JOYOUNG [Official] BONUS PACK! CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker – Very easy to use and clean–I love it!!!

It is convenient for soy milk lover.

This is one of the best purchase that i have made. Its very simple to use and it comes with instruction booklet. I also found a few recipe on line using different beans to make different flavor soy milk (red bean, mung bean, chickpea, black bean. . Etc) also, i read online that soy milk cannot be consumed raw. Raw soy bean may cause digestive problem. I guess that is why the machine has no ‘cold serve’ function. It has to be heated up first.

What finally make me choose the cts-2038 versus the other joyoung models is its larger capacity (1500 – 1700 ml) and the rice paste functions. Rice paste are convenient way of making chinese deserts. Making soy milk is very easy. Put ingredients into the pot as described in the manual, plug in the power, press the selection and soy milk is done in 30 minutes. It is much quieter than i thought. I am expecting something like a blender. But it makes a spinning noise for a few seconds, then it is quiet. It does so in intervals rather than continuously. The larger capacity means i can make soy milk every other day so saves time. As for the cleaning, make sure you clean right away and uses a sponges. Here are the specifications for the JOYOUNG [Official] BONUS PACK! CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker:

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  • Computer Controlled, Automatically Preheat, Grind and Cook on Its Own at the Push of a Button
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior; No Heating Tube! No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • Micro-computer Control, Totally Automatic Operation; Patent “Water Diversion Technology” with Raphael Meshwork; Six intelligent protection functions for safe operation
  • Makes up to 1.7 Liter of fresh milk from soy beans, rice, mung beans, corn and almonds
  • FREE Bonus Pack: Include our exclusive best taste NON-GM (not genetically modified) Soybean samples of 0.3LB gift bag, and a special discount voucher to order from our soybean farm store

If you like to drink soy milk and a variety of different flavors of food, i suggest you buy one, it is so amazing and easy to use. My parents like it very much. I give me a different taste every morning, thanks to joyoung soymilk.

Machine works very well, good product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • OH man what a life changer and life saver, worth every bit!
  • Some Tips
  • Very easy to use and clean–I love it!!!

Everything works as described. My favorite thing about this machine is how easy it is to clean it. I’ve always dreaded washing my old soy milk maker, buying this new one is a pretty huge upgrade for me since it literally only takes a minute to wash. Easy to use, works perfectly, can’t say enough nice things about it.

Wish that it were a bit smaller for an empty-nest family of two.

(long and edited post with learned comments and advice as i go, but this product is still worth ‘wow’)*****another edit inserted here after 4 months of using this. I make an average of three pots a day, soymilk/okara, and cashew milk. There is some mulm and tarnishing that happens around the impeller blades, impeller shaft and bottom of the central unit, plus the very bottom of the pot. About once a week during cleanup (i clean as i process/pour the milk) i use barkeeper’s friend on a small square of a scrubbee pad and that will get it shining without an issue, it will look brand new again. Scotch blue scrubbee pads work great to clean, i cut them in 1/8th size pieces and use just a little piece for a few days of cleaning then discard and take a new one. I paid for this pot in the first three weeks i owned it, and it is still going strong. (2-3 batches of milk a day). Soymilk hot is an acquired taste but a cup right at pour is great. Warm cashew milk, just at drinking temperature, is out of this world.

The cleaning process is a piece of cake, my soy milk is amazing, and i’ve tried a couple of the recipes in the book. The rice/black sesame seed paste is delicious.The recipe book/instruction manual takes a bit of extra brain power to decipher, but it also includes a recipe for “good for your brain” soy milk/rice porridge.

The soymilk we make is almost double the quantity with this new maker, and so creamy.

No more store bought non dairy milk filled with preservatives and additives.

Use soaked beans to increase the yield. The beeping when it is finished is annoying and too long (30 seconds?)creates left over pulp which you could eat, but isn’t the easiest to include in a recipe so i compost it. Soy milk tastes great and is different from store-bought milk. It has a stronger ‘soy’ flavor. I’ve mostly used it to make soy milk. I tried making tofu twice, but it was not worth the effort (it takes a lot of soymilk to make a pound of tofu) and didn’t taste as good as trader joe’s extra firm.

This one give better taste f than the one i have been used for the past 4 years(joyoung cts-1078). It takes about 30 minutes which doubles the time needed for my previous one but that is why you get better grinding results for wet soybeans.

The first time i made soy milk where i soaked, removed the skins, blended, boiled, and then strained the beans – i looked away and it boiled over on me and made a huge mess. Previously i’d always made soy milk by boiling first and then blending (it never came out right). So after that first boil over i immediately did some more research and found an article recommending this specific brand line for soy milk makers. The concept of pressing a button and making soy milk ready to strain from dry or soaked beans. I never want to clean up boiled over soy bean/milk stuff (okara) ever again. I just don’t have the time or attention span and i really enjoy fresh homemade soy milk. This model only makes it hot. Then i’ve bottled it myself (pour boiling into bottles first to make sure they’re sanitized) and let it cool a bit before putting into the fridge.

Great machine to make soy milk.

Very excellent product design and it is much improved over the earlier design (which i used for 10 years). Just follow instructions and you will enjoy this for a long time.

Easy to use, easy to clean, i’m loving it.

Beautiful design and works wonderfully. I find this machine to not be as loud as other soy machines i’ve tried before on this market. Price is on the higher end but it is worth it.

Like 1 of the review said, soak the soy bean over night would taste better. I used 1 cup of dried soy bean, soaked over night and put in the machine, pour water to the last level then filter it and in 30 minutes i have good warm soy milk just like in my country. The only thing seems ok is that there are not much soy milk. I think the beans need to be grind finer to get more milk and flavor. Other than that cross my fingers.

Make sure to soak your soybeans for at least an hour to make your soymilk taste better. I find that adding dry beans directly into the machine makes the soymilk grainy and diluted.

My chines wife loves it and uses every day.

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