KitchenAid KP26M1PSL Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer – FIXED: Can’t adjust bowl height!

I did purchase this mixer from amazon and when i received it the serial number started with 14 which indicates that it one with the plastic housing. I have only used it once, but worked fine. It does not seem to turn on and off every time. Sometimes i need to push up on the button while sliding it to make it turn on. Not sure if that has to do with the plastic housing or not. I am going to call them first thing monday morning and see what they say. Is it even possible that these defective ones that were produced in 2007 are still in circulation at nearly 2012 and are still being sold?. It would seem to me that they would have been long gone by now, but going to call ka customer service just to voice concerns and see what happens. There was no way that i know of to check the serial number and purchase from amazon. It was a good cyber monday deal ($185.

This is my second kp26 kitchenaid that i have purchased. My previous one stripped a gear, which we replaced because it was past warranty and then, a little over a year after that, stopped working all together. I think that one had issues from the beginning. I have had kitchenaids for almost twenty years. I have almost all of the accessories, from the pasta maker to the meat grinder. That is one of the reasons i would always buy a kitchen aid. I can’t go for more than a couple of weeks without getting a new one. It makes making cakes, cookies, bread and any number of other things so fast and easy to make. I use it to grate my romano cheese, make bread crumbs, and roll pasta. Having an extra bowl is a must for those cakes and other recipes where you need to whip the egg whites separately and then mix the other ingredients.

My first kitchenaid mixer first belonged to my aunt. She was a chef for sunset magazine. She passed it on to my mother who in turn gave it to me when i got married. It was about 25 years old when it finally went to kitchen heaven. My next one lasted 21 years. I just wanted the bigger mixer. I believe this one will last just as long. I am hoping that i still have at least two more kitchenaids in my future. I can make double batches of everything without loosing power. My only sadness is that i could never get information from amazon or kitchenaid for the promised $50. Still, this mixer for only $250.

**update: the wire whip attachment works great to cut shortening or butter into flour for pastry or pie crusts. I’ve been baking since my new mixer arrived two days agoordered the cinnamon gloss color on cyber monday with free shipping ($209 after rebate). This morning i made my first 2-loaf batch of bread. It kneaded the dough in less than one-third the time of my sunbeam heritage. I didn’t have to scrape the bowl at all – that planetary action really works to get everything off the sides and bottom. None of the ‘walking’ or ‘bouncing’ problems that others have reported.

I have been using the smaller 5 qt mixer for the past 5 years, but decided i needed something larger for large batches of cookies. This mixer does that job very well. The major problem i have found is that you still need another smaller mixer for things such as a single cake. Making 6-8 cakes is fine, but making one cake becomes a problem- the bowl is too large and the blades don’t do a good job. So i need to keep my other kitchenaid mixer for small batches, or a single cake. The other minor problem i have found is that i don’t like the way the bowl raises and lowers to engage the mixing blades. Overall i think this is a great mixer, but don’t think this will be the only mixer you’ll need, unless you don’t make small batches of dough.

I was super worried about motor issues when i ordered this but after 2 years. & a normal amount of use i’m still in love with this product & have had no issues. I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase. I do wish accessories were readily available for this model but i bought an older model so that’s to be expected.

  • Love, love, love it!
  • Amazing KitchenAid Appliance!
  • Powewrful, Noisy and bowl designed terrible – but it churns the dough!

We’ve only had this a month so it’s impossible to comment on how long it will last. For now, though, it’s doing an excellent job of mixing whatever we’ve put in it. In particular, we’ve used it for kneading bread dough. Note that amazon carries this mixer in a number of model numbers. This particular one, model kp26m1psl, only comes in 2 colors and lacks the plastic pouring lid. It sells for about $80 less than the others. Apparently amazon has some kind of exclusive on this model. The only difference is the lid and the limited color selection. Otherwise, it’s the same machine as the more expensive ones and has the same warranty.

I bought this 5 years ago for my wife. She uses it 3 to 4 times per week mixing 10 cups size batches of dough. It is still working well, not quiet, but not too loud. My wife makes pastries nearly everyday for her customers. Very happy with the quality and performance.

Have owned and used three (3) different kitchenaid mixers over the years. The first saw a lot of heavy use for nearly 20 years. Only serious complaint was that the shaft on the grater attachment had been incorrectly machined such that it could not be locked in place. Fortunately, a friend with a lathe was able to re-turn the locking slot for us. Some plastic attachment parts developed cracks over time, but overall, a workhorse which we sold when returning from overseas. Bought a smaller tilt-head homemaker model when we got back stateside. It worked well, but we didn’t like the tilt-head after being used to a bowl-lift model. Sold again and bought the kp26m1pgc professional 600 series 6-quart cinnamon gloss stand mixer. Would like to see a little more travel in the bowl-height adjusting mechanism, but so far, so good.

Currently at a 1-star review, because the beaters are hitting the bowl and the adjustment screw is already as low as it can go. It was that way out of the box. We’ll see how kitchenaid responds. ********************kitchenaid’s response: it took two e-mails and two short conversations with customer service, who explained how to test beater clearance, and they diagnosed it as misaligned. New mixer arrived a week later, with pre-paid shipping back to the factory for the bad one.

This thing weighs almost 50 pounds when you add in the attachments, so unless you’re a good sized individual that weight trains, you’re going to want to find a place to leave this monster so you don’t have to move it twice. Having said that, this beast works like a champ. Making a jalapeno cheddar bread used to involve kneading in the cheese chunks by hand because standard household kitchen mixers just couldn’t handle it. With the 600, i didn’t have to take the speed over 2. Folded in the cheese like it wasn’t even there. If i ever decide to stop cooking, i’ll use this thing as a cement mixer. Also, there are tons of attachments for the 600 that can allow you to get rid of some of single use specific stuff. Honestly, for me the only thing this lacks is a brilliant hot rod style flame job across the top, but that might bring some celebrity chef to my door, and that’s the last thing i need.

I have an artisan, 5 qt mixer and the professional 6-qt mixer. I love them both, but the 6 qt’s motor is much more powerful than the artisan’s. I can make fondant with no trouble in the 6 qt where the 5 qt struggled and i thought it was going to burn the motor out. I use it every week and it allows me to triple a couple of my recipes because of the size of the bowl. This saves me time and clean up.

The kitchenaid professional 600 is for serious bakers. No rattling of the bowl while the mixer is working makes for a quieter mixer. I used it for a 1 1/2 cake recipe and it mixed with ease and it takes less time. Overall i was very pleased with the mixer’s performance, color and style. It also did an excellent job on aerating/fluffing my 7 minute frosting. Finally, i got a great price on the mixer via amazon and saved a couple hundred dollars. In short it is sturdy, high performance, economical and durable.

Makes baking so much easier. Its a little heavy but if you can store it on the counter and not have to lift it its perfect otherwise i would suggest a smaller version this one is pretty heavy.

I can’t believe kitchen aid puts out a mixer with beaters that can’t be washed in the dishwasher. The sticker in the box says the wire whip can’t be washed in the dishwasher, but the big, used all the time, beater was rough and discolored after one trip in the dishwasher when i washed it before using it. I hope they issue a replacement. But i do wish i had had this much power years ago, it mixes up big batches of cookies or bread dough so much faster than the artisan i’ve had for 15 years and probably hastened it’s demise by making big batches. It was still usable, but making ominous noises. If you only make small batches of dough, or mashed potatoes you may not need this larger size but i love it. The hand washed beaters are the only thing keeping me from a 5 star review,.

Aw, you can’t beat these machines. It’s amazing how much better your bread actually taste when it is mixed well.

I have never used a stand mixer before, so i was not sure how i would like one. Decided to purchase this one when the price was reduced and am glad that i did. I still have some getting used to doing things this way but definitely am finding it easier in the kitchen. This is noisy but plenty of power for bread recipes. My only complaint is it showed the mixer with a splash guard. One did not come with the mixer and after a couple recipes requiring higher speeds with liquids i purchased one. Really helped keeping the mess down, recommend getting one.

We had a 5 quart artisan model, which while it did a great job with mixing things like batters and really soft items like whipping frostings and egg whites, i decided we needed to upgrade to the 6 quart pro so we could make several large loaves of bread at one time instead of one loaf at a time. With the spiral dough hook (instead of the artisan series c hook), there is no need to let your bread knead for more than 5 or 10 minutes, unless you want to overwork the dough. We have made several batches of whole wheat, oatmeal and white bread in the month we’ve owned it, and we’ve never let it work the dough more than 2 or 3 minutes after the last of the flour is added and all the bread has turned out wonderfully. My mother had a problem with the bowl seeming to pop out when she was mixing her first batch of whole wheat bread, but she simply didn’t push the back of the bowl down into place until she heard the click. You have to make sure you hear that snap into place for the bowl to be secure. It takes more strength to do than you think it would, but you won’t break it. I made a small batch of frosting last night for 2 dozen cinnamon rolls, and other than scraping down the sides of the bowl twice, the whisk was perfect and got all the items mixed up off the bottom of the bowl. Our motor has not overheated once and hasn’t shut itself off yet. All in all, this is a great product.

I was worried it might be more than i needed, but i love it. I bake a lot at christmas time and this was great for all of the double batches of cookies and frostings i needed to make. It is a little loud, but so are the smaller machines with much less power. I am also adjusting to the lift bowl instead of the tilt back models (my mom has one of those). These are not big deals to me though. It looks great on my countertop. As mentioned in other reviews it is tall, so that is something to consider. I would have also liked to have beaters that were dishwasher safe. This is a small inconvenience and i am planning on buying additional beaters (they will be dishwasher safe).

It’s better than the artisan. I now have three kitchenaid stand mixers in my house. One classic 1958 model from my grandmother, one artisan 4 quart i purchased in 2009, and this pro 600 series. I do a lot of baking and grew up around a pastry chef. Unfortunately, the kitchenaid mixer is not what it use to be in terms of construction and durability. This particular mixer is far superb to the artisan model (which had to be replaced and fixed twice), but i dare say that i should have bought the viking or cuisinart instead. It’s loud and the whip/beater are not high quality. Does it out perform my 1958 model. Does it work better than handmixing.

Before purchasing this mixer on amazon, i read every single review. I was concerned about the negative comments but because i know from experience that kitchenaid stands behind their products, i replaced my 4 1/2 quart kitchenaid mixer (which still worked fine after 15 years of use) with the 6 1/2 quart kp26 m1psl which i call my ‘kitchen work horse’. It turned out 12 dozen christmas cookies in one batch, and that is a lot of stiff dough. And the motor never ran hot and stopped as one reviewer warned. As a matter of fact, even big batch yeast dough is no problem for this machine. I just turned out a pullman size loaf of whole wheat bread and have it on the counter rising. I bought my mixer on sale from amazon for $256 w/free shipping and used a manufacturer’s $50 rebate from kitchenaid so i paid only $206, but after using it, i would recommend it even at full price.

I really don’t know why i haven’t made this earlier, but anyway. I’ve been using this mixer for almost two years now, and i use it a lot, i have a baking business that is not huge but it’s a lot more than the average home baker, i usually bake around 150-200 cupcakes weekly. And i have not had the first inconvenience with this mixer. It’s awesome because it lets you mix a good amount of product, easy to clean and the bowl is great also. I do stop the mixer to scrape the sides, but for real, if you are not as obsessive you could just leave it and it’ll be ok. Oh, it is of course quite heavy, so be careful with that, and also when it arrived it sounded like it was broken because like for real the protection and the packaging was seriously poor, but it was alright, the sound was the utensils inside the bowl with no protection. Also, i bought this extremely cheap: 279.

I have used this mixer for almost two years and absolutely love it. Whether mixing bread dough, cookie batter, or whatever else, i rely on my kitchenaid mixer which has never let me down. The only thing i’m not crazy about is the grinder – i make sausage and the grinder just isn’t powerful enough to get the job done. I especially like how the bowl raises and lowers and not the head. One word of caution: absolutely do not put the metal mixing bowl in the dishwasher. I cannot emphasize that enough. It’s a little pricey but if you do a lot of baking, buy this mixer – you will be glad you did. Update:if you are considering purchasing the mixer, do it. I rely on this mixer in so many ways; it’s the most versatile tool in my kitchen.

I’ve always wanted one of these and am so glad that i have finally got one. At the time amazon was offering a great price on the stand mixer, right after christmas and i decided to purchase it. I haven’t had the older model mixer but this one works perfect with zero flaws. I did read a lot of reviews on the mixer before purchasing it and none of the problems in the reviews have happened with me. I have only had the stand mixer for a couple months but i have made everything from cookies to bread with it and have had no issues. I think other customers will have no complaints with the stand mixer. In fact, since i’ve had the mixer, my husband has used it more than me.

I bought this primarily to make bread. I doubled my recipe when i made my bread dough. It put a real strain on the motor. In the future, i will only make a single recipe. I am looking forward to affording the grain grinder. I like using home grown wheat berries and grinding them myself.

I bought this when i happened to find it on an amazing deal ($260) and i am very happy with it. I wanted a kitchenaid mixer for a long time and i was about to buy one of the smaller ones since i found it on sale for $190 but then i came across this one and couldn’t pass up the deal. I was worried about the reviews saying they broke because of the gear box, so the first thing i did was took off the top and sure enough it was the metal gear box. All the new ones have the metal or else they probably would keep braking, but i have made everything in this and never had a problem. I’ve made cookie dough, bread, cake, whipped cream, and a variety of other stuff, and never even thought this couldn’t handle it. I’ll admit i don’t use it every day, maybe a few times a week, usually to shred meat in it with the flat blade (which works great to do that by the way) and it works great for me.

I just recently used the spiral dough hook for the first time. I was amazed at how much better it is than the old hook i used to use. We had a little 4 1/2 qt before, so this is much better. I was worried at first because when turning it on, it seemed to hesitate through all speeds. But learning more about it, its called ‘soft start’ which eases into the speed selected. I thought it would be lame, but after using the first time, it saved me when i filled with flour and hit full speed (dont know why. . ) before it reved all the way up, i had a split second to react and turn it down before it reved full speed.

Some models doesn’t have pouring shield in the box and you have to buy it separately which is annoying. It’s 20$ additional fee and shipping hassle. Make sure it says ‘pouring shield included’ in the description. Also in my purchase the beater is hitting the side of the bowl no matter what i have done with the adjustment screw. I tried all variations of adjustment screw but it still touches the bowl. I’ll send it back and order another one.

I will first admit that i ordered this for my wife as a christmas present so i am not actually using the product. My wife has used this mixer a couple of times and i did once to mix up box brownies. The mixer worked perfectly and didn’t have any problems and did a great job with the bread, brownies and cookies she made. The only things is initially when she turned it on it was louder than i expected. I did some research and found that the mixer was made with metal parts and the sort since she has never had one before i am assuming the noise is normal as it doesn’t sound like there is anything being damaged just a bit louder than i expected.

I purchased this for christmas for my wife to upgrade her well-worn kitchenaid. So far it’s working well and really powers the beaters to make tough jobs work fast. The noise, however, is terrible. It sounds like grating sheet metal and i’m expecting a breakdown any time. My wife doesn’t seem to mind too much, but i just about have the leave the house. The bowl insertion design is terrible. A strong person can move it in with good hand strength. How many women want that hassle?.But my wife eventually got used to it and i think the 575 watt motor basically sells her on the value.

I couldn’t be happier with my new ka 600 series mixer. I am a cake decorator/ baker, and it is so great to be able to make a double batch of my butter cream – which is actually already a double batch, so i guess i can make a quadruple batch. My butter cream is what made my old ‘sunbeam’ mixer go kaput and it only made single batches. You can see why i’m so happy about the size of the bowl, it’s cutting out a lot of extra work on my partalso can make a quadruple batch of cake too.I’ve made 96 cupcakes from one bowl of batter beforei have yet to try it in making / mixing fondant, if it does that i’ll kiss it. 🙂 i’m sure that it will do it just fine though because on the specs it says that it will mix up 8 loaves of bread at once and 13 dozen cookiesmy absolute favorite feature is just how large the bowl is. 5 gallons and 575 watts of power. At first i wish that it was a tilt head, instead of the bowl lift design – but that is just because it is what i’m used to. Now i like itthe attachments are so easy to get on and off, i love that.

I begged and pleaded and finally got this beast for christmas last year. While i love the way it can handle large amounts of stiff bread dough, for smaller jobs such as cakes or cookies, not loving it so much. I find that the space between the bottom of the paddle and the bowl always has unmixed stuff in it even though i am scraping the sides while i work. I also find that having to dunk the paddle way down in to the bowl to get it off is not really a very good design. Finally, i too miss the tilt head of my old ka mixer. Luckily for me, i still have my old one in the pantry, and can get it out to tackle some of these smaller tasks. Seems a shame to have to have two mixers though.

In my haste to get the deal of the day price of 259$ plus 50$ rebate i did not notice the bowl shield was not included. I still have my trusty old k. ( which had 12 years of use) so i had a shield to use (the old mixer shield fit the new one). The shield is a 20$ plus purchase. But feel that this absence of the shield should be duly noted by future purchasers of this mixer. I am thrilled with my purchase overall. The rebate does apply to this and the cinnamon mixers purchased on nov. 28thper kitchen aid the shield does not come with this mixer.

Don’t buy this product, if you are looking for something that is poorly made. You will be disappointed because it is made really well. Don’t buy it if you are looking for something that requires lots of effort to clean because it is easy to clean. Don’t buy it if you want it to fall apart within a couple years because mine is still going strong after four years.In other words, this is the stand mixer to buy if you want to not have to buy another one for a very long timeone thing i will say is to read the directions. I abused my first stand mixer and tried to blend dough at higher speeds than the mixer can handle. I have not done that to this stand mixer and thankfully it still is blending my dough like the first day i bought it. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race and with a stiff dough, that is the case. (this is the fifth kitchen product i’ve reviewed tonight with similar amazing quality. I bought them all years ago and am reviewing all of them tonight to show their longevity.

KitchenAid KSM152PSNK 5-Qt – Absolutely gorgeous & worth it!!

I have been eyeing this mixer for the last five years since i saw it on display in williams sonoma. I absolutely love the copper finish and think it is so elegant and lovely. Unfortunately, i was living in a tiny apartment with minimal counter and cabinet space and had to delay my purchase until i got into a house with a bigger kitchen. Once that happened, i bought this beauty for my personal housewarming gift.And it was absolutely worth the wait. It looks so beautiful sitting on my countertop and functions the way kitchenaid mixers are known for. But, since i like my kitchen items to look stellar at all times, i found the steel mixing bowl difficult to keep pristine, so i ordered the glass mixing bowl and have been very happy with that. My mixer and i are in baking heaven :).

Love the copper exterior but the locking mechanism to keep the head down while it’s running is either too loose or not made properly. I also had to buy off market mixing attachments to reach the sides of the bowl while mixing. It’s pretty, it’s powerful, but has some flaws and not worth the $400 price tag.

Great product that is nothing at all to clean and most suprisingly, does not show fingerprints or other types of smudges. Very fast shipping and just a flawless transaction. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid KSM152PSNK 5-Qt:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multipurpose attachment hub, over 15 optional attachments
  • 5-Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl with Comfortable Handl
  • 10-Speed Settings. Tilt-head design
  • Includes coated flat beater, coated dough hook, wire whip, and 1 piece pouring shield
  • Shipping to Quebec is not available. L’expédition à Québec n’est pas disponible.
  • Multipurpose Attachment Hub
  • 5-Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl with Comfortable Handle
  • 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action
  • Tilt-Head Design
  • Custom Metallic Series

I’m giving three stars just for the appearance of the item. The first one was defective in that the head portion was not properly attached to the trim and screws were visible; the second one had cosmetic issues in that the head had an obvious one inch scratch along the top. I have sent the third one out as a gift and waiting to hear back on that one. I am wondering if these are refurbished items or store returns. If the third one does not work, i plan on going to a department store to buy in person. I wonder how,the darn thing works?.

Kitchenaid products can’t be beat. This standmixer,with an all chrome finish is very easy cleanup,and pleasing to the eye. We purchased this one only because our daughter needed our old one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very Nice Unit
  • Cannot get any farther than cosmetic issues.
  • KitchenAid Mixer Best in the World

Looks great and works great.

This is my favorite kitchen appliance ever. I always wanted one and saw that martha stewart had the stainless steel one, so i had to have it because she’s my idol. In hindsight, i would not have paid this much extra for the ‘custom metallics’ model, because i now see her use the painted ‘stainless steel’ model on her show too. It’s the same mixer and none of my friends have expressed jealousy over the metal finish, so it’s not worth it. It makes it very easy to bake. It cut my prep time in half. If you have anyone in your life that loves to bake, or if you love anyone’s baked goods and they don’t have one of these, buy them one now. You’ll be rewarded with so many cakes and cookies. If you love to bake, get this. It’s not even comparable to any other mixers.

The music of bread preparation in the kitchen is only exceeded by its aromas. This machine makes magic: it’s sturdy, powerful and easily manipulated.

I love my kitchen aid, i purchased this exact one, brushed nickle and everything when i was 21, and i still love it a few year later. Having grown up with a kitchen aid i knew it would never die, so i wanted one that went with my apartment and then house. It was worth the extra $$ since i’ll never need to replace it for looks. This looks amazing and works very well, just like mom’s. My warning is to watch for sales, this is a limited edition, it’s not regularly made so there might not be any huge ones coming up. But i found this for less than $300 on amazon after watching the prices for about 6 months. It was only about $425 starting price though, now the supply is limited and the cost has increased. But just keep an eye outtry and buy when there is a rebate, you don’t have to purchase through a specific retalor if there is a kitchen aid rebate. Simply buy it, then use the free download form from the kitchenaid site and save some money. The best rebate’s i’ve found are around thanksgiving, christmas, and mother’s day.

I’ve had kitchenaid mixers for years. They’ve always been fun and funky but always dependable to a fault. With the advent of stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, i longed for a stainless steel mixer but the only kitchenaid like that was one from williams-sonoma, one of their ‘lift bowl’ variety, for a whopping $899. So i was excited when i found this artisan, tilt-head mixer for almost half that cost.It’s gorgeous and looks like a million bucks. They make a copper one as well which is equally stunning. Kitchenaid has a great mix of style and function with this new metallic series mixer.

Excellent, i still have it and use it almost every day. I just had tu adjust a screw once, but thats all.

I fell in love with the kitchenaid custom metallic mixer (brushed nickel) when i first saw it several years ago at william sonoma in my local mall however it was too expensive and i never purchased it. I finally purchased this mixer in december, 2011 from amazon. Com for a much reasonable price and i’m glad i did. It works wonderfully and the brushed nickel color is gorgeous. Thank you amazon for offering this product at a reasonable price and with free shipping which helped as well. I finally own the kitchenaid mixer i have always wanted.

I’ve only had the mixer for a month, but i love it. I plan on having her for a very long time. I have been waiting 14 years to get one and my hubby finally got me this one for my birthday in october. I named her molly the mixer. I fell in love with the chrome finish. She was a little more expensive because of her color but totally worth it. I like this model with the head tilt better then the lift because i have more space to pour in the i ingredients. She’s beautiful and matches all the stainless steel appliances. I would recommend her to anyone.

I got this for my birthday last year, and i use all the time- for everything from breads, pizza dough and cookies to cakes, frostings, fillings and whipped cream. The 5-quart seems to be big enough for my use. I can’t imagine having a bigger one as this one is so powerful.I never use the pouring shield though, as it seems to be more of a nuisance than a help. The nickel color looks great with stainless steel appliances. I got the ice cream maker attachment which is fun too, though i do not use it very often.

Copper finish looks great; it has a great volume and works like a charm. This is definitely a great mixer to own if you have a copper theme in your kitchen.

What can i say about this mixer that hasn’t already been said. Strong, sturdy and it does the job effortlessly. The brushed nickel custom metallic is just gorgeous and goes beautifully in my kitchen. I caught it on sale with free shipping on amazon. I haven’t baked in years and since i got this i have rekindled the baker in me. My ny cheesecakes, sour cream pound cakes and sweet potatoe pies were a big hittip: start off at low speeds, pour in your dry ingredients slowly and you’ll be very happy with your recipes too.

I leave it on my kitchen counter all the time–it is so gorgeous. And my 11 year-old grandson has taken an interest in cooking now. He especially loves the ice cream maker. He has made lots of muffins using this mixer.

I’ve wanted this copper mixer since i was a little girl 50 years ago. I don’t know the brand name, but my grandmother and i saw a copper mixer in a store. We thought it was the prettiest thing in the world. We knew we could never afford it in our lifetimes. My husband gave me more than a mixer this christmas. I’ve been sick in the hospital, but now that i’m home, this creature is getting a workout.

Absolutely amazing and it looks wonderful in my kitchen. It works like a champ very heavy duty. It is the top of the line for me.

It’s awesome, and looks beautiful. I thought it would be hard to clean and tostay clean. Cleaning is easy and staying clean is easy to. Just wipe it clean when your done.

I’ve had it for a couple years and just realized that i never wrote a review for it. It is one of the best things i could have bought. It comes in handy when i’m doing all of my baking. I can’t wait to buy more attachments for it.

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer, Very strong machine

So much power and convenience. In the short time i’ve had it i have made cookies, cupcakes, artisan bread, juiced our citrus fruit, and made smoothies.

Made one batch of cookies, seems to work well.

Everything we wanted and more. Now i wish i would have purchased the blender. Made lots of loaves of fresh baked wheat bread and cinnamon butter. Everyone should have one of these.

Key specs for Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer, 800 watt, 6.5-Quarts with Cookie Dough Paddles:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lightweight 6.5-quart plastic BPA-free bowl with easy-grip handle and removable drive shaft for easy cleaning; bowl is dishwasher safe. Bottom drive allows easy addition of ingredients.
  • Dual beaters provide triple whipping action up to any whipping task. Whip as little as one egg white, mash up to 10 pounds of cooked potatoes, shred cooked chicken.
  • Powerful belt-driven Transmission ensures adequate torque for almost any recipe, even kneading up to 14 loaves (15 pounds) of whole grain bread dough or mixing up to 34 dozen cookies in a single batch
  • A variety of optional attachments and accessories will to turn your mixer into a kitchen machine. Grind meat, juice citrus, make fresh homemade pasta, and more.
  • Includes cookie paddles with metal whip drive, wire whips with plastic whip drive, dough hook, dough hook extender, 2-piece pouring shield and lid

Comments from buyers

“Best Mixer Ever
, The best for bread. The worst for cookies.
, This is the best mixer I’ve ever used!

I’ve had a kitchen aid mixer and a bosch. The kitchen aid is heavy, bulky and takes up too much space. The kitchen aid does not allow easy adding of additional ingredients because the head is too large. It allows easy adding of ingredients. The bosch has the cover that allows slow addition of dry ingredients, without ingredients from splattering. Changing the mixing tools is a breeze.

I was really suprised that my wife asked me to get this for her christmas present. In most cases the purchase of appliances as gifts was frowned upon. But i gotta admit this was one of the best presents i got. Performs much better than the kitchen aid mixing dough. She baked a batch of stickey buns and this thing was still running strong with 14 cups of flour in the bowl. We have not purchased bread from the store or pizza from the delivery guy since christmas. Fresh and homemade is so much better. Now for my birthday i’m going to ask for a treadmill. I’ve been living large on baked goods, its the gift that keeps of givin’ and making my waist bigger.

This is a great mixer for making large quantities of bread dough. I don’t always need so many loaves at a time, so i don’t use it as often as i thought i would.

I wouldn’t have given it a second glance if it hadn’t been recommended because it doesn’t look like a traditional mixer. I have a kitchenaid pro 600 with a 6 qt bowl which should be able to mix at least 2, 1 lb loafs. Well it doesn’t and i’ve replaced gears on it a couple of times. I bought the bosch on a recommendation and read fantastic reviews with some negatives. Let me say, this mixer will mix over 1. 5kg of flour with additional nuts and water without any issue. I mixed a 3 loaf batch with a total mixed weight of 2. 5kg without the mixer missing a beat. The dough hook looks unusual but don’t let that put you off.

I am able to bake 5 loaves of bread at a time now.

Much better than kitchen aid, only if the bowl is steel will be great.

I have been mixing bread for over 20 years. Use it once a week and do 3-4 batches of bread.

This is the best bread maker – as opposed to the automatic ones – i have found. This machine replaces a 25-year-old bosch in which i used to make 6 loaves simultaneously that was still working as well as the day i bought it, then sent to my daughter so that she could enjoy it as i had. The new machine works as well as the other did and will hopefully last longer than i (at age 90) and was purchased primarily for bread-making, but it works as well for cookies too. Have yet to use other attachments that will surely work as does the mixer.

So great to be able to quickly and easily turn out huge amounts of food. We have used it for mashed potatoes, as well as baked goods. Very solid and easy to use and clean.

Holds up to the toughest doughs. Takes some time to clean so is best suited for large batches rather than small or single batches.

It works, its quiet and it replaced a 40 year old kitchenaid. It was easy to use and much easier to load than the old style due to the open top. I like it most for that-less mess. I seems like it might be cheap because its modern and most of the modern devices we buy are cheap crap – like toasters and coffee machines. This is not like those at all. I give it 4 starts because i have only used it once.

This was purchased for a christmas gift to my wife. She has hinted around that she wanted this but never wanted to get it since we already had a kitchen aid mixer. Had no idea how many things this mixer can do. I bought this with the nutrimill grinder so she could make homemade bread with fresh ground wheat. I am not sure this gift was just for her any longer cause the things she has made with it so far have been amazingly fantastic.

The bosch is all i expected. Packaged well and arrived as promised on time.

I get this machine over a week ago and today i used for the first time. Takes me around 6 months to make a decision which to get, because is so many of them on the market and i never use anything like this. Thanks to all reviewers – the positive and negative, you help me a lot. The most important for me was a power, and this machine has a lot of that. I was not sure what to expect and what attachments to use, because i order all of them ( thanks to amazon because they give me a free interest payment plan). I’m not crazy about cooking but i love baking. So far i’m not planning to use this machine for bread – because i have a bread machine, but specifically for baking. I have to learn a lot about those attachments, because iwas changing them in the middle of the processing because some do not do the job what i want to and the others do excellent job. Those attachments are great, easy to use and i do not plan to wash them in dishwasher because they are easy to wash by hand.

This is everything i had hoped. I can do way more bread and cookie dough etc than i did in my old ka. It has much, much more power. The only warning is that if you are buying a meatgrinder attachment, look carefully because i just wasted over $200 on the wrong one. It’s not compatible with the mum and i can’t return it.

It is perfect for family use. I have no problem mixing 2 kilograms of flour with ease. It is very easy to operate and to clean. I am very happy to get this machine. It is small but really mighty.

I love baking, but we haven’t had a mixer since we’ve been married (almost 10 years). I was old-school and mixed by hand, with a wooden spoon. Took forever, but i loved it. An injury made it more difficult for me to do, and eventually i just started buying cookies from the store when i needed to take something to a neighbor. I got this for christmas, and oh my stars in the heavens why did we not do this sooner. This thing is a life changer. My large chocolate chip cookie recipe took forever before. Homemade oreos were just a mess. My world has evolved into an entirely new experience. If you are considering this machine, but are hesitating because of the cost, go for it. My mom is still using the same bosch she used my entire life (i’m in my 30s now). I know this will last us a very good, long time. This has made me so happy, i am beyond words.

Having always used a stand mixer and burning those up -i find this belt driven mixer to have more power and more efficient mixing.

Edit on 15 june 2016: we found a weak spot: the plastic whip drive. In error, we used the plastic drive with the cookie paddles. Since we were so used to powering through heavy loads of lead-like dough, we were surprised to hear a thumping noise coming from the unit. We switched to the metal drive and still had the thumping noise. So, we switched back to the plastic drive to try and figure out what was going on. After a minute or two, the plastic drive exploded, sending shrapnel all around the kitchen. Luckily, we were not injured. We got all the plastic out of the dough (4 lbs of very thick dough for cheese straws. ) and went to the dough hooks, and the rest of the operation went well. The cheese straws were excellent.

Our original bought in 1982 is still in operation as is our one before this that was purchased in 1995. Passed that one down to one of our children. These mixers last forever but beware. Once you use one you cannot use anything else.

KitchenAid KSM150PSCO Artisan Series 5-Qt, One of the best presents I have ever bought my wife

One of the best presents i have ever bought my wife, she is so pleased with it and so is our 11 year old grandson they bake bread, cakes and cookies all the time. Excellent product that exceeded our expectations.

I just love my artisan mixer-beautiful color too-perfect color too. I wanted the cornflower blue, but held back after reading some of the reviews. It is very cornflower blue-i love it-don’t wait buy this machine if you are holding back because of some of the reviews like i did. I even contacted customer service to see if i could return it if i didn’t like it-amazon won’t let you down is my response the customer service assured me if i didn’t like it i could return it. I was replacing my cobalt blue pro one as i remodeled the kitchen and wanted to update my color to fit my kitchen, after 20 years the cobalt blue one was still goinglove kitchenaid. She has her own closet on the counter, color was a big deal to me. I also purchased the glass bowl which is a bit heavy but well worth the price. You wouldn’t want a bowl that broke or cracked with a hard hit-this bowl should hold up. My granite counters will put it to the test. Please don’t wait get what you love. I am just sorry that the bad reviews held me back.

Durable, sturdy, a great quality item.

Key specs for KitchenAid KSM150PSCO Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield – Cornflower Blue:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Choose from all the color options to find the one that best matches your style and personality.
  • The power hub turns your stand mixer into a culinary center with more than 15 optional attachments available.
  • 5-Qt. stainless steel bowl with comfortable handle offers enough capacity to mix dough for 9 dozen cookies or 4 loaves of bread in a single batch.
  • 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action means 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl for thorough ingredient incorporation.
  • The tilt-head design allows clear access to the bowl and attached beater or accessory so you can easily add ingredients for a recipe.
  • Powerful enough for nearly any task or recipe, whether you’re stirring wet and dry ingredients together, kneading bread dough or whipping cream.
  • Includes coated flat beater, coated dough hook, 6-wire whip and 1-piece pouring shield. The flat beater and dough hook are dishwasher-safe.
  • Choose from all the color options to find the one that best matches your style and personality.
  • The power hub turns your stand mixer into a culinary center with more than 15 optional attachments available.
  • 5-Qt. stainless steel bowl with comfortable handle offers enough capacity to mix dough for 9 dozen cookies or 4 loaves of bread in a single batch.
  • 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action means 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl for thorough ingredient incorporation.
  • The tilt-head design allows clear access to the bowl and attached beater or accessory so you can easily add ingredients for a recipe.
  • Powerful enough for nearly any task or recipe, whether you’re stirring wet and dry ingredients together, kneading bread dough or whipping cream.
  • Includes coated flat beater, coated dough hook, 6-wire whip and 1-piece pouring shield. The flat beater and dough hook are dishwasher-safe.

Comments from buyers

“Love it, why did I wait so long!
, Good quality but had to make several returns
, Fantastic stand mixer

This is the best gift you can give yourself.

This is one of the best presents i’ve ever received. I’ve always wanted one but it was out of my price range all these years. The holiday discount and bonus points made it more affordable. I baked about 20 different types of dessert over the holiday(cookies, cheesecake, cakes, and bars) and i didn’t feel tired or overextended at all. I love to bake but my arm has been giving me pains and this kitchenaid has given me a chance to continue my love of cooking without the pains. I highly recommend this artisan series for people who love to bake.

Read your instruction manual. Move the set screw if not set properly. Ok, that out the way, the thing is amazing. This is my first kitchenaid and i just had a hand mixer prior to this. I love being able to have both hands free to add ingredients or just top off my coffee while it does it’s thing. I had never made homemade frosting before and it was wonderful.No more store bought paragraph of ingredients i can’t pronounce for this family.

I just love this color everything else you can read in other’s reviews.

This was a gift to my sister. I am enjoying the bounty of the gift.

I waited for 6 years before being able to buy one of these mixers. It turned out to be blue willow instead of cornflower blue, like it said on the box. But the color still went with my kitchen and it looks really pretty, i decided to be happy with that color. In fact, it looked so pretty that when i needed to make a large cake for someone, i used my hand mixer. I didn’t want to get it dirty. I did however use it for the large amount of frosting i needed, and i found that it cleaned up beautifully and i am now using it regularly.

Great/best brand/product, easy ordering process, fast shipping as usual. Mixer is still going strong and my wife used it at least 3-4 times a week.

Finally, after years and years of wanting a kitchenaid stand mixer, i have one. I received one for christmas. It’s cornflower blue and looks so wonderful in my blue kitchen. The mixer and components are very well made and sturdy feeling. Nothing cheap or plastic-y with this unit. I made pumpkin bars to initiate my mixer and they turned out fab. I can’t wait to make more yummy baked goods in the weeks and years to come. It was a bonus that the mixer was assembled in the usa. Now, they just need to make all those parts here too.I’m so happy with my beautiful new kitchenaid stand mixer.

This is the first stand mixer i have ever owned, and it is phenomenal. So far i have used this to make bread and cookie dough. I highly recommend this mixer.

– my wrists don’t ache when i bake- i can add ingredients slowly while still mixing without growing an extra pair of arms- my bread dough looks so good, so does my bread- i love your calm blue color, you fill me will confidence- you sit proudly on my kitchen counter, matching the pretty blue paint i chose for the walls- you feel so solid and retro, i think, ‘this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

I’ve been comparing, and reading reviews for over a year to help me make my new kitchen mixer selection. I had narrowed it to only kitchenaid products, and then found the reviews on amazon really helpful to make my final model selection. The mixer has a star position in my new home’s baking area, and the cornflower blue was just exactly the punch that part of the kitchen needed. I have been using it frequently each week, and have not had any disappointments with the results. It is efficient, and easy to operate. I also really love the mixer bowl, with handle. Since i’m not as young and strong as i used to be, it makes it so much easier to get the dough into whatever pan required. I really wouldn’t change a single thing about this mixer, with the possible exception of that i wished i’d made up my mind sooner and been enjoying it longer.

I waited a long time to be able to buy this. Works great and looks wonderful.

Purchased for my daughter-in-law chef.

Got this as a present with all the additional attachments/accessories and my girlfriend loved it. She used it the next morning to make breakfast.

This purchase was for my daughter, she loves it and the blue color is great. Very well made and will last for years. The attachments are high quality and it arrived in a timely manner. I will continue to purchase items from amazon in the future.

Had a white kitchenaid gave it to my son wanted and love this shade and mixer.

Just know that you need to clean the bowl with olive oil before using for first time. This is buried in the instruction book.

This is just wonderful, it’s smooth, quiet, heavy, holds well to the counter so would never slide off. I am so happy with this mixer.

Husband surprised me with this baby on my birthday.

Love the cornflower blue to match my kitchen. The picture is an accurate color.

This mixer will be a family heirloom. These mixers can even be converted to off-grid(by the amish). These mixers would make a great wedding gift.

Kenwood Titanium Chef : If my experience changes – I will update

From the minute i pulled the pieces to this mixer out of the box, i was impressed. Kenwood did not use any inexpensive parts for the mixer or the two attachments (blender and food mixer). I am impressed with the quality of workmanship that went into this machine. The sheer excess weight by itself tells you this equipment has material. The 1st test i ran with the mixer was producing a essential cookie dough for some thumbprint cookies. Making use of the k blade (mixing paddle) the mixer experienced no difficulty making the dough. I did observe that incorporating the dry components is much easier if you do it prior to placing the plastic protect on the bowl. I will get use to this soon. The motor was extremely silent although mixing and experienced no issues with the standard dough. The up coming examination with the mixer was to beat some egg white.

I have created objects from scratch that i have hardly ever made prior to. Cakes ,breads and pie crusts. This will get rid of the have to have of acquiring all of the other appliances. This glass photo blender operates incredibly. Can make excellent smoothies as well. The meals processor chops diced and slices, evenly. With the added blades your salads occur out correctly. This will choose up much less room then owning all of the appliances on your counter. This will make it all in one. Stainless metal shines brilliant. The finest component is quick clean up-up. Once it can be on your countertop. All round 1 of the finest mixer,blender,food processor i at any time owned. They have some great add ons as nicely.

Kenwood Titanium Chef, Silver, KMC010

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powerful 1400W motor maintains speed and power even under heavy loads
  • Many attachments available to tailor your machine to create the ultimate food preparation partner
  • Stainless steel bowl tools- highest quality k-beater, dough hook, and power whisk
  • Generous 4.9 Quarts/4.6L Bowl capacity
  • Four power outlets offer unrivalled versatility

We previously have been employing a $four hundred cuisinart stand mixer with 1000 watts and seven quarts and not positive how this would operate out. Even though this is not as effective, you at times really don’t want the a thousand watts, furthermore it’s a lesser potential down and we obtain this better suited for our requirements. Our kitchen is pretty packed and the bigger mixers are just as well substantially. This mixer is very properly compact in measurement and design. It has additional angular attributes giving it a more present day appear as properly. To compound the compactness of the mixer, it will come with the blender and food stuff processor. The mixer arrives with three stainless metal bowls, 3 mixer attachments. The meals processor comes with 6 stainless steel blades. As of this submitting, ought to be the established you see in the 2nd pic of the product photos. I am no extremely professional chef but i do like to cook.

Will not be daunted by the sheer size and pounds of the box. When you unpack and individual out the pieces, it turns into a additional normal sized kitchen area equipment. But, so much far better quality than what you might typically order. The stainless steel factors and heft seriously make you sense like you just acquired a little something of high quality and longevity, in contrast to so many kitchen area appliances marketed these days. The top quality of building and generously powerful motor will make pretty much all kitchen area responsibilities simple. It’s significantly apparent when you are using the dough hook and need tiny additional electrical power than the common mixer. The examination i have not obtained a probability to operate was ice in the blender considering the fact that my ice maker is at present damaged, but from how it truly is managed everything else, i really don’t believe that is going to be a challenge. My only quibbles are twofold:1. Working with the meals processor/blender attachments is kinda odd since they attach at the top rated of the equipment. In reality, shorter persons will not like this or may well just deal with it and get a step stool.

Sure, this truly comes with all the attachments. It consists of a glass blender, a plastic food processor bowl (with blades), and of class the mixer bowl (with beater, hook, and whisk). It all will come packed in an extremely major box. My mixer shield’s hinged lid arrived damaged into four pieces, likely the final result of very poor packing. The bundle was otherwise undamaged. I contacted kenwood united states of america and they shipped me a alternative shield absolutely free of charge. It took a few of months, but if yours was damaged as perfectly, it might be an simpler alternative to sending the total weighty deal back to amazon. For this price, you can get a vitamix or ninja blender, a kitchenaid artisan mixer, a cuisinart foodstuff processor, and shell out about the same quantity of revenue (and possibly a little bit a lot less). So how does it look at to them?blender :my vitamix blender has about twice the rated energy of this blender, but the jar is plastic, not glass. The blender is impressive more than enough to make actually smooth soup, and even heat it up, but other than attempting it when just to show that it is doable, i’m not likely to use the vitamix for warm soups.

Kenwood Titanium Chef, Silver, KMC010 : I have only used the machine 6-7 times, but i am in love. Easy to use, intuitive everything. I purchased the mini grinder and meat cruncher separately – everything works like wonderi was able to get rid of 10 different devices and now have a lot more space in my kitchen.

In general, i’m pretty amazed with this appliance. It comes in a big box, but as soon as you consider it out and get all the elements unpackaged, it truly has a rather smaller footprint. Let us just say it is effectively packaged for shipping and delivery. You can convey to by the weight of this point that the high quality is actually good all the parts are really well-manufactured. I’ve employed the foods processor and the blender at this place. The foods processor did a terrific job on slicing greens (i julienned some zucchini for soup). My one criticism is the blender. I you should not think the blade is as sharp as it should be. I let a smoothie blend on a fairly substantial velocity for a good thirty seconds, and even now experienced chunks of peach floating in the combination. My 20 calendar year aged blender that smokes when i use it does a greater career on mixing smoothies and for the price tag of this product, you must get a fully-blended smoothie.

I have owned the most common stand mixer in the us for 20 yrs, and i by no means imagined i would favor a further brand name above kitchenaid. I used my kitchenaid and attachments intensely as an avid cook and baker, but i am around the moon in like with this kenwood mixerfirst of all, it can be modern and shiny and has a reduced profile, which is essential to use the involved attachments with this bundle. Mine sits on the baking centre down below some cabinets and i really don’t have to shift it to use the meals processor or blender on leading. I really like the modern day search (probably it really is not really as amazing as the retro ka mixers) and so considerably it cleans up nicely. Some points:* the bowl is a little larger sized than the levels of competition and comes with handles (terrific). It is pretty quick to secure on and off the base. I have not experienced any difficulties ‘wrenching’ it off the base (not like my outdated mixer). You will find also a bowl deal with provided. * the mixing attachments are a lot much more sizeable and sound steel. I simply get them on and off and it is really effortless to see in which to healthy them in and flip to safe to the mixer.

Possessing had this mixer for a single month, i have to say i am quite amazed. It arrived just in time for the cny when dumplings are made as a custom for fantastic fortunes, the 1st time we tried it was so effective that we had to do it yet again a week afterwards.

The kenwood kmc010 is pretty the powerhouse equipment, evidenced by the enormous box it arrived in. The kmc010 is a actually distinctive equipment, really as opposed to everything we have ever very own. At it is heart, it can be a mixer, as is straightforward to see in the images, but it also has the ability to switch into a bender and a foodstuff processor. At a outlined 750w on the motor, it is carried out it’s occupation remarkably properly so significantly. We’ve used the kmc010 generally as a meals processor, and it is effective splendidly. Attaching the food items processor attachment is amazingly easy and, pretty actually, foolproof as it will only snap into a single area. It purees food items for our daughter with ease. The over-all footprint on the kmc010 is big, but not abundantly so, primarily thinking about it can properly switch three kitchen appliances. The chrome glimpse to it is genuinely beautiful it’s an equipment that will search classy and respectable on any counter. Irrespective of all the matters we like, there is certainly one particular key destructive: there will not look to be a way to change off the mixer even though you’re utilizing the foods processor or blender attachment.

Since my mom-in-regulation is a chef for a living, i wanted to require her impression on this kenwood chef. I can say that she was unquestionably amazed on how it appears to be like and operates, and she likes the over-all excellent of this product or service. All sections look of large top quality constructed, like the attachments (i should disclose that they are manufactured in china, not in the uk or usa). Design and style-intelligent this device fits us much better than the level of competition, considering that the total top of the mixer (devoid of attachments) is significantly less than 12 inches and conveniently matches beneath our kitchen cabinets. Except you can pay for an added $1,000 on a kenwood chef that can cook and blend at the similar time (one of their a lot more recent up grade models), this is a magnificent model. I was concerned originally about fingerprint marks, but that grew to become a non-concern. This kmc010 chef comes with a meals processor attachment and a blender attachment. The blender is manufactured of glass, and the meals processor of tricky plastic with a metallic tackle. If the mixer unit is definitely a five star, i would amount both attachments in the 3-four star vary as i encountered difficulties with equally. Let’s get started with the blender: despite the fact that it can make awesome smoothie out of bananas and grapes, it has a rough time managing a carrot.

1st the mixer – it is uncomplicated to improve scraper to whisk to dough hook. The spatter go over is easy to put on, i advise you choose to use it or not to use it just before you start mixing though. The bowl locks in place and stays set, this helps make it difficult to scrape the sides as you mix. If you are applying the dough hook, be quite watchful adding components or you will pour them into the guard near the best as it turns. The blender – uncomplicated to set up, will work wonderful, and straightforward to clean up. The meals processer – simple to set up, uncomplicated to use with the discs or the blade, but tough to clean up. I tried out on and off for an hour to get the metallic foundation off of the most important bowl, i employed a jar gripper, alternate very hot and cold water, and my resident potent gentleman, but it is not coming off, you can see wherever the metallic thread and the plastic thread come alongside one another, but they will not individual. I lastly washed them with each other and hope there is no residue struck in the middle aspect. The look of this kitchen area heart is quite great, it appears superior ample to leave on the counter. If you are likely to use the blender or foodstuff processer you need plenty of clearance mainly because they sit on major of the equipment.

As i am not a stellar prepare dinner and choose to remain out of the kitchen as considerably as achievable, i was rather intimidated as i was unboxing the chef. There also was not considerably in the way of instructions incorporated, just the fundamentals on its use. Nevertheless, once i employed it, i felt i did not require significantly instruction. The utensils are easy to take out and install, the blender attachment goes on the outlet at the again, and the foods processor the outlet in entrance of that one particular. Uncomplicated to twist and lock every just one, separately of training course. A person issue i need to have to point out when utilizing the attachments it can be a fantastic idea to get rid of the mixing attachments as they will spin as regular. . I have a little galley kitchen area and i was storing my expenditures to be paid in the mixing bowl. . Not a good concept to use the blender with these in the bowl. I want they’d integrated a little recipe guide – kenwood has a world wide web site with recipes but they were composed for the cooking chef model.

I am super amazed with this awesome multi-use mixer. Permit me build from the outset that i am a male, and i don’t genuinely prepare dinner, but the excellent and workmanship of this mixer is so brilliant i was drooling in excess of it like a new chain noticed or a significant-stop bicycle. My spouse appreciated that, for almost the initially time at any time, i aided her prepare dinner from beginning to finish of project. My overview below incorporates my individual impressions as nicely as points my spouse and mother-in-law claimed about the way it functions in comparison with others mixers. ► the key point we all noticed about this mixer in comparison with other individuals is the huge energy. The motor on this kenwood is 750w. To put that in viewpoint, our previous mixer, the ever-well-liked kitchenaide (the sort that comes in a gillion hues) is only 325w. We recognized right away that the kenwood plowed by means of thick, hefty dough substantially much better than any other mixer we have utilised. I would enterprise to say you cannot do much superior for electricity. Regardless of all this electric power, the motor is reasonably peaceful.

I use his as a back up for my original kenwood which has a tendency to overheat with a double batch. I swear by the kenwood mixers. My authentic 1 is twenty five many years aged.

I have experienced a kitcheaid artisan stand mixer for a few of many years now, and i totally enjoy it. I have to admit i was skeptical that i could ever uncover an additional kitchen area equipment i love more, but. This matter is completely extraordinary. The mixer section is just like the kitchenaid, the attachments are the very same, but i adore that they are in stainless metal. (i believe that the kitchenaid dough hook and the most important mixing resource are ceramic). I also enjoy that it arrives with a blender and a food processor. How great to have a single device to do pretty much everything.This machine is unbelievably substantial high quality, not to mention extremely nicely built and simply amazing.

I could not aid but consider of the iconic kenwood stereo equipment from the nineteen seventies since that distinct typography on the entrance of this kenwood kitchen machine conjures up power. In this scenario not watts, but rpms, torque, and pressure. Believe of it as a docking station exactly where you can electricity many kitchen resources and accessories for slicing, grinding, dicing, mixing or most other relate ‘-ings’ to those people procedures. The numerous food processing blades—numbered so folks like me that do not know by sight which disc blade is for rasping from the a person for slim slicing—are sharp and connect simply. These points glance lethal and are: be very careful managing them. The thick reduce bade rendered 3 large potatoes into thick slides in seconds. If felt lifetime the disc was slicing as a result of butter. A considerate protection element caught my eye at once. The motor for the blades will not have interaction right up until the lid is firmly fastened atop the container the blades are poised over. The blender is a powerhouse as much as i can tell.

I acquired the kenwood chef mixer from a community retail store a pair of months back, after months of exploration in between the most well-liked can make and products. I determined on this one for the reason that of its fantastic evaluations on world wide web. I have been making use of it at minimum twice a week due to the fact then to make dough and cake mixing, and am really happy by my acquire. The mixer has only a single button and pretty uncomplicated to use. I place it on the counter and it requires about the exact same quantity of room as my rice cooker. Still it has a powerful motor and completes mixing tasks extremely quick and with simplicity. Mine arrived with three stainless metal mixing applications, a blender and a foods processor. I haven’t utilized the blender or food stuff processor however, but am pleased by the strategy of having a person device to do the tasks of 3. The mixer appears to be and feels strong and of higher excellent.

The kenwood kmc010 chef arrives in a significant box with the mixer, blender, and food stuff processor in different containers. The major contents involve :- 750w four. 9 quarts mixer with whisk, dough hook, and k-beater attachment- glass blender with one. two liter capacity for hot components and one. six liter capability for chilly elements- food items processor with 6 blades for rasping, high-quality grating, coarse grating, slender slice, thick slice, and julienne. The mixer device works quite nicely for generating dough and the motor operates quietly. Nonetheless, it lacks of a timer perform as as opposed to the other mixer i am making use of. The device is easy to clean and manage. The instruction handbook is quite transient with some normal steering on making use of the k-beater, whisk, and dough hook. There is no recipes guide / booklet.

 having had this appliance for about a month now, i experience i can give it a correct commentary. Yes it is major, the box it came in was 27lbs. The mixer is sound and not one particular i would want to have to get out of cupboard to use. , it is the place it is and stays there proudlyi could possibly insert. It truly is height when shut is 11 three/4′. I have experienced zero troubles with the attachments, blender and food stuff processer perform great. I have manufactured about 8 batches of pastry in the processer it performs like a allure and it appears extremely perfectly designed it is not affordable. The blender jar is x substantial and much like the large glass beer pitchers pubs utilised to use. , due to the fact of the dimension of the blender earning a 1 man or woman smoothie is sort of overkill, butfor batches of soups, or pitchers of icy beverages, it can be perfect. To the mixer, the bowl tools are super easy to implement and get rid of.

I’ve experienced an more mature-product kitchenaid common for a few years that gets considerably common use, and this has far more than replaced it. Honestly, the mixer component is about the exact same, nevertheless i think the kenwood has a better/more powerful motor. Where this device truly shines is the all-in-1 overall performance it presents. The meals processor is wonderful. And the whole bundle normally takes up only the place of the mixing unit, it is really not definitely any greater than my kitchenaid mixer. Make quality is sound, anything feels very well designed. The two little adjustments i could want, and where kitchenaid nonetheless has an benefit about it, are the following: i would like the handle on the mixing bowl had been a lot more valuable, and vertically-oriented like the new kitchenaid bowls. Also, the style of the kitchenaid splash guard detail makes it possible for it to be taken out with out taking away the attachment in use, even though with this just one, that just isn’t attainable. Could direct to a messy predicament if it desires to be taken off in the center of a venture. Oh, and when they say not to keep mixer attachments in the bowl, they genuinely imply it. I forgot i experienced them in there when screening out the foods processor, and considering that the mixer spins at the similar time, it really mangled the whisk, and scraped some metallic off of the bowl by itself. Not sure regardless of whether i ought to rely that as a strike from the product or not.

Initially off, this is the nicest, most pricey mixing/blending set i have utilized, and the 1st all-in-1. No expertise with similar kitchen-aid or cuisinart models so i can not look at it to individuals. But from evaluating it on its individual deserves, plus comparing it to different mixers and blenders i’ve utilized in the earlier, this set is really nice and one thing i truly feel will previous a life span. It will come in a large, major (and fairly awkward for the reason that of measurement and pounds) box. Almost everything is sturdily packed to protect against hurt but its all easy to remove. The development quality is superb. The motor assembly is robust, the elements fit collectively precisely and snugly and kenwood failed to skimp on materials. It appears to be quite large-duty to me. The guidelines are quick but ample and as other folks have pointed out, there are no recipes. I am no skilled chef but i experienced no difficulty figuring out how every little thing fits collectively and is meant to be made use of.

KitchenAid RRK150ER 5 Qt : Great deal. but.

But the reason for the low rating is. It says it comes with nylon coated beater and nylon coated dough hook and a pour in shield. I didn’t get the pour in shield and my stuff was not nylon coated and looked all beat up.

I’ve ordered refurbished kitchen aid products before with success but, this purchase was a flop. The flat beater had a crack in the coating, the motor head was so badly aligned that the locking mechanism could not engage. The one time i did get it to lock it was so out of sync that the whole thing vibrated while operating. Returned and purchased a new one, the difference was worth the $30. You just never know if you will get the good one or the junk.

Fairly pleased, but the mix head wobbles more than seems right. I did check the neck screw from the hollow part, and it’s tight. It seems new, only has a tiny flaw in the finish on the mix head. Love the bowl with the big vertical handle. The motor seems strong and smooth so far. I have only made cookies, and it did well. The little black knobs on the levers to lock the mix head and adjust the speed have some sharp edges, but i learned how to not touch those edges. Hope it really lasts well, at least 5 to 7 years. My old one is over 30 years old and went to a new home for occasional use.

I just purchased this mixer and it arrived at my house today. It looks like a brand new mixer. There are no scratches or dings anywhere. I was hesistent on purchasing a refurbished mixer, but after reading the reviews i felt slightly better. Trust me when i say this, you will not regret it.

  • love my refurbished mixer!
  • Love My Kitchen Aid 😍💖
  • Beautiful AND functional!

KitchenAid RRK150ER 5 Qt. Artisan Series – Empire Red (Certified Refurbished)

This is the second one i order because the first one made a clinking noise from improper whisk contact with the bowl and the body of the mixer had a superficial 1 inch dent. Very unhappy with the way it arrived, see pictures. The replacement mixer, however, is awesome. Only has a small nick but no funny noises while doing a “dry test run”. I will be testing it soon and will update when i make my next batch of baked goods. This one was shipped by itself in it’s original box (much better choice than the first one).

This is my wife’s favorite tool. Some of the attachments don’t work that great but such a good mixer and sausage maker.

I love kitchenaid and have never had an issue with mixers previous to this one but on this one, the attachment between the head and the body seems to be a little loose. This is not the case with most kitchenaid product i’ve had before. Also, it’s best to just get kitchenaid through them, for the warranty. You have that warranty no matter what but if you go through kitchenaid instead of other people, that warranty is hassle-free. Kitchenaid is the best when it comes to warranty but they have issues handling their product when it goes through other sellers. You have to ask for a different department for the warranty in those cases. Kitchenaid twitter did well to help fix this for me but it’s just best to buy through them. You can probably find them selling here, on amazon, too, so.

I’ve wanted a kitchenaid for ever but could not afford it. I found this certified reconditioned one and it was the best purchase i have ever made. I’ve used it 4 times in a week making christmas cookies and it looked brand new and has exceeded my expectations.

A couple of weeks ago i finally caved and bought a reconditioned kitchenaid artisan after years of wanting one. Between the free shipping, the great amazon. Com price and the instant $25 off coupon from amazon, i got it for $135 bucks delivered. Great, right?the mixer came in a few days and it was in very good shape. The only issue i could see was a slight bit of chipping on the paint around the silver band. The bowl had a tiny dink in it, but not enough of a dent to interfere with the beaters. But, the paddle that came with the mixer was broken. I immediately called kitchenaid, because the mixer came with a 6 month warrantee. And yes, they were willing to send me a paddle for free. But, they were backordered and wouldn’t be able to get one to me for several weeks, even with a rush put on it.

I used it to bake the cake for my sister’s bridal shower. It was 3 layers, and i messed up the first batch and had to start over, so i got alot of use out of it in one night. It works beautifully, and there are no scratches or anything; haven’t had any problems with my refurbished product.

Refurbished: very impressed with the beauty and quality (new) w/o no scratches, dents or dings. I don’t have much counter space, but i don’t want to put it out of sight. As a certified chef (class of 2016) a kitchenaid mixer was a must have for me.

There was a small problem with the order, but ‘always quality’ customer service stepped up and fixed the problem quickly. Thanks guys 🙂 the mixer was a gift for my elderly mother and she love this mixer. She has used it daily and has had no problems. She loves the antique copper color too.

I love this mixer, loved the price even more. I make pond cakes which are really dense. A regular hand mixer would burn out in no time. This mixer is well able to handle the weight of the batter and makes the the cake moist and appealing. I also, make homemade breads and i just wiz right thru. I was a little skeptical in buying a refurbished anything, but now am glad i did as did not want to spend $500 for a mixer. If you are in need of a mixer might want to check this out as well as the price.

I looked on kitchenaid’s website and saw that the 5qt artisan was $430, so i came to amazon to find it cheaper. I sorted by the lowest price, as one does, and found this thing for half the price. Now, i am the kind of person who never buys used things because i’m always worried that the first person wanted to get rid of it because something was wrong with it. But since this said “factory refurbished,” i decided to look into it. I read the description about it going back through the factory inspection so that all the mechanics work perfectly well and the only thing that could possibly be wrong with it would be marks in the paint. It also comes with all the original parts (3 beaters, a bowl, and an instruction/recipe book) and a 6 month warranty. 5 star rating with over 400 reviews, so i decided to buy it. I also paid a little more for the 2 year warranty, just in case. It had a couple tiny scratches on it here and there, but you wouldn’t notice unless you were lookin for them.

*update* i’ve had my refurbished kitchenaid for about a year now and it’s still going strong with regular use. I still love iti have had this for about 2 months and use it all the time. Its refurbished but, works like its brand new. It came with 3 beating attachments and a metal bowl. It is very heavy to move but, very easy to clean. Baking has never been so fast.

This stand mixer is powerful and easy to use. The ability to add attachments is a great bonus that makes this one of the most flexible tools to have in the kitchen. I’ve already made several recipes with the help of the kitchenaid, and the results have been terrific. Clean-up is also very simple.

Loud motor seem when in use, even on stir mode. It heats up rapidly much too just on whisking egg whites. Yet, it nonetheless works very good sufficient & item appears brand new with no indications of scratches or use & tear everywhere.

This is my to start with kitchenaid mixer and expectations were higher. It arrived in flawless form, with a best complete. I created a flowerless cake and it was perfect. I included a kitchenaid pasta maker attachement and tried out my hand at selfmade pasta. I figured i would try the kitchenaid recipe initial, and see how the complete proces labored. It had a tricky time with the dough (thirty sec with the blade, 2 minutes with a dough hook). I connected the pasta maker and all was functioning properly. I observed it was slowing down and rushing up, even if i wasn’t feeing any dough via it. Then it stopped turning even however the motor was nevertheless operating. Only bought to operate 1/four of the dough and failed to end that. The up coming day, i experimented with it yet again with no attachments. Very same sluggish down/speed up problem. Referred to as kitchenaid, who reported it was out of warranty, but they would substitute it in any case.

Will work excellent and appears to be manufacturer new, there are no scratches of mars of any variety on the end or the bowl. I like the deal with on the bowl, assists keep it to get the contends poured into pan (s) and to take away it for cleaning. A friend has the suspended bowl form and is generally grousing what a soreness it is to get rid of and place back on. I was a tiny leary of obtaining a refurbished unit but it really is from amazon so i knew i would be taken care of if there was a difficulty so i went for it. The holiday baking year is setting up so this small red baby is about to be applied a great deal.

I had bought this mixer for one particular objective only. I’ve located that for shut to a hundred batches that i have produced this mixer has labored flawlessly. I experienced burned out numerous mixers with some of the doughs that i made. So i at last bought the kitchenaid manufacturer. This has finished up preserving income for me. It is a factory reconditioned, but like i said in the title i’ve owned it for for 5 a long time now and am really contented. My difficulty is that the shots should really precisely reflect what you are getting not what you could get if you acquire accessories. The description does properly tell you what you recieve with this obtain.

I am obtaining no challenges with how it performs, besides an east repair. When i 1st got it i washed the bowl like ordinary and it gave off this gray/metallic residue. I was fearful so i looked up how to correct it and all you have to do is coat the within with oil (it is olive oil but i applied vegetable) and i stuffed it up with warm water. I let it sit and recurring just to make sure and it labored like a attraction. General i think this is worthy of the investment decision and a complete steal. Mine came with the dough, paddle, and whisk/whip attachment.

Great product at a fantastic price. I am satisfied with the client company. My equipment arrived with burnished attachments, and when i messaged their customer assistance division about my possessing a trouble with it touching my foodstuff, they despatched me the nylon coated flat beater and dough hook as promised in the description free of price tag. For any person who’s on the fence about paying for this refurbished item (like i was), go ahead and do it-you won’t regret it.Also, really don’t fail to remember your four-12 months defense prepare. I am extremely content with my new toy. 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂.

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer : One Year On, Still a Champ!

I largely works by using this mixer for creating cakes and icing. It has a amazing motor that looks really robust and able of handling thick mixes. The only trouble that i have ever had with this mixer is when i start out my blend off with butter. As i increase other components, i have to stop and choose a spoon and scrape the bottom of the bowl in buy for the butter to be integrated into the combine. The bowl appears to be to have a small spot in the base the place the whisk will not seize the butter, but nothing else feel to ‘hide’ there, just butter. Other than that i love my bosch mixer and i would totally acquire it all over again if i had to do around.

A potent mixer that packs away into a awesome compact package deal. I appreciate that the cord has a designed in wrapping location to retain it neatly tucked in and all the beaters healthy inside of the bowl. I looked a lengthy time for a light-weight and shorter mixer that would fit in my cabinet but i was nervous it would not do a superior career at mixing. But, i have now manufactured numerous batches of cookies, muffins, cakes, waffles, etcetera. And it does a great position. Whip product and egg whites are easily beaten to stiff peaks. I do not bake my individual bread so i can not remark on this mixer’s kneading capability. I also acquired the blender attachment and i am delighted with how finely it can chop up the ice cubes in my smoothies. Just allow it mix of 4 – five minutes and 2 cups of ice cubes are absolutely nothing a lot more than ice pebbles.

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 400 watt, 4 Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Lightweight 4-quart plastic BPA-free bowl with easy-grip handle; bowl is dishwasher safe. Tilt-head design allows for the easy addition of ingredients
  • Unique planetary gearing creates whipping action up to any whipping task. Whip as little as one egg white, creams any light batters.
  • 400 watt motor provides enough power for all your kitchen tasks, even kneading up to 6 loaves of whole grain bread dough or mixing dozens of cookies in a single batch
  • A variety of optional attachments and accessories will to turn your mixer into a kitchen machine. Grind meat, juice citrus, blend smoothies, and more.
  • Includes 4 Qt. bowl, pouring shield, dough hook, beating whisk, and stirring whisk.
  • 400 watt motor is quiet yet the most powerful in its class
  • Sturdy 4 quart mixing bowl kneads up to six pounds of dough
  • Unique planetary gearing assures thorough mixing
  • Four electronically controlled speeds plus locking park position
  • Ingenious design of the multi-function arm locks into three positions to accommodate blender, food processor, continuous shredder and many other essential accessories

I did a great deal of study on which mixer i would get. I in the end will purchase the electrolux assistent but i needed a ‘smaller’ stand mixer for the working day to working day baking. It does a excellent task mixing my dough, significant whipping product, egg whites and so forth. I am glad however to possessing study opinions all above the world wide web to start with and the instructions mainly because i would have utilized the incorrect hook for my assignments. I consider its essential to go through the guidelines, assessments on the net and check out some videos initial right before the initially use. Acquiring done that it was quite uncomplicated to use. Effortless attaching the hooks and eliminating them. Fantastic effects with the dough.

Nicely created, surprisingly lightweight and moderately quiet in operation, this is so a great deal a lot more than a rather kitchen area accent (i’m imagining kitchen area aid. We have been delighted with the effectiveness and establish top quality and would definitely advise it for house baking.

If i could make adore to this mixer i would. Lol i really feel that strongly about it. I used kitchen area assist for a long time. I experienced a single of the aged types produced by hobart. Then hobart bought out kitchen area aid to sunbeam. Now the kitchen area aids are just junk with created in obsolesce. Oh and the outdated kitchen area support k5 built by hobart is nonetheless working. My daughter is still utilizing it 40 yrs later. You can even now obtain these on ebay. But no require, bosch is right here and i finely have a mixer i adore again.

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 400 watt, 4 Quart : I waited an entire year before making my final decision and bought the bosch compact mixer. During my year of contemplation, i kneaded by hand. I make mostly bread so i really appreciated all the online reviews letting me know that bosch is better than ka for bread. I’ve had the bosch now for one week and have made cinnamon rolls, pizza dough and brioche buns. They all taste lighter and fluffier than when i kneaded by hand. I’m also glad i purchased the compact versus the universal as the most i make at once are two loaves of bread, and i tend to halve recipes. I’ve only used the bread hook thus far; the other two attachments are whisks. The design of this mixer is efficient with a slightly raised bump in the bottom of the bowl. The dough attachment goes in at an angle and when it sweeps around the bowl it really catches everything. Another huge plus for me is how easy it is to clean.

Had to chuckle when i observed the dimensions of this mixer. My 1st perception was, this will not be ready to manage this particular recipe that requires ‘power’. (that’s how i broke my preceding mixer). Perfectly, let me convey to you , this very little, compact mixer is a huge in disguise. Love the ‘power’ it has, had no challenge with my exclusive recipe. Was in a position to make cake without any dilemma. . I can put it away and have home to spare. It’s amazing the added area i have for other objects in my pantry. This mixer is definitely great, even my spouse is impressed with it, and he is an engineer.

For qualifications, i am a residence baker, who normally takes the job rather very seriously. Not in the perception of making extravagant, delectable choices, with refined flours that have had most of the lifetime-providing vitamins furnished by character eliminated. I only use freshly floor grains. Irrespective of whether it is cracked oat groats in the early morning for cereal, or einkorn, kamut, or a different wheat variety, it’s usually freshly floor and 100%, barring a tsp of gluten normally extra. I initially started employing a vitamix to grind the grain. The consequence was coarse, healthy, but of limited appeal. Then a nutrimill grinder allowed me to make breads with common appeal. Much more lately, komo typical and a nutrimill harvest grinders have taken more than, opening the doorway to lots of new sources of diet. I have both equally a bosch universal mixer and a bosch mum4405 compact tilt-head stand mixer. The smaller compact mixer is terrific for smaller areas, and with it planetary gearing does a wonderful job of kneading dough.

I bake for 2 farmers markets. Up right up until the order of my bosch i was doing all of my bread mixing and kneading by hand. The smaller sized products (cookies, espresso cakes, fruit breads and so forth) have been produced utilizing a hand mixer. This equipment is this kind of a time saver. The biggest bread recipe i have utilised it for is 3 loaves. . But what i am happiest about are my two loaf recipes that use wheat flour and are tough and timely to mix and knead (honey wheat and caraway rye) not only does it do them very easily but the completed item is far better and taking significantly less time. The other options i like are the body weight and the simple fact that it does not choose up a huge volume of my minimal counter space. I have also discovered that i can blend all substances in a single bowl (preserving on dishpan arms)i am a senior and have located the ease of use, body weight and simplicity of cleanup the greatest capabilities of this producti appreciate my new mixer.

I received my bosch compact mixer about 3 months back, and i am much more than happy. It is light-weight more than enough to raise from base cabinet to counter without the need of straining, but appealing and compact more than enough to depart on the counter, really should i decide on. I’ve geared up bread dough, and 2 pizza doughs with a hundred and ten% achievement the whipping hook carried out as anticipated when getting ready whipping product. The dough exercise routine (velocity no greater than two) leaves the mixer a small warm, but definitely not warm, and after 8-10 minutes, dough is adequately combined, leaving the sides of the bowl cleanse. I appreciate the rotation of the hook that makes it possible for all spots of the bowl to be achieved. Utilizing the ‘park’ placement is quite practical far too. This bosch mixer arrives with a one yr warranty, but owing to the good track record of the company, i expect it to be issues no cost for extended than that. My only regret at this time is not buying this stand mixer sooner. Eta: products experienced home to change all around inside of the box, so packing could have been a great deal more secure.

I seriously like this little device. It is quick and pleasant and i get in touch with it r2d2 due to the fact it really is squat and a minor noisy. 1st it jumps close to a minimal — building me assume that with even one particular loaf of bread i am near to overloading it. I really like the idea of contemporary bread of all kinds at a modest portion of the store-purchased versions. The second purpose is that i am finding a small oil in the dough catcher (not the dough) at the major of the dough hook. It can be a small quantity, but it can be stressing me a little, so i am retaining an eye on it.

I bought this few months ago but didnt have a prospect to use it. With my cervical backbone challenges ,its been hard to whip eggs by hand and i genuinely hate handheld as nicely becuase of the same concern with my neck. So significantly i have only examined it with 2 egg whites and it whipped it really well at setting range 4. When summer is about i will check out out some other recipe and update this evaluate.

Had as a lot of as nine cups of flour in bread recipe. Tried kitchen area help and i thought i might melt away up the motor.

Up to date evaluate – i identified as amazon to uncover out what i could do about the solution and relayed the predicament with bosch to the representative. I explained that i’ve experienced the item was a lot less than a single calendar year. Because of to the actuality that it was approximately a calendar year because i purchased the item, amazon could not trade the product, but they graciously available to choose the item again for a refund. I am content to report that when bosch did almost nothing to assist me, amazon did not are unsuccessful me. (original assessment follows)- – – – – – -soon after months of agonizing analysis and product comparison, i little bit the bullet and requested this device. I have had the unit for significantly less than a 12 months. The merchandise arrived as marketed and was packaged nicely so that all sections and pieces have been there, exactly where they must be, and in working buy. For the initial handful of months, i utilized it to make uncomplicated matters these kinds of as cupcakes, whipped topping, nothing way too hefty. The very little suction cups beneath the base worked its magic. Then i ventured into cookies and even that was high-quality, for the most section, despite the fact that the suction cups were being popping 1 after the other like a tag-team.

I bought it a several weeks back on amazon. I had damaged my kitchenaid stand mixer by making bagels. This was marketed by a third-get together re-seller and categorised as ‘used,’ but i question it essentially was ever applied. Perfectly, i’ve had it about a few weeks and have designed pressed cookies, many batches of chocolate chip cookies, and bagels. All of these are a really stiff dough, the bagels in particular. This device did splendidly, and with zero drama. Now, i will say that the bagel dough did lead to it to just take a bit of a stroll throughout the counter, but it stood however for the pressed cookies and the chocolate chip cookies. It is not noisy like my prior mixer was.

I are not able to feel this small, light pounds mixer can in fact knead bread dough. Cookie dough, cake batter handles it with relieve. I even designed a cheese cake, arrived out ok but hardly ever a single of my greatest feats in baking.

Potent, successful, will get the career performed. Handled cookie dough with ease (utilised the dough hook to mix in the flour), kneaded dough for two loaves, and beat cake batter to a fluffy light consistency. Gave four stars only since i discover it a little bit difficult to tilt the head and clear away and swap the deal with-shield when incorporating some substances or occasionally scraping the bowl, if essential. Ideal factor is that all this electrical power and effectiveness is packaged in a light-weight device, which is effortless to go and shop in my pantry.

I have been seeking a stand mixer for a long time, but the evaluations of the ka mixers held me from pulling the bring about. I even deemed an outdated, beat up hobart n50 that a community restaurant supply retailer was providing ($550) prior to picking out the bosch. This mixer is genuinely easy. Who wants much more than 4 speeds?.The bowl locks into location when you lower the head, and there are very few nooks and crannies where by food can accumulate. It seems a good deal powerful sufficient it just blended a batch of cookie dough with 6 cups of flour with no a hitch. Buddies who very own kas have been impressed with its deficiency of sound. It is really not a quite equipment you most likely is not going to want to go away it on the counter. Of course, the bowl is plastic but it really is nicely-manufactured.

Determined to obtain this soon after comparing the electricity score (400 watt) with other brands. Incredibly solid machine for its sizing, top quality attachments, little enough footprint i can depart it on the counter. Update this is a small powerhouse.Bread dough is no challenge i make a batch for two loaves at a time. Whips up frosting, etcetera excellent way too. So happy i bought thisif you have any questions, you should experience no cost to ask me. If you located my critique helpful, allow me know and click on yes.

I assume yet another reviewer stated it was not superior for producing cookie dough and i fully concur but i will not make cookies quite often. For anything else, it is superb. I truly like how gentle it is. My aged mixer (kitchen area aid) was a wonderful mixer but as i received older, i didn’t like lifting the mixer out of the pantry every single time i needed to use it. This mixer is light-weight as a feather. I however are unable to think any one could make a very good mixer that is so light-weight in bodyweight.

I bought it when my kitchenaid broke & i wanted to make pizza dough when a week. It tends to make good dough & much more. I use it to combine meatball combination. I made use of to do it w/ my arms but this does a significantly superior position. The kitchenaid was underneath guarantee so i did have it changed but i have under no circumstances yet again manufactured dough in it. This bosch does it so significantly far better.

I make bread about twice a month and have to have a much better equipment that could tackle bread dough. I have a kitchen area aide mixer and the bowl would soar out of the track and also the dough just wrapped all over the beater. I took a opportunity on this mixer. It appears cheap, but it does the work. I have only utilised it three instances and it has done a great position. I have only put in five cups of flour and i feel it said it would get up to 8, but i have been perfectly content. The bowl cleans like a desire and it is light-weight and easy to tackle.

NexGenStore “Mixa” Powerful Patented Twin Motor 10 Speed Stand and Hand Mixer – This mixer is great, wish the bowl was larger but other than

Most effective stand mixer i have ever made use of. Have a kitchen area support that does not function as well. Manufactured clean pasta dough that arrived out excellent. Manufactured oatmeal raisin pecan cookies that ended up to die for. Appreciate how the bowl spins while your mixing. This stand mixer does it all for only 60. The kitchen area help will be thrown out. Suggest for any person who desires a superb stand mixer.

I simply cannot give this a detailed critique simply because i only acquired to use it after ahead of i understood it wouldn’t operate for me. And i only generate this evaluation to make anyone mindful of why it didnt function for me. The duration of the beaters are quite shorter than beaters on most other hand mixers. As these types of if you use this as a hand mixer and like to combine batters that can be deep, this is not your mixer. Everything more than about four inches and the genuine mixer device will be in your batter, or no matter what you are mixing. Just be mindful of that when thinking of this product or service. I cant price it on everything else other than that.

Bought as a christmas reward for my daughter. She has made use of it every single day considering the fact that. She says it is definitely ‘powerful’. A great deal of xmas goodies now.Here are the specifications for the NexGenStore “Mixa” Powerful Patented Twin Motor 10 Speed Stand and Hand Mixer:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Patented Twin Motor System – One motor drives the beaters while a second independent motor drives the bowl. This allows the power to be put where it is needed and the result is a powerful bowl drive without a needlessly cumbersome hand mixer.
  • Versatile dual purpose. The unique design has a powerful, fully detachable, ergonomically designed hand mixer that forms the basis of an effective stand mixer. The Mixa has 325 watts of total power for the heaviest mixing tasks.
  • 10 speed selections (5 high plus 5 low) with Power Boost button along with a 2 speed mixing bowl motor to insure efficient mixing of a variety of ingredients.
  • Large 3.5 quart capacity stainless steel mixing bowl which comes with a snap-on lid.
  • Specially designed heavy-duty “V-groove” beaters aerate mixtures better that flat blades. The distance between beater centers is larger than conventional hand mixers to allow the use of larger, stronger gears and beaters. Comes with Stainless Steel Beaters and Dough hooks which feature extra thick .25 inch shafts. Also included is a unique spatula that fits the bowl profile exactly and has an extended tip for scraping the beaters.

The hand mixer is very at ease to use. It can be obtained lots of electricity and the turntable for the stand portion is effective terrific. The only matter that i don’t like about this mixer is that it would not arrive with a whisk and i cannot discover wherever to order a person separately. I would definitely suggest this products.

I like this mixer really significantly. It is awesome that it doubles as a stand mixer and a hand mixer.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Only 2 Features Missing
  • Good price and good product
  • Another great “for the price” product!

Mixer is quietthe twin motor seriously makes a differenceeasy to storecomponents go collectively and occur apart quickly.

This mixer is excellent, would like the bowl was bigger but other than that whips up a great deal of different things effortlessly.

Except for the loudness this is a awesome mixer. Professionals: i recognize the compact sizing on my counter the electrical power with multi speeds the optional automatic bowl turner the shorter, & broader stainless steel bowl (so i can scrape the sides whilst it is turning) & lid straightforward release buttons for both the beaters and the tilt back again head. The bowl also conveniently releases from the spinning plate – an additional wonderful featurecons: the one particular point i experience is missing (other than a quieter motor) is the possibility to obtain a glass bowl.

Offset bowl, and not very loud.

I have been wanting at mixers for awhile. I observed mixa, for the cost and the functions explained it seemed like the best to buy. The turning bowl and speeds of the blades/beaters. It aided my 1st cake that i created thumbs up. The only thing and it may have been my cooking, but it did not support my cake seem like the recipes.

As substantially as i like to prepare dinner and bake, and kicking myself for not receiving this quicker. I definitely love not having to hover in excess of a bowl while mixing substances. This does not change my more substantial kitchenaid mixer, but does a truly helpful work on the modest batch employment.

My specialty is pound cakes. I like to use at least a 350 watt mixer for them, mainly because the batter is so thick. I was intrigued by this because of the plan of the twin motors. ( i actually assume my 1st sunbeam the mixmaster 2371 melt away out immediately after two yrs mainly because the glass bowl was so heavy in addition to the thick batter. )i thought with the 2 different motors the strain on it shouldn’t be so difficult, even with it only remaining 325 watts. I liked this issue from the 1st minute of use. I never have to ‘push’ my blend into the beaters. I just keep the spatula that comes with it, lightly in opposition to the bowl and it immediately pushes it into the beaters.Wow, does that help save use and tear on my wrists.

I appreciate my mixer, it has comprehensive energy and superb options. I would get this device again.

For this rate you can’t beat it. My wife enjoys it as it does every little thing she would like and wants. My spouse bent the beaters by sticking a spoon in it and shopper provider replied the identical day as my e mail and is sending me new beaters, you can not beat that1 calendar year afterwards ~ emailed buyer service about new blades and they sent us new types the next working day.

Utilised many periods and operates terrific. Has loads of electrical power to get the task accomplished.

Mine arrived in a white box. Easy to attach and dismantle. It’s powerful but the rotating bowl does make a loud sound. With the mixer managing, it appears like a development drilling in my kitchen area.

Was getting complicated time working with hand mixer.

Does not consider too a great deal area on the counter. Practical and functional to use for fundamental baking.

I have in no way owned a stand mixer just before due to the fact they consider up so substantially space, but this just one is the excellent sizing. It is properly-crafted and performs terrific. It is a tiny loud, but that is my only grievance. I am certainly likely to try other solutions from this company.

For ninety% of the batters it functions effectively. For significant batters it struggles. It is mild which is one of the factors i acquired it somewhat soon after carrying my weighty kitchen-aide.

Bosch Styline Stand Mixer, Great kitchen processor.

I put it by means of it is really paces with total wheat bread. It worked like a attraction and won’t just take up the complete counter. Owned an early kitchen aide which in no way kneaded bread very well.

Makes wonderful pizza and bread dough. Shredder attachment seems low-priced but do not use it. I have a fantastic meals processor.

Does cake batter and bread dough rather effectively. Normally takes really small room on the kitchen area counter.

Key specs for Bosch Styline Stand Mixer with Continuous Shredder:

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  • Includes motor drive covers, stainless steel bowl, accessory bag, beating whisk, stirring whisk, dough hook, transparent lid with filler hole, continuous shredder & Cook’n Recipe Software.
  • 450 Watt Motor
  • MultiMotion Drive ensures precise kneading & mixing
  • 4 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl
  • 4 Speeds plus momentary and stop position

Comments from buyers

“Unbeatable quality, performance, and price–while it works, Great kitchen processor., it feels like you could throw it down a flight of stairs “

Had a extremely equivalent a person just before it was a west bend item made in germany. My new 1 is a bosch just about a twin a number of new tweaks we actually like using the new one.

Wanted one for around 6 months ,at last handled myself for my birthday and boy was i glad i did.

Tried it for bread and appreciate it. Not noisy and uncomplicated to run.

I have made use of this for 7-8 months now to knead full wheat dough (no white flour at all). It took having used to applying eyesight far more than experience to know how substantially drinking water vs. But it has no trouble with the load and only can take about 10 minutes to knead. I am providing away my bread equipment.

My old stand mixer just was not cutting it any longer and i required an up grade. I not long ago bought this mixer following undertaking a whole lot of study. I almost acquired that well-acknowledged model that starts with a k. Until i started reading all those lousy testimonials about affordable plastic gears in individuals machines that quickly burn out. Very good point i held on searching because i came throughout this bosch and was promptly attracted to the style and design. There were not many critiques for this bosch mixer anywhere in the usa, but i made a decision to give it a check out. I have never seen this mixer in any store. Did not even know it existed. It really is not way too loud and it does the position nicely. I have performed numerous cakes and other pastries and some breads. I stressed it with some thick bread dough mixes previous 7 days. I was shocked at how well it taken care of the endeavor. It failed to overheat, or smoke, or shutdown.

In brief this device is elegant, powerful and exceptionally practical. It does cope with kneading and mixing incredibly very well. Pros:-the style with swivel head helps make it simple to include ingredients though mixing. The rubber suction feet allows keep the the unit constant through heaving mixing. It is incredibly silent and seems fantastic on the counter-leading toocons:desire they experienced extra color alternatives other than white. It has four speed options and comes with a continuous shredder attachment with three blades. The optional attachments are blender and citrus juicer. Bosch has acquired a excellent title automotive industry for their electric motors and for a stand mixer to complete demanding jobs like kneading dough it desires a good motor and transmission and that was the most important rationale i decided to go with this brand. Also right after reading rave reviews for their trustworthiness for their other stand mixers i think this device will be reliable for yrs to arrive. Update 12/30/2014 : i was the very first a single to leave feeback for this item, so most likely the to start with 1 to see this item are unsuccessful. The unit broke past month, the motor sounded like it was managing at substantial velocity and mixer attachment was not going. The unit was fixed below warranty, regrettably owing to its excess weight delivery the item to the dealer is pretty costly and is not coated. The turnaround time from the services middle was excellent, the repair observed the the motor pcb board experienced been replaced. I truly did not be expecting this to fall short so shortly by regular use.

Extremely good, awry thinks work.

Utilised it five instances and experienced it a 7 days. It is very and so uncomplicated to use. Mixes very well and would not be without having it so significantly.

Very good products, very well made, reliable and does the job.

Update 7/one/15: effectively, seems to be like my styline has also fallen sufferer to some mystery motor ailment. Not like reviewer ‘joe’ in advance of me, though, there has not yet been a comprehensive failure of the mixer, but in its place an significantly troubling creaking coming from the motor region. There have been smaller signs major up to this point: occasional creaking noises inevitably became repeated/continuous creaking while mixing. The sounds had been perceptibly receiving worse, and silly me for not getting extra anxious so i could do something within the one calendar year guarantee–a really hard lesson to discover. Just my luck, the sounds was at last alarming adequate a number of days soon after the guarantee expired prior to that, i could dismiss the creaking sound as ‘normal’ procedure. I’m hoping the past reviewer and i just bought the early duds, but i do not know. As i described, my mixer has not specifically broken or failed, but i can only think about breaking/failure to be the logical finish in this article. The sounds does not audio fantastic. And again, it really is not so a great deal a steel grinding noise as is at times an situation with other stand mixers, but extra a plasticky creaking. To be good, it only appears to be to creak when the mixer encounters some resistance, in my situation pizza dough.

Excellent communication with the vendor (who’s the authorized vendor for bosch mixers). Was a little bit unhappy that it failed to occur with the initial box. Tiny footprint and exquisite style. The stainless metal bowl is rock sound and quite. Will not fully grasp why bosch discontinued this and replaced it with a plastic bowl version.

Wonderful merchandise at a good price tag.

Compact and highly effective, mixes pretty perfectly and is a breeze to clean up. It takes up very minimal house on the counter and appears to be like good.

I gained the mixer immediately by using regular mail. I have utilised it to blend bread mixes 4 situations so significantly. Soon after assembling it properly, it conveniently combined the bread dough from a deal with ease. It gradually mixed it nicely with out any indication of anxiety on the motor, no gradual down or noise of tension. It executed as nicely as marketed and fulfilled all of my anticipations. I have considered in bosch products for other takes advantage of and am equally a believer in this mixer.

This is the greatest mixer i have had. I have experienced two diverse types of kitchenaid professionals and i was eventually fed up of utilizing them. I generally use this for bread dough and its excellent at it. It can effortlessly take care of 5 lbs of dough and it scarcely ever heats up. The two situations it shut down, i only essential to restart the device and it necessary no cooling time like the ka. On the other hand, i desire the bowl was a bit more substantial. Its not as excellent at mixing meat for meat balls but it might have accomplished better if i made use of less in the batch i suppose. I also believed the white was going to be a suffering to clear and preserve but its extremely quick to thoroughly clean and there is no oil residue. Its extremely light-weight in comparison to the ka but it does have suction ft to preserve it secure. The lid i believe is pretty required for this design given that the bowl is so little.

The hook is too small and not great high quality.

I purchased this bosch mixer mainly because i have a bosch dishwasher that is so wonderful. I little unhappy with this mixer as if the bowl is not locked in place completely , it will not commence. The whisk attachment is tricky to offer with far too. If not in the accurate placement , it won’t distinct the edge of the bowl when u reduced it. While it gets the task completed , i regret i failed to order the kitchenaid.

Fantastic top quality and does the career flawlessly.

Appreciate the compact measurement but nonetheless powerful electricity.

Great kitchen equipment that does so many things. Everything from creating clean mashed potatoes to cutting all elements for a excellent salad. Nevertheless, you have to have to buy additional applications to appreciate all its capabilities. This processor is tranquil, wonderful looking and really quick to use. I would like there ended up far more versions with distinctive degrees of power and hues that are offered in europe.

I bought this mixer to exchange 1 whose on/off electronic swap had give up operating. I experienced read quite a few poor evaluations of some very well regarded brands pertaining to plastic gears stripping and was really hesitant to commit a number of hundred bucks on another mixer to make bread and have it die in a year. I noticed some excellent write ups about bosch mixers and incredibly couple of undesirable opinions about mechanical top quality. I believe that this unique mixer just arrived to the american sector recently and i liked what i could obtain about it on european web-sites, so i requested it. I fell in love with the mixer the to start with time i made bread with it but waited right until i experienced used it for other issues to evaluate. I just now finished a cake and product cheese frosting and can say i am particularly pleased. The blades spin as perfectly as flip in a circle within the bowl (planetary spin). I have not however utilized the continuous shredder, so i can not remark on that part of the machine, but i can say i am quite happy with the mixer. I also experienced some concerns when i initial received the mixer and contacted the firm.

KitchenAid 4-1/2-Quart Ultra Power Stand Mixer : Works great, holds less than the Artisan.

My first one are unable to hold out to use it.

I really favored it, it came with a greatest price and. I actually appreciated it, it came with a best rate and this matter is a magic coz in no time u can make a dough. I use all sorts of flours like wheat, millet, corn, chickpea and quite a few a lot more. And those people sort of flours are pretty challenging to knead. But thanks to kitchenaid now my position is more quickly. And my household can take in tasty and heathy food.

KitchenAid 4-1/2-Quart Ultra Power Stand Mixer, Empire Red

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  • Tilt-head mixer style for clear access to the beater and bowl
  • Metal gears, direct drive transmission and planetary mixing action
  • Direct drive transmission for durability
  • 10-speed slide control ranges from a very fast whip to a very slow stir
  • High-performance, 67 point planetary mixing action insures ingredients are thoroughly mixed without frequent scraping or rotating bowl

I bake my individual bread, rolls, muffins, and so forth. And this machine is seriously great. I use it the moment or two times a week. I study that it would manage a recipe of up two six cups of flour, but it positive would make some disagreeable noise when i tried out a six cup bread dough recipe. I think i ought to have long gone for a bigger device.

I do want to get the pour spout as it is really hard to incorporate elements with out having it all around the mixer.

You will use it more than you think. I always hesitated obtaining one particular for the reason that i failed to imagine i would use it as usually and did not want to use up the space on my counter. Perfectly, it is very well worthy of it and i use it more often than i considered i would. The coloration is absolutely beautiful, a lot more like a creamy delicate yellow.

KitchenAid 4-1/2-Quart Ultra Power Stand Mixer, Empire Red : This mixer is exactly what i wanted. Powerful enough to make bread a couple times a weak, and stylish enough that i can store it on the countertop. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is the initial mixer i received had a problem with the gears grinding, but i called up kitchenaid’s customer service department, and within 5 minutes they were sending me a replacement along with a shipping label to return the defective unit.

It is really a kitchenaid what much more can i say about it?. They are strong and trustworthy. I have 1 that is 30 many years outdated, and 1 that is 10 years old. My daughter loved the color of this 1. Kitchenaid did adjust a single thing that is not talked about. Though it can be obvious in the shots, the spring on the beater shaft that helps to ‘spring load’ the distinctive beaters–whip, blade, dough hook etcetera– is no for a longer time there. They have finished away with that in the design and style. Not absolutely sure what the extensive expression influence will be–if any.

Xmas present came packed durable and she loved it. Who’s the very best mother in legislation ?.

I have generally required a kitchenaid mixer but in no way wanted to shell out the price tag for 1. When i saw this a person on sale for quite a good sale cost, decided to obtain it. Have previously made cakes, bread, brownies, and so forth and this mixer worked like a desire. Though it was carrying out the do the job mixing, i could prep other things. Didn’t have to stand there with a hand mixer. I can not feel that i waited so prolonged to get one.

There is certainly almost nothing improved than a kitchen area aid. If there can be a grievance, it would be that the mixer is pretty darn significant. But it does a wonderful work and i consider it a pounds-lifting exercise.

And it looks quite in our kitchen. And it seems to be quite in our kitchen area.

I would favor a glass dish to. I would prefer a glass dish to a stainless metal. But this a single has a handle which can make it less complicated to pour.

Easy and good to have in any kitchen area. I am constantly building cookies and breads but undertaking it by hand was mad. This permitted me to put the substances in and then start out something else. Easy and excellent to have in any kitchen area.

I enjoy the mixer, but the bowl will not continue being connected to the stand unless i’m only employing it to blend quite light foodstuff. I discover it instead disconcerting that my bowl will come traveling off the base while mixing. I desired a replacement, but it can be not well worth the hassle of packing, paying, and sending it for a replacement. I’ve relegated it to the mixer that i use for making lotions. I am utilizing a bowl from my old mixer and i like it greater in any case given that it has a deal with. I would say if you get this, get a separate 4. 5 quart bowl, with a take care of.

We adore the color and the power this mixer delivers.

I are not able to consider i’ve lived this long without just one. Really like adore appreciate enjoy adore this stand mixer. I have made use of it for so numerous factors. It will work excellent, is really sturdy and it’s red. :-)i am not really sorry that i didn’t get the 5 quart model. There is a double bread recipe i make that just barely matches in the four one/2 quart bowl. (recipe calls for approx 7 cups of flour) every thing else has been fantastic. My cakes and cookies have turned out to be better when combined in the stand mixer. I don’t know how i’ve lived so lengthy without the need of a single of these. This is a must have in your kitchen if you get pleasure from baking like i do.

Performs terrific, retains a lot less than the artisan. . I goofed when buying this mixer. I utilized to have the artisan and bought this as a substitution. The artisan is worthy of the excess money due to the fact the bowl is even bigger & has a cope with on the facet. That currently being claimed, this mixer functions superbly and i imagine it is quieter than my aged one particular, hooray. I enjoy applying it incredibly a great deal so i will likely go ahead and get the accessory bowl with deal with for an additional $thirty. I need to have been extra watchful and ordered the more substantial sizing, but for most careers this is okay and it is effective wonderful.

A housewarming reward and it has been received with good joy. I ordered this as a housewarming present and it has been been given with excellent pleasure.

Our daughter is incredibly delighted with it so considerably. My wife and i procured this mixer for our daughter as a reward. Our daughter is very happy with it so considerably.

Manufactured christmas cookies significantly easier than with my outdated eighty greenback oster for sure. Suggest you also get the kitchenaid versatile beater blade. I tried the metroblade with two flex edges but it broke in two appropriate in the middle of a batch. Returned it for the kitchenaid product.

Superior addition to our kitchen. Thanks for the quickly services.

Kitchenaids are pretty very heavy and so not simply moved but that is of study course the stability factor. I experienced been limping together with a 30 year old oster mixer and made a decision it was time to up grade. Kitchenaids are very very hefty and so not effortlessly moved but that is of course the stability variable, so it is a worthwhile trade off. Content with its power and efficiency.