Euro Cuisine 2qt Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker, Amazing results!

I have learned never to use greek yogurt for mystarter, because you need the live cultures in the whey that are missing fromgreek yogurt. After that initial lesson (i called euro cuisine, and they were veryhelpful) i have had good success with regular yogurt as my starter, even with skim milk. Making one large batch saves a time and effort compared to the little plasticcontainers that i previously filled and emptied out with every batch.

I am saving so much money with this yogurt maker. I wanted a big container maker rather than the small individual cup kind since i use a lot of yogurt and wanted to strain it for greek-style. I ended up also buying a replacement glass jar so i can start the next batch while still eating from the other. This is easy to use and clean. My only small quibble is that it doesn’t have an automatic off and i’ve forgotten it for an hour or 2 longer than it needed to incubate. I just need to remember to set a timer.

I just wanted to add that i tried this the other day with a smaller jar. I used a standard quart mason jar. At first it didn’t regulate temperature. There was too much space around the sides for good heat transfer but then i added about a cup of water to the bottom and the temp came right up to 110 and regulated well overnight.

Key specs for Euro Cuisine 2qt Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker with Glass Jar (Red):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Unit comes with 2qt Glass Jar
  • Makes up to 2 Quarts yogurt at one time, BPA Free
  • Make homemade yogurt with any kind of milk, even soy Milk
  • Timer on the Side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking
  • Includes 1 Stainless Steel thermometer, and 1 Cotton Bag for making Greek Yogurt

Comments from buyers

“Easy to use. Very happy with product.
, Easy and excellent (review includes Yogurt 101)
, Glass Jar with Essential Accessories. Cant beat it.

Making good yogurt is the easiest thing on the planet. It requires three simple steps:1. Boiling the milk to kill off all the bacteria therein so there’s nothing in it to compete with the yogurt culture you’ll use (strangely, this key element of the process is rarely explained);2. Adding a dollop of existing yogurt to the milk to start the process;3. Keeping the milk + yogurt culture mixture warm for around 8 hours while it turns into yogurt. This machine does nothing more than the third step, but it does it well, and with its glass (not plastic) jar and good design it’s a pleasure to use. It also comes with a strainer bag to make greek yogurt – which is basically the yogurt you make with this machine hung up to drain so that it becomes concentrated. The yogurt maker is easy to set up and use, though it doesn’t have a timer feature so you have to remember to turn it off (if you leave the yogurt too long it will become tangy). But there’s a simple solution to this problem: buy a cheap electrical timer – the kind you use to turn lights on and off when you’re away – and plug the machine into the timer so that it automatically shuts off whenever you tell it to. Much easier than trying to remember, or having to time your yogurt production for when you’re definitely going to be in the house (or awake).

I infuse herbal massage oils and needed something with a lower temp than a crockpot, which would scorch my oils. This is a good size for infusing two 8-ounce oil bottles with the dry herb material.

I love this euro cuisine yogurt maker. This yogurt maker has turned out nice yogurt for me every time. The 2 qt jar that comes with it is glass and decorative with a bright red lid. This euro cuisine looks very stylish on my counter along side other appliances, the bright color perks things up. The yogurt maker comes with a thermometer so you don’t have to guess. Just heat the milk to the mark on the thermometer. Let the milk cool to the lower mark on the thermometer. Pour it into the yogurt maker and add your starter. Be sure not to move it around after you start the yogurt.

A great yogurt maker, we love it so much. Successfully made scd yogurt and it’s delicious. Love the glass jar and the thermometer.

I’ve been using this yogurt maker for over a year. At first i was intimidated about making yogurt. Warming milk to precisely the right temp, cooling to exactly 110°, adding my yogurt starter, timing the yogurt maker stage. Now i’ve learned that great, creamy, greek yogurt amazingness is absolutely base level simple. I’ve tried raw milk and whole milk. Raw milk isn’t raw once i’ve heated it to 180° for yogurt making. So i’ve quit using raw milk. Regular whole milk isn’t organic. So i’ve come to use store bought ultra pasteurized whole milk.

I was looking for a yogurt maker made of glass to avoid the plastic + food + heat combination (the base is made of plastic, but it doesn’t touch the food).

Have made two batches of yogurt from raw cow milk and they were the the best plain yogurt i have ever tasted. I started my first batch with a cup of organic stoneyfield whole milk yogurt and the second batch was started with leftover from the first batch. I love the large glass container as i stay away from as much plastic as possible and i can spoon out whatever amount of yogurt i want and not have to deal with a bunch of small containers. It took about 8 hours to get the thick consistency i want. Some reviewers mentioned their yogurt turned out runny and it might have been because the yogurt maker was moved during incubation. There is just one small reference in the directions not to disturb the container while incubating so you have to resist the urge to take a peek. I also like the fact that a qt size mason jar will fit in the heater but i have not yet tried using it in place of the container provided. I reviewed a lot of yogurt makers before finding this one and almost gave up as i couldn’t find the features i wanted until i came across this item.

Keeps the temp at a steady 110 which is important in yogurt making. It does make a slight noise when the heating element cycles on, but not enough of a bother to return.

Afraid to boil plastic lid and seamed glass jar (chose this model believing i could sanitize), but really like only having to deal with one 2 qt jar. Incubates yogurt at steady, very low temp, heating up to shoulders of jar. After 9 hours incubation and 6 hours frig, made a delicious fresh-tasting batch, thick like old-fashioned dannon at top and thinner like yoplait in middle. Tipped to drain separated whey off top, plan to use paper towels or coffee filters and mesh strainer to drain liquid from rest of jar. Like the idea of included cotton draining bag i’ve not tried yet. Since i can’t sanitize, i’m only going to use fresh, unopened milk and starter as well as thorough wash/dry after and immediately before every use. Very satisfied with outcome, like appliance’s compact size and large 2 qt capacity.

12 may 2017 update1) the plastic like insert in the lid is not glued in, it actually comes right out. So just remove it and throw it in the trash where it belongs. 2) i’ve made a few batches and checked the temp, and it consistently regulates at 105 degrees, as i reported before. This makes perfect yogurt3) the thermometer that comes with it seems to be consistently off a bit, but it is close enough to make great yogurt. ** note ** the quality of your yogurt depends on the quality of your milk and the quality of your culture. Look at the yogurt you are using for a culture. How many active cultures does it have in it?. If i use non-fat milk and yogurt with just two different cultures (for example wal-mart greek yogurt – it’s great yogurt, no artificial ingredients, but only has two different cultures), i get grainy yogurt. If i use 2% or whole milk and a yogurt with five or six different types of cultures in it, i get creamy smooth yogurtdon’t blame this machine if you are using non-fat milk and limited or dead cultures. Use 2% or whole milk, and 4 or more different cultures.

I heat my whole milk to 185 and hold it there for 10 min. Ice water bath to cool it quickly. Pour milk into glass jar and add culture between 112-114 degrees. Stir well, incubate for 10 hrs. Immediately put into fridge to cool. The type of culture makes a difference on tanginess or sweetness of yogurt. My culture is from new england cheese making company, yogurt culture y5. I do pour off the whey as i like it thicker.

It is very easy to use and really like the yogurt starter that came with the unit. So nice to make yogurt from milk from a nearby dairy that comes in glass returnable jars and no more plastic waste from store purchased containers. Plus the yogurt we make tastes better than any organic brand i have tasted–and i’ve tasted all of them in the states. I did have an issue with the unit shorting out (light not working and not warming as it should) after only 4 months of use, but the manufacturer is taking care of me. Products for health, whom i purchased through on amazon didn’t bother to reply to both of my emails about how to go about a warranty. Fortunately, euro cuisine has been very responsive in fixing the issue. I would purchase again but will avoid products for health in the future.

The yogurt maker is just fine for making yogurt. However the straining bag that comes with it is not something i would put food in. It has too many raveled threads. Just a piece of cloth to put into a colander would have been better. Printed instructions are not very clear. I watched some youtube videos on making greek yogurt and learned from those. The yogurt maker itself is really just a convenient place to keep the milk warm after it has been heated and inoculated with the active bacteria. The included thermometer is very helpful.

I’ve made yogurt from coconut milk, 2% and whole grass fed cow’s milk so far and all have turned out great. I used both cultures for health and yogourmet powdered yogurt starter cultures and both work well although we feel yogourmet yields a more traditional flavor like dannon while cultures for health (traditional flavor) is more like buttermilk. Both are great for cereal, smoothies, salad dressing or just plain with a little salt and pepper. Next time i use coconut milk, i’ll probably let it culture overnight as the flavor was very mild compared to our cow’s milk results. Oh, i did have to buy another thermometer: the one that came with the yogurt maker wasn’t accurate at all, but that’s a minor detail. The maker itself works beautifully and i’m glad we sprung for the glass jar insert. It’s easy-peasy and much more cost effective than buying pre-made.

I have owned this item for a few months and i have used it on a weekly basis. I like this yogurt maker for its consistent results in producing a good quality yogurt. Washing the item is very easy since it does not contain many parts it is quick to clean. The size of the jar is adequate for most but i could benefit from a larger size machine if one were made available.

This has been an easy fix for moving away from where i can buy my favorite brand of russian yogurt. My only complaint is i spent an extra $20 to get the glass jar rather than plastic. For $20 extra they should provide a better lid. The lid is flimsy and there is a styrofoam inner liner i am not sure what to do with. I wanted something i could sterilize and put in the dishwasher (including lid). It might be ok, but since i can’t put the styrofoam liner in the dishwasher, that’s kind of pointless anyway. I have been making decent yogurt with this after experimenting with fermentation times, ratios of starter. I am taking some yogurt out each time and saving for the next, since i want to use a culture from brand of yogurt i like but is not available where i currently live (otherwise, i would be happy just to buy it – i don’t see a huge savings $-wise in making yogurt). . Yogurt maker suggests you buy their starter each time you make yogurt. . Again, i am not sure of the cost savings here. By the time you buy the culture, decent milk and spend a hour cleaning jar, scalding milk and stirring in the yogurt, not sure what the benefit of making your own is. If there is a yogurt maker with individual glass jars i would possibly recommend you get that one.

Perhaps, it has to do with my understanding of what it was supposed to do,but while it makes a very tasty yogurt, it doesn’t havethe consistency of the commercial greek yogurt that’s available in markets, which looks and tastes more like conventional sour cream. This isn’t as smooth or creamy in texture. But it’s good in a different way. It takes some experimentation to get the texture that you want. I found that about an hour and a half of straining was best.

I buy organic milk and one chobani cup for each batch. We have tried a variety f flavors and with the setting on 8 hours, the yogurt has come out thick and delicious each time. I transfer the yogurt after it has cooled to smaller jars to prevent breaking the ‘cooking’ one. Would definitely encourage purchase of this maker.

Had a different brand and it didn’t work ever.

Have found this to work very well with no issues at all. Particularly like that it has a glass container to both make the yogurt in & then use to refrigerate.

Instructions were very easy to follow and the yogurts turned out in perfect texture. I ended up purchasing a digital food thermometer though, as it was easier to monitor the temperature this way.

Tribest Yolife YL-210 Yogurt Maker : Enjoying More Healthy Alternatives

Just after examining bunches of reviews i made a decision to obtain this incubator because of the decrease cost, and because it presents much more choices ie use the 7 smaller glass cups that occur with it, or your very own greater jars. It is seriously rapid to use, i mixed a batch of powdered milk, added the dwell yogurt, blended, and poured into the yolife cups in about seven minutes. Still left it to sit for about 10 hrs (aiming for a thick batch), and it tasted specifically like the original made use of as starter. I am hookeddoubling the volume of milk powder helps make a awesome thick batch of yogurt, but a standard batch is perfect for the extra phase of producing yogurt cheese with the cuisipro donvier yogurt cheese maker for $16. Following studying all the various methods of employing yogurt cheese (like switch sour product, cream cheese, and so forth), i know i am going to conserve even far more funds than i originally counted on. A further superior characteristic of the yolife is that the greater cover suits in excess of the more compact just one, so when not in use they can be saved together as a single unit. I clean up my jars, spot within the incubator, then change the tiny lid with the specific jar lids stacked on best of it, and the greater lid masking all, so anything stays clean, prepared for the subsequent batch. If this was not seriously speedy and simple to use i would be unwilling to bother quite normally. With the ease of powdered milk i you should not even have to warmth it up initial, just mix, and go. The very best element is that it usually takes about half the amount of money of sugar to sweeten to my taste than store acquired kinds, so the savings proceeds.

I am in love with this yogurt maker. I experienced investigated and browse critiques on numerous other people. I resolved on the tribest yolife yogurt maker simply because it would make it possible for me to make a increased quantity of yogurt utilizing the more substantial lid and i am so delighted with my choice. I haven’t unpacked the compact jars and have not utilized the smaller sized lid include. Crock (i feel its meant use is to maintain cooking utinsels) at mattress, bath and over and above. It fits best utilizing the larger dome lid. I have not experienced any issues with my device obtaining too very hot. In point it stays at a consistant one hundred ten-112 degrees – and i leave it on overnight for twelve several hours. I did comply with yet another reviewers suggestion to location it on a cooling rack, letting air to movement beneath. I have been earning yogurt when a 7 days for the previous five months. Each individual batch has turned out wonderful. Selfmade yogurt is the ideal – i would not be returning to keep bought. I use shamrock farms natural two% milk mainly because i can acquire it in a 96 oz (three qt) jug. I insert one/3 cup of natural valley powdered milk and heat milks to one hundred eighty levels.

Tribest Yolife YL-210 Yogurt Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Comes complete with seven 6 oz. glass jars to make creamy and delicious yogurt or use your own glass containers to make larger batches
  • Time indicator to remind you when your yogurt will be ready
  • Yogurt made fresh in yolife can contain much higher amounts of active cultures than store-bought yogurt that’s been sitting on store shelves
  • Make yogurt in your Tribest Personal Blender blending containers for quick and easy smoothies
  • 5-year warranty

I like that you can use personal small containers delivered or use quart jars. I created yogurt & kefir at the identical time. Just bear in mind to let the milk appear to space temp 1st or it usually takes extended for the yogurt to be accomplished.

I love the means to use the tall lid and hence use my own jars. I normally make a quart and/or pint of yogurt and fill just one of the minor jars that came with the yogurt maker about 50 percent full to be my starter for the following batch.

The tribest yolife yogurt maker is just what i was seeking for. My to start with two batches of yogurt have been ideal. I use the taller go over so i can make my yogurt in three 32 ounce mason jars. I just adopted the instructions and it turned out terrific yogurt. The yogurt has a fantastic texture and superb taste. I have made use of other yogurt makers in the earlier, nonetheless i found working with the several smaller jars/cups was bothersome. It really is so significantly less complicated to use the greater jars.

Tribest Yolife YL-210 Yogurt Maker : After much research i invested extra (about $20) and purchased this machine because it offered the option of a high dome to do large batches of yogurt. If you only want the cups of yogurt i think the less expensive makers are fine. That said, i found on amazon the luminarc 21oz glass jars with plastic lids fit the bill perfectly. Also through trial and error i found the best yogurt to use for my starter was brown cow plain. Didn’t have good results with the greek yogurts i originally used for starters. Not enough active enzymes i guess. I must say home made yogurt is delicious and probably costs half as much as if you purchase it.

I have been creating a great deal of frozen yogurt. Its awesome that i can make the yogurt in huge sufficient jars that i can use my hand mixer to blend jam into in advance of refrigerating or freezing. One more commenter mentioned covering this with a towel if you do not get superior enough effects.

I like earning pint jars of yogurt. I use it for sourcream, cream cheese and buttermilk just after straining it to the ideal thickness. The remaining about whey operates good for building biscuits, and pancakes. I also use it in its place of h2o in my artisan sourdough bread.

I have owned quite a few yogurt makers and this ranks tops in excess of all the others. It is so functional to make both a little patch or a big batch of yogurt. I raise puppies and make three quarts at a time. It always will come out just best, creamy and tasty. My other yogurt makers are now in storage.

This a a terrific yogurt maker. I ended up just utilizing the taller lid and fermenting the yogurt in a medium sized bowl. The glass containers are good but didnt get employed for this goal at all.

It works and every batch i have made turned out. We don’t use the small jars as there are too many of us for it to be productive but instead use three wide mouth mason jars. The temperature on ours has been good and after 8 hours 3 qts fresh yogurt. I recommend if your yogurt is turning out runny or not at all look at where the culture has been stored, how old is the culture, and do you have good milk. No i don’t mean unspoiled milk, i mean milk that has not been super heated before it got to the supermarket. There is an online website for looking up the good milk producers.

After studying a lot of assessments and even employing a number of of my buddies yogurt makers, i decided on the yl-210. Generating yogurt is a demo-and-error course of action, but immediately after only 3 batches, i have perfected the consistency that i want. The temperature is good and it is so simple to use. The a single point i was guessing that i might skip is the computerized shut off, but i am utilizing my timer on the stove, and it looks to function for me. I place the yogurt on at evening, and in the early morning, the young ones and i can appreciate fresh yogurt. We are applying uncooked milk, and i have been participating in about with not boiling it, considering the fact that i want the great bacteria to stay, and it performs. I also appreciate the alternative of producing unique sized containers. My children adore the personal, but i like a major container, so i have been making 3 little ones and a quart canning jar for just about every batch.

Will make thick, creamy, mouth watering yogurt just about every one time. I bought this yogurt maker simply because i experienced observed it mentioned in vegetarian occasions and also due to the fact it seemed to have the most consistently superior critiques. All the a single star reviews seem to have problems with temperature. I definitely never treatment what the temperature is as very long as the success are satisfactory which they are. I use half and half, dry milk powder, fage plain yogurt as a starter and allow it sit for about 6 hours (shorter time allows for a significantly less tart yogurt which i want).

The yolife: i now have it and have used it the moment, which is why i want to say, so considerably – so superior. I have just returned from residing twenty many years in spain, and have been unquestionably dismayed at the deficiency of first rate yogurt in the united states of america. Unless you spend an exorbitant price tag for the ‘natural yogurts’ that have only milk and stay cultures. Time to examine producing my possess. I experienced a yogurt maker twenty five a long time ago, and try to remember the headache of all those minor jars. . Consequently my pleasure to obtain this fashionable era of yogurt makers that can do large batchesi chose the yolife around other ‘large batch’ makers for a range of causes: – the ground of the heating unit is not pre-molded to nestle the unique serving jars alternatively it has a flat surface that any container can sit on without having subsequent tipping difficulties – the bigger dome lid is each taller and wider to accomodate larger containers as very well as those that are wider at the best than the base – the limited lid for the unique serving jars matches to the within of the sidewall of the heating unit, the tall lid matches to the exterior of the heating unit sidewall – that is how the bigger a person can nest more than the shorter a single for easy storage – i favored that it did not require ‘dedicated’ containers that other large-batch models are designed all around and that some customers located tough to clear away from the heating unit when the yogurt was done. I like the flexibility of utilizing what ever sizing and/or selection of containers i want, which includes a substantial bowltemperature is a enormous difficulty among the numerous postings on-line, so i 1st examined my minimal immediate-read through thermometer along side my previous-devoted sweet thermometer in a pot of boiling h2o. I do not are living at sea-level, so i guess i am not astonished that they both of those registered somewhere around 205º f in its place of 212º f. The place is that they each registered the exact temp.

Past 7 days i was getting massive tubs of yogurt. This week i’m making tubs for myself and coworkers. I was quickly utilizing each the brief & tall lids. On monday i created samples for my coworkers employing the small jars offered, and by friday they arrived back with their beloved milk manufacturers, asking me to lifestyle larger jars of it. It really is less complicated than taking a shower:heat a carton milk to one hundred eighty deg. Mix in 6oz stonyfield yogurt. Incubate it for twelve several hours (uncovered, in any container you want. Thank you for all of your testimonials, specially ‘john’ the guy who reviewed it completely and advised it if you truly feel that you just have to buy a industrial yogurt maker.

I bought my start out generating yogurt at household with the yogurt maker automatic with glass jars by euro cuisine, which was terrific mainly because it had an computerized shut off and if i created yogurt right away but failed to wake up when the buzzer went off the equipment still shut off and failed to mess up my yogurt. I also labored out my newbie trial and error failures. The euro cuisine will make great yogurt but restrictions you to the 6-ounce jars, which are pricey to obtain a second set of ought to you want to make extra right before you wholly operate out. I wanted this just one for the tall dome lid, and i at last acquired it for my birthday previous yr. I make my yogurt in ball deluxe quilted jelly canning jar eight oz. , scenario of 12, which is awesome since i can effortlessly make above 6 ounces and even now have place to increase toppings like honey, nuts, granola or fruit preserves and stir. Because i labored out my beginner mistakes with my other one particular, i have not experienced a lousy batch with this one. The directions provided with this yolife yogurt maker extend the boundaries of yogurt building a bit ridiculously much. Positive, you ‘can’ make yogurt with cold milk and yogurt if you leave it in there long ample, but without the need of a frequent temperature check to know when it arrived at the suitable temperature so that you can then depart it incubating very long sufficient just after that to make yogurt how probable is that to occur?.That seems like an exceptionally ridiculous boast to consist of in a usage information, and from what i have witnessed the persons hoping to do as tiny as probable and make their yogurt this way do not really go through their instructions or do any small bits of exploration are extremely unhappy with their success and as a result their yogurt maker.

It is really almost unachievable to find soy yogurt wherever i dwell, so i determined to make my possess. My 1st attempts resulted in watery yogurt which was fine for smoothies. I acquired to heat the soy milk for a little bit to remove some dampness for a firmer consequence. For a lot more ‘store bought’ yogurt, i include gelatin (some individuals use agar as an alternative) for a far more industrial result. You can also pressure soy yogurt with cheesecloth for ‘greek’ yogurt. I am pleased with my obtain and now make soy yogurt on a frequent basis.

The good quality of the item was great and was truly worth the money. It just did not give me accurately the regularity i was hunting for. I passed it on to somebody who could get far more use out of it and they are delighted.

I experienced under no circumstances tried using to make yogurt at property before, so this is the only merchandise i have at any time tried using. The directions were incredibly uncomplicated to follow (i made use of some locally bought yogurt for the starter) and my to start with batch came out perfect. I used the modest jars the to start with several instances, and i have employed a much larger jar once. There are only a couple of things i would improve: the modest ridges on the inside of the little jars are a bit tricky to clear and a sizeable total of condensation appears, which drips into the yogurt.

Really like that you can set mason jars in it with the taller lid and make far more yogurt. The major lid is bulky, but we just use it to shop tupperware when it is not in use. The jars it arrives with are okay, but the lids are sort of awful.

I purchased two of therese devices, 1 for me & 1 for my mother. It can be not really worth the income they demand for it, maybe really worth $thirty. The excellent it arrives with the more substantial lid, so you can make adequate yogurt for a lot more then a person person for a 7 days. It would seem to heat up great & yogurt arrives out fantastic. The lousy it appears type of cheaply manufactured. No timer, buzzer, self shut off or just about anything like that (if your oven goes to 110 levels, i would recommend just employing that) the jars are tiny, like the serious compact yogurt containers you uncover in the current market. They have a dial on the lids for you yo established what time your yogurt will be performed (it is not a timer) the reserve that comes wiyh machine is basic with no real recipes. I consider when your shelling out your hard earned income on a little something that value this a great deal it shoild be a lot more then seven modest glass jars with plastic lids, additional then a low cost skinny plastic machine. (its like an electric powered scorching plate with a lid) were being most likely sending just one if not both of them back, with any luck , this evaluation will be useful to potential prospective shoppers.

You can make a yogurt manufacturing unit out of this yogurt maker, in that you can make seven six-oz jars in one batch and then 4 32-oz jars of yogurt in an additional. If you alternate one and the other, you in no way run out of yogurt. The yogurt comes out to be smooth and tasteful, much greater than the retail outlet-acquired as it has no milk good or any other elements. I experimented with the recipe suggested in the integrated manual, particularly to heat the milk to a hundred and ten diploma f, to mix about 1/four cup to one/2 cup of active yogurt (at room temperature), and to prepare dinner the mixture in the maker for twelve hours. The regularity is like that of light product. I also tried using my previous-time recipe, which is to heat the milk to one hundred eighty degree f, to interesting it to a hundred and ten degree f, and then include the energetic yogurt and prepare dinner the combination in the maker for eleven hours. The consistency is thicker and it is definitely delicious. The explanation i did not give it 5 stars is that it does not have a timer.

Euro Cuisine YM260 Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker : This unit works as expected

The item description claims, ‘timer on the side of the unit marks time as to when yogurt will be concluded cooking. ‘ that can be deceptive there is no automated timer that tends to make a sign or shuts off when the preferred cook time has been arrived at. Other than that, the machine is simple to use and would make seriously excellent yogurt.

I sort of hated spending 45 bucks for a device to do some thing as quick and simple as just sustaining the milk/yogurt at a lower lukewarm temperature. But i’m satisfied i finally gave in and purchased one particular of these. Prior to acquiring this, i might been interested in building yogurt for awhile. But i never ever did due to the fact i failed to want the stress of figuring out a dependable way to keep the very low lukewarm temperature yogurt-generating involves. My crockpot and oven couldn’t be established at these types of a low temperature, and area temperature is much too minimal. So this machine is excellent for preserving the right temperature. Now i desire i would just provided in and purchased one particular earlier. It truly is so simple to make plain yogurt. Paired with the gy50, which i acquired at the exact same time for twenty bucks, it truly is also so easy to make greek yogurt.

Euro Cuisine YM260 Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker, 2-Quart

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Makes up to 2 Quarts yogurt at one time
  • BPA Free Yogurt Container
  • Make homemade yogurt with any kind of milk, even soy Milk
  • Includes 1 individual serving Bowl, Stainless Steel Thermometer and Cotton Bag for Making Cheese
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Makes up to 2 Quarts yogurt at one time
  • Includes Serving Bowl, Stainless Steel thermometer, and Cotton Bag for Making Greek Yogurt / Cheese
  • BPA Free
  • Timer on the Side marks time when yogurt will be finished cooking

Warning: this helps make an irritating buzzing sounds each and every minute or so. I exchanged the to start with one due to the fact i assumed it was a defect, but it looks to be how it performs. Also, i purchased this 1 since i wished white, but i also acquired the independent glass jar to use with it. Don’t use the plastic just one that will come with, you you should not want to be heating meals in this plastic.

Helps make yogurt-building so significantly easier. I’ve been producing yogurt in my crock pot, and it really is superb – a huge price tag conserving, and i can be sure there are no additives. But i was hunting for anything more rapidly and much less bulky. Potentially a little bit extravagant when you could just keep the milk in a warm oven. But this is streamlined, reputable, and doesn’t occupy the crock pot or oven. When i need to have yogurt, i just prepare the milk ahead of bedtime and go away it in this yogurt-make overnight. The future day, i can use the yogurt as is, but i typically strain it making use of the ym50 and make greek yogurt. 00 gallon of milk tends to make ~$15-$twenty of yogurt, depending on how significantly i pressure it.

I decided to obtain the ym260 yogurt maker soon after enjoying many months of yogurt producing with the ym80 product that i received as a reward. I appreciated the ym80 product – after all, it was a present and it bought me begun on the fulfilling road of household-designed yogurt. But immediately after a brief time, i located the 6 oz jars of the ym80 model to be annoying – the amount is much less than i like to take in at a sitting, they acquire up a lot of horizontal place in a fridge and in cupboards, and the compact jars are really hard to clear. Switching to the ym260 product has been a trade-off. When the ym80 design was silent for the duration of operation, the ym260 model does make a slight buzz. As very long as it does not get even worse as some reviewers have noted, i can reside with the sound, which alternates on and off in about 20 2nd increments. However, the plastic jar that will come with the design is unwieldy to eliminate. Other reviewers have prompt eradicating the yogurt very first from the plastic container, but i adopted advice to buy the wellbee’s 64 oz. Glass jar, which has a neck condition that is less difficult to eliminate.

Euro Cuisine YM260 Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker, 2-Quart : I read a lot of reviews before deciding to purchase this yogurt maker. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and make at least 1 or 2 batches of yogurt every week. I noticed a few complaints that it only heats to 90 something degrees. I tested this out before making my first batch of yogurt. Sure enough, those complaints were correct. However, i believe they must have been doing something wrong in their recipe, because every batch i have made has been perfect. When you put the milk+yogurt culture in the euro cuisine at 110 degrees (per yogurt making directions) the machine keeps it warmed to that temperature. I checked the temp *hours* later to see if the 90 degrees was having a bad effect on my yogurt and it still temped at 110.

I was torn around whether to get this or the yogourmet one. Both had opinions that they split quickly but other than that they are pretty comparable in functions and cost. I requested this 1 due to the fact it had a 2 calendar year warranty solution for $four and was $four much less than the other brand name. If anything at all breaks in that time, i will just get it replaced. It does choose for a longer period to make the yogurt since it’s in a large chamber 10x the dimensions of minor 6oz jars for other designs. I generally make smoothie pops and the huge container is so considerably more agreeable. I can make 2qts at a time so i have plenty of for smoothie pops and yogurt for the 7 days. Smaller cups are also a discomfort for me mainly because i place yogurt in a divided container (ziploc) for lunch so the cups are just more things to wash. I had an aged salton right before this and it only took about five hrs to make yogurt. This equipment can take about 8 due to the fact of the sizing but which is really better if you question me.

Have utilised this yogurt maker yogurt two times and i enjoy it. I have utilised this yogurt maker yogurt 2 times and i adore it. The yogurt is so considerably superior than what you can get in the keep. I use complete-body fat organic milk, then flavor it with king arthur flour’s lemon or orange juice powder and increase a small total of baker’s sugar. The yogurt maker is simple to cleanse.

This yogurt maker functions just as marketed. At initial we experimented with to make soy yogurt using soy starter. Then we tried applying agar as the thickener. It was as well gelatinous for our taste. The winning mixture is soy dream soy milk and 1% greek yogurt for the starter (so not dairy-absolutely free). The yogurt preferences new and delightful and has a incredibly creamy texture. I put together a contemporary batch for the two of us every single 7 days and it truly is absent by the conclude of the week.

I just procured this yogurt maker and followed the directions applying raw milk and to my surprise and delight, i made it perfectly. I heated the milk to a hundred and eighty degrees, let it cool down right up until it reached 110 (incubation temperature) degrees and included my lifestyle (dannon plain) to a cup of the warm one hundred ten diploma milk, whisking it about until finally reasonably sleek (you will have some small lumps). I then put it back again with the mixture, positioned in incubator, and presto it arrived out amazing. I took it right from the incubator and carefully put it in the fridge for eight hrs like the directions say. I am astonished, i truly did it great the very first time. Great item, works by using extremely very little space, and i remarkably suggest. First impressions are lasting impressions. Notice: make certain you do not transfer incubator for the duration of the incubaton process(instructons notify us this). That could mess up the whole venture.

It does not have a timer as others have reviewed but it performs just fine for me anyhow. My initially endeavor was a are unsuccessful. I consider i did not put ample started out in it. I have figured it out and now make the greatest yogurt i have ever experienced in it. It arrived with a greek yogurt bag that is actually excellent and i utilized several moments. I require to get a new one, mainly because i left it out and it received moldy so i tossed it.

This unit is effective as predicted. I have been marking yogurt for the past yr utilizing a diverse eurocuisine yogurt maker that experienced the very little jars. I use yogurt predominantly in smoothies, so failed to will need all those minor jars and getting to thoroughly clean every single one was time consuming. The new yogurt maker is excellent – i can make 2 quarts at after so only have to have to make yogurt each week. It performs just great i have viewed other evaluations where by folks complain about the top quality of the yogurt which produced me a small nervous about getting this device. Now i assume that these persons will have to have been unskilled at yogurt making. Most of what has to happen that requirements to be appropriate is prior to you pour the mixture into the incubator so do not blame your failures on this unit. All it does is retain an even temperature right up until you switch it off, which is all you want it to do. I appreciated that the other yogurt maker experienced an automatic shut off but given that i incubate my yogurt for 10 several hours it is not as well hard to just recall to unplug it in the early morning.

Performs just high-quality – frequent buzzing seem will make you want to throw it on the ground. We consume a quite substantial amount of money of yogurt- i make a 2-quart batch each week. This yogurt maker does what it can be meant to do – it incubates yogurt at the proper temperature and almost everything turns out good. Nonetheless- the reason it will not get 5 stars from us is due to the fact it helps make the most god-awful buzzing audio all the time. You can listen to it across a few rooms, like a fly or a mosquito buzzing in your ear the entire time. I generally set the yogurt in at evening, but if i do it all through the working day, the buzzing is, at ideal, mentally distracting, at worst, i want to punch something. It is definitely, definitely annoying and if it were well worth the price tag of returning it and many others. Nonetheless, for the headache and price, i will not likely trouble. But being aware of what i know now- i would not acquire it again and if somebody had a equivalent model from an additional firm that failed to excitement, i would notify them to go with the non-buzzing a person.

This is primarily a container heater. I’m guaranteed if i get more in to yogurt-producing i’ll improve to anything with a timer and auto shut-off. The greatest stress with this products is attempting to get the container out of the incubator. It is really a two-quart container with a lid that rests in place, it isn’t really protected. Soon after incubation, attempting to take away the full (study: significant) 2-quart container is relatively tough. I had to remove the lid and pinch the sides. Not the conclude of the planet, of program, but a layout flaw if i at any time saw a person. All told, it’s possible this is a very good entry-stage maker – see if you genuinely want to get combined up in yogurt generating.

But the plastic can also be of substantially much better high quality. I was let down with the lid when. Its plastic, what else can you be expecting in this cost, but the plastic can also be of a lot superior quality. I was dissatisfied with the lid when i obtained, it isnt air restricted and it does’nt even repair at a location. Could be substantially better, but no regrets as considerably as it is working great. Thermometer plastic melts if you leave it for a although in the boiling pot, which is plainly not healthy. Thermometer really should also be upgraded. This is the only reason i am supplying 4 stars.

I love that i can incubate two quarts at a time. Just don’t be expecting it to do nearly anything other than incubate. You even now want to warmth your milk to temperature, let it neat, blend in your society, place it in the machine and then established a timer and remover when it is completed. Even so, it does its occupation perfectly.

Execs:- will make fantastic yogurt downsides:- lid for the plastic yogurt container doesn’t healthy effectively soon after a couple of utilizes. – you have to be very cautious when using the yogurt out. Other than that it is nonetheless the best yogurt makermy favorite recipe1. 1 qt skim milk, one qt homogenized vitamin d milk2. Incorporate 2/three cup fat free immediate milk /dried milk powder / or one/three cup nido leche entera en polvo (instant milk), three. Heat up milk in a 6 qt container more than substantial heat5. Incorporate the instant/dried milk powder and steer6. Let the milk heat up right until it boils7.

I gave this yogurt maker five stars mainly because it lives up to all the hopes that i experienced when i acquired it but i quite a lot realized what i was obtaining. I think some others might have far more damaging reviews if they have never ever made yogurt just before. I am a cook of lengthy knowledge (one more way of indicating i am no spring chicken) and i have made yogurt several occasions ahead of obtaining this maker. I experienced made yogurt in borrowed yogurt makers and without the need of a yogurt maker. The labor of producing yogurt arrives before you pour it into the maker and you can make an definitely mouth watering yogurt with no just one. I have properly made use of a warmed oven, a heat crock pot, and warmed cooler. However i pined for a yogurt maker that just preserved the correct temperature without having a fuss. When i gained the euro cuisine maker i tried using the recipe and prompt moments that arrived with it. I then applied my very own recipe and i was in enjoy. I often have do-it-yourself yogurt in the fridge now.

Favourite little kitchen appliances. I possess two of these and enjoy them. I use just around a gallon of milk to fill two yogurt makers. Just after straining wherever from three-eight several hours (depends on the weather conditions and humidity) i have the finest greek yogurt i have ever had.I don’t add sugar to my yogurt both. No issue what time of day i plug in this machine i retain it on until finally the up coming morning. Then pressure in bags hanging from my cupboard doors. Seriously, you can not mess it up.

I have used this yogurt maker for a couple of. I have utilised this yogurt maker for a pair of several years and it has paid out for by itself in discounts. I ordered this a person as a present for a close friend who was owning trouble obtaining commercial yogurt without having numerous additives. I purchased mine to save money…. Right after the first expense in this device and some reusable containers, 2 quarts of yogurt fees a lot less than $2.

This is just like the salton yogurt maker that i have made use of for years, but two times as big. The rationale for the three stars is i really, actually dislike the container that it came with:one. It is really hard to grasp and carry in and out of the yogurt maker2. It can be opaque, so you are not able to see when the yogurt is ‘done,’ and3. I’m worried about the composition of the plastic. I like to make yogurt in a glass container: i use 1-qt. Large mouth mason jars in my one particular-quart salton, so i figured i’d get some 2-qt. Mason jars for this yogurt maker. But the 2-quart jars turned out to be much too tall, so i discovered a pickle jar that is a very good substitute (whilst at 48 oz.

Excellent, consistent results. . Just warmth your milk, awesome, increase society starter (2 tbsp of professional yogurt), and make it possible for it to sustain temperature in the euro cuisine yogurt maker. This created my 1st attempt at yogurt incredibly uncomplicated. I also obtained a yogurt strainer, as the cheese cloth bag that is furnished with this product or service does not look to be quick to use. I now have low-priced greek yogurt that i can include my very own fruits to. This is a incredibly uncomplicated unit that only maintains the tradition at excellent temperatures for yogurt building. It is effective nicely, will allow you to flip it on, and stroll away without having worrying about overheating or having much too chilly. Wonderful for a initial time yogurt maker.

JOYOUNG [Official] BONUS PACK! CTS-1078S Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker – Amazing Product!

Purchased 2 as xmas current for my mother and sister. They stored thanking me for the balanced routine ingesting two cups of mouth watering soy milk day-to-day. Organic soy beans are so in a natural way sweet but light-weight. But individuals whose style buds are used to remarkably sugar made use of sweet will not flavor this organic sweetness. Absolutely endorse his straightforward to use device and the substantial health and fitness gain for just a bit in excess of $100.

As a chinese female, i was normally instructed that girls should drink soymilk day-to-day because it is very good for women’s wellbeing. The soymilk bought in the us supermarket is as well sweet and milk style like to me. So i bought this equipment and so far i am pretty satisfied with my purchase. Now i can have fresh new soymilk each individual morning. This factor is super straightforward to work, with soaked beans it only normally takes 20 minutes to cook. Clean is no difficulty at all, as long as you clear it proper right after. Just rinse it for a pair seconds, all the things goes off really conveniently.

Joyoung cts-1078s hot soy milk maker is good. I purchased this soy milk maker just lately and i think it is superb and the size is ideal. I use it typically for generating vegetable soup, which is mouth watering and healthy (i place sea salt and pepper, as properly as other spices). In addition, this equipment is so effortless to thoroughly clean and i just appreciate it really much. In addition, i acquired two extra joyoung cts-1078s soy milk makers for my close friends.

  • Amazing Product!
  • LOVE LOVE this product
  • Good, not leaking, easy to use

We acquired this soy milk maker, and it operates good, usually takes a lot of the headache out of stove prime cooking in which you have to sit and check out to make confident you do not boil more than, this soy maker is laptop or computer controlled and has a 180 watt motor that grinds up the beans and a 750 watt heater that cooks the soy into excellent soy milk. With just one touch button procedure and it beeps when the milk is finished. The filter display will fit onto a four inch opening jar so you can pour correct into the jar via the filter. I have to clear off okara (soy pulp) a number of situations from the filter display screen to continue on or it will plug the monitor. You can make soy milk for pennies on the greenback. The 24 website page recommendations with diagrams are mostly japanese and a couple web pages of english, button controls are in device are in both japanese and english. There are recipes for rice soy milk, walnut soy milk, chestnut soy milk. I appreciate the taste of rice soy milk. We filter off the okara for use in making veggie burgers, omelets and tofu, you can find recipes on line for cooking with okara because it really is organic.

I acquired this very last 7 days, and it works as perfectly as i expectd. I appreciate the dry bean function which made greatest top quality of soy milk. I often mix beans, rice and corn collectively. Now i am away from harmful sweet soy milk in grocery store forever.

Features of [Official] BONUS PACK! Joyoung CTS-1078S Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker with FREE Soybean Bonus Pack

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Special Cooking Modes for Soymilk, Soap, Rice Paste, Juice and Other Recipes!
  • No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • Can Use Soaked or Dry Soy Beans! Can make cold drink
  • 1.0L to 1.2L Capacity, Suitable for 2-3 people; 110-120 Volt Compatible, Designed for US market
  • FREE Bonus Pack: Include our exclusive best taste NON-GMO (not genetically modified) Soybean samples of 0.3LB gift bag, and a special discount voucher to order from our soybean farm store

It’s been about 3 months now because paying for this unit and i even now use it day-to-day. I am certain i have received my return on investment decision by now and the top quality of soy is only dependent on what you set in it. I would really like to move up to a gallon maker since i make it so typically.

Really easy to use and can make fantastic soy milk. We just manufactured our first batch and are so joyful. We have been skeptical that it could be so easy to use and clean up but it lived up to its track record. We stuffed the integrated measuring cup with soy beans and poured them into the container. Then we added clean drinking water to the strains within the container, set the major on, plugged it into the socket, pressed the dry bean mode, pressed get started, and in just an hour we had fresh new warm soy milk. It was straightforward to clear, just rinse the blades with hot drinking water, clean the inside of, and done. We hope that it lasts a prolonged time as we have been seeking for a products like this for awhile. Up coming we will attempt applying it to make our fruit and veggie juices.

Been utilizing it each individual 7 days for virtually a calendar year now. I delight in makingfresh hot soy milk each individual weekend early morning. It beats purchasing soy milk from the freezers in grocery store. Washing and cleaning is not challenging either, a five moment position. A superior financial investment in healthful diet, especially ifyou like soy milk to start off with.

Easy to clean up, fast and wonderful grained.

The joyoung soy milk maker is awsome. You can make distinct favor consume centered on your likes. Only twenty minutes is ok for consume hot soy milk.And you donot want be concerned about the finest by time of your milk any far more.

I like this soybean milk maker.

Brought this for the in-law, they look to definitely like it. They feel to use it nearly day to day, but getting very good gmo soy bean appears to be an difficulty. No a problem with the maker.

Convenienct a few caveats though. We acquired this equipment due to the fact we preferred to have new soy milk each individual morning. We have read it can be easy to cleanse prior to shopping for, and that is genuine apart from that we even now have to be cautious not to have the ability connector in get hold of with any h2o when cleansing, not precisely idiot-proof, but manageable. A different matter is much more essential and why 1 star is deducted from my ranking. The outside the house gets seriously hot when the it truly is boiling soy milk within. It nearly feels like tiny to non thermal insulation — very terrible if you have curious young children running about (thankfully we you should not, yet). Overall, a excellent product, but the inadequate thermal insulation actually makes it experience not really worth its comprehensive $a hundred price.

Simple to use, quick to thoroughly clean, and quickly.

So never ever received the ‘bonus’ pack.

Good good quality soy milk maker. We acquired this product or service just after reviewing several soy milk makers on amazon. After making use of it several occasions, we truly like it. It’s uncomplicated to use and simple to clean up. And it would make excellent soy milk.

Usually i use it to make prorridge for breakfast:).

Really like the solution, really usefull.

Appreciate enjoy this solution, uncomplicated and so straightforward – i have only employed the soybean maker, and my spouse and children and i have savored homemade soybean beverages in this kind of balanced way. It is effortless to use, easy to clean up, and fast. I would say it is a bit noisy, but after a while it turned white noise to me or at times it helps me listen to what stage it is at ahead of its prepared for me to consume. The only factor i set in there is organic and natural soybean (soaked right away) and then sweetened with sugar per choice.

Wonderful price and good product. . Quick cooking, and it can make terrific soy milk. You can find distinctive styles of drinks to make.

Very good, not leaking, straightforward to use. A person stated it will leak when they use it. This variety assessment will make me wait to order it. But i am lucky to believe that myself. The cover is not one hundred% seal mainly because you will find plenty of steam for the duration of cooking soy milk. There is certainly two lines inside the container. You are not able to include drinking water above this line or the drinking water will appear out through use. I use it for months and obey the menu.

Like a lot of of the reviewers i experienced the exact problem with cleansing. It just doesn’t keep up itself in the right posture.

Quite multipurpose soy milk maker with recipe booklet for many other utilizes. Generates mouth watering, creamy soy milk from organic and natural soybeans (sample included). I have made soy milk the really hard way (on the stove) and i enjoy the advantage this item offers. You can use soaked or dry beans. You can make hot or cold soy milk, fruit, veggie juices and more.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, Pays for itself in 2 batches

Significantly far better than keep-bought. It truly is a tiny additional perform, but i truly appreciate the closing product or service. I make about four six-8oz cups, toss a couple blueberries and a tiny granola on best. I fairly substantially have a process down to create a constant and constant product or service. I may well test cottage cheese working with meyer lemons just for a thing a minor unique.

This yogurt maker performs as marketed. You do have to warmth the milk yourself and then transfer it into the machine, but the timer and heat will work perfectly. I have experienced it for a thirty day period and in all probability currently saved about fifty percent the cost of the maker. The only issue that keeps this from 5 stars is the size. If you are generating greek yogurt, about 50 % the quantity of the milk is shed in straining. I normally make at least 2 batches to have me through a 7 days.

And i have it rigged so i can. And i have it rigged so i can set it in the fridge so i dont have to fear about things sitting down out immediately after it clicks off.

Key specs for Dash Greek Yogurt Maker:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Make up to 2 quarts of Greek yogurt at a time
  • Includes 2 BPA free buckets (1.5 quart per bucket with lid) and Greek strainer
  • LCD display with custom timer
  • Hidden cord storage, Parts are dishwasher safe
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, recipe book and access to our growing database of recipes included

Comments from buyers

“Nothing fancy, but works well and includes pretty much everything you need, It does what it says it does., Life-Changing Yogurt Method- So Easy- Don’t Heat The Milk”

I have produced handmade yogurt for decades and strained it with a yogurt strainer (that i have experienced for 40 decades). What is now remaining promoted as ‘greek yogurt’. What this product or service is, is each in just one. A yogurt maker and a strainer.

Awesome yogurt maker that performs perfect everytime. . I have been producing my individual yogurt at property and was using the warm oven strategy. I determined to get this for far more constant success. It has been excellent and the yogurt usually turns out fantastic. The provided greek yogurt strainer is effective terrific and would make the great regularity.

Make a 50 % gallon at a time. Initially time out the shoot and the yogurt was excellent. I made use of a modest container of oikos (5. I heated a half gallon of total milk. Turn on the the incubation heater with the top rated on, even though milk is heating up. Designed certain the starter is at space temperature. Included the a minor of the milk with the starter, poured the mixture again into the milk and blended with a whisk just a couple of seconds. I used both of those containers the package will come with. I set the supplied strainer in the large container crammed it up and set the top rated on that was supplied. Since the provided strainer only retains 5 cups i applied a modest strainer lined with coffee filters and set it on top of the smaller container protected it with plastic wrap and set both equally containers in the fridge.

Been using this weekly for a number of months now. Have bought the course of action down to less than 50 percent an hour from cold milk to start out the timer. Use microwave and a huge glass measuring cup to heat five cups of milk to 190. Dump that into stainless pot in sink sitting in chilly h2o to great to 110. Dump in 1/two cup of very last batch, stir and put in blue tub and into maker. 10 hrs later on, help you save one/2 cup for upcoming week and dump remainder into included strainer and into refrigerator for two hrs to make greek. I consume some every morning with fruit. Been extremely useful to my digestion.

This is not a complex system to use. Immediately after watching a cooking exhibit on tv critique the dash greek yogurt maker i made the decision to buy just one. Amazon had the best price on-line – no shock there. Unboxing: the system is nicely packaged, and it was pretty uncomplicated to unbox. Setup: due to the fact there are only a number of pieces, i was equipped to get every little thing with each other and assembled alternatively promptly. To start with use: i manufactured a slip-up the very first time i experimented with to make yogurt with the dash. The guidance will not mention this but it really is extremely vital to your sanity. In its place of utilizing a stainless steel double boiler i put a pyrex bowl on prime of a pot stuffed with h2o. My pyrex bowl did not permit the milk to attain the expected temperature. It took close to two hours, and it barley produced it.

. Make yogurt quite a few situations weekly so that i in no way run out. It is uncomplicated to use, effortless to clean up and i genuinely respect the strainer and additional container. Make yogurt cheese and addy some spices or whichever for taste to a little amount of money of itand use it as product cheese. Also like to use my greek yogurt alternatively of bitter product onbaked potatoes and other foods.

Have now designed quite a few batches of yogurt in the dash & am quite delighted with the final results. Comes with a rapid dial reference ‘recipe’ card as nicely as a reserve. I would enjoy it even far more if it produced much larger batches of yogurt but because of the ease of planning, etc. , a fresh new batch can be built each individual pair of days.

Been using this weekly for a number of months now. Have bought the course of action down to less than 50 percent an hour from cold milk to start out the timer. Use microwave and a huge glass measuring cup to heat five cups of milk to 190. Dump that into stainless pot in sink sitting in chilly h2o to great to 110. Dump in 1/two cup of very last batch, stir and put in blue tub and into maker. 10 hrs later on, help you save one/2 cup for upcoming week and dump remainder into included strainer and into refrigerator for two hrs to make greek. I consume some every morning with fruit. Been extremely useful to my digestion.

The package deal was missing the instruction manuel, but i identified it on the web. The moment i did, it designed wonderful greek yogurt. Of system, all it does is retains the right temperature, we however experienced to get ready the blend.

I have completed several batches and they have arrive out perfect – even making use of skim milk. Straightforward to use, superior guidance, easy to thoroughly clean. I consume basic zero body fat greek yogurt every working day for breakfast with fruit and protein powder mixed in it – the dwelling made yogurt is so superior in comparison to any retailer bought yogurt, and no additives or preservatives. I see several posts from individuals who say this is labor intense, it will not appear that way to me. Heat up the milk, awesome it down, combine in the starter, and pour into the yogurt maker and when it really is finished, neat it and pressure it. It’s about as considerably do the job as cooking pasta imo. Alright i have now had this yogurt maker for one. 5 years, earning about two batches a 7 days. The people today who say it’s labor-intensive, i even now do not get it. Very well i guess it is really extra labor intensive than getting a cup of yogurt off a store shelf and buying it (scarcely) but the yogurt is ssooo much far better.

This yogurt maker makes the procedure very simple for rookies. . This yogurt maker helps make the system straightforward for newcomers. If you want to pressure the yogurt so it becomes thick you need to have to individual the batch and pressure each individual segment a single at a time. The straining basket would not maintain all of the yogurt made within just one particular batch.

I am incredibly perfectly-delighted with this yogurt maker. I like that it really is a person huge container, not quite a few small pots. With this equipment 1 makes a recipe of yogurt. That recipe, strained as a result of the offered mesh basket, makes greek yogurt. Via the straining approach, the unique quart of yogurt turns into 2-cups greek yogurt. I don’t like dropping half a recipe. So, i add 1/2-cup nonfat dry, powdered milk to my quart of two% milk and 1/4-cup plain yogurt containing reside, lively cultures (whole, reduced or nonfat isn’t going to matter). The addition of the powdered milk at the outset of the recipe creates a wonderful, dense yogurt that needs no straining. I bought the powdered milk matter from an alton brown fantastic eats episode.

Who knew producing greek yogurt could be so easy?. I’ve been buying yogurt from the grocery retailer for decades. Even so, i have often hated getting to pay out so a great deal for it. A although back again i started off exploring earning my individual yogurt, and it seemed so challenging since of the dedicated cookware that was necessary. Also, i wasn’t selected if i could established my gasoline cooking stove to the right temperature. No make a difference, each individual web site i went to went on and on about how straightforward it is to make yogurt. They also pressured that it truly is more healthy than what you acquire at the retailer for the reason that you can handle what goes into it. I was intrigued by the concept, but not to the place of essentially dashing off to the kitchen to warmth up a batch of milk. Someday later on, a buddy of mine suggested that i need to buy the euro delicacies ym100 automatic yogurt maker. The price was proper and it seemed so hassle-free to have the yogurt already in the jars.

Make a 50 % gallon at a time. Initially time out the shoot and the yogurt was excellent. I made use of a modest container of oikos (5. I heated a half gallon of total milk. Turn on the the incubation heater with the top rated on, even though milk is heating up. Designed certain the starter is at space temperature. Included the a minor of the milk with the starter, poured the mixture again into the milk and blended with a whisk just a couple of seconds. I used both of those containers the package will come with. I set the supplied strainer in the large container crammed it up and set the top rated on that was supplied. Since the provided strainer only retains 5 cups i applied a modest strainer lined with coffee filters and set it on top of the smaller container protected it with plastic wrap and set both equally containers in the fridge.

I have utilized 2% and full each are delicious and make very good thick yogurt. I use one/two cup retail outlet purchased yogurt for starter every time that, looks to do the job improved than applying the yogurt i make. The strainer does not get clogged like when you use cheese fabric and cleans quickly in the dishwasher. This has created the approach substantially less complicated.

I experienced a yogurt maker with the tiny jars and i liked it. Now i have this yogurt maker and i can make a major batch and it has a timer on it. Moreover you can use the strainer for greek model yogurt.

I have experienced this for really some time, and it continue to will work properly. I make yogurt cheese by straining it right until it has pretty much no whey.

Superb i bought this yogurt maker & appreciate it i. Superb i obtained this yogurt maker & love it i just will need to discover to warmth my milk superior this took what i thought was heading to be a flop and made it proper soon after i refrigerated it i would advise for fresh tasting creamy yogurt.

Daily life-changing yogurt system- so quick- really don’t heat the milk. I experienced by no means considered earning yogurt at household till i noticed the dash yogurt maker reviewed on america’s exam kitchen. They were being incredibly enthusiastic about it, but the laborous heating/cooling of the milk was so off-putting. I favored generating kefir rather mainly because the prep was simpler. I noticed a evaluate from a single blessed yogurt-maker on amazon that utilised milk straight from the refrigerator. I received the dash and have been making yogurt making use of this strategy ever given that- far more than a dozen thriving batches. Why warmth milk, clean pans and fret around temperature/timing when you can just pour milk from the carton into the dash container?. Thanks scrtn this is the backlink to the reviewhttps://smile. Com/gp/shopper-reviews/r1268q6wixtwk8/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl?ie=utf8&asin=b00ddxwx0q.

Significantly far better than keep-bought. It truly is a tiny additional perform, but i truly appreciate the closing product or service. I make about four six-8oz cups, toss a couple blueberries and a tiny granola on best. I fairly substantially have a process down to create a constant and constant product or service. I may well test cottage cheese working with meyer lemons just for a thing a minor unique.

Terrific yogurt maker – but there is an much easier much healthier way to make greek (recipe follows). This is a great yogurt maker – the recipes involved, not so much. Here is a greek yogurt recipe that’s considerably tastier: five cups milk (i use one% braums), 3/4 cup sugar, 3/four cup powdered milk. Combine all and microwave right until at the very least a hundred and eighty. Set 3/4 cup yogurt starter into your yogurt maker and just allow it set at space temp. Interesting the milk combination till it truly is concerning a hundred and five and one hundred levels f. Pour through a strainer (gotta catch any powdered milk bits you failed to pretty get mixed in) into the yogurt starter. Pop it in the yogurt maker for 5 hrs. . Ideal greek yogurt that keeps the wholesome whey, has more protein owing to the included powdered milk, and is fewer exertion than straining. My young ones say it tastes like vanilla ice product. Ideas: the starter you use does make a difference. All yogurt is not produced similarly – some has a lot of much more are living probiotics than some others.

BONUS PACK! Joyoung CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker : This product is a super hero which makes perfect soy milk or porridge and

This merchandise is a tremendous hero which makes great soy milk or porridge and. This merchandise is a super hero which helps make best soy milk or porridge and exceptionally easy to clean up. Having said that, i you should not like the bonus pack which will make the milk flavor amusing. Use all-natural substances, these kinds of as vinegar or gelatin, to make tofu flower or tofu is a much better alternate.

I am working with it as soon as / working day on most working day, or each other working day to make contemporary soy milk. I soaked my soy beans a several several hours prior to putting them in the machine, but i found that i can also use the dry bean option and the outcome is the same. I won’t be able to explain to the change in style, and it had saved me time by not obtaining to soak the beans just before hand. Clean up is so brief and quick, remarkably propose.

BONUS PACK! Joyoung CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker (Full Stainless Steel & Large Capacity 1700ML) with FREE Tofu Coagulant

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Computer Controlled, Automatically Preheat, Grind and Cook on Its Own at the Push of a Button
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior; No Heating Tube! No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • Micro-computer Control, Totally Automatic Operation; Patent “Water Diversion Technology” with Raphael Meshwork; Six intelligent protection functions for safe operation
  • Makes up to 1.7 Liter of fresh milk from soy beans, rice, mung beans, corn and almonds
  • FREE Bonus Pack: 1 pack of tofu coagulant that is enough to solidify 25 gallons or 80 liters of soy milk. One year warranty.

Almost everything is fantastic, apart from for the filter that is not thick more than enough.

This is my second yoyoung soybean drink maker, i use it creating consume for breakfast for 7 years, i enjoy it.

I can have soymilk day to day now.

BONUS PACK! Joyoung CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker (Full Stainless Steel & Large Capacity 1700ML) with FREE Tofu Coagulant : Machine works properly when using the dry beans function. Poorly translated instructions. . They cannot be understood because a person of english proficiency wasn’t used in the creation process of them. Use dry beans program, then it will heat up and properly grind the beans. Fill with water to the 1500, or 1700ml lines and then add your beans (overnight pre-soaked beans work best) and press the dry beans button.

First one particular paid for alone in three weeks. Purchased next as a backup immediately after seven months and the day just after i requested spouse accidentally ran the 1st just one by means of the dishwasheri took it aside, dried it out which includes compelled air drying and assembled it soon after a working day to make certain it was dry. I hooked up some photos of the inside for the curious. I voided that guarantee, but. The change concerning this and the other just one for $139, is this just one has some tofu coagulant (2 packs) and the other has a sample of laurabeans soybeans and a discounted code for your first get from laurabeans. Those people are excellent soybeans by the way. I even mailed just one just lately to a convention i stayed at many times. It labored nicely in the space (just look at the time of day you run it, it does seem like a demented disposer at pieces of the cook/grind cycle). Saved a lot more than the shipping and delivery expense above getting nutmilks at the area shops. Dry bean or soaked bean cycle just take about thirty minutes. Cleanup is straightforward if you do it as you decant the batch, pretty much. And get it at the conclusion of the cycle all through the minute it beeps to allow you know it’s performed. The bottom of the pot tends to cake on if wherever, so some scrubbing with any non scratch scrubber will get it.

Good soymilk maker if you use it appropriately. This is a good soymilk maker. I acquired this soymilk maker two weeks in the past, but did not have time to use it right up until two day in the past. The instructions for this equipment is not pretty excellent and i did not know that the plastic container really should not be in the device when making the soymilk. The machine did not function as it should really be. The soybeans were not damaged down and soy milk was wateish. I bought to the amazon internet site and requested to return this products. I went on line to glimpse for a further soymilk maker, but seen that this one particular was rated extremely large. I read all the critiques and also the responses to the concerns and understood that the plastic container should not be in the soy milk maker when building the soymilk. I manufactured soymilk this early morning without having the plastic container in the equipment and it generated extremely great soymilk.

I have bought 3 parts by now. Incredibly helpful, very reputable, doing the job completely. I have been applied it everyday. I have bought three parts presently.

Utilized over a calendar year, operates wonderful so much.

I’m delighted that i created the final decision to buy this design. I’m pleased that i built the conclusion to buy this design. It did operate much better than the preceding product. The cleansing and filter course of action is not as difficult as what i heard from the assessments. I assume the good quality of soybean milk matters the most for me.

Very simple to use and easy to cleanse. It fully meets my expectation on this merchandise, easy to use and quick to clean. You don’t require the self cleaning edition, and i definitely don’t know how can it be self clean up specified anything is in the a person piece for the heating ingredient.

Great equipment, i incorporate all variety of bean and. Wonderful machine, i insert all kind of bean and nut, get fantastic taste soy.

A soy milk maker you will have to have. I am satisfied with this generate so considerably. I have this soy milk maker for a week now. I attempted soybean, almond, black bean. The device labored like allure. I uncovered that applied eleven/3 measure cup(present by the item) give superior style. One much more detail, ‘green living’ has quite superior provider. I order this one on 11/seventeen. Throughout black friday weekend, i discovered the cost drop. I e mail ‘green living’ and questioned for rate matching.

I like it and making use of it day to day. I really like it and working with it each day for my breakfast.

This device does what it promises. I chose this one particular because it’s superior capacity. The final merchandise is for 3 to four folks. If you actually appreciate soy milk or other detail produced out this equipment, just be cautious about your caloric consumption every serving. I like to make a batch and divide it into 3 servings. I also incorporate little chilly milk prior to i consume it to enrich the taste. If you like to drink freshly created each time, you might want to pick out a scaled-down a single.

We beloved the new soy milk.

Better than jiuyang in china. It performs very properly,far better than jiuyang in china. I use it to make soybean milk eveyday.

Very simple to use and easy to cleanse. It fully meets my expectation on this merchandise, easy to use and quick to clean. You don’t require the self cleaning edition, and i definitely don’t know how can it be self clean up specified anything is in the a person piece for the heating ingredient.

Fantastic way to have clean soy milk in the morning. Applying it each and every other day, wonderful way to have contemporary soy milk in the early morning for my family. Created plenty of whole grain milk far too, quite practical.

I manufactured my soya milk and it was superior. . Excelente apliance, i made my soya milk and it was very good.

It is simple to use and tends to make clean soy milk.

Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker : Worth the extra money for automatic shut off

I read all the reviews for this yogurt maker before i bought it, and the only consistent negative was that the lids leak. Once or twice a jar got knocked over in my fridge and there was a small puddle of whey to clean up but it was no big deal. Then one fell over filled with strawberry compote and i didn’t see it. When i got home the entire top shelf of the fridge was covered with sticky pink goo, but the yogurt left in the jar was so thick and creamy i couldn’t believe it. It was better than any greek yogurt i have bought in the store. So for the next batch of yogurt i set out to do that on purpose. I make my yogurt with whole organic milk and either euro cuisine yogurt starter, or one of my own yogurts as a starter. After a 10 hour incubation i let the jars sit upright for one day to set, then i laid them on their sides in a shallow bowl. Within a few hours there was an inch of whey in the bottom of the bowl, after 8-12 hours it had released three times that much.

This is about the easiest and most convenient way to make homemade yogurt. It’s easy to operate, easy to clean, and most importantly it works well. A lot of the reviews and recipes written here are by people who are obviously very careful about their food. The problem is that finding some of the ingredients like raw milk is not easy for all of us to find. So, i’m going to give you the average person’s recipe (note: the instructions in the manual are not correct because it requires boiling 1. 3l of milk and then using only half of it which is pretty wasteful). I didn’t use any sort of fancy organic milk. I just went to the big supermarket chain and picked up a gallon of the standard 2% milk. Also, i didn’t use one of those culture starter kits, i just bought a quart of stonyfield plain yogurt (has 6 live active cultures, so i’m sure that’s as good as what will be in the culture starter packages).

I use it every other day nearly. You have to get used to the combination of ingredients to make the yogurt you liie, but once you get it the consistency is good. Heat the milk, cool,add starter, pour into maker, makeit takes 12 hours so put it in a place where it wont’ be disturbed.

I’ve used this many times and have absolutely no complaints about it. Works great and comes with a little recipe book so you can make lots of flavors.

  • Worth the extra money for automatic shut off
  • Makes great yogurt – but forget the little jars
  • Simple, elegant, space-saving yogurt maker!
  • Excellent Item For Healthy Living!
  • Euro Cuisine YM100 – Review
  • Makes great yogurt for less

Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Automatic Yogurt Maker
  • Electronic Timer with Auto Shut off
  • Seven – 6oz Glass Jars
  • 3 Year Warranty

Incredible yoghurt with some experimentation. There is a basic flaw with this type of machine in that it is supposed to keep the yoghurt at a specific temperature for a length of time. But as far as i can tell, it doesn’t have any kind of thermostat or thermometer actually measuring the temperature of the yoghurt. Instead, it just provides heat and you pray for good results. Fortunately though, you can make really good yoghurt with a little experimentation. Here’s what i’ve come up with:1. I don’t use the little jars at all. I use one 7-cup pyrex bowl with a blue plastic lid. Bring six cups of milk to 220 degrees on the stove, stirring continuously. Place the pot of milk in ice water in the sink until the temperature comes down to 110. Stir one cup of the warm milk and one single-serving plain yoghurt from the store together, directly in the pyrex until smooth (one minute).

Euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker – ym100. I wrote a negative review for the above, because i did not understand the electronic timer workings. Thought it did not work, when it was me who did not realize, how it works. Whas i surpriced, when a very nice fellow from euro-cuisine called me and explained it to me. A real treat in this day and age. After trying his suggestions, the ym-100 works flawlessly and i love it. I tried to delete my earlier review – but could not find it. Anyway, i enthusiasticly recommend this yogurt maker and euro-cuisine.

I have been making yogurt for at least 40 years. Most of the time i have allowed ambient heat do the job, because i’ve usually lived in hot climates. Usually i lost about one of every ten tries, often had variable results when it worked. Until about a year ago i resisted the idea of a silly automatic yogurt maker. Then my spouse gave me this one when she saw it on amazon and thought it might make my life easier. Since i have been using it i have not lost a single batch. The automatic timer is very useful, and the cups are a perfect size. The machine itself is well sealed, has no sharp edges and is easy to clean. There is a single complaint i have.

Efficient/inexpensive technique of making good yoghurt. By now you know from the other reviews that this machine rocks, so i won’t repeat all the praise. I’ve had it for over two years now, and make about two batches every week, and just wish i had found this earlier – like, 30 years earlier. A friend (hi bob) asked me today what to buy / how i use it so i figured i might as well publish here. If you like the technique, please vote this review up for others to see. So here goes: what you need:1. An extra set of jars (a bit overpriced but i tried substituting with baby food jars – doesn’t work well)3. Yoghurt starter packs like these: yogourmet casei bifidus acidophilus probiotic yogurt starter; the eurocuisine ones work just as well4. An old coffee carafe, or a new one like this one, with the handle removed so it can go in the microwave (because of the metal screws): mr.

Great machine for the diy “chef”. There are so many things i love about this yogurt maker. It is a simple machine, basically a kitchen top incubator. This is a rare and beautiful thing in this world climate of impressive difficult to use/program appliances. The machine has a dial to set the time, and then you press the red light to turn it on. It does what it is supposed to do and then beeps to let you know it is finished before turning off. This machine holds 7 jars and they are glass. This is important to me as we are trying to remove plastic from our kitchen to the greatest extent possible due to the chemical leaching.

I purchased this yogurt maker after first reading all the user reviews that i could find on the various units available. The reviews sounded like this was the best maker for the home user at a price that was reasonable. The unit arrived quickly, i washed everything well, and made a batch that night. It came out smooth,thick, and with a nice tart taste – just like the yogurt that i found overseas in my travels. I have since made several batches as my wife and i enjoy yogurt as part of our daily diet. I am very satisfied with the ease of use of this unit and the constantly smooth and creamy texture of the yogurt it produces. The jars are glass and easy to clean – which is much nicer than the other units that i have seen on the market. I am completely satisfied wiht this purchase and would highly recommend this unit to anyone wishing to start making their our natural yogurt.

Makes great yogurt – but forget the little jars. One of the main reasons i bought this unit was to make yogurt in glass jars instead of in plastic. But after getting tired very quickly of cleaning these little jars, i set them all aside and just use a pryrex 1. 75 quart glass bowl (the kind you can buy in many supermarkets) and just use it. It is so much more convenient. I just fill it almost to the top with milk or soy milk to measure, pour it into a pot to boil, and then after it cools a bit, pour it back into the pyrex bowl, put the rubber cover on the bowl, and place that into the yogurt maker without the plastic lid. 10-12 hours later, i have a big bowl (about a quart and a half) of yogurt and a very fast easy cleanup. The pyrex bowl fits perfectly in the maker, and then i put the lid on it and store it in the fridge. I know the little jars allow you to take one to work, but believe me, it isn’t worth the cleanup effort.

Worth the extra money for automatic shut off. I read a lot of reviews for the ym80 before buying and people complained about the lack of an automatic shut off. For an extra $10 this machine provides the shut off. My first batch of organic yogurt came out great. I think it is better for our health and environment to be eating yogurt out of glass jars and not adding a plastic container to the dump every time we eat yogurt. I made plain yogurt and added 2 tablespoons of dried organic milk. The yogurt was firm and nicely presented. It was somewhat tart so i added a tablespoon of honey just before eating, this added a little sweetness without taking away the yogurt flavor. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have some control over what they are putting in their system. You can make this yogurt with skim, 1%, 2% or whole milk, organic milk or local milk, or even goat’s milk.

I have found the timer to be unreliable, too. I wouldn’t have spent the extra ten bucks on the version with a timer if i had this information. Also, i didn’t find the directions particularly useful. I recommend doing some research on yogurt making to get the process right. I do have to recommend the book of yogurt. It really explains the process and a lot of great recipes and ideas for using the yogurt you produce.

Excellent item for healthy living. We purchased this item because my husband is diabetic and shouldn’t eat things with sugar in them, and he is also allergic to dairy products. We used the yogurt maker to make homemade soy yogurt (which it even says in the instructions that you can do). We used the boiling method for preperation and let it incubate for 10 hours (amount of time suggested in the instruction manual for fat free/skim milk). Also, we used the yogourmet brand yogurt starter because it is the only one available in the local marget. The yogurt is excellent, it has a wonderful flavor. My husband who has travelled througout europe and tried the yogurts avaiable there (before his allergy) says that this yogurt tastes like the real thing, like some of the excellent yogurt you can get in europe. In fact, he dislikes the characteristic soy taste in the soy milk but he said that if he was handed the yogurt we made from soy in a blind taste test he probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it was made with soy at all. We used westsoy brand unsweetened soy milk (the best tasting to us that is on the market). I highly recommend this product.

Great maker – my parents now have one too. . We use this every day so it’s had a lot of wear. The first one lasted about a year, this is our second. The trick to making some great yoghurt with it is to get the correct starter, heat the milk to the right temp and cool it to the right temp. Once you have all that worked out this heats it to the correct temperature so give you nice thick yoghurt. Ours is on a par with the greek yoghurt you can buy at the store for thickness. Plus the timer and cut off makes it really easy to just set it going when you go to bed and wake up to fresh yoghurt.

Great maker – my parents now have one too. . We use this every day so it’s had a lot of wear. The first one lasted about a year, this is our second. The trick to making some great yoghurt with it is to get the correct starter, heat the milk to the right temp and cool it to the right temp. Once you have all that worked out this heats it to the correct temperature so give you nice thick yoghurt. Ours is on a par with the greek yoghurt you can buy at the store for thickness. Plus the timer and cut off makes it really easy to just set it going when you go to bed and wake up to fresh yoghurt.

A number of things, the timer on this operates kinda funky. You have to set it prior to you change it on. I like to warm it up before i set my yogurt in it and it keeps a quite steady temp in between 112-118*f based on how heat my milk is when i place it in. Now i have created some dang around great yogurt with this. I use 2 oz basic yogurt, 1/four cup milk powder and 40 oz entire milk. I warmth the milk to one hundred seventy five–one hundred eighty*f and then amazing on the counter till about 115-a hundred and twenty*f. I also like to go away my yogurt out on the counter whilst the milk is cooling to heat it up. I then set it in for four hrs and put it in the fridge for at least three several hours. It yields a delectable mildly tart,fairly thick yogurt that is way much better in my opinion than any retailer purchased.

Will make wonderful yogurt for significantly less. I appreciate yogurt, but i gave it up when the grocery keep selling prices improved and the container size lessened. By probability i purchased an amish cookbook and found out numerous recipes for earning yogurt. When i saw how very simple it was to make your own, i acquired the euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker (ym100) in purchase to conveniently keep the continual 110 degrees f necessary for culturing. I finished up utilizing the recipe that is involved with the euro cuisine. All it involves is 3 components: forty two oz of milk (i use body fat-no cost), one/three cup of powdered milk (i like my yogurt thicker), and 6 oz of simple yogurt with are living cultures as a starter. I’ve designed excellent yogurt every time that’s just as superior, if not superior, than shop-acquired. The greatest component is, i can make it for all-around 50 percent the price tag of retail outlet-bought yogurt. Although i’ve read through that some folks skip this move, i recommend heating the milk to 180 levels as the enclosed recipe states.

Euro cuisine ym100 – evaluation. Enable me start off off by stating that i had never manufactured yogurt prior to shopping for this equipment. I viewed a great number of movies and read several approaches about how to make yogurt prior to even acquiring this equipment. Now that i have it, and have built yogurt effectively, i want to share my activities with you. If you will not want to browse the full review, just know this:1. Do not obtain the ym100, obtain the ym80. The timer on the ym100 is terrible. Just glance for the testimonials about how bad it is. For staying these types of a sucky timer, you may possibly as well just save the funds, and acquire the other a person. You should not trouble employing the very little cups. Choose up a pyrex storage 7-cup round dish with dim blue plastic protect, clear or pyrex no leak lids 7 cup spherical baking dish with plastic lid. These fit inside of the equipment and are so uncomplicated to clean up. If you want to use the tiny cups, use them to have the yogurt to function, but will not hassle employing them through the course of action of generating yogurt. I have extra some photos of the pyrex in the yogurt maker.

Takes apply to grasp this touchy device. I go through some of the other reviews that reported their units shut off far too early. I went to the euro cuisine web-site and it states the timing system is quite sensitive. The instruction information also states not to transfer the unit at all the moment cooking has begun. With that currently being reported, our initially batch did not set. I don’t know if it was moved (my husband swears he didn’t contact it) or if i did not established it long more than enough, but it was smelly, curdled milk and practically nothing even near to yogurt. I was a bit peeved that we squandered a quart of milk for that end result. The 2nd time, it was yogurt, but drinkable yogurt. We boiled the milk right before hand, and set the timer for seven several hours. Our little ones cherished the ‘drinking yogurt’ but i could not deal with the runny texture.

Easy, sophisticated, room-conserving yogurt maker. When i was a child, my mother made yogurt. It was not till i was about twelve or so that i even knew it could be bought at the shop. I assumed everyone’s mom made yogurt.Not too long ago, disgusted with the stage of preservatives and artificial substances in my food, and the risk of toxic compounds in the plastic that was made up of the food items, i resolved that it was time to make my individual yogurt just like my mom used to. I investigated a variety of yogurt makers and ultimately decided on the euro cuisine ym100. Here are the positives:one) straightforward to use. Earning yogurt is a little time consuming, but quite, very straightforward. This yogurt maker is extremely straightforward and straightforward. An odd variety of jars is effective out quite very well for those of us with an even quantity of yogurt eaters in the home. This way i often have a single jar leftover to use as a starter. three) the jars are numbered on the bottom. This tends to make it straightforward if you make additional than 1 batch to maintain monitor of which yogurt was produced when. They stack in my fridge just high-quality, and the lids are incredibly tough. five) quick to get added jars. I bought a pack of 8 extra jars, and they arrived with a distinct established of figures than the types that came with the yogurt maker. Brilliant6) it’s bought a timer, so if i really don’t detect that it really is time to convert it off, it’s going to shut alone off. This is a major in addition for me as i am fairly fast paced and would not generally don’t forget to examine it right on time.

Works excellent – try this recipe. It does exactly what it is intended to do. It is straightforward to use: just press the red button, set the dial for how quite a few several hours you require and presto.My yogurt, making use of two cans body fat free of charge evaporated skim milk (not sweetened condensed milk), some unwanted fat totally free lactaid milk to equivalent four cups milk, 1/four c. Dry milk and the yogourmet starter packet, took no much more than eight hrs, even although the manual states that using skim milk could just take thirteen hours. Not if you add some dry milk powder (nonfat). Completely set yogurt, creamy, custardy, loaded-tasting with no unwanted fat.

Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker – LOVE this yogurt maker

The timer and car shut-off are great attributes. This is an fantastic item that operates well. I am content with the buy, while i have a few quibbles:- the digital screen are unable to be study if you are standing over the maker sitting down on the kitchen area counter. The show display screen is recessed in the situation, and the figures are not noticeable until eventually you bend down and watch the display screen at the identical degree. – the containers only hold 6 liquid ounces, which tends to make for scaled-down parts of yogurt than i would like. 8 ounce containers would be preferable. – the plastic protect has an interior ridge that holds dampness for the duration of the ‘cooking’ stage. That helps make thoroughly clean-up and drying a bit additional hard than it ought to be. I am glad i expended the added money to get this model: the timer and automobile shut-off are worth the price tag. And the higher go over permits me to hold the lids with the batch though the yogurt is processing – that is a awesome touch that shows very good engineering.

If you want pleasant thick greek yogurt without the need of the expensive keep purchased a single acquire this unit and make your individual. When i manufactured my very first batch right now i thought a little something would be mistaken since it was so straightforward to use. I simply just followed the directions, i utilised skim milk and when the yogurt was finished right after ten hrs i place fruit into just about every cup and set it in the fridge. I was quite surprised at how fantastic the first batch came out. To sweeten it i utilized truvia, but if you prefer sugar or honey or jelly then by all suggests use regardless of what sweetener you want. I love the actuality that this is automatic and only cuts off when performed just after staying set for ten hours. Due to the fact i eat yogurt every working day acquiring this automatic digital yogurt maker i will no more time need to have to buy that high-priced greek yogurt in the retail store, and i know exactly what is in the yogurt that i am producing. I extremely advocate paying for this wonderful yogurt maker, you will not be sorry.

I am so happy i acquired this model. I took it out the box, washed the cups and produced my 1st batch on 8 hour cycle dependent on critiques listed here. Then i realized, also thanks to opinions right here, that the cooking of the milk is to pasteurize it, but my milk is presently pasteurized. So now i just warmth it to the best temperature, include a 6oz cup of a past batch of yogurt into it, into the device for 8 several hours, and out arrives excellent yogurt – this is the creamy runny variety. For the cheese to have it tart and thick you do need to have to boil the milk, awesome it down and include the cultures at just the proper temperature. I also make it in a pyrex bowl that suits into the equipment, and then drain it in a small cotton bag that i hold on a kitchen cupboard doorknob with a bowl to capture the whey water until it can be dry to have the most awesome product cheese ever. I operate that on a twelve hour cycle to have it wonderful and tart. In the center east its called labneh. Incorporate some zeatar (center easter herb mix), and olive oil, deliver out a pita or a naan and feast. It’s super deliciousthis device has operate day by day since i obtained it. 1 day yogurt, one particular working day cheese. My intestines are so satisfied now.

  • Perfect for Firm, Non-Fat, Not-too-Tart Greek Yogurt
  • Takes time but tastes great
  • 1st Batch was Perfect
  • Awesome investment!
  • My favorite yogurt making method so far
  • This thing is so worth it!

Will make fantastic tasting european fashion yogurt. Would make yummy euro model yogurt. Insert berries and honey for a great healthful deal with. Truly simple to use employing guidelines delivered. Only guidance is do not add powdered milk for thicker yogurt as said in the directions, except you like ricotta cheese like yogurt.

I did plenty of investigate in advance of buying the euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker. I wanted to start off generating my personal yogurt due to the fact our space won’t recycle the plastic containers that the store-acquired yogurt arrives in. After creating my 1st batches, i found how a lot better selfmade yogurt tastes.I have to say that i you should not use the minor jars that arrive with the machine. They are actually awesome, but we consume quite a little bit of yogurt, so generating a huge batch performs most effective for us. Alternatively of the jars, i use a pyrex 7-cup glass bowl, which suits properly in this yogurt maker. If you are new to generating yogurt, i’ve established a move-by-stage (with photos) tutorial on how to make 2% yogurt using this equipment.i also purchased the cuisinart mcp111-20 multiclad pro stainless universal double boiler with cover ($35) and a euro cuisine greek yogurt maker ($25) too. ]

Features of Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Easy-to-use automatic yogurt maker
  • Makes 42 ounces in 6 to 10 hours
  • 15-hour countdown timer
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Seven 6-ounce jars with dateable lids

This yogurt maker would make fantastic yogurt. It is simple to use and appears to be like nice on my counter. The automatic timer and day on lids are pretty helpful features. I utilized a reusable heirloom bulgarian yogurt starter, tastes wonderful.

I have owned this yogurt maker for about a yr, and i absolutely like it. I will never invest in yogurt at the shop once again. It really is so pricey to acquire the active tradition yogurt in the store, and you’re never certain the cultures are even now active. With this, you know the cultures are nonetheless lively since you would not have yogurt if they weren’t. I also enjoy that i can command the excess fat articles of the milk, the sort of sweetener, and i know there are no preservatives. I use skim milk, a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten soon after the yogurt is performed, and dump in some frozen combined berries for a good breakfast. I ordered a 2nd set of jars so i can keep a constant offer of yogurt going in the fridge. I also appreciate that the jars have lids that you can set the day so i can tell specifically how previous the yogurt is and not have to get worried about it. The maker is so simple to use, and it is really a good investment.

I ordinarily do not like a person goal only products. I ordinarily you should not like one reason only products, but this has been utilized a great deal since acquiring it. I like controlling what i try to eat. I started off my very first batch of yogurt with a jersey milk organic yogurt with lively cultures and it worked wonderful. I have also utilized the eurocuisine starter and it performs as well. I know i don’t have starch or any additives to my yogurt. My preferred way of feeding on do-it-yourself yogurt is with honey and a sprinkle of lavender flowers. The lids have date changes on them way too, so you always know how clean your yogurt is. I have also obtained a pyrex seven cup spherical bowl and employed that for creating yogurt to strain for greek yogurt.

We bought ours about a thirty day period in the past. I was a small worried mainly because of some of the challenges noted with this equipment. I calculated the temperature within even though it is jogging with two various thermometers and in two unique spots. It operates at 120f – i feel they promote 110f, and it is definitely hotter than that. Even so, i have experienced no challenges generating yogurt. I use fage greek yogurt as a starter. To make yogurt with skim milk i have, in truth, experienced to insert dry milk to get it thicker. I include plenty of dry non-body fat milk to mainly make my milk double power (1 one/three c dry milk plus milk to make 4 cups. ) i boil my milk in the microwave – i have a big four cup pyrex measuring cup and i just zap it until eventually correct before it starts boiling more than.

This is a fantastic product or service and i would propose it to anyone. A genuinely terrific invest in for the value. The euro cuisine lifestyle is not desired. If you want to make culture just pour some full milk into a cup and depart on the counter over night or for 50 % a day with a paper towel or dish towel on top rated to deal with it. The micro organism is in the air so no want for a combination of chemical compounds from a. This simple approach is carried out in diverse international locations to make organic yogurt tradition. I have been creating it this way successfully for yrs.

Fantastic deal at $forty two. 99 and more affordable than the more mature euro cuisine model. When the price tag dropped (it was truly higher than the previous model, at first), i grabbed it. This product in essence solves the middle drip issue that the previous product had and which became additional vexing above time. The other important modify on this product is the digital timer, which is a neutral transform in my view. It appears to be far better than the previous product. It was good to get seven new bottles – of course glass bottles, not plastic. One particular issue i can vouch for is you can make better yogurt than you can get, unless you dwell close to the previous fashioned greek outlets that are far more and additional hard to find. Yogurt is good when it is really made fresh new. Everyone loves my yogurt way too. Update january 8, 2014:i am nevertheless making yogurt just about every night time.

Earning yogurt is more durable than building toast. . I have in no way manufactured yogurt ahead of. I study all the opinions if i realized then what i know now, i may well have acquired the #1 ideal seller euro cuisine ym80 yogurt maker. I did pretty a bit of investigate, the very best web page i discovered was culturesforhealth. The most important matter i have observed is to use a yogurt starter that you like, simply because the yogurt you make will style the exact. Next use an accurate thermometer i use the #one very best offering weber weber 6492 original immediate-read through thermometeri place a tiny dish fabric on the bottom to insulate the jars, due to the fact i uncovered the bottom bought way too heat. In cooler weather conditions, i also go over the maker with a light fabric or dish towel to even out the temperature. I use the jars and also a 7qt, glass bowl. Driven milk to make a firmer greek yogurt.

The euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker is an exceptional products with regular results. The euro cuisine automatic yogurt maker is an excellent products with constant final results. I also bought the ym100 product, which is similarly fantastic in quality. There are things i like about each designs, so your choice probably depends much more on personalized choice. This ymx650 has a far more smooth design, with the steel band all around the exterior. The provided jars are also far far more outstanding, letting you to slide the adjustable numerical prime dial to suggest a day of products expiration. The ymx650 also has a digital timer and jar lid storage on the best. In all honesty, i am not using the lid storage due to the fact i make greek yogurt, and consequently drain the whey off the yogurt prior to serving. Nonetheless for some persons, it would be incredibly convenient.

Labored very well for 1st timer. . As i wished to make my very own dairy free of charge, additive free yogurt, i embarked on an adventure to make my own yogurt. Wow, i was in excess of the moon with the great solution i obtained applying coconut and soy milk. Presently fifty percent way by means of my very first batch of delightful yogurt, and looking forward to the upcoming one particular. The device executed wonderfully. I adore the jars with the lids, it can be all these types of a clean program and appears to be superior on the counter leading. Appreciate that the lids retail outlet in the double lid style and design.

Immediately after buying this, it was the initial time i had at any time attempted earning yogurt. I utilized complete milk, brought it just to a boil then permit it amazing on the counter to 110 levels f (i use a digital thermometer to check), and i included some stoneyfield natural and organic (they only had french vanilla) yogurt for culture. I set the timer, and then 8 hrs later on i experienced ideal, agency yogurt. I have created yogurt 3 instances given that, and it has turned out fantastic every time. I experienced even bought cheesecloth pondering i would have to pressure it to get the thicker consistency i like, but there is no need. It is currently greek yogurt thickness. I guess it is due to the fact i use entire milk, not two%. I just about did not get this mainly because i browse critiques of others getting problems retaining the lids on the jars and cleaning them. The lids often continue to be on for me.

The mystery to fantastic yogurt. Extended heating periods with included dry milk to make a thick stand on your spoon style yogurt. I built my 1st batch working with skim milk and 3 cups of dried skim milk. Adopted their directions,i used five tablespoons of raspberry syrup. Set it on 14 several hours and wow , thick and attractive see my pics.

Can take time but preferences good. Soon after becoming fond of yogurt in france, we have been disappointed that we cannot come across a equivalent flavor and texture below at a good price (and without having all the included sugar or flavoring). So, like other people, we’ve experimented with a variety of starter possibilities. We observed that applying 50 percent of a 7 oz container of fage 2% unwanted fat greek yogurt, offered at our neighborhood grocery for $1. 50, and two% milk, we could get fairly near to what we had in france. What we created using the packets of starter that came with the yogurt maker, was pretty excellent, but the ideal price tag we found was about $one. sixty per packet (which tends to make only one batch, not 2). Of course, a person can use a person of the seven jars to make a 2nd batch, but we located it wasn’t very as company as the initially batch — and you net only thirteen jars from two batches vs. But, the packets have a long shelf existence and are quick to use. We followed the instructions, heating the 2% milk to one hundred eighty degf more than a reduced gas flame and then cooling to a hundred and ten degf in some drinking water in the sink, using a digital sweet thermometer — then incorporating some of the heat milk to 1/two the fage yogurt (preserving the other one/2 for a 2nd batch), mixing with a whisk, returning it to the pan of heat milk, whisking once more, then pouring into the jars (by way of measuring cup with pour spout) and placing the timer for twelve hours. Many others like the stonyfield greek yogurt, but we have not discovered it in smaller containers. Based on tasting no-fat yogurt, we figured 2% would give us the taste we have been searching for without as a lot body fat as total milk. 2/14/13 update: because we would read that some use only 2 oz.

Fantastic for firm, non-fat, not-also-tart greek yogurt. I bought this yogurt maker about two decades ago, and have been earning great yogurt 1-2x for each week. The rewards are that the machine beeps and turns by itself off, has glass jars, and most importantly, can accommodate a one significant glass container for creating greek yogurt. We have experienced no troubles at all with it. Just after experimentation here’s our go-to, no-fail way to make agency, non-tart, non-extra fat greek yogurt: we warmth organic non-unwanted fat milk until eventually it reaches 185 degrees (do not stir, and never scrape the film from the base of the pot), and let it cool to 108 – 112 degrees (we position the pot in an ice tub to pace factors up). In an 8-cup pyrex measuring cup, place about 2 tablespoons of clean yogurt from the keep (we use fage or an natural model). Spoon a little of the 108-112 degree milk into the yogurt, stir to mood and blend, then insert the rest of the milk (stirring to mix), and pour it into 6-cup spherical pyrex glass container that is in the yogurt maker. When the yogurt is performed, location a good strainer that has cheesecloth doubled in excess of it (we use an ecobag muslin bag that suits my strainer) more than the washed 8-cup pyrex measuring cup, and dump the yogurt into it. Refrigerate and allow it pressure two-10 hrs.

I was very discouraged that i could not obtain a sugar totally free of lower sugar basic yogurt at the grocery retailer. Some brands have as a great deal sugar as a candy bar, i use vanilla bean in my batch, and extra stevia for sweetness when i am prepared to take in. No fuss straightforward way to make best yogurt.

I really like this yogurt maker. My to start with batch of yogurt was a catastrophe – evidently, for some reason you are unable to make yogurt with shop-acquired almond milk (a single website suggests you have to make your individual almond milk, with no clarification for why you have to have to do the added function). Considering the fact that then i have made quite a few delectable batches with canned coconut milk. I get ready the mixture prior to bed, let it incubate right away (i do a 9-hour incubation), and yogurt is completely ready for breakfast. It would be nice if there was a way to flip off the beeping at the finish, simply because at times that goes off previously than i want to wake up, and it is large-pitched plenty of to vacation down the hallway from the kitchen. The capacity to established the dates on the lids is nice, even though i have yogurt just about every morning on my cereal, so i go by way of them in a week. It is pleasant to have re-usable glass jars, and no lengthier be accumulating piles of #5 recyclable plastic yogurt containers from the keep. Update: i feel the thai kitchen area (black and pink) brand of coconut milk does not do the job for making yogurt – don’t know why. The style of thai (yellow with navy cans) model performs wonderfully.

A excellent small kitchen area gadget. Experienced to make a number of batches to get comfy with it. I use a glass bowl inside of to make a substantial batch due to the fact i like to allow it drain for a thicker yogurt. I then put it in the smaller jars.

Genuinely a excellent and useful kitchen appliance. I desired a yogurt maker for a lengthy time and searched long and tough right before earning my buy. I have relished it extremely a great deal. The only purpose i rated this a four star order and not a 5 star is simply because i consider the directions for creating yogurt are flawed. I produced a amount of terrible or mediocre batches before figuring this out. I use the primary recipe given as my foundation but i do make some adjustments. First you need to have to make certain your yogurt starter (i use a modest carton of yogurt) is comprehensively combined into your warm milk. To do that i first let my milk cool to one hundred fifteen degrees. I then blend two cups of milk with my carton of yogurt and then stir the blended combination into the relaxation of the milk. It turns into foamy and fills your jars to the brim. Upcoming i altered the processing time from seven-9 hours to a complete 12 hrs. This would make a good batch of plain yogurt. Now use your creativity to taste and sweeten it. Do not be shy about experimenting with the manufacturer and style of yogurt you use as your starter.

My favorite yogurt creating method so significantly. The establish quality is nicer than others i’ve made use of. The cups are glass, not plastic, and you can effortlessly use a person significant container as an alternative of the cups, to make greek yogurt. I did a whole lot of investigation, and i have employed the aroma digital yogurt maker and created yogurt in thermoses. The aroma device has smaller cups. They are plastic, they discolor immediately, and they have silicone o rings that tumble out right after a handful of washings. The thermos approach is fine, but the plastic thermos lids reek of rotting milk immediately after a time.