Braun Tassimo TA1200 Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System, I love my Tassimo!

My friend surprised me with this machine at christmas. I never even would have thought about buying something like this, and now i don’t know how i lived without it. It’s reliable, easy to clean, and brews yummy coffee. I also use it to brew espresso, which i then use to make frappuccinos. Love itupdate: over five years later. This thing has never had a single problem, and is used at least twice every single day.

1/24/07: the other reviewers have pointed out the pros and cons, and they are mostly on-target. I find this machine to be no substitute for a regular morning pot of coffee, but for breaks the rest of the day it works very well. It is too slow to make drinks for a large group. I find the latte, cappuccino, and hot chocolate to be very good, and you can add a shot of espresso to the hot chocolate. The seattle’s best discs make the best coffee for my taste, and i have not liked the tea it produces. One drawback the other reviewers have not mentioned is that the unit should be cleaned immediately after using one of the creamer discs for latte or cappuccino. There is always some milk left around the area where the disc sits. I keep a glass of soapy water next to the machine and drop the little puncture device into the glass to soak–just rinse it well before using the next time. But one must still wipe up milk from around where the puncture device sits. Also, as other reviewers have noted, it puts a lot of overflow water into the bottom of the cup holder, and this fills up surprisingly fast.

My boyfriend surprised me with this for my birthday and i could not have asked for a better present. The machine was very easy to set up (i was even able to set mine up slightly hungover). It does take a minute to warm up, but brews quickly. I thought i would just drink the regular coffees offered, but i actually love the specialty beverages, especially the cappuccino.My only complaint is that the pods are sometimes difficult to find in stores. I would suggest stocking up when you find them or just order them online. Overall, i am very pleased with my tassimo and would recommend it to all coffee lovers on the go.

Key specs for Braun Tassimo TA1200 Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System:

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  • Hot-beverage system brews drinks at the touch of a button in about a minute
  • Patented T-Disc system with barcode technology; customizable strength settings
  • Beverages pour directly from T-Disc into cup; no measuring, no fuss, and virtually no cleanup
  • 50-ounce water reservoir; dishwasher-safe parts for quick cleanup
  • Measures approximately 10 by 15 by 16 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“dont loose the puncture thingy
, T-Disks are just ok
, Not for parties, good for singles and couples

I have had my tassimo for just over a month now (received it 10/4/05) and i am in love with it. I have all the different t-discs now since i can get them online from many places. I got my last order of t-discs from gevalia online, including the european varieties. I can have tea, hot chocolate as good as any i have ever had, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, crema coffee (better than the ‘fake crema’ on the senseo), bold coffee, mild coffee. Since my wife drinks tea and i drink coffee and coffee drinks, and our nieces love hot chocolate when they visit, the tassimo is perfect. Contrary to what the ‘uninformed’ may say, this machine is very, very clean. There is a cleaning disc that needs to be run twice when you first get the machine, and then monthly. You do not have to run the cleaning disc after every cappuccino and latte. Also, almost all of the removeable parts are machine washablethe beverage selection is still limited (no flavored coffees), but i have purchased some flavored syrups and can now make flavored cappuccinos and lattes that rival any coffee shop for a fraction of the cost.This is real, high quality coffee too, unlike the flavia which uses some powdered yuk mixed with water.

Good looking appliance, works well providing the bar code is read properly. Other than that makes great coffee.

I received my order yesterday, great shippment time. However for some reason the bar’s on the t-disks will not allow my tassimo unit to switch over to auto after the heating process, instead it will only let me fill coffee cups in the ‘manual’ mode, so i thought my unit was bad but i put in another t disc (french vanilla) and my unit worked perfectly. Have you had any other responses from other purchases with my same issue?.

I bought two of these, one for home and one for office. They are quick and easy to use but refills can be hard to find. My reason for choosing this machine is the availability of tea, latté, cappuccino and hot chocolate in addition to coffee. I wish it had more flavored coffees. The only choice is french vanilla. While some stores carry two or three choices of refills it is hard to find a variety. You also need to check the expiration date before purchasing as some stores have old stock. You can buy direct from tassimo but their processing is very slow. I suggest placing an order a month in advance. Be aware that hot chocolate, latte and cappuccino does leave chocolate and milk residue in the machine.

We bought this the same day we decided to give our francis. We weren’t using it much and set-up and cleanup seemed too time-consuming and messy. The tassimo, by contrast is a terrific smart (and stylish) machine. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t take up much counter room, isn’t expensive, and is very versatile. Friends saw it and went out just as we did, the same day, to buy one. After drinks here, one had a hot chocolate, another a cappucino, and we had espressos. All of that was fast, simple, tasty.

I picked my tassimo up for a bargain when the store was going out of business, the cost was almost half and i figured what the heck if it doesn’t work i am not out that much moneythe first time i used it i fell in love with the machine. It makes very great drinks from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes, and cappuccino. And now i see tassimo is offering maxwell house t-disc in a larger size which is great for my travel mug. This machine has replaced my coffee maker, i only use this machine for all my hot beveragesthe only real complaint i have is the noise the thing makes, it is louder than the espresso machine at your starbucks. Other than that the barcode reader helps makes the perfect beverage everytime, it heats quickly, and the tank is actually big enough – in comparison to my old pod brewer. I looked at k-cup makers and dollar for dollar the k-cups were going to cost more than the t-disc. This is a great deal when it comes down to cost per cup.

I bought this because it is the only system with a quality coffe to go with it (starbucks). This is actually better than i thought. It really makes a great cup of coffee; equivalent to the brew from starbucks. However the ‘capuccio’ system from gevalia is only ok. I prefer to just add milk rather than that disk. Be careful because there is a piece of plastic which punctured the disk to allow it to work and which can come off when you remove the disk at the end and get it thrown out. The company answered the phone promptly; wanted 10 bucks for a replacement; i complained and now they are sending a free replacement. I will be more careful about that puncture device.

The tassimo is a great coffee maker when it works; however, if yours ever goes out, like mine did recently, it will take you 2 months to get the packaging to send it in to the repair facility that tassimo uses; then another month to get your machine back. I suggested that the company provide loaners to their devoted customers, but i do not think they took me seriously.

Let me preface my comments by saying that the machine works beautifully–truly a piece of engineering. No muss, no fuss and very reliable temperature in the beverages. It has solved the errant coffee ground problem in our kitchen (which my wife loves)however, the choices for coffee are very limited. If you like french roast or other varieties, this machine is not for you. If you’re down with the same gevalia cup every morning, then by all means this is your machine. To add some robustness to my morning brew, i have started adding a shot of espresso (from the tassimo, of course) to my cup–this actually works pretty well, but uses 2 t-discs rather than one. The hot chocolate t-discs are reliable, but not great. If you are used to homeade hot chocolate (or mexican varieties with spice), this machine will disappoint. Again, the tradeoff is convenience and efficiency for taste and quality. The espresso is a little syrupy where it should be earthy, but the crema is a nice touch.

Love this product, it gives my family the versitality to have what they want–when they want it.

My boyfriend and i searched around for awhile looking for a single serve coffee pot. We were very interested in the tassimo mainly because it was the only one that can make lattes and cappacinos. We did a lot of research online and read many reviews just like this one. Well we are so happy with our tassimo. I am in love with being able to have any type of coffee drink i desire. Now i will be honest, the first time you start it up it will scare you because it is so loud and it vibrates the counter. However we put a folded up towel under it and no more vibrations. It is still loud but after a few days we didnt even notice it.

I purchased the tassimo as a gift for someone else. After seeing it in action, and tasting the delicious results, i had to have one myself. Another reason to buy it, was i wanted to have some espresso every once in awhile. But, after going through the super hassle of making just one espresso with a starbucks barista at my brother’s house, i knew there had to be an easier way. And the tassimo is so simple, easy and fast. While you are paying a fee for the convenience and taste, in my opinion it’s well worth it. This coffee is so good; i used to think about the next cup of coffee at work. I couldn’t wait to get home and have another espresso, cappuccino or what ever. These coffees have such exceptional aroma and taste; i have stopped using tons of creamers, that made my old coffee palatable. Now, since they are so yummy, it’s maybe a dash of sugar, or mostly just black.

. I love the noise it makes sounds like a jackhammer. And the green and red lights and orange. . I am addicted to the the press the button load noise flashing lights. And the warm disk as you put it into the trash. Wonderfulonly thing i think needs improvment is the the creamers are not sweet. I drink them anyway maybe i get use to this creamer???mine is still working over 100 disks this mounthdont get a broke machine is all i can say?.

I purchased this product from target for $129 today for two reasons: 1 – i have recently developed a dependence on starbucks caffee mocha – it does not have much of a coffee taste, which i like, and the shot of espresso in it helps me concentrate. I work at home and its easy to get distracted. The small size has been costing me over $3 so i need to just make it at home 2 – though i’m not a coffee drinker, most of my friends are and i like the idea of being able to offer them a cup of coffee, cappucino or espresso (or hot chocolate) now and then. I researched the single serve machines quite a bit and found that tassimo is a good machine, though the coffee is not as good as if made from freshly ground beans in a french press. That’s okay with me – i’m just making one serving a day of espresso and mixing in a bunch of skim milk and chocolate powder so it does not have to be the best coffee flavor. Very practical as it is quick and each cup costs around $0. 50 based on the t-disc prices. Note: the milk discs use a liquid rather than a powder, and this supposedly makes a better cappucino than the machines that use powdered milk disks. I use the gevalia espresso, then add hot skimmed milk frothed with the handheld aerolatte, then add two spoons of ghiradelli hot chocolate mix. It tastes great, albeit not quite as rich as starbucks product.

I have this unit, it is remarkable how it works. If you are a coffee lover, especially cappuccino. . It’s no fuss, fast and great tasting. I just ordered the ta1400 model and plan on bringing this unit to my summer place.

I was lucky to have already tried this at work so only needed to convince my other half that we needed it. Various coffee makers have had their position in our kitchen over the years from the filter machine to the expresso pressure type. They all lost their appeal quite rapidly as the use/cleaning far outweighed the benefits of the taste. This machine is different – i don’t know of a better one.

??have you ever gone somewhere with a friend to grab a cup of coffee, not in a star-big-bucks but just a diner, and been talking away and you stop and say ‘wow, this is good coffee’. Your friend agrees; you both look around and see that they grind/brew their coffee with some custom made machine. Well this is the same type of coffee you get out of the tassimo when you brew any of the regular coffees. A step up from my old carafe coffee, which was really only good if i ground the coffee myself and made coffee immediately; and then only the first 5 minutes is the coffee the right temp; after that the carafe is not hot enough. The tassi-mojo is much better than i expected. The coffee is delightful to the last drop and we never have the half full cups around the house anymore. The cappuccinos and lattes are absolutely divine and seem better than star-big-bucks.Maybe that’s because i can make it with my eyes closed and in one of my own real mugs.

I spent hours deciding between the tassimo, senseo, and keurig. The keurig does have more options as far as coffee brands go, but it is primarily a coffee maker- it lacks the ability to use real milk and create heavy foam for high quality espresso drinks. The advantage of the senseo, of course, is the price – it’s half the cost but it doesn’t use real milk, doesn’t make espresso drinks, and lacks the coffee variety of the keurig. Ultimately, i decided that in the long run the ability to make drinkable espresso drinks, as well as delicious coffee, on the tassimo outweighed the greater number of disk options (in the keurig) and the lower price (of the senseo). Altogether, i am very pleased. Regarding each type of drink on the tassimo:1. We use this primarily as a coffeemaker. It brews within three minutes and the coffee comes out hot and strong. I order my t-disks from tassimo direct and the gevalia coffee is excellent and reasonably priced.

Convenient, great coffee, & looks good on the counter. Just too easy to throw in a disc, push a button, listen to the engine (which i like), and then walk away with my order. What other maker has a bar-code reader?.It is noisy compared to drip, as, pump vibrates like an aquarium pump on roids & the milky bevs require 2 passes: coffe disc, then, the milk disc. I’ve tried the senseo too & i like this one mucho better, esp w/ rebate. For the price range, this machine rocks. Maybe was ref before, but for review from the experts: [.

I bought the tassimo beverage system for my home after researching other machines. I selected the tassimo because you can make a variety of coffees, tea and hot with it and because only the finest pods are used. I loved it so much that i purchased one for our office. It is equally loved at work. The beverages are flavorful and hot.

I used to make 2 separate pots of coffee, one for my husband and one for my self then throw at least 1 1/2 pots away. The t-disc are a little expensive but you get what you want every time and no waste.

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer : Does two things, neither of them all that well

The hamilton beach jave blend coffee brewer is a great option for anyone who likes blended coffee drinks or is looking for a way to save counter-space by combining a personal (one cup) coffee maker with a blender. This could ideal for someone living in an apartment or dorm roomnotes– the cup/mug that came with the unit is very nice- the unit can only make one cup of coffee at a time- the coffees is very hot – which is great. But it can make it a bit more difficult to make ice coffee :o)- the blender top is a bit too loose- the blender does an ok (but not great job) in blending ice- it probably goes without saying, but the blender can be used as a standalone blenderfinal verdict – the hamilton beach java blend is a pretty cool product. . It is perfect for a person who loves blended coffee or for someone who is looking for a two-in-one unit in order to save counter space.

This is the best way to stop yourself from spending nearly $6 a day at starbucks for a caremel frappucino. However, the blender is kind of weak. Maybe i just add in too much ice. But for some reason the ice is either too thick or too fine. I havent figured that part out yet and the direction manual doesnt seem to direct the user to that point. I never realized how important the ice size is to making a frappucino until i made it too big/too small with this. But hey, i’ll figure it out.

I never thought i needed a combination coffee maker slash blender. I still don’t think i need one. But if i had to have one, i guess this does the job?. It’s a strange beast: big enough to take up a massive amount of your counter space, yet can only make one mug of coffee at a time, with a similarly sized blender-for-one. The entire setup is extremely basic, and i’m not sure it’s worth the price. No timers, different settings, anything like that. Just your standard cheapo drop coffee maker married to a basic blender, and then everything somehow got marked up in price. Everything works fine, it’s just not really worth the inflated price.

I use this product everyday for not only coffee but my smoothies. The only part i don’t like is that it takes the old style filters but they are only a dollar for a half years’ worth so its not that bad.

  • I’m so in love with it’s awesomeness
  • I love it! I only drink cold/iced coffee so the
  • Love this thing. Condense two appliances into one!

Hamilton Beach 40918 Java Blend Coffee Brewer (Discontinued)

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    by entering your model number.
  • Satisfy all your coffee cravings with one countertop appliance!
  • Brew 16 oz. of hot coffee into travel mug with lid (travel mug included)
  • Blend 32 oz. of frozen coffee smoothie
  • Wave Action System designed to pull the mixture down into the blades for smooth results and no ice chunks!
  • 2 speed blender with pulse for optimal control

Nice, love the attatched blender.

Coming away from using a keuring i was a little concerned but i have loved it so much so far, and it has been a few months. I have used the blender a handful of times and i made an excellent iced coffee. I just don’t have a lot of time to use it more. But i brew coffee every morning and have 0 issues. Saved a lot of money not using k-cups too.

Hamilton beach will grow on you. It’ll warm you up with its sleek shape and cool design. It will shake you up with its agility and swiftness, and it will imprint on your mind with a great tasting coffee (both cool and hot). I highly recommend it to all coffee connoisseurs.

I wasn’t super impressed with this coffee maker / blender combo. I found that the coffee brewer functionality works well-enough; approximate to any other small, coffee brewer. Not bad, but nothing particularly special about it. The blender doesn’t work that well. It’s no replacement for my magic bullet. It has trouble blending ice and gets stuck when trying to make a smoothy. Two-for-one units offer space savings but at the expense of functionality. I do like the ability to quickly brew a single cup of coffee, but you can’t really use any other cup but the one provided. A standard mug sits too low and the coffee splashes all over the place. That means that you either needs a really tall mug, or you have to use the one provided by hamilton beach.

I kind of wish i hadn’t gotten a keurig last year after trying the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. It takes up about the same amount of counter space, but it does double duty with the built in blender. Plus i’d forgotten how nice it was to be able to brew a jumbo size mug of coffee at one time instead of having to use two pods to get the same amount. I do have a great blender, but more often than not, i don’t feel like dragging it out from the cabinet to use, clean, then put away. This one is right on hand at all times and small enough to easily toss in the seemingly always full dishwasher. And it’s a powerful blender too. I packed it full of ice cubes (cubes, not crushed ice) and it chewed them up in seconds. I’ve never been one to make any kind of fancy coffee drinks, but it was so easy using the hamilton beach 40918 java blend coffee brewer. I’ll definitely be making more in the future, in addition to fruit smoothies and milkshakes.

The cover attachment arrived broken but the product makes coffee and does a decent job of blending.

Got it for my daughter and it’s fantastic. Going to purchase one for myself :-).

Bought this as a nice multipurpose item for the kitchen and love it. The coffee maker works perfectly and the blender works great too. It doesn’t really work for the whole “brew coffee and pour it over ice in blender to make smoothie” feature because lets face it, coffee melts the ice immediately so you have to let the coffee cool almost completely first. Tried doing the straight from coffee to smoothie and had to keep putting more and more ice until it was very bland. Let the coffee cool first and add some cream and sugar to is before it cools and works great.

I’ve been using this coffee maker every day for almost a year. I only drink cold/iced coffee so the blender is a must. I also use the blender for margaritas and stuff. It is very easy to clean and looks nice on the counter. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the market for a coffee maker and not looking to spend an arm and a leg. It would be a great gift as well. I got a warranty, but i haven’t had any issues with it. A lot of the time i will make coffee at night, put it in the refrigerator, and it’s ready to blend with ice cream, chocolate and ice in the morning. This has probably saved me hundreds verses going to a coffee shop every morning.

Didn’t think i would love it, but i am so pleasantly surprised. What really won me over is the size of the basket for the coffee grounds. It’s just as big as the basket in my 5 cup pot that it replaced. I like my coffee like tar and this enables me to make it stout enough to get my heart beating in just one cup. Hate the cup that came with it, well the cup is ok, the lid to the cup is awful. It has a lip sticking up where you drink from. Feels like a demented sippy cup. But i have found bunches of cups that i do like that fit perfect. And now i can have iced coffee the way i like it.

Perfect single serve and i can still make iced coffees and blended drinks.

The blender does a good job of crunching the ice for my frappes. I love that most parts i can throw in the dishwasher. I’m still working out the right serving size ingredient combos for me but that is on me. The machine itself is brilliant.

Work well but the blender is a little weaker than i want it to be.

I am so impressed with this coffee pot. The box was heavily damaged, but the product was fine. It works wonders and my friends with keurigs give compliments and wished theirs had these features. It’s easy to use and demonstrates the good name of hamilton beach. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I am enjoying my coffee maker. I can make one cup of coffee hot or cold. The one thing i don’t like it doesn’t have an adjustable shelf for my fovorite ceramic cup. I have to flip a bowl to use my cup instead of the computer cup.

I got this as a bedside coffee maker. The kitchen is too far without caffeine. Works great, and i love that i can get a quick smoothie without digging out another appliance.

Best coffee maker in a whilecold and hotnice.

Touch Coffee & Beverages Touch Choice Single Serve Coffee Brewer – Coffee Maker : This is a great coffee brewer – my first

Kudos to touch and tech support. Makes a really satisfying cup of coffee, quick as wink and contrary to what i’ve read in a couple other reviews it does so very quietly. Certainly much more so than my previous ‘other brand single cup brewer’. The t414s has five buttons on the front panel allowing you to select a serving size from 6 to 14 oz. And three buttons for brew strength ranging from mild to bold. It has a large reservoir that one doesn’t have to be constantly refilling. A nice feature also is that the cup tray adjusts up one notch to minimize splash when using smaller cups or mugs. My 10 oz mug fits perfectly in this position. One of the features that i like most about the touch is that one is not limited to a couple of brands of k-cups.

I love the generous cup sizes you have to choose from.

Touch Choice Single Serve Coffee Brewer – Silver Coffee Maker with Full K-Cup Pod Compatibility & Rapid Brew Technology – T414S

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy to use – simply choose the preferred cup size to brew a bold cup with Coffee shop quality every time. The extra-large, removable 90oz water tank minimizes re-filling, but can be detached for refill, the hinged tank lid can be utilized for pour-in refilling. Drip tray is also removable and adjustable. Automatically powers off after use
  • Hotter – unlike the leading competitor, Touch brewers brew at the optimum temperature, up to 200°f for extracting full-bodied flavor
  • Bolder – in addition to the optimum brew temperature, Touch brewers feature an Extra efficient brew cycle that maximizes water-coffee contact, resulting in a richer, bolder taste in every cup. Choose from three brew strengths: mild, medium, or bold
  • Faster – our patent pending rapid brew technology starts brewing in under 20 seconds. Plus, Touch brewers heat only the water needed demand—instead of heating an entire tank of water, making them as Energy efficient and reliable as they are fast
  • Bigger cup size – 8 cup sizes to choose from (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz and 26oz carafe). included with this T414S is a refill Jumbo cup which can brew up to four cups at once. Compatible with all K-Cup pods, generic cups, Touch bold and xplus

Had two keurigs over the past 5 years. The first one was adequate, the second had continual problems( the 2. Better, more solid construction than the keurigs, and there are more options for the size of cup. Only had it about 4 months now, but it seems to be an upgrade over keurig.

Best single cup maker on the planet. All k-cups can be used, including the cups for your own grounded coffee.

I bought the touch because i was tired of the short life span of other k-cup brewers. When it works, the touch delivers a nice dark brew cup in 90 seconds. I like the auto shut off which saves money and the wide choice of brew strength and cup size. The touch handles both the plastic k-cups and the mesh bottomed cups like the fog chaser brand. It took three replacements to get one that worked for more than a week. The touch people provided excellent customer care: i didn’t have to send back any of the defective units and they sent me a ton of free coffee. I’m happy with my touch but don’t understand why it took four units to get one which worked.

Touch Choice Single Serve Coffee Brewer – Silver Coffee Maker with Full K-Cup Pod Compatibility & Rapid Brew Technology – T414S : No complaints, works as advertised.

Great to have another choice. This makes hotter coffee, heats water only as needed. Had to replace the other brand 2 times in 3 years. This one should last longer because of the processing, cuts totally off automatically.

Touch brewer t414s brewing system for single cup coffee my wife is very happy with this new coffee maker. We have used it for several weeks and are very happy with it. I was concerned that it might take longer to make a cup as it doesn’t keep the water hot, but heats it on demand. I have to say that i believe it is just as fast as our previous model from another manufacturer and should be an energy saver.

We absolutely loved it, for almost a whole year.

So far this is working perfectly. It makes a good cup of coffee and gives you options on how strong you want your coffee.

It is so much faster than any of the keurig coffee maker out there(i know this because that is all they have at work). There is hardly any waiting period for the water to get hot to start making coffee. I also like to choose different cup sizes and a ‘bold’ settings which keurig doesn’t have. Extremely easy to use, even my 10 yr old can figure it out how to make coa-coa with it. Yes, it is more expensive, but well worth it. Note: we use the brew and save refillable single-cup (coffee or tea or cider) for keurig k-cup brewers, 2 count with our touch brewer for our own fresh ground blend. These reuseable pods are not very strong. Hence, you should use the ‘bold’ settings at a lower setting:i. 8-10 oz vs the typical 12-14 oz. Hope this review was helpful.

Overall, an excellent brewer. However, i noticed that the lid to the water reservoir does not fit snugly over the tank. I have a considerable gap that i fill with double-folded paper towel to keep any dust or bugs from entering. I contacted the company and it said it would let the engineers know. It doesn’t detract from making coffee or getting hot water but because the tank needs to be fairly full for the machine to operate, i consider this gap to be a health concern – i don’t want anything to get into the water. This summer, when i still had the keurig, a spider got into the mechanism and everything was sealed up so i am a little apprehensive. So far, no one from the company has gotten back to me.

Better than i expected, faster and more of what i wanted.

So far i like this much better than the keurig we had before. Everyone has a choice of strength and we can use our own coffee.

This is a great coffee brewer – my first. I think it makes a better cup of coffee than the keurig i’ve used a work. Works great with the ekobrew stainless steel reusable filter and my favorite freshly ground beans.

Have had the brewer for over 8 months and no trouble – unlike the two previous keurig brewers that lasted 3 and 1 months respectively.

After our really old kuerig bit the dust we were looking for a new one cuper. We initially bought the icoffee by opus and i was not happy with it. We are black bold coffee drinkers and this wasnt make a strong cup of coffee. I then order this and could not be happier. Makes a 12 ounce cup stronger than a 10 ounce kuerig brewer. It is a bit more expensive, one could say you would save money because you are getting 2 extra ounces in every cup but to me it just means my consumption went up by 2 ounces a cup. Pros-bold, strong, hot (hotter than kuerig) coffeecons-rear reservoir-makes it a little harder to fill-brew time is 1. 5 minutes which is a little longer than most but it also heats the water faster and hotter-price is a bit more than most one cuppers but it also makes more coffee.

After going thru 3 kurigs i decided it was time to make a change. This machine is great and the features that i really like are the choice of strength and cup size. It makes a very good and very hot cup of coffee.

I have had a keurig for years and never felt the coffee was quite hot enough. Decided to try the touch because coffee is supposedly hotter and i have to say it is. Only downside is that it is a little pricey compared to keurig but i think it’s worth the extra money for hotter coffee. Super hot coffee important to some of us.

So far i love it it is a little hard to fill the water holder as it is in back but just scoot it out from the wall and can fill it then. I do like the ease of selecting the size of cup as well as strength og the coffee. I believe the coffee is hotter which i am happy about, hands down this beats the 3 keurigs i have had any day.

All the benefits of the ‘keurig 2. 0’ system without the stupid drm. Makes a great cup of coffee quickly, and can do larger cup sizes than the keurig. Also doesn’t clog like our old keurig would constantly.

Keurig K 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System – Warranty is only good with a specific filter on the

My workplace received just one of these a week or two ago and soon after some use, i have to say that i mainly like this for the beneath causes:what i like: i like that this is hooked up to the building’s water offer. You will find no filling of any reservoirs at any point in time, while from time to time the unit will will need to drain or to warmth its inner reservoir. This will not consider very lengthy and the wait around time is not that a great deal much more than the lesser keurigs that have the reservoir that you have to fill manually. It really is a little bit bigger so it normally takes for a longer time, but which is about it. It’s a speedy machine and despite some original confusion about what individuals required to drive to get the preferred final result (we experienced no guidance remaining for us), it was really easy to master what we desired when. There is an choice to just get hot h2o, which is wonderful. You could technically get that with the other keurigs, but it truly is nonetheless nice. What i am ambivalent about: instead than you acquiring to get rid of the k-cup cartridge after use, the device dumps it into a bucket with a number of other k-cups. You have to vacant it out often and the bucket will in some cases fill up with h2o, which i feel is part of the draining approach. The lazy element of me likes this, as i tend to leave k-cups in the machine sometimes, but the far more fastidious portion of me hates that there are several utilized k-cups in the equipment that are occasionally sitting down in an inch of water.

It will get a great deal of use, and works excellent. We had a single morning exactly where it wasn’t brewing, but the upkeep man cleaned the crud out that amassed from all of our use, and it operates wonderful once more.

We have 17 workers and the regular devices just failed to previous-this is awesome.Here are the specifications for the Keurig K 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Office and Home Commercial Brewer
  • 4 brew sizes from 4 oz to 10 oz.
  • Automatic used K-Cup pod ejection and storage
  • Direct-water-line plumbing (fixtures not included and plumbing is the responsibility of the purchaser).
  • Unlimited back-to-back brewing every 60 seconds.

I adore, appreciate, really like my new keurig for my office. It compliments my new regulation office superbly. My clientele are so impressed with relieve of this item, and the filtration system. Starbucks coffee all working day long.

Terrific machine for the office.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Keurig in the fast lane.
  • We really love this Keurig
  • I was highly satisfied with the product and the very good price as

The way to go for k-cup brewers.

This device is wonderful for high targeted visitors. It quickly disposes of utilised k-cups into an internal bin. It will notify you when it is time to vacant, but this feature can make it to where you don’t have to be concerned about lazy individuals not removing their k-cups. This machine does not get the job done with the biodegradable k-cups simply because it requires the k-cup to be the complete dimension for the ejection approach to perform. The sizzling water functions with out owning to mess with any variety of unique filter. You just force a button and presto. It is truly effortless that it hooks up to a waterline so that you by no means have to stress about filling it up. This machine is the bently of keurig coffee makers.

Is effective good with k cups and is quick for clients to use. The plain hotwater purpose can be a small finicky however. Would make some sounds, but it is really shorter long lasting and definitely not a offer break in our office ready place.

Our new keurig k3000se brewer was installed about one thirty day period back in our crack room. Adopted the begin-up directions in the owner’s handbook, like installing a water filter, and had the unit functioning extremely promptly. It is becoming used every day by a assortment of workforce everybody likes it – and it has so far labored flawlessly.

This appears to be like terrific in our office. It utilizes filtered water from a immediate lien and the cups acquire in a bucket. I locate these factors a necessity in an office ecosystem. Pricey, but i did not obtain anything else as great.

Wonderful solution we use it in our residence but its defiantly a higher use equipment.

Does not arrive with all the elements you want. Really difficult to determine out just which sections you are missing. Requirements a plumber to put in appropriately.

I was hugely glad with the product and the very fantastic cost as very well. Thanks for furnishing an remarkable benefit.

Will work fantastic and the customers and staff enjoy it.

Acquired for an office setting, it works superbly. Haven’t had to carry out upkeep on it yet.

We gained our keurig b3000se but did not know that it did appear with filter. We would like would have known this. Two days later on we gained the filter only to obtain out it did not come with any fittings. We are incredibly disappointed in how this merchandise was offered and advertised. For the rate we compensated we ought to we ought to have anticipated to receive anything we required or at least becoming explained to exactly what else to get.

This brewer meets our expectations.

It has made earning coffee all working day extended a lot less difficult. Like the small dump bin within for the k cups.

I really like this keurig, but if you place it on your kitchen counter, it will not suit beneath the upper cabinets devoid of the cabinet door hitting the top still left 50 % of the machine.

Have created some coffee with it just to test out. Ready to end kitchen area rework ahead of i set it up. Have to install a filter and run the water line to it. However attempting to determine out finest obtain stage to operate h2o line to on counter. Want concealed , short , and a thoroughly clean look. Had the finest reveiws and do not have to keep keep track of of incorporating water.

Knox Compact Travel Size K-Cup Coffee Brewer : So far as advertised.e

I just bought and experimented with the moment. Terrific with this price range. I have additional pricey one particular bought from costco so i can evaluate it better. Its extremely easy to run by adhering to guidance on the side, no more instruction handbook wanted. Really low-cost but does the occupation to my fulfillment. The rationale i gave 4-star simply because its inconvenient to add h2o using the typical coffee mug which will be the precise amount of coffee you are going to make.

This coffee maker is really little, it appears bigger on site.

Knox Compact Travel Size K-Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SAFE, COMPACT & PORTABLE: This lightweight, ultra slim, 1-cup coffee machine barely uses counter space. Ideal coffee maker for offices, small kitchens and travel. Auto shut off and lock knob keep it safe.
  • FITS ANY SIZE K CUP: Our pod holder is large enough to accommodate any standard-sized k-cups, so you can prepare your favorite flavor from almost any brand. It can also brew espresso shots.
  • SUPERIOR COFFEE: Our patented brewing technology uses 4 water jets instead of one dripper to evenly soak coffee grinds for a smoother brew. Prepare up to 12oz of coffee in 3 minutes or less.
  • PURE TASTE: A filter basket fitting into the top of our water tank filters your water before coffee brewing, unlike other models in which water goes directly into a reservoir. Sip cleaner coffee!
  • RELY ON KNOX: Knox Gear is dedicated to developing creative and innovative lifestyle solutions at a budget friendly cost. We back our products with a 1 year warranty. Knox: Fortify the Everyday.

Tiny, uncomplicated brewer that will make a fantastic cup of coffee. About 3 minutes for piping scorching flavorful coffee. Hotter and much better tasting than from newer keuhrig machines.

We have employed kuerig and other coffee pod makers and this 1 is exceptional. Makes a great cup of coffee and seems to be like something commercial like you find in a hotel. We have purchased two so much and both of those do the job good.

Brews a really very hot cup of coffee. Since there is no water reservoir (you pour in the total you happen to be going to use) and it requires common k-cups there is no mess to clean up up. Make your coffee get completely ready and it can be packed up. As info i did not receive this product for totally free to evaluation it.

Knox Compact Travel Size K-Cup Coffee Brewer : I am the only decaf drinker so this is the perfect answer to me having my cup of coffee when others enjoy their high test. A box of k-cups and i am all set. The size of this is perfect – it takes up minimal room on the counter in my kitchen or when we travel in the camper. Makes a perfect 12 oz cup of coffee in just minutes.

Sound level is superior ,but i can live with that.

 i’ve used this 7 moments due to the fact invest in. So considerably, i have not experienced any leaking issues. It sits on my desk at do the job devoid of taking far too significantly space. It is compact my gap puncher is even broader. I keep it plugged in even when not in use and no concerns as of nevertheless. I use a travel mug, which is about seven-eight inches tall. It fits but i have to clear away the tray and get it in and out at an angle. If you strategy on using a equivalent mug, i propose not filling it with water to stop spillage. You’re only meant to place so much water per recommendations in any case. In general, i am content with this brewer.

I liked the coffee device and it arrived in a timely fashion.

Obtained now 7/seventeen and have used three periods furthermore clear out run and so considerably anything excellent.

Much a lot more trusted than the keurig i experienced before this. Keurig broke immediately after two weeks.

We purchased this for an approaching excursion and have applied it a number of occasions at property. We are extremely pleased with this coffeemaker. We acquired a very little, plastic measuring cup at the greenback retail store that has a practical pourable spout on it, which is considerably less messy that pouring the h2o in from the coffee cup. We very recommend this coffee ‘pot.

. Only a few weeks in, but it truly is a trooper. Compact counter foot print and does an enough job brewing my early morning cup.

Great for travel or little areas.

Wonderful travel accessory for the coffee lover.

Exceptionally delighted with the construction (strong casing with a grounded twine) and perform of this item. The size is best for travel. On the other hand, with that mentioned, it will not accommodate significantly more than a typical coffee mug. If portability and durability is what you might be trying to find, this item comes recommended.

I am going to never get a kurig again.

Pretty strong and light-weight fat. Can make a excellent warm cup of coffee. I despise those resort engage in-like coffee pots that make lukewarm coffee. Now i can have the ideal very hot cup where ever i travel.

This saved my mornings in mexico. Never ever leave property without out.

Really compact and helps make a fantastic cup of coffee applying the k-cup. If my keurig was not programmable i’d be tempted to just use the knox.

Excellent for travel or house — all at an unbelievable value.

Good products helps make 12 ounces of coffee not like an high priced keurig that helps make only 10 once cups. I would purchase it once again in a minute.

Francis Francis for illy illy Francis Francis Y3 iperEspresso Machine – absolutely beautiful machine with a sleek look

I have experienced this expresso machine for a thirty day period now and at very first when i unpackaged the machine which is about 8lbs -but predominantly a plastic establish i was a little concerned, even so it lives up to its critiques. The illy coffee pods do style superior than nespresso, i have employed nespresso a whole lot and the espresso generally preferences a minor burnt or bitter this program does not. It is delicious and tends to make a great crema on leading and is so uncomplicated to handle and adjust. The method is compact uncomplicated to thoroughly clean and vacant super quickly to heat up with truly very good very hot coffee and delicious brews. I advise the expresso darkish or medium, to make a larger brew only maintain down the left full cup button until finally you achieve wished-for level, it will then quickly maintain that environment right up until you want to alter, the expresso button does an correct and scrumptious expresso provide, mixed with a milk steamer which you can purchase separately this make expressos, lattes and cappucinos as very good as a espresso house. Ultimately i bought francis francis mainly because i travel to europe frequently and discovered this model technique and coffee is the most commonplace -now i have an understanding of why. Highly encouraged and wonderful price for the expense.

Just after going again and forth with what we wished, we settled on the uncomplicated expresso machine. My wife and i fell in really like with expresso. . In particular the quality illy delivers. This machine was just what we questioned for. We obtain the red and blue capsules for a single or double shot of espresso.

This espresso machine operates very well. The only challenge is that my husband has experienced slight issue when programming toughness of the coffee. This model of espresso flavor good.Here are the specifications for the Francis Francis for illy illy Francis Francis Y3 iperEspresso Machine:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Effortlessly Prepare Espresso with Easy to use One-Touch operation. Works with illy Iperespresso Capsules
  • Features Two Programmable Coffee Settings and Adjusts to Fit Almost any Cup Size to ensure you can enjoy your espresso just the way you like it
  • Stylish and Compact Design makes it a Perfect Fit for any Kitchen Decor
  • Removable Water tank: 1 liter (33.08 oz), Automatic ejection of used capsules, Used Capsules Drawer Capacity: 8 capsules
  • High precision temperature control Pump: 19 bars. Machine dimensions: 3.94(w) x 12.21(d) x 10.43(h) inches

Follow the setup recommendations right before generating an espresso, if you do not do so then you will have issues. Just after essentially environment it up for every the instructions the y3 is magnificent. I mistakenly created a espresso without the need of priming the machine and it wasnt that fantastic, so i then adopted the recommendations and reset the machine then i primed it as it states and now the machine is a aspiration appear true.

This is a large move up in contrast to the de’longhi bco 330t i was working with to make my cappuccinos ahead of. I have by no means been a pod enthusiast but, supplied that i am the only espresso drinker in the residence and one pound of beans goes stale on me prior to i can get through them, the iperespresso capsule technological know-how is a very good in good shape for me. I initial sampled the iperespresso pods at a resort brewed on a francis francis y1. The espresso i brew at household on this machine is fairly a great deal equivalent to that.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Expresso Maker with Best Tasting Coffee Capsules
  • absolutely beautiful machine with a sleek look
  • Amazingly Good Pod Coffee

I fully lov this small coffee machine hotel we just stayed at experienced them in our home with the minimal cups espresso pods. I will get from u as shortly i get a little funds for me i will get it i just liked it. So hold me educated if they finding minimal.

Terrific progress about my aged model the original i had for 4 years. So compact and will work splendidly.

Excellent espresso for a pod process. Truly, amazingly creamy and incredibly hot coffee. I experienced nespresso coffee for a week recently in a lodge, and the illy coffee is considerably top-quality. Does both café crème and espresso. Holding the brew button down, you can do café americano as perfectly. I bought this on amazon right before i understood illy is offering this machine to any person who purchases twelve cans of iperespresso pods. I feel it is a good offer (until finally dec 7, 2015, i believe that).

Appreciate it but detest the dependence on plastic pods.

I have had this for a few weeks now of my office at work i also have a y5 and other francis francis illy machines. This is compact has all of the same features (auto pod discard, 2 cup fill presets) and makes a great cup of coffee. I have had no leaking water and it makes a cup in less than 30 secs from off.

Excellent of coffee is wonderful. But amount is so minor that even when i manufactured a largo, i ended up owning to make two. Likely thru 4 pods a working day obtained high-priced. Couldn’t afford my illy behavior, but if i could, i would get it in a next. The only reason i returned this was simply because the servings have been so tiny. Sweet, streamlined, compact, usually takes up negligible room. Did i mention how great the coffee tasted?.

To start with of all, definitely wonderful machine with a sleek look. I have it on my office desk, and the profile is best. Illy espresso is absolutely amazing, however my only wish is that they presented a decaf lungo (blue label) wide variety. Other compact nit-picks involve a drinking water tank that is not as hassle-free to eliminate, and slight splattering as the espresso is pulled. As someone who has equally a nespresso (de’longhi lattissima pro) and illy machine, i sense like i can offer you a first rate viewpoint on the pro’s/con’s of owning both of these devices. Coffee:illy’s espresso is hands down greater than nespresso, with significantly far better taste and crema. Only con is for those people who favor lungo shots, as the shot size for illy is capsule dependent (i. 5oz lungo shot, the blue lungo capsule desires approximately 55 seconds, even though the decaf and medium roast need a 1:10).

Good little machine, straightforward to use, quite effortless.

Best espresso every single time, really like it.

Its espresso tastes sand in newport beach and it appears to be so cheesy.

Great coffee machine and it can make the greatest coffee out of all coffees i’ve at any time tried out, in europe and us.

Perfect espresso, illy makes the finest coffee in the world. The best espresso i’ve made at home, superior yo nespresso and my old classic gaggia setup.

My wife loves this about the nespresso pods. Illy pod are way improved she says. I do not drink coffee but it smells superior.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System : New Convert Wish I Haden’t Waited So Long.

Works perfectly, but i nevertheless like a cone drip coffeemaker. In order to have a coffeemaker in my business office i had to purchase this for protection problems. I suppose for the reason that it has an vehicle transform-off (while my cone drip did way too) and my company manufactured it plan only keurig is suitable. (thanks to all that could not change your espresso pots off and ruined it for the relaxation of us). The espresso tastes ok, but if you use pre-crammed pods, i feel it really is rather darn expensive. I acquired a metal reusable just one that works very well.

This product came to me really immediately and it was accurately what i was expecting 🙂 i got a applied one particular so it was not perfect but i paid out a pretty realistic selling price. Really like the coloration for the reason that it matches my kitchen area design.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Rhubarb

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brews a perfect beverage in under one minute, Choose from three cup sizes with a removable Drip Tray to accommodate travel mugs
  • Includes: 1 Water Filter Handle, 1 Charcoal Filter, 12-count K-Cup Variety Pack
  • Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages, Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes
  • Always ready and brews in under a minute, Removable 48 oz. Water Reservoir
  • Auto On-Off feature, Indicator lights
  • Brews a perfect beverage in under one minute, Choose from three cup sizes with a removable Drip Tray to accommodate travel mugs
  • Includes: 1 Water Filter Handle, 1 Charcoal Filter, 12-count K-Cup Variety Pack
  • Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages, Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes
  • Always ready and brews in under a minute, Removable 48 oz. Water Reservoir
  • Auto On-Off feature, Indicator lights

Keurig’s mix of overall flexibility and ease is difficult to defeat. As revolutionary as those initial drip coffee makers, the keurig system a single ups them by letting each individual consumer a contemporary cup of regardless of what they pick out, whenever they pick out. The days of, ‘if i make a pot is any person going to drink it?’. Now relegated to the trashbin of record. And now that keurig’s/green mountain’s monopoly on k-cup patent is above, supermarkets are offering their possess blends, even more driving down the for every cup price tag. I am absolutely sure the baristas and coffee purists scoff at the popular acceptance of any k-cup brew as a real ‘quality’ experience, but it works for me. I have experienced questionable final results with their brewers from a longevity perspective. My to start with only lasted a yr and a fifty percent, unnaceptable for a $169. My current model is an office model: louder, considerably less bells and whistles, but nevertheless likely sturdy as we tactic the two calendar year mark.

Love my keurig espresso maker. I experienced been employing one particular just like this that was black. When my daughter moved out to her possess household i enable her choose the previous 1 with her. This new a single is the best pink for my kitchen area decor. I was tough pressed as to no matter if i must go with the new 2. keurig and have to make sure i only bought authorised coffee or stick with the older type that did not make the bigger measurement carafe. I went with the more mature fashion and am satisfied with my selection. The keurig functions terrific and so swiftly, even when we 1st change it on. I tap the on button as i go by to get a thoroughly clean cup or open the door for the canine to go out in the early morning. In just seconds it is ready to go.

I purchased it typically simply because it had that quiet brew attribute but it really is still instead loud. I’m not confident maybe it really is simply because my property is ordinarily peaceful but it built a ton of sounds any time i applied it. My boyfriend has an more mature edition of the keurig and its quieter than this oneit’s continue to speedy and powerful.

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Rhubarb : I am the only coffee drinker in my house, and so i usually bought coffee from the coffee kiosk in town every morning. If i was entertaining or my kids came to visit, i had my old reliable drip machine to make coffee for everyone. When my drip maker finally bit the dust though, i decided to finally buy a keurig. A lot of my family and friends have one, but my drip maker worked just fine for me, so i never bothered before. Anyway, now that i have it, i love it. Another reason i held off buying one was because of the waste associated with all the little plastic cups, but after thinking it through, i realized i generated more waste by going to the coffee kiosk, ie. Foam cup, plastic lid, plastic stirrer, insulating sleeve, and the gas used to drive there and back. Plus, once i got one, i found out i can reuse the cups by filling them with my own coffee and putting a small piece of foil over the top of it. For christmas i got one of the keurig my k-cup reusable color brown coffee filter for b30 b31 b40 b50 b60 b70 k10 k45 k65 k75, and now i use that for brewing my coffee, unless i want a specialty or flavored coffee. The k45 seems well built and sturdy. It heats the water for a cup of coffee in under 2 minutes. I like the fact that it has three different cup sizes to choose from, 6, 8, or 10oz. , and that the drip tray can be removed so i can fit my travel mug under it. The water reservoir is removable for easy cleaning, comes with a charcoal filter (which i don’t use as my water is already filtered), and holds enough water for several cups of coffee (a friend of mine had a coffee maker by another manufacturer that used the k-cups, but had to fill the reservoir after every other cup).

Though i however use a drip pot most days, i use this for an further cup, when guests fall in, when i want tea. . You never need to acquire at attachment if utilizing tea luggage. Simply put the tea bag in the coffee pod location or in your cup.

I under no circumstances drank coffee at household just before. But following i bought serious daily migraines another person advised that i drink espresso each individual working day. With the keurig i can drink my two cups of coffee a working day with no mess of fuss. It is really simple to use and the espresso is wonderful. And, of course, it served stopped my migraines in two weeks.

All-around the similar selling price as a cup of espresso elsewhere, but in the consolation of one’s own dwelling, with the comfort of one’s own cups. You can recycle the cups i feel if you open them, dump out the coffee, then rinse. So easy and the colour is gorgeous. The equipment alone is just gorgeous on the counter of my kitchen area.

For 2 decades i rocked an older design-the form where by you added h2o as you go, so this is far more hassle-free. The only issue i have skilled is with the plastic h2o reservoir. My husband chipped it on the skink when filling water. I am likely to give purchaser service a contact considering that it is underneath guarantee.

I purchased this for my wife’s birthday. She was the only human being consuming espresso in the dwelling. She would make a pot and use it’s possible half of it. While exploring this product i learned how high-priced the espresso packets can be. But you can also acquire a reusable filter cup that will allow you to use the exact same coffee you have now. So i acquired this device and two reuseable filter cups. New, sizzling coffee in a moment. And if you want a treat, there are numerous flavored coffees obtainable.

Fantastic coffee maker – ridiculously costly just for the colour but it was a xmas present for my daughter in university.

Transport was unbelievable quickly. I experienced this unit for a month without the need of opening it as it was a person of my university presents and i a short while ago opened it up soon after examining how some did not operate appropriate. All those testimonials could not have been more erroneous. Espresso does not splatter when coming out, it is very hot even following a number of minutes of cooking down as nicely.People evaluations that say espresso splatters, is chilly etc are so completely wrong. It just isn’t loud at all, i am utilised to my moms coffee brewer that is louder lol. If you have a massive cup brew the greatest one very first then the compact one without replacing the k-cup and you have a complete cup that tastes the exact. Fantastic way to cheat and get extra espresso with the identical cup.

This is our second or backup keurig. We bought it to use when touring, saved all the packaging for safety. The box even has a take care of for uncomplicated carrying. When you happen to be on the highway possessing your very own pillow, your keurig and a box of starbucks can make it experience like dwelling. You cannot absolutely vacant the h2o from this design but so what. We bounced up and down i-ninety five from savanah ga to philadelphia pa and not a drop was spilled.

So far the product is working completely, the temperature of the h2o is particularly what they assert. As considerably as people today saying it really is loud????. I am not absolutely sure what they want out of a machine but i could convert mine on with a child sleeping and it will not likely wake the little one. Sometimes i feel folks just complain about a item just to complain. It is really a pump that pumps drinking water not a soundless 700$ coffee device. The price tag is great and i will update this in the potential.

Bought this to replace my lifeless keurig. I really don’t recall what model i had, but when i experienced to switch it, i seriously investigated all the types. I did not want my subsequent keurig to die the dying my outdated one particular did. This keurig has lived up to the heavy espresso demand from customers in my household. I also purchased charcoal filters. I substitute the filter each and every few of months. This keurig is a good perform horse.

Been using the keurig k45 for a long time now. Enjoy the drinking water storage capability as its perfect for my household. Has performed superb devoid of any hiccups for awhile now. My spouse beloved the shade way too which goes with her shade concept in the kitchen. Would suggest to this day.

The rhubarb is a beautiful coloration and the system operates properly. This is my next recent keurig order. The new carafe-style coffee maker is awful and never ever labored appropriately. You will not go erroneous with this design and the price tag is terrific. It was at least $25 more cost-effective than walmart’s price tag, not which includes tax.

This model keurig is present-day model of the 1 we have had at household for a couple of years. Dependable and can make great espresso. When we furnished a getaway property we went for tried using and real with only a modify of colour for assortment. This espresso maker was shipped as promised, arrived immediately in excellent issue.

This is our 2nd just one and we opted to get the purple 1 this time. We are pleased with the shade and the high quality. Based mostly on our past keurig and talking with friends and family, these machine do not last considerably for a longer period then two years depending on how considerably you use it. That portion type of sucks, but they are wonderful machines whilst they operate.

The photograph does not do the colour justice. I bought it in this shade because i loved how i imagined it would glance in my freshly-brightened kitchen area and i was not dissatisfied. I guess that is kinda significant, far too.

My wife picked the colour to match her other kitchen counter appliances. The only challenge i to begin with experienced was the time to heat up the water. We had a extra high priced keurig in the property right up until it died so i exchange it with this a single. This just one seems to take a minor lengthier to warmth the water. Other than that it works nicely. It does arrive with a filter and sample box of espresso pods to commence you off.

Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System – Love this coffee maker so far!

Just after hoping the b60 through xmas and seeking to buy a single of these for over a calendar year i last but not least took the plunge. I was ready to acquire the b70 by amazon for what the b60 was staying offered for in retail outlets. Arrived in great situation and very little was weakened in cargo. Set up was uncomplicated with the provided guidelines. Rinsed the h2o contained, ran a couple incredibly hot drinking water rinses as a result of the system (for every the guidelines) and i was ready to gothe water container has pleasant blue led lights that give a backlight so you can see the stage in dim problems. I believe that the drinking water container is 72oz therefore you do not have to refill it too generally. They do recommend both filtered h2o or bottled water nevertheless. I would think that if you use the included filter that faucet drinking water would be wonderful way too. This arrives with 5 nice brew sizes, vehicle on and off feature to help save electrical power, a rest mode, along with the capacity to increase a water filter, also has brew temp settings. Will come with twelve wide range pack of k-cups toopros: effortless guidance, established up, customization options, and great wide range of k-pods to choose from.

I could not be happier with this keurig. We had a less expensive keurig that we acquired past year to examination out undertaking k-cups, to see if that would operate for our spouse and children. This year we resolved to upgrade to the b70 since the k-cups are a hit for our household of 4. My husband is in adore for the reason that he claims there is a substantial difference in the style of his coffee now that it really is brewing at the optimum temperature.

My mother in law does not know if she’d want to at any time go again to a espresso pot once more. She loves assortment and whole flavored espresso but are unable to do caffeine and does not like tea. It seriously is a thing she employs each and every day. She has commented quite a few situations that she enjoys becoming in a position to present a warm beverage to an invited guest or when a good friend stops by, she has her decaf but goes to starbucks for a couple of cups of frequent and flavored normal coffee as nicely as obtaining numerous solutions for cocoa and tea drinkers as well. I’m going to get one for myself. My partner wakes pretty early and has a cup from our 12 cup and the relaxation goes into his thermos. When i wake an hour or two later, i really don’t want to make an complete pot. A single cup or two is ordinarily good with me so now that selling prices are so small, i am organizing on the order.

  • This B70 Platinum System makes a very good cup of coffee. Even decaf is very flavorful
  • 6 years and counting
  • Good coffee machine

I have been thrilled with this coffeemaker. So straightforward, no mess, and i am extremely joyful with the coffee it kicks out. My preferred so far is the green mountain more bold. I am delighted that i really don’t toss out part of a pot every working day. Of course, each individual cup is a little bit more expensive, but there is significantly less squander for me. Takes up less house than the coffeemaker and grinder that i applied to have on the counter. **update** right after a several months of pleasure, my keurig started out ‘short-cupping’ me. When i would try out to brew a medium or substantial cup, i could listen to drinking water flowing again into the reservoir whilst it brewed and the resulting cup would be about the dimension of a tiny. I googled this trouble and received the resolution – thanks to some annoyed unique who necessary their morning caffeine take care of even extra than me, i guess. The challenge is not induced by clogging or buildup of residue any where in the system, but an air bubble in the water shipping and delivery system.

Like quite a few households, the coffee drinkers in my home have commonly different tastes in what we look at excellent espresso. I favor robust, daring flavor my daughter likes her espresso pretty gentle, sweetened and flavored. I procured the keurig b-70 platinum household brewing system since it seems so quite and the word platinum in the title need to mean that it is the finest. The blue lights increase even a far more futuristic glance to the equipment on my counter best. Location up and working with the device for the very first time was uncomplicated adequate. The serious treat was identifying that both equally my daughter and i can get pleasure from what we look at fantastic espresso. Also, i discovered inexperienced mountain dim magic. Possibly regular or decaf tends to make a fantastic cup of espresso. My daughter is specifically fond of van houtte french vanilla.

Features of Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Single-cup home brewing system for use with patented K-Cups
  • One-touch control panel; blue backlit LCD display; digital clock; programmable on/off
  • 5 brew-size options; adjustable brew temperature; removable drip tray
  • Blue-lit removable 60-ounce water reservoir; descale indicator; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 13-4/5 by 10-2/7 by 13 inches; 1-year limited warranty

This keurig is continue to likely after two 1/two several years, so i believed it’s possible i should share that info. I use it on regular 4 -six cups a working day largely for tea. When i have firm, they use the coffee, or the grandkids could possibly like hot chocolate or i use it to make iced tea. I have completed extremely small to it throughout the time that i’ve applied it. It may well sound gross, but i thoroughly clean the k cup holder rarely. I use only berkey filtered h2o in it. Possibly which is why it truly is worked so perfectly. The berkey is suitable future to it. This weekend, i ultimately got a de-scale warning. It took about a gallon and a 50 % of vinegar to make it go away, but that is affordable as opposed to a new one particular.

Our expectations were exceeded with this machine. The pump is very quiet some devices audio like a jackhammer. It is really easy to cleanse, properly intended, and we get a lot of use out of it. It is wonderful for attendees to provide on their own espresso with out pondering they are putting you out to make a pot. We attempted espresso with & without having the new filter that is bundled with the present-day styles. The espresso is a great deal smoother with filtered h2o, & i imagined our drinking water was just fantastic to start out with. Of training course, i will not like the cost of the pre-packaged k-cups but it is a fantastic benefit. We offset this considerably by utilizing the refillable basket that can be acquired individually. We then put our favored coffee or tea in & viola, adjusted for the energy & cup dimension you motivation. I even applied orzo (roasted barley) lately & it turned out wonderful.

The entire household enjoys the keurig b70. But yesterday (after fourteen months) it commenced to the show the not completely ready message all of the time and needed to be unplugged and plugged in, turned off and on to get the heater to heat up the water for the ready to brew information. It did not clearly show the descale concept, but i went through the descaling in any case. I continue to had the challenge the upcoming day. I identified as keurig and went in excess of the circumstance with them. I preferred to see if there was anything at all else i could do in advance of i purchased a replacement considering that it was earlier the one calendar year warranty. But they surprised me when they explained they will ship out a alternative. Even if they preferred me to send it in for repair, i would have acquired a substitute (spare) prior to sending the outdated a single in to be fixed. We could not be with no a keurig for the months or months it often usually takes to have an equipment fixed. I want that this a person had lasted for a longer time, but at the very least they are generous with the guarantee substitution.

Our son has one particular and when we were traveling to with him and his spouse and children in japan, my husband built his espresso each and every morning. So, i bought him one when we returned to the states. Not way too big in measurement for the kitchen counter. And i also now use the keurig to make iced tea. You can brew typical tea bags, preserving the string to remove it even though very hot. I brew four cups into a pyrex measuring cup, insert sugar, pour into a coated pitcher and put into the fridge. The k-cup iced teas are fantastic also but, of course, expensive. I employed a single iced tea k-cup to make four cups in the measuring cup. Just stored brewing right up until i had four cups.

I do not purchase on impulse, so i put in a whole lot of time studying the critiques right here and at other internet websites. I visited the equipment in merchants. Then there was the conclusion as to regardless of whether or not to purchase the leading-of-the-line b70 or a mid-model. If you have determined you are likely to shell out the funds, then you may possibly as properly get every thing you want, as a result the b70. It is like obtaining a fantastic auto and receiving navigationit is speedy, easy to use, and incredibly trendy. You are not able to defeat the freshness of the espresso and the ideal temperature. And the pampered part is that it brews one cup at a time completely, just for me. It is plenty peaceful for me – what is wrong with a tiny quiet ‘espresso’ sound even though the device does all the do the job for you?.I obtain it comforting and it only can not be heard from the other room.

I have experienced my espresso pot for about a year now and i enjoy this factor. It is an more mature product so you can even now use the modest reuseable plastic/metallic mesh cups. I also use tea bags for scorching tea. No need to have for the more cost of the pods like so several other people just before it. I adore that it is so simple to use and has a quite brief heat up time (likely about a minute to it’s possible two at most), though some times it feels like permanently when i am impatient. Even though it does not have an automated shut off i do not really feel worried about leaving it on if i ignore to flip it off. I have even remaining it on above night when or twice and have had no issues. A single recommendation if you appreciate tea and want to brew free leaf tea, never. If you truly want use it for the hot water element and then get a single of the cups that allows you identify how very long to steep your tea. If you have great expensive tea the pot steeps for also extended and makes it all bitter.

I never considered i would buy a keurig brewing system. Why would anyone pay back for expensive k-cups when frequent espresso is pricey more than enough?. Then i identified out you could get a cup that you can fill yourself with common coffee (by ekobrew). Given that i was only drinking 1 cup of fifty percent-caff each morning, i made a decision it could be time to change my decade outdated mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker with a 1-cup brewer. (the clincher was when trusty-rusty overflowed onto my counter major for the umpteenth time for the reason that the decanter was not centered) i acquired this extravagant product and i am glad i did. It appears amazing (like the blue led lights), has a great deal of storage for h2o, and all the bells and whistles you could want, together with computerized on and off. The espresso maker arrived with a sampling of k-cups and fifty% off 4 packing containers of k-cups from keurig. It didn’t get me extensive to make your mind up that the pre-package k-cups had been the best, even if pricier than standard espresso put in a refillable cup. I’m now ingesting a great deal extra coffee and making the most of every single cup of it.

How did i dwell right before owning this espresso maker?. I guess i wasted a great deal of cold coffee and drank a good deal of stale coffee simply because i only desired a single cup at a time. Now i can conveniently and rapidly have one particular cup at a time–and a various sort each individual time, if that suits me, due to the fact there are so several selections available. The grandkids get very hot chocolate, my daughter will get tea and i have hazelnut coffee all in less than three minutes, about 30 seconds per cup. You can use a extensive assortment of prepackaged k-cups or a independently obtained insert to keep other coffees of your option, but owning tried using that i remembered that i despise coffee grounds and am glad i no lengthier have to offer with them. And we’re not just chatting espresso right here. Get a cup of steaming water for quick soup?. Drop in a tea-ball made up of particular leaves?.Get some truly hot h2o to hasten defrosting time if you forgot or blanch a several herbs to freeze?.

I like this specially for the automobile on aspect. I experienced a basic keurig prior to this that has lasted a number of yrs and is still working fantastic. It was having a tiny louder than it made use of to be so worried of imminent failure, and wanting the auto features, i sprung for this. The cost was also incredible and i was frightened it was a misprint.Very big reservoir, easily removable to fill and i like the blue backlighting. The car attributes perform good. I woke up and all was dim in coffee corner (*sigh*). I fiddled and fooled and could not get the auto on perform to work once again. I was frightened i’d have to make that guarantee phone.

I experienced read bad items about a single-cup brewers that the coffee tasted like prompt, that they have been undependable, and so on. Lately i stayed at a luxury resort that experienced a keurig in the place. I was blown away by the tastelet me just say for the record nothing at all beats freshly floor, lately roasted beans brewed in a french press, nevertheless, who would like to go by way of all of that just about every time you want some coffee?. Then you may well have some mates that want decaf or a flavored espresso. This machine takes treatment of that difficulty by permitting you to preserve a extensive choice of beverages out there at a times discover. Though the ensuing cup is not very as good as freshly ground, it can be pretty near. Following studying the amazon critiques i decided on the keurig b70. Sure, it does make a loud noise and vibrates, but only when drawing water from the reservoir into the device. It is a wonderful gadget that has located a position of honor on my counter.

As an amazon primary customer, i acquired my new brewer in two times, no cost shipping, and i like that. My new brewer was uncomplicated to established up, brews fantastic espresso. I in particular like the ‘short cup’ alternative. Utilizing daring coffee blends it is the future very best thing to expresso for my taste. There are 5 cup sizes, which gives good adaptability. I have beforehand owned a single of the 1st house brewers, bought when keurig initial supplied the house model, about 8 many years in the past. That one particular under no circumstances died, the man or woman i gave it to dropped it. It remains to be found if this model has as excellent a restore file. Following providing absent my outdated initial simply because it got noisy, i purchased a plain 1 size cup fits all b50 and experienced a string of lousy luck with this design, went by means of four brewers in 2 one/2 a long time. Keurig honored its warrantee in every single scenario of failure, despatched a new a person each individual time.

Nicely, following 1 day of ingesting coffee until finally i am shaking, i have to say that i did not make a bad alternative in shopping for this wonderful maker. My wife and i are the only two in the house that drink espresso and our schedules are so distinctive that building a complete pot is impractical. We experienced a tiny b&d solitary cup but it was a royal suffering to fill, hold out for the espresso and then cleanse. With the keurig, we can select what we are in the mood for. She can have her cup at 6am and i can have my journey mug at 7am when i depart for get the job done. Even at the premier brew dimensions the coffee is even now very respectable in toughness and flavor. I might try out some of the other k-cups that had been recommended for much better flavor in my massive mug. I was at initial, a minor shocked at the loudness of the motor but considering that you don’t have to fill the container for times that’s not an issue. I’ve programmed it to transform on at 5am to warmth the drinking water and to transform off at seven:30am immediately after i have left. With the car off attribute, we can also change it on if we’re in the mood in the night (ready 3 minutes for it to warmth up is nothing) and we can brew a great cup for ourselves or even if we have individuals over.

If you never use it very generally place a 1oz. Silver coin in the water tank. It will prevent mildew-mildew-germs from developing up in the tank. You can get a silver coin from any coin seller for about $17. Most all hospitals use silvered water in the operating rooms for just that reason.

I am not a coffee snob, but i do choose the time for a good cup of early morning espresso. Prior to the keurig, i was brewing my espresso in a stovetop espresso pot/maker, working with refreshing ground beans. Other instances, i would use the french push. A number of pals experienced acquired a keurig and i would kind of wonder how everyone would want to devote that substantially income on a espresso machine for potentially mediocre final results. I frequented my good friend and stayed with her for a several times. She only experienced a keurig, and so it was the sole preference at house. The initial early morning, i brewed a cup, and lo and behold, ‘this coffee is good’. Not only is the coffee essentially very good, solid, and full-flavored, it is also so simple, quick, and you can find practically nothing to clean up up afterward. I fell in enjoy with that factor and upon returning house, i positioned an buy for my personal machinei like this design simply because it has the drinking water reservoir, making it straightforward to just contact the ‘brew’ button and have a cup of sizzling coffee in much less than a single moment. It also offers you the solution for five cup sizes – which differs the toughness appropriately as perfectly. You can also alter the water temperature. At this time, i left mine at the default 192f. You can set the time for your machine to heat the h2o and be all set to brew when you are completely ready to have your coffee, and also the off time so that it automatically turns off/stops trying to keep the h2o hot and completely ready for use. If you pick out to turn it on when it has been off, it doesn’t choose extended than a moment for the drinking water to reheat.

Obtained this b70 numerous months ago. It is pretty pleasing to the eye. The filler system is leading notch and retains from halting in the middle of pouring a cup of espresso. I adore the actuality that you can do tea and espresso or even just simple h2o for a sizzling chocolate combine. Of system there are also k-cups for hot chocolate (even a yummy white hot chocolate). We move ours from dwelling into our rv when we go tenting and traveling. Operates just as very well on the street. There are lots of a lot of unique k-cups to pick out from and the most difficult factor about the keurig b70 is the final decision about what taste of espresso or tea you will make in it. It does make a loud hum when filling prior to brewing the cup, and once more ideal soon after.

I occur from a household of espresso connoisseurs, so i know what a superior cup of coffee tastes like. I grew up viewing my parents and grandparents brew from new ground peets beans stored in airtight containers at the appropriate temperatures (not frozen), no-bleach filters, ceramic filter holder, filtered h2o and so forth. I am capable of brewing an ideal cup of coffee even for a espresso connoisseur. The keurig, espresso-excellent wise, isn’t going to even come shut. Even so, if you might be like me (a flavored espresso lover – donut home cinnamon roll k cup all the way) then you will adore the keurig. Coffee is a little bit weak, even for me, but richness and top quality varies with the different models obtainable. Go with six oz brews for a more powerful cup. And, you can now purchase starbucks k-cups. My partner likes these, significantly caffe verona, pike’s put and sumatra. It is prosperous, even for a blond roast. But my top secret most loved, apart from the cinnamon roll from donut property, is nearly anything from gloria denims. It can be much less bitter, with a richer espresso roast and whole of pretend-flavored espresso goodness. For the espresso gourmand, you can get a passable cup if you go with starbucks, newman’s personal (like the fair trade darkish roast), emeril’s significant uncomplicated daring and so on, and go with a 6-oz brew. Repeat with a 2nd k-cup for a bigger cup.

I am really picky about my espresso, having been by way of french presses, vacuum pots, and numerous other contraptions i in no way considered a thing like this would win a area on my counter. I found out how magnificent these machines are even though observing a buddies household just one week, and desired just one at any time since. Espresso, coacoa, tea, and chilly beverages by the cup signifies no a lot more 50 % wasted pots of espresso, no matter what i want each and every cup, and no much more waiting around 15-twenty minutes. With so a lot of solutions, and a mesh cup to place typical coffee in, i will not be going back. Update:sadly the espresso maker entirely died just about just one yr soon after i bought it. Even with cleaning, descaling and this sort of it no for a longer period capabilities the right way. There was no lead-up to this difficulty, i just went to make coffee a single early morning and the keurig wasn’t pumping water into the cup. We could heat the pump working, the drinking water was becoming pulled out of the drinking water bin, but then nothing at all – or quite small – happened. I never want to have to pay one hundred eighty$ to swap a espresso maker each and every 12 months – that is ridiculousupdate two:called keurig, there response was ‘your espresso maker is a little out of guarantee, so we will just mail you a new one’. Wonderful shopper assistance delivers them again up to five stars.

Now i am going to notify you this equipment is not for espresso drinkers that are on a funds it will triple you espresso invoice are probably even a lot more i was expending 6. 00 a thirty day period on floor espresso now i devote 24dollars a week on espresso and me and my wife are not large espresso drinkers. The equipment does everything it is supposed to do and extra the coffee is fantastic and its rapid will make it quick to have a cup and for readers to have a cup and its prepared anytime. In my impression coffee suppliers have identified the chance to get loaded quick and are having benefit of the client the equipment once again is great,i like it and i love the espresso from it but your espresso invoice will go to about sixty eight cent for every cup if you buy a superior espresso not the most high priced some of it will be above one dollar per cup.

Keurig New Elite Single Cup Coffee Brewer − B40 : Great Coffe Maker

My mom loves coffee, but she lives by herself and she doesn’t like to make a pot of coffee just for herself. I thought this would make a nice gift for her. She finds it really easy to use and she can have an assortment of coffee on hand without having to waste any.

Enjoy very much arrived very quickly.

. Glad i purchased the model over the k-2.

We use this multiple times a day, and it is fantastic. Even the 7-year old can make his own hot chocolate. I shudder to think of all the trash we are putting into landfills due to all of our k-cups, but darn if it isn’t convenient and delicious.

  • Thumbs Up for the Keurig B40
  • I’m very happy with it
  • Good, reliable single cup coffee brewer

Keurig New Elite Single Cup Coffee Brewer − B40

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Includes a free 12-count variety box of K-Cups
  • Removable 48-oz. water reservoir
  • Optional Auto-off feature shuts down brewer after 2 hours
  • Brews 6, 8 or 10 oz. cup in seconds
  • Quiet Brew Technology

Amazon had the best offer for the keurig and i am so happy with my choice. My choices of beverage are mainly cocoa and tea and the keurig makes it possible for me to have a cup almost immediately. I use decaffeinated coffee but haven’t found one that i would like. Family and friends who use a keurig have raved about theirs and i’m happy that i listened to them and got one for myself. Yes, i would indeed recommend this product.

Not the model that i ordered nor did it come from where i ordered (amazon), but it works fine. I’ve put off buying a keurig due to costs, now i wish i had not waited so long. Delicious fresh coffee every time.

This is my third kuerig machine i have purchased and it works great, just like the others. Selections of k-cups available makes this a perfect choice for coffee goers.

Bought it as a christmas gift for my wife and i. We seldom drink more than a couple cups a day so it is a waste to brew a whole pot. The shipping was great and fast.

Bought this for my daughter and have heard no complaints. Her children use it for hot chocolate, and love it. She says it is a lot less messy than mixing milk and chocolate syrup or powder.

My wife snowbirds for six months a year, so making coffee is more work than its worth. Between this device, numerous options of coffee available in single servings, speed, cup size options and easy cleaning my wife is as happy as a. And if she’s happy, i’m happy.

I bought this less than two years ago and am disappointed that after that amount of time the quality of the coffee that it brews has diminished to the point of being colored water. It was not heavily used – a cup in the morning on work days, may two on the weekend. So far i have tried the following things to improve performance 1) i have descaled it – though it was not indicated and 2) i have bought the darkest roast to brew and it is still come out watery. I have looked for other suggestions, one was to brew on the smallest amount and brew two pods. That is wasteful and expensive and should not be the way the product should function. It was good at first, but expected it to last longer than it did.

It is the 3rd maker i have bought.

Its just me, so one cup before i leave for work is perfect. It fits perfectly on my minimal counter space. Personally i didnt like the filtration system (you can just put it aside) because i thought it made the coffee taste funny. And the coffee samples that came with it, weren’t that fresh, but no big deal.

I actually really like this coffee maker. I was worried the temperature of the coffee would not be hot enough. I like really hot coffee ad this keurig does not disappoint. I have not use the coffee adapter for use with loose coffee so i can’t comment on that feature.

. Drink coffee but the beautiful woman i’m married to likes her flavored coffee, and so this nifty device sits on our counter where it feeds her habit one cup at a time without fail or complication. She says the coffee is great. So, there: a coffee-drinker says the gadget makes great coffee.

This is by far the best coffee maker i have ever used. So easyto use and the coffee always taste great.

This device does everything i need to have it to do. I can propose it to some others.

I imagined that absolutely nothing could swap my drip coffee maker. Was i at any time wrongmakes consistently good coffee each individual time. I would like i had purchased this quicker.

I have wanted a keurig for sometime and ultimately purchased one. This b40 lets me to use the reusable coffee filters so that i can use coffee of my decision. I use the plastic keurig cups also, but i make a massive energy to recycle them so that they really don’t end up in the oceans. This device is easy to use and it makes a actually great cup or mug of coffee. The one point that i you should not care for, are the extra charges of the drinking water filters and the keurig plastic cups. If you are on a tight spending budget, this machine might not be the just one for you.

Simple to established up, took about 10 minutes just after unpacking it. Does not leak at all and i will not acquire the drinking water reservoir off to fill it. All in all, i’m pretty impressed. Dwelling exactly where i do in the large desert i really like getting the h2o filter and our h2o below is difficult.

This was a beautiful coffee maker and i tried out it out for a week, but it was just as well big for me and my counter room and i returned it. I live alone and necessary anything a great deal smaller sized. It would be fantastic for 2 folks who love coffee.

We seriously like the keurig b40. A few cup measurements to opt for from. Suits a massive selection of cups and travel mugs. I really like the simple fact that as with a pot of coffee there is no ‘old stale coffee’ smell that lingers. Effortless clear up and an automated shut off if you go away your keurig on. K-cups occur in a big wide variety of flavors on the web and in outlets for coffee, teas, cider, hot chocolate. We often appear for revenue to consider gain. Really suggest this product.

Hamilton Beach 43700 5-Cup Personal Coffee Brewer, Okay but could be better

It is fantastic for a single human being and it isn’t going to just take up significantly. It is great for a single man or woman and it would not take up considerably area on my kitchen counter.

Compact uncomplicated and worth each penny. The most significant disadvantage is finding used to it being an electrical percolator when it is performed brewing take out the basket. Update july 2017-we have found that a tbsp for each cup is perfect and prefer this product above a different unit with pot. two a long time and heading powerful/would invest in yet again.

Coffee tastes fantastic even though. . Product is alright, but if you do not take out the filter coffee grinds will get in your coffee.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 43700 5-Cup Personal Coffee Brewer, Red:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Rubber, Plastic
  • No carafe to break
  • Enclosed brewing system keeps coffee hot
  • Brew in 3 easy steps: add water, add coffee and turn on
  • Mesh filter basket included
  • Automatic drip brewing

Comments from buyers

“A Good Choice with Reservations, Great Compact Coffee Pot, Not what I expected , coffee taste burned the moment it was made”

The structure could be much better because the cord can make cleaning tough. The drinking water amount indicator is worthless but not one thing that was an problem for me. Undoubtedly requires to be designed so you can use regular filters if the a person that comes with it needs to be changed.

Excellent minor coffee pot my only difficulty is it don’t have automatic shut off but it preserve coffee sizzling and makes a good cup of coffee.

Good for two massive cups of coffee in morning. . My husband takes advantage of a keurig/tiny i desired to make extra than one particular cup for two each and every early morning, and use the greater cups which didn’t fit underneath the smallest keurig. It is really easy to use, would make coffee promptly and at a very good rate. As well as, fewer pricey coffee than the k.

Functions as envisioned, the only issue is the filter is a bit smallish and the coffee have a tendency to spill more than if the filter is additional than fifty percent full. I fixed it by using a tiny paper filter. Other than that, very good products, worth shopping for.

I think this is a wonderful coffee maker. I desire it experienced an automobile off immediately after two hrs or what ever.

It is simple to clean up, and uncomplicated to use having said that, no issue how very little coffee grounds i use, a large quantity of coffee grounds close up in my brew.

My wife noticed this, as she put it, ‘cute very little red coffee maker’ and desired 1. I purchased it to make her happy, and it turned out to be fairly an remarkable minimal device. It has its individual filter basket, no paper filters essential, quick set up & cleansing.

This can make a good cup of coffee but it can be not consumer pleasant when cleansing it out and introducing the drinking water. Never believe i would get it yet again or advise it.

I bought this as a stand in spare equipment and it is great- effortless to use we get two significant cups, and uncomplicated to cleanse.

Extremely easy to use and mild to decide on up. I love it enough to buy a different one for my 95 calendar year aged mom. Her 12 cup glass pitcher is also weighty for her and she struggles with that and with this 1, i am absolutely sure she’ll control it just fantastic.

Fills a substantial journey cup simpler than the common coffee pod programs.

This is the finest coffee maker at any time. This is the greatest coffee maker ever. It retains the coffee warm (not like these contemporary coffee makers) and that’s the #1 feature that i like. The terrible component is that there are no replaceable components if it breaks. I experienced a difficulty with the wire and experienced to throw away the pot. Really don’t wrap the wire around the pot or it will don out due to the fact this pot is produced in china so, thus, not properly created. It is really also terrible because it can be a superb coffee maker. I will obtain another one.

Appreciate my coffee maker, took it on a excursion and had my morning joe, just the way i like it.

Making use of a percolator grind still left no remnants in my coffee cup. I just take my coffee black and found this coffee to be the perfect ‘strength’. I’m delighted with this acquire and have no grievances.

Was a little bit uncertain i might like this model. At 1st, was a little bit not sure i would like this product. But my entire kitchen area is red so i wished a red pot to change my outdated a single. It tends to make five cups which is substantially better for me than my aged two cup. It looks great and modern, boils rapid. And retains it heat as very long as plugged in. I even make hot h2o in it for tea.

My hubby & i live in a motorhome and it won’t acquire up considerably place. Makes great coffee and i am kinda a coffee junkie = ) no complaints. No challenges w/ cleaning or any other challenges outlined by many others, moreover it truly is lovable.

Good minimal coffee pot to just take on a excursion. Saved us a fortune not possessing to purchase coffee at the hotel in the morning, furthermore we could have coffee in our place when we wished it. Will be using this on all my outings.

Fits in suitcase ideal and no glass to fret about. Just what we preferred, matches in suitcase ideal and no glass to fear about.

Compact, non-breakable, and tends to make a decent cup of coffee.

It is a pretty nice, compact, drip coffee maker. Fantastic for individuals who really don’t drink a great deal of coffee.

Not what i predicted , coffee style burned the minute it was manufactured. Expense more as it must be , the wire as well shorter i would want cordless for this type of unit , the minute you unplug it the coffee get started to awesome off , the coffee has burned taste the moment it finished , the strategy was great but this want improvement , it make max 32oz of coffee at as soon as 4 x 8oz and it make the coffee quick but critically i am returning it , not my cup of coffee , i really should give it one star for the thought.