GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2 : Perfect Replacement for older Built in Microwave

Item was no longer available through big box stores.

Echoing another review: i can’t comment on reliability (just received 2 days ago), but it was a perfect replacement for my ten-year old ge je2160bf03 built-in. No additional “trim kit” ($180) needed. The old built-in trim hardware was easy to transfer to this newer model. Slid right into place and looks great.

Today is 20 yr anniversary in our house and we started off with all white ge profile kitchen appliances. The fridge/freezer is still working fine, the oven, cooktop, and compactor are all fine. We have replaced the dishwasher 2 yrs ago. The ge profile microwave is another story. Now the 3rd one has just died after only 17 months (magnitronwe are told). So, keeping with the white, and having liked this model here, and because we have the built-in with frame,we are going to buy our fourth. Did not get the warranty before, but plan to on this one.

This microwave is the perfect replacement for my original unit. I didn’t have to replace the mounting kit from the old unit. It’s a powerful oven and plenty large enough for my needs. It is very quiet when operating. The black gloss finish is nice and easy to keep clean.

  • Good replacement for je2160bf03 – Didn’t need a trim kit upgrade
  • Hat finder
  • Perfect Replacement for older Built in Microwave

GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave

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  • GE PEB7226DFBB Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave by General Electric
  • 1,100-Watt of cooking power and 10 cooking levels for boiling, reheating and defrosting
  • Turntable is ideal for even cooking results or for accommodating oversized dishes
  • Sensor cooking automatically sets the optimal time and power level
  • Microwave comes with a one year limited warranty

Much quicker than the old one. We like the large turn table and it’s easy to clean.

Just installed and it was larger than anticipated.

Works great and wonderful price.

10/31/2015 update: the new microwave purchased april 2015 began to emit a rattling sound. Ge service changed out all the high voltage components, magnetron, transformer, etc. But the microwave continued to rattle. Ge service came in again and the technician saw sparks entering the cooking chamber from a burned-through hole close to the magnetron. The april 2015 microwave is now toast and i will receive a new one. I purchased this ge 1200 watt, 2. Ft microwave on another site. But my history is deep with this particular ge microwave lineage. This model has always had super power and an easy to understand interface.

Microwave arrived with dent in the side wall. Not worth the hassle of exchanging, but less than i would expect from geotherwise it functions as expected.

Does what it’s supposed to do. Except it only has one -not very loud- beep at end of the cook cycle.

Hopefully it will last many years.

This unit was purchased to replace a slightly older ge profile microwave. After installing this [more expensive] one, we realized it did not have the “reminder” feature which the other one had (and which we greatly miss). It is also a little noisier than the previous microwave. However, it does do the job it is meant to do–microwave food.

I can’t comment on durability since i literally just installed this myself yesterday, but i did want to mention a few things. I bought this to replace an older ge profile microwave (model je2160bf03) that died on me because a ge rep recommended it. This is for a built in cabinet setup. A lot of sites, ge reps, and reviewers mention you have to get a new trim kit (costs around $180 or so) for it. This wasn’t the case for my situation. I have a 30″ trim kit that was previously installed and i was still able to use the exact same one for this model. All the holes/screws line up the exact same and the venting works normal with the existing trim kit. So i’m not sure what everyone is talking about when they say you need to order a new one?. The trim kit i have was purchased in 2006 and works just fine with this model. I wanted to give my two cents on that in case anyone else was thinking of dropping another 200 bucks.

It’s large enough for big dishes. Loving it but does take up a lot of space but the size was known.

So far working great and looks good too with the built in trim kit.

Unfortunately, this is the third ge profile microwave i have had in the house in 17 years. So i guess a little over 5 years is life for these things. I got a 5 year warranty this time. All i worry about is finding it in 5 years. Or remembering i have it 🙂 while they work, they are great. Just expect to replace it about that time.

This was good buy n handle d perfect by amazon.

Everything is easily found on the panel; including instructions. It even reminds you if you turn it on with nothing inside. Big, be sure your space is the right size.

This microwave oven replaces another ge profile microwave oven that died after 11 years of service. The new microwave oven works fine, although it did arrive with a dent in the rear upper right hand corner of the cabinet. Apparently, this happened at the factory during packaging, as my husband unpacked the oven and stated that it was well insulated, and he did not believe it could have been damaged during shipping. This dent does not interfere with the oven’s performance. To date, we are very satisfied with it.

Good replacement for older unit.

This is very noisy compared to the unit, also a ge, that it replaced. We don’t like the noise and wonder if this unit is defective.

A little too big for the area that i had the older one in but over all its working well jane diaz.