Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Maker, Fun, fast and different

Great price and a very cute product.

My 12 yr old son asked for a fortune cookie maker for his birthday. The recipe in the included booklet made a nice crisp cookie. There is a little trial-and-error to get the right cooking time, and learn the correct folding technique; we had a few rounds of rejects, but then every one after that was perfect.

The flap lock for securing the opening during cook time is broken after a few uses. Otherwise, it’s a fine product.

Key specs for Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Maker, Red:

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  • Uniquely designed fortune cookie shapes
  • Creates 2 delicious fortune cookies in minutes
  • Power & ready to bake lights indicate that the fortune cookie maker is on and heating
  • Includes Fortune Molder and Fork for easy removal
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy

Comments from buyers

“I like my fortune cookie maker way too much.
, Wonderful product
, This fortune cookie maker is terrific. I have made fortune cookies for birthday parties

Actually the cookie maker was incomplete the plastic piece that help to fold the cookies wasn’t in the box anyway it works and we invented how to fold the cookies.

Fortune cookie maker produced perfect fortune cookies. It was a gift for a teenager and he enjoyed sharing it with family and friends.

This cookie maker is easy to use and fun for the kids. In addition they taste better than store bought cookies. Can be used for all occasions.

Item as described at a great price.

I was very pleased with this product. I bought it for friend and she was so amazed she couldn’t wait to make them.

It takes a while to learn how to give the fortune cookies the proper shape without burning your fingers. The recipe that comes with the device is very good and makes a lot of cookies. You can also made ‘medallions’ (flat disks) and, with a small stick, you can roll wonderful mini-canoli. Warning: depending where you live, the ultra-fine or super fine sugar the recipe calls for may not be available. Plan ahead or order this special sugar online.

The quality of the cookies that come out of it are surprisingly good. In many ways, better than the fortune cookies you are used to at chinese restaurants in that they have more flavor (recipe provided in package) and make other fortune cookies taste kind of bland. Be careful when making them, the stuff is quite hot and you can burn your fingers so i would not recommend this for young kids. Very glad i purchased this and would recommend to anyone who likes fortune cookies. Being able to make up your own fortunes and stick them in the cookies is kinda fun too.

My daughter wanted a fortune-cookie maker, and after looking at the ‘toy’ options, i decided to buy a ‘real’ kitchen item (one that a cook would use). I’m so glad i picked this one. It’s easy to use, and the instructions for folding the cookies were simple to follow — we practiced on the first cookie and each got it right by the second one. I opted not to buy any pre-packaged fortune cookie mixes (none of them got great reviews). We used the recipe that was included with the fortune cookie maker, and it’s delicious. The cookies looked and tasted exactly like the kind you get after dinner in a chinese restaurant, and cleanup was easy.

I have been having fun making my own fortune cookies. It took a while to get the hang of it. I also looked up a video on youtube for better folding instructions. The recipe is okay, but there are better ones out there. Lots of great fortunes on line as well if you get stumped.

We enjoy using the fortune cookie maker. They arent as crispy as the bought ones but they taste great.

I bought this for my 9 year old for christmas and she absolutely loved it. Easy to use and includes a recipe that makes great tasting cookies.

The first batch i tried, i added motivational/weight loss ‘foturnes’, and took them to my sunday morning weight watcher meeting (only 1p+, if you’re interested). So much so, that i came home an immediately started another batch to take with me to work in the morning. Practice improves the outcome – this time i used my mixer to make the batter, as well as a little less sugar than the recipe called for (the booklets says to use less sugar for a less brown cookie). I ended up dipping these in chocolate, then drizzling them with white chocolate. I’m now coming up with all kinds of ideas for these. My co-workers loved them, and many asked if they could buy some.

I bought this fortune cookie maker for my niece, age 15, and she and i both loved it. Making the cookies was fast-paced and challenging but in a fun way. It takes about one minute to make two cookies so we were on our toes, figuring out how to improve our technique each time. We were very excited to see our cookies look like real fortune cookies. We had even more fun decorating them with melted chocolate and sprinkles. I’ve since ordered two more of these to give out as gifts.

Had fun making fortune cookies with my kids with this. We’ll run out of the special paper at some point, but it is fun and fairly easy. Getting the folded right takes some practice.

Requires some tweaking to get perfect cookies, but awesome appliance and so much fun.

I have only used this product once, but the cookies came out perfectly. We followed the recipe for the cookie batter that comes with the machine and made 10 cookies (i probably could have made 100 with the quantity of batter that recipe makes). Even on our first try, the cookies looked just like the ones you get at a restaurant and had the same texture, too. We actually thought they tasted better than any we had ever had. They key to forming them properly is to do everything quickly and not worry about the imperfections. Try to get a symmetrical fold, then snap off the excess parts when it’s hardened. Even the first 4-5 i made before i really had the hang of it still ended up looking decent. I’m skeptical of the fda-approved paper and marker for writing fortunes that comes with it. I can’t believe i can’t just use my own pen and paper without giving myself ink-poisoning.

These cookies are great and making them is fun. However, getting them out of the cooker and into the holder requires touching the cookie, which is very hot. To top it all off, the folder ‘grips’ are plastic nubs- designed specially, it seems, to aggravate your already burned finger tips. That said though, this is a great, fun product that makes awesome cookies. I plan on getting it for everyone next christmas.

A little labor intensive, but worth the effort.

This unit is probably the best unit on the market for its price and size. I like it and i would buy it again. The unit comes with a written cookie recipe but i would strongly urge you to look online and experiment with other recipes and the use of cooking grade lecithin. Lecithin will alleviate the moisture issue i found with the recipe. This is a great home unit when making a quick fortune cookies for special events and such.

This thing is so much fun after you figure out how to fold the cookies. Look for a youtube video if you have trouble with the diagram in the instructions. You also might want to wear some cotton gloves if you’re real sensitive to heat. (i’m extra-sensitive because a long term illness has greatly decreased my pain tolerance. You may not have any problems. ) the most fun part is coming up with the fortunes. I recommend a typewriter for this. The recipe in the pamphlet that comes with it is great, and makes close to 3 dozen. Much more flavorful than the plastic-wrapped restaurant variety. Great fun for parties, easy to make ahead.

Old’s present and she was absolutely zonkers. I got lots of hugs and kisses.

JOYOUNG [Official] BONUS PACK! CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker – Very easy to use and clean–I love it!!!

It is convenient for soy milk lover.

This is one of the best purchase that i have made. Its very simple to use and it comes with instruction booklet. I also found a few recipe on line using different beans to make different flavor soy milk (red bean, mung bean, chickpea, black bean. . Etc) also, i read online that soy milk cannot be consumed raw. Raw soy bean may cause digestive problem. I guess that is why the machine has no ‘cold serve’ function. It has to be heated up first.

What finally make me choose the cts-2038 versus the other joyoung models is its larger capacity (1500 – 1700 ml) and the rice paste functions. Rice paste are convenient way of making chinese deserts. Making soy milk is very easy. Put ingredients into the pot as described in the manual, plug in the power, press the selection and soy milk is done in 30 minutes. It is much quieter than i thought. I am expecting something like a blender. But it makes a spinning noise for a few seconds, then it is quiet. It does so in intervals rather than continuously. The larger capacity means i can make soy milk every other day so saves time. As for the cleaning, make sure you clean right away and uses a sponges. Here are the specifications for the JOYOUNG [Official] BONUS PACK! CTS-2038 Easy-Clean Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Computer Controlled, Automatically Preheat, Grind and Cook on Its Own at the Push of a Button
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior; No Heating Tube! No Internal Filter To Clean, Making Clean-Up Easy!
  • Micro-computer Control, Totally Automatic Operation; Patent “Water Diversion Technology” with Raphael Meshwork; Six intelligent protection functions for safe operation
  • Makes up to 1.7 Liter of fresh milk from soy beans, rice, mung beans, corn and almonds
  • FREE Bonus Pack: Include our exclusive best taste NON-GM (not genetically modified) Soybean samples of 0.3LB gift bag, and a special discount voucher to order from our soybean farm store

If you like to drink soy milk and a variety of different flavors of food, i suggest you buy one, it is so amazing and easy to use. My parents like it very much. I give me a different taste every morning, thanks to joyoung soymilk.

Machine works very well, good product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • OH man what a life changer and life saver, worth every bit!
  • Some Tips
  • Very easy to use and clean–I love it!!!

Everything works as described. My favorite thing about this machine is how easy it is to clean it. I’ve always dreaded washing my old soy milk maker, buying this new one is a pretty huge upgrade for me since it literally only takes a minute to wash. Easy to use, works perfectly, can’t say enough nice things about it.

Wish that it were a bit smaller for an empty-nest family of two.

(long and edited post with learned comments and advice as i go, but this product is still worth ‘wow’)*****another edit inserted here after 4 months of using this. I make an average of three pots a day, soymilk/okara, and cashew milk. There is some mulm and tarnishing that happens around the impeller blades, impeller shaft and bottom of the central unit, plus the very bottom of the pot. About once a week during cleanup (i clean as i process/pour the milk) i use barkeeper’s friend on a small square of a scrubbee pad and that will get it shining without an issue, it will look brand new again. Scotch blue scrubbee pads work great to clean, i cut them in 1/8th size pieces and use just a little piece for a few days of cleaning then discard and take a new one. I paid for this pot in the first three weeks i owned it, and it is still going strong. (2-3 batches of milk a day). Soymilk hot is an acquired taste but a cup right at pour is great. Warm cashew milk, just at drinking temperature, is out of this world.

The cleaning process is a piece of cake, my soy milk is amazing, and i’ve tried a couple of the recipes in the book. The rice/black sesame seed paste is delicious.The recipe book/instruction manual takes a bit of extra brain power to decipher, but it also includes a recipe for “good for your brain” soy milk/rice porridge.

The soymilk we make is almost double the quantity with this new maker, and so creamy.

No more store bought non dairy milk filled with preservatives and additives.

Use soaked beans to increase the yield. The beeping when it is finished is annoying and too long (30 seconds?)creates left over pulp which you could eat, but isn’t the easiest to include in a recipe so i compost it. Soy milk tastes great and is different from store-bought milk. It has a stronger ‘soy’ flavor. I’ve mostly used it to make soy milk. I tried making tofu twice, but it was not worth the effort (it takes a lot of soymilk to make a pound of tofu) and didn’t taste as good as trader joe’s extra firm.

This one give better taste f than the one i have been used for the past 4 years(joyoung cts-1078). It takes about 30 minutes which doubles the time needed for my previous one but that is why you get better grinding results for wet soybeans.

The first time i made soy milk where i soaked, removed the skins, blended, boiled, and then strained the beans – i looked away and it boiled over on me and made a huge mess. Previously i’d always made soy milk by boiling first and then blending (it never came out right). So after that first boil over i immediately did some more research and found an article recommending this specific brand line for soy milk makers. The concept of pressing a button and making soy milk ready to strain from dry or soaked beans. I never want to clean up boiled over soy bean/milk stuff (okara) ever again. I just don’t have the time or attention span and i really enjoy fresh homemade soy milk. This model only makes it hot. Then i’ve bottled it myself (pour boiling into bottles first to make sure they’re sanitized) and let it cool a bit before putting into the fridge.

Great machine to make soy milk.

Very excellent product design and it is much improved over the earlier design (which i used for 10 years). Just follow instructions and you will enjoy this for a long time.

Easy to use, easy to clean, i’m loving it.

Beautiful design and works wonderfully. I find this machine to not be as loud as other soy machines i’ve tried before on this market. Price is on the higher end but it is worth it.

Like 1 of the review said, soak the soy bean over night would taste better. I used 1 cup of dried soy bean, soaked over night and put in the machine, pour water to the last level then filter it and in 30 minutes i have good warm soy milk just like in my country. The only thing seems ok is that there are not much soy milk. I think the beans need to be grind finer to get more milk and flavor. Other than that cross my fingers.

Make sure to soak your soybeans for at least an hour to make your soymilk taste better. I find that adding dry beans directly into the machine makes the soymilk grainy and diluted.

My chines wife loves it and uses every day.

Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew : Worth it’s weight in gold!

I got it as a gift 3 years ago and it still works as if it were brand new.

Great price and very easy to use. I purchased this one as a gift. I already have one and recommend this if anyone has trouble using the old type corkscrew.

Takes a little getting used to – how to hold the bottle. But, easy to learn without swiveling the bottle .

We had a previous model of this electric corkscrew before. Makes life that much easier than trying to pull out some corks that seemed to glued in. Would recommend to any wine affictonatto.

  • Works fine unless it runs out of juice.
  • excellent design one piece no cradle no other parts and works great
  • This corkscrew is the most fun to use

Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew with Built-in Foil Cutter (Red)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pulls wine corks at the touch of a button.
  • Single charge opens 30 or more bottles.
  • Built-in foil cutte (Turn to remove)
  • Pulls all types of corks including plastic.
  • AC charger included, One year Warranty.

Works quickly and effectively to remove the cork from the bottle and from the rabbit.

I like it when it works, but the battery seems to need recharging too often. When it quits in the middle of opening a bottle, it’s a pain to get its screw out of the cork so you can finish the job with a manual corkscrew.

Most useful corkscrew ever – easy to use – and it’s beautiful. I highly recommend this tool to anyone needing to un-cork a wine bottle. It removes the cork then hands it back to you in seconds. Battery (rechargeable) or ac powered.

This is my second corkscrew. We bought this for the vacation house. This model is compact has all the parts connected we leave it plugged in and it’s ready to go. We’ve had the first model for one year now and it’s doing great.

This corkscrew is the most fun to use. Sure, there are others that pull the cork and then give it back to you, but none so lightweight and handy to use.

My wife can even open wine with the worry of breaking the cork.

I have had 2 of this type of wine opener and i love them. They eventually stop working. I ordered this one because it was a lot less expensive than the others and thought i would try it. It works just fine and is a pretty, flashy, happy red color.

I bought it because it was highly recommended to me because it counted how many bottles it opened before it needed to be charged again – this one doesn’t do that.

I have had this wine opener for 2 years and bought one for my son for christmas. Works great and love the recharge feature.

Has cutter on top so it is handy. Keeps a charge for many bottles.

Simple to use, even with plastic corks. This is a great wine opener, we use it all the time since we got it.

The wine opener operated exactly as advertised. (just remember to completely charge it before you try.

I have owned a number of rechargeable corkscrews in excess of the several years — this 1 is the most effective a single nonetheless. It is speedy, compact, robust, like the created in cutter, and the see thru foundation to watch the cork. I have suggested to buddies as properly. Rabbit life up to it’ popularity.

Havent experienced to recharge the battery (who beverages that much wine?) but can see software for mobile use. Just one contact and the bottle is open up.

I have acquired numerous for me and loved types.

This useful equipment manufactured a wonderful christmas present for my wine-loving friends. Straightforward to deal with, basic to function, and it truly is rechargeable.

Finest electric opener we have owned. Bought it simply because a buddy experienced 1.

Purchased this for my mother in regulation who has arthritis. . She claims it is so simple to use and matches nicely in the cabinet.

Great Northern Popcorn Company Great Northern Mad Dawg Commercial 9 Roller Stainless Steel Hot Dog Machine With Cover – 3 star could easily be a 5 star.

No problems with obtain or delivery.

Will work nicely, but a minimal hard to sustain propert temperature. The roller had a slight electrical failure immediately after the third use. It was quick to get it repaired by the company and has labored well considering the fact that then.

I have been working with this at work anyone enjoys it. I will be obtaining one more one for my youngsters softball snack stand.Here are the specifications for the Great Northern Popcorn Company Great Northern Mad Dawg Commercial 9 Roller Stainless Steel Hot Dog Machine With Cover:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless steel
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Commercial quality
  • Slow rolling grill
  • Perfect for commerical or home use

Advocate placing something down beneath the footings. I place it collectively and it sat for two times on my dining space desk. Took off to use and the footings still left 4 grease or oil marks on my dining table and absolutely ruined it for the reason that i am not able to get them out. The hotdog machine seems to do the job great so far. Make sure to oil the rollers like instructed in directions.

This cooker has a shield on the again that prevents any juices from splattering on the wall at the rear of as perfectly as funneling the smell/flavor ahead to support with hotdog product sales. Superb good quality for the value.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Overall a Great Product at a Great Value
  • 3 star could easily be a 5 star.
  • Mad Dawg Cooker Rocks !

We like the mad dawg hot dog cooker. It will work great and have had no challenges however. I know numerous individuals experienced problems with hot dog cookers but this machine is performing a great task. The only challenge we have is the cover came with no directions and we can not determine out how to assemble it, several pieces and no diagram we need to get a diagram for this so we can use it. There was no hardware possibly so i feel that ought to have been still left guiding with the guidance. Larry and joanne kimball virginia.

We really like this so much i requested yet another just one for my son.

Applied it at firehouse fish fry this weekend and it was great. Marketed additional hot puppies than in the previous.

At very first my spouse said i just beloved to shell out his funds – on the other hand following the initial cookout with our close friends and all the great feedback – my husband experienced to agree the hot canine were being tasty. On the lookout ahead to quite a few far more cookouts and the thoroughly clean up was easy.

I made use of it for fourth july occasion. I applied a former reviewers recommendation of environment it among two and 3. The steel edges are sharp, but i dulled the edges with a stone. Be mindful when opening the package deal. The nut and bolt practically got missing, but i was blessed and located it on the ground. I consider it would be far better to pack them in a very clear plastic bag.

Isn’t going to accurately cook even but cooks very well adequate to be value the price tag.

Uncomplicated setup, correct of box worked great, helps make exceptional puppies.

Straightforward to assemble, quick to use and clean. Took incredibly small time to get temperatures ideal.

This is precisely what my group wanted to sell hot pet dogs at university occasions. If i experienced to be significant of nearly anything relating to this hot dog roller is that the box requirements to clearly condition that the box wants to be upside at all periods. This was not stated until immediately after you read through instructions right after you open up the box.

Was pleased with product purchased but was upset when i seen them the extremely next 7 days for 30 dollars considerably less.

The working day just after i ordered this product or service, i obtained a ‘promotional flyer’ from my neighborhood meals / foods assistance distributor for a incredibly very similar product advertising featuring a very comparable solution for a great deal at $999. Just after obtaining that flyer, i felt a great deal improved about my buy. In small this item cooks nathans / hebrew national hot dogs extremely very well, and retains them heat. The temperature can be adjusted but not the velocity it appears. That claimed it operates effectively and has a experience that can be both open up to the counter in which the food provider staff are standing, or open to the purchaser who may possibly take out the hot dog. My only complaint is that i wish it didn’t have such a solid ‘mad dawg’ branding image. I will have to cover that up as (1) it gets in the way of my personal branding of my organization, and (two) it signifies to opponents wherever i may perhaps have ordered my item. Normally the machine has executed great and has shipped as anticipated from working day one particular – and we are now at about two weeks. I will submit updates as factors progress.

Worked considerably further than what was predicted. Cooks fast and delivers out flavor. Had to infant sit the canine till they rounded out after leaving package but even now a high-quality product or service.

This is a great hot dog roller machine. It heats quickly, evenly and helps make the hot canines or sausage linksvery delicious.

Was heavier duty than i imagined.

Just like a gasoline station roller but its a small challenging to clean.

Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4 Piece Grinder – This is a great grinder for anyone that is going through a lot

I have owned this grinder for alittle over one week now and it has been amazing, definitely really worth the $80 put in. Like most other recreational or medical cannabis customers i started off with a low cost grinder from my community smoke shop, it was made of aluminum and fairly substantially common and obtained the position done. I’ve owned many of people typical grinders considering the fact that right until i lately uncovered out that non-anodized aluminum grinders can basically dust off (as a result of don and tear) fragments of aluminum that you end of inhaling. That is an very harmful motion and one i swiftly preferred to conclude about one thirty day period in the past. So i investigated clinical grade supplies that some businesses use for grinders (health-related grade that means it will not be leeching components of its composition into my ground product or service). I ended up getting a inexpensive diamond grinder from the 420store. Com it was polycarbonate (healthcare grade, super powerful plastic/acrylic) and even though it did perform for some time and i did like it it was difficult to use and got clogged up pretty speedily and would under no circumstances grind the exact even just after considerable cleaning. So i made the decision to fall eighty bucks and acquire a real excellent health care quality grinder like this santa cruz shredder. They certainly are the only ‘medical grade’ aluminum grinders out there. As much as ease of use and excellent are concerned?.

It arrived with a few paint chips, but other than that, i’m genuinely in appreciate with this grinder. This large sizing is the ideal just one for me. The regularity of the grind is definitely fluffy. I will not consider i’ll at any time acquire an additional grinder until something comes about to this one.Here are the specifications for the Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4 Piece Grinder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Diameter 2 3/4 inches, height 2 inches.
  • 7 catch thread design automatically prevents cross-threading.
  • Black anodized coating offers superior protection from scratches & wear.
  • Deep knurled grip pattern makes it easier to twist the grinder.
  • Cali Crusher press included in the purchase.

This is a wonderful grinder for anybody that is heading by a ton of products, but i honestly choose their older and smaller model. With the aged and more compact model there was a a lot finer grind. That staying claimed this matter will nevertheless rip by way of any amount of money of herbs that you place in to grind and will collect a whole lot of ‘sediment’ at the bottom. I would go for the smaller variation ahead of this just one.

I have had the large measurement for three yrs now and it really is still heading robust, a awesome fluffy shred, many thanks to the blade form. The smaller dimensions is terrific for travel, quickly pocketable, and provides the very same fantastic effects of the larger sibling, only on a more compact scale. High conclude establish excellent, very last grinder you will ever need.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best grinder I have ever used. Room for improvment. I would but it again and recomend it to friends.
  • Materials Review
  • This is a great grinder for anyone that is going through a lot

The grind is to some degree finer than other related grinders. Feels very well manufactured, highest excellent. But i purchased the large one particular and it won’t fit the circle indentation on my rolling tray, need to have gotten one with two. 5 inch diameter as an alternative, but am really pleased with how effectively it works. Furthermore the kief accumulating is great. I obtained a lot of kief in just a couple days only by acquiring herbs sitting down in the center chamber just after grinding it and just letting it sit there untouched. Getting kief accumulating when you are occupied going about your day, is heaven.

Do not assume 2 times about acquiring a santa cruz shredder. Sure, it is really high-priced and of course, there are lots of inexpensive solutions able of accomplishing the career. But, if you are like me and want to appreciate some quality herbs, then why not use a shredder that’s going to give you a great grind and with any luck , a very good high?.

Incredible grinder, appears to be as advertised. Receives a big total of kief with the right weed, and the cali crusher is awesome far too. The blue is a tad darker than in the pics which i beloved.

I have hardly ever composed a review on an amazon acquire till now. I started off with a affordable plastic grinder, then i moved up to a standard $15 metal grinder from the nearby smoke shop. I last but not least made the decision to enhance to a genuine grinder, so i appeared at critiques on the ideal grinders and every person that had penned a critique on the scs agreed that it was the finest they had used. Now that i have this one, i will never ever go again to cheap grinders all over again. It shreds properly, to a pleasant fluffy consistency. Bigger than your ordinary grinder, offers a lot more space for herb in the grinding chamber. Also a larger monitor area to enable kief to pass as a result of, though only the smallest particles fall through. Would make a beautiful blonde kief. If you are looking for a new grinder that you can in no way have to change, this a single is for you.

Somebody put a review saying that the drinder scarcely retains more than enough for a joint. That is untrue, it retains just about more than enough to fill a king sized raw cone. The press also is effective very perfectly.

I’ve been applying this grinder for a few decades now and it has never ever permit me down. Even now shreds herb as speedy and high-quality as it did when it was new.

This grinder shreds bud to a truly awesome bigger regularity. Lots of grinders change you bud into dust which packs extremely densely and burns genuinely promptly and frankly, badly. Leaving much larger air gaps concerning the much larger parts of floor bud enables the bowl to breathe, melt away slowly and continuously, and constantly cherries. It also would not knock all of the trichromes off the flowers. The resources and functionality were being as expected for this expensive of a grinder. But i consider it is really the structure/engineering of the grinding equipment that puts this grinder about all some others.

Large grinder for house use, it works extremely very well every time i’ve made use of it. My item comes out wonderful, even and fluffy, it usually burns extra evenly from other grinders i have applied since just about every little bit is of the exact consistancy. Real it is a minimal far more pricey than other grinders but you get what you shell out for and every person that has utilized it has been stunned at how a great deal smoother it feels from what they have at residence.

Fingers down the very best shredder i’ve used. Grinds quickly and clean, the reservoir is lots large and the threads are extremely hard to cross thread.

High quality designed, but also smaller. Get the medium just one at minimum amount. Have presently given myself carpal tunnel following a few utilizes on some dense gorilla glue.

The finest, and last, grinder you will at any time obtain.

My only two concerns are that the holes are a very little large and tough chunks of herb fall by right before obtaining ground nicely. Also, when you open up it right after grinding, there is a lot of herb that on the lip of the center piece frequently spills out. In general, it is a great grinder, just not absolutely sure it is really value the price.

Grind over flat surface or load less medication and all will be effectively wonderful grinder.

There is actually no other model of grinder i’d somewhat get than this.

Works fantastic, the threading is super easy when you unscrew and screw the parts back together. You can inform this is significant excellent and will previous a really extended time. Just a heads up, the small sizing is quite modest. You are going to only have plenty of room of herb for a single bowl- but for personalized use it’s fantastic.

This is the greatest grinder i have at any time employed. As with any guy-manufactured solution, there is area for improvement. I have been making use of this grinder due to the fact might 2016. It is considerably much easier to use with my arthritic palms than any other i have tried out. The surface coating keeps the aluminum threads from galling, and it is surviving the mild use i am providing it. It easily grinds bouquets to the consistency i have to have for use in my vaporizer. Because i use a vaporizer, i really do not need the pollen collection region. I would in all probability obtain the three-piece shredder subsequent time (if the latest one ever wears out). The surface area coating does truly assist keep resinous flowers from sticking to the grinding surfaces. I would enjoy to see the interior of the initial stage of the grinder be clean somewhat than have indentions.

Cali Crusher® Large Authentic Cali Crusher Ultra Premium Herb Grinder 4 Piece : By far the BEST grinder i’ve ever used/owned

This is the 2nd cali crusher i have ordered. The first a person i obtained numerous several years ago continue to operates good, i just desired to spoil myself with a new 1. Love the 2nd one just as substantially as the first. These are the greatest grinders i have ever used.

I experienced a place scenario just before this cali crusher. I do like this grinder, but it is very difficult to twist back again and forth. The prime layer is a little bit also skinny, so you can not grip it well plenty of to do just about anything other than twist it clockwise. If you check out to twist it back again and forth with not nevertheless ground up spices in it, it will open up the pollen catcher at the bottom. Also, if the spices you are grinding are sticky, it sucks. It sticks to the inside of the top rated and to the pins. This is an okay grinder for every single working day use, but it just will not examine to the room case.

Large Authentic Cali Crusher Ultra Premium Herb Grinder 4 Piece Black (CC-7-B)

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 100% Authentic Cali Crusher Brand Grinder. 4 piece w/ screen.
  • Made from Heavy Duty aircraft grade billet aluminum.
  • Stainless Steel Screen, O ring, Smooth Threads, Anodized, Neodymium Magnets.
  • Comes with custom pollen scraper.
  • Size Large 2.5″ Wide , Color Anodized Black

The gold coloration has worn off and now there is an unbearable metal scraping sound every single time i grind. Have considering the fact that upgraded to a superior quality grinder.

Crushes all the things i have to have it to.

Don’t seriously know what else to say. Its the excellent size for grinding the huge chunks of herb and the screen functions for sifting out the finer very good stuff.

Large Authentic Cali Crusher Ultra Premium Herb Grinder 4 Piece Black (CC-7-B) : This was an amazing purchase and i gifted to a friend and he absolutely loves ithe has used and used this thing and it’s still going strong like it’s brand new.

Received this a person in case the crank grinder was a bust, as i am happy i obtained this just one. The only complaint i have is i definitely wish they would make the top rated wider with additional depth so its less difficult to twist. This is for in essence all grinders i have found. Having said that, quite very well designed, sharp blades an this is larger than most. I got the bigger size hoping i could grip/maintain it far better when applying the strain to grind. I have concerns with my hands so when i have to keep and twist whilst applying pressure to a little something like this it hurts, and given that my grip is weak its tougher for me to do and then cuz of the twisting motion to grind incredibly tough to unscrew. So the measurement on this was a perk for me. Its fantastic match for my fingers. I am remaining certain so if you have thoughts experience totally free to inquire.

I acquired this additional than a year back and it however works like new. Paint has not chipped unless of course it was dropped on concrete, not from continuous use.

I have purchased other grinders in suppliers (clearly much less expensive types simply because in retailers they’re hella costly), i have also bought other grinders on amazon. When i came across this it was a very little far more than i wanted to expend but just like the title of this evaluate. On getting this and opening all compartments i have made the decision that not only is this the ideal and most well crafted grinder i have at any time bought, but is in fact a person of the most very well crafted goods in my full house aside from my shopper laptop or computer. Solid, light-weight, uncomplicated to open up, quick to twist, the screen lets for substantially additional keif to pass by way of than my prior grinders in which the display was just too fine. My prior sharp crusher not only did the screen get clogged way way too immediately and almost nothing passed by means of, but given that the internal blades have been not essentially one piece with the outer ring, it at some point fell as a result of. This is not heading to slide aside, i question i could even crack it if i attempted. I suspect i will have this products for a quite, pretty extensive time.

Wonderful hues, have experienced 2 for about 5 a long time every single, purple and eco-friendly the two glimpse good, essentially miss my purple a person i bought rid of since i scraped it up as well considerably. Just take it quick on scraping it and the coloration and grinder need to maintain up permanently.

Ive had the twenty dollar overpriced crap from cigarette outlets and fuel stations and indeed the kinda grind the herb and yes the have three chambers but the cali crushers in the grinder environment is like a lamborghini to a pontiac grand am. This issue just screams top quality, good quality, high-quality. Every thing about this damn point is just best grade. . The metallic utilized ( no shavings in your bud like cheep metal) the geometry of the holes and teeth make the herb like ideal for bowl packs and paper alike. The easy clean up finish that wont chip and stays nice, and ofc the o ring so u can transform ezier and it dont scratch the metallic up. . Invest the 30 some bucks and by no means buy a grinder once more for 10 years until eventually u get pulled or u eliminate it, result in this thing is a champion among grinders and wont fail or die right up until the magnetism fades from it. Even then it will nonetheless do its work just not have that additional basic safety aspect.

This is a superior good quality grinder, it has all the chambers required and even arrives with a keef scoop. Even so, i was anticipating it to be larger sized than what it is, so if you are looking for a large grinder like i was, this is not the a single for you.

This issue is pretty brilliant, the only point that surprised me was the dimension – i guess i didn’t imagine it via when i observed ‘2. However, the larger sized area presents for also a bigger display screen, and offered how well the teeth are designed, the herbs are shreaded into a perfect grain to enable tons of pollen to slide by. The pollen scraper it will come with is sweet, but not secured down so you either need to just take it out or pay attention to the clink. Quite light-weight, uncomplicated to thoroughly clean from a person herb to yet another, and saves fingers and forearms from the mortars and pestles of yore.

I appreciate this grinder it truly is my next 1 but i was dissatisfied because i considered i was acquiring a greater size because the price was unique from the initial 1.

With so many various grinders to choose from this is what i settled with generally since of charge. Use: nevertheless it doesn’t grind as finely as i predicted it to i uncovered a do the job all over by just flipping it upside down whilst grinding three turns to the left then 3 turns to the proper flip it appropriate facet up and grind down any remaining. This is even now a better priced grinder compared to a $3-$twelve grinder but this one is large good quality and a significantly easier grind, no continuously popping the leading off to see whats still left to grind it grinds it all and drops it correctly. Building: i like this measurement and how sound it feels, but i am a small taken again by the large threads concerning the chambers, if you you should not tighten them the grinder feels loose. I get that the bigger threads avoid particulates from finding stuck in involving them which in some grinders bring about the them to get ‘locked’ alongside one another and nearly difficult to unscrew which i have experienced materialize with affordable grinders. Though analyzing the threads i did see very little flaws and burs in them the on my manufacturer new grinder, they have had no impact on use (is effective best), this must just be a manufacturing mistake. I am not certain what the intent of the teflon o-ring is. I now know that the lid will not sit completely on the grinder without having it though. Thinking about it it maybe so that the 2 sections never rub metallic on steel for a smoother grind or tooling situation in manufacturing that they corrected with very slender one mm o-ring. The monitor is respectable but all over again on further investigation searching at it i have one row that is missing a strand or is just a little greater, this row is off to the aspect and i have no problems about more substantial bits slipping while but none the much less failed to count on to obtain that.

By far the best grinder i have ever utilised/owned. I had ordered the gold just one about two yrs back and just a short while ago bought the blue one particular as a gift. Desired to exhibit the distinction from the grinder currently being utilised a number of moments a day and dropped all the time for the earlier two calendar year. A very little dinged up but still will work like a allure, and fits completely in your hand. I often suggest a cali crusher to anybody hunting for a very good moderately priced grinder.

It truly is good, but has a pair of flaws. The pollen scraper is wonderful, but you should not use it for something else as it is really skinny/weak. Right after the very first use, the decreased magnet (in the middle element) came out of the gap and caught to the upper magnet. While trying to figure out why this occurred, i seen the hole was not machined evenly on the base. It appears to be like the decrease magnet was not appropriately put in at manufacturing facility and i am contemplating requesting a replacement unit. Immediately after placing it back it keeps coming out in the course of each individual use. When you near the grinder, you can truly below the magnet fly up onto the higher magnet, prior to you even begin grinding. It has this plastic gasket/ring that is unfastened and tends to tumble off when opening the leading immediately after grinding.

Was expecting a bit superior good quality. The gold is dope, appears to be like baller af. Grinds comparatively effortlessly even though it does seem to be to struggle with sticker herbs (most grinders do). Wish the prime piece was a very little even larger it would give it a greater grip when grinding (i am becoming picky). General it’s a good grinder. If you happen to be seeking for a thing that stands out, this is your choice.

Really worth shelling out a tiny added since it fluffs herb up truly well for a clean, prolonged lasting burn. Extra than predicted very happy. Check out freezing for very best herb effects. Pretty strong and resilient, though aluminum retains it light-weight.

Herb will come out fantastically floor. Monitor for kief is amazing designed better than most grinders. Wonderful size can grind a very good amount of money at when. Only complaint, if your herb is actual sticky you acquired to have some muscular tissues to grind it lol. Other than that quite economical, well worthy of the cash.

Fingers-down, one of the best grinders i’ve owned. Handles comfortable or sticky leaves, and even thick stems with no problems. A minimal difficult to get a nice grip on (pretty easy, even with texture), but it can be worth it for the excellent – these issues are weighty duty and clearly developed to last. Mine have survived quite a few falls and barely exhibit a scratch for it. The teeth are even now wonderful and sharp as nicely. Hard to clean up so the grinding gets significantly less effective as residue builds up from recurring use.

A group of my friends all got one of these cali crushers and i chose this green one. Its great but out of all five of us, i’m the only one who didn’t get a pollen grinder. I didn’t think it was a big deal at first, but they’re a lot more handy than i thought and all my friends absolutely love theirs so i’m sure mines just a fluke, but i still want it -. -the crusher itself is fawsome. No shavings, grinds like a beast. Like i said, i’ll go find a dang scooper somewhere, but this grinder will last a lifetime.

Great Northern Popcorn Company Great Northern Top Dawg Commercial 7 Roller Stainless Steel Hot Dog Machine With Cover – Hot dogs for a crowd!!

We use it at work for personnel activities.

We have been working with the hot dog machine each working day in our modest c-shop and have experienced no difficulties with it. The canine warmth up speedy and the glance is great.

Device arrived intact with no weakened or missing pieces. Follow guide rules for set up, cleaning, and routine maintenance. Seeking forward to use as device generates an exceptional rolled hot dog/sausage. Sensation great about the buy.Here are the specifications for the Great Northern Popcorn Company Great Northern Top Dawg Commercial 7 Roller Stainless Steel Hot Dog Machine With Cover:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Maximum Capacity: 18 Hot Dogs Per Batch (6 Rows of 3)
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • 110V/50Hz
  • Stainless steel
  • Commercial quality

Performs great can make cheep hotdogs tast awesome whe use it at work.

Itll be considerably much easier for cooking for our boy scout troop.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This hot dog roller really works well for me
  • Nice hot dog griller
  • Hot dogs for a crowd!!

Clean this although it truly is continue to hot. As soon as it cools off and the food items dries on it, it is terrible seeking to clean. Other than that, we enjoy it. Uncomplicated assembly and great quality.

I bought this item for my concession trailer and it really works great. It truly is simple to clean and cooks 18 hot pet dogs swiftly.

I purchased this hot dog roller right after looking through all the evaluations and it sounded like a nice machine, but there were some fears about sound and cleansing. For the selling price, i figured i give it a attempt and get something pleasurable for the kitchen. 1st time i turned it on i did so with out heat and it designed some creaking seems, but i followed the guidelines and place canola oil on the rollers (listed here is how: pull back again silicone stops, place oil rollers involving stop and close of rollers, push stops back again to conclude of rollers, repeat a few occasions) and it turned lifeless peaceful. I have cooked several batches of hot puppies, cheese puppies and precooked bratwurst on it and i uncover it to be fast and easy. Every thing i have made on it has tasted great. Fyi, i picked the 7 roller version and it offers me adequate house if i have a social gathering, but it is a sensible variety of rollers for a family. The device alone is not tiny, you can get 3 normal sized canine for each row or two fairly extended (extended than bun sized) canines for every row. I like the glass top for it, and suggest that accent (mine arrived with it as a deal). With regards to the comments about cleaning, i was worried about them and after cooking my to start with batch the rollers did in fact turn out to be a mess with caught on hot dog juice that i was not capable to get off. I found an quick remedy having said that – use a fabric towel and get it truly damp, then unfold it out above the rollers and maintain it in location with rollers turning and warmth on to let the rollers steam thoroughly clean.

The hot dogs tast great and cooked extremely promptly. It is definatley excellent top quality. It is accurately like what you would see in a 7-eleven. I am pretty pleased and it is a great item. It is greater than i experienced predicted while. I am not positive if this is a pro or a con, but it will get up a good deal of place at a bash.

I looked for a very long time to come across the proper measurement at a good price, and i imagine this a person is it. It was straightforward to assemble the cover and connect it to the top. The grill is huge more than enough for 15 to 18 weiners if you have a large crowd, but if you want to prepare dinner 4 or five that is effective perfectly, too. It heats up fast, but you have to enjoy it and convert it down or you can expect to overcook ’em. I guess which is my only criticism — the small manual that came with it isn’t going to wholly spell it out as to how very long to prepare dinner on the higher heat, and then how extended you can properly maintain them on low.

I purchased this for our concession stand at basketball video games. . You really don’t have to view it consistently. But it is a very little awkward to cart again and forth to video games, particularly with the cover (even though the cover is good for cooking out in publc). . You just have to consider your time.

Great machine, not confident why anyone would acquire a $1300. 00 machine when this one has the same specs.

I acquired this product for my snack shop and the initially time i analyzed it the hot dogs arrived out greaaaat. Is a great item, simple to clear and the wienies wherever cooked and ready to consume in about 8 minutes. I hugely advocate this hot dog machine :)the shipping and delivery time was on time.

Finest hot dog machine close to. Applied every single 7 days for card night .

We are so satisfied with our roller. Not only was it sent earlier than we expected. It was an incredible obtain that we have made use of so significantly it has paid out alone off. It arrived safely and securely packaged no issues what is actually so ever would advise.

Hugely propose the prolonged warranty, having said that this provider offers just one whole 12 months, not 90 days for the exact identical machine.

Great item, much larger than predicted.

Unpacked unit and assembled, uncovered fuse holder broken on again of device. 99 i could change fuse holder vs packing up and shipping back. I did just that soldered on a new fuse holder(10 minutes) plugged it in and absent we went cooking great hotdogs. Looking ahead to making use of for the grandkids birthday parties.

I purchased this for our seventh & 8th quality classroom simply because they market hotdogs for a fundraiser. The machine will work great and the youngsters really like it.

We are employing every single day & evening at our lunch space.

Acquired this for my son-in-law’s birthday. Applied it appropriate away and it can cook 12 hot pet dogs at just one time. He looks to actually get pleasure from it.

LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack – Model L10 : even better than I thought it would be

A winner for the sous vide container. . Retains the sous vide container in buy and separates the meat nicely while cooking.

Adaptable, well-created. The lipavi rack is highly-priced, but it is perfectly-manufactured. I like that it elevates the pouches, allowing for more circulation, and that the dividers are adjustable. There are an awful whole lot of these dividers for a rack of this dimensions – i typically use only two of them. This fits perfectly in the 12qt cambro i typically use, with both an anova precision or nomiku wifi circulator (i have both).

LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack – Model L10, Stainless Steel, Square 7.8 X 6.4 Inch, Height 6.6 Inch. Adjustable, Collapsible, Ensures even and quick warming with Sous Vide Cooking. Fits in the LIPAVI C10 polycarbonate water bath in combination with Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire and Polyscience Chef

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Increases Significantly the Capacity and Maintains Pouch Distance – Even, Quick and Safe Warming!
  • Safe and Easy Handling – Lift the Rack with the Pouches – Adjustable To the Width of the Pouches
  • LIPAVI L10 Rack can be combined with Lipavi C10 container with tailored lid for Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, PolyScience Creative
  • Made from High Quality Stainless Steel – Also Perfect for Efficient Cooling, Freezing and Smoking!
  • Observe: LIPAVI Sous Vide Racks Fit Perfectly in the LIPAVI Containers – Search for LIPAVI on Amazon

Smaller sized than i assumed it was heading to be as i use a coleman cooler to cook dinner bigger points in. Other than that it is a terrific rack. I will in all probability obtain another a single from them, just one of the greater measurements.

Compact and outlets really quick.

It is really quite simple to load up the rack with your food while. If you’re presently carrying out your sous vide cooking with a baggie of meals clipped to the inside of of your vessel, this is the upcoming move up. This rack allows you to stand many (up to six, i consider) bags of foods upright and in spot. Now, these would need to have to be skinny bags of meals if you happen to be carrying out thick steaks or bone-in hen, you’ll need to have to pull some of the separators out of the rack, providing you fewer — but more substantial — spaces for your food. This rack collapses into a relatively compact measurement, and fits flawlessly within the lipavi c10 sous vide container. It’s very quick to load up the rack with your food stuff although your water heats up, and then just drop the overall rack into the container when the water is ready. I have not however encountered any issues with the rack rusting or something, but then again i you should not typically leave it in water just after i am carried out cooking. If you might be considering of taking your sous vide cooking to the up coming stage, this is a good way to get there.

LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack – Model L10, Stainless Steel, Square 7.8 X 6.4 Inch, Height 6.6 Inch. Adjustable, Collapsible, Ensures even and quick warming with Sous Vide Cooking. Fits in the LIPAVI C10 polycarbonate water bath in combination with Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire and Polyscience Chef : Works great with the container and sous vide machine.

The build excellent is great and the capacity to add or clear away dividers and. While a little bit expensive, the construct high-quality is excellent and the capability to increase or remove dividers and change the spacing is very practical. I look at this a should-have for sous-vide cooking.

Great sizing for modest to medium foods. Very good dimension for little to medium foods. Simply maintain 2 or three incredibly thick steaks, i like my sous vide steaks 2 inches thick.

This rack retains the meat protected, and allows water to flow into effectively. I use it each and every time i prepare dinner sous vide, which is almost every time i prepare dinner meat. It comes with a band to continue to keep the pieces together throughout storage, and is effortlessly adjustable.

It really is a minor discouraging to use. It really is a minimal discouraging to use. For the cost, it should have a a bit increased build quality.

Would seem high-priced but it has a great deal of various configurations. Truly can help the circulation. I failed to like the cheap velcro strap that came with it. A little taller for the aspect handles would also be pleasant.

Great fit for 12 quart polycarbonate square container with anova sous vide adhere. . The rack is sturdy and compact. I truly like that you can adjust the racks to the width of the pouches. Have made use of it numerous moments, no problems with rust. I get rid of it immediately just after cooking and clean and dry it off.

Satisfied my anticipations – acquired in conjunction with c10 container. Fulfilled my expectations – acquired in conjunction with c10 container and lid (felt if i was to attempt sous vide , i really should acquire correct products ). Interior dividers are removable/adjustable to accommodate unique widths.

Sous vide will work greater when the water circulates freely and this rack can help that. It’s fantastic for cooking a one packet and it really is terrific when cooking a number of. I appreciate the fact that it speedily and simply adjusts for various thicknesses. I like the mechanically-extremely-easy style and design, no springs or latches or intricate mechanisms that are complicated to clean and then just break. I also like the minor velcro strap they include to hold the areas collectively. It is a bit pricey for what it is, but it is really very well created and will give superior services for numerous a long time. Yrs from now, when you nonetheless delight in utilizing it and come across your self declaring each time, ‘this detail operates properly,’ you will have forgotten the selling price but even now have the joy good matters are that way.

Fantastic suit for 12 quart polycarbonate square container with anova sous vide stick. Retains packets separated and submerged. I was debating between the distinct dimensions of lipavi’s sous vide racks and make your mind up to go for this l10 model more than the 26sd model that is $ten more high-priced and the r20 model that is $ten more cost-effective. For me, this model was the ideal sizing. 00 would have been as well massive for the container i use most often, and i feel i would have found the r20 to be only handy for the container i frequently use and not incredibly handy for when i use greater containers for when cooking for guests. This sous vide rack is just little enough to suit in my twelve quart polycarbonate container (camwear polycarbonate square foodstuff storage container, 12 quart) that i use a lot more frequently for cooks that are just for me and/or my family members. . But at the identical time i assume it is also big plenty of for when i use the four. seventy five-gallon polycarbonate container (cambro 12189cw135, polycarbonate camwear packing containers, 4. seventy five-gallon, clear for when i am cooking greater merchandise or a greater quantity of foods if i am getting friends. As you can see in my pics, this l10 model rack squeezes into my 12 quart container with the anova immersion circulator with no problems. Lipavi is really generous with the quantity of racks/dividers they present. I do not foresee utilizing additional than three (in addition to the stop items that are forever attached), ensuing in 5 divided spaces, basically simply because i do not actually prepare dinner points that involve this sort of slim areas in significant quantities. However, it is good to know i can do so if i want and that i have further racks/dividers if i have to have and/or break or drop any. A lot more importantly, the directions that arrived with the box recommended working with the excess racks to keep the food stuff down in the slots and avert it from floating to the top in the water.

. Solves the floating bag problem.

I in fact think this issue is wonderful, but can be improved. I truly think this thing is good, but can be improved. I bought this simply because i’ve been utilizing my sous vide machine in a 12qt plastic container. But in buy to preserve the food items from floating around and the best aspect of the bag from being underwater, i bought this. It can be wonderful that the user can select the sizing of the racks to give the amount of place desired. The a person situation that i have is that the center partitions are much too easy to disengage. This suggests that if your getting stuff out you may well truly pull up the metallic separators. And if you want to take away the rack from the water, make confident you keep the 2 finishes fairly than the heart dividers. If there is a way to lock the dividers, i feel it would be considerably far better.

Genuinely the only preference out there if you treatment about high-quality.

Fairly significantly a requirement if you’re accomplishing sous vide in. Fairly significantly a necessity if you happen to be carrying out sous vide in a polycarbonate container. I will by no means use shot eyeglasses to separate my foods bags all over again.

Gonna use this with the cambro tub. Been in to sous vide for a when and i like it.

It fits the container it is really meant for and helps make it simpler to keep packets divided in the course of cooking.

I hesitated originally, but fully value it. We have been dabbling in sous vide cooking for a while, employing a single of the anova ‘stick’ model cookers in a rubbermaid polycarbonate tub. It is an quick to use set up and extremely inexpensive, when compared to a devoted sous vide countertop equipment. When i noticed this rack, i originally recoiled as it seemed high-priced to me. I was savoring the simplicity of use and relative affordability of our sous vide set up and wasn’t positive the rack was ‘worth it. ‘i’m below to say: totally well worth it. The layout is extremely very well believed-out and involves a velcro keeper to maintain the parts collectively for easy, flat storage when not in use. It also does a fantastic position of earning positive my luggage are spaced and up off the bottom of the container for genuinely ‘immersive’ cooking. I’m happy i acquired this rack and even while i want it were a bit cheaper, i will not regret spending the money to end off the previous ‘if only. ‘ element of our sous vide set up.