Smeg 1.7-Liter Kettle-Chrome : Style over substance? Sure!

The other reviews i read about difficulties with the latch mechanism on the top of this product were unfortunately very accurate. Within the first 6 months of owning it, the latch became very difficult to operate. You have to press it so hard you feel like you’re going to break a bone in your finger. Also, even though it has been very gently handled and washed, the letter g on one side is starting to come off. That said, i still love the retro aesthetic of this kettle. It looks great on our countertop. And it is still reliably boiling water and shutting itself off safely. I don’t think there is any way to fix the latch, but i might be able to solve the lettering problem with some super glue. I have started using a thick-handled goodgrips kitchen tool to press the latch down hard, and that has allowed me to continue to successfully open and use the kettle. So, all in all, i will say that i’m not sorry i bought this, and i *might* buy another one in future, if i can’t find another product that matches its aesthetics.

It’s a very cute kettle, but if smeg wants to be an enduring brand, it can start by finding a better way to emboss its name. The “s” peeled off after lightly wiping it down today after 3 months of use.

Works great & looks goodwith water in it is a bit heavywell, made. Would love to get the toaster, but can not bring myself to spend that much.

I have been a smeg fan and customer for over 25 years. Asia from good quality and stylish you are of course paying more for the name. This item is a perfect example. I was really disappointed at the quality and all around. I knew full well that i would be changing my amazing quisinart for something i wanted to look pretty on my counter at my new place. For a fraction of the price you give up things like 7 temp controls, all stainless and other perks. What i didn’t expect was how cheap if was made. Lots and lots of plastic from the handle to the stand. I am assuming the chrome paint will take a while to wear because its smeg but it will in fact. Very plastic-y to the touch as soon as you pick it up. Its a shame because at 200%-%400 the price of very good kettles they could have made this much better. That being said, all the smeg products look like little retro cadillacs ob you counter if thats what you are aiming for or make you happy, design-wise they will make you happy :-).

  • Perfect for Meg!
  • beautiful, and problematic
  • So pretty! So functional!

Smeg 1.7-Liter Kettle-Chrome

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  • 7-cup/1.7-liter stainless steel powder coated body.
  • Opaque chrome plated base, chrome handle.
  • Removable stainless steel limescale filter.
  • Auto shut-off at 100C/212F.
  • 360 swivel base, concealed heating, built-in cord wrap.

I read tons of reviews before purchasing, and was definitely reluctant based on a lot of negative ones. But so far, i am obsessed with this kettle. We use it at least three times per day with absolutely no issues at this point. The smeg logo is indeed stickers, which is pretty dissappointing. But they seem to be stuck on very well. I wipe the kettle down often, when i’m cleaning the kitchen, but the stickers haven’t budged. Every one who comes into our kitchen mentions that they love the kettle. It is heavier than it looks, but it’s not bad. I looked at basically every kettle in existence available in the us and uk, and this one is just way more attractive than every other one that i found.

Absolutely in love, remodelling kitchen and hate things on the countertops, however, being english and a tea drinker a kettle is not optional to me. This is beautiful, like a piece of art on my kitchen top. I saved up for ages as we are both disabled on a fixed income. It was worth every cent and brings a smile to my face every time i look at it. Busy saving up for the toaster, hope to get that early next year.

Goes with my mid century modern kitchen. Water boils within 20-30 seconds. Got my money’s worth for sure.

Very nice, works still well ( bough in 02/2016 ) but the opener button on the top stopped working. I have to use a thin knife to make it work.

Just as described, workmanship is great.

Wanted one to go with my smeg toaster. Love their products, the best.

Great build, boils fast, has an anti-drip spout and it’s hard to beat the retro-inspired looks.

Got this in aqua for the office. Love this electric kettle, so much more convenient than putting it on the stove and really impressed with how it looks too. I was surprised what a struggle it was to come across a decent looking electric tea kettle so i was stoked to discover this one. Would recommend to anyone into retro vibes :).

I don’t know why i waited to so long to get an electronic kettle. This one heats up about 1 liter of water in about 4 minutes. It’s much faster than i expected. The handle/grip is comfortable and balance of the kettle when both empty and full is good. It pours steadily and the screen inside meters the flow so you get a good consistent pour of water that isn’t too fast or too slow.

Cute but the button top doesn’t always open when touched. Takes longer to heat than cheaper electric kettles.

High quality product, seems to boil quickly, look great.

Feels better quality than most plasticy-feeling appliances these days.

Sturdy, very significant even when empty, beautiful color and performs like a dream- verrrrry silent.

This is extremely lovable and i would like i could hold it but it is really heavy when comprehensive. I’m 75 with a tiny arthritis so it can be just not functional for me. Furthermore it took pretty much eight minutes to come to a boil.

I’ve had this kettle for about two one/two several years now and it nevertheless seems terrific on the outside. For the first two decades, when it worked correctly, this kettle was good. On the other hand, the lever to warmth the h2o considering that has damaged off (i have managed to macgyver it again on) but at this price issue that need to not be vital. Also, the mechanism to open the lid sticks. The matching smeg toaster has turned out to be a considerably superior purchase.

As significantly as appears to be like go, this kettle are unable to be defeat. It would make me happy observing it on the kitchen area counter and attendees undoubtedly recognize it. But it has a enormous design flaw, which is that the lid launch is built into the lid. As other people have pointed out, it stopped operating effectively almost promptly. I have to press the launch button when at the same time prying the lid open up with my fingernails. Not only that, but if you have just employed it and require to refill it, the lid is burning your fingers as you are striving to pry it open. Like an italian sportscar, extra effort was place into generating absolutely sure the design and style was trendy instead than functional. Still, we have made use of it all working day every single day for nearly two many years and it does what it is intended to do: boil drinking water. And yes, i would purchase it once more, even with the outlandish obtain rate and hinky lid. Connect with me shallow, but i like having a wonderful point that i use all the time.

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Smeg 1.7-Liter Kettle-Chrome
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