Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set : Does Most of What It Advertises

I bought this mostly to make shakes and smoothies (i don’t care about dicing and blending, i have knives for that). For smoothie and shake making, this gets an 11 out of 10, it’s amazing. This is the latest model and has no issues with the motor and i have found nothing wrong with it to date (i will update if that changes). You get an amazing array of cup sizes, lids and even a pitcher size blending cup. Cleaning is easy and making a drink is a snap. You have to be a little smarter than the machine, it’s not just like the info-mmercial, it doesn’t work just that easy, but a whole lot easier than any other blender i’ve used for this purpose. This is a must buy if you drink a lot of shakes or smoothies after working out–it’s simple, small, straight forward, and well worth the price. Update: it’s been about a month now that i’ve owned this thing. I make two protein shakes a day with it and it always handles the job. My wife makes a fruit smoothie every morning with frozen fruit and it comes out perfect. Cleanup is a breeze and unlike most blenders i’ve owned, i don’t avoid this one due to cleanup and the large amounts of smoothie you usually have to down with a bigger blender. Takes less than 3 minutes to have a shake made and even less time to have the thing cleaned up. If you’re on the fence about it, just do it–it rocks.

I ordered this when i realized my first bullet was having issues. Being entirely too lazy to just replace the parts needed, i opted to order a new set with the pitcher. They make it really easy for me to make an iced coffee or a fruit smothie and run without it spilling. The ice crushing blade makes frozen drinks a breeze and blends faster. Its easy to use and allows me to make anything from a margarita to whipped cream to salsa.

Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set with a 4 pc bonus]

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  • Chop, grind and prepare soups or other dishes in 10 seconds or less.
  • Handy counter-top appliance that can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind and more
  • Great for making refreshing smoothies, shakes, zesty salsas or mouthwatering desserts.
  • Dishwasher safe and uses reliable stainless-steel blades
  • Deluxe 26-piece set includes: 1 High-Torque Power Base, 3 Stainless Steel Blades: Cross, Flat, and Ice Crusher, 2 Cups: Tall and Short, 3 Piece Small Pitcher/Blender (Pitcher/Blender, Lid, Pop-top), 5 Mugs (2 Oversized 22 oz “to go” mugs, 3 Regular), 5 Colored Lip Rings, 2 Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids, 2 Shaker-Steamer Tops, 2 Flip-Top Lids, 1 10-Second Recipe Book

I purchased this merchandise two years in the past and it just died after two decades of very nominal use. This is the cause the product missing a star. The 2nd star was missing mainly because the vendor despatched me the merchandise with just one jar lacking. When i emailed them, i was told that i might have to return the whole set if i wasn’t contented in just ten times. Very well, as i was touring and had a newborn that i experienced to feed infant-food during my travels, i prepared to preserve it. But make sure you do not deliver people today an incomplete setpros of the magic bullet:-lightweight-effortless to travel with-heaps of jars to choose on the go-a lot of various blades- all jars suit right into the blade cap and can be made use of in the blender which tends to make for a incredibly effortless set up. Smaller as effectively as substantial portions of anything can be built at just one go. One particular cause i gave up my ninja was for the reason that the the jars ended up also huge to make small quantities of meals. Downsides:- quick lifespan: even with negligible use, it has died on me in 2 many years. It experienced been acting up right after the first yr.

I have purchased this item before and i adore it. The digital element died right after about 3. five years of reasonable use which is affordable in my belief. So i needed to obtain a substitute, and this comprehensive pack was only a very little little bit much more pricey than just finding the digital base so i obtained the whole detail. The aspect that i had issues with was the buyer service. There was a mix up with my handle, which i could have averted on my conclude if i had been more watchful, so i you should not blame them for that. But when i contacted them about the situation, they have been sluggish to respond and i had to convey to them what to do. They have been heading to just permit my product occur back to them and then ship it out once more, but considering that this transpired with yet another merchandise i knew that it was possible for them to speak to ups and get it turned about in transit so i failed to have to wait around months to get it. They failed to offer to do this, i had to inform them how to do it, and then they charged me.

The product by by itself does its career, now : dont be expecting to be coated under their warranty. Not even a thirty day period of use and the cross-blade is mainly shaved. It wont clip correctly anymore on the foundation of the blender. The rubber piece on the bottom misplaced its condition leaving shaved parts on the foundation. I registered the products as quickly as i gained it, had to call to get the section replaced and was instructed it was purchased from amazon, not them. Have to commit revenue on an additional blade, hoping the similar point wont happen again.

Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer [21 pc set with a 4 pc bonus] : I’ve been using this set to make smoothies and my own baby food and have been very happy with the performance. I was also delighted to discover when i opened my box that a juicer attachment came with the setthings i like about the bullet:- it comes with lots of great accessories- there are two blades, each meant to be used to grind differently (the flat blade does well with dry foods like oats or rice and the curved blade is great for making smoothies and chopping up foods)- it has held up well over the 6 months of constant use- it is nice having smaller containers and lids – it makes it easy to store and clean things upthe drawbacks:- i don’t think it’s meant to be used constantly to grind hard chunky things like carrots. After about 100 veggie smoothies i feel like the blade is dulling a bit because it’s not blending everything quite as quickly as it did at first. I’ll probably have to buy another curved blade attachment soon. – it doesn’t “chop” things like garlic or tomatoes quite as smoothly and perfectly as it looks like it does in the magic bullet promo videos. Overall, i find the magic bullet worth buying – if you make smoothies or are using it to grind baby food or make pureed blends often, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

I just lately experienced lapband surgery and was on the lookout for anything that would attain two issues: initially make terrific protein shakes and second chop food up into more compact items. What i adore specially about the magic bullet is that protein shakes are manufactured appropriate in the cup you use to consume. The only mess to clean up up is the blade as opposed to a blender. When making use of the bullet for food stuff i like that the containers are little ample to hold meals at the degree of the blade. Again considerably less complicated than striving to use a blender. The magic bullet is tiny and really moveable. I just lately travelled out of the region for function and was in a position to take it with me. It took up pretty minimal space in my suitcase. So much i have been incredibly happy with the unit. I have not experienced any issues with it and use it every day.

I bought the magic bullet blender on a friend’s suggestion. I will be utilizing it for smoothies only. It just arrived yesterday, and i built my to start with smoothies. Ease of use:straight out of the box, i was not pretty certain what to do with all the items. I don’t typically go through recommendations, but fairly than break my new blender (or myself) testing it, i actually cracked open up the instruction guide. It was very clear, concise, and got me started off quickly. Once i knew how to use it, it was actually basic. When i bought the unit, i did not care that it could blend proper into the cups it arrives with i just needed a blender that wouldn’t break following a thirty day period. However, right after using it, i’ve discovered that mixing cups independently is extremely easy. I make smoothies for myself and my boyfriend.

I’ve owned bullets given that they arrived out. This is a entire set such as the larger sized bowl for creating pancake batter, and so forth. Use them as directed, and change the gaskets regularly–or you get leaks into the device. (for sale on amazon at a great price tag–acquire them before you need to have them. ) the set will come with replacement gaskets, but i have generally required more. You will find this a compact kitchen helper. I make smoothies each individual early morning and this a fast respond to. The motor electrical power is reasonable, so you will have to chop the substances into lesser pieces. If you want to fully emulsify entire fruits and vegetables from a bullet item, you need to get the nutribullet (also at amazon).

I use it generally to make smoothies as i are unable to think about loading up a enormous blender for these a compact job. It can be wonderful to be able to make the consume suitable in the exact same cup to consume out of. Furthermore the cleanse up is much easier. A couple reviewers have commented that it does not crush ice cubes, i have no problem with this. It crushes ice tray ice cubes from full when there is sufficient liquid in the cup. I typically make oatmeal smoothies with peanut butter and ovaltine with milk and about 2 or three ice cubes. Even when the cup is so full that i have to press the components down to attach the blade, it blends it to a easy creamy regularity. Just will take a handful of extra pulses often. Oh and i generally include the ice cubes last this way they are closest to the blade and get the most crushing.

After two decades this blender is however going strong. The only explanation i gave it 4 out of five stars is the cups are not significant more than enough for me to get my hand into to cleanse. I use frozen fruit to make smoothies all the time and the blade has held up genuinely perfectly. I am also very shocked that the seals on the lids are even now good just after all this time.

Heaps of parts with lids if you are wanting to make beverages. This is uncomplicated to clean, rapid cleanse-up, and a very potent mixer. It has a substantial pitcher that can be used for greater quantities and smaller sized ‘bullets’ ready to be used for smaller items. I have mixed smoothies with frozen strawberries, yogurt and a very little milk. Combined correctly and quickly. No shaking of the bullet to get the goods in the mixer down, it just functions effectively. Purchased a single for 4 loved ones customers last calendar year for xmas. Every person joyful with their bullets.

I was incredibly enthusiastic to get this mixer as my blender, immersion blender, hand mixer and food stuff processor have all been retired. I was wanting for a various use process that was effortless to cleanse and sturdy. I have really combined emotions about this product and want to like it, but continue to will want my other applications. This magic bullet is wonderful for: smoothies, iced drinks, grinding spices (even espresso beans)are unable to be used for: salsa, rooster salad, something thick and chunky, particularly if you want it to stay that way. The speed and velocity of the blender is terrific, even so it puts so a great deal air and froth into what you are mixing that it will conveniently double in sizing. I do not essentially like the ‘airy texture’ it gives my drinks. It is capable to chop up the onions and tomatoes for a salsa, having said that it is mush in about three seconds, even applying the pulse. The other issue that i assume is actually gross, is that if you do overfill the cups (and about just around midway is also full) the strain within can get as well fantastic and the liquid will seep by the threads of the place blade attachment meets the cup and down into the motor. I won’t be able to think about how significantly and how immediately this will build up and be a trouble. I nevertheless use it day to day so i gave it three begins, but i actually want some thing that will be a universal workhorse in my kitchen area like my insta pot.

I purchased a magic bullet yrs back when they first arrived out, it broke alternatively promptly, but i did really like it when it did work so, i made the decision to get a different 1. When i received my magic bullet i noticed some modifications from the primary magic bullet 1st off larger cups and more powerful lids. I do feel there was even a couple of much more cups than the unique box. The party pitcher also seemed a very little bit bigger and undoubtedly sturdier. The most effective aspect was the motor i use my bullet each individual day i have experienced it for a calendar year now and it hasn’t died on me yet. To me this is a have to have kitchen appliance for each dwelling, since it is just so versatile.

Of training course it won’t work just like the informercial. It are not able to definitely defy the laws of physics (or cooking), but it really is good at what it does do (chop and mix small amounts of issues), and it truly is super uncomplicated to clear (my beloved element, a blender that is just not a big headache cleanse). I also like that it isn’t really at all cumbersome like a complete dimension blender. I can just leave the foundation out on the counter, and all the parts and accessories suit into 1 drawer. I’ve experienced mine for only a few days and i’ve been working with it various instances a day previously for smoothies, coffee beverages and egg dishes. A couple of warnings, although. To get the most out of this product you require to study the manual (seriously, i you should not usually browse the manuals for solutions i buy, but this a single is particularly handy). A good deal of the concerns that i have found in the assessments i have browse are adressed there, and you will find tons of ideas about small issues you can do to get the bullet to operate much better (which blade to use for various foodstuff, how to get the massive chunks of things that resist mixing to mix, how to clean up and treatment for the bullet so that it truly is a lot considerably less very likely to crack, etc. Nevertheless, a several of the recipes in the manual just don’t function.

I bought this for my spouse simply because of the new much healthier life-style we are dwelling and it just would make so numerous fantastic things so quickly and so uncomplicated to cleanmy wife helps make iced coffee’s just about every early morning, – (coffee, ice, sugar free of charge torani vanilla and caramel) force, blend, donei make fresh new pizza and spaghetti sauce working with canned diced tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, spices, purple pepper flakes and so on. . Blend together and fresh new healthier stuffwe make our possess hummus (you get the recipe guide with the kit)the only challenge we have had was that 1 of the tabs on the cups broke off and so when you put it in the magic bullet holder you have to use a knife to press down where by that 3rd tab was, true uncomplicated. We experienced 1 cup crack simply because of working with the incredibly hot espresso and ice to make iced espresso but other that that every thing is easy to clean and uncomplicated to use. On right here or wherever at any time else, so no biggy.

It can be great when you buy a little something and it fully fulfills/exceeds all expectations. The magic bullet is these types of a solution. The infomercial is not kidding – it requires seconds to combine/emulsify soups, mousses, smoothies, milks, lotions. I produced a uncooked vegan mousse, gazpacho, spicy almond sauce, macadamia cream, cucumber soup, cashew whipped product, coconut milk and a fruit smoothie the initial day. It arrives with so several parts, which are all amazingly easy to retailer and clean, is dishwasher protected (ran anything via the dishwasher immediately after working with it), and exceptionally productive. It chops vegetables, nuts, fruits, herbs, every little thing. It was so good not to have to chop dill and basil for my recipes. My beloved is that you can blend, clear away the blade and major off the container with a lid and put it in the fridge – no messy transferring to tupperwareif you are on the fence about getting this, trust me when i say it is well worth every single cent and then some – i would endorse obtaining the 25 piece set, mainly because once you get commenced on mixing/chopping, you can want to continue to keep heading and owning sufficient containers to blend/retail store is critical.

Fantastic for building all kinds of food items. Chops ice and frozen fruits, grinds coffee beans, helps make a great frappuchino. I definitely can use it every working day and it is so significantly simpler than acquiring out a foods processor or blender or smoothie maker. I nonetheless use these appliances for much larger positions even though. The major matter to know about the magic bullet is that it is for person parts. The containers are manufactured for only one or two servings at a time. The recipe guide is useful as well.

I have been unhappy with my magic bullet. I have had it about a 12 months, but do not use it frequently. Just a couple months right after i experienced it, it would ‘stick’ on. In order to flip it off, i would have to unplug it. The corporation instructed some cleansing, which i did. There was enhancement, but even now it grinds and whines while in use. The ‘gears’ are not meshing properly so that the plastic is staying worn or broken off, creating employing it an disagreeable career.

In a long time of use i just observed there is a crack on the inner part of my aged majic bullet device, i dont recall dropping it or breaking it in any way but it makes a louder sound at situations however it still operates like new even with grinding. I wished to get a different just one to swap it but i made the decision to consider some other brand names very first. The ninja- also substantially sound, much too significantly electrical power but not a very good grinder in particular for really healthy seeds like flax. Upcoming the cuisinart- good sufficient but nonetheless once again the sound that i dont like and the unit itself or the motor smelled so negative right after a 7 days of use. And so equally was returned and obtained my refunds again. Now im back to the majic bullet. Requested a new a single and will be constantly faithful to it.

It has so a lot of prospects. I use it for baby foodstuff and pounds loss smoothies. I also use it to get my onions and tomatoes prepared for cooking. We don’t like full onions or full tomatoes and my youngsters refuse to eat them but we adore the flavor so i put them in and mix them down to a juice and use it in my soups, tacos or no matter what i could have to have it for.

I had the opportunity to use the magic bullet at a relative’s household throughout a take a look at. We produced smoothies each and every morning. As i have significant cholestrol, being ready to make a speedy nutritious breakfast is essential. I also sneak protein powder and flaxseed into the mix. I have a kitchen aid blender which i also love. Nonetheless, it is cumbersome to use when only seeking to make just one consume. This is great as you are ready to make a single part at a time. My spouse also uses it and he is capable to blend a consume to his liking. He likes to put in egg white and i do not. The magic bullet lets us personalized mix drinks with no obtaining to thoroughly clean out a big mixer amongst recipes.

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