Rosewill Countertop Portable Electric Food Fruit Dehydrator Machine : I love this oven

I’ve ha this unit for just over 5 months and it went out on me this morning. I use it nearly every day, each morning for 10 minutes to cook bacon and some evenings to cook other foods. I keep it outside next to our grill and it’s covered by a amazonbasics kettle grill cover which works great. I clean it weekly using only dish detergent and water (and no, i don’t immerse the lid in water). This morning when i went out to get my bacon it was severely under cooked, so i added time and started it again and the bulb never glowed. I turned it off and unplugged it, plugged it back in, turned it on, and suddenly it worked again. Later when i went to clean it it did the same thing, but worked after unplugging it and plugging it back in. However, later when i went to cook something else the bulb wouldn’t come on no matter what i tried. Considering that it’s junk if i can’t replace the bulb i attempted to take it apart in the off chance i could find a bulb to replace the original one. That was a futile effort, as after getting the fan cover off i couldn’t make my way any further to disconnect the bulb.

Instructions could be much better. Waiting for cook book to arrive to try other recipes. Will decide later if it’s a keeper or garage sale item.

I only had this cooker for a week and i’ve used it at least 5 times already for hot pot. I’ve very satisfied with my purchase. The design is simple and it heats up quickly. My only complaint is that i wish once we put it on the lock setting it won’t turn off when you accidentally push the power button. I kept turning the cooker off because i would wipe it down whenever i would spill broth on it when i’m making hot pot and it would turn off. The pot could be better but it was an added bonus since most cooktops are around the same price but doesn’t include a pot.

The unit works amazingly well. My wife couldn’t believe how quickly it both heats, then cools down when it’s turned off. It does everything it says on the box, is easy to use, and even comes with a pan. We’re using this as our cooktop while i demo/redesign/rebuild our kitchen, and it is well worth the moneyi definitely recommend this product.

  • Not perfect, but like it so far 🙂
  • Four star worthy, but definitely an economy model.
  • I love this oven

Rosewill Countertop Portable Electric Food Fruit Dehydrator Machine with Adjustable Thermostat, BPA-Free 5-Tray RHFD-15001

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  • 5 Tray Capacity : BPA-Free Herb trays, roll trays and stackable trays
  • Adjustable thermostat: 95 to 155 Degress F, 250 Watt of drying power
  • A fast & easy way to make delicious, healthy and natural snacks like banana chips, fruit roll-ups, beef jerky, and dried meats
  • Use for drying-crafts: flowers, apple wreaths, meat and more
  • Bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide consistant air flow for optimum drying and no rotation needed

I have used these types of cookers for over 10 years (flavor wave/nuwave) and i am a big fan of them because they do cook faster and use less energy. My previous purchases were the nuwave style with the giant plastic domes and my complaint about those is that the domes crack and break within a year or two which is frustrating because they are a bit on the expensive size. This item is about the same size and i have already used the unit to heat up a giant ham (using the extender ring). This item uses glass for the small top and giant bottom which means there is no plastic to crack or break and it is about half the price of the other units. My main thoughts that went into trying this unit are as follows. The price is half of what the other model costs and glass vs plastic. I expect both units to cook about the same – so that is a wash. The nuwave cookers are better for accessing the food because the large dome lifts off and your food is right there. With this brand, with it’s small lid, means your food is still inside the large glass bottom which makes it harder to get to. The other thing i was concerned about is that the nuwave cookers have a nice little stand for their giant dome and this item has nothing to support it’s top.

We use this convection oven daily. It is the best way we have found, to cook and get that fried texture crunch in any kind of meat, fish or potatoes without using oil. You can also find recipes to cook for tender succulent dishes also. It just depends on the temperature and length of cooking time. We love our oven – you will too.

We bought this unit to determine if we wanted to invest in an induction range and we did. We have used this unit for every meal since we bought it and it has worked flawlessly. It has features that will continue to excel as we intend to use it on our camper. It has a built in fan which lets you know if it is turned on but isn’t too loud. The pan is a little light weight but performs adequately.

Magnetic induction allows you to change cooking temperatures quickly,which used to be only a feature of using a gas burner. This cook top heats quickly and it boils water faster than does a microwave. +the controls are intuitive and there is a safety cut-off feature. +if you are preparing a meal that only requires using one stove,”burner”,this is the way to go. +it works very well with a cast iron skillet. +the supplied pan and lid are better than i had expected. -the induction cook tops that are round and about the diameter of the pan are better designed. The rest of the platform is redundant and collects spatters. -the plug “pops” and sparks when i plug it in and it is not a three prong grounded plug. It has not triggered a circuit breaker.

I bought my first infrared oven in 1998 while rving. It fit perfectly inside my regular oven while travelling. The new digital version appears to be better made than my old one. It has been years since i’ve used the oven in my stove. This infrared halogen oven will cook anything. I cooked a 12 pound turkey in it last year. This is one kitchen item i cannot be without. Mine have lasted about 6-7 years.

Like bright like a jobsite halogen light. And does not require a 3000 watt inverter needs at least a good 2000 watt one. Very simple reliable design and quiet. No circuits that require a pure sine wave inverter. Simply a hot bulb i mean hot, oven hot. It burn you if you touch the metal grate after it is turn on with in 1 or 2 seconds. The only weakest is the top glass. It thick high quality glass it weighs like 5 lbs, 2. The ring around the light assembly is made of thin glass that if dropped from higher then knee height will break. You may get lucky one or two times, but it has to be treated with respect.

I had a big boss for about a year and then the light went out. Once replaced it never heated the same. I was on a quest to find another product that would work as well. I went thru 2 defective ‘as seen on tv’ ovens that quit after 1 day and i requested a refund for. Then i stumbled upon the roswill r-hco-15001 product. But i am now saddened because i have burnt bacon into chard strips not once but twice in the past two weeks. I don’t have any problems with any other product i cook in this oven except bacon. Is this the universe’s way of telling me i have no need to eat bacon?signedvery perplexed as it is a very convenient way to cook bacon.

I have been experimenting with allot of different foods. Chicken check, sausage check. Been happy with everything i have cooked in it. Btw, the pizza button is not to be used for reheating pizza. However about 5 minutes on a reheat and comes out so much better then the microwave. I just got this around christmas and i have almost stopped using my microwave. (btw i recommend adding tinfoil to the bottom of the glass bowl to catch drips to make clean up easier.

. Then poof, heating element went out. Sent a return label so it cost me nothing to return. Had a new unit in two weeks. I like the performance of the unit.

I purchased this for my employees because the flavorwave they were using was on it’s last leg. I read a lot of reviews on amazon before deciding on this particular cooker. Everyone seems really pleased with it, after we figured it out. There was a bit of a learning curve from the flavorwave because the rosewill has a lot more features. The things that are really nice about it is the glass bowl and the handle on the lid; an added bonus is the lid is just that–a lid. On the flavorwave to lift the lid the entire glass hood was part of the lid so it was inconvenience to take off. The rosewill is much more user-friendly.

Cooks food items quickly; love the digital selection for time and temp; like that if an item has cooked ahead of time, the time can be reset to zero.

I was so happy to see that the controls were under glass as opposed to the flimsy plastic controls that wear out and break after 5 months that the nuwave has. . Unfortunately it does not give you a lot of control of the cooking process. When you switch to temperature control you have only 50 degree increments which, especially at the lower levels ends up with either charred veggies or steamed. I use the nuwave with i need precision and finesse. I use this if i just want to pan fry meat or deep fray with oil or boil water.

This is an awesome product, we utilized it for beef, fruits and veggies and they all arrived out ideal. I created two lbs of teriyaki steak jerky, lol it lasted 2 hrs, my two boys ate it that fast and it was all absent.

This desirable kettle was well believed out in numerous respects, but there are also points to get used to that the likely buyer must know. Execs:no more annoying whistle for a few minutes even though you cannot get to the kettleinsulationmostly stainless metal in which it is importantthe deal with is nicethere is a easy but outstanding design designed into the base so that you have only as substantially wire on the counter as you want/require. Aside from a gasket at the bottom and a gasket in the lid, very little but stainless metal is in get hold of with the h2o although boiling (it does pour more than a plastic spout). Lids with flip open up tops are occasionally good at dripping incredibly hot water on your arms this is safer. Con:no whistle at all suggests you may possibly not know when the h2o is heated unless of course you are appropriate there. And you are unable to reboil the h2o unless it has cooled down extremely substantially first. The lid is challenging to study how to get on and off, as you have to be definitely exact with placement. The lock button from time to time is tricky to reset.

I had a few other infrared halogen ovens and they ended up wrecked in the move out of point out. The working day i obtained this i baked rooster breasts and they arrived out perfect. My neighbor was banging on the doorway demanding to know what i was cooking. I designed pot roast yesterday and i baked it in a cooking bag. I could possibly invest in one more 1 shortly.

I got this mainly because we have no oven in our flat. This helps make up for that, of course you are not likely to be baking cookies or cakes in it, but you can simply make a person pot foods that you would do in the oven and it 50 percent the time. This factor is a huge suffering in the rear to clean. It can be hefty, cumbersome and just simple sucks to have to wash. Specially due to the fact the piece hooked up to the lid, can’t get damp, but you have to hold the lid really thoroughly clean to make positive it functions thoroughly. If you question me, that was a genuinely weak design flaw. It would have been great (and smarter) if they experienced built a way for that best piece to disconnected from the lid so you could give it a actually great wash.

Some decades back, i experienced a combination microwave/convection/rotisserie oven that could cook everything. Meats, veggies, even biscuits. Sadly, that unique oven is no extended in manufacturing, and the closest equivalent microwave is, properly. So i resolved to split the substitute of my recent microwave and purchased this as the convection fifty percent. I am guaranteed it will never previous as very long as other brands, but it appeared to have the very best attributes/price tag balance. So far, i have carried out vegetables, frozen pizza and several meats (from hen fingers to battered fish fillets to a three-pound chuck roast) and have not been let down. The superior: all the things cooks swiftly and evenly, no matter of the type of cooking. The oven has time and temperature options for grilling and air frying, in addition to more common baking and roasting.

Involved pan is nice and deep. Just don’t neglect to use a nonstick spray.

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