KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster : OMG This toaster is so AWESOME! Put the bread in and it automatically pops

It’s beautiful and you get your toast exactly as you wish.

After a couple months we are very happy. Pricy- but delivers what it is advertised.

We owned a different kitchenaid model for a few years, (https://www. Com/kitchenaid-toaster-manual-high-lift-empire/dp/b00a6z6u30/ref=sr_1_3?ie=utf8&qid=1464806507&sr=8-3&keywords=kitchen+aid+4+slice+toaster) but the black push down pieces kept breaking off the arm and we had to replace them and then after about six months of use, it wasn’t toasting one side of the bread dark enough. We researched option, and despite the cost of this one, it had everything we wanted in a toaster. The color is perfect, the toast comes out perfectly toasted, no levers to push, lots of setting options to get your perfect toastedness 🙂 it makes a sound (kinda sounds like a soft elevator tone to me) to let you know when the toast is ready. First, you can’t “stage” your toast in the slots because the bread goes down as soon you put it in the slots. Therefore, if you want hot toast with your eggs make sure you time when you put your toast in. Second, if you don’t pull your toast out after it pops up the first time, the toast will automatically go back down for another round.

I bought this toaster for my girlfriend and we both quite like it. I can kind of wish simply putting the bread into the slot didn’t cause it to descend and toast – i prefer to have the option of more complete control over my machinery, as opposed to autonomous machinery that does what *it* wants to – and like many others, i do find it kind of odd that it just won’t make toast as dark at one go as will most other toasters. But otherwise i like it, and my girlfriend seems to as well (though i think she feels it was kind of an unnecessary upgrade to her old bare-bones toaster that sent the toast flying when it was done). Oh, i also appreciate the weight of this machine. I grew up in the ’60s, when things were well- and heavily made, and it’s nice to find a toaster you can operate without having to hold it in place with your other hand to prevent it from skittering away from you or flipping over onto its side or doing whatever other unseemly things a typical modern toaster might do were one to try to operate it with one hand. If you like fancy gadgets and/or elegant operation, you’ll probably appreciate this.

  • So far I still love it! Tastes great!
  • Excellent product!
  • Elegantand about the size and weight of a Mini Cooper

KitchenAid KMT4203CA Candy Apple Red 4-Slice Pro Line Toaster

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Candy apple red
  • Automatically keeps toast warm
  • Automatic lift and lower
  • Seven shade settings
  • Bagel and frozen functions

Now this is the cadillac of toasters. Works so smooth, easy to set and has a pleasant sound when the toast is done. I like the feature where it goes back down for a while to keep it warm if you can’t get to it right away.

By far the best toaster i have ever used in my 65 years on earth. I love the fancy way it automatically pulls down the toast. Every piece i make is perfectly browned. Love love love the extra time button. I guess those who wrote bad reviews got a bad one. Love the toastworth every penny.

Omg this toaster is so awesome. Put the bread in and it automatically pops down and when it is done it beeps and the toast pops up. If it is toasted but you want it a little darker just hit the “a little longer” button. If you don’t take the toast out within 45 seconds it pops back down and keeps warm up to 3 minutes. Love that it has the crumb trays to make clean up a breeze.

My last toaster was a dualit which i purchased in the uk in 1999 (still works but uk voltage required, so it is in storage at the moment). Loved the dualit, but after reading reviews on both, i decided to buy the kitchenaid. I am very happy with that decision. It is an awesome toaster, looks great, and more functionality than the dualit.

Huge splurge, but totally worth it.

This toaster toasts as good as any toaster we have ever had. Every function works as well. I am not sure about other reviews that complain about the loud chime. The chime on this unit is very pleasant and a good level of sound. You can barely here it unless you are in the kitchen with the toaster. The slots are plenty wide for bagels.

I like this toaster for a few practical reasons, in spite of its apparent impracticality. The automatic toasting also means automatically popping up; i’ve put thick rolls, bagels, and slices of italian bread in there, and never had anything stuck2. At first, it seemed too much. Then i found there was really a nice range of toasting compared to the settings on a cheap toaster. The frozen setting is pretty intuitive. The drawback: when your toast is ready, it comes up on the motorized cradle. If you don’t retrieve it fast enough, like if you’re busy cooking, it retracts and toasts it again.

This toaster is phenomenal it is big and heavy so it you do not have a large kitchen it may be overwhelming. I needed color in my kitchen. I have a large wolf stove with red knobs and this toaster added much more bang then the wolf toaster would have. I research most everything i buy and this toaster has received wonderful reviews. I also like the functions of the toaster as well as how it toasts the bread. I keep all my bread frozen and this toaster works well for my husband and me. I eat thin small slices of bread while my husband eats larger thicker slices. Because the toaster has two controls it meets our different needs simultaneously. A bit expensive but worth it.

Beautiful piece of equipment. It chimes when it is finished and if you can’t get right to it the toaster will keep it warm for a short time. It does take up a lot of space, but it is beautiful.

With 3 kids and busy breakfast times the keep warm option is great.

We have not had this toaster long. We were looking for a high quality 4-slice toaster to augment our 2-slice. This is my first kitchenaid appliance but after researching many toasters we landed on this one and have not been disappointed. If the toaster continues to perform as it has out-of-the-box it will be amazing. First, lets start with the finished product, the toast. The toast comes out of this thing so precisely toasted that it’s hard to understand how the heat can be so even. The toast is consistently perfect and i do mean perfect. In addition, the toast lowers and raises itself automatically and provides a gentle alarm to notify you when it has completed toasting. But, if you should neglect the finished toast the toaster will automatically lower the toast and hold it on a warming cycle until you again raise it. Wonderful product that performs even better than it looks and it looks great.

Works so beautifully and is jewelry for the kitchen.

This toaster is fantastic,it toast everything completely. I don’t know why some shoppers are stating this toaster toasts bread etcetera inconsistently or it really is much too slow, i have not skilled that at all this toaster is effective and toast bread,bagels and frozen waffles completely,i love the retain heat characteristic,i would absolutely recommend getting this toaster,it truly is a minor high priced,but well really worth it.

Highly-priced merchandise, but truly worth every penny. Uncomplicated to use and toasts beautifully. Several highly developed functions make this a good toaster. It does just take up a whole lot of counter area if you are small on counter room, you could want to look at a different toaster.

If you don’t mind the rate tag, this is a excellent toaster.

second update: 2/five/18: i manufactured some ‘white bread’ in my bread maker. Precisely a raisin bread. Even tho it is not complete wheat, it is however considerably healthier than what you invest in in the shop. Mouth watering, mild, and visibly toasted. It backs up my premise in the 1st update, that various bread densities will toast in another way. This toasts with incredibly mild toast marks when set at about five. Also, it leaves the bread pleasant and light in the centre. I cannot cease eatingupdate: 2/three/eighteen: i identified anything that may perhaps reveal why some reviewers believe it toasts very well, and other say it isn’t going to toast at all.

This is an brilliant toaster, quite nicely built (as it should really be for the rate). two issues, one particular minor, when you place bread or a bagel in it it dings, which sounds very similar to our door bell, which sets my canines barking, not good at 5:thirty in the early morning, and i are unable to figure how to transform of the dinger. The other criticism, i like my toast dark and if i am toasting a moist complete grain bread, even the darkest location is just not sufficient. Or else it really is fantastic, i in particular like the keep heat function, and the capability to toast 2 different breads at diverse options at the same time.

And the extra features like ‘keep warm’ and ‘a minor longer’ are great. The only negative is that i like my toast quite darkish and it requires at the very least two periods to toast it sufficient.

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