Hamilton Beach 33258 Slow Cooker, You can find better ones for cheaper

You can stick it in the fridge for leftovers. It’s a basic slow cooker that does the job. The small one is great for queso, gravy and warming cream. I’m happy with this purchase.

I do so much of my cooking in slow cookers. This set is nice because of the small crock pot bonus.

My old one didn’t have this (it broke so replaced with this one) and i noticed a significant cooking time difference.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 33258 Slow Cooker, 5-Quart:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bonus 2-Cup Food Warmer- Perfect for Warm Cheese & Chocolate Dips
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware & Glass Lid
  • Low/High & Keep Warm Settings
  • Perfect for 5lb. Chicken or 3lb. Roast
  • Easy-to-use

Comments from buyers

“excellent value
, Solid and Cheap Slow Cooker
, Handle on lid came off

Cooker works fine, seems well-built. Seems like a really good price.

This is really a bit too big for me. I live alone and would have been happier until. . I had a large corned brisket. It fit perfectly in this hamilton slow cooker. I started it on high and when it started to boil i looked and found that it was a gentle simmer and not a hard boil. Just what i wanted it to do. The corned beef brisket was cooked to perfection. I still have two corned briskets in the freezer waiting for their turn in this slow cooker.

This is the best slow cooker i’ve ever bought and the best price i’ve ever found.

I missed having a slow cooker in the kitchen – last one broke. Now i have a little mini crock pot too.

Good price, works well for me, no flaws i can notice, construction is good for the price. I’ve used it for many stews and chicken recipes. Importantly there is no plastic odor when using the product, which some of these cookers have. Also important: the settings work properly, warm, low, and high are each distinctive and make for accurate cooking. I have not used the little food warmer, and it seems a bit of a novelty, but perhaps others find greater use in it.

I’ve had the ones w/all the bells and whistles, they break quickly. I use a regular timer for lights with it if i need to, otherwise just turn this on and my dinner is ready when i get home. Also, use it to make bone broth, which requires continuous use for a couple days, works great for that too.

This crockpot i have never had and issue with. It cooks all my good perfectly. I even bough the crockpot bag inserts so it’s not as hard to clean and i love it.

I like that i got a free sauce warmer. However, after about 10 or so uses, the handle on the lid came off. I tried super-gluing and using a glue gun, but the heat from the cooker heats up the glue and the handle comes off. Would have been 5 stars without this issue.

Having the 2nd smaller pot is great to have for cheese dips or chocolate for dipping fruit.

I find myself making meals for the week with relative ease. My only gripe with it is there’s no indicator light to show if it’s on or not. That’s easily solved by whether the pot gets hot or not but it would be nice to have an indicator regardless.

The mini cooker wasn’t really necessary. I do like the large 5 quart cooker.

The large cooker is good for meals and the small one is excellent for hot dips, especially chocolate. It would be perfect if it had a band on the large one that seals the lid tight to allow for transporting foods with liquid.

Got for step daughter christmas gift. She has been using it 2-3 times a week to make roasts stew and other family meals.

The chili cook off was five days away and my old crockpot quit working. So jumped on amazon for a quick order, this one promised the bonus of a small unit as well as a replacement for my old one. Unfortunately the small unit’s lid was not in the box when opened. Not sure how to get one so will check goodwill.

I cook soup in this crock slow cooker at least twice a week. I have used it for about four months so i cannot say a lot about durability. I can say that the ceramic and top are still in ‘as-good-as-new’ shape. I like having three temperature settings and the additional warmer cup is a nice feature.

Keep warm, low and high are the settings. It is a great, nice looking crock pot for the low cost.

This is our second slow cooker that we have from hamilton beach. Works great, my wife sometimes uses two at the same time to prepare meals.

3 settings is all you need (low, high, keep warm). Glassware fits rather loose, but i think all do. Every product i’ve owned made by hamilton beach has never failed and are rather affordable. You dont need to be an expert at cooking. I just buy the prepared slow cooker packages they sell in any grocery store. Its easy to use and to clean. The size is large which should be enough to cook 5 or 6 lbs of meat.

I don’t have any issues and cooks and keeps food warm.

Does cook hotter than some on the higher setting, but i don’t mind that as i don’t like ‘wimpy’ slow cookers. The low setting allows for lower cooking if i need it.

We love our crock pot, we use it almost weekly with no problems, haven’t tried the little pot yet but i’m sure it will work fine.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : pretty good deal

My husband and i are very pleased with our new toaster. It toasts evenly and fits bread and bagels. Also, it’s stylish looking with its stainless steel exterior.

We had the 2 slices version. Worked so well that we upgraded to a 4 slices and donate my previous version (still working very well).

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Smudgeproof, brushed finish
  • Bagel, defrost and cancel functions
  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleanup
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots

Very durable and worth the money. I have had this product in the kitch for 1 year and works like a champ.

Some of the slots burn on one side but it’s only one on each side. You have to make sure to flip them if you like your toast well done. It looks nice on my counter, though.

This is a great product – toasts evenly, looks great, doesn’t show fingerprints, and at a very good price. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster : I’ve had this a while now, and its worked ok. I ordered it for the 4 slice and bagel capability, but its had a couple problems. After about 3 months, the handles wouldn’t lock down anymore. I was able to repair it by taking it apart and cleaning the connections for the magnets that control the pop up. After about a year, the bread is not evenly toasted on both sides. In one slot it only toasts on one side.

This stylish and cute toaster worked right out of the box, looks great on the kitchen countertop, and gets my toast to the perfect shade without any issues. I recommend this toaster to anyone who needs a four-slot toaster that also does bagels and has an extra-wide slot to fit texas toast or waffles. I recommend this toaster, so you should get one today.

This toaster looks super cool; kind of futuristic retro. You know, like what we thought all appliances would look like in the future, back in 1969. It makes toast tender yet crisp. What i love is the bagel option where only the inside of your bread/bagel gets toasted. Works excellent with buns too.

I really wanted a stainless steel double toaster for under $50, and thought this would be the perfect product. Only 4 stars because one side doesn’t pop up all the way when the toast is done. Also, i have limited counterspace and this thing is about a foot wide, so be forwarned. Other than that, it does the job like any other toaster and it looks really nice.

I bought this toaster because the price was right and consumer reports gave it a good review. It also looks nice on the counter. It toasts well for bread but only toasts on one side for bagels. The picture shows that the bagels are toasted and sit high in the toaster for easy removal when finished toasting. The toaster shuts off when it’s done toasting but it does not hold the bread product high enough for easy removal. You must hold onto the small lever high with one hand while you’re removing the bread or bagel with the other hand. It’s a nuisance to have to do this but you have no choice. I talked to my husband about returning it, but he didn’t feel the problem was big enough to make a change. I, however, disagree, but am willing to live with it.

Great toaster, exactly what i wanted. Extra large slots, adjustable dials, smooth finish matches my other appliances.

Toast comes out evenly toasted. Heats up reletively quickly. Looks nice, feels like a solid made appliance. Tough to find a reliable toaster now days. I just can’t see spending $100 plus for a toaster, when half the cuisinarts and so called ‘upper end’ toasters get just as bad or even worse reviews. I have been looking for a replacement for our not so old sunbeam toaster which was becoming dangerous to use as it sometimes would continue toasting after the toast popped up. After very extensive research and sifting through all the overwhelming bad reviews on almost every toaster out there i decided on the hamilton beach 4 slice. Less than $36 and free shipping through amazon. Has blue light to show it is toasting, nice light to dark adjustment knobs, defrost mode, and a bagel setting which toasts just the face of the bagel.

This product came well repacked with no manual or oem packing, but it works just fine and had a reasonable price. So we gave it a shot and have had no issues to report, we are very happy with our choice.

We bought this when our sunbeam toaster (white plastic, ugly) bit the dust, so to speak. Purchased it based on consumers reports ratings, and of course, the great reviews here on amazon. It is great-looking, and easy to use. It works well, and yes, it can leave some streaks on the bread, depending on the darkness you choose. But it doesn’t make a difference to us. . I guess we’re not toast connoisseurs. It has some nice features for bagels and defrosting, which we don’t use that often. The slots are wide and we can fit some large slices of bread easily into the toaster horizontally, not placing the bread upright. So the whole slice gets toasted.

Large, stainless, each side works independently, slots large enough for bagels and hand-sliced pieces of bread. Light-dark controls work well.

This is a very high quality toaster at a very reasonable price. It toasts bread uniformly on both sides and consistently maintains the desired level of toasting where ever it is set.

My daughter-in- law loves this toaster, it is her four slice toaster and it had to be able to do bagels.

We’ve had it for almost 6 months, and it works great. Toasts evenly and it looks good in the kitchen.

This toaster is exactly what we needed. Toasts bread and bagels very nicely.

Best toaster i’ve ever owned.

Solid toaster, looks good with the rest of my countertop stainless steel appliances.

This toaster was a very good buy for the money and it fits bagels perfectly and you can pop it up with a button.

Hamilton Beach 400943318406 33184 Oval Slow Cooker : GO SLOW!!!

We have enjoyed many slow cooker meals with this.

I have been searching for a large slow cooker for a few months, because i’ve been using the 2 i own that are too small for certain recipes that i want to make for more than 2 people, or wish to have plenty of left-overs. This hamilton beach 8-quart was the perfect selection for our specific needs. I accidentally over-loaded my smaller slow cookers, and i couldn’t wait to get the right size to cook a large amount of food, without constant spills, or drips. I purchased this slow-cooker in k-mart for $36. 99, which is now the largest one i own. This is a very good quality, and hamilton beach comes through with their products, as i’ve never been disappointed in the last 20 years with the products i do own. Since my purchase, i’ve cooked several different recipes, and they all resulted in perfection. The instruction manuel offers helpful tips, questions & answers for troubleshooting, a cooking chart, and more. They give free recipes for beef pot roast, chili, and whole chicken. In addition, you can receive free delicious recipes from their website.

This crockpot works just beautifully. I wanted a really large one for cooking bone broth. And this is a really large one. There are no complicated programming panels, just on, off, hi, low, and keep warm.

After reading all the bad reviews about this slow cooker, i didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy about ordering it. It came in record time and i used it a couple days later. It is definitely an 8 quart cooker and is heavy, not flimzy. I made a huge recipe of beef stew which came up to the top of the cooker but i had no problems with it. I cooked on high for 4 hours to get it going, stirred and then cooked another 5 hours on low. Best beef stew i’ve ever madethose people leaving negative reviews leave me wondering about them. I’m extremely happy with my cooker.

  • After reading all the bad reviews about this slow cooker
  • Great big pot!
  • Can Recommend!

Hamilton Beach 400943318406 33184 Oval Slow Cooker, 8-Quart, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full-Grip handles for easy carrying
  • Removable dishwasher safe stoneware, dishwasher safe glass lid
  • Keep warm, low and high settings and red metallic wrap
  • Keep warm maintains the ideal serving temperature without over cooking
  • 8 quart capacity

This is plenty large, which is what i need with 5 adult appetites. It cooks nice, and i only need to run it 4-6 hrs. I don’t have to cook overnight anymore.

Love the red exterior & black crock inside. 3-settings including low, high, and keep warm.

The product was everything i was expecting.

Heavier than i would prefer, but it cooks great and is very attractive in my kitchen. Larger size is very useful for cooking enough to have for lunches or even freeze for a quick weekday dinner. Easy ordering and speedy delivery are great.

I needed a larger slow cooker for when i prepare meals for more than just my family. This one works well and is attractive. The only thing that was bothersome was the first time i turned it on it off gassed quite a bit. I had to plug it in outside and let it run for about 20 minutes before the strong chemical smell dissipated.

I use this constantly, love the color , size and convenience.

Just picked up one at (yes) kmart for $25. But, while the capacity is very large, it is actually 6.

Needed a new one for large amounts and this fit the bill. Works great and i would buy another one.

Love this large slow cooker. Wanted the non-digital controls. Well made and performs as advertised.

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 wife happy, everyone happy.

Just what i was looking for.

. Be careful the first few times, it cooks hotter than any other crockpot i have had (probably 5-6).

Hamilton Beach 31137 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Just what I wanted:

When i received it, i was diasappointed as it was so small. But, after using it, i love it and it gives me more counter space and not so much heat in the summer.

I was misled by the ‘fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. Roast or a 9′ pizza’ product description. This is a very small toaster oven. (discovered later that very same quote on lots of hb to descriptions. ) i returned it for something more useable/larger — something you could actually cook a chicken in, though maybe not a 6 lb.

Appeared to be larger on line. Disappointed about the size.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31137 4-Slice Toaster Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Second oven convenience
  • Saves time & energy – reheats 28% faster and uses 80% less energy
  • Fits a 9″ pizza
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9″ pizza
  • Second oven convenience
  • Saves time and energy-reheats 28% faster and uses 80% less energy
  • Fits a 9″ pizza
  • 30 minute timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • Fits 6 slices of bread, a 6 lb. chicken, a 7 lb. roast or a 9″ pizza

Comments from buyers

“One Person Delight!
, OK toaster for the price
, Description inaccurate

Smaller than the picture makes it appear. Not sure what pizza they used, but you can not put a small pizza in here unless it is baby size.

I have gone thru many toaster ovens – well i finally found one that does everything it’s supposed to – i toast bagels, rolls, etc. Toasts perfect – love the bell – oven works great – looks good to – best perk is bright heat rods inside – you can actually see what’s cooking – never had a toaster oven with this feature – great buy – thank you amazon, you did it again.

I have only had this item 1 month, but so far it is excellent. I am using it more than i expected to, because it is so easy & convenient. It is not cheaply made as some toaster ovens are.

I loved the price of this toaster oven and i am very pleased with the look and function of it so far. I’ve used it mainly for toasting bread and reheating pizza slices. It does exactly what i wanted it to do and has plenty of room for a couple pizza slices or 4 pieces of small bread. It looks great and appears to be of very good quality.

Does the job ok but the classic old type timer can’t be turned back or off once you dial it too far.

Bought this toaster oven for my daughter in college. She is in an apartment that has a full size oven. When she wants to cook or heat up something for herself, she doesn’t want to warm up the ‘big oven’. It doesn’t take up too much counter space, so her roommates don’t complain either.

Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it .

I’ve had toaster ovens made by oster, and this oven is far superior. The size is excellent – not too large and bulky, and it does everything it’s supposed to do well. I’m so pleased with this purchase.

I am happy with it thus far, but knobs are hard to turn and not real heavy as the previous one i had for many years was, just do not make things like they used to. . Would give it 4 and a half stars.

Bakes and toasts as promised. Control knob a little awkward but not a big deal. Appearance ok but not most elegant available. I am satisfied i got what i paid for.

Works for warming pizza and making toast. It was delivered on time in good condition.

Great price and good quality toaster for cooking small portions.

I use a lot and i have toasted bread 4 pieces at a time, cooked meat, frozen meals, fish this product is great for the price.

Though a bit on the small side you can still do alot with it. Cooks, heats up, and bakes food really well. It is a useful and convinient miniture oven.

Got what i wanted: an oven in which to toast bread and to heat frozen foods. Also, does not take up much kitchen counter space.

I’ve been looking for some time now for a toaster oven. I even bought one a few weeks ago at a very nice department store. I bought a brand name that is very reputable; however, when i tried to bake in it a sound like a jet plane came out of it. I decided to look on amazon. I started to read the reviews and decided this little oven seemed perfect. So far i have toasted and baked with perfect results. The salmon burgers i love came out better than in the regular oven. It also is very quiet running. I would recommend this oven to anyone who is single. It is small but that’s exactly what i was looking for in a toaster oven.

Got this to replace my old and dying toaster oven. This is way better than a microwave, food tastes better, heated evenly, crispy rather than soggy from a microwave. I highly recommend this product.

I got this for my husband at his request for a father’s day present. I love having toast from fresh italian break but using my toaster i always had to have thin little pieces, but with this i can toast up some big, thick pieces of toast.In addition, i use it for my kids. They love chicken nuggets and french friends and this toaster oven allows me to bake them in virtually the same amount of time but without having to use my oven and thus making my house a lot hotter than it needs to be. We’ve made mini pizzas in this as well. My husband and i just love this product.

Works great, but smaller than i thought when purchasing. One of the reviews said that it could toast six pieces of bread at a time, only four fit into this. The other reason for my score of three is that the toaster rack and oven tray do not both fit in the oven at the same time. One has to be removed for the other to slide in. All in all though, the product works great.

Make sure to clean the tray under it to prevent fire hazard. It has worked very well for our household needs. Not safe for teens since they forget to clean the tray. Be around, when they are using it.

Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener : Great product

I bought this several months ago, and i found it to be easy to use and versatile. Works quickly, safely and efficiently.

Hey, this one works very well. Get extras built in like a jar opener and bottle opener.

Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 tools in one all store together
  • OpenMate multi-tool opens plastic packages, pop-top cans and removes bottle caps as well as twist-off caps
  • Jar opener has secure, nonslip grip and stores on top of the unit
  • Can opener has SureCut technology and opens cans of all sizes
  • Removable cutting unit is washable

I was a little surprised that the actuator lever is plastic. The magnet sits a little high unless you angulate it down but then it isn’t parallel to the spent lid and could cause a little slashing of can contents. Nonetheless my wife says she loves it.

I have always thought all can openers were the same,use it for a year or so and buy a new one. I think this one may surprise me,it seems to be built much better than the others i have owned,it has a much heftier feel to itand the quality of construction looks to be a notch above the last one i owned. One of the things that i like the best is how quiet it is in operation,it just hums along even with large heavier cans. It cost a bit more but i think it is definitely worth it.

We have had some lousy electric can openers. This one is high quality that does the job very well.

Hamilton Beach 76390 Chrome Lever OpenStation Can Opener, Black : This is not a quiet can opener. My last opener was a ge which never held the can well but it was quiet and quick. This can opener does the job.

Hamilton beach 76390 chrome lever openstation can opener, blackhave used this product often for going on two years now. When it cuts the can lid off it’s wavy and not real sharp. This is a great safety feature. I like the multi-tool and how it’s so convenient. When you detach the blade for cleaning, make sure you reattach it correctly or it will not cut right. Just read the instructions and you will not have a problem.

It is easy to use and i can snap the can on and walk away. It cuts in a wave pattern to reduce the sharp edges and has lasted me a long time.

This is a great can opener – much nicer than the black & decker that it replaced. That one started to make a horrible clunking noise for no apparent reason even though it still opened cans just fine. I don’t know what ‘sticker’ everybody is complaining about. I bought mine at walmart, and there is no sticker anywhere on it.

I already have one ,this is a gift. This is by far the best opener i have ever used, i love it.

I like the can opener, but the label is an issue. I still haven’t gotten all of it off. The functionality is good, i like the attachments especially the cutter for the clamshell packaging. Hamilton– why type of label are you using?.

It is unfair to give one or two stars to this item because the ‘label is too hard to remove. ‘ i just bought this can opener and yes, the label is not that easy to remove. But i’m looking for a can opener that works well and this one does. It is substantial enough that it should stand up to any size can and it is pretty quiet to use. I like it and would recommend it. To those who complain about the label. For heaven’s sake invest in a small bottle of goo gone. It costs a couple of bucks and will remove any sort of ‘sticky stuff’ throughout your house. I put a little goo gone on a paper towel and wiped it on the remnants of the label and it was clean in about 15 seconds.

It is very well made and sturdy. Opens with ease and fairly quietly.

This can opener does what it is supoosed to do. Open cans, unlike most other can openers we’ve had. All the included extras (cap lifter, lid twister, etc. ) work well, especially if you have a little arthritis in your hands.

. Funny thing is i use the package opening removeable cutting tool more than the can opener honestly, wife seems to use it more – speaking of, wife uses the stuck jar top opener assistance tool that sits on top of this station, and from time to time i go for it to when i get a really tight top (having gorilla hands and all, i usually just grip down and crank off the tops, but using this tool keeps from leaving the marks and impressions in my hand, especially if the wife’s persistence irritates you to the point of not using a towel and just getting the top off so she’ll leave you alone (16 years of marriage will do that), now i just point to the opening tool for her. Lol)pro’s- works well, we’ve never had a can that we couldn’t open. Some have been a little tricky, but honestly, it’s just as anyone should expect. We’ve had it since summer of 2010. Probably have used it a good hundred times now. (i wrote this review honestly as we were searching for a stainless finish in this opening station – so this is an honest time-tested review)- cable stowage area in back to shorten or lengthen the cord – really nice when you have it sitting on a counter top as we do.

I have to admit, this is a decent can opener when it works. I mean, it is a can opener after all so nothing earth shattering. The blade gets pretty nasty after a while if you don’t clean it regularly, just as with every other can opener. The magnet isn’t all that strong and weakens after a while. The most disappointing thing to me is that it just up and quite after about a year/ year and a half. I don’t know if this is normal life expectancy for a can opener these days but the one this replaced was a wedding gift we used heavily for about 13 years before it gave up, so this all i have for comparison purposes. It seems like more and more appliances last only about a 1 to 2 years and then need replacing. If that is your expectation, this can opener will work fine for you. As an aside, i didn’t use the extra attachments and wasn’t even sure what the package opener was until i saw the pictures on amazon. I’ll probably pull the smaller opener out and just keep it but have to toss the main can opener and am now shopping for a new one.

Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor, Holy moly! This juicer rocks.

Hamilton beach big mouth juicer / b000fhqj6ci bought this juicer back in 2009 and have used it less than i’d hoped (more on that in a minute) but often enough to feel that the purchase was worth it. When a kuvings nj-9500u centrifugal juice extractor came up on vine, i figured i was well-placed to review an expensive juicer and contrast it with the cheaper stuff on the market, and post the same essential review in both places. But i’ll just cut to the chase right here: as a hobbyist juicer who just wants to whirl the juice out of a handful of fruits, i cannot honestly tell that much of a difference between the expensive kuvings and the half-price hamilton — the kuvings is better in some ways, but it’s not twice as good in proportion to being twice as expensive. * parts: both the juicers have mostly the same basic parts: base (with cord and buttons), whirl-er (where the mesh screen sits and the juice comes out), pulp-bucket (where the waste goes), top (where the fruit is fed), and piston (to help jam the fruits through the top and to the whirl-er. But i was surprised to see that the juice pitcher that came standard with the hamilton is not included with the kuvings; you have to supply your own bowl for the juice to pour into, and since our bowl was wide and uncovered, the new juice pouring in caused the existing juice to splash lightly all over the nearby counter, which i found quite annoying. * weight: the juicers take up about the same footprint on the counter, in terms of width and height. The immediate obvious difference is that the kuvings is plastic and lighter, whereas the hamilton is heavier and uses stainless steel clamps. The lighter kuvings is easier to carry, but i don’t know how sturdy the clamps will be over time. Personally, i care more about weight than about sturdiness (we tend to ‘baby’ our appliances in general).

After doing a lot of research i ended up with this juicer. I was actually set on the breville after watching fat, sick, & nearly dead. After reading reviews of food getting stuck in the strainer, being hard to clean, and also the strainer becoming damage and the price of replacing it, i opted to do some further research. The hamilton beach juicer had positive ratings similar to the breville, with the exception this one was about 3 times cheaper.I am so glad i ended up with this juicermy mom owns a norwalk, the holy grail of juicers. However, i would choose the hamilton beach juicer over the norwalk for one simple reason. It’s quick to use and easy to clean. I have this thing cleaned within a few minutes. It takes longer to clean the veggies than it does to clean this juicer. Albeit a bit loud, but not enough to sway my decision otherwise. The pulp is very dry when all is said and done which means you are getting the most juice out of your fruits and veggies. I highly recommend this juicer for the following reasons:1. Wise mouth (saves time on cutting if you even need to)3.

After seeing the documentary ‘fat, sick, and almost dead’, i decided to try out a semi-juice diet where i replace one of my meals with a juice for few weeks. From past experience, i have generally bought something like this in excitement, used it for few weeks, and then never taken it out. So this time, i decided that i will buy something that is more budget-friendly, yet decent. After some poking around on several review sites and consumer reports, i found that the breville blenders are good, but somewhat on the expensive side (their cheapest well-rated models are around $150). So i decided to try this model – consumerreports seem to like it, and amazon had decent reviews for this one. Overall, i am very happy with the purchase. In fact, i think this is as good as the $120-150 breville juicers around, except that this one does not have a metal brushed body. The motor speed on this one is better than the breville fountain, and this one is just as easy to clean. I know this because a friend bought the breville fountain, and i used it a couple times. This one juices hard-vegetables very well.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.

Comments from buyers

“Great budget juicer with few flaws
, first time juicer
, I bought 1 for me and 6 others for friends and family

I ordered this last week from amazon, it was delivered quickly. However, when i was opening the package, broken pieces of the pulp container fell onto the floor. I packed it back up into the package and went right online to amazon to request a replacement and planned to ship the broken one back the next day. Before i even got to ups to drop off the juicer, i received an email from amazon that my replacement had shipped.I received the juicer today and it is in perfect condition. I am new to juicing and was excited to try it out. I had spent the last few weeks debating on whether or not to purchase one. I had done a lot of research on juicers that were affordable. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a product i was afraid i wouldn’t like but still wanted something reliable and durable. So after seeing a lot of positive reviews for this juicer, i decided to go ahead and buy this one.

My grandfather is a big freshly made juice fan who has owned several juicers and wanted an inexpensive one for his vacation home. We opted for this one based on the price and good reviews. His first impression of the juicer was that it was small compared to his two previous juicers (the jack lalanne jlpjb which he hates and gave to me and a stainless steel sharper image juicer which he likes and has at home). Nevertheless, he was very excited to have it and we washed everything and easily put it together in a couple of minutes. He immediately prepared the fruit/veggies (apples, oranges, pears, and carrots) and began juicing. Within minutes, we had delicious fresh juice. I was impressed at how much juice came out and how little pulp was left behind. I also noticed that this juicer did not make as much of a mess with shooting pulp that his other juicers did. Cleanup was a breeze compared to other juicers because the parts didn’t have many crevices that were tough to wash. The on/off button is simple and very easy for grandpa to control.

I decided to finally try juicing since i’m not into veggies, esp. I researched on-line to see what was out there price and quality wise before buying this one based on the ratings. The first thing i have to say is read the instructions. Lol i just tossed things into the hopper willy nilly as i went along. There is a reason for processing certain things in order. Also, peel citrus first or juice will be bitter. I love berries, and grow several kinds in my yard, however, i found out this type of juicer won’t process berries. I grabbed a handful of spinach and a handful of blueberries and mixed the two. Stuffed the hopper and viola’, spinach blueberry juice. Depending upon what and how much you’re juicing you will need to stop and clean the grinder/strainer periodically. Oranges really clog it fast. I recommend first juicing a small amount of individual veggies/fruits separately and tasting them in order to get an idea on what blend to make so it will taste good. For example, i found there is a big difference in how sweet carrots are, so i had to adjust accordingly. Cleaning this is a snap, especially if you put a plastic grocery bag in the pulp collector before you start. I mostly clean each piece in the sink and use the dishwasher every so often. What i don’t like: the juice catcher is way too small. A few oranges and apples fill it up quick.

We wanted something good quality and inexpensive. Thank god for amazon reviews because that is what helped me end up choosing this one. Pros:*easy and quick cleaning (all juicers are going to take a few minutes and some effort to clean up, i wish more people could know and consider that when they write reviews on any juicer)*you can place a plastic shopping bag in the pulp bin for even more convenient cleanup. *very powerful*fairly compactcons:*loud as hell and actually made me worry about our eardrums/hearing damagei’d like to offer some pointers for making the most of this juicer. -the blades will become clogged with plant matter that ends up turning into an almost cement-like substance. Always immediately at least soak the basket in water and never let it dry, even briefly. This was a huge issue for me and had i known how important this is i could have saved myself many hours of soaking in all kinds of solvents and lots of chipping away at the gunk. -rejuicing your pulp will get you a little extra juice and is well worth the small effort-always read the instructions before using any juicer. There are certain things you must avoid doing or you will end up wearing it out or breaking it way ahead of schedule.

I’ve used my juicer so far with vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumber, spinach, celery) and fruits (apples, pears). In the future, i think i’ll puree the pears in a blender because it gets too mushy in the juicer and i end up losing a lot of liquid. I used a grocery bag to line the refuse container to make cleaning up easier. I also took the advice of other reviewers and put some paper towel under the cup to soak up any ‘spilled juice’. The juicer works great so far but i have some reservations. Here are my observations so far:pros:1. Juicing yields a fair amount of juice and very little pulp (2 large granny smith apples yielded a tall glass)2. The pulp is somewhat moist but not excessively. I plan to use some of the carrot and apple pulp when i am baking muffins and cakes.

This things amazing, my only complaint is the noise, it sounds like a shop wetvac. I looked on youtube, ussually theres some wacko selling a juicer, i almost went with a model they were pushing, its a shame there were only 1 or 2 hamilton bay vids. One of the descriptions mentioned in many of the vids were that the pulp needed to be dry, the dryer the pulp the more efficient the machine was at extracting the juice. This juice leaves a pretty dry paste, like the consistancy of tunafish but not as moist. The wide mouth is also very usefull, you still have to slice apples in half but it takes large chunks of fruit and vegtables and obliterates them, whole cucumbers, several whole carrots, beets, unstopable – with 1 horse power motor, its easily the strongest juicer at an affordable price online. Another complain i have is the tiny juice collector cup, i mean, wth, easy fix is to have a big pitcher inside your kitchen sink and the juicer right next to it on the counter, any run-off would be in the sink itself. For clean up, i just run warm water on the plastic parts, as for the strainer, you have to diligently brush that thing clean, i left mine gunked up for an hr, and it took me 6 minutes of scrubbing. Im looking into mason jars with foodsaver lid to store some of the juices for 3-6 hrs so i dont wake up the neighbors and want to have something for the late evening. All in all, the hasps are also aluminum, very sturdy construction, loads of power, what more could you want, and its 70 bucks.

I started looking into juicers for two reasons: our toddler tends to not eat his veggies, and i figure i can slip some nutritious fresh juices in under his radar; and i like to fast every once in a while. I wanted a dependable juicer, but i didn’t want to commit to a high-end model until i knew whether i would even like the process or the results. Based on the reviews and its performance, i may not have to upgrade at all. Other reviewers mentioned that this unit is loud, and it is: this thing spooled up like a jet engine and just vaporized the first (sliced) fuji apple i put into it. It was so startling that i laughed. A few seconds before, i had an apple; now i had a glass of delicious, fresh apple juice. (i suddenly found myself thinking about the climactic scene in fargo. ) my wife tasted it and declared, ‘i’ll never drink store-bought apple juice again. ‘i hauled out a bag of broccoli, a bag of spinach and a bag of baby carrots and did some experiments. (i combined it with apple juice and water and the baby didn’t suspect a thing. ) spinach/broccoli juice: well, it’s not bad with a lot of v8 juice and some tabasco. The next day i learned that although i don’t like eating celery or bell peppers, the combined juice of both is frankly delicious. Clean-up was very easy, but be advised that broccoli pulp is quite, uh, fragrant. (the user manual advises using a plastic bag in the pulp bin to save clean-up time.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, I highly recommend this basic, well-designed coffee maker.

Great coffee pot, it does exactly what i want it to do. There isn’t much else i could ask for it. I initially bummed when i got it that it uses cone filters but actually i like that it does. I feel it helps brew a bolder cup of coffee.

Very good pot for the money.

I had a merlita for 3 yrs which worked good, then died. It is no longer available so i chose this one due to the feedback. It fits nicely under my cabinets, takes a #4 cone coffee filter (which is important to us). It takes awhile to brew, but makes a nice hot pot of coffee. I noticed some reviews say it isn’t 12 cups but it is. It seems the pot is shorter, but is a little wider, so there’s the difference. I like it, fast shipping, good deal.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable (49618):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 Brew strength options – regular; bold; and 1-4 cups
  • Easy-pour carafe for no-mess pouring
  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • Cone-shaped brew basket
  • Programmable clock/timer

Comments from buyers

“Very good
, Simple, functional, easy to usecould just use ONE silly little thing.
, Very satisfied. Good coffee. Can make 1-4 cups if desired.

Great replacement for my old coffee maker. Looks great in the kitchen as well.

I had to get a new coffeemaker since a rubber band fell into the water chamber of my 25-year-old krups and melted. I’ve had this unit for a few days now, and it makes very good coffee. I’m drinking some now as i write this review. I haven’t tried the programmable start time yet. More compact compared to others. Pot has plastic ring around the rim which gives more protection if you bump the pot against a kitchen sink spout. Works fine for such small amounts. Note: don’t use the ‘1-4 cup’ setting when making small amount – was a little weak. So i just leave it on bold, even for 2-3 cups. Uses no 4 cone filters, which i prefer.

Nothing fancy but does the job.

Good coffee pot – everything works great and i like that you can change the strength of the coffee and as long as you remember to fix it before you go to bed 🙂 you have hot coffee when you wake up.

This is one of the best h/b coffee makers i have ever had when this one is gone i will be back for manother.

Coffee is ready to go when i am. Even more convenient than my keurig considering my effort level in the morning is literally 0. Didn’t realize it had cone filters, but oh well, my fault.

I bought this coffee maker when our last one finally bit the dust. Rather than spend a bundle for a new one, i thought i’d give this inexpensive model a try. I found that this basic coffee maker does its job as well as the fancier, more expensive coffee makers i’ve owned in the past. No bells and whistles, literally: there is no beeping. Thank you for that, hamilton beach. The lid on the pot is well designed. It stays firmly in place as you pour, doesn’t cause splashing as you pour, doesn’t drip when you set it back on the warmer. The control buttons on the front are intuitive, no need for fiddling around to get your coffee ‘just right. ‘we grind our own beans and find that the coffee from this machine is just as good as, if not better than, what we’ve poured from more complicated and expensive coffee makers. Note that this model takes cone-shaped filters, by the way.

I went round in circles reading coffee maker reviews – looking for a new one after my third cuisinart stopped working. I finally decided “ it is just water over ground beans” and from the reviews about 25% of all brands break in the first year: conclusion – don’t spend too much. Summary of this one:- works fine. – looks attractive on counter ( sorry, yes that is important to me)- i was worried mostly that i could get a very strong brew. In fact am using less beans in this than my previous. – filter is cone but weird oval shape. #4 papers or you can take your cone gold filter and sort of bend it to fit. – plastic taste issue – apparently common. There was a strong plastic smell “ outgassing” aggravated by heating so i understand. I did a vinegar and water brew and then about 5 water brews; thought i still smelled it, so did a lemon juice and water brew followed by 5 water only, the repeated the vinegar brew and 5 waters. I am not smelling or tasting plastic. I am leaving the lid to the back open for a while i think just in case / to help. – carafe doesn’t dribble like cuisinart did. – water reservoir a little small to fill, but no more than old one. I considered a $50 with removable resevoir – that seemed nice but this is okay – especially as the darn carafe is not dribbling. I will update if things change.

I didn’t know whether to give this 2 stars or 3 stars. Like other people have said after a couple uses the lid will not close. Unlike other cone filters coffee makers my filters in this one collapse and yes i do know about folding the seam. I would be willing to pay much for for coffee pot that does the job and will last. Manufacturers take notei have found a little trick to keep the filter from collapsing. I had a gold filter basket from a previous one and i installed the basket and still used a filter because it’s easier cleaning. Don’t ask me why but this solve the problem of the filter collapsing.

Wow, very nice machine, especially for the $$. Makes an excellent cup of brew as outlined in great detail by other reviewers. Very nice quality machine, nice carafe, etc. My suggestions:-use the cheap brown filters from the grocery store. The ‘permanent’ mesh filter does let the water out too fast and weakens the brew. This seems to extract max flavoronly thing to be aware of:-fill the water tank first. It’s easy to splash cold water on your grounds.

I had one before i bought this one and loved it; i just wanted a new one. This one makes great coffee but there is a problem with the top, it won’t close all the way. Since that doesn’t affect the way the coffee is made i’m ok with that. I don’t like mr coffee products and this is the best one out there for the price.

Only thing i don’t like is the cone filters.

High quality machine, regular or bold brew, keeps coffee hot, oval shaped filter basket-no permanent filter, good looking.

Really nice and great price. Works well and looks good on the counter.

I hate this coffee maker more than hate itself. I’m giving 3 stars because it does indeed make coffee, the timer works, the auto shutoff after 2 hours is nice, but it leaksevery time i pour coffee, whether fast or slow, with the lid closed or holding it open, it drips coffee all over the counter. I don’t mean just a few little drips. It leaves a lake of coffee so bad that we’ve had to start holding it over the sink to pour it. If i knew then what i know now, i would definitely not buy this coffee maker.

I purchased this after i broke the coffeepot on my cuisnart coffee maker. I’m very pleased with this coffee maker. I actually like it better than my old cuisinart. The brew options make for a great cup of coffee. This offers the options of a 1-4 cup, bold brew, regular brew. I also have a keurig and it is not getting much use now. Excellent product and great price.

Very nice pot for the price – new kind of filters, though, so you have to purchase those, too.

The front metal plate had rust spots, a slight dent, and was surprisingly greased up for a new product. After inspecting the inside it appears the innards are new but maybe the product got that way during the final packaging step. We decided to keep it since the blemish doesn’t affect the coffee machine functions, but i wondered about the quality control. The coffee maker can be easily disassembled for cleaning, which is great for the family member who occasionally forget to take out the coffee ground until it starts molding. The three drip options also brings subtle flavor changes, which was appreciated.

Terrific, perfect product, great price. Hard to find cone filter pots, so glad to find this one.

If you like coffee, buy coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker : Five Stars

The timer is great, coffee ready when you wake up. No complaints from the recipient.

I have always been a fan of the brewstation machine because i love the ease of just putting my cup right up to it and the quick and clean dispense. My previous one lasted for years and i was afraid to buy a new one, because that one had worked perfectly. When i saw this one, i was immediately a fan again because it’s red and my kitchen is accented in red. At first i was a little worried though, because i thought it may be too red. But it is not a flashy color red, at least with the light in my kitchen, it appears a darker, more subdued red like ‘wine’ colored- which is perfect. It’s very stylish in appearance and i’ve gotten compliments on it’s appearanceas i read in the frequently asked questions, my pot too does make a sizzling noise the entire time it’s on warming. I have yet to try some of the tips others have listed to stop that. I’ve just grown to ignore it. But my last brewstation didn’t do that and i see that others don’t all have that problem, so it is something that should be corrected. (update, i can not seem to ‘fix’ or stop the sizzling problem. I can see the element inside the tank that is used for warming the coffee now has a ‘hot’ or burn type spot on it. )i love that the coffee stays hot for up to 4 hours, which is how long i drink it in the morning so that is perfect. The old maker warmed it, this one keeps it hot and i have to let it sit for a couple minutes so i don’t burn my tongue.

We like this product overall as it keeps coffee hot and it dispenses coffee easily. Our only complaint is the drip tray falls off any time the pot is moved.

Same as standard model with the shine of candy apple metallic finish. I chose this model as the color was the wife’s choice but it had all of the newer functions we were looking for in a simple auto start maker. Had to get used to the on button not operating like the old model we had when reheating the coffee. The old one we had you just needed to punch the on button again if there was some left in the tank that you wanted to reheat. The first time we did this on this model it kept saying there was no water and would not start. Had to get out the manual and actually read it:) the reheat option operates a little different, not difficult however so keep this in mind. I would definitely recommend this model if you want an auto start 12 cup maker.

  • Liked them all but this is the first one that
  • Replaced Earlier Model
  • Pretty & not messy

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker, 48466-MX, Candy Apple Red

At last found a very good coffee maker at any price. Love at how fast coffee pours out dosnt need a pump to pour like my last one. Works great and its very quite.

I love the one handed dispensing. This is my second one first one lasted 3 yrs.

I really didn’t know what to expect ordering on line, but when it got here i was really pleased at the eay it looked. It’s performance is excellent too. Would definitely buy it again.

My mom loved this coffeemaker.

Good coffee pot, sometimes awkward to fill.

It was missing a rubber foot out of the package so it sits uneven. Also it doesn’t take much for the whole thing to scoot on the table when you press the dispenser button. It’s also pretty annoying to fill. Water drips on to the counter nearly every time i fill the tank. I do like not having to pour even with its annoyances. The coffee tastes great and is never burned. That’s probably my favorite part. For the price its probably worth it. Next time i’ll upgrade to the next price bracket.

The absolute coolest coffee maker i’ve ever had.

So far very happy with this product.

Very nice and easy to use ,just what i wanted.

Had an earlier model but after 5 years or so, a plastic piece broke rendering it inoperable. This newer version is quite attractive and hamilton beach made a few alterations and refinements. I’m hoping for another 5 years.

My husband and i enjoy the dispensing coffeemaker- easier to clean, love the color and no carafs that break or have to wash.

I have had this coffee maker for about a year. Mine works great and i love dispensing my coffee. Coffee taste great and is always hot.

I’ve used brewstations for years. I’ve probably had about five different models. Liked them all but this is the first one that doesn’t have any design problems. I had this design maybe 5 years ago but with stainless steel instead of red. At that time water leaked when you poured it into the tank making a mess every morning. Only remarks i could make is the clock is not visible over 8 feet away. Hamiton beach should have thought about fiber optics from the bright clock light to the despenser for people with black cups.

I love not have a carafe to get messy as they tend to do over time. I do wish my first cup of coffee was as hot as the second, but all in all i really like my new coffee maker.

Had the black one but i preferred red and looked for it everywhere didn’t find it but amazon had the red color. Love it brews awesome and keeps my coffee fresh for hours. It’s like having a fresh cup of coffee every time.

Awesome coffee maker and super fast shippinglove it.

My second coffee maker purchased last one lasted 5 years it still worked but looked kinda worn out.

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer : Does two things, neither of them all that well

The hamilton beach jave blend coffee brewer is a great option for anyone who likes blended coffee drinks or is looking for a way to save counter-space by combining a personal (one cup) coffee maker with a blender. This could ideal for someone living in an apartment or dorm roomnotes– the cup/mug that came with the unit is very nice- the unit can only make one cup of coffee at a time- the coffees is very hot – which is great. But it can make it a bit more difficult to make ice coffee :o)- the blender top is a bit too loose- the blender does an ok (but not great job) in blending ice- it probably goes without saying, but the blender can be used as a standalone blenderfinal verdict – the hamilton beach java blend is a pretty cool product. . It is perfect for a person who loves blended coffee or for someone who is looking for a two-in-one unit in order to save counter space.

This is the best way to stop yourself from spending nearly $6 a day at starbucks for a caremel frappucino. However, the blender is kind of weak. Maybe i just add in too much ice. But for some reason the ice is either too thick or too fine. I havent figured that part out yet and the direction manual doesnt seem to direct the user to that point. I never realized how important the ice size is to making a frappucino until i made it too big/too small with this. But hey, i’ll figure it out.

I never thought i needed a combination coffee maker slash blender. I still don’t think i need one. But if i had to have one, i guess this does the job?. It’s a strange beast: big enough to take up a massive amount of your counter space, yet can only make one mug of coffee at a time, with a similarly sized blender-for-one. The entire setup is extremely basic, and i’m not sure it’s worth the price. No timers, different settings, anything like that. Just your standard cheapo drop coffee maker married to a basic blender, and then everything somehow got marked up in price. Everything works fine, it’s just not really worth the inflated price.

I use this product everyday for not only coffee but my smoothies. The only part i don’t like is that it takes the old style filters but they are only a dollar for a half years’ worth so its not that bad.

  • I’m so in love with it’s awesomeness
  • I love it! I only drink cold/iced coffee so the
  • Love this thing. Condense two appliances into one!

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer (Discontinued)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Satisfy all your coffee cravings with one countertop appliance!
  • Brew 16 oz. of hot coffee into travel mug with lid (travel mug included)
  • Blend 32 oz. of frozen coffee smoothie
  • Wave Action System designed to pull the mixture down into the blades for smooth results and no ice chunks!
  • 2 speed blender with pulse for optimal control

Nice, love the attatched blender.

Coming away from using a keuring i was a little concerned but i have loved it so much so far, and it has been a few months. I have used the blender a handful of times and i made an excellent iced coffee. I just don’t have a lot of time to use it more. But i brew coffee every morning and have 0 issues. Saved a lot of money not using k-cups too.

Hamilton beach will grow on you. It’ll warm you up with its sleek shape and cool design. It will shake you up with its agility and swiftness, and it will imprint on your mind with a great tasting coffee (both cool and hot). I highly recommend it to all coffee connoisseurs.

I wasn’t super impressed with this coffee maker / blender combo. I found that the coffee brewer functionality works well-enough; approximate to any other small, coffee brewer. Not bad, but nothing particularly special about it. The blender doesn’t work that well. It’s no replacement for my magic bullet. It has trouble blending ice and gets stuck when trying to make a smoothy. Two-for-one units offer space savings but at the expense of functionality. I do like the ability to quickly brew a single cup of coffee, but you can’t really use any other cup but the one provided. A standard mug sits too low and the coffee splashes all over the place. That means that you either needs a really tall mug, or you have to use the one provided by hamilton beach.

I kind of wish i hadn’t gotten a keurig last year after trying the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. It takes up about the same amount of counter space, but it does double duty with the built in blender. Plus i’d forgotten how nice it was to be able to brew a jumbo size mug of coffee at one time instead of having to use two pods to get the same amount. I do have a great blender, but more often than not, i don’t feel like dragging it out from the cabinet to use, clean, then put away. This one is right on hand at all times and small enough to easily toss in the seemingly always full dishwasher. And it’s a powerful blender too. I packed it full of ice cubes (cubes, not crushed ice) and it chewed them up in seconds. I’ve never been one to make any kind of fancy coffee drinks, but it was so easy using the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. I’ll definitely be making more in the future, in addition to fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

The cover attachment arrived broken but the product makes coffee and does a decent job of blending.

Got it for my daughter and it’s fantastic. Going to purchase one for myself :-).

Bought this as a nice multipurpose item for the kitchen and love it. The coffee maker works perfectly and the blender works great too. It doesn’t really work for the whole “brew coffee and pour it over ice in blender to make smoothie” feature because lets face it, coffee melts the ice immediately so you have to let the coffee cool almost completely first. Tried doing the straight from coffee to smoothie and had to keep putting more and more ice until it was very bland. Let the coffee cool first and add some cream and sugar to is before it cools and works great.

I’ve been using this coffee maker every day for almost a year. I only drink cold/iced coffee so the blender is a must. I also use the blender for margaritas and stuff. It is very easy to clean and looks nice on the counter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the market for a coffee maker and not looking to spend an arm and a leg. It would be a great gift as well. I got a warranty, but i haven’t had any issues with it. A lot of the time i will make coffee at night, put it in the refrigerator, and it’s ready to blend with ice cream, chocolate and ice in the morning. This has probably saved me hundreds verses going to a coffee shop every morning.

Didn’t think i would love it, but i am so pleasantly surprised. What really won me over is the size of the basket for the coffee grounds. It’s just as big as the basket in my 5 cup pot that it replaced. I like my coffee like tar and this enables me to make it stout enough to get my heart beating in just one cup. Hate the cup that came with it, well the cup is ok, the lid to the cup is awful. It has a lip sticking up where you drink from. Feels like a demented sippy cup. But i have found bunches of cups that i do like that fit perfect. And now i can have iced coffee the way i like it.

Perfect single serve and i can still make iced coffees and blended drinks.

The blender does a good job of crunching the ice for my frappes. I love that most parts i can throw in the dishwasher. I’m still working out the right serving size ingredient combos for me but that is on me. The machine itself is brilliant.

Work well but the blender is a little weaker than i want it to be.

I am so impressed with this coffee pot. The box was heavily damaged, but the product was fine. It works wonders and my friends with keurigs give compliments and wished theirs had these features. It’s easy to use and demonstrates the good name of hamilton beach. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I am enjoying my coffee maker. I can make one cup of coffee hot or cold. The one thing i don’t like it doesn’t have an adjustable shelf for my fovorite ceramic cup. I have to flip a bowl to use my cup instead of the computer cup.

I got this as a bedside coffee maker. The kitchen is too far without caffeine. Works great, and i love that i can get a quick smoothie without digging out another appliance.

Best coffee maker in a whilecold and hotnice.

Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Mixer 64699, Everything is great about this for the money except one thing

Its ok for the price, but not made very well.

Everything is great about this for the money except one thing. The beaters don’t really mix anything on the bottom of bowl. Seems like i have to scrap it up all the time to get everything mixed well.

This is 2nd mixer i’ve ordered. 1st one was gift to daughter & she loved it. Now other daughter needed one.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Mixer 64699 (1, Red):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Comments from buyers

“Much better than our old handheld for about $5 more
, Must have for a kitchen
, Everything is great about this for the money except one thing

Not as great as i thought it would be but it works and looks great.

Makes great pizza dough that’s what i mainly use it for.

Is a very sturdy product big bowl and can even make bread dough, well worth the price comes with attachments.

Only lasted 6 month, though.

Im a very satisfied customer. Now it’s easier to make my cheese cakes.

This mixer is fully functional. My first impression was that it appears to be mish and all break easily, but after using it for several months, i have become quite happy with it. The bowl is easy to turn and manipulate. We and is very easy to clean.

Bought as christmas gift for my wife.

Was a great help making christmas cookies.

I was impressed with looks of this mixer,bought as christmas gift.

Wonderful mixer, works great, powerful too .

I gave this as a christmas gift to a friend who wanted to replace his heavy kitchen aid mixer. This was a good choice because it is lighter, but had the whisk, dough-hooks and regular beaters as attachments which are also included with the kitchen aid. I’m pleased with this purchase and i hope to hear good comments from my friend as well.

The price was great, the shipping speed was great & it looks nice enough to keep out on the counter.

It works well for new comers who is starting to bake.

Just exactly what i was looking for. . Made someone very happy, of decent quality.

My mother says it works well – was a christmas gift.

It is amazing the colour is also lovely.

I bought this a couple of years ago when i realized i was never going to be able to afford a kitchen aid, lol. And i have never been disappointed. I bake a lot, especially through the holidays, a dozen loaves of bread and 15 dozen cookies each christmas for my gift trays is par for the course. Those are baked over a period of 3 days and this handy mixer has never let me down. The bowl is heavy as has been mentioned in other reviews and is sometimes difficult for my old hands but that is not a bad trade off for security, i have dropped it several times and it is really really sturdy, i don’t fear it breaking as i would a flimsier bowl, metal might be nice, but i rather like the clear glass as i can see when all the flour is incorporated better.

I bought this mixer on another site 2 years ago. I used it to make mashed potatoes for thanksgiving giving both years. The potatoes were too much for it and this year it stopped working. But i loved it for everything else. Cake batter, bread & pretzel dough. Especially loved the clear glass bowl. Just stay away from overloading it. 20 lbs of potatoes each year was too much.

Easy to handle and did what i expected and wanted.

It works just as i would expect a good mixer to function. The only negative is you have to use your other hand to press the button on the side of the base in order to tilt up the mixer and beaters. I think it would be handier if the button for that was within reach of the index finger or thumb of the hand that holds the mixer. It makes for a little bit of awkward handling. Other than that, it works well. It looks nice on the counter top, too.

This is a great and handy mixer. Useful and very adaptable for any type of job.