Epica 12-Inch Nonstick Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker – Easy way to make great crepes!!

. Teenage daughtersxall about japanese crepes. . This helps make wonderful crepes both equally french and gluten cost-free rice variety.

I seriously like this griddle for making crepes, but i could not figure out how to operate the batter spreader it came with, guidance weren’t apparent to me. I like the temperature adjustment choice. It really is a very little smaller for other items like building breakfast for the complete household at the identical time, but it does what it’s supposed to do. The only issue that i was not fond of is how low-cost the plastic it can be built of seems to be. Other than that, it can be a rather good iron.Here are the specifications for the Epica 12-Inch Nonstick Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker:

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  • THE IDEAL SIZE FOR FLAWLESS CREPES: The 12-inch cooking surface provides ample room for cooking everything from pancakes and bacon to burgers and grilled sandwiches while being compact enough to store within handy reach.
  • DIAL IN THE PERFECT COOKING TEMPERATURE: You can’t cook everything at the same temperature and expect stellar results, so Epica gives you 1200 watts f power with 5 different temperature control settings for ultimate control.
  • RUBBER FEET PROVIDE MAXIMUM STABILITY: Safety is critical, especially when dealing with hot surfaces. That’s why the fet on this griddle are covered in extra-safe non-slip rubber.
  • HEATS EVENLY FOR SUPERB BROWNING: The fast heating, non-stick aluminum surface heats up evenly in no tim never any hot or cold spots that can lead to uneven cooking.
  • EXCLUSIVE 3-YEAR WARRANTY: If your new griddle fails to perform, you are completely covered for a full three yearer spreader and spatula are included with your purchase.

The crepe producing feature would make this a good present. We bought this as a gift for a pal. It tends to make fantastic crepes and it is pleasurable to use.

Pretty awesome item, speedy shipping and delivery, make delightful crepes.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Epica 12″ crepe/griddle maker
  • I DID NOT get a discount or compensation of any kind for buying this item
  • Easy way to make great crepes!!

1st time perfection or shut to it. Excellent for producing enchiladas, manicotti and other matters you never typically affiliate with ‘crepes’.

But the recipients have claimed again that they enjoy the crepe maker. We gave this as a gift, but the recipients have described back that they like the crepe maker. This is their initially endeavor at crepes, but claimed they may hardly ever require to locate a crepe restaurant once more.

The crepe producing feature would make this a good present. We bought this as a gift for a pal. It tends to make fantastic crepes and it is pleasurable to use.

Merchandise seems great and it arrived right on time. Solution appears to be excellent and it arrived correct on time.

Super straightforward to make crepes and grilled. Super effortless to make crepes and grilled cheese. The photo was my initially crepe. It takes a few to figure out the proper amount of money of batter.

So much every thing is heading effectively.

1st time perfection or shut to it. Excellent for producing enchiladas, manicotti and other matters you never typically affiliate with ‘crepes’.

Merchandise seems great and it arrived right on time. Solution appears to be excellent and it arrived correct on time.

I have been employing it each and every early morning. I have been utilizing it each early morning primarily to make fried eggs and bacon/sausage sandwiches. We have a extremely tiny kitchen area and i did not have to have one additional detail on the counter but this is just best.

I purchased this as a present and my daughter has by now employed it and loving it.

It is incredibly excellent to make chinese jianbingguozi(煎饼果子). The equipment with the purchase are incredibly valuable.

Stores effectively for the reason that of the height. It is excellent for the novice crepe maker. It can also be employed to fry up eggs or make pancakes.

I did not get a price cut or payment of any sort for buying this merchandise. To start with, i did not get a price reduction or payment of any kind for getting this merchandise. I experimented with making crepes in excess of the years and was under no circumstances productive until eventually applying this equipment. I seen the heart heats slightly significantly less than the outer edge. This is an gain with crepes, in which you want the edges to be a very little crispier. In any case, the crepes flip out wonderful. I was equipped to use my incredibly to start with crepe, even while i required to perfect my strategy. I use it each day now for a selection of matters.

I did not get a price cut or payment of any sort for buying this merchandise. To start with, i did not get a price reduction or payment of any kind for getting this merchandise. I experimented with making crepes in excess of the years and was under no circumstances productive until eventually applying this equipment. I seen the heart heats slightly significantly less than the outer edge. This is an gain with crepes, in which you want the edges to be a very little crispier. In any case, the crepes flip out wonderful. I was equipped to use my incredibly to start with crepe, even while i required to perfect my strategy. I use it each day now for a selection of matters.

Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt motor : Different class from the Black & Decker CJ625

I have owned a couple of citrus juicers in my life span, but the epica juicer is my most loved a single. The motor is powerful, the strainer isn’t going to require to be dumped following each individual orange, the spout can be shut involving eyeglasses to protect against dripping. Juicing is so quick and quick. I just slice an orange in 50 % and press down on the reamer. My other juicers under no circumstances juiced oranges so fast. It did not take me extensive to go via an overall bag. I was impressed, although my little ones thought the result was way too thick. Cleanup is as basic as having the top rated items (strainer, strainer holder, and reamer) off. I only would like they were being dishwasher harmless. We have to do that aspect by hand. Every little thing comes together for storage. The cord wraps up beneath, the big and little reamers, strainer, and lid all continue to be up best. I discover the twine wrapping a litte awkward, considering the fact that i need to have to transform the equipment upside down. It would not really sit that way perfectly for the reason that of the center post on the prime. On the other hand, it truly is substantially better than permitting the wire just dangle. In actuality, i believe i am going to get my mother a person for her birthday. This solution was offered for evaluate by usa enterprises.

A terrific, reasonably priced, juicer. We purchased this after reading all testimonials we could find. Some of the reviews were rather unfavorable, but the causes specified failed to appear to be to ‘hold water’ based mostly on our working experience. Indeed, an occasional seed might make it to the spout and block fluid, but quickly fixed. Yes, the grate does not enable all the pulp by means of, but i think that is the issue of it right after all. Plenty of pulp was enable by way of for our liking, and we get pleasure from pulp in our oj. Of course, the juicer will spin all over on the counter thanks to the strong motor, but if one particular follows the direction and threads the cord such that the rubber toes all make speak to with the counter leading, the ‘spinning issue’ miraculously goes absent. Certainly, the top of the spout can preclude the use of some containers to capture the juice, but only those people taller than six inches. We have owned some juicers, which price considerably less, that experienced a reversing mechanism so that the reamer could reverse course. But the clutch failed on them all in quick get and the motor would stall out when implementing modest stress.

Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt motor

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  • GET MORE JUICE IN A FRACTION OF THE TIME: When tested against higher priced juicers, the Epica delivered 18% more juice in a third of the time. Enjoy fresh squeezed juice for breakfast – even when you’re on the run.
  • STARTS AND STOPS WITH A SINGLE TOUCH: This juicer is as uncomplicated as they come. With one press, you can start and stop the automatic ultra quiet juicing. Fresh, healthy juice is only a touch away.
  • JUICE FLOWS RIGHT INTO YOUR GLASS: Whether you want an entire carafe of juice or just one glass, you can have it your way. It’s just as easy to juice enough limes for a dozen margaritas as it is to get grapefruit juice for one Seabreeze.
  • RINSES CLEAN IN SECONDS AND WON’T CLOG: Many juicers on the market are a pain to clean up – which makes you dread using them. The Epica has only 3 parts that rinse clean in seconds.
  • TWO REAMER SIZES TO FIT ALL CITRUS FRUITS: Juice any kind of citrus fruit you want, from limes to oranges to grapefruits. Add the juice to cocktails, recipes, or drink it on its own. The fine mesh strainer won’t clog with pulp.

A properly-designed citrus juicer, that’s effortless to use and uncomplicated to cleanse. This is a properly-built citrus juicer, that helps make it straightforward to make fresh orange juice in the morning (or night, or any time you like). (it is not an all-reason juicer, it just does citrus so if you like carrots and tomatoes in your juice, you may have to have to glimpse elsewhere. Just plug it in, lower the oranges (or lemons, or grapefruits, or tangerines), and push. When it fills up with juice, fill your cup when the strainer fills up with pulp, rinse it off. About the movie: just a quick search at the item in motion.

Bought this electric juicer over a month ago. I use it to juice oranges and grapefruit and it handles both perfectly with the large attachment. The smaller attachment works great with smaller items like lemons. The juicer looks nice and works fantastic. It is medium size but the motor is strong enough to juice the large grapefruit without a problem. I use it everyday just for myself and it is perfect. It is also very easy to take apart and clean. I would definitely recommend it.

It comes with 2 tops doing the job with more compact and larger dimensions of oranges. It is bigger than it appears on the photo. I love that you can acquire out every component to cleanse. It can juice as considerably as a manual a person (i have a manual one for comparison). I am shocked by how a lot juice comes out and i can rarely tell the pulp in the juice.

Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-quiet Citrus Juicer-70 Watt motor : Perfect for the size and price. Really, really easy clean up. Powerful enough to juice often and quickly. (we have multiple citrus trees of different sized fruit). Seeds sometimes get caught in the spout so juice will back up and not flow out. I searched for many hours for the perfect citrus juicer for a great price, and this little guy did not leave me disappointed.

 after my black and decker cj630 stopped operating yesterday just after about a pair decades of use. , i ordered this juicer based mostly on all the great testimonials. I got the juicer the next day and couldn’t wait around to try it out. When i acquired it, the plastic deal with was cracked in 50 %, but he box appeared ok. I called buyer service and they said they would deliver one more a person out. When i tried using to juice my first orange, i discovered it was significantly quieter than the b&d nonetheless, when i place a small far more than mild stress, it would jam and cease juicing. I took every thing aside to see if i set something on incorrectly, but due to the fact there are only a number of parts, that failed to seem to be to be the circumstance. I attempted several far more oranges and experienced the similar difficulty when striving to press down with a lot more than light pressure. Not certain if the whole unit obtained weakened throughout cargo or i just received a dud, but looks like i will be returning this and observing if the next works as it ought to if not, appears to be like i am going to be heading back to productive, but limited lived black and decker.

Juicer beast with a shorter tail. Excellent merchandise and features as advertised. This is by considerably the most powerful nonetheless quiet orange juicer i have at any time owned. It was so shut to becoming the orange juicer but the power cord is ridiculously shorter. It is pretty much a joke how limited it is. I just will not have an extension twine laying all around in my kitchen so it was a inconvenience putting the device on a handful of cookbooks just to be ready to plug it in and use it. I however have but solved this trouble. Therefore, i cannot give it a strong five star rating. This matter is a beast with a small tail, sad to say.

Superb very little workhorse. I was scheduling a big bash with mexican food stuff and wanted a whole lot of margaritas with 2. five cups of lemon juice and two. I knew my arthritic arms would not be able to accomplish this activity without the need of some enable and was i thrilled with the performance of this incredible juicer. The directions describe how to maintain the tiny equipment from about-heating and i paid out focus to the time limitations (5 min) amongst quick rests. That wasn’t a difficulty at all. (that wonderful margarita recipe can be identified if you lookup for gallon of margaritas.

Given that this juicer acquired good testimonials i decided to give it a test. 99 for it shortly right before christmas and now i see maybe 6 weeks later on that it is promoting for $ten fewer. Large price tag swings like this are irritating. The device appears to be like fantastic, and juices perfectly. It is rather peaceful as citrus juicers go, and it would seem to get every single very last fall of juice from my grapefruit and oranges. As it juices, it commonly sprays a fantastic mist out of the juicer so i hold my palms over the sides to protect against this.

Fantastic merchandise – effective, quiet and so effortless to operate and clean up. We now have clean orange or grapefruit juice each individual morning – squeezed by my eight yr outdated.

I have been juicing two 5-pound baggage of lemons each pair of weeks with an ojex xpress hand juicer. The juice is saved in fifty percent pint jars in the freezer and there’s always a container of lemonade in the fridge for a household member who is susceptible to kidney stones. I requested the epica stainless steel electrical citrus juicer last week and have only employed it after but that was ample to really like it.I juiced 10 lbs of lemons in a single 3rd the time it took applying the hand press. The epica is sturdy and major sufficient to continue to be in put and a quart liquid measuring cup suits properly less than the spout. I was worried that pulp and seed buildup would slow down the process but the scaled-down of the two reamers has ‘wings’ which sweep pulp and seeds to the outside of the strainer so the juice flowed steadily from the 1st lemon to the last i just rinsed the strainer underneath working water between the 1st and second bag of lemons. Remaining ready to shut the spout on the epica concerning the two bags of lemons is a major gain it stored my counter prime absolutely free of the sticky juice that splashed in excess of it each time i employed the manual citrus push. The larger sized of the two reamers, positioned about the smaller reamer, worked good juicing some valencia oranges i had on hand so i suspect it could actually be on the modest aspect for any but small grapefruit. The strainer is substantial sufficient that a run beneath drinking water totally cleared it of all pulp and seeds. A brief clean of the juicer pieces that come in get hold of with the fruit and juice in scorching water and dawn and it truly is prepared to go subsequent time. The epica does have a modest footprint so it’s welcome to sit out between utilizes. Eventually, my epica electric powered juicer was not supplied by the company. I obtained it and deem it effectively really worth the price.

Is quite straightforward to run it and it squeezes the fruit till. Precisely what we desired at property. Given that this fantastic device arrived household we have been applying it each and every single working day. Is quite effortless to run it and it squeezes the fruit until very last drop. Also i’m actually pleased about the follow up the vendor presents immediately after you acquire it. Certainly, i would endorse his merchandise .

Solid motor, smaller footprint, simple assembly, elements not dishwasher safe. This epica stainless steel electric powered citrus juicer has a robust motor that quickly juices 50 % a dozen oranges. It is not an ‘industrial strength’ juicer, but it is really a reasonably priced (about $40) juicer which is a very good option for property use. Contrary to many electric powered juicers, it has no pitcher to gather the juice. As an alternative, the juice pours specifically into a juice glass through the spout that flips open (or closed). The producer cautions: ’15 seconds procedure followed by fifteen seconds relaxation. Do not function extra than 5 minutes one particular time, permit a several minutes relaxation prior to following use. ‘ nonetheless, overworking the motor would not feel to be much of an issue. Juicing 50 percent an orange took a lot less than 15 seconds–potentially five seconds–and the job of juicing an eight-oz. Glass of orange juice took noticeably a lot less than 5 minutes.

What are you searching for in a household citrus juicer?.You want it to extract as a great deal juice as humanly achievable — i have saved an overall orange for each cup to be straightforward to use – no require to browse guidelines even additional essential, to be quick to thoroughly clean — it has three removable elements, no much more than that, butter and most critical of all, you want it to be inoffensivethis little issue — now listen closely — plays to the tune of a pleasing very low hum even though it drains your orange to the pretty last fall. It really is like, hmmmm, it truly is like you could have a baby commencing to wake up at the end of your counter and roll about for a different 30 moment nap when you make your morning juice. Ahead of i landed on this yoga-esque, namaste, seem equipment, i went for the notorious proctor-sylex simply because of some idiotic assessment i browse about its general performance. It was all about its juice extraction incomparability. Com/gp/merchandise/b008bbcz3k/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1what the reviewer failed to point out is the thing appears like a concrete grinder with a torn up wheel bearing tearing by sand amplified with a megaphone. I necessarily mean, who the hell on the generation crew believed that was okay?.Oh, a single a lot more factor, the minor spout snaps up so when you remove your glass it would not drip.

Functional, nice looking, easy to clean, relatively small and affordable. After doing endless research on electric and manual citrus juicers, i settled on this one primarily because it had great ratings and was relatively inexpensive. Since it’s the only citrus juicer i have ever owned, i have no comparison. Aesthetically pleasing: nice profile, brush stainless steel finish, well-proportioned. Doesn’t take up too much space on the counter. No switch to worry about – just press the fruit to activate. The fruit splashes during juicing. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind. I tried juicing with the plastic cover on, but this prevents you from being able to apply pressure to various points of the fruit to get maximum yield. The function that allows you to lift the spout and ‘lock’ the juice from pouring into a glass seems nice, but the silicone element that plugs up the hole when the spout is lifted also gets pulp stuck on it and the hole gets clogged preventing the juice from coming out. I could do without this feature altogether. One more thing to keep in mind is that juicing is not as easy as it appears in some video reviews. Especially when juicing large grapefruits, you have to constantly work the sides of the fruit towards the reamer or else not all pulp will be juiced out. So it’s not just a pressure to be applied from the top, but also from the sides for maximum yield. Overall, it was a very good buy that i’m very pleased with.

Yes, high quality is even now inexpensive. Appreciated it so a lot i bought two for my neighbors and one for an condominium in mexico. . I located this little question by accomplishing exploration. It was reviewed as among the the finest of 3 (suppose in its class). Looking into other individuals (& observing their little films) led me to bed bath & past and other office suppliers and have a glance as the some others have been a minimal fewer expensive and i wished to know why. Hunting at them it turned obvious that the change is in the remaining excellent. Te epica is strong, functions quietly & efficiently, & is uncomplicated to rinse off soon after use. Contemplating it on a charge foundation may attractiveness to some and as these types of it takes minor to no energy to arrive at the point that in excess of potentially a thirty day period or two the price tag of the orange ‘stuff’ that is sold in grocery shops is a lot a lot more pricey than utilizing the epica. No point out require be built of the discrepancies involving fresh citrus juices and the ‘stuff’ sold in cartons and jars. We have been using it for lemons, oranges & grapefruits.

Various class from the black & decker cj625. I had formerly employed the black & decker cj625 and, this is in a various class. It can be a great deal simpler to clean, does not stop when i use as well significantly force, generates a lot more juice, is a very little more rapidly, and seems far better.

Straightforward to use, fast to clean up. This juicer makes orange juice just the way i like it with a just little bit orange pulp. It is simple to use and speedy to clean up. I have to confess ingesting a lot a lot more orange juice considering that i bought it. The online video exhibits the juicer in use. I am not applying a great deal tension nonetheless the fruit is entirely juiced. The juice is squeezed immediately into a cup. The flow is controlled by a spout which can be lifted up to end the move of juice. Prior to you get rid of the cup keep in mind to idea the spout up to prevent the drip.

Great device, liked it but you can’t buy pieces if you get rid of a cone or strainer. . I now have clean squeezed orange juice just about every early morning. It can be very straightforward to clean and maintain. I unintentionally lost the cone in the disposal and crushed the rubbish. The major greater cone was cracked but the tiny a person underneath remained intact. I may order the greater cone for potential use. So glad i bought this soon after reading other reviewsi’m incorporating on a observe for people interested in buying this citrus juicer. I known as the manufacturer, i was unable to invest in yet another cone.

Desirable & effortless-to-use citrus juicer. This citrus juicer from epica is fairly handsome with the brushed stainless steel complete contrasting with black and apparent plastic. It looks so house-age that i keep peeking in the kitchen area to see if it is really hovering. It’s pretty compact and will take up very minor place: the base diameter is six in. With a most diameter of 7 1/2 in. This juicer is so incredibly basic and even enjoyable to use: just reduce the citrus fruit in fifty percent and press it down on the reamer. The pressure activates the tranquil 70 watt motor and would make the reamer spin. The juice flows by a stainless steel slotted filter that catches the huge pulp and seeds and then it flows via a spout into the glass. It will juice a dozen oranges just before the filter wants to be cleaned and it is very economical, leaving powering no juice in any respect in the peel.

This appliance could be your upcoming ideal pal on the countertop. We dwell in an location the place oranges are plentiful and low-cost, and we wanted to start making our personal orange juice. I consider most people today would concur that fresh new-squeezed juice tastes astonishingly excellent, so we started out our look for for a citrus juicer. We looked at all the testimonials on amazon, and narrowed it down until there had been only two remaining, the epica juicer and a substantially a lot more highly-priced just one for ~$200. On paper, we preferred the expensive just one because it has a take care of, but we opted for the epica, and we are delighted with our selection, for the subsequent motives (right after two months of use):1. Power: this juicer has managed almost everything we’ve thrown at it with simplicity. We’ll make a number of eyeglasses of juice each and every morning, and we have never experienced a problem with a deficiency of energy and velocity. The epica will extract a 50 %-orange in about five-eight seconds, dependent on the dimensions. Peaceful: yes, the motor would make some noise, but it can be not plenty of to definitely see.

Epica 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender – Solid, well-made kitchen tool

Stable, very well-produced kitchen area resource. I’ve been seeking one of these gizmos for a long time, and go through quite a few critiques of distinctive models of immersible blenders. The blender i obtained was delivered speedily, and perfectly-packaged. The blender alone has several practical attachments, and has ability to spare, feel me. I initial applied the blender to make some mashed potatoes – completed in about forty seconds or so to a pleasant consistency. I really feel the unit is stable, very well-built, and the income i payed was very well-invested.

Actually wonderful hefty responsibility blender stick. Seriously nice major duty blender adhere. I have only had this item for about two weeks and i have currently utilized this to blend my spaghetti sauce (my spouse isn’t going to like chunks of tomatoes) and it worked fantastic. So convenient to be equipped to mix this instantly in the sauce pot and rapid. Also employed the chopping attachment to make my personal fresh new salsa – once again it labored wonderful with out turning my salsa into mush and i made use of the whisk to beat eggs for my pancake batter. Did not genuinely need to have it for just the eggs, but i preferred to consider it out – a different winner. So considerably i am so delighted with it that i gave absent my 4cup foods processor, my blender, and my magic bullet. Too many items that take up also significantly place when you have the epica to cope with it all. If i ended up to find everything negative so much, it would only be that i would have loved it if they would have provided a smaller recipe book like most other kitchen area appliances. Not a deal breaker while due to the fact you can uncover any recipe you want on the world-wide-web.

And i was incredibly dissatisfied by that. My outdated betty crocker hand blender last but not least fell aside soon after virtually twenty decades of faithful company. So very long betty, you will be skipped. I utilized it various times a week to make my protein shakes in my massive tumbler and it was always with many cubes of ice. My old blender was a dual velocity and was a one particular piece device, and that was what i was on the lookout for. Not obtaining purchased a person in twenty decades, i failed to know they just about all went completely to a two piece method, and i was extremely dissatisfied by that. My assumed was that would be a stage of failure, and following reading various assessments from different products and solutions, it appeared that that was the case. After considerably agonizing, i went ahead and went with this product for the reason that all the testimonials commented on how weighty and well built it felt. This matter is large, and when you convert it on you much better believe it’s going to torque your wrist.Here are the specifications for the Epica 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • NEVER STRUGGLE WITH FROZEN FRUIT AGAIN: Your old blender’s low-grade blades never stood a chance. The Epica makes a habit of not blending in-this 350-watt workhorse brings you the quickest breakfast smoothies and gourmet soups or sauces at just the right consistency.
  • DESIGNED FOR SIMPLE, POWERFUL USE: When a hand blender is too complicated to use, it becomes a pain rather than a pleasure. With the Epica easy-control design and quick one-click attachment release, your new hand blender will quickly become the best sous chef you’ve ever had.
  • MULTI-SPEED FOR MULTI-TASKING CHEFS: From mashed potatoes to strawberry daiquiris, stop leaving chunks behind in your creations. Using the variable speed dial, adjust this blender’s blade speed for the perfect texture every time-thorough grinding, puréeing, juicing, or chopping.
  • STAY SHARP WITH EASY CLEAN-UP AND STORAGE: This hand blender’s components are all dishwasher safe. Because after crafting natural baby food or perking parents up with a sweet drink, nobody likes dealing with a mess.
  • THE 100% EPICA “CUTTING EDGE” GUARANTEE: We pride ourselves on our superior manufacturing and quality components that go into each of our products. If for any reason your blender doesn’t make your kitchen experience better and easier, send it back for a full refund. Guaranteed.

The steel blades seem to be powerful and the unit just feels fantastic in the hand. Lately i went as a result of 3 cuisinart blenders in short buy – in shorter, they are dreadful blenders. I took a flyer on this epica device and so considerably, one particular 7 days in, i discover it fantastic. The device has much more then sufficient electricity, with the variable speed alternative performing beautifully on frozen berries (which the cuisinart could not handle) in the early morning shake. The motor looks stable, the metal blades seem powerful and the unit just feels very good in the hand. For the rate, this one just cannot be beat.

I’ve carried out anything from mashed potatoes to best salsa. It passed with traveling hues. The epica dwarfs all the relaxation of the handheld blenders and choppers. This mighty minor equipment definitely gets the career carried out proficiently though leaving no mess driving. I am obtaining additional common with its energy and actually take pleasure in it. I have performed every little thing from mashed potatoes to best salsa. It handed with traveling shades. What is even far more fulfilling is the good quality building and relieve of use. Small but quite important correction to my very first critique. I came to feel this item was created in the usa.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very powerful and versatile hand held blender!
  • Best little surprise
  • Super powerful, chops super fast!
  • Love this thing.
  • Very powerful. Excellent build quality. Nice attachments.
  • So far, better than the Cuisinart

Mix, purée, chop and whisk all in one gadget. I haven’t used a hand blender in several years. I know it wasn’t all that wonderful and remaining a good deal of chunks guiding. This you get a several different attachments so i am going to checklist it beneath. – take care of- stainless metal purée/blend attachment- stainless metal whisk attachment- chopping bowl attachment with stainless metal blades- storage jar with lidthe deal with by itself suits nicely in your hand for a fantastic grip. You will find a small and high buttons with s pace did above it as very well. Around the bottom you can see 2 silver buttons which are the launch for the attachments. When attaching any of the attachments, search on the inside. Make positive you line up the sides with the lid to match the latches on the tackle. I have not had the opportunity to whisk or chop something nonetheless but i did make a smoothie out of frozen fruits making use of the purée attachment. It blended sleek and in much less time than it would’ve taken for me to do it in a total sized blender.

It can be held up fantastically, appears excellent sitting down on my counter top rated. I have experienced this for numerous months now and use it at the very least at the time, if not many moments, for each working day. I combine coconut oil in with my espresso and mix it appropriate in the coffee pot. Tends to make the espresso very creamy. It will get used ordinarily 2x per working day to scramble eggs. Cracking the eggs into a bowl and blending them possibly with the whisk or just the immersion head will make the eggs very fluffy. I also use the small bowl to chop tons of veggies. It only usually takes about 5 shorter pulses to totally dice an entire onion (immediately after you’ve got peeled and quartered it, naturally). I make all sorts of wholesome sauces and dressings with it on a normal basis too. It really is held up wonderfully, appears wonderful sitting down on my counter top rated, and is super uncomplicated to clear.

You could get started your motor vehicle with this issue. The other reviewers usually are not kidding when they say this matter is *powerful*. I have already employed it to crush ice and frozen strawberries in smoothies, beat eggs, make guacamole and hummus, beat icing for cinnamon rolls. Love this blender, use it all the time. I might give it five stars if it experienced a slower setting.

I’m so joyful i did and am thankful to all individuals who. In spite of by no means hearing of this brand just before i made the decision to invest in this hand blender because of to the opinions. I am so satisfied i did and am grateful to all all those who reviewed it prior to me. It’s incredibly powerful and won’t acquire up much too substantially space. I love that there are lids bundled that can be utilised to seal both the bowl and jug must you not wish to transfer the contents to yet another container. So significantly i’ve employed it to make hummus, pizza sauce, innumerable smoothies, pesto, lara bars, ice product, and strength balls, and i have been delighted with the results. I really advocate this products.

Even much better than i anticipated. . This blender helps make speedy get the job done of building do-it-yourself pet dog food items. My pup only has 1 tooth and need to take in ground, practically liquefied food. I can make a huge pot and put his day by day serving into the blender storage jar, blend it up and keep it in the fridge with the involved cover. Great and exceeds my expectations. The effective motor is tranquil, it really is simple to swap frmm blender to whisk and the whole matter is so quick to clean. I just place the blades in the sink of soapy h2o, thrust the ability button and whirl absent the mess. I like the adjustable velocity aspect. It is quite splash-proof if you retain the openings of the bell shape submerged. This is wonderful for hot and chilly food items.

Substantial high quality, a lot more bang for your buck than breville. I wanted a hand blender for pretty much a year now. I could not choose involving the well known breville bsb510xl or its less costly possibilities by conair and kitchen help. I heard conair and kitchen support are not as strong as breville, and they either can’t or crack although they grind ice. So immediately after about a year of considering, i obtained epica that presented extra energy than breville at the price tag comparable to conair and kitchen assist. I am so content i got epica more than its 3 competitors. This blender is a comprehensive beast when it arrives to mixing. It blends ice and frozen fruits like they’re absolutely nothing – in a couple of seconds. It can be also incredibly substantial high-quality – sturdy and efficient, and it really is visually desirable. All the added extras it arrived with is a furthermore to what it by now offers.

Enable me start out by indicating it is a fantastic blender, but the minor blending bowl that comes with it broke immediately after three utilizes. It has plastic on plastic parts so it do not hold up, other than that i woulda gave it five stars.

My husband nd utilised to make such a mess in the kitchen producing infant foodstuff for our 7 month old. He boils and puree the foods in a single pot. No further blenders and attachments to clean. Just one pot and one particular hand blender. In addition it does an astounding puree job.

This is a five star for the residence prepare dinner. We analyzed the epica hand blender proper absent after getting allow. To start with we experimented with producing mashed potatoes. With in a moment we experienced a small bowl of mashed potatoes however they did have a couple little lumps. I am certain if we experienced taken a tiny more time they would have been great adequate for my wife far too. In seconds we had a little bowl of chopped onions ready for the stew we’re obtaining tonight. And previous earning a easily was a breeze. We are extremely pleased with this hand blender compared to our previous just one and would advise it.

I am new to the benefits of the hand held immersion blenders. I took my time and browse evaluations for the leading-rated types. I selected this epica model for the reason that it was a hefty responsibility device and one particular of the only types out there that experienced a bit additional energy. The motor unit is strong and as soon as you get applied to balancing the fat of it whilst in use it is uncomplicated to manipulate in the various cooking programs you would use it for. The finger controls are quick to reach and use while in use the more energy button is excellent for pulsing form motion when wanted. It was quick to switch from mixing, whisking, and chopping with an easy to depress release button. I am psyched that i at last took a chance on an immersion blender that does what it is marketed to do. I am an individual who appreciates a software that performs very well and truly would make a process simpler. I would suggest this to a buddy.

It truly is a ‘ will have to have’ on kitchen counter. No matter if you go out for work or function from dwelling, no matter if you really like cooking or barely can get oneself to commit half an hour in the kitchen, epica hand blender is for everyonei take pleasure in cooking, but at the exact time can not pay for to shell out more than an hour per working day in the kitchen area. I have most of the appliances that you see in a ordinary kitchen to pace up the prep get the job done right before cooking( like foodstuff processor, blender ,vegetable chopper, stand mixer, juicer )which i felt was taking up a little bit far more time in assembling and cleaning right after use which was time consuming, due to the fact of which i determined to go in for a hand held blender and after working with it for above a thirty day period ,i requested myself ’ why did not i order it previously. It is a great solution for prep work’‘absolute boon’it will come with a chopping bowl, whisking wand and a blending wand ( i simply call them my magic wands). I use them for1) chopping onions, tomatoes, celery ( of course ,celery), nuts like walnuts and pistachio2) building smoothies and milk shakes with frozen or new fruits3) whisking corn flour, chick peas flour4) puree cooked lentils and pulses like yellow lentils, pigeon lentils, moong beans, garbanzo bean, kala chana ( indian variety of garbanzo beans)the checklist is endless…another emphasize of this product is given that it is 350 watts, you never will need to reduce your veggies or fruits into smaller pieces ahead of placing them into the chopping bowl or mixing beaker, just take away the peel or slice off the stub and minimize them into 50 percent. For more compact fruits no chopping is required…. Even the assembling and cleansing is more quickly thanks to its dimensions as when compared to normal blender and choppers. Usually takes quite very little area on the counter.

Highly effective blender for individuals who wishes the additional speed and don’t head the added body weight. Properly manufactured products that has its professionals and downsides. Execs:- products is perfectly created of strong material. – has additional energy than the standard hand blenders. If you have to have a hand held blender with the additional velocity and electricity, this item unquestionably delivers. – arrives with different valuable attachment to make the instrument far more flexible. Cons:- the further energy will come with the more body weight. This is heavier than most other brands.

The whipper is outstanding for all baking demands. The immersion blender operates great all sorts of greens, nuts and fruits. The chopper is fundamentally only for chopping good. I would propose it absolutely.

I had to have operation for bacterial infections in sinuses and had to have all my teeth taken off . It is really been 3 weeks so much and 4 blenders burnt out and one particular immersion hand blender (not this 1) and i have utilized this one from the working day i got it , about 1 1/2 weeks in the past, twice a day each individual day. It is continue to heading potent get it .

Epica more electric power, major obligation immersion blender. I have created asparagus soup, creamier than my ninja significant blender. It is pretty powerful, and so far i feel it will exchange my use of the ninja blender, electric powered blender, and any other blender or mixer. I found out it is greatest to blend soup in the pan to protect against accidents. All-in-all, i am so very glad i resolved to obtain the additional weighty duty immersion epica, right after checking all the other immersion solutions provided by amazon. The added cup, whisk, and nut chopper make this product the very best offer i uncovered on amazon. The three 12 months warranty are not able to be conquer.

Tremendous effective, chops tremendous quickly. I had a braum hand blender i liked and used for numerous many decades. I’m missing devoid of it so my son and i did a look for on amazon and discovered the epica. I didn’t hope to uncover one with 350 watts so my son purchased it for me as a present. I have experienced it for about a thirty day period now and used it quite a few situations. It’s strong and chops nuts, onions, celery and so on in just seconds so quickly. I use the beater for mixing swedish pancake batter. If you have some lumps in your gravy the emulsifier will work well to make sauces clean. 1 reviewer stated the gradual/slower velocity is continue to too rapidly.

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe – Froths Almond Milk Beautifully

I searched substantial and very low for a terrific steamer/frother and this arrived highly recommended. I have applied it to froth milk for cappuccinos, but i use it primary to steam milk for tea and espresso. It is really rapidly, tranquil and straightforward to cleanse. I would absolutely advise it.

Froths almond milk beautifully. I use almond milk in my black tea. Cow’s milk has been revealed to bind to the anti-oxidants of the tea so its not as healthier. I really like the foamy goodness this equipment makes with almond milk. The company has very good buyer service much too. I could not locate the heat only attachment so i known as. I experienced to go away a message but they called me back again the subsequent day. The attachment was saved conveniently on the lid.

Quickly and effortlessly creates properly frothed milk. . I didn’t have higher anticipations for this frother, for the reason that the reviews appeared blended. I was extremely pleasantly surprised that it quickly and conveniently makes correctly frothed milk for cappuccinos and macchiatos. Just put milk in to the selected volume, put the lid on and push a button. A minute or two afterwards your done. I applied entire natural and organic milk and ended up with great foam that holds well and does not immediately disappear when poured into the cup. My only observe would be that the foam can be a minimal dry. I stirred it up a minimal just before pouring so that it was a small a lot more creamy.Here are the specifications for the Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Makes hot or cold milk froth for cappuccino or iced drinks, heats milk for latte and other hot drinks
  • Stainless steel with vacuum insulation helps contents maintain temperature
  • Carafe detaches from base for easy pouring
  • Capacity: frothing 4.25 oz./125 ml., heating 8.5 oz./250 ml.
  • 2-year warranty NOTE: If the product is not heating properly, make sure you are pressing hot frothing button (number 4 in the user manual ) If you press number 5 it will only froth without heating . Make sure to only fill until the lower max line (there are 2 max lines ). The higher max line is only for heating without frothing . If you use the higher max line and froth it may overflow . Please do not submerge the frother in liquid.

Immediately after a large amount of searching for a milk frother, i experience fortunate to have observed this from epica. What a good product or service and you are unable to beat the price tag. It really is so easy to use, cleans up in a since and can make my early morning coffee a delight.My youngsters appreciate to use it for their scorching cocoa much too. Will not assume two times about this addition to your kitchen.

I have been researching and scheduling on obtaining a frother given that june. I examine by means of lots of item reviews and settled on this just one. Very few men and women complained about it and fewer reported it had abruptly stopped doing the job. It really is effortless to use, i got superior froth from possibly my cappuccino machine or from a espresso household. Following i get the syrups i like and vanilla powder i will no extended be a normal at any coffee chains. I have utilized it to warm milk for my 2 calendar year outdated who loves her version of ‘coffee. ‘ four far more utilizes and it has paid out for alone. twenty five, i figured i will be saving funds immediately after 10 lattes built at household. I use my keurig furthermore this and voila.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I truly did not expect to have great foam, warm milk and be able to make
  • Perfect Home Frother, Insanely Easy Clean Up
  • An excellent frother!
  • Stellar performance, affordable price
  • Update: Loving it even more after 5 months.
  • Almond milk froths well

I really don’t usually acquire time to write reviews, but this is a modest organization that deserves big kudos. I have required an electric frother since i noticed my mother employing one particular of the huge identify high priced ones at her home. I do almost obsessive quantities of investigation before i get everything and i just couldn’t justify the expenditure of the one particular she had with all the mixed opinions it received. Enter this minor person, my new most effective good friend. The opinions have been great and the price is proper so i decided to try it. It is substantially improved than the 1 she has. I was not a coffee drinker, i had all but specified it up until eventually i got this factor. I was drinking possibly a person compact cup of decaf just about every other week.

Update: loving it even a lot more following 5 months. . My spouse and i use ours every day. It requires about the identical quantity of time to warmth up the milk as it will take to make a cup of coffee on one particular of all those ubiquitous single-provide brewers. A flashing light lets you know that it is really performed heating up and/or frothing the milk. (for those people who care, i’m absolutely sure it is a little bit of a strain on the twenty-amp circuit to do it that way, but we’ve experienced zero issues. Ymmv)the design is very virtually great. The pitcher separates very easily from the ability foundation (just raise it up). For the duration of use, a compact plastic dowel spins in the teflon-coated inside of the pitcher. If you want foam (we use 2% milk, and it foams really nicely), a smaller frothing-attachment (about the dimensions of three or four stacked quarters, but weighs about as considerably as a jumbo paperclip) sits securely on the spinning dowel. My only concern is trying to keep up with the very small frother.

Ideal residence frother, insanely easy clean up. I might give this 5 stars if it had been larger sized and heated to a hotter temperature. I like chai tea lattes with non dairy milk but i really don’t often have the time and money to go to the espresso shop. For the drink to be correct, simply heating my chai mix and milk substitute isn’t going to consequence in correct texture. This device is effective greatest if you go away the lid off or you may have a foam in excess of spill on your counter top rated if it truly is filled far more than midway, about 2-3 oz. I warmth both of those my chai blend and milk independently so i get a coffee mug size portion. It is really super uncomplicated to clean, just rinse following each individual use and a paper towel wipe retains it completely ready for use. I have foamed both of those so delightful. Coconut milk and natural and organic almond milk and it did exceptionally perfectly i’m impressedit only normally takes about ninety seconds to operate a cycle. 5′ rubbermaid bowl scraper here on amazon in buy to get all of the foam out. They fit properly all-around the whisk. I want it would warmth just a number of levels hotter, but it works completely as marketed and satisfies my desires.

Wonderful high quality foam and solid quality feel. The steamer on my super-automatic no extended worked so i required anything to make the microfoam as nicely as the froth. If you let the automatic timer run to completion, then it only leaves you with froth. But it is very very good quality whip cream textured froth. Even so, if you manually end it fifty percent-way, then it produces the two microfoam and froth. When the beater coil is spinning, it sorts a vortex gap that permits you to see as a result of to the base of the container. I uncovered that if you manually shut it off (by hitting the button once again) when the hole just begins to shut-up, then you have both microfoam and froth. The level indicators are really hard to see on the black non-stick container, but you can use the beater coil as a guide. Just above the coil is the min liquid mark and just higher than the idea of the axle is the max mark. Just spinning or spinning as well as warmth. I located that the heat is not incredibly hot enough to my liking so i commonly microwave my milk very first and then spin on cold. Also, when you have the heat on, the milk leaves a pores and skin coating on the inside of of the container which have to physically wipe off (arrives off easily though), but if you only use the chilly location, then all you have to have to do is just rinse the within and you are all set for up coming time (just be cautious to not get any drinking water into the wholes in the bottom of the container).

This is a excellent item when it functions. This is a great product or service when it operates. I loved utilizing this but returned it due to the fact the milk temperature was not specially scorching and the milk would consistently spill more than when left unattended. Its a little bit aggravating and i want the company would make some changes to it and automatically stop the frothing method as soon as the milk reaches a specific temperature to reduce it from spilling over. All round it is of substantial create top quality and achieves its position sufficiently at frothing the milk. This device absolutely generates a whole lot more froth then the develop in steamer of my breville bes870xl, typically more then wished-for and still does not obtain the exact same temperature as my espresso device. Washing it is also a bit of a nuisance and should really be completed suitable just after each and every use to prevent buildup. Total, its a good piece of devices for a newbie barista but i come across the create in steamer on my breville espresso equipment achieves the same final results with 50 percent the mess.

Frothing at the mouth with my very hot foamed cappuccino. . I acquired this less expensive model mainly because of the very good testimonials and income that it experienced. I was heading to buy the nespresso mainly because that is what my good friends experienced but it is 2 times as a great deal. It really is straightforward to use and effortless to thoroughly clean if i thoroughly clean it swiftly following pouring the foam out. I have acquired some matters from other opinions that are helpful to me. A person is that i make cappuccino with foam not latte. I currently understood to heat my pressed espresso a bit and not too incredibly hot or the foam disappears and also that swirling the milk aids get it out of the container. Leaving the foam in the heat pot would make it stick to the teflon and it is harder to clean up so i rinse it rapidly. I did not know what the two attachments were for so i counsel that you study the critiques like i have carried out tonight. A single is for latte and the other cappuccino.

I had required a milk steamer and frother to reduce my excursions to the coffee store for cappuccinos. I was debating concerning this a single and the types made by nespresso and breville. I went with this 1 simply because it was substantially more affordable than the other 2 brands. So considerably, i have been working with the machine 1-two occasions day by day. It will steam up to 250 ml milk and froth up to a hundred twenty five ml milk. I have used the hot froth placing with standard milk, almond milk, and skim in addition milk. The foam is the best with skim as well as milk since of the more protein. Right after making use of the machine, i pour the steamed milk and spoon out the foam. I then rinse the nonstick interior with water and wipe cleanse with a paper towel.

She’s experienced many different brands and this is one of the finest. The reviewers who complained about it overflowing didn’t. My spouse takes advantage of this every day and loves it. She’s experienced many distinctive brands and this is a person of the greatest. The reviewers who complained about it overflowing did not study the recommendations. The very first line is for frothing when the 2nd line is just for warming. If you fill to the second line it will overflow.

We acquired this merchandise five or 6 months. Go ahead, just take the plunge, and you really don’t have to commit a hundred pounds. We purchased this merchandise five or six months ago, and use it 5 periods a day. It will work as correctly now as it did the working day we bought it, and demonstrates no indication of wear. We use dairy – heavy product, 50 percent and fifty percent, and full milk. Just after reading through the few negative responses, i believe i have the reply: never ever let the frother sit dirty, as a substitute, clean it quickly following use, and in no way place it down on everything but the stand. Also, stick to the full traces within it.

A wonderful solution from an extraordinary firm. . I am incredibly delighted with my epica milk frother. I had read all the evaluations as i did my analysis to figure out which milk frother is the most effective one for me. I had read through some of the reviews from a pair of many years back relating to leakage that comes about when the milk is heating up. I went in advance and requested hoping that the leak trouble has been solved and consequently the significant amazon score. When i obtained my epica, i swiftly prepared to use it and then there was the leak. I promptly named the manufacturer’s range that arrived with the appliance and they have been gracious enough to send out me a further. Until finally i gained the alternative, i continued to use the 1 i experienced and noted that there ended up no extra subsequent leaks. I known as the firm again to enable them know and i provided to return the alternative. The consultant explained i can retain equally of the machines.

I certainly did not assume to have great foam, heat milk and be in a position to make. I am blown absent by this frother. I genuinely did not count on to have terrific foam, heat milk and be ready to make a brilliant latte at that rate. I worked for decades at equally starbucks and the coffee bean & tea leaf as a manager so i know a lot more than the ordinary man or woman when it comes to generating froth. This does the trick and it does it perfectly. I do set my initially cycle on neat froth then my second on heat froth for excess elevate. The two cycles combined just take less than 90 seconds and it is useless silent. I have a keurig and i make 4 oz of darkish coffee (alternatively of espresso) and pour it into the foam (macchiato style). Yesterday i extra sugar absolutely free vanilla and non extra fat milk and made a location on skinny vanilla latte and today i manufactured a killer mocha latte.

two% milk is effective wonderful with it–>(my fifty percent and 50 percent failed to). Like the other reviewers, it truly depends on the milk you use for great stuff peaks and foam.

We used to have a nespresso aeroccino milk frother, on the other hand it started out leaving burnt milk residue at the bottom and then just after just a 12 months and a fifty percent it stop doing work. The warranty was only great for just one year. So far the epica is effective wonderfully with great froth, has a two calendar year guarantee, much easier to cleanse and is about fifty percent the expense of the aeroccino.

Okay, but to clear is mildly annoying. . It feels like it is a bit ‘fussy’ to use. It is just not plenty of to just wash out the within and the include, but you are presented a specific cleansing brush to use all around the axle of the rotor which holds the spinning ‘paddles’. Then you also must make sure you really don’t get much too much h2o on the electronics of the cup. Not dishwasher risk-free and won’t be able to submerge it possibly. It will only consider one/four c to froth. Not more than enough for me with a huge cup of espresso. However, it does make froth, does heat the milk and will not cost $100. If you use k-cups and start out both it and the coffee at the similar time, they get carried out all over the very same time. If your early morning is usually a rush, then this may possibly not be a functional equipment for you because you have to cautiously cleanse it afterwards.

Tends to make magical maccha lattes. Unquestionably, entirely, freaking like this. I a short while ago attempted maccha lattes. Wished to get started creating it for my sibling who beverages a ton of it and also identified out there’s a ton of wellness rewards to ingesting this. Examined it out @ the artisan cafe near by ($5) & starbucks ($4) to see how my homemade one particular would stack up. (yup, this is expensive stuff consequently my effort and hard work to do it at house. )received me:1- kenko maccha (which experienced a superb client evaluate video on how to make your own latte at house),two- organic and natural vanilla3- silk vanilla almond millk4- handheld frotheryes, all fr amazon too (of training course). Outcome- this puppy dog preferences far better than each placesthe 1st time i produced it, i employed the frother in it. The 2nd time, bec i wanted to make a ton a lot more, i only employed it for warming the milk (it spins as it really is undertaking that) then poured it into my maccha (see movie i spoke off in #1 above) & applied the hand frother.

I just utilised this for the first time today – it is extremely tranquil. I place almond milk in and am extremely content with the foam/froth of this – i feel doing this to your beverages makes the drink flavor distinctive (in a very good way), much more pleasurable – this was quite simple to clear – adorable minor device – i am pretty delighted i chose this a single. I was striving to make your mind up in between two frothers and i went with this because of to the critiques. I am very joyful i requested this. I glance ahead to looking at what it does with skim milk tomorrow. I like the matcha tea with thisi’ll involve a photograph of the matcha tea.