Black & Decker and Decker HS800 Handy Steamer Plus Food Steamer and Rice Cooker – Love this!

Loved the one i had and broke it.

The product was in great shape and works as expected.

I use this frequently, for so many things: hard-boiled eggs (never messes up), veggies, fish, rice, oatmeal, and even to steam bread (like using the microwave to warm something). I do not have a microwave so this product comes in very handy. My mom has one and feels the same way. Here are the specifications for the Black & Decker and Decker HS800 Handy Steamer Plus Food Steamer and Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bonus features: Auto off with signal bell, classic white color.
  • 2 qt. steaming bowl, 4-cup (960 ml) rice bowl. 75 minute timer.
  • The Black & Decker Food Steamer & Rice Cooker is a pitch perfect way to serve up the finest, tastiest food in record time.
  • Its a classic home food steamer and rice cooker, featuring a built-in Flavor Scenter screen, so you wont miss out on taste. Thats value! Add wine or broth for enhanced flavor, but get ready to eat, because with this models Fast Steam feature, your dinner will be ready in less than a minute.

The steamer makes it so easy to eat fresh veggies. Turns on w a timer so u can’t burn them. Had my old one for about 15 yrs.

This is a great cooker for rice. It does not do lots, but enough for a couple of people. So much betterthan my huge rice cooker, which was so much more expensive. The rice always comes out perfectand this one was a gift for a friend because she loved mine so much.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I do like it but it seems to be used which I
  • Best steamer available
  • Most useful kitchen appliance I own

I got it for my wedding three years ago and use it all the time. It makes perfect rice everytime. It wonderfully steams veggies. We love adding different spices to add flavor. This also helps to cut back on using salt. I can’t say enough good things about this steamer. Buy it and enjoy eating healthy.

This little appliance should be part of every cook’s kitchen, especially for anybody who loves fresh vegetables. I purchased this one as a gift, but i have been using this same steamer for years in my own kitchen, and it gets almost daily use.

We got one of these for our wedding 15 years ago. And only in the last week (immediately after our anniversary, lol) it started to have issues. Moisture started to get into the bottom, probably within the last month, and the connections have rusted out. Heat and water will do that pretty quick. We’ve used it on average once a week+ for our veggies. The rice steamer bowl doesn’t hold enough for our family, so that hasn’t been used. We’ve been extremely pleased with this item. Like i said a real workhorse, lasted 15 years.

I treasure my earlier model black and decker steamer/rice cooker. Found this model hs900 in excellent almost never used condition at goodwill today for $6. Have run a 25 minute test and it works perfectly. Did not have the scenter option in the earlier model but this brand is to me the easiest to use and care for. Produces great rice or steamed vegetables. I found a true bargain today. Grabbed it because i know my older model won’t last forever and i am hooked on using it (hs80 type 4). But i have had it between 10 and 15 years.

Rarely do i need to steam veggies which take the same amount of time as the rice to cook however.

Just like the one i had for years and when it stopped working i was lost. These are the best steamers ever.

I like it a lot better if it had directions.

This steamer was given tovcme as a christmas gift 18 yes ago and it has never let me down. I can saute’, fry, broil, stuff, bake, but have never i repeat never been able to properly boil an eggcin 45 yes of cooking. The eggs come out perfect, veggies are done healthy with steam. Easy to clean, and not a huge piece of equipment to ‘hide.

I have enjoyed having our handy steamer for some time now, using it intermittently for making steamed vegetables and similar dishes. It has proven to be sturdy, reliable, easy to use, and even easier to clean. It comes with a handy cookbook with recipe ideas and guidelines for how long to cook various types of foods. This machine is limited in its functionality, however, because it only has two positions — on and off. The only variables are how long you turn it on, and how much water you place in the steam chamber (which directly depends on cooking time to prevent the machine from boiling dry). Even so, it’s definitely worth the modest investment to have one of these readily available in your kitchen.

It works great just a little bit smaller than our last one.

I bought this steamer to steam just vegetables. But then i’ve realized that you can do so much. You can steam chicken & fish. I did a quick search on the reviews of this steamer and i say people are very satisfied with it. I love it because i can cook low-fat or not fat meals with it.

00 some years ago when i purchased my last one. I could not believe it is now $170 – $189. 00 i love black and decker, but i think they are a little over priced. I saw the ad for this one, original, never used, still in the shrink wrap and took at chance. Except for the fact that someone mailed it in the original box and it had gotten wet somewhere along the line, the inside was as it said. There wasn’t much of an instruction or timer guide with it, but i had the other so long i just used it the same way. I have used it about 5 times now and find it to be working well. Its too bad, black and decker can’t or won’t lower the price so more people could use this steamer.

Great product , we will like to buy more of this model if they exist.

This steamer and it’s larger brother, the hs900, were the best units made. Unfortunately they’ve been discontinued in favor of less useful, gimmicky models. The hs800 is a great size for 1-2 people depending what you’re cooking. It’s much easier to use and clean than the new models and units made by other manufacturers. I had a steamer made by another manufacturer that had a large oval bowl, a separate fill chamber, and an electronic timer. I found the oval bowl more cumbersome, the separate fill chamber would require bleach cleaning to kill mold that tended to grow in it, and the electronic timer less convenient. Get an hs800/900 before remaining stock runs out.

Best rice cooker/steamer ever.

This replaced my old one which probably still works though it was developing a problem shutting down prematurely after setting the timer. The new one works well and i’m satisfied.

BUNN & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer : B&D Steamer

Okay, title may be a bit of an exageration, but. This steamed had to replace its b&d predecessor that, after about 18 years, finally steamed its last brussels sprout. Simple design, extremely effective workhorse. I steam all kinds of things, from beets to eggs to chicken (and rice, of course). I’ve even made split pea soup in this thing. It’s one of those things that you think you’ll seldom use, until you use it.

Had this for years, still works great.

I could eat broccoli for the rest of my life and never want for anything else. I used to steam it in the microwave but it’s not as good as steaming traditionally. This steamer is very nice, it holds a fair amount of veggies and cooks quickly. The manual comes times for lots of different stuff but that’ll get lost in no time. They were smart and included a sticker on the back with times for some of the more common foods. This is bulkier and messier than just steaming in the same bowl i’ll use to eat the food but it’s not too bad. The pieces do well in the dishwasher and don’t take up too much space if you separate the basket grill and angle the white plastic base plate inside of the basket. It’s a little more hassle but seems worth it. You can even hard “boil” eggs thanks to some clever little divots that prop the eggs up. I made some rice with it and it turned out well.

I had a previous black & decker rice steamer. I dropped the lid & broke it into 2 pieces, so i got another black & decker. Unlike the previous one, with which i was very happy, this one has a window so that you can check the water level in the reservoir and add more water without removing a thing. The water window has a “maximum” and “minimum” level, which is very helpful. It also has a place for adding seasonings of your choice. Some steamers do not have a timer, and i would not have a steamer without one. I know exactly how long it takes to cook rice and set the timer accordingly. It never will be be over or undercooked. I have been using distilled water, and i think it probably helps to extend the life of the steamer.

  • Great little steamer
  • Making veggies has never been so easy!
  • Fantastic!

Black & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer with Flavor Scenter Screen

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Food steamer and rice cooker for healthy meals in minutes
  • 4-quart steam basket; 5-cup rice bowl; built-in egg holder; drip tray
  • 75-minute timer with auto shut-off and signal; external water-fill inlet
  • Built-in flavor-scenter screen for flavoring foods with herbs and spices
  • Measures approximately 12-1/5 by 9-1/5 by 10-2/5 inches

Since getting this i must say i eat more veggies than i ever have in my life (and i’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years). It’s really very simple to use and very convenient: rinse veggies and place them in basket, fill the device with water, turn the dial and voila. In the designated time, you have perfectly steamed and delicious veggies. There is a screen in between the basket and the base where you can put spices to enhance your meal with flavor. I use it for rice too and there is a place for eggs in the basket. I love my handy steamer and can’t imagine living without it. One of the most valuable things in my kitchen, without a doubtwhy 4 stars instead of 5?.The basket is made of plastic and after having it for less than a year, the bottom of the basket started to crack.

This black and decker steamer works wonders, i was amazed at how it worked with steaming my veggies. I continue to use this steamer on a weekly basis.

Had a b&d steamer for years but the large bowl cracked. It was still operable but i wanted to replace it. The new steamer has a different (oval) configuration, and requires the use of the flavor assembly in order for the business end to work. The “flavor assembly” allows you to add herbs or other stuff to flavor what you are steaming. It’s alittle corroded after only 3 uses (i added nothing to the actual flavor screen,but the steam probably corroded it a little. For the price it is an excellent way to prepare rice with never, never a sticky mess.

I’ve had this steamer for about 3 months now – purchased mostly for rice but i wanted the added ability to steam veggies as well. Everything i have tried has come out perfectly from rice soft and hard boiled eggs to potatoes to cauliflour, etc. I will agree, as other reviewers have stated, the rice bowl feels a bit flimsy which i don’t like, and you do need to be careful when taking off the lid lest you burn self. These are the only reasons i gave 4 stars _ think with just a bit better material for the bowl and a bit better design on the lid, these issues could have been resolved. Filling it is not really an issue if you use a spouted cup (i use my pyrex measuring cup). The times within the enclosed booklet are dead on. Love this, it has earned its spot on my counter as i use it at least 3x per week – and i just purchased one for my daughter as well.

I’m eating way more veggies because they taste better coming out of this steamer. Because of this, much of my diet has increased veggie intake, and i’ve lost 18 pounds in 3 months. Highly recommend for folks who have trouble getting your vegetables down. I steam fresh string beans in here, as well as asparagus, squash and peppers. They are just so much more yummy. Add goya adobo seasoning to your veggies that you’re steaming (right in the steamer itself, i dont’ really use the flavor scenter screen – i like the seasoning right on the veggies) and you will absolutely love it.

I have never bought an electric steamer before so i don’t know how to compare. The veggies are tasty cooked in this and you can get perfect rice. Once you have it loaded and turned on– you don’t have to remember anything else. The timer will let you know when all done. It does seem a little flimsy and the clear plastic would not take a lot of abuse.

I would not recommend putting the basket in a dishwater as it will eventually get brittle and crack, hence my second one,.

We had a version of this that was about 13 years old. It lasted a long time and finally it began dying on us. I was glad to see that they’re still making this guy. We use it mostly for rice, but we like that it’s oval shaped so you can steam asparagus and other longish vegetables. If you need to make a lot of rice, this is not the steamer for you. You can’t really make more than 1 1/2 cups (before cooking) rice. With the old one, you could do 2 cups. I imagine there’s a better steamer out there, but the price is right on this one and if it’s even half as reliable as its predecessor, i will have gotten my money’s worth.

Not as good as original models but it does the job.

It works like a charm and the design is excellent. I had a black and decker steamer for many years and it finally gave up the ghost, which is why i bought this one. By the way, the new one is not as heavy to lift and easier to clean than my old one.

This steamer does its job well, but the components are quite flimsy. I worry it won’t last as long as black & decker’s earlier model that i had for many years. It does have a greater capacity than the previous version, which i enjoy.

I’ve been looking for a steamer like this for almost a year — and i’m glad i waited until i got the best. Great performance; great price.

Very nice , easy to clean and use.

When my old steamer died, i had a hard time finding another steamer. Our local stores don’t carry them, so i was pleased to see this online. This one really has everything i need. The size is just right, and veggies and rice are done exactly the way i like them. The bottom reservoir is easy to fill, and best of all, the timer is manual-no digital parts to break or replace. Would make a great christmas gift.

We purchased this steamer to replace one we’ve had for years. The old one finally gave up. It’s a great appliance to have; no worries about over cooked vegetables, simple to use and easy to clean. My only concern was that the basket is a little flimsy and not as sturdy feeling as my old basket. Other than that, we got a great product for the price we paid.

We had an earlier model of this steamer for over 17 years and it worked perfectly. Since we have hard water in our area, we finally got too much of a calcium buildup on the heating element so we sadly had to say bye-bye to it, then we purchased this similar product and have used it many times and love it just as much. We mostly use it for rice, but it works great for vegetables too. We are very happy with this steamer and have also purchased one for each of our daughters.

This item was purchased as a rice cooker, however, the 6 slotted boiled egg cooker is fantastic. The egg shells peel off easily. I am considering buying another just to have on hand.

I have been shopping and hopping from one rice cooker to another, in search of perfection + ease of cooking. Recently bought a conventional fuzzy logic rice cooker; the cooker is fantastic, but the non-stick coated inner pot is now a turn-off after my recent education about its evils. So, this food steamer was my next investment. There is no escaping the no brainer rice perfection. You fill the bottom compartment with water all the way to max, place your rice container (with rice plus suggested water measurement) and then turn the thing on. It takes 60 mins to cook 2 cups of dried rice to result in 4 to 6 cups of cooked rice (depending on the variety you use). The timer switch is an old-fashioned dial, but does its job and turns off faithfully at the end. After that is all rice heaven.

Aroma Housewares 20-Cup – Still works like new.

I’ve cooked rice, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli & asparagus, they all came out delicious. So far, besides my blender, my next best utensil.

Very nice rice cooker true in colorhighly recommend.

Purchased for my brother-in-law for christmas; he loved it so much he even wrote me a thank you card. Thinking of getting one for myself it works so well. Here are the specifications for the Aroma Housewares 20-Cup:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 20 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Full-view tempered glass lid
  • Includes Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula

It is very good for first 6 months but after that its not working – not sure why its not.

Easy to use and so much of a difference in taste for rice. I will never go back to boil in a bag.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Have to keep a eye on it has it wouldn’t cook the rice

Awesome rice maker,very simple to use.

Great was able to cook 5 cups of dry rice. Texture of rice and cooking time were excellent.

Used it for almost 10 months.

Very beautiful rice cooker, fits in my small kitchen and does not take up a lot of space.

Thanks a real good product for the money.

Look very fashion in my kitchen, everything is red.

Works awesome–cooks brown rice perfectly (follow water/rice recommendations in the little booklet that comes with it–also in a little chart that you can keep with the pot or taped inside a cabinet for easy access). Don’t forget to add a cube or two of bouillon (we love celifibr veg chicken. And we’ve tried all the veg bouillons around). Then stir in a little earth balance. The steamer basket couldn’t be easier to use. Just sprinkle on some organic frozen veggies, set the basket on the rim over the rice and water, put on the lid, and press the button. When done, top the rice with the veggies and the veggies wih progresso lentil for protein-packed ‘gravy’. And requires about five minutes total attention from you. Other than the 45 seconds it takes to polish off the plate when it’s done. ; >to summarize: rice pot good.

When i started using this cooker i really like it but since i’ve had it for 9 months it has been turning to warm setting when rice hasn’t been cooked. It started to do this about 2 months ago. I have to keep a eye on it to switch it back to cook almost every time i use it.

Good quality and love the color though plastic steam basket is a bit disappointing.

It appears to be a good product & cooks rice fast.

I am so very glad that i have this product. Most of the time, i even look forward to cooking with it. It cooks barley and other grains as well. I have as yet to try oatmeal with it. I do let it soak before cleaning it. Cooking oil actually helps with this product both for cooking and cleaning up afterward. It takes about an hour for the food to cook, i don’t use the steamer.

Aroma Housewares Professional 20-Cup : this rice cooker exceeds expectations

We love our rice cooker plus it has so many other different options you can use it for.

The only down side i see is that it doesn’t have a removable lid. So it is not that easy to clean the lid.

This is my first rice cooker and its a winner. Cooks perfect white or brown rice. Works great as a slow cooker. Even cooks great banana bread.

This is a need for everyone. Great product does exactly what it says.

  • I like the larger size because I like to make a
  • Works everytime
  • We love our rice cooker plus it has so many other

Aroma Housewares Professional 20-Cup (Cooked) (10-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless Steel Exterior (ARC-2000A)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 20 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Easy-to-use, programmable digital controls with automatic Keep-Warm and White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam, Quick Rice and High/Low Slow Cook functions
  • 15- hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning
  • Includes Recipe Booklet, Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula

I travel a lot with my husband and in our hotel room i use this little cutie to cook hotstews. Soups, it’s great as a slow cooker, steamer, rice cookersave us money when in hotels.

Excellent addition to my kitchen.

Cooks rice perfectly every time. I use a mix of brown and bblack rice with lentils in it. It also does well as a crock pot and can cook a big roast much more quickly. Better than a low crock pot.

Cooks evenly, but a little slower than my other aroma rice cooker.

Had one before for a long time. Bought this same model, slightly updated. I like the larger size because i like to make a lot of rice and then freeze portions. I had no problems with the last one, sans a little browning on the bottom. This time i read that a rice washing bowl helps reduce fine starch particulates, therefore reducing browning on the bottom. I bought the inomata japanese rice washing bowl with side and. (i like that little kitchen gadget).

It is nice and big about the same foot print as our old one , which had a good long run- over 5 years was still working fine but the non-stick liner wore out, but taller and holds more. Only had it for about 3 months but it works like a champ so far.

Love this multipurpose appliance. Rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker = happy working mom. The keep warm feature makes this different from a crockpot. It stops cooking at a set time and then switches to warm.

Yes, it fill my expectation. I have two and i am going to buy another. For cook i do not use another thing. This is the first time using rice cooker and is fabulous. I have two sisters that for long time ago they used the rice cooker and both of them always said to use the rice cooker. And i am going to buy three more one for each of my sister one for my daughter. I am doing promotion for these arc 2000a profecional to every friend and family a nd they like it.

Delivery was on time, product intact. I used it for the first time just with white jasmine rice. The rice was beautifully tender and fluffy, i’d soaked it for 30mins and rinsed prior to cooking. I’m going to try regular long grain next time. So far i’m very pleased, thank you aroma and amazon 😃.

However, parts on the lid/handle already broken.

Saves me time, and helps me eat healthier.

I use this rice cooker everyday and makes perfect rice every time. I love the delay feature, i was worried the rice will be mushy but it came out perfect. I made a sweet rice cake (biko) using the delay feature and brown rice setting and it came out perfect, no stirring and no burnt bottom. It will be fun experimenting with different rice recipes with this cooker.

I like it very much, it is really practical.

Was looking for a rice cooker and found this gem. I have also used it’s steam feature on chicken, which was great. The chicken came out moist and juicy. I used the crock pot feature to make cornbeef and cabbage for st. Patricks day and it turned out wonderful. The price i paid was a great deal for this 3 in 1 kitchen appliance. Would recommend this product to friends and family.

I have really enjoyed this and have bought any as gifts.

All the settings work appropriately for each type of rice. I use it almost daily for rice and quinoa and also for slow cooking party favorites.

Cook rice chicken and veggies in steamer insert in 20 min one pot magic machine.

Recently got this throu’ amazon.

Aroma Housewares 20-Cup – to the person rating this before me

Love my rice cooker, its fast and every batch of rice comes out just how i like it.

Well i,m not a big rice eat works fine looks nice well see how long it last the rice cooker lasted 15 year my wife thinks the rice she cooks in this one taste different then the old rice cooker i think it,s the same if it,s a 10 dollar or 300 dollar rice cooker it just cooks rice rice and slow cooks works fine.

Here are the specifications for the Aroma Housewares 20-Cup:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-Functional Use – Whether you are in the mood for a hearty jambalaya, steamed veggies and rice, or even a fluffy cake (yes, cake!) you can accomplish it all with your ARC-900SB cooker. The possibilities are as creative as you are.
  • Nutritious & Delicious – The built-in steamer function allows for nutrient-rich meals to be prepared above while rice, soup, or any other meal addition cooks below, allowing you to save time without sacrificing quality. This multicooker not only includes all of your favorite cooking options, but also possesses the unique options of Slow Cook and Saute-then-Simmer STS, making meals rich, tasty, and a guaranteed family favorite.
  • Capacity & Dimensions – The ARC-900SB has a 20-cup cooked capacity yielding anywhere from 4 to 20 cups of cooked rice and measures 11.6″ x 11.6″ x 12.1″ inches
  • User-friendly Programming – This product is also a proud member of our simple one touch technology. The cooker is incredibly simple to operate using our user-friendly digital panel that switches to Keep Warm automatically once cooking is finished allowing you the freedom to take back your time instead of worrying while you cook.
  • Accessories – This rice cooker includes a non-stick inner pot, rice measuring cup, and a plastic rice spatula.
  • Capacity: yields up to 20-cup of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Easy-to-clean, nonstick removable inner pot
  • Includes Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula

I’ve bought this unit since sept 2009, it worked perfectly and still working like new now. Everything is made of high quality and is similar to other rice makers out there. It seems like you are just angry that you were unlucky and received a defective unit which you can easily send back for a replacement.

I bought a rice cooker thinking it would be less of a mess and quicker. It can still be messy and it is slow and it keeps turning off.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality and fast cooking
  • GREAT rice cooker!!!

Cooks quicker than most and always perfect. Steamer tray adequate, but i wish it was a little deeper, as anything you are going to steam ‘must’ fit within its space. There is little to no extra room on top.

Love it works after 4 years just fine.

I bought this rice cooker for my wife and we were both amazed at how fast this cooker works. The rice was perfectly cooked, and the cooker is very easy to clean and maintain. Would definately reccomend this appliance to any one needing or thinking about a rice cooker. I did have some questions about cleaning the cooker and received excellent response from their customer service depaertment.

I had a larger rice cooker but when the kids moved out,i needed something a bit smaller. This is the perfect rice cooker. I measure 2 cups with the included cup. Fill with water up to the 2 cup line,close lid and press the button.Comes out perfect every time. I have had this rice cooker for about two years and it still works great. It also comes with a steamer basket for vegetables and a plastic scooper for serving the rice. This scooper is nice because the inside is non stick so the plastic doesn’t leave scratches. The rice comes out easily,leaving a simple rinse as your only clean up :).

Oster 5711 Electronic 2-Tier 6, Solid food steamer

I have tried out other steamers in the past but they have often wound up on a shelf in a cupboard and i’ve neglected they were being there. This 1 is on my counter and i use it virtually each individual day. The baskets are more substantial than the round steamers. It makes excellent hard boiled eggs nevertheless i did want to increase the time from what they propose in the manual, but i have under no circumstances experienced so numerous eggs peel so properly. It will make greens that are cooked through yet business. I am finding i substantially desire to reheat leftovers in it as perfectly. They appear out just as warm as a microwave but they are not dried out, overcooked, or flavorless rewarming food in the steamer.

I had this exact steamer for quite a number of several years and utilised it in all probability 4 times a 7 days. My initial just one last but not least gave out so i acquired a copy on the internet. It arrived to me immediately, as it was stated in the description, and it operates like a appeal.I have employed it as a rice cooker, a double steamer, and (ordinarily) just as a single steamer. I am looking ahead to numerous additional decades of use from this steamer.

This steamer cooks greens and rice beautifully in just a number of (six-14) minutes and i can just put the cooking trays straight to the dishwaher. I use it practically each evening for all my veggies. The double tray is great for two vegetables that cook dinner at distinctive costs for the reason that i can begin the slower cooking veges and just fall on the second tray a few minutes later to have them the two concluded together. The only grievance is that the timer environment can’t be manually shortened after it is established.

Key specs for Oster 5711 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer, White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Generates steam in less than a minute, letting cooking start immediately
  • Double-tiered 6.1-quart capacity holds a variety of foods
  • 75-minute timer, auto shut-off setting for safety
  • See-through external reservoir helps to ensure steady steaming
  • 3-4/5-Quart and 2-3/10-quart steaming bowls, collapsible steaming trays; includes 8 egg holders

Comments from buyers

“Wonder appliance!, Excellent for Steaming Vegetables, A better way to cook veggies”

We have used this oster 5711 mechanical steamer for a number of years but the aged one remaining the dwelling with my housemate of twelve yrs so i got a new a person. Steamers really don’t occur any far better than this 1 — i have tried using some others. Fill it up with your most loved slice up veggies, fill the steamer pot beneath the veggie bowl, established the timer and you should not stress about it until eventually the dinger dings. It makes cooked veggies straightforward. Oh, and the price tag is great.

We switched back again to this dial-operated steamer right after two digital kinds stopped operating on us. Doing the job wonderful so significantly, even though we have only experienced for a month. What is actually disappointing about this design is that the holes are too huge–if we are steaming veggies, corn/peas/carrots frequently slide by, as do bits of broccoli.

I have been shopping for this model steamer for about 10 many years. It is really one of the major potential steamers, and currently being equipped to do two vegetables or a protein and a vegetable at the moment in two individual baskets has proved invaluable in my hectic daily life. I use distilled water, but commonly right after about two decades both the heating device is very effectively crusted and requirements replacement, or the plastic bowls last but not least start cracking. 00 this is just one of the most frugal however prolonged long lasting resources in my kitchen area.

Heaps of us like to steam our corn on the grate of the steamer, but in the circumstance of this steamer, the openings in the grate are so significant the corn falls through. Not pleasing and extremely fixable. Correct it and i will be amid the 1st to stand in line to buy however yet another new a person.

I have to say that obtaining this steamer has resulted in my spouse and children feeding on more veggies. I normally cook carrots, brussels sprouts, and asparagus all at same time stacked in a crisscross fashion. The only criticism i can imagine off is that the tiny plastic reservoir on entrance, applied to show you water degree, occasionally get filthy or moldy inside since it is really extremely hard to get anything in there to scrub. But this could be my fault considering the fact that i from time to time do not rinse it instantly just after working with. Possibly way i am not that apprehensive about it given that the steam really a great deal kills most all the things.

I have applied this steamer on the normal 4 times a week, each individual 7 days since i bought it. I have presently gotten my cash out of it. I have tried out diverse can make and versions around the years but oster is a single of the improved makers. Its a superior solid merchandise that will give you a lot of service and you will not be let down with the cooking results.

We purchased this to switch our historical steamer. My 92 12 months aged mom needs issues the similar, i want the most effortless and we equally demand from customers durability. I steam rice, ground turkey and miso soup to feed my greyhounds. This is carried out 3 situations weekly minimal, then in involving, i steam veggies, hen and nutritious stuff for us. The h2o window is new, but i like that i can make confident that mother has not forgotten to set h2o in the foundation. I haven’t applied the egg tray still or steamed two amounts but will quickly. Pretty like our outdated machine but with new tricks and can do anything i want, not just rice.

Very simple to use and it truly is wonderful that it has a timer. You should not have to worry about it remaining on if i’m not obtainable when it is really completely ready.

I actually have not opened the box since i am still utilizing my outdated just one, exact same brand and product. Just before the just one i am using, i experienced two many others they last about a 12 months or so but i use it each solitary working day so i guess undertaking that, they do put on out. The 2nd one i had was digital and i much prefer the mechanical. I wished to invest in a different a single considering that my aged a single is getting previous and approaching a yr and a 50 percent old i don’t want to be without a person if it fails to do the job. I really like this steamer–it is so straightforward to steam veggies,potatoes, rice and hard ‘boil’ eggs.

Purchased this to substitute the pile of crap that is the rival model of this merchandise. Common difficulty uncovered with their item and business was unwilling to stand powering product or substitute. Hardly ever buy a rivalthis one is user helpful, demonstrates large window indicating water stage, heats up unbelievably rapidly, areas appear to be sturdy. Overall i am ecstatic with it. Would definately obtain once again and advise.

This oster is effective excellent- simple instructions, effortless use. What can i say- and it can be affordable way too. It took without end to look for as a result of all the steamers and come across it, though… why was it so challenging to discover a replacement for my fantastic ol’ rice steamer from twenty decades ago??. Is rice more challenging to cook dinner or are we just picky about it?.Ah well, this is a superior 1, except you want a thing extravagant.

Right now i’m purchasing my next steamer like this. I experienced my 1st oster steamer 5711 for in excess of 14 years and had gotten it no cost with a bread maker. Guess which just one receives additional use???.I assume that speaks for by itself. It give up working on thanksgiving morning and i had to boil my potatoes. So i am not only ordering just one for myself, but also acquiring a single for 2 of my ladies for xmas. It can be been on their wish listing a few years now. I was going to order the 5712, an up-to-date one. But resolved versus it as there is certainly just much more bells and whistles. This 1 proved alone and i’m sticking with it.

How did i even cook dinner ahead of i owned this miracle system?. It is super simple to use, steams a ton of food at once, and is straightforward to clear up. I do food prepping (cooking all your food on a person working day a week) and this factor is a lifesaver. I understand steam cooking, regardless of what instrument you use, is based on the exact same notion (incredibly hot steam cooks your food), but for regardless of what motive, the layout of this equipment cooks the food so a lot a lot more evenly than a stovetop basket steamer. I have cooked about each individual form of vegetable in it and every thing has been ideal. The cooking instances are often a little a lot more or significantly less than what is indicated in the guide, so there is some demo and mistake concerned, but when you discover the proper time for the type of food you are cooking, you will strike the jackpot. I also steam eggs in it — they come out way greater than really hard boiling. Less complicated to peel and far more evenly cooked. I have cooked meat in it as nicely, while i located it really hard to period the meat so i haven’t employed it quite a few situations for that goal.

Nothing could be a lot easier than cooking with a food steamer for vegetables and rice. Cleanse up is simple – just common dish cleaning soap and water. This solution would be 5 star in my feeling if it had a take care of on best of the lid to elevate it off since it is effortless to get a steam burn off making use of the side handles. I constantly seize a dish towel very first to safeguard my hand from the steam launch. Or else, really delighted with oster’s food steamer.

We have been steaming for several years, the trick is getting a good trusted unit. I have experienced no luck with digitals so i normally adhere to the mechanical timer kinds. We bought the spherical oster some time back again it formulated a crack by the heating ingredient so turned unsafe. Just recieved this new a person, operates excellent has place for numerous points and a number of cooking selections. I did a large acorn squash, a total onion and then some fish. Just to press the limit i experimented with thai sticky rice. It didnt skip a defeat all the food turned out best. The thai sticky rice you soak for four hours then pour the water off and cook dinner for seventy five minutes in the tiny rice bowl ( two cups worth) just remarkable that it did it given that its a more challenging rice to cook dinner. I was not absolutely sure it would do it, the concluded product or service was perfect. If you like steaming as we do i consider you will locate this unit worth owning.

Happy i picked the manual timer, rather than the digital – guide makes management quick and uncomplicated when good tuning your foods. The steamer is wonderful for steaming numerous items. The only cavat – it goes get sizzling. Containers must not be set on desk tops, use a sizzling pad or include.

I now have 1 of these digital styles and i had a mechanical design earlier to working with the electronic a single. I prefer the mechanical 1, but it is for relieve of looking at the remaining cooking time. Both of those kinds of device perform the exact. This is terrific if you want to cook some meat and vegetables or if you want to make rice. You can cook it all at the identical time. You need to have to season points even though because the grease drains off. The machines look to hold up very effectively below repeated use.

On my initial one, immediately after probably 10+ years the substantial dish wore out and it was nearly as expensive to just get a new equipment than exchange the 1 bowl. I really like this steamer and use it consistently for veggies and rice. I have to say that the double-stacking steam characteristic never ever worked for me. The bowls never suit snugly and steam escapes all about the spot.

My black and decker steamer eventually stopped functioning. I might had it for about 10 a long time and acquired my dollars out of it. Tried out to come across it once again with no luck. This is the closest product or service that i located. It really is a very little more substantial than what i would like. I’ve employed it about a dozen occasions with no probs. If it lasts half the decades my b&d i am going to be happy.

This is the very best steamer out there. It does veggies perfectly and even will do the most fantastic tricky boiled eggs. I really like this steamer and even bought a single for my mom and dad who also now enjoy theirs.

I have had an oster steamer in the previous and favored it but they are now producing the tops about 50 % as thick as in the earlier and i never consider they will previous pretty prolonged. I believe they will not keep up quite prolonged without the need of cracking and this is disapointing since their products was always top rated of the line in the earlier.

BLACK+DECKER & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer – timer is essential

My previous black and decker steamer finally puffed out it really is very last steam, forcing me to discover a substitution. This new black and decker product steams very well, the only problem i have is the development of the steamer baskets. I do not like that they snap aside. Why oh why do businesses have to adjust styles, when they experienced it right in the first position?.

Great steamer with a massive capability, and straightforward cleansing. Has a rice bowl to cook dinner steamed rice, as properly as divots in 1 of the baskets to steam eggs, which performs pretty well. The baskets and rice bowl nest, so storage is uncomplicated. It does what it can be intended to do, and produces a whole lot of steam.

Pros- see through h2o reservoir. Somewhat straightforward cleanup 9all elements are dishwasher safe, just a little bit cumbersome). Drawbacks- a little bit flimsy when stacked- body weight of food will help stabilize, but can be tricky when eliminating trays soon after steaming with food in them. Have not noticed overt flavoring when utilizing the flavor tray with fresh new herbs. Total i would highly suggest this steamer for households or if cooking numerous or big foods. (i use an aroma steamer/rice cooker for veggies and smaller sized portions as the non adhere steel steamer and container are less difficult to cleanse up and wash/rinse).Here are the specifications for the BLACK+DECKER & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Versatile 7-quart food steamer for easy, healthy food preparation
  • 4-quart basket, 3-quart basket, 5-cup rice bowl, and 12-egg nesting basket
  • Water window; external water-fill inlet; 75-minute timer with “ready” bell
  • Flavor Scenter screen for spices or herbs included
  • Measures approximately 9-1/5 by 10-3/5 by 12-1/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Effectively, initially off let me say i purchased many b&d double decker steamers. I did not, however, get them at the super-inflated $200+ price tag. When i bought them they were being about $39. And at that rate i give it five stars. No way i would shell out what they market for now. I also have a b&d jar opener and it was about $thirty when i got it. I do not know what is heading on with the pricing of b&d’s kitchen appliances. I love both equally the steamer and the jar opener, but what a disappointment to get ready to buy an additional and see the price tag was 5x what i predicted.

I’ll acknowledge i am very vital of my appliances. I experienced the hs900 from when it first came out almost twenty years back. Picture to my surprise that soon after almost twenty decades of perfect company it just refused to get the job done any longer. Indeed, i was significantly ticked off mainly for the reason that i seriously definitely cherished it and could not envision lifestyle without having it as i employed it just about every day. When i basically acquired past the denial that it genuinely was never ever going to get the job done yet again, i went hunting on the internet for the correct same model. They no longer market that model?. Usually i like alter, but when you come across anything excellent, then alter is tough. I seen some of the critiques from men and women who had the prior models, not satisfied with the newer model.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • it has been great. A new feature is the water level indicator
  • What an awesome steamer! Attention is given to the smallest of
  • Best I’ve used yet

Palms down the greatest way to eat balanced vegetables other than in their raw kind. Functions greats for tricky steaming eggs which look to peel so much a lot easier. You can cook an total food at as soon as, and i enjoy the flavor saver which season’s your foods very properly. Experienced my earlier design for above twenty years ahead of the chord went lousy and i just made a decision it was time to get a new a single.

The initially model of black & decker food steamers (now obsolete) was lesser but less difficult to use and cleanse. I would not have changed the older steamer is there had been a substitution basket obtainable as the unit alone was still operating very well just after much more than fifteen several years of major use. I hope this unit performs as prolonged as the 1st model. I do desire the baskets had been not in two components (bottom detachable from the oval formed aspect). However, this product steams food pretty perfectly.

My wife acquired this individual steamer as she experienced an outdated a single she cherished. She tried using a different brand but was really unhappy as most of them do not have a timer. Diverse rice needs unique cooking time so the timer is critical. With the double layer she can do rice and veg at the exact time. The other went to good will.

I experienced the 4-quart edition of this for a lot of several years. It did not die but the heating component obtained rusty so i thought i ought to get one more steamer. I needed to acquire yet another a person of these having said that amazon experienced them priced at $a hundred and eighty which is absurd. I uncovered it on other world wide web web-sites priced from $seventeen to $sixty five nonetheless each individual position was sold out. So, centered on evaluations, i acquired an aroma arc 914. You can cook sufficient rice in it to feed the neighborhood, nonetheless you can prepare dinner incredibly couple of veggies in it, not adequate for a food for two. I then acquired an oster which proved to be disappointing also for the identical rationale. I then identified this just one on amazon acceptable priced. We just use it as a four-quart steamer. It holds plenty of veggies to conveniently make a meal for two and it does an fantastic work of steaming individuals veggies.

I am really a lot making the most of my hottest steamer. I steam foodstuff at minimum when a week, so i have worn out many steamers about the past 30 a long time. This a single has some pros in excess of some of the some others i’ve experienced. You can remove the bottoms of the steamer baskets to clean them and the reservoir does not have a different, inaccessible receptacle for incorporating h2o. The minor window shows the h2o level within just the reservoir, but you can quickly wash the complete detail. I waited a though to overview so that i would know whether or not my really hard water was scaling up to easily on it. If i run a vinegar water cycle by means of the moment a thirty day period, you will find no scaling at all and the steamer baskets have not discolored, so i’m pretty pleased with this steamer. I also like the reality that the baskets will stack 1 inside of the other for a lot more compact storage, or to far more thoroughly steam almost everything if you happen to be applying both jointly. I genuinely believe this one’s the ideal steamer i have utilized but.

Had a black & decker steamer for decades. This one particular is much larger, has a drip tray that catches recycled water ahead of it receives to the crystal clear water you place in it. That is practical for a garlic butter rice i make: i set garlic (tons) and butter with rice, dry, in the leading, and greens in the bottom. When which is finished, i put the flavored water in the rice, and set it on the utmost time. Drinking water level indicator and means to include drinking water devoid of disturbing the steaming: pleasant. This price is very acceptable. Client reports selects this as the quantity a person steamer. Also, the heating chamber covers the ingredient with something plastic that is not damaging, so you really don’t have the nasty aluminum influencing the steam.

I have been making use of this manufacturer steamer for the final 10 a long time. The plastic shelf at last did crack and i believed about receiving just the shelf but i figured right after ten yrs the heater device in all probability is going to give out. I purchased the new double unit. It will be fascinating to see how extended the old heating device lasts in comparisons to the new a single.

This is a replacement to an older black & decker product in which the baskets wore out just after 8 a long time. We used the aged design frequently (1-2 situations per 7 days) and had substantial hopes for the ‘new and enhanced model. ‘ so considerably, right after about two months of use, it has been great. A new function is the h2o amount indicator which is extremely beneficial. The capability to increase h2o in the course of the steaming process is also a furthermore. We have steamed numerous veggies and cooked rice several occasions, all of which turned out beautifully. One particular other new characteristic we recently attempted is the means to get the floor out of the upper basket to produce just one huge steamer basket. We did this to steam fresh corn on the cob and it worked out fantastically. I would guess you can maintain about ten ordinary ears standing on stop at a person time. It only took fifteen minutes in the steamer to have fantastic corn on the cob and that is considerably more quickly than ready on a giant pot of h2o to boil and then working splashing boiling h2o.

A good cooking equipment for the simply distracted. There have been also several situations a mobile phone get in touch with or personal challenge has distracted me from a pot on the stove. Just transform the dial to steam for up to seventy five minutes. You fill the base reservoir with drinking water very first. You can see by way of the bubble window to fill between the minimum and greatest lines. And, you can insert h2o even though it is cooking, pouring into the protruding scoop opening, instead of lifting the compartments and getting burned by the launched steam. I cook dinner grains in the white bowl, and fish, fowl, meat or veggies in the clear compartment. You can prepare dinner with just a single or each compartments stacked. The most affordable tray collects food drippings, keeping them out of the h2o reservoir.

If you have hardly ever used a single of these, you are in for a handle. These food steamers are stellar. I can dump anything at all in there, refreshing veggies, frozen veggies, tamales, (first put water in the reservoir) and established the timer, and go off and ignore it. If i genuinely do ignore it, and the timer goes off, (i at times go to pick up my husband, and the time operates out) and it cools down, i just set it on for five extra minutes, and it warms every little thing again up. No a lot more getting the base of the pan operate dry when you are making use of the frequent steamers.

I purchased this device after reading dozens of evaluations for other styles. I like the simplistic timer and the cooking situations that are printed on the foundation. The plastic bins are flimsy, but they’ve held up properly so far. I generally use the steamer for really hard boiled eggs (a dozen a 7 days), corn, green beans and summer time squash. I have cooked rice two times and equally moments i had leftover drinking water that required to be drained out. I’ll regulate how significantly drinking water i use in the long run. I like the fact that i can fill the reservoir without getting the steamer aside.

I’ve cooked veggies, boneless, skinless pork chops, boneless, skinless hen, eggs and rice in it so far. Almost everything was cooked to perfection. I did recognize that if i prepare dinner meat and veggies at the same time, the veggies were around cooked. My suggestion is to hold out right up until the meat is 50 % way cooked and then put the veggies in the top rated tray. The only actual criticism i have, is fattier meats, like the porkchops i cooked in it, depart driving the fatty mushy goop, and it will get caught the small tiny holes of the tray. I experienced to use a toothpick to press the unwanted fat out. I sat down in front the tv for about fifteen-20 minutes finding it all out.

I do a great deal of food steaming (i’m lazy) and have gone by means of a lot of steamers around the yrs. This is my second b&d and i like its simplicity and relieve of control. My working experience with fancy appliances that deal with h2o is that faster or later the water will ruin the electronics. Most steamers dress in out following awhile and you should not fee a huge investment decision. Steaming veggies is straightforward and you get reliable success. If you prepare dinner a great deal of refreshing veggies this is the way to go.

We had two other individuals that lasted 15 a long time ahead of the plastic bowls at last cracked and leaked, experienced to find a alternative. With the removable center corn on the cobb is a breeze. With the form and style of the bowls fitting inside every single other, storage is half the room. The most effective aspect, they in shape in the rv. Eventually steamed veggies while out on the street, suure makes individuals camp hearth steaks sooooo a great deal much better.

I purchased a cuisinart steamer that claimed to steam each rice and veggies at the exact time. Wonderful, but it only experienced an ‘on-off’ change with no means to know the precise time of the steam, though the directions gave impolite estimates. I necessarily mean, seriously, am i supposted to sit by and time my cooks?this solution lets me to set the time. The upper and lower get the job done well. Cooked puppies in the bottom and buns in the best. What i will not like is the instruction handbook. It tells you very little about how to prepare dinner. I considered i would steam some rice so i just poured some rice into the container imagining steaming would do the trick. . By seeking the net i observed out that the rice requires the similar amount of water as if you ended up cooking on a pot on the stove. Outcome (right after i added water?) fantastic rice. Wonderful merchandise but be organized to surf on how to best use it.

I experienced 1 for ten years and i was so pleased when observed the identical design was offered. It is ideal for a man or woman on the go. At night i put my rooster or salmon on the bottom, stack the leading with vegys or use the steamer insert with quinoa or the two. Than when i get back again from do the job the up coming working day i get it out of the fridge and steam almost everything for 30 minutes.

CuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog Steamer – hot dog cooking machine.

This unit it amazing, if you employed purely natural casing warm pet dogs they flavor just like the ball park, don’t use low-priced buns, they get soggy, use a excellent incredibly hot pet bun and you will get excellent effects on steaming the buns.

The commercial dimensions and forms would have been wonderful but we did not require to cook dinner so a lot of scorching canine at a single time and the value was out of our vary. The cuizen st-1412 hotdog steamer suits our wants. It does 12 warm pet dogs in significantly less then 15 minutes and only works by using about a cup of water. The very hot pet dogs come out totally cooked. As with all the incredibly hot pet dog steamers reviewed the buns starting to be soggy is an situation. However if you do not put them in the leading rack until one or two minutes just before the very hot canine are accomplished they occur out high-quality. Or else you have a soggy mess of bread. We are use the upper compartment to hold scorching dogs currently cooked warm. The timer is just like a mechanical egg timer or kitchen area timer. It does not operate on energy. You have to flip the knob all the way to the 60 min mark then again to wherever you want to established it, these types of as 12 minutes. The whole thing is plastic, yes, but it is not a toy.

Got this issue and it is superb, i had a roller until finally it quit rolling and i have to say i like this steamer much far better. I usually wait to put the buns in and just get them sizzling and tender.

Superb scorching dog steamer. Well made, even although it is plastic it feels reliable and effectively believed out. Packaged pretty perfectly for delivery. Other reviewers have mentioned and i will reiterate: set the buns in about two minutes just before the canine are finished, and line the bun steamer tray with paper towels. Warm pet dogs are piping incredibly hot and buns are nicely steamed, not soggy at all. I made use of common basic buns from safeway (practically nothing fancy) and of system hebrew nationwide pet dogs. This gadget much exceeded my expectations i would advise this unit to anyone who requirements to make sizzling pet dogs for a smaller group. The puppies disappeared rather quick.

Have been working with to delight in the flavor of steamed very hot pet dogs. To me a steamed canine beats grilling, toasting or boiling your pet dog any day of the 7 days. Unit is very simple to put jointly and cleanse. It is major and bulky so have a good area to retail outlet. The drinking water steams swiftly and there is a timer on the entrance of the unit. The pet dogs are steamed good quality and fantastic. I have been a very little unhappy in the top rated compartment for the rolls. . Would not actually make them soft from the steam but alternatively soggy. I am not guaranteed if it is a thing i’m executing but believed i would point out. I do like the unit just not confident it is worthy of the $60 investment.

We usually serve a well known foodstuff from the super bowl host metropolis/state and this year new york was represented by nathan’s scorching canine. (new jersey was represented by jersey mike’s subs). The steamer labored perfectly and all the bash visitor loved the steamed dogs and buns with all the condiments you could perhaps want on a hot puppy. Primarily the kids in attendance who ended up fascinated by the shiny purple very hot canine steamer device.

  • I love this thing
  • It does the job just fine. The pricewas right.
  • Take Me Out To The Ballgame =)

Experienced a get with each other and this was the star of the show. Manufactured some ‘texas warm weiner sauce’ to go alongside with it. Fabulousjust don’t put your rolls in till the sizzling puppies are almost prepared, so they don’t about steam.

Delivered speedy performs terrific we use it all the time. Simple to use and approach on making an attempt to steam other matters as effectively just one day buns get a small soggy if left in also extensive but i never know what steamed buns are intended to be like so.

This sizzling pet steamer is a function horse and the incredibly hot pet dogs flip out great. I was not positive how it would operate and was anticipating it to be mediocre improper. Scorching pet dogs and buns are super tasty. We have grilled, microwaved, boiled, stove best steamed incredibly hot canine, but none of the strategies are as terrific as this steamer. Our incredibly hot puppies are now wow canines.

This is seriously a neat very little equipment for very hot pet dogs. I had a garage sale and served sizzling puppies. I am going to be seeking keibassy in it along with the incredibly hot canines. My grandson will really like this when he sees it. Grammie will be active creating him incredibly hot canine. This is fairly great for owning corporation over for a tiny picnic on the patio.

This is the best warm canine steamer close to. You can warmth the rolls on the leading and dogs in drawer. Occur out just like at the ball discipline.

Features of CuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog Steamer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Steams up to 12 hotdogs in 12 minutes
  • Warmer can hold up to 12 buns
  • Beautiful retro design
  • Includes “Hotdogs from around the World” recipe book
  • 800 watts of power to ensure best results

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The base portion only holds 12 very hot canines, but on leading, you can add far more canines or much better still – corn on the cob. We do not use the prime for the buns as we use italian rolls. We use it for the football game titles and it is great.

Right after examining the assessments, i was reluctant to obtain the hotdog steamer, but determined to do so. Utilized the steamer at a church purpose, and the hotdogs ended up delightful. Only 2 buns got a little soggy, but that was since i experienced them around the holes. I utilized a precut piece of aluminum foil in the bun hotter and cracked the lid a bit and the buns were being great. I beloved it so significantly, that i acquired another a single 2 months later.

This will make tasty very hot puppies.

I have owned this correct product for about 2 years and it has however to fail or split. Been employed for a lot of functions and has handled drunks pretty well.

This factor is a warm doggy cooking machine. We use this for baseball games and for us the very little tray is not fairly large ample to get all the warm dogs warm. We place them in the top rated wherever the buns go as effectively and it commences to get them heat. Small pro idea if you have to have to do far more than 12. This saved us tons of time past yr for the duration of baseball period.

I have not tried using this just one still nevertheless dependent on the testimonials hello ‘very browse, i’m anticipating good things.

Steams up to 12 hotdogs in 12 minutes

I acquired this hotdog steamer and took it to get the job done for a potluck. I steamed 80 hotdogs and buns. The hotdogs and the buns came out fantastic. My co-staff have currently requested that i carry it back once again. It was uncomplicated to set up and effortless to clean. I was in a position to steam twelve hotdogs in seven mins. Anyone that noticed it, manufactured a remark of how neat it is. It would make for a good conversation piece and does the occupation greater than anticipated. Steaming hotdogs allows the taste continue to be in the meat while boiling adjustments the flavor.

Terrific for building a lot of hotdogs.

So practical, can do puppies, can steam buns, can steam potstickers, easy to thoroughly clean, for the selling price, this obtained a location on my counter where by true estate is tough to get.

This may nicely be the greatest stored mystery in the land of the the dogger. This unit is past nearly anything i had hoped for. I grew up on coney island purple hots when a nyer. And this took me again to all those times. Buns and puppies steamed to complete perfection. It is really truly enjoyable to whip up a pink sizzling and desire about people fantastic ole days.

Acquired this for my son’s bday occasion, was a large hit, parents failed to know in which young children were being acquiring hotdogs from. My children only want to use this for hotdogs and buns now. Borrowed it out a couple of situations.

It tends to make the hotdogs taste wonderful and the buns best. I have even utilised it to soften working day aged rolls.

Warmer can hold up to 12 buns

Retains bun’s moist which is what i preferred it for.

We use this at our church for our fundraiser and its remarkable. I would like they created a even bigger just one. Line the bottom of the bun warmer with wax paper, this retains the rolls from finding soggy.

This device does a wonderful job at steaming a pack of hotdogs and acquiring the buns just proper. It does a offer of dogs in about fifteen minutes and they appear out perfectly steamed and the buns are hot and steamed but not soggy. Anybody that claims they get soggy buns ought to possibly be masking the steam holes with the buns or dumping the drinking water from the lid right on to the buns when they raise it up. I certainly recommend getting a person of these.

Even even though this complete thing is produced out of plastic, it worked truly properly steaming the very hot pet dogs and buns. The directions state that you can steam twelve hot pet dogs and twelve buns at the very same time. I was ready to suit twelve hotdogs but only 8 buns in the unit.

Works really good, participate in close to with it on different occasions to attain the way you like your dogs cooked and buns steamed. You just load your canines and buns. Established the timer, and enable it go. ten minutes would seem to be goodits seven/10/17. I do poker evening as soon as a thirty day period and folks be looking ahead to the dogs more than poker. Even now performs terrific, uncomplicated to use, best for poker evenings.Ideal for any design of puppy.

He uses it often for get-togethers or family get togethers. Make confident you run it as soon as or much more to get plastic smell and flavor out.

Extremely easy to use and cleaning it is a breeze. We acquired it for a family members sledding get together and every person claimed the scorching puppies were being delectable and tasted like a stadium doggy. You just can not beat a steamed warm pet dog. My sister in-legislation is borrowing it for her have social gathering.

Beautiful retro design

My spouse and children & i really like the flavor of steamed very hot pet dogs & contemporary steamed rolls like the types at the ballpark. Excellent for major get together’s, fewer operate to feed loads of individuals at as soon as. I do have to say though, you have to place the buns in a small just after the canine. Why i say that is the canines prepare dinner more time & you only have to heat up the buns for only a couple of times. I did both equally at the same time & my buns got a minor about steamed. They were a minor hard by the time i bought them out & served them. **use your on judgement on cooking methods** cleansing is a minor tough but, if you have the persistence to acquire apart & clean up you are ok. Do not use the dishwasher to thoroughly clean. It is not dishwasher secure, will soften or warp.

Have been working with it all summer months, and utilized for my daughters birthday with a bunch of young ones. Per the suggestion of a prior evaluate, we applied the bun warmer to hold the scorching dogs warm. Also, if you go away the buns in too extended they can get soggy/mushy. We experienced so a lot of compliments from friends that this is much better than ballpark hotdogs.

Everyone loves the hot puppies and the steamed buns. Operates on night a 7 days at bingo and feeds about 50 to seventy five men and women, is effective really properly and the auxiliary go through the instructions and absent they went steaming and advertising thee canines. The supplemental cookbook is a neat idea and the auxiliary has previously manufactured up particular puppies toppings for distinctive nights. A major winner from everybody at our american legion post.

I absoolutely like this hotdog steamer. It’s speedy and the dogs arrive out excellent. If you depart them as well prolonged they will get soggy. I have found they do improved if you open up them right before steaming. I imagine just about every family should personal one of these. I have bought many for presents and the recipients really like them as well.

As other reviewers stated, i was a very little discouraged when i opened it up to obtain that the total factor was so light-weight and produced of plastic, but it truly stunned me. I did just as the directions explained, to not protect the steam/air holes with the buns, and they turned out remarkable.I would visualize any other reviewers that complained about the buns staying soggy possibly saved them cooking too very long, or they included some of the steam holes, which the instructions specifically convey to you not to do. I took the assistance of a former reviewer who has seemed to have mastered the art of this machine, and cooked the tiny hebrew nationwide hot dogs for ten minutes precisely. Oh, a person other thing that i was looking for in the critiques before i purchased that i could not obtain an respond to to, was whether or not the device accommodated much larger polish-model pet dogs. Like the ones you would acquire at costco. There is a lot of space for individuals.

Packaging and shipping and delivery had been quite excellent. The good quality of the device is extremely wonderful and if you comply with the direction you will have really very good scorching canine and bun good quality.

Includes “Hotdogs from around the World” recipe book

Yes it is plastic but it looks durable sufficient. I took it to work for a 4th of july luncheon. I bought a number of compliments on its visual appearance and how very easily and well it worked. Cooked twelve ball park franks in 15 minutes. Only difficulty is, if you really don’t try to eat the heat buns immediately they’ll get soggy from the steam.

Tends to make wonderful hot canine and does it pretty rapidly and very easily. Toughest element is cleansing all of the areas after cooking, but i just set most of the elements in the dishwasher. You can get a ton of sizzling puppies in the device and you can even cook the warm dog buns as nicely. The steamer for the buns will not function very well as it leaves the buns pretty moist and prone to slide aside.

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6 : Perfect steamer!

Initially impressions: limited twine but required for security factors. Instruction guide need to obviously state that the little bowl goes on the base always, in any other case the steam will not pressurize, will leak out of the air gaps. The only way i figured this out was by searching at the picture (da). Steamer has only been applied on spinach so significantly that’s what i bought it for. I have procured numerous gizmos right before and what a mess to thoroughly clean up on the other hand this is the quickest simplest to clear. Switch two trays in excess of rinse less than operating drinking water and your carried out. The water will flush any materials by way of the steam gaps or holes in the base of tray. Sizing, the unit can take up justa small more space than a toaster.

Good addition to the kitchen. I in no way had a steamer right before. Steam commences up in about 30 seconds and cooks evenly and comprehensively. Cook dinner meats on non-adhere foil to make clean-up uncomplicated. Veggies you should not stick, but fish will. I am attempting chicken breast strips next and will not be expecting any problems with my foil technique. The plastic containers seem to be a little bit skinny and fragile–i do not consider they will survive an accidental drop without the need of cracking–just have to be a minimal additional thorough about handling them. I would give it 5 stars besides for the fragile containers, and also the digital timer will not light-weight up for easy viewing when environment the prepare dinner time. Other than that, it’s terrific for the price, is straightforward to thoroughly clean –just a rinse and you happen to be accomplished.

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer, White

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 2-Tiered 6.1-quart capacity steamer creates instant steam for preparing all kinds of food
  • Delay cooking up to 12-hours; LCD display with 95-minute timer; auto keep-warm setting
  • External water-fill system with see-through reservoir; fully collapsible steaming trays
  • Includes 3.8-quart and 2.3-quart steaming bowl, plus 8 egg holders for soft-or hard-cooked eggs
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

The chicken came out so tender. Now my bf thinks i can cook lol.

Will work well, holds a whole lot, water inlet pretty poorly designed. I have utilised this to steam greens and make difficult boiled eggs. It does an admirable job and the advised cook instances give the preferred success. The unit holds a great total, a bit much more than average. The drinking water inlet is very poorly developed. Offered its posture and condition, it is very challenging to insert drinking water. The good thing is, the only time it can make sense to use it is when it is necessary to increase water when the unit is cooking anything. Usually the drinking water reservoir by itself is completely open when the steaming pans are not on. A person does have to exercising some care when getting rid of the trays soon after use, as a great deal about very sizzling water/steam drips from them when eliminated.

I have no experience with cooking, but this is a fascinating piece of tools. For the first time in my lifetime, i can prepare dinner and consume tasty wholesome food. The very good element of it is this is very straightforward and fast. I actually get pleasure from it and preferred you also to enjoy. Usually wonderful to spread the fantastic. Make sure to search you tube for video clips to display how you can cock factors with this steamer. In this article is a very simple summary:one- fill it with water2-in the initially rack place stuff that will take though to cook (poultry). 3-increase spices and shut lid4-convert it on (timer settings rely on amount. A sticker on the cooker provides you tough idea).

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer, White : I have been using steamers for many years, and love the easy way to make healthy foods. Prior to this i was using a different brand, but twice the plastic cracked in the bowl, so this time i searched for a different brand, and much to my delight i found this one. I and so glad that i changed to this brand for many reasons, especially because the plastic is much stronger and more durable, and it is safe for heating foods. I am now sold on the oster brand and will stick with it. The only complaint i have is that only after using it for a month, the timer light does not show clearly so i am unable to see how many minutes i set it for, and have to look at the clock to verify the cooking time. The bell does go off and the food stays hot which is another feature i love. Even tho the timer light no longer shows clearly i still rate this 5 stars because of the high quality overall. Since this happened only after a month of use, i would have exchanged it had i bought it in a store. I suppose i should contact oster and see what they say.

This is a single of the ideal appliances i have at any time owned. I have utilised the steamer a few to 5 occasions for each 7 days for about six months. Generally i do combos of brussels sprouts, broccoli, pink cabbage, mushrooms, bok choy. I prep the veggies in bowls with olive oil and seasoning and then dump the veggies in the two (sometimes a single) baskets and in 18-21 minutes i have crunchy mouth watering veggies. I have made wild rice medley a handful of periods — to perfection. The steamer is absurdly easy to cleanse, possibly because you happen to be working with steamed vapors all alongside. Under no circumstances will get coated or greasy. I dislike to point out nearly anything detrimental mainly because it truly is so marvelous, but the timer is tough for these 70 12 months previous eyes to study and the beep signalling that food is completed is a person beep, which can be challenging for these 70 year aged ears to listen to.

Wonderful for metal lower oatmeal. I experienced a steamer very similar and loved it, but right after so numerous decades its just clogging as well a lot (the h2o leads to this over the years) so it was time to get a new one. This a person is actually nice also. I make up to one week of metal minimize oatmeal in it and its fantastic each individual time with no tending. Steams rice the exact way- set it and stroll absent. It is a bit difficult to get all the water out when your carried out, but i dont see also a lot problems happening with the modest total that stays in. Its rather simple to use and stores neatly to get up less area. When i make rice, i set it in, set it for 40 minutes and start on the relaxation of the meal. So you do have to system in advance, but you wont have to worry about rice boiling above if you dont view it.

This is not the ‘best value steamer in the world’ like some people today guide you to think. It is really not that great at rice- acquire a actual rice steamer if which is what your planning on utilizing one for. The opinions on the plastic being deadly or generating you develop boobs is a little bit overdone for confident. Concentrate on employed to market them for $thirty and at that rate it is a good offer- i compensated in excess of $40 here on amazon and probably must have gone a diverse route. It operates terrific- timers actually great- and is steaming in just 50 % a moment- but the rice bowl is a little bit of a joke- performs excellent for veggies and eggs which is what i acquired it for- the sight glass on the facet (little compartment that fills with water to enable you know how a great deal is remaining) is a really inadequate design and style- it is entirely un-cleanable. The principal water bowl area is simply washable while. If they would take that seperate minor reservoir off the facet entirely and redesign a rice bowl for this they would be a contender for a top place price steamer- but these are 2 incredibly big flaws that are not able to be overlooked. In looking through other folks assessments i considered ‘gee, what a bunch of whiners’ but at the time i obtained the merchandise i learned promptly just how correct the critiques on the rice bowl and water stage indicator mini tank were being. Will i use the piss out of it untill it breaks down- unquestionably.

Our new preferred kitchen area equipment. We have experienced this about six months and use it many times a week. This was in all probability the most effective $forty we have used for a kitchen equipment in a really long time. We bought this principally to make dim sum that we purchase from a regional chinese grocery retailer. Making ready them is a classic bamboo steamer was a actual discomfort, so we resolved to check out this alternatively. Now, we also use it to make steamed greens, rice, oatmeal and tough boiled eggs. The bottom line: this is a simple, reliable equipment that is uncomplicated to clean up. As opposed to most of our appliance purchases, mainly because we use this so normally, this a person stays on the counter, not concealed away in a cabinet. Of course, filling the steamer with water by means of the side port can be a challenge. But, we hardly ever use that.

We acquired this merchandise employed from amazon fulfillment. It arrived on-time but did not operate appropriately. But every single time is handed 5 minutes it would give an mistake. The e book said that if this took place to make sure there was ample h2o. We crammed the drinking water over and about and this did not remedy the issue. I contacted oster and to my surprise they despatched me an additional steam within about seven business days. I use it to steam a ton of my a person-12 months-old’s food that i prepare for her each individual week.

This is a single of the ideal appliances i have at any time owned. I have utilised the steamer a few to 5 occasions for each 7 days for about six months. Generally i do combos of brussels sprouts, broccoli, pink cabbage, mushrooms, bok choy. I prep the veggies in bowls with olive oil and seasoning and then dump the veggies in the two (sometimes a single) baskets and in 18-21 minutes i have crunchy mouth watering veggies. I have made wild rice medley a handful of periods — to perfection. The steamer is absurdly easy to cleanse, possibly because you happen to be working with steamed vapors all alongside. Under no circumstances will get coated or greasy. I dislike to point out nearly anything detrimental mainly because it truly is so marvelous, but the timer is tough for these 70 12 months previous eyes to study and the beep signalling that food is completed is a person beep, which can be challenging for these 70 year aged ears to listen to.

More than a 12 months in the past i replaced my authentic oster with a cusinart crock pot/steamer/brown/saute device given that the food region was not plastic. I like the cusinart for what it is, especially the browning characteristic – but – it really is not worthy of a dang for steaming and i do like my steamed veggies. So bought this yet again and have long gone back again to steaming my veggies on a frequent foundation. As well as it tends to make best difficult boiled eggs.

Initially impressions: limited twine but required for security factors. Instruction guide need to obviously state that the little bowl goes on the base always, in any other case the steam will not pressurize, will leak out of the air gaps. The only way i figured this out was by searching at the picture (da). Steamer has only been applied on spinach so significantly that’s what i bought it for. I have procured numerous gizmos right before and what a mess to thoroughly clean up on the other hand this is the quickest simplest to clear. Switch two trays in excess of rinse less than operating drinking water and your carried out. The water will flush any materials by way of the steam gaps or holes in the base of tray. Sizing, the unit can take up justa small more space than a toaster.

I have had this warm small quantity for about a thirty day period or so now and i just adore it. So uncomplicated to use-i discover i am having steam heated and/or steamed cooked veggies and dishes a lot more and additional typically. I like the reality that it commences heating just about instantly. It has a reduced-profile foundation so it will not quickly be knocked about, besides it has a grip bottom. The unit alone (not the steamer containers) is awesome to the touch from nosy, curious minor fingers that could possibly be close by, or possibly you will want to shift it across the counter some. No need to fear about it more than cooking as the alarm beep will signal, but if your tied up, it will quickly keep matters warm till you give it your awareness. I like how easy it is to add much more h2o with the spout out-and-about useful. The only detail i do not treatment for is the antiquated clock. I have a kitchenette with overhead lights and the only way i can go through the no-light-weight timer/clock is to stoop or squat down to established it for cooking time.

It is been in excess of a month in & i really satisfied. . I’ve owned this solution for a very little over one thirty day period. The moment, i forgot to fill it up with drinking water & it alerted me that there was a problem. The only cause that i you should not give it five stars is 1. ) the show (timer location) seems to be a liquid crystal display. It is very tough to see beneath any lights problems. ) i’m a lazy solitary male possibly, i want a three tiered program so that i can concurrently prepare dinner multi-sided foods with the least amount of believed achievable. Even so, this criticism is in all probability not legitimate. You want to make positive that the rooster is cooked properly, but devoid of steaming out any of the taste. A 3rd tier process (i am just guessing), might spread out the degree of steaming to throw off the timing. Also, greens cook dinner at these types of various costs incorporating or switching could make the most perception.

My initial steamer was probably about fifteen decades aged and was a hand-me-down from my mother. When i made the decision to commence incorporating more veggies into my diet, i understood it was likely to be time to up grade. I have steamed your fundamental veggies: broccoli, potatoes, etc and they change out great. Gotta maintain an eye on that broccoli even though. This steamer has some electric power to it and can change your properly steamed veggies into a mushy mess if you aren’t cautious. I have also steamed eggs and rice and was very happy with the effects. I am grateful for the more substantial major bowl for steaming tamales as very well.

I imply just after i truly considered about it, i am not likely to use this thing every single day & i could simply get one of individuals steel baskets that every person has to do the ‘light’ amount of steaming i will need. If you happen to be hung ho on a new diet regime & require to steam just about every working day all day then this is a great merchandise but if you happen to be obtaining this on a whim since steaming is what you system to do in the long run then save your money just steam in a frequent pot very first & see how very long you previous. If you have changed your habits & now steam most of your foods then you can go up to the major boys & acquire this product or service. The good detail is even if you do not consider my guidance & obtain it & don’t use it, they’re not that costly & can be returned or given away as a present.

At first, i will have to confess, i did not like this steamer. To start with i thought it ought to have been a minor greater, then i had complaints about not getting in a position to see the digital window incredibly properly, etc. I guess it became a single of all those buys wherever a person is not totally happy at the starting. Then i started out working with it in distinctive capacities, and my appreciation started increasing. Because most of the time we are a occasion of 3 in our abode, the dimensions is additional than plenty of to produce distinct dishes and acquiring remaining overs. The other day i requested 6 2lb lobsters from maine that ended up delightful, and arrived alive and kicking. We had the pot of boiling drinking water prior to any person could say enjoy out to the lobsters, and we, or should really i say, an individual else in the group, grabbed a single and fall it in the boiling drinking water. In no time the lobster was on his way to excellent feeding on, and then i determined to consider at the very least 1 on the steamer. The natural beauty of this steamer is that it receives going in no time, and the 2lb lobster did in good shape in the most significant of the containers presented, relocating and asking yourself the place the hot steam was coming from.

I have had this warm small quantity for about a thirty day period or so now and i just adore it. So uncomplicated to use-i discover i am having steam heated and/or steamed cooked veggies and dishes a lot more and additional typically. I like the reality that it commences heating just about instantly. It has a reduced-profile foundation so it will not quickly be knocked about, besides it has a grip bottom. The unit alone (not the steamer containers) is awesome to the touch from nosy, curious minor fingers that could possibly be close by, or possibly you will want to shift it across the counter some. No need to fear about it more than cooking as the alarm beep will signal, but if your tied up, it will quickly keep matters warm till you give it your awareness. I like how easy it is to add much more h2o with the spout out-and-about useful. The only detail i do not treatment for is the antiquated clock. I have a kitchenette with overhead lights and the only way i can go through the no-light-weight timer/clock is to stoop or squat down to established it for cooking time.

We are attempting to take in additional healthy and my older steamer bit the dust so i started out on the lookout all around for a thing extra than just a rice steamer. The oster 5712 had some great assessments and the selling price was quite first rate. I have owned it for a few of months now and use it quite generally. I have steamed vegetable in it and they arrived out terrific. I also have boiled eggs and it is pretty straightforward to do. Some of the drawbacks are vital to take note but likely would not have retained me from shopping for this device. I assume many others may want to know. The timer window is black letters on a grey track record so you have to bend down to read. Some vivid neon led lights would be superior. The max and min fill container is molded into the plastic and it way too is difficult to see. Be guaranteed to fill the unit all the way mainly because it does not get considerably to run the unit dry. The good news is it beeps to allow you know. And finally the gap to fill the container is much too smaller or slim on the other hand the tray can be lifted off and you can fill the device that way and bypass the filler opening.

Healthy foods and wonderful for steaming your newborn food prior to mixing. The machine by itself performs so very well. I am finding that a good deal of our food prepare dinner situations are getting reduce down on and understanding that it truly is preserving the vitamins when being steamed is a massive as well as. I truly like to do rice aroni in this with the rice insert. It truly is assisted me get rid of the have to have for butter though maintaing it’s wonderful style. I also use this when steaming apple items for my daughter (who’s fourteen months old). I use the rice tray and sprinkle cinnamon on the apples. Or you could insert carrots and sprinkle on a very little bit of brown sugar , or do them plain if you want. In the past i would do this in the microwave and the apples would appear out with a little bit of a rubber texture and marginally browned. Employing the steamer does not burn off them and they go to mush.

Circulon Stainless Steel Universal Steamer : Stainless indeed!

Since our little one is eating real food, this universal steamer has been an everyday essential for us. It fits several of our pots. It is light weight and easy to clean.

Better than a plastic microwave steamer. I was tired of having to reach up high over the stove to use the microwave to steam vegetables. It’s was quick, but has drawbacks. I couldn’t easily steam dumplings, pot stickers, egg rolls. Chinese bao buns, or other home made items like that. The best feature of this steamer is that i can easily lift the lid to test potatoes, for example, to see if they are done. Starting and stopping the microwave was tedious. This fits perfectly on the calphalon unison nonstick 4 quart soup pot that i bought to go with it. Quality shows with this brand.

This is perfect, as far as i’m concerned. It works great with the medium and large pots that came with our set from costco. Much more attractive than the flimsy universal steamer baskets.

Super strong & durable, easy to use. We always used a plastic electric rice cooker/steamer and it was a nasty mess to clean. When it came to the reservoir i was never sure about the general cleanliness of using it. In this case, it will be tidy after a fast high temp run in the dishwasher, and it is sturdy and washes up beautifully. I figured i’d have to use it in my stockpot, but a small circumference pot was just right and less water to heat. The steamed veggies turned out perfectly.

  • Fits the 2.5QT Caphalon pan perfectly
  • By far the best steamer I’ve ever had
  • Works well and does double duty.

Circulon Stainless Steel Universal Steamer with Lid

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Universal steamer and lid fit 2-, 3- and 4-quart capacity pots and work with both straight-sided and tulip-shaped cookware
  • Stainless steel construction is durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Makes the ideal partner with appropriate pieces from any of the Circular cookware collections
  • The handles are dual riveted for strength and the shatter-resistant glass lid allows monitoring of cooking processes without heat or moisture loss
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

I love this steamer and have used it everyday since i received it. It is well made and fits on several of my pans, none of which are cirulon. The base doesn’t appear to be large, but it is well designed and easily accommodates a large bunch of greens. The lid is nice and heavy and seals very well.

Of vegetables which is what we needed. We are a family of 10 and our small steamer that came with our kitchen pots and pans set was just not large enough. This insert fits my pot perfect and fits double what my original steamer insert could hold. Also pleasantly surprised by the weight of the stainless steel. Nice heavy duty stainless steel that should last a very long time.

This is an excellent steamer. Can steam an entire head of brocoli. Also fits into out cuisinart multi-clad and french cookware.

This was the perfect choice for us. We love that it can be used with different sized pots. It cleans easily and works very well to steam any fresh vegetables for your meal. This has become one of the most used pots in our kitchen.

I don’t have stainless steel, but this fits perfectly. I don’t have stainless steel, but this fits perfectly in my hard anodized circulon pots, i use it for vegetables or to steam fish over rice, whie the rice is cooking.

I can make custard cake in a breezegreat quality of material.

Works well and does double duty. . Very handy for steaming and boiling simultaneously. The pot is light weight which hopefully won’t affect it’s longevity. Happy with the size as it’s great to steam veggies and then have water going for pasta. One note, which i never knew: do not salt water while it’s still cold. Wait for it to boil when using stainless pots. Never knew what was causing pitting on my older cookware. Circular includes this warning with the pot.

Lovely to have a steamer which fits multiple sized pots. It arrived promptly and was well packed.

Fits the 2. 5qt caphalon pan perfectly. This is exactly what i was looking for in a steamer: well made, doesn’t stain or tarnish, holds the steam in well and yet easy to remove. I steamed beets, kale, and small lobster tails with this steamer and it worked wonderfully for all three. It’s stainless steel and feels very well made – no loose handles, not easily bent, and didn’t stain with the beets.

Super strong & durable, easy to use. We always used a plastic electric rice cooker/steamer and it was a nasty mess to clean. When it came to the reservoir i was never sure about the general cleanliness of using it. In this case, it will be tidy after a fast high temp run in the dishwasher, and it is sturdy and washes up beautifully. I figured i’d have to use it in my stockpot, but a small circumference pot was just right and less water to heat. The steamed veggies turned out perfectly.

Where have you been all my life?. How i ever lived without this, i will never know. I love the glass lid as it prevents me from overcooking my green veggies. I love that it is all stainless steel as i don’t want any non-stick toxins in my food. I love that the handles don’t protrude too far over the cooktop. It is nice and deep and can hold a lot of veggies.

Works well and does double duty. . Very handy for steaming and boiling simultaneously. The pot is light weight which hopefully won’t affect it’s longevity. Happy with the size as it’s great to steam veggies and then have water going for pasta. One note, which i never knew: do not salt water while it’s still cold. Wait for it to boil when using stainless pots. Never knew what was causing pitting on my older cookware. Circular includes this warning with the pot.

Fits in several of my circulon pans. Attractive stainless steel that didn’t discolor following making use of. I found the initial one particular to be so excellent, i basically purchased a 2nd one so i can steam two different veggies at the exact time. I adore this and would hugely suggest.

Earn get replacement for my aged steamer baskets. Good addition to my cookware over those people collapsible baskets: it fits every single solitary cuisinart pot i personal and it is really strong. No much more finding items of the previous metallic baskets out of the base of my dishwasher. Not only that, but the stainless layout with glass lid permits me to see the color of my steamed veg without the need of lifting the lid to permit the steam out, and it appears like it arrived with my cookware established.Am shopping for an additional for my sister.

Fits completely on my cuisinart 3qt pot, and provides me a bonus glass lid for the pot by itself when i’m not making use of the steamer.

I introduced this steamer along with the vegetables steaming tray and they operate properly jointly. Many thanks, to a two- star overview, down below i acquire this item alongside with the vegetables steaming tray as suggested.

Will work fantastic, matches distinctive dimensions pots. It is so considerably greater than the very little $5 steaming baskets i have been employing.

Only draw again is the lid take care of has no rubber coating so acquire distinctive care to use a pot holder.