CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station – Dual Coffee Maker Brews two 12-cup Pots : Fabulous.sleek, convenient design, neat features. EXCELLENT

So, my wife broke one of the coffee pots to ourdual coffee maker. So, we couldn;t find a replacement pot that fit, so we found the identical coffee maker on amazon and bough it. Now, we have an extra coffee maker and an extra pot.

A rare find- double pot coffee maker. When i met my wife over twenty years ago, she bought us a krups double-pot coffee maker, as she drank decaf, and i drank “hi-test”. That machine was simple and direct, no computer, no gadgets, and served us well for all these years. It finally failed in several ways, and we were unable to find a small appliance service able to repair it (duh). I had been looking for a suitable replacement for several years, but krups stopped making them and no other was available. The cucinapro, which popped up on amazon recently, fills the bill extremely well. Simple and straightforward, it makes coffee very well and does keep it hot. Oh, dear, how american consumers do need their conveniences. Just set the coffee to go the night before, and hit the “on” buttons as you’re heading to the bathroomone gripe, hence only four stars: the filter baskets do not accept the commonly-sold gold filters.

We have 6 people in our household. Some like regular coffee and some require decaf. This works great for our family.

The coffee turns out fine (i use whole bean) but i didn’t realize. I ordered this because my husband drinks decaf and i drink caffeinated. The coffee turns out fine (i use whole bean) but i didn’t realize, until i opened the box and read the instructions that there is no auto shut off and no timer. It if you are looking for a basic machine, it will be ok.

  • The “straight scoop” on this coffeemaker
  • Fabulous.sleek, convenient design, neat features. EXCELLENT
  • LOVE this coffee maker!

CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station – Dual Coffee Maker Brews two 12-cup Pots, each with Individual Heating Elements

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  • Double Coffee Maker- Brews two 12 cup pots
  • Dual Coffee Brewer- Includes 2 permanent filters and coffee scoops
  • Spring out coffee filter basket for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Double Coffee Brew Station- Water window with level marks
  • Heating elements can be controlled individually

Fabulous. Sleek, convenient design, neat features. We are thrilled with this coffee maker. Its sleek, fits our countertop well for its size. And we have tiny counter tops. I was impressed with how well it was packaged, extremely secure. Its got neat little automatic buttons that you push, and the area where you put coffee pops out smoothly. Best part the caraffes do not leak when you pour coffee. So many pots have poorly designed spouts that leak, this is perfect.

No- it doesn’t have auto-shutoff, it doesn’t claim to in the description, so quit knocking it down stars from something that you didn’t research enough. This is a simple, one-switch (for each side) dual-pot coffee maker. The feature is that both my husband and i can each have our own special flavored coffee, everyday. Some users complain of the placement of the overflow holes in the back of the machine. They are placed where they could cause water to leak out when filling the water reservoir if you aren’t careful to avoid pouring over these holes. I just use care when filling the reservoir and it’s never been a problem. Some users complain of the baskets not seating properly, i’m sorry- but this is user error.

This coffee pot is really good. I love that it is a double brew station so we can never run out. It brews so fast – i swear it is less than 10 minutes.It is simple to work and makes tasty coffee.

Fussy lady likes this coffee pot. Two days from when our old coffee pot quit working and i ordered this one.

It’s hard to find a dual pot coffee maker that isn’t designed for a restaurant. This is perfect for brewing one pot regular and one pot decaf.

We have been using the machine for a few weeks now and it has proven to be very good. We appreciated the permanent filters that came with the machine. Attached a timer to have coffee prepared by 4:30 a. Will be looking into finding carafe replacements by writing to the company as their instruction leaflet didn’t mention replacements.

So happy i’m considering a second one. Just perfect for a busy family or office. Great since i can’t have regular, and my husband won’t drink decaf.

The “straight scoop” on this coffeemaker. There are limited choices out there for dual coffeemakers, and we needed one for (reasons). Perhaps the same is true for you, which is why you’re reading this review. I certainly read all the reviews and especially the answered questions because, well, i had questions too. And the answered questions provided some of the answers i was seeking, but also had some conflicting information. So, in the spirit of helping other amazon shoppers, here is what i can say about this machine. – the precise dimensions are 15-1/2 inches wide, 14-1/16 inches tall, and 9 inches deep (minus the handles on the pots). – there are indeed permanent “filters” in the coffeemaker, but they function more as handy pull-out baskets to make dumping the grounds easier. You will need to use a paper filter as well. It takes the standard #4 filters.

. Just have to turn it off on your own or it stays on all day. But, great for our office for strong coffee and for mild coffee.

More pros than cons for this coffee maker. . Overall, i am happy with this coffee maker. It solved the dilemna my husband and i had every morning, since he drinks caffineated and i’ve switched to decaf. While the overall design is good –pros: it’s sturdily made, the caraffes are a good size, there are separate water wells, there are water level indicators one each side, independent on/off switches, it’s compact for basically being a double coffee maker; however, there are problems — cons: on one side the basket arm doesn’t latch securely and opens half way through the brew cycle. We’ve had to juryrig it with a clothespin to keep it from flying open. I give this 4 stars out of 5 and hope that cucina will eventually correct this flaw. This seems to be a commonly cited problem for this model.

The carafes are much larger than krups or braun “12 cup” coffee makers. We bought this for our second home for guests. However, there is a “delay” in the water display and the rear water filler – you need to watch the filler so the water doesn’t leak out of the holes in the back. Also, they should make the next version with at least an “auto-shutoff”, which this version does not have.

No replacement parts are available. Good machine, but after two years of service one side stopped working completely. I am a senior engineer so fixing things is easy for me. But, beware, no replacement parts are available.

Worked great for 20 months and one side quit working. It was exactly what we wanted for a 2-coffee flavor family. Worked great for 20 months and one side quit working.

*insert happy dance* best invention since sliced bread. Oh how i love my dual coffee pot. . Xdone side for coffee, one side for tea. No more microwaving my water, no more having my tea taste like left over coffee, just tea and it’s wonderous flavorsi use to only heat me up one or two glasses of tea a day, now i can make a whole pot and enjoy it. My hubby loves it too, he makes a pot of chamomile tea when he gets home from work.

If you’re having a crowd, you can keep one pot of each caf and decaf going.

My husband purchased this along with the coffee organizer for the workplace. It looks awesome in the medical office and the nurses love how nicely the coffee brews.

It’s not easy to find a double brew station. This one works great and allows us to brew regular coffee and decaf at the same time. This is the second time we have purchased this machine – our original brew station lasted about 10 years.

No automatic shut off feature. I liked the look of the machine, very compact for a double coffee maker, but it doesn’t have an automatic shut off feature, which you don’t find out until you unpack it. Just seems too likely that we would leave the house one day with the coffee maker still on, and it won’t turn itself off the way most will.

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