruin the pump in a heart beat. It’s like not having any engine oil in your car.

My ex wife stole my espresso maker when she remaining. She didnt even know how to use the blasted matter. Anyhow i determined to get this one particular due to the fact a buddy of mine had it also. Operates greater than my last one particular. The reservoir in the back tends to make it a whole lot much easier to use way too since i dont have to fill it each time i want coffee. Very delighted with my obtain and now i can drink serious coffee any time i want. Just make absolutely sure to read through the first guidelines in advance of making your 1st cup. You split anything but you will in all probability conserve a several minutes of aggravation if you do.

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine with Steamer – Cappuccino, Mocha, & Latte Maker (40715)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cafe quality results
  • No-fuss milk frother lets you enjoy cappuccino too
  • Powerful 15-bar Italian pump.Make sure that the coffee grounds are not overpacked in the filter
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Easy-fill removable reservoir

I acquired an open up box machine and at first i was let down. Inevitably i got much better at employing it. The most crucial factor is to have the machine turned on for at the very least 5 minutes just before building a cup of espresso and then you get great foam of your espresso. The steamer truthfully is weaker than the one i had wit a less expensive machine (mr. Coffee’s $40 espresso machine) but it does the occupation. Over-all, it is a superior machine for the price. Takes place so rethink to get a more compact measurement if you will not have considerably counter place.

This point performs excellent, as great as my a great deal additional highly-priced saeco aroma. This device is just for our basement bar so i failed to want to invest a ton and so considerably will work good with thick crema. A person piece of tips for people that have their models scaling up, use distilled waterif you have tricky drinking water from a nicely or lousy quality metropolis h2o it really is likely to establish up scale and you will have to flush it with vinager or some other descaler. Distilled water has no dissolved minerals and will not likely clog up the pump and traces. I will write-up a photo later on.

If you’re hunting for an economically safe machine that nonetheless tends to make fantastic espresso, this espresso machine is for you. I function at a espresso shop and am used to the weighty-duty, pricey devices, but this one met all of my anticipations for a shot of espresso. You will have to toy all around with the sum of espresso you place in the portafilter and make sure the beans are floor program in order to permit the h2o to go by way of as the water stream is a tad little bit weak. Appear for beans at the shop that are labeled “espresso” and if possible a single labeled “course grind”. I propose locating any various sorts and seeing which a single you like greatest to be certain your fantastic shot of espresso. The steam wand on the machine is wonderful as perfectly. It has enough strain to make the milk foamy and scorching. The machine does not appear with a milk steaming pitcher so i advocate acquiring a different metallic container to steam the milk. If you are creating a latte, make absolutely sure you steam the milk just before you pour the shot to guarantee that the espresso does not go undesirable ahead of it is ready to combine with the milk.

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine with Steamer – Cappuccino, Mocha, & Latte Maker (40715) : Got this for my husband for his birthday. He was so happy with this product and uses it all the time. The expresso that is made from this tastes really good and it works perfect.

For beneath $eighty bucks we could not be happier. Pulls just about as superior a shot as the enormously highly-priced machine i use at do the job. Of training course, we use a seriously fantastic, correctly ground, espresso – which i feel tends to make a massive change. Also, we use filtered drinking water, and even even though we retail outlet unused water in the reservoir, have in no way experienced an issue with poor taste or scent. Can make me ponder about the h2o people are making use of when they complain about that issue. Only grievance is that the heating system can take a even though to get up to temperature, equally for proper warmth in the shot, but also for the functions of steaming the milk. When there, i have produced some charming dry foam. Have still to get the appropriate texture of micro-foam i like, but i believe that may well be thanks to understanding the suitable peak of the steamer nozzle in the foaming pitcher. As opposed to much more expensive machines the nozzle is just not not as simple to use, or as adjustable, but i’m self-confident that i will get that correct quickly.

This is my 2nd of this machine. My to start with lasted for around two many years of every day use prior to the energy switch at last broke. As with any espresso machine, talent & understanding wins out, furthermore a very good month-to-month cleaning. I commonly make & drink two-three latte’s a day, and i absolutely enjoy this tiny machine. It is straightforward to run, does a superior work of frothing, (i did take out and leave off the plastic frothing tip. Seems to do greater without it) and my espresso shots have a attractive layer of crema. I ordered a different the similar day that my old a single died, and this machine rocks. For those who say they dislike it, perhaps they should take a program in espresso building. This machine has performed devoid of flaw for me till the change at last went out. There is an artwork to pulling a good espresso shot, and while i am no experienced barista by any indicates, all people that has drank a single of my latte’s tells me they are as great, if not better than starbucks.

The coffee taste good out of this specific machine a large amount greater than what i was anticipating it to taste like for what i invested on it.

This is my second machine in years. They have lasted for me and make a good crema with the lavazza i use. Nevertheless, this machine has began leaking h2o whilst it is heating up. I just bought this in march of this calendar year. Or else i like the relieve of utilization, the coffee it provides and the price tag was just right.

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener 76777,

The directions about the magnet wasn’t distinct. If you you should not press the magnet down manually on the can your opening it doesn’t seize it or open it. But when i lower it to the can myself then open up and shut the cutter it works great.

Soon after my forty yr old basic electric can opener slowly stopped grinding, i went straight to amazon. They had very a choice of this product or service, so i study about a several in the price tag class i was inclined to pay out, and imagined the hamilton beach opener would accommodate my needs. Considering that i am a leading client, shipping and delivery was cost-free, and it was shipped to my door the future working day.

** this item is extremely pleasant and appears to be like great its a buy **.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener 76777:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Opens cans – jars – lids and even hard-plastic packaging
  • OpenMate multi-tool opens hard-plastic packages – pop-top cans and removes bottle caps as well as twist-off
  • Nonslip-grip jar opener easily loosens jars and stores on top
  • SureCut action opens cans on the first try
  • Removable and washable cutting unit

Comments from buyers

“Great can opener, Works well i would buy again., Great product! Opens the taller/heavier cans very well”

I only had a single problem with opening a can with a ring on leading. I guess the magnet could not achieve the steel of the can so the moment the can was lower, the can introduced it is really keep, so i won’t be able to blame the opener. As considerably as remarks like it tipping around with huge cans, effectively logic claims this may transpire, but then once more why blame the opener. If you have heaps of large cans, possibly you need to have some kind of industrial can opener. If you open a larger sized can the moment in a though then, considering that i have’t nonetheless, i will maintain an eye open that it doesn’t drop about. Item is effective as it should really, and does it quietly, and i like it very much.

Prime portion is inexpensive plastic and any bigger can strategies it more than. It will do but wont purchase it yet again.

Ive had it for about a thirty day period.

I must’ve gotten mine on sale simply because i only used about thirty pounds at walmart. I’ve experienced it about a calendar year or so and it has labored terrific each time. Cleans effortlessly and is effortless on the eyes if you have to depart it out on the counter.

Pretty delighted with it, essentially. Didn’t have higher expectations, i necessarily mean, it’s a can opener. But it truly is been very very good so significantly, and the bottle opener an blade sharpener are really useful.

Finest electric can opener i’ve ever owned.

This is my 3rd order of this unit. Initial for me, 2nd for my daughter and third for my granddaughter. Great opener and quite straightforward to clear away and cleand the chopping head.

A birthday reward for my wife & she loves it stainless metal finish appears great in our kitchen.

Compact for negligible counter house, performs great and appears wonderful.

No get apple ipad two mc981ll/a desk.

This is the most effective can opener i have at any time owned and i am no spring hen. It feels like it normally takes the can out of your hand and opens the very first time.

Purchased the can opener as a present for my son. I formerly acquired a person for my kitchen area. It is excellent not owning to keep the can as the can opener opens it. The only detail you have to do is force the cutter into the can, launch the can and enable it spin and slash. It stops when it is end slicing. Also will come with a usable bottle opener.

Opens the taller/heavier cans really properly, and the greatest feature is the simplicity in eliminating and cleansing the reducing instrument.