Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor – does everything it’s supposed to do

I bought this to replace an ancient original model cuisinart (30+ years old) so i can’t compare it to other current brands. But i’m happy with the upgrade. I have used it for pesto, slaws, routine chopping and slicing, tart and pie doughs, soups, and many other tasks. I haven’t used it for bread dough, preferring the kitchenaid mixer for that. I don’t usually use the smaller bowl but it comes in handy sometimes. What i like: beautiful design, solid die-cast body, snap-fit of bowl parts, no-fuss safety mechanisms, quiet operation, adjustable slicing blade, pouring lip, large overall size but with a small bowl option, generally thorough and consistent chopping. Tight-fit gasket for liquid ingredients (but see below)not so good: these are only occasional annoyances: during fine chopping, such as for pesto, small bits will get caught up in the gasket, which does not appear to be removable. You have to run water into the holes above the gasket and jiggle the gasket to make the bits leave. Though the gasket generally seals well against liquid, a weak point is at the pouring lip, where things can get a little sloppy.

The cuisinart fp-12bk elite collection 12-cup food processor in black is an expensive food processor, but feels very quality. You can tell it is very powerful and handles everything i’ve thrown in it with ease. I think the peanut butter i made was the most impressive for its ease in preparation and ‘better than store quality’ results. Came out perfectly creamy and delicious. Much better than the peanut butter my old, smaller cuisinart struggled to make. This food processor is quieter than i had expected for being so powerful. It is very large and heavy, but is attractive, and looks good on the counter, so i don’t have to move it around too often. Although the rubber gasket on the the tight fitting lid is slightly difficult to clean, it does do a good job of preventing spills in an overfilled bowl. The instructional dvd is actually worth watching, as it has 12-15 recipes that showcase this food processor and gives good ideas for how to use the product. The actual ‘how to’ part of the dvd is overkill and boring, but the recipes, made by a cute, older french chef were quite entertaining and show how versatile this food processor is in helping to make food preparation easier.

There are already over 100 perfect ‘5’ score reviews here, so i won’t rehash most of the many great features of this wonderful kitchen tool. I use this at least once a day. It is a powerful workhorse in the kitchen. I am amazed by it’s versatility and its durability. I noticed that some of the negative reviews have a common complaint – that the there is a leaking problem if you fill the bowl with too much liquid. The line that is marked on the bowl by cuisinart isn’t that accurate (even if you don’t fill beyond that line, you can still have a leaking problem). Here’s what i do to avoid leaking problems. I just filled my bowl with water and found out exactly how much liquid that i could put into the bowl without having a leaking problem. Then i just remember to keep my liquids lower than that level. The result is that the unit does not leak. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1000-watt food processor with 12-cup work bowl and nesting 4-cup work bowl
  • On/off/pulse touchpad controls; wide-mouth feed tube; blade-locking system
  • Stainless-steel slicing disc, shredding disc, chopping/mixing blades
  • Dishwasher-safe parts; spatula, and recipe/instruction book included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

I have had this food processor for two months and really like it. I use it to make cookies, muffins, yeast rolls, shredding cheese, slicing potatoes/carrots, chopping nuts, chopping onions and green peppers to freeze and will use it for processing tomatoes when canning. I especially like the adjustable blade to get different size slices of things like cheese or summer sausage. The one thing i would strongly recommend is to read the instructions and watch the dvd that comes with the machine. The proper placement of the small bowl (watch that the bowl is fitted in the grooves to make a tight fit)and making sure both the back and front of the cover are firmly clicked into place is essential. The side opposite the handle must be pushed down firmly until you hear a fairly loud click. I made that mistake the first time i used it and had a mess with contents leaking out all over. Since then i haven’t had any problem with this machine. I especially like the large feeding tube. When slicing tall items such as a cucumber, you must cut them into smaller size chunks and line them up in the tube so the pusher can fit into the top to enable the machine to work.

The fp-12dc elite replaced my 25 year old cuisinart (that still works fine). I wanted a fp with a bigger feed tube and the attachments that i use most frequently. And i’m very happy with this purchase. It came with all the accessories i needed. I have used it just about every day for a variety of tasks and especially appreciate the ease of use of the wide feed tube and how well this appliance slices onions and turnips for turnip chips, grates cheese, shreds cabbage etc. These tasks were rather difficult to do with the old one. Making chicken and egg salad as well as chopped liver is a breeze. The small work bowl is very handy for in between chopping needs. Whipped up a one avocado guacamole in 3 pulses. I also have the cuisinart csb-77 smart stick hand blender with whisk and chopper attachments that continues to be one of my everyday work horses. I watched the video and picked up some nice tips and tricks from it. You can always learn something. Also liked the cookbook and am going to try using the dough blade.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great machine, with one fatal flaw.
  • Read the directions and watch the video!
  • The machine is fine, the description needs modification

I have been around and around with amazon and cuisinart about this product, and would like to share the results. This is a review of the 12 cup fp-12dc food processor. Every time i asked a question, i would get answers relating to the 14 cup model. Amazon does a very poor job of separating different models of products in their review files. First- the listings for the black color, the pink color, the white color, and the brushed aluminum version state clearly that the dough blade is included with the unit. For some unknown reason, this one, the die-cast color, does not state that. It has the very same description, but it seems that someone has carefully cut out the words dough blade. The cuisinart website states that all of the versions of this model come with the dough blade.

Been loving this processor for a while, but until recently, i never used it for liquid processes. I made homemade almond milk the other day and the seals did not do their job. I called cuisinart and while it is covered under warranty, i have to pay to ship it back to them and include a $10 check or money order to pay for them to ship it back. Kind of a hassle, not to mention being without my food processor while they look into the issue. Haven’t sent it to them yet. Not wanting to part with my machine, lol.

This is a great food processor with a price to match. The two different size bowls are a wonderful idea for any cook. I bought this food processor over a year ago; and desired another one for another summer property we have. This was an exceptional price or i would not have purchased another. The first one i bought i did not get any measuring spoons and had to pay $30 for the accessory storage case. With all the blades it comes with, the case for blade storage is a safe and organized way to handle these sharp items. So, with two of these processors under my belt – yes, we can say i love it.

I will never even think about trading it for any other type of machine. It is a high quality machine. And with the extra feature or option of doing smaller batches in the 4 four cup container just tickles me. It really does save on time in the kitchen. And makes cooking so much more enjoyable for me. It has so many features i don’t want to go into. But one of the features i appreciate is the safety. Everything must fit into place in order for the blades to operate.

Got this for my mom for christmas and she loves it. We were all amazed at how quickly it slices up stuff. In no time at all, a raw potato was cut up. Speaking of potatoes, she learned this machine’s power by accidentally pureeing instead of mashing potatoes. The pieces are easy to clean and are dishwasher friendly. Parts are easy to put together and operate as well. ****warning**** the blades are extremely sharp. My mom barely touched them and it sliced into her. Be careful when handling the blades.

I use this food processor every other day as i make my own dog food which takes a lot of power to grind through large amounts veggies and meat. I use it for many other foods as well and it performs well. The heavy base keeps this machine from ‘walking’ off the counter. It remaining very stable while processing. The lid is hard to clean and you must use the brush tool supplied to clean the seals on the lid. I tore the seal on the lid when i used the flat plastic cleaning tool and i got a replacement from the manufacturer but had to pay shipping to send back the old damaged lid. Use the tool carefully but use it because not cleaning the seal could cause a build up of bacteria in the seal.

I love the cuisinart fp-12dc elite collection 12-cup food processor, die cast food processor like it’s my own child. I’m vegan and about half my food is raw, so i am hard on a processor. I use it at least a few times a week, and have used it for everything from pureeing chunky raw veggies to mixing and kneading seitan (a really tough wheat gluten-based dough). The shredding disc works very well, though it does leave chunks from the ends that sometimes slip through (the same thing has happened with every food processor i’ve ever owned). Despite what the description says, the grater blade is reversible for a large or small grate. The slicing disc is amazing. I used it to do about 4 pounds of thinly-scalloped potatoes, and it took less than 5 minutes. It’s a safe alternative to a mandoline slicer, too – no getting fingertips in your meals. I absolutely love having the 4-cup bowl for smaller servings of hummus, guacamole, nut butters, and tahini that wouldn’t reach the blade in the large bowl. I will never buy a single-bowl food processor again.

Pros:1000w induction motor – says right in the manualbpa free – says right on the boxadjustable slicing blade 1-6mm (huge bonus as blades are $20 a piece)lid is extremely easy to get on and off; push a button to release. I can take the lid off/on with one hand. Lid has a seal to keep liquid inpretty quiet during use. Weight of bowl and plastic just feels better. Warranty: 10yr motor; 3yr machine. Cons:food particles get stuck in lid edge. There is an included tool to clean it. Dough blade is plastic (is this really a con?. Use a stand mixer)food stays above the blade sometimes when slicing/shredding. (is that really a fault?)replacement lid most likely cost more if you break it.

I have made almond flower, almost butter, mayonnaise, mixed breads, grated cheese, veggies, chopped, well, you name, i’ve pretty much done it. I love the seal, but it does take a little tlc to keep it clean. The veggie shoot with the two sizes is really nice. Only thing is the small shoot doesn’t lock into place like the large one does, so it constantly oops out if you set the top on the counter upside down. I would love to find a top for this machine that doesn’t have the veggie shoot because it would make clean up faster.

I had a small combo cuisinart blender-food processor. However, it is too small for many recipes and is not sealed. This machine was a huge move up for me. I have found it is a pleasure to use. I did not get the case for the blades which would be helpful to have. Also, i did not realize the spatula was not heat resistant so i melted it adding the bowls ingredients to a hot plan. The only problem with this machine is it is large and heavy making storage a consideration. Update — i made a north african dressing by cooking down an orange in honey, water, spices and vinegar than pureeing it in the processor. The combination etched the plastic of the food processor bowl.

I have never had such a powerful, well built food processor. All the pieces fit together perfectly, as expected. I love the simplified buttons. Those three are all i have ever really needed anyway. The motor does not give off a high-pitched whirr, it is a low growl, like the difference between a dirt bike and a harley. It cuts through everything without getting stuck, or failing to chop some pieces.

After almost 2 years, i can say that this food processor works just fine as far as chopping goes (the motor and blade) however it gets 3 stars because there is mold growing in the handle and the plastic is getting very fatigued, ready to crack any moment. It’s been there for at least a year but recently got so bad i have to toss it. I never even used the smaller part like i thought i would. Also the lid shoot has been corroding for sometime (doesn’t appear to touch food) so that is a flaw as well. It’s all been only hand washed. The actual lid, where the seal is, is quite difficult to clean especially if you don’t rinse it immediately. I used this sparingly for the first year and a lot this 2nd year. I’m in the market for a new one.

I had for years what i thought was a pretty decent food processor. However, the cup size was small, and my biggest complaint was how loud it was. Also, its power diminished over time. It seemed that i had to pulse and try all kinds of tricks to make it work harder (limiting the amount of food i added at once to an already small cup size, etc. Honestly, it’s like dating what you thought was a pretty good guy, and then finding the man of your dreams. I whipped up mashed potatoes in no time last night. They were perfect and beautifully swirled with seemingly little effort. It was the most lovely food processing site i’ve ever seen.

I really liked having the smaller bowl insert. What i didn’t like what that it has a very thin silicon-like o-ring of sorts that is attached to the lid. Mine tore really easily but cuisinart replaced it for me without hassle so that was good. The thing is, even with a new one, when i would pulse liquids, they would spill out and go all over the place. Now, i understand why my kitchenaid does that. There’s no rubber o-ring to seal it. But what’s the point of having the ring on here if it doesn’t actually seal it shut. My other complaint is that you can’t wash the lid without your dirty water getting inside the ring and then it get’s trapped and turns yucky. Kitchenaid has a similar problem though in that their handles trap water in them.

I’ve debated whether i should give 2 stars or 3. Two issues:- lid is never clean, food gets there. – doesn’t last many yearsit worked for first 3 years, then it would fail to start. I had to disassemble, put back together, twist and turn until it finally can click somewhere and engage. So sadly i had to buy a new one – so it lasted just 4 years. I usually expect my appliances to last longer than that.

Compared to my old cuisinart food processor, the new one has a few nice improvements, such as work bowls that do not leak when soup or sauce is processed. However, there are 2 significant glitches in the design of the shredding disc. The disc has 2 finger holes that apparently should be used to insert and remove the disc over the stem adapter. But what happens is pieces of the food that are being shredded fall into the bowl through these holes. The other problem with the disc is that its diameter is much smaller than the diameter of the bowl top, which means that big chunks of food fall into the bowl through the empty space. As the result, once you remove the shredded food from the bowl, you have to manually extract the big unprocessed pieces. And there is a large amount of them. I wonder if cuisinart ever tested their new ‘improved’ discs.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster : Nice toaster

Love the new toaster, but the plunger on the right side sticks and you have to slam it down kinda hard to get it to stay down. Other than that great buy and would still recommend this to others.

This is the best toaster we have ever had.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster, Silver (Renewed)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel housing and blue backlit LCD countdown feature display
  • 7 Shade settings as well as Bagel, Defrost and Reheat options
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 1-1/2-Inch wide slots
  • Blue LED function buttons

Nice toaster and was rated in the top 5 toasters under $100. Toasts very well and fast which i like but the only thing i don’t like is the slots are short and made for regular white bread. If you want to toast any other type of bread you have to cut it in half.

I compared features and prices and this one was my choice after a long decision making process. I really like the beeper telling me toast is ready. I can hear it from the living room so do not come back to cold toast. I will post later if it does not last my complaint with last toaster. Electronic toasters have a tendency to die quicker than the toaster of my youth. I hope cuisinart lives up to its namesake. Have now owned for a couple of months.

Was looking for a modern looking stainless steel toaster, world all when received. Now its 2 months later and the one side won’t stay down to toast unless i stand that’s and hold it down. I had my last toaster for about 10 years and still works great, only updated to match kitchen remodel.

Cuisinart CPT-435FR Countdown 4 Slice Toaster, Silver (Renewed) : Though this was a refurbished item, it looked new when it arrived. We have used it at least once a day for five months now and it is still working just fine. The beeping sound when the toast is done is annoying, and i wish there was some way to turn it off, but it is not a deal-breaker. We don’t like the bagel mode because it does not toast the other side of the bagel at all (other toasters still toast both sides in bagel mode, just less on one side), so one side of your bagel stays chewy. The reheat function is nice and keeps you from burning toast when you just want to warm your toast up a little. The price on this has gone up by about 20 dollars since i bought it, so it’s not as good of a deal as it was, but i am happy with this purchase.

This is a high tech situationthat is super easy to use. The setting buttons give many options. I’ve used them all and they work perfectly. All the small kitchen appliances in our house are cuisinart.

My family loves this toaster. The digital display and countdown are great.

I am so glad i ordered this product. I have had it for months now with no problems and it makes perfect toast and bagels.

Toasts the bread fairly evenly, not as good as expected.

We bought a refurbished item and have been very pleased with it. I especially like being able to control the amount of toasting heat/time. It has a lot of options — far more than your typical toaster.

Nice upgrade to my kitchen counter.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect toaster. I had one of these at a vacation rental used sparingly and loved it. Bought another one and have used it 3-4 times a week. I like everything about this toaster except on the one i use frequently, it has the same issue as my previous 3 toaster and that is that it has a setting for darkness 1-6 and a countdown timer. Works great but i have to set the darkness level at 5 for toast. For a crispy english muffin, today i put it at max (6). Toasters should work for 5-10 years. Still looking for one that works to my satisfaction.

Doesn’t really toast even all over the toasts, but its good enough for me 🙂 i just love the fact that i can toast 4 toasts at the same time. We have three children and they all want their toast asap in the mornings haha. I really like the fact that i can choose bagel/frozen/heat up as well.

This is a great toaster for people with weak hearts or ptsd. It has a countdown bar that lets you know when your delicious perfectly crisped bread is about to jump in your face. It could potentially save lives.

Very glad i purchased this toaster. I felt like i got a ‘deal’ since it is refurbished. . And honestly, no one would ever be able to tell.

The toster looks great but doesn’t toast evenly. Looks like the element is wound to tight in some spots.

Great toaster, love the fact i can make both mine and the wife’s bagels’ at the same time.

I was so upset when my older toaster stopped working and though to try this one. It does a great job on english muffins and bagels.

Refurbished, and works great.

I love the digital screens and the buzzer to let you know when your toast etc.

Cuisinart DCC-2650BW 12 Cup Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker : I couldn’t be more happy with this product

I am one of those people who needs to have a cup of coffee ready when i wake up. If it’s not ready, it ain’t pretty. It does everything you would want a coffee maker to do, except set up the coffee for you, and the coffee taste perfect. I haven’t been able to find any coffee shop that can brew anything that can compare. My problem is that i have terrible hard water and the heating element gets so clogged with calcium that there isn’t a cleaner that can get it cleaned out. No fault of the coffee maker at all. I have to replace my coffee maker every two to three years, and without fail, i buy this one. There just doesn’t seem to be anything better for the price. So here i am, buying #3, and hopefully in a couple of years when i have to buy #4, this will still be available.

Not the best cuisinart coffee maker i have had. Grounds overflow and clog dripper, and eventually spill into water and filter reservoirs and require a painstaking cleaning of entire coffeemaker.

Great machine, but does not stay as hot as the older model.

I love my new cuisinart coffee pot.

  • I couldn’t be more happy with this product
  • How to make strong coffee without overflowing the filter
  • Perfect coffee every time!

Cuisinart DCC-2650BW 12 Cup Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker, Black Wrinkle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, dripless spout and knuckle guard
  • Fully automatic with 24-hour programmability, self-clean, 1-4 cup setting and adjustable auto-shutoff (0-4 hours)
  • Adjustable carafe temperature control with high, medium and low settings
  • Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing is completed
  • Gold tone commercial style permanent filter, Charcoal water filter (removes impurities)

We have only had ours for a couple of months, but use it every day. Have been extremely pleased with its convenient/simple operations and features. The controls are easy to use. . You can make 4 cups or 12 cups, extend your ‘keep warm time” program auto brew, etc. Much better construction to the mr.

The only reason i did not rate this at 5 stars is the default setting of 1 hour for the unit to stay on and keep the coffee hot. The unit can be programmed for longer periods of time, but, if the power is disconnected, the time reverts to only one hour. The unit is very fast at brewing the whole pot of coffee, so maybe 4. 5 stars would be appropriate. All said, i am very satisfied with the unit.

Item was exactly as advertised, does everything we expected, and was delivered on time.

We have had this coffeemaker for about a month, and it makes fantastic coffee.

Would recommend this to anyone. I use the 1-4 cup setting most days.

Absolutely the best tasting coffee, love the easy programming and adjustable temp and strength. Looks great also, carafe doesn’t spill either. Easy to change water filters.

This is the second one of these we’ve owned (first one lasted about 5 years). We love it and love how quickly it brews.

Iam not sure if its me but it seems like this pot doesnt make a very hot cup of coffee, it gets cold quick. Also how do i adjust the hot plate auto shut off?. It goes off after 30 minutes or so. I did not see how to adjust this from the manual. I wonder if the 1200 is any different?i checked cruisinarts site, and i dont see a description saying that you can adjust the hot plate time?. I suspect that the “extreme brew” = fast brew = n not so hot of a cup.

I have had this for around 2 weeks now and love it. I bought the black finish instead of the silver. The black finish has a textured instead of smooth finish. (you can notice this in the zoomed rollover) the carafe does not dribble. The carafe top is not hinged near the handle. The whole top pops off which makes cleaning and filling easier. (took a couple of days to get used to though). The coffee is hot (185 to 190 degrees), not lukewarm like the 2 mr coffee units i have tried in the last month or so. The unit allows you to increase or decrease the time that the heating element stays on (up to 4 hours). The only complaint i have is that the clock is not backlit.

This one is better than the last and we loved it.

This is an excellent coffee maker. The plastic shell is heavy duty, solid, and has a quality feel. Unlike many others, the carafe is much thicker glass and well constructed. The controls are straightforward and easy to use. It uses replaceable water filters, and the coffee is quite good (of course, that’s also bean dependent). One detail that impressed me was that when you use the recommended amount of coffee and fill the reservoir to the 12-cup level, the final brewed coffee level in the carafe is precisely 12 cups. Some engineer actually calculated the amount of water that would remain in the grounds and filter to ensure that the 12-cup measure on the reservoir would result in a full 12 cups of coffee in the carafe.

If you want strong coffee, push the “bold” option and also push the “1-4 cups” option. Both of these features slow the brewing process so that you’re less likely to get an overflow. Fill the filter with grounds to within about 2/3 inches of the top (top of the filter paper, not top of the basket). Fill the carafe to the 9 cup line. This will yield about 8 cups of decently rich coffee. Other caveats: make sure the black filter basket is firmly seated in the receptacle. Make sure the carafe is firmly seated beyond the lip of the plate. Neglecting either of these will result in overflow. If your coffee grounds end up all over the interior of the unit, and you have a spray handle on your sink, unplug the coffee maker and rest it on its side by the sink. Remove the water filter and spray it clean.

This is the fourth cuisinart coffee maker we’ve owned in the last 8 years. All of them were still working fine when sold at garage sales. Replacements bought for decorating reasons. It uses cone filters, a must have feature for me, brews really hot coffee and with the carafe temp control will keep it way.

This is one of the best coffee makers i have owned in a long time. Makes the morning cup of coffee a great.

We are very pleased with our purchase.

I consider cuisinart to be the best coffee maker there is.

I needed a new coffee pot and after reading about a lot of pots, decided to go with this one. Purchased through amazon, it arrived quickly and set up went well. The main problem i cannot seem to overcome is keeping the pot hot more than 1 hour. It says you can set it one to four hours, but anything i do still has it turn off at one hour. Otherwise, every other function works great, the coffee tastes great.

This machine brews an excellent cup of coffee. We brew 5 cups using the ‘bold’ and ‘1-4’ cup settings and two tbsp of coffee to a cup. We bought this machine to replace a 10 year old simple krups machine, which had produced an good brew for many years. We moved to a high altitude location (7,000 ft. ) and the krups could not make a very weak cup. This cuisinart unit has earned it’s ‘extreme brew’ label.

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker : Five Stars

Perfect father day gift and he liked it (which is saying a lot).

We’ve been using this model for at least 15 years & feel it to be one of the best. Additionally, it is the right size & color for our kitchen. Unfortunately, we have hard water, so mineral build-up is eventually a problem. I’ve tried a variety of cleaners from vinegar to citric acid to clr, but sooner or later the heating element dies. The ‘remanufactured’ units are as good as new at half the regular price (if we can even find the model available). I have been purchasing 2 at a time so we always have 1 ready to go.

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker (Renewed)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Charcoal water filter helps produce great-tasting coffee by removing impurities
  • Indicator light tells you when it’s time to clean your coffeemaker to remove calcium buildup
  • Heater plate has 3 settings, so you can decide how hot the coffee stays
  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, drip-less spout and knuckle guard
  • Programmable automatic shutoff, 0-4 hours
  • 12-cup automatic coffeemaker with 24-hour programmable timer
  • 1-to-4-cup setting; adjustable keep-warm; brew-pause; 0- to 4-hour auto shut-off
  • Carafe provides ergonomic handle and dripless spout for graceful pouring
  • Clock; cord storage; instructions and paper-filter starter kit included
  • Measures approximately 14-1/4 by 8 by 10-3/4 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Controls not the easiest, but makes great coffee.

Just as good as the old one.

I was so excited to buy this coffee pot after reading the wonderful reviews. I bought the refurbished one to save $$. And less than a year later, it hasn’t been working the greatest. The drip got clogged and would take sometimes 2 hours to brew a pot (a little vinegar cleared that up) – but the carafe leaks. A huge pet peave – when you pour coffee and it dribbles on the counter. That is why i spent more money on one of these, to avoid the dripage – but, here we are again dealing with it. I am overall happy with the pot, i just wish i would have bought a new one instead of a refurbished one (no warranty on mine, a year with a new one).

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker (Renewed) : I bought this for my parents (almost 80 yo) after they went through several cheap coffee makers. Easy to set, easy to operate. I have the same coffee maker and it has lasted going on 15 years.

This is my 2nd purchase of this particular cuisinart coffee brewer. My 1st purchase was a refurbished model back in 1998. We loved the coffee maker so much, we were devastated when it broke. I went right online to amazon to purchase another refurb and so far so good. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone who loves to brew their own coffee.

Came in brand new,important note;only 90 day warranty on repacked products not shown at amazon site. Works great ,good coffee maker costs 75dollars @most stores, [email protected] and pd $25 @ amazon deliverd to door.

Makes a great pot of coffee. Like the filter, just wondering where i can get another one. Coffee stays hot, not burnt for an hour and brew is fairly quick. I like the little alarm letting me know it’s ready. A great deal on a refurbished, old model cuisianart.

I bought this coffee maker based on the reviews of others. This is a very easy to use machine. I have used a couple of times already and don’t see why some are complaining about features. The water reservoir is not that small, i had a melitta that was less than half as big. Taking off lid to fill and clean is easy. This coffeemaker is quieter than alot of the most of the other ones i have owned. All in all it is a great buy since mine was refurbished and i only paid $40. I would definately buy another and highly recommend.

Works great and i love the coffee maker. After 6 years the timer on my old coffee maker started acting up. I liked my old one so much i searched out the same model to replace it. This remanufactured one looks and works like new. I am very pleased with my purchase.

A really great coffee maker. I took away one star because of the poorly designed user interface of buttons to brew coffee.

Love the 4 hour shut off, and the temperature control (low, medium, and high).

This is by far the best coffee maker i have ever purchased. It works great, looks like brand new, and keeps my coffee super hot (i like the hot setting on the maker).

Cuisinart GR-35 Griddler Compact – Great from Paninis, burgers, bacon and pancakes!

I hate cooking, but when i decided to try this out, i loved it. It’s also easy to clean, because all the parts go right into the dishwasher. You just pop the plates off and put them in the dishwasher and clean up is done.It’s also a good size for one or two people. I live by myself and was able to fit 2 steaks on it, which cooked really fast. I definitely recommend this to anyone who hates cooking.

First time using this and it was easy to use and to clean. Our panini and quesadilla was perfectly pressed. Before i press the panini i turn it on low heat ahead of time and that helps melt my cheese in the end. I would not grill chicken or beef on this. It may show beef patties but the grease may pop everywhere.

I purchased this very versatile compact size griddler as a gift for a newlywed couple who were moving into a small apartment. They both work and go to school and don’t have time, energy or desire to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They’re also very health conscious. I figured this would fit the bill just perfectly. The only problem is, and it’s not really a problem, is when i received it, i was so intrigued by this little gadget that i had to open it to check it out. One thing led to another and before i knew it, i was plugging it in and making a couple of panini sandwiches for hubby and me. Long story short, i wound up keeping it for myself. I’ve made everything from grilled poultry and meats, veggies, sandwiches, both panini and regular and even pizza’s. It is the perfect size for 1 or 2 people but it will accomodate up to 4 decent sized burgers or chicken breasts if you open it flat and use it as a griddle.

I bought this because i love paninis and thought it would be fun. I use it at least 4-5 times a week. We have made so many different things in it. Tuna melts, pastrami & swiss panini, turkey & brie panini, grilled cheese, hot dogs, turkey burgers, turkey ham and cheese paninis, grilled peanut butter and honey (or jelly), eggs, sausage, and more. My sons (12 & 14) love it and love that they can have a hot meal instead of a cold sandwich, and they have fun making their own sandwiches in it. Even my boyfriend will make his own sandwich in it. It heats up pretty fast, and it works great. I have used different kinds of bread and find that breads with crust on the top and bottom work best, so any kind of roll. Regular sandwich bread works ok, but it doesn’t crisp up the same without the crust on top and bottom.

It is smaller than it looks on the pic. Works good but will probably do a sandwich at a time.

I’ve had probably 3 george formans within the last 5 years of my life. They always worked and were pretty easy to clean. This griddler compact is ok. I’m still not sure if i really like it. The grease tends to get everywhere. I tried to make eggs or pancakes when i first got it, and the batter moved towards the grease holes since the griddle is slanted. It works for cooking bacon, but leaves it so greasy. Overall the design is just not that great and it’s just not working that well for me. It cooks the food, but just leaves a mess.

  • I actually use this!
  • Great from Paninis, burgers, bacon and pancakes!
  • Excellent Counter Top Griller!

I had the first several years and made the mistake of putting the grill plates in the dishwasher. The dishwasher wears off the coating and everything sticks.

Not only is this great for making paninis but in the winter if you are craving a burger it does a great job. The lid floats so you dont have to worry about it not sitting right on top.

Very happy with this little griddle. Got it to try out panini making and really like how it browns the bread. Now, making and buying the right breads are the goal. Heats up quickly, and the high setting seams to be the best for sandwiches at this point.

This is a nice little machine. I don’t know what kind of bread was used by the person who complained it squashed his sandwiches (probably some thin white bread), but i suggest using a good bread or focaccia. Anyway good panini is compressed somewhat. When i shift my panini to get the nice criss-cross grill marks i rotate it to get a more even depth. It also has reversible plates so you could heat tacos or even cook eggs on this. I haven’t used it for much else other than panini and cooking some turkey bacon, but it should work fine. The plates are easily removable and wash up easily with a soft sponge and dish soap. They are also replaceable if the finish ever wears off, but by that time it might be more reasonable to buy a new unit than pay half the price for new plates. Overall, i love mine and use it daily to make panini with black forest ham and cheese and a little tapenade.

It is a nice little device, take some time to warm up, but once it is warm it s okay. The problem we had with it is that it smaller than we thought, it looks bigger in the pictures. Also it is not very stable, and also it gets very warm outside too which is very safe with kids.

Features of Cuisinart GR-35 Griddler Compact

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  • Contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle options
  • Removable and reversible dishwasher-safe nonstick cooking plates for easy storage
  • Cooking plates drain grease for healthy cooking and integrated drip tray collects grease for easy disposal
  • Panini-style handle with hinged cover adjusts to thickness of food; adjustable temperature control
  • Includes manual with gourmet recipes and a dishwasher-safe scraping tool for easy cleanup

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I owned the large griddler for a number of years and was satisfied with it. Eventually the removable plates were difficult to clean and one of the controls broke. In looking for a replacement i wanted removable non-stick plates for cleaning, easily removed and cleanable grease catcher, top to be articulated to accommodate different sized foods and a stainless steel professional appearance. Griddler is the only product to my knowledge to fit this criteria. I live alone so when i saw the compact model it seemed like the better choice. The quality is excellent and the same as the larger model, the price is less and it takes much less counter space. However it still does everything like the large sized model. The only difference is the size which is perfect for one or two people at a time. I highly recommend with no reservations.

Refurbished gr35 purchased via amazon (focus camera) to replace original that lasted at least five years with near-daily use. Straightforward unit without complications for those whose main goal is to make grilled sandwiches and panini. Like-new appearance of ‘refurbished’ unit, quick delivery, and solid (again, as if original-maker) packaging. A terrific bargain all around.

Removeable and reversible plates make a world of difference. Cooks great and cleans even better. We went through three or four foreman grillers until we agreed that they were not very good appliances. Difficult to clean and the non-stick finish wears off quickly.

We use this all the time, mainly we cook italian sausages or hot dogs on it, but we’ve also cooked hamburgers, steaks and chicken. The griddler can be used a griddle for pancakes but we’ve found that a real griddle still works better. For one round of pancakes this is fine but if you plan on doing a couple batches it’ll take you a while because the griddler will need to heat-up again slightly after each batch. Also using this for meats as well as pancakes means you need to clean it extremely well between each use, a charred taste might be good between meats but you don’t want your pancakes tasting like last night’s steak. The removable plates and grease tray make cleanup a breeze. Both plates are two sited, one is flat for the griddle the other is ridged.

This little griddler-that-could answers the question: how do i cook quick and healthful meals daily. I’ve used it just about every day (and sometimes twice a day) since it was delivered, almost two weeks ago. I’ve had splendid results each and every time. It cooks like a champ and clean up is an absolute breeze. No splattering and the drip tray is adequately placed to catch any drippings. The stainless steel design matches my other kitchen appliances and, because it’s compact, it doesn’t take up much countertop space. An attractive and welcome addition to my kitchen. I’m so very glad that i purchased this product but may need to order a backup in case i overwork this one.

It does the job but i regret to get the smaller size to save 20 bucks. . It is ok, for 2 square sandwiches. But bigger would it be better.

Contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle options

This is a great little griddle/panini press. I’ve only used it for about 2 weeks, but have loved the results. Very impressed with this unit so far. The reversible/removable grill plates are very light weight and easy to clean. I’m slightly worried about how long the nonstick surface will last. It has scratched off where the metal clips hold the plates, but that can be expected where metal comes in contact with a nonstick surface. Do not even think about using metal utensils with these plates, resist the urge to use a fork or knife to flip or move things around on the nonstick plates. For cleaning i just let the grill plates cool down then clean them with a brush and some soapy water after wetting down any stuck on spots for a few minutes. I can’t imagine needing to stick these in the washing machine or wanting to – as i would like the nonstick surface to last as long as possible. So far i have made grilled cheese sandwiches cut into strips /w tomato basil dipping sauce.

Perfect for one or two people. Previously and decided to buy it again when it wore out. They have made some improvements and it is a very versatile little grill. For a single burger, cutlet etc. You do not need to use the oven and heat up the whole kitchen. The new model is very easy to use and very easy to clean.

The best griddles i have bought.

This is great for a small kitchen; grilling eggplant, chicken, burgers, and panini sandwiches. But i quickly discovered that the grease pan underneath doesn’t work very well. If i want to avoid getting grease on my counter, i have to put down several paper towels to catch it. This works, but it’s disappointing to find such a big flaw in an otherwise really useful product. It is easy to clean, and i find myself using it even more than i thought i would. So all in all, it was a good purchase for me.

I purchased this griddler after seeing the one my son had (different brand)and thinking about ways it could have been improved. This appliance seems to fit the bill for me with it’s reversible, removable, and dishwasher safe plates as well as the smaller size. Having recently moved into an apartment, space is at a premium. Easy to use, clean, take apart and put together. Next to my microwave, it is my favorite appliance as it is truly multi-purpose–sending the space hogging griddle to storage. It fits perfectly in a small corner of the counter. The price was not a wallet breaker either.

The operative word is ‘compact’. I read the listed dimensions, checked my ruler to see how much smaller it was than the grill i had been using and decided it would be okay. I find it easy to use and the clean up is quick and easy. It is just smaller than i expected. Can’t get as much food on it as i would like.

Removable and reversible dishwasher-safe nonstick cooking plates for easy storage

I needed this for a ho ho present but i needed a smaller unit than the full sized one that we have. This works perfectly for our friend. Her son only has one knob to turn (as opposed to our three knob cuisinart model) and he can easily operate it. For a 12 year old to make his own panini after school – this baby does the job and serves the purpose for a great price.

We are a family of four with two kids between 10-15. This has become a great alternative to eating out at fast food places and frozen pizza. With working parents and kids in activities we are always needing quick and easy meals. We keep bread, lunchmeat, and cheese on hand and can always use this to fall back on if needed. The kids have no problems using the unit without us and it cleans up very easy. I think the unit is very well made and we have not had any issues with it at all. The plates come out easily and clean up with soapy water. Contrary to another reviewer i think the plates open up very wide, we often make thick sandwiches and haven’t had any trouble. We have even used it with hamburger buns instead of bread. We thought the kids might get tired of panini’s, but using different breads, cheeses, and lunch meats keeps the variety going.

Make sure to clean it well before testing it out. The cooking plates ship with an oily film on them that can smoke if not cleaned first. Bought it mainly for steaks on those rainy days (or when i don’t want to grill) and it is great for that. Does boneless chicken breasts very well. Makes food taste like it is hot off the grill- a little crispy around the edges if you want and with grill marks every time. It seems the food is also juicier than fire grilled meats (probably due to quicker cooking times). Haven’t tried paninis yet or the smooth cooking side of the plates. Holds one normal sized steak, two burgers or two chicken breasts.

Very easy to use and clean the grill plates snap off and are dishwasher safe. When i use it to cook hamburgers they cook very fast and evenly. This is a great buy for the price.

Makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches and cleans up in no time.

This matte black unit is far more superior than the stainless model. It never wears or discolors like the stainless steel unit and always look new on counter. I’ve owned both and had to replace the ss unit twice before i bought this one because of the ss turning brown from the heat. Otherwise the machine itself works fantastic, removable plates makes this easy to clean.

I absolutely love this little griddler. It makes the best panini, quick and easy and delicious. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the lid to lay evenly over the whole sandwich, but now–after making at least a dozen–i’ve got the technique down perfectly. When my sister came to visit, i made her a turkey, swiss and cranberry chutney panini. She went home and bought this very machine.

Cooking plates drain grease for healthy cooking and integrated drip tray collects grease for easy disposal

This was a gift to me, i use it all the time, i keep it on the kitchen counter, so it really gets used, thanks, mr.

Bough this for my mother for christmas. I already had one of these and she just wanted something to make paninis on. My older version did not fold open all the way like this one does. I saw her again last week and she commented on how well it worked. She’s made paninis, grilled a burger and other meat and also some pancakes. She usually only cooks for her and my dad and so this saves her from getting out the frying pan etc. And given that she is a gourmet cook raised on german and french cooking to rival any good restaurant that means something. And she would have told me if it didn’t work (actually she would have made me return it). So i’m happy that she is happy.

I’ve been making these toasted sandwiches on a hinged product for a decade with stuff running all over the place. Tastes good, but messy, when i got this panini maker/grill. Now, this is how it should be done. It’s fun, tasty, and not nearly as messy. No hinge for one thing as the top and bottom plates are parallel, making the sandwich look scrumptious as well as clean. Yup, this is how it should be done.

This is the same unit i bought at costco 3 years ago. One of my kids took my old one so i thought it would be easy to replace. Twice the price it was before. Great little unit though for pannini and quesadillas. Grill plates come off easily to clean. Do not use oil sprays on grill plates as they do not clean properly and it leaves a sticky residue on the plates that doesn’t come off. Oil spray appears to degrade the teflon surface. No problems with olive oil, butter or veg oil.

I purchases this to make sandwiches and grill burgers and chicken. Grilling burgers is more like ‘steaming’ them, and the sandwiches ‘slide’ forward when you press down on the cover. Leaving you with half the sandwich’s insides exposed to the grill. This makes the george foreman i got rid of look fantastic. This unit is small and compact, but not the best grill on the block.

I love quality products that work the way they should and this does. We use it several times a week. Heats up as expected and the temperature gauge is accurate. Very easy to clean as the plates come out and go in so easily. Definitely an upgrade for us without breaking the bank. Not bulky, i keep it under the stove and i have no problem getting it in and out.

Panini-style handle with hinged cover adjusts to thickness of food; adjustable temperature control

The grill works just as advertised. I am a bit perplexed that set on medium it takes a long time to heat to temperature. Just beware, you need to be patient. Also, the stainless steel body has no coating, so unless you don’t mind living with streaks after cleaning, you have to wipe with a stainless steel (silicone) solution.

I’m not one to write reviews but thought i should share my experience. I’ve had one indoor grill before; an old foreman mini during my college years that i cooked my life on. I loved it, and i would still be using it if i simply didn’t feel the need to ‘upgrade’ so to speak. I read lots of reviews and of course cuisineart is one of the best brands so i jumped aboard and purchased the compact griddler. It’s an ok grill, does the job, but its slow. It honestly takes about 8-10 minutes for the green light to come on that tells you its hot enough. My old foreman would heat up literally in 1-2 minutes. Not only that, but it cooks a little slow too. Not sure if my review is biased because its based on the performance of a previous grill. I guess i’m just use to certain things.

This appliance is the master of all dorm room appliances. I’ve found it more useful than even a microwave. You can make pancakes, grill chicken, toast bagels, press paninis, roast potatoes, stir-fry lo-mein, and much much more. I find it gets sufficiently hot to cook most foods.

Morning-egg,cheese and ham in an english muffin. Lunch- grilled tomato sandwich and for dinner healthy chicken or fish. Prefer it over multi-dial grills.

I did my research to find the best indoor grill. Cuisinart was definitely the best rated, reviewed and such so i went with this version because we have a smaller kitchen. Plates come off for easy cleaning or in the dishwasher. Plates heat up quick and evenly. Cooks great and has a griddle and flat.

Finally, i’ve found an electric grill that performs superbly. I’ve had two other types, and both were entirely unsatisfactory. The cuisinart is compact, yet perfect for one or two people. It grills evenly and clean-up is a cinch.I love the reverseable grids – no need to take up cabinet space to store grids. So easy to use and i absolutely love it. I’m sorry i wasted money on the other two makes. It’s attractive enough that i leave it out on the counter. This one is really a winner.

Removable plates for cleaning, choice of surface and three heat settings. Easily adjusts for thickness of items being grilled. Separate and easily cleaned drip tray. Have used it for grilling veggies, meats and sandwiches, stores in a small space.

It cooks great, but you can easily get burned on the top of the case. The first time i used its tilt feature to grill a sandwich i burnt my hand. I never had this issue with other brands.

Grill heats up quick, cooks hamburgers really fast, and cleans up easily in the dishwasher with little effort. Good size for a couple or one person. Haven’t used it for eggs or pancakes yet, but i have a feeling i won’t be disappointed. Update: tried to fry eggs on this grill, and it is a difficult, runny mess, but pancakes, if left small, went ok.

Okay, i’m one of those people that have a graveyard of a million kitchen appliances that gather dust in a cupboard and only come out 1-2 times a year. It has earned a noble spot right on the counter.We use it at least 4 days a week. Burgers, panini, even grilled veggies. Its nice when you have a finicky kid that wont eat what everyone else is having, i can throw a frozen boca burger on there and its ready to go in like 3 minutes. I’m really happy i got the ‘compact’ size, its perfect for us.

Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender : Super blender

Great blender, but i warn you against using it for ice crushing. I had to replace three blade assemblies withing a six month period. I bought a kitchen aid, which has heavy duty blades and works well for ice crusing, but doesn’t blend nearly as well as the cuisinart. Also, the blade assembly in the k a has now given out, but its been doing yeoman service for a year. I’ve just bought a waring spb2 and so far, it crushes ice and a good job of blending, if you do both at the same time. Its container is a bit narrow for straight ice crusing. In that reagard, the k a is superior. Bottom line: using the waring, holding the other two in reserve, just in case.

I’m very happy with my blender. Also i’m very happy since i received it very fast i will be using it during the upcoming holidays. And the price is a good price and i save myself a trip to the store.

Having purchased cheaper blenders in the past, i decided to go with something a bit sturdier with more power. The cuisinart smartpower blender delivers on both counts. It has a substantially heavier glass container than most i’ve seen, and a powerful motor that had no problems shredding through ice. However, i made gazpacho with it once and did find that i had to redistribute the contents with a spatula in order to achieve consistency, even after i had prepped with a food processor, so thicker substances will get stuck away from the blade somewhat. It’s an attractive model with an integrated design that eliminates cracks and crevices where food can get stuck. The jar and blade are really easy to take apart and clean.

My original blender was destroyed after my son dropped it on more than one occassion. I loved the blender, but could not find it without the complete set, and i did not need a new set. I looked on amazon and found the blender. It matches the rest of the set i already own perfectly. This blender can cut up just about everything. The price and product were right so i brought it.

  • very nice processor
  • Cuisinart SPB-7″AWESOME” Blender
  • Cuisinart blender

Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender, White DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for blending, pureeing, mixing, liquefying and stirring
  • 7-speed touch pad control with easy-to-read indicator lights
  • 40-ounce glass jar with dripless pour spout equals no-mess serving
  • 2-ounce pour lid with marked measures for adding ingredients while blending
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

The feel of the blender makes it appear to be sturdy. Good and heavy and stable, a nice feel after looking at other blenders. We have currently owned this model but our daughter broke the glass jar and threw it away. Although the glass is available other parts of the jar were not. I was forced to buy a replacement blender. I have read some poor reviews of this item on amazon and don’t understand how the machine is a problem. We had our old blender for six years, used it often and never had any problems. I don’t feel anyone will be sorry for purchasing this blender.

I picked up one of these on sale locally. It does an adequate job of blending my morning smoothies, but just barely. I find it best to add frozen items slowly and in small pieces. There are days when the motor makes awful noises and i wonder if i need to stand back. It will suffice until i can afford something better. Meanwhile it is nice to know that i can get many spare parts here on amazon. For what it is, a low cost blender, i give it four stars.

This is an “awesome” blender. We already had a cuisinart spb-7 and have used it for almost a year now. So happy with the way it performs, we had to have another for our wet bar. The blades are really super sharp and can obliterate ice in seconds. Easy to clean up in the dishwasher. The guy who designed this one, had it all together.

This was a replacement of the same product but a slightly newer model.

As a thrift store find, i have no idea how old it is or how much it was used before coming into my hands. Therefore, i can’t review the longevity of this blender at all, and i don’t have the benefit of a user guide. The problems i have, you may not have. The lid of this thrift store blender has some orange staining inside which bleach soaking cannot remove. I would guess it is prone to staining for everyone. The lid fits snugly yet is easy to remove. The lid plug is snug yet easy to remove. The jar is glass and very sturdy. The blades inside the jar seem on the small side to me. However, i have been able to blend smoothies with frozen spinach and raw kale; i can’t complain about the performance.

I’ve had this blender for about a year now, and use it regularly to make smoothies or soups. The ‘digital’ control panel seemed a little gimicky at first, but i’ve learned to appreciate the easy cleanup that it allows with a sponge. The wide openings of the heavy glass jar (which is much sturdier than most) allow for easy cleaning and pouring, and the motor has more than enough power for everything i’ve thrown at it. My only complaint is that the rubber lid stained when i blended some hot tomato soup in it. The instruction manual warns against blending hot liquids however, and the stain is purely cosmetic and on the inside of the lid where it isn’t visible. The plastic base of the jar also seems like it would be prone to snapping over time, but in my frequent use of the blender i haven’t had any troubles with it. Overall i would highly recommend this blender over the cheaper alternatives, the heavy glass jar, sharp blade and powerful motor make it a joy to use.

Does a great job and clean up is a breeze.

I purchased this same blender well over five years ago. My partner and i use it 5-6 days a week and usually one or two times a day making post work-out smoothies. This machine easily blends ice and large chunks of frozen fruit including large frozen strawberries with no difficulty. This blender worked flawlessly for all these years until the black spindle that rotates the blades in the container finally sheared off. Everything wears out eventually. Frankly, i’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. The blender is very easy to clean with its smooth face and the glass jar managed hundreds of trips through a hot dishwasher. I just wished that i bought a second glass pitcher soon after my initial purchase. It would have been terrific to use one pitcher while the other was in the dishwasher. Considering the workout we gave this blender i feel it has held up beautifully and was definitely worth the price.

I had used this product while on vacation and liked how it liquified kaleand frozen fruits.

As expected very clean and functional.

I use it every morning to make a fruit smoothie. Easy to use and easy to clean. I bought this last month to replace the same model that i had been using daily for four years. I had broken the jar and decided to replace the entire unit because it had discolored somewhat over time. The motor was still working after four years so now i have it in storage for a backup.

I have had my blender for two years without a problem. I have just spent the past hour reading blender reveiws, and my conclusion is that this blender is comparable to any other good blender at any price point. If i am making smoothies and the fruit is ice solid and i have placed a lot of fruit in the belnder, i will have to stir it. But, no blender, save an industrial version, such as the kind they use at jamba juice, is going to do better. It crushes ice well and has never leaked. All of the speeds work properly and it is easy to clean. The lid, however is vinyl, so if you are going to place it in the dishwaher, please be aware of the food remains in the washer with it. White will stain regardless of the manufacturer.

I’ve had this blender for over a year now and it has yet to let me down. It looks great, and is a snap to use. In addition, the base comes apart into several pieces so that it can be cleaned easily without leaving any `gunk’ behind. I’ve never had any problem with ice; this thing just chews it up. The wide range of controls is a plus because i use this thing for everything, from pureed vegetables for soups to milk shakes.

I love this blender, it really works. I care of it like a child, i never left it dirty. It does incredible shakes and more.

I recieved this blender as a wedding gift and was so excited. But it has really not met my expectations. Its first or second trip through the dishwasher turned my lid pink. Apparently there may have been a slight remnant of tomato sauce on a plate in the dishwasher, and that in turn stained my lid. I called cuisinart and they didn’t seem to agree this was a problem. After some arm twisting they agreed to send me a new white lid, but warned me that it would happen again if i put it in the dishwasher with anything dirty again. Lid problems aside, the blender works pretty well, but doesn’t do a terribly fantastic job crushing ice really fine. I would probably suggest looking into waring instead of cuisinart for a good blender.

Cuisinart TOB-100BW Compact Digital Toaster Oven Broiler, Perfect oven for us!!

I’ve been using my new cuisinart for about a month and have come across no problems. This little toaster oven replaced both my old black and decker toaster oven and my toaster. The old b&d oven was bulky and did not have a timer so had to be watched carefully. It also had a (probably) safety feature that turned the oven off every time the door was opened. I found that to be a nuisance since i had to turn it back on each time i checked whatever was cooking. This new little cuisinart allows me to check without turning off the heat and also i really like having the timer so i usually don’t even have to open the door until the food is ready. As to the other comments about condensation on the door when toasting, it does sometimes do that. I ignore it as it causes no problems and it doesn’t bother me. I like the easy to clean pull-out tray. It takes much less space than the two old appliances it replaced.

I ordered this toaster oven as a replacement. The description on the size was not at all what the actual inside measurements of the oven were. The outside dimensions were not even what was described. There was nothing at all wrong with the oven except size and it was obvious the moment i unpacked it. It was returned and i received a refund. I had no problems with the company or product other than the small size.

I got it for $60 when it was on sale in amazon. For $60, i can give it 4 stars. Next time, i will probably get non-digital version. Two heating rods on top, and two on bottom. Bad: for the exterior size, the interior size is not efficient. It can only have one tray (instead of two trays – one on top and another on bottom). The auto-pop-out tray and auto-shut-down door have too strong spring that the banging sound is too laud. The beep sound is somewhat annoying. Too many options – toast/bagel/left over/baking/broil/etc/etc. It takes ~ 1 min till it goes sleep mode (blue flashing buttons are annoying).

Key specs for Cuisinart TOB-100BW Compact Digital Toaster Oven Broiler, Black Wrinkle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing is compact and counter-friendly at a 0.35 cubic-foot capacity
  • 7 functions in 1: Toast, Bagel, Sandwich, Bake, Broil, Leftover and Keep Warm
  • Always Even Toast Shade Control offers consistent results slice after slice
  • Easy-clean nonstick interior includes convenient hands free auto-slide out rack, removable crumb tray
  • Includes baking tray, broiling rack and recipe book; limited 3-year warranty

Comments from buyers

“Comprehensive review: Cuisinart TOB100 toaster oven
, Very Good Compact Digital Toaster
, It’s a smart toaster

Just received this yesterday. I wanted a toaster oven that would fit into my microwave oven that is installed above my stove. This oven fits inside so i don’t need counter space for it. It is simple and easy to use (i just looked at the pictured ‘get started’ sheet). I do place it on the counter while in use for safety.

This is the third try, but we’ve finally found the toaster oven we love. It’s small enough to fit on our short counter, but is deep enough to fit the pans we use in it length-wise. We love that it is digital and the buttons can easily be read.

Will do anything a full size oven will do. Completely digital, compact to the point it does not crowd the kitchen counter. We have had ‘toaster’ ovens since they first came out and used one every day. This oven even has a ‘keep warm’ feature. Once set up, each piece of toast is cook to the same degree of doneness. It broils, it bakes and makes pancakes.

I wanted digital due to the specific minute timing that i need for my pet’s food. So, i was limited to options. I have used cuisinart in the past where i had a better quality and more expensive unit. It worked great but it’s looks were not great. This unit is good but obviously not as good as my past unit that cost $175 which i bought several years ago. Working this unit is tricky when you want to customize some of the settings. It took me several attempts before i learned how to do it. I am really good with machines but, this one challenged me. I got it now and i am generally pleased with it.

At first this looks like your average ordinary toaster oven but as you keep trying you cook things you will find you have a gem. I baked a bundt cake last night. Besides it does all the other functions of a toaster oven very well. Very nice product & purchase. One year late, and this thing caught afire in my home. Thank god i did not go back to sleep.

A much-welcome addition to our kitchen. Crumb tray is easy enough to remove and the broiler rack & drip pan have been pretty useful at times. I suppose there is some uber-toaster out there that does all kinds of stuff i can’t even imagine a toaster doing, and so be it: but, for my family’s humble toasting needs, this thing does just fine.

I’ve had this toaster oven for a couple of weeks now and use it daily. It replaced a $30 toastmaster i’ve had for ages. 5′ high, 10′ deep and 14′ wide. That’s smaller than my old toaster and gives me more counter space. Easily removable crumb pan – i love that feature. Where it reads ‘cuisinart’ at the bottom, it pulls right out (see photo) from the outside. I pull it out after each use to clear off any debris, so nothing gets baked on. Automatic rack slide out – when you open the door, the rack slides out a couple of inches. Ease of use – it’s very intuitive and simple.

My wife just purchased the cuisinart tob-100 compact digital toaster using her account, as another black and decker toaster died. We’ve had three black and decker toasters in a row over the last 15 years or so because they have been a great value, however each successive unit has failed more rapidly. We decided to spend a bit more money for the stainless steel look and the cusinart brand (hoping for lasting quality). We found that we did not want a huge toaster and noticed that this one is similar in size as before. We made our buying decision when we learned that the tob-100 was also digital and the price was right at $100. Since this is an early review (looks like the first), we decided to give the tob-100 4-stars, however it could earn 5-stars later when we update our review and have more experience with the product. What you see in the pictures is what you’re going to get. The tob-100 looks roomy and the unit and accessories look beautiful. There were no unexpected or unpleasant surprises when it arrived at home.

It arrived in time, packaged very well. It has been working well since it arrived almost 2 months ago. I replaced a larger toaster oven with this because i wanted a smaller footprint on my counter. I use the bakemode most often for open faced sandwiches or frozen entrees. The one thing i do not especially like is the baking pan provided. I’m not sure what it is, definitely not steel. It is a very dull aluminum that absorbs and hold stains. I’ll look for a suitable pan to replace it.

The unit is beautiful but it takes some learning to figure out the right darkness settings. For example, on 2, it makes very dark toast but requires a 5 to get equally dark on a bagel. As an oven, for cooking or reheating, it works exactly as it should.

It seems to be hard to find toaster ovens with good usability and reliability. I wanted a digital display that would have a preheating indicator and this one fit the bill. It’s met all of my expectations. Food comes out great, and it does come with a baking pan as described. The display is backlit and easy to read. One possible annoyance is that entering time and temperature is a little awkward, but you get used to it. What’s not apparent from the instructions is that when the preheated indicator sounds, the entered time starts counting down immediately. To work around this i just leave it at the default 30 minute timer when preheating, and set the time after putting the food in. While the control panel could be improved, the toaster oven works great and that’s what counts.

Overall i really like this device. I use it for toasting sandwiches and bagels, but also for baking meats and small pizzas. The dial that controls selection is a little hard to use because it can be tricky to see what is selected. I’d almost rather just have temperature and time, rather than a list of: toast, bagel, sandwich, leftovers.

Several years ago we bought a similar cuisinart for our own use. This one was for a family member. Here’s what we found:• exterior metal surface (top) is not a shiny chrome finish; it will dull and be harder to keep clean• metal tray (for baking) is small and flimsy, but its rack is more substantial• settings are easy to read and select• unit heats quickly and efficiently• capacity is small in relation to the bulk of the unitwe bought this unit based on experience with our own cuisinart toaster oven. Frankly, it appears that the finish and capacity of the one we bought five years ago is superior. Had we realized these changes were substantial, we probably would have looked at other brands. It’s not that this is a ‘bad’ toaster oven, it’s simply that it didn’t live up to our expectations. It makes me wonder if cuisinart sold the right to its name to another party in order to produce these toaster ovens.

It has very bright blue leds on the front. After you finish cooking something and return to the main screen, the blue leds blink repeatedly. But it drives me crazy that i can’t turn off the lights or put the unit to sleep. After 2 minutes, the unit goes to sleep. If you touch a dial or push a button, it wakes back up and blicks for another two minutes, regardless of whether you cook something or not. It cooks my food well, it’s a good size, it look nice. I would probably give it 4 stars if the damn lights didn’t blink. ***update***it should also be noted that the unit defaults to 30 min when baking. 10 minutes is all you need for sandwiches and wraps. So if you plan to cook for shorter times like me, you must turn the dial 3 or 4 times to change it to 10 min.

I was looking to replace an old toaster oven but didn’t want one that was too large (counter hogging). This one fit the bill and even though it was expensive it works really well. I had never had a digital toaster oven so i had to kind of figure it out but it works great. It does tend to make the toast pretty dark so be careful on the settings. We use it for toasting and reheating so i can’t say how it does on baking. I use my regular oven for baking anyway. I love that the crumb tray is easy to remove and clean so i tend to clean it more often than the old style, which had a hinged crumb tray. The door does steam up with use but we leave it cracked just a little after using it and the steam quickly evaporates from the glass.

I’ve only had this oven for a few days, but would like to share my experience so far. My primary use is to toast bread and bagels, and to bake frozen foods. We’re empty nesters, so i didn’t need anything real big, and did not need convection. I also wanted something that i didn’t need to put glasses on to set. The controls needed to be easy to read and understand. This unit accomplishes these requirements very well. This is a small toaster oven. If you need bigger, you should obviously look elsewhere. It will toast 4 slices of bread or 2 bagels sliced in half though. The display is nice and bright, and easy to read.

Please watch the video as well as reading this review. It contains perhaps the most important thing you should know when choosing a toaster oven. The model tob100 is one of a series of ovens from cuisinart that share very similar design and construction, with the control panel being the primary difference. Some of the models are either fully or partially electronic, while some of the other ovens use mechanical knobs. There is likely no significant difference in how well one design will toast or cook compared to the other and the choice of which type of controls comes down to personal preference. For me, after trying the units with mechanical knobs (which ordinarily i would prefer as being generally more dependable) there was one feature that swayed me away from buying that style – the fact that with the mechanical knobs cuisinart makes the customer select the shade of toast each and every time they use it as a function of the timer dial, and on some models the unit can’t even be left in the toast position for next time but has to be turned to ‘off’ each time. So at least two settings have to be selected each time one chooses to toast a slice of bread. The tob100 will remember your last setting so the simple act of making toast can be to press just one button. All of the cuisinart toaster ovens in this series are moderately well made of an attractive grade of stainless steel (one of the models has a black painted body with a stainless front). They all have a mechanism that will pull the shelf out slightly when the door is opened and all have a large glass door.

Very interesting design and takes a bit to get used to. Not just your normal push and plunge. Lots of options for cooking and toasting and we’re still playing with it. But the ability to change 3 variables (cooking method, time, temp/darkness) is helpful in getting the right result. Only negative thing we’ve found that for bagels, even at the lowest setting, still turns them too dark (for our liking). I can’t imagine what the higher settings would do. But at the lowest they’re ok. The bell that goes off to let you know the food is done works well and gets your attention. Has a small, compact design which fits our counter space nicely. We don’t use a regular toaster, and have been searching for a while for a new toaster oven, and this one finally seems to do the job.

We have been pleased with this toaster oven as it heats quickly and cooks efficiently and as well. The only real negative that i have to report is that the little cooking tray that you put food on to bake or warm, has no ‘lip’ or handle to grab on to, and it makes it very very hard to get it out of the oven over the ridge of the sliding rack that it is sitting on. Our other toaster ovens had a piece of the baking sheet that protruded enough to get the oven mitt latched on to it, but this one means you have to reach into the oven to try to maneuver it out and over the rack. Maybe not a big deal but it is a bit inconvenient. Otherwise everything else seems to be working just fine for our uses. I have baked the freezer to oven pre made cookies in this, heated up sandwiches, pizza and other pastry and warmed up some lasagna, etc. And it has worked well for all of those things. I also have used it for toasting but bought it mostly for the oven and a way to heat up and crisp up leftovers without having to wait for the big oven to preheat. I give it 4 star instead of five due to the lack of the handle on the tray/baking sheet and how difficult it is to get it out without getting your hand into the oven itself.

This is a very nice small unit. The only problemi have had is turning it on and off if i changemy mind with the set up to cook. Otherthan ‘the learning curve’, it is a great little unit. Their customer service isgreat. I have a knife set that they helped mewith immediately. It does not take as long to heat up like myother brand toaster oven which was huge.

I read all the reviews on this toaster oven and wasn’t sure if it was what i wanted. But i have had it for six weeks and am very happy with it. I have toasted bread, cooked frozen bagels, melted cheese on toast, baked biscuits and spring rolls, and tonight our first sweet potato. This is my first digital toaster oven and it took me a while to get used to that, but now i love it. The only ‘con’ i see is that the rack does not slide in and out easily. I do see some condensation on the door but it doesn’t drip on the counter as some reviews mentioned. It would be nice if the oven temp could be set in less than 25 degree increments, but that’s not a big deal. I did not find the beeps indicating ‘at temp’ or ‘done’ to bother me at all. They are no more than you hear on a microwave. So i was a little apprehensive when i bought it, but it has exceeded my expectations.

Cuisinart DLC-2ASM Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor : Love it!

Cute and lightweight and works well.

I like this little puppy a lot. Love the shade of blue, and love that it’s perfect for making pureed foods for my husband following his gastric bypass. I’ve made creamed cauliflower and we puree his campbell’s soups in this before adding water and heating. The only issue is that it doesn’t lock in the “on” mode – you have to hold down the button. I also would not recommend this for very large jobs, such as coleslaw for a party, unless you don’t mind chopping/mixing in batches. Plusses:great colorblends wellblades nice and sharpgood motoreasy to cleanminuses:does not lock on “on” positionsome leakage noted on the blade pin when i disassembled for washing, but did not leak into motor.

Great for making baby food purees.

  • Cuisinart food processor in blue
  • Still a five-star!
  • Excellent product. Chops onions

Cuisinart DLC-2ASM Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Sapphire

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3-Cup work bowl with handle
  • Exclusive auto-reversing Smart Power blade for two powerful processing options
  • Spatula and instruction/recipe book
  • Stainless steel blade with sharp and blunt edges
  • Dishwasher-Safe parts

I bought this cuisinart food processor mainly to chop items like onions and peppers to use in homemade salsa. I’ve had it for a few months, and it works really great. It chops food quickly and easily, as long as you don’t overfill the bowl. I recommend reading the instructions beforehand. I love the blue color; it looks so nice. My only negative with this product is that it is quite small. I do wish they had one that was sized larger than this but smaller than the heavy duty professional 12-cup cuisinart food processor. Overall, a good buy, and it does what it says it will do. I like this product and would recommend others buy it.

I bought this to replace an older cuisinart food processor. I wanted something that was smaller and had a good name. I saw all the colors and knew i wanted the sapphire but the the watermelon was close. It is just perfect for my needs. It looks great in my kitchen as i have blue glass tiles a backsplash.

Having used this for several months, i reiterate my rating as a five-star product.

Great price – packaged securely.

Just wish it was a little bigger, but that’s my own fault.

I expected too much from this mini-version of the workhorse full sized cuisinart food processor we’ve had for (yes) 30 years. I wanted a slicer that was sufficient for preparing meals for 2. It does what it’s intended to do but i wouldn’t call it a food processor if all it can do is chop.

It’s a great little processor. So much easier to get out than my big one.

Recommend to any one wanting to shred.

I received on time and it has worked perfectly.

This one is replacing one i’ve had for years. Actually, i really only needed to replace the blade as it was showing wear at the base, but for a little more money, i got the whole machine.

Chops onions, garlic, pepper, practically any veggies and saves the time of having to cut them yourself. Very happy with the product. Have used it a couple of times a week when prepping dinner.

Use it nearly every day to grind meats, chop garlic, prepare salad dressings, etc. Bought as presents for family members.

This was a wedding gift but i have always used a cuisinart mini prep food processor. It works great and forest take up a lot of counter space. Perfect for small kitchens, but perfect for anybody and any size kitchen.

No more crying chopping onions.

I am very satisfied with the cuisinart processor and would gladly recommend it.

It’s perfect for chopping nuts, making a quick salsa, or making breadcrumbs from leftover bread.

The product is great, just the color is not bright as picture.

Best price, best size, best mini chopper we have ever used,.

Cuisinart CPK-17 Programmable Kettle : Highly recommend.

Works great love the programmable temp.

I am a tea lover and thought this would be too much trouble choosing what type of tea, but this is the most simple electric kettle i have ever used.

Not bad , does what it should, i only heat with full pot use what i need and pore out the rest out while still hot leaving top open so it drys fast with no wiping. No complaints so far, owned about a month.

I actually really love this kettle. However less then a month after i received it, it started leaking excessively. I would come back after using it and turning it off and my counter and floor would be covered in water from the kettle. Because it’s exactly past one month after the purchase date – not when i received it, i am unable to return it. I bought a square trade extended warrantee which is basically a joke. I don’t think i’m going to see any help in getting a replacement or refund. I should have just bought this from a regular store where they would have replaced it.

  • Loved it but it started leaking only one month after I bought it. Can’t return it, warranty from “Square Trade” useless!!
  • Highly recommend.
  • I love this unit

Cuisinart CPK-17 Programmable Kettle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For tea to reach its full flavour, it should be steeped at just the right temperature. Quick an…
  • Sold individually
  • Capacity: 1¾ quarts/1.7 litres
  • Colour/Pattern: Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Dimensions: 8¾”L × 6-1/8″Dia × 9¾”H

It is good, but the button are oven pressed by mistake, it becomes very hot , and it is heavy, but it functions good.

I used an external thermometer to test the accuracy and it was dead on. The “keep warm” function is useful as i like to walk away and take my time. I also use this for my french press coffee.

My son bought one for me for my birthday. I’ve had it over a year and it still works perfectly.

Our unit looks great and is good with making hot water at a variety of temperatures, its just that the lid won’t close any time it gets even a little warm. I can close it afterwards (usually), but its rather annoying for the price we paid for it.

I’ve had two of these kettles, each purchased at bloomingdales. They do not last beyond two to three years. I like the programmable feature; however, they do not last long. Personally, i think they should last longer.

I replaced a more expensive breville product. I brew tea every day and i like the water temperature to be a specific temperature, this is good looking, easy to use, easy to keep clean.

I fought with myself over this electric verse a whistling kettle. I went with this one and i loveeeeee it.

We use this to heat the water for our french press.

I have been using this thing everyday for a couple weeks. It works very well and heats the water quickly. Common water temps are programmed for 1 button operation.

It does what it say it will.

It is as awesome at a tea pot can be.

Excellent product easy to use.

After reviewing so many tea kettles, i decided to purchase cuisinart cpk-17 programmable kettle. First of all, it’s made of stainless steel which preserves the taste of water and doesn’t give off hint of rusty taste. It looks so neat in our modern kitchen. I love having 6 temperature modes so you can choose a different setting for each kind of tea. I drink herbal teas all the time and it’s a big no-no to use boiling water as it ruins the taste and its healthy properties. My husband loves green tea which needs even lower temperature. 7-liter capacity is pleanty for a big family or having guests over. As a mom, i love having non-slip stay-cool handle and ability to use the lowest temperature for my little one. Plus, it’s bpa free and doesn’t accumulate mineral build up on the bottom.

Cuisinart Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker, Great product!

I just replaced my old waring pro waffle iron (wmk300a) with this cuisinart. The weird thing is, it’s the same waffle maker as my old waring, but now branded cuisinart and only made for the canadian market. Both waring and cuisinart are brands of parent company conair. Waring has a new model for the us but it looks cheaper than this one. I was able to make 5 years’ worth of delicious waffles with my old one before it broke, and the waffles were amazing. I saw in comments in the reviews that the canadian warranty for this item will not be honored in the us, which had me worried. However, amazon offers a square trade warranty that you can get for this item. I just got off the phone with square trade, and confirmed that their warranty will be honored in the us, even during the first year. Hope this helps — i am looking forward to another 5 years of waffles from this great machine.

Makes light fluffy waffles and the temperature settings are great to individualize everyone’s preference. I just brush a little butter on the hot plates and then the waffle comes right out without prying. Easy cleaning which is the most important feature. Is the handle supposed to straighten completely?.

Comments from buyers

“A great waffle iron
, Jc penny was where my family got it from back in the day and thanks to Amazon I now have the best, heavy duty and legit Belgian
, This is a great waffle maker

Use it at least 3 times a week.

I tried this waffle maker for the first time and it was wonderful. The waffles turned out light and delicious. I am not a great cook but i found this to be very easy (foolproof). Once i got the heat settings right for my personal preference, i just kept making more and more. I read previous reviews and let the waffle iron heat up longer than the first set of beeps and then started cooking. I found the #4 heat setting a bit too high with the first waffle then adjusted it down a couple of times until i got it just right. I had no mess and the machine is pretty easy to clean up. Would definately recommend it.

This is a great waffle maker, our grand children just love the waffles it makes. It is well make, easy to use and makes waffles quickly. There are new versions of this appliance, we really liked this one.

It makes restaurant quality waffles with ease.

I have had this waffle iron for almost a year now and still love it. Easy controls let you get the beautiful golden brown waffle.

Makes the best waffles ever.

Love this waffle maker and it is very affordable.

We owned a waring waffle maker previously, which broke after 20 wonderful years of making tasty waffles. The cuisinart (sister company to waring) is priced significantly less, but does not bake as well as the waring did. Cuisinart recommends setting the temperature at 4; however, the lowest we can get the waffles to brown is setting the temperature at 5. The plates in the cuisinart are not as heavy as the waring, which might be part of the problem with waffles browning. On the other hand, the cuisinart is several hundred dollars cheaper than the waring, which was a commercial unit. Guess you can’t have it both ways.

Easy to use and easy to clean. The biggest problem is the cord to plug in is very very short, really needs to be longer. If i had known how short it was i would not have bought the item. Called company and they said use a extension cord, which is stupid to use in my kitchen on my counter. Because it is so short it hits the upper cubbards and it won’t stay open by itself.

Tried a cheaper model, but you get what you pay for.

We use it in our bed & breakfast.

Browning dial features is actually ‘temperature’. 5 for cooked but not dried out waffle. 5 for a bit more browning and slight crispiness without dryness. 3 if you plan to reheat waffles later by toasting, which is the best method.

I grew up with one of these and have looked for one for the passed 7 years. Jc penny was where my family got it from back in the day and thanks to amazon i now have the best, heavy duty and legit belgian waffle maker. Forget bed bath and beyonds waffle makers.

This waffle maker does a fantastic job if you know how to use it. To get perfect waffles, set the temperature gauge to a little over 1/2 and wait for the light to turn green. Spray the grates heavily with a light cooking oil on top and bottom just before cooking (when they are already hot). Pour the batter into the center of the grill and close/flip. When the wafflemaker beeps, you’re done. If you want to do multiple waffles, just toggle the power on/off quickly to reset the timer and repeat.

My husband loves the hotel waffle makers so i decided to buy him one. This met all our expectations: easy to use, great waffles, doesn’t stick, easy cleanup. And the price is extremely reasonable compared to other products.

Studied competitive brands and the customer evaluations. Selected this brand and so far i am completely satisfied with my choice. Works great with easy cleanup after use.

Have used this appliance nearly every weekend since unpacking it in november 2012. Makes perfect waffles for us on setting 5. We now listen to jazz and eat waffles in our jammies at home on sundays instead of going out.

I’ve been using it on a fairly regular basis for quite a while now and haven’t had any issues. It does feel a lot lighter than it looks in the pictures; the base is (fairly sturdy) plastic rather than metal, as it appears in the pictures, but it still functions well and is nice and sturdy, so no points off.

The only problem is storage,it takes up a lot of space.

This is the best waffle maker i’ve ever had.

I think this is the best waffle iron on the market for the price. It might seem silly but i love the pre-measured scoop that comes with it so that i do not spill waffle mix all over the side of the iron. I had almost forgotten how much i love waffles.