EdgeStar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and, Very nice wine cooler-quiet

I have had this unit for a few months and it cools properly, is relatively quiet, and bottles fit into the unit well.

Holds less than 121 bottles due to various size bottles but this was expected. You did not mention the filter it apparently needs replaced every 3-6 months.

Works great but will not hold 121 standard wine bottles side by side. It has 12 shelves that hold 6 bottles each for a total of 72 bottles. Holds temperature steady and easy to set up.

Key specs for Edgestar CWR1211SZ 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and Black:

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  • Digital temperature controls w/ LED display; Temperature: 41-65 degrees F
  • Slide-out, wood-trimmed wire shelves; Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Replaceable built-in carbon filter; Security lock; Built In and Freestanding Capabilities
  • Tinted glass door; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door; Flat faced stainless steel handle
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR1101DZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Comments from buyers

“Nice unit, shelves could use some work, hard to move once loaded with bottles
, Very nice wine cooler-quiet
, Came on time. Loaded it. Holds less than

As most people noted, it doesn’t hold 121 bottles because most bottles aren’t standard size. I have 100 in there now with room for about 10 more. It looks sleek, and it runs nicely. As others also mentioned, it runs about 3 degrees warmer than the set temp, which doesn’t really bother me, i just set it at 52, and it keeps at 55. The one issue i had was with the delivery. I was home alone when the delivery came, and i’m 5’4′ and pretty petite. When the guy came to deliver, he was going to just leave outside my driveway. He says he’s not allowed to enter the house, which i understand, but i was like, really?.He managed to wheel the dolly so it just hung over the door jam so he could let it down inside my garage, which, fortunately, is where i wanted it anyway.

Easy to install and start up. There are many wine bottles that require slightly taller space and i had to remove 3 racks to create these taller rack areas.

Pull out shelves are a little cheap feeling for how nice this unit appears to look. Also holding all 128 bottles requires staggering the bottles forward and backward necks touching and makes the shelves very heavy. The shelves do not have good bearings or rails so they become rather stiff when loaded up with bottles. I would recommend putting in some drawer rails. Working on finding some that fit to make the shelf movement smoother.

Overall pretty happy but would like more space between shelves for burgundy bottles.

Returned whynter wine cooler which was noisy and ran all the time. This unit is much more quiet. Only draw back was attaching the handle which was noted in another review. Messing with the door gasket is something i don’t wanted to do. Only been running for two days, but everything seems fine. Will update if any negative pops up. Most wine is boudeau and fit nicel on the pull out shelves, i placed the burgundies on top shelve. Remove one shelve on the botton to accommodate champagne.

As all the reviews say, the bottle capacity isn’t 121. If the shelf spacing were properly distanced, it would be a lot better. Instead, you have to remove shelves which reduces capacity dramatically. So, champagnes, burgundies even heavier bottle new world wines don’t fit on the shelf as is. So i lost 1 shelf so far to fit the larger champagne bottles. The big reds are stacked on the bottom. Door handle installation involves removing the gasket. Sounds easy but i don’t want to rip the gasket.

This is great for holding all of our wine- i love that we can properly store wine and see what we have.

The temperatures varies around 2 degrees f and humidity between 55% (when compressor on) and 85%. It makes like a wind blowing sound because of the fans (even when the compressor if off) but it is not a problem in the kitchen. I would definitively recommend it after 2 weeks of use.

This fridge looks nice and keeps wine nicely chilled. The three complaints i have with it are twists on some of other peoples’ complaints. 5 stars if that was an option. In terms of fitting bottles, i was prepared for the larger bottles not to fit. However, with the smaller bottles, you have to put them ‘necks in’ in order to maximize how much wine it holds (note this is not how it’s shown in the picture). This makes the use of wine tags useless. Also, the shelves only slide half-way out, so figuring out what you have in back is nearly impossible.

EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and – Pros: Product is well constructed and attractive. It

Love the look and size, but as mentioned, many shelves are just a tad too small, meaning those shelves have to be forced/dragged open with wear and tear on labels. It also lowers number of bottles we can store. It is difficult to reach bottles in the back because shelves are not too sturdy. Both temps are holding steady, though, so we will put up with the less-than-perfect shelves.

I have to disclose upfront that i sent my unit back due to some controls issues however; having said that, it was a beautiful unit and would have been perfect if not for the controls issues.

Purchased this unit about a year ago, back to report. After much review reading, i decided this would be the safest choice, and i was right with a couple exceptions:pros: the unit is indeed quiet (we sleep in the same room as it) and reliable, and arrived in perfect shape. Cons: keeping one zone on the coldest setting for my whites resulted in a gigantic condensation ice block in the back of the machine. That said, it was easy to take the interior rear panel off with a screwdriver, and melt the block down using a blowdryer. Bumping the temp up to 45 degrees has fixed the ice problem completely. Also, the rumors are true, the shelves are very close together making it difficult to store champagne and bordeaux bottles. Here are the specifications for the EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Upper Zone: 41 – 54 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity; Lower Zone: 54 – 64 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity
  • 110 wine bottle capacity; Two (2) independently controlled zones; Stainless steel trimmed slide-out wood shelves; Digital temperature controls w/ LED display
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Blue interior LED lighting; Tinted glass door
  • For a single zone version of this model please see CWR1211SZ; Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

I bought this about 1 1/2 years ago because it was one of the lower cost wine refrigerators for the amount of bottles it held. It had several positive reviews. My experience was good, until now. The temperature controls stopped working about a month ago. I had the refrigerator set to 54 and 58 degrees for the two zones. The temperature is now sitting at 68 for both zones. Just found out it’s the compressor. Still cheaper than the alternative of buying a new one, but knowing this, i would have rather spent $1,500 on a better product up front.

It keeps our wine at the proper temperature, since we are amateur wine makers and bottle our own wine, the issue of various bottle shapes isn’t a concern for us.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Almost perfect
  • Pros: Product is well constructed and attractive. It
  • Very nice but slightly flawed product

Nice and exactly what we wanted.

It keeps temperature well and locks. It is simple and well constructed. On the con side: it is not super quiet so it is more suited to a kitchen than a living room. The racks are also too tight for some specialty bottles or champagne bottles. They can also be tight enough to rub the labels on more ordinary bottles, so you need to be careful about delicate labels.

Posted measurements were off by an inch which had implications for a pre-built kitchen this was sliding into.

Pros: product is well constructed and attractive. It is also very quiet and maintains temps within 1 degree of setting. Cons: space between shelves is not sufficient for high-end cab bottles (the type of bottle that tapers from top to bottom). Needs about 1/8′ of extra space. Bottles (labels) get scraped and you have to force the shelve in or out as the bottles rub the shelf above.

It only fits wider bottles on top shelves. Doesn’t have wide range of temperatures in either zone.

Arrived when promised, very well packaged, maintains temperature very close to setting, attractive design. Larger diameter bottles drag on the shelf just above them, but workable.

Nice looking & works well so far.

Dual-zone operation, modern design, built-in or free-standing use, two individual temperature ranges for red and white wine, digital controls, and holds 110 bottles (or so) depending on the diameter of the bottles. It’s quiet, looks great and holds more than enough to party with.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/ : Looks just like the wine coolers that cost twice as much

Fits perfectly where my trash compactor was.

Nice blue light, gets nice and cold ( i like why whites extra chilled). Shelves a bit flimsy when pulling out, but it does the trick overall and for the price.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Normal Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 4 bottles per full size shelf; Reverse Racking: 1 bottle on top shelf and 5 bottles “reverse racked” per full size shelf
  • Internal fan to evenly circulate air; Auto defrost; Built-in carbon filter
  • Black dotted door tinting; Blue interior LED lighting; Reversible double-paned tempered glass door
  • Undercounter or freestanding application; Rubber bushing absorbs vibration and noise from compressor
  • For a dual zone version of this model please see CWR262DZ

I had an identical unit for about 3 years and the compressor died. It was going to cost as much to fix it as replace it. I couldn’t find a unit as good at this price. The unit is well made, is quiet and holds the temperature well. It works well as a built in-unit and i like the look. I’m hoping whatever the issue was with the compressor has been fixed and this one lasts much longer.

I gave it five stars because it does what it’s supposed to, and looks nice. One complaint is that at times it is quite loud.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black : Works but the gap from the countertop to the cooler is very noticeable.

It is perfect under our counter.

This wine fridge was easy to install and is working perfectly. I have no complaints and am very happy with the purchase.

The perfect size for the space we have and easy to install.

My only dislike is the shelves are too close together. Standard cab bottles barely fit. Stop using bordeaux bottles for measurements. I would rather hold 25 bottles with some room to maneuver than hold 32 bottles of bordeaux that needs to age for 20 years.

Expensive for the size, but this seems common to this smaller sizeruns well and no problems over the past couple of yearsnot as quiet as we’d like, but does not loud enough to interfere with conversation, etc.

This wine cooler works great. Could only get 25 bottles to fit, because i have most reds. It looks great and for the price, i would recommend it.

Although it is early to really rate this product so far so good. Product was double boxed well. Came with no scratches or dents. Size is consistent throughout build. 7/8 inches wide and that is what it was exactly. It went into a 15 inch slot exactly. Product cools quickly and temp is within 2 degrees as per manual. I simply set it at 53 to obtain a temp of 55. As with other coolers, these are designed for a 450 ml bottle or smaller. The litter size will take up more space and you will not get 30 bottles into the unit. If you use 350 ml bottles no problem. Unit noise level is minimal as expected. It replaced a wine enthusiast unit that was defunct in 8 months. This is a built in wine cooler with the venting in the front. Any unit with no venting up front is not a built in or under counter regardless of what they say. It would be free standing and will overheat and blow if under the counter. Small wine coolers cannot be dual zoned adequately. There is only one compressor and the difference in temp is regulated by a larger fan in the colder section.

The product was sold at a competitive price. It’s specifications met our requirements and it arrived on schedule and in good condition.

I wish it had a light in it.

Reasonably good wine cooler for the price. Leveling features easy to use. Would have liked to seen an auto on/auto off feature for the light to avoid having to manually activate.

Only time will tell how it lasts. I am waiting a few weeks to make sure before putting my good wine in it.

Though i have only had it for a couple of weeks, i judge it to be a fine wine cooler. Appearance and functioning are fine. My only critical observation, not a complaint, is that the racks are narrow. A bit of wiggling is occasionally needed to slide the rack back when a bottle has a slightly-larger-than- average diameter.

After reading several reviews i purchased this wine cooler. It is quiet and keeps wine at correct temp. I would recommend not plugging in for 24hours after delivery, just in case delivery service has turned on its side during transport.

As advertised, quiet, runs as it should. Easy to unpack and install, well packaged.

We tried this in a trial basis but the kitchen extension into which it is to be placed is to be built this week, so the real proof of the pudding.

A little tight to fit in the bottles, but well worth the money.

EdgeStar VBR240 Stainless Steel 22 Inch Wide 8 – this is perfect and delivered on time

Currently using it for a small fast food restaurant.

So far so superior all drinks keep ice cold and fridge seems great in my patio.

This is exactly what we necessary in the business office of our modest motel.Here are the specifications for the EdgeStar VBR240 Stainless Steel 22 Inch Wide 8:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Freestanding use only; 8.6 cu. ft. capacity; Commercial rated; Option to display in °F or °C; Temperature range: 36 – 43ºF
  • Dual pane glass; Intuitive control panel w/ digital display; Dimensions 49 1/4″ H x 21 1/2″ W x 24″ D
  • Even forced air cooling; Interior LED lighting; Security lock; Temperature alarm
  • White cabinet, stainless steel trim; Four (4) wire shelves; Four (4) leveling legs
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

I only have this merchandise for couple months , so considerably i love it is pretty quiet correct temperature no complains at all.

Would like the temperature would go a very little colder. Having said that it will work great so much, really peaceful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • One I purchased about 2 weeks ago and it the most fantastic beverage fridge
  • this is perfect and delivered on time
  • But it works just great! Holds lots of product and doesn’t take up

But it only lights for door open.

This is a terrific device for the buck, matches excellent in our downstairs billard area.

Everything i was procuring for. Prompt shipping and delivery with no suprises.

Bought this fridge for my reward shop. When it first arrived i was shocked by how quick it was. Retains loads of product or service and would not just take up also much house.

Just one very little issue, i nevertheless it was completely stainless steel. It was only stainless steel on entrance, sides were white. I had to invest in stainless steel peel and adhere paper to give it the complete stainless steel seem. Other than that, this is best and shipped on time.

We are applying this as a consume fridge in our house for excess cold drinks during a sizzling summer months.

Received this to make room in foods fridge. Now i preserve all my beverages chilly and stored out the way.

Been really joyful with this solution.

It is very silent working review with summit device this one significantly much better.

One i acquired about 2 weeks in the past and it the most excellent beverage fridge. All you require to know is,1) if this is within your spending budget its good. two) white sides and stainless front3) cools to 36 degrees. Other opinions about controls are ridiculous. Its evident how to use no need to have to go through manual. A great deal quieter than other ones i’ve procured. 5) will hold 3 situations of h2o nonetheless inside of the packaging, at minimum double that if you clear away packaging. 6) be incredibly mindful opening the door take care of bag as there are two established screws that are very small and fell out.

EdgeStar CBR1501SLD 5 : Great little fridge!

Wanted an undercounter refrigerator the size of a standard dishwasher. I was worried if 38 degrees was cold enough, but no complaints. At one point, i opened the door and i captured this pic. The setting is at 38 degrees, but read 35 degrees.

Works well, seems reliable — but have only had it for 2 months. The light inside is a sci-fi blue. Which may not appeal to some; i don’t mind it. The drawers have holes in them for even distribution of cold throughout. We use it for more than just beverages – in addition to milk for our espresso machine, we use it for fruit, and occasional things that won’t fit in our main fridge. The venting on the bottom of the unit makes it suitable for positioning under a cabinet. The only drawback to this is that the unit tends to be a bit noisier than i expected. Not huge noise, but more noticeable than i anticipated.

Nice unite—hoping it lasts for a long-long time.

Unbelievable capacity even with one shelf removed to accommodate long neck bottles. Does a good job keeping beer cold in the outdoor setting here in arizona.

  • Pretty good even with minor quibbles
  • Pricey but well worth it!
  • Nice and quiet. Love it!

EdgeStar CBR1501SLD 5.49 Cu. Ft 142 Can Built-in Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Capacity: 142 standard 12 oz. cans; Freestanding or built-in application
  • Powerful compressor-based cooling; Temperature range: 38-50 degrees F
  • Includes glass shelves; Factory installed lock; Built-in carbon filter; Auto defrost;
  • Reversible door; Solid stainless steel door; Digital temperature controls; This unit is for indoor use, for an outdoor version please see model CBR1501SSOD
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

I first bought a u-line model that costs twice as much, couldn’t stand the noisy fan, returned it and ordered the edgestar. It looks nice and works well to keep the temp cold. Our previous one was made by avanti, very nice looking, perfect fit for built-in, but broke down after less than 3 years. Only improvement i would recommend for edgestar is to make the door less bulky so it would fit flush in a 24″ built-in under the counter space and doesn’t have to stick out in order to avoid touching the flanking cabinet door.

This is good for beer cooler with moveable shelves, but top curve of refrigerator limits the cans that can be put on top shelf.

It’s a great deal on a quality product.

Aside from the back corner getting crushes as result of a drop. Likely during shipping, this is a great product. Fortunately, the leveling feet could be able adjusted to compensate for the damage and it is hidden in a built in space. Otherwise, it would have a 5th star if the door could close easier. Maybe have a stronger magnet.

Background: there are plenty of comments on the products specs, and suffice to say it is an attractive stainless-steel front under-the-counter refrigerator, with a blue led light inside and a constant digital temp reading. So, the only other factor i cared about related to temperature. Temperature test: for the last two weeks i ran tests, recording temperature variances. I first put in a case of soda cans to simulate how i’d use it and to help maintain the temperature. What i found was the temperature deviated between 33 and 42 degrees. I checked it with a digital thermometer to verify the readings. The unit i set at its lowest setting, 38 degrees, and recorded a variance of 4-5 degrees in either direction. This all makes sense and i’m not surprised – that is how refrigerators work. Compressor run time: the best way to mitigate temperature variance is to run the compressor more. Yet that is what bothered a number of reviewers writing about this refrigerator.

Bought this for my husbands game room to replace smaller refrigerator with ice tray freezer. He loves the fact there is no defrosting and has more room for beverages and has a nice door handle.

Placed it in our new basement.

6 month review and it has worked like a charm in our 4 seasons room keeps beverages cold and nice sleek look.

Better than one bit replaced and it cost three times more than this one.

Such a large and heavy item, it was delivered by appointment by fedex. Was well packaged on a pallet. Quite and keeps the beverages cold.

Works great, holds temp well.

Proper size for the proper price tag and it retains beer colder than our viking frig.

No frills, but it retains my beer chilly.

I hesitated for six months prior to finding this fridge due to the fact of the price tag. It was the only one particular with very good opinions so i considered it was really worth receiving it. It came properly packaged and the delivery guy brought it all the way into my garage. The fridge is very major and reliable looking. The temperature is keeping continual and it can maintain a ton. It seems fantastic and i like the blue mild.

Pretty happy with this order. It is even much better than described. Straightforward to alter doorway opening from 1 aspect to the other.

Nice shelving that can be altered. Plenty of home and fairly priced as opposed to other goods.

We acquired this edge star for underneath a counter,in our laundry area. I had to reverse the doorway which was alittle tough but with some persistence it came together properly. The only draw back again to this device is you need to effectively near the doorway soon after opening it, the door will not swing shut on its very own. The device does have a alarm that will audio if the doorway is not shut effectively. I really endorse the device it is significant responsibility and it has a qualified constructed visual appeal.

EdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler – /Stainless Steel – Love this fridge

Seems to be best in our kitchen area the place our trash compactor employed to be in our island.

So far i have been rather delighted with the fridge:- potential is excellent- cools and holds temperature properly- match perfectly into an cabinet that was made use of for a rubbish compactor- seems greatno negatives to converse of at the moment.

Used this to exchange a 15′ hole from an 80’s trash compactor. I preserve all the beverages in it, which would seem to make our fridge substantially larger.

  • The specs were exactly as advertised and installing the handle was easy. The cool blue light illuminated the contents well
  • Met my expectations.
  • 3rd time was a charm

The cooler labored perfectly appropriate out of the box. The specs ended up accurately as advertised and putting in the cope with was simple. The interesting blue light-weight illuminated the contents very well. I moved the cabinets all around so that i could shop stand up bottle of beer. Two screws were being essential to be eliminated and set up at the new shelf place. I would rate it higher if it did not cycle on so considerably and the noise is a minor additional than i would want for.

Great sizing to replace a trash compactor and it appears elegant.

Features of EdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler – Black/Stainless Steel

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Reversible tempered glass door; Black dotted glass door tint; Blue LED interior light
  • Auto defrost all refrigerator; Adjustable soft-touch electronic thermostat
  • Front-vented for built in or free standing installation; Fan-forced ventilation; Compressor based cooling system
  • Dimensions: 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″ D (not including handle); Security lock; Stainless steel flat bar handle
  • Ideal for a game room, garage, kitchen, and many other places

The dimension was precisely what we needed as we created our new bar spot. Like the seem, specially the led lighting inside of the fridge.

I ordered this soon after a ton of study. Functions really effectively and retains drinks chilly. Wonderful cost for a constructed in and was packaged incredibly effectively.

This is a nice style, but the second 1 i have acquired. Initial one had difficulty holding chilly temperatures without the need of frosting up. Experienced trouble retaining cold temperatures, time period. Ordered a next, that seems to be doing work better.

Properly well worth the rate, retains the temp at the established degree and is really really.

Extremely delighted with this fridge.

It keeps points cold and is tranquil. Our temp hovers about 41/forty two generally which is fantastic for me. It can be difficult to locate a entrance venting small fridge (18′) and i would propose this just one.

This lil cooler absolutely satisfied my expectations. My entire family members enjoys how it will hold a wide range of beverages trigger the cabinets are adjustable.

Excellent dimensions and keeps beverages cold. No problems with setting up or operations. This cooler frees up house in tthe fridge.

Only thing i want it had was superior lighting of the drinks. The blue led lighting isn’t going to aid you are searching for the ideal beverage. Other than that, its’ fantastic for all my beverage wants.

Hi – even though i experienced to return two of the units because of to exhibiting up broken, luckily the third one i gained was perfect, the client assistance that brad and harper offered me is what saved me from giving up and by no means acquiring anything at all from make. The manufacturer of the beverage cooler should absolutely hearth their qa division due to the fact they despatched two models that were destroyed and of bad high-quality. But the client service of establish. Thank you for your good assistance.

I have owned this cooler now for two months and wanted to share my experiences to date. Space limits dictated a cooler significantly less than sixteen inches wide and this was the only product i could discover that achieved the necessity. 00) was almost double what i wanted to spend and when you few that with the mediocre testimonials, i experienced some heartburn soon after completing my purchase. Despite the fact that not qualified for amazon primary, shipping was absolutely free and really rapid. I ordered on a sunday at 8:forty pm, was notified it delivered on monday at eleven:34 pm, and it arrived wednesday just just before noon. The device was protected by foam wrap and put inside a thick cardboard box. This box was suspended, utilizing thick styrofoam corners, within of one more thick cardboard box. This exterior box experienced a couple of bumps but the interior box, as nicely as the cooler, was in great issue. On unboxing, i permit the device sit for more than 24 hrs ahead of plugging it in.

One particular ran loudly and did not great down but the return was very straightforward and new a person was transported quite quickly. The new a person works terrific no difficulties.

Like other folks, we ended up seeking for a device that would fit the place our aged garbage compactor was under the counter. This device was a excellent in shape, vents in the front (like an undercounter device wants to), and our household enjoys it. Incredibly quick to install, and would advocate to many others.

Appears to be like incredible and is effective great. I love the locking element and the blue mild appears to be so classy.

Edgestar is a good beverage frig. When we remodeled our kitchen area nine decades back. I searched for a undercabinet beverage refrigerator for our kitchen island as a result of a diverse retailer. Mainly because of the good monitor file we had with our 1st edgestar, i was so ecstatic to find out amazon carried the identical model. Enjoy the new glass tempered cabinets.

I guess the base line is that this products simply did not dwell up to my anticipations. I did not by the least expensive styles i observed due to the fact i was concerned they would not sustain the ideal temperature. This unit advertises a selectable vary down to 38 levels. Unfortunately, it has a thermostat that shows the real temperature, which, in my experience is usually concerning 40 and forty six levels, relying on the external temperature. To be obvious, this unit is in an interior space in a pretty well insulated workplace creating, but if the outdoors temp is above 8i0, the unit isn’t likely to be under forty.

Assume 3 to four a long time everyday living on this beverage cooler. Operates silent, and is very good for basement bar built-in use at 40f. I ran it at 38f for a couple months and it died just after 4 decades of continuous use at forty-42f.

Enthusiast inside like a laptop or computer fan, operates alot, noisy. I retained it because of shipping and delivery difficulties.

EdgeStar BWC120SS 103 Can and 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler – Stainless Steel – The product does not get that fifth star from me since my latest order replaces one just like it that broke down less than five years of

We have a tiny space less than our bar for a fridge. The old ones with freezer compartments ended up wasted room. This is considerably extra economical and has terrific capability. I like the minor light-weight way too.

The diet plan beverages get frozen if they roll all the way to the again of the cooler. I have experienced to clean up a several busted diet regime coke cans prior to i figured out what was occurring.

Just the suitable sizing and completely explained in the listing.

  • Very handy and it seems it will last a long time!
  • No Complaints After a week
  • The product does not get that fifth star from me since my latest order replaces one just like it that broke down less than five years of

It was quite very good, my daugther liked it.

Frosts at the again even though it isn’t hurting the performance.

Features of EdgeStar BWC120SS 103 Can and 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler – Stainless Steel

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Holds 103 standard 12 oz. cans and five (5) 750 mL bottles;
  • Manual temperature controls; Freestanding unit; Temperature Range: upper 30s – mid 50s ºF
  • Powerful compressor-based cooling; Reversible tempered glass door
  • Six (6) fully removable, slide-out chrome shelves; Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • For smaller versions please see BWC90SS and BWC70SS

Nice small refrigerator just a little bit noisy.

Is effective great, shipping was quickly. Only fifty percent the time it was quoted.

We are on our third a single and it looks to be performing high-quality. The initial 1 been given was dented, second stoped working right after 2 months. The purchaser services was really great and helpful but was a discomfort obtaining to put the product back in the packing and large box to return.

In addition has the wine rack for 5 bottles. This is 1 of the greatest options of my new kitchen area.

I have not had my beverage fridge for extended but so far it has exceeded my anticipations. I specially like the wine rack.

This is the next edgestar cooler we have ordered. I am really delighted by the quality. It is the fantastic sizing and is incredibly peaceful. I also like the configuration of the cabinets. We drink pop, beer and wine and it accommodates almost everything. I highly endorse this products.

Have had my fridge for about 4 months now. It nevertheless operates fantastic as it did on day 1. No issue with sustaining chilly temperature as i have browse from other posts. The cans i place it are often chilly when i consider them out. This mini fridge retains a good deal of cans, bottles and other treats. I like the glass and we have about 12-fifteen different varieties of drinks in it. Very helpful and it would seem it will very last a extended time.

I have had the cooler for about a 7 days. I acquired this hesitantly right after all the bad reviews but presented the choices out there i seriously did not have any choice. Initial of all it was double packaged and absolutely undamaged. The blue led light-weight it a great contact, pretty classy- yes you can transform it off. The compressor will make some sounds but its a compresdor. Mine is in a basement dwelling space and i have not even discovered it nevertheless. I plugged it in and still left it for eight several hours. When i checked back it appeared appropriately chilly. I have not checked it with a thermometer- but it appears to be an appopriate beer temperature. The shelves (chrome wire) are removable so you can modify for taller beveragestime will inform if it retains up but so significantly i am satisfied.

I would have supplied 5 stars if it held the drinks just a bit colder.

I owned four, this one particular takes the cake. Stylish design and excellent functionality. Will essentially freeze drinking water bottles in the base if you flip it down much too small. Of course this is unlock most of these items the give you pee heat drinks. Only grievance is if it really is not in a cupboard , you can hear it kick on and off, not annoyingly but it is noticeable.

Merchandise was just what we have been wanting for in oour basement bar. Will work terrific and tremendous speedy shipping and delivery.

This cooler does the occupation, is peaceful and chills correctly. The product or service does not get that fifth star from me given that my latest get replaces a person just like it that broke down considerably less than 5 several years of provider.

Excellent fridge for storing sodas and water.

EdgeStar CRF150SS-1 1, Compact Refrigerator

The device has worked great with freeze temps close to -20f. I have an understanding of some of the testimonials relating to temp. It is the difference involving refig manner and freeze mode. I use only the freeze setting. The unit has labored good with freeze temps close to -20f. I have been utilizing this unit entirely as a freezer and it is wonderful. I would certainly purchase once more. Ideally the price tag will be about the same.

Lock up the goodies so i can sleep. As another person who has liked kinds with nighttime having diseases, this is effective wonderful.

Best for an business office, suits properly under my desk. . Works very perfectly in my new place of work. It’s peaceful i can scarcely hear when it turns on. It can keep a decent amount of money of drinks and simple food items for lunches. I have not uncovered a important challenge with it. If it was a little bit more substantial, or experienced some thing on the door to keep scaled-down things, it would be amazing.

Key specs for EdgeStar CRF150SS-1 1.1 Cu. Ft. Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer w/ Lock – Stainless Steel:

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  • Easily converts from 0° compact freezer to a refrigerator; Dimensions: 19 1/4″ H x 18 1/2″ W x 17 3/4″ D
  • Comes complete with lock and two keys; Full range thermostatic temperature control
  • True stainless steel door with black cabinet; Reversible door; Includes a door lock
  • Recessed handle; Modern euro-style door; Energy-saving manual defrost
  • More energy efficient with new refrigerant than previous model CRF150SS

Comments from buyers

“amazing fridge for truckers just add power inverter and get healthy, Perfect fridge for work. Adjustment knob is fine – don’t believe other reviews., This freezer is wonderful and gets down to ~0 degrees”

Astounding fridge for truckers just insert electricity inverter and get healthier. I am an around the highway truck driver and i acquired sick of attaining body weight and ingesting out of truck stops ingesting god is aware what at what sodium amount i then attempted the completely ready meals that all you do is warmth up and the sodium amounts for my health and fitness do not justify so i expend numerous day wanting at and studying what other motorists have been working with and there was numerous that utilized coolers but have to get ice each day perhaps quite a few situations a day i then identified this fridge and just had to acquire it i gained it rapidly and it was nicely packaged it is smaller and very good high-quality i have now had it in my truck for a few moths and its a great minor fridge i can healthy a stunning sum in it i operate it by applying my 1500 watt inverter that is instantly attached to the batteries and the firm i perform for does not allow idle at specified periods ive experienced my truck off nine hrs many occasions with just the fridge pulling juice from the batteries and my truck begins up no problemsthe locking function on this fridge is awesome a uncomplicated transform of the allen crucial fashion critical and its locked or unlocked, the food items i can have now is more healthy broccoli and rooster salad dressings and my breakfast shakes all ice chilly and fresh new this is a real fridge with a compressor at a lesser scale i have proposed this to numerous of my truck driving mates and great information i have so considerably lost 20 kilos just from buying this merchandise and filling it with the very good wholesome foods i can be eating at house.

This is a excellent order, it retains my drinks awesome and i also obtained a digital thermostat with it so i know particularly what the temp is.

Adjustment knob is great – don’t consider other evaluations. . It is super peaceful, and holds temperature incredibly perfectly (i left a thermometer in mine considering the fact that it’s underneath my desk at do the job). There are a great deal of critiques stating that the temperature knob would not work proper – i consider you want to pay interest to markings and make confident you are smarter than the knob. one) the box has a fridge mode and a freezer mode2) ‘min’ implies least cooling (warmest) and ‘max’ usually means highest cooling (coldest)3) there’s a double line || in among the two modes. And all that information and facts is evidently labeled on the knob.

This revigerator is as advertized. When it 1st arrived i plugged it in on its coldest setting and it dropped to -15deff in no time. Maintains 38degf with a small cycle time.

Good so far ot will freeze all the things stable even when packed to the. Gills and in lessen than max.

This freezer is great and receives down to ~ degrees. This freezer is wonderful and will get down to ~ levels. You can use it as both a freezer or a fridge without having any fear. If anyone is curious there are coolant strains via the overall best of the unit so if you system on drilling into it be extremely cautious and use a pretty small bit. There are directions on the website to obtain the place the cooling traces are, just make certain to evaluate 2 times and slice when.

Fits terrific less than my desk at get the job done.

Is effective fantastic keeping frozen jolly pops for my costumers. The door has been opened at the very least a thousand moments and it operates beautifully nonetheless. Keeping cold even with the consistent door opening is no issue. We have only used it as a freezer.

I have used this in a van on a prolonged cross region tour, which it probably was not designed to do, and it held up well to the abuse. The temperature adjustment does choose some fiddling with — easy to get the freezer going but finding the refrigerator temperatures just right is extra difficult. You will want to get a fridge/freezer thermometer (they are not high-priced). I generally still left it in freezer method and froze blue ice packs for the ice upper body that functioned as the refrigerator.

Granddaughter enjoys it in her dorm place.

The cabinets are not rather extensive adequate for what i preferred but it’ll do for smaller sized factors like individual pizzas or lean cuisine sized foods. It frosts up as well swiftly for me nevertheless.

And it retains factors incredibly chilly and is a great little device. Acquired this small freezer for my mother – and it retains matters pretty cold and is a fantastic minor unit. Holds much more than i expected, also.

So i quite much like how promptly it cools down. I have experienced this merchandise for a number of months. I do not use it all the time, so i really a lot like how immediately it cools down. I am a small senior girl but had no trouble carrying this up my split foyer measures. It is great for added space when i am entertaining. It is quiet and i like the stainless visual appearance. It does ice up rather rapidly in the freezer method, but it defrosts in a flash. Be aware that it is not going to maintain tons of things, but i would say it frees up at least a full width shelf in my frequent ‘fridge.

This very little freezer fridge is mild bodyweight and does every single detail you hope it to do for you.

Not loud, moisture as a fridge. Was concerned about sounds with critiques. It is way quieter than a total dimension. It does on the other hand, develop condensation inside at the top (40degrees), which means moisture within if that is a worry.

Wonderful shipping time, solution was explained completely, will store yet again.

Freezer in my condominium is small so i experienced to get this one particular. This freezer is focused to my new fruit that i froze.

Fantastic measurement & really rapid shipping and delivery. I like the aspect of applying it as a freezer or fridge.

It functions fantastic and super tranquil. I experienced this freezer for many thirty day period now, it functions good and tremendous silent.

With the temperature 86 exterior and the refit sitting down on the pourch i turned it on. In just about 45-60 minutes the temperature inside the frig/refrig was down to -20f. It’s a very good seeking device and is going with me in my camper to fl this winter.

EdgeStar CWB1760FD 24 Inch Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler : Beautiful and Functional

Excellent size to go into cabinet space. Excellent size to go into cabinet space, and is one of the very few coolers for both wine bottles and cans or bottles of brew. Not much competition out there for this type of cooler cabinet.

We have only had this cooler for a few weeks and we love it. We do not have any of the noise issues that we read about in these comments. These guys were great to work.

This is a hard-to-find item: 2 distinct cooling areas with 1 side for wine (plenty enough space for my whites and cavas) and the other for canned drinks or equivalent – each with own temp control. The door clearance is perfectly thought out so the dimensions are pretty accurate for real needs.

Works well, looks great and holds a lot of wine and beverages. The dual temperatures with a lower range on the left side for beer and soft drinks is really a great feature. I have to say, though that this refridge is fairly noisy and makes some odd clanking and slaping souinds from time to time. It definitely causes you to turn your head from time to time thinking there is a rat in the house somewhere. I’m getting used to it now and it’s not that big an issue, as long as it doesn’t result in a malfunction down the road sometime.

  • Great wine and beer fridge
  • This unit is well made and runs quietly.
  • Noisy – even in *quiet* mode

EdgeStar CWB1760FD 24 Inch Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler with French Doors

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  • Double paned, tempered glass doors; Built-in capable; Touch panel digital controls & display
  • Safety lock; Air-cooled technology; ADA compliant; Adjustable leveling legs; Slide-out wood trimmed shelving
  • Black cabinet & stainless steel trim; Five (5) wood shelves & three (3) metal shelves with wood fronts
  • Left zone capacity: 17 standard 750 mL wine bottles, Temperature range 36-43° F; Right zone capacity: 60 standard 12 oz. cans, Temperature range 41-72° F
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Looks amazing in the bar i built for my house. It’s not very loud at all once it’s enclosed between cabinets and countertop.

We absolutely love this wine and beverage cooler. It is quiet, and holds the separate temperatures as expected.

Perfect for beer, wine and soda. Fits nicely under the counter and frees up a lot of space in the fridge.

It is not currently in its final place but so far it is working fine. I little loud (i can hear it from the bedroom down the hall from our living room but i think it wont be that loud once in the built in we are making. The first unit came in damaged. A fork lift tine went through the cardboard and dented/scuffed the unit. I called the toll free number like the emailed delivery instructions said to do and in a week we had a new one at our doorstep.

This unit is well made and runs quietly. . This unit is well made and runs quietly. If you read the manual there are two modes of operation, normal and quiet. I like that the beverage side stays on 38 degrees, while the wine side is holding at 54. We have had this about 6 months now, and no issues. Very happy with the looks and the capacity.

Definitely meets our expectation. Wish the lock was at the top instead of bottom which makes it a little difficult to use.

Noisy – even in *quiet* mode. Looks nice and when it reaches temperature it’s quiet. But – it can get noisy when it has to maintain the temperature. Unfortunately, i have hardwood floors and 12 ft ceilings so the noise echos. I would have returned it due to the noise but i let the return period lapse. Also, i have it set in quiet mode – if this is quiet mode i can’t imagine trying to endure normal mode. Will probably replace this with something quieter and place this one in the garage.

It is exactly what we wanted. No complaints about the sounds as we did not expect it to be a silent unit. The sounds coming from the compressor are normal and to be expected, as described in the manual. If you want a silent appliance, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this appliance does everything it should. Beverages are nice and cold; the shelves are customizable, and the interior light and display are very nice.

The fridge is pretty quiet and works great. The users manual isn’t the best at explaining everything, but it is very easy to set up and cools our beer on one side at one temperature and the wine on the other side at a set temperature. It has an alarm on it when the temperature gets too low, which is nice because we had inadvertently left the door open. I looked on lots of sites and saw many different chillers and most of them had very bad reviews for the mid range prices. This fridge had good reviews and people stated it isn’t noisy, which is very true. Very nice fridge for the price.

We’ve only had the refrigerator for about a month, but it is awesome. Some users complained about the noise, but ours is in our basement at our bar. So we have no idea how loud it is. We generally keep it on the quiet setting anyway. Love the duel temperature controls and the sleek look. So happy to have this product.

This dual zone wine/beverage cooler looks fantastic and will serve its purpose, but like other reviews, the unit is extremely loud. You can hear it throughout the first floor of my home when the fan is running. Just beware if you have a quiet home.

Has small amount of sound, not silent, but not too loud either.

Often one facet stops functioning. Hoping it does not fizzle out, it can be only been three months.

I’m supplying this four stars as it has only been in for a thirty day period. It would seem to be performing fantastic and we like the twin temp aspect. Some bottles are a small restricted to get in but the cabinets quickly modify so that isn’t a massive offer. Update: this has been in for awhile and we are continue to quite pleased with it. I genuinely enjoy the twin temp handle and the device gets just the suitable total of chill. At this place, i am employing it for strictly wine.

The unit functions magnificent and obtaining the means to awesome cans and bottles. The unit will work awesome and possessing the ability to cool cans and bottles is great. The device is a minor bit noisier than i would have desired, but as soon as you get utilised to the sound you can overlook it.

Beer stays good and chilly whilst my wines are perfect on the. Beer stays great and cold while my wines are best on the other side of the double doorway refrig.

Excellent products – all the capabilities and the glimpse i wanted in my new kitchen area. It seems to be wonderful in my new kitchen. It also has an alarm on the doorway if it unintentionally remaining open (a popular incidence at my residence). I enjoy that every single aspect has a different temp set. I also adore not obtaining beer in my key/food fridge. Retains plenty of cans and bottles.

EdgeStar BR2001BL Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator : Different tower needed

Overall good fridge for keg conversion (fits 2 corny kegs). Overall good fridge for keg conversion (fits 2 corny kegs). Kegco double tap tower fits perfect. Only real issue i have is that i have a double regulator setup and the penetration through the back of the fridge for the gas lines is only big enough for one line to fit through which means the co2 tank has to be in the fridge with the kegs. Also, it’s a little bit loud when compared to my kitchen fridge.

Keeps beer cold and has ample room for two slim kegs.

Had this frige for a while now works really well and gets really cold.

Lots of fun – great product. So happy i bought this – even though it was a kind of. It’s been so fun to have though. My only suggestion would be to get a unit that has all the parts included – i think in the long run you’ll save some money. All my friends think it is the coolest thing – my apartment is the spot right now haha. It’s very well made, and the instructions included are so detailed that it makes putting everything together a quick and easy task. My only complaint is that the co2 tank hangs on the back of it, which prevents it from being more flush with the wall so it sticks out quite a bit.

  • Really nice refrigerator at an excellent price.
  • Home pub up and running
  • Won’t hold temperature with recirc fan in it. Not

EdgeStar BR2001BL Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator Conversion

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  • Temp Range: Low 30’s to Mid 40’s; Casters for easy mobility;
  • Store up to a full sized half shell Sankey standard keg.*Does not support use of Coors, Miller rubberized or other oversized kegs.
  • Reversible door; UL listed; Protective floor plate for added durability
  • Freestanding use only; Weight: 81.6 pounds; 115 Volts / 60 Hertz, 105 Watts, 1.5 Amps
  • Can be converted to a fridge only with the included tower hole cap

We bought this because we already had all the parts (double tap tower, lines and tubing, c02 cylinder, etc. From an old kegerator we had) this is basically a small fridge with the holes already cut out for the fittings which is very convenient if you are not handy or do not want to fool with doing it yourself. We have one tap hooked up pin and ball locks to use the corney kegs for our home brew (these are the old 5 gallon stainless steel tanks the soft drinks companies used to use for fountain drinks before they switched to bags of syrup, and a “d” coupler hooked to the second tap so we can use commercial 5 gallon tanks as well. That way we will always have one of our homebrews, and a store bought beer on tap at all times. The kegerator will hold two 5 gallon kegs at the same time according to the manufacturer but we have not actually tried it that with two at the same time yet.

Perfect for my two cornelius kegs.

Perfect to replace old keg fridge that died. Steam matched right up, easy set up. Keeps beer just above freezing just the way i like it. Adjustable shelves hold a lot of back up beer with 1/4 barrel underneath. Appears it will hold half with no problem with shelves out. I am done lugging those down a flight of stairs into basement tho 🙂 i ordered this on christmas day. Emailed the company the following sunday and got immediate response from seller. I wanted it in time for new years. They could not promise shipping but took the time to respond.

Works exactly the way it is supposed to by providing ice cold beverages.

No issues with fit at all and i am very happy. Fit’s 2 5 gallon homebrew kegs (and has room for bottles) after 3 days of operation i am at a consistent 36 degrees. It was installed under my bar so i also put my co2 tank on the inside (vs mounting on the back) and left the rails off. Insulated and ran the 2 lines lines through the top of my bar tower. No issues with fit at all and i am very happy. 5 inch insulation did not allow me to run my tower chiller but with as cold as it gets i don’t even need it.

Hopefully this one lasts more than 3 years.

Great kegerator for kegs/homebrew. Good temperature control, and i can’t even hear it running. My 3″ tower only needed four 1/2″ 10-32 machine screws to mount (threaded holes do not go through to the inside). I highly advise upgrading to perlick 650ss flow control faucets unless you don’t mind wasting beer.

Worth it for a diy keggerator. . Bought this to assemble my own keggerator set up & it’s a great unit. Keeps temp & gets cold enough for good pours.

This works great and i have been very happy with how it. You can’t beat the quality for the money. This works great and i have been very happy with how it holds up in an very hot outdoor climate. While ice can sometimes build up inside, it easily defrosts and has been a great product. This is my second one that i have owned and both are very good. There is no reason to pay more for something when this is such a great value.

My old kegerator died, and i can’t imagine something that would have worked better to replace it. It took about five minutes to move the hardware over to this one. And it takes up a little bit less space than my old one, so that’s nice.

This kegerator arrived on time and in excellent condition. Saved quite a bit by buying the. This kegerator arrived on time and in excellent condition. Saved quite a bit by buying the replacement fridge and adding a separate 2 faucet tower. The info says you have to drill new holes if you buy a 3 inch faucet, but mine lined up perfectly. The reviews from the other edgestar kegerators said the thermostat sometimes needs to be reset, but mine was perfect from the start, easily holds at mid 30’s without dialing all the way down. What the other reviews don’t mention is that this thing is so quiet. Mine is in a sun porch with bad acoustics, and i barely hear it except when it thunks on and off. This set up easily for my homebrew kegging, loving it.

This is a great kegerator for the price. . This is a great kegerator for the price. It’s nice that the co2 tank has a holder on the back of it outside of the fridge so it doesn’t take up space.

Only issue that would make it superior is to have the capability to run two gas strains into the device.

Not hefty obligation, but serves goal. I have two cornelius five gallon soda kegs in it and they fit effortlessly. The nameplate on the entrance did peel off with the ‘protective coating’. Not a issue as significantly as i’m concerned.

Matches 2 corny kegs, has pre-drilled hole for co2 line with bottle mount on the back again. Pre-drilled holes with threaded inserts and components for mounting tower.

Is effective good could not be much more delighted, burney berman you did it again.

The frig came speedily and was not a whole lot of problems placing it together. On the other hand, we had planned on employing our old tap from our old beer frig that died. Unfortunately it took numerous telephone calls and orders and returns to get a new just one that was the proper measurement. This frig requires the much larger 3 inch tower not the 2.

I am working with it as a refrigerator and it will work like any large fridge. I am applying it as a refrigerator and it works like any significant fridge. I use it to place lower flowers in at night time, so my slice flowers now very last two months and longer fairly than the regular 3 or 4 days. The motive i acquired it instead than a different modest fridge is for the reason that it has much more interior house. The motor won’t arrive as much into the fridge as in others tiny fridges because it is manufactured to keep the bear keg. And there are no cabinets on the entrance door which also gives much more inside home.