Kenmore Elite Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder and Brewer : This is the best!!

Very good value for the price.

I have owned 3 other grinder coffee makers in the past.

Kenmore Elite Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder and Brewer, Stainless Steel

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Problem is, no auto shutoff or it would have gotten 5-stars.

The machine is overall value for money. You need to adjust you grinding settings to the coffee you use. If the beans are oily then use more corse setting. I used an experimental set up to find the perfect setting for my coffee and it took two hours and 9 brewings- but now the coffee is perfect. Also you have to adjust water to the numbers of cups you want the machine to make and you cannot just fill up the water tank and make 4 cups- it will pour out all the water. I love to wake up to the machine in the morning while it makes my first good cup of coffee on the timer.

Doesn’t always grind the beans.

Kenmore Elite Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder and Brewer, Stainless Steel : Great coffee from well made grind and brew. Owned and used twice daily for one month. After our third krups grind and brew (over a period of 10 yrs), it was time to find a good replacement for the discontinued krups. The kenmore elite grind and brew is the replacement. Heavy duty, easy to use, and very reliable. One important key for these types of machines (grind and brews in general) is to use distilled water. Distilled water protects the water tubes and drip mechanism from clogging with natural minerals in the water. If you like good coffee made from fresh ground beans, little maintenance, and a well built machine, then you will surely appreciate the kenmore elite.

Durability needs to be greatly improved. . Firstly, i would rather have given this a higher rating. It does brew an excellent cup of coffee once you figure out how to fiddle with the setting. It does not get higher due to the durability of the product. Kenmore used to stand for excellent quality, it seems not so much anymore. I bought my unit in january of 2016. Normally the grinders give out on these things. The coffee maker itself gave out today. Plenty grinding, no boiling of water and making coffee.

Our coffee maker bit the dust in late june and we bought this one to replace it. We actually bought it at a sears store and it was on sale. So nice that you just pour in the water, set cup amount and it does the rest. We have ours on medium grind, medium strength and it is so good. Hoping it holds up for a few years. If i had to say anything negative it would be that when it grinds the coffee, it is so very loud. But our old separate grinder was loud too, just higher pitched. And the beeping it does when it’s finished brewing is a bit much.

Uses a lot of beans but worth it.

Wake up to freshly ground coffee. Nothing like waking up to the amazing aroma of freshly-ground coffee being brewed. The setting for cup size is a little misleading as it solely determines the amount of coffee to be ground (e. Grinding coffee for 6 cups) as the amount of coffee (water) that the coffee maker will brew is directly dependant upon the amount of water you add to the reservoir. I have had this coffee maker for seveeal weeks now and continue to be impressed with the quality of the grind as well as the flavor.

I love this coffee maker in comparison to our key rig, but the four stars are because you have to, at times, manually press down the beans so that an adequate amount make it into the grinder. I’m so love the strength control and the accuracy of super strong to medium strong to light.

It is so easy to use and clean.

Makes good coffee but the grinder is extremely loud.

Fast delivery and was the correct coffee maker.

I am pretty happy with this coffee machine.

Very nice options on this machine. Very nice options on this machine. Most of the time we have to assist the coffee bean feed at the beginning of the cycle.

Love the pot hope it lasts longer than the last one.

Very good design, not the best in concistancy. . I love the design of this coffee maker but wish it where more durable. The first one we bought lasted 14 months before the heating element went out. The grinder still worked fine. This new one is not as good as the older one as far as the grinder is concerned. The course setting is ground really fine and medium is finer yet and the finest grind is almost like powder. At any setting if you use an oily dark roast it will plug up and you will have to attend to it by using the brush to keep the shoot clear and even push the beans under the grinder cap to keep it from bridging. Medium roasted beans flow good under the cap without bridging. We are getting use to the fineness of the grind since i think it brings out the flavor of the coffee more anyway i consider it fine, very fine and super fine for the grind. Yours may vary as it did with our first unit.

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Kenmore Elite Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder and Brewer, Stainless Steel
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