Hello Kitty HELLO KITTY KT5235 Hot Air Popcorn Maker – Three Stars

My son loves popcorn, and i do collect hello kitty.

Yeah about 12% of the kernels come flying out and the quantity made isn’t a ton, but it’s so cute and brings joy to us every time we get it out. I only have 2 kids so the 2oz of kernels you can pop at a time are plenty for our family. If you have a larger family, i could see this being a problem and wouldn’t recommend this one for you. But if you are looking for something fun, go for it. I’ve got plenty of red and silver appliances in my kitchen but just one hello kitty popcorn maker.

This tends to jump around on the counter while popping corn, so i have to hold on to it. Here are the specifications for the Hello Kitty HELLO KITTY KT5235 Hot Air Popcorn Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The Hello Kitty Popcorn maker is the perfect way to enjoy a nice bowl of popcorn when watching your favorite film or TV show at home.
  • It allows you to easily make your own popcorn in 3 minutes.
  • Transparent Lid* Non-Slip Feet* For Safety, Operates Only When Assembled Properly.
  • 6.3(W) x 6.9(D) x 13.6(H).

Cut but leaves lots of i popped corn.

Works great, grandkids love it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My client loves it
  • Works so well!
  • Grand daughter Loves this!

It was a gift for our niece and she was very excited to receive it. ‘yay, no more microwave popcorn’, she said.

It’s so cute and it works really well =) there’s never any unpopped popcorn left or any burnt pieces either.

I love it and so do my grandbaby.

I was unsure of the quality of this product until it arrived and i tried it for the first time. So far it has popped almost all kernels. I am hoping for many years of use out of this popper. Only down side is that there is no butter cup to melt butter.

I like my little hello kitty popper. It’s like when i was a kid and i’d pop popcorn with my family. It’s not as convenient as a bag of microwavable and it’s not as magical as pushing a button. It takes a while to warm up and kernels come out that aren’t popped but it was like that back in the day before life was convenient.

Purchased for my 6-yr old niece. The price was reasonable, but i purchased it on sale. Not sure i would pay original list price.

My grand daughter loves hello kitty and so i purchased this for her birthday. She just loves it and she and her brother love making popcorn together.

I don’t understand the bad reviews. Have these people never owned a hot air popper before?. Does it pop every single kernel you put in it?.But no popper i’ve ever had does that either. Does it spray popcorn everywhere?. Sure, if you don’t put the right size bowl under the mouth. Does it occasionally have kernels that pop inside the bowl flinging a few pieces everywhere?. Yes, but c’mon people, it’s popcorn not hot lava.It takes two seconds to clean up and again, every other air popper i’ve owned does the same thing as well.

My daughter loves it, and it works better then expected.

I love how fast this thing works. It makes a decent amount of popcorn.

Worked great except for the pop corn going all over the place.

Pops more kernels than microwave popcorn. Cute design doesn’t come with instructions. So i put the measuring cup once and then press on and it works to load popcorn you have to load it from the back. Cute very happy the bad reviews aren’t true oh i got mine for 20$ @ target :-).

I ordered this as a gift for my teenage client who is a hello kitty lover. I loved that it included a measuring scoop. It will help her to learn to make the popcorn with supervision instead of someone having to do it for her. She will know that scoop is the right amount to make her own popcorn.

My daughter really enjoy eating popcorn usingthis popcorn maker. We always put a big bowl under it to catch all popcorn. But be careful the unpop corn is very hot. We love puting liquid butter and cheese popcorn seasoning, oh its delicious and soft crunchy popcorn. People make a comment that there’s no taste. Use your brain, you can enhance the flavor by putting butter or salt. My daughter really love it, she got it on her birthday. Must buy if you have common sense.

This is a christmas gift so we have not tried it out yet to see what the quality of this product is like.

Gift for a hello kitty lover.