NutriChef Ultra-Quiet Sous Vide Cooker – Great device. Delivered exactly right

Did filet steaks for my first effort at 129 degrees. Partly frozen so let it run 2 hrs. Used juices in mushroom gravy. Finished on my monster gas grill at 700 degrees for ~2 min per side.

Love this, made a prime rib roast and it turned out perfect. I prefer that this is set from the unit and not threw a bluetooth device because i don’t need to keep track of it just pull it out when timer goes off. I would see no reason to spend the extra $ for the high dollar units unless you just like fancy things.

I just got it the other day and decided to make a steak and asparagus with it. My kids even said they like both of them. The steak was very tender and juicy and the asparagus was perfectly cooked. Clean up is easy to because the container is simply full of hot water and the food is in bags that you throw away. I can tell i’m going to get a lot of use out of this. Here are the specifications for the NutriChef Ultra-Quiet Sous Vide Cooker:

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  • RESTAURANT QUALITY RESULT: This Supreme Sous-Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator Cooker by NutriChef brings professional quality cooking to your home. Whether its fish, pork, poultry, steak or vegetables this product will surely provide instant restaurant-quality results
  • EXACT COOKING: No more obsessively checking inside the kitchen oven or chaining yourself to the stove. Just raise the time and temperature to the exact level you prefer and never worry about overcooking. Cooks food evenly from edge to edge and retains all the juices and flavor
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE: This machine features an adjustable temperature to ℉ / ℃ with a maximum temp. setting of 203 ℉ or 95 ℃ and an adjustable timer setting that can be set to a maximum of 60 hours
  • FASTER COOKING TIME: With NutriChef 1200 Watt Sous-Vide you can achieve 203 ℉ in only 15 minutes compared to other normal sous vide that can achieve 140 ℉ in 30 minutes
  • EASY TO USE: The product is equipped with Simple Button Controls and Digital LCD display for easy operation. Simply clip the sous vide cooker to any deep cooking container or pot, add water, insert ingredients in a vacuum sealed plastic bags and press start

Only issue is it is off by a degree or two. I use this mainly for maintaining my color film chemical temptratures and it works well.

I like it so much i bought another so i can cook two things at the same time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing device. We have used this 2 times so
  • Works like a charm!

Took a bit to figure out the settings, but the steaks that were made were absolutely amazing.

Both times it worked great at maintaining the set temperatures and delivering what i expect from a sous vide device. I recommended this to others.

Nice product,easy to use after you go to the nutrichef site and watch it being used. Makes most meats better, chicken,steak and fish.

I received my sous vide in a couple of days. I’m very well pleased with deal chaser and give him 5 stars. The sous vide immersion cooker is fantastic . the steaks i prepared over the weekend were as good, if not better, than any steak i’ve ordered at a steak house. I highly recommend this product and deal chaser .

My only complaint was the i did not receive the color i ordered – i ordered white – got stainless – but i have to say – i’m a convert – i don’t know that i would do fish like salmon in this – but you will never again have a nasty, dried out boneless chicken breast and the pork done in the sous vide was awesome.

Easy to use, great for prepping full meals for camping that are quick and easy to reheat.

I’d never cooked with one of these before, but it works well.

Keeps temperature where it should be. First time it made the perfect steak, best we ever had. Salmon came out perfect as well as pork. Only comment is you have to remember how long to press what button to turn unit on, button to push after programing and which one to push after the water reaches the set temperature. Maybe it’s just me with my short term memory issues.

We have used this 2 times so far. Once doing some chicken with salt, pepper, and thyme. It turned out amazingly juicy and the taste was perfect. 5 hours in the sous vide i then seared the chicked in a 500f cast iron skillet and the chicken just melted in our mouths. We then got some cheap cuts of beef. Came out to be about 2 dollars per steak and even they turned out juicy and cooked perfect. Once again after the sous vide i gave it a crust in the cast iron skillet and they were just perfect. This device is awesome and works amazingly wellupdate 2/11/17cooked 4 top cut sirloin steaks with great results. The steaks were marbleized and they came out perfect. We cooked them at 135 for 4 hours. I then seared them on my weber charcoal grill. This device keeps amazing me.

I purchased this particular unit after researching the various brands. The main selling point for me was the 1200 watts of heating power. Meanwhile others are as low as 800 watts. That extra heating power provides two key benefits. First off, it reduces the initial time needed to bring the water up to the set temperature. Secondly, it helps to quickly bring the temperature back up, after adding food to the water. As for my experience with the product, it has been great. I’ve been using it regularly for the past three months, with no issues or complaints. It works beautifully, and heats quickly. Just as you’d expect from the extra power.

Love it have tried eggs and salmon so far. Wish there was a cookbook that came with it but have found you tube helpful. Easy clear face push button control dial quick to change temp etc.

Lower cost than alternatives. Does the job it’s suppose to. Relatively easy to use if you read the instructions and/or watch tutorial videos. It took me a while to figure out how to switch from c to f readings (the permanent default is celsius – you have to switch it every time you use f degrees). The built-in timer is in hours:minutes – that was confusing initially, until i got use to it. So far so good for cooking steak and chicken breasts.

This is my first try at sous vide cooking so i didn’t want to spend a lot on the tool. I was lucky to get this one at a great price and as far as i can tell, it works just as well as the more expensive tools. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different ingredients – but i don’t think i would have bought a sous vide appliance if it was more expensive – this is a great way to start.

I received this in the mail yesterday and mechanically this is a sound kitchen appliance. The instruction manual related how to use it well enough and i used it today to cook a beef roast(rump) i have to say this was a great roast. I had put this in a food saver bag and vacuumed sealed it well over a month ago with no seasoning or herbs and after it thawed i dropped it into the water for 7 hours. This was very tender and medium rare. My first attempt i have to give this top scores. I am only rating this 4 stars because there is no cook book or even a time temp chart included. Edited to add i have now cooked some small cod fillets and well as a beef chuck roast. The chuck was a run of the mill flat pot roast but cooked sous vide for 20 hours at 134f it was tender juicy medium rare to rare. It was almost as good as prime rib roast. Still it would be great if this came with a cook book or charts with time and temp.

I used this for the first time on a tri tip cut and then seared on the grill. I found the nutrichef easy to use and to program for a newbie. I’m already planning my next meal with the nutrichef.

I have been anxious to enter into the world of sous vide cooking for a few years now. When i first stumbled on it the equipment was very expensive. Literally equipment straight from a chemistry lab; along with the prices. If you break down the components that the sous vide chefs say we need one realizes that we do not need t spend thousands we can get away with a few hundred dollars and maybe. To cook sous vide style they tell you that you need a vacuum sealed food product cooked in a water bath regulated to an exact temperature for a significant amount of time. I was reading the sous vide section in ‘modernist cuisine. ‘ they mentioned that if you have your food you wish to cook in a zip lock bag and slowly submerse the bag in a bowl of water; this allows the water in the bowl to force the air out of the bag then zip it up and you now have the poor mans vacuum seal. Now all i need is a unit to cook the food. As i mentioned i have been looking for awhile now, kickstarter and others have had some interesting things pop up now and then but all of these products were around $200. A little high but better than the thousands when we first started. Then i ran across this product- the nutrichef sous vide at half the price of the other low end sous vide units. The first few initial reviews were favorable.

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