Hamilton Beach (70510) Food Processor & Mini Chopper, 4 Cup, Electric, Black : Amazing for it’s size

This is the best sized food processor for every day use. I can shred a single block of cheese devoid of experience like i employed also big of an equipment for these kinds of a tiny task. Mixing the perfect batch of everything for my little relatives of 3 is quick with this equipment. It normally takes up practically no area on the countertop in contrast to a whole sizing processor. My favorite way to use this is to speedy chop veggies to sautee for evening meal nearly #each day.

This economical little food processor does all it is intended to do, and just one far more point: slicing and shredding. This is the only tiny sized processor i uncovered to have a shredding disc for shredding cheese. Pizza night is a lot less difficult due to the fact i will not have to pull out the big processor. This one particular arrives out and does its occupation rapidly, does not take up far too considerably space in the dishwasher. The bowl ability is a little bit bigger than the little cuisinart, an additional edge as i have uncovered these also small. A worthy financial commitment for individuals many situations you never want to mess with the major duty equipment.

Hamilton Beach (70510) Food Processor & Mini Chopper, 4 Cup, Electric, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Chop and puree food, blend smoothies, slice and shred vegetables and cheese
  • 4 cup capacity
  • Easy stack & snap assembly requires no difficult twisting or locking
  • Stainless steel quad blade provides superior chopping results and thorough blending
  • Large chute fits whole block of cheese
  • Refer user manual below.

I love my little food processor. I generally slice cucumbers in mine but it does a wonderful career. I have experienced 1 dilemma while. The safety tab on the lid broke off. I glued it back again on but it didn’t continue to be. Now i just adhere it in the gap so i can still use it. I looked at the hamilton beach website and the lid can be changed but it is ‘out of inventory. ‘ i will consider to call the organization for support because i have only had it considering the fact that february 2018.

This is a wonderful compact food processor. It is a quick and easy way to put together tiny things when cooking a meal or a snack. It is quick to assembly, get aside, and cleanse. It is small and does not consider up a great deal room.

The processor is really solid but i believe the blades are like to apart from each other and so they do not slice the things that effectively or they do not genuinely process that well, i come to feel like the food will get in as well huge pieces as an alternative of what i obtained it for which was to puree food for my 7 mo female, other than is ok.

Hamilton Beach (70510) Food Processor & Mini Chopper, 4 Cup, Electric, Black : Perfect size for 2 people, must cut down, or 1/2 ,certain vegetables because the feed throat is very small. Works well making salads, really worked well mixing pancake batter, using fruit. Perfect for the paleo diet person, where salads are important. Just really, really pleased with it’s performance.

Really like this little person i have been utilizing the ninja for many years and really like it as well but it sucks allot of electrical power so went looking for one thing with significantly less watts. It is mentioned as 250 watts so functions excellent with my photo voltaic setup. Blade set up is quite a lot the same as ninja for the smoothies no concerns with energy and will make a fantastic major smoothie. A single point that i never like is the address isn’t going to have a way to just pour with out taking it all aside which i noticed in the photograph but was kind of hoping there was a pouring lid for the smoothie configuration. Slicing part was new to me, but labored great to make some cucumber salad my most loved in the summer.

This does a wonderful task at blending and food processing. It is really a little perform horse for compact batches. Really don’t assume it to comprehensive with a whole size vitamix or 500 watt cuisinart, but it will do substantially of what they can do only in lesser batches. Excellent dimension for an rv or a boat.

This processor is good for little portions. It is super super sharp with twin blades. The bowl retains all my do-it-yourself vinaigrettes without the need of splashing about the facet. It is less difficult to clean than having out the massive cuisinart.

The unit performs fantastic and has a smaller footprint but food has to be reduce to in good shape in major chute. I sliced dry salami with my old unit and can not with this so get that into thought.

I have arthritis and simply can’t offer with the twist-on kinds of choppers. This is easier on the hands but there is a understanding curve. The seal on the lid helps make it trick to pull off. For me, gripping the chute and pretty gently pulling towards the pouring spout does the trick. The latches ended up definitely stiff at very first, but now they operate high-quality. They will not latch if you have the lid on backwards. The blades are wonderful, the device is much quieter than quite a few i have attempted. I chopped parsley to freeze 1st, worked like a charm. It then obtained garlic and ginger relatively tiny. Like every chopper, it does improved with a fuller load.

Absolutely appreciate this very little guy and i’d like to give it five stars, but the child layout is just bad. It’s received a small, sensitive, skinny piece of plastic that activates the motor. Of system it broke off rapidly. So i have been jimmy rigging it to do the job, but it is these types of a stress.

Hamilton beach is a fantastic solution line to go to, in my experience, for benefit. Needed a little, 4 cup processor and didn’t want to shell out at the greater value place label. This performs wonderful, and accurately suits my demands. In truth, i like it superior than my standard size food processor, which is hamilton beach as very well.

Functions fantastic and has a ton of works by using. While i had to also get my spouse a little ‘samurai’ blender / chopper as properly now simply because a large amount of the things she requires it for is small points so to get this large a single out, use it for two seconds and spend the subsequent 10-fifteen minutes washing it and drying it is too considerably. But for the bigger employment, this is the go to chopper, shredder, blender, slicer and dicer.

I must admit i was hesitant in buying however an additional hamilton beach merchandise, as i have skilled quite a few difficulties with hamilton beach food processors, electric can openers, and so on. . But i am very delighted with this products in spite of the reality that i have only employed sparingly hence far.

I assume this reasonably priced processor is a person of the greatest types i have ever owned. It is incredibly simple to use and clean up and i adore that it has a shredding/slicing disk — some the smaller processors do not have this feature. I am a one particular person and this processor is just proper for me. In the earlier i have created the miscalculation of acquiring far too smaller a processor. This a person is fantastic for a single human being or a little family members and it truly does a most fantastic occupation of processing.

Most food processors/choppers are so tough to open & near but not this a person. I enjoy how quick it is to open up as i have arthritis in my hands. The identify says it all, just stack it on & snap it is in spot.

I appeared at 2-3 cup food processors but finished up receiving this a single. I never consider anything at all less than 4 cups would be massive enough for a lot. I made use of this to make hummus and one can of bush’s beans and a single packet of bush’s hummus produced straightforward about stuffed itwhen making use of the slicing blade, it is a fairly good slice. I applied it to slice bell peppers (the feeder gap on top rated is incredibly small [the opening is two one/2′ x 1′ so i had to cut them into strips. ) instead of dicing them, which can be a long tedious job as i buy them on sale and freeze them after dicing/slicing. The results were somewhat acceptable, but the cut is a bit too thin. It might be good for pepperoni, if you could fit a whole pepperoni in the feeder slot but it’s too small so you would have to halve or maybe even quarter it. When i sliced the bell peppers i didn’t even have a chance to “push them through” with the pusher. This unit is so powerful, it pulled them in and sliced them so fast you could hardly see the action- kind of cool to watchoverall, for small jobs i would recommend this unit. ]

I you should not make big meals so i did not want a large food processor. For the most aspect i only use it for shredding greens or cheese. I’ve had no problems with the cover not fitting or the tabs breaking off. As very long as you know the dimensions is fairly smaller, i would highly endorse.

We put the whole upper mechanism and the top rated in the dishwasher and now it doesn’t in good shape. My wife loves it, she thinks we are going to get the similar if we mail it back again.

Love this, is a good size, is sealed so fluid does not spill, easy to use and hold cleanse, stays fixed on counter till you want it moved, have experienced quite a few over the years and like this a single the very best. Has grater blade which performs effectively and typical slicer blade. Good tools and i hugely propose it. $ cup ability is a great adjust for smaller hundreds.

My substantial eight cup processor died a few times back which was preposterous due to the fact i hardly ever utilized it far more than a several instances a calendar year. I observed this more compact a person, so i thought i’d give it a shot. I am definitely happy i did mainly because it is so significantly less complicated than the large clunky a single a experienced. I can essentially preserve this a person out on my counter and use it. I enjoy the snap on lid mainly because i could in no way get my outdated one particular to line up suitable on the initial shot. This is so swift to thoroughly clean as properly. The chute is lesser but i really don’t see that as a significant deal at all. I just care that it works and it can be straightforward to use.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker : Super cute coffee maker in red

I looked at coffeemakers forever, up to $200. I settled on this because the more expensive ones didn’t offer any more for the prices they wanted to charge. I drink coffee all day and really appreciate good taste. This machine makes decent coffee, not the best i ever tasted, but good if you use a good bean. It makes it nice and hot, does not stay as hot until the warmer shuts off, but also doesn’t burn it. Brew choices are good, but i think the bold comes out slightly bitter. I use regular brew and add more grinds for a bold taste. I was hoping for a retro-look, but it does look cheap.

I have been using this coffeemaker for two days now, so far so good. If any changes later, i will update this review. One thing to note: do not place in position as shown when making coffee – the water escapes from the top,the handle should be turned all the way either right or left. It does not beep when coffee is ready, it does not turn off by itself, and there is no background light for the clock,it looks just like on the picture. The on/off button under the clock glows nice blue when on. Overall, i think it’s a good value for the price.

It’s a coffee maker and it makes coffee, with a bold option that makes me happy, and it keeps time well (some of them. Not so much) it’s easy to set up initially and to program. It makes 1-3 pots of 8-12 cups a day (usually 2 pots) and has for over a month with no problems, so i can’t complain, especially for the price. Some things to note:there’s a lip on the inside of this carafe, so washing it isn’t as easy as some of the ones with just the dimpled pour spouts. The plastic feels just a bit wobbly on the carafe but it’s holding up (i held off reviewing to see if it would; no issues). Check the measurement of the carafe height to your faucet – it never occurred to me it would be of issue, but it doesn’t fit as easily as the past ones have. The carafe jostles the brew basket every time, especially before it’s brewed. It’s just a minor annoyance trying to get it seated or pulling it out to wash and refill, with periodic hangups. The maker lid hinges on the back and has to open all the way to pour water into the machine and stay open for filling the basket – it won’t prop straight. The cord is long enough to not make it an issue for us, but if you’re used to one that only opens a 6″ circle, make sure you have the counter space or clearance overhead if there are cabinets above.

I’ve bought more than my share of top of the line coffee makers. They all cost 2 or 3 times as much as this one did. We have very hard water and although we use vinegar every few weeks, the machines are pretty well shot after about 3 or 4 years of daily use. Or, the carafe breaks and the cost of a new one is enough (and the machine old enough) that we decide to buy a new coffee pot. I’ve found that all coffee makers have some good and some bad features. This hamilton beach falls somewhere in the middle of the dozen or so machines i’ve had in my life. From my perspective, it’s a pretty good thing when something costs way less than the more expensive product and still ends up being pretty good. Con list:conthe water could be hotter. It is plenty hot enough to drink, but i’ve found i have to use an extra scoop to get coffee as strong as my last machine made.

  • The Best! Simply THE BEST!!
  • Fantastic Quality gor a Poor Man’s Price
  • It’s a pretty nice coffee maker

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with user-friendly control panel and digital display
  • Programmable clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; brew-pause function
  • Glass carafe with stay-cool handle, measuring marks, and drip-free pour spout
  • Nonstick hot plate; 2-hour automatic shut-off for safety; easy-to-clean removable parts
  • Measures approximately 11 by 8 by 14-inch; 1-year limited warranty

Super cute coffee maker in red. Just a bit annoyed that it cost twice as much just to get the color. It’s really easy to program and the buttons are nice and big. The coffee pot is the first one i have had that really pours the coffee into the cup without a drip.I have been through quite a few coffee makers over the years, this is a total first for me 🙂 the base is light weight plastic, kind of cheap if you inspect it closely. Hopefully, it and the electrical components will last for more then a few years. The picture i am seeing as i write this review is not of the model i have. My buttons are much larger, and i now have a night light in my kitchen at night when i set the coffee for the morning. Yes, the buttons light up pretty bright. Can’t say it enough, i’m annoyed that i had to pay twice as much for a splash of color in my kitchen.

Red side panels (both sides) look and feel very cheap. Lid on glass carafe cannot be removed, however, i placed the entire piece in the bottom of the dishwasher and it seemed to clean up nicely without any issues. The removable insert that holds the coffee also washed well in the dishwasher. Looks much nicer in the picture than it looks in person, but a coffee pot in this price range is a coffee pot. I wanted to add a red accent to my kitchen and it serves its purpose.

I had one of these coffee makers and i liked it so well, that i searched for another just like it when i dropped and broke my old one. This is the only coffee pot that i’ve found that makes filling the reservoir easy. The reservoir opening is large and the pot is made to not release too much liquid at once. All other coffee makers have small reservoir openings and pots that want to drip everywhere no matter how slow you try to pour it. This is my second pot like this and i hope they don’t discontinue this model. Maybe i should buy another one now, just in case.

I pretty much seem to always buy 2 proctor silex coffeemakers at the same time, i think they are made buy hamilton beach, as a rule they go about 3 or 4 years or a little longer, and they are usually a very good price. Well now getting to this coffee maker. . It is beautiful a little bit big, but worth making room on my counter for the two of them. I drink hot tea and my hubby drinks cofffee. . So i always replace them together so they match. The very best part is ther is no strong plastic smell. I run water through them twice ,and started using them. And i love the glass pot because it does not drip.

In my gazillion years of coffee drinking, i’ve been through them all: bunn, mr. Coffee, westinghouse, you name it. This was my first hamilton beach. It is the best coffee maker i have ever had. Absolutely no drips when you pour. Fast brew times, easy-to-set timer. There isn’t a bad thing about this machine. I highly, highly recommend itupdate: oct 31. Still absolutely no problems with my hamilton beach. The carafe cleans easily, the machine is simple to operate, and i haven’t had one drip when pouring.

I have been looking for red items to add to my kitchen, to brighten up the room a bit. When i saw this i really liked the description of it, and how it looked. At one time i had a black hamilton beach coffeemaker and thought it was good quality, so this was a selling point for me for this red one. It brews the coffee quite quickly, and i do have to say that my coffee these days tastes better than with my old coffee pots i think it has to do with the spray feature that sprays hot water over the grounds. All my other coffee pots had a drip feature, and i do think the spray feature gets the best and most flavor out of the coffee. The red is very bright and shiny. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone.

I bought this several weeks ago and wanted to see how it performed before reviewing. This coffee machine has done well so far. I have no complaints about the quality of my cups of coffee. It comes off when programmed and makes coffee. I think the temperature of the brew is fine and it is sure easy to clean and fill for brewing. I do use the gold filter i had with my last coffee maker and it seems to make a better brew of coffee than the paper filters. This machine is a lot smaller profile than the $200 cuisinart grind and brew and the coffee tastes just as good. It was well packaged and arrived on time.

I purchased this after my second cuisinart bit the bullet. I mainly purchased it for the price and the color red. It’s easy to clean and adds a bit of pop to the kitchen. I always say every room needs a shot of red and the kitchen should be included. Nowadays it seems you really can’t find quality small appliances and when i pay anywhere from $75 to $100 for a coffee maker and it doesn’t seem to last much longer than the others, i figure why waste my money. I’m really kind of simple in the “needs department” and i really don’t need the timer or the grinder, so the simpler it is, the better.

We purchased this coffee maker several months ago. It took care of all the problems we experienced with former models. It is easy to pour the water into the reservoir, and to visualize the fill gauge. The buttons are easy to operate in setting the clock, brew time and strength. The coffee has been very good. We haven’t had problems with the paper filters folding over and letting grounds flow into coffee (which happened to us with a previous coffee maker). The carafe does not drip when pouring. Overall, very satisfied with the coffee maker and would recommend the purchase.

I haven’t had a drip coffee maker in a long time. My roommate wanted to get one, so i looked at all the reviews and this one came up on top for me. This is a good basic coffee maker, i think it’s worth the discounted price it has here at amazon, but i would be very disappointed if i paid the retail price of $70. It works well and is easy to clean. Now on the to quality of the coffee. I make coffee with a french press, and i typically like it very strong, but not too bitter. So far the quality of the coffee from this machine has been ok, but not that great. It has three flavor settings: normal, bold, 1-4 cups. Normal makes coffee that is weak and flavorless, bold has more flavor but is very bitter, 1-4 cups tastes like bold. I have been trying the last few weeks to vary the grind, the amount of coffee in the basket etc.

The red is so nice and it does not drip coffee while your pouring. The no drip alone makes this pot worth buying and at such a reasonable price (28. I do wish the clock lit up and i’m use to a beeper that indicates when coffee is done brewing or the maker is shutting off. Those two items are not a deal breaker for me. I would and will buy this coffee maker again. It does keep your coffee nice and hot and it brews quickly. I have told my husband at least a dozen times how much i like this maker. He loves the no drip and even likes the red and guys don’t usually have an opinion on that sort of thing. Buy this coffee maker you wont be disappointed. This is one of my best purchases in a long time.

It works like you would expect it to and it’s a good price, but the thing that i like the most about it is that the spout is easier to pour out of without drippage than most coffee pots. A clumsy person like me pretty much always makes a mess but that hasn’t been an issue.

If your hunting for a delectable cup of coffee without all the bells and whistles , purchase this high-quality coffeemaker. I’ve made use of it a number of instances a day for the past month ( i consume a whole lot of espresso) and it has not at the time failed to make an exellent brew. In the morning for the duration of the 7 days,i brew a complete pot of less costly espresso for my thermos and on weekends the connoisseur blend, so far complete prosperous taste and piping very hot from all varietys- everytime. I also like the fashion and great red coloured housing w/ the stainless steel trim, seems to be great on my kitchen area counter. A great contact by hamilton beach as most appliance’s today are very generic seeking. The controls are straight ahead and foolproof. The timer sets simple and a blue light-weight indicates it is energetic. A brew toughness collection is also provided which absolutely is effective nicely,just will take lengthier to brew your coffee but well truly worth the wait around.

Light-weight for method is kinda vibrant. Pours without the need of spilling h2o. Want the clear section (exhibiting sum water poured in) was on was on other aspect. It is really fantastic if you’re left handed. For the reason that if not, you have to quit & see how you have still left to go.

5 yrs and going robust. Espresso could be a bit cooler than when it was new, but i’m not even positive. I thoroughly clean it periodically with white vinegar and operate a couple of pots of drinking water by to rinse. All features even now do the job properly.

The reason i have acquired 3 is not due to the fact they are not a good quality merchandise, i have had each and every for an average of 26 months. I adore this distinct solution and will proceed to buy as desired as extended as it is designed available.

The thing i actually like about it most drip espresso makers get condensation on the lid and when you open the top it drips all around the counter. This one the lid is made to funnel the condensation back again into the reservoir so your counter stays dry 🙂 moreover it appears wonderful. A minimal fewer than a 12 months and this coffeemaker is broken. The brew cycle stays on all the time which is perilous due to the fact when you you should not know it is on and insert chilly drinking water to the reservoir it bursts out incredibly hot steam and you could get burned, also who knows if it is a fire hazard to be heated all the time like that, producing it vital to keep the unit unplugged when not brewing. As effectively as staying unsafe this tends to make the programmable and clock features useless. I have emailed hamilton beach as the device is even now below makers warranty. Will update when i get a reaction.

This is a fantastic espresso maker. Not especially fast but it doesn’t claim to be. I have a bunn coffeemaker at residence and it helps make coffee in 3 minutes. But this hamilton beach looks to be good. I bought it for my daughter and son-in-law. I like coffee and they most likely wouldn’t have a coffee maker if i didn’t come take a look at (who is familiar with?). I feel the espresso pot plastic trim on the top rated of the espresso pot at the lip exactly where you pour, is a little odd. It has the plastic go throughout the inside of where by the pouring occurs – odd.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker : BRIGHT RED COFFEE MAKER

I experienced a single of these coffee makers and i favored it so nicely, that i searched for a different just like it when i dropped and broke my old one particular. This is the only espresso pot that i have uncovered that would make filling the reservoir uncomplicated. The reservoir opening is huge and the pot is designed to not release far too much liquid at the moment. All other espresso makers have compact reservoir openings and pots that want to drip all over the place no make any difference how sluggish you try out to pour it. This is my next pot like this and i hope they don’t discontinue this model. Maybe i really should invest in a further just one now, just in situation.

Red aspect panels (the two sides) seem and experience pretty low-cost. Lid on glass carafe cannot be eradicated, even so, i put the full piece in the base of the dishwasher and it seemed to cleanse up properly with out any problems. The removable insert that holds the espresso also washed very well in the dishwasher. Appears to be substantially nicer in the image than it appears to be in individual, but a coffee pot in this price variety is a espresso pot. I preferred to incorporate a red accent to my kitchen area and it serves its function.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with user-friendly control panel and digital display
  • Programmable clock/timer for “wake-up” coffee; brew-pause function
  • Glass carafe with stay-cool handle, measuring marks, and drip-free pour spout
  • Nonstick hot plate; 2-hour automatic shut-off for safety; easy-to-clean removable parts
  • Measures approximately 11 by 8 by 14-inch; 1-year limited warranty

Five many years and going potent. Espresso may well be a little cooler than when it was new, but i am not even guaranteed. I thoroughly clean it periodically with white vinegar and run a few of pots of h2o as a result of to rinse. All features nevertheless get the job done very well.

Finally a coffee carafe that would not drip. Cuisinart dripped, mr espresso was even worse and, when it lasted only two many years (getting testier by the week), i purchased the hamilton beach. Of system, being red was a catalyst, but what’s more simply because of the other critiques i examine, as well as the price tag. The style is these types of that it pours into the cup, not down the side of it, not on the counter, just a easy thing that other nicely-recognised manufacturers have not bothered to integrate into their carafe. It really is a great coffee maker, brew time is fast, coffee preferences sleek. Completely advise this product or service.

The espresso maker operates great. It truly is about what i anticipated for somewhat minimal conclusion coffee maker. The display does have nice huge numbers, but i do not know why all the coffeemakers i’ve ever owned you should not have a lit clock screen. It truly is tricky to study at night time with out rotating the coffeemaker up to get the contrast to read the numbers. As i mentioned, i’ve hardly ever experienced a coffeemaker with a lit display, so this is par for the class for a coffeemaker in this cost selection. The automatic start off aspect functions as predicted, and it brews coffee rather promptly. You can just take the carafe out at any time in the brewing system without the need of any spillage from the espresso being brewed. I took off one particular star since i acquired this as component of the h-b ensemble. I assumed that the appliances in the ensemble group would be the exact same coloration. They are not – the coffeemaker is a significantly brighter red than the subdued red of the toaster.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, Red : I looked at coffeemakers forever, up to $200. I settled on this because the more expensive ones didn’t offer any more for the prices they wanted to charge. I drink coffee all day and really appreciate good taste. This machine makes decent coffee, not the best i ever tasted, but good if you use a good bean. It makes it nice and hot, does not stay as hot until the warmer shuts off, but also doesn’t burn it. Brew choices are good, but i think the bold comes out slightly bitter. I use regular brew and add more grinds for a bold taste. I was hoping for a retro-look, but it does look cheap.

I have not experienced a drip coffee maker in a extended time. My roommate wanted to get one, so i appeared at all the reviews and this a single arrived up on top for me. This is a fantastic basic espresso maker, i assume it is really worthy of the discounted selling price it has listed here at amazon, but i would be really disappointed if i paid out the retail price tag of $70. It will work very well and is straightforward to thoroughly clean. Now on the to high-quality of the espresso. I make espresso with a french push, and i commonly like it pretty solid, but not also bitter. So considerably the excellent of the coffee from this device has been okay, but not that great. It has three taste configurations: standard, bold, 1-four cups. Standard would make coffee that is weak and flavorless, bold has extra taste but is very bitter, one-4 cups tastes like daring. I have been attempting the previous couple weeks to change the grind, the sum of coffee in the basket etc.

The purpose i have acquired 3 is not simply because they are not a high-quality merchandise, i have had every for an typical of 26 months. I appreciate this unique products and will keep on to buy as desired as long as it is designed offered.

This is a good espresso maker. Not specifically fast but it isn’t going to declare to be. I have a bunn coffeemaker at residence and it tends to make espresso in three minutes. But this hamilton beach appears to be high-quality. I purchased it for my daughter and son-in-law. I like coffee and they in all probability would not have a espresso maker if i didn’t occur stop by (who knows?). I consider the coffee pot plastic trim on the prime of the espresso pot at the lip where you pour, is a minor odd. It has the plastic go throughout the inside of of in which the pouring occurs – odd.

We procured this espresso maker quite a few months in the past. It took treatment of all the complications we professional with previous versions. It is quick to pour the h2o into the reservoir, and to visualize the fill gauge. The buttons are simple to operate in setting the clock, brew time and energy. The coffee has been quite superior. We have not experienced problems with the paper filters folding about and allowing grounds flow into coffee (which happened to us with a former coffee maker). The carafe does not drip when pouring. All round, extremely happy with the espresso maker and would suggest the obtain.

If your searching for a mouth watering cup of coffee without having all the bells and whistles , buy this great coffeemaker. I have employed it a number of occasions a day for the last month ( i drink a lot of coffee) and it has not at the time failed to make an exellent brew. In the morning throughout the 7 days,i brew a entire pot of less expensive coffee for my thermos and on weekends the gourmet blend, so significantly total wealthy flavor and piping incredibly hot from all varietys- everytime. I also like the design and style and awesome red colored housing w/ the stainless metal trim, appears excellent on my kitchen area counter. A good touch by hamilton beach as most appliance’s nowadays are incredibly generic wanting. The controls are straight ahead and foolproof. The timer sets simple and a blue mild signifies it’s active. A brew power choice is also provided which certainly is effective effectively,just usually takes for a longer time to brew your espresso but effectively worthy of the wait around.

The issue i really like about it most drip espresso makers get condensation on the lid and when you open up the prime it drips all about the counter. This a single the lid is made to funnel the condensation back into the reservoir so your counter stays dry 🙂 additionally it appears to be like fantastic. A tiny much less than a calendar year and this coffeemaker is broken. The brew cycle stays on all the time which is perilous mainly because when you do not know it truly is on and insert chilly h2o to the reservoir it bursts out hot steam and you could get burned, also who understands if it is a hearth hazard to be heated all the time like that, building it required to preserve the device unplugged when not brewing. As properly as being unsafe this tends to make the programmable and clock functions worthless. I have emailed hamilton beach as the device is nevertheless less than makers guarantee. Will update when i get a reaction.

It is a espresso maker and it will make coffee, with a daring option that will make me joyful, and it keeps time effectively (some of them. Not so significantly) it is really simple to established up originally and to method. It makes one-three pots of eight-12 cups a working day (normally 2 pots) and has for in excess of a month with no problems, so i are not able to complain, specifically for the value. Some things to notice:there’s a lip on the inside of this carafe, so washing it just isn’t as easy as some of the types with just the dimpled pour spouts. The plastic feels just a little bit wobbly on the carafe but it can be holding up (i held off reviewing to see if it would no issues). Check out the measurement of the carafe peak to your faucet – it by no means occurred to me it would be of challenge, but it doesn’t suit as conveniently as the earlier ones have. The carafe jostles the brew basket every single time, specially before it truly is brewed. It is really just a minimal annoyance seeking to get it seated or pulling it out to clean and refill, with periodic hangups. The maker lid hinges on the again and has to open up all the way to pour water into the device and keep open up for filling the basket – it is not going to prop straight. The twine is prolonged enough to not make it an challenge for us, but if you are made use of to 1 that only opens a 6′ circle, make absolutely sure you have the counter place or clearance overhead if there are cupboards earlier mentioned.

Light-weight for plan is kinda vivid. Pours without spilling h2o. Wish the distinct aspect (showing volume water poured in) was on was on other facet. It really is great if you are remaining handed. Mainly because if not, you have to stop & see how you have left to go.

I really a lot appear to usually invest in two proctor silex coffeemakers at the very same time, i believe they are built acquire hamilton beach, as a rule they go about 3 or four many years or a tiny lengthier, and they are usually a pretty superior price tag. Very well now having to this coffee maker. . It is lovely a minor bit large, but really worth making home on my counter for the two of them. I drink sizzling tea and my hubby beverages cofffee. . So i generally change them alongside one another so they match. The very best element is ther is no solid plastic scent. I run h2o through them two times ,and started off employing them. And i love the glass pot mainly because it does not drip.

It performs like you would hope it to and it’s a great price tag, but the factor that i like the most about it is that the spout is less complicated to pour out of without the need of drippage than most espresso pots. A clumsy human being like me very significantly always helps make a mess but that has not been an challenge.

I previously employed far more expensive espresso maker that did not final complete year. This time, i resolved to go diverse route in that i seemed all over for coffee maker that is low priced and yet, experienced pretty good evaluate. Obtaining more highly-priced espresso maker is no guarantee it will previous a extended time. I have experienced this espresso maker for pair of weeks now and so much it has worked terrific. Very little fancy, the management is conventional but it does brew extremely excellent espresso. Even my brother who is finicky about espresso likes it. Only time will inform if this coffee maker is designed correct and past in excess of a yr. Some of previously reviewers have complained that this product worked very well at 1st but later formulated complications that knocked the rating from high to lower.

I haven’t had this coffeemaker lengthy but so considerably i like it. I esp like the no drip which leaves my cupboard absolutely free of spills. Seems good and brightens up my kitchen area. Have not tried the computerized brewing so can not comment on that but i would have no qualms about accomplishing so. Update: i proceed to appreciate this coffeemaker. I use the automatic brewing each individual night in advance of bedtime and it has under no circumstances unsuccessful. I esp like the daring brewing which normally takes a minor for a longer time but is truly worth it, with great tasting coffee.

I bought this numerous weeks ago and desired to see how it done before reviewing. This coffee equipment has done properly so considerably. I have no issues about the high quality of my cups of coffee. It arrives off when programmed and will make coffee. I think the temperature of the brew is great and it is confident easy to clean up and fill for brewing. I do use the gold filter i had with my final espresso maker and it would seem to make a greater brew of espresso than the paper filters. This equipment is a lot smaller profile than the $two hundred cuisinart grind and brew and the coffee tastes just as superior. It was perfectly packaged and arrived on time.

Coffee, but, just after fifteen yesrs, it failed to do the job thst very well. I noticed this a single, in my favourite shade, and it has the clock and plan keys over the hotplate, exactly where it would not get soiled. This is a large amount improved than a mr. Coffee, and a large amount prettier than the black that the other a person was. And, i assume that hamilton beach is considerably far better excellent. It can make espresso definitely wonderful.

I purchased this after my second cuisinart bit the bullet. I primarily ordered it for the value and the coloration red. It really is uncomplicated to clear and provides a bit of pop to the kitchen. I normally say each individual room requires a shot of red and the kitchen area should really be bundled. Today it appears to be you actually cannot discover quality small appliances and when i pay out wherever from $seventy five to $100 for a coffee maker and it will not appear to be to last much for a longer time than the many others, i figure why squander my revenue. I am seriously kind of easy in the ‘needs department’ and i definitely will not need the timer or the grinder, so the less difficult it is, the improved.

I was a minimal frightened to order this products due to other evaluations. I finished up purchasing anyway since the selling price truly simply cannot be defeat for the coloration and fashion. I like the red pop in my kitchen area. I bought the coffee maker on time, and it seemed just like the photograph. I plugged it up, ran a cycle of drinking water through it, and tried it out with coffee. I failed to style any plastic and it failed to smell plastic-y. I liked the choice for brew energy and it in shape perfectly on my counter. My kitchen area seems a minor spiffier, now. Just after utilizing it various moments now it even now operates good and my household has not burnt down. My most favorite feature of this equipment is that, in comparison with just about every other equipment i have ever owned, it can make the minimum mess. Practically, no dripping wherever. I feel the innerworkings/design and style is intelligent and it does not feel low cost at all like previous espresso makers i have had.

Hamilton Beach 72705 Deluxe Food Chopper : Great product!!!

We are very happy with this unit in its quality and ease of operation. It does a great job, is very quiet, and easy to clean. Would have given more stars if we could have.

I went to replace my broken food processor with the same brand and model. Double the price of this one. I decided to take a chance on this hamilton beachi was concerned that the quality might suffer with the low price. I would give it a higher rating if i could. It us far better than the one i had. Reasons why i like it; it has a nice clean look, it is compact and lite in weight. It is easy to lock on the basket, blade and lid, which is not always the case on some processors. It is one of my very favorite purchases from amazon and highly recomended. I have to be honest,i have only had it a couple days and have used it 5 times on different things so i can’t tellabout long term.

Love this little hamilton beach food processor. It does the job and does it well with no problems. I started to have problems with the small culinart one i had after a year. Hopefully this one will last longer.

Great little processor for the price. It has only the one setting and can’t handle a large amount of food, but if you are doing average mincing- it is perfect.

  • Glad I purchased this!
  • Took a chance.Extremely pleased
  • A Little Power House

Hamilton Beach 72705 Deluxe Food Chopper, Black

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Electric food chopper with precise stainless-steel blades
  • 3-cup bowl size; small batch tool for chopping herbs
  • 1-touch pulse control ensures ease of use; oil-dispenser opening
  • Includes custom spatula that stores on the backside of the unit
  • Measures approximately 9 by 6 by 9 inches; 1-year warranty

It can chopped to any degree – all you do is stop before it gets too mushy if you don’t like “mushy”. It can even get to the “liquify” stage if you need it for soups or other recipes where you don’t want bunches in your food. I like that i can chop onions to the point where the onions are not distinguishable in the macaroni and cheese recipe which gives the mac and cheese added flavor but for people who don’t like onions, they like them in the mac and cheese or in anything else where you need the oniony flavor.

I purchased this item for our camper. It’s so convenient, easy to operate and easy to clean. Makes chopping veggies for salads and cooking simple. Will take it back home after camping season to use at home.

Nice food chopper, especially for the price. Hamilton beach always has good prices and their products hold up for years.

Perfect for small chop jobs, veggies, nuts. Easy to clean and very powerful. Like the rubble base and attached attachment to helpclean and moving inside. A safety guard is a nice addition. Easy to use, easy to clean and does the job. What elsedo we need from a small chopper?.

Great food processor for small jobs. The bowl is too small for making hummus or chopping medium to large amounts of nuts for baking. The blades are also a little too small. If the bowl was 4 cups and the blades were bigger it would be amazing.

First let me say that i am not disappointed in the product per se. It does what it said it would do. My disappointment comes from the reviews which i read that encouraged me to purchase this particular food chopper especially the one that spoke to the tool which allows for small items to be chopped. When you use that tool only some of the items get chopped and the others just adhere to the bottom of the bowl. Just like the other choppers- you have to open the bowl, poke out the large pieces and then chop again. I was hoping for better results when chopping herbs in particular. The product is however sturdy and easy to use. The pulse factor is quite useful as well.

We use this almost on a weekly basis for about two years now and it works well and saves a lot of time and tears chopping up onions, garlic etc. Ordered this one for another family member. Highly recommended just don’t fill it to the max or it will not function.

The is the best chopper i have used. There are only a few parts to take apart and clean and then to put back together. The amount of food it will hold to chop is not large, but it still does a great job. I bought one for my mother-in-law.

Not made the way they use to be. I have an oscar that was my mother in laws who died 10 years ago and it still works great.

I recently moved out of a college eco-house that housed eight individuals. There, we had a huge food processor that chopped, sliced, diced, and minced. After moving out, i realized i couldn’t live without a food processor anymore. I liked the price of this product and the smaller size. I have a problem preparing too much food, so i knew this would keep me in line. It is pretty small for a family, but the perfect size for one or two people. Other positives:-the small batch/herb chopper top has proved to be awesome. It keeps everything down so it all gets processed. With so many food processors, you dread having to clean it all.

I am most happy with this purchase mostly b ecause it chops small amounts quickly and evenly–even onions–which my former chopper did not. I would recomend this procuct.

It is a incredibly compact chopper which is excellent for me considering that i cook dinner just for two and the sizing of this chopper is just high-quality. The only issue that bothered me is that even though i slice onions into items and then place them within, it isn’t going to chop even. The base component will get pureed and the best section gets chopped into somewhat even larger pieces.

This mini-processor has done the occupation necessary of it without the need of a single hitch so significantly. What i will need is some very light food processing, in smaller portions. For major employment or thick, weighty food, something else would be necessary, but i consider this limitation is abundantly distinct in the description of the product or service. The blade and bowl are straightforward to remove and clear. It can be tough to picture receiving a superior merchandise when obtaining sight-unseen.

I have chopped and/or pureed quite a few various styles of food (except meat) with this food chopper. It is really great for chopping peppers, tomataoes, peaches, etcetera. If the food is fairly delicate and juicy, it results in being a puree. I do not mind that with specific kinds of food (this sort of as when i am producing a pepper souce) but at other situations it is fairly annoying. There is no way to explain to this minimal equipment it is intended to chop something and not make puree. There are no pace controls, no power controls. It is also not quite excellent for grating cheese. It is alright for tricky cheeses like cheddar if you very first lower the cheese into smaller sized pieces. Tender cheese does not get the job done properly at all (by that i don’t suggest tender like product cheese delicate. )having said that, i will say this: it is considerably greater than magic bullet which it replaced.

I feed my dogs raw food and needed anything simple to grind their meat (boneless). This does the work just correctly. Enjoy the spatula that comes with it. Tremendous straightforward to take apart and clean up also.

At initial i was not as well amazed with this small gadget. You have to find out how to get the lid on just appropriate. But once you do it, you is not going to believe that how straightforward it is to use. This is a excellent addition to my kitchen area. I use it so often i depart it out on the counter. Does a fantastic position and clean up could not be easier.

This food chopper is great and the value was quite fair. I have applied it a large amount and it is holding out quite well. I like the simple fact that you can chop modest portions by using the movable insert address.

Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker, Very happy with the results

Bought primarily based on positive assessments. Have only used it once, but done fantastic. Chili came out improved than more mature cooker.

The slow cooker is just the suitable measurement, and it has been really productive for the number of moments i’ve utilized it.

It is an adequate cooker but not advertisement good my aged one particular.

Key specs for 6-Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker:

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  • New Hamilton Beach 33567T 6 QT Oval Stove Slow Cooker
  • Simple program-ability – just set the time & temperature
  • 6 quart programmable
  • Sear or brown meat on your stovetop…then finish meal in your slow cooker
  • Premium diecast cookware – cast aluminum heats evenly and cooks directly on gas, electric, or ceramic stovetops

Comments from buyers

“Very happy with the results, Best features for slow cooker, Best Crockpot Ever!”

You can cook dinner with it on the stove, and then set it in the base to complete up. Terrific for browning meat or onions.

Very good things all the way all-around. The stovetop feature helps with searing meat, and the effortless to use controls make it a cinch to use. The insert is extremely uncomplicated to clean up. The best i’ve had to thoroughly clean so far.

It is quick to use and to clean up. The potential to brown meat on the stove major is a awesome aspect.

Seriously, the most remarkable crock pot. Can set any time in 30 min increments and using the pot on the stove is incredible. I appreciate dirtying a lot less dishes, in particular considering the fact that we never have a dish washer.

Investigated extensively and really happy. Was a present for my father in regulation who works by using this factor all the time.

Finest slow cooker for the revenue. Sear meat in pan on stove top heat other elements then established it and ignore it.

Just after working with this slow cooker only at the time, the glass lid was dropped in the ground and broken to pieces. I contacted hamilton beach front in hopes of shopping for a replacement lid and even although it was not lined by the guarantee, they sent me a new lid at no demand, expressing it was a 1 time courtesy to me. They failed to even inquire me to pay back for delivery. I am comprehensively amazed with buyer assistance like this, and will absolutely acquire their merchandise in the long run. As for the cooker, it is wonderful to cook dinner with and location on with precision and timing. The removable pot is thick and durable, so i am anticipating to do a large amount of searing and browning on my stovetop prior to the slow cooking. It truly is also much larger than i experienced expected, which is generally a as well as. Now i need to have to verify out their espresso makers.

I bought chose this crockpot soon after investigating the very best one particular. I preferred a person that i could brown meat in without the need of paying out $$$. The only detail i dislike but was conscious of when obtained is the handles get seriously scorching.

I employed it two times so significantly in a lot less than a week of having it. Almost everything works accurately as described but there was a aspect lacking(?). I don’t know for confident and typically i go direct to the manufacturer for any minimal pieces misplaced or forgotten in the factory assembly. It is 2 very little rubber foot pads less than the front legs ( rear ones current). I have elements from many sources in my years of bounty and just glued two thin drinking water faucet flat washers correct to the plastic feet. No factors taken off mainly because i appreciate the financial savings $ in this article at what amazon provides, considerably greater than the moan & groan.

I have used the heck out of this thing given that i obtained it. I haven’t experienced other individuals so, i are unable to examine. But, all of the characteristics (low 8-hour, significant 4-hour and heat) have labored flawlessly. I’ve only utilised it stove-best a few of occasions simply because i have not discovered that browning had an effects on the all round final result.

You can place this crockpot insert on stove or in oven. I have employed 2x so much, the two with fantastic results. one) sautéed onions, garlic & jalapeño with oil, 2) seared beef in oil. Just before putting in foundation for slow cooking. Saves me time and fewer washing. Only disadvantage is that the sides and major tackle do get sizzling.

The metal inset can make existence so substantially a lot easier. Controls are straightforward and very workable.

I will be hunting no further. There are no ‘hot spots’ and it does not boil on small as many other slow cookers do. I like the characteristic in which you can put it on the stove top to brown your meat if you so motivation. Leaving fewer dishes to pull out and clean. The pot’s surface area is incredibly effortless to clear for the occasions i do not decide on to use a liner. I would give this item 10 stars if were being possible.

Wonderful that it can be employed to brown.

You can brown your meat and then include your recipe. It automatically switches to warm, whilst the dial stays on substantial or reduced environment.

The slow cooker is straightforward to use and i have cooked a amount of different meat stews on it and they turned out excellent.

Really like the reality that you can brown meat to start with. Never have a dishwasher and this will save on washing one more pan. Ah certainly, it’s easy to clean up and who will not like that?.

Had it for practically a 12 months now. Great that you can brown your meat in the cooker pot without having getting to use a different pot.

I just about bought a more costly 1 that browns your food and gets up to 500 levels but it received lousy assessments so i identified this one particular with fantastic evaluations and much less than fifty percent the cost. It is so light and you can place it proper on the stovetop then appropriate into it is really shell. I by no means would use a crockpot simply because i usually had to filthy 2 pans so i can brown the food first. Then all the fantastic flavor stayed in my pan i browned and not in the crockpot. This is the best crockpot i have at any time applied. I can even deglaze the pan with some wine and cook dinner it down then slow cook dinner my dish all working day.

Performs very well, and it is huge more than enough for everything you have to cook.

I genuinely like the cooker apart from for the actuality that the non stick coating is peeling off the outdoors of the pot.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups : Works Great but Big

Operates excellent, but plan in advance. I am using a star off not simply because of the good quality but simply because of how very long it can take. I largely use it for rice and we use it each day. I got this simply because the stainless steel fashion matches my other appliances. It has pleasant, straightforward to use buttons to start out rice, total grain and many others. And soon after adding the components just press the proper button. My only complain is that it requires about 35-45 minutes for 1 cup of rice (and truly only about five minutes far more if you have a much larger batch). Also notice that even while it states 4 to 20 cups, it will make 1 cup just fine.

We love ours so a lot we gave them as xmas gifts previous calendar year. Extremely recommended to any one.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups (Cooked) Rice Cooker and Steamer, Silver (37536)

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Expand your menu with perfectly cooked dishes
  • Add ingredients, press the button and it does the rest
  • Easy, one-touch cooking
  • Unique boil/simmer function
  • 4 To 20-Cup capacity

This is a terrific kitchen area addition.

It does a consistently great career cooking rice. It is a lot even larger than i predicted though. It is not fantastic for creating 2-3 servings. The least measurement is a lot more like five-7 servings for us. It also can take very a whilst but with very good outcomes. If you really don’t want tiny batches and you care far more about good quality than time then i would endorse it.

Often enjoy this rice cooker. It can be my go to just about each and every day.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups (Cooked) Rice Cooker and Steamer, Silver (37536) : Perfect rice, even in large quantities, every time. . Pros: everything about this rice steamer is perfect. The rice comes out awesome every time as long as you follow the instruction based on the amount you want. Cons: it’s a little loud with the beeps when alerting you that it’s finished.

Nothing extravagant – works as built. Timer capabilities are practical as properly. Never remember he former model we had but his a person collects he condensed seam from the lid much more cleanly. Will not have any variations or enhancements to suggest so i guess its 5 stars.

I like this rice cooker a good deal. Having said that, one feature i desire it had would be to notify us how a lot longer right up until the rice is completely ready. Sometimes i overlook what time i place the rice on so i won’t be able to determine out if i will need to get started another start off dish so they both equally arrive out at the same time. It’s possible no other rice cooker does this but i would like they did.

I purchased one for myself and my daughter wanted one particular. We make a major batch of rice and use through the 7 days, this does the trick with out the mess on the stove.

I have experienced this for a couple of weeks now and it truly is fantastic. Com/aroma-arc-838tc-uncooked-digital-steamer/dp/b000hkfe8g/ref=sr_one_one?ie=utf8&qid=1349267406&sr=8-1&key phrases=rice+cookerand this rice cooker is fingers down better than the aroma. I like to prepare dinner basmati rice and like it to come out like it does at indian restaurants, wherever the rice will not adhere with each other but it is still totally cooked. And this man does the trick. The aroma unit i experienced basically produced sticky rice out of all the things. I tried using many unique h2o to rice mixtures and couldn’t get it right. With the hamilton beach unit, i did the straightforward (and normally not to trustworthy) two to a single ratio and it arrived out excellent. I admittedly have only applied it four or 5 occasions, but as extended as it doesn’t crack at any time quickly then i am a pleased camper. The non-stick area is superior, although you do get that odd rice movie on the base of the cooker – but that has happened with each rice cooker i have ever owned. But when i’m completed and cleansing the device it speedily and conveniently can be eradicated from the non-stick surface area, just by employing the white spoon point it comes with. I have not tried it as vegetable steamer nonetheless, since i not often steam greens.

Good purchase, recommend highly devoid of reservation.

Just what i was wanting for.

The very best rice cookers i’ve ever procured. I have ordered three rice cookers – two aroma manufacturer and this hb which was ‘like new’. But when i opened the box, the cooker was sealed in a box that hadn’t been opened. I have utilized the aroma brand names and nonetheless desire this hb device. It does not above heat – which is a challenge with the aroma brands. The rice normally takes a prolonged time in this steamer, but i am willing to hold out because it arrives out properly every single time. If i experienced room, i’d acquire one more one (as a backup).

This item is more cost-effective to invest in than a storefront like mattress,tub & further than, concentrate on or walmart. The characteristics are quick to use. I was anticipating an aluminum internal layer, rather of non-stick considering that it has cancerous materials when it starts off peeling off. I do like aluminum just to stay away from any troubles down the line. The merchandise itself is really basic to use, one-touch button and just go away it. It did have a strange strong plastic odor the first several occasions of utilizing it, it’s possible from manufacturing unit materials. Following a while, it wears off.

Digital simplicity deluxe rice cooker/steamer. An additional birthday present and they totally cherished it. They have not applied it as a steamer, but as a rice cooker, the rice was wonderfully scrumptious.Wonderful product and really advised. A rice spoon and paddle arrived with it which was a key reward.

For a household of four, this is a huge rice cooker. Nevertheless, we usually make extra so that we have rice for soups or other foods in the week. I will say that it requirements consideration as the rice cooks so as not to overcook i know from other purchasers there are goods that let you set the cooker and go. I have not felt that i could do that with this individual cooker as it just retains going and likely. Nonetheless, the completed products is great.

Pretty uncomplicated to operate and has a practical delayed start off option. We use it generally to prepare dinner brown rice, it leave the rice quite moist and fluffy but takes about forty five minutes to a person hour to prepare dinner one cup of rice. I notice that brown rice requires for a longer period to cook dinner, but it just appears to be like a prolonged time. But we just put on the rice way in progress of needing it and it stays heat. Total, i am happy with the invest in and would advise.

Tried out all kinds of rice which include brown rice, veggies & its very good. So considerably its been almost one year & no troubles.

Purchased this from a evaluate on-the sweet house. Not the quickest cooker, but the rice will come out perfect if you stick to the instructions and measure accurately. It was not advised for heavy use, but we use it about 3-four instances a 7 days.

It is really a great cooker, but not sturdy more than enough. I acquired a refurbished one particular more than a calendar year back. It is really easy to use and just as what is described. I use it to cook white rice and normally 2 cups of rice will take appx. The timer function is specially useful for the reason that i can established a timer ahead of i leave dwelling or in the previous evening in advance of i go to snooze. For boil & simmer operate, i can manage the time i want the things to get boiled. Disadvantages: when cooking porridge, it surely leaves some rice and water on the inside of the lid, so that i have to wash the lid each time. The coating of the inner base of the pot started to put on out in considerably less than 1 year. Electronic handle turned malfunctioned in the current thirty day period – it sets up the timer automatically and unexpectedly. But the guarantee only covers one year, so i had deal with it by myself and it performs now.

We have genuinely savored this equipment, even though we’ve built small rice so considerably. I like the delayed get started to make hot cereal for breakfast. Can make a tremendous steel-cut oats, breakfast grits, and brown rice farina. At first bought to replace an old rice cooker that couldn’t make brown rice or other whole grains, but the hold off get started timer has been the greatest component of the more recent equipment. This design was suggested by different reviewers this sort of as america’s examination kitchen, and as a remanufactured design it was a great rate. It won’t have the ‘fuzzy logic’ selection, but frankly, it will work great as it is. One particular take note: the smallest amount of rice or grains that can be produced in this is a person and a half cups (to 3 cups drinking water). There is a specific rice evaluate involved this measure is the equal of an american three/4 cup measure. So when the equipment description claims that its smallest batch attainable is 3 cups, it is referring to the special rice measure, not american cups.

Very simple and pretty quick to use it does much more than just prepare dinner rice. It can steam corn and beans even more it will maintain your foodstuff heat soon after cooking it. Yes there is an instruction handbook but it is a stand by yourself cooker and extremely straightforward to operate.

Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor – I love almost everything about this food processor

My only issue with it is when i tried out to slice apples it sliced some and grated some??. I do not know why i turned the piece to the slice facet but it however cut a great deal smaller. Other than that i do adore it just would like there have been two or a few blades to set in the top rated for each and every purpose instead of a single that you flip above mainly because that would repair the challenge. Please let me know if they make the blades independently simply because i would like to have them.

Fantastic food processor i was extremely glad with this product. Outstanding food processor i was really content with this solution if met all my expectations.

Applying the pulse purpose receives the effects i was on the lookout for.

  • FINALLY a food processor that can handle more liquids!
  • Fantastic purchase!
  • Still trying to get used to it

Does a great task for the funds. . Sounds like a jet motor when it runs. Does a superior occupation with factors so much.

Features of Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor

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    to make sure this fits.
  • New Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor Powerful 450 Watt
  • Easy stack & snap assembly
  • Unique design requires no difficult twisting & locking
  • Simple function guide shows you which blade to use & which button to press
  • Big Mouth feed tube reduces pre-cutting

Love it, use it all the time.

A very nice unit, we are very pleased.

Particularly what i preferred at a very good rate.

The only thing i don’t like versus a prior unit i owned for 20 years. The only thing i don’t like versus a prior unit i owned for 20 years is the need to have some of the pieces together to engage the 110 a. I understand the safety features of having it together in order for the motor to twirl, but i’m an adult and can deal with whirling blades without the safety features.

Compared with my outdated vintage hamilton beach 🙂 amazing value also.

It really is my 1st food processor and i hardly ever really should have waited so prolonged to get a person. I use it a whole lot, cuts prep time substantially and is straightforward cleanse up.

Will work nicely, but observe out for the packaging. I procured this as a reward for somebody and when unpacking, she finished up slicing her hand rather bad making an attempt to get the blade out of the processor. The blade arrives snapped in spot with a plastic guard beneath that desires to be eliminated right before use (certainly you ought to clean the sections prior to employing as nicely). Sad to say, i tried the moment or twice and believed it was caught. As i was looking for instructions on if there was a blade launch (don’t know if there is. ) she yanked genuinely difficult and the guard came off the blade and she received a very deep wound on her hand (five stitches). Considering that that debacle (which could be user error), the merchandise has worked well with no other problems.

Bought this as my mother’s broke. This is amazing for her, as she has arthritis, so all you have to do is push a button. Very pleased with the food processor.

Just what i desired at the price tag that. Just what i needed at the cost that i desired. Certain they may be greater and much better but this a lot more than does the career.

Ultimately a food processor that can handle additional liquids. The biggest challenge i have with food processors is their really confined liquid capacities. What’s the issue of a 12 cup capacity if it can only keep 2-three cups of liquids prior to they leak out as a result of the base, all above the device and counter?this a single is designed with a sealed bowl at the base, incredibly considerably like a blender, allowing 12 cups of liquid capability, if desired. Observe even so that the lid is not sealed to be liquid limited, so if you combine watery liquids or soup, it will continue to spill out via the lid. They just about designed it ideal. The imperfect lid seal is still more than enough of a seal that we can still combine thicker batters etcetera. That by alone is a huge improvement over most food processors, and is why i’ve provided them 4 stars. If you seal the lid-bowl link you can get paid five stars)i can nevertheless chop/blend/blend/liquify just about anything i set in it, making this one of the most functional kitchen appliances all-around. Our significant mixer is nonetheless made use of for huge batches of cookie and bread doughs. A mixer is only better geared for people programs. Our blender is now generally utilized for smoothies. But this tiny device does anything else in in between. We’re putting ours to the test, and we will see how durable this new engineering style and design is. I am going to be certain to update if we see any troubles.

Not as productive as my braun processor. Not as effective as my braun processor, but gets the task accomplished.

Can be a problem in a small kitchen area with terrible storage. This stacks pretty tall which can be a trouble in a little kitchen with negative storage. It isn’t really intended to leak but when generating pastry dough, flour fluffy out. It undoubtedly will serve my purpose economically. My key utilizes are pastry crust, hummus, mashed beans for falafel or vegan patties, cabbage for slaw. Simple-peasy stuff and it’s possible as soon as for each week. My daughter has my cuisinart that is about 10 a long time old of typically pastry dough use but i can’t say i liked that a person superior.

Like this, has worked nicely for my kitchen area requirements.

Helps make shredding things for salads quick. Don’t pack it as well comprehensive nevertheless that is how i wrecked the motor in my 1st one. Now i have a good motor and two sets of exchangable attatchments.

Very best buy ever for the kitchen area.When they say the blades are sharp, they’re not kidding. Slash myself by 3 levels of a thick kitchen area towel with just a slight touch.

I adore almost anything about this food processor. I adore pretty much every thing about this food processor. It shreds wonderfully, which is what i mostly use it for. It has a good sizing container so you will not have to prevent and vacant it out a large amount. My only criticism is the sizing of the feed shoot. If that was a minimal even bigger it would be ideal.

I enjoy the capability it retains and the. I enjoy the ability it holds and the blades are incredibly sharp which helps make for great precision.

Still trying to get used to it. The food processor saves me alot of time. It’s easy to clean, take apart, and put together. I’m just trying to get used to how it works. The chopping function actually minces. And the blade is so low you can’t put much in. A second chopping blade up higher would have been a good idea. The slicing function works better for chopping.

Hamilton Beach 43700 5-Cup Personal Coffee Brewer, Okay but could be better

It is fantastic for a single human being and it isn’t going to just take up significantly. It is great for a single man or woman and it would not take up considerably area on my kitchen counter.

Compact uncomplicated and worth each penny. The most significant disadvantage is finding used to it being an electrical percolator when it is performed brewing take out the basket. Update july 2017-we have found that a tbsp for each cup is perfect and prefer this product above a different unit with pot. two a long time and heading powerful/would invest in yet again.

Coffee tastes fantastic even though. . Product is alright, but if you do not take out the filter coffee grinds will get in your coffee.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 43700 5-Cup Personal Coffee Brewer, Red:

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  • Rubber, Plastic
  • No carafe to break
  • Enclosed brewing system keeps coffee hot
  • Brew in 3 easy steps: add water, add coffee and turn on
  • Mesh filter basket included
  • Automatic drip brewing

Comments from buyers

“A Good Choice with Reservations, Great Compact Coffee Pot, Not what I expected , coffee taste burned the moment it was made”

The structure could be much better because the cord can make cleaning tough. The drinking water amount indicator is worthless but not one thing that was an problem for me. Undoubtedly requires to be designed so you can use regular filters if the a person that comes with it needs to be changed.

Excellent minor coffee pot my only difficulty is it don’t have automatic shut off but it preserve coffee sizzling and makes a good cup of coffee.

Good for two massive cups of coffee in morning. . My husband takes advantage of a keurig/tiny i desired to make extra than one particular cup for two each and every early morning, and use the greater cups which didn’t fit underneath the smallest keurig. It is really easy to use, would make coffee promptly and at a very good rate. As well as, fewer pricey coffee than the k.

Functions as envisioned, the only issue is the filter is a bit smallish and the coffee have a tendency to spill more than if the filter is additional than fifty percent full. I fixed it by using a tiny paper filter. Other than that, very good products, worth shopping for.

I think this is a wonderful coffee maker. I desire it experienced an automobile off immediately after two hrs or what ever.

It is simple to clean up, and uncomplicated to use having said that, no issue how very little coffee grounds i use, a large quantity of coffee grounds close up in my brew.

My wife noticed this, as she put it, ‘cute very little red coffee maker’ and desired 1. I purchased it to make her happy, and it turned out to be fairly an remarkable minimal device. It has its individual filter basket, no paper filters essential, quick set up & cleansing.

This can make a good cup of coffee but it can be not consumer pleasant when cleansing it out and introducing the drinking water. Never believe i would get it yet again or advise it.

I bought this as a stand in spare equipment and it is great- effortless to use we get two significant cups, and uncomplicated to cleanse.

Extremely easy to use and mild to decide on up. I love it enough to buy a different one for my 95 calendar year aged mom. Her 12 cup glass pitcher is also weighty for her and she struggles with that and with this 1, i am absolutely sure she’ll control it just fantastic.

Fills a substantial journey cup simpler than the common coffee pod programs.

This is the finest coffee maker at any time. This is the greatest coffee maker ever. It retains the coffee warm (not like these contemporary coffee makers) and that’s the #1 feature that i like. The terrible component is that there are no replaceable components if it breaks. I experienced a difficulty with the wire and experienced to throw away the pot. Really don’t wrap the wire around the pot or it will don out due to the fact this pot is produced in china so, thus, not properly created. It is really also terrible because it can be a superb coffee maker. I will obtain another one.

Appreciate my coffee maker, took it on a excursion and had my morning joe, just the way i like it.

Making use of a percolator grind still left no remnants in my coffee cup. I just take my coffee black and found this coffee to be the perfect ‘strength’. I’m delighted with this acquire and have no grievances.

Was a little bit uncertain i might like this model. At 1st, was a little bit not sure i would like this product. But my entire kitchen area is red so i wished a red pot to change my outdated a single. It tends to make five cups which is substantially better for me than my aged two cup. It looks great and modern, boils rapid. And retains it heat as very long as plugged in. I even make hot h2o in it for tea.

My hubby & i live in a motorhome and it won’t acquire up considerably place. Makes great coffee and i am kinda a coffee junkie = ) no complaints. No challenges w/ cleaning or any other challenges outlined by many others, moreover it truly is lovable.

Good minimal coffee pot to just take on a excursion. Saved us a fortune not possessing to purchase coffee at the hotel in the morning, furthermore we could have coffee in our place when we wished it. Will be using this on all my outings.

Fits in suitcase ideal and no glass to fret about. Just what we preferred, matches in suitcase ideal and no glass to fear about.

Compact, non-breakable, and tends to make a decent cup of coffee.

It is a pretty nice, compact, drip coffee maker. Fantastic for individuals who really don’t drink a great deal of coffee.

Not what i predicted , coffee style burned the minute it was manufactured. Expense more as it must be , the wire as well shorter i would want cordless for this type of unit , the minute you unplug it the coffee get started to awesome off , the coffee has burned taste the moment it finished , the strategy was great but this want improvement , it make max 32oz of coffee at as soon as 4 x 8oz and it make the coffee quick but critically i am returning it , not my cup of coffee , i really should give it one star for the thought.

Hamilton Beach 33259 5-Quart Oval Slow Cooker : Amazing deal to make amazing food.

Works well, more than value for the price. Pros: reaches cooking heat of about 205 or sow either slowly (high) or more quickly (high). Haven’t had anything burn because the heating element seems to be in the walls of the unit instead of the bottom. I’ve had no problems of any sort with construction or use. Cons: the temperature control knob feels really cheap. I usually leave it on low, and try not to move it. I don’t want it breaking off. I’ve had no occasion yet to use the warmer.

To say i use my crock pot often is an understatement. I had a crockpot and had to almost double the cooking time on recipes. Now that i have my hamilton beach, what a difference. I can also put a whole chicken in the pot because of the oval design.

So far i have made chili and roast in this slow cooker and love it. Not only does it cook fantastic but i also love the color. It worked so well that i decided to purchase one for my granddaughter and she is as thrilled with it as i am. The small warmer that came with it and use it for dips, such as cheese, chocolate, etc. However, it is also useful for small servings of vegetables.

Used the cooker several times (using today, new year’s eve, in fact) and, so far, it’s been great. The only problem we had (not the slow-cooker’s fault) was when my wife accidentally set the unit to “hi” for a dish that was supposed to be cooked on “lo”. The recipe didn’t call for a lot of liquid in the first place and, cooking on hi for several hours, dried it out pretty good.It was still edible, however. Other than that, everything we’ve tried in it so far has turned out well. Especially meats (pork, chicken, whatever) turn out very tender – fork-cutting tender. Oh, and the little warmer thingy that came with it – i think we’ve only used that maybe once or twice and it seemed to work ok.

  • It does the job, looks nice.
  • Some variations in temperatures but overall, a good buy.
  • Not sturdy material, but it does the job.

Hamilton Beach 33259 5-Quart Oval Slow Cooker

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Bonus 2 cup food warmer
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid
  • Low, high, and keep warm settings
  • Perfect size for 5 lb. chicken or 3 lb. roast
  • Perfect for warm cheese and chocolate dips

This came with a little warmer crock. That seemed a bit on the cheap side, and i doubt i will use it. Have used the slow cooker a couple of times and am satisfied with its performance. One thing of interest is that when it arrived and came out of the package, the top didn’t seem to fit very well. Kind of rocked and wobbled, and had a metal edge. I called customer service and was told that this is perfectly normal, that is the way the tops fit. Then, i managed to drop the lid, and the glass shattered. I ordered a new lid from the manufacturer, and was surprised that the new top had a lovely black gasket around the edge, and that it fits snugly and securely on the crock. I continue to enjoy the slow cooker, and the new top works just fine.

This is an attractive crock pot and it functions just as i hoped it would.

Definitely would buy again. . Works better than some of the more expensive crock pots i’ve owned. Some reviews have said it looks pink, mine is metallic red.

Which is fine as it sits on the pot fine and allows. This is just the right size for me, it makes enough for 3-4 meals (for 2) with each pot. I don’t have an issue with any of the issues others have mentioned; the lid fits a little loose, which is fine as it sits on the pot fine and allows a little heat escape, the handle has never melted or been a problem, nor has the vent been an issue. It works great on high for most of the cooking, and i don’t feel like it’s too hot – it’s just right. After 6 hours or so, i turn it down to low and that keeps it the right temp until i’m ready to eat. I like having 3 temps, so i just want to keep warm where i’ll be serving out of it for several hours at a party, it keeps the food at the right temp without drying it out. I love the oval design as it’s a perfect shape to hold a 4-5 lb roast and vegetables surrounding it. The black ceramic pot is strong and sturdy and doesn’t stain. I love this cooker: i leave in the morning with all cold raw ingredients in a pan and come home to a wonderful magical meal.

The hamilton beach 5-quart slow cooker is the best one i ever had. It cooks nicely, and depending on the setting, the food cooks evenly. I prefer the low setting for stews, but sometimes the high setting will work just as well with some foods, such as spaghetti sauce. The rival slow cookers have faulty settings, either the high or low setting won’t work, but the hamilton beach slow cookers all of the settings work great. And the foods i cook in it comes out delicious. I highly recommend this slow cooker. Don’t waste your money on rival slow cookers – hamilton beach is the best for slow cookers.

It’s attractive, easy to clean, and does just what it’s made to do. I haven’t had an opportunity to use the smaller unit yet.

I was excited about this because it was a great price for 1 crock pot, let alone two. But i guess you get when you pay for. The lid did not sit flat on the crock like any other crockpot i’ve had. I hate having to return stuff. By the time i got it in the mail, i lost some of my refund.

Love my stockport, great product. 1st one was black and the crock finally cracked. So i ordered a bigger one in red this time. Love to cook, love my slow cookeri.

. Still used every now and then.

The first one arrived with broken lid. The seller quickly approved the return and quickly sent me a replacement which was satisfactory. I’m happy with this purchase and look forward to using it more.

It has no heat control burns food instead of just keeping it warm. Probably won’t use it again for dessert or cheese.

Attractive as well as functional. The hamilton beach slow cooker is a basic cooker without much in the way of special features, but it does a fine job of cooking. As an added bonus it is a very nice looking appliance that livens up your kitchen.

Delightful meal with minor work. I have only applied a slow cooker, in the previous, at my legion to melt and heat premade chili for hotdogs. I look at myself a good prepare dinner. I adopted some recipes i located on youtube. Com and very first created rooster, which was a studying expertise. Then i manufactured a chuck pot roast which is omg delicious. The only matter that i uncovered different with this device as opposed to units that we use at our legion is that the outside metallic is slim and cheap. Other than that i have no damaging problems. It is simple to use and straightforward to clear. I only cook for myself and refrigerate the leftovers.

The little hotter is fantastic for a dwell-alone particular person and fondues as perfectly/. My initial crock pot in decades and i am loving it. The smaller hotter is fantastic for a reside-by yourself individual and fondues as very well/.

Great results and time saver. . Wonderful substitute to forty yr previous device. Test back in a ten years for further more reviews.

Not a big admirer of the smaller warmer. Not a major enthusiast of the lesser hotter. And the warmer won’t arrive aside, so more durable to clear.

Adore this crockpot, use it all the time. Even so the bonus, more compact black hotter never ever labored. I didn’t treatment adequate to exchange it so i tossed it, but it nonetheless arrived damaged. The significant crockpot functions great.

Awesome offer to make amazing foodstuff. . I bought mine a several months in the past and acquired just one for a close friend as well for christmas because i adore mine so a lot. It does a excellent position at cooking beef pot roast and i want to begin making an attempt some other recipes much too. I would unquestionably obtain this just one around other equivalent styles considering that this 1 is by some means more affordable but also will come with the 2 cup foodstuff hotter (great for scorching dips). Incredibly quite pretty happy with my acquire.

Hamilton Beach 49615C 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker : Great coffee maker

Was a gift and reports are that it fit the need.

Finally– a great cup of coffee again. Had this brand & model before. Tried 2 different kinds & neither one was even 1/2 as good as this brand & went out within a couple of months—sooooo looked up my old pprwrk & luckily found model number of this wonderful hb coffee maker & immediately ordered one. Finally a great cup of coffee again.

Except the the paint on the burner is. I bought this because my 100. Koffee which i purchased recently took a dump on me. So i will not go with them any time soon. Except the the paint on the burner is cracking and coming off however, not a problem at 4:00 am reaching for a cup of java. When making coffee, perhaps me but the carafe seems to spill some water when you load it – you have to load it very slowly. Other than that, it is still working so far – time will tell.

One of the best investment i ever made. One of the best investment i ever made. Nothing like having a coffee pot that turns off by itself after two hours.

  • Carafe doesn’t drip
  • So far so good. Except the the paint on the burner is
  • Great coffee maker

Hamilton Beach 49615C 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Black

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Customize your taste with three brew options
  • Programmable clock and timer, with two hour shutoff saftey feature
  • Auto pause and serve for easy pouring prior to the pot being done brewed
  • Nonstick keep-hot plate resists messy coffee buildup and wipes clean
  • Dimensions: 7.25″L x 10.75″W x 12.5″H

The coffee maker was here before i was expecting it and that was terrific. It is very nice and makes good coffee. My group drained the pot this morning.

Third one like this that we have had. We use them until the programming won’t work anymore.

It was a gift and the person who received it loved it.

The hamilton beach 49615 12-cup coffee maker is a keeper. The hamilton beach 49615 12-cup coffee maker arrived in perfect condition. It’s appearance was exactly as the photo in the listing. I chose this after many years of using a major competitor’s coffee maker (the reviews on this coffee maker were too good to ignore. ), and am glad i made the change. It was easy to remove from the box and there was little assembly required. I’ve had several cups of coffee now, and can say this machine makes a consistently good cup of coffee. I’ve enjoyed being able to program ahead and have coffee waiting as needed. Once i was able to get the pot cleaned (the one surprise i had.There was a film layer around the inside upper half of the coffee pot that required some extra scrubbing and running through the dishwasher twice before it was totally removed.

The coffee maker was a gift to our local library. . They needed one that automatically turned off.

Great replacement form my $100 maker that stopped working.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Clock works great, brews coffee when programmed to. Carafe pours without spilling coffee on the counter4. When you remove the carafe, it does not leak coffee onto the heating element. The carafe fits comfortably in the machine – no jiggling to make sure it’s centered, it just sits where it’s supposed to sit – perfectly. The carafe is sturdy, not made of “skinny glass” – i’m not afraid of breaking it while washing it. What more can you really ask for?the one tip i would give: make sure the coffee filter is pressed evenly around the sides of the basket before you brew. The water comes out of a little sprinkler head above (not in a straight central stream), so if your filter is not flat against the sides, the water may catch it and bend it down. It’s not an issue, as long as you just run your finger around the sides and press the filter flat before brewing. The sprinkler method makes better coffee, as it utilizes all the grounds instead of just the central ones. Saves wasting money on unused coffee grounds, too.

Easy to use and exactly what was expected. Easy to use and exactly what was expected. We did not want an overly complicated or fancy coffee maker. Just something simple and easy to use that makes a good cup of regular coffee.

Easy to use and much faster than my last brewer. It’s everything i need in a coffee maker.

It’s brews kinda slowly and the pot is a little on the thin side. I’ve had it for quite a while now and it still makes a very good cup of coffee.

I have to say this coffee maker is great. Just set the program and wake up to. I’ve had bunn coffee makers for many, many years. Bought this because i didn’t want to spend the nearly $100. I have to say this coffee maker is great. Just set the program and wake up to a great cup of coffee. I truly believe that because it brews slower than the bunn it makes a richer more flavorful cup of coffee. The water doesn’t scream through the grinds like they do with the bunn.

Brews coffee improved than most superior stop coffeemakers.

Everything we need in a coffee maker at a excellent cost.

Excellent coffee maker, straightforward to use and has basic programmable features.

2nd one and both equally perform fantastic. Do want light-weight in clock screen window.

Failed to have to glue the carafe of our old coffeemaker collectively. Acquired this for my husband given that i broke the carafe on the coffeemaker we experienced for several years. I am not a coffee drinker, but had i not ordered him a new machine i would have had to make him two cups at a time in people very little coffee presses. Purchased it at a excellent cost in the course of amazon day from the amazon warehouse segment of the web site, and basically did not know in what affliction it would get there. Was certainly thrilled the only problem was no primary packaging. And mainly because i refuse to try to perform the new coffeemaker for dread that i am going to split one thing, i no lengthier have to make him coffee each early morning.