Focus Electrics, LLC West Bend 84866 6-Quart Versatility Slow Cooker, West Bend

I had my old west bend for 51 years, and it has been well used, and it had it’s problems. The stainless looks wonderful, is easy to clean, and cooks beautifully, and is a larger capacity. I hope i get as many years of use as the old one.

I love the versatility and the option of being able to use the pot on the stove and in the oven. It makes browning meat, etc. The size is also a major plus. Great for storing, but not lacking in space.

I had a very old version of this slow cooker and loved it. The base broke from dropping, but still worked with duck tape, and the pot lost its no-stick surface, so i decided it was time to replace it. This newer version is no longer made in the usa, and the quality is not quite as good, but it still works like i want it too. After my first time to use this new pot it became warped and was not able to sit flat upon the cooking surface. I was unable to remove spots within the pot from searing my meat before cooking. I complained about the pot and immediately received a brand new pot (and a new glass cover, which i really didn’t need) at no charge. So i am very grateful to west bend for their excellent customer service. Despite the replacement and the excellent customer service, i must report that the new pot also warped. The company desperately needs to do something to replace these poorly made pots.

Key specs for West Bend 84866 6-Quart Versatility Slow Cooker with Glass Cover, Stainless (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 275-Watt cooker comes with adjustable temperature control with griddle setting
  • Base doubles as a mini griddle perfect for grilling a burger, eggs, toasted cheese sandwiches and more
  • Made of stainless steel with premium non stick interior
  • Safe to use in dishwasher,oven or freezer

Comments from buyers

“Beats the $300 versions hands down, but not a “real” crock pot
, Perfect for me !
, True “slow cooker”.

This is the third cooker like this that i have purchased and i have loved everyone of them. The only thing that i don’t like about this one is the handles are hot to touch. It would have been nice if they were manufactured so that a person could pick the pot up without getting burned. Other wise i would have given this cooker five stars.

This cooker was a disappointment in the fact, the actual cooking vessel did not sit flat on the cooking base. It had a left to right wobble. I would imagine that is why some people said it had hot spots (center was higher than the sides) i was upset about this fact and my better half took it to the work shop and i have no idea what he did but it is now flat to the cooking surface. Be aware of this and you will not be disappointed.

I’ve wandered into those kitchen shops where you drool over everything and can’t afford anything. And i lusted after one of their upscale brand slow cookers that move from stovetop burner to oven to fridge with ease (for a few hundred dollars). And it made me wonder whether there wasn’t a cheaper way to have the utility (if not the cachet) of those things. Enter the west bend versatility slow cooker. Because the pot is really just a stainless steel dutch oven (with a teflon base to prevent sticking), you can do whatever you want with it–including putting it on the burner unit that comes with it. But you can also use it to brown your meat on the stove in the same pot you use for slow cooking (saving you the trouble of putting a second pot in the dishwasher). You can also dispense with the base and put the thing right in your oven, if you choose. And it’s light enough that you won’t dislocate a shoulder doing so. But the mystique of the crock pot, with the stoneware container emitting radiant heat all around your roast or stew–is gone. What you get here is–just a pot and a spare burner.

I highly recommend the west bend 6-quart versatility slow cooker in stainless. I had to replace my 35+ year old butterscotch-color west bend slo-cooker plus. The glass cover was chipped on the edge. The no-stick interior had worn spots, but no peeling. It continued to cook well, so i was lazy about doing the research to replace it. My husband bought a crockpot slow cooker for me in december, 2014. All it did was boil no matter what setting it was on. The cooking elements in that type of ceramic crockpot go around the bottom and up the sides. We returned it, thanks to a very liberal warehouse return policy.

My sister told me she didn’t have a slow cooker and asked to borrow mine. So i told her she could have my 4 qt west bend and i could get this new 6 qt one. I love versatility, so i knew i wanted another west bend. I like making pots of chili, soups and casseroles. The stainless steel pot looks so nice is easy to clean. My daughter likes to make scrambled eggs and pancakes on the grill and has no problem with cleaning it. The glass cover makes it nice to see inside and the big handle keeps my daughter from burning her knuckles when she lends a hand to stir the pot. This slow cooker has my vote and my daughters.

I would recommend this product as it cooks the food good, and i love the grill part where you can cook a grill sandwich. The only thing l was concern about was that the inside part coating has scraped off some. But the looks of it is very appealing and l love the high and low temps.

This holds a lot, can go on top of the stove and even in the oven.

Way nicer to use than the typical crock pot. One bought for myself and one for my sister-in-law.

This is the only slow cooker i enjoy. With seperate pot and heater unit you can brown food first, or get it boiling, then place on heater to slow cook. I have notticed lowest setting is too cool for serving temperature.

I had one like this years ago, and i loved it. It’s taken me a long time to find this one. It’s much easier do deal with than the crockpots with the stoneware insert – those weigh a ton.This one is light and durable. It cleans up well – goes right in the dishwasher. The pot is totally separate from the base.

As long as i live, this is the only slow cooker i will own. It doesn’t stick, it doesn’t burn, it cooks evenly and i can leave it on all day long even if i’m away from the house. I’ve owned only this slow cooker for many years.

This is my second versatility, the first one being the basic black version. I ordered the second one because the nonstick coating on mine was coming off after quite a lot of use. The only problem with this one is that the bottom of the pan tends to warp when used on the stovetop. Also, i don’t need the grill feature. Otherwise i’d recommend this line of slow cookers if you want to brown meat straight in the pan, something i prefer. There is another make of versatile cooker out there, but it costs in the order of $250 so this is a good low cost alternative.

I grew up knowing the west bend slow cooker as the go-to cooking appliance in our home. From appetizers to desserts, my grandma & mom cooked it all. So of course i received one when i moved out and used it for many years until the internal coating became too scratched up. It was difficult to find a replacement as this particular slow cooker is not found in stores. Once i located them on amazon, i purchased the 6 qt. As i now feed a growing family. I am happy with the cooker’s performance and results (tender roasts, perfectly cooked one dish meals, soups, using the griddle in camper trailer, having a temp control dial not just low-high, etc. ) but the construction is disappointing. At purchase, i realized it had a different lid than its predecessor ( glass lid could be used as a serving tray) and it just doesn’t provide the same fit\seal as older version. The pot is also a lighter material and it was ‘warped -wobbly’ from first use.

I have purchased at least 5 of these cookers in the last 10 years. My only issue with them is that the teflon coating is thin and even using wooden or plastic spoons does not prevent wearing away of the surface. What i love is the fact that the pot can be used on top of the stove thereby making starting dishes on a burner possible( i. Browning hamburger to put in spaghetti sauce, sautéing onions). Also the temperature setting is unlimited- not just low, medium or high. I use mine all of the time and love it.

As i said we still use the old one to keep things warm. Trusting this will last 10 years plus. Service at amazon was again wonderful. Package came in a few days very well packed ******** we will buy from amazon again and again.

It was time to retire my 26-year-old west bend slow cooker. Not because it quit working, but because the non-stick surface was beginning to fade a little. As i shopped at a lot of local stores, the only slow cookers i could find were the ones that had temperature settings of just low and high. Not good enough for me, as my west bend had a sweep-able thermostat that went from low, to medium, to high. What really surprised me was fact that i could not find the west bend brand anywhere. I figured they must have gone out of business. So maybe retirement wasn’t going to happen after all. And i was not going to compromise. Not being able to find anything locally, i turned to amazon. And as you have found out as well, west bend is alive and well here. After reading some of the reviews, i settled for this model. Now first off, i’m not a slow cooker fanatic. I use it for spaghetti sauce, beef stew, chili, roasts, and soups. Yes its got a sweep-able thermostat. That in itself was enough for me. Some folks dislike the fact that this cooker is probably not one to leave unattended all day. Which is true, to some degree.

I love this versatility slow cooker. It is the 3rd one i have purchased. One for my main residence and one for my winter home. The first one was damaged in shipping from one place to the other that is the reason for purchasing the next 2.

Nice slow cooker , like the element being at the bottom.

I liked this slow cooker when i got it and used it until the bottom warped and had to be replaced. I went back to the crockpot. I feel i have better control over the cooking in the crockpot.

It is a replacement for one i’ve had for 25 years & i love it. Works great & it’s bigger than the one i had.

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