DeLonghi Bread Maker : Happy with this bread maker

I did a lot of research on the other machines and this machine was never compared to the others on any of the websites. I liked the other machines, but each machine was missing at least one of the features i was looking for, the delonghi has them all. I was looking for a timer, fruit and nut dispenser, convection and a paddle that did not leave a large hole. The paddle is thin, so when you pull the bread out of the pan, it leaves a slight thin line, almost unnoticeable. Also the light is great, and the window on the top is bigger than what i had before, so you can actually see what is going on. I baked a nut and currant bread, white bread and dough for sub rolls so far. Right now i am making pumpernickel dough for rolls. I have not been disappointed in anything i have made so far. Don’t be discouraged by the recipe book inside.

It is easy to use, easy to clean, it is not noisy and works very well. Just what i was looking for.

The unit did not power up when plugged in and switched on. Had to jiggle and shake it for a while to get it to power up. Made two good loaves of bread, but struggled with the power each time. Am returning for a new unit and will try again. Very good looking and easy to operate. Update: amazon shipped a replacement unit and we love it.

I am somwhat disappointed with this machine, but am finding it useful and still learning. I made two loaves from the same recipe, using identical settings and had 2 different kinds of loafs. The crust was darker on the second one, and the puffiness of the loaf was not as even. Both loaves were acceptable but the first one of the identical loaves was much better. I also found that using recipes by king arthur flour worked out better than the ones that came with the machine. Part of my disappointment is that i thought i was getting a maker with retractable blades. I ordered this by mistake, but i find it acceptable because the blade makes such a small defect in the crust of the loaf. It separates easily unless i overload the loaf with dried fruit or raisins.

  • So happy I trusted the reviews! This bread machine is top notch! Just one minor complaint
  • Pretty good, minor issues
  • Makes great bread

DeLonghi Bread Maker

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  • Produces an even baking temperature and reduces moisture with the special fan-assisted baking system
  • Automatically opens and dispenses ingredients at the appropriate time with the 4-1/2-ounce capacity ingredients dispenser
  • Removes easily from the loaf without leaving a large hole, and also incorporate all of the mix from the corners with the unique kneader
  • Quickly make your own bread in just under an hour with the 58-minute rapid bake function
  • Easily set your own time for each bread baking stage, from pre-heat to kneading, rising and baking, with 5 personal program settings

You get what you pay for with this breadmaker.

I purchased this bread machine a few months ago with the primary intention of replacing store-bought sandwich bread with homemade. I am a busy mom, however, and as much as i would like to be available for traditional bread making, it just doesn’t happen. This machine is consistently making a delicious 100% sprouted whole wheat loaf for me. Yes, the ingredients may cost more than buying a loaf from the store, but i like the peace of mind that comes from zero preservatives and dough conditioners, and 100% organic ingredients. I don’t have to babysit it, as some other reviews have suggested. I put the ingredients in and take the loaf out a few hours later. Easy peasy, as my five year old says. No, it isn’t whisper quiet, but it only kneads intermittently for about 30 minutes of its 3-4 hour cycle. 5 lb loaf is almost exactly the same size as a traditional loaf of sandwich bread, just not as long, which is fine because we eat it all before it gets dry. I do wish that delonghi had provided more recipes, but i have been using many from the king arthur flour website with lots of success. Overall, i am super happy with this purchase. It consistently bakes delicious bread with very little hands on attention and doubles as a really awesome air freshener.

This is a great bread macker. Recomending this bread maker nice design too. . Tuch screan display,,a very great price for the product. Iff any one is looking for a good bread maker this is the one i recomend delongi bread maker.

Very good value for the money. Flat paddle does not leave a ‘hole’ in the bread.

I really like this bread machine, but it took me quite a few months to figure it out. It comes with a book of recipes, but you have to follow the recipes to perfection. My biggest complaint is the measurements are in ounces. While it comes with a measuring device, this only works for the liquid ingredients. I had to purchase a scale to measure out the dry ingredients. Beyond that, the machine is easy to use and produces wonderful breads.

For some odd reason i cant get this thing to make bread without it coming out flat. I follow the instructions and even tried different things and all ended up the same. So for now i use it for making jam. Its perfect for making strawberry jam. I like the unit overall and hopefully get the bread to work. Until then, i use the oven like usual.

I have been using for several months and love it.

Great product, not too big, not too small, fit well in the kitchen. After one week of testing, we finally optimize the right recipe with the right program. The breads are really amazing, and the crust is just perfect. We are now using it very other day since now almost 6 months, and we are very happy with it.

I don’t usually write reviews, but i just had too much to say about this. This bread machine replaced my breadman ultimate plus, which broke after less than a year of use, but i rigged it up to keep working for another year (just had to use a knife to pry the pan out after each use). I did heavy research before choosing my replacement. I decided i didn’t want another “budget” bread machine that i was going to have to keep replacing, so i was looking at some of the higher end machines. Besides the delonghi, i considered machines by zojirushi, panasonic, and breville. There seems to be a lot of passionate zoji fans. It does seem like a nice machine, but i didn’t like a few things about it. 1) it doesn’t have a dedicated “french” bread cycle, which i make a lot of. I know, i know, you can program it, but since it’s something i make a lot, i wanted a machine that already had the perfect cycle set up for it. My household is small, so i like to make 1 lb. Loaves with the option of going bigger if i am feeding a crowd. 3) it didn’t have the fruit/nut dispenser4) it is more expensive5) it didn’t have an interior lightthe panasonic machine i was looking at (sd-yd250) didn’t have the fruit/nut dispenser or an interior light. It did have a yeast dispenser, which i thought was silly because it’s easy (and fun) to make a little “well” in the flour to put the yeast, and it just seemed like another little area to have to clean.

I have owned this bread maker for several months and haven’t used it much because it seemed confusing. The display window is touch screen with “icons” that are pictures only. Today, i went to the delonghi website and found a very useful manual. I printed off the illustration and labeled the parts and now i totally understand how to make a loaf of bread. Press menu, which is the book symbol. You know which number to choose based on the recipe you use in the book. Select loaf size, which is the scale symbol , 3. Select crust color, which is the bread symbol. The dispenser for nuts and dried fruit slides on the lid. If you need to cancel your choices, press the x symbol.

Works well for mixing dough, though i don’t bake the bread in it.

I love this bread maker it makes great bread. There are two things i don’t care for. The basket that holds nuts or other ingredients for delayed release in special breads often opens and gets dirty when you make plain bread. Second the bread will cook longer than you want it to so you must take it out of the machine when it’s done or it will continue to cook and develop a hard thick crust even on the lighter settings. This is only a problem if you want to set it to make bread while your away and cannot be there to pull it out when it’s done. The recipe book is easy to follow and every bread i’ve tried has tasted wonderful. I wish there was a store near me that carried the specialized ingredients that many of the recipes call for. All in all it is a great bread maker and has always performed well for me.

Works perfectly and makes delicious bread. Not too much noise (bip and motor) compare to other bread makers. Really makes a crispy crust with medium and dark crust setting.

Very easy to set up, solid, not too loud and easy to clean. I wish they would have programmed in a beep at the begining of the last rise, as i like to remove the paddle then. Also, i’d like to be able to disable the ‘keep warm’ function. Update: it is possible to remove the keep warm function by programming a custom cycle.

This machine has all the features i wanted to replace my 12-year-old bread maker. Unfortunately, i had a very hard time making a satisfactory loaf with their recipes. Everything is weighed on a scale or measured in their enclosed measuring cup. I carefully weighed and measured resulting in awful loaves. Since i’m an every week bread baker, i knew they could be better. When i called the company, they offered to have me send the machine back and have it checked for defect. I decided to try it for another month before lugging it to ups. I switched to my own recipes and ‘voila’ perfect loafs. Haven’t tried it with mixes, but i have used several bread machine cookbooks all with great results.

I bought the same model from sur la table and it cost me $50 more after tax. I knowingly was lazy when making my first loaf and used the included measuring cup to measure the flour (yes, i do know it’s for liquids only – why’d i do it?. Because i’m a guy i suppose). The resulting bread was flat, dense, and not very good. Fast forward to the 2nd loaf. This time i measured the same amount of flour in the same included measuring cup. I wanted to weight it out and see just how far off i was on my flour amount. With the liquid measuring cup came out on my digital oxo weight scale as only 14 & 1/4 oz. I knew it would be off, but wow – didn’t expect it to be 7 ounces off.

Actually, it has been a bit more than a year. I have used my bread machine once or twice a week, every single week, since i purchased it. I put added fiber into all of my breads. And just because i am home and can do it, i take the dough out after the last punch down, remove the kneader bar, shape the loaf, and then put it back in to rise and bake. I pretty much get perfect bread every time. Further updates: i have written additional updates, but they have not appeared here. Maybe my review has turned into too much of a blog. Anyway, for initial impressions of the bread machine, skip the updates and start reading further down.

This breadmaker makes a very even loaf. The fruit and nut dispenser is great too, things are very easy to clean and there aren’t any dry corners like other machines. This machine is a little bigger than i expected it to be, so take that into consideration if you won’t have a large spot to store it. The instructions and recipe booklet are easy to follow and the package includes a measuring cup and spoon.