Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster – Updated design takes 2 stars off what was once a 5 star toaster

Hamilton beach classic chrome is a nice little toaster at a good price. Works nice and is compact in size. Bagel setting toasts one side, the flat sides of bagel. In front of the slots, there is a picture that shows which way the bagel should be placed. Toast setting has many settings and toasts just right. Crumb tray is large and easy to access. The hamilton beach toaster is replacing a very expensive name brand toaster that worked for only a few years with very light usage and it burned everything. No matter the setting, so for such s small price i am very pleased.

My way-too-large toaster oven died, may it rip. I used the oven maybe 10 times a year and debated if that was enough to warrant the size of the footprint. I opted to go with a toaster – and was overwhelmed at the number of and prices of toasters. Jeez – i just want crispy bread with some convenience. You could easily spend $80-$120 for a toaster – it really was more than i expected. I decided to narrow it down to amazonprime and under $60. It was down to this one and two others. I just liked the look of this one and it had the features that i wanted. It came super-fast (as always) and it looks very retro. Nice, shiny chrome and good design on the knobs.

I had the previous version of this toaster. When it finally gave up the ghost, we looked at other toasters and quickly came back to the ‘tried and true’ for what we saw as the best build quality for the money. What we didn’t realize is that hamilton beach has tweaked the design of this toaster. The cord is shorter and starts in the middle of the toaster’s underside. There are cord guides to take up excess cord and to make it easier (i suppose) to have the cord come out the back, side, or front according to user preference. I don’t like cord clutter any more than the next person, but we had to move the toaster closer to the outlet so that it would reach. The other design change is more of a hassle: the crumb tray that used to pull out from the front of the toaster, now only pulls out from the rear. Emptying the crumb tray is no longer effortless – our toaster lives on a tiny counter that doesn’t have a lot of space for maneuvering it so that we can turn the toaster around (and wait for the it to cool off first, if we’ve just used it), in order to extract the crumb tray. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 Slice Toaster:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Lifts slices higher with toast boost
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Auto shutoff
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Toast boost

Received this hamilton beach toaster yesterday. Last toaster was also a hamilton beach, which we had for many years and is still working, but not all the heating wires are glowing red hot, so it doesn’t toast evenly. This new one also has heating wires that aren’t lighting up red and it’s brand new. That worried me, so i tried a couple pieces of bread to see if it toasted better than our old one. The toast does look fairly evenly toasted, even though a few of the heating wires don’t light up red. I could return it, but another one would probably do the same or worse. This is made in mexico like most everything else, so i wasn’t expecting the best toaster for $19. This toaster some what (this is shiny stainless steel and no part is brushed stainless steel like it kind of looks in this picture) matches our kitchen appliances, where the other white plastic hb toaster didn’t. The old white plastic toaster didn’t get hot. This toaster does get very hot on every part of the toaster except the black plastic parts and amazon says the stainless steel doesn’t get hot on the sides. If you have young kids keep them away from this toaster when it’s hot.I think every metal toaster does get hot as it would have to be very well insulated not to get hot.

This is an awesome toaster and works exactly as it states in the description. I had no problem browning my toast to golden perfection on both sides of my toast. Be aware there are bagel slots which will toast one side and warm the other, as that’s how bagels are toasted. The biggest issue i had was the price. Toasters should not cost $35 but it seems all good toasters are running about that price these days.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Made in Mexico and their quality control isn’t very good, as I found out with this new stainless steel toaster!
  • Updated design takes 2 stars off what was once a 5 star toaster
  • Nice little toaster!

I had gotten this same toaster as a christmas gift 15 years ago and one side finally gave out. I was super sad because i loved this toaster, so i hopped on amazon to search to see if they still made them and they do. My only complaint is the crumb drawers are now on the back instead of the front. I think the front was better because it was more convenient.