West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Extra Deep Fast and Easy 180 Degree Rotation Adjustable Temperature Control For Fluffy Crisp Waffles – Ok but not great. I’ve struggled with some mixes but no I

This waffle iron worked as advertised. Heat settings were fine, you can go from soft to crispy with the dial settings on this machine. The directions don’t say anything about using cooking spray but i used some on my first waffle but not on the rest and nothing stuck to iron. Keeping my iron level was not a problem as some reviews have said. The book says to use 1/3 cup of waffle batter but you really need a little more, just pour until the iron is almost covered. All batters are different so you will have to experiment a little with the amounts and cooking times but that is no different from any other appliance you use. I would difinitely buy this product again or give as a gift.

This is a great waffle maker at a great price – easy to use. The light setting works best for waffles. Unfortunately, the casing is plastic and i dropped it. (it actually fell off the top of our refrigerator when the door was opened) and the connection with the wiring housing broke. My husband glued it with loctite superglue and it’s holding and working just fine, but i’ll be purchasing a new one.

. I like it and the price was very good. I’ve only used it twice, so far, so i haven’t mastered it yet. I set the temperature dial about half way on the first usage, and that wasn’t enough – the waffles weren’t crisp enough. The second time, i advanced the temperature to about three quarters, and that still wasn’t enough. So next time i’ll go to the limit to see if that yields a crisp waffle. Additionally, the waffles tended to stick, but i think that’s the fault of my batter. The machine seems to be very well built, and i anticipate that it’ll hold up well. And the folding handle allows it to be stored in a relatively small space. Here are the specifications for the West Bend 6201 Rotary Waffle Maker Extra Deep Fast and Easy 180 Degree Rotation Adjustable Temperature Control For Fluffy Crisp Waffles:

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  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Nonstick Coated plates
  • Drip tray also included for quick clean up
  • Adjustable controls include “power” and “ready” indicator lights, also includes light to dark browning control
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Easy fold away compact storage and smaller packaging

Getting waffles perfect is really tied to the feature of being able to flip the iron over after closing it. Often waffle irons with this feature are very expensive and it’s difficult to spend a lot of money on a small appliance for specialized and occasional use. This waffle iron does a great job with one con, the setting for light to dark is not very accurate. If you like your waffles crispy you have to set the knob to maximum and then leave the waffle in the iron for at least a minute after it says it’s finished to get the desired affect. I suppose this is really a matter of opinion but both myself and my wife found the waffles much to tender and soft at the maximum setting so others will probably find this to be true as well. The iron will still do the job as the iron doesn’t shut off when it says it’s finished, it simply stops getting hotter, but this seems to be a bit of an oversight.

I like the size (it stores easy without taking up a lot of space). And i love the waffles i make with it. I’m a firm believer in reading the directions firstthat’s what i did, then i made the waffles (lots of waffle mix out there – just add egg and water – no need to make from scratch).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • She loves it!!! YUM, so do I.
  • Super simple, delicious waffles, reasonable price
  • Yummy yummy for the tummy ! (updated)

I was a little skeptical about the quality of this iron before buying it, but was encouraged by previous positive reviews. I gotta say i am very happy with this device. It has little to no leakage (a tiny amount is to be expected with all w. Irons) and it even comes with a little plate to pick up any batter that falls. The waffles come out fluffy or crispy based on a dial you select, and best of all, they don’t stick to the pan. I used a bisquick recipe for waffles and it included a bit of oil. I tried cooking the waffles with and without spray, and i found that they came off just as easily without spray. Lastly it comes with a booklet that has several waffle recipes i will certainly be trying over the next few weeks. Very nice product, i definitely recommend it.

I had about 3-4 waffle makers i was considering, and had a hard time deciding. I am soooo glad i went with this one. It makes absolutely perfect waffles, its very easy to clean, very easy to use, and its not too big to store with my other small appliances. In the past, i’ve only had the kind where you lift the lid and pour the batter, never one that you turn the maker for it to cook. So i was a little unsure of that too. Wasn’t sure if that would make more of a mess, or would be more work to make waffles, but honestly, this waffle maker is so simple to use. I love the pan underneath to catch any spillover, but i haven’t had any spillover yet. Can’t say that’s ever happened before, so i’m happy about that too. My other favorite thing is the adjustable dial so that it will time cooking to however you like your waffles, from soft/fluffy to more crispy. With other waffle makers i’ve used, you just had to learn how long to cook them before taking them out.

I am thrilled with the west bend 6201 rotary waffle maker that i recently purchased. Pared with the golden malted pancake flour that i purchased through amazon, the waffles i am now making are a hit with my family and taste very much like the delicious waffles served in the breakfast buffets of popular hotels. The pan does tend to sometimes tilt a tiny bit during cooking, but not enough to affect the outcome of the waffle. The product still deserves a 5 star rating because the price and ease of operating make it a genuine bargain. I’m also amazed at how quickly the waffles can be cooked. My grandkids are now begging for ‘waffles’ whenever they have a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house,.

And she loves it, i just eat the waffles with the kids, and they are great, you can go from soft waffles to crunchy ones, machine is very easy to use and i find it cheap. 2013 six months into it, we love it so much that my wife takes it to the beach on weekends, after a few backs and forths we bought a second one to leave it at the beach; needless to say, great.

It worked perfectly from the first waffle i made. After reading other reviews, i made sure to use nonstick spray and set it on the highest setting and got golden brown, delicious waffles, every time. I did notice the slight tilt of the machine when sitting in the upright position but it didn’t affect the actual running of the machine at all.

I searched some stores and could not find a good belgian waffle maker. I went online and found the west bend 6201 and also liked the reviews. I used it the sunday after receiving it. Well, i used the krusteaz waffle mix and the waffles came out great. The 6201 has a nice dial to select your temp. So you can have the waffle come out the way you prefer. I recommend this to everyone. I love it and plan to have waffles every sunday morning.

It makes good waffles, but has trouble staying on one of the flips sides or the other. It’s loose and wants to just be sideways all the time. I have to prop something under the handle to keep it flipped.

I love my morning waffles but as a bachelor i usually just buy frozen waffles which are generally poor in flavor, texture and nutrition unless you buy the most expensive whole grain brands. My first and only use thus far was to make a large batch of a dozen waffles and i’m very pleased. I was able to use a healthy whole grain batter to which i added raw wheat germ, flax meal, omega 3 oil, liquid egg whites and a generous quantity of chopped walnuts. You can’t buy frozen waffles this nutritious.Addition of a little vanilla extract adds a mouth watering aroma that will fill your kitchen. I also added whole blueberries to some of the waffles but i prefer fresh berries on top. You have to use a measuring cup and experiment a bit to pour just the right amount to fill the molds without spillover during cooking. The one spillover i had was not bad since there is a ring channel around the mold to reduce mess and a plastic drip dish is included with the product. Cooking time was a bit faster than the last cheap waffle iron i had and that one made smaller waffles. I froze 8 waffles with a sheet of wax paper in between to prevent cooking.

This is the real deal, and it doesn’t cost $60. A trip to a good breakfast buffet made me have to have a real waffle maker. I wanted one that rotates but is simple and doesn’t take up a lot of room. I settled on this and couldn’t be happier. It heats up quickly and only takes a few minutes and a single flip to have evenly cooked waffles. You can easily adjust the temperature on it, but there is no indication of the exact temperature. I wasted a couple waffles getting it set right, but now perfect waffles come out every time. Clean up is easy (as long as you use cooking spray before each use and don’t let it sit for too long after), and it hardly takes up any of my (small) kitchen space at all. This makes great waffles without any hasslebonus: turn up the temperature a bit and this waffle maker can help with any late night brownie cravings.

The product works great and even accurately tells us when a waffle is ready. However, i bought a used on and mine came with food still stuck onto it from a previous owner, which i wasn’t too pleased with. After 5 minutes of cleaning and polishing it looked good as new, but i much rather would have received it pre-cleaned.

Love this waffle maker, leaves the waffles just the way i like it. I’ve figured that if i pour 3/4 of a cup the batters doesn’t spill over but its enough to make a fluffy waffle. The only thing is that you do have to put the dial almost all the way to dark to get the perfect waffle but thats a small thing to overlook for the price and features it comes with. The waffle maker has a green ready button on the top where the dial is and another one on the bottom for when you flip the waffle over you can see when its done. The handle folds for easy storage. The plates don’t come off so it takes a little bit longer to clean but very well worth it.

Good waffle maker, makes consistent waffles (among other things like quesadillas). It does a good job of telling you when the waffles are done based on your desired final consistency. My only complaint is that a non-crunchy waffle is impossible to remove from the unit unless you use cooking spray, which does impart some flavor on the waffle. It is easy to clean and very easy to use, i would recommend.

It takes me forever to choose a product online and i spend hours/days researching and reading amazon reviews (always starting with the 1 stars), and i rarely write my own. When i first pulled i t from the box i thought i’d made a mistake. It was light-weight and seemed like flimsy plastic casing. One of the things i dislike about waffles is how long it takes before they are all done and we can sit down together for breakfast. This is a really very fast and even cooking waffle maker. It comes with recipes, but i recommend this one:http://www. Com/recipes/40-a-day/waffle-of-insane-greatness-recipe/index. Htmland i don’t use buttermilk, but instead saco buttermilk powder (http://www. Com/saco-powdered-buttermilk-12-ounce-can/dp/b004axzew2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1368917789&sr=8-1&keywords=saco+buttermilk+powder)i like all the features from the light-to-dark selection, the rotary handle, all the way to the drip tray.

We wanted something that everyone in the family could use with ease, and this certainly did. First of all, it does not pick up space on your kitchen counter, it can slid in anywhere. Next this is not a heavy waffle maker, it is not too light but not heavy as the industrial or fancy size ones either. Everyone in my family now enjoys making fresh waffles, because of the ease of this waffle maker. We have gotten creative with our batters, by making them with nuts, dry fruit, candy (only on special occasion) and even a savory waffle with chopped bacon into the batter and then sprinkled on top when finished, with maple syrup.

Very cheaply made was disappointed although it does make waffles just doesn’t get hot enough and does not lock into place correctly do not recommend.

No issues with the unit itself. It makes wonderful golden waffles. They are a little cakey to be, i like them to be a little crispier, but it could just be my batter or that i’m not cooking them long enough–still have to play with it a little more. It’s easy to use and heats up fast. My only issue is that it’s pretty hard to clean. There are so many small crevices, especially because it turns that it’s really hard to get in there and clean properly. Also, i don’t like that the handle and the rotation mechanism is all made of plastic. It hasn’t caused any issues yet, but we’ll see how long it all lasts.

Select Brands Mickey Waffle Maker : Makes Great Wafflesor Pancakes.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my son who loves pancakes and it was a hit throughout the whole household. I bought teh pancaked mix that you just add water to and shake. If you follow the instructions in the instruction booklet your pancakes will come out perfectly golden mickey mouses. The mickey waffles in disney world are a little thicker. But this is about as close as you can get to having the real deal.

My dear daughter adores these mickey waffles. My only complaint is it’s very hard to clean because of the well around the product, but i’d rather have the well and have a difficult cleaning time than have batter all over the house. First waffle iron i’ve battled cleaning, though. It’s stood up well for a lot of use.

Mickey Waffle Maker

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  • Disney Mickey Mouse Non-Stick Electric Waffle Maker, Red and Black

The waffles turn out great but it’s not like the others that beep. Takes about 5min to heat up and then just time it 3min and it will be finished.

Bought the mickey waffle maker for my daughter for christmas, mostly for my grandchildren. They love the waffles from the maker.

This fine – but they are more like pancakes then waffles. Also, it’s small and it only makes one at a time (compared to our old 4 mickey waffle villa ware one, this is disappointing).

Mickey Waffle Maker : This is so cute, easy to use and clean and makes great waffles. Yes the consistency is a little more pancake like but they taste great anyway .

Works very quickly and easy to use. My son is obsessed with mickey and is now always asking me to make mickey waffles.

Got it for a trip to disney so that we could make breakfast in our room, wasn’t expecting such great waffles to come out of it. I fill each area almost all the way full and set a timer for three minutes. The waffles come out perfectly done and crisp on the outside. It does just as well as my belgian waffle maker that turns. I make my own pancake mix, but its about 2 cups of batter total and i get five waffles out of it.

This was a gift and the recipient loved it. It was easy to use and she loves micky mouse.

I’ve read some reviews that say they turn out more like pancakes than waffles, and i would have to agree. My six year old pointed that out himself. But it’s easy to use, and the kids don’t really care if they’re eating a pancake or waffle if it looks like mickey mouse.

Bought this for a gift and she loved it.

This was the perfect gift for my granddaughter after our return from disneyworld. Of course, she wants to return to disney but the mickey waffles make her happy.

I just made waffles on my new mickey waffle iron. The product is really easy to use and produces waffles very similar to the ones in the park. The size is just a little bit smaller than a regular waffle but it is just right for a child and even for an adult who doesn’t want to overstuff.

My grandson loves making them.

I gave it as a wedding gift to disney fans. They say they like it, but i don’t know how well it cooks waffles.

They make the perfect mickey waffles.

Just amazing and super easy to use. Literally had it out of the box and waffles on the plate within 10mins.

Works very well, however the end result is really more like pancakes instead of waffles. We’ve used this several times now and worked perfectly every time. If you’re looking for a true waffle maker though, you probably should get an actual waffle maker. My son will one day enjoy is mickey pancakes with this product.

This waffle iron works perfectly and is incredibly easy to clean. I have also used it to make pressed sandwiches (grilled cheese or ham & cheese) in the hopes that my toddler would eat them. It didn’t work to get the picky toddler to eat; however, it does put a smile on my face when i have waffles in the morning. It should be noted, however, that the consistency of the ‘waffles’ more closely resembles that of pancakes. So, it is not going to give you identical waffles to those found in disney world. Nevertheless, it is a great purchase for a mickey or disney lover.

Excellent waffle iron, easy to use and clean up is a breeze. The recipes that comes with the waffle iron are easy to make and taste great, just finished eating the pumpkin waffles.

This is a great little machine for the price. Not sure if the heat indicator is worth bothering with, just keep an eye on it about 7 mins. It does make flatter (but great looking) waffles than in pro machines in the disney world area, but, if you use belgian waffle mix, flip it half way through, and make sure it is not undercooked, it is pretty awesome. I make extra, then freeze them and pop them in the toaster later.So far it has been non stick for me, but if not a little spray oil or butter would help with that.

BELLA 13906 Waffle Bowl Maker : Inexpensive and great with easier recipe

I used boxed waffle mix and was happy with results. There is a need to experiment with batter, if too thick the shells do not crisp on bottoms. Fill with scoops of ice cream, fresh berries, etc.

I really like this little machine. After i read the recipes in the enclosed booklet, i was tempted to put the whole thing into a donate box or add it to a christmas gift box. There is no way i’m going to spend that much time and dirty several bowls plus a mixer to make a few waffle bowls. I’d rather just buy some than go through all that. So i searched a little for a simpler recipe and found one to try. It made tasty bowls, but too many of them. I gave some to my neighbor and plan to work on reducing the recipe. I found the outside edges of both bowl molds bake faster then the inside edges, so you really have to keep an eye on them to keep from burning the outer edges. They bake up really fast and work great for holding a scoop or two of ice cream, some pudding or fruit. The simpler recipe i used is:o 3 large eggso 3/4 cup granulated sugaro 1/2 cup butter, melted and cooledo 2 tablespoons pure vanilla extracto 1 teaspoon baking powdero 1 cup all-purpose flourdirections1.

This is soooo much fun to use.

Pretty red color, made in china (of course). Will give more information later, after using it. I bake 20 waffle bowls two days later. It has one problem, like uneven heating. One side already golden brown and other is not. When you open waffle maker to check your waffles, try to rotate them carefully, because they are hot and soft. Close the lid and bake more until other side is done. Check often, do not burn them. Remove waffle bowls, put them cooling rack , they still soft, make sure you shape it slightly with your hands to make it round, few seconds later , they will hard.

  • Inexpensive and great with easier recipe
  • works great, just use nonstick cooking spray!
  • I liked it and would recommend it to others

BELLA 13906 Waffle Bowl Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes 2 waffle bowls or cookie bowls
  • Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • On/Ready indicator lights for your convenience
  • Delicious BELLA recipes included
  • 1 year limited warranty

Bought for a gift – i have one. We use them for little quiche like breakfasts.

It was quickly delivered and it worked quite well. I gave it 4 stars because the heating was not consistant. But that might be because i used my own recipe. I liked it and would recommend it to others.

Note: you have to let it heat up all the way, apply a nonstick cooking spray to both sides and then pour your waffle batter in for them to work. Sure they may be nonstick surfaces but if you do not do this you will have a messy broken bowl that is hard to get off. If you do this the product works wonders and the bowls cook in moments.

Grandchildren love doing this with nonni.

One recipe makes about 20-28 bowls, more than i can easily use at once, but they store well. I think one element in mine is out, so it doesn’t brown on one quarter, so i give it a turn and another few seconds, and they’re even all around. I don’t know if this is a peculiarity of my individual unit or a problem with all of the bowl makers, so i thought i’d pass on the easy fix. It takes about 3 minutes a pair, so making them ahead is the way to go.

This is just the right size for mini chocolate and banana cream pies very convenient to use for tea time treats.

It is a little tricky to get it to evenly brown (i did burn a few) once it has set i turn each bowl in its cup; they only take a couple of minutes to bake. I think once i get the hang of it i will be pleased they are definitely tasty.

Kinda tricky to get it down pat. I finally got the hang of it. Getting ready to make somefor a party this weekend.

Purchased this for mothers day. My wife and teenage daughters had fun experimenting making cups for ice cream sundaes. About the cost of a movie ticket, this was entertaining for nearly as long. I like the surface is teflon, so cups remove easily. The cups are approximately 2. 5 inches diameter at the bottom, 3 inches diameter at the top, about 1. Two cups cook in about 2 minutes. So the cups are not very big – they hold 1 scoop of ice cream and a few toppings.

A great happy birthday gift for paw paw who loves treating the grandkids to ice cream treats.

I’m not crazy about the mad rush you have to be in to grease it between each application of batter.

Cooked unevenly one side was crisp wile the other side was soft.

I you should not know why i love these specialty devices so considerably. I have so a lot of i experienced my son punch a gap under the stairs and set a door so i could store them. This is what it is, and i appreciate using it but it usually takes some having employed to. Premade pie pastry operates very good enough but you have to unplug it every so normally and give it a break if creating many batches. Also it won’t do perfectly with plain bread. I shredded potatoes so slender you could see via and tried that but i guess as well much drinking water in the potatoes due to the fact it did not do perfectly at all. Quite a few of these devices can adapt to creativeness, but this seems to emphasis on what it does no far more no a lot less.

Impulse acquire- mabe not worthy of it.

Just what i’ve been seeking. The recipe that came with it is wonderful and the minimal bowls serve multi-purposes. I’ve utilized them as ice cream cones, and as an attention-grabbing presentation for a hen dish i do that is similar to hen a la king. I’m guaranteed i am going to discover far more works by using for them. Heats up in a jiffy and cooks promptly.

For those people that have burning complications. Do not stick to the cooking time or the environmentally friendly mild. It only takes in between 1 min and one one/two min. The waffle is extremely skinny and will burn up swiftly. For those people that have sticking problems. Spray equally sides with cooking spray every time for the initial 5 or so bowls. So simple to use, but you do have to pay out notice. When it suggests to fill with one tablespoon, that is what it implies. It can take really minimal batter.

I acquired this for a father’s working day current, as my father makes a lot of handmade ice product and i believed he could get pleasure from waffle bowls to go with them. I’m providing the bowl maker 4 stars mainly because i definitely like the thought of do-it-yourself waffle bowls, but i’m honestly tempted to give it three. We 1st attempted to make the chocolate cookie bowl recipe that will come in the booklet, which was an complete catastrophe (though the batter was delectable). No make a difference how short or extended i cooked them, or the quantity of greasing accomplished, they have been difficult to get out of the cups. Would just crack into parts (i attempted at least a dozen occasions) and typically created a massive mess. I’m confident that particular recipe won’t perform and i’d advise to skip the inconvenience i went as a result of and use a distinctive one particular. Following going back to amazon and looking through some of the evaluations we made a decision to test the ‘simpler’ recipe that someone posted in their assessment. They did truly function and i was in a position to get them out of the cups (though no make a difference how considerably i greased the bowl maker they constantly stuck to the top rated and experienced to be meticulously eliminated). They tasted good and have been quite lovable. Even with the recipe that works, it was near extremely hard to get the proper total of batter into the cups.

Draws compliments from visitors.

BLACK+DECKER And Decker G49TD Sandwich Grill/Waffle Baker, American waffles

Bought this for my mom-in-regulation and she enjoys it. We seemed in all places for one that the grills arrived off with a setter like this 1.

The significant providing stage of this product is an inexpensive detachable flat:waffle metal plate style and design that evenly distribute heat. It truly is also a uncomplicated beautiful layout with good countrywide customer provider ( i received a section replaced without having stress). However, it can be regrettable b&d did almost nothing to update this 10 years previous design past flipping the plates in excess of in advance of shipping it out. Look for for g48td and you can expect to uncover a thousand evaluations all echo the same considerations. This 900w style takes a very long time to warmth because the components are not in call with the metal grill. The way the plate clips and hinge perform can induce the plate hole through cooking to be uneven. As with all nonstick coatings, you should be generous with cooking oil spray to lessen cleanup later on. This is not a kid welcoming appliance as the outer shell is in no way insulated from the heat and the hinge and clips are so precarious. The plastic handles can be taken out (nut washer screw) and reattached for cleaning runaway batter spills. I obtained this open box at fifty percent off msrp and propose you store all-around till you discover it at the minimal end of it really is price tag range history.

I can make pancakes for grandkids or waffles for us.

Key specs for Black And Decker G49TD Sandwich Grill/Waffle Baker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Versatile three-in-one appliance: waffle maker, grill, griddle
  • Grids bake four waffles and reverse for top-and-bottom sandwich grilling
  • Top folds back to create two 8-inch-square griddles for pancakes, eggs, etc.
  • Variable heat control; nonstick cooking surfaces wipe clean
  • Chrome housing and stay-cool black handles; stands upright for storage

Comments from buyers

“The waffles are better and bigger, American waffles, Black/Decker Waffle Bake/Grill/Grid”

Very good sizing for greater households, or for family members that definitely really like waffles. Griddle versatilty is a good reward, too. Built to very last, plates appear off for simpler cleansing. You should not use steel to clean up the non-stick plates.

And a single can make other things moreover waffels. But for previous fassiond waffels this is a great item.

Will work like a waffle iron should really. The huge challenge was detachable irons to allow washing.

My husband and i ended up provided this waffle iron as a present for our marriage ceremony a few decades in the past. It is just like the a person his grandmother experienced, and make american model (smaller holes, not deep like belgian) square waffles. Ours never ever come out square simply because its difficult to pour the batter just appropriate for that. I have by no means professional issue with the irons remaining in spot. There are clips that protected them. Examining the instructions really should make that really crystal clear. I do obtain it inconvenient to clean up the baked-on oils from the waffle facet of the irons, but they did design it so they get rid of for cleaning, so i cannot complain. The maker has a warmth dial, with a environment for waffles. It adjusts conveniently to make your waffles additional/much less brown. The light comes on though baking, and shuts off when finished.

We desired this iron for the lent/easter period. However the first weeks of use still left us perplexed since the waffles did not get performed on each sides. We resorted to turning them over to keep on cooking them which, of study course, created them ‘hard’. We also observed that you could see where the spherical heating factor was cooking on the waffle. I lastly resorted to turning it all the way to the conclusion of the waffle placing, to start with waffle was better but darker, second and third batch so-so. I had an more mature black and decker iron and it worked superbly but last but not least necessary to be changed. This was the a person i selected mainly because of the reputation i realized b & d had. Electric power applications, lawn resources, and many others. This is the very first disappointing product or service i’ve had from b & d.

I beforehand purchased just one for me and now bought a person for my daughter and daughter-in-law (at their ask for). I like the means to flip the grids based on the desired use. I fif discover that you do have to spray the grids, normally the pancakes or waffles adhere. At some point, the spray builds up.

Just like the just one mama employed. I like the slim waffles it makes.

I received the item promptly – just as promised for arrival. On opening the product there were no guidance in the box, no booklet with data about care and use. Also, the box had formerly been opened and taped shut with packing tape marked ‘amazon’. I have not utilised the product nevertheless as i am nevertheless figuring out the locking system for the plates to be hooked up for protected use even though heating.

I requested as a gift for my son and he has utilized it quite a few times.

This is the third b&d griddle waffle maker i have owned and the excellent is not a nice as my other’s have been. The edges of the base are alternatively jagged and the springs keeping the grills are inconvenient, in that they hit the edge of the take care of and manage box. High quality has diminished from my previous unit. The coating on the griddles is not even, coating is spotty.

Would make good waffles, effortless to use.

I experimented with the all clad and it was not truly worth the money. The waffles are greater and bigger. It cooks slow and it’s a minimal cheaply manufactured, but it works. And the all clad was gradual and experienced the exact non uniform cooking. If you won’t be able to determine out how to bend the clips to make the plates continue to be on, you happen to be inept at everyday living. Evidently the perfect traditional waffle iron maker does not exist. If it did it would have these layout characteristics:make 4 massive segmented skinny conventional waffles: checkfloating hinge so waffle can develop as it bakes and not expel batter out the sides: checkbetter protection of the heating factor so the waffle cooks uniformly: this 1 is acceptablemore wattage and adjustable: this one calls for max temp and is still a gradual cooka temperature readout of the plate temp so you can know when the plates are fully preheated at your most well-liked bake tempan alarming timer so you can experiment with the suitable cook dinner time. With the higher than controls you could established the maker to prepare dinner ‘low and slow’ or ‘crispy and brown’ or ‘crispy on the outside the house and underbaked on the inside’ or anything at all in amongst.

It had reversible plates–the key purpose for the order. Black and decker is a dependable title.

I have owned this merchandise for quite a couple many years and because it truly is served us so effectively, i not too long ago obtained it as a present for our son. We have served lots of a nice waffle or grilled cheese sandwich on this item.

We received this model of waffle iron as a wedding gift in 1996. It is really just like my mom’s and my mom-in-law’s, which they each individual applied for a long time. Just pour about a cup of waffle batter into the middle and it spreads out as important, not always creating best squares but which is component of the fun. You have to have ample oil in the batter to keep it from sticking. (for 1 c of flour/oat bran combination, 3t canola oil, additionally the other substances. ) immediately after 17 years of two times-a-month use, the non-stick coating started to flake off. This was the greatest selling price for a substitute we could come across. We lived in belgium for two a long time but however favor the little squares to the big kinds on belgian-design waffles. It is much easier on the smaller squares to use a acceptable volume of sryup or whichever topping than on the huge belgian-style squares. We make a massive batch every other saturday, then freeze the leftovers and toast them up as wanted for weekday breakfasts.

Product is built somewhat more affordable than an older one particular i had to substitute, but if you observe directions, it is effective properly. 1st waffle out was great, and the relaxation of the batch was the identical.

KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker : Best waffel ever

I have a bed and breakfast so it gets a lot of use. Great to be able to make 2 at once. The non-stick surface easily wipes clean and the waffles come out perfect.

I looked at purchasing a waffle maker for some time before purchasing this model. I was concerned about spending so much, ($155+nystx) but i went by the old adage, you get what you pay for. I read so many disappointing reviews regarding other products that i thought i would never be able to find a decent waffle baker. I have a friend that had recommended the older version of this model (a single waffle maker). By the time i made my decision to make the purchase, that model was no longer available but this one was. The reviews were very helpful and overwhelmingly positive. I was looking for something that was a no-brainer. I just wanted to be able to add the batter, turn the switch on and wait for a beep. I did find that the temp gauge on the top is not that accurate but it really doesn’t affect the outcome of the final product, just rely on the lights and beeps to let you know the waffle is done baking. My wife and i have been experimenting with different ingredients and timing but found the generic time setting of 3:15 to be pretty good for most waffles. My wife tends to like her waffles moist in the center while i would rather they be cooked through, crispy and lighter so i leave mine in for about an extra 15-30 seconds. The unit is easy to operate and a cinch to clean. Warm water and a clean cloth are all i use.

This was purchased as a gift for my grand-nephew who loves the waffles he can make in hotels when traveling. I haven’t seen how it works, but he tells me that he and his friends use it regularly to make waffles as after-school snacks. They like that it makes two waffles at once so there’s less waiting.

I asked for a new waffle maker for christmas and my husband went above and beyond with this one. At first i thought it was going to be a bit much, but then i used it. This baby makes 2 perfect big waffles in about 4. 5 min and is ready to go for the next set. I am no longer stuck in the kitchen trying to keep up with my family’s eating speed (and failing), now i just whiz through and get perfect waffles every time.

  • Best waffle maker ever!
  • This performs as promised!
  • KitchenAid Pro Line Waffle Baker is fabulous!

KitchenAid KPWB100OB Pro Line Waffle Baker, Onyx Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Baker produces two 7 1/2-inch diameter by 1 1/4 inch thick waffles
  • Double-sided, clamshell baking unit flips to provide uniform waffles with superb consistency
  • Stainless Steel and Die Cast Metal Construction
  • Constant Baking Temperature
  • Non-stick waffle plates
  • Baker produces two 7-1/2-inch diameter by 1-1/4-inch thick waffles
  • Double-sided, clamshell baking unit flips to provide uniform waffles with superb consistency
  • Stainless Steel and Die Cast Metal Construction
  • Constant baking temperature
  • Non-stick waffle plates

I typically use carbon’s golden malted waffle mix, and the waffles come out great. Sticking is minimal, and cleanup is easy, even though i’m adding blueberries and/or chocolate chips to the waffles. It’s also much easier and takes way less time to make multiple waffles to freeze for later than with my old cheap single waffle maker. Sure it’s expensive, but can you really put a price on all the free time you’ll save?. I sure can, and that price was $190 for this waffle maker. Barring some sort of catastrophic failure, it was well worth the premium.

I did not purchase it from amazon — i found it for $20 cheaper @ overstock, but since i ordered my waffle mixes from amazon, i’m going to review anyways. It arrived intact, undamaged and on time. Per instructions, i discarded the four (2/ea side). While they were cooking, there was that odd smell and steaming. I’ve already used it for 3 days straight, and that odd smell is gone. There is no strange taste, and all the waffles have turned out perfectly. I was so excited with my new toy, i ordered the golden malted pancake/waffle flour mix — delicious, light, golden (set @ 3:30), crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. I also had the dancing deer baking co. Pumpkin spice mix; that did not turn out so well (also set @ 3:30); i found it to be dark, maybe because of the spices, and dense — even though i took care to not overmix it; the finished product tasted mostly of spice, and not so much pumpkin. Since husband and daughter deemed it ‘tasty’ i’m going to try it again and hope i find it tasty, also, b/c i ordered the 3pk.

We love waffles and since our old standby from years ago gave up the ghost we have had bad luck with any other bakers we have tried. I saw this one decided to give it a try. It’s excellent, does a nice job baking two waffles at the same time and they come out nice and brown but not overcooked. We actually bought a second one for our lake cottage so we can enjoy waffles whenever we want. Not cheap, but well made and excellent. We actually had a problem with the 2nd one we bought – it didn’t cook on one side properly. I returned it and had a replacement within a couple of days and the new one worked great. Excellent customer service for an excellent product.

This is the best waffle maker ever. The dial to change cooking time is easy to control, makes a nice crispy waffle or soft, however you like it. We use it quite a bit and after awhile it started to stick a little. Nothing serious and a little spray with pam takes care of that. Warm up time is a little long, start it up before you start mixing your batter. I have 5 children and making two big waffles at a time is great as they can be cut in half, which is even almost too much for little children. As long as you get a couple started before the party shows up, you should be able to keep up with the eating. If you like a waffle with big, deep lugs that you can fill with syrup/jam/whipped cream/fruit, whatever, then this is for you. Strong and durable, easy to clean.

I just got this waffle maker 2 months or so ago and it’s great. It makes big waffles in just 2. You can increase the cooking time to get crunchier waffles if you like. It’s also very easy to clean, no oil or spray needed to cook.

This was a replacement baker for one i used quite often for 5 years in a bed and breakfast. The old one still works but the controls don’t so i replaced it with the same kitchenaide. The first one i received was faulty and was replaced immediately by amazon with a new iron. I am a loyal kitchenaide appliance owner and although much more expensive, they are wonderful and consistant to work with and last forever. I would only replace this with the same one when i need to.

Great waffles and it is great to be able to make 2 at time.

I bought this one because my old warring (single) waffle maker finally passed away after our famous sunday brunches. This one is a delight when it comes to adding speed and efficiency to serving the waffles. However, although i am using the same recipe for the batter, i am missing that crispy-in-the-outside-fluffy-in-the-inside consistency i used to get. Because we try to be thrifty, i will have to wait until this one gives out until i can purchase another waring.

This waffle iron makes round, deep-pocketed waffles. The baking time is adjustable so you can make them as brown and crispy as you like. I have had mine for over a year, and the waffles still release from the iron as well as they did when it was new. This one makes two waffles at a time, so my husband and i can eat together.

This item is big, bulky, and beautiful. It takes up a pretty decent amount of counter space. I do love the ability to make 2 giant waffles at one time. It will make a crispy waffle on the outside with a nice moist center. I set me dial for 4:30 minutes to get the desired consistently. This may be a little too crunchy for the average person. The maker cleans up well and does not required to be oiled down for every waffle. I re-season mine every 10 cookings. I don’t use the oil spray because i don’t want the build up on my iron. I brush it lightly with olive oil.

I bought this for my husband after reading reviews. Clean-up is really nothing, wipe it off. It is heavier than i thought it would be and we will have to find a place to store it but it’s worth the money if you love waffles and looking for a quality waffle maker. I have never written a review on anything but read a lot of them before i buy something.

I had no idea this would be so large and sturdy. I feel like tim allen on his riding lawn mower in home improvement. It makes large deep-welled belgian waffles to perfection. Just experiment a bit with batter and cook time. If you only make waffles a couple of times a year, you would not need to spend the money; if you don’t have a lot of storage space, you may want to rethink this purchase. However, if you have the $ and the space, this is the way to go. It works fast, makes deliciously crispy waffles with a soft interior, the wells are deep enough to have really good fruit compote on top, and the machine won’t fall apart immediately. The knobs are sturdy, the instructions simple. I make my own batter and add savory ingredients. They are a hit for informal “breakfast for dinner” parties.

I by no means considered i might devote this a lot on a waffle maker, but i am happy i did. Lovely, crispy waffles in a minimal above 4 minutes. Just elevate the lid and deposit 1 cup of batter in the middle of the griddle. Near the lid, flip over, and repeat on the other aspect. 4 minutes and alter later, you have a lovely, golden brown waffle. I have experienced excellent accomplishment with marion cunningham’s elevated waffle recipe, the waffle of crazy greatness, and emeril’s pecan waffle. All of those people recipes can be located on google, and all work properly. No make any difference which recipe you use, system on 1 cup of batter for every waffle.

This is just one excellent waffle maker. The waffles are thick and can be cooked as free or crispy as you like. The waffles are large enough for a person to fill a complete-sized plate. My wife is the cooker and she enjoys it as well. Considerably simpler to get plenty of waffles at the same time on our kids’ plates to preserve them pleased and taking in very hot, refreshing waffles jointly rather of building one particular, feeding a person, then starting off around with #2.

I went by way of inexpensive waffle makers, and their supposed non-stick surfaces that cease operating if they ever were non-adhere at all. Major, reliable, well-produced with what must be the best non-stick surface area i have ever witnessed. Practically nothing sticks to it at all, which means you not only get excellent waffles — further than even at dining establishments and those people neat ones at hotel do-it-your self breakfasts — but it is so quick to cleanse. Excellent waffles the initially time and each individual time with no mess. It is as great as i have observed as considerably as waffle-makers go.

Have utilized it typically for past thirty day period and a fifty percent. Easy to use, helps make excellent waffles.

My kitchenaid pro line waffle maker is the easiest appliance i have at any time purchased. I am thrilled with how massive and gorgeous they are. Would get this once more in a heartbeat.

For a home waffle maker this one is fantastic. It performs like a industrial waffle maker. It is really perfectly designed and developed. It is a good unit and is incredibly straightforward to use and does a excellent career every time.

Cuisinart WMR-C Classic Round Waffle Maker, Classic waffle maker, easy to use.

It tends to make great waffles, the precise variety i want.

I just enjoy this waffle iron. It truly is quick, it’s uncomplicated, and it does a wonderful job. Considerably more quickly than my old waffle iron, and uncomplicated to change and keep track of, i am incredibly satisfied to have ordered it.

I’ve owned two of these waffle makers for in excess of five a long time. I would not trade for a distinctive brand name or product. The maker functions flawlessly, browns evenly, the range options are persistently correct, and it is easy to clear. It can take up pretty very little storage place and can even be established upright on the two deal with blades.

Key specs for Cuisinart WMR-C Classic Round Waffle Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dual indicator lights
  • Five-setting browning control
  • Weighted lid prevents rising
  • Nonstick plates
  • Three-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Love this regular waffle maker!!!, Great waffle iron for not a lot of money, Great waffle iron . . . with this discovery . . .”

We have not had any troubles – i do not see how you could. It is really a great cost for a great merchandise.

Not the thick puffy waffles like the belgium wide range. Can cook dinner them as crisp as you want and it is quickly. To start with batch was productive with aunt jamima’s entire mix. If you want slim waffles, this is a good waffle makers and it stands up so it usually takes pretty minimal place in the kitchen cupboards.

Cuisinart does not enable me down.

Have had it for at least two several years and it is effective as very well as it did when new. Use a environment of 4 when making waffles.

I make a wide variety of entire grain and fruit waffles. I purchased this waffle maker since most of the some others do not have an adjustable browning regulate – i would be guessing how extensive to leave the waffles in as i tried using distinct recipes. This maker is effective really effectively throughout a wide array of recipes, and by varying the manage i can ‘make to taste’ doughy or crunchy waffles.

Not ideal for a group, even so. Takes as well prolonged to make them for more than three-4 men and women. I realized that so am not upset.

This is a very awesome very little waffle maker. It is lightweight and helps make fantastic waffles that really don’t stick to the griddle.

It is smaller than i imagined it would be. I do not like that it does not have a buzzer or beeper to let you know its ready or its performed. Have to hold an eye on the red and eco-friendly mild. Often when im fixing breakfast and cooking other things too, i dont hold an eye on the mild. Its alright if you just want to stand there and hold out. It also has a shade lever and to me it would seem quite wobbly but it does operate. I assume the rate was also higher for what i received.

The heat adjustment switch is really flimsy but total superior product. Cleans up incredibly superior and compact sufficient to retail outlet in the cupboard.

I was fearful that i wouldnt like them due to the fact they arent the thick variety like you get at resorts or eating places, but people are genuinely as well massive in any case. These make the best dimension and cook speedy. Sunday’s are no longer pancake days, they are waffle days.Make some chocolate chip types with sliced bananas, whipped cream and sprinkle on some candied pecans. Instruction e-book arrives with a a couple recipes, outstanding for bases for other concepts.

A classic waffle maker, effortless to use. Merely master how significantly batter to place in to steer clear of spill overs or skimpy waffles. I regular three tablespoons of batter to fill the waffle iron.

I purchased this waffle iron a tiny about two several years back. I have a skilled belgium waffle maker, but required a smaller sized waffle iron for daily use. I have made use of it at the very least when a week for the two years i have experienced it. It certainly will not match the top quality of the expert waffle iron, but for the charge it can make a good waffle. I only require to spray at the time with cooking spray when i initially get started cooking and nothing at all sticks when i cook about 6 waffles. I favored it so a great deal i purchased my mothers and fathers a single shortly immediately after i acquired mine. Theirs could not get as a lot use as mine, but it is really continue to likely solid and they love it as well.

I acquired this intent on producing waffles on a normal foundation, which i have been undertaking with this good device. It’s my to start with iron, and out of the box it felt a bit flimsy. But plugging it in and pouring on the to start with batter showed that this ‘give’ was not any trouble, and the waffles appear out perfecteach time. And it is a wholly non-adhere equipment that offers up the waffles with no challenges. You can pluck ’em proper off with a fork and to the plate, in great condition. What i do, is i make my to start with waffle, plate it, pour the 2nd and then elevate the 1st up on to the top of the unit. As the next waffle presents of copious steam, and the iron is now pretty very hot (be watchful), positioning the to start with waffle on prime retains it good and heat. Remarkablealso, the coloration indicated timer is excellent. When the environment is on four, and that gentle turns green you know that yourwaffle is correct exactly where you want it to be.

Smaller footprint but is effective quick as soon as it is heated.

I applied bisquick modified to my wants. A little higher than three, makes golden, crispy waffles.

The iron does have a challenge with the wiring that goes into the lid after many open up/closes, the wire tends to break off. I have repaired a number of of these, and desire cuisinart would redesign this section with for a longer time wire so the brunt of the open up/close does cause a break in the wire. Certain, the a few-12 months warrantee is valuable, but you have to pay back more than fifty percent the primary price tag just for delivery/handling. General, functions great, but this dilemma really should be supplied focus for the cuisinart designers.

Will make waffle making enjoyment and uncomplicated. Heats up fast, isn’t going to burn up or adhere and my young ones believe my waffles flavor superior than moi so that is definitely anything good to say about this maker. It is awesome dimensions, not would not make those people super fat waffles that choose way to a great deal blend and take for good to prepare dinner. Would make a fantastic food 🙂 i would absolutely get this once more.

I bought this waffle iron in 2002, and definitely appreciated it a large amount, and utilized it nearly weekly for just underneath 5 several years. It did a wonderful job of evenly-cooking waffles, particularly for a one-individual. :donly downside was the need to clean it with out emersing the non-removable plates. Sadly by mid 2007, i might routinely find my waffles sticking in the iron (and peeling off with holes): more than time, more and much more ‘brushing off’ of aged product was failing to remove all of the material. Leaving a consistent pattern of ‘sticky’ non-stick. Also by then i had a wife and son to share my waffles with, and creating single-serving waffles one at a time was no for a longer time optimal. :dso in 2005 i replaced the old cusinart with a black & decker g48td grill and waffle maker. The b&g churns out at least twice the floor spot of waffles for every 5min go, and so far, six several years afterwards, is nonetheless keeping tight to it truly is non-stick coating. In addition, the b&g’s plates occur off for outings to the sink for washing. :)on reflection, i guess five many years is a sensible operate for a present day appliance.

Awesome, frequent sized waffle maker, not a belgium. It can be smooth and perfectly manufactured. Can take up minor place in your cabinet. Wiped it out and i did spritz it with a small pam, plugged it in, chose my darkness location (i like my waffles crisp chose 5) waited right up until the red mild turned green, poured in the batter staying thorough not to overfill, closed lid and waited for the light-weight to convert eco-friendly yet again and brilliant, best waffle nicely browned to a medium crisp brown. Ideal addition to my appliances.

At last a waffle maker that can make crispy waffles.

I appreciate it all the things i obtain from amazon is usually fantastic.

Proctor Silex 4-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker 26016A – Great Waffles, Poorly Designed Handle

I have utilized it just about every weekend given that i received it. If you follow the instructions there is no mess and they occur out completely.I use avocado oil given that its fantastic at high temps.

This was my beloved gift i got for xmas. Very seriously, this was my favorite reward i received for christmas. I use it all the time in out residence. Performs surprisingly perfectly and it is quick to use.

I settled on this waffle maker because of the sweethome critique listing it as the best. I do not have a huge body of reference when it comes to waffle makers, but i can convey to you that this a person is pleasant. The waffles come out crispy on the outside the house and moist inside and i like that it will make four at a time which would be the bare least for any waffle producing early morning i would think.Here are the specifications for the Proctor Silex 4-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker 26016A:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Browning control for perfect results
  • Stainless steel exterior for long-lasting beauty
  • Easy-clean nonstick plates
  • Power on & preheat lights indicate when power is on and when to add batter
  • Belgian-style nonstick plates

So happy we can make 4 waffles at a time. So happy we can make four waffles at a time. We are nonetheless perfecting the very best recipes, cooking moments, etcetera. But over-all quite content with this waffle maker. It has gotten quite a whole lot of use given that we purchased it.

Great item so far, at fantastic selling price. Note: i just gained this item right now and was incredibly fired up to try out and and give responses. So significantly i’ve only used this iron after but i’ll update this evaluate as i use the device extra to permit you know how it performs and how it holds up in excess of time. I obtained this waffle iron primarily based on the sweet home’s critique of the iron, right after a large amount of googling and going again and forth around paying out more for premium iron ($eighty five-$one hundred or far more) or getting a threat on a maker i was unfamiliar with. I went with this 1 due to the fact i understood that i would probably not get my money’s value with an costly iron. Merchandise high quality/safety: some opinions observed that the iron does not look incredibly strong, or would effortlessly topple over, as the foundation supports the iron only at the middle. The lid wiggles a little bit (if you purposely transfer it back again and forth), but normally i assumed the iron was strong sufficient and was not at threat of tipping around if managed with a little caution (i you should not believe this would be a good waffle iron for youthful children to operate mainly because of this layout, while). It can be not quite significant but also does not come to feel flimsy it has a nice bodyweight to it. The casing does get really sizzling (no shock), and the only safe and sound spaces to grip it are the tackle and the foundation. I cooked three batches of waffles, and by the finish, the manage was pretty warm but not much too scorching.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I agree this is the “best waffle maker”
  • Perfect waffles every time
  • Makes nice thick fluffy waffles

Was reviewed by numerous internet sites, as, finest for the dollars, and, i concur. Easy to thoroughly clean and making four waffles at a time occur up correctly.

Nonstick, cleans up with a uncomplicated wipe off. Temp assortment appears to be ideally calibrated from extremely gentle to dim, total vary is edible. Can be stored on edge, conserving counter space. Nitpicks: indicator gentle could be brighter, and i wish the toes have been broader aside to make tipping extremely hard, but usually a flawlessly accomplishing product.

Arms down, this is the very best waffle maker i’ve owned. Our prior black & decker unit (wm1240mb) died a unexpected dying soon after hardly three a long time of gummy mediocrity. This unit has plainly obvious lights, adjustable ‘doneness’ and stable metallic/plastic construct. At initial, i imagined it created waffles far too crispy, but just had to just take them out sooner – about four minutes for vegan waffles. I was worried the central ‘foot’ design and style could possibly be a bit unstable, but that has confirmed not to be the situation. At times i would like it experienced a designed in timer, but among telephones and kitchen appliances we already have loads. You do require to be vigilant, as it can acquire a waffle from ‘crispy’ to ‘burned’ fairly quickly. The primary downside is that i believe we will be ingesting a good deal more waffles.

The proctor silex waffle maker is as advertised, it is non adhere and an easy clean up. My just one and only disappointment is with handling the waffle maker. It will get pretty scorching and the deficiency of handles can make it a tough to open ( i had to use a modest towel to hold it constant though i opened the latch). Also be very careful of the temperature setting. If you like golden brown waffles adhere to the gentle environment.

This just one can be a tiny tricky to clear, but it is really a good offer for the selling price.

The only explanation i will not amount this 5 star is that i have been given various destroyed units from amazon. I was diligent in seeing that this type of assistance prevent as it tends to make no sense why numerous back to back units arrived to my residence identically flawed. The sides and take care of appear scratched and chipped. Immediately after obtaining them to stop distribution and examine their stock i made the decision to keep my flawed iron but at a discounted price tag. Having finally made use of it and i can say it really is wonderful. I have used it very a few situations more than the past handful of times from batter to biscuits and rolls and every little thing came out superbly browned and crispy. Although the iron by itself operates remarkably i’m not certain how prolonged i will be ready to love it staying that they appear pre harmed and that is with no currently being utilized. It is not the sturdiest of irons but it certainly will be your go-to when you have to have rapid and reliable wafflesthe all set light is not intended to point out waffle readiness as some other individuals look to believe so pay out no mind to gripes about their burnt waffles. Guide clearly states that the light-weight tells you when the iron is at the temperature of your browning choice.

Wants superior lower heat options and amazing contact technology. . Desires pretty level floor and fairly a bit of area. I am having a complicated time making an attempt to get it to cook dinner evenly and comprehensively on a small plenty of temp. So considerably soon after a few examination batches, my waffles are far too brown for my flavor. I have the temp at approx one particular 3rd of range at the instant and will check out reduced upcoming batch. With shipping and trade this cost me a large amount much more than the checklist price and i am hoping for improved final results from my financial commitment. I made so lots of take a look at waffles that i had to freeze them in get to consume above a period of time. They are rough when reheated in the toaster and i have to be cautious since they are by now browner than i like.

Like a waffle iron need to. . The metallic outside the house does, far too, but i’m an grownup and aspiring dwelling chef, so that’s no major deal. No shade variation on my waffles.

The temperature slider is rather basic, it really is potent as significantly as the handles. I am into the ‘what can i waffle’ cooking fad. This was rated extremely by a few of the waffling web sites and cookbooks, and i have to agree with their scores. It heats swiftly and evenly, the temperature slider is rather fundamental, it’s strong as much as the handles when urgent down on issues other than waffle batter, which guide to the demise of my past waffle iron. And it makes great waffleswaffled so significantly with wonderful good results:french toast, cinnamon rolls, monte cristo sandwiches, tater-tots, and waffles.

Love this equipment, in particular for the selling price. Makes genuinely crispy full sized waffles, and i’ve manufactured rooster stuffing waffles that turned out as crispy as well.

The waffles aren’t as deep as i might like but it works very well and the selling price was excellent.

I agree this is the ‘best waffle maker’. I discovered this waffle iron at thesweethome. Com’s ‘best waffle maker’ assessment, and determined to trust them even with it seeming odd to have so handful of amazon critiques for what is supposedly these kinds of a excellent product or service. I really significantly concur with anything they stated in their extremely in depth critique, and my knowledge with the item has been persistently evenly cooked waffles.

It is really the best and cooks evenly. Produced this for stuffing waffles for thanksgiving. It can be the most effective and cooks evenly. Large adequate to make 4 excellent sized waffles for more substantial crowds and it really is also the sweet home’s pick for best waffle maker. Settle for no substitute (unless of course you want to pay fewer money, which is entirely understandable). Also, make stuffing waffles. See kenji alt-lopez’s recipe on really serious eats.

Terrific waffles but challenging to clean maker. . Will make a wonderful waffle ideal out of the box. The purpose it get’s 4 stars is that it is a suffering in the powering to thoroughly clean. I like to fill the cooker up so the batter poofs out of the sides a minimal little bit. Signifies that i need to have to cleanse up my mess when accomplished and this design and style would make that a chore.

Much better than most of the rest, but surely not the ideal. Ideal for batter-centered waffles. Deep pockets for well-fashioned waffles. Merchants very well as a trim item that can relaxation vertically or horizontally. Downsides: the pedestal stand is along the center spine of the iron, making it simple to suggestion above whilst performing with. The sliding temp scale can make it difficult to recall greatest options devoid of marking it yourself. The non-stick does not like high-sugar waffle recipes, and the deep pockets make it incredibly tricky to cleanse. Do not try dough-centered waffles, as the lack of balance together with the poor locking system makes for a frustrating encounter. I’ve tried using waffling other goods, like mac n’ cheese, tater tots, and sandwiches, and have not been impressed with the benefits.

Cooks waffles continuously and evenly. I bought this waffle maker dependent on the wirecutter’s suggestion. It cooks waffles all over and evenly. My only grievance would be that if you put any much more than the advisable 1/3 cup of waffle batter in each of the four waffle ‘quadrants’, the surplus batter will spill out onto your countertop and get caught in the back hinge of the iron. Aside from that, i am not at all disappointed with the performance of this iron.

CucinaPro Heart Waffle Maker- Non-Stick 5-Heart Waffler Iron Griddle w Adjustable Browning Control- Beeps When Ready : Really great waffle iron

The indicator sound is pretty significant pitched and loud.

But not as great as ‘chef’s choice’ waffle makers. Will work alright, but not as very good as ‘chef’s choice’ waffle makers.

Heart Waffle Maker- Non-Stick 5-Heart Waffler Iron Griddle w Adjustable Browning Control- Beeps When Ready

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Heart Waffle Maker- Patented True Tone Technology BEEPS WHEN YOUR WAFFLE IS READY!
  • Waffle Iron – Timeless style meets modern convenience in our classic line of wafflers. Bring this handy breakfast appliance into your daily routine.
  • Waffler with brushed stainless steel housing
  • Stands upright for easy storage
  • Best selling gift for mothers, fathers, girlfriends, husbands and wives

It does not warmth up incredibly high. The temperature setting is tricky to recognize. I am not happy with its general performance.

Awesome waffle maker whilst the buzzer tone it can make when. Good waffle maker while the buzzer tone it would make when the waffle is completed cooking is an ‘awful’ seem. And, various periods now the batter retains sticking to the surface area making it difficult to get rid of. I’ve only employed it a 1/two a dozen situations and i am involved it’s just likely to get worse.

Promptly cooks waffles and fool-evidence. I use this each weekend my grandchildren check out. The waffles are great every single time and cook speedily. My grandchildren enjoy the five heart formed waffles from each and every batch.

Heart Waffle Maker- Non-Stick 5-Heart Waffler Iron Griddle w Adjustable Browning Control- Beeps When Ready : Makes perfectly browned waffles.

Everything my wife wanted for her birthday.

I like the beeper on it when it is ready. I use it in our company www.

The waffle maker itelf is terrific. I just want to come across far better receipes that. The waffle maker itelf is terrific. I just require to come across improved receipes that the just one in the e book that arrived with it.

I gave this as a xmas present and it was the speak of the household. I was also in a position to see it work it was extremely easy.

Will work fantastic and i am pleased with acquire.

I bought this for my husband who loves to cook dinner. The heart shaped are a wonderful plan.

Does the occupation but not that good. Does the task i guess, the seem it tends to make when the waffle is accomplished seems like a malfunction seem. Some of the teflon inside the waffle maker has already begun to come off. Havent applied it alot at all and have clean up it as im intended to.

Appears to be like superior haven’t built waffles nonetheless.

Appreciate it it the waffles thin and brown like i like them.

This is exactly what we needed. Easy to use, quick to clean up and will make 4 waffles swiftly.

We seriously are experiencing this waffle iron. It does make thin waffles so you will only like it if you like these varieties of waffles. If you do like these style this is a good waffle iron.

A christmas reward for a school pupil. He requested grandmas waffle iron, and produced superb waffles on xmas morning with grandmas recipe. Enjoy passing on loved ones tradition.

Smoke alarm or waffle maker?. Brilliant waffles but what in the hell is up with the beeper. It beeps when the waffle is performed and is as loud and earsplitting as my smoke alarm. Not pleasurable to start with detail in the morning.

This solutions will work fair – waffles don’t always cook evenly. In the exact waffle- components are crunchy and brown- other sections are comfortable and doughy. Also will take quite a long time to reheat to correct temperature involving ending one particular waffle and commencing the subsequent. If you are serving a huge variety of folks, you may need to prep them ahead of serving time and reheat in an oven.

Great waffle maker ~ horrible alarm. I utilized to have an ‘old fashioned’ normal (not belgium) waffle maker which we used a good deal, had it for around twenty yrs. Replaced it with black and decker, which died immediately after a person 12 months guarantee (argh). With only 3 of us at household i purchased this just one subsequent. It will make waffles quickly and only took a couple attempts to set it at the great range for doneness. It is really terrific for the chocolate waffle cookies i make also. An additional thing we all agree on is the timer, sheesh, get rid out it. It sounds like a dying alarm – super troublesome and way too loud. Did i mention that it is really loud way too?. I am going to be tinkering on it following the warranty is about to see if it can be silenced. Until then we’ll delight in building waffles with ear plugs in.

CucinaPro Four Square Waffle Maker- Non-stick Waffler Iron w Adjustable Browning Control- Beeps When Ready : Now my life is complete

It says right on the box, makes 4 square, thin, classic waffles”. I may just submit a picture of the box, just to show what it says. I ended up purchasing the presto 3510 flipside belgian waffle maker to suffice my belgian waffle needs, but i had really wanted a square belgian waffle maker at a decent price. I decided to keep the cuchina pro for regular waffles though, since it does the job in making waffles (and i don’t have a regular waffle maker). I may try it later with bisquick, to see how it does. I usually use a krusteaz belgian waffle mix for belgian waffles, but it puffs up too much for this waffler. Krusteaz worked great with the presto waffler though, and that item makes wonderfully thick waffles. Thicker than my last belgian waffle maker which just died after over 15 years of use. I suppose if you are wanting a regular classic waffle maker, then this will probably do the job decently for you.

Exactly what my son-in-law wanted. Loves the signal that the waffles are done. It came just when it was supposed to.

Batter doesn’t really stick and the timing part is pretty good. So i’ll use it for a backup. This waffle iron really wants to be a belgian waffle maker. The wholes are too big for a regular waffle so you don’t get the same “firmness” that you do with a real waffle iron. I’m sure it’s just a personal thing because it works well enough. Batter doesn’t really stick and the timing part is pretty good. So i’ll use it for a backup until i find another one.

The dvds do not play on my dvd player.

  • This makes great waffles BUT u have 2 be careful when u
  • Now my life is complete
  • Waffling made easier

Four Square Waffle Maker- Non-stick Waffler Iron w Adjustable Browning Control- Beeps When Ready

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  • Waffle Maker- Patented True Tone Technology BEEPS WHEN YOUR WAFFLE IS READY!
  • Waffle Iron – Timeless style meets modern convenience in our classic line of wafflers. Bring this handy breakfast appliance into your daily routine.
  • Waffler with brushed stainless steel housing
  • Stands upright for easy storage
  • Best selling gift for mothers, fathers, girlfriends, husbands and wives

This is a solid waffle maker. I had an uno from williams-sonoma that died on me after 3 years, it was a great waffle iron but kind of expensive. We wanted a good four at a time. This one cooks pretty quickly and very evenly. It is kind of a thick thin waffle. Not really a belgian like you get at a hotel but deep pockets for syrup.

We did quite a bit of searching to find a replacement waffle maker. We wanted one that made four squares to serve several people at once. This was a little more expensive than some we looked at but had great features.

Works very well and easy to clean.

I was so happy when an opportunity. I was so happy when an opportunity came for me to get this for a discount in exchange for my honest review. I had a 2 square waffle and when you are cooking for a big crowd it takes forever. Having 4 squares allows me to cook more in a short amount of time and get to the table to eat even quicker. I like that it has an audible tone to let you know when your waffle is ready especially useful if you have stepped out the kitchen but the tone sounds like a dying bird lol nevertheless it does its job. I’m going to make waffles for breakfast right now.

This makes great waffles but u have 2 be careful when u. This makes great waffles but u have 2 be careful when u make them. Don’t think u have 2 close the top lid completely. If you try 2 to do this u will create a mess of the pancake mix leaking from the sides of the waffle maker. Just lay down the lid w/o any pressure then wait for the green light to let u know the waffles are ready. Remember to add vegetable oil or margarine to the top lid and the bottom lid 1st before putting in the pancake mix.

The waffle maker beeps when the waffles are cooked. It takes all the guess work out of cooking waffles. No more opening the cover to check on them when they aren’t ready and tearing them. Made a huge difference in the cooking process for me, much more enjoyable. Although i thought that i would prefer to have removable cooking plates for washing, this option is rarely available (at least in reasonably priced waffle makers). I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the cleanup really was.

The waffle maker beeps when the waffles are cooked. It takes all the guess work out of cooking waffles. No more opening the cover to check on them when they aren’t ready and tearing them. Made a huge difference in the cooking process for me, much more enjoyable. Although i thought that i would prefer to have removable cooking plates for washing, this option is rarely available (at least in reasonably priced waffle makers). I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the cleanup really was.

I liked the packaging; product was a gift. No comments received for receipients yet.

I really dislike pancakes, but my waffle maker burned out. I really dislike pancakes ,but my waffle maker burned out. I received on a friday and had my waffles on sunday. I love this iron, perfect waffles,easy to store,and everything works they they said it would.

Have used it several times and love it. My son’s love waffles and this machine. Have used it several times and love it. My son’s love waffles and this machine will get a lot of usage. I have made plain waffles, cheese waffles and chocolate waffles, all have come out soft, moist and just all around great.

I bought it from a gentleman that buys pallets at wholesale prices. I will write an updated review once i start using it.

Have used it several times and love it. My son’s love waffles and this machine. Have used it several times and love it. My son’s love waffles and this machine will get a lot of usage. I have made plain waffles, cheese waffles and chocolate waffles, all have come out soft, moist and just all around great.

I bought this waffle maker as a xmas reward for my husband and son. They ended up the two delighted with handmade waffles xmas early morning, and i cooked up a great fried hen and waffles on new year’s working day. On the #4 setting, the waffles turned out perfectly crisp, not burnt. I employed the bisquick waffle recipe as an alternative of the recipe in the e book that came with the waffle iron. Execs:waffle maker heats up swiftly. Alarm alerts you when waffles are ready. Cons:waffle plates are not able to be taken off for cleansing. (wipe down with paper towels)quite difficult to cleanse exactly where batter oozes out.

Batter would not seriously adhere and the timing portion is rather superior. So i will use it for a backup. This waffle iron actually would like to be a belgian waffle maker. The wholes are way too massive for a common waffle so you never get the similar ‘firmness’ that you do with a true waffle iron. I am guaranteed it truly is just a personalized matter due to the fact it functions well more than enough. Batter does not truly adhere and the timing aspect is very very good. So i am going to use it for a backup right up until i find an additional a single.

Exactly what my son-in-regulation wanted. Enjoys the sign that the waffles are finished. It came just when it was supposed to.

I seriously dislike pancakes, but my waffle maker burned out. I actually dislike pancakes ,but my waffle maker burned out. I obtained on a friday and had my waffles on sunday. I love this iron, fantastic waffles,quick to shop,and anything operates they they explained it would.

I truly like this waffle maker. Whilst the waffles will not come out very as thick as real belgian waffles really are, they however have a good thickness and an genuine form and texture. Till possessing this waffle maker, my family has held the frozen waffle field flourishing. But even with my picky eaters who frequently times prefer boxed items to homemade, waffles produced in this maker are significantly far more satisfying to their picky pallets than the frozen waffles are. I adore knowing specifically what is likely into our breakfast and i enjoy the means to tweak recipes. This equipment is uncomplicated to use and you can personalize the doneness of your waffles. An alarm sounds when your waffles are accomplished, so even on busy mornings when you happen to be multitasking, it can be not possible to mess breakfast up with this waffle maker. I am grateful to have gained this item at a marketing level in exchange for my straightforward evaluation. This is undoubtedly a winner in our residence and it has my advice.

This makes terrific waffles but u have two be very careful when u. This makes great waffles but u have 2 be mindful when u make them. Really don’t imagine u have 2 shut the major lid completely. If you try 2 to do this u will make a mess of the pancake blend leaking from the sides of the waffle maker. Just lay down the lid w/o any tension then wait for the green light-weight to allow u know the waffles are ready. Keep in mind to insert vegetable oil or margarine to the top lid and the base lid 1st before placing in the pancake combine.

VonShef Quad 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker Iron Machine, Successful waffles!

Would make superb waffles, straightforward to use. Can make fantastic waffles, quick to use, effortless to clean. Would endorse this productto a pair, as it tends to make 4 waffles at 1 time.

Terrific for a range of utilizes. . The waffle iron has been astounding. Due to the fact receiving it we have produced not only belgian waffles, but also mac and cheese waffles and sweet potato waffles. Its amazing and simple to thoroughly clean.

Works like a appeal and uncomplicated to cleanse far too. Wish i experienced purchased this just one quicker (my graveyard of worthless waffle makers would be more compact).

Key specs for VonShef Quad 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker Iron Machine Black:

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  • Quad Belgian Waffle Maker can cook up to 4 waffles at a time
  • Pilot light indicates the waffle maker is heating
  • Non-stick
  • Cool touch handle
  • Easy to clean

Comments from buyers

“Love this little waffle maker, Successful waffles!, great for a variety of uses.”

Creating waflles extremely quick and speedy.

To start with the unit arrived in good shape and timely. It toasts the waffles just good but not way too positive what the need to have for, or benefit is, to rotate the waffle plates. The waffles arrived out fine and properly toasted whether the unit was rotated or not. Following time i’ll just go with a standard square waffle maker and skip the mechanical stuff.

Been wanting for a high good quality reasonably priced waffle maker and this is it. It rotates, heats up rapidly, it even has an adjustable placing.

Great waffle iron, quick to use and tends to make ideal waffles each individual time. Uncomplicated to clean is a big plusi would obtain this waffle iron yet again and for a present.

We really like the waffle maker, it will work nicely.

We use this solution consistently but i do locate it. We use this product often but i do find it hard to cleanse. If you overfill the plates, the batter gets stuck in the ‘rim’.

Although i had never read of vonshef right before, the testimonials appeared decent and typically, a person mentioned that it was large and just after a failure with a ridiculously small iron, i figured i could often return it if it was another pass up. We experienced mouth watering waffles for evening meal tonight, i’m happy to report. The iron isn’t really very extravagant, with no dials or buttons. It turns on when plugged in, the lights indicating that it is heating or fully heated?. I didn’t give them much interest, just viewed for the total of steam to dissipate as my indicator. I attempted two recipes tonight, due to the fact the 1st a person only yielded two sets of 4 waffles. This factor definitely is large, which is great to feed a family. My only criticism is it can be standard non-stick. I genuinely would choose an iron without having a coating.

Can make terrific waffles and ice product.

This will get utilised virtually every morning and not just for waffles. Fantastic in producing omelettes, hash brown patties, waffle cinnamon rolls, brownie waffles and so significantly additional.

Although i had never read of vonshef right before, the testimonials appeared decent and typically, a person mentioned that it was large and just after a failure with a ridiculously small iron, i figured i could often return it if it was another pass up. We experienced mouth watering waffles for evening meal tonight, i’m happy to report. The iron isn’t really very extravagant, with no dials or buttons. It turns on when plugged in, the lights indicating that it is heating or fully heated?. I didn’t give them much interest, just viewed for the total of steam to dissipate as my indicator. I attempted two recipes tonight, due to the fact the 1st a person only yielded two sets of 4 waffles. This factor definitely is large, which is great to feed a family. My only criticism is it can be standard non-stick. I genuinely would choose an iron without having a coating.

Great product or service, just need someplace for overflow batter to go.

Been wanting for a high good quality reasonably priced waffle maker and this is it. It rotates, heats up rapidly, it even has an adjustable placing.

Would make superb waffles, straightforward to use. Can make fantastic waffles, quick to use, effortless to clean. Would endorse this productto a pair, as it tends to make 4 waffles at 1 time.

Daughter loves it at the time she received the timing suitable.

Procured for my daughter-in-legislation and she beloved it. Seems to be incredibly wonderful high-quality and i cherished the waffles she built. Froze the leftovers then pop them into toaster when. I believe i am going to get a single for myself.

My spouse is actually taking pleasure in this. My spouse is seriously enjoying this. She applied it right away on xmas early morning and is now preparing on finding rid of our other a person.

Works like a appeal and uncomplicated to cleanse far too. Wish i experienced purchased this just one quicker (my graveyard of worthless waffle makers would be more compact).

I truly needed to like this one and it can be why i purchased it over. I actually desired to like this one particular and it really is why i purchased it above a name brand that i am familiar with. Sadly it won’t explain to me when it is all set and even though it cooks the waffles. It would not notify me when it is performed i have to hold checking them.

It would make wonderful belgian waffles and there is scarcely any cleanse-up.

Great product or service, just need someplace for overflow batter to go.

Can make 4 waffles at the time, retains the temperature continuous.