BELLA 5-SPEED Centrifugal Elite Stainless Steel Juicer – ONLY BUY FOR FRUITS

Ok absolutely everyone, i come right here as someone who never beforehand juiced, but who, in the previous week, have done a good deal of exploration on juicers. I purchased this on sale for 80. 00 in order to make the juice i was purchasing each individual working day at a neighborhood natural and organic store up the block for seven. Sometimes up to a few instances a working day for a week. I wake up all-around 6 am and juice and then carry a juice to perform and in some cases have 1 right before evening meal. What i have located, right after my study, is that if you program on juicing a great deal, if you reside in a elaborate (like me), if you want to juice leafy greens. Initial of all, it will never juice spinach or any other sort of herb (think mint, parsley). It will juice kale, so if that’s all you happen to be on the lookout to do i guess its okay but it would make a ton of sounds. The opinions abut it creating a loud bang are place on. Not really a equipment to use at 6am. The other pretty actual problem is the decline of dietary price with a centrifugal juicer like this a single. Do buy this if you are not absolutely sure how you want to introduce juicing in your existence, if you you should not juice day-to-day, and you’re wanting to juice typically fruits. Really don’t get this if you are on the lookout to juice veggies, dwell in a elaborate where you stay carefully to other folks and noise is a concern. When you put this detail on large speed it can take off like its about to lift off. Overall: it will get the occupation finished, sure. But you can tell it wastes a ton of usable juice from veggies and fruits based mostly on the pulp, which means you will have to use a lot of veggies to yield the exact same amount of juice you might get from a masticating juicer (examine out the omega collection of juicers). I have carried out a facet by side of both of those the centrifugal and the masticating juicer and masticating juicer wins, the two in style and excellent.

I am not a ‘lifer’ – just began juicing for well being good reasons. I have nothing to review this to. But i can say for a juicing ‘virgin’, this equipment was uncomplicated to use, instructions were being crystal clear, tremendous simple to clean, and my first juice batch arrived out good. Other than i hate kale, even juiced with apples and other superior matters, so i couldn’t drink it all. . I did not want a cheapie juicer because i did not want to get discouraged. But i also didn’t want to crack the lender because i will only juice when a week or so (use up getting older create at week’s end). Over-all happyps- yes, i also watched ‘fat, ill, and virtually dead’ and right away requested a juicer. I experienced previously made other health/eating plan variations, so this would have been bought at some position. Super superior movie – observe it.

General good quality feels affordable, but, for the cash, its o.Here are the specifications for the BELLA 5-SPEED Centrifugal Elite Stainless Steel Juicer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A 1000 Watt motor produces extremely high speed and power giving you the ability to juice anything from stubborn hard veggies like carrots and roots to soft leafy greens with little effort
  • The speed control panel displays the most commonly juiced items by category to help you choose the right setting for maximum juice extraction. Includes 5 speed options to take the guess work out of juicing
  • Stainless steel blade basket with durable anodized cutter blades to extract the most from your fruits and veggies. The metal mesh filter quickly spins to separate out the pulp so you can enjoy nutritious, smooth concentrated juice
  • A large 3-inch feed tube allows for larger produce with minimal chopping or slicing, so you can enjoy healthy juice in less time. This also means you can get full nutrients from whole fruits or vegetables, seeds and skin included
  • All of the BELLA 5-Speed Digital Juice Station’s removable parts are dishwasher safe in the top rack to simplify clean up. Plus, the anti-drip spout prevents messy spills so you’ll have less to wipe up when you’re all done

It is really quick to clear and elegant. Simple to make juices of all types.

The bella 13990 5-speed juicer, stainless steel has attained three stars from me only for the reason that i’m emotion generous today. Had i reviewed it yesterday, it would have only gained two. I have owned and used juicers due to the fact early 1970 and this 1 is costly for the quality of the item. It’s actual physical style and design is like a wannabe breville, but it is significantly from breville excellent. The only point i locate deserving on this one is the suction cups at the foundation to protect against it from shifting around on a countertop. It is more difficult to assemble, disassemble and clean. The stainless steel surrounding the base of the unit reminds me of an outdated massive espresso can with the paper label taken off that has been polished. Glue residue lines the regions in which the metal is utilized to the plastic base. The plastic of all factors is lighter excess weight than the breville. I discovered the assembly instinctive, possibly because of my expertise using juice extractors.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love my Bella Juicer!!!
  • This is a great juicer. Nothing wasted

I also obtained this at focus on, and it was on sale, so i took the plunge. I’m new to juicing, so i am quite happy with this item. I’ve experienced it just about a week and i’ve utilized it just about every solitary working day, sometimes a lot more than when in a working day. I didn’t want to acquire a tremendous high-stop juicer if i was not going to stick to applying it. The orange juice by yourself is worth preserving it. Sooner or later i could possibly improve, as i get more proficient at generating mixtures, but this just one will work good for me suitable now. I am really shocked how considerably juice i get out of my make. 1 of the gains of juicing is that, with no a question, i get additional fruits and veggies in just one glass than i may well consume in a 7 days. It’s uncomfortable to confess my diet plan has been so void of true nourishment, as i have gotten absent from feeding on a lot of veggies, but now i can drink them, and conceal the taste by mixing in some fruits. Clear up is speedy, but i did close up purchasing a further nylon brush that is effective a very little much better.

This juicer can make it positively uncomplicated to build healthful meal replacements or morning juice optionspros:+effortless to work. I have it up and operating in just a several moments. Very tiny established up out of the box. +easy recommendations: the juicer included the options i essential to use primarily based on the fruits and veggies i required to juice. +i employed a plastic grocery bag to line the seize container leaving cleanup of the left above pulp tremendous straightforward. (do this)+over-all effortless to clear following juicing was finish. You pull the blade up, which independent the juicer. This leaves you with big pieces that are no issue to clean up. The only elbow grease expected was on the strainer display, and the bundled brush built that simple as effectively. +the juicer did a excellent task of extracting a highest total of juice.

Every little thing i was hoping for.

I read through by quite a few unsatisfactory testimonials and clearly several of them failed to examine the guide in advance of working with it. I myself checked it on youtube like how to function it and that served me immensely. I was skeptic but happy i acquired it. Took me less than 20 minutes to make reliable juice and thoroughly clean up. Yep, less than twenty minutes to make juice and clear. You just gotta browse things in advance of you use anything at all. But lots of of us have this instinct that a magical matter need to do factors magically. Very first handful of inserts was loud but following wards, i was cautiously pushing matters in and it was zippy flawless. Slamming or pushing tricky makes loud sound as if it’s gonna crack aside. This is a single wonderful juicer, far quieter than the 1 i utilized at my dad and mom location.

So if you’re hunting for a juicer that has a whole lot of output and some exceptional fresh new juice then the bella justifies your notice. Its significant mouth and high speed motor tore as a result of everything i threw into it. Primarily carrots, greens and apples. 2l potential container is a really wonderful addition. While in fact if you want to use it’s built in foam skimmer you will likely want to cease at 32 ounces. I experienced purchased a bottle of my preferred off the shelf carrot juice from bolthouse farms to review with my maiden endeavor at juicing. I should say that i am now spoiled by the style and a little bit thicker texture of refreshing juice. I was concerned that it would be as well a lot like munching raw carrots or bitter/foamy, but i located the taste to be smooth and a lot less watery than the shop acquired. I also juiced some apples and when i preferred it, i was not in a position to transform my 4 12 months outdated to the miracles of juicing.

I really like the bella juicer. The motor is potent and maintains the power by means of the entire juicing cycle.

Bella 5-speed centrifugal is a good and up to speed equipment. Juicing is superior and at its best with this product.

Soon after borrowing a jack lalanne juicer right before determining to obtain just one, i just assumed that extra watts usually means much more juice extraction energy. The pulp is much wetter from the bella, therefore, you are having a lot less juice than the lalanne juicer. Professionals: seems good, grinds conveniently, pace manage, simple to thoroughly clean, no resource wanted for basket elimination, hooded cup is great and helps prevent splatters. Drawbacks: mediocre juice extraction, can make a banging noiseit’s an okay first juicer, but i want i had expended an further $30 and received one thing a minor superior.

It juices total decoder apples. It will not splatter juice each the place like other goods.

Great juicer, uncomplicated to cleanse, make a good deal of juice, reliable design and style.

The hooked up video is the awesome bella 13990 5-speed juicer, stainless steel. At 1000 watts, this newborn makes the softest foamiest pure orange juice you’ll at any time consume. In the video clip, we made use of two oranges to make 12oz juice. The milky-juice was exceptionally sleek. This appliance would make a terrific xmas gift this 12 months.

I did some youtube exploration ahead of purchasing this probuct. Its a reasonably simple clean up up, as effortless as as one thing like this can get i supose. It surely tends to make some sounds, but not as loud as id anticipated. It feels heavy obligation, and has a pleasant seem to it. I have a number of bella kitchen area goods and have not been dissatisfied with its longevity ahead of, so i have superior hopes that with great care this juicer will previous me at least a great couple year.

Juicing every morning has improved my power level. The juicer is easy to take aside, thoroughly clean and assemble and seems durable. But it will not do a excellent career on some items. For leafy product or pineapple i would suggest likely to a person of the pricier designs. Not negative for carrots, beets, celery, tomatoes and citrus. It can toss items of some deliver off into the pulp container with a violently loud seem. It wouldn’t surprise me if that would result in hurt to one particular of the plastic factors at some point. On the entire i am happy with the purchase.

I really like this juicer, really operates effectively thinking of that it was rather acceptable as significantly as price.

Very little wasted, we use the juice for all the things from drinks to home made ice product. The pulp is used to make other foods these as breads and many others.

BELLA 13906 Waffle Bowl Maker : Inexpensive and great with easier recipe

I used boxed waffle mix and was happy with results. There is a need to experiment with batter, if too thick the shells do not crisp on bottoms. Fill with scoops of ice cream, fresh berries, etc.

I really like this little machine. After i read the recipes in the enclosed booklet, i was tempted to put the whole thing into a donate box or add it to a christmas gift box. There is no way i’m going to spend that much time and dirty several bowls plus a mixer to make a few waffle bowls. I’d rather just buy some than go through all that. So i searched a little for a simpler recipe and found one to try. It made tasty bowls, but too many of them. I gave some to my neighbor and plan to work on reducing the recipe. I found the outside edges of both bowl molds bake faster then the inside edges, so you really have to keep an eye on them to keep from burning the outer edges. They bake up really fast and work great for holding a scoop or two of ice cream, some pudding or fruit. The simpler recipe i used is:o 3 large eggso 3/4 cup granulated sugaro 1/2 cup butter, melted and cooledo 2 tablespoons pure vanilla extracto 1 teaspoon baking powdero 1 cup all-purpose flourdirections1.

This is soooo much fun to use.

Pretty red color, made in china (of course). Will give more information later, after using it. I bake 20 waffle bowls two days later. It has one problem, like uneven heating. One side already golden brown and other is not. When you open waffle maker to check your waffles, try to rotate them carefully, because they are hot and soft. Close the lid and bake more until other side is done. Check often, do not burn them. Remove waffle bowls, put them cooling rack , they still soft, make sure you shape it slightly with your hands to make it round, few seconds later , they will hard.

  • Inexpensive and great with easier recipe
  • works great, just use nonstick cooking spray!
  • I liked it and would recommend it to others

BELLA 13906 Waffle Bowl Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 2 waffle bowls or cookie bowls
  • Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • On/Ready indicator lights for your convenience
  • Delicious BELLA recipes included
  • 1 year limited warranty

Bought for a gift – i have one. We use them for little quiche like breakfasts.

It was quickly delivered and it worked quite well. I gave it 4 stars because the heating was not consistant. But that might be because i used my own recipe. I liked it and would recommend it to others.

Note: you have to let it heat up all the way, apply a nonstick cooking spray to both sides and then pour your waffle batter in for them to work. Sure they may be nonstick surfaces but if you do not do this you will have a messy broken bowl that is hard to get off. If you do this the product works wonders and the bowls cook in moments.

Grandchildren love doing this with nonni.

One recipe makes about 20-28 bowls, more than i can easily use at once, but they store well. I think one element in mine is out, so it doesn’t brown on one quarter, so i give it a turn and another few seconds, and they’re even all around. I don’t know if this is a peculiarity of my individual unit or a problem with all of the bowl makers, so i thought i’d pass on the easy fix. It takes about 3 minutes a pair, so making them ahead is the way to go.

This is just the right size for mini chocolate and banana cream pies very convenient to use for tea time treats.

It is a little tricky to get it to evenly brown (i did burn a few) once it has set i turn each bowl in its cup; they only take a couple of minutes to bake. I think once i get the hang of it i will be pleased they are definitely tasty.

Kinda tricky to get it down pat. I finally got the hang of it. Getting ready to make somefor a party this weekend.

Purchased this for mothers day. My wife and teenage daughters had fun experimenting making cups for ice cream sundaes. About the cost of a movie ticket, this was entertaining for nearly as long. I like the surface is teflon, so cups remove easily. The cups are approximately 2. 5 inches diameter at the bottom, 3 inches diameter at the top, about 1. Two cups cook in about 2 minutes. So the cups are not very big – they hold 1 scoop of ice cream and a few toppings.

A great happy birthday gift for paw paw who loves treating the grandkids to ice cream treats.

I’m not crazy about the mad rush you have to be in to grease it between each application of batter.

Cooked unevenly one side was crisp wile the other side was soft.

I you should not know why i love these specialty devices so considerably. I have so a lot of i experienced my son punch a gap under the stairs and set a door so i could store them. This is what it is, and i appreciate using it but it usually takes some having employed to. Premade pie pastry operates very good enough but you have to unplug it every so normally and give it a break if creating many batches. Also it won’t do perfectly with plain bread. I shredded potatoes so slender you could see via and tried that but i guess as well much drinking water in the potatoes due to the fact it did not do perfectly at all. Quite a few of these devices can adapt to creativeness, but this seems to emphasis on what it does no far more no a lot less.

Impulse acquire- mabe not worthy of it.

Just what i’ve been seeking. The recipe that came with it is wonderful and the minimal bowls serve multi-purposes. I’ve utilized them as ice cream cones, and as an attention-grabbing presentation for a hen dish i do that is similar to hen a la king. I’m guaranteed i am going to discover far more works by using for them. Heats up in a jiffy and cooks promptly.

For those people that have burning complications. Do not stick to the cooking time or the environmentally friendly mild. It only takes in between 1 min and one one/two min. The waffle is extremely skinny and will burn up swiftly. For those people that have sticking problems. Spray equally sides with cooking spray every time for the initial 5 or so bowls. So simple to use, but you do have to pay out notice. When it suggests to fill with one tablespoon, that is what it implies. It can take really minimal batter.

I acquired this for a father’s working day current, as my father makes a lot of handmade ice product and i believed he could get pleasure from waffle bowls to go with them. I’m providing the bowl maker 4 stars mainly because i definitely like the thought of do-it-yourself waffle bowls, but i’m honestly tempted to give it three. We 1st attempted to make the chocolate cookie bowl recipe that will come in the booklet, which was an complete catastrophe (though the batter was delectable). No make a difference how short or extended i cooked them, or the quantity of greasing accomplished, they have been difficult to get out of the cups. Would just crack into parts (i attempted at least a dozen occasions) and typically created a massive mess. I’m confident that particular recipe won’t perform and i’d advise to skip the inconvenience i went as a result of and use a distinctive one particular. Following going back to amazon and looking through some of the evaluations we made a decision to test the ‘simpler’ recipe that someone posted in their assessment. They did truly function and i was in a position to get them out of the cups (though no make a difference how considerably i greased the bowl maker they constantly stuck to the top rated and experienced to be meticulously eliminated). They tasted good and have been quite lovable. Even with the recipe that works, it was near extremely hard to get the proper total of batter into the cups.

Draws compliments from visitors.

BELLA BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker – Attractive Appliance

This slow cooker is so beautiful. The only thing is i wish that the handles weren’t plastic and i also wish it was automatic shut off, it just feel flimsy. Other than that, it is perfect. It’s big so i can feed multiple people.

Whilst it is really heavy it is incredibly effortless to clean up and is a fantastic dimensions for family meals. I did not want a good deal of capabilities and this is basic but pretty practical.

It delivers my food items to a boil and cooks a bit also promptly.

Even so it is very hefty so not a crockpot i will be working with for carry-ins at perform.

This is my initially serious crockpot. I needed a single since i function lengthy hours and i like the plan of obtaining meals completely ready for the household when i get property. Since it really is my 1st crockpot, i didn’t need (or even know about) auto shut off, or pre programming. I guess features like that would be great, but i am huge on aesthetics, and i really like the way this a person seems. So much, i’ve made use of it a couple times and it functions nicely. It truly is huge plenty of for my household of four, and isn’t challenging to clear at all. (but my spouse observed it for me for about $twenty five at kohls, just a heads up).

Would like to see configurations much better.

  • It will make non-cookers WANT to cook!
  • I love love LOVE this purchase!
  • Very cool looking.

This is incredibly good seems to be great in kitchen.

Definitely beautiful and it achieved my anticipations.

Just the appropriate dimension and high-quality.

It cooks hotter than other slow cookers i’ve experienced in the past. Warm truly ought to be low, very low genuinely ought to be large, and higher is actually. I perform about with the temps and every little thing i prepare dinner will come out terrific. It is easy to clean and really attractive. My preferred slow cooker i’ve had.

Purchased this in january 2017, and i’ve been making use of it pretty much two a long time. This is my preferred slow cooker so significantly. It is effective extremely effectively and the style is even attractive. I would like bella had scaled-down and identical layout and colourful slow cookers.

Features of Bella BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker, 6-Quart, Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for family-size servings (feeds 7+ people & fits a 6lb. Roast)
  • Off/Low/High and warm temperature setting
  • Slow cook meals at the ideal temperature
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and tempered glass lid
  • Removable stoneware pot for serving

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The bella slow cooker is effective like it really should, my only problems are that the wire is way to quick, and it would not have an indicator light. When i use this unit i have to go though to a great deal hassle plugging it in or use an extension cord. The light-weight point signifies that i can not walk away from the unit until finally i am curtain that its doing work thoroughly.

It’s very, but it cooks incredibly hot and the configurations have worn off. I now have to refer to a image to try to remember what the dial markers used to say.

I have been referring to my new crockpot as my ‘sexy crockpot’. I like the way it appears, and am proud of it when i choose it to group lunches.

This is my favourite kitchen crucial. I am not confident what i would do with no it.

I was dissatisfied with the top quality of the lid. It is, plastic and has scratches on it.

Is effective like a attraction everytime great even slow cooker.

Perfect for family-size servings (feeds 7+ people & fits a 6lb.

An great slow cooker for my chili, pigs feet, ham and cabbages. The color black goes great with my other appliances. I really like this crockpot and it cleans up nicely.

If this isn’t the most gorgeous crockpot at any time. I would generally place my cookware absent, off the counter but i appreciate leaving this out on display.I have only experienced it 3 weeks and use it at the very least 3 or 4 instances a 7 days. I like and like the traditional temperature knob.

She experienced preferred one and this one was just suitable for her.

Beautiful, massive, but have not made use of but.

It seems great in my kitchen.

I’m ashamed but i purchased this a person due to the fact of the structure.

Off/Low/High and warm temperature setting

Seriously preferred a white 1 will be again if it will come in back in stock.

The only matter lacking on this is a timer – other than that it is aesthetically wonderful and works completely. I like enjoy like this buy.

We have had quite a several slow cookers above the years and my wife obtained this one particular for work.

Desire is was not plastic although.

I purchased this to switch my aged one due to the fact my previous was hard to clean and this explained it was quick clean up. It is not uncomplicated to cleanse it is just as terrible. But i do like the cooking superior then my outdated a single. So just be prepared to scrub and scrub proper absent.

It would not have a mild but i can really feel it heating up.

It appears to be like incredibly large finish for the price tag and will work properly. I’m also happy with the dimension not much too major for the counter but massive sufficient to easily make adequate food for anyone. Mother liked it as properly so all people was happy lols :d.

Slow cook meals at the ideal temperature

I just like this slow cooker, it performs well and looks fabulous in my kitchen.

It really is not just pretty it functions good much too. Even on warm food items stays hot for hrs. Nonetheless waiting for the white slow cooker to arrive again in inventory.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and tempered glass lid

BELLA BLA13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker : Excellent one scoop coffee maker

I obtained this equipment october 2014. It is nevertheless functioning robust march 2017. I use it pretty much every single weekday. I can’t work out how a great deal funds i have saved about shopping for coffee at do the job cafe for $2 a cup, or coffee shop for extra. The everlasting filter is starting up to display a couple of very small tears, so i may have to switch to paper filters, as i will not see a way to obtain the long term filter basket on the net.

Update: i’ve had this almost two months now, and i even now love it. Cleanup is straightforward, the filter is strong (note my preliminary problems– i have had no challenges at all), the coffee preferences wonderful and it is very rapid. If you overfill the filter, the grounds will get into the reservoir. Using coarse grounds rather than fine allows prevent this. That reported, twice i’ve just rinsed out the within to eliminate grounds soon after i overfilled, and it worked like a appeal suitable absent. This is a workhorse equipment, properly-created. I was skeptical because of the low price, but this is a fantastic very little equipment. The coffee tastes greater than what i received from the keurig it changed. The filter is simple to cleanse.

Bella BLA13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compact design takes up little counter space
  • Permanent filter and brewing basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable drip tray is able to accommodate a variety of cup sizes
  • Pause and serve function
  • 1 year limited warranty

Following my coffee pool at operate determined to simply call it quits and our drug seller took his coffee maker back household i received this as its alternative and my coffee is constantly the correct measurement and often scorching when i want it. No extended am i at the whim of my coworkers watered down muck they phone coffee but relatively a more powerful brew for me to the stage i almost started drinking my coffee black. I have only one complaint (when insignificant) about the craftsmanship of the product. The aspect that pumps sizzling water on to the spout is connected to lid by way of a really flimsy piece of plastic, even though its pretty small, it seems like it will be anything that will crack off with frequent use. The future thing i really don’t really have an reply for is, what do i do if/when i damage the coffee filter. There are no replacements integrated in the deal and i presume the company expects you to acquire a further one. Just be pretty gentle with it.

If you happen to be applied to a keurig or other rapidly coffee maker, this will generate you insane. Requires about 5 minutes to brew a 14oz cup. It also will not have a timer to set it to start when you want it way too. It will get the coffee really very hot. This was an difficulty with my keurig, it did not get and keep sizzling plenty of. This can make the coffee boiling incredibly hot. It doesn’t want a extensive time to try to eat up. Transform the power on and it starts off (all be it drips slow). I just commence the coffee then go get dressed or do anything else for a couple minutes.

I live alone and like my coffee brewed one cup at a time and as opposed to the kuerig makers, i can adjust my energy.

Bella BLA13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker, Red : I’ve been using a one cup coffee maker (different brand) for years. First one broke, second one still going but it never brewed a full cup without leaking water into the cup after filling it so i’d have fill with a partial cup then put more water in after it finished the first round. This showed up as a lightning deal on prime day, figured for the price it couldn’t hurt to try. And i’m so glad i did, it’s been perfect.I can get a full cup to brew the first time and the design is perfect, allowing you to raise the bottom for regular sized coffee cups. And it’s attractive enough to not be embarrassed about leaving it on the counter. Also i find it brews faster then my old one and the coffee comes out hotter. Even without the lightning deal, this is still cheaper then the original brand i was using. If you are in the market for a one cup coffee maker, your search should end here.Out of the hundreds of dollars of products i purchased on prime day this was the cheapest and most rewarding purchase.

Brought this into the office these days. My coworkers and i are pretty pleased with this coffee maker. The coffee arrives out pretty incredibly hot and not watered down.

I appreciate this one scoop coffee maker. It is uncomplicated to established up for a cup of coffee. The only disadvantage is that the coffee maker burns out just after five to six months due to incredibly really hard h2o with a ton of minerals. Cleansing the maker with vinegar as advisable by the producer makes no big difference. I examine a large amount of evaluations about this coffee maker on target’s web page right after the bella maker burned out the to start with time soon after only a month. A whole lot of the proprietors of this maker reported that their maker burned out proper absent, or a number of months later. I took the bella maker again to target and they changed it with a new one. The substitute lasted about six months. I just procured my existing bella on amazon for $15. 88, and that incorporated prime delivery. We just been given it yesterday, and it is functioning terrific. 00 for the initially bella maker at concentrate on. 00 just about every 6 months or so for a one scoop maker, we can manage that. We had high-priced keurigs, and they only lasted a calendar year or a little more time. Our challenging drinking water caused the high-priced machines to burn out much too.

BELLA 14012 Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, I love these the color is perfect for my kitchen

Will work fantastic lets me to prepare two unique flavors of bbq at the same time.

Pretty pleasant merchandise takes a small bit longer to warmth 2nd cooker, but performs in an exceptional fashion.

Fewer expansive and just as economical as identify brand name products appreciate getting ready to use just one or all 4. There is just me and i like to get ready my meals i had of time. Sooner or later i may perhaps go ahead and buy two a lot more as this can be employed up to six.

Key specs for BELLA 14012 Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2.5Qt Capacity
  • Individual temperature settings: off/low/high/warm
  • Recessed handles
  • Interlocks with other units sold separately
  • Stoneware pot with spoon notch to rest spoon for serving and includes 1 metal lid rest

Comments from buyers

“Great looking, functions well, but a few silly flaws and questionable quality, Need another power cord, Great for all those Foody Get-Togethers”

Bought these to match my 5qt bella & they a good size for sides.

Measurements are great for two-six persons.

What is the black spring loaded part on the facet and i do not have an house owners guide.

I bought these as a gift for my mother for christmas she loves them they attach easily they stacked together for easy storage and she loves using them as singles or together perfect thank you.

I made use of four of these collectively for a nacho occasion and it appeared stunning in crimson. I actually liked that it only took 1 plug for all 4 units to prepare dinner and keep warm.

Love them for the rate, nonetheless have not utilized them still.

This item is discontinued so i was explained to they will not have substitute components for this merchandise readily available when i contacted the manufacturer. The plug is a special style that i was unable to locate else exactly where. I ended up possessing to invest in far more models just to get a electric power cord.

Really like these, use at minimum 1 all the time. Used all five more than the vacations great product.

These perform completely on your own or joined with each other. The unit has a steel piece that is removable on the back again so when you are having your foods out you can sit the lid on it. Not needing to put it down on a counter. Extremely effectively created nice excellent development. The only destructive issue i can say is on the dial there is only an indentation to mark if you have it on lower warm or off. I promptly solved that by putting a little little bit of white out in the indentation and that is operating correctly. These are available in diverse dimensions. I have bought lots of bella items and i have constantly been completely happy. Normally a great price for wonderful high-quality.

Awesome item my mom loved them.

We experienced been wanting for this product for a lengthy time. We have tw far more that arrived as a pair but we lost the ability wire. So if you know exactly where we can get a substitute, we would appreciate it if you would enable us know where by due to the fact we are still in want of a further relationship.

Fantastic good quality and great product or service .

Great merchandise saves time and foodstuff.

I love these the coloration is ideal for my kitchen area. Their just the appropriate size for tiny meals for my partner and i. Perfect for preserving aspect dishes or dips heat when the household and good friend come above.

I get compliments all the time on these hook jointly take up considerably less house in counter top and free fantastic.

Did the task they have been bought to do.

Ordered 3 of these for tremendous bowl 2014 and have employed them several times due to the fact. Worked completely and tends to make entertaining considerably much easier.

The only point weakened was a lid. There are small glass parts in the metallic casing exactly where it is chipped. Is it feasible to just return the lid and get a new one particular?.

I’ve applied this various times and appreciate it. They hook with each other for cooking as nicely as easy storage.

5 quart is a perfect size for these. Could have easily been a 5 star item. Seems that bella has cut a few penny saving corners with a large impact on the quality of the item. Love the way they link together and stack. The lids lock in the holder nicely due to the cleverly designed groove in the lid handle. Control knobs are cheaply constructed of light plastic with too much wobble and the feeling of low quality in the connections behind the knobs. More solid knobs should have been used. The packaging now shows a white indicator mark on the control knobs but there is no colored marking on the actual knobs. Bella is seemingly too cheap to replace the unmarked knobs on their inventory and is instead shipping out the old inventory in the re-designed packaging which clearly shows the white indicator.

Bella BLA13973 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker : Great slow cooker! A great value, and a big step up from the tried-and-true Crock Pot, especially for someone who uses it a lot!

Gave this as a reward to my sister and she definitely enjoys it. She utilizes it all the time, and not only can she cook dinner meat until finally it is fall-off-the-bone tender, but she can then make stews and other things appropriate in the exact same pot. I would ask her to do the publish-up, but i’m worried she would drone on for several hours about how wonderful this unit is. So if you have the outdated faculty strain cooker (like she had), you owe it to your self to get this pot. Or, it you want to make points with a loved just one, get them this device ‘just because’ and you are guaranteed to make factors. Saw this pot highlighted on a ‘disjointed’ episode, and it cracked me up on what it represents.

I like it–just would be wonderful if there was a way to correct a couple practical troubles, but total, it is effective fantastic, and is a amazing addition to my kitchen area. I did a good deal of research prior to obtaining this, and i really feel it genuinely is nicely well worth the dollars–a lot a lot more so in all probability than a lot of many others out there that are either a lot more high priced but don’t have any improved options, or other less expensive kinds that you will burn up your self on, burn up your food stuff in, have problems cleaning, and so forth. Adore that the crock can be utilised on the stove (nevertheless initially did not feel it was a large offer when shopping close to). I most just lately used it to make my do-it-yourself hen soup from scratch. Put chicken thighs in the pot on the stove, seared them. Included greens, sauteed them to bring out the flavors. Added water/stock, heated it up swiftly on the burner (normally takes for a longer time in the crock). Extra my herbs & set the complete point in the cooker, then topped off the liquids (had stored them minimal for risk-free carrying to cooker). Turned out i was able to make my soup in about 1 one/2 several hours this way, as a substitute of various hours in the cooker by itself, and anything was splendidly tender, and i could leave it by itself properly alternatively of executing just stovetop cooking. Have also had my soup spill when transporting it for potlucks, and many others.

BELLA BLA13973 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Polished Stainless Steel

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Easy to create healthy, great-tasting meals with meats, vegetables, and grains. The stoneware pot provides plenty of space to assemble ingredients hours before you plan to eat
  • Large 5QT capacity can prepare meals for up to 5 people making it perfect for families
  • Slow cooker can operate at the low setting all day or night, meaning you can put ingredients in the pot in the morning and come home at the end of the day to a fully cooked meal
  • For easy cleaning, both the pot and the tempered-glass lid are dishwasher safe
  • Slow cooker uses less energy than your oven, it’s an Eco-sensitive choice

This bella electrical pressure cooker does everything you’d hope from it, from browning in the pot to slow-cooking to the serious cause you would want this, super-rapid large-pressure cooking. Though the bella is effective nicely, it really is not as strong — or as costly — as the instantaneous pot. I’ve owned 3 different electrical stress cookers, and none has occur with recommendations specific sufficient for the beginner. This bella tension cooker is no exception — and the manual may even be even worse than average. If you are new to pressure cooking, it would behoove you to do a minimal investigation on line to comprehend some of the terminology — for instance, the difference involving organic strain release and rapid release — and to obtain much better recipes than the couple of contained in the manual. For me, somebody who has employed tension cookers, the actual stress was the absence of instruction on how to disassemble it for cleaning and which parts could be eradicated. For case in point, it states to make guaranteed that the within lid is attached but not how to do it. Bella has all the basic safety steps in put. The lid locks when strain within is superior, so you will not be in a position to clear away it and threat severe personal injury, and it would not blow off. The force valve is a little wonky on mine.

I like slow cookers, and i have a primary crockpot. But each individual at the time in a whilst, i would like to make two slow cooker recipes at the same time–like, an entree and a dessert. So when the bella slow cooker grew to become available on vine, i asked for it. I produced a pot roast with the mccormick slow cooker seasoning bundle, which is rather basic. I slash up potatoes, carrots, celery and an onion, applied a three pound roast, and poured the seasoning combine with h2o above it all. I established the timer for four hrs on superior, and this evening, my household and i sat down to a scrumptious meal. I selected this clear-cut recipe to remove variables that may well have an effect on the end result. As it turned out, the bella does precisely what the producer statements. The aspect acquired very hot quickly, stayed sizzling the full four several hours, and then kicked down to warm.

My spouse desired a pressure cooker so i did some study prior to acquiring. She required the quick pot brand name which is obviously the most well-liked but it was not readily available at the time. I seemed at a cuisinart future but it was also not out there. This was my 3rd preference as i was concerned about high-quality with a gadget that has incredibly hot steam beneath pressure. Following reading other testimonials i decided to order this brand. I had acquired bella blenders beforehand which were being well created. This tension cooker seems to be of great high-quality. All of the elements suit together well and the guidance were very clear and simple to use. My wife used it to cook dinner meal not too long ago and it labored nicely and swiftly. Although it can be probably not as awesome as the quick pot manufacturer it will not value nearly as substantially either.

BELLA BLA13973 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Polished Stainless Steel : Unbelievably efficient, easy to use, easy to clean, and inexpensive. I use it at least a couple of times a week and got it on sale for $39.

I like the actuality that it can be programmed and after cooking it goes right to the warming manner. It really is made it so easy to prep a meal on one particular night and put the detachable dish into the fridge and as i leave for operate the following morning, just transform it on and come residence to a great meal.

I previously have a slow cooker, but i wanted a next one for cooking sides in it. It is nice to have a single for cooking a meat dish, like a roast, and a further device to cook dinner something else, like macaroni and cheese. That was a person of my ideas for this slow cooker. I also am the only vegetarian in a family total of meat eaters, so i ordinarily cook a second supper for myself. This permits me to established and ignore not only what i am cooking for them, but for myself as well. This is nice mainly because it is big, and it holds 5 quarts. 1 of the things that helps make this unit superior to my other slow cooker is the simple fact that you can method exactly how lengthy you want it to cook dinner for. My other unit only makes it possible for you to set it for 4, 6, and eight several hours. The configurations are only on very low or significant. This calls for you to possibly have your food stuff be underdone or overcooked, at least it’s been that way in my working experience.

The one star fewer is indicative of the cooking guidelines becoming not exact. For a frozen chicken breast, it suggest pressure cook of fifteen minutes, however, it normally takes about 30-35 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, it is an awesome equipment in the kitchenupdate : now i have utilised this for pretty much three months, and it is rather a great deal the only cookware i use on a each day basis. I use it to make all the things that i typically would use the stove for, but at significantly less than 50 percent the time.

This slow cooker lived up to the wonderful reviews. I purchased it for a family members collecting, because i necessary a greater a person than i had, and it was an fantastic obtain. I utilized it to make pulled pork, and the 8 lb. Pork butt (bone-in) simply suit the cooker. I did not brown it on the stove leading, but that appears to be like a great aspect. I set it to cook dinner overnight, and when i received up in the early morning, the pork was slide-apart tender, and the bella experienced instantly switched to the heat location, which is likely why i failed to have a problem opening it. The gasket would make a terrific seal, though. To me, this slow cooker was effortlessly really worth the cost.

I was exceptionally satisfied with this crockpot at 1st. I adore that the lid locks and is also detachable. Remaining able to use the inside crock on the stove major is an unbelievable element- beef stew has grow to be exponentially far more efficient. It is also simple to clear and isn’t really significant like most crockpots i’ve had. As well as, the timer feature is truly practical. No a lot more stressing about rushing dwelling from do the job so my dish will never be overcooked. One particular glaring negative for me is the point that i have only owned this crockpot for 4 months and the coating on the interior crock is by now chipping off. This is a offer breaker for me. I’m not heading to probability acquiring flecks of chemical coating breaking off into the food items i serve my family. It’s as well late to return this so i am making contact with bella myself to see how they plan to resolve this.

I had a bella crock pot and beloved it. Unfortunately, i dropped it and put a quite big dent in the outer skin. So big that the liner would no extended healthy. So i experienced to say excellent-bye to my nice crock pot and seem for a new one. I uncovered this 1, but was hesitant to buy it since i never ever experienced a searing crock pot ahead of. I can actually say that i enjoy this a person far more than the preceding just one. The liner is incredibly light-weight, so it really is effortless to lift out. It cleans up conveniently and i seriously like the searing choice.

Anything appears ok with this other than the lid where it hinges. It is a plastic hinge, which is fine, but the steel rod inside of the plastic that triggers it to hinge won’t have any provision to hold the rod from sliding side to display within the plastic. What that means is, if the rod slides to much too one side within the plastic, the hinge breaks apart. The lid is hard to shut if you use downward pressure only. Having said that, if you spot your thumbs on the latch/address and use your index fingers to snap the lid and the, ‘base’ together, it really is much easier. You can expect to have to experiment with what i am declaring.

I have utilized this a ton due to the fact i bought it. Best way at any time to challenging boil eggs, one cup water, set in a steamer bowl, on a trivit. 7 minutes on manual stress, release stress and plunge into ice drinking water. Have accomplished pot roast, corned beef chicken, hen wings from frozen, you identify it. Really straightforward to cleanse the removable inner pot. Cant hold out to try extra recipes. I have utilized a conventional force cooker for many years. This a person is so silent, i rarely know it is running. Great cost in comparison to some of the other pots out there.

I appreciate how rapid i can cook dinner beans (even when i have not pre-soaked them), chili and stews, and they keep heat until eventually i’m ready to provide. I use it on the shortest time for rice and risotto. Saves me so a great deal time with brown rice and quinoa. I wish the cooker had occur with a greater established of recipes, the owner’s booklet only has a several in it. Nevertheless i can constantly locate a new recipe to consider on-line.

Performs just wonderful, terrific for soups and stews. Only challenge is the uncomfortable smell it will make when cooking.

I was pretty intimated when i opened the bundle even though i have applied common stress cookers in the past. So i examine my booklet and recipes, washed the device and saved it in the cupboard. About a 7 days afterwards i experienced a evening meal crises and experienced to have hen in a hurry. Timid and skeptical, i googled how to cook frozen rooster in a hurry. Lengthy tale quick, i experienced frozen rooster, thawed, cooked and on the desk in under thirty minutes. Now, i use this jewel each and every prospect i get for roasts, chicken, pork, stew, soup, every little thing. You can even brown and sauté meat and onions appropriate in the identical pot. Really do not know how i lived without having it.

I had a bella slow cooker right before that had a locking lid. The stoneware cracked (from switching temp as well rapidly) so i acquired a crock pot to switch it and it was horrible. Boiled my roasts to a rough inedible mess. I finished up offering it absent so i bought this just one hoping it would work as well as my to start with bella cooker and it does.

I definitely love this crockpot. It is really great dimensions for a loved ones of 6. The programmable portion is great. I have had other crock pots in which you just set the temp to substantial or small, set it and ignore it, with this, i was ready to make a recipe and place in a unique sum of time.

I bought it to replace an previous crock pot (you know the classic fashion just one with the independent griddle tray) that i believed i loved until finally i obtained this. This is so effortless with the distinct configurations. I never ever be concerned about leaving anything at all in there too very long, nothing has burnt. I now make my stock and bone broth in this as an alternative of the stove leading mainly because there isn’t as much reduction and i can trust leaving it alone all working day or overnight. I also like that it switches it to ‘warm’ later on so you really don’t have to be concerned about your meals finding chilly and getting to be unsafe to consume. The only consideration is the lid gasket is pretty challenging to get thoroughly clean. There have been various situations i believed i’d washed it throughly, only to continue to scent the former meal on it afterwards.

I like this pressure cooker, but i desire i had acquired an instantaneous pot. The only issue that has arrive out productively so significantly in my bella pressure cooker is boiled eggs and they peel pretty quick. The two situations i have experimented with meat in it i experienced to set it in for a lengthier amount of time for the reason that it was not cooked through.

Cooked an complete hen in beneath 30 minutes and has so many additional works by using than just force cooking. Simple to thoroughly clean and run, without having the weird wobbly steam vent of the outdated faculty pressure cookers.

Bella Triple Slow Cooker and Buffet Server – Wonderful for entertaining

I have cooked numerous foods considering that acquiring this final week. It was a joy cooking two tiny different roast at at the time (beef & pork). I also steamed potatoes and corn on the cob when cooking my roast. Have cooked dry beans, greens and candied carrots at one time. This slow cooker receives incredibly warm. It does choose up a whole lot of counter area. I am just pleased that i can cook dinner more than (one) major dish at a time. The warm function is wonderful also. I was truly stunned at how much food items just about every pot will keep. So glad i did not buy the one.

This crock pot is remarkable, i have utilized it so numerous instances, ordinarily i have all 3 crocks likely but on event i use only just one or two. When my family members will come for dinner, i place most every thing in crockpots, it will make an uncomplicated meal. Appreciate it, bought my daughter a single for her birthday.

I enjoy this triple slow cooker. I am a crock pot fanatic and have employed this considering the fact that thanksgiving getaway. It cooks wonderful and the lid holder is an included additionally. I have a inclination to test and fill the pot in entrance of me. Resulting in tons of wasted food in a six or seven quart crock pot. This is a excellent dimensions for serving a crowd.

  • A great product for the value
  • This unit was the best thing I have ever used to serve my Thanksgiving

My sister owns an ice product parlor. She makes use of it for distinctive scorching flavors. So far they are best for the work. Nicely manufactured and presents alone effectively.

Acquired this for a new year’s bash with 25 adolescents. We did a taco & nacho bar: crammed the center crock with cold, canned nacho cheese (which did heat up nicely on significant, with some time and regular mixing), and the two facet crocks with taco meat i’d cooked on the stove (established to heat). The cooker appeared good on the buffet and retained all the things scorching and delicious for quite a few extensive hours, stirring each individual so usually. The lid handles were being what genuinely drew me to this system, and they are so darn handy (so attendees usually are not location lids down awkwardly, dripping condensation all in excess of the other food items). Also, so happy with the spoon notches on the edges of the crocks, so you do not need to choose up added worthwhile counter space with spoon rests, nor have spoons remaining in the crocks with lids ajar (which dries out the food stuff and decreases temperature). Mainly because it truly is a cooker with unique temp controls, i am searching in advance to thanksgiving, or just typical weeknight meals and scaled-down gatherings, exactly where many sides can be cooked and/or held heat. Or potentially 3 distinct versions of a slow-cooker breakfast casserole, all at oncemy two insignificant wishes are:#one – that the controls/dials ended up a bit additional visual in nature. A) there is no indicator on the dial (notch/line) to know where by the dial is established (you want to flip it all the way remaining or all the way proper to know ‘where’ you are as a starting issue). B) there is no gentle to enable you know the electric power is on/doing the job, similar to an outdated-fashioned slow cooker (need to have to wait and contact it to make sure it is truly on). #two – that it experienced some kind of storage scenario or go over.

This device was the finest matter i have at any time utilized to provide my thanksgiving evening meal. You can continue to keep foods at many person temperatures. Serving yourself out of the crockpots was uncomplicated. The lid holders make certain any drinking water condensation falls again into the crockpot. We are considering of the several meals we can provide now at xmas and all the family vacation meals. Thoroughly clean up was the dishwasher for crocks & lids. Dimension was great for my substantial family members. Holds 5 lbs of the food product.

Bowls are scaled-down than i imagined but this puppy dog does the occupation just wonderful. Far far better than the buffet hotter i also bought. This is truly a established up and wander away solution. Suggest it for anybody hunting to entertain massive crowds.

Have observed them use it again and once more.

I have gotten lots of compliments on it at different situations. The crocks are a excellent dimensions, and the merchandise performs effectively and cleans up nicely. Just about every crock has an indentation for a utensil, so you can address it with a spoon held in area. It is also designed to maintain the lids at the rear of the crocks through buffet design and style serving. The only detail that i will not like about it is that it does not have any indicator gentle to validate that a crock is on. I like to know it is doing work. The price is ideal, so i forget the mild concern and that it is manual selection without the need of any time functions.

These bowls are way smaller sized than i imagined. I barely healthy twelve meatballs in each and every dish. I was serving firecracker chicken meatballs, about 1 bash pack dimensions of lil smokies w/bbq sauce and 12 italian meatballs w/1 big jar of sauce. They ended up all pretty total–thankfully, it labored out, but man was i apprehensive they wouldn’t fit.I can’t consider a buffet any smaller than this a person. But all in all, this sucker is very amazing. And the lid rests are rather magnificent as effectively.

Great sized specific crocks. Fantastic for holding meals warm for individuals straggling attendees. Device worked well and the lid holders have been uncomplicated to use and truly labored effectively. Very good selling price and appears after two works by using to be a superior good quality device.

Functions good has a good temperature array no matter whether cooking or warming.

I decided to publish a critique for two good reasons. Initial, this is the greatest point at any time to serve a crowd. So much so, i am pondering of purchasing one more a person just to have a backup. Secondly, some of the responses to the frequently asked questions are incorrect, incomplete or just plain ignorant and i desired to established the report straight. Enter the ‘is this a slower cooker or just reheater’ question. The merchandise is identified as bella triple slow cooker (my caps) – indeed it is a slow cooker – it really is like 3 two. 5qt crock pots – and sure you can prepare dinner a few distinct things at 3 diverse temperatures. The knob configurations are warm, lower, medium and significant for each and every crock. I am so mindful with this for the reason that it is valuable to me, so i have not broken everything and know absolutely nothing about replacing anything at all. The lid holders are heavenly and it also comes with a few servers that you can go away right in the crocks when it can be time to provide.

I use this all the time for every gathering. I do different types of nachos.

So hassle-free owning 3 diverse dishes, just the right dimension way too.

It worked fantastic for preserving foodstuff warm. No additional positioning lids on the counter and making mess. If the specifics failed to say stoneware i’d say they are enamel covered cast iron they are so heavy. A person critique, the wire is limited if utilizing on an kitchen island. I want the warm was just a very little hotter.

We got this for my mother in law for christmas. It is rather large, so storage must be considered, but this thing is really cool. The compartments are large and can be put into the oven.

This was a reward to my daughter and i haven’t gotten any opinions from her nonetheless but it is extremely weighty responsibility and appears to be effectively developed. I like that every single pot has its very own temperature regulate. I like that the lids can be propped open up for serving, and that it has developed-in spoon rests. Likely to be buying one for myself at some stage.

Great idea, but this unit does not keep food warm – more tepid than warm – and those lid holders are cheap looking and do not fit in place.

Is effective well and created my buffet evening meal great. Every single pot has it is really own management and pots are a very great dimensions.

I recommend this product or service full heatedly. The new smell took longer to get rid off than instructions said but as soon as long gone this product is excellent.

Shipped when mentioned and amazing with parties and serving various dishes preserving them heat and tasty. Thanked my close friend for recommending this buffet server to me.

Our frantic each day schedules use to have us creating meals all several hours of the evening, but now we can make a meal and let it heat for all until they are all set to consume. Also terrific for days when our teenage boys have close friends over. We can keep simple taco fixings warm so they can take in any time they want.

Bella Ceramic 10 : Great Griddle for those on a budget

Recieved this as a gift and i love it. I’ve used it every morning for about a week and it’s been awesome every time. As you can see from the picture, i cook a full breakfast on it, all at one time, and it all comes out great.It heats up super fast, the non-stick ceramic surface works perfect, and clean up is easy. Drip tray works great, doesn’t leak. Best part is having a full breakfast ready in 15 minutes flat (from turning the griddle on to sitting at the table) and clean up taking less than 3.

Very good for the money , heats well, hotter on one end than the other but still ok.

I haved used it many times (at least 20 times). It seems to cook really well with even heat. The thing that i love about this griddle is how well it cleans up. The cooking surface still looks brand new. You have to put a little effort in it, but it is worth it. I run hot water over it while scrubbing with a plastic scrubber for maybe a minute. If any residue is left i sprinkle with baking soda while it is still wet & let set a few minutes.

I purchased this item at walmart. I cleaned the item with soapy water dried it and turned it on to test with a breakfast of bacon and eggs. The surface is extremely slippery. I did not notice any sticking. You are instructed to not over heat as per item you are cooking. The heat was even and heat up was quick. This item comes with a 2 year warranty. This griddle replaces a teflon coated griddle with surface loss. So far, i would give this item a 5 star rating.

  • Like it very much so far
  • First table top griddle I’ve ever owned and I love it! We’ve used it for a few months
  • LOVED IT SO MUCH, I ordered it for family too.

Bella Ceramic 10.5″ X 20″ 1500 Watt Powerful Non-skid Feet Scratch-resistant Ceramic Non-stick Coating Durable Electric Griddle

Great griddle for those on a budget. Purchased on sale at a big box retailer. I’ve always used cheap rival brand just fine. So glad i spent the extra 1$ & grabbed this one. Pancakes, bacon, salmon patties, they just slide right off. Clean up is easy as a damp rag wipe down. Highly recommend this product for a new griddle on a budget.

This is the best griddle i have ever had. This is the best griddle i have ever had. Ceramic top is easy to clean and so far it has been scratch proof. The food cools evenly and things just slide on the top even without oil.

Girdle heats up fast and cleans up easily.

Rating it as a solid 4 stars. Cooks pretty evenly, although it’s obviously hottest right over the coils. Cleans easily (fully submersible). One drawback is that it tilts forward a little much. That’s intentional, for the grease collection feature, but runny batters tend to flow a little more than we’d like. It’s probably great if you cook greasy foods on it, but we’re mostly cooking pancakes, crepes, and grilled sandwiches. Overall, very happy with it after a several uses.

It is ok edge very small is the thing.

Loved it so much, i ordered it for family too. . Loved it so much i ordered one for a family member. Excellent even cooking and cleaning it is a breeze.

This did a great job cooking pancakes. Easy to clean, simple to use. I especially like that it is ceramic and has none of those nasty non-stick chemicals.

Cooks evenly and so easy to clean up.

First table top griddle i’ve ever owned and i love it. We’ve used it for a few months. First table top griddle i’ve ever owned and i love it. We’ve used it for a few months now. Primarily use it for pancakes and i’ve cooked eggs and sausage links on it once. To clean, i’ll use a wet towel while the griddle is still pretty hot, and wipe it down. If there’s any discoloration, i make a paste of baking soda and water, leave it on the griddle for a few minutes, then gently wipe in circular motions with a damp towel.

Good temp control and absolutely non stick.

Works well and easy to clean.

Easy to clean, even heat, easy to stash when not in use. . Easy to clean, even heat, easy to stash when not in use.

Not as delighted with this as i believed i would be. Not as content with this as i considered i would be. Does not cook dinner pancakes good. Am arranging on hunting into a unique model.

Cooks terrific, cleanup is a desire.

Bought this griddle at walmart and use it just about every working day. Only trouble i had at 1st was it looks some foods would get trapped to it but all you want to do to get it to nearly self-clear is turn it on to about 200ish and pour water on whatsoever is trapped. Whatever it is will pretty much magically loosen and easily wipe off. The steam helps make the food items particles release from the ceramic coating and will make cleanup uncomplicated. I use mine almost daily and it still appears to be brand new. I’ve discovered my new griddle company.

Nothing sticks on and super easy to clean.

BELLA Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker – : Product works fine. However it was used

Will make terrific coffee, uncomplicated to use, and appears to be wonderful on my counter.

We acquired this coffee maker to match other kitchen appliances. The blue model is about a few occasions as costly as the crimson. Like most coffee makers of its sort, the equipment does an appropriate occupation of brewing. The doable downside is that there is no separation in between the brewing segment and the h2o reservoir. As a end result, coffee grounds can get into the reservoir. I never know what result this can have above the prolonged phrase, as we have only a short while ago ordered the equipment. Like most brewers, the common ‘cup’ is five ounces, not eight. The full brew is sixty ounces – enough for 5 twelve ounce mugs.

Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker – Blue

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • •12-cup capacity
  • •Programmable coffee maker
  • •Two-hour keep warm setting
  • •LCD digital display
  • •Automatic shut off,24-hour programmable timer

Amazing coffee maker, just the 1 i was searching for.

Almost nothing specific other than color.

Bella Linea Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker – Blue : Love that i can program it and also choose to make my coffee stronger or milder.

I only acquired this coffee maker six months ago and. I only bought this coffee maker six months back and it by now stop doing work. This is the 2nd a person i’ve experienced because my residence burned down and i reordered the a single i had before. I never experienced any issues with the previous one particular.

You can make the coffee potent or mellow. And no paper waste from disposable filters.

Had no difficulties with it at all, loads of home to fill with h2o, timer worked high-quality, no counter best discoloration. The strongest setting is really strong.

Straightforward to thoroughly clean has many options, uncomplicated to established up and plan, and tremendous sweet.

Tough to fiquire after all set instructions 3 periods and how to get it off sturdy choose manner.

Usually takes a 12 months to brew coffee. Not as useful as my much less expensive mr.

It is really a appreciate/loathe marriage. . We had the similar coffee maker in red for a tiny over a calendar year in advance of it quit brewing. It built the nicest, robust tasting coffee on the ‘3bean’ darkest location. Appeared wonderful on the counter with the purple ‘plastic person’ knife holder. We thought we might switch it up & get just one in teal/blue this time. Paid a premium for that colour, i am going to explain to youdid the standard cleanse up, brew a couple of pots of straight drinking water to sanitize, and she’s prepared for the initially early morning. No the place in close proximity to as strong/darkish as the old equipment. Indeed, i had it set to the 3 bean darkest location.

Will work good and wonderful color.

Coffee stain in filter basket and in the decanter. Coffee scoop was also missing. I procured this merchandise as new not utilised.

Is effective very well, but tends to make a mess. . Will work very well, but could be a large amount far better. The coffee pot will dribble and spill just about everywhere when striving to fill the machine with contemporary drinking water. Spend in pitcher or a funnel simply because unless of course you have granite counter tops, you are likely to destroy your cupboards.

Beautiful colour and i love that it comes with a. Would make coffee fast, which is a massive as well as for early mornings. Wonderful shade and i enjoy that it will come with a reusable coffee filter to slash down on income and waste.

The only thing i’ve discovered that could be improved is the amount of money of condensation that builds in the major soon after brewing, but it doesn’t induce any difficulties.

But, it has just stopped functioning ?.


Sturdy equipment for the value. Good cotton candy equipment and quite very simple guidelines. My grandsons made use of this as quickly as it came in, they are eleven a long time aged. I procured more sugar with a package, i should tell you. There is enough sugar already provided in the initial candy machine kit for peaceful a number of children to take in on. Both grandsons took turns spinning and swiping the sugar threads. The device is durable, straightforward to clean and operates superb. Thoroughly clean up was quickly and effortless soon after it cooled down, which does not just take as extensive as i assumed. Terrific summer season, winter season, fall or celebration price.

This cotton candy device is wonderful. It tends to make fluffy cotton candy and it is very rapid and not that loud. We have been ready to get the dangle of it fairly quickly. Did not use the best obvious guard, it made the cotton candy feed again into the heating aspect. Enjoy it and am incredibly happy with our obtain.

My children completely enjoy this equipment. Works exactly as explained, quick to thoroughly clean and very good price.

Key specs for BELLA 13572 Cotton Candy Maker, Red and White:

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  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Includes dishwasher safe bowl
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to come apart

Comments from buyers

“Cotton Candy FTW!, Bowl seems easy to clean, see complete message above”

Terrific gift for youngsters and even cleans up effortless. Great reward for youngsters and even cleans up effortless. Can be a bit messy on the entrance end. My 12 and 8 12 months old adore it.

Grandkids like it, and so do we. Grandkids like it, and so do we. We have employed it four instances given that christmas.

Fantastic way to get the household together for dessert. I bought this because my mother has generally wished a cotton candy equipment, minor did we know it would turn out to be a relatives bonding software. When this device arrives out everybody heads to the kitchen area to get in on the enjoyment. As for the machine alone the heating element is pretty quick, going from off to completely ready in about 6 minutes. It is also quite straightforward to clear with a wet washcloth. I have used candy floss sugar, typical granulated sugar, jolly ranchers, and even sugar free tricky candy for the diabetic in the residence all of them labored flawlessly. The only purpose i couldn’t give it 5 stars is for the reason that of the reusable plastic sticks that occur with this equipment. The sugar floss just doesn’t stick to them, making for a cotton candy that slips all-around and would not remain on the stick. (this is effortlessly fastened by applying a rolled up paper plate in its place) i would surely advocate this to any individual hunting for a way to have pleasurable with the young ones or treatment a sweet tooth.

Pretty great and quick to clean up.

 i bought this to make cotton candy for my 4 yr old’s birthday bash at preschool. I considered it came with some sugar, but it doesn’t, so be absolutely sure to get some. I understood i would at minimum require extra, so it wasn’t a challenge. We also purchased baggage with twist ties and paper sticks with cherry, grape and blue raspberry sugar. It took about two hours to make 33 cotton candy using one scoop of sugar every, so it was a lot more rapidly than i considered it would choose. That involved cleaning the plastic pieces each individual ten moments because of to the sugar develop up. They’re small, but flawlessly sized for preschoolers. The machine is also super straightforward to thoroughly clean. Just run some incredibly hot drinking water in excess of the 2 plastic parts or toss them in the dishwasher.

I was hesitant to purchase this because of to the rate and a couple of of the opinions. I figured i would be a ton superior off heading with a extra expensive established up but in the long run finished up having this just one due to the fact i was only out like $30 if it was a bust. Followed the instructions straight out of the box, seven sticks of fluffy happiness later on my young ones are however begging for much more. I meant to use this for a birthday party coming up and considered we would give er’ a demo operate prior to the significant working day. I am absolutely satisfied by this products and the cost.

A present for an individual who has anything, a christmas reward. My daughter applied it at a birthday party, it was the hit of the get together.

Really like it & my granddaughter enjoys it.

Good merchandise grand young children enjoy it they have pleasurable making cotton candy with it would propose it.

Acquired this for my daughters birthday. Acquired this for my daughters birthday. We have built at least three hundred bags of cotton candy so much.

We acquired this for my son’s birthday. He loves making cotton candy for his friends. This is not a major duty cotton candy maker, but for the cost, it is way nicer than we could have expected. Bowl would seem effortless to clean up, but we haven’t attempted yet.

It is excellent for what it is it just for residence use. It is fantastic for what it is it just for house use its ideal can take a number of minutes to heat up and it operates beautifully with jolly ranchers.

The top rated ring would not stay on.

I can have cotton candy every time i want. This was my initial experience with cotton candy equipment. I designed a very decent wanting cone on my very first consider. It tasted improved than it appeared, but i had no issues. It can be not going to produce a substantial quantity for every batch, but i understood that prior to i procured. For occasional use, acquiring the capacity to make a batch of cotton candy at my leisure is a wonderful perk to have, and a terrific addition to the cave. It satisfies my intent just fine.

I have 5 young children who are thrilled with this. This device performs excellent with lifestyle savers. It took only a several minutes to warmth. It serves an correct volume of cotton candy per each individual two lifestyle savers in a well timed fashion. Dishwasher safe and sound is the greatest part.

Just what i was hunting for. Read through the guidance just before you get started and never neglect to just take the time to preheat it.

My developed daughter loves this present. We have cotton candy after most of our sunday dinners now. Quick to use and simple to clear. Purchase floss sugar from good and remaining, it really is the greatest. Candy turns out light-weight and fluffy. You only get two plastic cones but it’s uncomplicated to make your have cones out of card stock paper.

Fantastic machine for a little fun take care of. Was pleasantly amazed when the first floss of candy started floating out of the bowl. I honestly was not anticipating it to make just about anything, or at minimum not create everything that resembled suitable cotton candy. Started off our employing crushed daily life savers but discovered that crushing themwasnt important. It labored improved placing them in whole. Pretty much straight away you start out to see the threads flying and the. You just roll the cone around the edge to collect it. Be thorough not to tip the cone in close proximity to the heating aspect due to the fact it will soften and melt the floss you just collected. You can do very best by trying to keep the idea pointed up a little, not down. As many others have explained, it does not generate much at a time,just a slight handful, but bear in mind this is not an industrial device and you can not count on it to deliver like one.

The cotton candy maker was terrific & as advertised. Easy to use, uncomplicated to clean, created satisfactory quantity. Grandson liked ithowever, it was shipped in the manufacturer’s box, apparently appropriate off the shelf with a label slapped on & my tackle created on box. No outer box, padding, wrapping. The good news is, it arrived instantly and prior to grandchild arrived from out of state so the xmas shock was not spoiled, after all. And, it did do the job properly .

Purchases this for my daughter birthday occasion and anyone really like the cotton candy. I buys this for my daughter birthday occasion and absolutely everyone enjoy the cotton candy , only issues i dint like is the 2nd time i designed a cotton candy it was almost not generating a cotton and the young children was so upset waiting around for absolutely nothing. So i clean every little thing yet again and dry and re do it and i discovered a how to do it proper, immediately after that it was excellent equipment for the rate. And also the delivery it was fairly brief.

The bella 13572 cotton candy maker has been a joy. Our six year previous grand daughter enjoys it as do all her buddies as well as my pretty wife who claims the children have to have adult supervision with it. She’s suitable they do, and considering that she is additional than prepared to be the grownup in demand each and every time it can be utilized, i know she is a supporter way too.