Crock-Pot SCCPVC600AS-B 6-Quart Oval Programmable Digital Slow Cooker : Self-stirring feature is AMAZING

I bought this crockpot about a month ago and have not been able to stop using it. I currently started working longer hours and didn’t want to have to pick up food bc i wouldn’t feel like cooking at night and was afraid my old crockpot would burn. This stirs it constantly keeping it from burning around the edges.

This is the crock pot you want to own. This is a much better slow cooker than my previous one. I love the fact that it will stir things for you if you want it to. Now can make soups and chili while at work with no fear of anything sticking to the crock.

Self stirring slow cooker is a hit. My wife and i were intrigued by the concept of a slow cooker that self stirs. We bought it and gave it a try. Pretty amazing how it self stirred every 30 minutes making a stew that we set for 4 hours. Came out perfect and delicious. We”d recommend this to everyone we know. Thanks tsr for your quick delivery and awesome customer service.

My wife is a crock pot connoisseur and she loves this thing. Built in stirring mechanism is very useful for many of her astonishingly delicious meals. Gotta have this to complete your crock pot collection.

  • The Stir feature is a nice bonus, but it doesn’t really stir that well
  • Worth the price for the auto-stir alone!
  • Self stirring slow cooker is a hit

Crock-pot SCCPVC600AS-B 6-Quart Black Oval Programmable Digital Slow Cooker, Auto Stir System

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  • Includes iStir Automatic stirring system with two removable stirring paddles: a general purpose paddle and stew paddle
  • Programmable control panel with digital countdown timer allows you to set cooking time anywhere between 30 minutes to 20 hours
  • Automatically shifts to Warm when cooking is complete
  • Also includes removable classic lid handle
  • Recipes included

The “pulse” or stir mechanism is so great. Very easy to operate, easy to clean. The “keep warm” setting is still very hot so if you are setting out at a party i would just turn it off otherwise you will need to blow on the food.

You can set it up in the morning, and by dinner time you will have a hot delicious dinner for the whole family.

The i stir is simple and works perfect.

The stirring option is fantastic. I put all ingredients in crockpot at 6am before leaving for work and come home to shredded chicken that’s perfectly cooked.Love that i set the timer and once the meal is done cooking, the crockpot switches to “warm”. No more dried out or over cooked crockpot dinners.

Previously i had an off brand crock pot and had many issues with it: the ceramic bowl that the food goes in would get stuck in the outer metal part unless i took it off while still (very) hot; the lid would get water stuck inside of it; and i had to pull it all the way to the edge of my counter to be able to open the lid since it would hit the cabinets above. With this one, the lid easily comes all off the way, is solid glass and won’t get stuff stuck inside, and while some fog inevitably gets on the lid when it’s first heating up, it eventually clears and you can see your food very well, eliminating the urge to open the crock pot to check on it.The ceramic bowl comes out very easily for cleaning because it sits somewhat loosely in the metal container. Also, when your food is done cooking, it automatically switches over to “keep warm” which is a very nice feature. This slow cooker feels like a luxury(this is my first review i’ve ever written, i love it that much).

Love the stirring feature because it’s makes the cooking process even on all sides.

Used one of the attachments on the istir system and it cooked the meal evenly and cleanup was a breeze since there was no stuck on food on the pot.

Worth the price for the auto-stir alone. I’ve had this for a bit over a month now, and have had a chance to use it a couple of times. It works great, and the auto-stir really works well. That alone made it worth the purchase for me – i’m the type of person who will get caught up in a project or be gone all day, and i needed something which will let me totally neglect my food until i’m ready to eat it. 🙂 when you start it, it waits two hours before its first stir, which runs for five minutes. After that, every thirty minutes it will do the five-minute stir, and if you happen to want to give an extra stir, hit the “pulse” button on top and it will stir for a minute – which is great, since that means you don’t have to lift the lid and let heat out. It seems to alternate the direction of stir each time it kicks in, so that helps to further mix things well. Very happy with this purchase.

This is an amazing crock pot and worth the cost. I got it the same day i ordered it, and i have used it almost every night. The storing is mind blowing for any working mom, love it.

I was able to observe the automatic stirring feature so that was nice. I used it for a company pot luck and it did really well. I was able to observe the automatic stirring feature so that was nice. And i like the locking lid, which makes it convenient for carrying in from the car.

The best crock-pot money can buy. No more lifting the lid to stir. Whatever you’re cooking, there is a paddle to stir it. The lid locks down for no leaks. The pot lifts out for easy cleaning. I bought one for my niece, who graduated from johnson and wales culinary institute and she is having a great time with it, making several recipes every week. I would give it 6 stars if i could.

Taking one star off for the tangle of power cables that the top stirring attachment makes. Why not make an auxilary receptacle on the crockpot and short cable for the stirrer?. I’m so tempted to take dremel and modify it myself.

Cooks excellent and assists make my everyday living a lot less complicated.

In which has this been all my life?. I know it suggests a lot about my daily life but this may well be the greatest matter to happen to me in a when. A crockpot that stirs all by by itself without me acquiring to open the lid?.I arrived house to by now shredded chicken. I adore merchandise that conserve me time.

This detail is actually neat but really don’t be fooled – you are going to under no circumstances use the stirrer (unless you are just definitely into soups). The timer is good but this definitely is a massive crock-pot. I detest that you can only get the truly interesting options with the six qt size but i predominantly use it to bake bread so the additional space isn’t going to induce as well substantially of a difficulty. Just keep in head, it will just take a great deal of liquid to cover hunks of meat in this big pot mainly because it’s huge. Also, the twine is super, tremendous shorter. If you just take your crockpot to any functions or everywhere where by you’re not confident you can be within just three feet of an outlet, you can expect to require to provide an extension twine with you. It is practically comically small.

It works very well and i have used the programmable feature – it also works well. It seems well made and is very functional.

Excellent, but beware the plastic flavor from the stirrers. The stirring feature is good to have, but make guaranteed to seriously seriously clean the stirring implements effectively prior to applying. So far, i’ve experienced a pair of batches of plasticky-tasting dinners, despite undertaking a swift heat soapy drinking water wash forward of time. I am far more possible to use it devoid of the stirring from now on. Possibly vinegar or anything will help?.

A self stiring crock pot you say?. I know some will say you you should not need it, and absolutely sure not all foods will need it but a great deal could gain from it. It really is the identical excellent you get from your regular crockpot with the additional option of the stiring lid. You do not have to generally use it as you can just snap on the handle for usual meals. It will come with two forms of stiring attachments, a person is a paddle style, identical to a kitchenaid mixer style. The other is just four thick wire prongs. It does have two plugs, but you can plug the crock pot into the stiring lid plug to only use 1 outlet- similar to xmas lights.

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