Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System – easy to

My favorite and only thing i keep out. Love it so much this was my second one.

I was skeptical about trying a non-glass product as a slow cooker but to my surprise, the ninja works great. My latest creation was a lasagna. The unlike a crock pot, the ninja allowed me to brown the meat and saute the vegetables on ‘stove top’ mode before adding the pasta and sauce in ‘slow cooker’ mode. The dish turned out to be great and there was no dried or burned residue. I can’t wait experiment with more dishes. The product was easy to use and easy to clean.

A lot less clean up and the recipes are great. This is now my favorite kitchen appliance.

I’ve used the slow cook and stove top features already, but not the bake feature. I love it so far, but the item i wish it had is a locking lid. I bought this for my motorhome and i like the fact that it can take the place of a stove top skillet for bacon and sausage. Because it’s deep, there is less splatter. When i need to brown something (like meat) for the slow cook feature, i can do it right in the ninja then turn the dial to slow cook without an extra pan. The other thing that i would change is the length of the cord. Overall, i don’t think i’ll regret investing in it. I got a really good price on amazon.

I purchased it for my daughter and she is over-the-top delighted with this crockpot. She does a lot of volunteer work and has lots of family celebrations so this has already made her life simpler. Her biggest thrill is the ability to entirely cook spaghetti without any additional pots.

Perfect crock-pot for whatever you want to cook. I use it for chili and pot-roast. Cooks every meal to perfection.

  • 41/2 STARS
  • Amazing Product
  • luv our Ninja 3 in 1 buy 🙂

Very versatile, easy to clean.

I love the product, but i wished there had been more recipes included with the purchase. I have used my product three times and the meals have been great.

Pros: i bought this 3 months ago and use it constantly. Spaghetti sauce, chili, soup, as well as crockpot recipes. The baking feature hasn’t been as successful it bakes too quickly. It will take me some time to figure out how to adjust recipes to the ninja. Cons: in stovetop mode on high it will shut its self off for no apparent reason. I wish the arrow indicator on the knob was more clear. I have trouble figure out where it is pointing.

Great item have already used it works great set the timer and forget it will eked food items warm until you are ready to eat.

Best money ive spent my daughter loves it.

Features of Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

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  • Triple Fusion Heat for faster, juicier and more flavorful cooking
  • Oven Function: 250°-425° with steam infused Roasting & Baking
  • Built-in Stovetop: Low, Med, High
  • Slow Cooker: Low, High, Buffet w/auto keep warm
  • Professional non-stick pot – holds up to 6lb chicken / 4lb roast

Make sure this fits
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First off, let me start by stating that i am not a cook. I am trying to teach myself. The device is a good slow cooker. When i look at the recipe book, the chicken and meats look so great and mine kinda come out looking like blah. It taste great, but visually it looks like steamed food. And let’s face it, steamed meat is not that attractive. So, i will say i like the device and it is sexy looking. If i had more skills and more experience, it might say it was great.

It is the best cooking appliance ever. I have one and so do my daughters and granddaughters bought one for a friend who had no kitchen. She used it everyday to stir fry roast or bake. The cookbook recipes excellent also.

Does far more than a crock pot.

At first i thought this is too good to be true until i got to use it. I don’t like to spend much time in the kichen cooking or cleaning and this makes my life so much easier. I can still eat healthy and not waste a whole day i the kitchen. I think every kitchen should have a ninja 3 in 1. It washer was easily because of the nice material it’s made of.

I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it.

These are really nice crockpots with so many nice features, well worth the money. This is the second one i have given them as gifts and both times they were very pleased and use them all the time.

Triple Fusion Heat for faster, juicier and more flavorful cooking

It is easy to use and the food tastes wonderful. When you use the steam cooking for your meats you get the moistest meats and so tender, especially if you infuse broth, wine etc. I have baked cheese cakes as well as regular cakes in it that come out so moist. Made the 25minute meals where you just layer everything at once and cook. I rarely use my oven anymore. It is durable,and easy to clean. Wonderful for one person, two or a small family.

This is the best item i have bought in a long time. I enjoy it so much, & i use it to make all my dishes. The cooking time is less, theflavor is tasty, & i never overcook any meals including my vegetables. This purchase have gotten me a lot of complements, i sayto you thanks.

I purchased one for each of my daughters at christmas, and both called me to tell me that they were using nothing else to cook but it. That made me buy one for myself and indeed i am also thrilled with it. From roasting to steaming to slow cooking the recipes are limitless. I would recommend it an absolute need for all homes.

This is the 2nd ninja i have had the first one was ‘cooked to death’. I have an electric stove when i received my fist ninja as a present i wasn’t very happy with my gift but once i used it i fell in love. Using the ninja daily dropped my electric bill by over $70. It paid for itself the first month of using it. Amazon was amazing the ninja came 2 days early and exactly as advertised.

Wife loves it ,i think she’s going to wear it out .

The ‘ninja 3 in 1 cooking system’ is awesome. It makes cooking so much more enjoyable and easy not have to use multiple pots/pans to get a meal going.

Oven Function: 250°-425° with steam infused Roasting & Baking

I bought this for my wife and just loves all the things she can do with this cooker. Ninja is a high quality cooker.

I really love how the ninja does all the different features, liked how the babyback ribs came out fell off the bone.

It’s greathave cooked 4 meals in it every meal turned out greati used some of my own recipes with some modifications. The cooker worked out fantastic.

The product lives up to everything it says. The look of it is awesome too. It was a christmas present and when it was delivered it was just in its box not packaged at all—-so lets say it wasn’t a surprise.

What makes it different from other slow cookers is that it has a cooktop feature. You turn it on stovetop (high or low) and you can sear meats, sauté onions and garlic of whatever you need right in the same pot. Then place your other ingredients in the pot and turn it to slow cooker. The built in timer is fabulous and when the time is up it shifts to warm keeping your meal ever ready. The lid is hot as are the handles on the pot so you do need a hot pad to handle it once its heated. But the best feature for me is one that they don’t even claim as a feature, but its great and here is how it works. Do you ever have to take the lid off the crockpot and end up increasing the cook time?. If fact, even ninja directions tells you so. When i have to take the lid off, i then put the lid back on and turn it to stovetop high. As soon as i hear it boil, i go back to crockpot and reset the timer. I have not had to add cooking time for adding ingredients or stirring since i got this thing.

Really think everyone would use it.

I bought 2 as gifts and they love it. Ribs, chilli, corned beef and pot roast have been successful so far. Can’t wait to visit either brother and enjoy their next feasts.

Built-in Stovetop: Low, Med, High

Got this for the wife for christmas and she likes it and uses it alot since the holidays uses it for everything.

Awesome my hubby son n i luv to cook with it, made soo many meals with it at home and on the road at truck stops, we’ve made pizza, bread, cakes,soups stews, soup, brisket, pot roasts awesome.

I’ve even given as wedding presents.

I love having the ability to brown in the same container that i will be slow cooking in. It does not get hot enough to do brown quickly, but it has worked out for me because i prep the rest of the veggies while the meats get color. Make sure to pre-heat well before trying to brown a roast. I have used it 5 times and no complaints. I have enjoyed toe multi-levels of heat adjustment. I bought my mom one i loved mine so much.

I have only used the crockpot but temperature is even and nothing sticks.

Slow Cooker: Low, High, Buffet w/auto keep warm

I bought this for my daughter-in-law for her birthday. I have the same one myself and i love it.

Disappointed that there wasn’t a small cook book like you usually get.

I have made lots of different meals using all the features and i am extremely pleased. Some people have complained about searing. I have an electric stove and the ninja is slightly slower. If you want it to operate like gas it won’t but that’s just how electric is. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

The best slow cooker i have ever used.

RJ Brands Chefman : Five Stars

I love it — the best slow cooker i have owned.

Awesome crock pot and plenty big for my household of 8 adults.

Flexibility is excellent due to three heat settings + solid, thick aluminum non-stick insert allowing you to cook on a stovetop before moving on to completing other steps with the slow cooker activated. You can’t go wrong (but much cheaper elsewhere than on amazon.

Like the cast aluminum cooking insert.

  • This not only allows you to brown food before you slow cook it but it is light as a feather and cleans up very easily. I’ve used
  • THIS insert worked great
  • have had several “crock-pots” this one is so much better. Cooked a pork shoulder so perfectly it just

Chefman, Slow Cooker with Die-Cast Insert, Stainless Steel

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  • Brown – Sauté vegetables and brown meat directly on the stovetop before slow cooking for greater depth of flavor
  • Bake – the nonstick, die-cast aluminum insert can be used for oven roasting or stovetop searing
  • Slow – slow cook for a wide range of family favorites like chili, soups, stews and more
  • Dishwasher-Safe die-cast insert and lid
  • Brushed stainless steel housing and die-cast aluminum insert

The insert for this cooker is very nice, seems durable, and i like that you can use it on the stovetop. The heat settings are questionable for me – i’ve had other slow cookers that “simmer” meats, this one gets warm on high but barely cooks the meat (example: turkey thighs). I feel the need to double check a thermometer reading to be sure that meats are fully cooked. When i tried to make soup, the dried beans did not cook at all, and were still hard at the end of the day. Do not try to cook meats from a frozen state, as they will not get done even with several hours on high. My attempts to contact customer service to see if there might be a way to determine if my unit is working properly went unanswered. This cooker seems best used for keeping food at a moderately warm setting, but be cautious about expecting it to cook.

Love the slow cooker, but disappointed that i paid $65 on amazon and it sells for $39.

I really like the insert that i can use on the cooktop, but i wish it had a timer and would turn off automatically.

However the operating instruction manual (page 7) states “note: you may use metal utensils when placing food in and removing food from die-cast cookware. We purchased ours in 2016 and it looks as though it has been in a losing battle.

I have used it to make chicken and tri tip. Every time the food comes out delicious. So happy i went with this one .

Not too big for the counter, not to small to make great dinners for two.

This is the best slow cooker i have owned out of 4. It’s best feature is it’s stovetop use.

I have had 5 different slow cookers in my life and this is by far the best i have ever had. The entire unit is very light because the insert. Being able to put the insert on the stove to sear meat or grill onions and then put it in the base is so very helpful. The slow cooker cooks extremely well.

I love this item, aside for the fact that it looks gorgeous it works superbly. I picked up this item about a month ago and i immediately fell in love with it. I am finally not ashamed to leave my slow cooker on my counter top. Also the fact that i can also use the di-cast inset on a stove top and the oven and then just put it in the dishwasher when im done, what can be better. I would def recommend this product to everyone.

Practical and hold good portion.

The best slow cooker ,very easy to use.

I have had several “crock-pots” this one is so much better. Cooked a pork shoulder so perfectly it just fell apart and then washed out so simply.

So much easier to use than the heavy ceramic pot. And love the rectangular shape over oval or round. Haven’t browned on the stove yet but can see clearly what a great advantage that is.

I bought it because of good reviews and iam not at all disappointed in it. It’s lightweight and not heavy like the one i have that is made like a crock. It cooks very nice and cleanup is a breeze.

Much easier to handle that heavy crockery.

You can brown the hamburger in the same pot without dirtying another pot. I also like the fact that you can use it in the oven (minus the lid it’s not for oven use). I bought one for my daughter for christmas and was so jealous of it i had to get one for myself.

It really does what it claims to do. My husband bought me this a few months ago. I’ve owned several slow cookers over the years and i was tired of having to lift this heavy ceramic pot out of the cooker to clean it. This not only allows you to brown food before you slow cook it but it is light as a feather and cleans up very easily. I’ve used it about 6 times and everything comes out great. I can’t think of a single negative.

. I put the insert in the oven. I have another that i used before but it has a ceramic insert was heavy and had no handles. So it made it difficult to lift.

Crock-Pot 3040-BC 4-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker – solid workhorse

Its easy to clean and looks really nice. I haven’t had any issues with the handles or knobs. It seems like the temperature is a little warmer than it should be ( i have crockpot brand cookbooks and i have to significantly cut the cooking time for the recipes). The lid does rattle a bit, but that’s fine. My only complaint is that i think the cord is way too short. I get that you want the crockpot back against the wall and away from the edge or the counter, but it ends up getting too close to other appliances and i then have to move a bunch of appliances to get it back against the wall.

I was going to replace this because i’m afraid someone will get hurt carrying hot food. The handles are badly cracked. But it does a great job on cooking. Seems like they could fix the handle issue.

This is a great designed product, essentially true to the original avocado green crock-pot built by rival. Now available under rival – sunbeam – crock pot brands. The problems with this particular pot is that it is now being made in china and not in the usa. The quality of the plastic used in the handles is not per the original specifications. The assembly bolt that is use to hold the unit together is now a press-fit locking washer rather than a threaded bolt/screw. I also know the original did indeed get very hot, but it does seem that this particular unit gets just a little hotter on either of the two settings when compared to the original. The original did indeed have a different designed lid, which minimized the loss of moisture and hence less spattering. Most of the problems can be overcome, and i suspect all the problems are caused by some management decision within the chinese manufacturer rather than a design change done by the rival/sunbeam/oster company ((jarden consumer solutions)). *** place the crock pot on a bread board or trivet to help protect a formica counter top. This was also a recommendation with the original.

This item met and or exceeded my expectations and does a very good job.

When i worked at a sandwich shop last summer, we used these crock pots to keep sausage and meatballs in sauce hot. They do have the ‘spitting’ problem and the handle problem. On the other hand they were on 12 hours a day and held up to fairly intense use. They were as good as the crock pots previously used (i think they were replaced every couple of years, but the older, green style apparently has been discontinued. So the boss bought these new metal ones. ) the crocks heat faster than the old ones, so you might need to watch leaving it on high for long periods of time. Overall, it’s as good as any other crock on the market. All of them burned out after being used 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days out of the year.

Gift for my daughter– she loves it. They have a family of four so it’s great i think it is very big.

  • Great Crockpot
  • solid workhorse
  • Five Stars

Overall i am quite happy with this product. I don’t have much experience in using a crockpot but this was very well priced and is extremely easy to use. The only thing that i do not like is the fact that there is no light to show whether it is really on or not.

My 4-quart cooker model 3040 only held 3 1/2 quarts to the very top.

If not aware, there’s a product safety recall available for this model and others. All effected models and info here: [.

I have made chili in this slow cooker twice, and both times it was nummy. I have also made vegetarian baked beans, and those were great, too. It cooks evenly and thoroughly. The see-through cover is great, so you can tell if you need to turn the heat up or not. It’s heavy and solid, much more durable than my other slow cooker, which i’ve relegated to craft projects only now, thanks to uneven heating. This is a good looking appliance as well, and clean up is pretty darn easy.

It does everything i need it to and is easy to clean. I’ve seen others with more bells and whistles, but this does the job.

Features of Crock-Pot 3040-BC 4-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel

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  • 4-quart slow cooker attractively housed in durable stainless steel
  • Stoneware crock insert with stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning
  • User-friendly control knob offers low and high heat settings
  • Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I was actually looking for a new crockpot when i saw my current crockpot has terrible reviews so i figured i’d post my own experience. After reading all the other reviews, i figured that i must have got the crockpot that was made during employee evaluation week or when the government safety inspector was dropping by. I haven’t had a single problem with the handles or temperature knob falling off and i have never noticed the outside of the pot being dangerously hot. That’s after using it at least 15 times. Also, i fully endorse the removable pot for washing and i honestly can’t imagine a crockpot without this feature. That said, i was looking for another crockpot because this one seems about a quart shy of what it should be. It also doesn’t help that the design of this particular pot makes it so that the condensation doesn’t remain trapped in the crockpot. Instead, the lid burbles and rattles and the entire countertop surrounding the crockpot gets a splattered coating of whatever you are cooking. In summary: i haven’t had the same problems as those 30+ negative reviews as far as product quality is concerned but i do think that the poor design without those problems makes this a non-purchase for anyone looking for a new crockpot.

I’m so impressed to see a lot of bad reviews because i have had this slow cooker since 2010 and i have never had problems with it. I have prepared garbanzos and others beans that actually are so difficult to cook at time. I let the crockpot all night so in the morning i wake up with the smell of hot- rich- mouthwatering meals. The metal base may be hot when it is cooking but as i use it at niche or when theres nothing in the kitchen i don’t have problem. I recommend this slow cooker. I have prepared a few different meals and i’m happy with my purchase. You need to know your crockpot to understand the times for each meal.

I recieved this crock pot as a wedding gift over a year ago, and i absolutely love it. I’ve used it to make pot roast, chili and chicken & dumplings, and it has performed wonderfully everytime. Mine sits on the counter and i have not had to lift it a lot, but have had no problems with the handles. I would highly recommend this crock pot, the stainless steel looks great, the black crock is easy to clean and doesn’t stain, it’s easy to use and lets me cook dinner while i’m at work.

It cooks hotter than my old one so food gets done much faster. So that is the only thing i don’t like because food is done faster than i want it to be.

Our handles are cracked too, the temperature is real high so it cooks great. Works well, but i’m upset the handles are broken, but it looks nice – and it still works, easy to clean too.

Cooks evenly, the pot is of better quality than most i have used in the past. Holds heat well, simple to use great value for the budget conscious.

4-quart slow cooker attractively housed in durable stainless steel

This was a gift for my wife at christmas. She had used her old crockpot until it stopped working. So i purchased this one as a replacement. She likes to make stew or stoup as she refers to it, in the fall. It is great to go out hunting all day and when we get home we have a warm stoup waiting for us. It works great, looks good and cleans up easily.

Have used this slow cooker for over ten years with no problems,, until one handle broke off,, checked google for replacement and foundthat rival has had a recall for this crock pot,, call 800-299-1284 for instructions to get a replacement cooker basecheck cooker base for model numbers; 3040,,3735,,5025,,5070,,5445,,, and the wall plug for the 4 digit date codei called and qualified for a new cooker base,,,,,.

Crock pot brand is nothing but the best, in my opinion. We use this crock-pot for all kinds of things at church throughout the year in our various meals, potlucks, luncheons, fellowships, etc. It works especially great for cream of tomato soup, chili, gravy for large luncheons, etc. It is also excellent for keeping garlic bread, pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the like warm for meals when bringing these items off the stovetop. We have an array of five different size crock-pots here for use besides two additional units at home for personal use (although they sometimes get transported to church for use there also). These are great additions to any kitchen, big or small, home or other.

We have owned this product for years but hadn’t used it. While while looking for misplaced instructions online this morning i came across these reviews and did some research. This model received horrible early reviews for issues that were subsequently subject to recall, as follows. ‘a date code is stamped onto the plug at the end of the power cord attached to each unit. The first two digits represent the week of manufacture and the last two digits represent the year of manufacture. Any plug with a date code from 0199 (1st week of 1999) to 1802 (18th week of 2002) is included in this recall. ‘ the manufacture date is literally stamped onto one of the prongs on the plug so look for it there. Our unit is dated subsequent to the recall – it appears that all or most highly positive reviews also post-date the recall. I will note that it looks like this model ultimately was discontinued, for whatever that implies. We finally used the crock pot tonight and it worked beautifully.

Works perfectly and was delivered at time promised.

For all of negative comments concerning the handles, please be advised that iwas informed of a product recall concerning this problem. I followed the recall instructions and received a replacement heating element in july of 2005 that so far has not been a problem. Why the other people did not know of the recall i can’t answer, but i did register my purchase with the manufacturer.

Stoneware crock insert with stick-resistant coating for easy cleaning

I found this site before getting to the real rival site. Like many, i was searching for the site for replacement parts. I realized that many of us were having problems with the same parts and that there was also a recall. After reading some of the negative reviews i decided to call rival for new parts anyway. After a rather long wait on "hold" i did get to speak to a fellow who was very nice. He gladly handled the problem and my new base is on the way. So give the company some credit for standing behind it’s product and having some integrity.

8 years ago, my wife and i were lucky enough to receive 2 crock pots for our wedding. This one and the larger programmable one also from rival. We love both of them and i couldn’t imagine life without these crocks. I love this one for the smaller size. This product is like an old car. It doesn’t come with any bells and whistles, but it works and it works well. Nothing has broke and nothing has burned (unless i left it on for too long). We use ours reguarly, about 3-4 times a month, so the crocks have seen their fair share of use. I love that the crock comes out and is very easy to clean because of that. I don’t have any complaints about this crock whatsoever.

As always, crock-pot is the definitive slow cooker, and it works just as you would expect it to, very well.

User-friendly control knob offers low and high heat settings

Tempered glass lid; stay-cool side handles for safe transport; recipes included

Focus Electrics, LLC West Bend 84866 6-Quart Versatility Slow Cooker, West Bend

I had my old west bend for 51 years, and it has been well used, and it had it’s problems. The stainless looks wonderful, is easy to clean, and cooks beautifully, and is a larger capacity. I hope i get as many years of use as the old one.

I love the versatility and the option of being able to use the pot on the stove and in the oven. It makes browning meat, etc. The size is also a major plus. Great for storing, but not lacking in space.

I had a very old version of this slow cooker and loved it. The base broke from dropping, but still worked with duck tape, and the pot lost its no-stick surface, so i decided it was time to replace it. This newer version is no longer made in the usa, and the quality is not quite as good, but it still works like i want it too. After my first time to use this new pot it became warped and was not able to sit flat upon the cooking surface. I was unable to remove spots within the pot from searing my meat before cooking. I complained about the pot and immediately received a brand new pot (and a new glass cover, which i really didn’t need) at no charge. So i am very grateful to west bend for their excellent customer service. Despite the replacement and the excellent customer service, i must report that the new pot also warped. The company desperately needs to do something to replace these poorly made pots.

Key specs for West Bend 84866 6-Quart Versatility Slow Cooker with Glass Cover, Stainless (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 275-Watt cooker comes with adjustable temperature control with griddle setting
  • Base doubles as a mini griddle perfect for grilling a burger, eggs, toasted cheese sandwiches and more
  • Made of stainless steel with premium non stick interior
  • Safe to use in dishwasher,oven or freezer

Comments from buyers

“Beats the $300 versions hands down, but not a “real” crock pot
, Perfect for me !
, True “slow cooker”.

This is the third cooker like this that i have purchased and i have loved everyone of them. The only thing that i don’t like about this one is the handles are hot to touch. It would have been nice if they were manufactured so that a person could pick the pot up without getting burned. Other wise i would have given this cooker five stars.

This cooker was a disappointment in the fact, the actual cooking vessel did not sit flat on the cooking base. It had a left to right wobble. I would imagine that is why some people said it had hot spots (center was higher than the sides) i was upset about this fact and my better half took it to the work shop and i have no idea what he did but it is now flat to the cooking surface. Be aware of this and you will not be disappointed.

I’ve wandered into those kitchen shops where you drool over everything and can’t afford anything. And i lusted after one of their upscale brand slow cookers that move from stovetop burner to oven to fridge with ease (for a few hundred dollars). And it made me wonder whether there wasn’t a cheaper way to have the utility (if not the cachet) of those things. Enter the west bend versatility slow cooker. Because the pot is really just a stainless steel dutch oven (with a teflon base to prevent sticking), you can do whatever you want with it–including putting it on the burner unit that comes with it. But you can also use it to brown your meat on the stove in the same pot you use for slow cooking (saving you the trouble of putting a second pot in the dishwasher). You can also dispense with the base and put the thing right in your oven, if you choose. And it’s light enough that you won’t dislocate a shoulder doing so. But the mystique of the crock pot, with the stoneware container emitting radiant heat all around your roast or stew–is gone. What you get here is–just a pot and a spare burner.

I highly recommend the west bend 6-quart versatility slow cooker in stainless. I had to replace my 35+ year old butterscotch-color west bend slo-cooker plus. The glass cover was chipped on the edge. The no-stick interior had worn spots, but no peeling. It continued to cook well, so i was lazy about doing the research to replace it. My husband bought a crockpot slow cooker for me in december, 2014. All it did was boil no matter what setting it was on. The cooking elements in that type of ceramic crockpot go around the bottom and up the sides. We returned it, thanks to a very liberal warehouse return policy.

My sister told me she didn’t have a slow cooker and asked to borrow mine. So i told her she could have my 4 qt west bend and i could get this new 6 qt one. I love versatility, so i knew i wanted another west bend. I like making pots of chili, soups and casseroles. The stainless steel pot looks so nice is easy to clean. My daughter likes to make scrambled eggs and pancakes on the grill and has no problem with cleaning it. The glass cover makes it nice to see inside and the big handle keeps my daughter from burning her knuckles when she lends a hand to stir the pot. This slow cooker has my vote and my daughters.

I would recommend this product as it cooks the food good, and i love the grill part where you can cook a grill sandwich. The only thing l was concern about was that the inside part coating has scraped off some. But the looks of it is very appealing and l love the high and low temps.

This holds a lot, can go on top of the stove and even in the oven.

Way nicer to use than the typical crock pot. One bought for myself and one for my sister-in-law.

This is the only slow cooker i enjoy. With seperate pot and heater unit you can brown food first, or get it boiling, then place on heater to slow cook. I have notticed lowest setting is too cool for serving temperature.

I had one like this years ago, and i loved it. It’s taken me a long time to find this one. It’s much easier do deal with than the crockpots with the stoneware insert – those weigh a ton.This one is light and durable. It cleans up well – goes right in the dishwasher. The pot is totally separate from the base.

As long as i live, this is the only slow cooker i will own. It doesn’t stick, it doesn’t burn, it cooks evenly and i can leave it on all day long even if i’m away from the house. I’ve owned only this slow cooker for many years.

This is my second versatility, the first one being the basic black version. I ordered the second one because the nonstick coating on mine was coming off after quite a lot of use. The only problem with this one is that the bottom of the pan tends to warp when used on the stovetop. Also, i don’t need the grill feature. Otherwise i’d recommend this line of slow cookers if you want to brown meat straight in the pan, something i prefer. There is another make of versatile cooker out there, but it costs in the order of $250 so this is a good low cost alternative.

I grew up knowing the west bend slow cooker as the go-to cooking appliance in our home. From appetizers to desserts, my grandma & mom cooked it all. So of course i received one when i moved out and used it for many years until the internal coating became too scratched up. It was difficult to find a replacement as this particular slow cooker is not found in stores. Once i located them on amazon, i purchased the 6 qt. As i now feed a growing family. I am happy with the cooker’s performance and results (tender roasts, perfectly cooked one dish meals, soups, using the griddle in camper trailer, having a temp control dial not just low-high, etc. ) but the construction is disappointing. At purchase, i realized it had a different lid than its predecessor ( glass lid could be used as a serving tray) and it just doesn’t provide the same fit\seal as older version. The pot is also a lighter material and it was ‘warped -wobbly’ from first use.

I have purchased at least 5 of these cookers in the last 10 years. My only issue with them is that the teflon coating is thin and even using wooden or plastic spoons does not prevent wearing away of the surface. What i love is the fact that the pot can be used on top of the stove thereby making starting dishes on a burner possible( i. Browning hamburger to put in spaghetti sauce, sautéing onions). Also the temperature setting is unlimited- not just low, medium or high. I use mine all of the time and love it.

As i said we still use the old one to keep things warm. Trusting this will last 10 years plus. Service at amazon was again wonderful. Package came in a few days very well packed ******** we will buy from amazon again and again.

It was time to retire my 26-year-old west bend slow cooker. Not because it quit working, but because the non-stick surface was beginning to fade a little. As i shopped at a lot of local stores, the only slow cookers i could find were the ones that had temperature settings of just low and high. Not good enough for me, as my west bend had a sweep-able thermostat that went from low, to medium, to high. What really surprised me was fact that i could not find the west bend brand anywhere. I figured they must have gone out of business. So maybe retirement wasn’t going to happen after all. And i was not going to compromise. Not being able to find anything locally, i turned to amazon. And as you have found out as well, west bend is alive and well here. After reading some of the reviews, i settled for this model. Now first off, i’m not a slow cooker fanatic. I use it for spaghetti sauce, beef stew, chili, roasts, and soups. Yes its got a sweep-able thermostat. That in itself was enough for me. Some folks dislike the fact that this cooker is probably not one to leave unattended all day. Which is true, to some degree.

I love this versatility slow cooker. It is the 3rd one i have purchased. One for my main residence and one for my winter home. The first one was damaged in shipping from one place to the other that is the reason for purchasing the next 2.

Nice slow cooker , like the element being at the bottom.

I liked this slow cooker when i got it and used it until the bottom warped and had to be replaced. I went back to the crockpot. I feel i have better control over the cooking in the crockpot.

It is a replacement for one i’ve had for 25 years & i love it. Works great & it’s bigger than the one i had.

Hamilton Beach 33138 Slow Cooker : Just okay

Out of all five of my slow cookers this one is by far my favorite. And not just because of the cute design 🙂 i have various different size slow cookers for different purposes. This one is my go-to when i want to make a smaller quantity of something, a side dish or drinks like homemade pumpkin spice lattes, homemade apple cider, etc. It’s the perfect size for a smaller family. There are some dishes that i want to make smaller quantities for like soups, chili, bbq pulled chicken, etc. And with my larger slow cookers it’s nice to make larger quantities and freeze the leftovers, but some certain meals don’t freeze well and i just don’t need to make as much so this one is perfect to make one to three servings of something. I have used it almost every day since i received it and it works amazingly well. It’s also great for side dishes. I’ve used it on low and high and had great results with both. Overall i definitely recommend this and give it 5 stars :).

However, this cooker holds 2. 5 quarts when filled to the brim at the very best.

Hamilton Beach 33138 Slow Cooker, 3-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Low, High and Keep Warm Settings
  • Perfect Size for 3lb. Chicken or 2lb. Roast
  • Dishwasher Safe Stoneware and Lid
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Essential for cooking hot, delicious meals

My other crock was round, but i am really enjoying this oval shape – roasts fit better, for one thing. Size is perfect for my husband and me, even has enough room for food for 4 people. Design is whimsical and colorful, looks cute on the counter. Cooking heat levels seem appropriate, and the ‘keep warm’ setting is a nice touch. Other reviews mentioned some issues with the lid not sitting evenly – mine is perfect. For those concerned about the ‘hole’ in the lid, it does not let out much, if any, steam. Meals i’ve made are super moist. Cleanup is easy – especially when i spray with pam before adding food.:-)i would definitely recommend this crock pot – and would buy it again.

This is the 1st time i’ve ever used one, and have devoured every dish i’ve made in it to date. Being that there’s only 3 people in my household and most of the time there’s only 1 to 2 people eating the dishes i make, i decided to get this 3 quart sized cooker. I still is little large for my needs, but the leftovers aren’t so bad. 1st day i got this in the mail, it was washed and put to use. I cooked 2lbs of boneless beef steaks, along with cut potatoes, carrots, greenbeans and seasoning. I cooked it on low setting for 9 hrs and the meat was soooooo tender, flaked with my spoon. It fed 3 people that night, with a little leftover -to give a general idea on serving sizes provided. I have used it every couple days since and loving every dish made with it -primarily some sort of meat. The ceramic bowl insert is easy enough to clean, which i prefer over the non-stick coating type.

Spending the summer in the mountains of north carolina. Our large slow cooker is in storage, so i bought this one. Works great and is a good size for two or three people. The bowl and lid are small enough that you can marinate in them in the fridge and then put in the cooker saving washing a bowl and eliminating a step or two.

Hamilton Beach 33138 Slow Cooker, 3-Quart : First use for mulled wine at a christmas gathering.

Perfect size for someone living alone. I can cook enough chili or stew to freeze several single portions for myself at a later date or i can cook enough of any dish to serve generous portions for four or less-generous portions for six. The cooker is handsome enough to leave on the counter and small enough to put on a shelf if that is the choice. It arrived well-packaged and in a timely manner and i’m extremely pleased with my purchase.

Perfect for making dishes for 2 people with a perhaps enough left for a third helping of most dishes. I have a very large one for dishes that i need more quantity or if i want plenty of left overs. Really like that is has a warm setting as well as the low setting for slow cooking and the high.

I ordered a second one, which had a problem & the company took care of it right away.

This is my second one of this model so i can tell you that it’s a good one. The first one lasted many many years.

Works just fine for two people. The ceramic bowl is much easier to handle then the larger versions that we used to use. My wife loves to cook sweet potatoes in this cooker. Just wash them off and place them in the cooker and six hours later they are perfect. Slow cooked pork chops come out beautifully and very tender.

Does not burn my food and/or boil it. I had to return 3 other makers’ slow cookers because they cooked too hot and ruined my food. 5 qt proctor silex too and it cooks just as good as this one. Glad somebody makes a product that works right.

When i ordered this slow cooker, the listing was labeled as proctor silex, and the model that arrived was, indeed, made by proctor silex and not hamilton beach. In any case, this works very well. It doesn’t run too hot and burn food, as i’ve heard that other recently manufactured cookers do. It’s the perfect size for two people (with leftovers to spare). It’s incredibly easy to use and very convenient for busy work days. It’s great to have a healthy meal ready by the end of the day. I use it for soup, beans, lentils, stews, and even (smallish) whole chickens.

I just ordered a replacement as mine was caught in a gravitational incident. )for starters, it’s the perfect size for two people. Smaller cookers are adequate, but just barely. 3 quarts are just right for two with a bit left over for lunches. I like the oval design as opposed to a circular design as i can put a small chicken or a roast in it. I find the heat control works fine, but it takes a bit of practice depending on what you’re cooking. I never tested it, but it may have a continuous rheostat, which means you could adjust the heat without being locked into the settings provided. I never did and i’ll experiment with the replacement and offer an update.

The top of the pot that the lid sits on allows the lid to move around and rattle when pressure builds up. What on earth were they thinking ?. Capacity is about 2-1/2 quarts actual.

Only room for a 1 1/2 lb roast. A trivet would be handy since the bottom gets hot, though i haven’t had any problems.

Perfect size for doing smaller dishes. And i like that it has the warmer setting, another slow cooker i bought did not. So far has worked great, cooks and keeps food warm as slow cooker should.

This is a great little slow cooker. I was looking for something small as i hated using a full size cooker for just two of us. Mmit’s a little challenging altering recipes to fit, but it has been really worth it. Can leave for golf and come home to a complete meal without a weeks worth of leftovers the hubby won’t eat anyway. The little hole in the lid does a great job dissipating the condensation so the lid barely drips once you remove it, but it doesn’t seem to release much through evaporation.

This is a great little crock pot. Just right for meals for one or two people. The ‘warm’ setting makes it really nice to keep things hot without burning or scorching them around the edges. I use this for all my favorite crockpot recipes. Just cut them in half and they fit perfectly.

I purchased this nifty little slow cooker over four years ago in order to make homemade yogurt. Admittedly, this means i haven’t used it for other uses much and thus my review can only be very narrow in scope. But it is still working a charm for me now. I don’t think the capacity is quite a full 3 quarts.

This slow cooker makes about 4 moderate size servings of soup or stew. That’s just the right amount for the two of us to have a meal on the day i make the soup, and more the next day. A couple of our favorites are chicken stew, and green beans and potatoes with ham. I usually use the high heat setting since we eat our main meal at noon. If i start the food at 8:30, it’s ready by 12:30. I don’t have much experience with slow cooking, but our meals are turning out so well that i’m going to experiment with making things like dried beans, brown rice, and whole grain breakfast cereals. This cooker is expanding my cooking horizons as well as freeing me up to run errands in the morning.

Perfect size and works well. . Like the range of temps and the small hole in the lid keeps it from bubbling over like our old one did.

BELLA BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker – Attractive Appliance

This slow cooker is so beautiful. The only thing is i wish that the handles weren’t plastic and i also wish it was automatic shut off, it just feel flimsy. Other than that, it is perfect. It’s big so i can feed multiple people.

Whilst it is really heavy it is incredibly effortless to clean up and is a fantastic dimensions for family meals. I did not want a good deal of capabilities and this is basic but pretty practical.

It delivers my food items to a boil and cooks a bit also promptly.

Even so it is very hefty so not a crockpot i will be working with for carry-ins at perform.

This is my initially serious crockpot. I needed a single since i function lengthy hours and i like the plan of obtaining meals completely ready for the household when i get property. Since it really is my 1st crockpot, i didn’t need (or even know about) auto shut off, or pre programming. I guess features like that would be great, but i am huge on aesthetics, and i really like the way this a person seems. So much, i’ve made use of it a couple times and it functions nicely. It truly is huge plenty of for my household of four, and isn’t challenging to clear at all. (but my spouse observed it for me for about $twenty five at kohls, just a heads up).

Would like to see configurations much better.

  • It will make non-cookers WANT to cook!
  • I love love LOVE this purchase!
  • Very cool looking.

This is incredibly good seems to be great in kitchen.

Definitely beautiful and it achieved my anticipations.

Just the appropriate dimension and high-quality.

It cooks hotter than other slow cookers i’ve experienced in the past. Warm truly ought to be low, very low genuinely ought to be large, and higher is actually. I perform about with the temps and every little thing i prepare dinner will come out terrific. It is easy to clean and really attractive. My preferred slow cooker i’ve had.

Purchased this in january 2017, and i’ve been making use of it pretty much two a long time. This is my preferred slow cooker so significantly. It is effective extremely effectively and the style is even attractive. I would like bella had scaled-down and identical layout and colourful slow cookers.

Features of Bella BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker, 6-Quart, Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect for family-size servings (feeds 7+ people & fits a 6lb. Roast)
  • Off/Low/High and warm temperature setting
  • Slow cook meals at the ideal temperature
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware and tempered glass lid
  • Removable stoneware pot for serving

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The bella slow cooker is effective like it really should, my only problems are that the wire is way to quick, and it would not have an indicator light. When i use this unit i have to go though to a great deal hassle plugging it in or use an extension cord. The light-weight point signifies that i can not walk away from the unit until finally i am curtain that its doing work thoroughly.

It’s very, but it cooks incredibly hot and the configurations have worn off. I now have to refer to a image to try to remember what the dial markers used to say.

I have been referring to my new crockpot as my ‘sexy crockpot’. I like the way it appears, and am proud of it when i choose it to group lunches.

This is my favourite kitchen crucial. I am not confident what i would do with no it.

I was dissatisfied with the top quality of the lid. It is, plastic and has scratches on it.

Is effective like a attraction everytime great even slow cooker.

Perfect for family-size servings (feeds 7+ people & fits a 6lb.

An great slow cooker for my chili, pigs feet, ham and cabbages. The color black goes great with my other appliances. I really like this crockpot and it cleans up nicely.

If this isn’t the most gorgeous crockpot at any time. I would generally place my cookware absent, off the counter but i appreciate leaving this out on display.I have only experienced it 3 weeks and use it at the very least 3 or 4 instances a 7 days. I like and like the traditional temperature knob.

She experienced preferred one and this one was just suitable for her.

Beautiful, massive, but have not made use of but.

It seems great in my kitchen.

I’m ashamed but i purchased this a person due to the fact of the structure.

Off/Low/High and warm temperature setting

Seriously preferred a white 1 will be again if it will come in back in stock.

The only matter lacking on this is a timer – other than that it is aesthetically wonderful and works completely. I like enjoy like this buy.

We have had quite a several slow cookers above the years and my wife obtained this one particular for work.

Desire is was not plastic although.

I purchased this to switch my aged one due to the fact my previous was hard to clean and this explained it was quick clean up. It is not uncomplicated to cleanse it is just as terrible. But i do like the cooking superior then my outdated a single. So just be prepared to scrub and scrub proper absent.

It would not have a mild but i can really feel it heating up.

It appears to be like incredibly large finish for the price tag and will work properly. I’m also happy with the dimension not much too major for the counter but massive sufficient to easily make adequate food for anyone. Mother liked it as properly so all people was happy lols :d.

Slow cook meals at the ideal temperature

I just like this slow cooker, it performs well and looks fabulous in my kitchen.

It really is not just pretty it functions good much too. Even on warm food items stays hot for hrs. Nonetheless waiting for the white slow cooker to arrive again in inventory.

Dishwasher safe stoneware and tempered glass lid

Gourmia Multifunction Electric 1-Hour Hot & Cold Smoker : Gave it as a gift and have heard nothing but

With such a variety of cooking functions, i have yet to be disappointed.

The pressure cooker/hot smoker function is great. Pork ribs come out tender, moist and just enough smokey flavor. Chicken was tender, moist and smokey, too. Next stop, cold smoke bacon.

I received the slow cooker earlier than expected and was so excited to open it up. It’s even bigger than i realized and has so many more functions than just slow cooking. I can’t wait for all the meals i can make with it. To top it all off, it looks beautiful so i don’t need to worry about hiding it away.

This multifunction cooker is great, it allows me to have another depth when i cook, with it being a pressure cooker and i do not have to stand and cook for hours at a time.

  • I don’t need no stinkin charcoal outdoor cooker—Anymore.
  • Smoker/Pressure Cooker produces tender, moist, smokey meats!
  • This multifunction cooker is great, it allows me to have another depth when

Gourmia Multifunction Electric 1-Hour Hot & Cold Smoker, Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker and Steamer – 6.5 Qt – With Delay Timer & Removable Racks – 1300W – GPS650

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • PRESSURE SMOKE: Pressure cooking power packs in all the strong, smokey, BBQ flavor- in less than an hour! Adjustable pressure setting ranges up to 15 psi.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: Equipped with an easy-read LCD status display, and all adjustable; pressure, steam, slow cook, and hot/cold smoke functions. Other features include an 8 hour delay timer, and auto keep warm.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Stainless steel construct with cool touch base handles, removable nonstick cooking pot, and locking lid with easy grip handle and pressure regulator knob.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES: Includes smoking/steaming racks, a spoon, measuring cup, silicone cap, and charring cup.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

First time use i truly loved it. Very easy to use and clean up.

I am avid cook, but limited on space in the kitchen. It’s so easy to use and multi-functional. The indoor smoker cooks and smokes great. The steamer did wonderful with asparagus. A bonus surprise was that it’s also a slow cooker. The box or listing didn’t say that. But of all the uses, the pressure cooker is unbelievable.I pressure cooked chicken and goes from raw to cooked in 9 minutes.

I have always wanted a smoker, but did not want to use up so much space for occasional use. . When i saw this product wth so many verified positive reviews, i ordered it. I tried it twice with mixed reviews. . It appeared to have a problem with the lid; i am a pressure cooker officinado (sp??) and the lid had difficulty locking and steam was escaping from safety valve and lock area. I called the company and they were very customer-centric, sending out a new lid, which works perfectly. I wish there were more recipes with better timing, but from now on, i will undercook, as you can always add a few minutes. Great smoke flavor and not the massive footprint of an outdoor smoker.

Can use it inside, let it rain or snow, no problem.

If you can’t push the slide lock to the unlock, while lifting the lid, best to send it back. You’re too much of a moron to own one. That is the fix to the idiot that sent theirs back because they couldn’t open it. This is the best fresh tasting smoked beef in a half an hour ever devised. Don’t buy one if you don’t like smoked flavored meats. However, if you do like your ribs with a smoked taste. You’ll be in love in no time. It’s a set and go aaa product.

My husband and i smoked a brisket in two hours. No marinating just put it in and it was delicious and tender. I strongly recommend this smoker. Going to fix ribeye steaks this weekend.

The interior liner came with two chips in the coating. So far, though, after several uses it hasn’t spread. I discovered that after using the smoker option, it is very difficult to get the smoke smell out of the cooker. The food you cook the next few times comes out smokey when you may not want that flavor. I haven’t found a way to get rid of the smell after pressure smoking. I contacted customer support on both these problems and they are supposed to send me a new liner. They said there is nothing they can do about the smokey smell. The pressure smoker itself works okay, but there is very little guidance on how long to pressure cook food. I tried using an old recipe book from a previous pressure cooker we have, but the times don’t seem to work the same, and the ribs came out a little under cooked. Update: they are sending me a new unit.

It is much bigger in person than i expected so i am able to cook even more in it than i thought. The food flavors are amazing and are cooked to perfection. I haven’t experienced any issues with this product, i definitely recommend.

This slow cooker belongs in every kitchen. The size is perfect and the variety of functions give you so many options for dinners and hosting. The removable racks are great, which makes it easy to clean.

My family and i recently decided to add more vegetables in our diet, and we love it. Something like this which involves the aspects of a pressure cooker, slow cooker and steamer was so necessary for us. I mainly love to steam veggies in here. I can’t believe how fast it works – just 15 minutes, and delicious veggies.I absolutely love to slow cook different kinds of potatoes too. Sweet, white, red potatoes, and everything else in between. My friend is dying to get her hands on one too.

It made some really good brisket. This is a really good cooker, it served me better than my precious ones in the past.

I recieved this as a gift and thought great i can hot or cold smoke small amounts of fish. There are no instructions to do this so prepare to learn by trial an error. I visited numerous websites to get info. My second attempt was better than my first. The gadget seems to work well enough. Perhaps their lawyers told them hold back on information.

Just smoked my 1st total rooster in it. Despite the fact that i had to slice the rooster in 50 percent due to the dimension, it turned out excellent. I would strongly recommend purchasing this merchandise if you appreciate smoke flavor.

The structure of this unit is not incredibly superior. The heating aspects of the removable pot on the base stick out and are not flush which generates an unsafe circumstance with hot meals in it. I make alot of soup with a complete pot of extremely hot liquid. If you are not watchful, everything can spill out feasible creating burns. I am considering sending it again, but will consider it a bit lengthier.

It labored perfectly the to start with couple periods we utilised it, but now the pressure will never create up so the countdown won’t start. It looses all of its h2o and we get an error information.

Gave it as a present and have listened to absolutely nothing but compliments about the merchandise due to the fact they began employing it.

Smoked bbq ribs in 30 minutes – just does not get substantially greater than that.

I use it all the time specifically when know i would not have time to cook for myself for the duration of the 7 days. Great sizing for a university dorm.

Bella BLA13973 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker : Great slow cooker! A great value, and a big step up from the tried-and-true Crock Pot, especially for someone who uses it a lot!

Gave this as a reward to my sister and she definitely enjoys it. She utilizes it all the time, and not only can she cook dinner meat until finally it is fall-off-the-bone tender, but she can then make stews and other things appropriate in the exact same pot. I would ask her to do the publish-up, but i’m worried she would drone on for several hours about how wonderful this unit is. So if you have the outdated faculty strain cooker (like she had), you owe it to your self to get this pot. Or, it you want to make points with a loved just one, get them this device ‘just because’ and you are guaranteed to make factors. Saw this pot highlighted on a ‘disjointed’ episode, and it cracked me up on what it represents.

I like it–just would be wonderful if there was a way to correct a couple practical troubles, but total, it is effective fantastic, and is a amazing addition to my kitchen area. I did a good deal of research prior to obtaining this, and i really feel it genuinely is nicely well worth the dollars–a lot a lot more so in all probability than a lot of many others out there that are either a lot more high priced but don’t have any improved options, or other less expensive kinds that you will burn up your self on, burn up your food stuff in, have problems cleaning, and so forth. Adore that the crock can be utilised on the stove (nevertheless initially did not feel it was a large offer when shopping close to). I most just lately used it to make my do-it-yourself hen soup from scratch. Put chicken thighs in the pot on the stove, seared them. Included greens, sauteed them to bring out the flavors. Added water/stock, heated it up swiftly on the burner (normally takes for a longer time in the crock). Extra my herbs & set the complete point in the cooker, then topped off the liquids (had stored them minimal for risk-free carrying to cooker). Turned out i was able to make my soup in about 1 one/2 several hours this way, as a substitute of various hours in the cooker by itself, and anything was splendidly tender, and i could leave it by itself properly alternatively of executing just stovetop cooking. Have also had my soup spill when transporting it for potlucks, and many others.

BELLA BLA13973 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Polished Stainless Steel

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Easy to create healthy, great-tasting meals with meats, vegetables, and grains. The stoneware pot provides plenty of space to assemble ingredients hours before you plan to eat
  • Large 5QT capacity can prepare meals for up to 5 people making it perfect for families
  • Slow cooker can operate at the low setting all day or night, meaning you can put ingredients in the pot in the morning and come home at the end of the day to a fully cooked meal
  • For easy cleaning, both the pot and the tempered-glass lid are dishwasher safe
  • Slow cooker uses less energy than your oven, it’s an Eco-sensitive choice

This bella electrical pressure cooker does everything you’d hope from it, from browning in the pot to slow-cooking to the serious cause you would want this, super-rapid large-pressure cooking. Though the bella is effective nicely, it really is not as strong — or as costly — as the instantaneous pot. I’ve owned 3 different electrical stress cookers, and none has occur with recommendations specific sufficient for the beginner. This bella tension cooker is no exception — and the manual may even be even worse than average. If you are new to pressure cooking, it would behoove you to do a minimal investigation on line to comprehend some of the terminology — for instance, the difference involving organic strain release and rapid release — and to obtain much better recipes than the couple of contained in the manual. For me, somebody who has employed tension cookers, the actual stress was the absence of instruction on how to disassemble it for cleaning and which parts could be eradicated. For case in point, it states to make guaranteed that the within lid is attached but not how to do it. Bella has all the basic safety steps in put. The lid locks when strain within is superior, so you will not be in a position to clear away it and threat severe personal injury, and it would not blow off. The force valve is a little wonky on mine.

I like slow cookers, and i have a primary crockpot. But each individual at the time in a whilst, i would like to make two slow cooker recipes at the same time–like, an entree and a dessert. So when the bella slow cooker grew to become available on vine, i asked for it. I produced a pot roast with the mccormick slow cooker seasoning bundle, which is rather basic. I slash up potatoes, carrots, celery and an onion, applied a three pound roast, and poured the seasoning combine with h2o above it all. I established the timer for four hrs on superior, and this evening, my household and i sat down to a scrumptious meal. I selected this clear-cut recipe to remove variables that may well have an effect on the end result. As it turned out, the bella does precisely what the producer statements. The aspect acquired very hot quickly, stayed sizzling the full four several hours, and then kicked down to warm.

My spouse desired a pressure cooker so i did some study prior to acquiring. She required the quick pot brand name which is obviously the most well-liked but it was not readily available at the time. I seemed at a cuisinart future but it was also not out there. This was my 3rd preference as i was concerned about high-quality with a gadget that has incredibly hot steam beneath pressure. Following reading other testimonials i decided to order this brand. I had acquired bella blenders beforehand which were being well created. This tension cooker seems to be of great high-quality. All of the elements suit together well and the guidance were very clear and simple to use. My wife used it to cook dinner meal not too long ago and it labored nicely and swiftly. Although it can be probably not as awesome as the quick pot manufacturer it will not value nearly as substantially either.

BELLA BLA13973 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, Polished Stainless Steel : Unbelievably efficient, easy to use, easy to clean, and inexpensive. I use it at least a couple of times a week and got it on sale for $39.

I like the actuality that it can be programmed and after cooking it goes right to the warming manner. It really is made it so easy to prep a meal on one particular night and put the detachable dish into the fridge and as i leave for operate the following morning, just transform it on and come residence to a great meal.

I previously have a slow cooker, but i wanted a next one for cooking sides in it. It is nice to have a single for cooking a meat dish, like a roast, and a further device to cook dinner something else, like macaroni and cheese. That was a person of my ideas for this slow cooker. I also am the only vegetarian in a family total of meat eaters, so i ordinarily cook a second supper for myself. This permits me to established and ignore not only what i am cooking for them, but for myself as well. This is nice mainly because it is big, and it holds 5 quarts. 1 of the things that helps make this unit superior to my other slow cooker is the simple fact that you can method exactly how lengthy you want it to cook dinner for. My other unit only makes it possible for you to set it for 4, 6, and eight several hours. The configurations are only on very low or significant. This calls for you to possibly have your food stuff be underdone or overcooked, at least it’s been that way in my working experience.

The one star fewer is indicative of the cooking guidelines becoming not exact. For a frozen chicken breast, it suggest pressure cook of fifteen minutes, however, it normally takes about 30-35 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, it is an awesome equipment in the kitchenupdate : now i have utilised this for pretty much three months, and it is rather a great deal the only cookware i use on a each day basis. I use it to make all the things that i typically would use the stove for, but at significantly less than 50 percent the time.

This slow cooker lived up to the wonderful reviews. I purchased it for a family members collecting, because i necessary a greater a person than i had, and it was an fantastic obtain. I utilized it to make pulled pork, and the 8 lb. Pork butt (bone-in) simply suit the cooker. I did not brown it on the stove leading, but that appears to be like a great aspect. I set it to cook dinner overnight, and when i received up in the early morning, the pork was slide-apart tender, and the bella experienced instantly switched to the heat location, which is likely why i failed to have a problem opening it. The gasket would make a terrific seal, though. To me, this slow cooker was effortlessly really worth the cost.

I was exceptionally satisfied with this crockpot at 1st. I adore that the lid locks and is also detachable. Remaining able to use the inside crock on the stove major is an unbelievable element- beef stew has grow to be exponentially far more efficient. It is also simple to clear and isn’t really significant like most crockpots i’ve had. As well as, the timer feature is truly practical. No a lot more stressing about rushing dwelling from do the job so my dish will never be overcooked. One particular glaring negative for me is the point that i have only owned this crockpot for 4 months and the coating on the interior crock is by now chipping off. This is a offer breaker for me. I’m not heading to probability acquiring flecks of chemical coating breaking off into the food items i serve my family. It’s as well late to return this so i am making contact with bella myself to see how they plan to resolve this.

I had a bella crock pot and beloved it. Unfortunately, i dropped it and put a quite big dent in the outer skin. So big that the liner would no extended healthy. So i experienced to say excellent-bye to my nice crock pot and seem for a new one. I uncovered this 1, but was hesitant to buy it since i never ever experienced a searing crock pot ahead of. I can actually say that i enjoy this a person far more than the preceding just one. The liner is incredibly light-weight, so it really is effortless to lift out. It cleans up conveniently and i seriously like the searing choice.

Anything appears ok with this other than the lid where it hinges. It is a plastic hinge, which is fine, but the steel rod inside of the plastic that triggers it to hinge won’t have any provision to hold the rod from sliding side to display within the plastic. What that means is, if the rod slides to much too one side within the plastic, the hinge breaks apart. The lid is hard to shut if you use downward pressure only. Having said that, if you spot your thumbs on the latch/address and use your index fingers to snap the lid and the, ‘base’ together, it really is much easier. You can expect to have to experiment with what i am declaring.

I have utilized this a ton due to the fact i bought it. Best way at any time to challenging boil eggs, one cup water, set in a steamer bowl, on a trivit. 7 minutes on manual stress, release stress and plunge into ice drinking water. Have accomplished pot roast, corned beef chicken, hen wings from frozen, you identify it. Really straightforward to cleanse the removable inner pot. Cant hold out to try extra recipes. I have utilized a conventional force cooker for many years. This a person is so silent, i rarely know it is running. Great cost in comparison to some of the other pots out there.

I appreciate how rapid i can cook dinner beans (even when i have not pre-soaked them), chili and stews, and they keep heat until eventually i’m ready to provide. I use it on the shortest time for rice and risotto. Saves me so a great deal time with brown rice and quinoa. I wish the cooker had occur with a greater established of recipes, the owner’s booklet only has a several in it. Nevertheless i can constantly locate a new recipe to consider on-line.

Performs just wonderful, terrific for soups and stews. Only challenge is the uncomfortable smell it will make when cooking.

I was pretty intimated when i opened the bundle even though i have applied common stress cookers in the past. So i examine my booklet and recipes, washed the device and saved it in the cupboard. About a 7 days afterwards i experienced a evening meal crises and experienced to have hen in a hurry. Timid and skeptical, i googled how to cook frozen rooster in a hurry. Lengthy tale quick, i experienced frozen rooster, thawed, cooked and on the desk in under thirty minutes. Now, i use this jewel each and every prospect i get for roasts, chicken, pork, stew, soup, every little thing. You can even brown and sauté meat and onions appropriate in the identical pot. Really do not know how i lived without having it.

I had a bella slow cooker right before that had a locking lid. The stoneware cracked (from switching temp as well rapidly) so i acquired a crock pot to switch it and it was horrible. Boiled my roasts to a rough inedible mess. I finished up offering it absent so i bought this just one hoping it would work as well as my to start with bella cooker and it does.

I definitely love this crockpot. It is really great dimensions for a loved ones of 6. The programmable portion is great. I have had other crock pots in which you just set the temp to substantial or small, set it and ignore it, with this, i was ready to make a recipe and place in a unique sum of time.

I bought it to replace an previous crock pot (you know the classic fashion just one with the independent griddle tray) that i believed i loved until finally i obtained this. This is so effortless with the distinct configurations. I never ever be concerned about leaving anything at all in there too very long, nothing has burnt. I now make my stock and bone broth in this as an alternative of the stove leading mainly because there isn’t as much reduction and i can trust leaving it alone all working day or overnight. I also like that it switches it to ‘warm’ later on so you really don’t have to be concerned about your meals finding chilly and getting to be unsafe to consume. The only consideration is the lid gasket is pretty challenging to get thoroughly clean. There have been various situations i believed i’d washed it throughly, only to continue to scent the former meal on it afterwards.

I like this pressure cooker, but i desire i had acquired an instantaneous pot. The only issue that has arrive out productively so significantly in my bella pressure cooker is boiled eggs and they peel pretty quick. The two situations i have experimented with meat in it i experienced to set it in for a lengthier amount of time for the reason that it was not cooked through.

Cooked an complete hen in beneath 30 minutes and has so many additional works by using than just force cooking. Simple to thoroughly clean and run, without having the weird wobbly steam vent of the outdated faculty pressure cookers.

Bella Triple Slow Cooker and Buffet Server – Wonderful for entertaining

I have cooked numerous foods considering that acquiring this final week. It was a joy cooking two tiny different roast at at the time (beef & pork). I also steamed potatoes and corn on the cob when cooking my roast. Have cooked dry beans, greens and candied carrots at one time. This slow cooker receives incredibly warm. It does choose up a whole lot of counter area. I am just pleased that i can cook dinner more than (one) major dish at a time. The warm function is wonderful also. I was truly stunned at how much food items just about every pot will keep. So glad i did not buy the one.

This crock pot is remarkable, i have utilized it so numerous instances, ordinarily i have all 3 crocks likely but on event i use only just one or two. When my family members will come for dinner, i place most every thing in crockpots, it will make an uncomplicated meal. Appreciate it, bought my daughter a single for her birthday.

I enjoy this triple slow cooker. I am a crock pot fanatic and have employed this considering the fact that thanksgiving getaway. It cooks wonderful and the lid holder is an included additionally. I have a inclination to test and fill the pot in entrance of me. Resulting in tons of wasted food in a six or seven quart crock pot. This is a excellent dimensions for serving a crowd.

  • A great product for the value
  • This unit was the best thing I have ever used to serve my Thanksgiving

My sister owns an ice product parlor. She makes use of it for distinctive scorching flavors. So far they are best for the work. Nicely manufactured and presents alone effectively.

Acquired this for a new year’s bash with 25 adolescents. We did a taco & nacho bar: crammed the center crock with cold, canned nacho cheese (which did heat up nicely on significant, with some time and regular mixing), and the two facet crocks with taco meat i’d cooked on the stove (established to heat). The cooker appeared good on the buffet and retained all the things scorching and delicious for quite a few extensive hours, stirring each individual so usually. The lid handles were being what genuinely drew me to this system, and they are so darn handy (so attendees usually are not location lids down awkwardly, dripping condensation all in excess of the other food items). Also, so happy with the spoon notches on the edges of the crocks, so you do not need to choose up added worthwhile counter space with spoon rests, nor have spoons remaining in the crocks with lids ajar (which dries out the food stuff and decreases temperature). Mainly because it truly is a cooker with unique temp controls, i am searching in advance to thanksgiving, or just typical weeknight meals and scaled-down gatherings, exactly where many sides can be cooked and/or held heat. Or potentially 3 distinct versions of a slow-cooker breakfast casserole, all at oncemy two insignificant wishes are:#one – that the controls/dials ended up a bit additional visual in nature. A) there is no indicator on the dial (notch/line) to know where by the dial is established (you want to flip it all the way remaining or all the way proper to know ‘where’ you are as a starting issue). B) there is no gentle to enable you know the electric power is on/doing the job, similar to an outdated-fashioned slow cooker (need to have to wait and contact it to make sure it is truly on). #two – that it experienced some kind of storage scenario or go over.

This device was the finest matter i have at any time utilized to provide my thanksgiving evening meal. You can continue to keep foods at many person temperatures. Serving yourself out of the crockpots was uncomplicated. The lid holders make certain any drinking water condensation falls again into the crockpot. We are considering of the several meals we can provide now at xmas and all the family vacation meals. Thoroughly clean up was the dishwasher for crocks & lids. Dimension was great for my substantial family members. Holds 5 lbs of the food product.

Bowls are scaled-down than i imagined but this puppy dog does the occupation just wonderful. Far far better than the buffet hotter i also bought. This is truly a established up and wander away solution. Suggest it for anybody hunting to entertain massive crowds.

Have observed them use it again and once more.

I have gotten lots of compliments on it at different situations. The crocks are a excellent dimensions, and the merchandise performs effectively and cleans up nicely. Just about every crock has an indentation for a utensil, so you can address it with a spoon held in area. It is also designed to maintain the lids at the rear of the crocks through buffet design and style serving. The only detail that i will not like about it is that it does not have any indicator gentle to validate that a crock is on. I like to know it is doing work. The price is ideal, so i forget the mild concern and that it is manual selection without the need of any time functions.

These bowls are way smaller sized than i imagined. I barely healthy twelve meatballs in each and every dish. I was serving firecracker chicken meatballs, about 1 bash pack dimensions of lil smokies w/bbq sauce and 12 italian meatballs w/1 big jar of sauce. They ended up all pretty total–thankfully, it labored out, but man was i apprehensive they wouldn’t fit.I can’t consider a buffet any smaller than this a person. But all in all, this sucker is very amazing. And the lid rests are rather magnificent as effectively.

Great sized specific crocks. Fantastic for holding meals warm for individuals straggling attendees. Device worked well and the lid holders have been uncomplicated to use and truly labored effectively. Very good selling price and appears after two works by using to be a superior good quality device.

Functions good has a good temperature array no matter whether cooking or warming.

I decided to publish a critique for two good reasons. Initial, this is the greatest point at any time to serve a crowd. So much so, i am pondering of purchasing one more a person just to have a backup. Secondly, some of the responses to the frequently asked questions are incorrect, incomplete or just plain ignorant and i desired to established the report straight. Enter the ‘is this a slower cooker or just reheater’ question. The merchandise is identified as bella triple slow cooker (my caps) – indeed it is a slow cooker – it really is like 3 two. 5qt crock pots – and sure you can prepare dinner a few distinct things at 3 diverse temperatures. The knob configurations are warm, lower, medium and significant for each and every crock. I am so mindful with this for the reason that it is valuable to me, so i have not broken everything and know absolutely nothing about replacing anything at all. The lid holders are heavenly and it also comes with a few servers that you can go away right in the crocks when it can be time to provide.

I use this all the time for every gathering. I do different types of nachos.

So hassle-free owning 3 diverse dishes, just the right dimension way too.

It worked fantastic for preserving foodstuff warm. No additional positioning lids on the counter and making mess. If the specifics failed to say stoneware i’d say they are enamel covered cast iron they are so heavy. A person critique, the wire is limited if utilizing on an kitchen island. I want the warm was just a very little hotter.

We got this for my mother in law for christmas. It is rather large, so storage must be considered, but this thing is really cool. The compartments are large and can be put into the oven.

This was a reward to my daughter and i haven’t gotten any opinions from her nonetheless but it is extremely weighty responsibility and appears to be effectively developed. I like that every single pot has its very own temperature regulate. I like that the lids can be propped open up for serving, and that it has developed-in spoon rests. Likely to be buying one for myself at some stage.

Great idea, but this unit does not keep food warm – more tepid than warm – and those lid holders are cheap looking and do not fit in place.

Is effective well and created my buffet evening meal great. Every single pot has it is really own management and pots are a very great dimensions.

I recommend this product or service full heatedly. The new smell took longer to get rid off than instructions said but as soon as long gone this product is excellent.

Shipped when mentioned and amazing with parties and serving various dishes preserving them heat and tasty. Thanked my close friend for recommending this buffet server to me.

Our frantic each day schedules use to have us creating meals all several hours of the evening, but now we can make a meal and let it heat for all until they are all set to consume. Also terrific for days when our teenage boys have close friends over. We can keep simple taco fixings warm so they can take in any time they want.

Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker, Very happy with the results

Bought primarily based on positive assessments. Have only used it once, but done fantastic. Chili came out improved than more mature cooker.

The slow cooker is just the suitable measurement, and it has been really productive for the number of moments i’ve utilized it.

It is an adequate cooker but not advertisement good my aged one particular.

Key specs for 6-Quart Programmable Searing Slow Cooker:

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  • New Hamilton Beach 33567T 6 QT Oval Stove Slow Cooker
  • Simple program-ability – just set the time & temperature
  • 6 quart programmable
  • Sear or brown meat on your stovetop…then finish meal in your slow cooker
  • Premium diecast cookware – cast aluminum heats evenly and cooks directly on gas, electric, or ceramic stovetops

Comments from buyers

“Very happy with the results, Best features for slow cooker, Best Crockpot Ever!”

You can cook dinner with it on the stove, and then set it in the base to complete up. Terrific for browning meat or onions.

Very good things all the way all-around. The stovetop feature helps with searing meat, and the effortless to use controls make it a cinch to use. The insert is extremely uncomplicated to clean up. The best i’ve had to thoroughly clean so far.

It is quick to use and to clean up. The potential to brown meat on the stove major is a awesome aspect.

Seriously, the most remarkable crock pot. Can set any time in 30 min increments and using the pot on the stove is incredible. I appreciate dirtying a lot less dishes, in particular considering the fact that we never have a dish washer.

Investigated extensively and really happy. Was a present for my father in regulation who works by using this factor all the time.

Finest slow cooker for the revenue. Sear meat in pan on stove top heat other elements then established it and ignore it.

Just after working with this slow cooker only at the time, the glass lid was dropped in the ground and broken to pieces. I contacted hamilton beach front in hopes of shopping for a replacement lid and even although it was not lined by the guarantee, they sent me a new lid at no demand, expressing it was a 1 time courtesy to me. They failed to even inquire me to pay back for delivery. I am comprehensively amazed with buyer assistance like this, and will absolutely acquire their merchandise in the long run. As for the cooker, it is wonderful to cook dinner with and location on with precision and timing. The removable pot is thick and durable, so i am anticipating to do a large amount of searing and browning on my stovetop prior to the slow cooking. It truly is also much larger than i experienced expected, which is generally a as well as. Now i need to have to verify out their espresso makers.

I bought chose this crockpot soon after investigating the very best one particular. I preferred a person that i could brown meat in without the need of paying out $$$. The only detail i dislike but was conscious of when obtained is the handles get seriously scorching.

I employed it two times so significantly in a lot less than a week of having it. Almost everything works accurately as described but there was a aspect lacking(?). I don’t know for confident and typically i go direct to the manufacturer for any minimal pieces misplaced or forgotten in the factory assembly. It is 2 very little rubber foot pads less than the front legs ( rear ones current). I have elements from many sources in my years of bounty and just glued two thin drinking water faucet flat washers correct to the plastic feet. No factors taken off mainly because i appreciate the financial savings $ in this article at what amazon provides, considerably greater than the moan & groan.

I have used the heck out of this thing given that i obtained it. I haven’t experienced other individuals so, i are unable to examine. But, all of the characteristics (low 8-hour, significant 4-hour and heat) have labored flawlessly. I’ve only utilised it stove-best a few of occasions simply because i have not discovered that browning had an effects on the all round final result.

You can place this crockpot insert on stove or in oven. I have employed 2x so much, the two with fantastic results. one) sautéed onions, garlic & jalapeño with oil, 2) seared beef in oil. Just before putting in foundation for slow cooking. Saves me time and fewer washing. Only disadvantage is that the sides and major tackle do get sizzling.

The metal inset can make existence so substantially a lot easier. Controls are straightforward and very workable.

I will be hunting no further. There are no ‘hot spots’ and it does not boil on small as many other slow cookers do. I like the characteristic in which you can put it on the stove top to brown your meat if you so motivation. Leaving fewer dishes to pull out and clean. The pot’s surface area is incredibly effortless to clear for the occasions i do not decide on to use a liner. I would give this item 10 stars if were being possible.

Wonderful that it can be employed to brown.

You can brown your meat and then include your recipe. It automatically switches to warm, whilst the dial stays on substantial or reduced environment.

The slow cooker is straightforward to use and i have cooked a amount of different meat stews on it and they turned out excellent.

Really like the reality that you can brown meat to start with. Never have a dishwasher and this will save on washing one more pan. Ah certainly, it’s easy to clean up and who will not like that?.

Had it for practically a 12 months now. Great that you can brown your meat in the cooker pot without having getting to use a different pot.

I just about bought a more costly 1 that browns your food and gets up to 500 levels but it received lousy assessments so i identified this one particular with fantastic evaluations and much less than fifty percent the cost. It is so light and you can place it proper on the stovetop then appropriate into it is really shell. I by no means would use a crockpot simply because i usually had to filthy 2 pans so i can brown the food first. Then all the fantastic flavor stayed in my pan i browned and not in the crockpot. This is the best crockpot i have at any time applied. I can even deglaze the pan with some wine and cook dinner it down then slow cook dinner my dish all working day.

Performs very well, and it is huge more than enough for everything you have to cook.

I genuinely like the cooker apart from for the actuality that the non stick coating is peeling off the outdoors of the pot.