Blendtec D1E28DC16HA-A1GP1D Designer 725 Blender : This is an awesome blender. Not cheap

I initially hesitated to buy because of a few reviewers mentioning a shredding gasket issue. I did not experience anything of that nature and we are part 150 blends now.

I got this as a replacement and an upgrade to my breville blender. Coming out of the box, it looked sleek. A solid black mass with a jar on top. The jar was plastic and light feeling compared to the solid glass pitcher that i was used to, but that seems to be the market trend across the board and i can live with it. In general this will look good sitting on my counter for it’s daily use. Turning it on was a different matter. It comes on and gives me a firmware version. It isn’t like i can see a way to upgrade it. It then asked for me to press a button for calibration.

A bit noisy, but compensates for how fast it is. Looks nice, and i use it every other day.

Makes the best and easiest smoothies. Note: if want crushed ice, just pulse for one or two seconds – if want “snow” ice, run for 5 or 6 seconds. Have not tried all the features yet but feel sure they will work just as well.

  • Crushes anything like a champ
  • This is an awesome blender. Not cheap
  • Powerful blender, nice features, long warranty

Blendtec D1E28DC16HA-A1GP1D Designer 725 Blender with Wild Side Jar, Stainless Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • 3.8 peak horsepower motor, 15 amps, 120 volts
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface and the illuminated display indicates remaining blend time
  • Six preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Clean
  • Plus 100-speed capacitive touch slider + pulse and an “Add 10” feature
  • Includes Wild Side+ Jar – Ideal for larger blends, high-volume recipes, bread dough, smoothies, dips & batters

If you live a healthy lifestyle, this is a must have. Juices, protein shakes are a daily occurance in my house. Plus, it grinds grains to flours, saving a lot of money, makes home made ice creams, soups, salsas, sauces, the list is endless. So easy to use, love the digital display, keeps track of uses, it’s amazing. Better than the vitamix, the power is incredible.

You can do anything with it.

Love the blentec, we had a horrible experience with one of the other popular blenders and blendec was very patient and understanding. We use this blender to puree foods thin enough to feed our son whom has a feeding tube. If you are in the market for a great blender with ease of mind this is the one. Blendtec customer service is impeccableblendtec d1e28dc16ha-a1gp1d designer 725 blender with wild side jar, stainless black.

We have both the 800 and 725 model. The 800 model is a little quieter because of its sound proof enclosure. However, the 725 is no slouch aside from the higher noise level, which is pretty much expected from a blender with a ridiculous mount of power. The 725 blends anything we throw at it, ice, frozen fruit chunks, fibrous whole vegetables like celery, whole apples, pears, oranges. It even blends the pits and seeds into a creamy smooth drinkable consistency, which is nothing short of incredible. This blender is light years ahead of any other blenders on the market today and the foreseeable future. It has touch interface with 6 preprogrammed cycles which are labeled with intuitive drawings. We find that we use all the cycles through out the day. The computer board counts your blend and will give you coupon codes to be with in blendtec’s website. I cannot find any faults with this blender except that it might be a little to powerful, ridiculously powerful.

This model designer 725 exceeded my expectations. I can not find any fault with it so far. I just hope it last for a long time, because i paid more for it than when i first started looking into purchasing a blender. But i am very glad i bought this one.

Our blentec total blender stopped working recently so we needed to get a replacement. Rather than get the same model, i figured we’d look into getting a more powerful unit that had more features. I stumbled upon a video of the blentec 725 and thought we’d give it a try. Here’s what we found after using the blender for a couple weeks:✔ pros:- more powerful that most of the blenders out there- pre-programmed blend cycles for smoothies, juice, hot soup, and more. Just push a button and walk a way- capacitive buttons work well and makes cleaning the blender base and easy task- easy to select pulse speeds- it has a blunt blade so you won’t cut yourself while cleaning it- has a cleaning cycle that cleans the jar really well, assuming you run it soon after your blend. – cleaning the jar by hand is super easy- it gives you inspirational messages to encourage you to use the blender- rewards for reaching blending milestones- nice long warranty. ✔ cons:- it’s definitely expensive. Even with the 20% discount i used, this is still definitely a premium purchase. We use the blentec everyday so getting a powerful blender with a long warranty is worth it to us. If you blend only occasionally, the much cheaper blentec total blender is probably good enough.

A must have if you make smoothies.

I wish the blades were sharp. So it could cut through vegetables better.

I did all kinds of research on vitamix vs blendtec. All i could really gather was that vitamix has some loyal (vocal) followers, and the only real fundamental differences between the 2 are as follows:- vitamix has sharp blades, blendtec (by design) has dull blades- vitamix has a tamper, blendtec says you don’t need to use a tamper due to the design of the jari figure with any high end blender, can’t really go wrong. I ended up picking blendtec over a vitamix for 3 reasons:1) vitamix ripped off blendtec’s jar design, got sued for it and lost. 2) blendtec is quite a bit shorter than the vitamix units i was looking at. It will fit under my cabinets when vitamix would not. 3) the user interface on the blendtec looks a lot nicer / more intuitive, and i like having all the presets. Just press a single button for a smoothie, whole juice, to clean the unit, etc. So really, not much to report on other than the blendtec 725 has been working great. I’ve made smoothies and stuff like whole juice with carrots in it. The blends have been very creamy and smooth, unlike the cheap ninja blender i’d been using previously.

We were promised a 30 day return policy on a vitamix 5200 at a home show demonstration so my dear hubby bought me one for my birthday. It made great smoothies but i hated having to turn the dial down to low, flip the high switch to low, turn the on switch to on, turn the dial up to 10, then flip the high switch back to high and push down with a tamper just to get a smoothie started. Plus, it had no pulse switch. It’s not that i couldn’t get used to it–i didn’t want to get used to it. So, i went to our favorite store with the initials bbb, armed with a 20% off coupon, and purchased the blendtec designer 725. The controls are simple and awesome. You can use the presets for one touch blending or you can use the slider bar and/or the pulse icon for as much total control as you want. It was love at first sight and the affair continued for not quite two weeks. Right up until i decided to try out the twister jar i had also purchased. I got the jar filled, touched the power icon and.

Wife went from burning out one blender after another to having the must powerful indestructible blender ever. She uses it at least twice a day easiest blender ever to clean and it doesn’t make that burning smell when you make a smoothie fro she uses it at least twice a day easiest blender ever to clean and it doesn’t make that burning smell when you make a smoothi.

The lid ought to be put on diligently, down all the way, all all-around the jar, which is not hard as well prevent a leak while mixing. Like the digital read through out. I purchased a warehouse bargains blender, and it was ideal.

This is the greatest blender around. I researched for pretty awhile in advance of determining to fall this kind of money on a blender and it has been properly well worth it. I make smoothies every day (sometimes much more than after a working day) and have experienced a tricky time getting a blender that didn’t die soon after 6 months. The blendtec much exceeds my anticipations. I like that it has minimal messages on the handle monitor and that it keeps a working tally of the sum of blends. In would absolutely invest in from blendtec once again.

I chop really hard veggies and make smoothies working with frozen fruit several periods a day. I wished a blender that would make easy work of those chores. I bought the blendtec designer 725 based on tips from loved ones and good friends. Nevertheless it struggled to perform the duties i desired it to do. I favored a couple of items about this blender: it truly is compact footprint and the jar is bpa-absolutely free. In addition, it has quite a few mixing cycles but i’d in all probability in no way use most of them. Finally, the jar design and style forces the contents down to the bladeunfortunately, i disliked far more items about the blendtec designer 725 than i liked. Initially, the base moved all over so significantly when i tried using to make a smoothie applying frozen fruit that it nearly fell off the counter. The same factor happened when i tried mixing new cucumbers and carrots. No matter if applying contemporary or frozen foodstuff, i regularly had fruit/veggie chunks remaining at the stop of the blending cycle.

We went back and forth, should we get a blendtec or a vitamix. Our mates have a vitamix and we have been in a position to use them on quite a few occasions. We have some youthful small children that like producing smoothies on a every day foundation and the automation of the blendtec with the pre-programmed buttons marketed us. Also the truth that the blendtec has dull bladed alternatively of sharp actually created it attractive so our youngsters could clean up right after themselves and not stress about them chopping themselves on sharp blades. Another desirable aspect is the wildside jar, this issue is wonderful, we have under no circumstances had any problems receiving things blended. Frozen fruit, refreshing veggies, complete apples, carrots, kale, and so forth. We’ve only experienced this for about a thirty day period and we’re presently at two hundred blends (it retains track). If you like to keep items on your centre like we do for speedy entry, you can expect to enjoy the actuality that this suits underneath your cupboards, where by the vitamix is way too tall and will not suit under your cabinets. I very advise this blender.

Blendtec Designer Series Blender : Hassle-free Blending

Whole juicin at it’s finest. . My doctor told me she was pretty disappointed in my lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet. After research and sifting through all the pseudoscience, i was convinced that blending/juicing would be a good start to boosting my veggie intake. I purchased a ninja blender to start with. The ninja does a competent job blending, but isn’t able to get to a smooth drinkable consistency. It was more like a veggie fruit slurry that had unpleasant mouthfeel to it. My work around was to separate the liquid from the solids, by hand squeezing through a fine mesh bag. While this worked, there were some down sides:- it’s messy- it’s time consuming- missing nutrientsthe solution to this problem, was to invest in a blender that could do a better job of breaking down the solids into something more drinkable. I’ve been a fan of the willitblend content marketing, so i decided to go with blendtec over the other top brand: vitamix. With the same recipe, but with a shorter more efficient blend cycle, the blendtec is able to make “whole juice” that can be drank easily.

This is the most essential machine in my kitchen. I use it for raw smoothies, raw soups, raw ice creams, nut butters, kale chips dressings. I even make my dog’s raw food in the blendtec. Here is why i chose blendtec, this particular design, and this jar:* powerful motor – does the job right the first time and in the matter of seconds* dull blade – safe for your hands, for your kids fingers, and for your utensils* user-friendly programs and variable speed – makes my life easier and required just a minute for my kids to learn to use it* sleek design – easy to clean, good looking* relatively light base – the blender joins us for our vacation :-)* durable jar with splendid flow – only the thickest blends tend to stick to the walls and require a bit of scarping, but i got the twister jar, too. Some reviewers mentioned the blender tends to walk around the counter when blending ice. Just get one of those sticky dashboard pads, and put it underneath the base.

If you’re ready to up your blender game. This is quite the excellent blender, i have only begun to scratch the surface of what this thing is capable of. One thing to note, most of the recipes in the recipe book are written for a 4 side jar. Sure, you can just double most of the recipes like they make note, but the problem is you end up with a lot more than a single serving for one person. That’s just me nit picking, though. This thing is quite awesome. I love making almond milk in this. To you, the person reading this who is quite indecisive, i would say if you’re thinking about getting this blender, do it. You have to understand, in order to get the best performance out of this product, you have to follow all of the suggestions they give on the order you should add ingredients. Just use your head, and you’ll love this thing.

Look no more, this is the one to get, worth every penny. If you need a new blender, this is a great one to get. This is my second blendtec blender so i know a lot about this company because i have used my old total blender for over six years, almost everyday. I just bought this new designer series blender because my old one was making a lot of noise, i thought it would probably quit on me any day and i didn’t want to take a chance on being without my smoothies (very healthy eating) for even one day. This new one is even better, quieter and seems more powerful than the old one, not sure about that but i can tell you i’m glad i upgraded to this new one, it’s worth every penny. One more thing about this great company. As it turns out, i didn’t need to replace my old one because the container is the part that had worn out and was making all the noise. I only found that out when i tried out the old container on the new machine. The old blender is just fine but i’m keeping the new one because it is much nicer to operate and i do use it every day.

  • [UPDATED]Blendtec Designer Series vs Vitamix 5200
  • Believe the positive reviews!
  • The iPhone of blenders!

Blendtec Designer Series Blender, WildSide Jar – Black

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  • Commercial-quality 1,560-watt countertop blender with 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor
  • The control surface features illuminated, easy to read, universal icons that enable effortless selection of our signature blend cycles
  • BPA-free Triton Polyester jar with patented cold-forged wingtip blades
  • Includes Wild Side blending jar; secure-fitting vented lid; user guide and recipe book with more than 230 great tasting recipes
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty

I absolutely love this blender. For a while, i thought “what could possibly be worth spending $450 on??”. I bought an oster blender and was pretty happy with it, untill i decided that i no longer want to have chunky kale in my green smoothies. I did my research, mostly comparing vitamix to the blendtec and finally to select the model. I almost bought a used one for half the price, but it was a different model and color than i wanted. I figure that if i’m spending a lot of money, might as well be on something i love and hopefully keep for a very long timethe touch interface is very easy to use. The red color is this blender is very classy and modern looking. I’ve used it every day, so far, for green smoothies and soups. My one and only complaint is how loud it is. By the end of the “whole juice” cycle, i worry my neighbors may start knocking. I used to make my smoothies in the mornings, but i have a roommate and would feel terrible to wake him up to the sound of my blendtec. So be aware of this, it’s definitely louder than your average blender. Then again, it’s infinitely better.

I previously had a roommate that had a vitamix, it was such a pain in the ass to get a thick smoothie out of their jar. I recently moved into my own place, sans blender, and went shopping. My initial reaction was to get a vitamix, but then i read a few reviews and watched the blendtec youtube channel. Blendtec is a dream come true, not only does the auto buttons work great, but it’s so easy to get anything in or out of the big jar, and the square design does really blend better. I’m glad i took the time to evaluate the reviews, and i got this as an amazon warehouse damaged box deal, saved a few more bucks, it was ultimately over $100 less expensive than the annoying vitamix i was considering. If you’re stuck on the fence between the two brands, get a blendtec, because it will blend.

Three years later, this amazing piece of equipment is still going strong. As vegans, we love this blender. We make so many dairy alternatives with it–sour cream; queso; milk; ice cream; cheese–it’s great.My only complaint would be that, from time to time, the jars seem to leak at the bottom. I told the manufacturer about this though, and they sent me a replacement jar with no hesitation. A great product from a great company and a must have for any vegans that aren’t content with simply eating lettuce and tomatoes.

“how many times has this happened to you. “after i was married i bought my wife a kitchen aid blender thinking i was investing in a quality appliance. Our next blender was a cheapo oster, and though it outlasted the kitchen aid by several years, it leaked oil and never really pulverized the ingredients adequately. I considered the vitamix and even the ninja, but hated the fact that they can’t fit under an upper cabinet. “there’s got to be a better way”after much research, i found the blendtec, which had glowing reviews and an impressive seven-year warranty. Though there weren’t many reviews of the designer series model, i took a leap of faith, swayed by the more cleanable controls and claims that it is quieter and runs cooler than the total blender. “can your blender do this?”i wondered whether i was nuts for spending over four hundred dollars for a blender, but as i unpacked it from the box i could tell this is a quality machine. (as a bonus, it is mostly manufactured in the us.

This product is the most used appliance in my kitchen. I am so grateful for this product. We have made soup, nut butters and it makes the best green smoothies. We use it daily if not twice a day. Also blendtec customer service is great. The only thing i would improve on is a way to lock down the jar to the base. When making a nut butter, the jar lifted and it stripped the gear on the bottom of the jar. But blendtec’s customer service sent us out a new jar at no charge and without hesitation.

Believe the positive reviews. Although amazon doesn’t indicate it, this blender has been discontinued and is no longer available from blendtec. The current price of less than $400 is very good for this blender. —after several weeks of investigation and ‘stewing’ about the choice i chose this one over the vitamix for one reason only–it fits under my kitchen cabinets and the vitamix would not. In all of my investigations it was clear that both vitamix and blendtec were excellent vendors so the choice really did come down the height comparison, in other words, a personal choice. I am sure i would be equally happy with a vitamix as a blender. —i have had this blender, wildside jar, and the larger twister jar for about a month now. All i can say is wowi have tried numerous recipes. Salsa, almond butter, fruit smoothies, milk shakes, omelets, etc.

Great blender – handles, ice, greens and seeds with ease. We make smoothies every single day and this blender is perfect for blending up any greens we put in, frozen bananas (let’s face it, sometimes getting perfectly ripened bananas is tough) and mincing up blackberry, chia or hemp seeds. The preset cycles are a lot more convenient than i originally expected, but the pulse cycle does well once you get the hang of it (a little awkward at first). As other reviews have mentioned, the blender struggles a little bit with small volumes in the cup, but with medium to big batches it blends like a pro. The unit is completely flat around the base which truly makes cleaning an ease. A warm, wet sponge gets everything clean. The wildside jar is big enough that it’s a breeze to clean as well and as instructions say, a little soap and hot water and a few quick pulse cycles and that thing is sparkling clean as well. It’s probably overkill for what we need it for, but after a couple of dead cheapos, this and the 7-year warranty make it well worth the investment and a blender we intend to have for years to come.

Great product until it breaks. . Then the blade housing broke. 8 year warranty but broke in 3 years in with modest use, maybe once every week or two for smoothies only. When it’s working it’s fantastic and looks good too. It’s under warranty but every time i try to call in i get put on hold forever. Even called once at 4:15pm and was on hold past 5pm, when i believe the customer service office closes. And there’s an option to have a call back, which was not helpful. When you pay this much for a blender, you expect top notch quality service.

Blendtec is the perfect brand for those who want a blender that does a little more. . I was in dire need of a new blender, my cheap oster was not cutting it anymore, so when i found this one for such an amazing price i knew i had to jump on it. Let me first start by saying i was looking heavily at a vitamix at first, waiting for the right price, but instead stumbled upon this brand. I’ve had this blender for about 1 month now and it’s been a wonderful little work horse.I use it nearly daily (sometimes twice a day) to make smoothies, soups, and sauces without any problems. No need to blend again, first try yields perfect results every time. I love the touch screen, no more buttons to try and clean/dust. The pitcher is a great size, the lid fits snuggly and is easy on easy off. The best part is the entire until fits nicely on my countertop underneath my cabinets with plenty of room to spare. If you are looking for a good quality blender to use more than just occasionally then this is the blender for you.

I’ve only had cheapo blenders in the past that made it a hassle to blend anything. They couldn’t handle ice effectively, left lumps,and leaked. After getting this top of the line blender, i wish i had bought a great blender a long time ago. My husband and i are making one to two smoothies a day per person as part of our new healthy eating diets. Using the smoothie recipes from the negative calorie cookbook, the ingredients jar is large enough for me to make both our smoothies in one blend. So far, every bit of ice, veggie, fruit, and nut i have put in it has blended up perfectly without any need to stop the blender to tamp or stir. Now i look forward to using a blender in my everyday meal preparation. The blender costs a lot, but i feel it is worth it.

[updated]blendtec designer series vs vitamix 5200. My mom got a vitamix 5200 from costco about a month ago. Used it to make rice milk, strawberry-banana smoothies, butter, and peanut butter. I used it so much i started to consider getting a high performance blender of my own. About a week later, i ended up getting the blendtec designer series just to see which blender i liked better. Let me just say this review comes down to personal preferences and what you are willing to compromise on as both blenders are very good. You cannot go wrong with either blender. Both do the job just as well as the other. Pro’s vs the vitamix:- design.

This is not your use-once-in-awhile and tuck away for weeks kind of kitchen appliance. This is a serious purchase and i wavered long, saving the money before finally purchasing. If you are ready to go big, for the excellent powerful kitchen tool – this is it. I am very pleased with my blendtec – i use mine daily, primarily for whole fruit smoothies. As in put the whole cored apple, cucumber , mounds of spinach, etc. In and it is turned to a smoothie. I have also used it to make flours, and nut butters. I researched the top rated power blenders and even compared blenders vs juicers. Blendec and vitamix are both equally rated with similar warranties and amazing multiple uses.

I experienced made use of – and appreciated – the same oster blender for thirty several years having said that, my daily electric power smoothie regimen was starting up to experience like a good deal of do the job to the issue where by i was skipping it a few instances a 7 days. Just after looking through lots of assessments and product or service specifications i settled on the blendtec designer series with the wildside jar. It was like changing a thirty-12 months aged financial system car or truck with a model new bmw. Spot elements in the jar, established the jar on the foundation, drive the button, step out of the kitchen (it is loud), return right after 45 seconds to love a ideal smoothie. The jar could not be any less difficult to thoroughly clean, the controls are straightforward to use, the programmed configurations are comprehensive, the device slides below my cabinets and appears to be interesting, the wildside jar seriously can make a big difference in how uniformly the substances are blended and has a enormous ability (be aware that the wildside is not designed to use with modest amounts of ingredients). The blender does get pretty loud although jogging the smoothie program but on lessen options is quieter than the oster. My daughter, who has a vitamix, now covets my blendtec. It is really a wonderful equipment and is unquestionably really worth the funds if the blender is a greatly-made use of software in your kitchen area.

The dull blades make cleanse up a breeze devoid of obtaining to. I be expecting this to be the final blender i at any time buy. Until it blows up, which is always achievable. Efficiency wise, however, i am not hunting enviously around anymore. I considered i upgraded with the ninja (it seriously was an upgrade from the off the shelf versions of yore) but this one particular is top rated of the line. What bought me on this more than the vitamix was the simplicity of cleaning. The dull blades make clean up up a breeze with no having to be concerned about chopping myself or an individual who may possibly arrive at unsuspectingly into the sink (i essential to very clear a total blood circle for the ninja). Quick cleanse up signifies i really use this matter. It does are likely to want to walk throughout the counter in spite of it’s weight, but i am aged university and like to continue to keep a hand on the blender while i’m employing it anyway.

Great tasting, and i am getting so much healthier. Purchased this for my spouse for christmas, he tends to make fruit smoothies every early morning. I did not consider i would be utilizing it considering the fact that i have an immersion blender to make soup and i can’t get fruit smoothies, way too significantly fructose generating arrhythmia. Then i experimented with working with spinach with berries and citrus to make a veg/fruit smoothie for me. Excellent tasting, and i am obtaining so much much healthier by doing this just about every working day. I got rid of my juicer simply because it removes all the good fiber and the fiber’s vitamins. The tomato soup recipe i never care for. Most likely will need to roast tomatoes before they style fantastic as soup. It does warmth up the components, but i continue to want my soup hotter, but somebody else could like it. Only want it would knead dough, has everyone experimented with?.

Quite happy with this blender. Owned a vitamix right before and also liked that. Preferred to try a distinctive form when it came time to purchase a new 1. Immediately after reading through all the reviews and a little bit of on the web perusing, this one particular saved coming up. It is a bit loud as said, but i have it in a distinct place to mix so that i can shut the doorway if a person else is all over that could possibly be disturbed. After you’ve got employed it a handful of moments, you get used to it. The close end result is the shell out off. Beautifully blended smoothies, soups or whichever you may well be concocting with their enzymes in tact.

Well. Hoping the warranty is superior. I been given my blendtec in february fourteen, it’s now sept 14, so i have had 7 months of quite regular use, largely for a environmentally friendly smoothie in the morning. I observed it is quick to overheat when attempting to mix frozen strawberries or greater chunks of uncooked carrots, which amazed me supplied the hype about what this detail can do i have not built a one iphone smoothie with the thing. In addition, it is really spitting out black shavings less than the blender jar & is now struggling with even straightforward blends, and it really is gotten even louder (for all those of you that possess one, you know listening to safety ought to be recommended). I’m waiting to listen to back from buyer company not sure if it can be the motor or the blender jar, but either way i’m disappointed in it’s toughness given it really is gentle use. Most likely i just received a faulty 1?.

Fantastic searching & functional blender. Initial, i like the touch panel control as it’s easy to clean. Very wonderful, and was a person of the key good reasons for getting, alongside with the point i perceived this to be a high-quality unit. The other manufacturers out there are just hideous to me. I have experienced this for two yrs now and will focus on the functionally. 1st i have to say the only dilemma encountered as a result much is the wildside jar. My 1st lasted about five months or so with the trouble being a leaking bearing. To explain this better the bottom of the shaft/bearing started to ooze a black goo, which was in actuality the lubrication of the shaft bearing being washed out bit by bit immediately after a number of weeks. After loosing lubrication the bearing turned noisy of program since there is no for a longer period a sealed bearing with lubrication in it. Blendtec replaced it promptly. Now a year and a half afterwards the substitute is carrying out the identical matter (substitution on the way). I generally only use this about every a few times to make a batch of smoothies. Not what a single would think about large use by any implies.

Blendtec Pro 800, This is an amazing product. It’s one of the most versatile blenders

This is precisely what we have been on the lookout for in a blender. . I make uncooked nut butters with it with ease. The juices are excellent and the soups are awesome. I will not go again to other blenders. We make smoothies numerous situations for every day. My ninja iq blender did not very last and the price tag to swap is it not substantially distinctive than what the cost is to acquire a new blender immediately after contacting the guarantee division. We have gone via many ninjas. We have never tried any of the vitamix brand names.

The top of the line blender that’s quiet enough for your home. Tl;drpros:+quiet, enough for even people in live in apartments to not bother people. +powerful enough to make ice cream and soups. +pre-programmed cycles allow for true set and forget. +ability to add your own profiles online. +slider control is intuitive and easy to use. +weight allows unit to stay in place. +with lid closed, this unit actually fits underneath cabinets+10 year warranty. That’s right, this blender will last you for at least 10 years. Cons:-cost is pretty high, even considering cheaper options that work just as well (at the cost of sound, warranty, and profile settings).

Effortless to use and straightforward to clean. Every thing i envisioned and more. Quite, easy to use and easy to clean up.

Key specs for Blendtec Pro 800 with WildSide Jar, Black:

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    to make sure this fits.
  • THE WORLD’S QUIETEST BLENDER: The Professional 800 operates at a sound level that won’t interrupt. Housed in a sleek, sealed sound enclosure, it features the most advanced proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations anywhere, proving that industrial strength power doesn’t require industrial strength noise
  • ILLUMINATED, CAPACITIVE TOUCH INTERFACE: Illuminated display provides feedback, information, and time remaining
  • 6 PREPROGRAMMED CYCLES: Batters, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup
  • 11 SPEED TOUCH SLIDER and PULSE: For the ultimate precision speed control, the Professional 800 features an 11 speed capacitive touch slider. Users can blend to the perfect consistency simply by sliding a finger up and down the control panel. The pulse button adds a burst of high speed blending power
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Professional 800 motor base, One BPA jar WildSide jar with vented Gripper lid, and Blending 101 quick start guide and recipes

Comments from buyers

“works great for juices, AMAZING BEST BLENDER EVER, Best blender evvver”

Finest blender on the encounter of the world. Greatest blender i have at any time used. I continue to can’t consider how quiet it seriously is. Of course that is just one of the statements with this device and i even listened to it on a youtube video clip and when i received it and utilised it in my business, it is just so substantially quieter than i seriously even considered. We’re going to use it to make frappes and other beverages for my clientele and when they are here and i am doing the job with them, its heading to be so quite awesome to make them a frozen drink and not shake the office environment partitions and have sound disruption with this great equipment. I have a frequent blendtec at household and it functions good, but it is quite loud and this 800 pro blends better and faster and is just an all all-around significantly excellent equipment. I purchased it from the massive on the internet auction site for a really very good price reduction, but its really worth each penny of its retail value to me.

None far better-cannot listen to it-will make everything excellent-uncomplicated to clean.

Incridible blender, so silent, and blends smoothies beautifully.

Are unable to conquer the quietness, features and performance. Extremely advise making an expense in just one of these.

Just one of my new favourite kitchen instruments. Applied every day and just appreciate it.

The contact screen is so awesome. Only draw back is i am not guaranteed you can customize the buttons.

Tremendous tranquil and the smoothest drinks you’ve got at any time experienced.

Loving this blender for everything. The fresh brocolli soup is omg delicous.

Mixes anything up like seeds, nuts, cacao nibs, greens, ice. You identify it and does it devoid of any consumer intervention. Just press a button and it blends it. Also, quiet and really simple to clean up. I glance ahead to waking up early each and every working day and making ready a balanced good tasting smoothie.

It’s a single of the most multipurpose blenders. It’s a single of the most functional blenders we have at any time experimented with and we’re just stunned with it is electricity and construction. Aside from remaining this remarkable, you can purchase the full kit and, when you shut the glass box, you will never hear a thing.

The ideal blender is undoubtedly blendtec pro 800.

This blender wowed me straight away. As shortly as i took it out of the box, i could sense the bodyweight of a actual equipment. It is really gorgeous, incredibly substantially like a new motor vehicle on the showroom flooring. . It helps make super clean smoothies, even with raw spinach leaves, no items still left guiding. I’m on a liquid diet regime, so i experimented with minimize up hen breast with chicken stock, and bought a fantastic and easy soup that was incredibly hot plenty of to appreciate. Same thing with a pork chop and veg broth, wonderful and all liquid, as needed. I like the uninteresting blade simply because i am by no means scared of chopping my finger. The lid that closes around the blender is an outstanding sound dampener. The guarantee is unbelievable. I am so happy i splurged and acquired this product. This is a major [email protected]$$ blender.

The deal of this 1 is distinctive from the just one. The deal of this a person is distinctive from the a person i acquired from blendtec formal web page. The specification appears to be to be a photocopy. Is your items excellent goods?.

This blender is precisely what we have been wanting for. Quiet, impressive and easy to use. Functions terrific for smoothies and malts. It is genuinely speedy and entertaining to do.

The greatest blender i have at any time experienced. For sure, the ideal blender i have ever experienced. Will make whichever you want and the last products and solutions (juices, soups, mix, and so on.

May well be my finest obtain ever. This engages me with wellbeing like nothing else.

The 800 is a good quality blender, no dilemma, but at times it demands a very little support. At first, my spouse and i started off creating smoothies for two with this recipe:1 cup coconut milk4 tablespoons of brand4 tablespoons of protein mix4 tablespoons of chia seeds2 tablespoons of powdered greens1 clean banana2 cups of frozen berries1 cup of crushed icethis would make a fantastic and healthy smoothy. My strategy was to set the ingredients in the get listed above, press the icon for a smoothie, and walk away. The issue is that an air pocket types above the blade which stalls the unit. But the dilemma was solved with a number of adjustments:one. I changed the total of coconut milk from one cup to 1. I additional all the other elements except the crushed ice. I pressed the smoothie icon and ran it for 20-30 seconds. Then i paused the smoothie method (by touching the smoothie icon yet again), opened the lid, and additional the cup of crushed ice. I ongoing the smoothie course of action by touching the icon yet again and let it operate for 10-twenty a lot more seconds. A blendtec representative explained to me that after the blendtec is broken in that i may perhaps not have to have to insert the crushed ice as a next step–that i will be equipped to set almost everything in at as soon as. But i have not experienced the 800 prolonged enough to confirm that. A single other point: it is silent, really tranquil, which i enormously respect.

This is an exceptional, absolutely silent blender. I plan on paying for four much more for set up in the servants’ quarters. My petulant support sneak into the kitchen and make margaritas at night time, but they assert it is the garbage disposal when confronted about the sounds. With their own blendtec pro 800 with wildside jars to use, i won’t be woken up every single time one of them wants to escape from their dismal fact.

Very best damn blender in the environment bar none. . In the 1970’s, i owned a 5000 vitamix. In 2004 i owned a blendtec titan, which i considered the very best blender i at any time had. I regret i marketed it to a close friend. This pro 800 from blendtec is wonderfull. Made a fruit smoothie in the early morning. . Fluffy in fifteen seconds with no blackberry seeds tasted. I put four drops of dish cleaning soap and sixteen oz water, hit the button and jar is clean up. For dinner i put in 2 tomatoes, 2 carrots, 1 environmentally friendly onion, 1 clove garlic, some kale and a cup of veggie broth.

A must have for your kitchen. We have utilised it numerous instances from making infant food stuff to soup to margaritas. A should have for any avid cook’s kitchen this is an exceptionally peaceful and impressive blender.

I make smoothies quite a few periods a working day and occasionally, frozen fruits kinda trapped to its blades and does not mix. This only takes place if i place as well much ice in the unit, but can very easily solved by placing a tiny far more milk and shake it back again and forth. I have not attempted building smoothies with apple iphone, but i guess it will make a fantastic iphone smoothies no doubt at all.

Blendtec Classic 475 120V Blender – I love this blender.

I have desired a good blender for ages. I could not deliver myself to devote $four hundred. I have investigated both of those the vitamix and the blendtec. When i found this blendtec for $250, i took the plunge. I will list the pros and conspros:strong. Mixes veges into exquisite soup. Has really fantastic blades. They are dull but do a great work. But you can’t injure oneself which is a as well as for me. Blentec has researched their structure. You in no way need to have to force foods down toward the spinning blade like you do with a vitamix.

I have desired a good blender for ages. I could not deliver myself to devote $four hundred. I have investigated both of those the vitamix and the blendtec. When i found this blendtec for $250, i took the plunge. I will list the pros and conspros:strong. Mixes veges into exquisite soup. Has really fantastic blades. They are dull but do a great work. But you can’t injure oneself which is a as well as for me. Blentec has researched their structure. You in no way need to have to force foods down toward the spinning blade like you do with a vitamix.

Pretty happy i purchased this, so superior to my prior blenders, which ended up admittedly, significantly less costly but had to be replaced.

  • I love this blender.
  • My first “real” blender! I’m a grown-up now!!
  • Took a chance on refurbed Blendtech and it paid off!

This little quantity is receiving pummeled each morning and won’t flinch.

Makes great smoothies from fresh new and frozen fruit.

Features of Blendtec Classic 475 120V Blender

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  • The Blendtec Classic 475 is one of the most powerful and versatile machines available
  • Consolidates up to nine machines in one
  • Commercial-quality motor is one of the largest in the industry
  • Easier than ever to create healthy smoothies, snacks or treats in seconds

Its a blendtec it will mix anything at all very best blender at any time.

. Like some thing that conveniently chews up frozen fruit.

Its a blendtec it will mix anything at all very best blender at any time.

I’ve had it for above a 7 days now and it truly is working wonderfully.

I use it daily and helps make great smoothies.

Powers by anything i have put by way of it. Powers via everything i’ve place by it, easy and reliable smoothies and purees. A little loud but which is to be expected, it is really a blender. Blunted blades operate like a attraction. Do not assume to chop veggies with it thouh. Only criticism is that i want the overall body were metal and the pitcher glass for the price tag.

Took a prospect on refurbed blendtech and it paid out off. Took a possibility on a refurbed product and blender was delivered in perfect issue. I have been utilizing it pretty much daily generating soups, sauces, bread crumbs and frozen drinks. Even refurbed blendtech’s come with a 7 yr guarantee.

I have made use of the blendtec 475 for around a 7 days now. It performs outside of my expectations.

Makes great smoothies from fresh new and frozen fruit.

Love it and would say i’m officially addicted to balanced smoothies in just 4 months. It creates smoothies that are dreamy, easy and yummy. Thoroughly clean up and pouring are a breeze. Just go for it, it really is truly worth each individual penny for a correct experienced blender.

This is a substitute from the initial that i left with my roommate.

Fantastic blender and use it every day. Despatched a single to my son in grad school way too.

Powers by anything i have put by way of it. Powers via everything i’ve place by it, easy and reliable smoothies and purees. A little loud but which is to be expected, it is really a blender. Blunted blades operate like a attraction. Do not assume to chop veggies with it thouh. Only criticism is that i want the overall body were metal and the pitcher glass for the price tag.

Enjoy that it retains monitor of how several situations i’ve utilized it. Just about every blend has been perfect and cleansing is straightforward.

Wonderful value and fantastic blender – bought it for producing smoothies and have not experienced any issue.

High quality blending @ cost-effective price tag.

You could blend oak trees in this factor. . It appears like a p47 is running in your kitchen but it chops the crap out of factors.

I use it daily and helps make great smoothies.

BLENDTEC Classic Blender – This Blender Rocks!

Soon just after i acquired on sale, so sad.

They have to have no even further clarification. They want no additional clarification, they blend ipads.

Ideal deal for a blender out there. This is the deal you might be hunting for.

  • Amazing for smoothies; be cautious with thick mixtures
  • This Blender Rocks!
  • I love this blender
  • Great product with great customer service
  • great for anything from smoothies to grinding peppermints!
  • Amazing blender – smoothies in secs

Minus one particular star for the reason that the bottom thread is a bit rusty.

Features of BLENDTEC Classic Blender, Wildside Jar – Black

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  • Commercial-quality 1,570-watt 120 volt, countertop blender with 3 peak horsepower direct-drive motor
  • Includes WildSide blending jar
  • 8-Year manufacturer warranty, for in-home use in the USA
  • BPA-free Tritan co-polyester jar with patented cold-forged wingtip blades
  • The World’s most Advanced Blender

It is extra powerful, faster, less difficult to cleanse than other individuals we have experienced. I adore the capacity of the jar – a great deal even bigger than it seems to be in the photographs. It is early however, and we have not analyzed it substantially, but early indications are pretty superior. It conveniently powered by means of frozen bananas and fruit, blending to a sleek consistency. – the smoothie location helps make it easy, and is programmed with a speed variation profile intended to chop initial, then puree to a finer regularity. Just load the jar, push the button, stand again and boom. – the quicker velocity settings also get started slowly for a fifty percent second, then speed up to the programmed pace. I are not able to hold out to check it on various cooking responsibilities. This equipment is a bona fide functional kitchen area software.

Use it everyday, not just smoothies but even things like mixing pancake batter and other random things, cleans so simple and allot of pleasurable to experiment with.

I included walnuts to a strawberry, raspberry, banana, spinach, and vanilla yogurt mix.

I have had 3 blenders recently and i can honestly say this blendtec classic is arms down the best one. I primarily do smoothies and my other blenders would depart chunks or i had to preserve halting and thrust contents down in direction of blades. This pulverized the contents wholly.

It can be so very simple and does an exceptional work at what it does.

Obtaining switched from a ninja i am so considerably pretty impressed. This is impressive, and i never recognized just how badly my ninja functioned in comparison. My greens are a great deal greater pulverized in smoothies. I also appreciate the blade design and style so i no for a longer time have to fear about cutting myself (did very a several times hoping to clear my ninja). And the canister is pretty effortless to clean. I only would like there was a glass jar selection.

Each and every relatives should have just one.

As a very long time juicer i received weary of the time to put together and clean up utilizing a substantial stop juicer (breville). It also bugged me i am throwing allot of things away. Seeking to continue to keep my food plan wholesome i made the decision to give this blendtec a shot. The testimonials have been great and i did not want to drop further coin on a vitamix and the bullets and ninjas seemed like toys. I obtained a ‘refurbished’ blendtec that appeared brand name new. Right after a week of applying this blender on steroids i am by no means likely back again to juicing. First off the time to make a health and fitness smoothie is minutes and the clean up is considerably less than a minute – rinse it out and your done. This thing can take care of frozen fruit and carrots and kale are thoroughly obliterated into a healthful drink. The minimal recipe e-book is good and my children will drink anything at all i make out of it – they listen to that poor boy start up and they are in the kitchen area.

I’ve experienced it for a 7 days, i use it at minimum the moment a day. It obliterates greens into smoothies.

I employed a blendtec as a barista and have went as a result of many cheap blenders at property, ultimately purchased a blendtec so satisfied with it.

It can make a fantastic smoothie (frozen fruit. I experienced to give my mother back again her vitamix. So i debated getting the blendtec or having my own vitamix. 00 the blendtec was my decision. I have only utilised it for building smoothies with frozen fruit from costco. It makes a good smoothie (frozen fruit, coconut water that is about it. I have not ventured into including environmentally friendly stuff to my breakfast). It is super loud and you most certainly have to place your hand on leading of the lid before you start out it up–it will leap off the counter and the lid will for positive fly off if you you should not. That could not be the case if you are not making use of frozen fruit.

Astounding for smoothies be careful with thick mixtures. I was delighted to discover the classic blendtec here, exactly where it expenditures (relying on how it truly is priced any supplied day) around $200 less than the designer sequence. The high-quality is fantastic and will make the smoothest smoothies i’ve ever had in my life. My property smoothies are as sleek and gentle as kinds i get at juice retailers. Even blackberry seeds typically disappear in this spinach liquefies, and almond milk is just about wholly liquid. Be cautious: if you’re mixing up a thing thick, even a thick smoothie with frozen bananas, do not use the smoothie button or it will overheat. You will need to have to use the very low environment or pulse to make absolutely sure it blends correctly. But any typical consistency smoothie will mix up fantastically with the smoothie button.

My buddies liked mine so a lot. My close friends favored mine so a great deal, i purchased this one for their wedding day current.

The addirional jars are way out of. The addirional jars are way out of line for the cost,.

Wonderful product with excellent customer support. This is the second a single we’ve obtained. It’s a gift for a household member. Blendtec has great purchaser company. We contacted them for the reason that right after six several years of use the seal at the bottom of the jar started off to leak. I contacted blendtec by emailand defined the challenge. The following early morning i had an e-mail that a new jar was on the way. two days later on i was back in enterprise. I appreciate staying capable to just force the smoothie or soup button and it just functions i you should not have to keep an eye on it and keep altering like i did with the vitamix that it changed.

Wonderful for anything at all from smoothies to grinding peppermints. I use it pretty much everyday for environmentally friendly smoothies with greens, entire veggies and frozen fruit and it comes out silky easy. (even my husband, the supreme skeptic agreed)i have also utilised it to grain peppermints into powder to include to warm cocoa and it pulverized them with ease. This detail is virtually unstoppable*notice* blendtec recommends you layer your foodstuff as follows: liquids under, tender and room temp meals future, then frozen and really tricky objects on the best. I have discovered that this does assistance it get the job done with no finding trapped.

This blender is so powerful. The blade is thick and blunt so you will not get slice taking away it. I wish that i experienced gotten a person decades in the past. It has a detachable centre piece in the major that you can eliminate to place compact parts of foodstuff or ice in. The entire major is detachable also. I have long gone by way of so several less costly blenders that experienced rubber or plastic sprockets that wore out in no time. I assume this a single to final a very long time.

It does what it suggests and more.