Crow Canyon Home Enamelware Small Oval Roaster – Marble – beautiful roasting pan

Works well, love the blue color.

Wicked cute though, and cleans easily. Here are the specifications for the Crow Canyon Home Enamelware Small Oval Roaster – Marble:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for small poultry and roasts
  • Enamelware is not intended for microwave use
  • 7.5″ x 10.5″7.5″ x 10.5″

Very well made and sturdy, color is attractive, and the size is perfect for small roasts etc. Since the kids have all moved out it is the most used roaster we have. Great vendor, everything as promised.

Works good on the wood burner.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Sooooooooo Adorable!!!
  • Worth the cost.
  • Very well made and sturdy, color is attractive

Cute on my counter and perfect size when cooking for two.

I have been looking for this size granite ware pan for a couple of years. Apparently there isn’t hardly anyone who makes them anymore, i inherited the one i used to have but a hole rusted through the bottom of it and i’ve missed it. I hesitated paying the price asked on this one for awhile but finally bought it. The ingenious little thing i hadn’t noticed about it in the pictures was the off placement of the handles. It really makes for a sturdy hold on the pan. Though i would have been happy with the traditional dark blue pan, this one is pretty.

This is just what i was looking for and is a perfect size. The offset handles took a few minutes to get comfortable using but i highly recommend this roaster.

My apartment building has been without cooking gas for more than a year due to building violations, mismanagement, etc. I should have done this long ago but i recently bought a cuisinart toa-60 cuisinart convection toaster oven air fryer and discovered that most of the roasters and broiling pans i own do not fit. I set out to rectify this problem and discovered that there aren’t many items that will fit an 11′ by 10′ space within the oven. This roasting pan is among the items i found and it is adorable. I have been using similar roasting pans for my oven long ago – and they were great. I am certain that this roaster will perform equally well.

This was an item my husband frowned at; now he uses it as much as me. The size is convenient to a two to three person meal. Cooks just as well as my one for large turkey, could not be more pleased.

I ordered this in the red marble. Unfortunately i was not able to receive one with the black rim. I think this would have really added to the overall look of the roaster. I also had to order the matching spoon at cherry creek cottage, where they have an enormous amount of this same marbleware, all kinds of pieces, and the owner is super helpful. She even called me within an hour of my inquiry email. She got both size spoons, measured the ‘bowl’ part of each spoon so i’d know how much the spoon would hold, went in the back and got this same small roaster, put each spoon in the roaster to see how well each fit, and how much of the handle hung over the rim. (the 12′ spoon gives you about 2′ of overhang making it the better choice, while the 8′ almost sits in the pan). Amazon did not sell the spoons when i bought the roaster, so i looked elsewhere online to purchase it.

Soooooooo cutejust the right size for 2 people. It has raised parts, in the bottom, inside, to keep meat up. It may not work as good for lasagna, (the same company has a lasagna pan. ), but great for chicken, or a small roast. It will hold 3 or 4 chicken breasts. Maybe a small turkey breast. I will update my review, after using it. The color is much brighter in person.

I think the paint on this is so pretty, and the offset handles are wonderful–makes it so easy to get in and out of the oven.

Just the right size for a meatloaf. It is also very easy to clean. I would highly recommend this.

This is perfect size for one/two people servings – i love cooking small ham in this roaster pan, and it always turns out delicious.

It is a small roaster, i was hoping it was bigger but it will fit a small roast or chicken. Don’t think about putting a turkey in it for thanskgiving.

This is a great pan for your smaller needs. My husband made his roast pork in it. He loves it, plus it’s pretty.

My mom and i are obsessed with these products. The packaging from this company was tops.

Perfect as described and meets my needs.

Can’t say enough good stuff about this roaster. This brand of enamelware is not only attractive, it’s the easiest to clean up. Baked on mac and cheese or scalloped potatoes swish off with no scrubbing after even a brief soaking in hot water. I have several pieces and always get compliments on them when i take them somewhere. Much heavier than what you buy at you local discount stores. I use lower temps in my oven when using this as stuff cooks faster.

I have a hard time visualizing sizes from numbers, so this turned out to be a little smaller than i expected. It is about the same size as a boiler/fryer chicken. The chicken would fill this from side to side and almost from top to bottom. At first i wasn’t sure if i would keep it, then i realized that for my household of one, it’s the perfect size. It will be perfect for a game hen and roast vegetables, or two chicken breaths with dressing. I’m sure i’ll come up with other uses. Just be aware if you are planning on cooking a whole chicken with enough dressing or vegetables to feed a family, you might find it too small for what you need.